Review Popular Bookstore, 311 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore

Review POPULAR Bookstore - Singapore 311 New Upper Changi Rd

“There’s a big selection of revision books, the location is superb, staff were friendly and helpful.” or “Never fail to stop by for books. Good place to get stationery and pick up a book to read.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Popular Bookstore. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Popular Bookstore is quality.

Introduction about Popular Bookstore

Here are some fundamental details regarding Popular Bookstore. In terms of Book store, it is generally believed that Popular Bookstoreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 311 New Upper Changi Rd, #B2-02/35/36, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Book store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 67025011 (+65 67025011)
  • Website:
  • Address: 311 New Upper Changi Rd, #B2-02/35/36, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM to 9:30 PM.


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How to contact Popular Bookstore?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Popular Bookstore via:

Phone number

You can reach Popular Bookstore at 67025011(+65 67025011). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Popular Bookstore via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 311 New Upper Changi Rd, #B2-02/35/36, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Popular Bookstore reviews

Popular Bookstore is among the best destinations of Book store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Popular Bookstore good?

To determine whether Popular Bookstore is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“There's a big selection of revision books, the location is superb, staff were friendly and helpful.”

“One of few bookstores still flourishing in Singapore. Always pop in to buy stationary or computer accessories. The prices are usually reasonable and even cheap when on offer.”

“Never fail to stop by for books. Good place to get stationery and pick up a book to read.”

“Got a variety of latest comic book - spy family, beyblade, pokemon”

“Alot of stuff like books and even electronic item also have. It can say convenience for youth and adult to hop there and here..”

“My wife likes to buy books and stationary for our kids here.”

“My boy's favourite store, he is very proud of his membership.”

“Smaller but has everything you need from any other popular”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 337 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 85% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Popular Bookstore, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Popular Bookstore, 311 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore

There is a total 337 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Calvin Foo

    Place to checkout new books

  2. Avatar photo
    Chua Swee kim

    Easy and well stocked

  3. Avatar photo
    Mindy Wee

    Went there looking for art canvas but they don’t sell that. Settled with drawing block instead. There are quite a variety of supplies though, pretty good store to get supplies. Even have electronics too.

  4. Avatar photo
    Douglas Chan

    Nearly organised, has everything you need.

  5. Avatar photo
    Allen Tong

    They are selling a variety of stuffs. Mainly for stationaries, notebooks and office supplies. Store space is divided into different sections and is adquately spaced out

  6. Avatar photo
    Tadek Watkins

    Has most school textbooks

  7. Avatar photo
    Keen USA

    Should have more warrior books and Zita the space girl

  8. Avatar photo
    Tang Fam

    Good place for book (school books, assessment books, fiction, non-fiction, etc) and stationery

  9. Avatar photo
    brian herman

    Abit pricey for electronic

  10. Avatar photo
    Dennis Huang

    Carries all the necessary stuff… but q always take very long as per usual

  11. Avatar photo
    Joie Chua

    Has a lot of stuff. Some expensive. Difficult to naviagate.

  12. Avatar photo
    Anwari Henry

    good for all readers no problems to get books when needed …

  13. Avatar photo

    A lots of variety to select.

  14. Avatar photo

    The change the position of their stuff it makes easier to search

  15. Avatar photo
    Alfred Ting

    Like any other popular outlets.

  16. Avatar photo
    Singtong Yu

    Attentive and helpful staff. Will leave no stones when looking for book titles.

  17. Avatar photo
    Seema Pandey

    Best place for stationaries and books

  18. Avatar photo
    Gideon Lee

    This POPULAR Bookstore is really nice. The store is split into two, which is rather unique in my opinion. They sell the usual things, such as fictional & non-fiction books, stationary, and assement books. I find the whole store quite clean and not crowded. On the other hand, from Monday to Saturday, it closes quite early, at 8.30 pm.

  19. Avatar photo
    Joel Lim

    Conveniently located at the basement of Bedok Mall. Good range of books, electronics and stationary for a medium sized bookstore.

  20. Avatar photo
    Satpal Singh

    Very nice service and products

  21. Avatar photo
    Joo Jin Teng

    Smaller but has everything you need from any other popular

  22. Avatar photo
    Loh Yi Rong

    All books are in English,no Chinese books

  23. Avatar photo
    Shazaz alattas

    I just luv the collection ot the books …

  24. Avatar photo
    Mage Lim

    payment Is slow

  25. Avatar photo
    Ching Harn Cheong

    Many references and books for own study

  26. Avatar photo
    kai jun

    female staff that did the gift wrapping so badly at 1200pm,Monday 26 Dec that i had to go home and re do it myself.

  27. Avatar photo
    Francis Chiang

    Now Popular Bookstore competing with other IT retailers.

  28. Avatar photo

    I can buy stationery, papers

  29. Avatar photo
    Rhett Nava

    Great store but limited choice. I feel like the walkaway between isle is rather small.

