Review Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage, 49A Boat Quay, Singapore

Review Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage - Singapore 49A Boat Quay

“Summary: calming vibes and they play this slow track which makes the massage session feels nice left the area feeling at peace! …” or “Good service with friendly staffs, good atmosphere and its clean. The best part no hard selling of packages. Definitely worth a try.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage is quality.

Introduction about Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage

Here are some fundamental details regarding Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage. In terms of Spa, it is generally believed that Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massageis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 49A Boat Quay, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Spa, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 93373715 (+65 93373715)
  • Website:
  • Address: 49A Boat Quay, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM to 10 PM.


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How to contact Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage via:

Phone number

You can reach Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage at 93373715(+65 93373715). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 49A Boat Quay, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage reviews

Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage is among the best destinations of Spa in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage good?

To determine whether Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Clean, peaceful and quiet: had a very relaxing one hour Thai oil massage and really enjoyed it. Prices are as stated and Ting was wonderful. Also easy to find as it is clearly signed from the walk way!”

“Summary: calming vibes and they play this slow track which makes the massage session feels nice left the area feeling at peace! …”

“Good service with friendly staffs, good atmosphere and its clean. The best part no hard selling of packages. Definitely worth a try.”

“Peaceful and clean, I had a great Thai Aroma Therapy massage. The oil was good quality and the massage super well executed. Thank you to the staff and I’ll def go back.”

“One of the next best alternative since once can't quite travel to TH for its famous massage. Friendly folks & good therapists. The place is clean so that helps much! Keep it up!”

“Very strong but I needed it. I feel way better now. Finally a real traditional Thai massage !”

“I was having 60 mins of Thai massage, and enjoyed the professional skills and great service from Li Ping. The place is clean ans comfortable. You can enjoy a relaxing time here.”

“My favorite massage place in Singapore! Highly recommend Thai massage if you play sports.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 211 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.8 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 96% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage, 49A Boat Quay, Singapore

There is a total 211 reviews

4.8 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Gan

    The only massage place in SG that never fails. Standards of the masseuses are consistently high; always feeling invigorated and flexible again after a session.

  2. Avatar photo

    Very nice and comfy place, right by the bay. Everyone here are very cute.

  3. Avatar photo
    Naveen Sk

    Great place with nice classy touches

  4. Avatar photo
    Kim, Sun Kyeong

    Arai was super good

  5. Avatar photo
    Aviroop Sircar

    Amazing experience. Feel relieved of all the back and neck issues. I would like to visit again and would recommend others looking for an amazing and relaxing massage ️

  6. Avatar photo
    Travel Starts from SG

    I give this place a 5 stars not because of the deco. The deco i grade them 3 stars but it is clean.

    5 stars for the massage, old traditional Thai method sequences massage which not many Thai massagers in today’s Thai massage place you can find in Singapore.

    Humble and thoughtful service people.

    Nice ambiance music playing in the background.

  7. Avatar photo

    massage is good

  8. Avatar photo
    Kristen Haddon

    Exceptionally clean and professional massage center. I highly recommend the foot massage and thai aroma massage. A foot wash/scrub and cool tea is a welcome treat upon arrival. After your service a hot ginger tea. A reservation is highly recommended as they are popular. I will definitely visit again next time in Sing!

  9. Avatar photo
    M U

    Good service and massage

  10. Avatar photo
    Paolo A

    Very good massage with a very professional lady.

  11. Avatar photo

    It was right next to the hotel, so I went there after making a reservation. You can easily find it on the riverside, and the good scent of lemongrass and friendly staff will welcome you. There is a clean, foot massage …

  12. Avatar photo
    Aer V

    Highly recommended. The masseuse I had, Li Ping, was very skillful. She was very attentive and was able to find the accurate spots I was having problems with. I had 1hr Traditional Thai + 2hrs Aroma massage. Was a great combo to get rid of all body aches and stiffness. Will definitely return again.

  13. Avatar photo
    Irene Ng

    Love their newly renovated place it’s clean and the massage was good too.

  14. Avatar photo
    L Loy

    Opted for the traditional thai massage for 1.5 hours. Pressure was super hard as though masseur had used all her strength despite telling her several times to soften her touch. Same thing for my hubby. We both couldnt fall asleep during the massage as it was too painful

  15. Avatar photo
    Mei Yan Foo

    Went for 60min foot neck shoulder massage.
    Clean and friendly staff but poor, halfhearted massage. Not worth the time and money.

  16. Avatar photo
    Issy Ritz

    Awesome couples massage by Liping and Mei Hui! Thanks.

  17. Avatar photo
    Matthew Deanna

    Great staff, attentive and massages were fantastic.

  18. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chang

    Its a no brainer that this massage place is good and full of positive reviews. Though it is located in CBD area, it is not very prominent in terms of its shop front, one might have missed it the first time. Why 4 instead of 5 stars? The fact that one would have to walk barefooted to the 2nd level, it might not be accessible for those that has movement problems. Also the space is small in the waiting area. But kudos to them for their service in serving tea for those waiting and also brownie points for them when I arrived early and one of their staff ask me to come later only for me to tell them that it is raining heavily outside, not possible for me to just go out and come back again. To which, the manager I believe told me to wait at the waiting area and serve me hot tea.

  19. Avatar photo
    Rachel L

    Clean, polite, relaxing. I told the therapist my leg had some pains and she focused more on that area.

  20. Avatar photo
    Aries Chu

    Perfect Thai massage ever!!
    I and my hubby chose ORGANIC AROMA THERAPY, 1hr for me and 1.5hrs for him. Nii helped me to do the massage. Her skill is wonderful. I fall asleep during the massage time. Highly recommend to you if you want to enjoy a relaxing massage!

  21. Avatar photo

    I didn’t know that every joint in my body could be so “bumpy”. The best thing was that the staff were kind. It was a place I would like to visit again. …

  22. Avatar photo
    Sarah S.

    Been coming here monthly for a few years and never fail to feel satisfied with each session! Therapists are dedicated and front staff are always polite (Sirina is an absolute treasure, I enjoy our small chats). My go-to massage spot in town. Expand to the first level please Keep up the good work! …

  23. Avatar photo

    Very professional, I felt great after the massage. Second best in Singapore.

  24. Avatar photo
    Melissa Eisner

    Awesome place for a massage. I loved the ambiance and the staff was wonderful. Smelled lovely, great lighting and music to completely relax you. Had the foot, neck and shoulder massage and it did not disappoint. Can’t wait to go back!

