Review Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd, Block 725 Clementi West Street 2 #01-190/192, Singapore

Review Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd - Singapore Block 725 Clementi West Street 2 #01-190/192

“Nice roast duck, roast pork and meat at reasonable price” or “We ordered Roasted Duck, char siew and roasted pork for 10 dollars for 2 person. Very reasonable price.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd is quality.

Introduction about Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd

Here are some fundamental details regarding Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd. In terms of Cantonese restaurant, it is generally believed that Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltdis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at Block 725 Clementi West Street 2 #01-190/192, (S)120725, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Cantonese restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 98210906 (+65 98210906)
  • Website:
  • Address: Block 725 Clementi West Street 2 #01-190/192, (S)120725, Singapore
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You can reach Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd at 98210906(+65 98210906). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to Block 725 Clementi West Street 2 #01-190/192, (S)120725, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd reviews

Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd is among the best destinations of Cantonese restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd good?

To determine whether Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Everything looked awesome here, finally grabbed some time to sit in n dine. Charsiew rice 2.70 Carrot pork ribs soup 2.50 Gaodim and the Chilli power I like”

“This store serving speed is faster than any fast food restaurant, super fast to get your delicious roasted pork, fried chicken or duck for dine i. Or take away. I always love the taste”

“We ordered Roasted Duck, char siew and roasted pork for 10 dollars for 2 person. Very reasonable price.”

“One of the good ones to get Char Siew, Roast pork duck. Prices are reasonable. Other food like Chinese soup and cooked dishes are available.”

“Love this eatery. Comfort food. Good duck rice and many choice of soup. Affordable too!”

“The roast pork is really good. The roast duck not bad either. But rp is better”

“Comfort food in the heartlands. Various choice of homemade soups on offer which is perfect for rainy days. Usually crowded especially during peak periods.”

“Love their roast duck and pork. Good soups and side dishes too.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 208 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 81% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd, Block 725 Clementi West Street 2 #01-190/192, Singapore

There is a total 208 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    HangYong Wee

    One if the best roasted duck, roasted meat, char siew etc in the west.

  2. Avatar photo
    Yew Chung Chee

    Update 10 April 2022: With Covid-19 restrictions lifted, now each table can have 5 diners. No more table service. All must queue up, pay and collect your food at the cashier.

    Delicious roast pork and good selection of slow boiled soup.

  3. Avatar photo
    joven (Jovan)

    Roast duck and bbq pork rice ($5), old cucumber soup ($2.5). Food was abit higher then average but love the atmosphere and veriaty of food. Soup was cheap and good. It also comes with a piece of pork. Worth the money. Will come back if in the area.

  4. Avatar photo
    LaMisT Neo

    Went down on a weekday dinner (around 5:30pm). Lots of empty seats and tables available. The tables and chairs are very clean, the staff cleans up very quickly once a customer leaves. No need to return tray.

    Ordered char siew rice, roast chicken rice and one bowl of lotus pork rib soup. Food is served fast, cutleries and chilli are self service. Food portion is good for the price, taste is the expected standard for such dishes.

    Food standard is normal, price is affordable. A place to go to for a quick meal, if nearby.

  5. Avatar photo
    Irene Ho

    The roast pork and duck is nice. Price are reasonable.

  6. Avatar photo
    Chong How

    pretty good

  7. Avatar photo
    Bernard Tan

    Very reasonable prices and wide selection of soup and their signature chai siew and chicken rice.

  8. Avatar photo
    D L

    The roast pork is really good. The roast duck not bad either. But rp is better

  9. Avatar photo
    chad goh

    One of the best roasted meat eateries in SG. Super affordable ($2.50 for a plate!!!!)

  10. Avatar photo
    LP Pua

    One of the better Char Siew and Roast Pork Rice place. They also sell a large variety of soups. Price is relatively lower than competitors. Overall, a rare cheap and good place for a quick meal.

  11. Avatar photo
    Mari Kita

    Nice roasted meat and soup at affordable $2.50 smaller bowl though but fit for a person share after a meaty meal.

  12. Avatar photo

    You will get seat here when all other places are crowded using lunch hours.

  13. Avatar photo
    Chye Guan Tan

    Fairly good roast duck. Highly recommend the tofu dish.

  14. Avatar photo
    Bobby Tay

    The roast of duck, pork n char Sue is very good n price reasonable. If you are in the area must try . My opinion is best in around there. Oh the steam soup starting from ,$2.50 also good quality

  15. Avatar photo
    Leo Qi Xiang

    Great place for a family meal. Price is reasonable and taste great. Careful for the slippery indoor floor

  16. Avatar photo
    Roland Seh

    There’s table waiting servicss and they are prompt. I had the Roast Duck Char Siew Rice with Egg. The Roast Duck was juicy and the Char Siew was lean and had the old school “charred taste”! Would definitely come back again!!

  17. Avatar photo

    Service nice, somwtimes nice boss serve the delicious dishes.
    My favorite old cucumber soup and water chesnut juice …

  18. Avatar photo
    Aspro Neo

    You can find a variety of double boiled soup beside the usual roasted meats. Good value for money price very reasonable

  19. Avatar photo
    Tony Foo

    Good food, fast service at reasonable price. The roasted pork and char siew rice is a must try.

  20. Avatar photo
    Tat Yuen

    Good food at reasonable prices in a decent environment. Indoor (covered) and al fresco. Good and fast service. Good local iced coffee. Soups are serviceble for the price.

  21. Avatar photo

    Great place for your fix of roasted duck. The duck is yummy and moist and prices are very reasonable. Their soups are among the cheapest you can find. They also have char sieuw, roast pork and a selection of vegs.

  22. Avatar photo
    Edwin S

    The eatery sells roasted meats as well as stewed soups.

