Review Pioneer Mall, 638 Jurong West Street 61, Singapore

Review Pioneer Mall - Singapore 638 Jurong West Street 61

“Beside Giant supermarket and Koufu foodcourt, there is a MacDonald and few other shops like Watson, Bengawan Solo, Texa Chicken and Pasta Mania.” or “Item storage and display is very fine.Anything we can buy within short time.Staff behavier very polite and service oriented.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Pioneer Mall. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Pioneer Mall is quality.

Introduction about Pioneer Mall

Here are some fundamental details regarding Pioneer Mall. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Pioneer Mallis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 638 Jurong West Street 61, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 638 Jurong West Street 61, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Open 24 hours.


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You can directly come to 638 Jurong West Street 61, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Pioneer Mall reviews

Pioneer Mall is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Pioneer Mall good?

To determine whether Pioneer Mall is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Greetings! We just come here to take our lunch. The auntie who take our order very polite and great. Medium volume of people even though that time is rush hour. …”

“Item storage and display is very fine.Anything we can buy within short time.Staff behavier very polite and service oriented.”

“There's McDonald's, 7-Eleven, Giant Hypermarket That Open 24 Hours. Very The Convenience …”

“Got koufu, got giant hypermart, got many sundry shops, got ATMs of various banks, got SAM machine, got fast food. Can settle many things here.”

“I love the hawker centre in this mall. They have different cuisines and very affordable.”

“Good neighbourhood mini mall. Bare bones but as a guy it has all I need.”

“A place with a wide variety of things to do there. Have your meal at Koufu, getting some Pastry at Bengawan Solo or get Your daily needs from Giant within this mall”

“Good place to buy stuff 𝗗𝗿𝗮𝘄𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸: 𝗶𝗻𝘀𝘂𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗳𝗳 𝗮𝘁 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿 …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 292 feedbacks with an overall score of 4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 71% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Pioneer Mall, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Pioneer Mall, 638 Jurong West Street 61, Singapore

There is a total 292 reviews

4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Priyal Chhatrapati

    Don’t expect a lot. Went on Sunday evening out of the shops which are present (not alot) half of them were closed

  2. Avatar photo
    Eddie Chen

    Huge supermarket, good food court and many more shops.

  3. Avatar photo
    Patrick Lim

    Foods are nice n delicious . Price reasonable also depends what you ordered …

  4. Avatar photo
    clarissa low

    Got my favorites noodles …

  5. Avatar photo

    Got Giants, a couple of family clinics, a food court and some essential shops.

  6. Avatar photo

    Got Pastamania, Popeye, Macdonald & Kopitiam..

  7. Avatar photo
    Mike Tay

    This is a relatively small Mall as compared to those like Jurong Point or Jurong East JEM/ Westgate. However it serves the residents in the area well for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

    On the ground floor level there is Koufu, a well established company that operates a “foodcourt” which provide many well known and popular local dishes/drinks at very reasonable and acceptable prices. There is also a McDonald outlet, bakery shop, florist shop and many others.

    On the 2nd level there are dental, tcm and many other retail/shops.

    Giant Supermarket is on the 3rd and 4th level with plenty of household supplies and food. Btw, for those who feel lucky there is also a “Toto” outlet for them to try their luck (lol).

    I do visit and patronise this place at least once a week for my meals. Also while there do not miss out on those popular and tasty desserts. The servings are big and at reasonable price.

    To summarise – just one word – Awesome!

  8. Avatar photo
    Wilson Tan

    Clean n cost environment.

  9. Avatar photo
    Pramod Kalashetti

    Nice place to have food and Gaint Super Market

  10. Avatar photo

    This is your average non conditioned mall that houses a koufu, macdonalds and a giant occupying the entirety of the 3rd and 4th floor I do believe that there is a anytime fitness gym there too on the 3rd floor right next to the giant but i might be wrong as i havent went up there in a while.

  11. Avatar photo
    Juariah Kothiram

    I came here because that’s supermarket giant & fast food McDonald’s

  12. Avatar photo
    Dan Morogh

    Nice neighborhood with adequate amenities.

  13. Avatar photo
    Ck Koh

    Local food. Koufu. Giant shopping center. Very near to pioneer hawker center and polyclinic

  14. Avatar photo
    Ayu F

    Neighborhood small mall. Not much variety

  15. Avatar photo

    It is convenient for neighborhood. There are giant, bakery, food court, laundry and many other stores inside. The shopping environment is so so.

  16. Avatar photo
    Zi He Goh

    There’s a giant supermarket here , food court and a 24 hour MacDonald here

  17. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Loo

    This place is great you can park your car on the level five and you can purchase your item from the giant supermarket and unload your item right outside the exit of the carpark

  18. Avatar photo
    Alex Smith

    Great place. Staff checked my tracetogether meticulously. Saw someone that might knew me, cus she kept looking at me. Idk maybe i might be famous, i lowkey embarrased. Overall, might go there again. (If someone drive me there. The place is too far for me)

  19. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Tan

    Wide range of food from foodcourts to fastfood and even bakeries. Down side was that the toilet often smells

  20. Avatar photo
    Rajesh Bhat

    Quite neat & variety of food stalls inclusive of vegan @Koufu. Would recommend the place.

  21. Avatar photo
    chew si hui

    Got koufu, got giant hypermart, got many sundry shops, got ATMs of various banks, got SAM machine, got fast food. Can settle many things here.

  22. Avatar photo
    Teck Chuan

    Try the hand made pearl milk tea here!!

  23. Avatar photo
    Ramoncito Gabutin

    Pioneer mall has all the basics you need with a large Giant supermarket up top and the best food court in the area, Koufu. Prices are very cheap and worth going to for food.

