Review Qian Hu Fish Farm, 71 Jln Lekar, Singapore

Review Qian Hu Fish Farm - Singapore 71 Jln Lekar

“Beautiful exotic fish for sale and a fun fish spa. Definitely a strange and fun experience for American travelers.” or “Fish spa is good, many fish help remove your old skin, must try. You also can buy fish here, and child can catch fish.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Qian Hu Fish Farm. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Qian Hu Fish Farm is quality.

Introduction about Qian Hu Fish Farm

Here are some fundamental details regarding Qian Hu Fish Farm. In terms of Fish farm, it is generally believed that Qian Hu Fish Farmis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 71 Jln Lekar, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Fish farm, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 67661554 (+65 67661554)
  • Website:
  • Address: 71 Jln Lekar, Singapore
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You can reach Qian Hu Fish Farm at 67661554(+65 67661554). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 71 Jln Lekar, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Qian Hu Fish Farm reviews

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Is Qian Hu Fish Farm good?

To determine whether Qian Hu Fish Farm is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Beautiful exotic fish for sale and a fun fish spa. Definitely a strange and fun experience for American travelers.”

“Fun and enjoyable for kids fishing in the longkangs. 1st time visiting was surprised to see all kinds of aquarium pets.. Eg. fishes, snails, crabs, prawns etc.”

“Fish look generally very healthy and goldfish tanks are almost spotless. One minus is that for products, they sell mainly their in house brand, which I didn't find cheaper than usual brands at all.”

“Fish spa is good, many fish help remove your old skin, must try. You also can buy fish here, and child can catch fish.”

“One of the biggest, though i have to add that the longkang fishing is almost impossible to catch with the small circle net. The uncle was nice enough to gift us a few fishes as we ended up with no catch.”

“I do recommend the fish spa, and it has a wide variety of fish.”

“Great place to see the wide variety of fishes and buy supplies”

“I had a relaxing fish spa here. There’s all you need for your fishes and aquarium. Next door there are live meal worms to feed your large fishes if you need.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 204 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 86% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Qian Hu Fish Farm, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Qian Hu Fish Farm, 71 Jln Lekar, Singapore

There is a total 204 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Jialing Cai

    A good option for a quiet family outing in a suburb part of singapore. Young kids can have fun catching longgang (drain) fish and bring them home, while adults can laze around at the fish spa ponds. They also sell plants at good price and have a fish shop.

  2. Avatar photo
    Randhir Prem

    Ahhh I died and went to fish heaven. I was like a kid in a candy store. I knew dr Kenny yap through my late father kb prem. It was indeed special coming here again. He was indeed a fish enthusiast just like his son. Just that we dont post it on social media.

  3. Avatar photo
    Ijad Takde Brakes Aprc8taz Brotherhood

    i would like to share my appreciation for MR HAN. enquire about a certain product by phone on sunday n he got back to me on monday morning. it really make me feel good knowing that such a big company really take their job seriously even though it is just an enquiry by phone. awesome. keep up d professionalism MR HAN and all d qianhu team.

  4. Avatar photo
    Maverick Png

    A wide variety of ornamental fish to browse and buy for home aquarium. There is also longkang fishing for the kids. Families can also enjoy fish spa together with their kids. A pity the place is quite run down and poorly maintained.

  5. Avatar photo
    Dee Cee (The Dead Cockroach)

    Qianhu Fish Farm had very humble beginnings.

    The Yap family started off as pig farmers before venturing into the ornamental fish business. They converted old pig pens into concrete ponds and bred Guppies for local exporters.

    There is no turning back for the small family business which has since grown into the corporation it is today. In year 2000, Qianhu became a public listed company on the SGX.

    I enjoy visiting the farm to escape from the bustle of city life. I also like to get my aquarium supplies here because it is not too far from where I stay but most importantly is, watching the fishes has a therapeutic effect on me.

    Besides, the aquarium shop near my place got their supplies from Qianhu too so it makes sense for me to come here straight where I can find everything I need all under one roof.

    You can enjoy an idyllic afternoon here with your loved ones to relieve the childhood days of longkang fishing or simply pamper your feet with a fish spa.

    You can also seek advise here if you are setting up an aquarium for the first time.

  6. Avatar photo

    Went for long kang fishing today. Very little fish to catch and I only caught 1 fish while my friend caught zero. One family even had their maid to help them catch the fishes by stepping into the pond. Was quite disappointed. Thankfully the uncle gave me 10 fishes to bring home or I would have flipped the table.

  7. Avatar photo
    Sha joel

    Always fun walking around Qian Hu. Spent some time feeding the kois

  8. Avatar photo

    Just ordered {OF) fish tank for arowana. Good price, good service, was well explain and satisfied. will visit again once tank has been delivered for my new arowana …

  9. Avatar photo
    eCommerce Workshop

    Nice and peaceful fish shopping environment.
    Staff are friendly.
    Fish variety is good too.
    Some prices a bit expensive though compared to others.

  10. Avatar photo
    A Tan

    Went for the really cheap fish spa experience! Very interesting place which is a fish farm that has a small area where you can get a self-service fish spa treatment. At $10/half-hour, it’s the best deal you can find anywhere, but it is outdoors and definitely no frills! The fish are hungry and do their job of nibbling your feet so that they feel clean and refreshed after 30 min. It’s definitely an interesting experience if you’ve never done it before.
    Then after a good treatment, you can walk through the gallery and tanks to see some lovely fish of all sizes, types and colors. It was a most relaxing hour away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore and the very touristy areas that are so congested.
    Don’t expect a fancy spa or even an attendant at this fish spa, but you can’t beat the price for the same results as you’d get at a fancy, expensive fish spa off Orchard Rd. This is definitely off the beaten path and is a fish farm first and foremost, but 3 of us now have smooth, clean, and relaxed feet and enjoyed the experience and scenery getting there and seeing some beautiful fish too.

  11. Avatar photo
    Paul P

    Best fish farm in Singapore! The team is passionate and dedicated in their craft, always available to share more when queries are raised about their fishes & other related concerns.

    The place gives an experience you can rarely find in Singapore these days, tranquil & peaceful – away from the bustle of the city.

    It’s filled with facilities for the whole family, spot for kids to catch guppies, feet massage for all ages etc.

    Love it!

  12. Avatar photo
    Tan Kenneth

    great place to bring kids to view wide variety of fish. downside is the amount of smokers there. Noticed that even the staffs are puffing away.

  13. Avatar photo
    Edster D

    Excellent customer service and great for kids to roam around too. We recently bought a new fish tank there along with the filtration system. For one reason or another, the water filter thing didn’t work and we brought it back the next day. They immediately took a look at it and tried to troubleshoot on the spot. It is now running very well. While we were there we got tips about aquarium and landscaping etc. Very satisfied with their service. Especially after we had very bad experience at another very famous one fish place. We asked if they had a certain sized tank and instead of answering us, they just handed us a paper ruler and walked away.