    There are many choices for the soups, for which, I have tried the black pepper pig stomach soup. The soup is peppery and is well-seasoned. There is a huge chunk of pork rib (or chop) inside with plenty of meat. The slices of pork stomach is tender and is quite aplenty.

  23. Avatar photo
    Mark Leong

    Taste is ok, but the portion is a bit small for the price.

  24. Avatar photo
    Southpaw 5388

    Very good roast meats! Value for money prices. They have a variety of soups to go along with the rice meals. Very good sauce topping on the meats. Crowded during weekday lunch hours. Fast service too.

  25. Avatar photo
    Thomas Teo

    Good double-boiled soups and tasty roasted pork, roasted duck and char siew at very affordable prices.

  26. Avatar photo
    Eric Effin' P - MTB Content

    In the words of wise men…


    It’s legit la.
    The gravy.
    The chilli.
    The meats.

    An endless orchestra of wildly pleasurable delight.

    The price is still maintained at current time which is good.

    Best to eat these at home because you can slober yourself crazy.

    But also due to its crowd during meal hours.

    They do also have other types of food there if roast meats are not to your liking but then again… Which sane minded true blue Singaporean does not?

    Oh… Vegetarians or vegan or clean eaters, look away please – this ain’t for you.

  27. Avatar photo
    Shih Yong Goh

    Tar bao roast duck, char siew, and wanton noodles for breakfast this morning.
    I must say, it not only satisfy the stomach but also the heart.
    Thank you Rong Liang.

  28. Avatar photo
    TAN KC

    Been here quite a few times. This shop is great. Despite being overwhelmed and busy. The staff here are friendly and efficient.

    There is alot to order these days with addition of zichar. Especially their soups here, it is cheap and reasonable if you want a nice warm soup.

    Tonight will buying dinner decided to sit down and have a quick one.

  29. Avatar photo

    Decent char siew and roasted duck! Variety of side dishes to choose from, including soups (priced between $2.50 to $4) and vegetables ($5/7). The place is good for quick bite. Service is fast.

  30. Avatar photo

    It’s a roast meat and double-boiled soup outlet. Food is good and served expeditiously. Prices affordable. Empty plates are cleared quickly too. The shop is a 2-unit HDB shop, doors wide-open and wheelchairs can take the outdoor tables. Compared to previously, the tables are new and red in colour. Feels clean. Ample parking across the shop.

  31. Avatar photo
    Kelly Loh

    Popular for roasted duck, char siao, siao roe, which is roasted pork, sausages & fritter prawns! The toast are moist, juicy and tender. Goes well with stir fry vegetables and their signature double boiled soups, a good variety to choose from. Our favourite are the salted veg duck soup, potato & carrot soup and watercress soup.

    The eatery is spacious, clean and lots of seating area. They’ve introduced online ordering, you can order online, collect or eat later too. I’ve not tried yet.

  32. Avatar photo
    Poke Lim

    If you like to the good roasted pork and char siew in Cantonese Style. This a good place to dine. A very family style restaurant that serve home cook food fast like fast food but service of a restaurant. During lunch and dinner, the place is very crowded. Soup is another soul food for many Cantonese and this place serve good soup. If you are in a rush you can preorder from their website and you will get your food when you reach there. They are still using the wax paper for food packing so the quality still stay even if you go from one end to and other end of Singapore to deliver the food.

  33. Avatar photo
    Fabian Chan

    decent price and decent quality. Good lunch place to go.

  34. Avatar photo
    Daniel Lim

    Very decently priced roast meat dishes and fabulous soups. Among my favourites are the salted veggie duck soup, pepper pig stomach soup, and sze chuan veggie soup. Excellent place for no frills lunch/dinner. Highly recommended.

  35. Avatar photo
    Dora SeeToh

    The roasted pork, char siew and duck are very delicious. I personally preferred garlic rice but they only serve white rice.

  36. Avatar photo
    David Teoh

    Great place for a meal if u love those hk style char siew! Fantastic

  37. Avatar photo
    Mark Tay

    Good value and tasty roast meats. It can get really packed during lunch. So avoid the peak period if you’re in a rush. Otherwise, head over after 130pm.

  38. Avatar photo

    Honestly the food was nice.. however kinda disappointed in the rice. Dunno what rice is that but very blend and feel airy. However will try their noodles in future.. conclusion, char siew roast duck consider good.

  39. Avatar photo

    Glad to have come across this eatery. The char siew and especially the roast pork is very good!

  40. Avatar photo
    KC Goh

    extremely efficient during non-CB period. During CB period, unfortunately no.
    Queue system is confusing and the staff seems confused too. Roasts and soups are above average, altho sometimes rice is undercooked. best to visit when dining in is permitted.

  41. Avatar photo
    Karin Ang

    Excellent roast meats and zhi char but servings are on the small side

  42. Avatar photo
    Philip Lim

    It’s kind of like a fast food place for roast meats and steamed soups. They also have some ‘zhi char’ dishes.

    We usually come here for a quick lunch of a combination of roast meats (roast pork / bbq pork / soya sauce chicken / roast duck).

    They have A LOT of wait staff during lunch time. Super helpful with quick hands. Food will be served shortly.

    This combination platter, veg, soup and 3 rice costs SGD25.

    Parking is a pain during peak hours. Public transport will be good. It’s not near a train station. Most people come here because their work place provides shuttle service to the hawker centre next door.

  43. Avatar photo
    Sam Loke

    This store serving speed is faster than any fast food restaurant, super fast to get your delicious roasted pork, fried chicken or duck for dine i. Or take away. I always love the taste

  44. Avatar photo
    Tin Maung Htay

    Like their dishes and pork meat and soup. Reasonable price with great taste food.