  24. Avatar photo
    Divyanshu Mahajan

    Discreet little mall but has all the necessities for the neighbourhood including food court, supermarket, fast food, confectionary shops, convenience stores and ATMs.

  25. Avatar photo
    Wei Kuen Chen

    Can get nice food at the food court especially the bah chor mee

  26. Avatar photo

    It is a 4-storied neighborhood shopping mall providing an array of ameneties for residents living near the Pioneer MRT station. The third floor houses a Giant supermarket and Anytime fitness gym—both open 24 hours. A food court, ATMs, a SevenEleven, and a 24*7 Mcdonalds’ line the ground floor.

  27. Avatar photo
    Yau LapKee

    One price on weekdays, jacked up on weekends, makes no sense. Food is okay, but service without a smile!

  28. Avatar photo
    momo my

    Mostly people go there for breakfast lunch or dinner late night only have McDonald’s and a supermarket still on.

  29. Avatar photo
    Cotsner Lee

    Come here for the food at Koufu! Thumbs up to the food here! All taste nice!!

  30. Avatar photo
    Andy Leong

    lots of shops and the Giant supermart is 24hrs !!

  31. Avatar photo

    Terrible. You can’t really call this a mall. It’s more like a Shopping Centre, and a very ill-equipped one at that. Food court/confectionary on the ground floor, services on the next, and the last two is giant supermart. Relatively clean but architecture is dated and old. This ranks amongst the top 5 worse shopping “malls” in Singapore.

  32. Avatar photo
    Martin Lenin

    its ok. small mall . you can find giant shop over there. nothing more than that

  33. Avatar photo
    Making Tinkering

    Have kaofu, 711, giant Watson and many other store. Very convenient for nearby neighbor hood.

    Parking place a bit messy. Small place and cannot find the cash card TOP up.

    It more a place for food

  34. Avatar photo
    Kaijie Qua

    24/7 Mac , so good place if you want to hang out w friends and just chill 😉

  35. Avatar photo
    Er. Venkatachalam P

    Good shop

  36. Avatar photo
    Man Owen

    Can get essentials for every day living. Food court & Giant provides all you need.

  37. Avatar photo
    Fallen Angells

    Have a supermarket a place to eat and a few shops with no air-con not too fancy but surely a place to chill alone in

  38. Avatar photo
    Mark Tan

    Best place for simple groceries, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper

  39. Avatar photo
    Terrence Siah

    The few common shops are Giant (2 storey), McDonald’s, Watson, Bangawang Solo and KouFu.

  40. Avatar photo
    Jia Cheng

    From food to other items can be found at this shopping centre. If you are here having lunch or dinner, option was there.

    The environment are generally clean and tidy.

  41. Avatar photo
    Sky cassiespringdy

    Neighborhood mall with Koufu food court on ground floor where you can get local food. Just not fantastic.. Mac Donald’s on the other end. Other little shops like massage, clinic, pharmacy etc.. Giant Supermarket is on 3rd storey. …

  42. Avatar photo
    Bevan lee

    Great place! It’s so convenient!

  43. Avatar photo
    Edwin Tan Boon How

    Usual stop place for Mcdonalds and giants. Koufu here has quite a bit of options for lunch and dinner.

  44. Avatar photo
    Andy Lim

    Good variety of food!also can buy 4d

  45. Avatar photo
    tommy ee

    Very crowded at certain days,times,festiva succeeded to be multi cultural,racial of eateries whereby indians,malays,chines e of locals as well as overseas of other races dine @Mcdonald S’pore.keep it up the good images etc etc….

  46. Avatar photo
    YanHan Ching

    love to dine at the koufu. Giant supermarket ebtrance can be quite confusing

  47. Avatar photo
    Annesha Mondal

    A place where you feel easy . Everything affordable

  48. Avatar photo
    Sean Koh

    Best shopping place around this area to get groceries, eat and more.

  49. Avatar photo
    Jeffery Lim

    Plus points are the presence of a supermarket and food court. Ample parking space at the multi-storey carpark.

  50. Avatar photo
    ณัฐวิเดช เกตุอินทร์

    On top of the mall has Giant shopping center, below got food court, clean and air con

  51. Avatar photo

    Reasonably good foods served down here. For all comforts, you pay a little extra

  52. Avatar photo
    Liveup Young

    Usual crowded mall. The food stall has variety of choice including vegetarian outlet. Good ambience & neat.

  53. Avatar photo
    MC Milana

    Greetings! We just come here to take our lunch. The auntie who take our order very polite and great. Medium volume of people even though that time is rush hour. …

  54. Avatar photo
    Chris Bahilango

    neighborhood shopping center and supermarket. you can get pretty much the basic everyday stuffs. hawker centers are available too.

  55. Avatar photo
    Zinko Ringgo

    Love the place so much….Nice enviroment and near the Bus stop too…. And 10 minit walk to Pioneer MRT Stn…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  56. Avatar photo
    Asi Gangadhar Reddy

    Mostly popular due to Giant super market and nice Food court.

  57. Avatar photo

    Not so crowded. Good for shopping especially groceries.

  58. Avatar photo

    The food at koufu is good. You should try the mala hotpot and Korean stall at koufu.

  59. Avatar photo
    Brown Cony

    Parking can be a problem during peak hours. Food court and McDonald’s draw in crowd for the establishment. Competition – a food centre – is in construction next door.

  60. Avatar photo
    Carlos Molina

    Housed in a koufu, mc donalds and giant, place i visit almost everyday

  61. Avatar photo
    k.c. kanda swame

    Item storage and display is very fine.Anything we can buy within short time.Staff behavier very polite and service oriented.

