Review Propertylimbrothers, 62 Ubi Road 1 #11-15 & #01-35, Singapore

Review PropertyLimBrothers - Singapore 62 Ubi Road 1 #11-15 & #01-35

“Alexa was patient, thorough and super responsive. Her tenacity made the sale of my unit possible. Thank you, Alexa.” or “Had a great experience working with Kevin Lim from PLB. He was very professional and patient as this is my first time selling a property” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Propertylimbrothers. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Propertylimbrothers is quality.

Introduction about Propertylimbrothers

Here are some fundamental details regarding Propertylimbrothers. In terms of Real estate agency, it is generally believed that Propertylimbrothersis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 62 Ubi Road 1 #11-15 & #01-35, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Real estate agency, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 97457388 (+65 97457388)
  • Website:
  • Address: 62 Ubi Road 1 #11-15 & #01-35, Singapore
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Saturday, Sunday: Close.


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How to contact Propertylimbrothers?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Propertylimbrothers via:

Phone number

You can reach Propertylimbrothers at 97457388(+65 97457388). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Propertylimbrothers via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 62 Ubi Road 1 #11-15 & #01-35, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Propertylimbrothers reviews

Propertylimbrothers is among the best destinations of Real estate agency in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Propertylimbrothers good?

To determine whether Propertylimbrothers is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Beng Yew is super proactive, resourceful and prompt. He goes out of his way to resolve any issues on behalf of the landlord and tenant. I know my property is in good hands.”

“Besides selling our Penthouse at our desired price, PLB also helped us to find our Dream Home. Thanks to Patricia & Seng Huat. Let them know what you want and they will work hard to find for you.”

“We would recommand PLB for its great renting service. In particular, we'd like to send our sincere gratitude to Beng Yew who has been helpful and professional. We are looking forward to living in the new flat!”

“Jeremy was very knowledgeable and considerate of our needs. He was very detailed in his explanation and was able to help answer to all our queries and concerns. Highly recommend as an agent!”

“A special thanks to Beng Yew and Gabriel for their excellent service. They are very professional and prompt in their responses. Our condo unit was sold within 2 weeks. Well done, guys. …”

“Gavin and Joan advised us in identifying our preferred neighborhood and assisted in the purchase process. We are happy with the unit we purchased. Thankful for their services!”

“Thank you Sebastian and Jesley for helping me sell my house at the price that I want. They are true professional and always response to my needs quickly. Thank you again.”

“Alexa was patient, thorough and super responsive. Her tenacity made the sale of my unit possible. Thank you, Alexa.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 250 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Propertylimbrothers, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Propertylimbrothers, 62 Ubi Road 1 #11-15 & #01-35, Singapore

There is a total 250 reviews

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  1. Avatar photo
    stefani agustina

    I want to give a big shout out to Felicia and Alfred for helping my husband and I finding our perfect home. Their professionalism and dedication to their work are beyond words. They took time to understand our requirement, they go all over west side with us for viewing and they giving us great advice and feedback on every property we look at (renovation idea, area development plan, past transaction information, etc). They treat us like family, we feel very comfortable with them because we know we are in a good hand. Thank you so much for the both of you!

  2. Avatar photo
    Khang Nguyen Trieu

    I have been very much impressed by Wenbin (Alex) Tian who was recommended to me by a friend. In just about 3 months, he allowed us to close the right housing investment whereas we started with just a vague idea. He took the time to listen, refining with iterations and doing market analysis in different areas, fine tuned the visits to make them worth. Then just after purchase completion, he optimized the time between light renovation, professional photo shooting and rent of the unit for us, it was really a breeze. Calm and courteous, attentive to customer’s needs, very organized, he definitively stands out.

  3. Avatar photo
    Fred N

    Property Lim brothers live by their motto – Real Estate with Integrity! Thanks to Christina and Eunice for their transparency and hard work put in for the sale and buying of our new home. They are professional in presenting our home to potential buyers. My wife and I are very happy clients indeed. Well done Property Lim Brothers!

  4. Avatar photo
    xianyao lee

    Gavin and Joan advised us in identifying our preferred neighborhood and assisted in the purchase process. We are happy with the unit we purchased. Thankful for their services!

  5. Avatar photo
    Guo Liang

    A big thanks to Shawn and Caline for marketing my place. They handle it very professionally and diligently. I expect to move out end of 2023 but with their excellent teamwork and strong marketing strategy we managed to get a buyer in a short time frame. I need to start packing now as I typing this review.
    As always happy to show you the place

  6. Avatar photo
    Yen Kuei Tan

    Deciding to switch my exclusive selling agent to Beng Yew and Charline was the best decision we have ever made! We did not have any offer prior (over 2 months) and Beng Yew and team got us an offer just after 12 days of being our exclusive agent.

    We typically view agents with a skeptical lens as we always feel that they don’t value add much based on how much they are remunerated. However, Beng Yew and Charline totally change our mindsets on this (i.e. it is because we had not met good agents!)

    They always give us a very comprehensive feedback / review for each potential buyer who visit our place on the day itself. Constantly following / checking up on how my buy side is coming along even though they don’t earn any commission from it. Although it is true that there is vested interest for them to ensure that I manage to buy my house (so that they can earn from the sale of my place), however Beng Yew and Charline definitely gone way beyond their way for us. They spent multiple nights with us (till close to midnight) to work out the finances and timeline for us. Ours is not a straightforward case and therefore requires constant and intense discussions with the bankers. Throughout the period, the banker threw a couple of curve balls at us which require us to rework our numbers and Beng Yew would offer to come down and work through the numbers with us relentlessly.

    The negotiation on the buying of my house was not smooth either. We met an obnoxious seller agent from ERA who was so rude to us and obviously did not wish for us to buy the place since his commission would have to be reduced by half if we are the buyer (through a co-broke). Yet, Beng Yew stood by us, remain his cool and walked me through the risks that I have to take such as the seller’s demand to have the remaining exercise fee be paid directly to him rather than to a conveyance account – all these while the seller agent was on the side ranting about why do we take so long to read the OTP issued and how such terms demanded are “very standard” practices for landed transactions.

    Beng Yew and Charline would also offer to purchase small gifts for the buyer of my place as well as for us. It is not about the quantum of these gifts but the thought that counts.

    Beng Yew is very experienced and very careful / cautious notwithstanding his age. I would definitely recommend Beng Yew and Charline to anyone who wishes to either buy or sell their property. It is the best experience that we have had with agents! We for sure, will continue to use them should we need to sell / buy again!

  7. Avatar photo
    Valerie Lim

    Extremely happy with Jun Wei and George’s services rendered. They work efficiently and we never had to push them to do anything. The initiative was really appreciated. We found our home and they managed to negotiate and work within our budget to get it.

  8. Avatar photo
    W Eugene Ho

    Eunice Lam and Alan were very helpful with our house sale and new house purchase.

    We are grateful for their assistance and found their service to be great and professional. We managed to smoothly sell and transit over to our new ideal home with their advice and service.

    Will definitely get the PLB team again for our future sales and purchase.

  9. Avatar photo
    Chong Fran

    Great working experience with the PLB team, highly professional and passionate people in the team.
    Very responsive to all our questions raised and helping to arrange the numerous viewing schedules in a orderly manner.
    They helped us to complete the sale of current unit, and secure our ideal unit, oversee the whole transaction from end to end. Super impressed with Alan & Jonathan with their service and will definitely recommend the PLB team to friends and relatives.

  10. Avatar photo

    John has helped us secure 2 tenants and both experiences were smooth and stress-free. It was during covid and we were new to renting. John was very patient and went through every step with us and sorted through all the applications for us and picked the right people. We had a very nice experience with our tenants and I feel it’s because of John’s help and guidance throughout the way.

  11. Avatar photo
    Bernie Wong

    Would definitely recommend PLB to anyone selling their house. We approached them initially because we were impressed by their video marketing skills and thought they would be able to sell our house quickly and at a good price. Later, we came to see for ourselves through our agent Kevin and the rest of the PLB team that their excellence came not only in the form of their sales and marketing techniques, but their professionalism in handling our flat sale from start to end, their service mentality which meant going out of the way for their clients even at timings disruptive to their schedules and basically providing top notch service and advice every step of the way. Kevin, Felicia, Eunice, and George (who stepped in for Felicia on the actual day of filming and still aced the video ), thank you for giving us such a great experience and changing our initial not too positive impression of real estate agents. You guys shine with your heart and dedication to your work, and we’re glad our paths crossed with you!

  12. Avatar photo
    Kim Yong Ng

    Huge thanks to Phyllis and team for helping me to secure my first home! Super impressed with the process from the start to finish. Huge kudos to the team, and would strongly recommend if you’re looking to get help to buy/sell your place

  13. Avatar photo
    Kevin Ruggee

    PLB team (Beng Yew and Charline) has made my journey to find my home so easy and smooth. They were able to quickly understand my over-demanding requirement and add their touch of magic to find the right one. Their kindness and willingness to go the extra mile was very much appreciated and I am thankful to PLB for assisting me. I wish you both all the best ahead.

  14. Avatar photo
    Krishna DMS

    I really enjoyed the experience. It was a very quickly executed transaction owing mainly to the efficiently of the other sides’ agent who was fair, neutral and extremely professional in the putting across the pros and cons. Rachel Koh just truly be credited for being such a professional and she truly is an asset to her organization. She has written the playbook on how to execute a real estate transaction and if only there are more like her around.

  15. Avatar photo
    Matthew Pak

    We had the pleasure to meet with Jay and Alfred from PLB and they were instrumental in our first home search journey in Singapore.

    They are both responsive in our queries and provided insight and knowledge that helps a lot in our process. Both clearly explained and guide us through the entire process and key milestones which make our home search journey an efficient one.

    Will definitely recommend them to anyone who are kick starting their home search journey

  16. Avatar photo
    Wei Xiang Ng

    The PLB team managed to sell our property in just 4 weeks after starting marketing! This was possible because of a coordinated effort between its listing managers, digital marketing and media production teams!

    During our hunt for a new home, we viewed a few listings from PLB as well. We found that PLB listing managers were a cut above the rest of the property agents, with their punctuality, prep-work and knowledge. This made our viewing experience very positive, which in turn made us feel very reassured to leave our property in their hands.

    Special shout out to Eunice, our listing manager who was always responsive to our queries, and always willing to accommodate to our requests. Thank you!

  17. Avatar photo
    Joshua Loh

    Appreciate all the planning and marketing that is done by PLB. Special thanks to Marc for the clear explanation before we decided to take up PLB. A shout out to Gavin for always so obliging when arranging viewing upon request. We like all the constant updates and feedbacks that are given from the viewers by Gavin.
    Glad we are able to sell within 2 months! thank you to the rest of PLB team (Jamie and Jenna) who works behind the scene.

  18. Avatar photo
    Yew chai Poh

    I would like to formally and sincerely express my gratitude for the amazing work the team accomplished, especially successful selling my penthouse unit within days after sales launched and at desired price range.

    Dionnis Lim, your professional attitude of dealing with customers deserves high appreciation. We will definitely engage you for our future purchases.

    Thanks again PL Bros.

  19. Avatar photo
    vikrant shukla

    Thanks to Tabitha. They were very helpful with my property search in Singapore. I am really overwhelmed by the support they provided which made our relocation very pleasant. I will strongly recommend them.

  20. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Chong

    Excellent customer service (Eunice). She is able to provide great advice and consultation on the best ways to market the property. We closed the transaction smoothly with the price we wanted. Will certainly recommend PLB for anyone who’s looking to market and sell their properties effectively!

  21. Avatar photo
    Jas Tan

    Our first time selling our unit and I’m glad that I had chosen PLB. The night I posted to PLB website to seek for their advice, their reply was immediate.

    After engaging PLB, their professionalism were tip top from the point of first meet up until our unit had been sold, and looking for new unit.

    We thought after selling and purchasing a another unit, everything would had come to an end. But PLB maintained contactable and still provide us with their upmost advices.

    We never had a single doubt with PLB, throughout this whole journey, it was well planned & organised. It was indeed stress-free experience for us. Prompt responses & advice from both Alan and Rachel even during late night. No regrets in leaving our unit in their good hands. Well done PLB and Thank you for the wonderful journey! Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

  22. Avatar photo
    Yat Fung Tsang

    Many thanks to Rachel Koh for her great support and expertise!

  23. Avatar photo
    J B

    We had the chance to work with Melvin, Adrian and the team – they were fantastic and we would recommend them to others who are thinking of engaging them for their services.

    Special shoutout to Jesley and Kevin, who were our main points of contact – they were hardworking, professional and incredibly personable! Appreciate the collaboration.

  24. Avatar photo
    Jessica Lim

    They went the extra mile to provide design ideas to prospective buyers depending on their needs. This is really added service to the buyer and that really helps to expedite the sale.

  25. Avatar photo
    Zed Cheong

    Had a great experience working with Kevin Lim from PLB. He was very professional and patient as this is my first time selling a property

  26. Avatar photo
    Lele Ng

    John helped us with the sale of our penthouse! The team was extremely professional from the start and such a breeze to work with! They came over, flimmed a video, was efficient and the end product was AMAZING! We had over 15 offers after a weekend of viewing! Thank you John, you’ll be our go-to guy for anything property related now! – Joe and Leila

  27. Avatar photo
    Jason Shi

    With Wenbin and Alexa – we were able to sell our house at a price above our expectation, and purchase our dream home effortlessly.

    At every step of the way, they were professional, diligent, friendly, and always there to guide us whenever we have any questions. Their market insights and property analysis equipped us with many knowledge and recommendations that helped us to make the best decisions.

    Everything went extremely smoothly and there was no doubt we were in good hands. Will fully recommend them to our friends and relatives

  28. Avatar photo
    Edward Eu

    Jay and Kenneth from PLB are sincere and resourceful in helping us during our journey to get our first property. They shared valuable insights and spent time each weekend to find properties which matched our criteria. Truly appreciate your service guys!

  29. Avatar photo
    Wan Ting

    Kudos to Ayu and Kevin for their responsiveness, friendly dispositions and professionalism.
    They (and the team) have made the whole process a very positive one.
    Thank you!

  30. Avatar photo
    Ken Tong

    My wife and I met Junwei and Felicia when we were viewing one of a unit that they were selling. They made a lasting impression by engaging us continuously very patiently. We sense the sincerity and went ahead to appoint them as our agent to facilitate the sales and purchase of our home. From really skeptical/worried, Junwei and Felicia managed to calm our nerves and we sold our flat within 2 weeks exceeding our expectation. Knowing that we had a stringent criteria for our next home, they put in condition which helps support our quest for our next home, without the need to rush into it. Would highly recommend their service to anyone. Thanks for the hard work !!

  31. Avatar photo
    Sunny Song

    Professional property marketeer that provides results. I was served by Alan Koh which starts from staging to viewing and finally closing, they’re with you all the way. Great job guys and gals in selling my property.

