Review Pinnacleduxton, SG, Singapore

Review PinnacleDuxton - Singapore SG

“Pinnacle Duxton’s night view. Great neighbourhood. Peaceful environment. Happy life.” or “Interesting housing in Singapore, they allow visitor to go to sky bridge in 50th floor. The ticket only 6 SGD” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Pinnacleduxton. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Pinnacleduxton is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Pinnacleduxton. In terms of Housing complex, it is generally believed that Pinnacleduxtonis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at SG, Cantonment Rd, #1G, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Housing complex, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 18002255432 (+65 18002255432)
  • Website:
  • Address: SG, Cantonment Rd, #1G, Singapore
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“50th level skypark on a public housing.. Incredible views of Singapore skyline Sunset view is the best in Singapore.. 5$ ticket to skypark. Totally worth it.”

“Pinnacle Duxton’s night view. Great neighbourhood. Peaceful environment. Happy life.”

“Nice view. Entrance is a Bit tricky. First you have to find the Office, then you must have a card e.g. tourist pass that can serve as electronic ticket for the door. Roof is a Nice place for a Picknick.”

“Hidden photography spot/gem. Its worth while going up to the 50th floor (with a small fee). You get a panoramic view of the financial district and urban living of Singapore.”

“So far this is my favorite observation point in Singapore. Quiet and unique, looks like a park on rooftop. Nice for sunset watching. Don’t forget to bring your EZ-LINK card and $6 in cash.”

“Amazing architecture smacked right in the city. Morning and late afternoon would be a great time to get there for a breathtaking view of Singapore at the 50th floor.”

“The most beautiful flats around here. Atas atas looking nearest to CBD. Opposite Everton park old estate but Opposite is fill with lots of interesting cafes too.”

“Interesting housing in Singapore, they allow visitor to go to sky bridge in 50th floor. The ticket only 6 SGD”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 206 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.6 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 95% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Pinnacleduxton, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Pinnacleduxton, SG, Singapore

There is a total 206 reviews

4.6 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Sriram R

    The place is nice with stunning views but it has not been maintained properly with maintenance workers regularly cutting corners

  2. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Yuen

    Very tall buildings and modern design, with good landscaping to increase the greenery in the area.

  3. Avatar photo
    Antonio Ongchap Jr

    The rooftop offers a great view of Singapore

  4. Avatar photo
    Nishant Nair

    Great view from the TOP. Note the viewing deck needs you to register at block 1 G before going up and it costs 6 sgd per person to go up

  5. Avatar photo
    Magda Biskup

    Really good views and only $6 per person. The viewing platform is huge and there is hardly anyone there. To enter, go to building G, entry to the ticket office is next to the convinience store on ground floor. For best views of the city skyline go there in the afternoon.

  6. Avatar photo
    Aswin Dorairaj

    Beautiful place for a city view from a different Angle. I definitely recommend this place for those who love to explore cities by foot as this is not an easy reach for the average tourist. The 50th floor views of the city, port and old cityscape are worth it.

  7. Avatar photo
    Vu Long Tran

    Pretty cool looking HDB. Decent location, steps up (climbing stairs) to most public places but overall easy to find and get to. Iconic.

  8. Avatar photo

    Nice ambience place for relaxing

  9. Avatar photo
    Freek vL

    Beautiful view from the skybridge, but the ticket booth can be a bit difficult to find. In block G, next to some convenience stores is a small shack where you can buy a ticket.

    You need an EzLink card for this (Public Transport tourist pass for example).

  10. Avatar photo
    Mich X

    Gorgeous sky park.. but entry is an issue..
    Full of China immigrant new owners..

  11. Avatar photo
    Marie Pham

    Pinnacle Duxton’s night view. Great neighbourhood. Peaceful environment. Happy life.

  12. Avatar photo
    Anutra Leela

    Great view

  13. Avatar photo
    Sunil Krishnan

    The Skybridge on the 50th floor offers a wonderful view

  14. Avatar photo
    Jay Be (Kualijules)

    Stunning views from the 50th floor rooftop garden/sky deck. SGD6 per person for entry.

  15. Avatar photo
    Carsten Kreuzer

    Super view from the roof, when open. Covid shut down unfortunately.

  16. Avatar photo
    Bear Chua

    Marvellous looking building
    This is a HDB project and it is not a private project.

    Govt really put effort to do this !

    The sky garden is one of a kind.

    The view is a million dollars as compared to other places.