  62. Avatar photo
    ng wei ping

    A mall with 2 level of Giant supermarket. With Koufu, Macdonald and some stores in it.

  63. Avatar photo
    Thian Ann Shen

    Good but lack of choices in the mall, if u r going for lunch then it’s a good place for u

  64. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    Other than a well stocked Giant Supermarket on L3 and 4, this mall offers nothing else. It has a McD on the Ground Floor and Anytime Fitness on L3.

    Guess it fulfills the needs of Jurong West residents but definitely not a destination.

  65. Avatar photo

    Lift to 3rd floor too dark

  66. Avatar photo
    SKY L

    it’s not really a mall.. it’s just a building with giant super market.. clinics.. hdb office.. some other shops, a foodcourt and 24hrs mac..

  67. Avatar photo
    l emon

    Convenient. McDonalds, hairdressers, tuition center, insurance, gaming store, Giant. However, I do not think that it deserves to be called a “mall” more like bigger(not humongous) Giant with a few other stalls around.

  68. Avatar photo
    David Chong

    Neighborhood HDB shopping mall, main attractions are Giant Hyper, McDonald’s and Koufu.

  69. Avatar photo
    Ali Abbas Al Balushi (D20)

    Nice place for shopping

  70. Avatar photo
    Ben Mok

    With Giant Super market and a small coffee shop plus some family clinics, it provides some basic services cater for household needs

  71. Avatar photo
    John Goh

    Old but functional. The Giant Supermart is well stocked and fairly large. There is also the McDonalds.adjacent carpark has ample space.

  72. Avatar photo
    mohamed Azuwan

    Not much but theres a 24 hrs Macdonalds’s and giant supermarket …

  73. Avatar photo
    Kathryn Seek

    Usually lunch there with colleagues, and we always frequent the Koufu. Must try the beef noodles (Dao xiao mian) by the Chinese stall. Affordable dishes and delicious. Also loved the la zi ji from the Mala store. Might also like to try the duck rice and the Korean chicken hot plate. Generally clean and comfortable environment to dine at.

  74. Avatar photo
    Jia Yeo

    One of the neighborhood shopping malls in Nanyang.

  75. Avatar photo
    zann ali

    Pioneer mall area eas biilt are not very,so to speak new areas to jurong wesr extsntion,as well as at the place and area the others will be built facilities for shopping from shop that there is here to sell clothing item that electronic and a wide range of other facilities, public transport like bus and other other easy there are here.

  76. Avatar photo

    Affordable food choices, such as McDonalds and a food court. It also has a 2-storey supermarket (giant) and many other amenities such as bakeries, 7 eleven, a bookstore, a clinic (though I’ve never been there) and a hairdresser.

  77. Avatar photo

    We settle tomorrow. 4 p.m at pioneer mall

  78. Avatar photo

    Good place to shop for daily things. Got a coffeeshop , Giant and McDonald’s

  79. Avatar photo
    Gideon Oh

    Got Giant and Koufu. The food here got variety and not bad.

  80. Avatar photo
    Manoj kumar

    Non Aircon mall but nice

  81. Avatar photo
    David Ker

    Plenty of choices ranging from Chicken rice, Soup, Mix Veg, Korean cuisines, western food etc

  82. Avatar photo
    chong leng soh

    Not too big, however it does equipped with all the needs. Seafood isn’t that fresh maybe due to the low volume of customer.

  83. Avatar photo
    Jason Tee

    Giants, POSB, OCBC, UOB, AXS, SAM, McDonald’s, Watson, Bengawan Solo, Koufu are available here

  84. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    Beside Giant supermarket and Koufu foodcourt, there is a MacDonald and few other shops like Watson, Bengawan Solo, Texa Chicken and Pasta Mania.

  85. Avatar photo
    Hazmi Othman

    Giant supermarket is sufficient place for all your daily needs

  86. Avatar photo

    Go to place for lunch rotation around Tuas area. Limited selection though but make do for a quick lunch.

  87. Avatar photo
    Aung Myat Min

    Cozy and peaceful mall.

  88. Avatar photo
    ridz K

    My neighborhood mall. 24hrs Giant and McD’s.
    Air con coffeeshop at the end of the block.

  89. Avatar photo
    William Chan

    Hard to find seat there..dont know what so good this place. Just not for me.. Hahaha.. But may be a good place to spend evening or afternoon away in style there.. I recommend.. Especially watching traffic goes by..

  90. Avatar photo
    Mohd A.

    A good place for those near the neighbourhood to shop for groceries, eat at the coffee shop and visit the doctor. They also have enrichment centres for the young.

  91. Avatar photo
    Matthew Lim

    Mall and food court. Mall is sufficient for people around the neighborhood. It has all the basics. The food court provides cheap and good food.

  92. Avatar photo
    Dol Mat

    Giant supermarket, Mac Donal food court and other shop all are here.

  93. Avatar photo
    Same same But not same

    Alot of nice food and discount from Giant supermarket.

  94. Avatar photo
    Ee Teck Lye

    Koufu foodcourt to have for all day meals
    McDonald’s restaurant is best
    Giant hypermarket 24/7 Mall

  95. Avatar photo
    Tuan Heng Tan

    Not much food choice

  96. Avatar photo
    Osmond Husain

    Design layout not impressive….pull factor save for d anchor tenant GIANT

  97. Avatar photo
    Mingz Wang

    Not much shops.. Best thing is have McDonald’s and Giant supermarket

  98. Avatar photo
    Mohamad ali abdul chan Nil

    There is a new gym ..for those who like to exercise.try it out.!

