Review Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery, 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore

Review Pronto Arigato  Best Laptop Repair, MacBook, iMac Computer, iPhone Repair  Data Recovery - Singapore 60 Paya Lebar Rd

“Fast repair service , affordable priced. Grateful to have savaged my laptop screen within short 2 hrs. Highly recommended.” or “Fast repair! Changed my Macbook battery and now it’s working perfectly. They also sell refurbished devices with affordable prices!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery is quality.

Introduction about Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery

Here are some fundamental details regarding Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery. In terms of Computer repair service, it is generally believed that Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recoveryis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 60 Paya Lebar Rd, #13-09 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Computer repair service, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 92999626 (+65 92999626)
  • Website:
  • Address: 60 Paya Lebar Rd, #13-09 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM to 7 PM.


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How to contact Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery via:

Phone number

You can reach Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery at 92999626(+65 92999626). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 60 Paya Lebar Rd, #13-09 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery reviews

Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery is among the best destinations of Computer repair service in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery good?

To determine whether Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Top-tier customer service. They provided regular updates including videos and worked efficient to fix my laptop within 2 days. Couldn’t have asked for more. Highly recommended!”

“Very friendly and reliable. Done a very good job on the service and and also very good customer service relation. Well done Pronto Arigato!!! U gaisss nailed it!!! Keep it up ya!!”

“This is my second time sending my laptop for repair and it has been a positive experience. Their services are affordable and reliable. Definitely recommended.”

“Pronto Arigato has been very professional, prompt and provide affordable laptop repair services. It is better to send my laptop to repair to Pronto Arigato than Acer office center in Jurong.”

“Amazing service. Prompt in response. I’d say one of the best customer centric experience. Pronto Arigato will be my first choice from now. Thanks guys! Keep up the great work.”

“My iPad Air has a crack. contacted Pronto Arigato and it was a breeze with them processing the iPad. Within a week, the iPad was ready. Staff is very friendly and answer all my queries. Thank you! …”

“Great customer service provided by Pronto Arigato. I gotten my laptop repaired and delivered back to me the next working day. Will strongly recommend their services”

“Very friendly, professional and fuss free repair of my Macbook pro. Good communication on wa and phone. Reasonable pricing. They also provide pickup/drop service which I didn't use.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 209 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

Furthermore, here are additional feedbacks from other customers that we have gathered. Hopefully, these reviews will serve as a reliable resource to provide an overview.

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Review Review Pronto Arigato Best Laptop Repair, Macbook, Imac Computer, Iphone Repair Data Recovery, 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore

There is a total 209 reviews

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  1. Avatar photo
    Daniel Aiden Leo

    I have battery issue on my macbook Pro ,went there to get it change while changing, the technician recommended to clean up as it is very dirty, they even took a video to show me. They are very transparent with their repair work, very professional too. Highly recommended for people who have their laptop issue.

  2. Avatar photo
    Jared Oh

    All around satisfactory experience. Was attended to by Johar. Very patient to listen to my concerns and issues that I have with my mac. He was also thorough with his explaination on what he intends to do. Easy to work with and quick at troubleshooting. Will definitely be back should I have any issues with my computer.

  3. Avatar photo
    Nur Fadilah Md Ali

    Pleasant experience from before laptop collection till laptop delivery. I feel at ease when they told me “your device is in good hands” when I asked an update. Price was reasonable and when they delivered back the device, they advised and shared tips with me on how to care for my repaired macbook air. Thank you Pronto Arigato team!

  4. Avatar photo
    Ilhan Harith

    Their service was really good. They managed to quickly fix my LCD in 2 hours, when other companies said it would take about a week. They also carefully explained to me in laymen’s terms so I could understand the problem that my laptop had. Overall great value and great service. Highly recommended …

  5. Avatar photo
    Sharifah Munirah

    My iPad Air has a crack. contacted Pronto Arigato and it was a breeze with them processing the iPad. Within a week, the iPad was ready. Staff is very friendly and answer all my queries. Thank you! …

  6. Avatar photo
    Fatimah Sabbagh

    Highly recommend! Have engaged their laptop repair services thrice. They do a really good job in a timely manner. They also communicate important information & are very polite! Definitely my go to company for any tech issues from now on.

  7. Avatar photo
    Kenny Moyes

    Great service made all the easier with pick up and delivery included. My lap top repair was kindly expedited as I was travelling and a fairly big repair was done in about 48 hours. The technicians also provided regular updates on what’s app which was fantastic. I’d thoroughly recommend these guys, they’re great !

  8. Avatar photo
    Loh Hui Peng

    They are a bunch of awesome people. They picked up my laptop for free. Diagnosis my dead laptop that had been working since 2011. They ‘rescued’ it and upgraded the parts and recommended the services that come with it. I had brought my laptop to Apple Store and they just told me they cannot do it anything. But Staff from Pronto rescued for me! Prices are reasonable and they sent it back to you after repair.

  9. Avatar photo
    Jana Lim

    Johar was extremely helpful and knowledgeable – smoothly troubleshooting everything that was wrong with my Mac Air. Thanks to him, it now has another shot at life. Great service and turnaround time from the team too! 10/10 would recommend peeps to repair their electronics with them.

  10. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Tan

    Sent a faulty ssd for recovery a few mths ago. Gave constant updates whenever they could and though in the end it was not successful in recovery, they took the initiative to refund the deposit and it goes to show the professionalism they hold for each customer request. Really appreciate the efforts they put in!

  11. Avatar photo
    Francis Ng

    Great fast service with quick updates and delivery as well. Fix was good and cost was reasonable. Very satisfied with the service! Domo Arigato, Pronto Arigato!

  12. Avatar photo
    Jeff Fang

    Amazing service! Thank you for helping to restore my devices! You guys are fabulous!

  13. Avatar photo

    I went to their office, they are very professional in diagnosing my macbook issues. What i love most is they focus on the issue only without asking me to change what i don’t need (hardselling). Such a pleasure to deal with. And the price is reasonable and free delivery to my door step was a bonus!.

  14. Avatar photo

    Service was fantastic: smooth, to-the-point and whole process was stress free. I had a MacBook Pro that was pretty knocked up over the years and it is now almost as good as new. I highly recommend Pronto Arigato …

  15. Avatar photo

    I had issues with my laptop’s battery for a year now and after numerous shop visits to diagnose my laptop issues, I really can’t find an end solution. I tried one last time to decipher what is really the problem and come across Pronto services on the web.

    They had a lot of 5 star reviews and I decided to choose their services after reading a number of them.

    Izza welcomed me warmly in their offices and it’s a good thing that they are opened 7days a week. For those of you who don’t have the time to send your devices, they also offer pick up and drop off services too!

    She listened to my problems patiently and told me they will properly checked my laptop,will cost me a day but it’s okay!

    Message me the next day and it’s all due to my battery adapter. I almost welcomed the relief of not replacing my laptop! The team did an awesome job and I will recommend them to everyone!

  16. Avatar photo
    Nur Syazwani

    3 words ; Efficient, honest and reliable.

    Thank you Dean for the help and last minute collection ! And for waiving off the fee! Appreciate it so much.

    Went to Apple store, and they said I should not spend my money and just get a new macbook because it’s cheaper that way. I went to Dean and I paid HALF of what Apple offered and he completed the repair in less than ten days! Simply Amazing. Really recommend them to anyone as they are really doing honest work ! Thank you once again!

  17. Avatar photo
    jumahat leman

    Great service from the team. Bought a 2nd hand MacBook Pro to replace my 10 years old version of the exact same machine that had issues with the screen. Mateen helped me out and explained clearly everything about the MacBook Pro. Great job guys, thanks!

  18. Avatar photo
    goh patrick

    Sent in my MacBook due to bloated battery. The team from Pronto Arigato stepped in and collected from my home. Checked and found other issues. Professionally got all the issues! Everything is working well now! Friendly and professional team! Thanks Pronto Arigato!

  19. Avatar photo
    Akın Deniz Heper

    Amazing experience, highly recommend to anyone facing tech issues.

    Competent techspeople with reasonable pricing, convenient delivery/pickup service, and an open line of communication. Very happy with their service.

  20. Avatar photo
    Steven Kwa

    Great job to Pronto team. Dean and Juhar were able to repair my Pro logic board with a reasonable price. My old Pro is high end specs which will be very costly to replace. Though they took some time as logic repair work is a difficult job, but they did a great job to bring it back to similar working condition with no data lost. They were also helpful with other minor requests. Thanks much.

  21. Avatar photo
    Coffee & Tea

    Decided to give Pronto Arigato a try after the initial service centre I went to ask me to pay $900+ for a motherboard replacement. However, Pronto Arigato managed to fix it! Extremely satisfied with their services!

  22. Avatar photo

    I have gone to them for my CPU before and this time I have sent in my old Macbook and ipad pro for repairs, they sent updates on both devices after checking and asked if they could go ahead which I gladly gave, they also did not overpromise for eg, they knew that the screen on the Macbook detoriated and they knew that it was too expensive to replace thus informed me accordingly. So I knew that they were fair and reasonable in pricing.

    and best thing, cos I live in the west, they do have courier service which I was happy to use to get my devices back.


  23. Avatar photo
    Ilyas Zakaria

    Sent my macbook air and ipad pro for battery and camera replacement. It came back and worked superbly. Especially Izza, always responsive to my queries. Plus, the prices are affordable.