  32. Avatar photo
    Shahidah M Said

    Engaging PLB, with special credits to Beng Yew and Ramzi, was one of the best decisions my family and I had made when it comes to selling our house! Despite being young and new in this industry, they are both professional and knowledgeable in this sales process. But most importantly, they are really sincere in helping us pitch the right price for the house, and even assist us all the way to finding the next house for us!

    Thank you, Beng n Ramzi for the wonderful service and stress-free experience. Would highly recommend these 2, for sure!

  33. Avatar photo
    Ms Aung

    Our “Sell and Buy “Journey with PLB was a blessing. 🫰
    We have recently sold our unit with the help from Christina, Jollene & the PLB team. Deal was closed within 2 weeks after posting our unit!!!

    After we had sold our unit, we got another emotional journey of buying condo. We had to experience few roller coasters ride during buying process until final part of closing day..But Christina and Jollene was always with us along this fast & furious journey..🫰🫰🫰

    This is all because of their professional advice, sincere attitude, dedicate service and excellent communication skills when servicing us with tender loving care…

    Thank you so much for Christina and Jollene
    We really appreciate your help throughout our journey

    Great Job & Cheers

  34. Avatar photo
    Xiaoming Jiang

    I would like to give a shout out to John (An Hong) for helping my wife and me secured our first home. When we approached him and told him our considerations in a flat, he advised us accordingly and was very patient with us. As first time home owners, we were clueless about property matters, etc and no doubt, John helped us in answering all our queries. Throughout the whole viewing process, he was there to explain things to us and he even helped us to negotiate with the seller.

    Overall, our experience with John was a pleasant one. And we had no regrets having him as our agent. Would highly recommend John to anyone buying a property.

    Thank you PLB, thank you John (An Hong).

  35. Avatar photo

    We engaged PLB for the sale of our house. From the first point of contact via Whatsapp to our first F2F meeting, video and photo shoot and the challenges faced after the sale of the house, Jonathan, Kevin and Adrian were extremely professional, patient and prompt in response. Even after the sale of the house, we faced some challenges due to regulatory approvals and an unreasonable seller, they were with us throughout the whole process and gave us professional advice on the situation. Truly grateful for the amazing PLB service! Also, special thanks to Jonathan who took great care of our 4 naughty fur kids during the many viewings

  36. Avatar photo
    David Chandra

    Excellent professional and friendly service. We managed to get a great price for our property with no pressure to undercut our price for the agent to get an earlier and easier sales. The video was amazing and we kept it for our memories. Definitely impressed and will recommend and use gaian next time. Special thanks to Jesley, Beatrice and Mikaela, great to see the full team working closely!

  37. Avatar photo
    Wilson Khoo

    Beng Yew is super proactive, resourceful and prompt. He goes out of his way to resolve any issues on behalf of the landlord and tenant. I know my property is in good hands.

  38. Avatar photo
    Joanne K

    We have had a great experience with PLB. Jollene and Alexa were assigned to market our parent’s unit and they went the extra mile to understand their circumstances ( in terms of finances, the offer price they wanted and when their next unit will be available), not only that, they even extended their help beyond their duties whenever needed. Even when unforeseen circumstances arise during the process, they were right into and ahead of the problem taking care of every detail. We are impressed by their professionalism throughout the entire process. From the initial consultation to preparation, photo-taking and putting up ads, they would take time and patience to explain every details to the elderly and always keep us updated on the progress, more importantly, the unit was sold in the first day of viewing. They made the entire process a breeze.

  39. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Lee

    We are so thankful that we were assigned Eunice and Kevin to help with the sale of our old flat and the purchase of my mum’s new flat. Our case was a little complicated and time sensitive but they were very patient in explaining to us our options and provided helpful advice on how we should proceed. They even came down to our place late at night to go through the timeline with us which we really appreciated. They were also very proactive in checking in with us and were extremely responsive through texts. If we had a question for them, they will get back to us very fast even if it was late at night. Their expertise coupled with their excellent service gave us the confidence that they would be able to complete the transaction smoothly, and they certainly did not disappoint!

    Thank you Eunice and Kevin for all of your help, we really appreciate it!

  40. Avatar photo
    Kenn Yap

    Coming from a marketing background, I was initially indifferent upon hearing their commercial, however, was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism of their Listing team- namely Alan Koh & Melvin Chan.

    These gentlemen were receptive to my requests & offered alternative solutions if my suggestions were not achievable. Basically, they ‘listened’ & had their client’s interest at heart.

    They made several recommendations & initiated turning my vacant house into a show flat to achieve my desired selling price. I was impressed and appreciative of how proactive these guys were.

    The marketing video was very well produced. It was succinct and to the point, highlighting all the pertinent information a prospective buyer would need.

    I would also like to acknowledge the frequency of contact was neither too few to make a client feel neglected nor too frequent to make one annoyed. It was a nice balance.

    Overall, we settled for a sale price that was a tad short of my desired, however, I am very satisfied given the effort they put in.

    I wish to thank Melvin and Alan for making this journey a pleasant & seamless one. Cheers!

  41. Avatar photo
    Ikram Razak

    Strongly recommends PLB for their all rounded & excellent service.
    Special mention to our agents Kevin and Ayu for journeying with us & always responsive to all of our queries, request & needs. They have also shown their dedication by coming down late at night to secure the deal for us and working around our schedule to make sure things work out.

  42. Avatar photo
    Pamela Chen

    Great experience with Kevin from PLB. Very knowledgeable and approachable, always there to assist us and address the queries that we have. Entire sale process went through smoothly without a glitch. Highly recommended!

  43. Avatar photo
    sri kamachi

    I was assisted by Jesslin and Alan. They were both very professional and friendly with high customer service value. They guided me throughout the process and well recommended the banking PICs for loan arrangements. I would say the whole process was smooth because of them. They are beyond the boundaries!! Thanks Jess and Alan

  44. Avatar photo
    Quek Xiuhui

    I would like to send a note of appreciation and commendation to George and Caline for their dedication and professionalism in their handling of our property transactions.

    We engaged PLB help with the sale of our HDB flat and the purchase of our current new property with confident in their marketing strategies, commitment to get the best deal and team resources.

    George always give a very detailed updates after each house viewing during the selling process which we are very appreciative. Similar both George and Caline constantly shortlisted all property that meets our requirements during the buying process.
    They were very professional in their discussions to us and provided excellent advice that cater to our needs. In addition, they even rushed out administrative documents late into the night for both our sale and purchase in order to ensure things flow seamlessly for us.

    We are truly impressed with their commitment and professionalism.

  45. Avatar photo
    Stanley Yeo

    PLB (Team Kevin and Gabriel) offers the complete end to end seller experience right from the first engagement point.
    You will be supported by their team, ready to address your concerns anytime. The team offers an organized and proven process of preparing the unit for sale and engaged both their clients and potential buyers with transparency and professionalism.
    Our unit was sold at target price within 3 days of house viewing, 1 week after listing, even before the video presentation was ready for exposure to their FB and YouTube followers. I can’t imagine what could have been achieved if all marketing materials were launched strategically at one go.
    I will recommend PLB to all for their professionalism, and the team’s ability to organize the entire sales process with minimal hassle and achieve the objective at the same time.

  46. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lee

    Kevin and Ayu are fantastic representatives. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and responsive.

    In fact, the whole experience with PLB has been efficient and fuss-free. From the media team during the photo and video shoot to the sales team during the marketing and viewing. Extremely delighted with their service thus far.

    Would highly recommend. Double thumbs up!

  47. Avatar photo
    Edward Wijaya

    Big thanks to PLB team especially Charline and Gabriel! With their help, we were able to sell our house in record time and price for us to move on to a new house within the exact right timeline for our family situation, even with our stringent timeframe.

    Not only they help to sell well, but also they manage to negotiate and plan the handover time so well that on our new location we are still able to renovate.

    No doubt the marketing of PLB is second to none, the experience is very professional and efficient. Thanks alot for the hard work!

  48. Avatar photo
    Jeryl Neo

    I just engaged them like in April and they are fast in handling my case such that by May they realise the video of my BUC unit and that by early June we are able to clinch a ready to buy client. Very much anticipated and much appreciated from the efforts put in by George & Felicia! Thumbs up and kudos to their professionalism and undivided mindset to get my unit driven to closing! Heartfelt thanks to all PLB team members involved in pushing off my unit so promptly and with success!

  49. Avatar photo
    Jessica Loo

    Felicia and Jesley were immensely organised and professional in their approach in assisting with the same of our flat and our search for our next property. The marketing, viewing and sale of the property proceeded very smoothly, with Felicia and Jesley exceeding expectations in their commitment to make it a seamless process. Thank you!

  50. Avatar photo
    Agnes Lam

    Would like to thank Christina and Alexa and their team for doing an excellent job in marketing my flat. It was done professionally. and everything was explained to me clearly. The last time I sold a flat was like 20+ years again back then I only had one person. Hence, when I first met up with these two ladies, it was like Wow, so many people. From staging to listing no time was wasted. Offers came in very quickly and a deal was made before I knew it. Whenever, there is a hitch, through no fault of theirs, PLB jumped in to help to resolve the matter. That was a sigh of relief. I would not hesitate to recommend Christina and Alexa to anyone who wants to sell their properties.

  51. Avatar photo
    Ong Boon Guan

    Thanks to Jay Chen from PLB. After 6 months of regular follow up + market updates, we finally secured our new dream property. Well done!

  52. Avatar photo
    Lim Jane

    Thank you Eunice Lam and Kevin Lim for helping us to complete the sale of our late father’s flat. From the beginning you demonstrated experience and confidence in explaining to us the entire selling process and the timeline to expect. The listing was professionally done and the photography was beautiful even for a 35 years old flat. Being Eco-friendly minded, we were glad that you did not push to repaint the flat or conduct a make-over as compared to other agents. We had viewing groups every week, and each viewing was followed with a prompt and detailed feedback so that we could easily keep all our stakeholders informed of the progress. An acceptable offer was secured within one month and the whole sale completion process went smoothly without a hitch. Would definitely recommend the service of Eunice and Kevin from PLB.

  53. Avatar photo
    Joc Chia

    Very wonderful experience with PLB. A team consisting of dedicated and passionate people. They strive their best to help clients secure dream home regardless of own benefit. Impressed with their excellent service and will definitely recommend their service to friends and relatives. Thanks to Gabriel and Caline for their patient and professional sharing. Do support PLB at their video channel!

  54. Avatar photo
    Wilson Lee

    Many thanks to John and Yanyan for supporting my purchase! It started with an in-depth analysis of options, then proceeded with tracking and evaluation of available units. I ended up purchasing my ideal unit through their assistance. They were VERY responsive, friendly and professional. One of my best experience ever. Highly recommend them!

  55. Avatar photo
    Daisy Lim

    My husband and I would like to express our appreciation of the excellent service that we have received from Beng Yew.
    Thank you for all the fantastic work you’ve done for us – for going the extra mile and updating us on every step and progress! We are very grateful for your assistance, patience and expertise. You have really been a great help!

  56. Avatar photo
    Wayne Lim

    When we had the intention to sell, PLB came right up our mind! Felicia and Alexa dropped by our place after we asked for the first non-obligation review. (oh yes, before that, PLB sent a welcome kit over with a comprehensive company background intro booklet and their new PLB endorsed coffee cup! Impressive!)

    They were very professional and the PLB experience is unique, out-of-the-box as compared to traditional property managers sessions. Both Felicia and Alexa made sure that they attend to the sellers’ requirements and expectation, at the same time offering their expertise on how to market the property.

    I am totally sold when I saw them coming with their ‘homework’ well prepared in their tablets. This shows their devotion and commitment to you before they kickstart the sales process.

    Market research, punching in numbers, competitor’s listings and most importantly, a transparent conversation which remains as the main competitive advantage of the PLB culture.

    I would highly recommend them if you are looking around in the market, give them a call because they will ‘always be happy to show you the place’.

  57. Avatar photo
    Lauren Fu

    My fiancé and I worked with Jay and Kenneth from PLB to find our first home. We have nothing but good things to say about both of them! They took the time to understand what we were looking for and actively kept a lookout for homes that fit our criteria. They were very professional and were always prompt and responsive. Would definitely recommend both to them to any serious buyers

  58. Avatar photo
    Melvyn Ng

    EUNICE has been helpful and knowledgeable to advise us on the process and help us to get the reasonable value for our property. She always answer to our call and explain to us whenever we have a question. She always find ways to bring out the value of our property to buyers. We will like to show our appreciation to her for helping us . Thanks Eunice!

  59. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Wee

    Kudos to Kevin and Eunice. Fast, prompt, knowledgable and well supported by the team.
    Their consultative approach works as they are able to recalibrate as circumstances change. Secured a buyer for my place on the first day of viewing at record price.
    Highly recommended.

  60. Avatar photo
    Hanafi Iryadi

    The most service-oriented, transparent and kind property professionals we’ve had the pleasure of working with! My other half and I were initially thinking of going through our property journey on our own, but later felt we could leverage on PLB’s expertise to guide us; we’re so glad we made the choice to engage PLB, as we’ve been so fortunate to have Melvin Chan and George Peng on our side – George took the time to patiently explain the purchase process to us and also shared some tips and strategies, while Melvin has been tirelessly working on the ground to see through vital negotiations and paperwork. We managed to get a deal that was even better than we hoped for, all thanks to PLB! It’s a really smooth operation being run here, and you’ll never feel more assured and supported anywhere else!

  61. Avatar photo
    Ho Serene

    I have recently engaged Christina & Alexa of PLB to sell my private property. It has been a tremendously pleasant experience. The property was marketed and sold within a month, at a price of my satisfaction.

    Christina and Alexa are both very experienced, professional, good with details and very patient to walk us through the entire sales process. They are also very prompt in attending to queries, messages & phone calls. I would say they are both highly effective and efficient with their work.
    With them handling the sales of my property, I could have absolute piece of mind to leave everything in their good hands. Knowing that both are taking great care and exercise all due diligence to do what is needful for my property.

    Kudos to Christina & Alexa! Excellent job done! I would definitely recommend both these ladies and PLB to anyone who are looking to sell or buy their properties! 😉

  62. Avatar photo
    Chenglong Sun

    Special thanks to Eunice Lam, Grayce Tan, Marc Chan, Mikhail Roberto, and the entire PLB team behind-the-scenes for making this dream home journey come true!

    TL,DR: “Real estate with integrity” – the PLB team do live up to it. In our journey we had our ups and downs, even some high tension and anxiety, but we kept a 100% two-way open and honest communication and feedback channel which was key to our success, and eventually brought us all closer than ever.

