Review Pocobeauty, 49A Temple St, Singapore

Review Pocobeauty in Singapore

“Been doing my lashes here for the past couple of months. Absolutely love it! It’s long lasting and Jami is the best!” or “My beautician is Jo, very friendly and professional one. I came initially for the lash extension but now coming back for the facial services. ” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Pocobeauty. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Pocobeauty is quality.

Introduction about Pocobeauty

Here are some fundamental details regarding Pocobeauty. In terms of Beauty salon, it is generally believed that Pocobeautyis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 49A Temple St, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Beauty salon, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 88086084 (+65 88086084)
  • Website:
  • Address: 49A Temple St, Singapore
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Monday: Closed.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 11 AM to 8 PM.

Sunday: 11 AM to 5 PM.


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Phone number

You can reach Pocobeauty at 88086084(+65 88086084). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Pocobeauty via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 49A Temple St, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Pocobeauty reviews

Pocobeauty is among the best destinations of Beauty salon in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Pocobeauty good?

To determine whether Pocobeauty is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Have been doing SHR sessions with Jo at Poco and they have been very effective! Results can be seen in 1-2 sessions. Her service is great and no hard selling at all. Will definitely recommend!”

“I'm very impressed with Pocobeauty service! Signed SHR package with them and the result was amazing after 2 sessions. The staffs are very friendly and they made every sessions comfortable. Strongly recommend!”

“Did lash extensions at poco beauty, Jami is gentle and meticulous throughout the process. It has always been a pleasant experience and comfortable for a good lash nap!”

“Have been doing my lashes with Jami for the last few years and am always pleased with her service! The whole process is super comfortable and painless and she's great to chat with too ”

“Jami has helped me with my eye lashes extensions for the past 2 visits. Thereafter, followed up by text to check on the conditions! Loved her superb services provided and the after care advices!”

“Have been patronising the business since 2021– Joanna and Jami were fantastic! They made me feel at ease and have been closely following up on the progress of my IPL sessions. Will recommend!”

“Been doing my lashes here for the past couple of months. Absolutely love it! It’s long lasting and Jami is the best!”

“So far i have done my 3rd shr session there. Very satisfied with the service as i was made comfortable through the whole process. The results were quite effective after each session as well.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 230 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Pocobeauty, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Pocobeauty, 49A Temple St, Singapore

There is a total 230 reviews

5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Ashley Bernadette Teo

    I’ve been to several eyelash extensions boutiques but I must say PocoBeauty is one of the best that I’ve been to! Lashes feels super lightweight and comfortable Received many compliments from my friend about how natural my lashes look too! Not forgetting, Jami is very friendly and meticulous with her work will totally recommend to my family and friends! Thanks Jami for the quality lashes & service

  2. Avatar photo
    Emerlyn Quek

    Did SHR here and the result is superb! Affordable and quality services with great up customer service too!

  3. Avatar photo
    Ada Jen

    Various styles of nail art. . Every time I can meet all the needs of manicure (what I give in the picture is what I make) every time it is perfect ^^ and the price is very reasonable~ Highly recommended!!!

  4. Avatar photo
    Little Li

    she’s an honest person and that’s what truly stands out. My Lash was badly damaged from other lash salon that I went. Hence my Lash was Super sparse, and she told me to come back to her after my Lash has fully grown. & I did. Honestly, before I went to her, my Lash set always couldn’t Lash longer than 2 weeks. But it’s been 2 weeks with pocolash now, and I only dropped 4 Lash!!!! It’s seriously worth the money and the Lash is Super light & it was a painless experience with her. Half the time while she was doing I kept asking “are u seriously doing my Lash, this is the first time I feel so painless.” 1000/10

  5. Avatar photo

    First time here at Pocobeauty and I am amazed with the work they have done. Location is easily accessible, and price is very reasonable given the service and work they have done. Did my nails with them as well and it’s nothing but a fantastic job done. Received a lot of compliments on how natural and beautiful my lashes looked, and the lashes are really comfortable & light-weight. Can’t wait to book my 2nd appointment with them!

  6. Avatar photo
    Huiyi See

    I signed for their SHR package and it was really worth it! The results are good (after multiple sessions) and I found myself rarely shaving now. The place is convenient near Marsiling MRT Station and very comfortable and nice too. Staff are friendly and don’t hard sell, which I really appreciate. Highly recommended …

  7. Avatar photo
    Jarine Wong

    Tried it after recommendation by one of my colleague. I am so glad that i gave it a shot. I did 3D lashes! Lashes were done beautifully, it is light, fluffy and the curls are perfect!

    It’s been two weeks since I did my lashes, a few lashes have fallen but overall still looking good , no gaps. Additionally, the lashes does not irritate my eyes. I truly feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Will return to pocobeauty for the next eyelash ext session before LNY.

  8. Avatar photo
    Siti A'isyah Safie'e

    The one and only place i trust to get my pretty long lasting lashes done! Have always enjoyed every single trip there.
    Thank you for always dolling me up!

  9. Avatar photo

    My first extension lashes done at PocoBeauty by Jami. She even explained to me how the lashes should be done. I was very satisfied with my lashes and besides that, its affordable and convenient to get there. I will definitely come back!

  10. Avatar photo
    Aaron Teo

    Very professional and well recommended. Place is very relaxing and comfortable, do give it a try. …

  11. Avatar photo
    Wenly Cheong

    I tried the permanent hair removal treatment it was really good
    I also saw the effect very quickly. After the second treatment, my hair almost stopped growing. The nursing process will not hurt

  12. Avatar photo
    Kelly Wong

    Been visiting Pocobeauty monthly for my SHR sessions with them! The whole procedure is 100% painless (big statement for someone with low pain tolerance) and so quick, and I’m happy to share that results are visible just after 1-2 sessions!

    Jami and her staff are also extremely professional and friendly – I could tell right from the beginning that they’re passionate about what they do. All in all a great experience and I would definitely recommend Pocobeauty to all my friends without any hesitation! ️

  13. Avatar photo
    Vevien Ong

    Been doing my lashes here for the past couple of months. Absolutely love it! It’s long lasting and Jami is the best!

  14. Avatar photo

    First time trying lash extensions and I’m so thankful that I did it at Poco. Super comfy even for my ultra sensitive eyes! Affordablity and good quality checked!

  15. Avatar photo

    great service! warm ambience. hui yan’s very friendly as well. will definitely recommend others to come 🙂

  16. Avatar photo
    Zhong Wei

    It’s always a very refreshing experience to visit Pocobeauty for my facial! It’s one of the things that I look forward to every month because I get to really relax and rest. Jami and Jo are always friendly and genuine in their recommendations, and really not pushy at all! Really love their service and my skin has improved a lot since I first started the package as well

  17. Avatar photo
    Eunice Cho

    My first time trying out lash extensions with Pocobeauty and was rly impressed with the quality of their lash extensions! Jami was really skillful and fast my lashes were done so well and exactly how i wanted it to be. Definitely going to be a regular customer here from now on …

  18. Avatar photo

    Having SHR sessions at Pocobeauty were very calming and soothing, love the smell and therapeutic music. Results can be seen right after my second session with them!!! 🫶

    Moreover, the SHR sessions I did with Jo were very comfortable and she’s very friendly. The fact that she treats her customers like friends makes me feel extremely comfortable having sessions done by her. Highly recommend, did not regret choosing Pocobeauty )

  19. Avatar photo
    Sheryl Teo

    Affordable place to do nails and lashes! Nails done by Yan can last me for more than a month without any chipping at all! worth every cent she takes her time to do the nail art too, no rushing through it and my nails always turn out really pretty! another plus point is definitely no hard selling of packages or whatsoever

  20. Avatar photo
    Rissa Chang

    I bought a 12 session SHR package with poco which was very worth it & affordable @ $2xx! (forgotten the exact amt). But results were effectively seen in first few sessions and hair growth has really slowed down! Very elated with the result

    Also tried eyelash extensions with poco once and the entire experience was really amazingly peaceful & no discomfort! Lash style is also very light, natural & pretty.

  21. Avatar photo

    Have been doing a few of the SHR sessions here and it has been really effective. I can see the results alr after 2 sessions which is really amazing. Both staff there have been really friendly, informative and have made the experience comfortable (since it’s like my first time doing SHR). Highly recommend …

  22. Avatar photo
    Celeste Kee

    I have sensitive eyes, and found that Pocobeauty provided a very comfortable experience. Lashes are also able to last for longer than usual!