    The place is massive and airy. The small cafe/snack store is a nice touch as it helped my excited but thirst kids to have cooling drinks while waiting.

    Will visit again next time!

  14. Avatar photo

    The best fish farm in Singapore to me. Very clean and comfortable place for u and ur family, young and old. Variety of fishes, sea animals and plants. Long kang fishing, terrapin feeding and fish spa available. Prices are affordable. The worker there and friendly and helpful and also knowledgeable. Help me with my enquiries. Will return there.

  15. Avatar photo
    Melissa Eisner

    Fun place to go to see and shop for tropical fish. There is a great selection plus all the accessories you’d need to bring s pet home with you.

  16. Avatar photo
    siewlan liow

    Good place to relax during weekend.
    Free shuttle bus from chua chu kang pick up place Bay 1 on hourly basis.

    Kid friendly activities such as catching fish at small ponds 1 hr $10. Fish spa also available @ adult $10 and kid $5.

    Only mini mart like 7 eleven selling quick bites and snacks food so recommended to take your meal before come in.

    Overall friendly staffs and is a place you may explore for 2-3hrs.

    Good variety of pet fish available.

  17. Avatar photo

    Children can catch fishes ( $6 ) and feed the turtles and fishes ( $1 per packet ) while adults can enjoy the fish spas ( $10 ). Children under 12 can do the fish spa for $5.

  18. Avatar photo
    Prem Letchuman

    Still a fantastic place and variety is really good. Prices are affordable and a must visit for arowana lovers. A lot of good and affordable louhan with huge bobble heads!

  19. Avatar photo
    Low Wee Heng

    This is probably one of the best place for aquarists and families who want to have a slightly different place to visit and explore.

    There is a large variety of fishes and aquarium creatures that would fascinate both adults and children.

    If you are an aquarist, you can find all the supplies you might need here.

    There’s also an area where you pay a small amount to allow you to try to catch some fishes. For people who are more familiar, these fishes are commonly referred to as “long kang” fishes or drain fishes. Obviously you are not going to keep them long term as pets, because they are not in the best conditions already.

    It is very far though. Best option is to drive.

    Admission is free, parking is free. Cashless payments accepted if you are purchasing.

  20. Avatar photo
    Kenny Lew

    There are ponds designed for kids to catch longkang fish. It will be a fun place to have your young children staying outdoor busy and have interesting catches of small little fishes.

  21. Avatar photo
    fiOna fiOz

    Never fail me each time I go.
    There’s also a long Kang fishing popular among the kids and parents! You can also bring the fish home and it comes with a tank! Uncle also gave some extra fish. …

  22. Avatar photo

    Great place yo start up the aquarium hobby. Best place to buy aquarium tanks, filters, food medications and Fishes. Great for beginners

  23. Avatar photo

    It’s really fun but it oso hot too….lol…

  24. Avatar photo
    Sing Lim

    Honestly quite good for a weekend short outing with young children. You got to see all kinds of ornamental fish. Mostly local fish that you don’t see much in aquarium.

  25. Avatar photo
    Danny Ng

    Nice place to bring family for visit to escape from the city. They have huge variety of fishes and kids will love it alot. They also offer longkang fishing but not easy to catch if you do not have the skills. They allow you to bring home the fishes and they provide a small tank. Friendly staff will give you fishes if you do not catch any. But do take note that they fishes won’t last more than a week.

  26. Avatar photo
    Hisham Hashim

    A place where kids able to experience types of fresh water fish..
    Staff are friendly & always helpful to explains about their products even with kids..

  27. Avatar photo
    Syukril zzz

    Really really great place to go to. If youre looking for a fish to keep as a pet, this is the place to go. Has many options to chose from, it has many goldfishes, cichlids, crabs, even an albino alligator gar. You can also come here with your family just to look at some colourful and beautiful fishes

  28. Avatar photo
    SoonTeong Yeoh

    Large variety of fish and aquarium accessories. Reasonable prices. Can be an informative family outing for the kids.

  29. Avatar photo
    Joel Tan

    Fun place. I think there are enough reviews to testify, enough said.

  30. Avatar photo
    Summergolightly P.

    For the aquarium hobbyists n fish lovers, this is where u can get aquarium accessories, pretty fishes!

  31. Avatar photo

    Longkang fishing was experience was good. However, saw their staff (one tall guy) and 3 customers smoke openly in the high traffic sheltered area while kids were walking about. Very inconsiderate. Visited on 31 Jul 2020. Wonder if the management condones such actions

  32. Avatar photo
    Jerome Lim

    Great for 2-3 hours of fun while admiring the large collection of fishes. Free parking too! Visitors can feed a koi pond ($1) or catch some lonkang fishes ($6). Prices can vary depending on the type of fish you are getting. Huge variety of accesorries but limited tank sizes.

  33. Avatar photo
    Kearvek McKnight

    Always a great place to by healthy fish but if you ever buy shrimp and other types of fish ask them to pack separately.

  34. Avatar photo
    Min L

    Great variety of fishes and aquarium accessories found here, but would not recommend buying a betta here. From the few times I’ve been here, some of the bettas on display are overpriced and some others don’t look too healthy at all. Would recommend buying betta at other aquarium stores if you are looking for one.

  35. Avatar photo
    Weng Tay

    Bought a water filter that I found was cracked when I got home. Brought it back to exchange on the same day. Staff was almost accusatory when I asked for exchange. Asking if I had dropped it?!? Proceeded to exchanged the body only and gave me back the other parts from my original. Why would they do that? Were they going to keep the parts to repack and sell? Why not just give me a whole new package in exchange? Not the greatest customer service attitude for sure.

  36. Avatar photo
    ATL T

    A fish farm located off lim chu kang area. Good for sourcing fish related supplies and marine fish. Can join as a member at the accessories shop.

    Also a place for children to experience long kang fishing. Saw some adults using bread to lure the fish and net them. Not sure if this is allowed.

    There is also a turtle pond and fish pond for feeding and fish spa.

    Parking should be no issue. Plenty of space here and free shuttle bus.

    There is also a cafe for refreshments.

  37. Avatar photo
    Apple Tree Fruit

    I do recommend the fish spa, and it has a wide variety of fish.

  38. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Ling

    Nice place to spend a few hours of your weekend in. Place is spacious and there are activities suitable for all ages such as longkang fishing where you can scoup up guppies from a man-made drain or dip your feet into one of 3 ponds fish spa for some fish massage

  39. Avatar photo

    It’s our first time here. I must say its an eye opener for me. It has one of the largest selection of ornamental fish.

    Its a great place to let the children spend their weekend.

    Oh before i forget, they also allow fish feeding. happy feeding.

  40. Avatar photo
    HM Choo

    Wide range of fish. Take a mini tour in here & you would have thought you are in a aquarium, even if you are not buying fish. A must visit if you are in the area!