  45. Avatar photo
    Kevin Kwan

    Big variety of food and price is good. Recommended for comfort food cravings. One of the last few shops still open in the area if you are late for dinner.

  46. Avatar photo

    Their roasted meat really got standard and price is reasonable. Hope they don’t increase their price.

  47. Avatar photo
    Min Htun Zaw

    Had been here a few times.The quality of roasted pork today was not as good as other times.

  48. Avatar photo
    Jack Ng

    Roasted pork and char siew very good. Especially the roasted duck. Soup is good too.

  49. Avatar photo
    Peter McDonald

    The food is very fresh due to a high turnover of customers. Variety is also good. Prices are competitive.

  50. Avatar photo
    Eng Kiat Lim

    Duck and roast meat were excellent as was the char siew although a tad dry but was very tasty! Soup was served in metal bowls, just $2.50 per bowl for 2 persons. Good food food, good value. Be prepared to queue and eat like a local.

  51. Avatar photo
    Gen Ong

    Decent food. Famous for roast pork, duck and char siew.

  52. Avatar photo
    Junyi Ngo

    Generous portions of char siew shao rou riec ($4-$5). Char siew is a little too lean for my liking but still flavorful, siu yoke does not have a crunchy, glassy skin. Sambal-infused chili accompanying the meal is fantastic, imparting a deep savory flavor to the rice, although the sweet sauce with the meal is overly sweet at times.

  53. Avatar photo

    They took extremely long to serve cze char. We waited for an hour and they took their own sweet time to serve the dishes. After serving two dishes, we need to wait another 10 – 15 mins before the next dish arrived. This is totally unacceptable. In future, I will not order cze char from them considering the unusually long waiting time. It is not justified.

  54. Avatar photo

    烧腊 is still nice and as good as years ago but quality of the 顿汤 has dropped alot

  55. Avatar photo
    tan yong chye

    Sell char siew, roast chicken, duck and a variety of local Chinese dishes. The dishes are very good and value for money. It is a very popular eating place.

  56. Avatar photo
    Cher Wen Koh

    This is a place where you can get cheap and reasonable good char siew rice. The char siew is tender and not that dry. They also serve roast pork, duck and chicken. They have now expanded their menu to include che tzar dishes. Avoid weekdays lunch time as this place is pretty crowded.

  57. Avatar photo

    Tasty and above average at very affordable pricing! Good range of roasted meats and soups. Chilli is great but a tad too sweet for me.

  58. Avatar photo
    Alfred Sun

    duck rice and soup were all good n value for money local delights.
    I wish the quality of white rice can be much improved.
    Don’t think it’s a matter of cost but the way to steam it…

  59. Avatar photo
    Sik Boon Hor

    Value for money stall that serves nicely done roast meat and cha siew. Taste better than some renowned or branded shops. Double boiled soup is also a must to have.

  60. Avatar photo
    I. Foo

    Fast place to have quick lunch or dinner. Chinese herbal soup at approx $2.50. Good size when eating with your mains..

  61. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    Still as quick and delicious as ever. Can order via grab food app

  62. Avatar photo
    Peter Chong

    Service is really fast and efficient. Their highlights are definitely their Char Siew Rice and Duck Rice. Char Siew Rice is really good and to round it off, very well priced at just $2.50 for a good portion.

  63. Avatar photo

    A good roast meat stalls. It is better than average but not special enough to get that 5 star. The main draw to the stall is it’s fragrant Chinese herbs. I smell it on the meats and the sauce itself. And the price is a god damn good deal! Their soup is good too, but I think it lacks seasonings like dates and fermented squid that is often used. The star of the soup however is the meat morsels inside. Oh my God that is fall apart tender. They balance lean and fatty part in the soup well. They are no doubt good with their meats

  64. Avatar photo
    Julie Tang

    Affordable prices, good food and fast service for lunch time crowds

  65. Avatar photo
    Don Lim Yuan Heng

    Happen to pass by the restaurant and bought the duck rice, one of my fav duck dish from there. Surprised that the duck meats has more bones than meats, don’t know how the person chop the meat, so many small bones mix with the meat. Meat taste like so so also. Standard dropped for those popular dishes when the restaurant added zi char menu. Don’t know is it they focus on too many dishes and lost focus on their standard. The regulars shall know what I mean. Giving 2 stars because the restaurant standard is like the rest of the average stall but to give awareness to those whom want to eat there. Yes, many many dishes but all dishes are below average.

  66. Avatar photo

    Good place to have a casual lunch. Ordered roast pork and char siew, meat was tender but the roast pork was lacking the crunch factor.

    Photo attached shows the portion given for 4 pax.

  67. Avatar photo
    Kk Lee

    This restaurant used to sell roasted duck, pork, char siew, roasted chicken…price reasonable n yummy….but now they have added more varities..soup and ‘chi char’…yummy….should give it a try..

  68. Avatar photo
    le wei Cheng

    We ordered Roasted Duck, char siew and roasted pork for 10 dollars for 2 person. Very reasonable price.

  69. Avatar photo
    Behnam Nikouei

    One of the cheap and tasty food you can find in SG

  70. Avatar photo
    Farrand Hey

    Pretty good roast meats. Soup here is good too. Just not the best haha

  71. Avatar photo
    Ken Peh

    Have it since 2007. Taste is still going strong and price is very competitive. Kudo’s to the owner.

  72. Avatar photo
    James Tay

    The food and soup is quite affortable with ambient place to sit.

  73. Avatar photo
    HarnHua Ng

    Decent roasted meats restaurant with zichar offerings and double-boiled soup as well.

    With friendly service and a variety of made-to-order dishes at affordable prices, this restaurant must be a neighbourhood staple for the surrounding residents.