  30. Avatar photo
    Robert Gardner

    Used my capital mall voucher

  31. Avatar photo
    Charles Lau

    Convenient and well-stocked bookstore below Bedok Interchange

  32. Avatar photo
    Chia Joel

    Classic old school bookstore which is struggling to keeping up with modern e-commerce times. Layout is messy qnd old school. Big but lots to be done to match up with the perks and prices of e-commerce shops today.

    Still good place to buy classic books though. But nothing as nice as kinokuniya

  33. Avatar photo
    Sam Wendy

    Price increased for the same type of diary year on year…. …

  34. Avatar photo
    Gautaman Senivasan

    Reasonably sized
    Has everything stationary related and more

  35. Avatar photo
    Jessie Kor

    Not sure. Dont go often. Tq

  36. Avatar photo
    fatin asyurah

    Great plc to get gd bks even though it’s small n in the neighborhood

  37. Avatar photo
    kokliang lee

    A convenient place to buy books and stationeries for anyone staying in bedok area. It’s located at the basement of bedok mall.

  38. Avatar photo
    Kelly Yip

    Great place to go to buy all you need for general stationery/school supplies. If you are looking for pen, paper etc you can find them all here. You can also find organisers, files and other useful office items.

    There are also a great selection of books available here – from fiction to non-fiction.

  39. Avatar photo
    Wong Su Win

    Bought something for work but had to return. I did not have anything to exchange so they gave me a voucher which is equivalent to my purchase.

  40. Avatar photo

    Of course it is super duper nice but when is the crowd getting lesser …

  41. Avatar photo
    Junaidy Jumadi

    The best discounts in laptop and other electronic devices. Recommended….!!!!

  42. Avatar photo
    Welles Tan

    Various stationaries, books and electronic gadgets

  43. Avatar photo
    Keson Lim

    They used to carry 2 brands of snacks I really liked, Huang Fei Hong Mala Peanuts & Gan Yuan Crab Roe Sunflower Seeds, not sure what happened, but really wish they would carry those again =(

  44. Avatar photo
    Emmeline Foo

    Good range of stationery, toys, office supplies, some books but limited wrapping paper selection.

  45. Avatar photo
    Low Giap Peng

    Book store everyone know. Good place to get what you want…

  46. Avatar photo
    Joseph Ganapathy

    Always nice to visit this store with good practical book range and stationary if you are not fussy.

  47. Avatar photo

    Singaporean local books store

  48. Avatar photo
    Ridzuan Md Nazir

    Childhood bookstore plus the occasional BBW sightings

  49. Avatar photo
    William Chia

    Well stocked with books, magazines and stationery

  50. Avatar photo
    specky cool

    get to find d things i was looking for..esp.d magnifying glass..lots of interesting to find…

  51. Avatar photo
    Thirunavukkarasu Shanmugam

    Good service but loud music can give nasty headache.

  52. Avatar photo

    Good for assessment books. All others stationery stuff are getting pricey unless you are a member. But excellent for one stop shop for books and stationery.

  53. Avatar photo
    Sudheer Kotni

    Quite Popular as name suggests…one stop shop for all stationery needs.

  54. Avatar photo
    Aaron Ong

    Wide range of stationery

  55. Avatar photo
    Shakir Zufayri

    Good but too crowded during weekends.

  56. Avatar photo
    Shan Zhongming

  57. Avatar photo
    Eric Poh (orisys)

    Not bad, not a small place

  58. Avatar photo
    Raden iqram

    A lot of books to pic

  59. Avatar photo
    Phyll Y.

    Very organised and spacious-looking aisles after the renovation. Great variety of books, stationery, gifts and even snacks.

  60. Avatar photo
    Archer Lee

    Too small a Popular Bookstore.

  61. Avatar photo

    Not as big as expected

  62. Avatar photo
    subha sadagopan

    Loved it

  63. Avatar photo
    baby chapsi

    Staff very attentive

  64. Avatar photo
    Lee Lee

    The staffs are friendly and very helpful.

  65. Avatar photo
    Paul Atkins

    Great selection of books, stationary and electrical items and very good prices.

  66. Avatar photo
    Milan Menon

    I love books. Staff are friendly.

  67. Avatar photo
    Clara Ng

    Can get most stationery here.

  68. Avatar photo
    Dave Hoong

    It had a wide range of books and stationary

  69. Avatar photo
    Ching Leng Ken Wong

    Good old school place to get general books and stationary

  70. Avatar photo
    Sarah Khoo (SasaCoo)

    Never fail to stop by for books. Good place to get stationery and pick up a book to read.

  71. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Dong

    Outlet is small but it still has all the items that you really need. Great service staff too.