    Anything wrong with your devices, Pronto Arigato is the place that will solve your worries. A happy customer.

  24. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Riadi

    Fast repair! Changed my Macbook battery and now it’s working perfectly. They also sell refurbished devices with affordable prices!

  25. Avatar photo
    Nur Ryn

    Super glad that I took my Dell laptop & Samsung S21 Ultra to these people. They have great customer service, provide accurate information on the status of the repair and did a really great job. Highly recommended!

  26. Avatar photo
    Gabe DS

    Purchased a used Macbook Pro from Pronto Arigato that later turned out to have a faulty motherboard. The folks from Pronto Arigato were on top of it and resolved the matter with excellent communication and customer service. Highly recommended!

  27. Avatar photo
    Sam Soh

    Fast repair service , affordable priced. Grateful to have savaged my laptop screen within short 2 hrs. Highly recommended.

  28. Avatar photo
    Ria Jafarin

    AMAZINGGGGG! being a noob with IT stuff, they are so patient to reply all my queries and it was a fast and smooth repair transaction! will def recommend to other! thanks guysssss <3

  29. Avatar photo
    Johan Sabri

    I had a wonderful experience fixing my laptop problem with Pronto Arigato. I got in touch with Brother Johar the night before and managed to fix my laptop(s) and save its data by the next lunch break. I could finally breathe and I had a fantastic meal before diving back into work. Johar was also mindful about my laptop needs, which fit my budget. Thank you Brother Johar!

  30. Avatar photo
    Shafizah Johan

    Pronto Arigato was able to diagnose and fix the problem with my laptop (which another company said was rare and uncommon – they couldn’t diagnose it in the end). Love Pronto Arigato’s humble and honest service. Really appreciate that they accommodated the delivery according to my schedule. Would highly recommend

  31. Avatar photo
    Melissa Teo

    If I could give 10 stars I would. My phone battery exploded during a trip to Wild Wild Wet and I went to Pronto to get it fixed. Instead of simply just repairing my phone and taking my money like most places would, Johar, who attended to me, very honestly told me that even though he could fix my phone, there is a chance that some issues may crop up in the future, so I would be better off saving the repair money to get a new phone. Honesty is hard to come by these days so I really appreciate it. Special shoutout to Ke Yi as well who was very professional when I came in all flustered, I appreciate the hospitality!

  32. Avatar photo
    Su V.

    Just could not thank Johar enough!
    Super fast turnaround.

    Very impressed with the quality of service and how I am kept up to date with the status of the laptop and the video recording of tests done on my MacBook Air before it was delivered back to me within a few HOURS.

    To put icing on the cake, pick up and delivery are free too!

    Thank you so much!

  33. Avatar photo
    Shahira Abdul Latiff

    Sent in my Macbook Pro for a cleanup (keyboard) as I’ve spilled some cream on it more than a year ago The light for some of the keys arent as bright as the rest and thought I would have to live with it (went to Apple stores and asked if they can clean it for me but they can’t ). Finally after more than a year it is clean again!!!!! Glad to have found Pronto Arigato! Thank u Izza, Dean and Jo

  34. Avatar photo
    Janet Low

    Recommended by friend. Thanks to Johar and the team managed to identified my phone problem and helped me to fix it. The explanation was clear and the repair fees is reasonable. Highly recommended.

  35. Avatar photo
    Julius Tan

    The team at Pronto ARIGATO is friendly and efficient. I highly recommend their service. It was easy chatting with them my issues with my laptop. Thank you so much !

  36. Avatar photo
    Alvin Law

    Great service and reasonable price.

    Am greatly impressed with the professional service provided where they will inform and update you from collection to delivery.

  37. Avatar photo
    Zul Hilmi

    friendly and attentive staff. the only computer repair shop i will trust and go to! worth the effort and time to get your computer repaired even when you are staying in the western part of Singapore ️ …

  38. Avatar photo
    Armila Teo

    I am very pleased with what they did to my laptop that has been with me for more than 5 years. Did a good upgrade and it worked well now. Thankyou for your excellent service. Will recommend your expertise to my friends etc. Thankyou. You live up to your name ‘Pronto’.

  39. Avatar photo

    Very courteous and prompt service. Prices are reasonable when compared to the market. Friendly and knowledgable staff. Quick turnaround and can deliver for free too. My iMac went lifeless and they diagnosed and fixed it within a day for a reasonable sum of money. Constant communication by WhatsApp and a video of the iMac being tested was sent too. Very professional. Happy customer. Would recommend for a hassle free experience.

  40. Avatar photo
    Yuan Siang Ng

    Came in on a Saturday afternoon to fix the Escape key on my laptop. Staff were really friendly and quick, and returned my laptop with the key perfectly fixed in less than 15 minutes, for no charge at all. Really appreciated this gesture.

    Thank you so much! @anyone, please head down for a visit if you need any device repairs.

  41. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Khairul Bin Khairudin

    Pronto is transparent with their charges and is reasonably priced. Their free pick up and drop off service (twice a week i think) was what made me decide to send my bulky pc to them for repairs. Diagnosis and repair took a bit longer than I expected but they did inform me before hand it was quite a busy period for them, so not an issue for me. Otherwise,

  42. Avatar photo
    Hatim Omar

    Sent my macbook pro 2017 (a1708) for repair due to faulty battery. After doing thorough checks, they recommended battery replacement, fan cleaning and thermal paste re-application. All of which were done within 4-5 hours. They sent me pictures as well as a video during the cleaning process. They even offered free delivery from their office to my doorstep, if I am unable to collect it on my own. Quick and efficient service. No hidden cost nor charges. Will recommend to friends and family.

  43. Avatar photo
    Fiqah Nawawi

    Definitely an affordable alternative to revive your electronics. Sent 2 devices (Apple MacBook & Samsung tab) to them & happy with the service. Prompt replies, and prompt updates on whatever they’re doing to my gadgets. No hard selling involved, even recommended best options. Smooth journey & transaction.

  44. Avatar photo
    Sophie Khoo

    I’ve been having some issues with my laptop battery for awhile already (+ it was overheating a lot and running slower than usual), but I didn’t have much time to repair it as i needed it for day-to-day use.

    I chanced upon Pronto Arigato on Instagram one day and I decided to drop them a message. They replied really quickly & were able to give me a quote on the repair costs as well!

    I went down subsequently after that to get my laptop fixed, and they were able to help me with the repair in about 1.5h (battery replacement + CPU thermal paste reapplication + interior cleaning). Their staff were really friendly too, and took the time to explain everything to me really clearly. My laptop feels as good as new! Thank you for the good service! I really appreciate it

  45. Avatar photo
    Fathin Fathiah Ariff

    Such excellent service from the team. I got my laptop that I received as a gift 6 years ago fixed! The laptop that I almost wanted to discard cause it takes foreverrrrrrrrr to load! I’m not a technical person, but they took their time to explain what has caused the problem and advice on what should be done. They are so good that they only took a week to settle the issue and keep me updated with their prompt replies! Thank you for the fast and efficient work the team has done! Good job!!!!!! (:

  46. Avatar photo
    Noraisah Khair

    I am very pleased with their service. As what the name Pronto, they are very quick to respond and recommend what is best for my laptop. Thank you Pronto Arigato!

  47. Avatar photo
    Shikin Aziz

    Really efficient service. My LCD screen was damaged. Enquired last night at 1130pm, received an instant reply. Went down to their service centre today and it took them only 2 hours to fix. Perfect for me cause I have deadlines and don’t have the luxury of time to wait for days without a laptop. They recommended to do CPU thermal paste reapplication and internal dust cleaning which I agreed to. Great customer service as well, very friendly staff

  48. Avatar photo
    Chloe Wee

    very satisfied with the experience and service at Pronto Arigato. Mateen was very responsive to my queries despite it was after office hour and was able to provide an indicative diagnosis and pricing on the issues that i had with my laptop. when i brought in the laptop for on-site diagnosis and repairs, the team was very friendly and helpful and had fixed the laptop within 2 hours. keep up the excellent work.

  49. Avatar photo
    kj tan

    Super good experience with the team. Especially Izza who is always so helpful and patient with me even though I spammed her with tons n tons of messages. After prolonged agony at my side of a possible faculty monitor, which we all thot it was, turned out otherwise. The team once again was professional and resourceful to provide alternatives to my new found problems . Highly recommend to bring your sick or problem child to them, they will definitely fix them for you!

  50. Avatar photo
    Liza Jumat

    Johar was very professional, helpful and friendly. He explained what was wrong with our MacBook Air and was able to provide a solution that was reasonably priced. The fix was done within a short timeframe and they made sure that we were able to check our MacBook when it was fixed to make sure everything was fine. I’d definitely recommend them for any of your Mac needs.

  51. Avatar photo
    Nurani Hussein

    The team assisted with battery replacement and recommended a CPU thermal paste reapplication & internal dust cleaning for my MA. I opted for the urgent service at an additional cost as I needed to use it immediately. Laptop got collected on Wednesday evening and delivered the next Thursday evening. Payment was easy and followed by a receipt issuance. I love the ease of service, empathy in assisting customers and their grit of hard work. Highly recommended.