    Our dishes arrived quickly and with much fuss. The salted egg bitter gourd was drier than expected (different from what was displayed in the photo) so that was a bit of a letdown, but the roasted pork went well with the steamed rice.

    Overall, an establishment that is good for a no-frills meal in a non-air-conditioned but airy setting.

  74. Avatar photo
    Colin O

    Best to come early, for lunch before 12 pm, as the queues can be long during peak hours. Their service is prompt and courteous. The food is very tasty. Some may find the black sauce somewhat sweet, but that can always be customised. Reasonable prices too. Great place if you’re looking to satiate your carnivore tendencies.

  75. Avatar photo
    Leonard Lim

    Combination of the watercress pork rib soup and char siu roast pork rice is my comfort food here.
    Those who does not like the sweetish sauce may not like it..but it works wonderfully for me combined with their chilli sambal on the side.
    For the char siu and roast pork are the stars at Rong Liang. Value for money.

  76. Avatar photo
    Choon T

    Great place for 烧腊. You can also order some other stir fry and soup along with it.

    Comfort food!

  77. Avatar photo
    Boon Gim Tan

    Good food at fantastic value. Great, prompt and friendly service too.

  78. Avatar photo
    Clair Ng

    Very fast service and reasonably priced too. Usually people go for their mix meat dish.

  79. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Foo

    Reasonable prices for their advertised specialties but not so for their ze char items, similar to outside.

    Once I went and the queue was long for their $2.50 packet rice of either char siew or roast pork.

    Opted for ze char as my server said no orders queuing. But guess what, I track the last person in front of me and he got his order plus another ten people behind me and my ze char fried rice isn’t even ready yet. I was so disappointed.

    One thing is that they try to give good service but they try to hurry you along with your order placement which is what they should try to avoid. A server taking my order and before I even finish ordering, he’s taking another order.

  80. Avatar photo
    Johannes Widodo

    great foods, inexpensive, relaxing and comfortable place

  81. Avatar photo

    The roast duck, chao siew are good….

  82. Avatar photo
    Felix Choo

    Good roast meat coffee shop. Very good value for money.

  83. Avatar photo
    Dominic Lim

    I used to come here often for the roast meats but recently, quality has taken a dip. Furthermore, I ordered salted egg bittergourd expecting a stir fry version as per shown on their signboard but received tempura style fried bittergourd. Unsatisfactory meal.

  84. Avatar photo
    SK Goh

    Nice food, zhi char and roast meats are awesome. Clean eatery and easy parking, good place for family meals too.

  85. Avatar photo
    Casper Yap

    Love the duck and roast pork.

  86. Avatar photo
    Pratyush Mishra

    Grilled chicken is cheap at $2.50; might not suit Indian tastes as the soy sauce is a little sweet. Must try if you’re in clementi

  87. Avatar photo
    Rick Lee

    They sell a lot of variety of roasted meats, duck, chicken, pork. Roasted pork is a must, the char siew can be improved. The double boiled soup is good though the proportion is too small to share for 2 persons.

  88. Avatar photo
    Avriel Peter

    Amazing chicken rice. Did not expect to find much in this eating place, but noticed people eating only their chicken rice. Decided to try it only to realise it is one of the nicest chicken rice we’ve tried.

    Tender soft and highly tasty. Rice has sufficient chicken rice taste. Chilli taste really good too.

    I am certain chicken rice lovers will enjoy their chicken rice.

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  89. Avatar photo
    Philip LIM

    A shop that sells duck rice just sited behind West coast food centre. Loves the duck rice they served, it is good and cheap. Besides duck, they also have roasted meat, char siew and various type of boiled soups. Really value for money.

  90. Avatar photo
    Ivy, Guat Chiew Yeo

    Selling roasted pork, char siew and herbal soup, quite popular and frequent by the residents.

  91. Avatar photo
    Bert Chai

    Cheap and affordable food fare. Char Siew was cut in a manner where you don’t get to enjoy the full taste of the roast. Large selection of boiled soup and side dishes too.

  92. Avatar photo
    Goh Kee nguan

    Place is filthy portions meagre and quality is trash especially their specialty bean curd that feels like sludge.

  93. Avatar photo

    Always come here for the roast pork noodle and roast duck rice. Service staff here very helpful and friendly. Word of advice, don’t order any of the soups though, I’ve tried most of them and they are all tasteless. Other than that most of the zichar and roast meat is good.

  94. Avatar photo
    Trisha T

    Modest place at a HDB area, popular during lunch; good roasted meats – yummy!

  95. Avatar photo

    Char Siew and roast pork not as good as expected. But the roast duck and ladies finger is nice.

  96. Avatar photo
    Gladys Kang

    Started patronizing this restaurant 3 months ago. Their pricing is competition compared to neighborhood zhe char stall. I like the variety of vegetable dishes ($6) and soup ($2.5).The rosted pork is delicious too. There are many staff working in the shop and always ready to take your order. They also serve Bao and dessert which I am yet to try.

  97. Avatar photo
    Rachel Alison

    Located behind west coast market, this tze char store is really not bad. We tried their sambal kangkong, not bad. Their roasted pork, charsiew and roasted duck meat was good. I love their boiled soup as well. They sell drinks as well.

  98. Avatar photo
    S Neo

    1 of best Char Siew and Roasted pork rice at West Coast.

  99. Avatar photo

    One of my favourite joints for a quick meal of charsiew/roast pork noodle and a bowl of szechuan pork rib soup to go with. Avoid the peak hour crowd.

  100. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    Yummy food. Great price. Quick service.

  101. Avatar photo
    WeiRong Kang

    Very nice char siew and roasted pork! Came here for lunch quite frequently and price is reasonable.