  23. Avatar photo
    Ruzzanna Sulaiman

    Been here three times. Jami will advise which length and style suits you even if she is occupied with another client. Had my lashes done by Chloe. She’s fast and thorough. Lashes are light weight and no stinging pain. Good after service as well. Just 3 minutes away from Marsiling MRT.

  24. Avatar photo
    Simon Tian

    Beautiful & Sweetie

  25. Avatar photo
    Prissy Mok -

    Jami did my lashes very well.. They are long-lasting too – about 7-8 weeks for a set.. Lashes are done very fast and I don’t feel a thing when Jami’s working on them.. They are lightweight & there’s no glue residue seen at all.. I’ll definitely recommend Pocobeauty..! Thank you for being ever so patient..

  26. Avatar photo
    YuYing Chua

    Did my eyelash extension (3D Lash) with Jami and the experience is awesome! My lashes are very natural and soft, really love it. Jami is very fast and precise with her work, a really sweet and friendly lady. Shop is cosy and clean too! Highly recommend …

  27. Avatar photo
    wj l

    So far i have done my 3rd shr session there. Very satisfied with the service as i was made comfortable through the whole process. The results were quite effective after each session as well.

  28. Avatar photo
    Bernice Tan

    I am literally sold by Jami’s handiworrk! Usually my lash extension(from the previous shop that I always frequent to) don’t last till the 3rd week but this time, I’m impressed that my 4th week lashes are still going strong (and I initially took it with a pinch of salt that it wasn’t going to last till the 3rd week but she proved me wrong) Sooooo…thank you jami! Will come back again, fo’ shureeee 😉

  29. Avatar photo

    Travelled all the way from Pasir Ris to Woodlands just to get my lashes done because I’ve heard about how great the lash retention is. I couldn’t agree more! When i first did lash extensions elsewhere, I had the worst experience with the glue due to my extra sensitive eyes. But the glue that they used here did not irritate my eyes & my lashes still look good after 3 weeks! Definitely going to get my lashes done here again!

  30. Avatar photo
    Liyana Roslan

    The prices to do eyelash extensions are reasonable. Jami who did my eyelash extension was patient and ensured she did it well. You can see that she is very thorough and only wants your extensions to look the best on you. She’s also great at recommending what kind of extensions will look good on you.

  31. Avatar photo
    Imee Del Rosario

    I just done my eyelashes extension for the second time and I’m loving my lashes so far, it’s so nice and good..And the place was so clean and cosy  And does thier job well and smoothly..I would 100% reccomend pocobeauty and probably comeback nextime.. …

  32. Avatar photo
    Tressa Toh

    Have been going for SHR at Pocobeauty for over 10 sessions now. The results from SHR are really very good and fast! Honestly did not expect such quick results. Jami is also really friendly. Would recommend her services to everyone

  33. Avatar photo
    Youk Ying Wong

    Signed up for 12 SHR underarm sessions. Went for 2 sessions and the experience has been great so far. Joanna attended to me on these 2 sessions and I highly recommend her. She is professional, gentle and very efficient.

  34. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Chong

    Never regret stepping into Pocobeauty after my first visit when I had my eyelashes done by Jami! The glue that she uses, doesn’t even smell and sting my eyes at all. She is quick and the process only took an hour. Highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to get their eyelashes done. Love the ambience and will always look forward to my appointment with Jami ️️️

  35. Avatar photo
    Sonia Oh

    Did my lashes and nails at the same time in 1 hour (for both service!!) saving on time and quality wasnt compromised. love my lashes and that it doesn’t stick to my lids at all hence super light!!!

  36. Avatar photo
    Agalia Tan

    Have gone for about 5 facial sessions so far, and my skin condition have improved a lot. I used to breakout a lot, but now lesser. My pores are less clogged and my skin feels smoother. Love their hydration booster facial!

  37. Avatar photo
    Gina Lim

    Second time back at Poco Beauty! Really satisfied with their service because my lashes lasted for more than a month. Their service is really amazing, they check on your lashes even after a few days/week! I work at a hotel and i’ve guests who complimented on my beautiful lashes and would like to visit their salon as well! Reasonable price with comfortable environment! Can’t wait to book my third appointment with them!

  38. Avatar photo
    Q .Jamil

    My lashes are pretty and i love the effects i has on my eyes! Defo coming back for touch up! They are very professional by sharing tips on lashes so that they’ll last longer! Thanks so much~

  39. Avatar photo
    Joan Clara Natasya

    I got to know Poco through a friend. I signed for a package immediately for lash and SHR. And go for facial whenever i have time.
    Jami is the best ever!! My eyelash retention is around 5 weeks, and i dont even take care.
    My private part hair is almost after around 5 sessions of SHR. Jami is not pushy at all, you want to sign for package you go ahead, even if you dont, she doesnt show u black face or push for the sales. Neither does her staff Jo.

    Also jami will remind me when my SHR timing is up and to book an appt, some salons dont even do this and just leave your package to expire!!!

    I love u Poco Beauty!!! Please never stop operating!! Noone will do the best lashes other than jami or her team

  40. Avatar photo
    Eiman jjong (eimanjjong)

    Been a regular of Jami since last year. Love her work, my lashes are very natural. Been receiving compliments from colleagues and friends. Thumbs up!!! Love her new cosy place.

  41. Avatar photo
    Yi Qing Lee

    Their lashes extension quality is pretty good! Almost a week and my lashes still looking good. Thanks pocobeauty!

  42. Avatar photo
    liew zhishan

    its pretty convenient place as near mrt !! the lashes are super gorgs highly recomm ! ️ …

  43. Avatar photo
    Reyers Wang

    Jami is very professional and merticulous and there is absolutely no discomfort during the whole lashing process. Lashes last for a good 3-4 weeks for me before they require a little touch up. Very pleased with the lashes each time.

  44. Avatar photo

    Friendly and helpful staff over at this shop!!! Very willing to offer their help when you encounter problems with your lash

  45. Avatar photo
    Terrene Shee

    Jami was very friendly and answered many queries of mine as it was my first time doing lash extensions. The entire session I was very comfortable and my eyes didn’t sting. The end result was beyond expectation! The price is affordable for the quality of lash and service given.

  46. Avatar photo

    Great place! I got my lash extension for the first time in my life and it was amazing! the lashes look very natural yet prominent too! would definitely get my lashes done here again! …

  47. Avatar photo
    Daisy Manalo

    Pocobeauty has been my one-stop place for my lashes. They are very friendly and will really recommend what will suit for your lashes.

  48. Avatar photo
    D T

    Chanced upon their Instagram when I was searching for hair removal services and decided to give it a try. I have since been visiting them for almost a year for SHR and lash extension. Very professional and there is zero hard sell. SHR was painless and fast, results were also very obvious after just 1 to 2 sessions, and my treatment areas are now almost completely hairless. Lash extensions stayed on really well despite me not taking the best care of it. Glue used also did not sting my eye. Entire process was so comfortable that I ended up dozing off.

    Highly recommended!

  49. Avatar photo

    First ever lash extensions done with Jami and I never looked back! She was patient and very gentle while doing, and answered all my questions. Price is very affordable, no hidden charges at all. I have quite sensitive eyes but yet experienced no discomfort whatsoever. Jami would also check back with me after a few days to ask if everything is alright.

  50. Avatar photo
    May Lee

    This place is great! I love the environment and the staff are friendly. I had very bad back acne and decided to give them a try. The result was amazing. Just one treatment and i can see a huge improvement! The session was also comfortable and staff was reassuring. I can foresee myself going back often for many of their other treatments available. Highly recommended!

  51. Avatar photo
    Aishwaria Rejit

    Eyelash extensions are always done so well and can last 1.5 months – 2 months if taken care properly. Like that they aren’t pushy with their services as well.

  52. Avatar photo

    First time doing lashes and requested for it to look natural. Jamie recommended 3D, and it looked amazing after the session that lasted exactly 1 hour. It was a comfortable experience and I felt welcomed. Great location as it’s best the MRT station. will definitely come back again.

  53. Avatar photo
    Cindy Tang

    Very skilful and loans of patience.
    Saved my ‘off balance’ browns, a task that deemed impossible and Jami managed to do it. Hats off to her.

  54. Avatar photo
    Fernice Chua

    I’m pretty fussy with eyelash extension, and it’s amazing when you found one that you can entrust with! Received compliments on the set of lashes and manicure I did. Highly recommended and you’re gonna love it!