  99. Avatar photo
    Chengyu Leo Liao

    A small heartland mall where the food court prices are reasonable!

  100. Avatar photo
    Sufian Mawasi

    small compared to other heartland malls. 2 floors of Giant Supermarket occupies most of the mall.

  101. Avatar photo
    Elias Tam

    There is few people and got Aircon is easy to get food

  102. Avatar photo
    Kathir Kathiravan

    Good shopping mall but bit expensive $

  103. Avatar photo
    Sephyuki Sindarila

    There’s Giant Supermarket, DIY shops, bakery and even kopitiam. There’s also Macdonald’s. Not forgetting family clinic too.

  104. Avatar photo
    Jeff C

    Just a neighborhood shopping area with a giant supermarket, a mcs n a koufu food court

  105. Avatar photo
    Rafael Tan (Kai Pin)

    Nice food court. All stalls open. Specialty buble tea shop is still the highlight.

  106. Avatar photo
    Goh Kai Boon

    just your typical neighbourhood mall with a Giant hypermarket and Mcdonalds

  107. Avatar photo
    Teh ck

    not much shop and option over there, only giant and kou fu.
    it’s only convenience for residence over there

  108. Avatar photo
    Md Kamruzzaman

    Good shopping place. Almost households everything you can get here

  109. Avatar photo
    Saw Shenyee

    With Giant open lately till 11pm and Mcdonald within walking distance. Great place to hang around

  110. Avatar photo
    Ivy Teo

    Nice place for quick lunch at Koufu with yummy duck rice decent ban mian

  111. Avatar photo
    linxing chong

    Food Courts, McD, Giant groceries store 7-11and bakery shop around

  112. Avatar photo
    SH Lay

    Convenient neighbourhood shopping mall to buy groceries and necessity. Enjoy to have lunch inside the food court.

  113. Avatar photo
    Kin Teokeong

    Dinner times must more crowed.

  114. Avatar photo
    Dhatri Das

    Good food court, has some basic shopping needs like Giant. The two clinics, Dr Chua and My Family Clinic are good.

  115. Avatar photo
    Vodka Lim

    It is one of the larger neighbour mall in the area. it has a Giant Supermarket at span the 3rd and 4th Floor with Macdonald Fast Food at the ground floor. There are several food store at the ground floor. There could be a crowd during lunch hour especially during the betting days as there is a Singapore Pools outlet inside Giant. Large parking space and near by there is a hawker centre and small market.

  116. Avatar photo
    Nur Muhd Razali

    could be better though

  117. Avatar photo
    Silvia B

    It has a supermarket, foodcourt, fastfood restaurant, convenience store. You can get probably anything required for your basic necessities there.

  118. Avatar photo
    Steven Lee

    The escalator for more than a week is not service yet.,hopefully they can get it service soon.Very much appreciated

  119. Avatar photo
    Akkin Chan

    It is a small mall. Other than have a small area of Giant mart, you can find a few clinics around 2nd floor. Basically, it’s not a good place for window shopping. But if you’re looking for a place to chat with friend, you can choose to hang around a quite cosy area like Koufu and McDonald’s. Both located at 1st floor of the corner of the building.

  120. Avatar photo
    Allen Toh

    There is something different than most of the mall around Jurong area,

  121. Avatar photo
    Xyvier Lau

    This mala fish is cooked to the perfection at an extremely affordable price.
    I dont eat fish but this opened up my crave for flavours of the sea!

  122. Avatar photo
    Gerald Seet

    Neighbourhood mall hosting; supermarket, medical clinics, bakery, hardware store and fast food outlet.

  123. Avatar photo
    Ethan Sng

    Good for settling disputes, especially at 4pm

  124. Avatar photo
    Jojit Lagazo

    Has basically everything you need from barbershop to massage center… great place to have a quick bite whenever you’re hungry.

  125. Avatar photo
    Hafeez Ahmad

    Stay near pioneer mall…convenient for me most everything can get frm there

  126. Avatar photo
    Amsyar Putra

    Is a nearby place between neighbourhood where people could easily buy things from there

  127. Avatar photo
    Aravind Rao

    24 hrs Giant and McD are the ones holding this mall although the food at the kopitiam here is great as well !

  128. Avatar photo
    dwight ferrer

    Good food. Housed in koufu inside and 24h mc donnalds. There is also agiant supermarket. Everytime visit these 3 places

  129. Avatar photo
    Fonz Jab

    Ample parking space and have Koufu if U wanna grab a bite … …

  130. Avatar photo
    Dumen King

    Good place for lunch,dinner。 …

  131. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    Other than a well stocked Giant Supermarket on L3 and 4, this mall offers nothing else. It has a McD on the Ground Floor and Anytime Fitness on L3.

    Guess it fulfills the needs of Jurong West residents but definitely not a destination.

  132. Avatar photo
    SIP TV

    I wish for a saloon

  133. Avatar photo
    CA Teo

    Ye old typical neighbourhood coffeeshop cum mall. Great for people of Jurong or they have to live in Jurong Shopping mall’s dominance which is another great place….

  134. Avatar photo
    ALANO Choo

    Good place full of foodies amd easy parking.

  135. Avatar photo

    Good. I went there for a clinic but didn’t get.

  136. Avatar photo
    Angelo Govender

    Giant supermarket is very convenient however because of the social distancing, the waiting time at checkouts is not very good.

  137. Avatar photo
    Madeline Lim

    The neighbourhood mall is quite dead. People only mostly visit it for Giant supermarket, Watson’s and MacDonald’s.