  52. Avatar photo
    Oberyn Thawne

    Nicole the staff from Pronto, really commend her services and her personalized touch that assisted me all along despite through weekends and after office hours. Pronto services is simply awesome and swift, would definitely reccomend if you guys have issues in repairing your Laptops!! Quality service! Thank you Nicole! …

  53. Avatar photo
    Nadiana Zin

    fast and efficiency of the people in pronto arigato! went to their office twice, neat and clean office. my first experience with them was due to my external HDD which was corrupted and they able to fix it in matter of hours. today 12/12/2021 went to their office to send in my laptop for refurbishment – send in at 1pm and whatsapp me at 4.30pm to collect laptop. prior to today walk in i did send my enquiries on wednesday (8th dec night, they get back to me on thursday (9th dec) did alot queries and they are responsive to my messages. Location wise was accessible, easy to navigate around the shopping malls while waiting for your laptop/gadgets you can do shopping or catch a movie!

  54. Avatar photo
    Nasser Syed

    Amazing service. Prompt in response. I’d say one of the best customer centric experience. Pronto Arigato will be my first choice from now.
    Thanks guys! Keep up the great work.

  55. Avatar photo
    Irwan Ismail

    I had a major issue with my wife’s laptop. It shut downs by itself a number of times. Send it to Arigato Pronto. After it was fixed it still develops the same issue and they realised its a motherboard issue. Initially I had to pay for the motherboard replacement but , Arigato Pronto absorbs the cost of the motherboard .It is a matter of principle since its still under warranty.

    I have to thank Dean and his team. Its service with integrity.

  56. Avatar photo
    Christie Ann Wee

    Texted them around 11pm to ask for a quote and to check if they could fix my macbook pro, they were super amazing in replying me so promptly although it was late! Really appreciate the 10/10 customer service and pricing transparency! They were friendly and approachable, and would definitely look for them in the future 🙂 Thank you again!

  57. Avatar photo
    salma ismail

    The service rendered was impeccable. The team was truly professional and committed to address issues raised. Amazing and remarkable. Return the serviced laptop to them the second time and they gladly take it back to review the complaint without hesitant. Great effort in servicing the laptop screen / hinge back to almost as good as before it was damaged. Would definitely return back if necessary, & would love to recommend to friends as well. Arigato Pronto!

  58. Avatar photo
    Peizhen Song

    Very responsive team! I enquire about the refurbishment of my laggy laptop on Fri, they collected it on the next day Sat and I received the refurbished laptop on Wed! Value for money too! They are also very professional in providing advice on what can be done to prolong the lifespan of the refurbished laptop.

    Highly recommend them!!

  59. Avatar photo

    awesome services at a reasonable price! was also told to replace my laptop’s battery in order to reduce the risk of other components being damaged and it was worth it. highly recommended

  60. Avatar photo
    Kerwin Tan

    Had issues with my 16″ 2019 Macbook Pro (A2141). I went other locations to get it checked out at first and the other shops said that either it wasn’t repairable or quoted me a bomb for the repair (2-3x of what pronto arigato quoted). Finally went down to pronto arigato as my last hope.

    Johar and his team went out of their way to fix the macbook. It was a really difficult problem and we weren’t even sure of it was repairable. They were responsive and quick to answer my queries. They also provide a quote before proceeding with repairs (unlike some other places that repair and trap you to pay).

    Overall, their service is stellar and they can fix very difficult issues at a reasonable price. Highly recommend.

  61. Avatar photo
    Sham Kuram

    Thank you so much for your prompt response and swift actions. Especially Izza, awesome job. Mateen was superb with extra mile service even when he was on his off day.

  62. Avatar photo
    shalihin mohd

    Really great service by the team. They even offered laptop rental(case by case basis) for my urgent use when my personal laptop was under repair with them. I was given consistent updates with regards to the status of my device as well! Really felt safe relying on pronto arigato to repair my laptop!

  63. Avatar photo
    Chelsea Tan

    Service was great and prompt, although the diagnosis took longer than expected, the team offered to send my laptop back to my place instead of having to wait around for several hours and constantly updates me on the condition/status of my laptop. Really appreciate the service that Pronto Arigato has provided as it reassures customers that their laptop is in safe hands.

  64. Avatar photo
    Sujith Abraham

    I have an older MacBook Pro that had speakers that had deteriorated and needed to be replaced. After doing a a search on google, I narrowed it down to Pronto and another place that was offering to do the same work for a lower price. I initially went to the other place first but was very quickly let down when I had realized they had misinformed me about having the requisite replacement speaker components. This was after multiple calls to reconfirm they had what was necessary. I literally called Pronto from the other place and Pronto was able to address all my questions and take in my computer within just a few minutes of me calling. Their representative was far more informed and created a much better customer experience with how everything was handled. My computer was repaired in less than the two hour quoted. They also provided me a video before I picked up a machine to demonstrate the repairs had been completed successfully. They aren’t the cheapest but I have a much higher degree of confidence in their work and find them to be very professional

  65. Avatar photo
    Alvin Leong

    The staff provides professional and quick services. Thought that my computer would be beyond fix but wow was I surprised. Went to many places that says that my 2015 macbook processor has too much damage and a change will not be available and I should just spend the money on the latest model. But pronto helped salvage this important memento of mine at a reasonable cost.

    Will definitely come back again with the friendly staffs and good value. 10/10

  66. Avatar photo
    Rori Ali

    Words can’t quantified the service level Pronto Arigato had shown, for both services rendered to me. First is for my Macbook Air and the recent repair is for Dell Inspiron. I’m totally satisfied with the professionalism and value for money service they had provided. Surprisingly, this is the first computer repair establishment I’ve encountered, that had shown the level of trust. Hence, I would recommend Pronto Arigato to be the first stop if anyone has issue with their laptop.

    A BIG Thank You from Marissa Marini to Dean & Team.

  67. Avatar photo
    M Husaini

    Went on 27 Dec 2021, for a cracked screen repair: iPhone XR. Staff is super helpful and humble, and provided professional advice throughout. Depending on the crowd, the wait to solve the device might take a while. But given the very competitively priced and transparent charges, there is significant savings versus going to the Apple centre. Plus my phone was done over a few hours; Apple Care at Apple Centre will take days if not weeks for the next appointment. Am really grateful for the assistance!

  68. Avatar photo
    Brandon Neubronner

    Was having some battery issues with my MacBook, which Dean promptly fixed. During the diagnosis, he also found a keyboard issue I had since 2017 and fixed that as well. Dean was super friendly and responsive.

    6 years in, my MacBook is working better than ever now. Would recommend Pronto 10/10 to anyone looking to fix their laptop.

  69. Avatar photo
    Nadrah Zainal

    Sent in my old iMac for repair. They provided free pick-up service (simply follow their IG/FB) which is great. Updates were prompt and detailed. After several attempts to repair the power unit and to no avail, they advised on the best method to proceed. In this case, as my unit was really old they advised that repairing it further would be quite the waste of money. Thus, I was able to opt for a safe disposal instead. I was able to retrieve my internal hard drive as well. Additionally, they provided a post-service update on the disposal. Kudos to the repair team and the administration team. All were polite and professional in their responses. Will definitely consider again for future repairs.

  70. Avatar photo
    The Hassans

    I had a laptop that was supposed to be sold in carousell as it was getting slower and laggy, but i found out about these awesome guys suddenly and decided to give them a try to revive my laptop. And with a reasonable price they managed to turbo charge my laptop and it feels like brand new. I’m really happy with the service and the friendly staff. Notably Johar and Mateen! Thank u guys for the awesome service! I honestly recommend this guys for your laptop and pc needs!

  71. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Xu

    sending an iPad air for repair to this shop, very nice reception when approaching, asking problems for pre-diagnostics. well communicated through Whatsapp for troubleshooting, quotation provided for asking further action, and finally repaired and also with some testing video recorded, delivery be arranged with some charges. so far quickly solve my iPad problem with lower charges compared to Apple service & repair in SG.

  72. Avatar photo
    Najihah Binti Md Eizak

    I had an issue with logging into my account. Contacted prontoarigato through whatsapp. They were quick to respond to my enquiry. Came down to their office and my issue was settled within an hour. Thank you prontoarigato for the professional and efficient service rendered!

  73. Avatar photo
    Mark Sng

    Helped revive my old Asus laptop w a screen display issue + old batt. Everything’s all good & running super now ~ thanks loads!

  74. Avatar photo
    Li Ruth

    Very impressed with the service!
    They are efficient, transparent and provided regular updates on the repair process, which I really appreciated!
    I spilt water on my MacBook Pro and was not able to charge it. Consulted a few other places that needed at least 2-3 days to repair. Pronto Arigato took less than 1 day to repair my laptop. Highly recommend this place

  75. Avatar photo

    Expect nothing but impeccable service from the Pronto Arigato team. Repair was efficient and kept transparent as Izza kept me updated throughout the entire process. Prices are very reasonable, and the free delivery of your device to your doorstep is just the cherry on top!

    Edit: Had a small issue with my laptop but Johar and the team quickly rectified it after my feedback and even personally collected/delivered my laptop on the same day. Appreciate the speedy recovery and top notch service!

  76. Avatar photo
    Amat Beck

    I sent in my laptop that has water damage. Went to other shop to check, was quoted to replace afew things. Then i found Pronto Arigato, they did some magic on my laptop. Amazingly only 1 part needs to be replace. And now the laptop is working! Highly Reccommended! This is the place to solve you repair needs!