  55. Avatar photo
    taco avocado

    I did my eyelash extensions here and it’s amazing. The procedure itself was very comfortable, I kept dozing off! Once done, I feel nothing on my lids. It’s like as though I didn’t even do them. People complimented my lashes and I was like “oh ya I did my lashes” hahaha I LOVE MY LASHES!! 10/10 would come back

  56. Avatar photo
    Peiying Zhao

    Jami is very meticulous and patient, she is not pushy with her services and will recommend the best style and length for your eyes. Bonus point, the studio is only less than 5 mins walk away from the mrt station.

  57. Avatar photo
    Joanne Ang

    First time doing my lashes extension at Poco Beauty…. Jami is very friendly, gentle and professional… It’s a great experience….. Recommended!!! …

  58. Avatar photo
    Qianyun Heng

    Tried it after recommendation by few of my colleagues. Used to do my lashes elsewhere but I think I’ll switch to Pocobeauty from now on!

    It’s been a week since I did my lashes and it’s still all perfect! Few lashes fallen but overall still looking full and good! Also the lashes does not irritate my eyes. Will be back for my next session soon before CNY !

  59. Avatar photo

    my go to lashes! she did it so fast and excellently!! and friendly too! it’s my first time doing it, will definitely be coming back. did water activities as well and my lashes are still standing strong ohh and you girls can do nails there as well! …

  60. Avatar photo
    Sabrina Sim

    My IPL package ended a while back and I only recently started thinking of getting some form of hair removal services done! Was recommended by my lovely friends Gladys and Ariel to check Pocobeauty out and I just took the plunge and got a package for underarm + half leg with them.

    Service is top notch, and everyone here is really kind. SHR sessions are also PAINLESS and they also make effort to talk to you about your day and get to know you. I’m also looking to get a facial done with them one day because they just have so many beauty services that I’m spoilt for choice!

    10/10 would recommend checking Pocobeauty out!

  61. Avatar photo
    Yap Han Ning

    The whole experience was so comfortable I fell asleep! Woke up to fluffy and natural lashes without any sting or lashes poking into my eyes or eyelids ️

  62. Avatar photo
    Nurul Azzira

    2nd time doing my lashes with them and they never disappoint. Lashes are soft and fluffy. Service is also beyond expectations, I can’t wait to come back again!

  63. Avatar photo
    Ngan Giang Bui

    Been using their SHR for both underarms and brazilian. The result can be seen after first time as hair is a lot thinner. I never try brazilian hair removal before so it’s a bit shy at first but the whole process is done really quick and the staff makes me feel comfortable. I went for my SHR this month and got a jar of cookies for Christmas present. Overall good experience and worth the price

  64. Avatar photo
    Kelly Lim

    Have been going to Pocobeauty for my lash extensions for a while now and I must say the service and results are great! Jami really does her utmost in trying to find a style which suits you best and is to your liking. She is also very honest and is not just trying to make money from you, she really wants her customers to be satisfied. The lashes Pocobeauty uses are very comfortable and fluttery, and the retention is amazing! Highly recommended

  65. Avatar photo
    Casandra Lim

    Have been patronising the business since 2021– Joanna and Jami were fantastic! They made me feel at ease and have been closely following up on the progress of my IPL sessions. Will recommend!

  66. Avatar photo

    Great service and very good in making my eyes pretty every time I visit for an appointment! Worth it as it provide great quality lashes that will last longer than other shop.

  67. Avatar photo

    Currently doing full legs and brazilian SHR at Pocobeauty. They guarantee monthly as well as lifetime sessions which is great! Effects of SHR can also be seen with each session. Very satisfied …

  68. Avatar photo

    Truly my go-to salon for eyelash extensions! Had my first lash extension done at Pocobeauty with Jami, and have been patronising ever since. Lashes are always beautifully done and of an amazing quality; it usually lasts for approx 2 to 2.5 months, for my case. Great service and reasonable price! Really recommend this place 🙂

  69. Avatar photo
    Melissa Pang

    I received excellent service for both my manicure and lash extensions. Reasonably priced, top quality work; I would definitely return to and highly recommend this beauty salon.

  70. Avatar photo
    jasmine koh

    The eyelash extensions, manicure and pedicure always last a long time – about 2 months or more. My natural eyelashes still stay intact. They are very friendly and professional. I have tried a few other eyelash extension and manicure. But it is only at Pocobeauty that I feel safe and at ease. Good job ladies.

  71. Avatar photo
    Peng xinyi

    The person was friendly and nice ~ she did a good job on my lash and told me the instruction very clear Now it looks beautiful on my eyes!! …

  72. Avatar photo
    Yee Huey

    Did lash extensions at poco beauty, Jami is gentle and meticulous throughout the process. It has always been a pleasant experience and comfortable for a good lash nap!

  73. Avatar photo
    Lihui Lim

    I have been going to Poco Beauty for eyelash extensions since it was a home-based salon. Strategically located near Marsiling MRT, it is really convenient for those who stay in the North. Aside from the location, I really like the service. The lashes and adhesive that Jami uses are really soft and long lasting. I recommend that you pay Poco Beauty a visit if you live in the North!

  74. Avatar photo
    cheryl vierra

    SUPER GOOD SERVICE. Did lash extension a few times and even though it was my first time, Jami was always more than willing to listen to my queries and answer my questions. I also had very good feedback constantly about how natural my lashes looked and a friend I recommended to Poco also had the same comments and feedback.

    All in all, comfortable environment, clean practice, wonderful lash technicians, and the retention of your lashes will speak volumes (pun intended) about their service and quality 10/10 would recommend. No regrets.

  75. Avatar photo
    Zhong Wei

    It’s always a very refreshing experience to visit Pocobeauty for my facial! It’s one of the things that I look forward to every month because I get to really relax and rest. Jami and Jo are always friendly and genuine in their recommendations, and really not pushy at all! Really love their service and my skin has improved a lot since I first started the package as well

  76. Avatar photo
    Gladys Ong

    I did the Brazilian SHR hair removal service at Pocobeauty and it was one of the best SHR services I’ve ever received. In just one session, hair growth was significantly slower so I’m really impressed! If you’re looking for SHR services at a good price point with quick results, I definitely recommend this place!

  77. Avatar photo
    meifang meifang

    I came to knew about Poco Beauty by Jami & Yan from my friend! First visited them in October 2018 to have my eyelash extensions done! Since then, i have been going back to them get my lashes done! Super love their lashes as it is so soft and fluffy! It is also so lasting and i dont feel any weight on my eyes. It feels sooo comfortable!! I’m definitely going back to them again to do my lashes! !

  78. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Gita

    My go-to lash salon! They did my lashes really nice after touch up and must say, my lashes lasted for a good whole month now The place is tucked in the Marsiling neighbourhood, just few minutes away from the train station! Also love the atmosphere of the salon, I always fall asleep when they do my lashes. Great service!! …

  79. Avatar photo
    Kristal Kua

    extremely comfortable and beautifully done lashes!!! doesn’t feel like there’s anything at all that I keep forgetting I actually have lash extensions on. Nice conversations during sessions too! 🙂

  80. Avatar photo
    Emma Oh

    Highly recommend this place to get your facials. I was attended to by Jo, and I had such a good experience. She was professional, gentle, and was patiently explaining what each procedure meant and it’s purposes so that I could understand what’s going on. Through the whole process, Jo ensured I was comfortable and well looked after. She was experienced and did not rush through the process. For anyone who is considering going to Pocobeauty for facials, this place is a must visit (:

  81. Avatar photo
    Kelly Wong

    Been visiting Pocobeauty monthly for my SHR sessions with them! The whole procedure is 100% painless (big statement for someone with low pain tolerance) and so quick, and I’m happy to share that results are visible just after 1-2 sessions!

    Jami and her staff are also extremely professional and friendly – I could tell right from the beginning that they’re passionate about what they do. All in all a great experience and I would definitely recommend Pocobeauty to all my friends without any hesitation! ️

  82. Avatar photo
    Michelle Ng

    Best service

  83. Avatar photo
    Kavitha Thirukumar

    I’ve been frequenting Pocobeauty for the last 4 months or so. These lash gurus are by far the best! Great retention and extremely skillful. Thank you for making me look beautiful even without makeup ️

  84. Avatar photo
    Yiling Goh

    Second time getting my lashes done by Jami and I love it. She recommended the 3D lash for a more natural look, and now my lashes are looking fuller than ever! Jami was also very professional throughout the entire procedure, and handled my lashes with care. Highly recommend!

