Review Punggol Point Park, Punggol Point Rd, Singapore

Review Punggol Point Park - Singapore Punggol Point Rd

“I really like that place. It is really cool and nice place. I felt on the water when I walked that place. We can see sea view there.” or “It’s a beautiful beach line. Less crowded on weekdays . Good spot for jogging and cycling. Also can click amazing pictures.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Punggol Point Park. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Punggol Point Park is quality.

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  • Address: Punggol Point Rd, Singapore
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“This is a place that you can see ship sailing, hear the wave splashing, feel the breeze touching. A place to see sunset. There is also a few restaurants and a convenient store around.”

“I really like that place. It is really cool and nice place. I felt on the water when I walked that place. We can see sea view there.”

“Pleasant place to chill at and listen to the waves. Sometimes you catch a really pretty sunset. It's next to Punggol Settlement so you could pop over before or after a meal.”

“It's a beautiful beach line. Less crowded on weekdays . Good spot for jogging and cycling. Also can click amazing pictures.”

“A nice place to spend with family. There is a good cycling track. Cycle rental is also available.”

“Enjoyed the scenery of the sea and had fun seeing the terrapins climbing up the sloping wall. Refreshing place for a silent rest point.”

“Scenic park. Quaint and clean. Pretty hard to get to without car”

“A lot of people are enjoying for cycling, running, fishing, walking woth family and friends. Historical place of World war 2 massacre by Japanese soldiers.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 244 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 93% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Punggol Point Park, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Punggol Point Park, Punggol Point Rd, Singapore

There is a total 244 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    sanjay pandit

    Very good park with walking options

  2. Avatar photo
    Isuru Manikkage

    Just beside the sea, can arrive by bus number 84. Several seafood restaurants and cafes around

  3. Avatar photo
    kanna durai

    Very quiet and nice. The beach is good for sand castles but not for a swim. There small turtle pond with good amount of turtles

  4. Avatar photo
    Keith Bambang Indrawan

    Nice trail. And PCN connected. I was tried from Buangkok and going to Kampung Lor Buangkok towards Punggol Point park. The journey is 12km. The view is totally differrnt compare to bukit timah-bukit panjang trail. This trail is side of river with part of mangrove with katsurina tree and part of tree like in Hangzhou when near punggol water point.

  5. Avatar photo
    Timothy C

    Unobstructed view of pasir gudang Malaysia. Walking distance to Coney island. Several eateries serving mookata, also restaurants serving western, seafood and Chinese foods

  6. Avatar photo
    Wong YY

    Good place for a stroll/jog

  7. Avatar photo
    john goh


  8. Avatar photo
    Diyana Taha

    Another of my kids’ favourite places.

    1) Pond full of terrapins. The wall at the side is quite low so when the terrapins climb up, children get to see terrapins up close and personal. There’s alot of birds too flying around the pond so it’s a pretty sight to see.

    2) Toilet : It’s just behind the pond. Wish it was cleaner.

    3) Food/Drinks : There’s vending machines for drinks and an icecream uncle that sells cold drinks and snacks. There’s also a 7-11 nearby.
    There’s a Halal Restaurant at Level 2 above 7-11, Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant.

    4) Beach : The sea is okay not so dirty, but it can get quite deep even though it’s not too far away from beach. Please be extra careful.
    Wish there was a washing area at the foot stairs leading up so that we can wash our feet after having fun at the beach.

    5) Playground : It’s a sandpit, so do bring some sandcastle toys. There is a washing nearby (outside the toilet) There’s an old-school swing which even the adults like. The playground can get super hot on really hot days, if only there was a form of shelter. It’s also quite small. There’s benches all around for parents to sit and watch their children play.

    6) Bicycle : There’s a rental shop for bicycles. You can cycle to Coney Island. That will be my next adventure.

  9. Avatar photo
    Anuradha Ravi

    A nice place to relax after a good hike at nearby coney island.

  10. Avatar photo
    cs Boon

    Great place to relax with friends and family.

    We went for intertidal walk and discover some awesome sea creatures!

    Have to really bend down and you will get too see them.

  11. Avatar photo
    viking T

    Great cycling, running or even a stroll with family location. No bad air from vehicle exhaust & no worries about traffic. However you do need to pay attention to cyclist. Do not walk in 1 like like u own the path. It’s a shared path so keep left as a basic rule of thumb.