    To other fellow potential clients: be clear of what you want, and give polite yet honest and constructive feedback so you can partner with PLB team better and getting EXACTLY what you set out to achieve. Also remember that the client (you) is PART OF the team, so don’t just sit on the other side of the table and wait, join the teamwork by actively communicating and giving timely feedback.

    ——–Story Below———-
    After intensive research and competitive comparisons, I decided to go with PLB team, even though they charge a high-than-market-standard rate.

    For the initial encounter the team visited my home with top of the line professionalism and enthusiasm, going the extra mile with pitch decks, collaterals and gifts. The team left a strong impression, and it is that extra-mile that eventually tipped the scale on my final decision making.

    The mid-portion of the journey was a bit of a roller coaster ride:
    The Good – the home tour video was just outstanding, I can see the whole production & marketing team put their full-hearts in, making it one of the most viewed and liked home tour video in recent months.

    Could be Better – we had a few incidences where the team didn’t meet the high-bar their brand promise set, we had run-ins of punctuality issues, miscommunications, and some unexpected surprises along the way. BUT, and this is a big but, after giving the team honest and constructive feedback on accountability, the team really improved, with visible and tangible impact.

    Pushing through the low-point, we entered a new phase of closer partnership, our effectiveness and efficiency drastically increased, leading to the final victory across the board in buy, sell and rent.

    We had our stress test, but I have to thank the team for their dedication and perseverance, and upping their game despite setbacks and sometimes hard-to-swallow feedback. Seeing that effort, after we’ve successfully achieved our goals, I decided to treat the entire team who worked on my project with a well-deserved sea-side feast to celebrate, because they deserve the recognition.

    Looking back on my journey with the PLB team through thick and thin, I can happily vouch that this is a team of dedicated, caring and hard-working people that won’t let you down. I’ll be sure to circle back for my future housing needs, till next time team PLB!

  63. Avatar photo

    Big Big THANK YOU to Eunice Lam and Caline Leong for being such wonderful agents.

    Our family was extremely happy to have Eunice and Caline (PLB) step up to the challenge to help us sell the flat. Right from the start, they exuded confidence and the experiences. It started out by understanding our needs, concerns and addressing them categorically, giving us detailed explanation about the selling process (preparing the unit, listing, videography) and expected timeline.
    During the preparation phase it was superb to have them explain how our unit would appeal to the target buyers. The videos were perfect! Both Eunice and Caline also listened to our perspectives and were always patient to understand and address.
    Finally, our flat was listed and both Eunice and Caline gave us frequent updates on the viewing status. It was completed fast and smooth.
    In the run-up to the final appointment with HDB, I still got good support from Eunice and Caline with paperwork tasks to finally close the sale.

    They always gave reminders to ensure we did not miss key activities and deadlines. These little actions from them are so appreciated given everyone is busy with tight schedules.

    Without a doubt, our family would definitely recommend the services of superstar agents Eunice and Caline from PLB !!!

  64. Avatar photo
    Akshay Trivedi

    Great experience working with Alfred during these tough times in the Singapore rental market.

  65. Avatar photo
    Alan L

    A sincere thank you to Marc, Felicia and crew from the PLB team to market and sell our house with a result that exceeded all expectations! From the sheer amount of prep work and dedicated effort put in, yet keeping the whole work-ethics professional and overall mood light-hearted, it is definitely a no-brainer to engage this party hands down!

  66. Avatar photo
    Chen Meichan

    Gabriel Ding and Ong Yu Rong assisted me in selling my property and provided prompt and exceptionally professional service, gave me sound advice without putting pressure. They and the rest of the PLB team exceeded my expectations throughout the whole process and obtained a good outcome for me. Highly recommended agents!

  67. Avatar photo
    Weng Siang Foo

    We worked with Property Lim Brothers for the purchase of a property, and were pleasantly surprised with their level of professionalism and dedication to providing good service suited to our needs. At no point in the process did we feel pressured to make an offer or close a transaction, and instead advice was given according to our situation specifically.

    Many thanks to Shawn and Gabriel, who worked tirelessly to identify appropriate property listings, arrange for viewings, and provide information and advice on potential purchases. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property.

  68. Avatar photo
    angela ong

    We are very grateful to Eunice and Kevin for their professional assistance in selling our place . Eunice is especially patient in guiding us through the complicated timeline of the sale and purchase of our place . Kevin and Eunice always answer our queries promptly and they are very thoughtful. They are a great team to work with . Keep up the good work!

  69. Avatar photo
    May Chua

    No regrets engaging PLB to sell our 2nd floor 5-room HDB! Special thanks to Caline Leong and Wenbin for their exceptional service. The team successfully sold our house at the second house opening despite us putting it up for sales (by another agent) for 3 months! We truly appreciate their professionalism, time management, positive outlook, humble and never-say-die attitude when managing the sales of our house, and even still helping us after sales! Kudos to the team

  70. Avatar photo
    Dian Ilyana Mohammad Mokhtar

    It was a real pleasure working with both Phyllis and Gabriel. Having to meet several other real estate agents before, we weren’t 100% convinced if we should engage them until we met Phyllis and team. Her careful and well articulated explanations, marketing plans & proposals as well as pricing analysis helped us better understand our house potential and assured us that we are in good hands. In addition, both Phyllis and Gabriel listened to all of our concerns and were extremely patient in explaining our reservations which helped eased our decision making process. We had a professional photographer at our house and within a couple of weeks, we had offers coming our way.

    Phyllis and Gabriel truly understands how to sell houses and are truly responsive to us. They made the process incredibly easy and their thorough knowledge, not only of general real estate, but of the local market and our surrounding neighbourhood amenities had made it a great pleasure throughout the whole process. We are extremely happy that our house sold having to meet beyond our expected selling price. We would like to give a huge shout out to both Phyllis and Gabriel, and to the PLB team for such a wonderful job! Thank you guys!

  71. Avatar photo
    Xiaowen Hei

    We had a great experience selling our property with PLB from the get go. George & Gavin were very patient and spent time with us to understand our expectations in terms of the price, timelines and also captured key highlights of our property. The sales/marketing pitch and positioning was well thought through and aligned with a lot of background research performed. We were impressed by the professionally shot video as well as the level of buzz generated across various social media platforms. They also regularly updated us on the impressions & leads to show the level of reach.

    It was overall a very pleasant experience dealing with PLB over the past 2+months as everything is well planned and executed to perfection by the team. We highly recommend their one-stop services and we feel that there has been a lot of value add from their end. Thank you so much, PLB!

  72. Avatar photo
    Myra Ner

    My husband and I would like to express our appreciation for the great job and excellent service that we have received from Beng Yew. He is an extremely proactive property agent, who goes above and beyond the normal service. Kudos to him for arranging, coordinating and updating us on each and every step. He has been a great help! We will definitely recommend him to our friends.

  73. Avatar photo
    Dylan Kok (Hong Yi)

    Gabriel and Felicia were very responsive and took time to understand our requirements for our next home. They were able to filter and recommend suitable homes for viewing, and helping us to arrange viewings despite the COVID restrictions in place. We found our next home and were able to negotiate for a price that we were happy with. Gabriel and Felicia ensured that the admin and documentation were in place, making the process smooth and fuss-free.

  74. Avatar photo
    Rahul Shukla

    I am sharing some outstanding personalised experience that both Beng Yew and Makeila provided during our property purchase at Water place !!

    You guys are absolutely professional, ever ready to go extra mile to meet smaller demands and taking care of clients when they are busy !! Thank you – it’s very small gesture of gratitude but you both have exceeded our expectations!!

    Well done and wish you success in future

    Rahul & Sonali

  75. Avatar photo
    Perio prober

    Thank you Wayne and Ramzi for the professional service so far! They have been prompt and courteous in the entire process and managed to sell my property within the first month of listing! Thank you so much to PLB and team!

  76. Avatar photo
    Nancy Tay (Storm)

    Thank you Sebastian and Jesley for helping me sell my house at the price that I want. They are true professional and always response to my needs quickly. Thank you again.

  77. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chong

    Felicia and Joan were very professional from Day 1. We were totally blown away from the end to end. It is definitely not your conventional real estate transaction. Kudos to Felicia, Joan and the rest of the team behind them. Appreciate the time, and hard work. Thanks!

  78. Avatar photo
    Ricky Lai

    Besides selling our Penthouse at our desired price, PLB also helped us to find our Dream Home. Thanks to Patricia & Seng Huat. Let them know what you want and they will work hard to find for you.

  79. Avatar photo
    Elaine Chay

    A big thank you to PLB the whole team from staging , video and marketing and not forgetting my 2 agents Melvin Chan and Emma.
    The patience and professionalism which they displayed was a great experience for us.
    Melvin and Emma are agents who work with their heart and sensitive to seller’s emotions. I will highly recommend both of them to anyone who are looking to sell their house.
    A big thumbs up for Melvin and Emma, both have done a great job!

  80. Avatar photo
    Fabian Ding

    Gabriel was professional and paid heed to all our considerations and feedback in our interactions with him. It was an excellent experience and will recommend him to anyone looking for such services.

  81. Avatar photo
    J K

    Executed with excellent services and special call-out to Seng Huat and Felicia as well as the backend team participating in this.
    Thank you for everything and the journey from selling (revamp + repaint, staging, videos and photos and last but not least marketing ads) and to buying (with detailed analysis of each and every unit, multiple viewings around the island including advisory + negotiation).
    That’s a good whole 8 months.

    Incredible services

  82. Avatar photo
    Ivy Liew

    Caline is good..she is helpful and patient. She understand our needs and always reply promptly. She explains in details and put in efforts, making us feel like a priority. We have great experience working with her. Thankful to meet Caline. …

  83. Avatar photo
    Benny Low

    We sought PLB’s assistance to market our property after a friend recommended their service to us. We were assisted by Eunice, Jonathan as well as George. We were very impressed with their professionalism, patience and market knowledge throughout the sale process. They are also fun to work with and offered us great customer experience. The process was very systematic and structured. We like the fact they work as a team and there was always someone attending to us. We were updated promptly on potential buyers’ feedback post viewings. We also engaged their assistance to seek a property for our new home. We were happy we achieved a great selling price for our unit and found a new home through PLB’s efforts.

    Many thanks to Eunice, Jonathan and George for your great effort!

    I would definitely recommend PLB to those who are looking to buy/sell a property.

  84. Avatar photo
    Andrew Yee

    We engaged Property Lim Brothers as we were considering selling our place and buying another. Alan, Alexa, and Felicia were very professional in their discussions with us, and provided excellent advice that were catered to our financial situation and needs. Most importantly, it really felt like they were acting in our interest, as opposed to what I was accustomed to with most other agents (property, insurance, you name it) who are always looking to close a deal.

    At the end of several rounds of discussions, we decided against selling our place, but Alan, Alexa, and Felicia were professional throughout. If you engage them, I am sure that you won’t be interacting with a pushy sales agent, but a proper value-add to your decision making process when selling or purchasing a home. They come highly recommended.

  85. Avatar photo
    Dian Ilyana Mohammad Mokhtar

    It was a real pleasure working with both Phyllis and Gabriel. Having to meet several other real estate agents before, we weren’t 100% convinced if we should engage them until we met Phyllis and team. Her careful and well articulated explanations, marketing plans & proposals as well as pricing analysis helped us better understand our house potential and assured us that we are in good hands. In addition, both Phyllis and Gabriel listened to all of our concerns and were extremely patient in explaining our reservations which helped eased our decision making process. We had a professional photographer at our house and within a couple of weeks, we had offers coming our way.

    Phyllis and Gabriel truly understands how to sell houses and are truly responsive to us. They made the process incredibly easy and their thorough knowledge, not only of general real estate, but of the local market and our surrounding neighbourhood amenities had made it a great pleasure throughout the whole process. We are extremely happy that our house sold having to meet beyond our expected selling price. We would like to give a huge shout out to both Phyllis and Gabriel, and to the PLB team for such a wonderful job! Thank you guys!

  86. Avatar photo
    Mark Gor

    My family had a very good experience with PLB to help sell our property. The quality of the marketing content was professionally done and with the professional services rendered by both Alan Koh and Bryan Koh to engage the many buyers, our property was sold within a good time frame. Kudos to the PLB team!!

  87. Avatar photo
    Shawn Hue

    I appoint Property Lim Brothers as property agent for my unit. Mr. Ong Beng Yew is assigned agent to in charge for my unit and I am glad that Beng Yew has always provides a great support for my unit viewing and he is responsive agent by attending my needs and enquiry. Also, Beng Yew has done a good part for video home tour shoot and I am very impressed with his marketing strategy.

    I have a very high regard for the professional attitude of Beng Yew and look forward for our next transaction for my new property. I will not hesitate in recommending him for the property agent role.

  88. Avatar photo
    Jerico Quek

    Engaging PLB simplifies things from finding the right buyer to completion. The process from beginning to end was swift and easy. Our agents, Mikaela and Alexa got to work right away and was very confident in the listing process. Our home went under contract just one day of viewing. We were amazed! Well done, ladies.

  89. Avatar photo
    Kristie Lim

    My experience working with the PLB team had been great from day 1. They knew exactly how to position my property – staging, location, pricing, etc. Viewings were also systematically arranged so that my family and I still have an undisturbed weekend. What stood out most prominently which differed from others was the almost immediate updates of the detailed profile of each of the viewers. When it came to offers, PLB didn’t withhold any one which would have worked better in their favour. PLB is a team that discharged their duties professionally and objectively with no hidden agenda. They are definitely one that you can trust! Thank you, PLB!

  90. Avatar photo
    Jacklyn Goh

    Rachel from PLB is one of the more responsive agents and draws a good balance in meeting the needs of all parties to the transaction! Professional handling making our move a smooth one.

  91. Avatar photo

    Gabriel and George are the most professional and committed consultants I’ve met so far in the property industry. I’m so glad they’re selected from PLB to help my family in selling our place! They offer great and professional advice, and made us feel totally at ease when engaging with them. They’ve been sincere in wanting to get the best interest for their clients. Their responsiveness, thoughtful planning, and amazing service has blown us away.

    We just trust them to do the best for us and they didn’t let us down. In fact they did better than what we expected. Our place was offered in less than 2 weeks from the time it was posted in the media!

    In summary, their tenacity and professionalism are unparalleled, and I am glad that we had engaged them in marketing our house. We definitely will recommend them to our families and friends and will engage them again in future when opportunity arises.

  92. Avatar photo
    Kok hong Goh

    Property Lim brothers has once again did it, completing the successful transaction of our lovely Penthouse…This time with a small difference, we were allocated to Christina. Christina has a lot to prove, as Melvin and Adrian did very well for our previous housing transactions. She stepped up her game, and show us that not only is she ready but also is as professional as Melvin and Adrian. I think this speak highly of the team effort and caliber, and also the same reason why we kept using them again and again. Looking forward to future transaction, well done team!