  85. Avatar photo
    Yasmine Bensinane

    I finished my third facial treatment there and I am always as happy. The team is super professional and welcoming, and the quality of the treatment is great, after I leave I see the difference on my skin for weeks onward.
    Thank you so much !

  86. Avatar photo
    Farah Suhaimi

    Got my brows done by Ling. She’s so gentle and meticulous! I have zero pain tolerance and it was painless. The customer service is really top notch! Jami even messaged me to ask about my brows after the sessions.

  87. Avatar photo
    Tingshan Tiong

    Got my lashes done here, great service and attention to detail at a fraction of prices you’d pay in the city. Jami and her team are patient and knowledgeable about lashes so you’re in good hands. Thanks Jami!

  88. Avatar photo
    Adeline Lim

    It’s my first visit to Poco Beauty for eyelash extensions and I am so satisfied with it! The extensions were so soft! Great location, excellent service and affordable price!

  89. Avatar photo
    Esther Leo

    Been visiting Pocobeauty for almost 3 years now and Jami is a very meticulous and friendly lash technician. I had my eyelash extensions done by her every month for 3 years and my real lashes are still looking full and healthy. No sparse/“botak” lashes. “A good eyelash extension glue shouldn’t affect your natural lashes.” said by Jami on 2017 when she started to do my eyelash extensions. Her service throughout these 3 years did not disappoint me at all. ️ The retention is great as well! My new set of lashes could last up to 2 months.

    Recently, I tried out their new service which is their Super Hair Removal aka SHR. I did underarm and brazilian. I see amazing results just from my first session! It indeed slows down my hair growth and surprisingly, I didn’t touch my shaver for almost a month which is amazing! As a regular customer, I highly recommend you to check out pocobeauty for their quality.

  90. Avatar photo
    Erh Xin Ni

    Had my lashes done here at Pocobeauty for the first time and i’m loving it! Lashes felt so comfortable and fluttery! Definitely gonna revisit …

  91. Avatar photo
    Yuan Xin

    Have been doing my lashes here for a few times and I really really like it. Service provided was good as well! Highly recommended ️

  92. Avatar photo
    ng lipeng

    I did my eyelash last week, a friend of my recommended actually.. I’ve never had eyelash extension before so I was a little bit nervous of how the outcome will be.. They are so professional, I dozed off few times during the process.. How comfy was that? When it’s done, I looked like another person.. One word, FABULOUS! Everyone said it look so natural and beautiful! I’m so happy with the service and quality… I would definitely visit again..
    Highly recommended!!!

  93. Avatar photo
    Rina Ng

    Did my eyelashes @ pocobeauty for my korea trip and I super love how long lasting it is + how fluttery and light it looks!!! I have done extensions many times elsewhere before and within a few days, many MANY would fall off. But pocobeauty’s lash extensions did not!!! Highly recommend and would go back even though its really far from my home.

  94. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Augustine

    Very good service! Nails and lashes very long lasting, will definitely return ️

  95. Avatar photo
    Asi Asi

    Very welcoming.The girls are very good professionals.

  96. Avatar photo
    Kelda Wong

    Have been doing SHR sessions with Jo at Poco and they have been very effective! Results can be seen in 1-2 sessions. Her service is great and no hard selling at all. Will definitely recommend!

  97. Avatar photo
    Nur Nasriah

    Jami is a really good lash artist, her works are amazing and I absolutely love how natural yet luscious the lashes are on me! Highly recommended! and oh yeah, you can get your nails done too! Can’t wait for my next visit!

  98. Avatar photo
    Ming Ju

    Lashes are still as good as new after two weeks! Would recommend to all my friends …

  99. Avatar photo

    most painless extensions i’ve ever done! calming and comfortable experience, location is very near chinatown mrt too

  100. Avatar photo
    linn let

    The lashes are soft and of good quality and lasts a longg time! The staff are very friendly and accommodating too. The place is also near Marsiling Mrt so its very convenient to travel there.

  101. Avatar photo
    Kristen Red

    Lashes last for 2 months and on! Great service and good shop ambience!

  102. Avatar photo
    Huimin Lim

    It was my first day doing my lashes extension but the whole experience was painless, quick and I even took a quick nap. 80% of the lashes are still holding up after 2.5 weeks. Overall, a great experience.

  103. Avatar photo
    Jo Yong

    The lashes retention is great! My lashes stay fluttery and not clumpy looking.

  104. Avatar photo
    Linette JY Soon

    Very lovely ladies and superb work! Lashes and nails in one go! Definitely gonna be the place that I’ll be going to for a long time! Thank you ladies!

  105. Avatar photo

    very good experience with them!
    their lashes were very comfortable and durable as long as u take care of it well!

  106. Avatar photo
    itz me Arielle

    Very nice ambience with soothing music. The staffs here are so welcoming and friendly. Jami accommodated to my last minute request and squeezed me in despite their busy schedule. Did my facial here and it was one of the best facial experiences I’ve had! Jo was so accommodating and nice to talk to, gave me good advices on skincare tips. Would definitely recommend and come again! ️

  107. Avatar photo
    Dilis Toh

    Have been going for my SHR sessions for close to a year now and I’m very satisfied with the results. If not for the few thin stray hairs, I’m pretty much hairless. Jami is very friendly as well, so first timers doing Brazilian SHR don’t need to worry about feeling paiseh hahaha. I’ve introduced my colleague after 2-3 sessions, and she has also been enjoying the services provided. Highly recommend!

  108. Avatar photo

    Love how natural and fluttery the lashes are and I also did my nails there too! Affordable and great! Highly recommended!

  109. Avatar photo
    Nadirah Ahmad

    Friendly lash tech, very skillful. Love my lash extension, and the retention of the lashes are superb. Been to a few lash tech before this for extensions, but POCO Beauty’s lash retention is the best. Definitely gonna stick with them for my future lash services. ️

  110. Avatar photo
    Kelly Rodrigues

    I have been visiting Pocobeauty for SHR and just had my second session. The whole experience has been smooth and comfortable. Jo is super friendly and makes you feel very comfortable during the entire process! Very glad that I tried out SHR with Pocobeauty!

  111. Avatar photo
    Astrid B.

    Loving the lashes I did here with Jacqueline! Lashes feels super lightweight and comfortable. …

  112. Avatar photo
    Beverley Boo

    had a great first experience at pocobeauty, jami and yan were nice and lashes were done to satisfaction, not to mention they were very fast as well, i was done within an hour. they also checked back with me after a week to ensure that my lashes were still in great condition.
    However, it may just be that my lashes are weak from previous lash extensions because I dropped a few each day after a week even after taking care of them, but I guess that’s normal! Feel free to visit them as they are experienced with lash and nails, a one-stop beauty salon.

  113. Avatar photo

    Leaving a review on behalf of my partner.
    She stopped doing lashes for a bit, but she’s been back here twice recently – her first visit was about a month ago after some salon(?) messed up her lashes. Prior to that she’s come here a few times as well. They helped her to remove it as well as put on a new set, and the lashes are very lasting. She only had to make another appointment a month later, and she loves the lashes so much she rarely puts on eye makeup anymore. Saves a lot of prep time!
    Overall, they’re a quality place run by really nice ladies and my partner fully intends to be a recurring customer here. Thanks for making her very happy with her lashes.

  114. Avatar photo
    Jean Tan

    proud to have done my first lash extensions at Pocobeauty with Jami ️ the whole process was quick and painless!

    Jami gave me a very natural 3d look which was exactly what I wanted! lashes are super fluffy and light (it didnt irritate me at all!) very happy with the lash retention too, works well even on my sparse lashes. she is very professional and gave me lots of advice on how to care for the lashes.

    Pocobeauty will be my go-to place for lash extensions now!

  115. Avatar photo
    wenfang chia

    Did SHR with Joanna and it was a pleasant experience. The visible results are also seen within 1-2 sessions which was really surprising. No pain at all, which I really appreciate it. Love the convenience of the shop and also the overall cosy feeling of the shop. Joanna and Jami are both very friendly as well. truly recommend this place!

  116. Avatar photo
    Shermin Tan

    Have been doing SHR here, no gimmicks and results are obvious and good. Highly recommend!