    Good for fresh air and for people to rest their eyes with the view

    Therapy for the eyes and soul at the sky garden

  17. Avatar photo
    Amanda Wisener

    This is a must visit place in Singapore. $6 per person and you are on the 50th floor with a long skywalk and comfortable sitting area to relax with no time limit on your visit. This place is to get an all around view of the city from where you can see the harbour, sentosa island etc. If you are not fascinated by the view from a skyscraper, there is nothing else to do here. There are no washrooms on the top, no food stall nothing else. You can carry water and snacks and sit and enjoy the view there.

  18. Avatar photo

    This is a great place to do stair climb exercises. Once you get to the TOP, you’re greeted by a nice swaft of fresh air and a lovely view. The stairwell is reasonably ventilated and there’s drink shops just around the corner for when you’re tired.

  19. Avatar photo

    Looks beautiful but still offers nothing more than any other HDB

  20. Avatar photo

    If only HDB puts in same effort in designing and building all premium flats…

  21. Avatar photo
    K EL

    Very nice place and stunning view! You can visit if you’re a non-residents for a small fee.

  22. Avatar photo

    One of the most expensive HDB housing estate in Singapore.
    The unit is so small and narrow where it does not allow 2 persons walking abreast. Pathetic.

  23. Avatar photo
    pauline ho

    Very nice building in the central location with easy access of public transport. A beautiful public housing with unique and beautifil design!
    26th storey a nice place for jogging with good breeze!
    Very beautiful city and sea view from the 50th level especially fascinate night scene of Singapore !
    Nice plants all over at the 50th storey and there even having special seats to sit down at some areas!
    Public able to go up to view the beautiful scenery at 50th floor and purchase the ticket from the small office at 1G.
    I think office hours or until certain time at nigh hours.
    The viewing deck usually close before 10 pm , to be sure please check with the office.
    There is a nice eating place and like a casual pub very near The Pinnacle.
    There are many nice eating places and restaurants within walking distance !

  24. Avatar photo
    Cem Ozturk

    Was a resident for years. The most extraordinary place I’ve lived in my whole life. It may not seem that way from the outside, but it’s a blend of cultures and socioeconomic levels on the inside that you just won’t get in a normal HDB or condo. You are living with people from across Singaporean society, and now, across the world. Set in a vibrant, growing neighborhood with a gorgeous green patch out the back. There is a sense of community (for example, the parents and pet owners who chat by the huge banyan tree at the Duxton Plain park), the elderly who exercise every morning, the local Kung fu uncle. There are hundreds of food options within a 10 minute walk, along with at least two grocery stores, fruit vendors. Multiple playgrounds, including on the sky gardens atop the building. The building and exterior design is such that you’d scarcely know that you had 1800 units full of neighbors. It’s a great place to live.

  25. Avatar photo
    Josh Lawrence

    Awesome views from the top. Living there is not too busy, as one might imagine, but the facilities do seem a little old inside.

  26. Avatar photo
    Jonavan Lee

    Visited my aunt’s place here during CNY. Probably one of the most ambitious & beautiful HDB project in Singapore. The 26th floor sky garden & 50th floor rooftop garden is a must-go! Perfect photo spots for CNY OOTD especially HAHA. But you’ll need a resident card to tap in or get a visitor pass to get in. The blocks are linked on the 3rd, 26th & 50th floor. Nice rooftop running track – exercise with a view! Those who bought this unit 15yrs ago from HDB have effectively doubled their investment already. Great location & view! Worth a visit!

  27. Avatar photo
    Lorenz Gerber (NorrSwedeFPV)

    Nice view from the rooftop. Can be frying hot during the day…

  28. Avatar photo
    Yik Lim

    Remember to buy the entrance tickets at Blk G Level One ($6) before you can access the 50th floor skypark.

  29. Avatar photo
    Tejasri Gopi

    Breathtaking views.
    Jogging tracks and kids’ playgrounds , gym and everything is so convenient

  30. Avatar photo
    C P (cP)

    Amazing architecture smacked right in the city. Morning and late afternoon would be a great time to get there for a breathtaking view of Singapore at the 50th floor.

  31. Avatar photo
    Glenn Josch Horn

    Great view on their sky bridge

  32. Avatar photo
    Relative FrencH20

    Great observation deck that you can pay and go up in. I cannot imagine living in such a busy complex personally though … So many floors and so many units.

  33. Avatar photo
    Qijian Chan

    You can head up to the skybridge to get a nice view of the surrounding but it would cost you for access if you are not a resident. The overall feel of the area feels nice and premium. Not really a good place to view fireworks as the view is blocked by other buildings nearby.