  72. Avatar photo

    Has a lot of school items and the customer service is quite good

  73. Avatar photo
    mugdha M

    Lots of varieties of stationeries and books

  74. Avatar photo
    Han Yoong

    Unexpectedly it’s a better place to shop for electronics and stationary.

  75. Avatar photo
    gaurav oberai

    Perfect place for a book lover. Including a lot of variety for kids. Toys also available there

  76. Avatar photo
    Justin Lim

    Wide variety of food, just crowded

  77. Avatar photo
    James Koh

    Great. It has got all that i wanted ss far as stationery is concerned.

  78. Avatar photo
    Leonard Chong

    Well stocked, organized and easy to find stuff. Friendly staff.

  79. Avatar photo
    mac newman


  80. Avatar photo
    Francis Chiang

    Carry lots of products.

  81. Avatar photo
    Aaron Derrick

    Usually visit this outlet as they have more items brought in compared to the neighbourhood ones.

  82. Avatar photo
    Raymond Gpk

    Fr point A to B plce look congested.

  83. Avatar photo
    Syed Samir Al-Khairid

    Best place to get stationeries, best price and always get what I want everytime.

  84. Avatar photo
    yihan chua

    Convenient for shopping though the costs of some items are not quite reasonable

  85. Avatar photo
    Sangeetha Loretta

    Loves the book store.

  86. Avatar photo
    Kanagaraj Velusamy

    Best place for school books and stationers

  87. Avatar photo
    Renascence “Renascence” Renascence

    Wide range of books and stationaries makes this a ideal place to shop plus very courteous and knowledgeable staff makes the shopping experience even better.

  88. Avatar photo
    Magdalene Bernadette Tan

    Many selection of books and stationery.
    A surprise find when I saw my favourite haw flakes.

  89. Avatar photo
    Ummu Firdaus

    I love popular, I cn stay 1 hr in there . …

  90. Avatar photo
    Frances Ong

    Crowded and place is cluttered. However, it offers a wider range of assessment books compared to neighbouring stores

  91. Avatar photo
    Hasnisah Hassan

    Clean place and many varieties of books.

  92. Avatar photo
    Su.Shi G

    Useful for kid stationery supplies, ok for airport read, less for reference materials.

  93. Avatar photo
    Chiew Bobby

    Nice shop

  94. Avatar photo

    Sunday not much crowd but the queue is long..

  95. Avatar photo
    dEtRoiX 86

    Smaller than tampines outlet. Books are limited consequently.

  96. Avatar photo
    Pauline Lim

    This is not a very large Popular outlet. It has the basic things you would usually find at Popular like stationery and textbooks. It has a peculiar layout – half of the store is separated from the other half by the mall corridor.

  97. Avatar photo
    Thomas Smart

    My boy’s favourite store, he is very proud of his membership.

  98. Avatar photo
    Natalie Yong

    One stop centre for books and stationery

  99. Avatar photo
    Delsin_Supporter From_SG

    Gadgets, books, stationaries, office materials….

  100. Avatar photo

    Can be pretty crowded after office hours, but no worries as there will be 4 or 5 cashiers open

  101. Avatar photo
    Aisha Kc

    Book store too small not enough cooking books except only chinese cooking
    quite boring

  102. Avatar photo
    Low Hai Cher

    Birds flying around the food court, not hygiene

  103. Avatar photo
    John Nelson

    Great selection of books, friendly staff, handy location

  104. Avatar photo
    Dilipa Rout

    Small sized popular

  105. Avatar photo
    Thaddaeus Kwok

    Big stationery store. Now they even expanded to one more unit. It is conveniently located in the basement of Bedok mall which is directly linked to Bedok MRT.

  106. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Irshad

    Could not find what I wanted

  107. Avatar photo
    fat boiman

    The place is quite small and very crowded during the afternoon. Very long queue and slow staff. Would not come again.

  108. Avatar photo
    Richard Richard

    Keep up the good work

  109. Avatar photo

    Big and have a comprehensive selection of stationery and IT stuff

  110. Avatar photo
    Arlina Ahmad Lim

    Have majority of things needed for work , school or crafts!

  111. Avatar photo
    Alan Tang

    Forever the best place to get stationery and books

  112. Avatar photo
    Jasper Sng

    Excellent place, has lots of basic necessities

  113. Avatar photo
    Venkat Chandramoleshwar

    Pretty limited book selection. More gift items and accessories.

  114. Avatar photo
    Ye Moe Hein

    It was ok.

  115. Avatar photo
    Jackie Lee

    My goto place for everyday stationary.

  116. Avatar photo
    Wong Jacky

    Full range of stationary and books.

  117. Avatar photo
    Gary Lau

    Very good and very found the things I want.

  118. Avatar photo
    Cecil Tan

    A good source of Education Store All Accesment Books for Primary n Secondary n Reading Books , Cookery Books n Stationary all under One Roof ! No Need to Run Everywhere ! …

  119. Avatar photo
    Fighting Fingers

    Had a wide variety of stationary 😉

  120. Avatar photo
    Aun Seow

    There is 2 or 3 cashier. Queue moves fast.