  41. Avatar photo
    Jedidiah Lim

    Guys.. go to nearby Rainbow instead. Bigger and same stuff at 20% cheaper. This qian hu is over priced n poor advice from staff. Wanted substrate for a planted tank but adviced me to get expensive sand n also nudged me to buy more than required. Same sand cost $32 at rainbow but $41 at qian hu. Charged me $80 for lights that is sold at $55 at clementi 328, $68 at nearby rainbow. Not a place to go for planted tanks n hardscaping.
    Tanks also limited variety and 30% pricier than Rainbow

    Never coming back.

  42. Avatar photo
    Marc Soh

    Great selection of aquarium related products, ranging from fish to accessories to supplies. They have begun stocking some marine related items as well as exotic terrapins. However, i will feel that they’re still more for the freshwater enthusiast. Service is good enough, don’t go expecting vip level of service and do appreciate that they can be busy with their own tasks and you’ll be fine.

  43. Avatar photo

    Excellent Customer Service, wide variety of fish and aquarium equipments perfect for all fish keepers both new and experienced, nice ambience, plenty of parking spaces

  44. Avatar photo
    Antonio Armando

    Well maintained & clean farm. Alot of choices if you are buying fishes or going there just to see them swimming around. Price is a little more expensive than the normal aquarium shops.

  45. Avatar photo
    Emil Sunny filled activities for kids and adults. Can do fishing and fish spa. My kid enjoyed a lot and I enjoyed the fish spa.

  46. Avatar photo
    Hui Xian Ling

    Quite isolated but there shuttle bus at Cck bus interchange which make it convenient to get there. A very big fish farm where u get to see many variety of fishes and to shop for fish/pets accessories.

  47. Avatar photo
    Han Yoong

    The big arowana farm and the infamous owner “Kenny the fish”.

    There’s lots of activity that can be done for kids and aquarist.

    Price wise, the food/fish/equipment are expensive than local shop. But You’re definitely going to get what you need for a fish keeper.

  48. Avatar photo
    Martin Koh

    I like the range of fishes there. Lovely place to get out of the bustle of city life and go to a fish farm. Good range of fresh water fishes

  49. Avatar photo
    Daniel Ting

    Great place for kids to try and catch some fish. Will be given some if they fail to catch any. Huge selection of fish.

  50. Avatar photo

    We took our two small children (2 and 4) to Qian Hu Fish Farm over the weekend. Besides selling a wide variety of fish and fish accessories, this farm also offers several fun activities for children. We chose net fishing, which provided us with fishing nets and the chance to catch (and keep) small fish from a pond. One caution is that most of this farm is located outdoors, so coming here on cooler days might be best.

  51. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Er

    Great place with a reasonably priced and large variety of fish. Nice place to visit if you’re around the area. Interesting experience with its visitor friendly compound which is easy to navigate around. Only downside is that, it is Abit far out and inaccessible HAHHAA
    But that is what makes a rural experience in a city like place in Singapore.

  52. Avatar photo
    Izat Zainal

    Alot of choices of fish.. a great place to explore with your loved ones & see all the different type of fishes.. Theres shuttle bus heading there for those without their own transport.. *PLEASE DOUBLE CONFIRM IF THERES STILL SHUTTLE BUS TO THE FARM*

  53. Avatar photo
    ernest chua

    Nice place for the family to hang out. The workers are friendly and there are many variety of fishes for you to explore and purchase.

  54. Avatar photo
    Roger Dean

    Great Advice and friendly staff to start a new Hobby.

  55. Avatar photo
    Julianto Hartono

    Bring Fun to you

  56. Avatar photo
    Lee Adrian

    Many types of fishes to choose. Places was big enough and well maintain. They also provide shuttle service, good for those without transportation. Also a food/drink station there. Also there is fish therapy and longkang for kids to catch fishes. Overall not a bad place to have a family outing there.

  57. Avatar photo
    emelyn Gem

    Best places to bring yr family especially you have an aquarium at home. There is an aquarium shop to buy fish food, plants everything about aquarium and fish. Daddies will be shopping at the shop, the kids will be occupied with longkang fishing with the grandparents while the mother is doing fish spa. Prefect outing day for a family.

  58. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Lee

    Brought 3 of our tiny grandkids to this family-friendly place this morning. Travelling there was like going back in time — to the 60s. Really kampong! … Had much fun and enjoyment. The purpose of going and the highlight of the visit was the “longkang fishing.” Attached pics explain Also, visited the fish farm and aquarium shop there. Great to have a small canteen there with ice cream avail. All under shade. Total time spent there: 2 hrs

  59. Avatar photo
    Johnny T

    Great place to go to if you have your own transportation. But open space with all the equipment you need to start your own fish tank. They even have a pond area for little kids to go scoop small fishes…. As well as teaching them about patience and tactics.

  60. Avatar photo
    Tung Tung

    Came here because of the longkang fishing. $6 for 30mins of fishing with a small net at the ponds. You get to keep whatever fishes you caught inclusive of a small plastic tank.

  61. Avatar photo
    Felicia Koh

    Wide variety of fishes. A good alternative to the underwater world or SEA aquarium. No entry fee and there are activities like long kang fishing or fish spa as well. You can get any kind of fish aquarium accessories here too. Only that you need transport to come in.

  62. Avatar photo
    ꧁【Weijie】꧂ (WJ)

    Not sure was it on restock or what but very few variety of plants, fish species and equipment, when i was there , they don’t even sell Nutrafin and Hakari brand food, but was a very pleasant place to visit

  63. Avatar photo

    Cordial greetings.
    Ocean Blue Fish ornamental based in Bogota Colombia .
    Licensed to export and legal records. It offers its products to potential customers.

    We work with professional ethical standards in commerce , serve with quality. It is a growing business , founded by a Navy Warrant Colombia , and has designed some of their income from fish shops to social work with children and young people from marginalized sectors

    We comply with the standard for export and care of species sending our clients the best tropical freshwater fish.
    Waiting for your reply cordially ,

    Luis Ramos Eduardo Correa .
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    Reg NIT.15.025449 -6
    Export License -000,187-14

  64. Avatar photo
    Lelaina Lim

    On Thursday; I brought my grandson to catch fishes and walk the farm. He has a great time feeding, catching and watching the fishes ; turtles and even lobsters in the ponds and tanks..such great varieties of fishes and marine creatures available in QIAN HU! Even i am amassed by them..they come in rainbow colors too..sure will be back to feed more fishes…

  65. Avatar photo
    Celeste Lim

    A good and nice place for the kids to catch fishes in the pool. But too few fishes. Cafe staff is friendly. My nephew falls into the pool. The cafe staff gave us a pant for my nephew to change. Good service.

  66. Avatar photo
    daniel chia

    Has a variety of fish pumps, aerators, etc. They have even patented their own method of water purification for fishes which they use in their own brand of filters. Besides all types of fishes and accessories, there’s a fish spa, lokang fishing for kids, turtle feeding etc. Can be quite a relaxing place to be for an hour or two. They should have developed the cafe further to include some cooked food or just packet nasi lemak etc. SE coffee tea would be nice too. Had a relaxing trip and some fun for my kids. Thumbs up.