  12. Avatar photo
    tzyya won

    Great and beautiful place.

  13. Avatar photo
    En Hoei Jo

    the view is beautiful

    pemandangannya indah

  14. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    Located at Punggol end where used to house bus 82 as a rest stops before continuing the journey back to Northeast. It is harvested into sports lifestyle park / garden lead to Punggol PCN and other parts of the route. You can view the sea side at the deck towards the end of this route.

  15. Avatar photo
    Tianrun Liu

    Good place for a morning run

  16. Avatar photo
    Christopher Seow

    A simple place to enjoy the striat between Johor and Singapore. I think that it is no frills. It is also a cool place as it is breezy. Toilets and bicycle rents are just there.

  17. Avatar photo
    yash paranjape

    Awesome …

  18. Avatar photo
    Choon Huat Tan

    Quite small F&B area and still can chill here after evening

  19. Avatar photo
    Jerry QUEK Cheng Pang

    It is a nice park at the end of Punggol Road ( Punggol Point ).The park has a fish pond with fishes,turtles and lotus flowers in it.There is a children’s playground beside it and also a public car park ( not big/ limited parking lots ).At the seaside is Punggol Jetty with a police post.It is quite a favourite fishing place when the tide is high.Next by the park is the Punggol Settlement ( A big F& B setup ).There are many restaurants,bistrols and cafes there serving different categories of foods and drinks/beverages.During the evenings on week days , it is not crowded, so can stroll the park slowly and enjoy the sea breeze and the sunset.But on Saturday and Sunday evenings,it gets crowded easily.Even the F&B area ( The Punggol Settlement ) is pack with diners.

    Dated : 25/07/2018 ( Wednesday ).

  20. Avatar photo

    My childhood place before everything was developed. Used to be an empty beach with just a jetty.

  21. Avatar photo
    C A

    Tracks are well lit and well planned!

  22. Avatar photo
    asih prihastutik


    sejuk …

  23. Avatar photo
    Nurul Jannah

    Nice place to chill

  24. Avatar photo
    Atanu Lodh

    Good walking and jogging track with sea breeze and scenery….

  25. Avatar photo
    muthu mani

    Very nice

  26. Avatar photo
    Jagan Sivanesan

    Great spot in the morning

  27. Avatar photo
    Luann See

    Pleasant place to chill at and listen to the waves. Sometimes you catch a really pretty sunset.

    It’s next to Punggol Settlement so you could pop over before or after a meal.

  28. Avatar photo
    Sam Suri

    Nice place and very nice night view to relaxing.

  29. Avatar photo
    Roslan Mohamad

    Good place to ease your mind from your busy day. Day or night …

  30. Avatar photo
    Ashish Dubey

    Good place with restaurants and view of Johar strait

  31. Avatar photo
    Avinash M

    Have to experience it for yourself.
    Natural environment.

  32. Avatar photo

    A very good park, has a toilet nearby which is clean and also has a bicycle vending machine and pump. If you do not have a bike there’s a bike rental shop but I’m not sure of the quality. Pathways for bicycles and people are in excellent condition with no random potholes or bumps compared to the rest of Singapore. You can also enjoy the scenery which is breathtaking.

  33. Avatar photo

    breezy, chilly

  34. Avatar photo
    Regu Pillai

    Quite sad, almost all the beaches has disappeared. Only a tine shore line.

  35. Avatar photo
    현한수 (Hansoo Hyun)

    A lot of people are enjoying for cycling, running, fishing, walking woth family and friends. Historical place of World war 2 massacre by Japanese soldiers.

  36. Avatar photo
    Jason Leong

    Nice place to rest and do nothing. …

  37. Avatar photo
    Tatiana Mckenzie

    Morning Picnic @ Punggol Beach

  38. Avatar photo

    so quiet


  39. Avatar photo
    Sethu Bala

  40. Avatar photo
    Steven Tan

    Nice place for a morning walk. Enjoyed the cool morning sea breeze and wonderful sea view. Walking about 1 km along the coastal path led me to Coney Island bringing me into a nature park with lots of greenery and refreshing air. A truly enjoyable morning walk.

  41. Avatar photo

    Very beautiful, I like the environment


  42. Avatar photo
    BH C

    Overlooking Johor Pasir Gudang Shipyard. Not a pretty sight with chimney of flue discharge from its chemical industries at times.