  34. Avatar photo

    paying 6 dollar for the view is worth it.

  35. Avatar photo
    Gladys Chong

    Living at this unique and well-situated HDB complex brings pride to all the (mostly) middle-class families here.

    Pinnacle boasts of one of the highest fertility rates in the country (from my observations), simply because couples live in financial bliss with the reassuring knowledge that the price of their property will remain high (and thus have more children). Growing up in Pinnacle, my siblings and I faced no shortage of childhood companions because there were just so many children!

    I think the best part of living at Pinnacle is the amazing access to sporting areas. On the 3rd floor, there are multiple playgrounds for young children. For older children, they can choose to use the basketball court, or just scoot over to the nearby football court at Duxton Plain Park (which is also connected to Pinnacle). Badminton enthusiasts can book facilities at the Community Club, which is also connected to Pinnacle via a link bridge. If you are a cardio person, the 500m jogging track on the 26th storey is for you, with stunning views of the city skyline.

    Parking is standard for the Tanjong Pagar area. If you want cheap parking, head over to the multi-storey carpark at Everton/Spottiswoode.

    The only cons of Pinnacle are the badly-desighed carparks and ugly lift lobbies, but that is tolerable once you get used to it.

  36. Avatar photo

    Nice view at skybridge level 50. Sgd6/entry

  37. Avatar photo
    Amy marthyn

    It is very beautiful condominiums, are good for who need calm place quite place because far from any crowded place

  38. Avatar photo
    Oriel Koh

    Paid a fee of SGD5 at Block 1G. Went up during sunset. The city view was great! Was windy and there had many areas to chill and lounge. Wonderful experience!

  39. Avatar photo
    珺珺Irene fong

    The life layput very funny, out of 2 lift in between got 1 block

  40. Avatar photo
    Gopasila Mallick

    View from the room you will just love it
    The service of this hotel is nice and the food they serve is delicious
    Nice crowd and the location of this hotel is very nice
    Here all Nationality are welcome very well …

  41. Avatar photo
    Timothy TM

    Superb 360 view from 50th floor at the sky garden that visitors can pay $6 to visit or a resident in the building may bring you up without any costs. Note there is opening time, not open at night time. This is a great achievement by Singapore government to build such a magnificent public housing for its citizen. There’s also a sky garden at 26th floor for residents only. Building is key so clean and tidy with many restaurants around it. The only low point is the parking, which is a little messy in design, other than that impressive!

  42. Avatar photo
    Adeline Chin

    Very good views from here. The carpark is a mess, I got lost in it.

  43. Avatar photo
    Maria Correia Neves

    The view from the top is a much better experience than Ce La Vie at MBS.

  44. Avatar photo
    Chinmayi Prasanna

    Amazing view of the city. Visited my friends place here. The view from 50th floor is breathtaking where one can look at the blue ocean, sky scrappers and the old style buildings. Truly a view of Singapore. Tourists can also visit the 50th floor to have a view. It is ticketed-about 6 SGD.

  45. Avatar photo
    Astraeus Nighy

    its the most iconic HDB flat in singapore, likely due to its rooftop garden as a famous attraction. the ticket price is about $8, but the ticket booth is super hard to find for first time new comers, better to ask a local.
    the rooftop view is super good, tho cannot compare to singapore flyer or SkyPark in marina bay, but still quite good, especially at night, can see quite far

  46. Avatar photo
    Irakli Natshvlishvili

    One of the most unique building. On 50th floor is observation deck offering 360d views of Singapore

  47. Avatar photo

    Reached to 50th storey ….good experience payer just a cost of 6$ can see almost the whole Singapore

  48. Avatar photo
    Grace Ng

    5 stars for the sky bridge. The sunset view up there is quite something to behold. If you are a first time traveler to Singapore, this is a must check location. Note that you have to make payment at the admin office at Block G before going up.

  49. Avatar photo

    Although the website says you can only pay the 5SGD entrance fee with your ezlink card, it’s also possible to just pay by cash. There’s a guy sitting at the first floor right next to the ticket vending machine who will help you with that. The view from the skybridge at the 50th floor is amazing and really worth it! Altough the double fence hinders one from taking good panoramic photos, the ambience and the view are fantastic.

  50. Avatar photo
    Juliana Tang

    Love the rooftop garden there, where you can see a paranomic view of the city. It is accessible to public at a fee of $5.