  121. Avatar photo
    MD aqil

    it is a place where many students buys their school stuffs and books.

  122. Avatar photo
    Joo Goh

    One of few bookstores still flourishing in Singapore. Always pop in to buy stationary or computer accessories. The prices are usually reasonable and even cheap when on offer.

  123. Avatar photo
    P J

    Many things to buy

  124. Avatar photo
    happyvit 100

    Bought reasonably priced Verbatim power bank from here. Have to get the busy but patient & pleasant staff to unlock the theft security lock to check specification details like weight on the pack but we don’t mind. Noticed it sells all sorts of digital phone accessories & many other things that are security locked besides usual books & school assessment papers.

  125. Avatar photo
    Avika Bajaj

    Lovely selection of books. Most of the stationary I needed was also in stock with variety. Overall its very good

  126. Avatar photo
    Raymond Sim

    the sq area not so big, incomplete cargo,but every day crowded.

  127. Avatar photo
    Andy Quek

    Large selection of books and stationary to choose from.

  128. Avatar photo
    Joseph Tan

    Huge store spaces to get what kids need for their school work and stuffs.

  129. Avatar photo
    Ken Tan

    Compact and crowded but cashier was fast and friendly in her service.

  130. Avatar photo

    It has many stationeries

  131. Avatar photo
    Rui Yi Gan

    A bit small but it’s good

  132. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    Just go and browse through. A valued and educating place for all. …

  133. Avatar photo
    Fathima Nazreen

    All book have

  134. Avatar photo
    Sim aik seng

    Good place for resident staying in bedok for stationery

  135. Avatar photo
    Sarah Khoo

    Good range of pizzas with wine and beer. Pasta is good too. Environment pleasant with friendly services

  136. Avatar photo
    Peter Cheng

    Very big bookshop with many varieties of books and stationery.

  137. Avatar photo
    Karan Prasad

    Queues move too slow at times

  138. Avatar photo
    Lexelle de Charmaine

    Branch with Urban Write attached. Got quite a variety of departments

  139. Avatar photo
    ayoblaza 69

    Lots of books to read

  140. Avatar photo
    yani wan

    Easy to buy books

  141. Avatar photo
    Gary Tang

    Went 2 buy stationary but was out of stock.

  142. Avatar photo
    Adeline Kang

    In bedok mall, a relatively smaller popular but the staff is friendly and helpful.

  143. Avatar photo
    Terence HYW

    Almost every stationery supplies you need for school, office & more…

  144. Avatar photo
    pipi Spartan

    Manage to find last minutes items

  145. Avatar photo
    Lim Mikel

    reasonable price good place to get Kids stuff

  146. Avatar photo
    Nouve Sim

    Clean and spacious to shop for your supplies.

  147. Avatar photo
    Ibrahim Mohd Sultan

    Easy to find what i wanted

  148. Avatar photo

    There’s electronics, office supplies, stationeries, books and textbooks available but not very full and complete. The store is small compared to huge outlets like Tampines

  149. Avatar photo
    R. inc Bro’s

    All stationeries you need at one stop.

  150. Avatar photo
    Ken Ho

    Prompt service recovery. Retail staff a bit inflexible. Prob becos temp?

  151. Avatar photo
    Fauziah Zie

    Friendly staff. Good stationary store

  152. Avatar photo
    Liew Soon Hao柳孫豪

    Nice place to shop for books

  153. Avatar photo
    Ben Woo

    Lots of stuff here, but section on printed books is small.

  154. Avatar photo
    Zufri Rahman

    Got a variety of latest comic book – spy family, beyblade, pokemon

  155. Avatar photo
    ridz dr

    Like its name, this bookstore is popular among locals with its offering of books and stationery. It has branch out to offer electronic goods, snacks and lately, locally-produced sambal!

  156. Avatar photo
    Peter Yeo

    Good size store able to cover your general stationary needs.

  157. Avatar photo
    Ben Lee

    Friendly staff to help you with ur request.

  158. Avatar photo
    Hazim Rizal

    Have the stuffs I luke

  159. Avatar photo
    One Party Store

    Small but got all items needed there

  160. Avatar photo
    Singapore PROPERTY Update

    Reasonably nice place. Some bargains here & there

  161. Avatar photo
    Mine Shery

    My sons favourite place.

  162. Avatar photo
    Ema Nai

    Great for school supplies but quite disappointing as a book store.

  163. Avatar photo
    Govind Raj


  164. Avatar photo
    3 Flowers Sun

    Although there are cheaper alternatives, it is comprehensive and has a wide range of products, books, and stationery

  165. Avatar photo
    Sayani Bhowmick

    It has all necessary items for students.