  43. Avatar photo
    Dave Yap

    This is a place that you can see ship sailing, hear the wave splashing, feel the breeze touching. A place to see sunset. There is also a few restaurants and a convenient store around.

  44. Avatar photo
    Dinh Phuong

    Moonlight cycling @ Coney Island …

  45. Avatar photo
    Philip Lee

    Can see jb but cannot go..Haaaa

  46. Avatar photo
    Amitabh Saxena

    Not a very famous outing in Singapore but a place worth visiting either for long walk or cycling.There is a jetty here as well as promenade walk. It is also a gateway to Coney Island – a secluded forest area not very popular.

  47. Avatar photo
    HW o

    Go there loong loong time ago

  48. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Zhang

    Under the construction

  49. Avatar photo
    Siti Zahrinah Binte Othman

    Go go go n experience it for yourself

  50. Avatar photo
    KG Tay

    Nothing much here really. Quite a lot on construction activities going on currently. Main attraction would be the jetty and Punggol Settlement. There’s a pond full of tortoise that is not very well kept. People can be seen feeding them. There is a flight of steps overlooking the sea from which one can see Pasir Gudang. Possible to catch the sunset but view would be better from coney Island which may be closed by the time the sun sets.

  51. Avatar photo

    This place has a beautiful view. The waters and the shore area is quite polluted and crowded on weekends. However, the place is quite and peaceful on weekday.

  52. Avatar photo
    elsen foo

    Playground with sand and swing for kids

  53. Avatar photo
    xu dawei

    Very nice and beautiful

  54. Avatar photo

    Nice quiet park

  55. Avatar photo
    alf ng

    The beach is always dirty and full of rubbish. Have never see authority doing clean-up once before.

  56. Avatar photo
    Anna Louise

    This place has a good workout/exercise area

  57. Avatar photo
    Jolufu Sim

    Big enough place for the community, with a view and access to the sea and lustre greens. Included, but not limited to, a horse stable, children playground, canoeing, and beach volleyball.

  58. Avatar photo

    Cycling Good Place ‍️ …

  59. Avatar photo
    Nicky Ng Kok Yong

    Explore coney Island with my wife

  60. Avatar photo
    Raymond Pau

    Nice place to chill out.

  61. Avatar photo
    WL Tan

    A small jetty where people would fish and workers embark a boat to Pulau Ubin. A nice and cosy place to finish yoour walk/trek. There is a small beaches at the side.

  62. Avatar photo
    The Genesis Family

    A great place for fishing. Relaxing. Come on weekdays morning. It get crowded with anglers over the weekend as its a short pier. Avoid 7.45am to 8.15am as ferry is docking at pier.

  63. Avatar photo
    sarina sanuse

    The scenery is gorgeous

  64. Avatar photo
    Centrepiece furnishing


  65. Avatar photo
    Ronald Chay

    Take some photos

  66. Avatar photo
    Sagar Pawday

    Nice place for a getaway, cycling and decent food options too.

  67. Avatar photo
    BIG playlab

    Very relaxing place, good for family trip

  68. Avatar photo
    Suganes waran

    Very nice …

  69. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Cabral

    Nice beautiful park situated right next to punggol beach. Very cooling, usually not crowded and very tranquil and peacful place in the morning, there is a police station and is connected to the punggol settlement and is very close to the coney island and the upcoming smart hdb-puggol crown and punggol woods-there are many terrapins at the pond and a sandpit playground. This kind of parks are not common in singapore, so this is definitely a 5 stared park for me.

  70. Avatar photo
    Atiikha Wordz

    I came in on Saturday because there weren’t many people so I could see and feel the beauty. I saw a lot of small crabs that were different colors and so beautiful then the blue bird that is looking for its prey. I like this place

  71. Avatar photo
    Vincent JS

    Lots of greenery and is peaceful ️

  72. Avatar photo
    R G

    Lovely walk along the sea and through Coney Island. It’s a bit spoilt now temporarily because of the massive and noisy contruction site for the new development there especially now they are doing a lot of piling work. The airforce keys are as noisy as usual but it’s all worth it to walk among the trees, listen to the birds and enjoy the sea breezes.

  73. Avatar photo
    Tony Ang

    Very nice senary

  74. Avatar photo
    James Joseph Neo

    Haven’t been to Punggol point for a long long time.
    I was truly impressed with the whole development of the entire seafront there.