  51. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Grimm

    Nice view from the skydeck which is opened for toutists over building G

  52. Avatar photo
    Sherry Chua

    It a nice view at the top but as it is already more than 5 years it is rather rundown

  53. Avatar photo
    Denis Solonenko

    Amazing view especially late in the evening. But a bit inconvenient to get in if you are not a resident.

  54. Avatar photo
    Enrico Anderlini

    Costing only 5$ (SGD) to get to the rooftop, this is one of the best deals in town to have a view of the city skyline. When on top, just walk around from building (A-G) to building to have a view on the whole city and the Straits.
    Entrance is from level 1 on the G complex. You need an EZ-link card to pay for entry. You can get one in the corner shop, but I would really recommend getting one at a 7-11 or similar before getting in this area.

  55. Avatar photo

    This flat is one the most valuable flat in singapore. considering its location and convenience.. this is one of the flat you would wanna live in. and the view at the sky garden is spectacular!!

  56. Avatar photo

    Nothing fanciful. Lift area stuffy. Car park area very messy. Always difficilt to locate car park where. Even ask residents themselves and they also don’t know and give wrong directions. The stores below are convenient though. And near bus stop and mrt station is good. Also the police station very near is good. Walking distance to many things.

  57. Avatar photo
    John Soh

    Definitely the Pinnacle of public housing in SG. The public access to the roof garden (S$5) is a nominal fee for the fantastic view of the cityscape.

    Do note: you’ll need an Ez-link or a CEPAS card for the payment.

  58. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    Beautiful houses in downtown sg.

  59. Avatar photo
    November Tan

    Love the running track on the sky terrace, wonderful view of the city from the top floors sky garden and did you know there is a gallery space at the very top of the building? Amazing views. The environment deck on the 2F is peaceful and you can’t tell you are in the middle of the bustling city

  60. Avatar photo
    Shankar Rajasekharan

    You can get stunning aerial views of the city, including the downtown area and port. You can enter this building using your EZLink card. The entry fee is 5 SGD per person. There are lots of benches and sheltered places to rest in the top floor

  61. Avatar photo

    Nice view of the city at the top. Would recommend others to come

  62. Avatar photo
    Eshu Agarwal

    Beuatiful panaromic views of singapore city at just $6!!!!)

  63. Avatar photo
    Nguyen Minh

    If you don’t have EZ link Card, you won’t allowed to enter this building.

  64. Avatar photo
    John Chandler

    Best S$5 you can spend in Singapore! Make sure you go up here.

  65. Avatar photo
    WenD Tan

    Hdb flats with their own garden access! Super cool

  66. Avatar photo
    Tej karan

    Great place, only one of a kind HDB flats in SG. Need access card to access the connecting blocks, wonderful view of the city

  67. Avatar photo

    Sky park gives an fantastic view during sunset! What else can I ask for?

  68. Avatar photo
    Haren Asher

    Superb views from the 50th floor. Very much with the 6sgd ticket . Best time to visit is during sunset.

  69. Avatar photo
    Kurniawan Nugraha

    Good place to hang out, and they have caviar in a good price too!

  70. Avatar photo
    MR. Bojenggoals (The One)

    Nice HDB flats and can find a family of chicken wandering around.. …

  71. Avatar photo
    Susan B

    Awesome, best in the afternoon for the closer skyscrapers but for the port and outer Singapore probably best in the morning. Go to G Block, first level ( ground floor) to pay $5. Well worth it. You can take your tripod too. Great spot for timelapse as well as sunset.

  72. Avatar photo
    Chan lenger

    Great place to see the skyline of Singapore at night at a cheap price. Go up to the 50th storey, and walk across the the buildings that are all connected together.

  73. Avatar photo

    Excellent place to stay, 5 star views

  74. Avatar photo
    Maryna Hrachova

    So far this is my favorite observation point in Singapore. Quiet and unique, looks like a park on rooftop. Nice for sunset watching.
    Don’t forget to bring your EZ-LINK card and $6 in cash.

  75. Avatar photo
    Daryl Bueno

    6SGD entrance fee as of 2019. Good hangout place to take photos of the harbor and CBD skyline. Otherwise nothing much to do. No CR and any food/water establishment in the rooftop garden.

  76. Avatar photo

    1. Offers good views of Singapore CBD.
    2. You can see the container port and Brani Island on other side. 3. 50 stories high.
    4. It’s HDB and not that well maintained.
    5. The views are awesome. Good place to be if you like taking photos of cityscapes and sunsets.
    6. Entry fees, 6 SGD.