  67. Avatar photo
    Wenquan Chen

    Enjoyed the time there trying the fish spa and longkang fishing with the little one. Wide collection of fishes and aquarium accessories as well

  68. Avatar photo
    Juliani Lim

    This is where you can try to catch the fish by yourself and can bring it to home. Nice activities for children.

  69. Avatar photo

    Family friendly, tons of different fishes and there’s a convenience shop at the entrance. A great little tiny area for resting, cheap affordable like typical mama shops. Everything needed for gettin a fish can be found there

  70. Avatar photo
    Eric Cheok

    Spending $230 of nice beautiful goldfish for my first visit , will not back again wit staff ignoring service given !

  71. Avatar photo
    LimBeh H

    Guess it’s a must go place. Especially for kids and adult alike. Althought it is far but still worth it.

  72. Avatar photo
    Christal YSL

    A nice place for children. They are amazing by the fishes. Always end the day with ice cream won’t be wrong

  73. Avatar photo
    Yi Xuan

    Do not get the plants sold in the tanks they have parasites on them. Got a plant there for my goldfish tank and the aquarium lice that it came with it killed all of my goldfishes

    Nonetheless the place was still huge and had a large variety of everything

  74. Avatar photo
    Pinnacle Myanmar

    No need to bring the kids to Underwater World anymore. Just come here and let them see all the different ornamental fishes in the fish tanks. Open to the public and quite spacious. Would be great if there are more activities for the kids. One thing I do not understand is, why they do the Safe-Entry scanning and temperature-taking (for all members in the car) at the gate, causing a queue of cars to form up outside the gate.

  75. Avatar photo
    Tan Lai Heng

    Nice place to let people see, and know a lot of fishes as they place a lot of labels(very considerate!) They also sells fish such as Koi, Goldfish, Arowanan. They also have entertainment such as Fish Spa, Fish catching and feeding ponds. Definitely Recommended for families.

  76. Avatar photo
    Sylvester “Toyo” Han

    Great place to take your time to pick an aquarium pet. The people there are also helpful if you approach and ask.

  77. Avatar photo

    One great outing place for kids and family. Kids were all excited catching longkang fish and strolling at the aquarium fish display. It was a happy outing for all! Yes, staffs are all pleasant and approachable!

  78. Avatar photo
    poh hee Low

    Great selection of tropical fish. Weekend getaway for young family since there is longkang fishing for kids.

  79. Avatar photo

    Lots of live stocks and aquarium products available for purchase. And can bring the kids to catch longkang fish at the back.

  80. Avatar photo
    Kailas Karthikeyan

    Great place for fish spa, even for kids. Turtle feeding and many exotic fish to be seen at the farm

  81. Avatar photo
    Andre Yong

    Like your Long Kang fishing the fish are strong in your farm the Long Kang fish is very weak could you make them stronger? Because when I brought them home they died the next day

  82. Avatar photo
    Franco Yue

    We frequent here sometimes. Amazingly, Qian Hu fish farm have many species of fishes,terrapins,crabs and even snails!! There many sizes of the fishes like the black Molly,is quite small. And many other breeds of crabs,fishes,terrapins and snails!! And if you want to fish,this is one of the best places you can go especially for children!!! Is like a longKang fishing that comes with a fish tank and a fish net. They sell many! Many kinds of fishes that you could buy! Whatever fishes like betta fishes but for betta fishes,However,you must separate them. Or else,they will fight. I shall say that whoever reads my review,shall come to Qian Hu Fish Farm.

  83. Avatar photo
    Marc Ho

    Longkau fishing fun for kids but hard to catch.

    Bought a tank and plant for the fishes.

  84. Avatar photo
    Gin D Pang

    This is a good spot for family fun, to admire fishies, equipped with restrooms and some rest area as well. Not much mozzies too which is a pleasant surprise. Getting them can be quite challenging, so I suggest grab or cab there.

  85. Avatar photo
    Adeline Lee H L

    Always my fav place to get all types of fishes and of coz the fish spa is great for the kids too️

  86. Avatar photo
    Mike Sim

    Entry is free, but you will need to pay for longkang fishing and the fish spa. Big range of aquarium supplies here. And of course, fishes! Prices are generally cheaper than retail pet shops. However, the location is a bit off the beaten track, so it helps if you have your own transport.

  87. Avatar photo
    Sanjit Gill

    Great place to see the wide variety of fishes and buy supplies

  88. Avatar photo
    Teddy Chan

    cheap and affordable for kids to be exposed to longkang fishing and other kinds of aquatic animal. This uncle who packs the fishes u caught was very friendly. thanks!

  89. Avatar photo
    Daniel Bux

    Overpriced, but still a very good place to go. Do not buy koi from them though, go to close by (1min away) Nippon Koi – best koi farm ever (good prices – not an advert or anything) They have 18 inch koi at qian hu for $250 and at nippon koi its about $100 and they HAVE THE BEST QUALITY AT NIPPON KOI but at qian hu the fish arrived stressed and start to bleed and develop red spots (ugly – but people still buy without knowing)

  90. Avatar photo
    Franco Yue

    We frequent here sometimes. Amazingly, Qian Hu fish farm have many species of fishes,terrapins,crabs and even snails!! There many sizes of the fishes like the black Molly,is quite small. And many other breeds of crabs,fishes,terrapins and snails!! And if you want to fish,this is one of the best places you can go especially for children!!! Is like a longKang fishing that comes with a fish tank and a fish net. They sell many! Many kinds of fishes that you could buy! Whatever fishes like betta fishes but for betta fishes,However,you must separate them. Or else,they will fight. I shall say that whoever reads my review,shall come to Qian Hu Fish Farm.

  91. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ho

    Nice fish farm to find fishes in wholesale prices if you are consider buying alot. But more interesting is they have many area for family or a day out doing random fun stuff like catching longkang fish(must pay) and see many fishes and big fishes.

  92. Avatar photo
    Nat Goh

    I learned a lot about marine life and had fun catching longkang fish!

  93. Avatar photo
    Taq Danish

    Probably the best fish farms in Singapore! Best place to bring your family to see a whole lot of tropical fishes! Other activities include a longkang fishing for kids, a fish spa and tortoise feeding. They even have a small store where you can buy snacks or even a simple lunch! My favourite is the instant noodle with egg and hotdog cooked and served by the counter assistant!

  94. Avatar photo
    Amos Hoe

    Hard to get to but good place to admire beautiful ornamental fishes. Be careful, very inspiring content, high chances of ending up with a new fish tank or new fishes. : )

    My little girl had (some) fun chasing fishes around in a small play area where you can pay a small fee and try to catch some small fishes. The fishes are not the expensive kind but it’s the chasing around experience that you are paying for. (Hint: if you fail to catch any, don’t worry, the kind uncle at the station will ensure you still go home with a small tank full of fishes. )

    The staff were extremely friendly and helpful but seemed to be more comfortable with Mandarin than English.

