Review Rivervale Plaza, 118 Rivervale Dr, Singapore

Review Rivervale Plaza - Singapore 118 Rivervale Dr

“a little bit old, family utilities products are cheap and nearby wet market. good neighborhood plaza.” or “Wet market plus mall n eateries just beside kangkar station, community centre, hdb area, bus stop n fair price further down.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Rivervale Plaza. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Rivervale Plaza is quality.

Introduction about Rivervale Plaza

Here are some fundamental details regarding Rivervale Plaza. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Rivervale Plazais one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 118 Rivervale Dr, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 68812621 (+65 68812621)
  • Website:
  • Address: 118 Rivervale Dr, Singapore
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Rivervale Plaza reviews

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To determine whether Rivervale Plaza is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Nice neighborhood mall serving the residents in this area with the basic essentials. Both KopiTiam and KouFu FoodCourts are located on level 2 with FairPrice on level 1......and a wet market too......”

“A one-stop destination for all your households and personal needs. An open medium sized wet market,fruit stalls and all other everyday consumables @ Rivervale Plaza.”

“There is two massage shop technically it is more like a old shopping mall. A chinese massage and express massage supra is magnificent. And another guy they called Tay.”

“Wet market plus mall n eateries just beside kangkar station, community centre, hdb area, bus stop n fair price further down.”

“Neighbourhood mall managed by HDB. The mall is rather small but it could be crowded at times. The place looks like two rows of shop houses and they decided to build a roof between them.”

“My first time came to this Rivetvale Plaza....find it quite convenient even dry market also have …”

“Good variety of food, shopping and wet market avlb.”

“Mall has wet market (Meat, Fish, fresh vegetables, etc), 24hours McDonald, good doctor clinic including pediatrician, fair price, 2 food courts, kids education center, etc.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 261 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 75% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Rivervale Plaza, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Rivervale Plaza, 118 Rivervale Dr, Singapore

There is a total 261 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    czyreil r

    Near to bus stops and lrt station. There’s a wet market nearby. There’s a grocery store and several convenience stores. A variety of dining places, a pet shop, several optical shops, 24hr mcdo, pharmacy, hair salon and barber shop, posb branch, atm machines, ezlink top up machine, SAM etc.

  2. Avatar photo
    Mark Tan

    pretty things to buy at reasonable price.

  3. Avatar photo
    Goh Kok Pheng

    Small shopping mall serve the nearby residents…with shop selling things for praying. But the 2 food court s at 2nd floor with acceptable food…

  4. Avatar photo
    lia Tay

    It’s more of a mini kind of convenience shop for the residents nearby to buy their necessity products, like hardware, grocery and stationery. There are a 2 choices of food centre and a few small restaurant shop.

  5. Avatar photo

    Not a big mall but you could get most of your things under one roof. There is even a wet market within the premise and a 24-hour NTUC supermarket and Macdonald’s.

  6. Avatar photo
    Cheng TC

    Selling groceries and prices are quite reasonable. NTUC Fairprice offers 24 hours service. Very convenient for shopping. Level 2 has food court, clinics, hardware shop etc

  7. Avatar photo
    Tyler Teo

    Found our favourite 面中面 which has shifted from rivervale mall food junction to rivervale plaza koufu. Yummy!

  8. Avatar photo
    Aobin N

    The benches were removed and not reinstated; elderly have no place to rest…Please consider…

  9. Avatar photo
    Liow Nighthawk

    It is a neighbourhood’s Mall and conveniently serves a clusters of HDB residents within the vicinity. It has POSB ATMs and 2 Main Foodcourts (Koufu & Kopitiam) on L2. There is a wet market on the side and a NTUC Supermarket nearby. It has a multi-storey carpark, though small, but enough to serve a quick buy preferably on weekdays. Weekends are usually packed!

  10. Avatar photo
    Shaun Shen

    Simple and sufficient mall

  11. Avatar photo
    Clair Yow

    Good enough for a Neighborhood mall. Equip with wet market and NTUC. Plus two foodcourt and fast foods restaurants as well.

  12. Avatar photo
    Reema Gupta

    Nearby shopping mall. Price at this place for daily groceries are very cheap in comparison to other places. Local food court and MC Donald’s is their to satisfy stomach needs. Multiple classes for kids are available at 2nd floor.
    Medical clinics and Fair price also there.
    Local wet market vegetables are good. Overall satisfaction for daily requirements.
    MAVIS TUTORIALS also exist in this Mall.
    It is same

  13. Avatar photo
    Lee Steven

    Went to the food court for rojek. Told the staff that no chilli cos I’m allergy to chilli but have chilli. In the end, I couldn’t eat. Wasted.

  14. Avatar photo
    J G

    A good place with all the shops you need like Fairprice, food courts, and fast food chains.

  15. Avatar photo
    Caleb Liu

    It’s a local mall but even going by that criteria it’s pretty limited. There’s a NTUC supermarket and the usual fast food outlets, eateries and food courts. Food ranges from mediocre to decent. Other than that, it’s a strange mix of tuition centres, cheap clothing and even a shop more usually found in a town center selling household goods.

  16. Avatar photo
    Nini & Eva

    Great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner and even TEA TIME! Few cafes with free internet! And grocery shopping at NTUC, shop for a gift at MINISO, a gym, and we hope one day a place where there is for music lesson!

  17. Avatar photo
    Samuel Tan

    Clean environment. Few shops selling quite amazing things.

  18. Avatar photo
    allan teo bak leng

    It’s an old school shopping mall with many sundry and Chinese medical shops which we couldn’t find in modern Malls! It houses an NTUC supermarket, electrical lighting shop, barber, food courts and also a wet market. However, the seafood was not cheap. In general, it’s quite a good one stop mall. Recommended.

  19. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Cabral

    Nice! shopping mall in sengkang, it is filled with many shops! such as phone stores, bubble tea stores and a fairprice. It is a little bit small, but the only thing you need to take notice of is that, the Mcdonalds is usually very crowded! as well as the TOTO, but all in all this is a good mall!
    (P.S. Thank You For Reading This!)

  20. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I came for food and watch live show and talk by Merdeka generation office. Heavenly wang and food court sells good food and the place is crowded during weekends.

  21. Avatar photo
    Jing En K.

    Pretty good for a neighbourhood mall …

  22. Avatar photo
    Bobby Tan Wah Min

    This place seems to be quite a nice place to meet and relaxation. There are quite a number of F & B outlets around this area. It also catered to different people who like different foods. Of course, you can also buying others things as well. There are also NTUC OUTLET in this area. Every thing seems to look cosy under air conditioning environments. Just go and take a look for yourself. Have a nice blessed day to all of you out there.

  23. Avatar photo
    M Ash

    24hr NTUC and reasonably priced makan places and not forgetting the famous EZ Home store where you can find many snacks and other knick knacks for your home for a bargain!

  24. Avatar photo
    Shashank Tyagi

    It’s good place for purchase some grocery and some cheap cloths as well ,I think u can get easily most of things here

  25. Avatar photo
    Doreen Tan

    First time there. Parking is at the hdb multi storey carpark next door. Easy to miss if not familiar. Ramps and lots and driveways area narrow, so drive with care.
    Mall itself is pretty small. Haven’t had time to take a walk around, but based on what I saw, it’s quite quaint, with some shops in the likes of the neighbourhood mama shops (as in their goods and merchandise). Am not sure of the price or quality as I did not stop to browse.
    May return for a closer look in future.