  93. Avatar photo
    Ailin Lim

    It was a wonderful and stress free experience working with PLB., Jun Wei and George Peng. They are part of a team of delicated agents who are very reliable, sincere and quick in turning around paper work. Within 10 days after the launch of PLB’s signatue you tube video, my property was sold and best part, above my target sale price. I am truly grateful to have cross paths with Jun Wei ( a truly professional and high performing young chap ) and George ( Jun Wei’s senior who is damn steadfast and skilful in strategising ). Iended this sale journey as a truly happy and satisfied customer. and have since share this successful journey with a few of my good friends.

  94. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Low

    Honestly astounded by the quality of work these guys put in. My wife and I were looking for a HDB resale flat, and our initial concern was that the agents would end up deprioritizing our sale for more lucrative deals. It turned out to be the opposite. My agents Alan (Koh) and (Kee) Seng Huat worked tirelessly around the clock to give us the best offers possible. I especially appreciate their patience – they willingly entertain and answer (dumb) questions from first time buyers like me to the best of their ability. In the end, my wife and I were able to save a sizeable amount of cash (even after netting their commission fees) after our purchase. Would strongly recommend them to any home buyer.

  95. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Leow Jiexiang

    Sebastian, Christina, George, and everyone else involved! Thank you for making the process of selling and buying a home so easy, enjoyable, and fun! The decision to hire PLB was one that we will always look back on with smiles and gratitude! We would like to express our gratitude to Sebastian and Christina for their generous efforts in making this journey a pleasant one!

    Wishing you all and everyone in PLB many success!! God Bless

    Nicholas, Tianqi, Chloe

  96. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Tan

    ’ll highly recommend Property Lim Brothers (George & Beng Yew) for their dedication and professionalism in this entire selling process. They are friendly and very approachable. The whole process was clearly explained placing emphasis on timelines and ensuring that we are on the same page when it comes to executing the deal. Well negotiated and prompt. Thanks guys for all the efforts and it’s been our pleasure working with PLB. Will definitely refer anyone keen on buying or selling properties your way. Cheers!

  97. Avatar photo
    Audrey Khng

    As a first time home buyer, I was quite lost on where to start. Kevin was knowledgeable and helpful. He listens and is on your side throughout the process – not a salesman trying to close a deal.
    It has been a great experience with PLB and I strongly recommend them to any potential home buyers!

  98. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Y.

    Was introduced to Property Lim by my colleague after I mentioned I was not satisfied with my previous agent. No regrets.

    They really revolutionised the industry and set themselves away from the traditional ways. One of the things I really appreciate is that they perform proper screening of potential buyers and they are not pushy. They have a great team and different members performing specific roles much like how a company operates.

    Many thanks to Christina and Kevin and the rest of the Property Lim team!

  99. Avatar photo

    I would say it’s glad to know that there is a very professional and forward-looking homegrown real estate team in Singapore.

    PLB is no stranger to many Singapore households. Their professionalism, passion, enthusiasm and great teamwork are not only shown on their videos, we experienced the same passion and dedication from our very first meeting till we receive our very first offer. All communications are clear and concise giving us the sense of assurance to let them run the show. We know we are in good hands.

    We would like to thank Tabitha and John for their dedication and constant follow up with concise and detailed updates. The experience is very pleasant and we are happy having them along this journey in selling our property.

    One week after securing the sale of our property, John and Tabitha helped to arrange several viewings on the units that we are keen to view. They really took care of our welfare and arranged several viewings back to back at a comfortable pace. More importantly, they respect our time and made sure that we do not feel overwhelmed after a day of house hunting.

    Looking for a property to suit one’s preferences, budget, lifestyle and comfort level is no easy feat. It involves great effort in searching, analyzing, re-searching and re-analyzing. And a great deal of emotions that takes you on a roller coaster ride.

    We are grateful to have Tabitha and John with us on this ride.

    As a good listener, John seeks to understand what we want and do not want. On many occasions, he is able to point out areas that we need to consider carefully like the exit strategy for the units that we are interested in. When we finally set our eyes on a particular unit, we were eager to make an offer on the same day. However John advised us to hold our composure and go for a second viewing before proceeding. True enough, our thoughts were clearer after the second viewing and we like that unit even more. Negotiation is an art and we are glad to be in the good hands of John and Tabitha who helped us to secure this unit.

    And as the saying goes, it’s the little things that matter. During our viewing, Tabitha was carefully noting the things that we have concerns on and proposed creative solutions to share with us. We appreciate that she helped us to see things from different angles which help to broaden our perspectives.

    Many client – agent relationships are transactional in nature. With John and Tabitha, it is more like a friend to friend relationship. Conversations are sincere and feedback is honest. There is really nothing more that you can ask for.

    Thank you John and Tabitha.

  100. Avatar photo
    Coco Zo

    Both Alan and Shawn from PLB has been responsive and worked hard at marketing my unit. They always come with a smile and give details on the profile of each potential buyer who came to view our unit after. We are happy with the overall experience. Thank you team PLB and wish you all the best.

  101. Avatar photo
    John Lim

    Impressed by Wayne and Aaron on how they conducted the entire process. We took some time to confirm the engagement of their service in marketing our place but they remained professional throughout.

    The photos and videos of our place was done up nicely and they gave detailed instructions on the home staging process.
    Wayne came up with a good marketing plan, including handouts to the potential buyers for them to review when they are back home. The response was literally overwhelming: listing up on Tuesday, 25 viewings over that Saturday and Sunday. He is very prompt with all the updates and the offers coming in. We ended with multiple offers by Sunday and closed well beyond our listed price on Monday morning.

    One thing we are happy with is the way how Wayne sold our house without pushing us to take the offers, always open for discussion and keep coming up with strategies so we can match the timeline on our next property.

    We can feel his sincerity and he definitely acted in our best interest
    Highly recommended

  102. Avatar photo
    Terence Quah

    Jeremy was very knowledgeable and considerate of our needs. He was very detailed in his explanation and was able to help answer to all our queries and concerns. Highly recommend as an agent!

  103. Avatar photo
    Kefei Wu

    Our agent, Beatrice, together with Marc, did an excellent job. We had a fantastic selling experience. The sales process is polished and smooth. Working together with PLB, we were able to realise a better value for our place then we would have otherwise had. The marketing effort is definitely amongst the best in the market. Would highly recommend PLB in the age of social media marketing.

  104. Avatar photo

    We were buyers of a home being sold by sellers represented by Cheryl and Caline from PLB. Despite not being their direct clients, they were willing to assist us with all our questions during the sales process. Being first-time home buyers, it made our home-buying journey smooth and easy. Based on conversations I have had with others, this high quality of service from the other party’s agents is extremely hard to come by and I also believe it was done in the best interest of the seller. Overall, the experience was pleasant from Day 1 and allowed us to form a very cordial relationship with the seller at the keys handover. We would not hesitate to consider engaging Cheryl or PLB for our own property matters in the future.

  105. Avatar photo
    khayling tor

    Engaged PLB George and Mikaela to represent us for our property hunt after selling our home as we think it’s always better to have ourselves represented.

    And since our past transaction with them was a brisk in the park.

    At least they can provide us with a better perspective, insights and guidance on our next milestone.

    The whole process was very simple, we just shortlist the units we wanted and both George and Mikaela will do the ground works of organising viewings at our convenient, market research and even advice on the rough estimated asking price for properties that we like.

    With this powerful tool, we have lesser worries on securing / offering for a unit that we like cos in todays market its either buyer belongs to the “lowball group” or paying for “future pricing group” and we don’t want to be on either side.

    Just wanted to have a fair deal and yup, gotten a unit that is what we love and within our budget.

    A very good experience engaging them, knowing there is a safety net we can fall on.

  106. Avatar photo
    Alison Lim

    Bryan and his team achieved a selling price for our unit that exceeded our expectation. With their business acumen, they were able to close the deal within the short span of a month. Throughout the marketing process, Bryan and his team were professional, knowledgeable and had excellent customer service. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend PLB to anyone buying or selling a property.

  107. Avatar photo
    Yew Wye Ong

    We had a great experience working with Property Lim Brothers (PLB), namely Eunice Lam, Alan Koh. We came to know these 2 great persons when trying to acquire a property they were agents of. They are professional in taking care of their client’s wellbeing, at the same time, fair to the buyer. Being impressed by their professionalism, and integrity, we engaged them to sell our property.
    It is no easy task taking care of our special requirements and they proved we made the right decision to engage PLB!
    They provided sound advise every step of the way, and also drafted timelines/schedules/financial flows that we will need to plan for. They were always responsive to our questions and concerns.
    In negotiation, they made us feel we are thoroughly represented and completely taken care of. Legal clauses were specially added to include our unique needs.
    We started to engage them in May and found a buyer in Jul. In between, in a nutshell, their in-house fantastic team of photographers and videographer came and left. Adverts were posted and schedules were made for viewing. Updates were communicated every step of the way.
    We just close the sale of our property with photographs and videography mementos of the placed we brought our children up in.
    To those who are thinking to engage PLB, be frank with them so that they know what you need. And work with them, so that everything will be as smooth as possible.
    Last but not least, BIG THANK YOU to Eunice and Alan, we are blessed to know you.
    And to Melvin Lim – you have a great team! (I think you know that )

  108. Avatar photo
    Jack Chen

    I will strongly recommend engaging Property Lim Brothers!

    Wenbin has been extremely helpful in terms of sharing his wealthy experience to help us find and settle into our first home.

    He has been nothing but patient and kind during the times when we visited multiple locations per day. He paid a lot of attention during our house hunting and is able to identify the ideal house that we are looking for.

    Strongly recommend!!


  109. Avatar photo
    Jesslyn Lim

    We would like to give special thanks to our beloved property agent, Mr John Lin for his wonderful support and assistance in our housing transaction. He was highly responsive to our queries and tirelessly brought us to various house viewing without ever making us feel obliged to commit to any house offer. He was knowledgeable in each house viewing and never hesitated to be on our side if the seller / other agent happened to be unreasonable. John always walked the extra mile to make our house hunting experience a pleasant one. We were assured by his professionalism, patience and passion (3 Ps). John is not just our agent. He is also our friend and family.

  110. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Teo

    Christina Tan and Alan Koh of Property Lim Brothers have been very helpful in the journey to sell our flat. Their prompt response and professional advice have taken much worry off our minds.

    Christina in particular have been a great primary contact for us from the first meeting right up to our HDB appointment with the buyers for handover. Her frank yet sound advice have given us much comfort and confidence in letting the PLB team handle the sale of our flat.

    PLB’s step by step procedure from preparing the house for listing to the actual viewings have also demonstrated good results

  111. Avatar photo
    R C

    I was highly recommended by a colleague to Beng Yew from PLB. Beng Yew has been of great help ! He is very professional and experiecned and he knows his stuff! I manage to sell my unit in a week! Amazing !

    I will highly recommend PLB and Beng Yew if you are looking to sell your unit !

  112. Avatar photo
    Low Amos

    Kevin Lim is pro- active and diligent. He will try his best to market your property within the shortest possible time. Easy going and v knowledgeable in this field. Nicely done up pictures with furnishings and with 3D viewing. Impressive! Highly recommended to anyone who is selling their properties. Really no regrets

  113. Avatar photo
    Wendell Tan

    Gabriel has been very helpful and patient in the entire house hunting process. He possess good knowledge and we are very glad for his professional assistance and advice. Despite Gabriel’s busy schedule, he still manages to find time to go the extra mile to talk to the neighbours of the unit that we are interested in to find out more about the surroundings to ease our insecurities. Gabriel has made the whole process comfortable and efficient. We are really grateful and would like to give many thanks to Gabriel for his excellent service!

  114. Avatar photo
    Jonas Chow

    Gabriel and Kevin were very helpful through the course of purchasing my first property. They helped me to make sense of the data and assisted me through all the steps of the process. They gave me space as I was pondering through the decisions, truly allowing me to think through the issues without pushing me to make a decision. I am very impressed at their professionalism and the personal attention rendered.

  115. Avatar photo
    Jack Chong

    Kevin is very efficient, know his stuff well and responsive.
    Manage to get my house rented in the fastest time, twice
    He went extra mile by giving advice after the lease ended.
    I m very comfortable to have him as my agent.
    Best recommended.

  116. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chu

    Property Lim was very open on our sale and purchase. George was very constructive in the discussions on the sale process till the very end. Very responsive in my queries every now and then. Detailed feedback after house viewings were also provided promptly which gave us ample time to consider our options. The videography done was superbly done up which boosted the viewing opportunities. PLB is a one stop service for you! From Contractor to lawyers to ID, you name it, they have it all! Thumbs up! A dedicated team ready to serve you!

  117. Avatar photo
    Azor Heng

    Worked closely with Jesley and George to sell my apartment. Jesley was very proactive and able to competently advise on many aspects of the transaction.

    Even though there were some issues to be resolved and other units were pitching for sales, PLB was able to harness a strong and cohesive marketing pitch. We closed the process in less than a month from initiation. Thanks and kudos to the team !
    Azor & Sher Lin

  118. Avatar photo
    Alvin Woo

    Had the pleasure of working with Phyllis to secure my short term rental unit. Although she was appointed by the landlord and not by me, at no point in our discussions did she give me reason to think that she was not acting in my best interests as well. She was responsive to my many queries, and due to the fact that I had been searching for quite some time for a suitable unit for my elderly mum and myself, I was rather anxious about the whole process.
    Phyllis was very patient with me and gave lots of assurances that all would be well. And thanks to her, the whole process was a very smooth one and I now look forward to moving in, albeit for a short time only.
    Sometimes you just click with people and this was the case with Phyllis. I felt that she empathized with my situation and went out of her way to smoothen the process, and assuage my fears and anxieties.
    Working with her has been a real pleasure and even though I have many friends and contacts who are property agents, I will not hesitate to appoint her to be my agent in future, and I will also recommend her to any of my friends who might be looking for agents.
    Thank you, Phyllis!

  119. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Goh Zhenyang

    Shawn and Ramzi from PLB go above and beyond what I expected property agents to do. They take great pride in what they do and consistently help clarify any property questions that we have regardless whether its BTO, Resale or Rental (understanding of Tenancy Agreement).

    Never in the journey have we regretted using their services and if you are looking for someone to service your property needs, you should give them a ring.

  120. Avatar photo
    Judy Tan

    We had our property in the market for nearly a year before we decided to engage PLB. We were very impressed with their approach which went just beyond a video and some photos of the place. Their analytics and presentation on pricing, target audience, selling points, future potential, 3D models with ideas brought out the true value and potential of our home. Result was immediate, our property was sold soon after the photos and video went up.

    PLB team was a delight to work with right from the get-go. George, Marc and Ayu guided us through the entire process and always had our best interests at heart. They are very hard-working and have a great positive attitude. We absolutely enjoyed working with all of them. Thank you very much PLB team. Onwards and upwards.