  77. Avatar photo
    Lau Li He

    Cheap version of marina bay sand view of Singapore cityscape. Every friend of mine that came here was impressed by the view. Need to pay thou.

  78. Avatar photo
    Timothy TM

    Superb 360 view from 50th floor at the sky garden that visitors can pay $6 to visit or a resident in the building may bring you up without any costs. Note there is opening time, not open at night time. This is a great achievement by …

  79. Avatar photo
    Mohit Dalal

    Never thought HDB can be so beautiful.. Perfect in all ways. Just look at this night view …

  80. Avatar photo
    Sue Kent

    Intriguing architecture. The Sky Garden also offered one of the best panoramic views of the city, even to Sentosa! One of my favourite attractions in Singapore. Just a few blocks away from Chinatown, should be in your itinerary when visiting Chinatown.

  81. Avatar photo

    Absolutely awesome place to view Singapore from the top!!! Ticket entrance is located at the 1G building. The price is S$6 pp. You will be asked to have callable phone as you could entrance and leave the roof only by calling to the ticket office.

  82. Avatar photo
    Clifton Cinematics

    Been here for a school assignment. The place is really tall. Though it’s disappointing to pay just for the top view.

  83. Avatar photo
    joice Lim

    The tallest residential building in Tanjong Pagar with roof top opening to the public with a fee during national day. Very nice surrounding view. There is another lower level that is for the resident to exercise like jogging… Great plc

  84. Avatar photo
    Hux Siah

    P@D is Singapore’s showcase of public housing. Located at Tanjong Pagar, it is also the tallest cluster of HDB flats in land scarce Singapore. There’s a sky bridge linking the buildings and you can catch breathtaking views of the city, the port and the sea.

  85. Avatar photo
    Mike W

    Great viewing platform on the top of these 50 storey blocks with fantastic views over Sentosa Island, the Tanjong Pager Wharfs and Container Terminal and the City ….. Virtually 360° views of Singapore South, small S$6 charge to viewing level

  86. Avatar photo
    Ed An

    A HDB where residents hoping to be instant millionaires after taking advantage of subsidy … Popular ground for agents

  87. Avatar photo
    Dave Graham

    For 6SGD you can go to the 50th floor deck for an amazing 360∅ view of Singapore … Well worth the money.

  88. Avatar photo
    Jerry Kwok

    An contemporary urban scape with high population density but ample living environmemt, public spaces tangled with private spaces……a good demonstration for high density development in crowded cities.

  89. Avatar photo
    Noon Noonie

    Went up to the roof top at night to check out the views. $5 using EZlink card if you are not resident. It’s great view and breezy. A bit dark but I guess you can call it romantic for couples. If you need to pay to go up, make sure you spend sometime up there to make your money worth. Recommend night time as there are no shelter. It will be too hot during the day.

  90. Avatar photo
    De Day

    Pinnacle at Duxton is Amazing !
    50th floor is very beautiful and amazing!! Really must see! 1000/100
    Fortunate for the residents at P@D

  91. Avatar photo
    Rajan Raju

    A hidden-in-plain-sight gem. A wonderfully architected public housing project with spectacular views of the city. You need to pay a nominal sum to go up, please pay and have an unforgettable experience!

  92. Avatar photo

    This is a good place to park if you are heading to Shake Shack. It is just at the fringe of CBD, so when can avoid ERP CBD charges (with COVID, at the moment ERP CBD charges are suspended).

  93. Avatar photo
    Cliff Ng

    A building unlike any other I have seen.. worth the visit for the view at a cheap price as well better than dealing with the crowd at mbs too…

  94. Avatar photo
    Achuthan Sivadas

    Nice building. Good architechture. The view from the skybridge is really amazing. Only glitch the ticketing machine in the lobby doesnt work and you have to call the guy at maintenance office to turn on thw turnstile so as to enter and exit the skybridge.

  95. Avatar photo
    Yogesh Jadhav

    Lovely experience on the terrace and running track on 26th floor!

  96. Avatar photo
    Franziska Kästner

    Best view for only 6$, no need to buy expensive drinks, dress up, wait in line. Perfect for people who travel on a budget. You can have a walk on the viewing platform. We stayed up there for at least one hour. You can’t see the marina bay sands.

  97. Avatar photo
    Au Kellumar

    The 50th floor sky bridge gives a good view of the city but the Marina Bay area is obscured by even taller buildings. It is recommended to visit this place early morning so that the atmosphere is cool.

  98. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Zhan

    Well architecturally designed building has now become an icon of the Singaporean skyline

  99. Avatar photo

    The paradigm for affordable housing!