  77. Avatar photo
    Joey Foo

    Sent a laptop with a burned motherboard to Pronto Arigato. They ran the diagnostics/ tests and advised that it would not be worth it to replace the motherboard given that the device is already quite old. After they returned the laptop to me, I asked them for recommendations for other laptops that will suit my needs, so that I can consider purchasing a new one. They went the extra mile to provide me with additional advice that was really helpful! (: Appreciate the quick response, professionalism, and honest advice. Doorstep delivery service is also super convenient (:

  78. Avatar photo
    Abdul Razak

    Very friendly and reliable. Done a very good job on the service and and also very good customer service relation. Well done Pronto Arigato!!! U gaisss nailed it!!! Keep it up ya!!

  79. Avatar photo
    Yani Arshad

    Sent my work Macbook for repairs about 6 months ago. I thought I only needed to fix the battery but the good ppl from Pronto Arigato advised to add on thermal paste as well as a few other repairs too. My boss was so impressed (I’m from a software company!) how my Macbook is running like almost brand new (it was a 2013 machine btw).

    No issues 6 months on and have recommended their great and honest service to more than a handful of friends and colleagues.

  80. Avatar photo
    Damien Soo Chen Tan

    Great service by Izza and team. Got my Mac cleaned, batteries replaced and delivered to my home the following day. Nothing beats that. Keep up the great work team Pronto Arigato!

  81. Avatar photo

    My MacBook is ~10 years and I have not been using it for the last 3years. Eventually the screen went “blurred” and “yellowed”. At first, I intended to change the lcd only but decided to do an upgrade plus battery replacement as well. My battery drained pretty fast without a power source and the laptop itself gets hot easily even when it’s just starting up.

    The friendly and helpful staffs did a full diagnosis and explained in detail the cause and what can be done, just like a doctor.

    Overall I am very satisfied with the service and I highly recommend pronto arigato for any laptop issues.

  82. Avatar photo
    Gwee YC

    Good customer service that cares. Will recommend. Be clear and update them on your specific needs, they will accommodate. May be a little lag in communication here and there, but overall satisfied!

  83. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Tan

    Very nice people who helped me out with a sudden mac breakdown. Speedy service and excellent comms!

  84. Avatar photo
    Md Usamah

    A very competent team which able to answer my quieries for my problem. Able to troubleshoot my problem with my laptop even though having send my laptop to manufacturer service center which unable to give a good service and satisfactory result to customer.

    I will recommend those with It issues to send to Pronto Arigato as they will be able to assist you. Thanks Nicole and team.️

  85. Avatar photo
    Zulhelmi M

    Great service by Team Izza .Msg Pronto Arigato for Macbook Pro 2017 Battery replacement.Team Pronto Arigato Izza whatapps me for future details.They picked up my macbook for repair and did a thorough check and give updated for the repair.They suggested for CPU thermal paste.They send me detailed serviced sheet and video. After repair done, they send my Macbook Pro back. Well done guy @ Pronto Arigato .Fast service and highly recommended !!

  86. Avatar photo
    Hakim Idris

    I am definitely recommending this spot if you have a laptop issue! I was referred by a friend through contact about this spot and was pretty impressed from the get-go; the initial call, the first visit to their shop and the experience throughout till laptop delivery. They have been extremely friendly, communicative with their updates and they offer their repair services at a very good price! My girlfriend’s macbook had water damage and they repaired it at a very affordable price (considerably cheaper than 3-4 bigger name stores that I asked). Professional, knowledgeable (they share as much as they can know) and warm bunch – highly recommended to give them a call if you have any laptop issues!

  87. Avatar photo
    yingsheng chong

    Best service in the town! Quick response and good quality work. Consultation and repair work for my MacBook Air was done quickly, everything was done within 3hrs. Highly recommend. Good job guys!

  88. Avatar photo
    K15E85K81 Z

    It was Sunday afternoon and I have a rush work when my PC started shutting down. While I know what is the issue, I cannot do anything as I am not well versed in hardware. To cut the story short, I messaged Pronto Arigatou around 4pm and they replied to me that I can take my PC to their shop (take note again that this is on a Sunday afternoon). It was my first time to use their service. The Boss (forgot his name) was very easy to talk to. I didn’t feel any pressure (same as what you feel when walking into some computer shops at Si.. and Fu..). It’s like i’m just talking to an old acquaintance. It was so hassle-free. And guess what, by around 11pm (+-5hrs after I left my PC to them) I received a message from them telling that the fix was done. They also sent me a video of the PC running smoothly.

    So, I don’t have anything but good things to say about my experience with Pronto Arigatou. Pls. support this local company as this is a Gem in a haystack.

    More power to you guys!

    P.S. Just to add, after dropping my PC to them, I realized that I need to disconnect cloud servers in my PC for security reasons. So I went back to their shop, and they had the machine hooked up for me to do my stuff. They are really very accommodating. Thanks again!

  89. Avatar photo
    Theresa Goh

    Very satisfied with the service received from Izza in the repair of my laptop. Professional and prompt, tells exactly what to expect in terms of problem resolution, time and cost.

  90. Avatar photo
    Mohd Taufiq

    I had problems turning up my laptop as the keyboard lights was on but the screen went blackout. I also had the wifi connection fixed. The problem was i had my laptop installed the new windows 11 software and went haywire after that. They advised me to stay with windows 10 instead. Some apps are gone but it’s okay as long as my school documents are intact and the laptop works fine till i graduate. Fyi, my laptop was fixed within 5-6 days

  91. Avatar photo
    Asrul Shuhaimi

    Repaired my iphone here. They repaired in a reasonable price and very fast reply. Customer service was great as they cared so much about their customer’s complaint. Definitely would come back again.

  92. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Leng

    My laptop suddenly could not turn on on a Saturday, and I tried everything, still did not work. Was in a hurry cause most shops will have half day on sat and close on sun. However, Pronto Arigato was still open in the evening on Saturday (amazing!) and I quickly went over w my laptop.

    The team managed to get it sorted out for me over a few days and I’m glad that my laptop is working again and the memory was not lost at all! Everything is intact

    Thanks to the team and johar for fixing my laptop and the great service, rlly appreciate it!!

  93. Avatar photo
    Harsh Singh

    Very friendly, professional and fuss free repair of my Macbook pro. Good communication on wa and phone. Reasonable pricing. They also provide pickup/drop service which I didn’t use.

  94. Avatar photo
    Joshua Sonneman

    Fast and transparent service by Pronto Arigato. Sent my laptop in for lag issues due to a ticking hard drive and faulty trackpad on a Thursday, staff updated me on the progress of the repairs throughout the weekend and even suggested some other repairs that could help improve the functionality of my laptop (thermal paste reapplication), without pushing or hard selling any services. Repairs were done on the following Monday, and staff followed up quickly with a video check of the laptop prior to collection.

    Overall a superb experience, will definitely recommend to my friends if they face any laptop issues in the future.

  95. Avatar photo
    Michael Tham

    The Pronto Arigato team was very efficient in accessing my daughter’s ‘falling apart’ laptop. For the first face to face assessment ,we are told of the possible charges involved and what they are going to do to solve the issue. After a thorough assessment we are given options on ways to solve the issue without being them being very hard sell.

    The laptop was fixed within 2 days with videos of the testing of the laptop after the repairs to show all functions are back to normal via Whatsapp. Took another day to send the laptop back to us free of charge. All in all…fast efficient and cost effective. Highly recommended and kudos to the whole Team and Keep up the good work !

  96. Avatar photo
    Faizal Mokmin

    Exceptionally thankful to the professional team for servicing and replacing the batteries for my 6 year old MacBook Air (2015) and my 4 year old iPhone X. Service rendered was prompt and excellent. Highly recommended to all who have encountered lacklustre service and exorbitant charges elsewhere as well as those who are considering to send their devices for any repairs or servicing for the first time. Look no further. Send them to Pronto Arigato right away. You’re welcome!

  97. Avatar photo

    I have an old MacBook bought in 2013 and was last used probably 2 years ago. It was very slow that I almost throw it away and plan to get a new one.

    However, due to CB most shops are closed hence I decided to search for someone/company with good reviews who can just repair Or update the laptop.

    Came across Pronto Arigato and after enquiring, they gave the breakdown price and I agree to have it repaired since the price is very reasonable.

    Dean came to collect on Saturday and return back to me on Wednesday. He explained the updates and gave some tips on taking care of a laptop. Thank you!

    Very professional! Highly recommended!

  98. Avatar photo

    I highly recommend Pronto Arigato! They were very transparent with their service and Izza provided photos and videos of the processes promptly. Would definitely be my go-to repair shop in the near future!

  99. Avatar photo
    Ervin Kin

    Great experience, responsible and understanding staff who stayed later than closing to fix my laptop which I needed urgently for school.

  100. Avatar photo
    Nurzawani Jamaluddin

    They really live up to their name. Super prompt and hassle-free service rendered!

    I encountered a flexgate issue with my Macbook (screen went black). They did a quick diagnosis and rectified the issue in less than a week! Also, they will send you photo/video updates. No hard-selling. The instructions given were clear as day. They were also nice enough to offer a discount.

    If you are residing in the west, don’t worry. You do not need to make a trip down to their office in the east. They offer free pickup service in exchange for a follow on their social media accounts. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

    All in all, kudos to the team. Thank you for your kind service!

  101. Avatar photo
    Muneera Bakar

    Very happy with the service. My iPad wasn’t able to charge and I was worried it was beyond repair. Before this, I even went down to one of the Apple service center and they told me I could only do a replacement which means my iPad and the data in it can’t be retrieved. Thanks to them, not only did they fix the issue in 2 days with the data intact, they even delivered it to my house. I would say the cost I had to pay was also very reasonable for an iPad that has a lot of sentimental value to me. So domo arigato Pronto Arigato!