  75. Avatar photo
    C.W. Yip

    Parked at the carpark (free parking, but quickly filled up) to access Coney Island (Pulau Serangoon). A short and easy walk to the western entrance of Coney Island.

  76. Avatar photo
    Jambay D

    Nearest beach to where I stay. One side is destroyed now and I think they are doing something with it. But still kids love the other side of it which is still pristine.

    Bus is available till this point so transport is not an issue. You can easily access Coney island from this point and go for long walks.

    Good place to go for a picnic. Beware of monkeys esp if you have food with you.

  77. Avatar photo
    Saurabh Gangarde

    A very good pit stop for biking. Made 4 pit stops in last 2 months..

  78. Avatar photo
    Jason Wong


  79. Avatar photo
    Shekhar Biswas

    A nice place to spend with family. There is a good cycling track. Cycle rental is also available.

  80. Avatar photo
    Robert Flores

    Good morning environment for family and good health exercise

  81. Avatar photo
    Chua Vincent

    Perfect place for cycling with the kids.

  82. Avatar photo
    Wyvern Lim

    Nice place to bring children. To catch small creatures.

  83. Avatar photo
    Lemuel Joel

    Nice place to chill and take a break from cycling

  84. Avatar photo
    William Shwe

    Nice place to relax

  85. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Jumadi Jamaludin

    Small park with a pond in the middle. Great view of pasir gudang port and ship transversing straits of Johor and Singapore. On a hot day, u can see all the tortoise sunbathing.

  86. Avatar photo
    S Siddiqui

    Beautiful scenic

  87. Avatar photo
    Jackson Toh

    Highly recommended to pay a visit. The rounded rocks on the beach looks very much like smaller version of Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand. The sunset is majestic and good for romantic wedding photos shoot. There are also mini groupers to fish for a meal for fishing kakis. Family can go there for a good swim during the low tides but do stay away from the jetty due to its sharp jetty pillars. The seafood restaurants at the punggol settlement is just round the round for an evening dinner by the sea. The WHITE beehoon restaurant is great tasting. At second floor, there are pubs to have chill beer or two. But it’s very crowded during the weekends and all evenings !!! Parking is OK. Wheel chair friendly place also.

  88. Avatar photo
    Johnnie T

    Beautiful park

  89. Avatar photo
    Ramli Sichor

    nice place good view

  90. Avatar photo
    Dzahiryn Samad

    Good place to relax by the seaside

  91. Avatar photo
    Steven Tan

    An end of the road place for those coming from Sengkang and Punggol. The jetty is great for catching the sunrise and sunset. The turtles in the pond are really multiplying.
    A fair selection of F&B at Punggol Settlement

  92. Avatar photo
    Senthil Kumaran

    Go here for a good walk.

  93. Avatar photo
    Kalith Sattar

    Kids love this place

  94. Avatar photo
    kailash chandra

    You can go to the beach in the evening and watch the waves. Foodcourt is good on the beach.

    शाम को बीच पर जा कर लहरों को देख सकते हैं। फूडकोर्ट अच्छा है बीच पर।

  95. Avatar photo
    md Mehedi

    Very nice and beautiful

  96. Avatar photo
    Ravindra Joshi

    Nice beach for evening walk, there is nothing much like you can do as beach activities, there are lots of good eateries around known as settlement point

  97. Avatar photo

    The morning air is nice and the sunrise is beautiful!


  98. Avatar photo
    Paul Tang

    Nice pit stop for cyclist. There’s shop for u to refill drinks n food. Toilet break too. Relax n listen to the waves. Might even spot the otters, squirrels, monkeys … ..

  99. Avatar photo
    Ayda Johan

    Loving my bicycle ride here. So Serene..

  100. Avatar photo
    Monica ZĂVOIANU

    There are many eateries you can choose from.

  101. Avatar photo
    Alvin Wong

    Nice beach with bicycle track.

  102. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Chong

    Many turtles and terrapins swimming around in the man-made water enclosure located between Punggol Point Park and The Punggol Settlement. The residents are hungry. Hopefully they are fed on a regular basis.

  103. Avatar photo
    a lee

    Able to view southern Malaysia harbour

  104. Avatar photo
    Patrick Neo

    Part of the pan-coastal PCN. Lovely place with Cony Island and Lor Halus within walking distance. Good place to spend some time.