  138. Avatar photo

    Secluded place..easy to find parking

  139. Avatar photo
    Sim Simmy

    Nice place to chill out !

  140. Avatar photo
    aaron gan

    Nice place to settle disputes, especially at 4p.m.

  141. Avatar photo
    Afsar Firthous

    There is a Macdonald ,which is 24hrs, at ground floor with a macafé. A cake shop,kofu,seven eleven too and also a lot of shops in 1st and 2nd floor. There is a giant supermarket at 3rd floor which is opened 8am to 11 pm. There is a lift and escalator service with a public toilet and a Atm too..There is still more to discover …

  142. Avatar photo
    Jimmy lgw

    Got my favourite food there and got many shops

  143. Avatar photo
    Chen Pengyu

    Don’t have a lot of shop in the mall, not much option. Not very crowded during weekdays/weekend, less dangerous during Covid period.

  144. Avatar photo
    freddy lim

    Great place , nice and quiet , giant, macdonalds and a foodcourt that serves pretty great food

  145. Avatar photo
    Abram Kuchin

    Great place to hang out with friends! Lots of food choices! Went there multiple times before covid strikes. Haven’t been going there since, should meet up with my friends after this pandemic ends !

  146. Avatar photo
    Aravinth V.K

    Nice place, have 24 hours McDonald’s

  147. Avatar photo
    Ho Shue Kwong

    New jurong west hawker centre (beside) just open. More choices for lunch & dinner.

  148. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    Beside Giant supermarket and Koufu foodcourt, there is a MacDonald and few other shops like Watson, Bengawan Solo, Texa Chicken and Pasta Mania.

  149. Avatar photo
    Myo Htut Aung

    Small mall with giant, watson, bangawan solo n some tution centres n clinics.

  150. Avatar photo
    Rajamoorthy Karapaya

    You won’t miss the Giant sitting on the upper floors. The giant is a hypermart where you can get most of your essentials.

  151. Avatar photo

    No much activities around mall.. most of the pop-up store closed….

  152. Avatar photo
    Yu XJ

    Pioneer Mall Koufu some stall not yet listed in the Koufu App. So no 10% off.

  153. Avatar photo

    Typical shopping mall with various cooked food, shops and supermarket. Very popular and crowded mall.

  154. Avatar photo
    Jeong Min Kim

    Nothing much here except for a 24/7 McDonald’s restaurant.

  155. Avatar photo
    Wei Lin Ang

    Decent mall with what you’d need in daily life. Giant is great. Personally the biggest downfall is the lack of air conditioning except in Giant because it can get really hot and stuffy especially if you walk a long way here

  156. Avatar photo
    Ebenezer Thomas

    Usual neighbourhood mall. Giant supermarket has had an excellent upgrade. Good GP. Generally OK place if not too fussy.

  157. Avatar photo
    Terrence Yoong

    Neighbourhood shopping mall that specifically cater for people around here.

  158. Avatar photo
    Recruitment SARA

    The mall has a neighborhood coffee shop, Koufu but the Food is VERY EXPENSIVE.. Taste is not up to the price. Especially Indian and Malay food. Not worth it

  159. Avatar photo
    Elrich Group Intl

    Good place to buy stuff
    𝗗𝗿𝗮𝘄𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸: 𝗶𝗻𝘀𝘂𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗳𝗳 𝗮𝘁 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿 …

  160. Avatar photo

    Giant super market on 4 n 5th levels

  161. Avatar photo
    Nicky Wong

    People down here are quite friendly. Pioneer Hawker Centre food is 3.8/5. Cleanliness is 4.5/5. Quite cooling too. $0.20 return of tray with no deposit at all.

  162. Avatar photo

    A neighbourhood shopping mall that has 24hrs Macdonald’s outlet located in the western side of Singapore. A good place for midnight supper and meet ups too.

  163. Avatar photo
    kavi priya

    Giant supermarker,koufu food court,mcdonalds.Bengawan solo,7 11 convenience mart, Guardianand some ATM machines

  164. Avatar photo

    I like the hawker centre beside the mall. The food are nice, healthy, reasonable prices and 20 cents for tray returned.

  165. Avatar photo
    Dr Francesco Perono Cacciafoco

    It is quite small and with very little service. However, it is enough, as a quite tiny mall, to the units around.

  166. Avatar photo
    Danny Heng

    With Giant and Koufu, good place for house hold and varieties of food.

  167. Avatar photo
    Al Sin

    Simple suburban mall..good for meals n walking in giant supermarket

  168. Avatar photo
    Zhen Yang Lee

    There are many facilities there. There is Koufu Food Court, which serves many foodstuffs and McDonald’s, nice and modern. Clinics and ‘Giant’ Hypermarket is present. It might be difficult to get a seat in the food court and Mcdonald’s during dining hours. Overall, the things there are reasonably priced.

  169. Avatar photo
    Irah Bunny

    I remember the 2nd floor used to sell games here.. But now so many clinics and school ️

  170. Avatar photo
    Ash Tan

    Most shops here closes by 10pm. Lots of GP clinics at level 2 and a Giant supermarket which has 2 levels at level 3 and 4. Mcdonalds is 24 hours. Toilet maintenance super poor. Good luck if you need to find a place to relieve yourself.

  171. Avatar photo
    OPEL Steven Tan

    Small shopping mall, several F&B outlets and foodcourt, HDB Branch Office. Giant Hypermarket at Level 4 & 5 with direct link to MSCP.