  26. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Eleanor

    麻雀雖小 五臟俱全 there’s many food options available on the ground level. Teochew porridge, chicken rice, nasi padang, tenderness, umisushi. Not forgetting the lower ground’s NTUC and second level choices of educational centers and clinics. Visited here often for house necessity and yummy food. There’s also your choice of KPT food stalls or KOUFU.

  27. Avatar photo
    Mr L

    Nice neighbourhood shopping area with alot of eateries.

  28. Avatar photo
    Charlynn Diona Kah

    A small mall mainly serving the local residents.

    Dropped by here due to recommendations from a friend on unique stores here.

    After seeing it for myself, I would recommend the following stores
    1. Kim-able – mainly selling household stuff but at affordable prices. Even cheaper then Daiso!
    2. Red Dot Value Supermarket – hard-to-find spices, noodles, Thai tea mix can be found here. A good alternative to NTUC (which the plaza have too) with unique offerings
    3. Mi-o gifts – interesting, seasonal home ware and handbags. Bought the cute coaster for $2, and it comes in a bigger size too.

    Was told the Thai Boat Noodles (opposite NTUC) is a must-try which I will do so soon.

    The washrooms abit hard to find as it’s tucked away in a corner after Mi-O gifts.

    It’s really a small plaza but it has its charms.

  29. Avatar photo
    Michelle Phang

    Alot good stuff can buy from there.

  30. Avatar photo

    Can you find us – Music Dreamz School (a top choice music school for kids)?

    Found in this cosy spot in the neighborhood – a music school 5 minutes away at block 110 (Rivervale Court RC) or block 121A (Rivervale Gardens RN) or block 123D (Rivervale Grove RN).

    At these locations, we are seeing more & more children learning to become musicians! See us in actions on every Friday and Sunday!

    It is here where you find specialised keyboard lessons for children in @FunWithKeyboard course.
    Let children starts to enjoy music play on piano or keyboard!

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  31. Avatar photo

    There’s a mall and a market. The mall is indoors and has aircon. Quite good.

  32. Avatar photo

    A little congested but good place for local shopping .It has bakeries with tempting food and good clothing stores also has NTUC.

  33. Avatar photo
    Sachin Gairola

    Nice little mall good for local shopping. Have variety of shops from food to eye care and clothing to grocery.

  34. Avatar photo
    Fun With Keyboard

    Easy & convenient! Music Dreamz School is also found next to this place and bringing Fun With Keyboard Course which is specially designed for children (ages 5 to 12yo). Those without music background may also join the class for music lessons and kick-start in music learning. It’s possible to see children become musicians and play from zero to excellence!.
    Come & join us! Book a free trial session today and find out more about the music course!
    We are having it on every Friday & Sunday! – Along Rivervale Walk, Rivervale St & Rivervale Drive!
    Book free trial now!

  35. Avatar photo
    winston ng

    Been staying there since its first opening. Used to be hot and humid with little space for moving. After upgrading work done, it is now more spacious with fully air-con plus more eatery.

  36. Avatar photo
    Backyard Xplorer

    Small plaza that has kfc, mcdonalds, koufu, ntuc fairprice, singaporepools, barber, hardware shop, clothes etc.

  37. Avatar photo
    Hema Rama

    Lots of shops where you can buy things at a cheap price. Can be quite crowded

  38. Avatar photo
    Kai Keet Wong

    Small shopping mall mainly to serve Rivervale residents so not many food and retail options in my opinion

  39. Avatar photo
    KingKong 99

    Convenient place for your daily needs. Shops, food courts, restaurant, bubble tea shops…And many more. A wet market there too.

  40. Avatar photo
    Delon Chew

    One of the first neighbourhood mall in Sengkang. It was recently refurbished and the entire mall is now air-conditioned. Key tenants include NTUC Fairprice, McDonald’s and KFC. There are also small eateries, such as Curry Hopper, Wang’s in the mall.

  41. Avatar photo
    Manoj Sharma

    It’s good for local residents with wet markets for fresh vegetables…not any unique store or such for tourist interests…have 24hrs NTUC store, another major plus for locals

  42. Avatar photo
    vincent lim

    Penang Famous Food New open in Rivervale Plaza not bad

  43. Avatar photo
    Norman NBA

    Many shops & food stall with reasonable prices. Fruit/Durian stall outside Market can accept CDC vouchers for payment.

  44. Avatar photo
    caroline,suk fung chee

    Wet market plus mall n eateries just beside kangkar station, community centre, hdb area, bus stop n fair price further down.

  45. Avatar photo
    Doriss L

    A mall consist of dry market that operate till evening.
    2 food court for your choice and a supermarket for some grocery needs.

  46. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chua

    Nice heartland mall or plaza (as its called). Practically a good place for local residents like me in the past. There is Koufu, Kopitiam, KFC, McDonalds, Mr Bean and several other delicious food stores for all. Ranging from a POSB, NTUC, bakeries, hardware stores, fashion clothes for women, household items, phone and accessories, bakeries and plenty more… basically a one stop place to be.

  47. Avatar photo
    Chan Andrew

    There is a supermarket run by Fairprice and also 2 food courts there. Besides that there are also some small shops selling miscellaneous items. You can also find a POSB outlet having ATMs and Cash Depoist mchines.

  48. Avatar photo
    Ryan V

    This neighborhood mall offers a lot for its size and location. You won’t see designer brands but it pretty much offers all our essential shopping needs. It’s beside a wet market and a 24-hour fruit stand; same as the Fair Price grocery inside. Multiple food stalls, Kopitiam, Koufu and has shops for your DIY (among others) needs as well.

  49. Avatar photo
    Jerry QUEK Cheng Pang

    It use to be an out dated old mall but since has been up graded though it took quite some time.It has all the neccessities that can fulfill all the needs of the residents here.Ranging from foodcourts(2),Fast food outlets(2), eatery shops,some clothing shops,a wet market,shops for household stuffs, etc.It is just by Punggol Road so its easy to access by bus and Lrt stn nearby.
    Updated : 12/06/2018(Monday).
    Updated : 06/08/2018(Monday).
    Added 60 new photos.

  50. Avatar photo
    Lee Francis

    Simple meals in this small mall.

  51. Avatar photo
    Ash Arc

    The fresh beef stall in the wet market is always fresh and is price affordable, the vegetables are cheap

  52. Avatar photo
    Titus Tate

    Overcrowded and the eating place prices are just too exuberant for a tiny mall. The landlord should reduce the rental before losing more tenants.

    The entrance and exit during covid is not safe for fire or evacuation.

  53. Avatar photo
    wenliang sam

    Good mix of stores. The mall’s ventilation could be better. The smell of the food can be too overwhelming at times.

  54. Avatar photo
    Alexlim 2554

    Mall has wet market (Meat, Fish, fresh vegetables, etc), 24hours McDonald, good doctor clinic including pediatrician, fair price, 2 food courts, kids education center, etc.

  55. Avatar photo
    Ronald Lee

    Not bad for a neighbourhood mall. Crowded as usual on my recent visit. Stores are pretty much unchanged from a couple of months ago, the Chumpo 2 Indonesian Padang is still packed with locals. Hope they can step up on the crowd control.

  56. Avatar photo
    Adsadavuth Charernsouk

    Has a number of food stores like McDonald’s, KFC, Koufu and Kopitiam hawker centre, but lacks on bookstores and electronic stores.

  57. Avatar photo
    Marc Lee

    Rivervale Plaza used to be a non air con place when it first started, now it turns into an air con mall. You can get all your daily needs here ranging from fast food, groceries, home supplies, electronic hardware, banking, tution centers, wet market and alot more!