  117. Avatar photo

    Totally love the lashes Jami has done for me. It’s very comfortable till sometimes I will forget I have done extensions! Will definitely keep coming back! ️

  118. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Koh

    My favorite place to go for eyelash extension. Tried many different places and nowhere is comparable to Jami and Yan. Experiences with them were always pleasant! Would definitely recommend this place to everyone!

  119. Avatar photo
    rizam ismail

    *using my husband’s account to post LOL*

    i have nothing but good things to say about my experience with them. conveniently located near my residence, my lashes always look so beautiful after every session and it lasts so long!! they have never tried to hardsell me any products or services which makes my sessions all the more enjoyable!!

  120. Avatar photo
    Fee Ng

    It’s been a week since I’ve gotten my lashes done by Jami and they still look full, fluttery and neat while feeling like nothing on the lids, it’s amazing! The whole process was really quick and comfortable too.

    I previously had really clumpy and uncomfortable extensions done at another place and Jami managed to remove them and give me a beautiful set of lash within an hour. She’s extremely skilful and meticulous at what she does and really cares about giving her clients the best quality at affordable prices.

    I highly, highly recommend this place!

  121. Avatar photo
    Ariel Yeo Pek Wei

    It’s always nice to come to Pocobeauty to get my SHR done Super love the ambience of the place and also the friendly service from Jo and Jami!

    Would highly recommend anyone to come to get their SHR and lashes done ️

  122. Avatar photo
    Christy Sin

    Pleasant experience, I almost doze off during the whole process of the lashes extensions… no discomfort on my eye, the lashes are so soft and fluffy and definitely the most comfortable . Don’t have any heavy feeling , just felt like my natural lashes… definitely will visit them again !!! …

  123. Avatar photo
    Ra -

    One of the very few places that doesn’t undermine my lack of knowledge with regards to the service I have purchased (facial treatment). Jo has recommended me facial treatments that suits my skin’s needs as well.

    My qualms about purchasing a package or going for facial treatments has always been/will always be faced with passive aggressiveness from therapists with regards to my skin and the hard-selling of packages but Pocobeauty has not made me feel as such.

  124. Avatar photo
    ann chia

    Not sure who my eyelash therapist . it was my first visit , she recommended me to do 2D and D curl and indeed it was a great job . Skillful therapist is what I can say .She did it within 1 hour and I don’t feel any discomfort during the session at all . Lashes also look very nice .

  125. Avatar photo
    Leo Yan Ling

    By far one of the best set of extensions I’ve gotten. The lash set complemented my eyes nicely and wasn’t too overpowering for my eyes. Went to a few places before that didn’t take into account of customers’ eye shape and eyelid but Pocobeauty was able to do so! No discomfort at all.

  126. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Chua

    It is always a very pleasant experience with Jami at Pocobeauty. She is so skilful and gentle that I always fall asleep when she is at work. What is truly amazing is that after 3 days, not a single strand has fallen off! Jami’s lashing skills are truly commendable!

  127. Avatar photo
    Ashley Chau

    A cosy salon that meets my expectations. Very friendly owner and she does my lashes really beautifully. Did the 3D lashes while still looking very natural and non clumpy at all. Also very lightweight and not itchy.

    Would recommend!

  128. Avatar photo
    Melissa bms

    I do my lashes and nails here. Both Jami and Yan are very professional and extremely good at their jobs. Jami is very meticulous and makes you feel very at home. She’s very friendly. Yan is also very meticulous and is very gentle with your hands.
    One of the best beauty salons I’ve been to!

  129. Avatar photo
    Nadia Sk

    Have been going to Pocobeauty for SHR, underarm whitening and even tried out their facial service during the promo! Both Jami and Joanna are super sweet and accommodating and make me feel really comfortable when I’m there.
    The entire aesthetics of the outlet is really well and done super clean which makes the whole experience even more pleasant. Most importantly, the results from their services are extremely impressive and I’ll highly recommend this place to everyone!!

  130. Avatar photo
    may heng

    I’ve always been switching between salons in search for the best eyelash extension and I would say poco beauty has officially taken a spot in my to-go salons for eyelash extensions.

    I usually feel my eyes stinging as I try to open my eyes after the extensions are done but at poco beauty I don’t have this issue at all. Jami has got great skills and they also do follow up after a few days to check in on your eyelash extensions to see if everything is ok.

    10/10 would recommend!

  131. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Chong

    Been going to Pocobeauty for SHR and the results can be visibly seen after 1 session. Jami is very sweet and professional, would highly recommend anyone who is interested to try it out!

  132. Avatar photo
    Chloe Tan Jia Qi

    Did my SHR underarm + upper lips removal with them recently, I was quite shocked and surprised for the result. With just only one session, I don’t see much hair growing out anymore. Last time, I used to do it from another outlet, the outcome was not very good. Now I am doing with Pocobeauty, not just the pricing is worth it, I also can get such amazing results with just one session! I also must say their customer service is great! The place is nice too! Highly recommended this place!

  133. Avatar photo
    Eileen Tan

    My favourite place to do eyelash extensions! Did my lashes a few times with them and their extensions can barely drop. They are very friendly, patient and meticulous …

  134. Avatar photo
    Mary-Anne Tan

    been to a couple of places but pocobeauty is the only place i’ve revisited to get my lashes done. lash extensions are lightweight and fluffy with good retention. jami is very skilful and efficient, and my visits never fail to leave me feeling super satisfied!!

  135. Avatar photo
    Saycheese Elsa

    For someone living in the north, it’s Super convenient and I think price is affordable as well. I’ve had my lashes done and it was the greatest decision I’ve ever made to have it done there. Did Russian volume and when it was done, definitely did not feel like I have any lash extension done but looks superb!!!! Time took to have my lashes done at first was 2h and for touch up was 1h. For someone who has very very sensitive eyes, 10/10 would STILL recommend it!!!!!! Very careful and legit cares for customers. Would love to try their other services as well ))))))))

  136. Avatar photo
    Nur Hidayah Mohd Said

    i’ve been going ard but finding myself back to pocobeauty bcs their lash extensions is just perfection!!! no irritation and it doesn’t feel like you are having lash extensions. its like you are born w natural long lashes!!! you can definitely trust pocobeauty in beautifying your lashes. 10/10 would recommend <3

  137. Avatar photo
    Fiona Leow

    Went to Pocobeauty for my SHR treatment and I’m so impressed that I see results after just 1 treatment! I’ve done IPL treatments before but results are kinda slow. I’m happy with Jami for her professionalism and absolutely no hard selling at all. Salon is also very clean and homely.. makes me comfortable! …

  138. Avatar photo
    Wz L

    I’m very impressed with Pocobeauty service! Signed SHR package with them and the result was amazing after 2 sessions. The staffs are very friendly and they made every sessions comfortable. Strongly recommend!

  139. Avatar photo
    Janice Ong

    Have been going to Pocobeauty the minute I reach Singapore, the last couple of years. Thats how much i trust the products used and enjoy the process. The outlet is easily accessible right by Chinatown station and the ambience is welcoming and clean. Jami was also really nice to text me the minute i made the booking and shared that she would not be available today and her consultants will step in instead. After much thoughts, i tried hifu today, and for someone with a rather low pain tolerance, i couldnt feel a single pain or heat. The entire process, done by Jo, was professional. She explained the process, what to expect and after care tips. My eyelashes was done by Jacq today and was also a breeze. The glue used didnt sting the eye and the outlet is serene and aircon temp was just right so just lay back, take a short nap and wake up feeling pampered and refreshed. It’s truly a one stop shop!

  140. Avatar photo
    Candice Lee

    Visited Pocobeauty for the second time! extremely great service and friendly. Prices are reasonable and it’s always lasting! Environment is also comfy and location is convenient! Will definitely come back again for my lash and nails! Thank you Pocobeauty!

  141. Avatar photo
    Felicia Ching

    Got my lashes done by Jami twice and both times have been the best and most pleasant experience. Jami is really friendly and has good product knowledge, she will always try to recommend the best for her customers. Highly recommended if you wanna get quality lash extensions. Thank you so much!

  142. Avatar photo

    Thanks a lot for the service. Feels like nothing and it’s comfortable. I could barely feel them It’s my first time with POCOBEAUTY and I really love it! …

  143. Avatar photo
    flying unicornz

    had my lashes done here and it was rlly good!! she did it so carefully and even tried to fill in the empty spaces as i have rlly sparse lashes and a few tiny empty spots due to my previous lashes from a diff lash artist but she filled up th empty spaces fr me even without having it touch my eyelids at all. 🙂 would recommend this place t anybody who wants lightweight and affordable lashes!!