  172. Avatar photo
    YF 佑發Liew 劉

    Good mix of food in kofu kopitiam

  173. Avatar photo

    Pioneer Mall assome this shop mall 24hours ok for home use to buy… …

  174. Avatar photo

    Has not too many shops to choose from but at least it has a mcdonalds

  175. Avatar photo
    Shaun Paul Singh Bharth

    Came for McDonald’s. Not too crowded. Heartland mall.

  176. Avatar photo
    Cherrie Tañada

    I love the hawker centre in this mall. They have different cuisines and very affordable.

  177. Avatar photo

    Just an old type of shopping center, no air-conditioning.

  178. Avatar photo
    Boon Pah Lee

    Went there to have a quick bite

  179. Avatar photo

    It’s surrounded by housing and not very crowded most of the time

  180. Avatar photo
    KK Jek

    A very small mall, with few shops and a handful of medical clinics and a food court

  181. Avatar photo
    Wilfred K

    Has food, atm and a supermarket. Cant beat the major malls but it does right by itself.

  182. Avatar photo
    Timothy Hendrawan

    settle settle! you think i’m scared?

  183. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Nurhafiz

    24hrs Giant hypermarket, Anytime Fitness and McDonald’s

  184. Avatar photo
    Julian Woo

    First time at the food court for dinner… many variety choices of food . …

  185. Avatar photo
    shahajan alindt

    Best Food market

  186. Avatar photo
    S SK PNK


  187. Avatar photo
    sergeant loo

    It has a convinience stores and a food court which has all pf your needs in store in those places deffinately a must to check out!

  188. Avatar photo

    A very small heartland. Mainly for F&B, retail outlet and anchored Koufu foodcourt, Giant supermarket and 24hrs McDonald. This suburban 4-storey mall which serves the Pioneer Central district.

    Access route and loading & unloading bay usually obstructed with goods trolley and delivery trucks and Mcdelivery motorcycle. The mall is located along Jurong West street 61. See you ya

  189. Avatar photo
    Heng Tan

    Lots of makan place – foodcourt n mcd. Can go giant shopping after makan.

  190. Avatar photo
    Max Hao

    A lot people. Don’t order on peak times.

  191. Avatar photo
    Mary G

    Good, Excellent place to go for explore, Giant for shopping

  192. Avatar photo
    Clarence Chan

    There’s a smart food court here. Do check it out.

  193. Avatar photo
    Alan Au

    A pretty good size supermarket, Giant, located on the second floor. A MacDonald located at level 1. A good court, Kou Fu, located at level 1 too.

  194. Avatar photo
    catapla yolgy

    Fast, compact good for eating, shopping for snacks, dish and many more, disadvantage is the mall has no air conditioner

  195. Avatar photo
    Kaleen Heng

    Giant, 7-Eleven, Koufu are my favourite.

  196. Avatar photo
    A N

    Ever since Jurong West Hawker Center is up with a huge floor area of seatings and varieties of food, really brighten pioneer mall up! …

  197. Avatar photo
    Praveen Kumar

    Its a small place. It has a good foodcourt and Gaint super market

  198. Avatar photo
    Mr John Kan Renwei

    Decent mix of shops and eateries to cater to your daily essential needs.

  199. Avatar photo

    Came here at 4pm to settle settle because Vicky used vulgarities at me, mall is not bad lah

  200. Avatar photo
    Sharath S

    It had many hawkers centers and Health care centers and had big Gaint supermarket… Here some people are calling as Joint mall….

  201. Avatar photo

    Nice place and shops they have food court there

  202. Avatar photo
    Cherilyn Song

    This mall has a Giant supermarket and a 24 hours McDonald’s. It is old and its age shows evidently.

  203. Avatar photo
    Jeverio Yeo

    Food can be better with more new taste. Car park is quite tricky for some drivers as need to drive a slope

  204. Avatar photo
    Stephen LET

    Great place for food and groceries. There is also a small pharmacy and bakery

  205. Avatar photo
    Ah Sim

    Kofu food court is my favorite place for lunch beco got air con

  206. Avatar photo
    Buck Yeow Sin

    They have a clinic and food there.

  207. Avatar photo
    Lokeswary Gou

    It is a good place. Has good food and yummy food too

  208. Avatar photo
    Taufiq Raymer

    Simple enough neighbourhood mall. There are inexpensive food joints like McDonald’s and Pastamania.

  209. Avatar photo
    Mimie Abdul

    There’s McDonald’s®, 7-Eleven, Giant Hypermarket That Open 24 Hours. Very The Convenience …

  210. Avatar photo
    Daune Neo

    There’s supermarket a 24hour McDonalds and a food court. What more do u expect at a heartland

  211. Avatar photo
    Huzaimi Salim

    There really isn’t much to say for these kind of place. Necessity more than other. Simple place for the residents’ needs. Wish it had more stuff or bigger or air conditioned.

  212. Avatar photo
    Zhijing Eu

    Convenient neighbourhood mall. Has a McD, Giant, food court and bunch of other shops.

  213. Avatar photo
    Si Justin

    Gym, mcd, giant supermarket and koufu food court

  214. Avatar photo

    There’s a Koufu Giant Mac’s 7-11 watsons phone shop spectacle shop clinic & bakery . . . Generally a decent variety of usual household needs.

  215. Avatar photo

    Nice place for an occasional visit.
    Good range of food variety in the Koufu and a large Giant supermarket located on the top.

  216. Avatar photo
    Wahid Rahim

    dr yeo is a friendly, nice and understanding doctor. his willingness to hear what his patient problem is outstanding. …

  217. Avatar photo
    Rosli Atan

    ⭐️⭐️ …

  218. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ching Loong Tan

    Neighborhood mini mall with less than a dozen small shops, one large supermarket, food court and fast food (Macs). You cannot find speciality foods or shopping here. But there is a decent selection of food if you are not picky.