  58. Avatar photo
    Khaw Hwee Ju

    Mall is in the middle of many houses and the location is great. Many different flavours of foods from all around the world. There is also a supermarket open 24 hours. Recommended to drop by for a quick snack. All prices were affordable and of good quality. More recommened for locals.

  59. Avatar photo
    Acanthus Nightingale

    Warm and cosy place, where family and friends can enjoy getting together, with what not of vast varieties of eateries to choose from, if ure simply on budget, there’s ntuc, let’s not forget the heavenly fruit shops located right at the back, ps, there’s also now a new community center just opened right behind the NTUC! Do check this place out!

  60. Avatar photo
    Wolfgang Mueller

    typical small neighborhood shopping mall with attached wet market that provides for all your daily needs. two foodcourts at the upper level offer typical local dishes for an economical price

  61. Avatar photo
    Yumi Shimitzu

    Great neighbourhood plaza, not your typical shopping mall. There is a NTUC as well as the old school market, selling all types of seafood, vegetables, meat. The sotongs are humongous and fresh!! There is also a Halal store selling all kind of fresh meat, chicken, mutton, beef, tulang, liver, lungs, etc. Even pastes! The plaza has a lot of convenience store and hardware stores selling affordable and a variety of items. Mr bean is arpund the corner with some small stores of bubble tea shop and snacks. I love the old school products yet modern vibe.

  62. Avatar photo
    Andy Fong

    A plaza with all the basic amenities. Should be further expanded to increase the the number of shops and preferably a cinema theatre.

  63. Avatar photo
    Angie Lee

    Wet market at sengkang. Not many stalls here but can find what you need in a wet market. Price are so-so.

  64. Avatar photo
    Brian Chng

    Great neighbourhood small mall to do groceries and fresh food purchase.

  65. Avatar photo
    Nikita Kale

    Limited options are available for shopping Like few clothing shops, kidsware etc.
    There is McDonald , KFC, kopitium and bakery and some small restaurant. Good for daily needs for people nearby pungool road and compasvale area

  66. Avatar photo
    Atul Bade

    It’s quite mixed. This is not the place where you want to spend weekend. But, here you will get daily essential and decent food options. So if you stay around, you will definitely drop in atleast for some basic grocery, basic meal or quick kopi.

  67. Avatar photo
    Liew Tian En

    Been wanting to try out this stall (面中面)for awhile ever since I saw a review about it on FB.

    Ordered item 1 which is the char siew wanton egg noodles priced at $4.50

    First impression was that I though the portion could be bigger but after my meal I felt it was just nice considering I had it for breakfast.

    The egg noodles was cooked to point, and I love it the QQness and how it was able to “pick up” the sauce. Would recommend eating it with the picked green chilli for the sourness.

    Char siew was the old school style (that’s what me and my friends call it) but it was still moist and yummy.

    The soup was light yet flavorful and wanton was meat well seasoned.

    Side note, I was there early about 10.45am Didn’t see any queue but when I left about 11.45am, I noticed the queue was forming up.

    #correct #rivervale #wantonmee #notsponsored

  68. Avatar photo
    Emi Supati

    Clean and neat.. NTUC n various food outlets for simple dining… Also a wet market selling very reasonable priced veg n fruits in morning.. Multi storey carpark.. Overall a pleasant place to chill n dine..

  69. Avatar photo
    Aide Bhai

    Wet market is good

  70. Avatar photo
    Noran Abdullah

    Love the surrounding.hav varieties of shops..eateries like kfc, mcd and even other food outlets.

  71. Avatar photo
    BeautifulJENN Lim-Mao

    We frequent this place weekly for my kids’ music lessons at Cristofori. Some upgrading is going on at the Kopitiam so hoping things will get better. In general, quite a nice place to hang while waiting for my children’s lesson to end.

  72. Avatar photo
    Honey Cornflakes

    Best place to find cheap baby stuffs/milk powders etc. Head over to Jin Tai Tong or chinese sinseh shop! Wet markets is just at the corner.

  73. Avatar photo

    Surprisingly good tenant mix for a neighborhood mall, there is even a wet market here. Excellent score on cleanliness and spaciousness, although the toilets need more attention, especially the odors. HDB Sengkang Branch Office is situated here too.

  74. Avatar photo
    Haryaksh Deva

    All the stuffs are cheap and sometimes its bad quality but the restaurant are very nice to eat. Try to Visit!

  75. Avatar photo
    kishu jam

    Small mall yet efficient enough to get all necessary things

  76. Avatar photo
    G K

    A decent mall with many choices.

  77. Avatar photo
    Alyssa Mualif

    Happy n enjoy my breakfast there n the wet market fish cheap n fresh,a lot of things to buy what ever we needs,tq

  78. Avatar photo
    Eileen Choo

    The strange thing is, this place does not look much, but it has practically everything u need. It’s an embodiment of 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全. From food to daily necessities to hardware shops, u name it, they have it. In all, it’s a nice neighborhood mall to visit if u are visiting that area.

  79. Avatar photo
    John Leong

    Place is getting old and run-down. Time for a revamp. Nonetheless, the stores cater to the neighbourhood around.

  80. Avatar photo
    Juandi Amin

    Try the Heavenly Wang Restaurant.. very nostalgic.. the uncle working there makes u feel like in the 80s.. friendly and nice.. food price is reasonable.. Just remember to order using Singlish.. They mistook Tea as Teh.. so need to explain to avoid confusion.. Hahaha..

  81. Avatar photo
    Christopher Looi

    Several food options here with a 24h Fair price. Toilet is not well maintained though. Cubicle doors are broken but not fixed.

  82. Avatar photo
    Vayalil Chathoth Pravin

    They could have more variety in the shops they have there as it doesn’t have shops to attract teenagers other that it’s fast food shops. It does have a bit of variety however as it has stationary shops, mobile shops, cake shops and food courts

  83. Avatar photo
    Kt Tan

    Cheapest kopi o $1 at Koufu full aircond

  84. Avatar photo
    Gecko Chua

    It’s a two storey retail building located near Kangkar LRT station.
    There are fast food restaurants like KFC, McDonald, just to name a few.
    There are Koufu and Kopitiam food court located at the 2nd storeys.
    Beside there are confectionery shops, hardware shops, Chinese Medicine shops, fashion boutiques etc.
    There is also an Ntuc Fairprice and a Singapore Pools branch located at one end of the building.
    Outside the building, there is a wet market.
    This place serve the Sengkang residents well…

  85. Avatar photo

    Original Review (3+ years ago, before current date): Basically you can get everything of what you need to live, from here.

    In here, there are 2 food courts, 2 fast food, afew eatery shops, afew drinks shops, 7-11, afew hardware & convenience shop, afew hair salon, one big tution center, a supermarket, a wet market, 2 spectacular shop, a manicure shop, at least one massage parlor, afew bakery, a game shop, afew shops that sells clothes, at least one herbal shop, one incense shop, one employment agency, a bicycle shop, afew clinic, a dental clinic, a lingerie shop, a bank, a jewellery/pawn shop and so on…

    The supermarket and MacDonald operates 24 hours…

    Update 21th Sep 2021: I have recently saw a review showing the lights shop owner not wearing mask & talk to customer (the posted date is 4 months ago from now). I have seen the same guy with his mask pulled down, chat happily on his phone yesterday. As i intend to make a purchase to get a replacement light for my house use, but after seeing that, i walk away….

  86. Avatar photo
    Joseph Leong

    Nice cool place to hangout over the weekend with good variety of food n services for all ages.

  87. Avatar photo
    Lai Siong Loke

    Convenient n near home. 2 foodcourt to choose from n a variety of stalls too.