  102. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Tng

    Rong Liang speciality are roast pork & duck. They are as good as before. Ordered the 3 roast combination

  103. Avatar photo
    Jane Chng

    This Zi char stall is good. Food is yummy especially the Yam ring. Value for money..Boss and staff are friendly and service is good!

  104. Avatar photo
    KWC 25

    Been patronising for years. Still serve satisfying food and like the service. Reasonable price.

  105. Avatar photo
    Wong C.L.

    A mini restaurant hidden among the HDB area. Selling Malaysian style wif HK roasted pork, duck etc. Offering Uniquely varieties of food. Worth visiting!

  106. Avatar photo
    Xu Eric

    One of the best Roast meats we have in Singapore.

  107. Avatar photo
    Choy L Tang

    $3 for a decent portion of wanton noodle with BBQ pork, vege and wontan soup. Really a good deal and it is tasty. Love the BBQ pork.

  108. Avatar photo
    Eric Effin' P - MTB Content

    In the words of wise men…


    It’s legit la.
    The gravy.
    The chilli.
    The meats.

    An endless orchestra of wildly pleasurable delight.

    The price is still maintained at current time which is good.

    Best to eat these at home because you can slober yourself crazy.

    But also due to its crowd during meal hours.

    They do also have other types of food there if roast meats are not to your liking but then again… Which sane minded true blue Singaporean does not?

    Oh… Vegetarians or vegan or clean eaters, look away please – this ain’t for you.

  109. Avatar photo
    Adam Pang

    Not recommended, as the food is just average. I am a Cantonese the pork ribs lotus root soup just normal. But the price is affordable and food serve very fast.

  110. Avatar photo
    Jason Ong

    Rong Liang is a popular eatery for lunch and dinner. It occupies two shop units; the main counter for ordering and collecting food is on one side, the other side is the drinks counter. The rest of the space is limed with tables and seats for patrons, spilling out into the walkway.
    Their popular items include the roasted meats, wanton noodles, tze char dishes, and the steam soups (lotus, watercress, salted vegetable, etc).
    Pre-covid, you could call them to order beforehand. I’m not sure what services they are offering now though.
    This is a great alternative venue if you can’t get any seats for Island Penang Kitchen, which is around the corner.

  111. Avatar photo
    Alan Tay

    Nice food .. great price .. good chilli .. .. Cheap n Good !! Good portion . For the price ‼️

  112. Avatar photo
    Heng Hanson

    Second time that I visited. My aunt’s have known this shop for several decades, they are famous for and live up to their reputation for the roasted duck, char siew and roast pork. The rice portion was quite big as well. We also ordered some dishes which was quite budget friendly priced. My aunt dropped her mask so she asked if the staff could spare her one, whom gladly obliged. Overall it was a pleasant experience and we’ll be sure to return.

  113. Avatar photo
    TAN KC

    Been here quite a few times. This shop is great. Despite being overwhelmed and busy. The staff here are friendly and efficient.

    There is alot to order these days with addition of zichar. Especially their soups here, it is cheap and reasonable if you want a nice warm soup.

    Tonight will buying dinner decided to sit down and have a quick one.

  114. Avatar photo
    Garrie Neo

    Great char siew place which sell a whole variety of local delights. I will like to comment on their fast service with generous group of staffs.

  115. Avatar photo
    Bee Lim

    Fast and courteous service. With wide varieties of food choices. Roast pork is the best!

  116. Avatar photo
    Nikola Ger

    Can use Fav pay, fried rice was good and peppery. Their hotplate beancurd was a bit too salty but overall is good and affordable cheers!

  117. Avatar photo
    Benson Lee

    Seems like their standard has been dropping.. their Zi char cannot make it in terms of taste, you’re better off going to a kopitiam Zi char… Signature tofu did not feel signature at all.. pork rib lotus soup was tasteless… Sweet sour pork was difficult to chew into… I’ll still be back probably for their roasted meat only…

  118. Avatar photo
    Abby Carreon-Songco

    Char siu and roast pork so good. Value for money.

  119. Avatar photo

    Malaysian style type of coffee shop, many variety of Zi Char menus and roasted meats.. one of the best in the west. Value for money and quick service…

  120. Avatar photo
    Angela Lee

    Quality dropped significantly and no longer attentive to orders. Better off elsewhere.

  121. Avatar photo
    The Regular Tourist

    The char sure (roast pork), roast duck and wanton mee is one of the best I’ve ever eaten. The staff is polite and attentive.

  122. Avatar photo
    Poh Keam Tan

    Best roasted pork and duck in West Coast. The price is affordable. There are many staff who appeared to be happy about their work. They are polite, good manners, and hard working.

  123. Avatar photo
    Lester Eng

    Great food at awesome price..
    towards their roasted duck, chicken, char siew, pork strips and soup

  124. Avatar photo

    Excellent roasted meat from 2 leg to 4 leg. Many choices of soup and noodles type. A mini humble coffee shop with plenty of choices.

  125. Avatar photo
    Tan Peterio

    Bought a few packets of roast pork Rice and 2 types of soup to takeaway.
    A young male staff who took my orders put everything into 1 bag.
    When I reached home, the cover of the container for the soup probably wasn’t secure properly and all the soup had spilled out !
    Called them to highlight and hope they won’t make the same mistakes for other takeaway customers but apparently they staff who answered sounds oblivion and doesn’t sound apologetic.

  126. Avatar photo
    Sue F.

    Kinda expensive, for small portions and tough & dry char siew for dinner. Maybe their focus for dinner time is more on zichar.

  127. Avatar photo
    Mihwa Lee

    Love their roast duck and pork.
    Good soups and side dishes too.

  128. Avatar photo

    Ok place for roasted pork rice and soup. Char Siew not that great.