  166. Avatar photo
    LM Lim

    Ok typical bookstore and basic stationary store. Nothing exciting

  167. Avatar photo
    happy tireddad

    Usually long queue but today was quiet.

  168. Avatar photo

    Variety of books on shelves while Stationery items kept are very specific. I couldn’t find decoupage material.

  169. Avatar photo
    lawrence leong

    For all my stationary needs

  170. Avatar photo
    Thomas & Karan WANG

    Queue was very long and the books we wanted weren’t stocked

  171. Avatar photo
    Shilpa Purushothaman

    Go to place for stationery, books, small electronics and arts & crafts.

  172. Avatar photo
    shah nadh

    Able to find sationary and other appliances here.

  173. Avatar photo
    What is This

    It is big and spacious but paying queues may be quite long depending on what time

  174. Avatar photo
    Ed Choo

    I love going to this place at hdb hub. It has the widest range of products and books, electronics and gadgets

  175. Avatar photo
    Riyaz John

    Books and stationery for office, schools etc

  176. Avatar photo
    Xiong Hua Xiong

    Inflation and the increased gst has invaded into most school’s required materials.

  177. Avatar photo
    Anamika Thapaliyal

    My go to place for all the stationary needs, practice books or papers and many a times gifts.

  178. Avatar photo
    Sharmili Phulgirkar

    Very helpful staff and well organised store with most needs met. The queue for billing is long but I believe that’s temporary given the social distancing measures..

  179. Avatar photo
    CHENG William

    Is just a book store..

  180. Avatar photo
    Singh Rajratna

    Love this bookstore. Almost everything you will get here for your stationary and education stuff.

  181. Avatar photo
    Miss Gurpreet

    Loved it

  182. Avatar photo

    Enjoyed looking for the books that I felt like buying

  183. Avatar photo
    Kathleen Yee

    This Popular bookstore is not too big, but it have lots of books, assessments and stationary. There are even mini snacks! To add on the wide collection, there are also files or folders to buy. Not that cheap but if there are offers, it is at a reasonable price. Also near to some shops.

  184. Avatar photo
    Lim Kheng Siang

    Jokes and riddles books. Good range.

  185. Avatar photo
    SRJ DivingUnlimited

    Good range of books

  186. Avatar photo
    Bryan Tan

    Great selection of books, stationaries and accessories..

  187. Avatar photo
    Prince Jasshinto

    Alot of stuff like books and even electronic item also have. It can say convenience for youth and adult to hop there and here..

  188. Avatar photo
    gladys tai

    Big stationary. Good for a visit from singapore

  189. Avatar photo
    Hairi Saat

    Good place for assessment books and general stationary for school.

  190. Avatar photo
    Robin Yeong

    Big and clean. Staff are responsive!

  191. Avatar photo


  192. Avatar photo

    Very useful place for me with coloured papers and stationery.

  193. Avatar photo
    Faridah Marican Original Me

    Another place where I can get my favorite stationeries…

  194. Avatar photo
    Suhaimi Zaidi

    Vegetables fresh and cheap

  195. Avatar photo
    Steven Hu

    Most popular bookstore in Singapore

  196. Avatar photo
    M Karthik04

    Nice place to buy books etc

  197. Avatar photo
    Dhanasekaran Rajendiran

    students books and stationery..

  198. Avatar photo
    Bayshore The

    Large comprehensive stationary n bookshop

  199. Avatar photo

    Not too many people

  200. Avatar photo
    ASMR Ethan

    Great place to shop for stationery and books …

  201. Avatar photo

    Good sized bookstore. Has what you need.

  202. Avatar photo
    Dina Djafar

    Good range of books for my teen..

  203. Avatar photo
    shinkai hajime

    Always can get stationary I want to get in popular

  204. Avatar photo
    Merlin Y

    Big bookstore selling stationary, books, textbooks and assessment books, toys, accessories and even phones and laptops.

  205. Avatar photo
    SeraFina Young

    The outlet at Bedok Mall has extended its area to include an Urban Write section.(Previously occupied by Paper Stone) However, you will not find alot of varieties here. Very selected stuff of Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma etc.
    The book section here is also very small as compared to their stationery section which is double of the area.
    If you want a much bigger selection of Urban Write, then you have to make a trip to these outlets instead: United Square(A whole shop on its own), Marine Parade Popular & NEX Popular.

  206. Avatar photo

    Small but well stocked Popular outlet.

  207. Avatar photo
    kok liang lee

    A good place to buy school text books, practice workbooks, stationeries and personal, productivity and entertaining gadgets.

  208. Avatar photo
    Maria Lee

    Big n spacious

  209. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Danker

    Go to place as lots of stationery and books.

  210. Avatar photo
    Theng Wee Eu

    Good choice of books

  211. Avatar photo
    Wm Sim

    Variety of books and stationery.