  88. Avatar photo
    Teng Jeremy

    Your local station of DIY items in Seng Kang. Pretty convenient to go, easy identification of shops and even with a Ntuc to get your daily groceries.

  89. Avatar photo
    Ernest Pauh

    Typical local neighborhood shopping place. You can pretty much get most of your daily necessities here.

  90. Avatar photo
    Kothandan Ramalingam

    Good place to buy essential items under one roof

  91. Avatar photo

    This plaza, although small, provides many food centres. For example, KouFu, is a popular food centre among the Singaporean community. Also, there is a moderate-sized store, Fairprice, also commonly known as NTUC. Many items at cheap prices are sold there.

    However, if you’re looking for a better shopping mall than this, you might want to check out WaterPoint shopping mall at Punggol, located just one stop from Sengkang MRT Station.

  92. Avatar photo
    Yew Meng Tan

    Sengkang rivervale own neighborhood mall, there are all the basic amenities here like 2 food courts, atms, fast food eateries, a supermart, bAkeries and even a pawn shop.

  93. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Chin

    A good neighborhood mall with NTUC, wet market, shops and eateries. It catered all the basic needs of the nearby residents. There is McDonald’s , LiHo and other famous eateries. There are two food courts at the upper level too.

  94. Avatar photo
    Wen Yao Koh

    Not many notable shops other than a couple of fast food chains and a supermarket. Convenient place for those staying nearby to do their grocery shopping.

  95. Avatar photo
    Rajagopal Iyer

    Rivervale Plaza had ntuc shops such as Fairprice I went to Fairprice. There I could get stuff easily as it was organized. I had a great time there. It had covid-19 safety measures like sanitizing your hands.

  96. Avatar photo
    chew yen lin

    Clean and tidy. Convenient place to shop.
    Bank, NTUC, wet market, HDB branch all here, food Court, fast food, restaurants…..etc.

  97. Avatar photo
    Boon How3

    It’s quite calming in there. There aren’t many people unless there’s an event going on. The place is pretty small though.

  98. Avatar photo
    Arati Menon-Tan

    Quite alot of festive items to purchase

    Variety of shops. NTUC is 24hrs

  99. Avatar photo
    Rong En

    A neighbourhood mall with a supermarket, the usual fast food suspects, a fun traditional snack stall where you can choose an assortment of biscuits from tins and a small stationary store selling anything from pens to snacks.

  100. Avatar photo
    Jesus is Lord

    Great places for things u need for household fixtures and fittings. Good affordable food to eat

  101. Avatar photo
    Gwee Jie Ying

    Variety of shops like household, kids related shops, confectionery, clothings shops, fast food, education schools etc. Good to shop around there for affordable stuffs.

  102. Avatar photo
    Loong Lee

    It’s a pretty small place, I just happened to pass by and the big banner for Teochew porridge caught my eye. The big tree rice stall also provide Bak Kut Teh.

    I had fish, Kung pow chicken and bitter gourd in egg with 2 bowls of porridge, all in all for $10, reasonable in a full air conditioned place albeit place not really cool in a hot afternoon

  103. Avatar photo
    Angelina CHUA

    Ban Mian. Fish Soup stall at Level 2 in Kopitiam. The fried fish bee hoon is so good. The delicious fried fish is served separately in a bowl. The bee hoon soup is tasty. The service is great. Very satisfying to patronise them. …

  104. Avatar photo
    Michele Chen

    A nice place to shop and get cheap groceries at this neighbourhood plaza. With Kopitiam and Koufu at level two, you will not worry for your lunches and dinner. Nice coffee and tea… Penang, Muslim and Local food, all are there. My first good impression . …

  105. Avatar photo
    BH Cheng

    Popular small shopping mall offers convenience for nearby residents.If you like to see seniors, plenty here.

  106. Avatar photo
    Wilson Tan

    Not so crowded.

  107. Avatar photo

    Can use CDC voucher in a lot of place.

  108. Avatar photo
    ravivarma raja

    The fairprice is good. The fruit market is good. A Indian shop almost sells all types of grocery we can get in India. Its located inside the market near the meat shop. One flower vendor has some exquisite flowers on display.

  109. Avatar photo
    John You official Productions

    Overall a small suburban mall housing a 24/7 fairprice supermarket as well as a wet market, plenty of food options with 2 food courts, kfc,mcdonalds,heavenly wang and so on…
    The wet market product prices are somewhat reasonable but definately cheaper prices can be found at other estate’s markets

  110. Avatar photo
    Pauline Lim

    The customer services were atrocious and rude.
    I bought a new metal bar to hang my curtain from SengKang 88 store today on the 02/08/20. The metal bar, however, was too long and I requested if I can change to a smaller one or get it saw. But much to my disbelief, the lady who attended to me was rude, claiming that it was impossible for them to do that and accused that it was entirely my fault for not getting the precise measurements right before I purchase. They did not provide me a receipt and deny me from any other services.
    After a long argument, they casually asked me to settle it myself. Their attitudes towards me were really horrible. They were impatient and insincere in helping me out as I am really clueless how to saw the bar to my fitting. Sadly, this will be the last time I will visit the store. I hope their services can be improved and address better to their customers.

  111. Avatar photo
    alex aw

    Great place with ntuc,wet market, learning centres, fast food and foodcourts. Plenty of car park lots.
    Advised not to go for breadfast during weekends.

  112. Avatar photo
    Sylvia Strömbäck

    This mall is enough as a neighborhood mall. There’s a decent variety of shops, 2 food courts, MacDonald ,KFC & some other eateries & to top it off – a 24hrs NTUC! Perfect for mid night snack craving!

  113. Avatar photo
    Jason Law

    CKT (by 85 Bedok) at Koufu Rivervale Plaza have increase price from $3/$4/$5 to $4/$5/$6 respectively. Even before the increase in price the chee hum only have about 3 to 4 pieces and is very small or tiny. There was once don’t even have it. With the price increase it have drop to only 2 pieces of chee hum. …

  114. Avatar photo
    Gerry Purnomo

    Old, but has a lot of hidden gem shops that are difficult to find in Singapore.

  115. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Nice neighborhood mall serving the residents in this area with the basic essentials. Both KopiTiam and KouFu FoodCourts are located on level 2 with FairPrice on level 1……and a wet market too……

  116. Avatar photo
    Yingfong Fong

    Riverdale Plaza has improved their entry safety by opened up three entrance enabling we old people to get in easily.

  117. Avatar photo
    C S

    Bought 2 container boxes from this neighbourhood hardware shop at 2nd level total at $60++. Went ikea found same size SAMLA at much much lower price at ~20$/Box…. ll, too much overpriced.

  118. Avatar photo
    Douglas Kwok

    I enjoy the Kuay Chap here. Not too salty. With herbal taste.

  119. Avatar photo
    Helen Sim Helen

    Wet market open till very late good optio n mall is aircon n well ventilated, clean and co.fortable to shop there.

  120. Avatar photo
    Francis Teo

    Very convenient as I’m able to find most of my essential needs.

  121. Avatar photo
    Eugene Lim

    Small shopping mall. Wide variety of food, market, supermarket and a mix of stalls make this place comfortable to be in, but not too crowded

  122. Avatar photo
    Fauziah Abdullah

    Lots of things to see n buy. But the toilet at level 1 was dirty n dim.

  123. Avatar photo
    Lalitha Ramani

    Mall has a wet market and vegetables mart in one of the entrances. A mall with basic facilities and basic shops.