  105. Avatar photo
    tim tan

    Good walking place.

  106. Avatar photo
    Dennis Goh

    Cool morning, immersed in the breeze and the sound of waves hitting the shore. Occasion view of thin fog over the sea water

  107. Avatar photo
    Mi Sh

    Peaceful and beautiful

  108. Avatar photo
    Kurt Ooi

    Nice place for pictures taking and good view

  109. Avatar photo
    woon kimsong

    This is a very suitable place for a family of young and old to play… In addition to cycling around the island or fishing at the pier.. There are also bicycle rental shops, restaurants.. There is also a large parking lot. The birds and flowers on Kangle Island also attract photography enthusiasts Framing..


  110. Avatar photo
    Bengteck Tan

    Lovely scenery at night …

  111. Avatar photo
    james kuah

    Love the place! Its a relaxing place to chill amd hang out. Note that you can’t see sunset here because of its facing north.

    There’s quite a few cycling and eateries around but most are close during the day. There are limited parking space too.

  112. Avatar photo

    Nice natural environment, good place for hiking.


  113. Avatar photo
    Maximilian Jackson

    25 years ago we did helicopter training here. The seafood restaurant was in a shed with aluminium roofs. The jetty was pretty run down and the water dirty.

    Today the whole place has transformed to a beautiful park. The park connector network runs through here and is easy to get to by bicycle or running.

  114. Avatar photo
    Alvin Khoo

    So tranquil that concealed it’s tragic past

  115. Avatar photo

    There are swings, sand digging, and a turtle pond. It is a good place to walk the baby.


  116. Avatar photo

    Cool morning breeze from the sea makes it a spot to sit relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery

  117. Avatar photo
    RiNa RaHmaN

    Chill and peaceful place for family

  118. Avatar photo
    Zuraidah Ali

    Good for briskwalking

  119. Avatar photo
    Sadayan Maideen

    Lookout point and part of a beautiful PCN.

  120. Avatar photo
    lengbee cheng

    Place view very nice and windy need no Aircon at night. But after move into new house need to DIY cooking, the food here not nice until now only losia, fry praw noodles and veg nice to eat others like …

  121. Avatar photo
    Richard YKF

    360°changes compare to year 1985 which used to be forestry all the way to the jetty.. no u see flanking new shop and eatery. Seafood..u may see group of monkeys and there isna turtles pond within. Great place to relax aways from the city bustling life.

  122. Avatar photo
    W C

    Quick escape from city life

  123. Avatar photo
    Edwin Wong

    Many lots..

  124. Avatar photo
    Minnie Lin

    It’s a nice place to visit, you can bring your beloved family for picnic or sunbathing too.

  125. Avatar photo
    Yeo gee leong arthur

    Love the place.

  126. Avatar photo
    Gordon Koh

    If you want to smell the scent of sea breeze and like to see some fishing activities then this place is for you. You can actually go down to the beach during low tides. There are toilets nearby. Along with drinks vending machine and water cooler.

  127. Avatar photo
    Peter Tung

    Nice place to do excercise near beach.bus service no 84 terminal at the end of punggol.

  128. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Ann Kessler

    Was a delightful introduction to Punggol end. Brought a lot of memories back.

  129. Avatar photo
    Jack Choo

    One of my favourite resting stop during my cycling trip

  130. Avatar photo
    ant little

    Cycling here every day


  131. Avatar photo
    Pui Ling Fung

    There are small sand stalls and a big turtle pond, a good place to watch the sunset, and it is also suitable for children and adults to play together


  132. Avatar photo
    Margaret Chin

    Nice place to go if you are looking for solitaire serenity.
    However lack of shade and park rest areas

  133. Avatar photo

    Be sure to ride a bicycle


  134. Avatar photo
    Ramya Sageesh

    It was nice experience at the sea shore enjoyed sea food also wish to go there again……. …

  135. Avatar photo
    Chee Wee me

    Great place to go in the . 500m walk to conny island with nature trees …

  136. Avatar photo
    rapheal azrin

    Facing Pasir Gudang Malaysia….a nice chillax place

  137. Avatar photo
    Muhd Ayub

    Great place to chill and relax with friends and family. The place oversees Malaysia and is stunning at night! Wind is also a plus here if you are a fan of natural breeze!