  121. Avatar photo
    Yilun Xu

    We would recommand PLB for its great renting service. In particular, we’d like to send our sincere gratitude to Beng Yew who has been helpful and professional. We are looking forward to living in the new flat!

  122. Avatar photo
    Stephen Lim

    Team Property Lim Brothers assisted with the staging and selling of our brand-new four-bedroom condo unit with high (4.4-metre) ceiling, as mainly coordinated by Kevin Lim. Team Lead Melvin Lim provided useful analyses and advice. Jamie kept us abreast of weekly social media viewership. Kevin, Felicia, and Eunice ushered a steady stream of potential buyers for viewing. On overall, the Team was dependable and showed very good work ethics.

  123. Avatar photo
    Jess Tan

    A special thanks to Beng Yew and Gabriel for their excellent service. They are very professional and prompt in their responses. Our condo unit was sold within 2 weeks. Well done, guys. …

  124. Avatar photo
    Ellen Yang

    We used Property Lim Brothers to sell our unit, which has been on the market for a while and we know it’s not easy. We were very impressed by the hard work, responsiveness, and great support from Bryan, Kee and the broader team, and throughout the process we became truly convinced of the team’s capabilities. Thanks so much to the team!

  125. Avatar photo
    Rene Ryne

    Beng Yew and Felicia have been very helpful throughout the whole journey. They responded and reacted promptly. Whenever we have any concerns and questions, they will try their best to ensure these are addressed. We are grateful for the valuable insights and advice given to us along the way. Thank you!

  126. Avatar photo
    Gladys Ng

    An Hong is very professional. He was there throughout our whole entire resale process and he was very patient in explaining every details to us. Would definitely recommend An Hong to my friends. Thank you for helping me in getting my first home.

  127. Avatar photo

    We are very thankful for the professionalism shown by the team at Property Lim Brothers. Caline has impressed us right from the start with her prompt responses; setting up meetings, arranging photography and listing of our unit as fast as she could. She got our unit rented out in just 2 days after listing. Amazing!!
    It is good to see agents at Property Lim Brothers work as a team. Alan gave us very good advice when we were deciding between renting or selling our unit. His tips helps )
    We strongly recommend Caline and Alan.

  128. Avatar photo
    Wendy Ong

    I am so glad that we met Melvin Chan & Alan for a property we purchase recently. They are so friendly and helpful in guiding us on the journey of our purchase. Most importantly, they are quick in response and always there to advise when we have any questions or issues. I would strongly recommend Melvin & Alan when you are looking to sell or buy a property.

  129. Avatar photo

    Always like the way they showcase house. Very informative too.

  130. Avatar photo
    Peishan 4321

    Beng Yew and Felicia assisted me in the purchase of my first property. They made the process very easy and seamless especially since I am residing overseas. Beng Yew and Felicia are very responsive in scheduling virtual visits, taking additional videos to get a sense of the surroundings. What impressed me most was their ability to share their professional perspectives, taking into account my preferences and always provided advice with my best interest in mind.

  131. Avatar photo
    Roger Teo

    Would like to thank John for helping me in the rental of my flat. John was very prompt to inform me of current rental rates and processes.

    John arranged for multiple viewings within one day and I managed to get a tenant within that same day.

    The remaining processes went smoothly with John taking charge of all the needed documents.

    Thanks John for the very good support and followups!

  132. Avatar photo
    Egbert Benedictus

    We are very impressed & happy with PLB & Patricia’s service. We felt we have made the right choice in engaging PLM as they are not just efficient but also effective. We manage to sell the place in a very short period of time (just one day of viewings) and also at a good price.
    Patricia continue to follow up with the other party until the option is exercised.
    We are delighted with Patricia and definitely would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to sell their house.

  133. Avatar photo
    Tan Florence

    Jeremy and Dionnis were not only professional and dedicated but were very understanding and patient with us.

    True to your grit you guys nail the deal beyond expectations. Well done!!!

    As retirees we are grateful to have had placed our unit in their good hands.

    We highly recommend Jeremy, Dionnis and PLB without a doubt!

    Keep up the good work!

  134. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lim

    Fuss free and professional experience with PLB! Special thanks to George and Phyllis for selling our unit at an above expectation price all within one viewing and assisting us in purchasing our next dream home.
    Highly recommended to engage their service!

  135. Avatar photo
    Teddy Tan

    Gabriel and Felicia are agents par excellence – very professional and knowledgeable. Enlisted them to sell our Punggol Central flat. They moved the property in double-quick time at a record price without sacrificing integrity. Definitely recommended.

  136. Avatar photo
    Winnie Koh

    I would like to commend Kevin and Eunice for doing an excellent job in selling my property. The PLB team did not only assign these 2 superstars to help with my sale, but a team of folks were instrumental in helping to sell my unit – working tirelessly behind the scenes to help market my unit effectively; from video production, photo shoot, social media marketing, listing and close of sale. Their methodology of targeting potential buyers was highly effectively – most viewers were genuine potential buyers. And the best part? I was able to secure a buyer for my unit within 2+ months. Thank you team!

  137. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Koh

    Jeremy and Wayne had been great help to help me and my family settle into the rental under very tight timeline. Thank you Jeremy and Wayne …

  138. Avatar photo
    Alanis Lim

    Special thanks to Eunice, Kelvin & the backend PLB team who did a great job helping us to sell our unit within our timeline and at a good price. The team had been very efficient, proactive and committed. Always on time in giving viewing updates and they hv a great marketing strategy! Definitely recommend their service!

  139. Avatar photo
    Nelson Wong

    Eunice and Kevin were the agents taking care of both our sales and purchase. The experience has been very smooth, assuring and pleasant.
    The sales process was conducted very professionally. I am amazed with the teamwork displayed from their media, marketing and sales team. We’ve only conducted 3 days of viewing with multiple offers and closing it at our asking price. At every step of the journey, all our queries were confidently and satisfactory answered.
    Even for the purchase, both Eunice and Kevin were very patient with us and guided us with great advice in selecting and finally purchasing our next property. They helped us with various due diligence checks and ensure our concerns were taken care of.
    Both of them are very timely and always prompt with all the follow-ups and answers to our questions.
    For anyone who would like to have a smooth and worry-free sales process as well as genuine property advice. I would strongly recommend the team in Property Lim Brothers. They have the right approach and genuine attitude in the interests of their clients.
    Thanks to Eunice and Kevin.

  140. Avatar photo
    Norica Ng

    To Bryan, Kevin and the crew: We cannot be more thankful to have engaged PLB. Everything was so fuss-free from the moment you responded to our query. The home tour video was so well done and informative. We were also very impressed with your professionalism and efficiency throughout selling process . Lastly, we want to give a shout out to Bryan who has shown patience and given many useful advice for our purchase. You certainly made the entire process less onerous.

  141. Avatar photo
    Nijaporn Wangtammanoon

    We couldn’t have done it without you, Alexa & Felicia!

    Felicia, Alexa and PLB teams are sincere, honest, responsive and professional who persevered with us throughout both buying and selling transactions. In critical situations, both of you were very responsive and gave us valuable advise/suggestions. It was a superb experience and if we were to transact again, we would definitely return to PLB and look for you! Thank you for helping us make both transactions materialise, now we have achieved our goal!

  142. Avatar photo
    soo soo

    I have engaged PLB for selling my house in end 2021, they assembled a team with main interface Wayne and Alexa, we were in good hands from arranging the PLB signature home tour video to viewing by potential buyers – all good professionalism + extra mile of help here and there. Many thanks to Wayne and Alexa !

  143. Avatar photo
    P Tham

    They provided very good service from start to finish. Their responses to our questions as we were trying to sell our unit were very prompt and professional, and they took into account market sentiments and the characteristics of the pool of potential buyers to fine-tune their marketing strategies. Alan has also been extremely patient and attentive to our queries and needs after the unit was sold and as he was helping us search for our new home. Very glad that we engaged them!

  144. Avatar photo
    Ruby Khoo

    Two words come to mind on PLB – utmost professionalism!

    Adrian Lim and Christina Tan worked with us through the entire sales process efficiently. The team is very committed and helpful .They did a marvellous job marketing our property. It was sold within 3 days upon listing. Well done PLB!
    We highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to sell their property.

  145. Avatar photo
    Darryl Ng

    Would recommend anyone who’s looking to sell their property to PLB. Our experience working with Beatrice and Marc on the sale of our property is totally professional, responsive and extraordinary! Being detailed with full transparency on the transaction, video/photo setup, viewings requirements/planning and keeping us updated allowed us to make informed decision that led us to a successful sale of our property in 2 weeks! To top it all, it was a record psf for our development and am proud of their achievement in maximizing our property value. Well done PLB, Beatrice and Marc

  146. Avatar photo
    Nora Limanto

    Thank you George Peng and Caline Leong for helping us to sell our unit with our expected price, considering our limitation regarding the unit, it was quite fast.

  147. Avatar photo
    Wallace Tan

    *Sold within 1 week of listing*

    Good synergy working with Beng Yew & George Peng for the sales of my property. Kudos to their solid sales team and backend support making this a smooth sailing one.

  148. Avatar photo
    Ariel Jiang

    Recently reached out to PLB for assistance in selling our property, and as part of the process securing a rental unit. Working with PLB gives you the confidence that you have a team representing you, rather than just one agent. Special mention to John for leading the whole process, facilitating the visits, ensuring paperwork is in order and planing the timeline that works best for our family.

  149. Avatar photo
    Clarissa Ng

    Selling a property is one of life’s greatest decisions and you would want to make the best choice you can. Putting my trust in PLB’s George Peng and Charline Wong was a wise first step into a great sale experience.

    I would say, look at the selling price of my house. [highest transacted PSF in the past 2 year, in fact, higher than a higher floor unit] That would be sufficient to tell you much about their experience and proficiency. Yet, above an outcome that many value, it’s their care, patience and availability that makes them a cut above other competitors. From understanding the reason for my sale, choosing the marketing strategy, preparing my unit for the sale, to liaising with all stakeholders and giving recommendations; both George and Charline are always ready to lay out all available options with extensive explanations, and patiently letting me and my family come to a decision in good time.

    In addition, from the day the sale of my house was put up on social media to the day I accepted the offer was a little more than a month. In that period of time, we had a total of 12 viewings. That’s efficiency.

    It was a great sale experience for me and my family, with limited trepidation and hassle, because we had the benefit of working with PLB. Hope it can be the same for you too

  150. Avatar photo

    I had used Property Lim Brothers (PLB) for the sale of my property back in 2018. The experience then was smooth and effective, and PLB was successful in selling my property for a good price.

    In my recent property sale I approached PLB and was assisted by Kevin and Eunice, both who were professional and conscientious in executing their responsibilities. I truly enjoyed partnering with Kevin and Eunice as they were both friendly, flexible and pragmatic in working with me and my requirements.

    I had opted to use the staging services offered by PLB which proved to be a good facility in marketing my condo unit. Kevin, Eunice and the PLB team did wonders in removing speedily unwanted furniture and items and sprucing up my house. The changes and improvements introduced to my home were remarkable and splendid that it inspired my family and me so much so that we had renewed desire to continue living in the house.

    The sale of my property was launched by PLB in Oct 2022. Within less than 2 weeks we received an attractive offer from a buyer which we eventually accepted!!

    Thank you PLB for the superb marketing of my property and the marvellous support rendered by Kevin, Eunice and Adrian!!!

  151. Avatar photo
    Maybelline Ang

    Prior to engaging PLB, we were using another agent to market our property. There was no shortage of viewers – 22 parties in total in fact over a span of 1-2months, but none could make an offer close to a price we wanted.

    It was then that we decided to engage PLB and it was the best decision really. First was a courtesy call from Melvin, which was a good touch because it shows the importance that they place on potential clients.

    During the first call session with Marc and Christina, they were very professional, guiding us through the sale process and sharing how they overcome common buyer’s rejections. It also helps that PLB has marketing materials around the sale timeline which was a visual reminder for first time buyers on what to expect. What left a impression was that Marc and Christina recognised the selling points of our unit, thereby deserving of the price we were aiming for, whereas our first agent was constantly trying to get us to push down our desired price.

    On Christina’s first visit to our unit, she immediately proposed a few enhancements to better market our unit. This was important because as a first time seller, we were looking for an agent that could advise us professionally on what works. With those changes made, we saw a higher offer of $10k+ to $15k.

    Throughout the entire process, Christina has been absolutely professional. She makes a point to drop us a text to ask whether it was convenient to speak. She had also been very communicative, updating us very timely and detailedly about every viewing session which we appreciated because the previous agent only gave a brief update once a week.

    In addition, to allay one of the potential buyer’s concern on the distance to mrt, Christina even accompanied the buyer for the walk to the train station to prove that the distance wasn’t as far as the buyer thought. Which to me as a seller, it was very dedicated of her to do so. Even on the day that we had to head to HDB to complete our paperwork, Christina made the effort to come down to meet us to verify that we had the necessary documents in place.

    We had been extremely impressed with our experience working with Christina and the PLB team and had been raving to our friends and family about their services. PLB does stay true their values of real estate with integrity and we will definitely trust to use their services again.

  152. Avatar photo
    Sy L

    Alfred & Felicia have been of a great help throughout our selling process. A detailed feedback was sent to us after every viewings (which we had it for almost every weekend) great thing is they are always around be it for the staging process etc. we can leave our home with them without having to worry. We are not familiar with the entire process since it’s our first time selling our home, but Alfred & Felicia have provided great help in terms of the calculations and timeline presented to us to allow us to have a better understanding of what to expect next. After all, great experience with them ️

  153. Avatar photo
    Shazana Anuar

    As first time home sellers, we appreciated how Ayu, Beng Kee, Felicia and team were so clear in their explanation of the sale process. They gave us sound advice on strategies to make our place more marketable and shared good tips from their experience dealing with past sales.

    The team is also very professional and hardworking. Thanks to their expert preparing of the unit and handling the various viewings, we were able to sell our unit less than two weeks of it being listed. They also prepared all the necessary documentation and were ready and quick to come over to us to get our signatures and hand over the papers to the other party.

    Ayu and team also guided us well on the financials and the timelines. They did a lot of behind the scenes work to negotiate and liaise with the buyers on our behalf. As we were looking to purchase a new unit as well, Ayu and team also explained and guided us on the process. We felt very assured with the service and would very much recommend this team!

  154. Avatar photo
    Nurhana Mohd Taip

    Big thank you to Beatrice, Joan and the PLB team for helping us to sell our place! The team was super professional from start to finish. We were particularly impressed by the detailed feedback shared after every viewing. There was transparency in the process and a lot of hard work was put in to ensure that our place was well presented . And the results showed! We managed to sell our place within two months at a price we were very happy with. Kudos to the team!