    Nice place for a short outing, especially if you like colourful fishes.

  95. Avatar photo
    Maxx Wong

    Everything you want or wish to have is here

  96. Avatar photo

    Lady Cashier with red face kinda arrogant , i asked for extra plastic bag to put my orchid plant cuz ill be on a bike but refuse to give me…fine theeeen. .. …

  97. Avatar photo
    Timothy TM

    Great and huge place to bring the kids to see fish. Lots of different types of fish and ground tanks make it easy viewing. You can spend an hour plus here and there restaurant for lunch. Abit out of the way but worthwhile.

  98. Avatar photo
    Hassan Mohd Yatim

    Nice place to visit with the grandchildren. Not only, can view the variety of fresh and salt water fishes, we can also feed the carps and tortoises.

  99. Avatar photo
    Ju Mi

    Wonderful place for fish lovers. Had a great fun activity time with the kids doing longkang fishing followed by a tickling giggling time at the fish spa.

  100. Avatar photo
    Janice Tan

    The new setup looks very modern and the fish in general look healthier!

    Quite a long time ago I had a bad experience with calling them as they refused to help anyone check if the fish they want is even there. They just told me and some others to come and look to see if it’s there ourselves. But whoever is managing their instagram account now is quite helpful! They helped me look for the type of fish I want and when they didn’t have it, sent me some alternatives. I ended up buying some fish from there and they’re still thriving!

  101. Avatar photo
    Sarinah Sabari (Sarthahirah)

    A big farm. U can find different fishes in tanks. U can do fish spa, feed the koi or do longkang fishing. Except that when the weather is hot, the longkang fishing using small net, can be a sweaty activity.

  102. Avatar photo
    Desmond Lim

    Currently under partial renovation on their arowana gallery. A lot of fishes not in stock but currently, maybe due to season, huge selection of discuses.

  103. Avatar photo
    Cindy Ho

    Great variety of fish and would recommend coming here to buy them although it is located i n a very secluded place but worth the trip

  104. Avatar photo

    If you are keen in keeping fishes , this place is not to be misses out as i believe is one of the biggest or the biggest fish farm opened to the public. You can basically get almost everything related to fishes here and a nice place to bring children to see fishes as well even you are not keen to buy or keep as pets

  105. Avatar photo
    Kasi Manash

    Very good. It has almost all types of fishes. must visit

  106. Avatar photo
    Wan Yi Lim

    Used to be bigger but there’s still a wide variety of aquatic animals from saltwater to fresh water, there’s even a large shop for all your aquarium needs and a gallery of rare fishes

  107. Avatar photo
    Enzo Tan

    The free version of sea aquarium with free parking too. Comes with longkang fishing tho its super hard to catch. Uncle offered us more guppies to take away cos we only caught 2 when he pack up for us. A good place to explore with family.

  108. Avatar photo
    Rtexal Tan

    One of the biggest, though i have to add that the longkang fishing is almost impossible to catch with the small circle net. The uncle was nice enough to gift us a few fishes as we ended up with no catch.

  109. Avatar photo
    Fandy W

    Good fun experience for kids, one stop shopping for fresh water fish tank lover, from basic kit set aquarium to more sophisticated one.

  110. Avatar photo
    Deadom Tong

    Good variety of freshwater and marine species available here, plus the fish spa and longkang fish catching, it’ll keep enthusiasts enthralled for hours. Although I have to say I’m rather disappointed and expected a whole lot more to this place. Help/assistance is not too far away when you need it. Price is on the higher side on almost all section of items.

  111. Avatar photo
    Yitch (Yitch)

    Interesting space to get your Feng shui fish, aquarium stuff and maybe just bring your kids around. Sizeable enough space with a huge collection of space

  112. Avatar photo
    Irfaners Inc

    This is my “go-to” fish shop to buy my aquarium tanks as well as materials for aquascaping. They are also selling a large range of fishes ranging from common fishes such as guppies and tetras to rare, almost exotic fishes such as orange clownfish, white spotted ray and cowfish.

  113. Avatar photo
    Reuter Chua

    Family oriented aquarium fish supplies and pets. Huge place can spend hours there.

  114. Avatar photo
    Nur Aisyah Abdullah

    It’s an affordable place to go and catch the longkang fishing and fish spa. I used the fave app so $10 consist of 30 minutes longkang fishing and 30 minutes fish spa. And don’t worry of you didn’t get any longkang fishes cause they will make you bring home some fishes and the experience were good and not to mention they have a shuttle bus to and fro from CCK to the place. So easy access.

  115. Avatar photo
    Alex Liang

    Qian Hu is my favourite spot to shop for pet fishes and aquarium accessories. This place is huge and spacious to browse at your own leisure. I can spend one to two hours here appreciating and marvelling at the large varieties of different fishes here. Price is reasonable and staffs are well-trained and friendly. The fact that is located at a rural farm area make it more appealing to visit and escape the city for an hour or two.

  116. Avatar photo
    Joy L.

    Still as robust as I remembered during 2000s. A great place to bring kids out for excusion.

  117. Avatar photo

    First visit to Quan Hu. Little one was begging all the way to buy some fish back. Did the longkang fishing thingy ($6) to satisfy her and brought back 15 fish. Finally spent $60 on the aquarium and feed …

  118. Avatar photo
    melwin john christopher

    The best fish farm in Singapore with a wide range of aquatic life.

  119. Avatar photo
    Ray Fang

    Was there on Sunday with the children and they loved to watch all the colourful exotic fish and animals. Ended the trip with long kang fishing (costs only $6/30 minutes) which the children enjoyed, though they didn’t manage to catch anything. Still managed to bring back some fish from another parent in a complimentary fish tank.

  120. Avatar photo
    michel Le havre

    The longkang fishing was great for the kids. we caught a big fish but had to let it go as the tank was too small. wonder if qian Hu will let us keep if we want it???

  121. Avatar photo
    Chad T

    Beautiful exotic fish for sale and a fun fish spa. Definitely a strange and fun experience for American travelers.

  122. Avatar photo

    The best fish farm u have visited there is a lot of varieties of fish including saltwater and freshwater the betta corner is the best as it has even the best quality betta for the best price

  123. Avatar photo
    Kamsani Palali

    Many varieties of fish available – both salt and fresh water. A hobbyist favourite place. Also a nice place to destress yourself with a country surroundings. Not many places like this in Singapore nowadays.

  124. Avatar photo
    Steven Goh Yi Hong

    Fun place to bring kids and friends to visit the one stop shop for majority aquarium stuff. Lots of variety of fishing’s.

  125. Avatar photo
    Aaron Song

    Both marine and fresh water fish available. Lots of variety n affordable prices. Amber parking space n not too difficult to reach.

  126. Avatar photo
    Tze Yik Lim

    We go there for the longkang fish fun, but it is not as fun as OKTO. Because it not allow to step instep the pond. So, it is very difficult to catch any single fish. not much achievement from children. Personally i would prefer OKTO longkong fish experience.