  138. Avatar photo
    Jacky Jack

    Nice Park to relax

  139. Avatar photo
    W M

    Nice place! The pond with terrapins, kids can get up close to them!

  140. Avatar photo
    Zaini Ali Hassan

    Nice, clean and natural forest.

  141. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman

    Very good

  142. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Ikhwan

    Great for walks with family .Near Cony island.

  143. Avatar photo
    Yu Shin Sze Toh

    nice and great views

  144. Avatar photo
    Wilson Low

    Nice place eat and relax

  145. Avatar photo
    Afi Hafiz

    First time I went there, a wonderful yet calming experience, tranquility and serene is best word to describe this place, you can also enjoy your food at ‘The Punggol Settlement’ whilst viewing the scenic view of the sunset by the sea. Enjoyed every moment of it.

  146. Avatar photo
    Eng Teck Peh

    Walked 11km

  147. Avatar photo
    Anthony Liew

    Beautiful place!

  148. Avatar photo
    Juliana Lim

    A very good walking experience covering 5km at Punggol Rd End, starting from Kaloodar lrt.

  149. Avatar photo
    Amit Kumar Chakraborty

    Beautiful place, you will feel relaxed upon complyof your run or walk.

  150. Avatar photo
    Ah Hong

    Opposite is the Pasir Gudang port area in Malaysia, with the sound of cool wind and waves, and there are rows of seafood restaurants on the side.

    对面是 马来西亚 巴西古当港区,涼风浪声,一旁就有海鲜餐馆成排。

  151. Avatar photo
    Bharath Ghanta

    Really nice waterfront park. Can go to coney island from here

  152. Avatar photo
    Eshan Akif

    Great place to hang out and kayak

  153. Avatar photo
    Leong Yee Onn


  154. Avatar photo
    yennk choo

    Good place for morning walk and watching sun rise. 1km away to coney Island. Ample parking space (paid). limited free parking though.

  155. Avatar photo
    Juiyong Tan

    Quiet spot to chill with family oriented restaurants around

  156. Avatar photo
    cs Boon

    Great place to relax with friends and family.

    We went for intertidal walk and discover some awesome sea creatures!

    Have to really bend down and you will get too see them.

  157. Avatar photo
    William Wong

    Upon reaching is a sand pit where children can play in it. Further down is a pond with turtles, tilapia fish, catfish and other fishes which will come close to you probably hoping to be fed. Along the concrete pathway leading to Coney Island are several shops and restaurants on the right including a shop that rents out bicycles including motorised type. The beach is clean but not the sea water.

    To get here, take Bus no.84 from Waterway Point mall and disembark at the last stop at Punggol Road End after the bus makes a loop.

  158. Avatar photo
    Venkatesh Bellamkonda

    Nice place

  159. Avatar photo
    Johnny Be Good

    Much developments have turned what this once sleepy kampong to what it is now. Unfortunately lost the old world vibes

  160. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cheoh

    Cool place to relax

  161. Avatar photo
    Jon Lau

    Enjoyed the scenery of the sea and had fun seeing the terrapins climbing up the sloping wall. Refreshing place for a silent rest point.

  162. Avatar photo
    Atul Mistry

    Very good view

  163. Avatar photo
    E L

    Went there at night, can’t see much, only the lights of the ships. The breeze was pretty warm, it’s crazy how hot it is nowadays

  164. Avatar photo

    Not as crowded compare to other park. But bicycle rental is expensive. So better cycle your own.

  165. Avatar photo
    guozheng wang

    clean nice hotel


  166. Avatar photo
    Kevin S

    Scenery was very.besutifull

  167. Avatar photo
    Sanusi Khalid

    Nice scenery very relaxing

  168. Avatar photo
    Girish Pillai

    Mini circuit for night cycling

  169. Avatar photo
    Rudra Pughal

    Nice beach overlooking Johor.

  170. Avatar photo
    Divinia Mia M Ira


  171. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Sng

    Montague Paratrooper bike …

  172. Avatar photo
    Jan Michael Oyales

    Nice place.

  173. Avatar photo
    charindu wijethunga

    It is a mind blowing place place to visit.

  174. Avatar photo
    Eric Lim

    Good place to chill and feed turtles.