  100. Avatar photo
    Faisal Abdul Karim

    Excellent location and amenities nearby

  101. Avatar photo
    Andrea Bonanomi

    Amazing experience on the 50th storey skybridge! With just 6S$ you have access to this overhead runaway. Thousands of people living under your feet as you are admiring the panorama of the metropolis. One star less due to the listlessness of the staff at the ticketing office

  102. Avatar photo
    Amol Pathak

    Not worth, better to visit other view point places.

  103. Avatar photo
    Tortong Tonglor

    On 2018 I bought ticket at Management Agent Office on 1st floor Block 1G. It’s near bus stop no.05519. Please note that you must have EZlink Card for register as a sky garden access key card and pay cash 6SGD to go up there.Great view on 50th floor rooftop sky garden especially evening time. Enjoy!

  104. Avatar photo
    Nelson Goh

    Spectacular view fr the top flr gdn. Such convenient location where to find

  105. Avatar photo
    B “AB” Toni

    a very wide view and nice walk on the 50 floor .

  106. Avatar photo
    Tian Lye Teo

    Starting here, the cityscape of Singapore can be very overwhelming and grand from the sky bridge on the 50th level. Try to go before 8pm as they close at 9.30pm.

  107. Avatar photo
    Winson Ong

    I will recommend a visit in the evening around 6pm. The crowd and the whole building make this place Warm and Relaxing ! Come and Feel it by yourself.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jacqui Walsh

    Amazing views of Singapore from 50th floor. Wonderful use of outside space and excellent example of social housing.

  109. Avatar photo
    Kannan Raven

    Pub below is very convenient.

  110. Avatar photo
    Anubha Agarwal

    Got this view from there …. Amazing

  111. Avatar photo
    Mathieu Codomier

    So huge condo, very nice view on the top opened to public for 6sgd entry with ez link card.

  112. Avatar photo

    Third coolest building in singapore after Marina Bay Sands & Reflections @ Keppel Bay

  113. Avatar photo
    Peter Schubert

    Nice view. Entrance is a Bit tricky. First you have to find the Office, then you must have a card e.g. tourist pass that can serve as electronic ticket for the door. Roof is a Nice place for a Picknick.

  114. Avatar photo
    Jun Yan Yeo

    My friend say bring girls here at rooftop garden can get second date, but if BTO or resale here can get second child.

  115. Avatar photo
    Peggy M

    The Skybridge is easy to find if you know what youre looking for. Find Block 1G and at Level 1 find the little office to pay your $6 entry fee to be registered into your CEPAS or ezlink card. Only elevators A or B take you to level 50. Once there, enjoy the view! There is very little shade so visiting at night is much cooler. Be advised the last entry is at 21:00. There are no restrooms, so sort that out before taking the trip.

  116. Avatar photo
    Clemens Baumgartner

    You get an excellent view for 5 SGD.

  117. Avatar photo
    Thành Trần Tiến

    Amazing place with amazing view! Nice place to jog, take photos and relax.

  118. Avatar photo
    Stefan Wismer

    Very nice roof top. Publicly accessible. S$ 6.

  119. Avatar photo
    James Wong

    Hidden photography spot/gem. Its worth while going up to the 50th floor (with a small fee). You get a panoramic view of the financial district and urban living of Singapore.

  120. Avatar photo
    Mohd Radzi

    The Pinnacle @ Duxton is the
    Tallest HDB building.

    Its stands at 50-storeys tall. From the higher floors, you can see all the way to the port of Keppel Harbour, and the whole of Tanjong Pagar and Sentosa.
    There’s a good heritage garden at the centre of the blocks and one can learn some of the historical facts about Singapore.

  121. Avatar photo
    Thomas Koo

    very nice sceneries at the highest floor.

  122. Avatar photo
    Arun Kumar P

    Amazing premium HDB in the heart of the city. Landmark building with Sky deck (Jogging and walking track, seating ) at 50th and 26th floors. Public are allowed at a SGD 6.00 per ticket.

  123. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Kwai

    Fantastic views …

  124. Avatar photo
    Varsha Sundar

    Sky garden is very cool but costs $5 for non-residents to enter. Also you can only pay with CEPAS (EZ-Link, etc.)

  125. Avatar photo

    I was on the top of the building on Singapore 52nd birthday, I watched the sunset with the air Force bringing the flag of Singapore, very great experience indeed

    The entrance fee is 6sgd

  126. Avatar photo

    PLEASE NOTE: operating timing is….