  25. Avatar photo
    Jim Landers


  26. Avatar photo
    Grace L

    Super clean and cute spot on the Riverwalk to get a massage. Just what I needed after a long day walking around.

  27. Avatar photo

    Great experience

  28. Avatar photo
    S Lee

    Really enjoyed my Thai massage here as a gift from a friend. The service was good, space was clean, and masseurs were skilled. Nice to get something other than Javanese or Swedish massage!

  29. Avatar photo
    Daniel Shang

    Best Thai massage in SG

  30. Avatar photo
    Stacy Nitschke

    Good massage, not in private rooms but separated by a curtain which didn’t bother me but just something to note.

  31. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Tan

    Me and my wife truly enjoyed our 90 mins massage it was money well spent! Will return!

  32. Avatar photo
    Lisa jacob

    Highly recommended. Clean and organised. Especially during this difficult time. Professional attention from booking system to arrival and service. Worth the travel from the east. Don’t hv to worry about being disappointed nor need to travel to Thailand

  33. Avatar photo
    Chris Crowley

    Excellent massage. Only complaint is the massage spaces aren’t private, and there’s noise bleed through so it is less relaxing than a private room.

  34. Avatar photo

    Went in for 2 times. The first one was Traditional massage and second for Aroma. The massage is good, but the lobby area is quite small. So it does affect the whole experience. A tiny cup of drink before and after was provided, which I do appreciate, but it does feel like a miniature version of the ritual.

  35. Avatar photo
    Gp Tan

    Love the massage there. Authentic Thai massage at a great price

  36. Avatar photo

    Very strong but I needed it. I feel way better now. Finally a real traditional Thai massage !

  37. Avatar photo
    Andrea Monelletti

    Polite and prepared staff. At the entrance, Thai tea is offered while they give you a foot scrub. Traditional 90 minute Thai massage is well worth the effort. …

  38. Avatar photo
    Roberto De Lorenzo Colas

    Very lovely atmosphere. They need to expand to a bigger space!

  39. Avatar photo
    Allen Hammond

    I Just had a massage at Saabi Saabi and it was one the best I’ve ever had!! Defender will go back whenever I’m in Singapore.

  40. Avatar photo
    Cécile Herweg

    Peaceful and clean, I had a great Thai Aroma Therapy massage. The oil was good quality and the massage super well executed. Thank you to the staff and I’ll def go back.

  41. Avatar photo
    panda 27

    Good service with friendly staffs, good atmosphere and its clean. The best part no hard selling of packages. Definitely worth a try.

  42. Avatar photo
    candy rachel

    Went to have the Thai aroma massage at Sabaai Sabaai on the 25th Feb.

    Was greeted with a nice smelling aroma, and a really pretty ambience.
    The toilet was very clean!

    The massage was great, my therapist Sophia was friendly!

    Will be back again. Might consider being their long term customer or considering the package!

    Thank you.

  43. Avatar photo
    Ann F

    My go to place for the best thai massage ever since I came to Singapore.

  44. Avatar photo

    Authentic Thai massage. Wonderful experience.

  45. Avatar photo

    great! My child insisted on going for a massage, so I hurriedly went to the dormitory, but fell asleep while receiving a foot massage for a short time; It’s friendly and I recommend it.
    Good! My kid insisted on going for a massage, so I rushed to the shop near the accommodation, but I fell asleep with foot massage. It’s kind, and I recommend it.

    좋아요! 아이가 마사지 받으러 가겠다고 우겨서 급하게 숙소 근처로 갔는데 짧은 시간이지만 발마사지 받다가 잠들었어요;; 친절하고요, 추천합니다.
    Good! My kid insisted on going for a massage, so I rushed to the shop near the accommodation, but I fell asleep with foot massage. It’s kind, and I recommend it.

  46. Avatar photo
    Joanne Tan

    Jenny is super good she help me out a lot with my aches on my neck, very helpful and nice person. Highly recommended. Place is quiet and nice, welcome drink is served. I opted for the aroma Thai massage and chose and lemongrass its really relaxing and fantastic. Will come again for sure !

  47. Avatar photo
    Thye Boon Bok

    Good. Professional massage service.

  48. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Wong

    Good service from the start to the end!

  49. Avatar photo
    Mckenzie Dree

    Excellent massage! This is definitely my favourite go to massage place, they are usually busy advisable to book in advance. Beautiful interior and place is always very clean. Love the foot scrub before the session starts. Never disappoint!

  50. Avatar photo
    Peerampa Janjumratsang

    Pretty amazing masseuse. My shoulder pain improved significantly from her help today! Thank you! My new go to massage place.

  51. Avatar photo
    Phoebe C

    I was having 60 mins of Thai massage, and enjoyed the professional skills and great service from Li Ping. The place is clean ans comfortable. You can enjoy a relaxing time here.

  52. Avatar photo
    Ronard Wang

    Authentic massage no hanky panky stuff. The staffs are friendly and nice, ambience is good. Just pure massage.

  53. Avatar photo
    Xiaozhou YANG

    Had a professional and effective Thai massage here. Love the interior design and service.

  54. Avatar photo
    Renee Kida

    Really great massage. Only downside is they rush you a bit. They could smooth out their service manners a bit more. People are there to relax.

  55. Avatar photo
    A SuS

    No wonder why they have high reviews. Totally recommend.

  56. Avatar photo
    Gaetan Maraite

    Clean , Excellent service , and amazing massage . Could be compared with a 5* spa . My wife and I had a 90 minutes traditional Thai massage and we will come back for sure .

  57. Avatar photo
    Daniel Smith

    Super relaxing

  58. Avatar photo
    Deanna Yuching Balakhonova

    Like the 40 minutes foot massage, what a relief after a long long walk!

  59. Avatar photo
    Mike Huynh

    I have had Thai massage at lots of place geographically, and I have to say the best one I have ever had, even compared to 5-Star hotel Thai massages.

  60. Avatar photo
    Stephen Hincks

    Definitely one of the top massage spots in Singapore. The venue is clean and well presented, staff are great and the massage by Chris was second to none. Have been a few times and no doubt a few more

  61. Avatar photo

    Nice service and fair price

  62. Avatar photo
    Desmond Foo (Aliva)

    Very good massage place.