  155. Avatar photo
    Michael Tang

    We would like to thanks Jay Chen for his outstanding services rendered to us during our hunt for a rental office unit. He was not only patient but was very obliging especially when we needed a couple of viewings before we could confirm on the unit. He was very detailed and not pushy at all unlike some others agents. Upon our confirmation, he even made effort to guide and advise us on the procedure as well the different government agencies to contact for the services etc.
    He’s definitely a guy I would recommend for those who needed a trusted hand to be held. Keep up the Good Job and continue to excel and delight your customer with a HEART!

  156. Avatar photo
    MH Peng

    It had been a wonderful experience with Property Lim Brothers. They were really professional and effective in promoting the sale of our unit with their amazing home tour video! We would like to thank them for their support by making the whole sale process smooth.

  157. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tian

    Alfred Cheong was the agent for the apartment we purchased this January. Alfred was extremely helpful, open, transparent, and reliable through the whole process, he really cared about us, understood our needs from the very first viewing appointment. even helping us on sourcing of good loan package. He followed up at the every step of the transaction to make sure it is on track and help to clear any doubts in our mind. A very professional agent. Highly recommended.

  158. Avatar photo
    Fiona Lim

    George got onboard and assisted us with our purchase, giving us an insight to the property market we would otherwise have not known.

    With the sale of our property, George was detailed and spot on with its value and foresaw challenges that could possibly put off potential buyers and made every effort to overcome them. He also made it a point to provide a comprehensive feedback of all the viewings conducted. Overall, the outreach of their marketing strategy was extremely impressive. The entire process was smooth and George has been reassuring and dependable throughout.

  159. Avatar photo
    samantha seow

    This was our second time working with Felicia and as before she was really helpful and proactive. Again, she made sure to find out what our needs were before recommending various properties to us. She arranged the viewings for us and went down with us each time even though we told her we wouldn’t mind going on our own. Felicia also gave us invaluable advice as to which properties to consider and we are very happy with our final purchase. She’s really good at making things fuss free for her clients and we appreciate it!

  160. Avatar photo

    Beng Yew is so kind and friendly to introduce us the unit. He is very professional also to support us on a super smooth moving and handover as well as the small repairations needed. Definetly recommended for the service and the kindness. …

  161. Avatar photo
    julius john

    Jay is simply amazing, with little interaction he understood where our interest stays. He was meticulous in arranging viewings, gave us sufficient space to think thru and answered all our queries. He was transparent throughout the process which kept us extremely assured.
    Thank you Jay for helping us in the dream home journey.

  162. Avatar photo
    Zhenhao Hu

    Worked with Reggie for the sale of our HDB flat. Managed to get a buyer for our flat during the first viewing which relieved us of a lot of stress as we are looking to sell our flat quickly having already bought our next property. From the start to the end, Reggie has been extremely helpful and professional. Very glad we went with PLB for our house sale and will definitely recommend them to anyone.

  163. Avatar photo
    Juliana Lee

    We initially engaged PLB for their video marketing skills in selling our property. We are impressed with how efficient the whole process is. They patiently answered all our queries and guided us along the process. We are particularly grateful for Reggie’s help. Although the completion has been done, he still help us in finding the new property. He went extra mile to help when we had some logistic issues with moving to the new house.
    We highly recommend PLB to anyone who want to sell their properties.

  164. Avatar photo
    Charlene Tan

    We engaged PLB to sell our property. Gabriel and Felicia were responsive and professional throughout the entire process, providing sound advice and recommendations which were backed up by pricing analysis and sound experience. Besides this, they were able to market and promote the property through the video, highlighting its unique selling points and appealing to the appropriate target groups. The approach was highly effective and seamless, resulting in us selling at our marketed price within a week of the video launch, despite the COVID restrictions on viewings in place. All in, we are impressed and very satisfied with PLB’s approach, and especially Gabriel and Felicia for facilitating and easing our sale.

  165. Avatar photo
    Sophia Y

    We are glad to have Alan and Boon Guan as our agents. Selling house has not been easy as there are tons of questions and details that can’t be ignored. Alan with his many years of experience is able to answer my questions to my understanding and with much patience. Boon guan had been attentive to our queries or doubts from viewers without much hesitation . It was a pleasant and rather smooth experience . Thank you

  166. Avatar photo
    Eileen Ooi

    We are very impressed with PLB service and our overall interaction with the PLB team was indeed a very pleasant one.
    Big thanks to the PLB media team and George Peng for the presentation video and initial presentation.
    Most important of all, special shoutout to Bryan Koh, our young n energetc listing manager who works very hard and highly responsive. We are really impressed with his professionalism and great customer service. He is definitely the guy to go to , should you need a good listing manager.
    Thanks again to all for the seamless journey together. Cheers.

  167. Avatar photo

    Alexa was very attentive and efficient when scheduling viewings. I am very pleased with her service as she showed that she truly cared for her clients’ needs and she was not in it just for the commission. She was very helpful and involved in the price negotiation as well as communication with the seller side. She also guided me on the transaction process as it was my first time buying a house. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell or buy any property.

  168. Avatar photo
    Reenee Garcia

    We worked with George and Beng Yew for the sale of our property and subsequent purchase of our next property. As we were unfamiliar with the process, George and Beng Yew briefed us in detail the relevant timelines to ensure a seamless transition to our new property. They also pointed out the various risks along the way before every decision was made. Their can-do attitude and responsiveness instilled confidence in us during the process. As a team, they complemented each other well and ensured that someone is available to respond to our queries.

    George is experienced, collected, and solution-oriented in achieving our objectives. Most importantly, he demonstrated a strong sense of ownership to protect our interests while achieving the most optimal outcome. Beng Yew is meticulous, industrious and always come prepared before every discussion with the necessary information to facilitate the decision-making process.

    We highly recommend George and Beng Yew to potential property sellers and buyers!

  169. Avatar photo
    Zac Yan

    Best Property Agent company. If you are looking for one stop to everything about property, here you go. From selling house to buying house to getting lawyer to bank loan to renovation. Their experience to this line can significantly help your needs

  170. Avatar photo
    Elaine Nevis

    I’ve watched a couple of videos by Property Lim Brothers prior to engaging and trusting them to sell our matrimonial home- a place very near, dear and sentimental to me.

    Alexa and Christina were assigned to help us with the sale of our very 1st home. I was impressed with the professionalism that they displayed and their value-add throughout the entire experience.

    Conversations with Alexa were especially easy, we got along very well and that really helped to put me at ease. It did make it easier for me to trust them to get a good price/ sell our very first home. It was a smooth process throughout, which we’re really happy with.

    Thank you once again PLB team.

    PS. Alexa, as special as it was to you, the experience throughout our dealings with you was special to us too.

  171. Avatar photo
    KF L

    We have recently sold our unit with the help from Jeremy, Eunice and the PLB team, within 1 week of launch of photos and virtual in portals.

    This would not have been possible if not for the professional advice, sincere attitude, dedicate service and excellent marketing strategy from Jeremy and Eunice. They kept us posted of the summary of groups that came for viewing and list down all the offers in details for us to review even after a long day of hosting the groups.

    A big shout out to all at PLB, especially Jeremy and Eunice, for the good work. Keep it up!

  172. Avatar photo
    Lynn Cheng

    PLB’s approach to sale and marketing challenges all market convention and in our view, leads the market in creativity, communication, service & delivery strategies and standards.

    We met Kenneth Tan in Jan 2020 during one viewing, and had the privilege of meeting and working with him and Jay Chen since then. Both worked together to sell our home and helped us purchase one amidst recent market frenzy. During the sale process, we were kept updated of all media launch date, viewing response and viewers’ feedback. For the purchase, they helped us secured tight viewing slot, strategised the offer, acted calmly and professionally.

    They have been very patient in understanding our needs, sharing insight, quick to act and after a while, know our preferences. We want to thank them for alerting us to a suitable buying opportunity and helping us secured it among many close bids.

    We have no reservation in recommending PLB, Ken & Jay to all looking to sell or buy a home.

    Keep up the good work guys.
    God bless your journey ahead abundantly!

    Lynn & Pak

  173. Avatar photo
    ronnie wong

    I will strongly recommend to engage property Lim Brother. Very responsive team and very well structure especially Alexa and Angela they are very responsive no matter what time you sent them a question they will arrange a call back in very short time.
    They had sold my unit in record time within a week.
    After sale follow up also up to date till completion.

    Strongly recommend ..
    Well done team.

  174. Avatar photo
    Keston Chia

    Excellent service from Boon Guan and Melvin Chan! We were glad to have both to assist us in our property journey. Prompt follow up + their humbleness and responsiveness to our requests + the entire team effort behind PLB, makes the selling and buying experience wonderful. Highly recommended.

  175. Avatar photo
    CandyQuek nelly

    Beng Yew and Mikaela have been helpfull in marketing my property. They have been bringing many prospective buyers for viewing, dilligently updating me after every viewing, helping me to secure an offer near to the price that I was expecting and even after securing buyer for my property, Beng Yew is still very responsive to my every queries. It have been a pleasant experience dealing with them. I will definitely recommend Beng Yew and Mikaela to my friends who are looking to buy or sell their property. Thanks Beng Yew and Mikaela!

  176. Avatar photo
    Michael Bi Mi

    Well organized view arrangement and responsive to our questions.

  177. Avatar photo
    Mc S

    When we first had plans to move, our neighbour was selling their unit and the agent was Wenbin. e watched and observed the selling process as much as we could. Before the deal was closed, we were very much decided on who to engage.
    🪙When we were ready to sell our place, we contacted Wenbin and met with him and Gavin. We that they discussed marketing strategy with us and patiently explained each stage along the sale and purchase timeline. We could feel that they had been mindful of our needs
    Thereafter, everything was well taken charge by Wenbin He was prompt in replies and always firm and gentle. Like a friend, he was always there.
    In conclusion, the whole selling process was made easy and pleasant by Wenbin and team. Very nice and considerate people to work with
    Also thanks to the photography and videography team plus presenter, Gavin. Very special thanks to photographer, Xin Ying
    Yes, commission was a little high but most importantly, blood pressure has been good 🫰

  178. Avatar photo
    A G

    First time seller, glad to have Eunice and Alan around to guide us through. They are professional, experienced and amiable. They understood our priorities very well and totally not pushy at all when we had offers from potential buyers. They gave good advices on how we could prepare our home when buyers came down to view and were able to reach out to a pool of potential viewers every weekend. And we manage to sell our property at our desired price in less than 2 months! Very grateful and thankful to have them with us through this journey.

  179. Avatar photo

    The Excellence Service Award (EXSA) is a national award managed by seven industry lead bodies and supported by SPRING Singapore. Being a recipient of this prestigious award is a testimont of my strong believe in the delivery of outstanding service. Despite my high standards, Mr Jeremy Yong and Mr Bryan Koh, together with the team supporting them, from Property Lim Brothers (PLB) have way exceeded my expectations in all aspects with regards to the sale of my unit at Waterbay Executive Condominium.
    To be honest, my wife and I were initially relectant to engage the services of PLB because of their fees. However, after watching many of their signature home tour videos, we became convinced that their fees were actually very reasonable considering the huge amount of work and effort that goes into each and every project.
    After we cleared and moved out of our unit, Jeremy and Bryan started work the very next day, despite it being a Sunday. Even though they had other projects on hand, they wasted no time in getting the unit ready for sale. From minor repairs to staging to photo and video shoots to media editing and finally to listing, everything was done to perfection following a strict timeline which PLB had set for themselves.
    After our unit was listed on various property and social media marketing platforms, we estimated one month for the unit to be sold. But we were in for a big surprise. With the countless hours (till late at night) that Jeremy and Bryan spent hosting potential buyers at the unit, they were able to close the sale within the first two days of viewing! What’s more they were able to close the sale at a price higher than the listed price! How they pulled off this miracle, we have no idea. But we are certain that this was possible because of their hard work coupled with sound processes PLB had put in place.
    Throughout the journey thus far, Jeremy and Bryan have constantly kept us in the loop of things in a very timely manner. Always reassuring, Jeremy and Bryan have indeed made this journey a pleasant, fussfree and fun one.
    Words alone cannot express my wife’s and my gratitude to Jeremy, Bryan and the entire PLB team supporting them. We will definitely recommend PLB as the one and only choice to our family and friends and likewise, PLB will be our unrivaled choice for all our future property needs.
    Thank you Jeremy, Bryan and PLB team!

  180. Avatar photo
    Whitney Cua

    Very professional, well vetted buyers, fixed schedules for viewing so it’s not disruptive to sellers and more importantly, they deliver great results!

  181. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    We would like to extend our gratitude towards both Eunice and Kevin for the speedy sale of our house. It was definitely not easy to arrange for numerous viewings despite the COVID situation. Thank you very much!

  182. Avatar photo
    Jill Tan

    Kevin has been very informative and helpful in our purchasing of new and rental of old properties. It has been a great experience and journey and we highly recommend him as your chosen property agent. Should we have another property hunting request, we are defo gonna seek out for his help once again. Thank you! …

  183. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Lin

    A dedicated and organised team who helped to make the selling process seamless. Ample notice was given for upcoming viewings and optimised to cater to multiple groups a day whenever possible.

    We also received timely feedback on the buyers and statistics of the media posts, which gave us a sense of how things are moving along.

    All the best to the team and thanks for the efforts!

  184. Avatar photo
    Hosea Lai

    Alexa and John supported the process of my purchase and sale. My situation was a bit complicated but they were very patient and knowledgeable, and helped me navigate the entire process seamlessly. What I really appreciated was that both Alexa and John where there to explain things to me, and the support they gave was priceless. Deepest gratitude!!

  185. Avatar photo
    May Vogan

    Eunice and Rachel are great! They are thoughtful and also very accommodating! You guys make a great team!

  186. Avatar photo
    Bernard Lim

    Rachel and her Landlord very accommodating with Tenant request. Documentation prompt and proper. Excellent co-broking experience.

  187. Avatar photo
    Patrick Lau

    Was initially concerned about the cost of getting PLB to market our unit, but having gone through the process, I must say that PLB’s quality really shines through and they demonstrated why they are the best in the market.
    Throughout the process, the people in PLB work as a well-coordinated team to help us to market and sell the unit. The people were thorough and were able to guide us through the various procedures.
    They were able to capture the unique strengths and weaknesses of the unit and think carefully though how to mitigate the potential issues.
    By been upfront with potential buyers about the issues, Melvin Chan and Patricia worked with integrity and were able to negotiate a deal that were acceptable by both parties within a very short span of time. Video was uploaded Friday night, inquiries came in on Sat and viewings were then scheduled on Sun. In 1 day of viewing, multiple offers were received and negotiations were concluded by Tue. OTP were signed by Wed. Pretty impressive timing!
    All in all, you cannot help but to be impressed by PLB in term of their service quality and you will not regret getting them to help you with property issues. Special shoutout to Melvin and Patricia for their great help!