  219. Avatar photo
    Salbiah Sar

    This mall’s is far from my normal route not like others malls near by Jurong East Station.

  220. Avatar photo
    Liz Brown

    Plenty of food places to choose from, most of which are very affordable.. You can explore all their shops, great selection!

  221. Avatar photo

    Mall has access to all basic needs: grocery, dining, atms, and a lot more.

  222. Avatar photo

    Easy to find this mall. U can enjoy here.

  223. Avatar photo
    Amjad Hussain

    Good place for local shopping in community residence

  224. Avatar photo
    Jie Wei Lim

    There is tuition centre but there is only one shopping market. So I would like it if there is more shops or markets

  225. Avatar photo
    Girish Joshi

    Areas wise this place is OK. Not much there to shop but for emergency it’s OK.

  226. Avatar photo

    Almost a one-stop destination, looking forward to more shops. There’s McDonald’s (no longer 24hrs due to covid-19 restrictions), Koufu (the only halal stall is Tenderbest), a juice shop next to Koufu & 7-11 for ready food. On the 3rd and 4th floor, there’s a really big Giant Supermarket. On the 2nd floor, there’s a massage place which is not the very best, but it’s affordable. They currently have a promo @ $32 for an hour’s worth of massage/ 40 mins reflexology and 20 mins body. Overall, it’s a great neighbourhood mall! Nothing fancy, but good for necessities.

  227. Avatar photo
    Abdull Rahman Ibrahim

    Its a very various items can be found at the mall.

  228. Avatar photo
    Siew Kum Hoong

    Many varieties of food by Koufu Food Court

  229. Avatar photo
    Ummi Ramli

    Went for foot reflexology and gua back massage on level 2. It was good.

  230. Avatar photo
    Patricia Ee

    Small,local shopping mall

  231. Avatar photo
    Bala Murali Krishna Simhadri

    Its not big mall as named it.. but you can get good food.. groceries by super market.. clinics.. gym..

  232. Avatar photo
    Daniel Ooi

    It does the job if you’re looking for groceries. Hardly a mall though if your thinking of clothes, electronics etc

  233. Avatar photo
    DB Kabir khan

    Beautiful place

  234. Avatar photo
    Arul G

    Very nice shopping mall near me.

  235. Avatar photo

    Pioneer Mall is meant to serve residents at Jurong West Blk 600+. A small shopping centre even by HDB standard. Once you are inside with your family, you would whisper ” Thank Goodness we dun have to walk so much to get what we want”. Giant supermarket occupying two storey together with optical shop, hardware shop, hair and beauty saloons providemore than your daily needs.
    After shopping we are spoilt by the choice of food, Koufu, McDonald, Texas Chicken, bubble tea. Etc etc…

  236. Avatar photo
    Fendy Saadon

    Nothing much here except for Giant Hypermart, McDonald’s and a Koufu food centre.

  237. Avatar photo
    Swaggie Micey

    many shops as well as giant supermarket.McDonalds and Koufu present as well

  238. Avatar photo

    PIONEER mall is far away from town, seem like a kampong village, is good for people don’t like congested place, and slow pace, and,less people,
    PIONEER Mall sell variety of foods, the delicious foods is the vegetarian stall, go and try and some shopping nearby for your slow stroll, not congested.
    Parking is convenient, is still an estate, but one good point ,Tuas check point is near, easy exit to Malaysia.

  239. Avatar photo
    Kenny Pan (KP)

    Neighborhood Shopping Mall come with SOP retail shops, air-con food court, supermarket(Top) and fast food(24 Hrs)

  240. Avatar photo
    Awfina_wazif Fina

    The Texas chicken taste very nice no regret will come again …

  241. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Tajuddin Azmi

    Good neighbourhood mini mall. Bare bones but as a guy it has all I need.

  242. Avatar photo
    Yong Quek

    A small mall near heartland. It has a Koufu food court that sell great food. There’s also a McDonald’s that operates 24hrs. The bakery stall sell nice waffles. There is a Giant supermarket if you need grocery.

  243. Avatar photo
    huda wahid

    Quite a bit of walk from Pioneer mrt but we got all we need at the mall. Bonus thrown in with a hawker center next door.

  244. Avatar photo
    Travel Lounge

    Good shopping and food options and It’s a nice place to chill around.

  245. Avatar photo
    Francis Goh

    Small shopping area, but they have giant supermart n a foodcourt inside pioneer mall and a new food court besides the mall.

  246. Avatar photo
    Madeline Lim

    it is a heartland mall where residents nearby can get their necessities conveniently. there is a Giant supermarket, Guardian store, a food court, a 24 hours macdonalds and 7-11 convenience store. there are also clinics on the 2nd level of the heartland mall. basic necessities can be met here.

  247. Avatar photo
    Shawn Ching

    Residences at the surrounding areas can get their daily necessities and services easily.

  248. Avatar photo
    Sajay Maravana

    Giant , and food centre is very reasonable

  249. Avatar photo

    A place with a wide variety of things to do there. Have your meal at Koufu, getting some Pastry at Bengawan Solo or get Your daily needs from Giant within this mall

  250. Avatar photo
    Patrick Tan

    Place is old and has not much shop variety

  251. Avatar photo
    nazri sapawi

    Nearest MRT pioneer, there is giant supermarket, small shop houses, macdonald, foodcourt and etc.

  252. Avatar photo
    Soh Kb

    Mall in Pioneer estate . afew clinics at the upper floor . A spacious food court , food variety is good .