  124. Avatar photo

    KFC, MacD and a few nice cafe. Typical neighbourhood shopping center loved by many

  125. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Loh

    Shopping wise is a big no no. However there are a variety of food to choose from. The highlight here shld be the 24/7 NTUC(who needs 7-11 when u have this right here in our neighbourhood)

  126. Avatar photo
    mohamed shahril mohd nooh

    nice place.lotsa parking.many shops and 24hrs ntuc

  127. Avatar photo

    Food choices are plenty and there’s other cheap stuff like home electronics to clothes are available for purchase around the mall as well.

  128. Avatar photo
    Satya Srikanth B

    Nice one to have fair price and other shops to get all house hold items

  129. Avatar photo
    Ah Kiong Tan

    Nice place. Used to go there very often for my prayer starks.

  130. Avatar photo
    Rei Hern Chuan

    This place is not the best. To many people are here during after school hours and places like macdonalds are always full thanks to students who take their sweet time resting in the resturant during “peak hours”

  131. Avatar photo
    Teng Pok Chye

    Went for lunch at place. There are 2 coffee shops, Capital and koufu side by side. Good varieties of food to chooses. The whole place is air con. So you know where to go to cool off. There many other eateries and stalls too. Spoiled for variety. Parking is tricky going round and round. The higher you go… More car park space

  132. Avatar photo
    Kelly Tan

    very good mix of shops here

  133. Avatar photo
    C Foo

    My first time came to this Rivetvale Plaza….find it quite convenient even dry market also have …

  134. Avatar photo
    Margaret Chin

    Is not a very posh shopping mall but shops selling all the necessities.
    There are 2 food courts, Macdonald, small little food shops. Clothes shops, shops selling joss sticks etc. There is an NTUC and wet market just next to it. I am a vegetarian but my friend who tried some of the cafes and food outlets there said the food is of good value for money.

  135. Avatar photo

    It has a fairprice,7 11 (to buy gift cards and other things),a decent amount of places to eat like Kopitiam,Macdonalds,KFC. It also has an SKP to print some things.

  136. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan

    A neighborhood shopping plaza where u can find almost all grocery stores and foods. There is even a wet market just beside it if you wanna do marketing in the morning.

  137. Avatar photo

    Neighbourhood shopping mall. Small but crowded during weekends.

  138. Avatar photo
    Hwee Kuan Tan

    I love to visit the bookshop on the second level so many cute nice good n items of value rather cheap

  139. Avatar photo
    jacqueline awgiam

    Usually go to this place to get prayer oils, household miscellaneous items.

  140. Avatar photo

    The nearest to our place, thus almost gone there everyday. The have wet market, fruits, vegetables, flowers, all other stuffs. But the clothing stores are seemed expensive, we got a belt here as we forgot to bring. And it was nothing but looks like a blunt rope but she got us nearly 20$ . But there was a waffle place, and they just gave us the whole full circle of the waffle for just 1.50$. And it tasted superb too. And they also had different varieties of breads like nuts and berries bread, chocolate bread, blueberry bread, strawberry breads, pineapple breads, and so so… and everything was unique and tasted perfectly good. The nuts and Berry breads were mindblowing. Full of nuts and berries were I need to find the bread. The quality and quantity they keep up is really awesome. We go to the kfc and McD there. It was good and the Fair Price market inside this mall is super good. They have all goods and food items, chocolates at best prices. Even Mustafa have high priced.

  141. Avatar photo
    Piqued Wanderer

    Totally love this place.. has everytin n anytin i need.

    The word is need, not want… koz from statiomery, kitchen tools to market n even fast food is all in this place. Not forgetting the hdb branch office is here as well.

    And when there is a need to have any bank transactions, POSB bank is at d centre of this place. Not forgetting a supermarket within the same place of a market.. and both striving… and d best is dat it has 7-11 and mcdonalds as well, so ur 24/7 cravings are within reach.

    I can talk further bout massages n nail care..etc but i leave to u guys to see what dis place has gota offer, cheers!


  142. Avatar photo
    BluROceaN Coral

    Checking in is smooth because of the thermal scanner. The downside is there is one entrance and exit.

    The other entrance and exit open on weekends and rainy days.

    Hopefully the situation improves and we can use all entrances with ease.

  143. Avatar photo

    You know what, this is a mall. It’s an okay one.

  144. Avatar photo
    Sudhakar Sundaram

    nice place … and sengkang mrt together. more shopping.. more convenient.. so many options for food.. outside plaza…kopitiam..

  145. Avatar photo
    Nway Oo Maung

    You can deposit e-waste & earn rewards

  146. Avatar photo
    Syafiqah Michiko

    Awesome place! Have always been my favourite place since young.

    As for our elderly theres a great hangout killiney coffeeshop that sells flavourful Otahs.

    Many Bedsheets are sold @ only $10. Place is less crowded, cosy & chill.

    Swee Heng bakery just spice up the whole entire place! Kids can go to the big playground behind the plaza! Fitness corner nearby too.

    Great reminisce of fond memories as a kid going to Mavis tuition each week lol and 7 eleven aunty is soooo nice & kind..

    please open RotiMum here.. and maybe A&W too

  147. Avatar photo
    Aaira Omera

    A standard heartland mall. There’s ntuc which is rather small. Fast foods, barber, salon & other food shops. The singseh shop is excellent for buying baby products as they offer rebates & they are way cheaper than elsewhere.

  148. Avatar photo
    Lamri Masudi

    You can find almost everything here. Although the place is quite small, there is NTUC supermarket, KFC, Mc Donald, Kopitiam and few more eatery places in this small area.
    On top of that, there is 7/11, accessories stores, barber shop, cake shop, bicycle and few other shops.
    It is very convenience for those that stay surrounding or nearby Rivervale plaza and just beside it is the LRT station,

  149. Avatar photo
    Abang Tamlee

    A one-stop destination for all your households and personal needs. An open medium sized wet market,fruit stalls and all other everyday consumables @ Rivervale Plaza.

  150. Avatar photo
    Gary Chow

    Long Q to the wet market on Sunday morning

  151. Avatar photo
    Wong YongEn

    This shopping mall is considered small compared to other malls around Singapore. However, size can be decieving. In the mall, there are 2 food courts (Kopitiam and Koufu) ,multiple clinis, multiple clothes shop….You get what i mean, they sell basically everything you want. There is even a tuition centre in the small 2 storey mall!!

  152. Avatar photo
    Ong Zhi

    Rivervale Plaza is a relatively small and unassuming mall. However, it is a decent mall within the heartlands. There is a wet market for morning groceries and a supermarket for your needs for the rest of the day. Apart from that, the mall also features 24/7 food options (such as McDonalds) and good bubble tea. There are also other amenities such as an express massage and a few hair salons

  153. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Guadilla

    This Mall is accessible for all even though you are a bit far. Like me when I go there I just walk.. No need to go gym because walking is best exercise. You can buy a fresh fish, fruits etc. Into this Mall. So if you didn’t visit this place try to go.

  154. Avatar photo
    Steve Koh

    The Taiwan hotplate at the food court was nice but the mall seems to be more a neighborhood store than a full shopping mall

  155. Avatar photo
    T CB

    U can find houseware daily need n simple food with 2 food court n various fast-food in a small compact environment…Not bad.

  156. Avatar photo
    Suzie “ZieHan” Ibrahim

    Its like a ‘port’ for my family.

  157. Avatar photo
    NaveeN KumaR

    One of the mall in sengkang district, it has a wet market attached behind it. There is also an Indian shop behind the mall. It has many eateries (from mcd, KFC to not so famous ones) , fair price which operates 24 hrs, also it houses many hardware stores which will b very useful to you if you are settling down in sengkang

  158. Avatar photo
    7朵莲花 feng

    A shopping mall with NTUC, 7 Eleven, POSB ATM and many shops, food courts, and food stalls in it. Visitors are mostly the residents staying nearby.