  63. Avatar photo
    WenD Tan

    Update on 6/3/18 : price has increased to $80 for Thai massage. Didn’t inquire about massage. Still reasonable pricing. Previous review: $68 for 60mins. Jasmine: recommend for females (medium strength) Great masseur, know what she’s doing. Went for traditional Thai massage (no oil) and she helped relieved many knots which I didn’t even know I had! Bought a package for $620 (10 times)

  64. Avatar photo
    louise spearing

    Super chilled and very reasonable. Love the ladies here.

  65. Avatar photo
    Cherin C

    Found this place by chance through google map as it was nearby to where we are settling for a dinner. Booking of an appointment with them was a breeze through email, reply came promptly and communication was clear throughout, we booked 90mins for their thai aromatherapy

    We arrive early for our appointment, receptionist politely informed us to return when nearing our appointment time as there were safe distancing measures in place and there is not much space to accommodate too many people.

    When we return, we were directed to their sofa to fill up their health declaration form through our phone, took a quick 5mins to do so. Then they washed our feet and we waited for our turn to enter the room.

    They do not have a couple room, the room is an open concept with curtains as a divider between each person like how they do so in Thailand.

    The curtain was thick, lights were dimmed, there was a loose dress to change into, I have no idea how to tie it and the therapist helped me with it

    Massage was awesome , I felt instantly relaxed that I almost went into deep sleep! Pricing is alittle high ($115 nett) but it was very worth it. I felt recharged and feel lighter after the massage, definitely a place that I would return

    I love how skilful the therapist was, strength was good, relieved my tension on my shoulder and back, aroma oil used was nice smelling too

    The only down side is the sound of foot steps, I was situated near the entrance door, thus everyone who enter/leave I can hear them ‍️‍️, a little distracting but the massage always pull me back to relax

  66. Avatar photo
    Santanu Bhattacharya

    We took the traditional Thai massage and everything was perfect from start to finish. Most important was the skill level of the masseuses which was excellent. The place was neat and tidy and well located. Much recommended

  67. Avatar photo
    Bridget Doreen Ng

    definitely going back again !

  68. Avatar photo
    Albert Mets

    I went there based on good reviews. When I did a walk-in visit, I was told I had to go to their ‘other’ branch. I askd the reception if it was the same outlet. She said it was, and I was accompanied to this next place. This turned out to be a very noisy massage place, I booked an hour but the chap was finished after 50 minutes, and disappeared as soon as he was done. The experience was not nice.

  69. Avatar photo
    JJ Ammar

    Amazing Thai massage for those hard to fix kinks!!!

  70. Avatar photo
    shrey arora

    I went to sabaai sabaai multiple times in boat quay and had Thai oil massage for one hour and one hour 30 minutes.
    Before massage they ask if you have pain in specific area so that they can spend more time on that specific area.
    I can say that it’s better to have one hour 30 minutes where you can have full massage of whole body including head.
    Here you will not find bed or dedicated room as they have mattress on the floor and covered with curtains.

  71. Avatar photo
    lyzda Suzliman

    Came for a massage after a year from my last visit and still by far the most recommended massage place to go to!

    Me and my Husband decided to go for a massage and I quickly call Sabai Sabai for a reservation at 9:30pm. As yesterday was raining heavily, we were late for our appt but Sabai Sabai staff was so accommodating that they push out appt to 10:30pm. We got caught up in the rain and as soon as we reached Sabai Sabai, a Malay staff ask me if I need a towel to warm myself up! How nice it was to be welcome like that. The massage was no doubt a good one. Definitely coming back again!

  72. Avatar photo
    naveen mathew

    Must try all sort of massages.very good customer service and professional masseurs.

  73. Avatar photo
    Sasha Bao

    Always a great experience here for the 1h Thai massage. In case you didn’t know, Thai massages are done on a flat bed on the ground, and involves thumb and palm pressure, stretching and even body weight pressure. Although not the best for relieving knots, the acupressure and stretching style is very very relaxing and rejuvenating. Sgd 68 for 1h full body massage.

  74. Avatar photo
    Aye Chan

    I had a THAI SIGNATURE massage and its very nice. Highly recommend! Staffs are very professional and the place is very pleasant and clean. Will Definitely go there again.

  75. Avatar photo
    Luci Le

    Great service. The 15mins was better than my 60 min at seasons. Although seasons are sweethearts too. This place is now my go to massage! Amazing!!!!!

  76. Avatar photo
    Vijay Jacob

    Great place for Thai massage, of which I’m a big fan. Clean place with professional staff. The masseuses know what they are doing and you definitely feel a lot better after you’ve gone through a session.

  77. Avatar photo

    Efficient. Clean. Friendly. I was 30mins early of my appointment but the staff just swept off my feet and began my treat. Felt comfortable in the space and message given by Chan Ling was on-point! Thank you again for the experience and definitely gonna be a regular …

  78. Avatar photo
    Dragoon MacKenzie

    Had a 60min thai traditional massage it was great~

  79. Avatar photo

    awesome and authentic thai massage, but it is expensive

  80. Avatar photo
    ter gui lin

    Place was zen, therapist was skilled, good place for massage. Do note that the partitions are made from curtains so might not be suitable for people who dont have a sense of security as its a moderate room housing male and female customers together, and the floor is parquet/wooden flooring so people walking would be able to hear in your little space.

  81. Avatar photo
    Manali Debroy

    Awesome experience. Would definitely come back.

  82. Avatar photo
    Alex LiM

    Quite a pleasant experience. Did a 90 mins foot, neck and shoulder massage. Therapist Liping was quite good and manage to hit the spot and had a few cracks on my knee and shoulder. Would be back to try their full body Thai massage. …

  83. Avatar photo
    Shiya Zhang

    The best massage I’ve ever ever had!!! Thanks for fitting me in for my last-minute drop-by. The 30 mins Aroma massage was Zuper!!! Lavender oil help soothe your body & heart )) Staffs are so warm, friendly and professional. People on the registration forms are from all over the world – we are all one The place locates on a very lively street. While waiting, there are so many things can do, 10 mins close by there is the movie lawn, and there’s all kinds of restaurants, cafes along the waterrr. #goodtodoforsolitudenight

  84. Avatar photo
    Yeoreum Bae

    Perfect little relaxing place for tired body.