  253. Avatar photo
    Yu zara

    Cheap pork and rib can find many Low price commodity

  254. Avatar photo
    Mira Widagdo

    Only visited the food court but it is very nice, duck rice is my favourite

  255. Avatar photo
    Cher Wen Koh

    There is a Koufu food court on the ground floor where you can enjoy your meals in aircon comfort. Most local food can be found here. There is also a Gaint store upstairs to do your gocery shopping. Also on the ground floor is a McDonalds with McCafe where you can enjoy your cup of coffee besides the usual McDonalds meals.

  256. Avatar photo
    Dorjee Ugyen

    Neighbour mall with the usual amenities such as food court, McDonald’s and a giant supermarket.

  257. Avatar photo
    selina chew

    Great food
    Relax ambience
    Coffee is Superb

  258. Avatar photo
    Kevin Khoo

    It’s a small mall. Familiar branded stores include Koufu Foodcourt, Begawan Solo, Giant Supermarket, 7-11, Watsons and McDonald’s. The others comprise mostly of small family owned provisions shops

  259. Avatar photo
    CAi Zhenken

    Bak chor mee is good at their Koufu

  260. Avatar photo
    John Goh

    It’s a small neighbourhood mall, i wouldn’t consider it a real mall. But if you’re looking at getting your groceries.

  261. Avatar photo
    Pratheeswaran Kaneshalingam

    Newly constructed mall in Jurong Near Pioneer Mrt. It’s situated along Jurong West street 61. This mall among residential building provides better shopping selection for Jurong residents.

  262. Avatar photo
    Cf lau Cf

    nice food n. spacious food court as this is my 1st visit

  263. Avatar photo
    Gary Tan

    got various eateries to have preferred variety of food.

  264. Avatar photo
    Gummy Nut

    You can find fast food restaurants here.

  265. Avatar photo
    Wolfgang Rohde

    Well a little local mini mall. Seems mainly doctors, beauty, education….

  266. Avatar photo
    S Q

    Its ok for a neighbourhood shopping centre. Has all the essential services and shops. They have Giant, Mcdonald and Koufu here.

  267. Avatar photo
    GR and Others

    It’s a great mall as it has a lot of shops hat one can explore! It’s a place for a family and I will definitely go back there for more amazing experiences! The only things is that the cleanliness of the place is not really up to standard. However there is a shop for all ages

  268. Avatar photo
    Ray Tan

    Tender fresh, Japanese food is nice!

  269. Avatar photo

    Very nice mall, would come back tomorrow at 4pm to settle a score again.

  270. Avatar photo
    Abdul Hadi

    Giant’s supermarket is the main attraction.

  271. Avatar photo

    Got pokemon gym and not very active, pokemon stay long here

  272. Avatar photo
    Spencer Kwan

    Love it’s anchor Giant supermarket & food courts

  273. Avatar photo
    Chong Jin Lan

    The place was good but we work there was many refuse for the health coaching form but some accepted

  274. Avatar photo
    Mariah channel

    Like to visit sometimes to go giant and eat at the western food there quite nice and cheap too

  275. Avatar photo
    Dave Weinstein

    Really old shopping mall, attached to an HDB block, with Giant supermarket attached. The while place shows it’s age and is a bit dirty.

  276. Avatar photo
    Charles Lau

    There’s an air-con food court, a 2 storey Giant supermarket, a McDonald’s, and a number of small shops. A hawker centre/market is opening soon next door.

  277. Avatar photo
    md hasni

    There is a 24hr McDonalds & 7-11, Giant Hypermart till 2300hrs, Watsons, Koufu, several clinics & other shops.

  278. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Tan

    Decent shopping mall with very little selection of items and food. Has a big departmental store call Giant.

  279. Avatar photo

    Good mall, alot of amenities. The Texas chicken there was really good.

  280. Avatar photo
    Fred C.

    A neighborhood shopping center with a air-conditioned food court (koufu), Macdonald and a Giant Supermarket. Several other small shops as well like 7-11, Watson, bakery ….

  281. Avatar photo

    How many times Google need to repeat same old question? Pioneer Mall is a good neighbourhood Mall. % guaranteed, not bluffing. …

  282. Avatar photo
    H F

    Macdonald is often crowded.
    Building design with escalator is poorly designed.

    A plus point for this mall is that Giant supermarket is 24 hours.

  283. Avatar photo
    Anna Chong

    Nice food court is the main point for this place

  284. Avatar photo
    Aloysius Tan

    Convenient place to get anything that you need

  285. Avatar photo

    A bit hard to navigate. Place is quiet when I was there around 9.30pm

  286. Avatar photo
    Runtian Ren

    The duck rice is kind of tasty in Koufu. I like their chili sauce and the soup.

  287. Avatar photo
    Jasmine See

    Has Giant and Koufu. Nothing special except next to it,there is a newly built high-tech hawker centre.

  288. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Wong

    One of the nicest food havens I visited. It was good, especially concerning the wifi provided there. …

  289. Avatar photo
    Macchua Chua

    This place is just one of the destination that I have pass by but it look great

  290. Avatar photo
    legeɴd ƙʀʊʍɮσ

    Convenient place with 24hrs McDonald’s. There’s Giant supermarket at level 3. What you can find here are 7-11, hair salon, clinic, ATMs, baking shop, hardware shop, HDB centre, foodcourt etc. There’s a newly opened hawker centre beside the mall.

  291. Avatar photo
    Angel Tan

    Heaps of varieties at cheap cost. Strong cooling aitconditiong is perfect at Singapore humid hot weather Luv the air-conditioning! …

  292. Avatar photo
    Danesh Boy

    Okey la nearby Mcd, standard …

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