  212. Avatar photo
    Kolin Sim

    Popular has a wide assortment of books, stationary, devices n gadgets. Suitable for IT working grp, students n little children.

  213. Avatar photo
    mohamed nazri

    Everything prefect. .only the payment at the counter….peak period queing for 10 to 20 mins

  214. Avatar photo
    K Max

    Quite a big store which has most of the things I need.

  215. Avatar photo
    awesome zinyew

    Friendly customer service, even went through the BookFest thing although I likely wouldn’t partake in that..

    Well, in December, I happen to come across a book of my interests and bought it, proving me wrong! The book in question does not relate to this review, so it will be neglected.

    The store has a strong variety of books, stationery and equipment, and I bought them with no regret here whatsoever!

    I will definitely visit this place to buy books in the future again.

  216. Avatar photo
    Chan Chee Khuen

    Staff friendly and supportive for customers easily get things

  217. Avatar photo
    Priscilia Tan

    Not as well-stocked up as other outlets

  218. Avatar photo
    Robin AGPC

    As expected, itbisvwell stock. The stationeries are very reasonably priced.

  219. Avatar photo

    Nice place for text books ,reference papers

  220. Avatar photo
    Ling Kay Chin

    Good items sold

  221. Avatar photo
    Koh Chong Beng

    Good customer service.

  222. Avatar photo
    Ben Sng

    Good location for your books .

  223. Avatar photo
    Yulianto Chandra

    Very good services from the cashier staff.

  224. Avatar photo
    Sundus Kamran

    Nice place for kids books

  225. Avatar photo
    Alvin Gan

    It’s super convenient to have a Popular at B2 of Bedok Mall, I used to travel to the main branch at Bras Basah Complex to find the things I need.

  226. Avatar photo
    Sunarto Gunawan

    good for finding school text book and other books.

  227. Avatar photo
    Gurjit Kaur

    Get almost any book

  228. Avatar photo
    Si Lin Lee

    Nice variety

  229. Avatar photo
    CH Yeo

    Staff are friendly & approachable

  230. Avatar photo
    Kiane Loh

    Typical bookstore for your books, office and stationary needs

  231. Avatar photo
    Angelina Kong

    neatly arranged books and staff is also friendly .
    i really really wish they sold more albums in the bedok mall branch . i would love to be able to get a wider range of kpop albums there , that’s my only complaint . …

  232. Avatar photo
    SH TAN

    Small store but can get the essentials.

  233. Avatar photo
    Dinesh Prasad Mathur

    Very good collection

  234. Avatar photo
    See Hong Yeo Joel

    Good shopping haunt for a weekend outing with your loved ones

  235. Avatar photo
    Aneesh Kumar

    one place for school stuffs

  236. Avatar photo
    Sarah Othman

    All stationary needs in one place.

  237. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Tan

    I’ve been looking for bracket mask and found it in the shop. It has helped me to breathe better when exercising.

  238. Avatar photo

    Very convenient to get those rare file fillers

  239. Avatar photo
    SH Wong

    Small bookstore. Small collection.
    A lot of assessment books.
    Good selection of stationary.

  240. Avatar photo
    John Tan

    Convince to buy book, stationery etc….

  241. Avatar photo
    Brendon Soon

    Not satisfied with the arrangement of shelves. Really need a makeover.

  242. Avatar photo

    Well, Popular no longer sells CDs. They are not focus anymore diverting into electronics, accessories, candies and snacks.

  243. Avatar photo
    Bang Bang

    Old school shop that sells stationary, books and many more.

  244. Avatar photo


  245. Avatar photo
    cherry may

    2-in-1 store, separated by a walkway in between. One section is loaded with writing materials like pens, pencils, art materials, files, IT stuffs… while the other mainly carries reading materials like books for children, for teenagers and adults. Also magazines and some snacks & eatables.

  246. Avatar photo
    Choon Huat Lim

    Good place to get your educational books & stationeries, though sometimes the queue can be pretty long.

  247. Avatar photo
    soe naing

    Many items can choose with reasonal price..

  248. Avatar photo
    Eliza Hamzah

    Helpful staff.

  249. Avatar photo
    Siti Umairah

    Big store

  250. Avatar photo
    Yian Har Wan

    Many books t o read

  251. Avatar photo
    Yew Long Kong

    Nice to visit a real bookstore once a while.

  252. Avatar photo
    Lee Chrispher

    Generally like most outlet. It has its arrangement for the relevant items needed. As it stretch amount 2 shop front separated by a pathway to toilet, its kind of confusing where the cashier is and which shop I should go if I looking for something despite the smaller front is quite clear cut only offering the list of items.

  253. Avatar photo
    lynda seow

    Every asseement books, can be found here. Even stationeries

  254. Avatar photo

    Quite big with a good selection of products, in a rather convenient spot in a mall.