  85. Avatar photo
    Kai Ling Koh

    Gotten the traditional thai massage. 45mins for $65. Not the cheapest in the area. Service was excellent. Massage is not too bad. Would come back if in the area

  86. Avatar photo
    Bradley Hagi

    Best in Singapore

  87. Avatar photo
    Charlotte Chen

    My Boyfriend and I both love it. Feel whole body lighter after stretching. reminds me of the neighbourhood massage I had back in Bangkok.

  88. Avatar photo
    Max Collins

    Real Wat Po massage in Singapore. 1 hour is not enough.

  89. Avatar photo
    Krystal O

    clean place. friendly staffs. do book an appointment as they are very busy and fully booked! Ting did foot, neck, and shoulder for me.. her pressure is just nice and she knows where to apply more pressure on my legs. the neck and shoulder massage was extremely great, she managed to relieve my pain and soreness! they have a stamp system as well for every $60 spent. we will be back!

  90. Avatar photo
    anouk van den eijnde

    Escape the crowds and head upstairs at this lovely massage spot. I had the foot, neck and shoulder in the main space and absolutely loved it, perfect after getting off a long flight.

  91. Avatar photo
    K Obusan

    Amazing, I felt reborn after a 90-min traditional Thai body massage. Never going for a massage in those chain massage places after discovering this gem.

  92. Avatar photo
    Asha M

    Great massage, strong and really stretched + cracked well. Masseuse did a great job with the gradual slow pressure that felt very relaxing.

  93. Avatar photo
    Fernando Er

    I didn’t have the best experience in June 2018, but

    1) in receiving sincere responses from the proprietress about my then-experience (representative of the brand’s customer service: even after 2 years, the Thai receptionist still extends warm attention at entry and exit; though I see so much less of her now),

    2) the absence of the problem that had once been a big source of my then-discontent (as of late, I haven’t experienced any issue with extreme temperatures from the central air-conditioning), and

    3) in having since encountered a most competent, durable therapist who has always been diligent and consistent (from the 4 times I had the good fortune of scheduling her to my sessions) in expertly applying her massage techniques compatible with my bodily dispositions, I figured it’s high time to join the 5-star band wagon and revise my original, less than stellar review; it’s only

    A very good place for bone cracking and muscle relaxing relief; as always, the head/face massage still remains the cherry on top of the proverbial cake, but, now, with a trustworthy therapist to lend her hands, each individual aspect of the massage has since been elevated into a distinct, praiseworthy experience that accrues into a satisfying whole.

    I am not sure if the complimentary salt foot scrub is still limited only to bookings (i.e., not available to walk-ins); so best call and check. But it seems that the offers of the welcome lime-blue pea flower drink and exit ginger tea are still valid customary practices.

  94. Avatar photo

    Was trawling through reddit for some good places to get a massage and chanced upon this gem. It was defs worth the price and the good reviews! Went for the Thai Signature with my partner and we both loved it. He commented that he would 100% recommend it and he found the massage comprehensive with excellent back manipulation Just as other commenters remarked, our masseuses managed to hit the right spots with just the right amount of pressure.

    My masseuse (Sophia) was really strong and responsive to my verbal/non-verbal cues. We will definitely be back for more!

  95. Avatar photo
    james mitchell

    Great traditional Thai massage. Sweet pain, but the end result is I feel great.. really recommend
    You leave feeling happy but no happy ending offer thank goodness..

  96. Avatar photo
    Esther Tan

    One of the next best alternative since once can’t quite travel to TH for its famous massage. Friendly folks & good therapists. The place is clean so that helps much! Keep it up!

  97. Avatar photo
    Ms Sunny

    After the massage I slept very well. Good skills

  98. Avatar photo
    Faisal Taimoor Khan

    Call before goind there

  99. Avatar photo
    Jungmin Koh

    It was best choice in Singapore ever

  100. Avatar photo
    Yen Nguyen

    My favorite massage place in Singapore! Highly recommend Thai massage if you play sports.

  101. Avatar photo
    R Pr.

    Very good massage, gladly again

  102. Avatar photo
    Tu Dao

    Excellent massage. Good atmosphere. Friendly staff.

  103. Avatar photo
    Michael Gruber

    For a great strong massage this is a must visit while in Singapore

  104. Avatar photo
    Jimilee McCleskey

    Loved the chair massage so much that I decided to give the Thai massage a try 2 days later! Friendly staff, clean, and she hit all the right spots. Plan on going back a 3rd time before I return to the US.

  105. Avatar photo
    larry lee

    Finally found a real thai massage…

  106. Avatar photo
    Moon Lee

    Had Thai tradition plus foot massage recently and I’ll say my therapist Li Ping was great! Though the price may be more costly than the usual massages you see, but it’ll be worth it …

  107. Avatar photo
    Lily T

    Excellent Thai masseurs in Singapore. Clean and professional. Good location at Boat Quay. Worth another visit.

  108. Avatar photo
    Adarsh Kanodia

    Authentic Thai massage

  109. Avatar photo

    Price may be a bit higher than other premiums. There are careful management and surveys. The unfortunate thing is that I received a massage in an open space with a single curtain rather than an independent space, so I …

  110. Avatar photo
    Amirah Rahmat

    Thai traditional ($75-60mins) vs Thai Signature ($85-60mins)
    I tried both massages to check out what makes a signature different from a traditional one. To me, the traditional one is normal/standard as you get which is great, but, holy cow the signature one is just out of this world. My body gets the best crack I’ve ever had in any massage place. Kudos to the thai masseuse who massaged me so well! I requested for medium-high level of massage.

  111. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Soltani

    The best traditional Thai massage place I’ve ever been to. Had a long term pain in neck.. gone! The masseuse know what they are doing and are absolutely professional. Every single time I come out of there thinking when is the next time I’ll get to go. Highly recommend!

  112. Avatar photo

    I wish I’d come here sooner ㅠㅠ The foot massage was good keke And there are dolls on the shop sofa and on the stairs hehe The staff looking at the counter was nice too ㅋㅋ …

  113. Avatar photo
    Fauzi Jumat (M.F.B.J)

    Summary: calming vibes and they play this slow track which makes the massage session feels nice left the area feeling at peace! …

  114. Avatar photo
    C Crumbs

    Clean, peaceful and quiet: had a very relaxing one hour Thai oil massage and really enjoyed it. Prices are as stated and Ting was wonderful. Also easy to find as it is clearly signed from the walk way!