  129. Avatar photo
    Victor Teo

    Prompt service if you are rushing for time especially during lunch hour. Reasonably priced. Char siew, roasted duck & pork. Plenty of herbal soups.

  130. Avatar photo

    It’s a roast meat and double-boiled soup outlet. Food is good and served expeditiously. Prices affordable. Empty plates are cleared quickly too. The shop is a 2-unit HDB shop, doors wide-open and wheelchairs can take the outdoor tables. Compared to previously, the tables are new and red in colour. Feels clean. Ample parking across the shop.

  131. Avatar photo
    Marcus Goh

    Nice place for quick and reasonable priced meal. Suitable for lone or group to have lunch or dinner, take away also as good. Especially for roast and char siew pork. Fast and efficient table service. Various vegetables and soups options available to supplement meal.

  132. Avatar photo
    Z D Y

    Great food. Always long queue but the serving speed is fast.

  133. Avatar photo
    Deron Herr

    Friendly zi char place with huge variety on the menu. The salted egg sotong was tender and delicious.

  134. Avatar photo
    Chantal Ng

    Consider a long founded shop with nice and affordable food. Service is super fast. Ample seats and clean environment. A popular dining place for working crowds during lunch and families during dinner and weekends. Don’t forget to try their soup @ only $2.50. They do have delivery service too.

  135. Avatar photo
    Dave Lim

    Good decent meal and you won’t get short changed for the price you paid. Make it a must routine to eat here weekly.

  136. Avatar photo
    Miak Siew

    When I am in the area, I get drawn here for the roast meats. Ranks one of the best in Singapore – love the char siew!

  137. Avatar photo
    Lye Wei Fang

    Nice place to lunch with friends and colleagues. Easy to find seats as turnover is fast and there are many tables. Meats like Char Siew, roast duck, roasted pork belly are favorites.

  138. Avatar photo
    Amanda Ho

    Long time customer of this place. More than 20 years! Recently quantity of the serving has gone down significantly. Also, when packing home, be careful! They rush your order and forget items! Happened a few times! Bad. Quite disappointed

  139. Avatar photo
    ignatius see

    I visited the restaurant yesterday and the staff at there were very friendly as it was raining heavily and we told them to off the fan they offer it and there is a wide range of food to choose from

  140. Avatar photo

    I would recommend specialty beancurb. Savory gravy, crunchy toppings on top, & fluffiness of curb. Don’t skip! Just try it.

  141. Avatar photo
    Bernard Goh

    Char siew is really good – a “must try”!
    Forgot to take a photo before eating!! 😀

  142. Avatar photo
    Christine Sim

    If u r hungry, den d foods is ok only. D staff doesn’t know how to chop d meats & duck, especially d char Stewart, so small & square pce. Only d tang tong are good. They closed at 10pm. For night people can go there e. But I don’t like d foods there, only d soups.

  143. Avatar photo
    FK Wong

    Nice roast meat/duck and soup. Fast and good service with good price.

  144. Avatar photo
    Donald Isaac

    Decent roasted meats. Not a big fan of it.

  145. Avatar photo
    Capt Roy

    Not a bad place. Sat outside, it was quite windy and cooling. The table was big and spacious. Food was ok.

  146. Avatar photo
    Jenny Tan

    The roast pork is not bad, with crispy skin and a bit of fat, and without gamey taste. Smallest roast pork only portion is $5.

  147. Avatar photo

    Value for money…nice!

  148. Avatar photo

    One of the cheapest and fastest ever. The meats there are above average.

  149. Avatar photo
    Denise Phillips

    OhMAGAWD, I love the food here. soups are from $2.50 onwards and they taste awesome and each have their own taste (not like all taste the same). I suggest ordering the roasted chicken. Roasted pork and char siu are so-so only.

  150. Avatar photo
    boon yang

    Their roasted duck and pork are one of the best in Singapore. Meats are tender and juicy. Should drop by if you are around the area.

  151. Avatar photo
    Dean S H

    Accompanied a friend here who claims that the food is nice. I did not try the dishes, only had a soft drink . . .

  152. Avatar photo
    viet hoang

    Wei Q*** said it is very good. Went there and boom it was super cheap and good for the price

  153. Avatar photo
    Joyner Wong

    Very good roast meats and boiled soups. Very prompt service as well. Cheap and good!

  154. Avatar photo
    Richard Lee

    Value for money. Many dishes can be found. Nice place to eat & relax

  155. Avatar photo
    Jerome Lim

    Siobak and duck one of the best in the West side. Go early. After 1pm, high chance sold out for their famous siobak.

  156. Avatar photo

    Ordered delivery for the roasted duck. Duck was very tender. Char siew was lean. My order got mixed up a little so the roasted pork didn’t arrive and there was only char siew, but overall a pleasant experience.

  157. Avatar photo
    Wei-Tian Kuo

    Cheap and good roast pork, char siew, roast duck, common Chinese dishes and soups are available for lunch and dinner. Food is served quickly and table turnover rate is fast.

  158. Avatar photo
    Eng Hwa Soh

    Asked for less fat Char Siew and 烧肉。heard they have to add GST.

  159. Avatar photo

    Good n delicious Charsiew n roasted pork

  160. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    Came back for their char siew and roasted rice. Their roast pork has crispy skin and flavorful with nice bite not too hard. Hopefully can come back and eat at the restaurant soon after P2HA..

    A little bit more expensive than most sao la shop but they really able to hold their quality. Char Siew is thick and has the char flavor, gravy is slightly sweet and best part is their chilli and goes very well with the char siew or roast duck. Don’t forget their other dishes as well that is also worth to try out. I have eaten at this restaurant for last 15 years and it still maintained their quality.