  159. Avatar photo
    Karthik Jedimkk

    It has all the essential shops. Fast food KFC n Mac. 2 food courts. 7 eleven. Fairprice. Video game console shop. They have amazing waffles at the bakery

  160. Avatar photo
    Young Choo

    Nice porridge under the big tree.

  161. Avatar photo
    Tan Yeh Hong Joseph

    Basically a typical neighbourhood mall that can satisfy all your basic needs

  162. Avatar photo
    TurboTacho (Ickart)

    Newly renovated neighbourhood shopping mall. Variety of food stalls ranging from quick takeaways to peaceful little seats for eat-ins.

  163. Avatar photo
    Eeleenz Liang

    basic shoppin n plc to settle ur meals. but i dislike the car park.

  164. Avatar photo
    CA Teo

    Great foodcourt in the northeast. Worthed your time.

  165. Avatar photo
    David Yeo

    A little traditional type of shopping mall

  166. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Guadilla

    This Mall is accessible for all even though you are a bit far. Like me when I go there I just walk.. No need to go gym because walking is best exercise. You can buy a fresh fish, fruits etc. Into this Mall. So if you didn’t visit this place try to go.

  167. Avatar photo
    Anthony Wong

    Good place for food and buy some groceries. Many items like sources found

  168. Avatar photo
    Ch Mu

    Nice place to shop. This plaza also has a wet market at the backside. There is a Mac Donalds at the front and also has some detail outside. But quiet crowded. The complex itself is not that crowded. There are small shops which sell knick knacks and they are good. They also have a public restroom which was clean. Just outside there is a seperate parking for bicycles where you can pick rental bicycles also. Beside Macdonalds there is also KFC

  169. Avatar photo
    Ravindra Rampuria

    A neighbourhood shops and food plaza, very convenient, air-conditioned, two Food courts – Kopitiam and Koufu on top level, McDonald and KFC on level one and number of other coffee shops, seven eleven, Fairprice and fruits and vegetable shops, household items and cheaper clothing shops, mobile and watch shops, number of tution centers and music lesson Center from cristofori; all here is this fairly small plaza. There is even a mini POSB bank Center with atm, cash deposit and video teller.

  170. Avatar photo
    px px

    Small neighbourhood shopping mall. There’s NTUC, where you can get your groceries, posb bank, macdonalds and other f&b outlets.

  171. Avatar photo

    A small shopping centre with the usual McDonalds, KFC, FairPrice etc.. I think it needs some renovation to make it nicer as it looks and feel quite boring.

    – Close to neighbourhood houses
    – Usual shops (McDonalds, Bubble Tea, Fairprice)

    – Boring design

  172. Avatar photo
    Michael Samy

    Good variety of food, shopping and wet market avlb.

  173. Avatar photo
    Darryl Khoo

    A good number of bubble tea outlets, desserts stalls. NTUC, a few fast food restaurants like KFC. There is a grocery shop which sells vietnamese, Thailand products which is not over priced. Friendly neighbourhood shopping mall. Which is just open next to a wet market.

  174. Avatar photo
    Alwyn Fu

    Small, fully air-conditioned neighborhood mall with adequate food choices but only a handful of clothing stores (none for men). Fulfills the needs for the residents living nearby with 2 food courts, 2 major fast food chains and a decently-stocked supermarket and wet market.

  175. Avatar photo
    Michelle Ten

    It’s pretty clean for a neighbourhood mall. There are tuition centre, music school, clinics, KFC, McDonalds, bakery, NTUC, POSB, hardware shops, TCM shops etc. Next to it is a wet market.

  176. Avatar photo
    weelian soh

    Air conditioned no frills neighborhood mall with many mom and pop stores. Bright and airy with wet market close by.

  177. Avatar photo
    Joseph Justin Nah

    Expensive food especially the pork stall at level 1 the intestine cost 7$sgd. And for a party of 3paxs it cost almost 21$sgd. Have 2big food courts. Great choices but note the kopitiam do not sell plain water in a cup but force you to buy a mineral water at 1.30$ sgd. But Umi Sushi store sells you bottle at 10cents. Dirt cheap. The diy store is the best there is. Got great tuition center Mavis. The timing very good especially for those kids who attends morning mass and yet can still make it for tuition. About 8mins walk from St Anne church. I miss out the one star because of the exhorbitant prices of food in so call upmarket hawer stall. Wish they have an open air type. We do not need the aircon. Afterall was it goin green and natural was what it was supposed to be?

  178. Avatar photo
    Bo Aneh

    Nice small HDB shopping place with lots of stalls selling a variety of wares. Also have kopitiam and a few eateries. Stalls selling household hardware, NTUC minimart. Beside the plaza is a small wet market.

  179. Avatar photo
    Wendi Ng

    Great variety of shops and most are open as early as 8am. There’s two food courts and several clothing and necessities shops complete with a wet market.

  180. Avatar photo
    goon peng tuck

    Wet market very dirty. Shopping mall OK

  181. Avatar photo
    ivan pang

    Just a small neighbourhood mall. Don’t expect much but most of the essential shop u can find there… …

  182. Avatar photo
    Chong Jin Lan

    Very bad many store refuse to do the health coaching service

  183. Avatar photo
    Yeo Julie

    The Snack stall just at the entrance (Right) of Kopitiam. Tried their waffle, it’s bigger, softer and thicker than those sold at neighbourhood bakeries. Delicious!!! Bought strawberry & kaya flavour. It’s $2.50 / piece. Just one waffle with a cup of kopi will fill you up nicely :-). There’s mang chian kueh / pancakes too. That’s for another. Don’t wait, try lah…

  184. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Tay

    Clean and bright, nice place to have meal and shop for daily needs. …

  185. Avatar photo
    Francesca Tan

    Love this mall! All the old school shops and things! Old sch kids snacks, toys, stationary and even dried food! Stalls which are hard to come by in punggol!

  186. Avatar photo
    Francis Ho

    Fresh n reasonable prizes

  187. Avatar photo
    Sid Salleh

    HDB Kangkar branch is located on the 2nd floor. Good food options, there’s a few small shops from hair salons to hardware shop. Love that it’s neighbourhood priced items and not shopping mall price. There’s also a wet market right behind the plaza.

  188. Avatar photo
    Alex Han

    Nice neighborhood shopping location, grocery and wet market easy accessibility

  189. Avatar photo
    Lukas LimCheeHao

    This is my neighbourhood plaza. There are food, places to chill, clinics, unity pharmacy, phone shop, barber shop, game store, fairprice, breadshop, snacks and bubble tea. Its small scale so don’t expect a megastore it’s just a plaza.

  190. Avatar photo

    Everything you need can get it from the plaza

  191. Avatar photo
    Alib Sqeeks

    Variety of different things to be found here. Daily needs item, food, clothing, market, ATM and many more.

  192. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    Get your daily necessities here from groceries to food to bakery. Have hair salons and neighbourhood clothing store too.

  193. Avatar photo
    Praveen Ranjan

    Mall has wet market (Meat, Fish, fresh vegetables, etc), 24hours McDonald, good doctor clinic including pediatrician, fairprice, 2 food courts, kids education center, etc.

    I can give 5 star if they can have branded clothing store, kids indoor playground, etc.