  144. Avatar photo
    Shafika Nabila

    Pocobeauty never fail! Highly recommended especially for their eyelash extension services.

  145. Avatar photo
    Min Yi Ng

    First time at poco beauty and tried their eyebrow embroidery. Ling is extremely meticulous and skillful; she draws the brows free-handedly and makes sure that both sides are symmetrical and balanced.

    The embroidery process was also PAINLESS – I managed to fall asleep midway and woke up to pretty brows. There was 0 downtime and the completed brows did not make me look like I had crayon brows as well.

    Super duper satisfied with my brows (currently 6 days post embroidery) and highly recommend poco beauty to everyone!

  146. Avatar photo
    chewzy (chewzy)

    This is my first time with pocobeauty. Jami did a set of 3D lash extensions for me. I was so impressed and in love with my lashes that I took up a package on the spot. I’m 2 weeks in and I did not notice any fall outs and my lashes are still very full and looks like I just did it. Thanks Jami!! Can’t wait for my next session already

  147. Avatar photo
    Wanqi Chua

    First time doing lash extensions and the experience was wonderful! Reasonable pricing for beautiful, fluffy and light lashes! Long lasting and love the final outcome of it! Will definitely recommend my friends and go back again for it! ^^

  148. Avatar photo
    Pearlyn Tan

    Reasonable price for a wonderful set of lashes. Service was excellent as the lady took her time to do it throughly.

  149. Avatar photo
    Sally Chong

    Wonderful experience over at Pocobeauty the past few years! Jami and her staffs are friendly and welcoming. Have been patronising them since their previous location. Love the lash extensions and honestly they do the best lashes in Singapore!

    What I can say is, ignore the bad reviews, they probably are self entitled Karens who can’t follow policies and can’t be punctual, venting their negativity to bring the ratings down.

    Highly recommended to come here for lashes!

  150. Avatar photo
    Syahdina Abdullah

    the only place i keep coming back to do my lashes!

  151. Avatar photo
    Cassandra Ng

    Did SHR with Pocobeauty and the experience has been pleasant! SHR is very effective and hair has been growing at a much slower pace and finer. Hopefully by the end of the package it’ll be entirely gone for good!
    There’s minimal waiting time each time I’m there and the place is very cosy. My therapist Jo is friendly and professional highly recommend!

  152. Avatar photo
    Zhen Ting Y

    Was apprehensive about trying out a new salon but was totally blown away by my new comfy voluminous lashes! Only regret is that I didn’t find out abt this place earlier.

    Love the fuss-free service. Workmanship is superb too. Will definitely be back again.

  153. Avatar photo
    Ophira Long

    Google reviews brought me to Poco Beauty and they indeed live up to the reviews! Lash technician is very skillful, gentle and meticulous. Will definitely be my go to saloon moving forward!

  154. Avatar photo
    Susan Lim

    I went to this pocobeauty for my powder brows embroidery, the brows artist is very friendly n professional, she is very patient n her skill is perfect, I don’t feel any pain during the session, alot of my friend say I look younger after I done the embroidery, thanks so much, I will recommend my friend if they want to do

  155. Avatar photo
    thenmoli silva

    Very quick and fuss free SHR process. The staffs are friendly and welcoming too. Highly recommend this place for SHR!!

  156. Avatar photo
    Winnie Tan

    My lashes are always done by someone else who then becomes my friend. But to back myself up in case she has appointments, I was looking high and low for alternatives. Thank god I found pocobeauty. The lashes are very natural and light. Does not feel that the lashes are around. So far it has lasted me almost a week. I just need to wait and see how long can it last – I’m a very rough person. Lolololol so Pocobeauty will be my go to next. Thanks for the good service of following up. In addition, the eyelash glue surprisingly does not stink my eyes.

    Update 6 months later: my x times at poco beauty. Their lashes are very lasting. I’m not someone who takes care of lashes (perhaps the 1st week).

    Update many years later, I’m still with Pocobeauty. Have been with them since their woodlands days. As usual, Jamie’s skill is very good. Her lashes can easily last 6 to 8 weeks even I’m not someone who really takes care of my lashes well. I am glad I found Pocobeauty.

  157. Avatar photo
    Nur Syafiqah

    Awesome service!! Superrrrr lightweight that I often forgot I’m having extensions on No dropoffs too after my first washup …

  158. Avatar photo
    Tris Kong

    Lovely lady bosses and service! Tried their eyelashes and nail service and both were great, really LOVE how soft the lashes were. Would 10/10 recommend their service!

  159. Avatar photo
    Vivien Low

    Poco Beauty is really professional and provides awesome after-care services! I did my lashes with Jami, who was meticulous and didn’t cause ANY pain/discomfort at all (Those who does eyelash extensions would know that when you open your eyes after it’s completed will usually feel bad stings but Jami does it so well that I don’t feel anything at all). She also follows up and checks in a few days after the session to see if everything is okay.

    The quality of Poco Beauty is really really good too! I experienced allergies from other shops years ago and the swell got so bad that I couldn’t even open my eyes. But the glue that Jami used didn’t cause any reactions at all. Will 200% recommend Poco Beauty to everyone!!!

  160. Avatar photo
    Lainy Chua

    This is a picture of TWO WEEKS retention, almost as good as a new set of lashes. I am so glad I found this salon, the staff is super kind, friendly and professional. They are very enthusiastic about their work as well. It was a joy to be there and I will definitely be back! THANK YOU SO MUCH ️

  161. Avatar photo
    Prissy Mok -

    Jami did my lashes very well.. They are long-lasting too – about 7-8 weeks for a set.. Lashes are done very fast and I don’t feel a thing when Jami’s working on them.. They are lightweight & there’s no glue residue seen at all.. I’ll definitely recommend Pocobeauty..! Thank you for being ever so patient..

  162. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Kho

    Was recommended by a friend to visit this shop for eye lash extension and I have absolutely no regrets. The product is good, there was no discomfort during my session and the quality of the lash is great. After a couple of days, received a message from Jami to check up on The Eye lash extension. It’s very personalised and thoughtful. Very good service.

  163. Avatar photo
    Jessie Lim

    Been here for 4 times already and never once was I let down! The lashes stayed close to nearly a month + (with proper care) and i’m loving it! The service provided was so good and i always seem to fall asleep because it’s just so painless and comfortable!

  164. Avatar photo
    Aliffy Beryl

    Went there for SHR could definitely see the results after 1 to 2 sessions! Service was good and there were absolutely no hidden charges! (:

  165. Avatar photo
    Gigi Wang

    I have been getting eyelash extensions for over 8 years in Singapore and I recently tried Jami at Poco Beauty a few times now. I highly recommend her 3D eyelash extensions as they are most natural looking. Her professionalism and experience on what curl and length to try because I wanted a fresh look was exactly what I wanted. The best part I must say is how comfortable the chairs are!! Definitely a great place to get pampered and for a short rest during my busy day. Conveniently located too near Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar. Looking forward to trying their other services soon!

  166. Avatar photo

    First time visiting them at their new place and it’s really nice and cosy. They have very comfy reclining chairs for me to rest while I’m getting my lashes done. Jami did my lashes really nicely and i couldn’t feel much throughout the process. Very professional and accommodating!

  167. Avatar photo
    Pearleen Yap

    The eyelash extension and Super Hair Removal (SHR) services were professionally done in a comfortable ambience. Have been doing my lash extension every month there for the past year. …

  168. Avatar photo
    Cristel Doanne Palabrica

    My beautician is Jo, very friendly and professional one. I came initially for the lash extension but now coming back for the facial services. ️

  169. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Chua

    Chance upon Poco beauty through instagram and i really love the natural look thus i decided to give them a try and it definitely did not disappoint me. I had my existing lashes done by another shop and i felt that it was too dramatic for me so i went to poco beauty and get it fixed before my friends wedding. I decided to go with the brown 3D lashes and it was amazing. It looks so natural and lightweighted compared to my previous extension. Highly recommended for any people who wants to give it a try on eyelash extension.

  170. Avatar photo
    Shi Hui Teh

    Did my mani & pedi with them a few times and decided to give the lash extension service a try last week and all I can say it was – AMAZING! The people there are super friendly and their service is fast and good! Will definitely be back again

  171. Avatar photo
    Ranice Phan

    The lashes are super comfortable and it looks amazing. The place is accessible and great service!