  127. Avatar photo
    Shane LA MACCHIA

    Awesome view of the city from the Sky Garden on the 50th level.

    To gain access you need your MRT card and need to find the little offixe at 1G to gain access to lifts to the sky garden.

    Views are priceless.

  128. Avatar photo
    Peter Kakulas

    Spectacular views …slightly hard to work out where to pay to get up, but worth the effort!

  129. Avatar photo

    Great view from the top floor but now need to pay to go up…Still worth the while for the panaromic view of Singapore …the harbour, the city, the bay area, etc. Lots of good restaurants in vicinity

  130. Avatar photo
    Anne Paque

    Go to 1A for entry. Great views over part of singapore

  131. Avatar photo
    Melanie Tan

    The award winning Pinnacle @ Duxton, probably the jewel in HDB portfolio. The 50th storey roof garden offers a panoramic view of the island’s business district and world class port. Personally I find the layout confusing and the units too densely packed. However, this modern design is suitable for this tiny island state.

  132. Avatar photo

    50th level skypark on a public housing..
    Incredible views of Singapore skyline
    Sunset view is the best in Singapore..
    5$ ticket to skypark. Totally worth it.

  133. Avatar photo
    Lily Teng

    Nice flat, high buklding from upstair can see all the sentosa island

  134. Avatar photo
    Lay choo ong

    I am a resident here and it is possibly the best hdb in the entire island. It is walking distance to chinatown and tanjong pagar, and the skybridges allow many amenities to be discovered. Also there is basketball and futsal courts nearby for ballers. Many food options here. I am proud to say that i am a resident here. Note for those who wanna go 50th story sky bridge, go to block 1G 1st floor to get access.

  135. Avatar photo
    Molly Koh

    Great view of the city! You can almost see Malaysia to the north, and the hills of Indonesia to the south on a clear day. We have been here many times and we still enjoy and always had a good time here

  136. Avatar photo
    Andrey Mischenko

    Skybridge on 50th level one of the best viewing decks in Singapore. Great view to Downtown, port and other part of Singapore

  137. Avatar photo
    Hari Haran

    View from 50th floor is magnificent

  138. Avatar photo
    Андрей Дуплык

    Gorgeous and cheap observation deck in a residential block

  139. Avatar photo
    Frank Lyon

    Really nice place, great views, and an awesome dining facility Essens.

  140. Avatar photo
    Grégoire .Luthier

    Super great view of Singapore a must do before you go ! Cost 6$

  141. Avatar photo

    One of Singapore public Housing. Fantastic view.

  142. Avatar photo
    Tsi Moi

    Pinnacle@Duxton are seven connected towers located at Singapore’s city center. The buildings are the world’s tallest public residential buildings at a height of 159.7 m / 524 ft. The construction for Pinnacle@Duxton started on April 2005 and was completed in 2009 and it has 2 sky gardens located on the 26th and 50th floors. The 26th floor skybridge links all 7 towers.
    The 50th floor skybridge is open to the public and you can enjoy scenic views of the city by paying $S5. Go to tower 1G which faces Cantonment Road to reach the lift to get to the skybridges. Call to check for opening time, it closes for Chinese New Year.

  143. Avatar photo
    Cao Nguyen

    This “housing complex” with sky gardens and sky bridges connecting the sky towers to each other is a proud of HDB. HDB is well-known by all residents in Singapore as they build flats for more than 80% families in Singapore. In the old days, to cut down cost the HDB flats are usually standard, poor designed … However, nowadays, HDB flats are closer and closer to private condominium apartments. And, this Pinnacle is the first and most reprensentable of this trend.

  144. Avatar photo
    Clifton Kor

    Overpriced and only for people at the pinnacle of wealth. Which is everyone in Singapore except for me. I have low self esteem issues.

  145. Avatar photo
    partik madaan

    This is the best building to live in Singapore. Haven’t been to apartmemts like this before. The sky garden is beautiful with awesome city and sea view.

  146. Avatar photo
    Vishal Kanjani

    A hidden gem in Singapore. Awesome views from the sky deck (almost at 1/3rd the price of some well known sky deck attractions)

    It’s super underrated. Awesome for photographers and genuine place to have perhaps one of the best views you can get at Singapore. It’s a non-commercial place (and I hope it stays that way), so carry your own water / drink / snacks. Although, I think eating is prohibited (not sure).

    Will definitely visit again!

  147. Avatar photo
    Stijn Meijer

    The building’s upper sky deck is accessible against a small fee. It offers stunning views over the city as well as a relaxing environment to spend quite some time. There are no other facilities up there, although some seating is available.