  188. Avatar photo
    Pal Badhan

    We were looking for a flat in Tampines area and liked a unit at Tampines Ctrl 7. We contacted Adrian Lim from overseas as we work there, everything like viewing and liking of the unit was done through photos and videos Adrian has been very helpful with the process and guided us on every step to purchasing the flat. His colleague Ms Carrie was also very helpful in making all the necessary paper work go through smoothly with HDB. We would recommend PLB for their outstanding services rendered, good luck and keep up the good work.

  189. Avatar photo
    Louis W

    Right from the very first meeting, we were impressed by the way in which PLB conducted themselves and the lengths they would go to in marketing a property. Everything was explained to us very clearly, from the sale timeline to how our home would be marketed along with the methods they would use to reach out to potential buyers. Perhaps most of all, it was that reassuring sense that the sale of our home would be treated with care and not merely as just another product. We knew there and then that our home would be in good hands and proceeded to engage PLB.

    Kevin and Eunice were assigned to us and we all agreed unequivocally that they did a fantastic job. As my mother-in-law wanted to sell her old flat and purchase a new flat at the same time, it made the timeline for this process rather tricky. Kevin and Eunice took the time to go through the timeline with us and advised us on the best possible way to proceed. They were there for us at every step of the way and were very proactive in not just answering our many queries (even though it was late at night) but also followed up by periodically checking in with us to make sure we fully understood what came next.

    When it came to marketing our home, the team took great pains to ensure that our house was staged, photographed and presented for viewing at its best to others. We felt proud with how our home (which we hold fond memories of) was showcased and were pleasantly surprised by the little memento that we received towards the end.

    We also experienced first hand how Kevin and Eunice had our best interest at heart, going above and beyond to help us secure a higher sale price even though we were content with a target price that we had set in mind. Even for the purchase of the new flat, they also helped us to negotiate with the seller and secured a price that was lower than what we were initially prepared to pay.

    After the completion of the sale and purchase, Kevin and Eunice took the trouble to accompany us to HDB Hub and were there by our side to ensure everything went smoothly.

    We can’t thank Kevin and Eunice enough for making this entire experience such a hassle-free one. They, along with the rest of the PLB team supporting us behind the scenes, have exceeded our expectations by every measure. They skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been – and it is for this very reason why they are the best at what they do.

  190. Avatar photo
    The Tans

    We had a great experience with Felicia and her team. Felicia took the time to understand our specific needs and she was always efficient and responsive. She also made sure the whole staging process as well as the meeting with prospective buyers was very fuss free for us. Will definitely engage PLB again!

  191. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Tan

    Real Estate with integrity.
    Awesome and great experience working with PLB team.
    The team handled the sale of our property with professionalism and integrity.
    Highly recommend PLB social media platform home video.
    Our unit was sold at our desired price within a very short period.

    Our heartfelt thanks to Beng Yew and Felicia for their excellent service and hard work in the coordination for the sale of our unit.

    We are constantly be updated in the chatgroup by the team.
    Beng Yew has also provide us a detailed update of every viewing session. He is always proactive to our enquires and always ready to serve and help!

    Grateful, Thankful and Blessed to have PLB team to journey with us for the sale of our unit; 感恩有你们。Blessings.

  192. Avatar photo
    Aarti Gumaledar

    We highly recommend Property Lim Bros. to anyone looking to sell their property. From the initial assessment to the final sale, every single interaction with the team has been pleasant and productive. The team is extremely professional and proactively provided inputs on the sale process. The team’s attitude in delivering high-quality customer service is admirable. We hope and plan to continue to engage with the team in the future. A big thank you to Eunice Lam at PLB for supporting us through and through.

  193. Avatar photo
    Theresa Ee

    One word – professionalism. We felt very at ease from the start of the selling process. Marc & our listing manager Reggie prepared us with facts & figures. We were guided to prep our house for viewing by potential buyers which definitely set us apart from the old school practices. This became even more apparent when we went shopping for our new home! We felt proud of the way we presented our house to others. PLB’s marketing efforts were impressive. Regular reports were presented to us. PLB also provides under one roof contacts – lawyers, IDs, etc. Glad that we engaged PLB. Reggie who became a family friend got us our new home too!

  194. Avatar photo
    Nelson Neo

    Testimonial for Eunice Lam and Caline Leong from The Property Lim Brothers (PLB)

    We have recently completed the selling of our HDB BTO flat purchasing of our 2nd home with the help of PLB.

    Me and my wife had previously engaged the service of other agent for a period of 9 months, the response was so bad that there wasn’t a viewing. Hence, we decided to look into another option.

    We get to know PLB via social media, I like their team approach, and they did a great job showcasing online with videos, pictures and virtual tours.

    Eunice and Caline were assigned to manage and coordinate with the sales of our property. We must say that they have been very patient throughout, they were sincere and prompt in their replies. After successfully selling off our unit, they brought us to various locations to view our ideal home and eventually negotiating the house at a good price. In fact, the sale of our first home was also completed by both of them and we really appreciate that the price was strategically priced and marketed.

    Eunice and Caline made both our buying and selling journey a smooth ride. We will definitely recommend them to our family and friends who wish to sell or buy homes.

    Many thanks to The Property Lim Brothers, especially to Eunice and Caline.


  195. Avatar photo
    Cedric Lim

    Love Propertylimbrothers video content. Have been following them since 2018 and I think their hard work and dedication to change the real estate landscape in Singapore is respectable. Love watching and learned a lot from their home tours and educational content, especially the investors series. One of my close friends has used their service in 2019 and had their property sold within 3 months with their home tour videos. I think this bunch of people are really dedicated to their craft, have seen their initial videos till today and its been 2 years. Growing from 2 person to now with their media production company and also their real estate company. Well done guys. Keep up the good work with the content.

  196. Avatar photo
    Nanz Teo

    This is our 2nd time in engaging Property Lim Brothers for their service in renting. We would like to thank Kevin Lim and Gavin Sim for their dedication and hard work when they took over our account for renting out our property. Thanks for their professional services and we are especially impressed how they have given us their summary thoughts of those interested tenants who viewed the unit. They made extra effort to screen thru the tenants and their analysing and questions were carefully asked. Both are very patient, able to provide feasible, practical ideas and suggestions and we are extremely pleased with the quality of the services that both have rendered.
    We are also appreciating with their responsiveness, advises which helped us throughout the process for renting out the property. We, as a customer, are very pleased with their work commitment.
    It is a pleasure to know people who are professional and passionate in their work, and we have no regrets in appointing them! We would highly recommend their services to anyone who wish to rent out their property
    Well done Kevin and Gabriel!

  197. Avatar photo
    Matilda Hui

    It has been a great experience / journey from start til the end. The teamwork is excellent. As it is a huge team, there are specialists in every area that cover from competitive / pty value research, to staging, home tour video, potential ID rendering, reports/ updates, are ALL ON POINT. Tbh, even before my pty was sold by PLB, I have already been raving about their professionalism and capabilities to my friends and family. Above all, Alexa and Wayne have far exceeded my expectations, to make me a very happy seller. They managed my tenant very well to facilitate a sale with tenancy. Good job PLB! You will always be my number one choice!!

  198. Avatar photo
    Raymond Chew CP

    Excellent service provided by Agent Wen Bin and Christina, Painter Hai Tao and photographer Kai Shan and back end team. Both agent explain the details clearly and make it easier for us to understand and always clarify our doubts promptly. Good job! Will definitely recommend to others.

  199. Avatar photo
    Agnes Koh

    Gone are the days where listings are published in newspapers.
    Home staging and digital marketing strategies by PLB are refreshing and exciting.
    Was scheduled with viewings almost every weekends.

    Engaging not only to potential home buyers, but also to their clients.
    Never ever a question was left unattended by my listing team of Alan Koh & Shawn Tay.
    Undaunted, positive & professional would best describe both Alan & Shawn.
    Even if it means closing the deal at 12 midnight.

  200. Avatar photo
    Irene Ong

    Very pleased with Beng Yew’s service. He did his best to help me closed the deal. He has good communication skills and positive attitude helping both tenants & landlord. Highly recommended !

  201. Avatar photo
    Sandeep Acharya

    Me and my wife had a very good experience working with Alan & Yanyan on finalizing a Condo for rental lease. Yanyan is a very sincere and hardworking person ..compiling and updating all listings and viewings with very minute details. Alan also has good experience and knowledge and gives his honest feedbacks. They also have expertise in document and agreement finalization and made everything seamless. Overall we are very satisfied with their services & behavior and highly recommend if you are looking for your dream home.

  202. Avatar photo
    San Senses

    PLB in our opinion is the best in Singapore for marketing, professionalism, communication and achieving positive results for your property sale. We had tried other agencies before settling on PLB but nothing came close to what PLB has to offer. A special recognition to Eunice and Christina for your outstanding patience and drive to get our property sold and our many questions along the way.
    If you’re selling a property in Singapore you can’t go wrong with PLB , they are the best.
    Thank you to the entire team of stars!

  203. Avatar photo
    David Gilow

    Rachel helped us sublet our apartment. She took care of literally everything – including connecting us to a storage service. Best agent we have had and would always recommend her to anyone.

  204. Avatar photo
    daniel tang

    My family and me are very grateful for the whole team of PropertyLimBrothers in helping me to clinch a successful sale of my home .

    From the bottom of our hearts my wife & me would like to take this opportuinity to thank the great “team-spirit” of PropertyLimBrothers .

    From the great Co-Ordinating efforts of the Client Support Managers , Client Care Support Specialists to the Listing Manager Christina , Listing Specialist George to the Home Presenters Melvin & crew to the Video Creative Crew Specialists & Photographers to the Staging Creative Crew Specialists , everyone has a co-operative strong “Team-Spirit” culture in PropertyLimBrothers .This strong “Team-Spirit” culture is so evident that the sellers of the home liked me are well assured that the sale of the house is in good hands and that whoever the prospective buyers that comes to view the house will want to come back for a second viewing to arrive at a better decision making .

    Hence the eventual successful sale of the house in a good timing .

    I hereby declare that with this good and strong “team-spirit” culture in PropertyLimBrothers , all sales of houses undertaken by them will always carry them through with great humility , joy & great success .

    Well done ladies & gentlemen of PropertyLimBrothers, Kudos to all who have endeavoured to make my home sales a complete success.
    Many thanks &
    Best regards
    Daniel & family ‍️

  205. Avatar photo
    Cathrin Poh

    Special thanks to Beatrice ⭐️ & Sebastian ⭐️ from Property Lim Brothers for successfully selling our property!
    Being proactive, conscientious & professional, you make a great team in achieving high level of customer satisfaction!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  206. Avatar photo

    Christina is very responsive and she takes extra mile to assist with our CPF related questions. Thumbs up to the team.

  207. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Teo

    Would like to thank John for guiding and supporting me to purchase my new house.
    John has been very patient to explain (and re-explain when needed) at various steps of my house-hunting and house purchase process.
    When he knew that the units I was looking at were in popular demand, he took initiative to find ways for me to increase my chances of success should I decide to make an offer.
    Thank you again!

  208. Avatar photo
    Julian Ong

    Chu Ying and Felicia put us at ease during our selling and buying process! Their knowledge, openness, and negotiation skills truly helped ensure we were making the right decisions throughout. We appreciate their patience in guiding us who were really blur in all the property jargon, rules etc.

  209. Avatar photo
    Kristy Lee

    Thank you Caline and Beng Yew for making the entire sale process so seamless. You have been a wonderful pair to work with and always ever so ready to help and advise us whenever we have questions. Thank you once again and will highly recommend you anyone looking for good and efficient agents to manage the sale of their property.

  210. Avatar photo
    Yeo Choon An Desmond

    Shout out to Wayne and Ayu, makes my selling experience as pain free as possible. Reliable, Responsive and Responsible. 5*

  211. Avatar photo
    Boon Thong Kwa

    Very fortunate to have Marc, Christina and Jeremy to assist us for the sale of our flat. The team managed to sell our flat in less than a week and above our expected price. The entire process with the team is very transparent and professional. Detailed notes of every viewing will be provided to give you a feel on potential buyers.

    Look for PLB if you need a team with an extensive network, passion and integrity. Highly recommend!!

  212. Avatar photo
    kenneth ho

    The PLB team was very professional, efficient and effective

    Alan and Kevin gave us good advice along the way and we felt confident in the team’s abilities

    The team recommended staging and video marketing, which was very effective in driving awareness and conversion.

    Would highly recommend engaging the PLB team, especially for your home sale

  213. Avatar photo

    Kelvin Lim is definitely my #1 realtor from PLB. To me, he is trustworthy, professional and patience unlike others. He is also meticulous when it comes to planning from renting, to listing for sales and conducting for viewing. Every details was clear and efficient. My family and I trusted PLB because of Kelvin Lim. Kudos to him and his team for top notch marketing strategy and helping me to receive to the best value possible during this pandemic.

  214. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Tan

    Called in to enquire about possible sale of our house. Property Lim Brothers as a team was very welcoming and Jay and Marc met up with my wife and I via Zoom to discuss the pros and cons with us. They did thorough researches before every meeting and always put our interest first. They are professional, efficient and reliable. I would recommend them to my friends looking to sell/buy their properties.

  215. Avatar photo
    Hui Ling Sia

    A big thank you to Super PLB Agents George Pang, Melvin Chan & PLB team!
    With their help, our ‘sell and buy’ journey is smooth sailing and swift. The team was able to identify our needs and enrich us with professional advice in term of strategy planning, execution for selling and timeline. The plan they came up with for my family was better than I could imagine. Kudos to their negotiation skill and marketing strategy! We strongly recommend PLB, George Pang and Melvin Chan to our friends and relatives.

  216. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Ee

    Jay and Kenneth took such good care of things that it took the stress out of the whole process. Whenever we needed their help, we could trust that they would get it done quickly, efficiently and reliably. They were also very transparent about the processes involved thus we could trust them completely. Thank you for a job well done!

  217. Avatar photo

    The level of detail and professionalism is excellent. George was very clear and concise with presenting us the numbers right from the get go. He was also very patient with our questions and explained everything in detail. He qualified the buyers well and sold our home in the first viewing. Im sure there was help from the backend team as well. Kudos to them as well. PLB will be my only choice with real estate. Quote me on that.

  218. Avatar photo

    PLB is a very professional team that ensures that our needs are being well taken care of each time. We are really glad that we had the help of Christina and Beng Yew. Christina is very knowledgeable and assuring. She always have sensible and realistic ideas that worked to our benefit. Beng Yew is very hardworking and relentless in his follow ups and ensures that our issues are being promptly addressed. Overall very satisfied with their service!

  219. Avatar photo
    Peck Gee Tan

    I would definitely recommend PLB with special credits to Beng Yew whom was proactive and resourceful throughout these few months. He was professional and knowledgeable during the entire process and diligently planned with us so that everything went on smoothly.
    Additionally, he was sincere in helping and assisting us through every step of the way and we are very thankful for that.
    Thank you Beng Yew for your service and the stress-free experience!