  127. Avatar photo
    Elvin Yuen

    Fun and enjoyable for kids fishing in the longkangs. 1st time visiting was surprised to see all kinds of aquarium pets.. Eg. fishes, snails, crabs, prawns etc.

  128. Avatar photo
    Ping Tong

    Perfect place to go for fish lovers. Recommended. I loved it so much!

  129. Avatar photo
    Rachel L

    Fish look generally very healthy and goldfish tanks are almost spotless.

    One minus is that for products, they sell mainly their in house brand, which I didn’t find cheaper than usual brands at all.

  130. Avatar photo
    efamily5 tan

    A one stop services for all aquarium needs with free Shuttle bus servicess available from CCK MRT.

  131. Avatar photo
    Antony Lee

    Fish spa is good, many fish help remove your old skin, must try.
    You also can buy fish here, and child can catch fish.

  132. Avatar photo
    Laura Ong

    Went there multiple times. Longkang fishing is always great for younger children. Eight variety of shrimp, but the aquatic plants are a bit more expensive than LFS. Stock plenty of goldfish and koi. Staples are rays, flowerhorns, but the selection in the gallery might change from season to season. Second last time there were plenty of discus and knives, but when I went there there were more small fish like guppies etc. Bought a marimo from there, but there were white crystals trapped?

    Only problem is the location. You can’t just walk there, it’s close to Farmart and SPCA, but there are no walking paths in the area. So you have to take the free shuttle bus from Choa Chu Kang Interchange, which comes every hour at 9.00 onwards to around 6.00/5.30, depending on the day of the week. The bus leaves at 9.15, 10.15 onwards at every fifteenth minute of the hour until around 5.45. Check the shuttle bus schedule for more details.

  133. Avatar photo
    Ayid Tyson (ayid88tyson)

    Nice place. Weather was hot, hotter than usual. Read the map for more information because there will be no one to guide you. Ask the staff if you have any questions. Wide selection of beginner friendly fishes. Again, ask staff if in doubt. Seems there’s some upgrading going on. Enjoyable experience. Bring a small battery powered fan or something coz it really was hot.

  134. Avatar photo
    A & A Familia

    Best place to get your aquariums need. The staff was effiecient and solid polite

  135. Avatar photo
    James Teo

    Great for family outing and for children to learn more about aquarium fishes

  136. Avatar photo
    3 Putt Hero

    You can find all kind of ornamental fishes here. Cheaper when compared to the shops. Only setback is that its kinda far. Worth a visit if you’ve never been.

  137. Avatar photo

    One great outing place for kids and family. Kids were all excited catching longkang fish and strolling at the aquarium fish display. It was a happy outing for all! Yes, staffs are all pleasant and approachable!

  138. Avatar photo
    M Yunes

    A good place to spend a quality time wit family. Longkang fishing, feeding tortoise n fish n fish spa for everyone in d family. A gd place to buy fish n AROWANA.

  139. Avatar photo
    Da Duck

    Great fish and other animals, beautiful and detailed, with polite staff and perfect tanks. They give fish rearing tips and all they sell not only fish, but turtles, albino arowanas, stingrays, starfish, crawfish ETC

    This is the greatest fish shop!

  140. Avatar photo
    Sinbad Han

    Fish lover paradise! Variety of different fish, equipments n also there is a small corner selling snacks. Not forgetting catching guppies… Suitable for family outing. Vegetable farms near by too.

  141. Avatar photo
    Anaq Ampin

    Free Transport, quite place..

  142. Avatar photo

    This is probably the most famous ornamental fish farm in Singapore with a wide variety of fishes and aquarium accessories to purchase. It was rather annoying to encounter staff who smoked while working at the fish aquarium areas.

  143. Avatar photo
    Barrie Ooi

    Not bad, large place. Lots of fish but also alot of people smoking. Mostly staff so not as kid friendly.

  144. Avatar photo

    Good place for fish lovers.

  145. Avatar photo
    Kee Choon Wee

    A rural fish farm wide a decent varieties of aquatic creatures. You can find several species of guppies and more(mini crabs, string ray-like creature, turtles). Accessories for rearing fishes can be found here too. Parking is free.

  146. Avatar photo
    Weng Wah Wong

    Price of fishes and accessories are about 2x of local fish shop. I think they import their fishes for distribution to their reseller.

  147. Avatar photo
    Lin Huihui Maya

    Very family oriented place. You can try their longkang fishing, it’s fun. Kids will definitely enjoy it!

  148. Avatar photo
    Jerry QUEK Cheng Pang

    A very big fish farm located in the Sungei Tengah area. The place consist of a retail section and an import/ export section.The retail section is open to the public.There are lots of differrent types of fishes from all over the world on display for local sales, also including aquarium accessaries, fish feeds and fish medications. The import/export section is out of bound to the public.It is strictly for their import/ export purposes only. There are parking lots within the vincinity.Sundays and public holidays will see quite alot of visitors there.
    There is also a cafe for drinks and snacks.
    Dated : 06/10/2019 ( Sunday ).
    Posted 2 photos.

  149. Avatar photo
    Kristine Lam

    Good place for kids to play. Just buy 30mins of fishing at $6. If you cant catch fish, the uncle may just give you some. The other fish items are more ex than some shops outside. It is known for its quality, not price.

  150. Avatar photo

    Far but, you will find some exotic fishes here too. They made some renovations over the past few years. Definitely more circulation space, nester tank setup and healthier fishes. Overcrowding but compensated by larger tank space. Bulk purchase to get discounts on fishes. Nice chill place but fishes are sold slightly higher price compared to your local fish store. But local fish stores are often crowded and packed, not to mention limited by safe distancing measures. If you are looking for arowana, probably best to look for private deals. Definitely a place to get more variety of goldfishes and kois here.

  151. Avatar photo
    Frank Rider

    Two thumbs up
    Nice and fun environment
    Kids love it …

  152. Avatar photo
    Shaufi Saudi

    Nice, clean, spacious and modern fish farm. It’s all in one concept allows customers to buy fishes, both fresh and marine, tanks and equipment, and even has a play area for kids to catch ‘longkang’ or drain fishes for keeps. There’s also a cafeteria for weary legs and empty stomachs. Location is quite inaccessible if one does not have their own transportation – however Qianhu does provide shuttle bus services from nearby Choa Chu Kang HDB estate.

  153. Avatar photo
    Priyanka somasundaram

    Very very cheap and excellent time pass place for kids and all. Even older ones can get some fun during catching fish. They have shuttle bus, small shop along with restrooms, Aquarium supplies, everything. Very simple and cheaper weekend is assured here.

  154. Avatar photo
    Jason Selvam

    Mr Patrick,who answered our queries was very helpful and polite. We were new in owing a fish tank, he advice was very helpful. Thank you Mr Patrick, we will definitely patronize your shop again and again.