  255. Avatar photo
    Lin Gho

    Get the trending stationary products.

  256. Avatar photo
    Nancy Ho

    They have transformed into more than a bookstore like selling computer gadgets etc.

  257. Avatar photo
    Joyce Quek

    So so only. Too many thing no place to walk

  258. Avatar photo
    Edouard CAZALS

    Popular Singapore lacks in selection compared to the Malaysia stores

  259. Avatar photo
    Chee Keng Kok

    It is not a bookstore, it has transform to a mini supermarket.

  260. Avatar photo
    Mageshwari Pannerselvam

    Good range of stationary and books.. Awesome collections, lovely crafts making stuffs, gift collections for birthdays and thanks givings ,kids friendly atmosphere, books available on various dimensions. Wide range of charts papers, pens, writing stuffs. Good for school projects materials.

  261. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    Take your time to browse the books and stationery. You will eventually get what you want. Not many store assistants around so you are on your own.

  262. Avatar photo
    Garion Chan

    This is another small popular that is in the East as compared to Tampines’ mall popular shop. Still be able to get your required stationeries and Books.

  263. Avatar photo
    Jiew Boon Liew

    Big store at bedok mall

  264. Avatar photo
    rasi mayuni

    Good and convenient for those staying at the east…located at Bedok mall .. …

  265. Avatar photo

    Great selection and it is easy to find items

  266. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Lai

    Place to go for books, stationery, IT ware, snacks, gifts. Love to explore the great offers for members.

  267. Avatar photo
    Beast Wang

    Books were arranged nicely and it was easy to find the item I needed.

  268. Avatar photo
    Kevin Hee

    Selection is OK, location convenient, but service is veryich lacking and queues are perpetually snakingly long – need to improve customer service as well as the limited cashier situation.

  269. Avatar photo
    Kum Geokeng

    Know wat sorts of books which customer needed. V v well done

  270. Avatar photo

    There was a wide variety of books and stationery which is really useful

  271. Avatar photo
    Just Original

    I like the store. Not quite big, but simple to find your favorite book like novels, comics, fictions/non-fictions, etc. Not only books, there are also school supplies for you and/or your child use for school work.

  272. Avatar photo
    leyla sofea

    bought a twice album , vv happy w it but one of the pcs were bent

  273. Avatar photo
    Jeevan Mathi

    Located at Bedok Mall B2. Near elevator. Easy to access. Can get things for the kids. But queue will be longer

  274. Avatar photo
    M “Super” L

    Awesome place to buy Pokémon Cards!

  275. Avatar photo
    Ferdie Solayao

    Affordable books and school supplies available.

  276. Avatar photo
    Anel Cotrisan

    Accessible with friendly staff

  277. Avatar photo
    Norbishah Sharif

    Lots of stationery stuff. Gd buys at reasonable prices with friendly staff.

  278. Avatar photo
    Lee Teng foon

    I love to go to popular bookstores to buy stationary because the staff they are friendly and helpful.

  279. Avatar photo
    Zara Mustafa

    The queue a bit nonsense though

  280. Avatar photo
    Carolyn Street-Johns

    It’s popular lor

  281. Avatar photo
    Angel RVH

    A wonderland of books and stationery!

  282. Avatar photo
    Rina Othman

    Staff was friendly when replying abt certain items.

  283. Avatar photo
    Ghazali Mohamat

    Not very keen in books

  284. Avatar photo
    Nurul Syuhada

    I been to many popular every year about 11 years and service the chasier were very patient and nice i highly recommed my friend’s to go there.

  285. Avatar photo
    Marina De Rozario

    Got all tt I needed for my kids

  286. Avatar photo
    Edmund Tang

    School books, assessment books, fiction and non-fiction. Stationery.

  287. Avatar photo
    Nexen Tok

    Have what I need at decent price

  288. Avatar photo
    Chong Sherman

    Good selection of stationery

  289. Avatar photo
    Khengyau Yeoh

    Easy to find books, helpful staff

  290. Avatar photo
    H.H. Loh

    Small popular outlet.. more for students n schooling stuff

  291. Avatar photo
    BT goh

    Now you will be able to buy tidbits and electronic devices at Popular..

  292. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Xu

    The only sad thing is that they don’t sell Chinese books any more. Except for school. …

  293. Avatar photo
    Kelly Yip

    Great place to go to buy all you need for general stationery/school supplies. If you are looking for pen, paper etc you can find them all here. You can also find organisers, files and other useful office items.

    There are also a great selection of books available here – from fiction to non-fiction.

  294. Avatar photo
    awie alshahab

    It’s near

  295. Avatar photo

    Despite not having some books, it has quite a lot of the books which I want. The staff there know quite a lot about where all the books are located and are really friendly. They also have a small cd rama section (although it only has k pop argghh) and a software section.