  102. Avatar photo

    Really recommend the service from Pronto Arigato! Did a screen and battery replacement, and my macbook feels as good as new. Service is helpful, friendly and replies are prompt too. Managed to receive my macbook the next day, thank you so much for the fast repair!

  103. Avatar photo
    Muhd Harun

    Very accommodating and affordable. Also they run through with you just what they will be doing to your electronics.

  104. Avatar photo
    Fahmi J

    Laptop battery drained fast and often overheat. Consulted them thru Instagram and sent in laptop the next day. Repair was done within the next day. Appreciate the delivery to my office. Fast and efficient service. Recommended! …

  105. Avatar photo
    Nuruljanah Bte Mohamed Said

    Johar is very approachable and gives us excellent insights in purchasing our iMac. He gives us advises accordingly on how to solve our computer problems. Thank you for your time and input. Will certainly come back! Highly recommended for all to come and consult him.

  106. Avatar photo
    Charm L

    Helpful and friendly staffs. They were able to help fix my 5yo macbook and along the way, provided with updates on the progress. Pricing wise, reasonable and they threw in a complimentary svc or two also. Will recommend!

  107. Avatar photo
    A L Khoo

    Help to fix my 10 years old MacBook Air.

    Their respond and service are fast and professional. …

  108. Avatar photo
    Nadia Illyana Foo

    had a good experience engaging with pronto arigato. urgently needed my laptop to be repaired and i got it repaired within a day! my laptop screen looks good now. big ups to Mateen and the pronto arigato team, thank you

  109. Avatar photo
    celeste tay

    T’was my first time getting my Macbook Pro (2015 model) with Pronto Arigato after hearing about them through word of mouth!

    My Macbook has gone through a lot – battery drained out rapidly and my keys weren’t working at all ever since it was last repaired months ago. So I went down to their outlet and they were happy to assist me with the diagnosis, break down the repair costs and even sent over a video to show that the Macbook was functioning well!

    It was worth it for such a short process and I was really happy with the outcome!

  110. Avatar photo
    M Low

    Pronto Arigato was very prompt and professional in their service. They were able to pick up my desktop at short notice and turn it around the next day. Highly recommended if you need an urgent fix.

  111. Avatar photo
    Noorizan Ismail

    Very happy with their prompt immediate service. Since I was not able to go to their office, a courier was arranged to pick up and deliver back my handphone immediately, at no extra cost. I was even given tips on how to prevent any further damage to the phone. Impressive service.

  112. Avatar photo
    Fadzullah Hassan

    Fast, professional and convenient. I have no qualms about sending my macbook to Pronto Arigato for repairs as their reviews were good. And indeed they didn’t disappoint. Collected my macbook at 11am and got it back at 8pm, same day! Thanks to the good people at Pronto Arigato im able to continue working on my macbook with little down time.

  113. Avatar photo
    Jufri Jamil

    Top-tier customer service. They provided regular updates including videos and worked efficient to fix my laptop within 2 days. Couldn’t have asked for more. Highly recommended!

  114. Avatar photo
    Nurfaezah Mohd

    Really pleased and impressed with the quick turnaround service! The pickup and delivery was really convenient and transaction and replies were smooth and easy to deal. So happy to get my laptop back in good order, thank you for the recommendations and the rave reviews on socials are legit – Pronto should be your go-to for your IT fix!

  115. Avatar photo
    Fikah Vlogs

    Best laptop Repair and efficient in replying ur messages and also detailed in repairing devices.

    I recommend u guys to go for repair there and I really love their services. I will come again if any problems with my device again.

  116. Avatar photo
    shalihin mohd

    Really great service by the team. They even offered laptop rental(case by case basis) for my urgent use when my personal laptop was under repair with them. I was given consistent updates with regards to the status of my device as well! Really felt safe relying on pronto arigato to repair my laptop!

  117. Avatar photo
    Kai Ni

    Having heard good feedback, Pronto Arigato came to my mind when my son’s hp screen was shattered after falling to the ground. The screen was not responsive and I was feeling helpless.
    I immediately searched for the contact of Pronto Arigato and response was quite fast. Dean came over to my house to collect the hp. Then, the problem was diagnosed first. After diagnosing, I received a msg explaining the problem in detail and the solution to it. Best of all, I received the hp by the same evening. That is indeed 5* service.
    Thank you, Dean!

    Then, a few days ago, the top part of the hp screen was unresponsive and I contacted Pronto again. They asked me to take video of the problem before assisting me further. To my surprise that the screen is still covered under warranty! Again, Dean came over, collected and hp around noon and delivered it in the evening on the same day!
    My problem was fixed within hours, thanks to the efficient service!

    Look no further! Pronto Arigato will be be my FIRST choice whenever I need help with my devices.

    I will definitely recommend Pronto Arigato to my colleagues and friends.

    Thank you for EXCELLENT and EFFICIENT services!!!

  118. Avatar photo
    Zack Agostino

    Went to Apple Service centre to repair my wife’s Macbook as it suddenly cnt power up…to my disappointment Apple says need to make appointment just for a freaking repair…waste my time & so inconvinience!!! Call a friend & he recommended me to go Pronto. No appointment needed, the macbook prob was addressed immediately and delivered the next day!!!!!!! Not only that, they found out the speaker had a prob & repaired it for a small fee. Awesome service & response time. Would send any computer prob here from here on out!!

  119. Avatar photo

    Pronto excellent communication and service quality. Sent my laptop in for motherboard repair, was done over the weekend. Place is pretty accessible too, just a couple minutes from Paya Lebar MRT. Arigato!

  120. Avatar photo
    Zulhelmi M

    Great service by Team Izza .Msg Pronto Arigato for Macbook Pro 2017 Battery replacement.Team Pronto Arigato Izza whatapps me for future details.They picked up my macbook for repair and did a thorough check and give updated for the repair.They suggested for CPU thermal paste.They send me detailed serviced sheet and video. After repair done, they send my Macbook Pro back. Well done guy @ Pronto Arigato .Fast service and highly recommended !!

  121. Avatar photo
    Nad Sah

    v v helpful and received honest advice from them! shared with them the display issues that I was having on my PC and they tried their best to offer solutions after the remote diagnostic. haven’t used their service yet since they advised that mine was still under warranty, but their customer service was already top notch before anything!!! no doubt, would reach out to them to fix issues that they can solve

  122. Avatar photo
    Sam Heng

    My MacBook was due for a battery replacement so i brought it down to the centre. I’m impressed with their end-to-end service delivery. The team is responsive and provided detailed updates throughout, making sure to seek consent before performing any extra necessary tasks that required payment. 10/10 will return and recommend!

  123. Avatar photo
    Fong Kah Chun

    My mid-2011 iMac failed to startup due to faulty power supply unit. Pronto Arigato is able to respond quickly over WhatsApp and has on-site collection, saving me the time and effort. The total replacement cost was very affordable. My fixed iMac was delivered back to me as well.

  124. Avatar photo
    Muhd Faiz

    All good. They keep on updating us about our laptop issue. Bery friendly and help us alot. Recommended.

  125. Avatar photo
    Muhaimin Ali

    This is my go to place for Apple products repair. Value added services and really good customer service. I’m sick of being at the mercy at cranky repair uncles who refuse to accommodate your request or 2nd hand dealer who want the lowest price for your device but sell them for 10 times the price. Trust me folks, just go to Pronto Arigato and spare yourself the headache and heartache.

  126. Avatar photo
    Fong Kah Chun

    My mid-2011 iMac failed to startup due to faulty power supply unit. Pronto Arigato is able to respond quickly over WhatsApp and has on-site collection, saving me the time and effort. The total replacement cost was very affordable. My fixed iMac was delivered back to me as well.

  127. Avatar photo

    Very efficient and professional service. Price quoted was reasonable too. Best part – complimentary collection and delivery.

    Highly rexommended!

  128. Avatar photo
    Tham Kin Loong

    Pronto Arigato repair service is prompt and very efficient. I would also say their repair prices are very reasonable… cannot find anyone else with such reasonable and transparent pricing I would not hesitate to go back to them for my repair needs!

  129. Avatar photo

    Macbook Pro’s screen broke after my dog stepped on it. Contacted Pronto via their website and received reply within one hour, with solution and pricing.

    The team in Pronto was professional, friendly and thorough in their examination.
    Turnaround time was fast, received my Mac in tiptop condition within 5 hours.

    Importantly, Pronto provided transparent price quote since the start ie. when they replied my online query , which I appreciated.

  130. Avatar photo
    Azizah Ahmad

    Pronto Arigato rendered prompt and excellent service. Despite the fact that I needed fast service, their charges are very reasonable. I am definitely recommending them to friends and family. in fact, I just did to a friend who needs to have her laptop repaired!

  131. Avatar photo
    Ervin Kin

    Great experience with them as always , Jo was understanding and friendly. Most reliable repair store I have used to date. Sent in at 5.30pm and was done by 7.30pm and they went the extra mile as I had exams the next day. …

  132. Avatar photo
    Cassandra Spykerman

    Loved the tip top service by Dean, he explained how to take care of my laptop properly after the LCD screen was replaced. Also all done in a matter of 3 hours! Love that I could collect my laptop on the same day.