  115. Avatar photo
    Lilian Tan

    Chanced upon this place while looking for massages nearby and picked it solely based on the high Google review ratings. Best decision made! Tried the Thai Aroma massage which has four scents to choose from, and the masseuse really worked hard on those knots in my back my whole body felt so relieved after 90 min! The staff were really friendly and the place was well decorated. Price is a bit higher than some other common massage parlours I think (?) but totally worth it. Already planning the next trip, and thinking of getting a package looking forward to going back there soon!

  116. Avatar photo
    Riz Perreras

    Relaxing. I feel so much better, definetely going back for more

  117. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Wong

    One of the best traditional Thai massage in Singapore. The therapists are skilled and use good pressure to relieve any muscle tension or knots.

  118. Avatar photo
    Shintu Thomas

    Very friendly service.

  119. Avatar photo
    Marianne Khor

    The place is quiet and clean, and the staff is friendly. My masseuse is very skilled, and most tension in my body was gone after the massage.

  120. Avatar photo

    Professional and well trained masseuse! Never needed a massage so badly and I am so glad I went for it. Didn’t expect to see so many Singaporean names on the registration list as the massage prices are steep as compared to nearby SEA countries. I’d say it’s worth it!

  121. Avatar photo
    Nowhere Man

    Professional and welcoming. This place is quite busy so make sure to do reservation in advance.

  122. Avatar photo
    Needra Wick

    Exceptional massage by very kind and talented masseuse. Highly recommended

  123. Avatar photo
    Ivan Chia

    Skillful masseurs strongly recommended for Thai Signature massage…!!! …

  124. Avatar photo
    Lucas Rose

    Not great. There was no pressure in the massage. Not for me this place.

  125. Avatar photo
    Constance Yeo

    Great place for Traditional Thai Massage. Went on a Sunday evening. Very serene and comfortable. My masseuse was Zhang Qin. I walked in with back aches and walked out with none. They are good at identifying the pressure points to release the pains.

  126. Avatar photo
    Ivy Lu

    This is definitely my to-go place for some self care – skillful therapists and super clean/relaxing environment!

  127. Avatar photo
    kit chan

    Fantastic experience, good service and great massage.

  128. Avatar photo
    Jayaletchumi Anbalagan

    Did 90mins of Traditional Thai massage, Head massage was done with my hair clip on. Thought it would be beyond my expectation or at least could have met cause of the reviews i read here before heading to this place. But it was a total disappointment for me as came from far.

  129. Avatar photo
    Claudio S.

    Very skilled therapists, professional, cleniness is exemplary and they are super friendly. They also speak fluent English so it’s easy to communicate your painpoints.

  130. Avatar photo
    Athena Bughao

    One of my favorite massage places in Singapore. Also had great ginger tea

  131. Avatar photo
    Khalifa Al Baloushi

    If you are looking for an authentic and professional massage (no monkey business), then this is the best place!

  132. Avatar photo
    C Crumbs

    Clean, peaceful and quiet: had a very relaxing one hour Thai oil massage and really enjoyed it. Prices are as stated and Ting was wonderful. Also easy to find as it is clearly signed from the walk way!

  133. Avatar photo
    Timothy Wong

    Came here on 2 separate occasions to try out both Thai Traditional and Thai Signature. Thai Traditional was quite the typical Thai massage but I personally prefer the Thai Signature because you’ll be stretched in parts of your body that you didn’t know could be stretched. It really helps to ease the tension and relieves the pressure. Came out feeling so much better. I didn’t get the name of the masseur, and although she wasn’t Thai, her massage was on point. Pressure was just perfect – Not too soft and not too painful. Prices are on the higher end but still affordable. I think 60-90 minutes is fine but 120 minutes would be too long.

  134. Avatar photo

    Amazing experience at Sabaai Sabaai. First time here and I will definitely come back. Therapist Sophia provided a great Thai Aroma massage. Very relaxing. Highly recommended place at the heart of the city!

  135. Avatar photo
    Boon Hian Tan

    Found my replacement therapist after previous one went bk to Thailand due to cb period. Tks for fixing my bk tonite

  136. Avatar photo
    Brigitte E

    Great massage, it helped a lot for my Jetlag and tensions.

  137. Avatar photo

    Went for just 1 hour but it was thorough, detailed and on point. The masseuse put in alot of effort to make it worthwhile for the entire session and focused on areas that were stiff. Definitely recommended for people who like Thai style massage!

  138. Avatar photo
    Neelesh Naik

    Amazing service and friendly. Massages are magic!

  139. Avatar photo
    lvlab3l sim

    The the Traditional Thai massage was amazing, I enjoyed the infamous cracking during the ending segment. The staff is friendly and professional.

  140. Avatar photo
    G Man

    Great massage, most authentic Thai style in Singapore. Clean and fresh set up, friendly and caring staff. I’ll be back!

  141. Avatar photo
    Weihoe Ow

    First time doing Full body Thai massage, and Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage provided an excellent experience.

    The place is easy to miss, and you have to lookout for the sign. Overall a good experience!

  142. Avatar photo

    Such a great massage from Jennie . I will definitely go back

  143. Avatar photo
    Faisal FM

    My favourite place to get a massage. Call in to reserve.

  144. Avatar photo
    Lilian Wu

    The massage was superb and soothed my aching muscles. 10/10 will come back again.

  145. Avatar photo
    Aries Chu

    Perfect Thai massage ever!!
    I and my hubby chose ORGANIC AROMA THERAPY, 1hr for me and 1.5hrs for him. Nii helped me to do the massage. Her skill is wonderful. I fall asleep during the massage time. Highly recommend to you if you want to enjoy a relaxing massage!

  146. Avatar photo
    Dalis Chan

    Extremely clean place. Pleasant smelling. Quite environment for body massage. Had the Thai Aroma massage.

  147. Avatar photo
    Mark Thomas McQueen

    They were wonderful

  148. Avatar photo
    Jo 940

    Greeted with friendly staffs. Love the cosy vibe atmosphere. They served us a welcome beverage was so refreshing.

    The masseur who assigned to me was awesome. All the sore points were relieved. They also served us ginger tea after the session.