  296. Avatar photo
    Kwan Charles

    The staffs know the products very well

  297. Avatar photo
    Noran Abdullah

    Manage to find stuff we need especially for children

  298. Avatar photo
    Sri Teja Amam

    Good place for stationery, toys, books, etc

  299. Avatar photo
    Taylor Duck

    Why Google Maps tracking meeee help meeee noooooo

  300. Avatar photo
    Paul McGhee

    They had all we wanted n even provided home delivery for a large order of envelopes….

  301. Avatar photo
    kannan thiru

    Mid sized store

  302. Avatar photo
    Tay Chin Kwee

    Good choices and service

  303. Avatar photo
    Putra Rezky

    Good place to buy books/stationery

  304. Avatar photo
    Winston Chinbs

    Very convenient

  305. Avatar photo
    Samantha Pinto

    Great selection of books for all ages.

  306. Avatar photo

    great place to shop for stationaries, books, files and materials for projects

  307. Avatar photo
    Poh Too Ding

    Got my stuff easy

  308. Avatar photo
    Ian Teh

    Good, one queue on the left for cashier and the right half of the bookshop for stationary needs

  309. Avatar photo
    Stanly Lau

    I think popular is great but one thing is they need to add an app to use a card for membership .as I will use a phone to pay my items and without a wallet.

  310. Avatar photo
    yusof azhar

    All stationery and school/art supplies available! Great

  311. Avatar photo
    Vijay Bajwa

    One stop shop for all kind of stationery

  312. Avatar photo
    Universal Scribbles

    Great place for all your stationary needs.

  313. Avatar photo
    Michael Danker

    Easy to find lots of good stuff. And prices are reasonable. The queues on weekends are long though which detracts a little from the experience, so one star deducted for that.

  314. Avatar photo

    No dracula . Only got dracul.

  315. Avatar photo

    Big and spacious with helpful staff that helped me find my textbook and TYS

  316. Avatar photo
    Mida Haron

    Big store

  317. Avatar photo
    Keong Lai赖建强


  318. Avatar photo
    Shaun Anyi

    This Popular bookstore located at B2 of Bedok Mall is rather small unlike the ones you normally see in bigger malls.

    But they have all the essential stuff here, from books to stationaries, electronics to small electrical appliances.

  319. Avatar photo
    Tate David Lim

    Met a friend. Made my day.

  320. Avatar photo
    Ng Yu Han

    Very good quality

  321. Avatar photo
    Jeff Ablang

    Good place to buy books and electornic items

  322. Avatar photo
    Chye Loy Tan

    Very friendly cashier…at bedok mall branch…did not notice the staff name
    Bought something tdy at 431pm…

  323. Avatar photo
    Ana Katrina Aparicio

    Best Popular in Singapore. They have the best deals a.k.a sale for gadgets.

  324. Avatar photo
    Bunny Vy

    Popular Bookstore is and has been a staple for folks needing to purchase stationeries. Over the years, they have evolved and made changes according to the needs and wants to their clients and potential clients, adding house brands, varied electronic goods and new products to their mix of products which are sold at very competitive prices. It’s a store that caters to all walks of life from students to commercial clients.

  325. Avatar photo
    awesome zinyew

    Friendly customer service, even went through the BookFest thing although I likely wouldn’t partake in that..

    Well, in December, I happen to come across a book of my interests and bought it, proving me wrong! The book in question does not relate to this review, so it will be neglected.

    The store has a strong variety of books, stationery and equipment, and I bought them with no regret here whatsoever!

    I will definitely visit this place to buy books in the future again.

  326. Avatar photo
    Zahrin A.

    Conveniently located near my place.

  327. Avatar photo

    Very convenient. Stationaries section and books section completely separate

  328. Avatar photo
    Bryant Poh

    My wife likes to buy books and stationary for our kids here.

  329. Avatar photo

    Wide range of products.
    Super friendly staffs who are ready to assist you.

  330. Avatar photo
    Angeline Tan

    There’s a big selection of revision books, the location is superb, staff were friendly and helpful.

  331. Avatar photo
    Anna Varghese

    Other than IELTS, could not spot study books like English comprehension books for school leave

  332. Avatar photo
    Henry Tang

    Long long queue for paying in Jan 2022, not sure why and what’s going on there.

    They have the usuals, office supplies, stationery and some gifts stuff, not so sure about their book selection didn’t check them out.

  333. Avatar photo
    Kua Teckheng

    looking for stationery here is the place

  334. Avatar photo
    T CB

    Convenient place to look for stationery n books good setup and price is just right.

  335. Avatar photo
    FAY yah

    Varieties of books n stationery

  336. Avatar photo
    Susie Ang Lay Khim

    The staff at the Books department (Preschools) is very helpful, informative and friendly. The male cashier is also very friendly too. Nice experience at the bookshop at Bedok .

  337. Avatar photo

    Sells comprehensive range of items

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