  133. Avatar photo
    Lua Rong Yi

    Although there was a delay with my macbook, they were nice about it and didn’t charge me extra for some of the later problems they found. Friendly staff, and they tell you the parts they are changing on your device, and let you know exactly what you’re paying for. They even deliver your device to you 😀

  134. Avatar photo
    Hans Haidar

    I want to thank Dean and Jo for their outstanding service at Pronto Arigato. I came to them to repair and upgrade my desktop because it is so old, and I have no idea when it comes to the compatibility of desktop parts that I bought but couldn’t use. Thanks for being patient and answering all my technical questions to clear my doubts on gaming desktops. The best part is, they came to collect and then return for free. Waa! haha. Arigato!

  135. Avatar photo
    Nurhazimah Naharudin

    The people behind the team were super helpful and swift – from the start of contact to the process and till the end! Price is very much reasonable for the amount of work being done. Would definitely be my go-to repair shop in the near future!

  136. Avatar photo
    Firas Captain Ramlie

    Excellent service and value. Professional and very responsive.

    Sent in my MacBook Pro for repairs, Pronto Arigato was a pleasure to work with.

    Would highly recommend! Great job team, keep it up and thank you.

  137. Avatar photo
    Nur Shahidah Masud

    The staff at Pronto Arigato were just patient with me when I didn’t know what was happening to my laptop. They assisted me with everything and helped me to repair it within a few days. Such efficient and helpful people! Thank you so much for your kind service!

  138. Avatar photo
    Khairul Roshdie

    My 2nd time repairing my macbook here for 2 seperate, unrelated issues. Super fast, top notch customer service and fair prices for repairs. They are really transparent with what they do and have great knowledge in this area. They don’t hardsell or upsell at all. Just advice you on what’s best for the device, what you need and don’t need as well as provide alternatives, if it doesn’t suit your budget. Really going above and beyond. I won’t trust my macbook repairs to anywhere else after 2 great experiences with Pronto Arigato!

  139. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Nur Hakim

    Love their services. Love how you can get your laptop repaired within the spent of 2 hours. Appreciate Johar taking his time explaining on how to take care of my laptop better after the repair. Overall 5/5 star ratings.

  140. Avatar photo
    Qystina D.

    great service & very efficient, especially when answering my queries via whatsapp! thank you for fixing my macbook …

  141. Avatar photo
    Rajvinder Singh

    Very friendly and honest staff. They ll tell you if the job is possible or not unlike others who are just out there to make a quick buck off you.

    Service and expertise are of a diffrent level with their vast knowledge and skills in doing a perfect job. This is what service in Singapore should be about. Easily 5 stars for Pronto Arigato.

  142. Avatar photo
    Edison Tan

    Pronto Arigato have saved me from a potential service nightmare. I own an out-of-warranty ASUS ROG Strix Scar II GL504 purchased in 2020. Asus-contracted service center has refused paid service because they cited that Asus discontinued the parts (LCD panel) that I required. Facing an rare predicament, I search the whole of Singapore for a third party repair. Only Pronto Arigato stocked the OEM LCD panel that I need.

    What impressed me is that they have identified two more issues (dried thermal paste and depleted battery) which the Asus service center did not address. All was fixed with an only slightly higher cost than what Asus service center quoted.

    Furthermore, this is my work laptop and I need service ASAP. They delivered in 3 working days.

    Thank you so much. Pronto Arigato have set the standard that other service center would find hard to match.

  143. Avatar photo
    Atiqah Sarah

    My macbook air screen cracked and I am so thankful to have found pronto arigato! They managed to fix the screen and it’s as good as new now. I especially love how they have free collection/delivery service which makes it all the more convenient. Superb service, thank you very much!

  144. Avatar photo
    Red Dot Diva

    My iMac suddenly tripped the apartment fusebox late one night. Next day, I contacted a few repair services but Pronto Arigato was the most responsive, friendliest and told me what they thought might be wrong with my iMac.The rest were very curt and would only look at my machine if I brought it there to their shop myself. Pronto Arigato also offered free pickup services which was useful to me as I don’t own a car, and didn’t feel comfortable carting my 21.5″ iMac to and fro. The repair prices were also affordable, and they didn’t hardsell extra services.

    First time, the machine returned to me, it booted up but the screen was empty. I was disappointed and contacted them again. They were quick to reply and got a courier to take it back to their shop that very same day. It took awhile to get it looked at and fixed again, but I don’t blame them. Computer machines can be temperamental things, and they did reply quickly to say they needed more time. I appreciated the time taken for them to keep me in the loop, and not ghost me (which was what I feared the most.)

    My digital baby is back with me now and it’s booting up, connecting to my keyboard/ mouse/ wifi etc and working. Hopefully, it’ll stay alive for some more months before I decide to upgrade. I’d call Pronto Arigato again if I have issues with my other Mac machines. Their level of personal service is really quite rare to see locally these days.

  145. Avatar photo
    marc goh

    friendly staff, good service, most importantly, my imac is functioning perfectly after the repairing, will definitely recommend to my friends if they needed any repairing on their apple stuffs.

  146. Avatar photo
    Darlina Wijaya

    Pronto Arigato was really efficient at replying to my enquiries regarding my laptop’s issues. I came down on the same day to get my battery replaced (+ CPU thermal paste) and it took less than 2 hours for everything to be done. 100% would recommend!

  147. Avatar photo
    joey chew

    The team is just fantastic! Response was prompt and super patient to answer all my enquiries. Updates were detailed and they are not pushy to make u change the parts. U can leave your devices in their good hands. Thank u for existing!

  148. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Fauzan

    Free pickup and delivery of laptop as part of the already fast and efficient service was superb. Detailed updates and diagnosis given as well as suggestions before proceeding with any works was much appreciated. Reasonable cost too.

  149. Avatar photo

    Posting this review after a few months since servicing my MBP. Battery and SSD replacement done in roughly half a workday. Slightly pricier than competitors but pre/during/post service was excellent and worth the premium imo. Overall satisfied and will revisit/recommend.

  150. Avatar photo
    Suchada R

    Thank you Johar Pronto Arigato to help me repairing my laptop in last minute. I were worried if I could not get it done in a couple days to do my assignments. I went there without making an appointment but they still welcome me and gave me the good service. I would recommend who are looking for laptop repair. You won’t feel disappointed to come. But please make sure you have an appointment before you go down. Thanks again for your great service.

  151. Avatar photo
    Jason Kuah

    Had my Xiaomi Mi 9 battery replaced here for a reasonable price. Was introduced to them by my brother who also had his Samsung tablet repaired at a reasonable price compared to the Samsung repair centre.

    They even offered a free pickup and and return service for now. Everything was seamless, contacting them via WhatsApp and the arrangement for pickup and delivery was fast.

    After repairing, they show you a video clip of the repaired phone to show that everything is in order and payment is made via PayNow.

    As I sent my phone to my brother house for the pickup, they returned it to the same address but my brother was not at home. I quickly contacted them and they immediately called the courier to change to my home address.

    Superb service! Had the battery changed without leaving the house. Nice!

  152. Avatar photo
    Zi Lin

    Service was really quick and thorough, would highly recommend! The staff were also very patient with all of my questions.

  153. Avatar photo
    Jia Yi

    Sent in my laptop for screen repair and it was done in one day’s time! this is wayyyy faster compared to the official service provider who mentioned it might take 4 weeks… indeed it’s v pronto and I’m super arigatou for the great service ️ …

  154. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lee

    Easy-going and friendly staff. Opted to be contacted via WhatsApp which kept communications hassle-free and open.

    Needed my PSU replaced and had my thermal paste reapplied while at it. My desktop was collected on Wednesday and it was ready for collection by Saturday afternoon.

    Impressed that my desktop was wrapped up tightly in bubble wrap when I collected it.

  155. Avatar photo
    Fouziah Osman

    The response was very quick and prompt. Dean collected the laptops from my place and had them delivered in a wk.. He was very honest and fix the laptops as what are required. Price is very2 reasonable and my husband and I totally like his friendly personality and service. I highly recommend Pronto Arigato!!!

  156. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Choo

    Update 5-Oct: I gave a 4 star as Pronto Arigato as they came back to clarify. The missing 1 star is for not replying promptly as that caused the confusion. Original post will not be deleted as I stand-by what I said and experience and it is in no way defaming Pronto Arigato

    TL;DR: You might want to take your computer/laptop elsewhere
    Pros: It fixed my computer
    Cons: Questionable Work Ethic

    My custom PC was having some issues with booting and I found Pronto Arigato with all the good reviews. I was told that they will diagnose the issue and then let me decide if I will proceed with the fix.

    As it turned out, they did a OS reinstallation without asking me if I would like to proceed. They claim that the power connector is not connected and there was no issue with the SSD. So I asked them via whatsapp if the power cable wasn’t plugged in, does that mean that there is no need for OS reinstallation since there is no issue with SSD?

    As expected, they did not reply to my message. I was charged $60 for an OS installation and $110 for both CPU and GPU thermal paste + cleaning. The cleaning wasn’t done well and I will not know if they actually apply the thermal paste since there is no video evidence from them.

    Beware of them if you want to procure their services!

  157. Avatar photo
    Ashley Matthew Teo

    After having gone through multiple repair services around Singapore, I must say that Pronto Arigato is hands-down the best repair service you can ever have the pleasure of working with. I have a 2018 Macbook Pro 15″ that has a major problem, and a 2015 Macbook Pro 13″ that I’ve been wanting to let go for a while, and they accepted both offers.