  149. Avatar photo
    Nisha Neurgaonkar

    I decided to go for a traditional Thai massage at Sabaai Sabaai only because a very close friend of mine was visiting from India and she insisted that we should go. At first, I was reluctant because I didn’t want to be covered in oil and then spend time in the shower getting that off me when I could rather spend that time doing something else. But I was completely wrong about that! This massage does not involve any oil. We were given a lose top and pyjamas to wear and led to relax in these cozy little tent like structures instead of a typical massage room. Not only was this massage extraordinarily good but it made me feel like I was floating in the air by the end of it. It felt like someone was doing yoga for me with my body, making me feel relaxed at the same time. The masseuse was very professional and paid special attention to the pain points, maintaining the pressure as per my instructions. The best part for me was right at the end when she had me in the bench pose fully supporting me from behind and applying pressure at the perfect places of my neck, back and shoulders, which entirely de-stressed my spinal cord. I would highly recommend Sabaai Sabaai to everyone. A truly soothing and blissful experience and appropriately priced too.

  150. Avatar photo
    Michael Pasko

    Excellent massage! My wife had fond memories of a massage she had in Thailand years ago and wanted to visit here. We went together and were given rooms (separated by blankets) right next to each other.

    The massage was different from the usual deep-tissue massages I’m used to in the U.S. The main difference was that there was no oil. They give you loose fitting clothes and massage through them.

    The massage was different from what I’m used to, but very enjoyable. It hurt at times, but I let the masseuse know and she adjusted accordingly. My wife and I left feeling very relaxed. And the location at Boat Quay was nice too – we had delicious Turkish food for lunch afterwards.

  151. Avatar photo
    Andy Welsh

    They cater to so many styles and so many levels of pressure, it has amazing consistency and is worth every penny!

  152. Avatar photo
    A Shiny

    When I visited on Friday night, it was very crowded, so I visited again on Saturday afternoon.
    The staff cannot speak Japanese, but they are very kind and recommended for …

  153. Avatar photo
    Daniel O'Keeffe O'Donovan

    The massage is AWESOME

  154. Avatar photo
    KL Mui

    Great service. Friendly staff. Highly recommended.

  155. Avatar photo
    Martin Santoso

    Awesome massage place. Tried their non oil massage for 1 hour and was super relaxed after the treatment. The place is also super clean, and courteous staff. You’d be served welcome drink which is refreshing as well. The masseuse is also considerate and will ask the you the strength of the massage from to time. Felt asleep for some time, without realizing one hour went by. Will try their 1.5 hour next time. Recommended! Reservation is needed because is popular place.

  156. Avatar photo
    ken kroeger

    My favourite Thai massage in Singapore

  157. Avatar photo
    Balamurugan M

    Good Massage and Masseur pays attention to the ask. Take packages offered if you are regular to Massages. You have options to chose from Menu.

    Welcome Drink and Feet Wash at the beginning are awesome.

    Care is paid at most attention to customer needs.

  158. Avatar photo
    Lim Melissa

    When the therapist was washing my feet, it took prolly 1 min to scrub, wash and dry both feet and I was thinking to myself why is it so fast when my hub’s therapist scrubbed longer for him. I was ready to remove points..

    However, I was thankful when I was led in the room for my massage. Thank goodness no additional time was wasted on the feet! The time was well spent on my body. The massage was truly incredible. I did not tell my therapist where my body ached the most (prolly everywhere) but she was able to knead my back with precise pressure on those aching spots. From the beginning when she ‘laid’ her hands on me, I was thoroughly enjoying the massage. I’ve been to a few massage establishments and I can say with confidence that this is really the only one that stands out so far.

    Im alr looking forward to having the massages again and hopefully get back the same therapist Ting.

    Thank you Ting!
    Small size but her strength is

  159. Avatar photo
    SP Gan

    Went to try Thai Signature with my hubby.

    It costs us SGD 85 for a 60- minute massage and I think it’s money well spent – worth every cent of it.

    I bought this for my hubby’s birthday and I am so glad that he likes the experience there.

    The masseurs ( I didn’t have a chance to ask for their names ) are not Thais but their skills are quite good!

    This is what my hubby said , “ the place looks small but the service is commendable, and the masseur has much better skills than other established spa in Singapore that we went to pamper ourselves in the past.

    We are definitely considering coming back

  160. Avatar photo
    Carryn Chin

    I like that the place is clean; and you have your own private space with the curtain separating you from others.

  161. Avatar photo
    Hastha Sivakumar

    Good place for Thai massage!

  162. Avatar photo
    Cristopher Landrito

    Good, reasonably priced (by SG standards) Thai massage in SG. Proper Thai massage beds. Friendly staff.

  163. Avatar photo

    Very good.

    Although, having been to authentic massage places in the rest of Southeast Asia, I wouldn’t say this is the best experience I’ve ever had. 4 out of 5 stars is a fair rating in my opinion.

    For the casual inexperienced customer, definitely do try out this place.

    For the experienced customer, expect to be satisfied but not wowed or amazed or blown away.

    Prices are pretty standard, given the location. (Cheaper in Malls definitely.)

    Do try to call in advance to check if they have a slot, rather than turning up and just trying your luck — especially if you’re going in a group (more than one person).

  164. Avatar photo
    Jennifer MacGregor

    Such great expertise at a great price and a great location. Always friendly and helpful, there are two hour traditional Thai massage is the absolute best for a full body release and loosening.

  165. Avatar photo
    Trista Lin

    Impressive! Quiet and private environment with relaxing musics. Very clean and friendly place with people from everywhere. Highly recommend!!! ️

  166. Avatar photo
    E Ngo

    Great massage with traditional Thai stretches. Massage was in a clean and well decorated environment. At one point, there was a misunderstanding on my credit card charge and I found the team to be cooperative and quick to resolve my concerns (the issue appeared to be to do with my bank rather than sabaai sabaai). I found the manager was responsive and respectful at all times. Although I was already out of the country when this happened, the issue was addressed with top priority. Sabaai Sabaai is a massage place I can trust. Will definitely come back.

  167. Avatar photo
    Nauman Shahid

    This place has some authentic Thai massage.

  168. Avatar photo
    Itzel Mora

    If you like massages, this place is a must go in Singapore! I will visit Singapore next week, and I am totally stopping by!