  220. Avatar photo
    Brian Lim

    Alexa has been very professional and helpful throughout the engagement, providing useful information on current industry trends and practices. It was definitely a load off our minds to have her help us manage our rental.

  221. Avatar photo

    Excellent professional service by both Kevin Lim, Cheryl Loh as well as the PLB team involved in the sale process of my property
    The house was beautifully captured in photo and 3D imagery, which provided an outstanding view of the property
    I was kept informed and updated promptly after every viewing with their short and concise summary
    It was especially helpful for me that viewings were
    handled by both Kevin and Cheryl (without needing my presence) as it freed up my time and schedule️
    The sound and rational advice provided by Kevin and Cheryl proved to be crucial in helping me decide on the best strategy in the successful sale of my property
    Thank you once again to PLB team

  222. Avatar photo
    Jaret Sim

    Making this whole selling/buying process feel like a stroll in the park, Bryan, Kevin and the entire PLB team have helped us in this Condo upgrading journey, providing a seamless end to end top-notch service.

    You guys rocks!!!!

  223. Avatar photo
    sheela James

    Reliable, Responsible and trustworthy Agency. Our experience in engaging PLB for selling and buying our house was great! Thanks to George for taking utmost care in ensuring we get a house that is not only suitable for our needs but also a one that we would love and value! Will definitely recommend PLB, without a second thought. …

  224. Avatar photo
    Jia Li

    Very satisfied with the awesome service provided by Christina and Jeremy.

    We engaged PLB for our sale of our 29-year old 5 room hdb flat and oir purchase of resale dbss. Being located on the 4th storey, we were really happy that Christina and Jeremy helped us to sell it at a good price. Am impressed by the team after they makeover our flat and gave us good tips on how to sell at a better price.

    They are very experienced, helpful and on-the-ball and help us a lot esp. to cover some blind spots when looking for our new flat. N they are also detail oriented, ensuring that we meet all the deadline required and give us advices whenever we need.

    Will strongly recommend Christina and Jeremy if you are sourcing for a new property or selling your current one.

  225. Avatar photo
    Annie Ng

    We were fortunate to have Alexa and Christina to help us sell our place in just 3 weekends of viewing. They were extremely helpful, responsive, responsible, and reliable throughout the whole selling process. They understood our needs from the very first meet up and plan the timeline carefully so as to have a smooth less transition to the new place without the need to rent a temporary accommodation.

    We would strongly recommend them to help you sell or buy your next dream house. We would also like to take this opportunity to shoutout a big THANK YOU to them!

  226. Avatar photo
    Chan Gwen

    Selling our place was not a straightforward process and it can get a bit stressful, can’t be anymore thankful to engage PropertyLimBrothers to help us sell our home.

    For the media team who efficiently filmed and created the home tour, thank you for making the home tour look aesthetically informative while including the highlight to the home.

    Big shoutout to George and Grayce, who have consistently been by our side throughout the selling journey answering our endless questions quickly even if it gets late and for always putting our feelings first before doing anything. Thank you both for all your help and understanding throughout the journey, and for your hard work too!

  227. Avatar photo
    Ren Kun Lim

    Caline and Eunice were very professional and dedicated in helping in our housing journey. They are very prompt in their replies and are always there guide us every step of the way.

    Many thanks to both of you and the PLB team!

  228. Avatar photo
    Marcus Tan

    It was a great experience working with the PropertyLimBrothers team, especially Christina & Patricia.

    They have helped me to find a tenant based my requirements very quickly. They have also gone above & beyond their job scope by introducing handyman, liaising with MCST and assist the tenant with her needs.

    Wonderful work ladies!!

  229. Avatar photo
    Desmond Tan

    5 star experience with Eunice and Kevin from day 1 of the meeting till the completion of our home sale. The team were always actively updating us throughout the sales process and guiding us through our home sales considerations. We could keep our minds at ease with the team handling the marketing of our unit and was pleasantly glad on how they presented our home to potential buyers.

    Thank you PLB

  230. Avatar photo
    Swee Cheng Yeo

    We got to know PLB because of their extensive social media exposure on YouTube. I am an avid fan of their PLB signature home tour and nuggets on the go. When we decided to sell our property, we thought to ourselves why not choose to work with PLB? It was definitely the right choice.
    I entered my contact details on their webpage and within hours I got a response. They were very professional and set up a WhatsApp chat group and we were served with a team consisting of their client experience specialists and listing specialists. To make sure that we know how their PLB team works, they sent over a kit so that we can learn about their team system and marketing campaign. We met up with Sebastian and Marc for our first meetup. They were very professional and prepared well for our discussion. I decided to engage them after the first meetup as I felt confident of PLB’s marketing strategy.
    All the way up to staging, filming and viewings, Sebastian and Joan always make sure they keep us updated on the progress.
    On the first weekend of the viewings, offers came pouring in and we were satisfied with the offer and decided to accept it. PLB definitely did not fail to disappoint us. I will definitely recommend PLB to the people around me should they need to sell / buy their property. Great job Sebastian and Joan! Thumbs up to PLB ;p

  231. Avatar photo
    Flynn T

    It’s my first experience buying a property and i totally have no idea where to start. Engaged John upon recommendation and I have to commend that John is extremely patient to answer every question i have, even though the questions are rather common sense most of the time. ‿⊙

    I don’t think i will be able to purchase this property without his help and assurance. He is very professional (definitely not the kaypoh kind) and one who will go the extra mile just to make sure that the property is for you.

    Will definitely recommend him if anyone is looking for an agent!

  232. Avatar photo
    Kedi Hu

    Rachel was very helpful & transparent in navigating the rental process. She was professional, clear and quick with communication, and on-time to all of our appointments, which I did not see from many other agents I contacted. She was also in good contact with the landlord, and made sure all my concerns (cleaning, furniture, rent payment, utilities, wifi) were addressed.

  233. Avatar photo
    rouen tan

    Alexa was patient, thorough and super responsive. Her tenacity made the sale of my unit possible. Thank you, Alexa.

  234. Avatar photo
    AK YS

    We had such a fantastic experience working with PLB Sebastian Lau and Gabriel Ding on the sale of our private apartment. They were patient, very professional, detailed, responsive and we appreciated the feedback given after each viewing and the wonderful video that captured all the good points about our apartment. Even late at night, they responded to our text messages and went the extra mile to close the sale of our apartment. This superb service that we received is a far cry from the services we received working with past agents. They managed to sell my not-easy-to-sell unit at a decent price within the exclusive period and were very professional throughout. We felt very at ease letting Seb and Gabriel market our unit. Thank you for helping us sell this unit and we appreciate all the efforts put in! Will recommend them to my friends as well

  235. Avatar photo
    Lim Jane

    Thank you Eunice Lam and Kevin Lim for helping us to complete the sale of our late father’s flat. From the beginning you demonstrated experience and confidence in explaining to us the entire selling process and the timeline to expect. The listing was professionally done and the photography was beautiful even for a 35 years old flat. Being Eco-friendly minded, we were glad that you did not push to repaint the flat or conduct a make-over as compared to other agents. We had viewing groups every week, and each viewing was followed with a prompt and detailed feedback so that we could easily keep all our stakeholders informed of the progress. An acceptable offer was secured within one month and the whole sale completion process went smoothly without a hitch. Would definitely recommend the service of Eunice and Kevin from PLB.

  236. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Lim

    Kevin Lim was very prompt in answering all our queries and he is also very knowledgeable in marketing out our existing property for a good price. He has even gone an extra miles to guide us in purchasing of our next property. Will definitely recommend him to all our relatives and friends.

  237. Avatar photo
    Grace Y.

    We would like to say thank you to the whole team, especially Mr. Kevin and Ms. Ayu, a very efficient team to help us to sell our unit in a short period. Strongly recommend their unique service which helps sellers to redesign the whole unit with their own furniture, making the house more attractive.

  238. Avatar photo
    Judy Chan

    Kevin from PLB had been a great help in selling our house. He’s patient, professional and deliver great customer’s service and advises. He’s almost 24/7 cos he’s always ready when I needed a discussion.

  239. Avatar photo
    Cai Ling Lim

    My husband and I have engaged PropertyLimBrothers for both sale of our EC and purchase of new flat. From the start of approaching the team for pitch to the end of the transactions, the team has displayed excellent professionalism in the services they rendered. Special thanks to George and Yan Yan for patiently walking us through so patiently and clearly in each and every step and for giving in to multiple changes in our requirements. Apart from the detailed and meticulous strategy planning, it was the extraordinary teamwork with strong follow up that truly impressed us. And because of this, our EC was sold right after the first viewing even before the promotional video was out! The strong negotiation skills of George and Yan Yan helped us to get the best possible price for our sale as well as the purchase of our new home. They have gone far beyond our expectations and we are very thankful for everything they have done for us. A definite and resounding YES to recommending them!

  240. Avatar photo
    Michael Ma

    We had an extremely pleasant experience engaging PLB team in searching for our next property, kudos to our agent Kevin. Not only Kevin displays great professionalism in listening to our needs, exhibits open communication and provides objective feedback, he always go above and beyond to help us getting all sorts of information related to the property. Throughout the journey with him, Kevin has been very understanding and patience, always put himself in our shoes and unlike the typical agent that trying to push for a sale.

    What’s more impressive is their follow up and post-deal service with the client. You can feel they are here to build a long term relationship, and not transactional.

    Thank you Kevin and PLB team for helping us on our next home and we look forward to engage your service again in the near future!

    This is what you called “redefine expectation”!

  241. Avatar photo
    Norman Tan

    My experience with Property Lim Brothers has been exemplary!

    From the get go, Christina and Alexa have been very professional, knowledgeable and forthcoming with information that gave me confidence that the were the right partners to go with when selling and purchasing my properties.

    Unlike some others in the same trade, I valued their willingness to go out of their way to represent and protect the interests of their clients, whilst concurrently being as transparent as they possibly can to allay my fears of the risks involved in selling and purchasing properties. This was especially important for me as I was faced with a somewhat complicated situation of having to time my selling and purchasing perfectly in order to avoid additional stamp duties, and penalties from fully redeeming my mortgage loan early.

    Additionally, Christina and Alexa had multiple stakeholders to manage for my sale and purchase, and they did this with much finesse and flair.

    Whilst it may be true that the commission paid to Property Lim Brothers is higher than what typically is the market norm, I honestly think that the value that this team provides, and in turn, the assurance and confidence that one gets from their ability to manage the selling and buying process, far exceeds the incremental investment that I had to fork out.

    Would I choose Property Lim Brothers again? The answer is an irrevocably YES!

    Would I recommend Property Lim Brothers to future home buyers and sellers? The answer is also a definite YES!

  242. Avatar photo
    Gan Darren

    Definitely one of the best agency in Singapore when it comes to selling your property, their team will take the time and effort to ensure that you get the best possible selling price! Special thanks to Christina Tan for the efforts, and professionalism in providing all the updates and steps moving forward. Engage PropertyLim Brothers if you want to secure a good deal for your property, highly recommended!

  243. Avatar photo
    Keith Liang

    We would like to thank Kenneth and Jeremy for their hard work and dedication in seeing this through. They were patient, approachable and proactive each step of the way, and went out of their way to make the experience a palatable one for us. They were meticulous and took great efforts in understanding our needs, concerns and expectations. They were very prompt in responding to our many queries, many times even at unearthly hours. On a few occasions, they even rushed out administrative documents late into the night in order to make things flow seamlessly for us. Their impeccable attention to detail, coupled with professionalism and passion for the job truly make them a force to be reckoned with. Needless to say, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kenneth and Jeremy to anyone who wants to buy or rent a property. Kudos to this dynamic duo!

  244. Avatar photo
    Nevyn Nah

    PLB is a truly professional and well-oiled property marketing machine. We want to express our gratitude to Wayne Tang and Christina Tan for working tirelessly on the sale of our home and to Adrian Lim himself for his reassuring presence. It wasn’t easy given the lockdowns which affected two-thirds of the marketing campaign.

    To every home seller who are having doubts and feeling jittery about the sale of their homes, trust PLB, trust the process and keep the faith. Don’t expect your house to be sold after 5 viewings or 5 days no matter how great you think your house is. PLB are not magicians but you will get full transparency and dedication from them. PLB will continue to be my go-to marketing agents. Well done PLB.

  245. Avatar photo

    Alexa was very attentive and efficient when scheduling viewings. I am very pleased with her service as she showed that she truly cared for her clients’ needs and she was not in it just for the commission. She was very helpful and involved in the price negotiation as well as communication with the seller side. She also guided me on the transaction process as it was my first time buying a house. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell or buy any property.

  246. Avatar photo
    Wang Hao Yu

    Gabriel and Shawn are easy to communicate with and diligent. Gabriel is always looking for ways to help the client. They are also not pushy and listen to your needs. Thanks alot gab and Shawn!

  247. Avatar photo
    Belle Loo

    Hi Seng Huat & Rachel,
    I usually do not talk much and it’s not easy to gain my trust due to my “job nature” but you guys have proven to me and made me believe that there is still integrity in this line of service. And you guys will be the cream of the crop moving forward. 加油!

  248. Avatar photo
    nicole chai

    Beng Yew and Tabitha were in charge of marketing my unit and they assisted to sold my unit in record time! The photos and 360videos were very well taken by their professional team. Their negotiation skills shine through to help me close my unit HIGHER than our targeted price! This team delivered better than promised and i highly recommend Lim Brothers to all.

  249. Avatar photo
    Yin Li

    Property lim brothers is THE agent to go to for selling your property. Bryan and Alex was assigned to us and our experience was so smooth, hassles free from the very beginning till the end. Both of them are excellent in every single details, very fast in responding every single of our requests. We would highly recommend PLB to everyone who wish to sell their property!

  250. Avatar photo
    Casslynn Ong

    This review is for Melvin Chan. Melvin was assigned to help me find my next property when I called PropertyLim Brothers for help. I am so impressed with how he paid close attention to my requirements, my family profile, and preferences. He proactively offered many good alternatives that helped me feel instantly more comfortable and confident that I have found someone who will leverage his knowledge about the market and my family’s needs to find the right home. He pro-actively recommended many good choices and he was also very prompt. He was always ahead of the curve each time. I never once had to follow-up or reminded him of our discussions. He has also been very transparent, patient and never pushy. Infact I have been so comfortable that I have only worked with Melvin. He was always available for a quick chat whenever I needed to clarify or unbiased opinions. His patience, vast knowledge and professionalism have truly impeccable. Although I ended up not purchasing any property under him for other unique reasons, I told Melvin that the experience with him has been so pleasant I have already shared with my friends and relatives about Melvin and PropertyLim Brothers. Keep up the good work!

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