    In fact, I was so blown away by their customer service and support that I was willing to them 5 stars even before they started work on my 15″ Macbook. We had a short chat while they were diagnosing my 15″ and I love how they mentioned that their philosophy is that ‘they aspire to be more than just a vendor.’ Too many vendors we meet at retail malls have a ‘hi-bye’ relationship with their customers, but Pronto Arigato treated me like family and they genuinely wanted to know me more as a person rather than a customer.

    Oh, did I mention that they weren’t able to repair my Macbook? And that’s OK. Despite that, I have so much praises for them. That, to me, didn’t really matter because they made every effort to do so, and updated me along the way but unfortunately the problem was too severe and too expensive to rectify. Thankfully, they are willing to take it in for parts, hoping to give life to other Macbook Pros, lest they suffer the same fate as mine did.

    Overall, if I could give 6 or even 10 stars, I would gladly. If you need a Macbook, iPhone, or any sort of tech issues rectified, look no further.

  158. Avatar photo
    Terence WEE

    Laptop doesn’t even power up when i used the power cable.
    Sent laptop to Proton on tuesday about 230pm.
    They did a battery replacement and some maintenance to the thermal paste and cleaning (6 mths warranty).
    Laptop was ready for pick-up at 5pm sameday.
    I also bought a refurbished 65w usbc charger (3 mths warranty).
    Been using the laptop and charger for past 3 days, both works well.
    The staff are helpful, patient and friendly, and the pricing is reasonable.
    Highly recommended.

  159. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Danial Abdul Razak

    Free collection and free delivery. Update via whatsapp, altho some people may not like it. Improvements can be better by giving full specs of current laptop in comparison with specs theyre gonna upgrade. Other than that, service is good. Hope the laptop will last 3-4 more years as they claim.

  160. Avatar photo
    Ricky Foo

    Great customer service provided by Pronto Arigato. I gotten my laptop repaired and delivered back to me the next working day. Will strongly recommend their services

  161. Avatar photo
    Lilis Masrol

    hands down the best service ever from a repair company! they managed to cater to my needs at the very last minute and even wished me luck for my exams would definitely go back to pronto arigato for any macbook/phone repairs if i need to. …

  162. Avatar photo
    Juying Lek

    This service centre is extremely quick and efficient. They can be diagnosed and corrected in a single day if you have all of the necessary information. They’ll take footage to display for assurance even after the repairs have been completed. That, I believe, goes much above my expectations. The service and attitude of the workers are excellent. I will refer others to you if they require laptop support.

  163. Avatar photo
    Bits Tolosa

    They do GREAT work here for a few reasons:

    1. I got a quote from another Mac repair shop for 3x more than what I paid for at Pronto Arigato.
    2. They discuss the job with you thoroughly and inform you of any risks, etc.
    3. They communicate very well; even going to the extent of sending you Whatsapp videos of them conducting various tests
    4. They deliver your repaired Mac for FREE (& packaged very well in a bubble wrap envelope!)
    5. I got an SMS from them about a week after asking if everything was OK with the repair!

    Awesome job, guys. Thank you!

  164. Avatar photo
    Chee Huey Pun

    The service is good and the people is nice and patient. It also provides pick up service each Wednesday and Saturday. I got my IMAC internal hard drive replacement without OS installation, it cost only S$70.00 and can be collected back on the same day. Most of the service centres requires for 2 or 3 days. The skill is good also because the front glass was not broken. Some service centres told me they can accidentally broke the glass while removing the display+glass. The service for laptop CPU thermal paste and dust removal which prevents ventilation that cause burn to logic boards is about S$90.00. You can whatapp them for enquiry and book appointment. You can also visit the website and send enquiry and booking.

  165. Avatar photo
    Aqilah Iqromah

    I’m very pleased with the service from Pronto Arigato!!!! I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about them and decided to give them a try. I submitted my enquiry at 1130pm and Dean texted me almost immediately after to follow up on the issue. The repair only took a matter of days. I had the OS reinstallation, Data migration, CPU thermal paste reapplication and an upgrade on my SSD. The process was seamless and now my MacBook Pro is up and running just fine! Would definitely recommend them to my friends and family️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  166. Avatar photo
    Nazri Zul

    Had my Alienware 15 Gaming laptop battery replaced, Internal cleaning, SSD upgrade and newly thermal pasting done all within a span of 4 hours and collected on the very same day. If that is not Pronto enough I don’t know what is.

    Efficient. Prompt replies(Mind you I was messaging them late in the night and still got a reply to my queries)

    Friendly staffs. Dean and team were really really accommodating all throughout my time there. Really humble and friendly staffs made my first laptop servicing a memorable one

    Price quotations is reasonable comparing to the other competitors out there. Quotations were transparent, no hidden cost. You get what you pay for.


    Efficient. Affordable pricing. Honesty. Transparent. Accommodating.


  167. Avatar photo
    Rachel Chea

    I was having some issues with my CPU and was searching for some reliable computer repair services online. I found Pronto Arigato and saw some pretty good reviews. So I decided to give them a try and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a pleasant experience and the team was friendly and helpful. 10/10 would definitely recommend. Thank you so much!

  168. Avatar photo
    The Basement Studio sg

    Dropped my iPhone 11 Pro and badly damaged my screen. Needed it fixed urgently for me to manage my studio and first thing that came up on Google was Pronto Arigato! Can really understand why they chose the company name because firstly they were really Pronto, and a huge Arigato to the team for the immediate pickup & delivery to my place in Yew Tee as well.

    Couldn’t ask for anything more from an IT Repair company. Thanks Johar & friends!

  169. Avatar photo
    Zenice Lim

    Superb satisfied with this trustable team! Had my keyboard replaced with a new one at a lower cost as compared to other stores like APPLE! 101% recommended!

  170. Avatar photo

    These would be my second-time sending my mac to Pronto Arigato. They are transparent, fast and efficient with their customer. They are 100% reliable where you do not have to worry about anything.

    Also, they are clean and detail in explaining the issues. And thank you to the Pronto Arigato and team for always doing the best job. And big thumbs up for the friendly staff.

  171. Avatar photo
    christina ng

    I am extremely pleased with Dean’s service. He is patient, pleasant n helpful. Though it took them many hours n many trips to resolve the issue, the problem was finally resolved n I am so thrilled that my long standing pc problem of 1 month is back to working condition. Also, their prices are v reasonable as well! Definitely will recommend them to anyone w pc problem!
    Keep up the good work !

  172. Avatar photo
    Nadiah Ali

    Apparently I didn’t know ants can live in your laptop and apparently I was unlucky as it happened to me for the very first time! After days of searching for a shop to help me get rid of them, my sis introduced me to them & they were fast to reply me and help me out! Their service is really top-notch! The staffs were friendly, and assist me in everything including my endless qns too! Thank you for ant-free laptop! And on top of that, I ended up enquiring them about my 2 other laptops as well because I really love their service. I would highly recommend this place and I will definitely be back if I need any services for my laptop

    P.S okay lah, the ants not that much. But still, better to get them move out faster than wait later till they breed more! hahaha

  173. Avatar photo

    Thank you team for the fast response and professionalism shown from the start till the end.
    Visited twice to collect my laptop & battery and were satisfied both times with the answers given for my endless queries. (:
    Highly recommended for anyone looking for advise or to send their device for repair.

    Thank you so much again.

  174. Avatar photo
    Dee D

    Very efficient service from Dean and team. From quoting the prices for my required repairs, collecting and delivering laptop, to lastly checking back with me regarding any issues after delivery, they were all smooth. Really glad to have had them repair my laptop, now I can do my endless teacher work next year without worrying about the battery life!

  175. Avatar photo
    Ng Kao Jing

    Highly recommend Pronto Arigato! They were very transparent with their services (e.g. Letting me know that my epoxy repair for a broken hinge will not last a long time) and were very proactive in updating the status of repair! They even delivered the laptop to my house for free! Will definitely come back to them for any device issue in the future!

  176. Avatar photo
    Belinda Chua

    This is the second time that I have engaged the services of Pronto for my Apple products. I can only say that they have been very professional, quick to respond and delivered the goods in good working condition. In October 2020, they fixed my MacPro- replaced the motherboard and it is working like new. This time, they had to replace the battery of my iPhone8. It was done in less than an hour. Dean goes the extra mile to give you tips for the best care for your gadgets. Keep up the good job!!!!

  177. Avatar photo
    Sam Schuster

    I have been using my Macbook Pro for 9 years, but I’ve recently encountered problems where the speakers were wonky and the batteries couldn’t sustain themselves without a charger.

    Did a random search for repair shops around my area and decided to give Pronto Arigato a try. I left my laptop with Izza, who advised me about my MBP’s (possible) problem(s) and gave me an estimated time to come back and collect it once the repairs’ done.

    I came back a couple of hours later and despite having discovered more issues with it, the crew at Pronto Arigato were very professional and accommodating, and offered a counter solution to trade my MBP with one that was not only working well, but a newer model at that. I commend the crew’s professionalism when dealing with the situation, friendly staff and most importantly, top-notch service. Highly recommend!

  178. Avatar photo
    Ella Ng

    My MacBook couldn’t be turned on and Pronto Arigato managed to repair it despite other repair companies saying otherwise. The team was friendly and was very quick with the repair as well, definitely would recommend!

  179. Avatar photo
    Nur Munirah

    I was devastated when my Samsung Tablet left me hanging. Thankfully for me Pronto Arigato was super responsive and friendly while managing my enquiry about the repair.