  172. Avatar photo
    Grace C

    Was skeptical first after reading rated 5 stars reviews here (mostly for all reviews). In my mind, “heck it” just try first as I had an unpleasant experience previously. To my astonishment, not only they are quick, they are professional and confident in their skills!!! What you read here is what you get. Thanks Jac n Yan, I had a wonderful experience with u gals on my first appointment. Many have commented it looks natural even though it’s just 2D Lashes. Its almost a month and Lashes are still there. Those who decided to go them, pls note, they go strictly by appointment as their clientele are back to back appt. Price is affordable. Definitely will come back again!

  173. Avatar photo
    Kani Selvan94

    My lash tech was Jami and she was super friendly and skillful. I initially requested for a 3d set and she was nice enough to tell me that i just needed 2d (which thank god i listened to her) which showed that she cared about the look of my lashes more than earning the extra cash. Been more than a week now and the fallout is so little. My whole experience with Pocobeauty was great and I’ll definitely return.

  174. Avatar photo
    Jean Lee

    It was me and my sister first time trying out eyelash extension and the customer service were absolutely amazing there. Not only that, they did such a great job on our lashes and it looks so amazing!! For the good quality lashes, the prices they offer r really so much more affordable as compared to those other expensive ones… The staff were so friendly and they even check in on us for updates on our lashes. 10/10 will definitely travel all the way back to Marsiling to do my lash agn!

  175. Avatar photo
    Glynis Mok

    I have been visiting Pocobeauty for hair removal for a few months now! Excellent service and very professional. SHR is very effective too! I was able to see obvious results after a few sessions!

  176. Avatar photo
    Nur Ram D

    Signed up for their SHR service. Thankfully, the hair grew slow and less within 1 session. Had 3 sessions already, and can definitely see good results. Of course there are some areas which will take time. Different people will experience it differently. One of the best priced for SHR, hands down. Jami, who attends to me, is friendly and careful during the sessions. Definitely recommend this place for SHR services

  177. Avatar photo
    Inkie Hui

    The extensions are really long lasting, comfortable and lightweight! Location super near Marsiling MRT. Jami and Yan’s skills were amazing, did not feel any discomfort during the process! Second time doing my lashes with them and will definitely go back again! Highly recommended !

  178. Avatar photo
    Sandra Tan

    This salon has become my regular spot to get my lashes fixed! Great quality lashes and cosy/ warm ambience. No doubt about skills and professionalism, you are definitely in good hands.

  179. Avatar photo
    G C

    My second time at Poco Beauty and intending to come back again next month! You can tell that they truly care about their clients’ lashes and the quality of the work they do. Jami who has tended to my lashes twice is also very friendly. Lash work done is great – I only had to do a touch-up even after 4 weeks and extensions did not hinder the growth of lashes.

  180. Avatar photo
    Winnie Chang

    Love the lashes done by Jami, super patient and gentle!

  181. Avatar photo
    Sheena shm

    2nd time doing my lashes here. Service is very good. Location is convenient too . Definitely going back whenever I need lash extensions 😀

  182. Avatar photo
    Mickey A

    The whole experience was wonderful!

    I booked lash extension and from booking to actual lash extension treatment… everything was super great!

    I’d def recommend this to my friends and will def go again when I visit SG!!!

    Thank you so much

  183. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Tan

    Jami is very meticulous in doing my eyelash extensions and check back on me after a week, making sure i’m in good hands. Great service!

  184. Avatar photo
    Joyce Lim

    I love their service! They are always so accommodative and also their lashes are so light and beautiful!! Thank you very much. I’ve done my lashes like 4 times with them and it’s always perfect! It lasts very Long! Thank you very much for your excellent service.

  185. Avatar photo
    Cherry Tan

    Lashes are very fluffy and long lasting! Very reasonably priced and the shop is walkable from MRT station. My third time doing lashes with them already and will definitely go back for more! As it seems like they have a couple of lash artists, I would strongly recommend y’all to ask for Jami to do your lash!

  186. Avatar photo
    Farrah Shieqeen

    Eyelash extension retention relatively long if well taken care of! Bonus tt it’s a stone’s throw away from home. Friendly and professional staff, definitely recommend …

  187. Avatar photo

    Lashes that can last for 4 weeks plus .. wat else can I say .. Chloe is very gentle, Jami is superb .. Thank you ladies

  188. Avatar photo
    Nadinatul Azman

    Reading the reviews of Poco Beauty gave me the confidence to book an appointment with Jami. The website to book the appointment was fuss free, I knew exactly which days she was available, and could place the booking straightaway, without having to go through the fuss of contacting the person, waiting for a response, and the back and forth of trying to book an appointment.

    Her shop was clean and extremely comfortable, she played music that suited the vibes of the place and our conversations flowed smoothly. There was no awkwardness at all, even during my first appointment.

    The extensions itself lasted more than 4 weeks. There was no balding after weeks and it doesn’t feel heavy on my eyes. Jami recommended a 3D set for me, advising me that a heavier set might cause my natural lashes to droop – which proves that she cares about her clients and the wellbeing of their lashes even.

    I am very happy I came to Poco Beauty and will continue to patronise Jami and her brand.

    No regrets at all!

  189. Avatar photo
    Tessa Tan

    Super pretty and long lasting lashes…. have to admit that the price is slightly steeper than what I usually go for but it’s so worth it?!?! It lasts so much longer than lashes I do elsewhere. Will definitely come back …

  190. Avatar photo
    Maggie Keng

    Did my eyelash extension with Jami. She is very skilled despite her age. Very impressed with her professionalism. Every session with her has always been very comfortable and painless. If you feel any bit of pain doing elsewhere, pls stop patronizing that shop. You shouldnt be feeling any pain during your entire session. Jami was able to do up a set of very natural yet looks fluffy lashes for me despite my sparse and short lashes. The retention was pretty good too, definitely more than 3+ weeks. Sometimes even longer. The use of glue was also great, no huge clots even when your lashes grow out. This is how good she is

  191. Avatar photo
    Ili Yasmin

    Always a pleasure having Jami do my lashes! Reliable service and pretty fluffy lashes every time she’s done with me love how they take their time to do it lash by lash. Affordable and great service every time!

  192. Avatar photo
    Sagita Steffi

    This was my first time getting my lashes done at Pocobeauty, and my second time getting an eyelash extension in general. The eyelash is very veryyyy comfortable but still create the illusion of wider and more awake eyes. Overall, i have a pleasant experience & definitely coming bck agaiinnn.. highly recommended for first timer who want to try eyelash ext!!

  193. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Tseng

    Did my lash extensions with Jami and she was super professional and understood clearly what I wanted!

    As I have ptosis on one eye, it was always difficult to even both of them out but with Jami she really tried her best to make it happen for me and I truly appreciate it! Throughout the session it was also pain-free and SUPER QUICK in fact. One of the fastest lash extensions session I ever went through, highly recommended if one is rushing for time!

    Would definitely go back for another set! Thank you Poco Beauty and Jami ️

  194. Avatar photo
    kartini sudirman

    The ladies were patient and thorough. They asked me for my preference in lash length and thickness. Even though there was a client waiting, I felt that they did not rush and still took their time to meticulously finish my lashes nicely. Would recommend …

  195. Avatar photo
    Mas Diana

    Jami and Joanna are the sweetest souls.. extremely friendly yet professional and they are very good in what they do. I have been patronizing Pocobeauty for a few years now and i dont plan to stop! love them so so much! to more success to the wonderful ladies!

  196. Avatar photo
    Suhaila Shahluddin

    I really love doing my lashes here, the place is comfortable, the owners are very welcoming and gentle and most importantly the lashes are very long lasting.

  197. Avatar photo
    Andrea Ang

    I did my lash extensions here and I rly love it! The place was very clean and rly comfy, the ambience was great as well. Service was superb and will definitely be back again

  198. Avatar photo
    Joey Chan

    I love the way they done my lashes …

  199. Avatar photo
    Norsakinah Mohamad

    Good service with good quality of eyelash! would definitely come again. …

  200. Avatar photo
    Azirah Jusaini

    Beautiful and comfortable lashes!!!

  201. Avatar photo
    Tamara Leah-Mae De Costa

    Amazing customer service and AMAZING lashes! Done my lashes with them 3-4 times and theyre always so pretty and lasts more than 5 weeks!!