  169. Avatar photo
    Linan C

    Not sure if it’s the particular masseuse, but the massage was mediocre at best. She pressed hard but not on the right spots so it just felt awkward and painful instead of relieving. Also felt like she did not have enough strength to pull me or lift me in assisted stretches. Paying $75 and picking a place with such great reviews, I had higher expectations before the massage, but it turns out to be much worse than a Thai massage you can get at a street corner in Bangkok.

  170. Avatar photo

    It’s a little more expensive than the others, but I often received a reward.
    It seems that the content of the massage is decided for each course, and any …

  171. Avatar photo
    donte phillips

    Amazing!!!!!! Best massage ever!

  172. Avatar photo

    Very professional, very thorough, very rewarding & effective!!!

  173. Avatar photo
    Krista Campbell

    One of two favorite Thai massage places in Singapore (the other is the Yunomori japanese onsen)

  174. Avatar photo

    Amazing therapy. A must in life time

  175. Avatar photo
    Mandar Dadegaonkar

    Excellent massage. Massuese was very thorough and provided easy relief from pain

  176. Avatar photo
    Henry Choo

    Wonderful and refreshing experience – booking via phone was fuss free, quiet and peaceful ambience right smack in the heart of the CBD, warm and efficient reception which included a foot scrub, and the therapist was adept in authentic Thai style massage.

  177. Avatar photo

    I received a very good massage. I wanted to get one more before returning to Korea, but I couldn’t get one because I didn’t have enough time. …

  178. Avatar photo
    Roger Magne

    Very professional and pleasant staff operating in an agreeable environment. The relaxation begins the moment you step in and the prices are reasonable

  179. Avatar photo
    Melvin PP

    Authentic thai massage.

  180. Avatar photo
    Geri Yan

    Been here twice and both experiences were great. The therapists are professional and very detailed. I especially like how clean the facility had been kept!!

  181. Avatar photo
    Chia Joel

    One of the best thai massage places you can find here in singapore.

    Super clean place – nice robes for you to change into, toilet though a bit small was clean – had kirei kirei!

    Though prices are a little premium as compared to overseas or in JB. You really get a quality full body thai traditional Thai massage that will leave you wanting more.

    They have a chop system as well as you can collect and get discounts if you are a loyal returning customer…

    Definitely book a slot and try it for yourself!

    75 for an hour of Thai traditional massage!

    Only bummer is that somehow their payment system doesn’t accept contactless paywave options and you have to bring your physical credit card if you’ll like to use your credit card to pay!

  182. Avatar photo
    Shar C

    Fantastic Thai massage, will return!

  183. Avatar photo
    ChinRui Chew

    Did a 1 hour Traditional Thai Massage. A little bit on the expensive side but the service was excellent and the staff was very friendly.

  184. Avatar photo

    It was one of the best treatment I had in a long Time. The surrounding is quiet, peaceful and relaxing in a busy area like Boat Quay. Once you climb up the stairs it smells nice and you hear soothing music. I booked the Thai aroma oil massage for 60min and chose the Lemongrass Oil. It was as I said one of the best massages ever. The pressure the lady used (unfortunately I forgot to ask for her name) was on point and every touch felt like she would take pressure out of my body. The place is quite pricey (85$ for 60min) but it is worth it! I definitively wanna come back!

  185. Avatar photo
    Xinjia Li

    My 4th time at Sabaai Sabaai. Quality of massage is still good but the customer service from the staff at the front desk seem to have dipped. We called to book a 60min Thai massage for 2 and when we almost reached, someone called to say that there was only one bed hence only one person can do the full body massage and suggested the other to do a foot, neck and shoulder massage instead. Whilst this is not ideal (we really wanted a full body massage) , we accepted as we were almost at the destination. I decided to my husband go with the full massage instead. As I have plenty of neck and shoulder aches I asked if I could have more focus on these areas like 30 mins out of the 60mins massage if possible. But I was told quite unkindly by Sirina Nang at the reception that this is not possible, their time for the neck and shoulder portion is fixed at 15 mins and they can’t do anymore than that. This is rather bewildering as most massage place could allow you to focus on certain areas. Again I asked OK how about 20mins surely 5 mins more would not make a difference. Sirina was like no, not possible. Literally “Not Possible”. I offered to pay a little more thinking that maybe it’s the money then she said you can pay for 30 min shoulder massage for $48 and then 30 min foot massage for $50 if you want that. This comes up to $98 and the full body massage which I originally wanted and didn’t get due to their mistake was only $75. I felt penalised for their mistake and to top it off Sirina was very unfriendly throughout. At this point I got rather upset and told her she had a poor attitude and I really don’t see how that request of mine to allocate 5 mins more of the massage to the neck and shoulder was “not possible”.Then I added that I am ready to send feedback on this. Suddenly she changed track and was like 20mins is fine. Now it’s suddenly possible. I feel indignant that they did not care about a simple customer request unless the customer was ready to escalate it.

    Again to be fair, the massage was good but I gave a overall low score because it was a very unpleasant experience with Sirina. The most important thing of any spa is to leave feeling relaxed and I did not have that.

    Please look into your front desk staff, dont let them be a disservice to your therapist.

  186. Avatar photo
    Tian-Sin Fan

    Excellent aroma oil Thai massage.
    Feel refreshed!

  187. Avatar photo
    Peace &Love

    The “Owner” Left a standard reply however, did not give his/her proper name just a random email. We don’t have time to advise you on how to run a proper facility and give value for the outrageous prices that are charged for such poor service.

    We are still trying to figure out how this place has recieved such high reviews. – my partner and I recently visited for head , neck and shoulder massage. The website says free foot scrub however it’s 10 more. We were taken to an area where the AC was blasting on one side and warmer on another side we opted for the warmer part as we both had stiff necks from the AC at the hotel. We still needed to request blankets as our feet were still exposed to the freezing cold blast of the AC. not comfortable at all.

    The massage area was a floor and thin mat ,for a head neck and shoulder appointment it felt odd right away however , we both figured they must have a special technicique they didn’t, the masseuse was completely out of tune to my needs and did her own thing. She was rubbing the same spot on my head over and over for 10 min. I had to ask her several times to rub elsewhere however i don’t think she spoke English. she left my head both numb and irreatated I can honestly say I’ve had better massages on a Bangkok street corner for 10 bucks. We left there 140 poorer and in worst shape than we arrived. I would not recommend this place.