    My experience with them was awesome and will definitely recommend anyone and everyone to get their service without hesitation.

  180. Avatar photo

    Discovered ProntoArigato by chance after trying a few other companies who had little interest in helping me, so glad I did, my nearly 6 year old PC stopped working and they came round promptly and from the beginning they were extremely efficient. Mateen came to my home and after trying a few steps , discovered that it needed to be taken away, it’s now back after a few days and it’s like a brand new PC. Highly recommend these guys!!

  181. Avatar photo
    nurin q

    had a v pleasant experience here! brought my laptop in for water damage repair and the process was quick and smooth since the start. they informed me about the details and possible risks beforehand, and was very transparent about the pricing (v reasonable & no hidden costs). i’d recommend this place to anyone, esp gadget newbies like me

  182. Avatar photo
    Chin Fang Tang

    They are very professional! I felt like they knew how important my laptop was to me and understand the urgency. Yet, they are calm and offered reassurance, doing lots of proper checks before starting.

  183. Avatar photo
    TY Low

    Efficient service and reasonable pricing! My laptop showed black screen after booting up. They resolved the issue within a day after diagnosis. There is pick up and delivery service too. Will go back to them if I have other issues with laptop or mobile phones in future.

  184. Avatar photo
    Linda CSN

    Martin is a very patience, knowledgeable and very experienced in his expertise. A young man with very good charisma too. He has helped me to fix my chromebook which not many other companies were willing or know how to do it for me. He even managed to coax me into buying a laptop from his company. Which I do not intend to initially but he was a good sales person and managed to convince me for all the good reasons that suits the needs for my work. Am very satisfied with his service.

  185. Avatar photo
    Kamarul Ariffin

    Very good service by the team. I sent my very old macbook pro thinking it can be revived. But unfortunately my macbook is beyond repair nonetheless, they gave me an alternative of purchasing another macbook pro at a reasonable price. Really happy cos its technically a much newer model with a slightly better specs so I consider it as an upgrade for me

  186. Avatar photo
    Hasina Mat Sidik HMS

    Trustworthy. They definitely know what they’re doing. Always checking with you first on whether to proceed with the repair and costing. Great, great service!! That’s why I am a return customer . Repaired my laptop previously and recently my iPhone 6 plus. Both working tip top now. Great job. Thanks guys! …

  187. Avatar photo
    Danise Scy

    great and helpful team who is so patient in repairing my stubborn macbook which gave them so many problems over the span of few weeks… they even work beyond work hours in an attempt to get it fixed on the same day I went to them.

    although my laptop’s repair was delayed due to certain complications, I am deeply touched by their service and thankful for the team to offer me a substitute laptop as I have a final paper to sit for when my laptop died on me!

    10/10 recommend!!!!

  188. Avatar photo
    Lacie O

    Dean was very prompt in his replies n friendly wren I first contacted him enquiring about the services he provides. I requested for a house call as I needed my laptop to work with. Super friendly guy n I had 2 laptops that he serviced and upgraded. Charges were also pretty reasonable. Thank you!

  189. Avatar photo
    juel sim

    Hey Pronto Arigato! Thanks so much for the quick repair of my shattered laptop screen! On top of that, Johar was a really huge help – didn’t know that the overheating of my laptop was caused by the dust and dirt inside of it. From the diagnosis to the repair, service was absolutely superb

  190. Avatar photo

    Their service is awesome and everything is in detailed and with good explaination when I asked. He even showed me before and after result. This is my 2nd time sent my laptop for a service with Prontoarigato. First time was my laptop macbook pro and 2nd time is my laptop gaming Asus. The price is reasonable and yeah of coz i’m sastified with the outcome! Because I dare not to do it on my own. Haha. Anyway, thank you guys!! Will contact you guys again when needed!!

  191. Avatar photo
    Nur Mohammad

    Took my laptop for repair (battery replacement). Initially service was up to mark. When I took it back to charge the device, battery was only able to charge up to 70% regardless of time and hours charged.

    Send back the device to get them to repair the customer service lady was an automated human robot. Ask about the time and update, she gave an automated answer you would hear from a robot. Told her to update me because there were important work and thesis to submit but received nothing. Called and called and message also no reply.

    Very frustrating. I have to travel a distance and go and come back when a simple update is the saving grace. The only reason there is one star is because the girl Izza was very prompt and quick during the initial engagement. The second lady was seriously the worst front facing personal ever.

    Edit – 19/02 Went down to the office for clarification. Was attended by Dean who was sincere enough to listen and work on the situation. He even took the initiative to send it to me after hours.

    I’m so sorry that he have to go through the hoops for service recovery while running a tight ship. Thank you so much Dean for the follow up. Would still visit them for any and future issue.

  192. Avatar photo

    First class service. Went above and beyond. Thank you so much for fixing the issue with my laptop …

  193. Avatar photo
    Anna Hook

    Great service. Very professional with all details well communicated in a way I can understand. Reasonable pricing and courier service making it easy for busy people. Thank you highly recommend

  194. Avatar photo
    faith goh

    Pronto Arigato has been very professional, prompt and provide affordable laptop repair services. It is better to send my laptop to repair to Pronto Arigato than Acer office center in Jurong.

  195. Avatar photo
    Nur Fitriah

    This is my second time sending my laptop for repair and it has been a positive experience. Their services are affordable and reliable. Definitely recommended.

  196. Avatar photo
    Vimalan K

    Johar was very professional with my queries and also performed diagnostics tests prior to fixing my speaker issue.

    Recommended and explained the fix that he will be performing and my MacBook was ready within an hour. Will definitely reco!

  197. Avatar photo

    Sent in my MacBook Pro for Motherboard repairs. From diagnostics to delivery, all went smoothly. Highly recommended to anyone who needs their Apple products repaired.

  198. Avatar photo
    Cherie Loh

    Excellent service and extremely helpful staff, super thankful they managed to fix my laptop bezel when so many other repair places turned me down. Appreciated the reassuring updates on product testing/repair progress/end state look/collection procedures, had absolutely nothing to worry about from start to end knowing my laptop was in good hands. Thank you!

  199. Avatar photo
    Pamela Low

    Prompt and friendly repair services! Convenient free pick up and delivery services, the team will diagnose the issue, fix the device (with your ok), ensure the device is working before proceeding with payment. Fixed my MacBook pro which was sluggish and MacBook air which was dead (replaced motherboard and battery) and I’m happy that both devices are in good to use conditions again!

  200. Avatar photo
    Saadiah Ahmad

    Was so glad to have found Pronto Arigato service in the website. Mr Johar immediately address to my Mac book problem and recommended to change the battery and do some servicing. Prompt follow up , spare parts are readily available and rendered their expertise with valuable advice. Highly recommend. Wish you all the best and Keep up with your excellent service

  201. Avatar photo
    Chan Siong Ying

    Very friendly customer service. They were transparent on what they were going to do with my laptop and they also didn’t have any hidden costs!

  202. Avatar photo
    Gerald Yow

    Solid service. Affordable and professional. Accommodated to my needs and gave suggestions on how to they can help me to resolve my issues

  203. Avatar photo
    Norbaieyah Ismail

    Our laptop was slow and Pronto Arigato helped us upgraded the speed and ram and now working well. I contacted them and immediately they responded and before I knew it they collected the laptop on the day itself. The next day they got back to me to let me know the laptop is ready and I got it delivered to me the following day. Service was very fast and fuss-free and I must say they totally live up to its name, very pronto! And they also provided additional advise on maintaining your laptop. Highly recommended!

  204. Avatar photo
    Lim Yong Kiong

    They really are life savers as I need to do work. With the efficient service, I managed to get things done promptly. Thank you for your service!

  205. Avatar photo
    J.Immanuel Tan

    Got the job done but tried to con me or at least didn’t do their job well.

    – responsive
    – delivery service of laptop after repair


    – shady. They tried to charge me $60 for an os reset, as apparently my password was wrong and they couldn’t enter. This turned out to be a lie. I had to deny them doing this reset as I found it really suspicious. Lo and behold, when I got the laptop back, the simple password worked. So either these guys were unable to type in simple password or tried to lie to me.

    – overpriced. tried to charge me $70 for heating paste replacement on account of them having to unscrew many screws?

  206. Avatar photo
    Bradley Windley

    Pronto Arigato is insanely Pronto with their service! Had my laptop picked up by the team in the morning at 11am and by 730pm it was returned to me with the issue resolved. Couldnt say a negative thing about them if I tried. Thoroughly recommend to anyone with laptop issues!

  207. Avatar photo
    samantha law

    Enquired about battery replacement for my MacBook in the morning and they replied immediately! Came in the afternoon and got it back in 2 hrs. Even recommended to do a CPU thermal paste as mine was all dried up. Super fast and efficient service, would recommend to my friends and family.

    Thanks Dean & Nicole!

  208. Avatar photo
    Layla I

    My MacBook Pro of 5 years suddenly prompted a battery alert. I am relieved that Pronto Arigato attended to the issue and replaced the battery swiftly and gv the MacBook a good cleanup at the same time!! Good service indeed!!

  209. Avatar photo
    Ira Sheera

    Got my Asus (work laptop) for a repair as it was laggy and slow. Happy to receive it back within a few days, with it running as fast as a cheetah and and smooth as butter. DONT NEED TO BUY NEW LAPTOP! Thank you for the wonderful service ️

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