  194. Avatar photo
    Tan Irvan

    Small mall with 24 hours NTUC. Decent food choices but nothing very good. Don’t buy from the market here., they charge exorbitant price

  195. Avatar photo
    Lina Ong

    2 air con food court with 2 fast good restaurant.. with wet mkt and basics shops…whrrl chairs accessible facility.

  196. Avatar photo
    Charlotte C

    The toilets need to improve in cleanliness and refilling the toilet paper. The toilet bowls and wash basins don’t work all the time either.

  197. Avatar photo
    Dennis Dennis

    Has a lot of eateries and a choice of foods.

  198. Avatar photo
    Fatin Fatihah

    Nothing much. But i love to shop for the clothes there. Reasonable prices and have plus sizes if needed

  199. Avatar photo
    Rajasekhar Tatavarthi

    Small mall, mainly for the locals

    Have NTUC, Kopitium, Koufu, and many coffee shops and a wet market. Also few clinics

    Located next to Kangkan LRT, this serves the purpose of a neighbourhood shopping center for all needs

  200. Avatar photo
    Milind Ghorpade

    Shops are okay but still commuting within mall is difficult especially level 1

  201. Avatar photo
    Kaya Butter

    Homelier and comfier than the usual shopping mall; it has shops that actually cover everything a resident would want to buy that aren’t just the template brand name clothing stores, electronics shops or atas restaurants.

  202. Avatar photo
    Naveen Neelam

    Not many shops but basic needs items are available. Wet market and fruits are also available.

  203. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Benjamin

    A clean and nice place to shop around and buy things.

  204. Avatar photo
    Abhinav Sinha

    Fair price is the main grocery store. It has wet market and shops for daily use items.

  205. Avatar photo
    Ze Hong

    Cannot find the review page for the shop so gonna leave the comments here: While browsing the food items at 99 nonya kueh / best price 99 kueh shop in Rivervale Plaza, we saw a rat moving around in the shop . Shop keeper also saw it but pretended nothing happened. Hope some action can be taken.

  206. Avatar photo
    Chang Sean

    the parking so headache. plus you have to walk all the way down n climb up agin.

  207. Avatar photo
    Junxiang Wang

    Great neighbourhood mall with all daily necessities available. The 2 large sundries shops offer cheaper goods than other neighbourhoods

  208. Avatar photo
    Roger Lee

    A small aircon neighborhood mall, with everything you want to get, at a very reasonable price. Good place to go shopping n food.

  209. Avatar photo
    Shiela Talampas

    it a busy place, very accessible to the public. You can either have breakfast, buy some clothes or do your banking its all in one place.

  210. Avatar photo
    Ray Lee

    There is two massage shop technically it is more like a old shopping mall. A chinese massage and express massage supra is magnificent. And another guy they called Tay.

  211. Avatar photo
    Jumiaton SelamatKadri

    Wet market, ntuc, hdb, fast food restaurants etc..

  212. Avatar photo
    w chia

    A neighborhood mall, mainly 2 levels with shop fronts. 2nd level consists mostly of after school academies. Ground level has a couple of watch stores selling lower end brands, with battery and strap replacement services. Chinese medicine store, clothing, Indonesian restaurant, Teochew porridge, Heavenly Wang coffee, optical store as well.

  213. Avatar photo
    Derrick Phang

    Neighbourhood mall managed by HDB. The mall is rather small but it could be crowded at times. The place looks like two rows of shop houses and they decided to build a roof between them.

  214. Avatar photo
    Derick Teo

    It’s fully air conditioned with 2 Food courts and plenty of small eateries. Fast food like MacDonald and KFC are available as well. There’s a 24 hr Ntuc and 7 eleven which is an option for those who can’t sleep. Overall, the plaza serves the needs of the neighbourhood.

  215. Avatar photo
    Nur Azhar Mohamed

    Alot of shops for daily necessities. From foods to hardwares even to barber… They are all there.

  216. Avatar photo
    ZX Soh

    The wet market stench is all over. I can smell it from upstairs & even the front entrance. And the cleanliness is poor aside from having a wet market.

  217. Avatar photo
    Liu Siew Cheng

    Even though it’s at housing estate with other big shopping malls but it caters the residences there all needed facilities. It’s like you get all in one mall

  218. Avatar photo
    Koon Peng Ng

    Great for daily necessity.
    2 food courts.
    2 fast-food.
    Various food outlets.
    Provision stores, medical hall.
    Hardware shop etc.

  219. Avatar photo
    Rajesh Suguru

    Nice shopping mall . Fairprice , Indian grocery shop , lights and many other Street side stalls located here. McDonald’s is main food options in this plaza

  220. Avatar photo
    Yaalni Chandirasekar

    It was quite nice. But if you’re looking for an actual shopping mall with brands like FOX, KLOSH, go to CompassOne. This plaza mostly consists of department stores. Eateries consist of a few bakeries, McDonalds and KFC and three food courts. There are several drink stalls and LiHo if you’re looking for bubble tea. But no Koi. There is a tuition centre, Mavis. There are some clothe stires but they do not sell branded clothings. If you’re look for thrifting, or good clothes and don’t care about the brand, then this place is a gem for you.

    I only have one complaint and that is cleanliness. The toilets, especially. The toilets are not clean at all. If you want a comparison, let’s say, CompassOne. The toilets there are bright and shiny whereas here they are very, very dirty. Many toilets are dirty and flush does not work properly. Before you ebter a toilet here, check if there’s tissue paper, very often there’s not. One last thing. The toilets are lit sooper dimly like a scene out of a haunted house movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lights suddenly fell down on someone. CompassOne compared to this is bright and shining jewel.

    In Summary, I think that this mall would not be my type, for I really look for cleanliness. So, yeah. But feel free to check it out yourselves, too and decide whether you like it. I hope this review helped you or was a bit informative. Bye…….

  221. Avatar photo
    Ezdiyan Lukman

    There is a wet market beside Rivervale Plaza. Inside Rivervale Plaza, there are shops selling tops for Muslimah at affordable prices. The material is soft and cooling.

  222. Avatar photo
    Henry Nah

    The inclusion of air conditioning within the mall has been a great improvement. However, there seems to be more food stores than shops in the mall. For more shopping, one can consider heading to the nearby Compass One shopping mall by taking the LRT or bus.

  223. Avatar photo
    Agent Jeff

    Its awesome here and the food courts

  224. Avatar photo
    Nagarajan Balamurugan

    Very nice place. They have all type of shops. They have many services.

  225. Avatar photo
    Juan M. S.

    Close to residential area. 24/7 NTUC available, though a bit small. Various eateries ranging from fast food to sushi to your local kopitiam style eatery.

  226. Avatar photo
    Miss Ain M

    Mall was filled with a variety of places that serve good food as well as our beloved fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC. Equipped with all the atm from the different banks. Even has a supermarket and 7-11 for convenience. The only down side is the toilet. Other than that, great place. …

  227. Avatar photo
    Eden Siew

    The mall is well-equipped with a supermarket, a wet market, many places to dine at and also other useful stores. The only disadvantage it has is the narrow passageway at the ground floor.

  228. Avatar photo
    Gurnek Singh

    I love this place every time I visit my in laws. Clean beyond reproach and the people are very friendly. I go to the 7 eleven to get my red bull and upstairs to get my chicken and rice. I’ve even had the Korean food at this Singaporean hawker center. I miss it ever morning I wake up in the US. Downstairs, you can get a haircut for some cool barbers and whatever you need at the other shops. The NTUC has all the things my wife misses from her native land. She also gets a chance to call the workers aunties and uncles. I just love and adore Singapore. I would love to stay there if I could afford it year round. The hawker center is just a microcosm of the whole place. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Sikhs, people of all colors, races and creeds just chillin, eating, buying and selling. Love it.