  161. Avatar photo
    Sones L

    Roasted and dishes restaurant
    Should try thier Big bao

  162. Avatar photo
    Eugene Sng

    A bit disappointed with the standard from my previous experience. Utensil with previous vege leaves served. Roasted pork’s skin were burnt. Thou its still quite tasty but some parts were very salty. Hopefully will get back the standard like last time

  163. Avatar photo
    brendon tan

    Price is affordable. Quantity is quite large portion too. The taste is quite good as well. Definitely a must go if you are around the area.

  164. Avatar photo
    ban chuah teo

    Always like the tofu and affordable soups. Not to miss the char siew.

  165. Avatar photo
    PC Lim

    Been patronising this shop for 15 years. Long history with them. Always came here to tabao. Love the ways they have their char siew and roast meat cooked. Especially the gravy sauce and chilli, I always ask for more. Whereas roast duck is a so-so for me though. Always able to ton and tons of char siew chopped beside the chopping board.

    Shop is good for family of big and small. There food for everybody.

    Must try dishes Char siew, roast meat and prawn wantan soup. They also provided 8 different type of steam soup. Herbal chicken, watercress, lotus root, old cucumber etc. Each of them is flavorful. Recently seems to added zhi char into the shop. Have not try that though. Looking forward to try their zhi char dish next time.

    The other thing I like is their service. Friendly staff also. And most importantly, they are quick! Even during peak hour. With a almost full shop during lunch crowd, the food are usually serve within 10mins or less.

    However, standard seems to drop a bit today. Roast meat not as crunchy as before. But the sauce and chilli make up for it. Still as yummy as before. Come here and try out yourself.

  166. Avatar photo
    Ellie Tay

    Curry noodles were delcious. Both the soup and dry Wanton mee was amazing as well. Crunchy noodles, sauce is not not salty. Will definitely come back again! However, the cha siew and shao rou were both on the ‘healthier’ end. The cha siew did not have much sauce and was very lean…. will not get the cha siew again we came on new year chu yi so the staffs were too busy to even take our drink orders. All the prices went up as well because it was cny. Take note for those who come here on the festive holidays!

  167. Avatar photo

    This stall sell Char Siew, Roasted Meat. Now even Zi Char also with drinks. Quality wise good n price reasonable. Serve quite fast.

  168. Avatar photo
    Adrienne Ang

    A no-frills eatery that serves one of the best roast meat in this area (Clementi/West Coast). Highlight will be the roast pork, roast duck, char siew and cantonese style sausages. Dishes on the menu are also well-executed, such as salted egg bitter gourd, eggplant with garlic sauce (鱼香茄子), prawn paste chicken, ginger spring onion fish, and various soups, etc. Pleasantly surprised that their curry chicken noodles is quite tasty! There’s a drinks stall/counter that serves hot and cold drinks within the shop. Staff are all quite attentive. Quite prompt in serving of customers to clearing of tables. A popular place with families, office workers, students, etc. Ample seats (both within the premise and outdoors) as well as parking near/around. They accept various E-payments too. One area I wish they can improve on tho: hygiene and tidiness… esp. front counter/meat display area.

  169. Avatar photo
    Leon Low

    One of the must try here in West Coast. Food here are reasonably priced, Roast Duck rice for $3, others like Char Siew rice, Roast Pork rice, Chicken rice, Wantan Noodle selling at $2.50. They serve side dishes like veggies… or $2.50 for a soup to go along. Service is super fast, non peak less than 5 minutes while peak hour (lunch time) less than 10 minutes. Servings are proper portion which you hardly find any bones unless you request for it. lol

  170. Avatar photo
    k c

    Nice roasted pork n char siew, price is reasonable. Must dropby.

  171. Avatar photo
    Lim Mz

    Excellent and no-nonsense service, food is great and arrives quickly. Roast duck is a must try – not outstanding but pretty satisfying

  172. Avatar photo
    Krystle Tan

    Best roast meats and affordable double boiled soups at 2.50

  173. Avatar photo

    Valuable for $, food arrive w/i minutes after we order. Super!

  174. Avatar photo

    The most friendly coffeeshop in Singapore, food is good and cheap.
    Saw a incident that a PRC lady ordered the food wrongly and changed her mind 3-times.
    They still smile and change for her.

  175. Avatar photo
    Jie Bo Ti

    The only thing that I have routinely is the fresh prawn dumpling soup. The prawns are big and juicy, and cost 5 for $3. Not too bad. There are also other soup items which are all pretty good.
    However, the other food items are all pretty underwhelming. So don’t expect too much.

  176. Avatar photo
    Songren Lim

    Comfort food in the heartlands. Various choice of homemade soups on offer which is perfect for rainy days. Usually crowded especially during peak periods.

  177. Avatar photo
    Stanley Wong

    Yesterday ordered 4 pax of Char siew and roast duck.
    Char siew was salty and hard and the roast duck was dry and salty (given a backbone of roast duck, almost no meat to eat) only like the chicken soup…

  178. Avatar photo
    brandon lee

    Cheap and good food. Things to order here is soup, the roasted pork and duck. Roasted chicken on the tad dry side. Amazing prices and food quality. It’s crowded during lunch time though

  179. Avatar photo
    Kelly Choo

    Long queue for food. Food doesn’t seem to meet its usual standard oredi. Used to be much better.

  180. Avatar photo
    Vincent (Vince)

    If u want value this is the place to go to, meats are not exactly easy to chew, char siew are tough to eat, soups are nice and cheap

  181. Avatar photo
    Cotton Chua

    Portions are huge for the price. Got a charshao shaorou rice for $3 and a soup for $2.50. The soup tends to be on the salty side though. Service is quick, seats are plenty.

  182. Avatar photo

    Old school charm.