  155. Avatar photo
    Alan Teo

    Nice place to visit for kids to look the the tropical fishes including buying some to keep as pets at home. They also have terrapins, crabs, prawns and Japanese shrimps of you are interested in unique pets.
    To the older kids, there is a translated ‘ small canal’ got them to net fishes and bring home if they can catch them. Not easy as I can see the nets are not designed for netting the fishes easily but kids can have lots of exciting fun there

  156. Avatar photo
    Catherine Ong

    Brought two Preschoolers there for longkang fishing. They had load of fun attempting to catch the fishes (who are masters at getting away) and even more fun feeding the turtles and fishes. The staff there were kind enough to let them bring some fishes home after the two disappointed children didn’t manage to catch even one fish. Would have been easier to just buy the fish. Haaa. But OK lah, the kids had fun. All part of the experience.

    Before we left, we stopped by the small cafe for snacks and drinks. Reasonably priced!

    Overall worth the half hour drive in as the children had a good afternoon there.

  157. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ng

    A very good place for family activities

  158. Avatar photo
    Fei Fei Chiam

    I had a relaxing fish spa here. There’s all you need for your fishes and aquarium. Next door there are live meal worms to feed your large fishes if you need.

  159. Avatar photo
    Chi Siang Ang

    This is a place for fish. Easily the widest selection of fresh water fish in the region. Fishes are healthy and cheap. They have all sorts of Bettas and cichlids. Plenty of goldfishes. All kinds of plecos and guppies. Equipment wise nothing to shout about. Very limited. Mostly their housebrands. Next to zero accessories for planted tanks. Some very obsolete lightings.

  160. Avatar photo
    Jovin Eng

    Good spot to shop for aquatic supplies and necessities. Really a one stop shop with wide ranges of supplies.
    However, the longkang fishing was not really a fun place for kids as the provided nets are to small and shallow to allow kids to catch the fishes themselves. Even grown ups like us is having difficulty catching 3 fishes in 1 hour ($10 per hour). When walking thru the Qian Hu area can see they selling those same longkang fishes about $3 for a bag of 40 to 50 fishes… Lolx.
    If they created this as an easier sport with better nets etc, more families will be more willing to pay and let their kids play as the catch rate is higher.

  161. Avatar photo
    Xun Xu

    The largest aquarium shop I have visited so far in Singapore. Fish are very well stocked and in very good condition. The aquarium is very spacious so you don’t feel uncomfortable spending hours just enjoy looking at fish. The price is reasonable given stocking some rare species and more importantly the size. I would recommend African cichlids keepers to visit as you couldn’t resist buying some as I did.

  162. Avatar photo
    Sunny Khoo (theFalcon)

    Very friendly staff, they are very helpful to show and guide us to the right items to start fish keeping. But the same items here is more costly then other farm.

  163. Avatar photo
    S. Lee

    A Sunday outing. Unfortunately, a few tanks have dead fish that are not cleared away. Others have sick fishes (example: swimming upside down, white spots on fish). Only one tank did they put a sign that the fish are sick, on treatment and not for sale. The rest of the tanks with sick fishes did not have that warning for buyers. It used to be better.

  164. Avatar photo
    Tay Yi Jia

    Good place to watch and buy fishes and other related accessories. Staff was very friendly and patient when explaining how to care for fishes to me as a first time owner.

    There is a shutter bus service to take advantage of. Longkang fishing and fish spa is available. Only draw back is that it’s pretty far and cellular data sometimes can’t connect.

  165. Avatar photo
    Jerry Zhang

    got shuttle bus is a good thing, next time actually can got a bus from woodlands, then more customers will visit.

  166. Avatar photo
    Wong Tuck Heng

    Very Nice place n so many fish to choose all the fish so beautiful …

  167. Avatar photo
    Annie Low

    nice, big place w wide variety of fish… staff are helpful when approached as well. made suggestions and brought us around to choose suitable fish. unfortunately couldn’t make purchase as they close around 20 mins early (~6.40pm?) even after packing our fish, they said they were closed and hence to come back tomorrow. so yes try not to go so late to avoid disappointment as most of the staff are rushing to catch the shuttle home at 7pm (weekend).

  168. Avatar photo

    Qian hu fish farm is the best place to get fish, as there is a wide variety. Qian hu also has well educated staff that will give you the answers to most of your question. Qian hu also has a variety of food in it’s cafe if you feel hungry. Will come again

  169. Avatar photo
    Sadayan Maideen

    Huge aquatic and aquarium place. Whether to purchase ornamental fish or a kids outing to look at hundreds of types of tropical fish, it is a really nice place. Kids can try the longkang fishing at this place for a fee. Due to its location, accessibility is best via personal transport.

  170. Avatar photo
    Godfrey Thomas F

    Loved the place! Great variety of fish to admire and it’s a good place for kids too!
    The staff are nice and friendly and there’s a shuttle bus that brings you to MRT station so it’s not too inconvenient for a visit.
    Highly recommended!

  171. Avatar photo
    Noor M Said

    Variety of fish, quite an array of accessories and reasonable selection of aqua plants.

    Given 3 stars mainly due to poor upkeeping of the premise, mosquitoes at the gold fish tanks area (at the back of the premise). The Fish Farm has shown its “wear and tear” over the years and wasn’t a cleaned place as it used to be, especially the “longkang fishing” area which was poorly maintained.

    However, its still a great place for people to buy aquatic goods and I still believe this is an awesome place for families, especially those with young children to spend quality time or to learn about aquatic creatures.

  172. Avatar photo

    have all you need including fish tanks and equipment for your pet fish. a wide variety of fishes to choose from. staff are very knowledgeable and overall an enjoyable shopping experience.

  173. Avatar photo
    Alan Teo

    Nice place to visit for kids to look the the tropical fishes including buying some to keep as pets at home. They also have terrapins, crabs, prawns and Japanese shrimps of you are interested in unique pets.
    To the older kids, there is a translated ‘ small canal’ got them to net fishes and bring home if they can catch them. Not easy as I can see the nets are not designed for netting the fishes easily but kids can have lots of exciting fun there

  174. Avatar photo
    mY PeTs Cats and Fishes

    Freshwater Aquarium Supermarket! Plenty of variety of fishes, some seasonal species as well. Prices are cheap when 10pcs or more is purchase. The older staffs will be more experienced to approach for advice.

  175. Avatar photo

    Great place to get your fix of fish haven. Frm filters to tanks, fish food to fish meds. Take note tho their house brand is OF and Eheim.

  176. Avatar photo
    N S

    It was really fun to able to explore and see all the different fish and things u never see before. Fish spa was fun, bought everything including a betta fish at a affordable Price! Recommended but service could have been better was abit disappointed. Otherwise everything is well

  177. Avatar photo
    Anik Sr

    Have been going to Qian Hu for few years but this year I am disappointed as the product just showed its true self , one of the plastic pieces in my fish tank got melted by the UV light we went down to Qian Hu and ask for help we emailed the management the picture of damage all they said was wear and tear and just gave us some free stuff but i still have an hole in the plastic and its harmful for the fish truly disappointed with the service but overall the staff in the showroom are kind and there is a lot of fishes you can buy .