  175. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    Smallish park that has good views of Malaysia across the strait, more importantly if you are a cyclist, this is last stopover for toilet break and a drink before exploring Coney Island.

  176. Avatar photo
    moyiao miao

    Some street lights were broken or unlit kinda scary ngl

  177. Avatar photo
    Rosie ross

    It’s cleaner and more facilities surround the area. You can rent bicycle nearby shops to go Coney Island.

  178. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Chai

    Great park with full facilities.

  179. Avatar photo
    Amir Finches

    The best to watch sunrise and sunset …

  180. Avatar photo
    Tan Tian-An

    Breezy and leisurely place to hang out. Food, sun, sea and beer available

  181. Avatar photo

    The Punggol Point Park is a fabulous place suited for family and friends outing! The uncrowded coastline features an incredibly long stretch of white sand and rocks. Nothing soothes the souls like a walk on the beach. Listen to the therapeutic sound of waves. There is also a nice sand-filled playground for kids to play at!

  182. Avatar photo
    Othman Abdullah

    Superb breeze winding sea not to be missed!

  183. Avatar photo
    Sukhwani Hemlata

    Nice for outing

  184. Avatar photo
    Shaik Omar

    Relaxing location for families

  185. Avatar photo
    Kokkien Yeo

    Clean park

  186. Avatar photo
    Tinnike Lie

    Loved it!

  187. Avatar photo
    CoopBox Naz

    Areas like the sand is very small because of the water rise, it being the water more rise…the beach will be smaller but…ok

  188. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Haniff

    Many families went down to the beach side during intertidal. Shops nearby

  189. Avatar photo
    Mak Kam

    Cycling along PCN …

  190. Avatar photo

    Good place,, ️️ …

  191. Avatar photo
    Nishant Johri

    Good place for the evening..gets bit crowded during evenings and weekends

  192. Avatar photo
    Hg Baladas

    Good seafood restaurants here with a nice seafront atmosphere, prices reasonable. Famous singapore chili crab, prawn paste chick wings, sallad prawn, signature noodles a must try.

  193. Avatar photo
    Dave Yap

    This is a place that you can see ship sailing, hear the wave splashing, feel the breeze touching. A place to see sunset. There is also a few restaurants and a convenient store around.

  194. Avatar photo
    Amiel Gella (Amiel)

    A great escape from the daily hustle in downtown Singapore. If you want to find peace, this is a good place to go. It has a nearby bus stop as well so going back to the city wouldn’t be much of a problem.

  195. Avatar photo
    Nway Oo Maung

    Small but nice to relax

  196. Avatar photo
    By Song

    The view is okay, but a bit small


  197. Avatar photo
    Sudhakar Sundaram

    Nice place … Fishing.. but no shelter..

  198. Avatar photo
    krishna moorthy

    Awesome nice to walking

  199. Avatar photo
    Jacky Siang

    Beaches was clean. Too many new housing coming up. Soon good things will go bad. While last. Enjoy now.

  200. Avatar photo
    Ibrahim Iqbal

    Park along Northeastern coastline

  201. Avatar photo
    toyo barca


  202. Avatar photo
    Lucas Chan

    Can get a clear view of the Malaysia landscapes.

  203. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    Nice beach.

  204. Avatar photo
    Kim Hock Tan

    Punggol Mei Park
    Another good place to relax


  205. Avatar photo
    Rohit Anand

    It’s a beautiful beach line. Less crowded on weekdays . Good spot for jogging and cycling. Also can click amazing pictures.

  206. Avatar photo
    Ian Wright

    Crowded and muddy shoreline, don’t swim at Low tide

  207. Avatar photo
    anant nirvana

    Is a place just to stay away
    From mall n city n so on ..

  208. Avatar photo
    Leow heng yi john

    ” scenery was great ‘

  209. Avatar photo
    Shi Jie

    Cool place but nothing much to do there

  210. Avatar photo
    Howard Lim

    A wonderful place to enjoy the sea view, or night jetty fishing.

  211. Avatar photo

    Nice place for sunset and exercise. Good place for dinner cos got a few seafood restaurants by seaside.

  212. Avatar photo
    Augus Topor

    Good place for family outing. The beach is quite small maybe only for 4 families with safe distancing applied.

  213. Avatar photo
    Duc Huy Nguyen

    This is a nice park, with a lovely beach nearby. From the beach there is a small bridge to the sea, where people could enjoy fishing.