    We got a roast chicken rice, kway teow soup and curry chicken noodle.

    Roast chicken rice: chicken was tender. Chilli is more spicy than children can handle, but was nice and garlicky.

    Curry chicken noodle was a tad oily for me, but the spouse found it very flavorful.

    Kway teow soup was surprisingly flavourful. Would recommend if you’re trying to go healthy, but still want tasty food. Charsiew was flavourful. Just eat less

  183. Avatar photo
    SM Tay

    Great roast with choices of side dishes like fried vegetables. Great selection if steamed soup as well
    Efficient service
    Superb value & great place for Heartland makan

  184. Avatar photo
    Tyla Lim

    Excellent roast duck, roast pork and charsiew! Affordable, and value for money. Great no-fuss venue choice for a quick meal. The tofu and kang kong are great complements to the meats too!

  185. Avatar photo
    Gerald Har (harharhar123)

    Avoid the peak hours; go before or after it. Great prices and you get a reasonable serving of shiok stuff: char siew; wanton; dumplings; whatever HK-esque stuff you like. Been eating this since a decade ago and still love it.

  186. Avatar photo
    Victor Goh

    A go-to for great roast meats!

    Have always loved the food here for it’s affordability, though it is unfortunately not as so now (e.g. $8 for the roast duck+pork rice below. Was $4 before I asked to add more of both meats).

    Roast duck here is good with fragrant five spice flavour. Roast pork here has crispy fresh crackling and is tender inside. Both beautifully fatty . Rong Liang also takes the effort to remove bones for their customers by default so you don’t have to worry about tearing tough duck bits from breast bones.

    They do their roasts saltier than most places. But paired with their in-house unique chilli and some double-boiled soups (sad that my lotus root soup no longer had peanuts -had them in the past), it goes well and balances out.

  187. Avatar photo

    Regular patron here. Roasted meats and duck are good with reasonable prices. Recommended!

  188. Avatar photo
    Edwin Ang

    Best 叉烧烧肉饭 in Singapore. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Time and time again I travel out of my way just to stop by and eat at this restaurant. Almost everytime I also tabao a few packets home for my family. Even though their price recently increased a little, my love for them has never changed. This is still by far the cheapest, best 叉烧烧肉饭 I can find!

  189. Avatar photo
    Jack G L

    Love this eatery. Comfort food. Good duck rice and many choice of soup. Affordable too!

  190. Avatar photo
    Susan Soh

    Missed the previous servers who were efficient and not irritable as the female server was. Also not really liking that they are turning into an eatery that’s offering more dishes and not sticking to specialising in char siew, toast pork and soup eating house. They should put up stanchions for customers to queue up orderly.

  191. Avatar photo
    Lena Koo

    Very nive roasted meat. Portion is quite decent and they also have soup and dishes.

  192. Avatar photo
    Nghia Truong

    Best Saola in Singapore

  193. Avatar photo
    J Q

    My $6.50 set. R Chic + R Meat + Salted Vege. Not sure if it’s related to the other at Middle Road blk 269B

  194. Avatar photo
    Chee Kin Fong

    Standard option for roast store. There’s char siew, roast port and roast duck. In addition there 6 variety of soup that cost from $2.50. Taste rather good. Be there early and it’ll be less crowded. Something like before 11.30

  195. Avatar photo
    C.H “Frank” Z

    Taste is good, environment so so. Many flies flying around the table outside.

  196. Avatar photo
    Ray Lim

    Very nice roasted meats, only.. Other choices are just average..

  197. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lee

    Cheap soup and food. But don’t expect too much from the soup, not really tasty enough. What to expect, only $2.50.

  198. Avatar photo
    Peter Chai

    Truly roasted Char Siew, roasted duck,roasted pork. My regular eating place. Good price. Must try.

  199. Avatar photo
    Janson Leong

    Extremely good roasted delight serves with a wide selection of other zichar food and soup. Must try the roast meat, duck etc

  200. Avatar photo
    KC Cheang

    Nice roast duck, roast pork and meat at reasonable price

  201. Avatar photo
    katelyn chiu

    i love rong liang!!! would return again and again. my go to order would be char siew + siu yok rice. plus watercress soup. so affordable and yummy!

  202. Avatar photo
    Chap Ngee David Ng

    Roasted duck is very juicy and tender. Great char siew and roasted pork..

  203. Avatar photo
    Jen Tan

    Everything looked awesome here, finally grabbed some time to sit in n dine.
    Charsiew rice 2.70
    Carrot pork ribs soup 2.50

    Gaodim and the Chilli power I like

  204. Avatar photo
    Boon Min Teh

    If you are craving for duck rice, this is the place. It’s also include some zhi char which are great! I will be regular customer here for sure…

  205. Avatar photo
    Richard Lim

    One of the good ones to get Char Siew, Roast pork duck.
    Prices are reasonable.
    Other food like Chinese soup and cooked dishes are available.

  206. Avatar photo
    Francis WK Tan

    Always like to eat the Roasted and Char Siew Pork with noodles and double boiled soups. The Tze Char dishes has shrink in portion. The original mgmt sold and new owners due to increased in supplies reduce the portions for the $7 vegetable dishes. But will still visit. Staff are always fast and efficient.

  207. Avatar photo
    Michelle Chan

    Delicious and affordable roasts with tze char style vegetables. The sambal Kang kong was especially nice. Three of us had a mixed plate of roast duck, char siew and pork ribs, one plate of Kang kong, homemade tofu and one soup each… $36! It was a sumptuous meal enough to feed four

    Service was fast and prompt. Would definitely return!

  208. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tan

    Pretty normal plate of roast duck meat. Added meat but portion still turned out lesser than expected. Plus take note of bones in the duck breast meat.

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