  188. Avatar photo
    Richard Fahy

    Tried this place for first time today as my usual place was fully booked. Awesome thai massage, aches and pains gone. Highly recommended

  189. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Lim

    Had one of the most relaxing oil massage here at Sabaai Sabaai. I felt truly relaxed.

  190. Avatar photo
    Mackenzie C

    Really nice little massage place. Great location and super helpful staff. Massage was good the only thing that’s keeping from a 5th star is that it’s a little pricey for Singapore.

  191. Avatar photo
    Bryaan Lea

    Had 90mins with oil. …

  192. Avatar photo
    L S

    Clean & Professional.
    My partner and I went for 90mins traditional thai massage and overall was great. Shout out to Cha Ling and she is very professional. Definitely comeback!

  193. Avatar photo
    Peter Peh

    Went for the 90mins Thai traditional massage. Normal standard, satisfaction is below the ones u have in Thailand or even JB.

  194. Avatar photo
    Ris Thevan

    Amazing amazing service and massage. So professional and I relaxed the minute the massage started. It usually takes awhile for me to relax when a massage starts but this was sooo good. The massesues here know what they are doing. For once I’m getting my muscles worked on and not my bones. I came out feeling so calm and serene. Best place in SG!

  195. Avatar photo
    Bharaniraj L

    Worth a try

  196. Avatar photo
    Sean Gill

    First time for Thai Massage and loved it. Very different from Swedish or Deep Tissue massage that I’m used to. This was almost like a guided stretching that is done to you. It was great, we made reservations to go back before the end of our trip.

  197. Avatar photo
    Liam Stojanovic

    No matter the mindset you enter with, you will leave in a state of Zen.

  198. Avatar photo
    Linda Hammond

    If I could give more than 5 star I would! The facility was super clean, and all the girls were very welcoming. They wash down your feet with an exfoliator to begin with, and a purple sweet water type drinks, which is super refreshing. I went for the Thai Herb massage and my husband the Aroma Massage. I was worried my husband was not going to like a Thai Massage, as he is more the relaxing type massage. When I saw my husband after ours both ended, he went wow that is the absolute best massage I have ever had! We have had a lot of massages around the world! Mine, I can’t believe how amazing it felt from start to finish and wish I had booked a 90 minute massage. We will be back in Singapore for the Grand Prix and will be rebooking this now for our return trip!

  199. Avatar photo
    Jason Donlan

    An amazing 1st Thai massage, I will be back again.

  200. Avatar photo
    YiYin Wang

    The most therapeutic massage from my personal experience, thanks to masseuse Yan-Yan.

    I had a 90 mins aroma oil massage during the promotion period, and was very impressed by the whole journey of it.

    From the very first second I could tell Yan-Yan knows how to control the pressure, connecting points to points smoothly, I found it tremendously important when a massage is well choreographed, almost in sync with my breath, it wasn’t only spot on, precise, it feels effortlessly perfect.

    The only thing is that the lobby seems quite small, and possibly due to the busy appointments, I can feel staffs rushing in and out a bit, however the ambience is ok.

    As for the massage space, it is charming and cozy, maybe authentic thai style? Despite can hear voices from customer next to you, I feel the sheet on the floor relaxing enough.

    Thank you so much Sabaai Sabaai and Yan-Yan, it was a wonderful afternoon besides the quay. See you soon.

  201. Avatar photo

    Nice environment clean with calm scent and music. Pressure is just reasonable. Much relaxed after trying Thai Signature

  202. Avatar photo
    Fauzi Jumat (M.F.B.J)

    Summary: calming vibes and they play this slow track which makes the massage session feels nice left the area feeling at peace!

    Service: Head, Neck and Shoulder massage

    Duration: 60mins

    Price: $75

    Worth it?: Yes

    Entry is being covered by a pillar and the other food stores which i kinda feel bad tbh…

    My first ever “consensual” massage like really cause i’m not comfortable with anyone touching me and before this was more of a forced by my mom to go to a massage place but id give this a try since my neck felt really stiff that day.

    Went for head neck shoulder massage, it was a pleasant experience!

    When I arrive they just do some booking confirmation and afterwards served me a chilled drink that is not so sweet nor diluted it’s in mid but taste good!

    Staff washed both my feet with what i guess is purple sea salt!

    Waited for a few mins as they prepare the massage area which is cool

    The masseuse knows where to put pressure cus i felt that i could breathe much better after she massaged my neck!

    After the session they served me warm lemongrass tea! The lemongrass taste was not overwhelmed with lemongrass taste which i appreciate it alot!!

    the only downside was that there’s a renovation beside their store and a man who snored like a subwoofer which ofc they couldn’t control any of those

    Would recommend this place to anyone who wants a “Me time”!!

  203. Avatar photo
    Lisa Ti

    BEST THAI MASSAGE IN SINGAPORE! Absolutely love Sabaai Sabaai, I’ve been a regular customer for over a year now. Their massage is good and consistent, the rooms are clean and the staff are professional and friendly.

  204. Avatar photo
    Raymond Lam

    Good ambience. Soothing music. Reasonable price. Centralized location. Most important excellent massage!

  205. Avatar photo
    Shang Gao

    Very good thai massage. All of their therapists are great. Make an appointment first. I had brought friends over and we all loved it.

  206. Avatar photo
    Sophie Lion

    Very good massage. Warm welcome. Very clean and safe. Loved it! People are really lovely.

  207. Avatar photo
    Padmashree R

    The therapist did an amazing job ! The pressure was perfect. Very clean and the aroma inside the room was perfect to fall asleep. I would recommend a 2hours body massage with aroma oil for a relaxed Friday night.

  208. Avatar photo
    Dennis N

    One of the best Thai massage experience! My lady & I went for both the traditional and Signature 60mins and we both loved it. Warm, professional and hella relaxing.Definitely will be back!

  209. Avatar photo
    Kin Jun Lee (Iunius)

    Very good massage service. Place is extremely clean. Nice music and relaxing atmosphere. Price is on higher range but definitely value for money! Highly recommended

  210. Avatar photo
    Sophia Wang

    The masseur is very skilled and hits every acupuncture point! After pressing the body is very comfortable. The environment is good and the music is just right. If you are tired and your shoulders and neck are sore, …

  211. Avatar photo

    My second visit! Told them I have a upper body ache and they took extra care with it by applying tiger balm so that it can ease the ache better. Place is clean and tidy. Recommended for anyone looking to have a good massage!

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