    In the middle of the park there is a small lake which is full of red ear slider turtle. There is a car park, some vending machines, a washroom with showers inside the park, and there is a small shopping mall next to the park which has some restaurants.

    This is a good place for people in the neighborhood to bring the whole family to during the weekend.

  214. Avatar photo

    Nice place..good memories during younger days…

  215. Avatar photo
    Zheng Wei Tan

    Scenic park. Quaint and clean. Pretty hard to get to without car

  216. Avatar photo

    Its a very good pkace to beach comb or sit on the rocks but also becareful of any crab when going there also sub to jesus the artist from my secoond channel and i upload best vlog and art vids

  217. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Tan


  218. Avatar photo
    Pratsanee CH

    Go enjoy nice food and nice view there

  219. Avatar photo
    D' Marie Jay

    Nice place to cycle!

  220. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hasif Bin Mohammed Hafiez

    Great place to hangout with family and friends

  221. Avatar photo
    Daniel Im.kidong

    Nice be each and sea breeze

  222. Avatar photo
    matthew thwin

    I really like that place. It is really cool and nice place. I felt on the water when I walked that place. We can see sea view there.

  223. Avatar photo
    Bakers Ezan


  224. Avatar photo
    Guitao Liu

    The scenery is good, you can see it by the river, and the scenery of Malaysia on the other side.


  225. Avatar photo
    shrihari mahale

    Ok place to play on water and sand. Water is not very kid friendly as lot of stone, pointed sea shells for them to be bear feet. But go serene place to unwind and build some sand castles. Also decent place to cycle around.

  226. Avatar photo
    kc lee

    Scenic area, on the other side is the horse country, new rental houses are built by the sea, bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways, and the development is very good


  227. Avatar photo

    The place is well keep.The place for you to relax

  228. Avatar photo
    Dennis Corpuz

    The pool for the fish needs cleaning

  229. Avatar photo
    venkata D


  230. Avatar photo
    EG Brothers in Singapore

    Most of the time of our visit we picked up garbage like water bottles, broken glass, plastics and etc.

    But scenery is good for relaxation.

    Safe cause always have police on duty.

  231. Avatar photo

    Its beautiful there can see many turtles

  232. Avatar photo
    Xinfu Tengh

    This is a good place for leisure. The only disadvantage of the seaside is that there is no cafeteria and there is also a parking lot. Rent a bicycle, but it is more expensive.


  233. Avatar photo
    Alagu raja

    Feel good ️

  234. Avatar photo
    hang peng ng

    nice little place… beautiful views… quiet…

  235. Avatar photo
    Augustine Khoo

    died from the heat….

  236. Avatar photo
    Meng Teck Chua

    Relaxing place for cyclists and joggers to stop over for rest break. There are some food joints and bars as well, which is excellent for evening chill out. A drink vending machine is located at the jetty (another one outside toilet) and a vending machine outside the toilet selling bicycle parts/supplies for needy cyclists. Visitors could also walk down the jetty area where there’s a small beach area for contact with the sea. The beach can be a little rocky during low tides and I would recommend wearing footwear. Waterfront area is really pleasant for a relaxing stroll. Limited parking is available, otherwise a public bus stops nearby.

  237. Avatar photo
    Shaun Chai

    Long stretch of connector adjacent to the sea shore, nice place to walk, jog and cycle

  238. Avatar photo

    Peaceful and fresh air – a must for everyone !!

  239. Avatar photo
    Kek Boon Lim

    Nice photo spot

  240. Avatar photo
    Karthick Tamilarasan (foxKarthick)

    Leisure trip..

  241. Avatar photo
    Thomas Leow

    A wonderful place to go for a jog or walk. Enjoy the smell of the sea, away from the traffic n noise. A great place to cycle n of course the eateries facing the sea.

  242. Avatar photo
    Pranita Agarwal

    Very nice cycling path..easy to go…

  243. Avatar photo
    Maximilian Jackson

    25 years ago we did helicopter training here. The seafood restaurant was in a shed with aluminium roofs. The jetty was pretty run down and the water dirty.

    Today the whole place has transformed to a beautiful park. The park connector network runs through here and is easy to get to by bicycle or running.

  244. Avatar photo
    YEN HAi

    What a long distance, how is she on the other side?


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