  178. Avatar photo
    Faridah Hajarmustika

    A one stop place for marine and freshwater enthusiasts and beginners. Friendly sales from both equipment and fish section. Guided tour available. Fun for kids to explore a rural setting in the surroundings too.

  179. Avatar photo
    Brian Loh

    Free entrance, lot of fishes variety and pretty spacious. Few rare species too and some never seen before.
    Recommended for all kids and family outing.
    Having small convenient store and few play fun machine for kids.
    Having outdoor sheltered ranch and beaches for dining.
    However nothing to order not eat, purely for resting.
    You can buy fishes too.
    Not that crowded even on weekends.
    Will return for revisit next round.

  180. Avatar photo
    Max Neo

    A wide variety of fishes. Only problem is that its a bit overpriced due to the fact that they’re one of the biggest supplier of pet fish and they don’t want to jeopardize the sales of the shops they supply to so its understandable. Saw a fish with herpes btw.

  181. Avatar photo
    Quantum Aurora

    One of the Best places in Singapore to buy livestock for hobbists , extremely wide selection of everything from freshwater fishes to rays and a limited selection of marine lifestock. The Staff were friendly , knowledgeable and helpful. Taking time to explain and guide you when unsure.
    The place also has one of the cheapest corals avaliable in singapore , with medium to large pieces going for as low as $10 each.
    All in all , this place has everything one will need from tanks to gear required and livestock.

  182. Avatar photo
    Thong Simon

    A lot neater n more organised than pre Covid times.

  183. Avatar photo
    Choz Ho

    A nice place to bring children to catch fishes and spend a relaxing day.

  184. Avatar photo
    Noel Toh

    Find the place very nice and spacious. Have been to quite a few aquariums but this is by far the biggest for me.

    Was very fun to walk around to see the extremely wide range of fish they have, with huge ranges in price as well.

    This is going to be my new favourite fish place.

    Highly recommended for anyone with an interests in fish.

    You will definitely need to either drive or take a taxi though.

  185. Avatar photo
    Calvin Yang

    Wide varieties of fishes and accessories with a cafe for quick meals and drinks

  186. Avatar photo
    Stanley Loh

    The staffs are friendly & some really helpful in sharing.. For the fish, I felt that they have the volume but not the varieties. And the pricing are slightly on the high side on both the fishes & accessories as well. Overall, still worth visiting.

  187. Avatar photo

    Fishes, flowers and aquatic creatures all around ~

  188. Avatar photo
    Hajar Tahir

    been there for 3 times.. all the time was attended by friendly uncles answering noob questions except a few who seem dont wna entertain. replied one or two words. no suggestions at all. kinda killed the vibe to have own fishes. nevertheless will still visit to patronise.

  189. Avatar photo
    Avriel Peter

    Absolutely a great place to spend many days at.
    Live animals (fish, turtles, crabs, lobsters…)
    Acrylic painting
    Net fishing
    Fish Leg Spa
    And more!

    Perfect for all ages.

    We were there thinking teens wouldn’t like the place, even contemplated many times if we should visit the place, but surprisingly we enjoyed it and plan to return again.

    Surprise: look beyond the cafe where the cars park. There is a huge area where they rear fishes. Looks amazingly like malaysia. Gives a country relaxed soothing ambience. Perfect for photos and LIFE!

    Come and visit!

    Long Kang Fishing $6 for 30 mins, $10 for 1 hr.
    Fish Spa $10 for 30 mins.
    Cafe pau approximately $1.30 each
    Hot drink approximately $1.30 each

    Watch our vlogs for in-depth details on what you can expect here!

    Want to know the best places to visit in Singapore?
    Check the list here, Youtube : Astarvlogs

    Need help?
    Dm us on instagram: Astarvlogs

  190. Avatar photo
    nt seow

    Qian Hu has great varieties of aquarium fish and accessories. It is a one-stop place that cater what u need for setting up a new aquarium.

  191. Avatar photo
    Bevis Tan

    it was beautiful, the fish spa was great, got to see so many fishes as well.

  192. Avatar photo
    Jamie “Jamo” Whitehouse

    I could have spent hours there just browsing. Superior rAnge of stock In great condition And hardware. A bit out of the way For tHose in the NE like myself but eminently superior to the other Nearby Largish Rainbow Aquaria. ILL DEFINITELY RETURN.

  193. Avatar photo
    Edulab Academy

    Have visited this farm 4 times. Kids friendly and clean. Hope the cafe open more often

  194. Avatar photo

    It’s a very fun and interesting place. You get to farm Long Kang fish for Kids, and there’s Fish Spa too. You can also buy variety types of fish and fish accessories home!
    Definitely will come again to buy more fishes!

  195. Avatar photo
    Ibumisali Djbu

    My firstime here, the place was big n hav alot of fish for you to choose, from small to the big one owsome, n u also can catch fish in the pond that they put for u to catch good for family activity ( bonding time ), my daughter bought few fish for her acuarium nice, we will come again …

  196. Avatar photo

    Got a lot of fishes & can spend most of our time there!
    The cashier of the accessories shop are quite lazy as when we went to ask where do they sell gravel they just said outside there & we were like wondering where…but everything else was …

  197. Avatar photo
    melody Lin

    Great fish farm !so many activities lokang fishing ,koi feeding,fish spaSO fun (I am 9 years old )

    The lokang fishing is so fun i love it so much thank you and i am 6
    year ‘s old

  198. Avatar photo
    Muhd Ashraf Arsat

    Wide array for fish on display. Reasonable prices. Great place to bring kids to let them see fish.

  199. Avatar photo XYZ

    Experience staff with fish knowledge. AWESOME place to visit with longkang fishing and fish spa. And there’s even a cafe for you ti chill . And FREE shuttle Bus

  200. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ong

    Best place to buy aquarium n fishes.
    Canteen too for relaxation.

  201. Avatar photo
    Hong Rong Ng

    Large fish farm where I assume people know what they’re doing. Unfortunately, at the scale of their operation, the quality of life for fish there isn’t exactly amazing. Plus, the 20 or so neon tetra I purchased from there were infected with ICH and subsequently died mere weeks later. There were other tanks being treated for (presumably) the same illness, but I guess they missed out some tanks.

  202. Avatar photo
    Ivan Khong

    Large selection of aquarium products, with clearance corner. Wide variety of fish and marine/fresh water animals. Fun corner allows kids and adults to catch fish in artificial pond and drains(longkang fishing), as well as feed fishes and terrapins (all for a fee).

  203. Avatar photo
    Mihwa Lee

    Good place to bring little kids for a half day outing. Start with admiring all sorts of fresh to sea water ornamental fishes. Then move onto the back section to feed or catch fishes for a fee. Kids and their parents get a kick out of trying to catch the many tiny fishes in a series of ponds. And get to bring home their catch.

  204. Avatar photo
    Meng Yau

    Good variety of fish, accessories, shrimps, etc. Longkang fishing for kids available and also fish spa.

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