  229. Avatar photo
    W M

    Good decent mall. Can get almost of needs here. Just that the carpark design is bad, sometimes can be a standstill.

  230. Avatar photo
    XY Chan

    Convenient location and good selection of stores, from fast food, wet market, supermarket, lottery, household items, discount shops, tuition centres, clinic etc… Great convenience for the local neighbourhood!

  231. Avatar photo
    Kasting Khid

    Ive been staying around this area for 20 years. Its my go to place to buy my stuff. Everything is there!

  232. Avatar photo
    ken koay

    much smaller than compass point, tucked away from the MRT and nearest to the kangkar LRT. It has 2 food courts kopitiam and koufu on the second floor, both about equally boring. There are other specialized eateries on first floor that are slightly more expensive than the foodcourts. The wet market has the popular “$5 fish per plate” stall, together with the usual grocs that you normally find in a wet market. The plaza and the wet market is rather small but serves the residents nearby well.

    One big downside to it is the parking, which could create massive jam from 5th floor to 1st floor due to the exit ramp design which is too close to another upward ramp. During peak if some cars got confused about going up/down they will find themselves interlocked and traffic in the MSCP will come to a complete stop till someone manually direct each car to give way. Which has happened more than once from my visits. So do take heed of a little signage when entering the MSCP, it says “give way to cars coming down”.

  233. Avatar photo
    Jay Lim

    I’m happy to shop this small in size estate mall. Cos it’s well maintained inside mall and it cleanliness at surrounding. Well done and keep it up.

  234. Avatar photo

    It’s my local product provider since 2010, it’s pretty clean, except the toilet. Overall, the shops are good.

  235. Avatar photo
    Syafiq Azrin

    This place has been a part of my childhood. Definitely a place for neighbours to gather, enjoy the different food option available as well as buying of groceries, D.I.Y, clothing items etc. Transportation such as Taxi stand and LRT (Light Rapid Transit) available within walking distance.

  236. Avatar photo
    Jonlyn Tan

    Nice shopping mall, but it is quite small. Near there is a bus stop and about a 10 min walk ahead, another mall called Compass 1 is there. They have many clients, cafes, restraunts, clothing shop, and others. It is a two storey building, with a very professional and friendly optics shop on level 2. The guy there takes his work there seriously.

  237. Avatar photo
    Charles Chua

    Small shopping areas but have most of the necessity shops in the Plaza. Like MacDonald, KFC n POSB ATM lobby, etc.

  238. Avatar photo
    Jan ls

    There are only a few shops inside but I think you can buy basic items here.

  239. Avatar photo
    Francis Sim

    One of my favourite neighbourhood mall. Got Kopitiam. Got Koufu. Got fresh and food market. Great value.

  240. Avatar photo
    _ Growdabian_

    This place is directly opposite my house so I go there often. The service is pretty good, although I would suggest adding more toilets in the mall.

  241. Avatar photo
    Prem Rai

    Good wet marketing place for vegetables & fruit …

  242. Avatar photo

    The nearest to our place, thus almost gone there everyday. The have wet market, fruits, vegetables, flowers, all other stuffs. But the clothing stores are seemed expensive, we got a belt here as we forgot to bring. And it was nothing but looks like a blunt rope but she got us nearly 20$ . But there was a waffle place, and they just gave us the whole full circle of the waffle for just 1.50$. And it tasted superb too. And they also had different varieties of breads like nuts and berries bread, chocolate bread, blueberry bread, strawberry breads, pineapple breads, and so so… and everything was unique and tasted perfectly good. The nuts and Berry breads were mindblowing. Full of nuts and berries were I need to find the bread. The quality and quantity they keep up is really awesome. We go to the kfc and McD there. It was good and the Fair Price market inside this mall is super good. They have all goods and food items, chocolates at best prices. Even Mustafa have high priced.

  243. Avatar photo
    James Ang GuangMing

    Great heartland mall within the neighbourhood.

  244. Avatar photo
    Robin “Slinger” Tan

    Seems like a popular spot for the local community. Long line observed for the those wanting a shot at getting rich the legal way. A fair amount of eateries which I forgot to mention during my first review. Fair price is decent and fairly good size. Got my household items on the second level.

  245. Avatar photo
    Zehra Diyaa

    One of the oldest plaza in Sengkang but definite a great place to shop and eat. Great food being sold there with ample caroark space and 24hrs NTUC shops for yr convenience. Never bored when i am there.

  246. Avatar photo
    Deepiga prabhakar

    With koufu, eateries, stationary shops,dress kiosks,an aquarium also, tutorial centers and many Medical clinics great place to have nearby house.

  247. Avatar photo
    Yeo Derrick

    Crowd control excellent. Just buy necessity n left asap. Reasonable price no bargain. Choose what you like and be happy back to prepare n cook

  248. Avatar photo
    Abu Bakar

    R&B shop sells THE BEST brown sugar drink I have ever tried. Never regretted a single cent spent on it. Definitely a good recommendation. The cheese add-on actually complements the drink perfectly. Although it’s 3 dollars its definitely worth it.

  249. Avatar photo
    SAAziz S M

    It’s one of those Hulu “don’t know exists kind of place” unless you stay near it, you will know if it’s existence.
    I went there to make a pair of spectacles. This humble shop offers the cheapest prescribed specs that I know in entire Sinkieland. I made a pair of prescribed reading glasses for ….$30bucks!!!….gonna be back again when I to get bifocal ones.

  250. Avatar photo
    melwin john christopher

    Though a little small place has a wide range of options and a nice market place also. Prices are also moderate.

  251. Avatar photo

    small but terrible mall. lots of eateries and fastfood. near wet market, just back of the mall. complete package for a small mall.

  252. Avatar photo
    Shir YH

    Since i moved to Sengkang back in Dec 2018, this is my 2nd or 3rd time to this mall. It has its own uniqueness and served the purpose of the residents staying around the area. I saw a shop selling all the kids’ party decor & stuff and I guess I can come back here beside going to SKP.

  253. Avatar photo
    Happylove Judith

    Nothing much interesting except 2 big coffee shops at L2. Some eateries shop at L1 like McDonald & KFC, Wet market and Supermarket

  254. Avatar photo
    Desmond Lee

    Sweet reservations…best variety , Korean bingsoo, belgian waffles, variety of ice-cream, specoloos ️ great place to dine in️ great friendly services …

  255. Avatar photo
    Tan Jilian

    You can get almost everything in rivervale plaza. Best you can use CDC $100 Vouchers in some of the shops here!!! …

  256. Avatar photo
    Aidil Amran

    Busy on the weekend. Good place to shopping and eat …

  257. Avatar photo
    Noor Haida Gulam Hussein

    Small plaza with good selection of dining choice and very affordable prices. Wet market is also available. Could improve on the toilet though.

  258. Avatar photo
    ant little

    a little bit old, family utilities products are cheap and nearby wet market. good neighborhood plaza.

  259. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Nice neighborhood mall serving the residents in this area with the basic essentials. Both KopiTiam and KouFu FoodCourts are located on level 2 with FairPrice on level 1……and a wet market too……

  260. Avatar photo
    Keith Tan

    Fast food, food court, NTUC, bakeries, and a few other stores. It’s a neighborhood haunt. A great place to catch up with friends in the area. Accessible by car or public transport and the bicycle. It used to be wide open spaces with fresh air, now replaced with a narrower walkway between shops and with air con. Liked the old mall better.

  261. Avatar photo
    Johan Chin

    I love the tender best chicken here.

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