  202. Avatar photo
    Brian Lee

    Jami and Joanna are very experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable in their practices. Place is very clean and appealing. Looking forward to my repeat visits!

  203. Avatar photo
    Deeba V

    This is my 2nd time doing lash extensions with Jami. Lashes look beautiful and are very comfy. Jami is very meticulous and patient. PIus, the location is very accessible for those who reside in the North. I am going to be a regular customer for sure!

  204. Avatar photo
    Joanne Cheng

    My Go To Favourite Place to get my eyelash extensions have been doing my lashes here for almost a year now. My lashes last for quite Long & worth the price. Will definitely be going back for sure!

  205. Avatar photo
    Ria Norazmira

    I’ve already done my lashes with them twice and I love it! I love the experience, I love how fast they did my lashes and yet, it was a quality work. I had really bad experiences with previous lash salons and honestly, Poco Beauty is by far the best place to do your lashes. And the place is super convenient too! Thanks Jami and Jacqueline!

    Oh, and I did nails as well once and I swear I’ve never had nails done and still looking perfect after a month. Thanks guys!

  206. Avatar photo
    Miranda Lui

    My 2nd time having my eyebrows embroidery done here. It’s almost painless and the embroidery lasted a year plus ️ Always feel very safe to entrust my brows to them as they design brows that will suit my face shape! Plus point: Jami and all the other Beauticians are very friendly!

  207. Avatar photo
    Yijie Lee

    Have been doing my lashes with Jami for the last few years and am always pleased with her service! The whole process is super comfortable and painless and she’s great to chat with too ️

  208. Avatar photo
    E K

    The first time I tried their facial service, Jo assessed the condition of my skin and recommended the treatment that best suits. Before proceeding, she explained and talked me through the treatment and informed me of each step that was being done.

    I have done 3 facial services with them and each time, Jo remains professional. She continues to assess my skin each session and recommends the most ideal treatment. My skin condition has improved from the first session and I really enjoy my sessions there.

    Also, the environment is very calm and soothing. The bed is also soft and comfortable!

  209. Avatar photo
    lum yuxiang

    Jami did my lashes and also SHR! Very pleasant experience! Love my lashes and really love the results from SHR! Would highly recommend this to all my friends

  210. Avatar photo

    Did 3D lashes at pocobeauty. Lashed were surprisingly soft and lightweight. It feels as though its my own lashes! Really amazed by the quality! The glue itself isnt stingy. Definitely recommend it to people with sensitive eyes. (:

  211. Avatar photo
    Karenis Oh

    first experience for eyelash extention & im super glad to have done it with pocobeauty! my lashes turned out to be super lightweight & natural! the entire session was very comfortable too! will definitely go back again to support …

  212. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lau

    Loving my lashes done by Jami! Lashes are soft and fluffy so natural yet luscious! Service rendered by Jami is also beyond expectations. She’s so friendly and professional! I can’t wait to come back again!

  213. Avatar photo
    Liyana Hshm

    Honestly, i think the best place I have ever done eyelash extensions in singapore because they retain so long. Its been a month since my last appointment and i still have a few lashes left! Thanks alot babe. Will do another set when I am back!!!!

  214. Avatar photo
    Geng Han Lam

    Did teeth whitening at Poco Beauty and immediately saw a huge difference! Teeth became many shades whiter. Great service with nice atmosphere too!

  215. Avatar photo
    wesley chung

    I was super impressed with the care and attention I received at Pocobeauty for my facial appointment on sunday afternoon Joanna welcomed me in with a friendly smile. She was very tentative and thorough on explaining with detail what she was doing and what products she was using on my face. I felt relaxed throughout the whole session, My skin have never felt better. Thanks again Joanna your Amazing! I definitely will recommend you to my friends and family. Overall great service at Pocobwauty! Would love to come again

  216. Avatar photo
    Wong Shi Min

    This was my first eyelash extension experience and it was wonderful!

    Shop location easily accessible as it is very near Marsiling MRT station.

    Reasonable pricing and Jami was really patient and friendly when explaining to me about the difference between different types of extensions.

    Very easy to book an appointment via the online booking portal and they send reminders before the appointment .

    Pocobeauty is very responsive to queries and Jami also gives me advices on what eyelash serum is good and i can purchase it easily at Watsons.

    The lashes were very comfortable and super nice as well!!

    I will definitely visit them again ! thank you very much for the effort taken in doing my lashes!

    Oh and they provide threading (eyebrows) as well and it is also very good. I look forward to trying out their nail services soon! (:

  217. Avatar photo

    MY GO TO LASH PLACE – after putting my eyes through various places!!! Can’t emphasise enough how amazing the lashes here are done. They’re long lasting and are very comfortable and light. So you don’t ever feel like you’ve got extensions done 😉 oh and Jami (the owner and the person that does your lashes) makes sure the lashes on you are perfect for your eye type so you can be assured you’ll be looking pretty after a sesh 😉

  218. Avatar photo

    Had lash extensions done by Jami, you will find that’s she’s really gentle and meticulous! Will also personalise according to eye shape. Been sourcing for a place near work and glad to have found my to-go salon! Ambience there is also very relaxing and clean.

  219. Avatar photo

    Pocobeauty is a must go place for affordable for beautiful lashes and nails !! Jami was very skillful that my eyes doesn’t feel that it sting throughout the session. Also, Yan was very meticulous in her nail art work. It was my first time doing lashes and nails at the same time. This combination actually helps to reduce my waiting time while I managed to pamper myself with my eyes and hand and I really like it (for busy person like, time is so precious). Will visit them again, thanks for the beautiful lashes and nails again

  220. Avatar photo
    ethel chong

    for me i lived in the north and it’s super convenient !! not only that , they are super patient while doing your lashes! the lashes are not dropping at all aft one week and for a first timer , i’m very impressed by it ! the quality is super good and i would definitely introduce it to my friends !!!!

  221. Avatar photo
    Dawn Teo

    My 2nd time doing my lash extensions here and I’ve been loving it! I tried alot of lash places before and so I’m really picky about my lashes. Pocobeauty has one of the most reasonable & affordable prices without compromising on skill & quality. I’ve to say that their glue is amazing too! My lashes can last me 1month plus without touch ups!!

  222. Avatar photo
    Belle Mah

    Jami has helped me with my eye lashes extensions for the past 2 visits. Thereafter, followed up by text to check on the conditions! Loved her superb services provided and the after care advices!

  223. Avatar photo
    Serinah Sweetseri

    After 1 week, lashes still intact. Pretty lashes and soft. Doesn’t sting and friendly beautician. Highly recommended.
    Recomnended for manicure too.

  224. Avatar photo
    dilys lim

    First ever 3D lash extensions done with Jami. She was patient and very gentle. Price is very affordable, no hidden charges at all! Received many compliments about how natural my lashes look. Definitely coming back for more.

  225. Avatar photo
    Chelsea Goh

    I’ve never returned to the same salon twice to get my lashes and nails done, but I’m so impressed with their work I’m going to them for life eyelash extensions can last 6-8 weeks without looking bare and ugly and my nails still look perfect even at the 7th week!!!!! no chips no breakage!!!

  226. Avatar photo
    Ching hwee shuen

    The place is near to MRT, ppl is nice. Lashes is comfy, does not have additional glue clutch tgt. It’s been 3 weeks now and I still have plenty of lashes still on. The price is also quite reasonable for the standards of the eyelash extension . Overall, I’m very happy with it and will definitely go back to get my lash done with them.

  227. Avatar photo
    Wan Ning Ng

    Got 3D lash extensions done here after having my natural lashes fall out over a year ago at some other lash place. I have very sensitive eyes but these lashes are amazingly comfortable and lightweight – it feels as if I don’t have any extensions on. I’ve done lash extensions a few times before but Pocobeauty’s lashes have lasted me the longest so far. Highly recommend them for high quality and lightweight extensions that won’t break the bank

  228. Avatar photo
    yuhan Liam

    It’s my 4th time doing my lashes with Jami and as always, the lashes last for really long. What’s more, she’s really skilful and the whole process is very comfortable! Will definitely return again

  229. Avatar photo
    Priya Darshni

    I went in for a facial with (Pocobeauty) and I loved it. The staff was very professional and would communicate and explain to me what she was going to do. I felt so relaxed and really enjoyed my facial. My skin felt great and able to see the acne scar lightens after few sessions.

  230. Avatar photo
    Mia Raymundo

    Got my lashes and nails done here recently. The service and quality’s great. Prices are affordable too!

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