  148. Avatar photo
    Adam Koh

    Happen to walk passed this place. Not much ppl but good place to walk pass. …

  149. Avatar photo
    florence RG scorps

    I live here with my employer family. Such a nice place

  150. Avatar photo
    Jessica C

    This place is huge and is like a maze. Depending on the time of year you visit, you can only purchase tickets to go up to the 50th floor in certain sections of the condo complex. It took us probably 45 minutes just to find where but I highly recommend it. Once you get to the top it is very quiet and there are lots of areas for you to take photos. You can walk around all of the condo complexes and once on the 50th floor you it’s pretty organized and easy to see which complex you are at.

  151. Avatar photo
    Paxton Foo

  152. Avatar photo
    doctor GP

    Centrally located. Well maintained. Enough greenery within complex. Mini garden, Children playing area, Kindergarten, history monument etc. within complex. Parking place is ventilated though not sufficiently. Greenery even on middle of floors with jogging track.

  153. Avatar photo
    aaron wu

    Only $6 for stunning views!

  154. Avatar photo
    Max W

    Pay 5 dollars, you can get on the top of the building. I suggest going there in the afternoon.

  155. Avatar photo
    Monica Kho

    Awesome night view from the top of Pinnacle. You can go to Bloack G to purchase a ticket to take a lift to the top. don’t forget to go for dessert at the nearby hawker centre. Try the curry puff and nyonya kueh and the tau suan.

  156. Avatar photo
    Philip Dampal

    Architecture is great! My friend lives here. If you’re here, make sure to visit the deck!

  157. Avatar photo
    Byron Boyle

    One of the best views from 50 floors up in Singapore for only $5 (they only accept EZ-link transit card) if you’re not a building resident. Head over to the first floor of 1G building to pay the entrance fee at the management office. The building complex is pretty cool unto itself, especially considering it’s a public housing building. The viewing platform also happens to be part of the world’s longest sky garden at 500 in length.

  158. Avatar photo

    It’s the tallest public housing development estate as of Year 2021 and may be for many decades to come.

  159. Avatar photo

    Very good place to see city view. Recommend at night especially.

  160. Avatar photo
    Srinivas Raju

    Its very gud experience sky bridge in night time

  161. Avatar photo
    Philipp Comans

    Great view, highly recommended.
    Here are the instructuons on how to get to the sky bridge:

    Make payment at M.A. Office @ S$6/- Cash per

    Register EZ-Link Card/Any CEPAS enabled card
    Proceed to Lift Lobby at Block 1G(Behind M.A.

    Take Lift A or B and proceed up to level 50
    Move inside the turnstile and then tap Registered
    EZ-Link Card/CEPAS-enabled card to enter

    Enter & Exit Skybridge ONLY AT BLOCK 1G LEVEL
    50 using Registered EZ-Link / CEPAS-enabled card

  162. Avatar photo
    Zachary Tang 郑诚鋆

    Lived here for 10 years. Marvelous location, extremely convenient. You can get anything in just a few minutes’ walk. Favourite bubble tea shop is located here.

  163. Avatar photo
    Bror Appelsin

    One of the best kept secrets in Singapore. Awesome views towards harbour and downtown skyline.

  164. Avatar photo
    syeda shahnaz

    Awesome view from terrace. Loved the place

  165. Avatar photo
    Amanda Wisener

    This is a must visit place in Singapore. $6 per person and you are on the 50th floor with a long skywalk and comfortable sitting area to relax with no time limit on your visit. This place is to get an all around view of the city from where you can see the harbour, sentosa island etc. If you are not fascinated by the view from a skyscraper, there is nothing else to do here. There are no washrooms on the top, no food stall nothing else. You can carry water and snacks and sit and enjoy the view there.

  166. Avatar photo
    Pasitpong Wangjongrakkul

    The view to this place was absolutely great. Let me tell you, best view in Singapore. The only downside to my trip here, was that the admission was a little expensive.

  167. Avatar photo
    Henry Chen

    Great city view at most affordable price $6 ($5?) per pax.

  168. Avatar photo
    sonder island

    The only public housing project in Tanjong Pagar. Great location and non residents can pay a small fee to enter the building and go to the sky garden to watch sunset.

  169. Avatar photo
    Najd Salas

    There’s a rooftop walk with a great view of the city. Entrance fee is 5$.

  170. Avatar photo
    Trina Claire Galdones

    Nice and simple view

  171. Avatar photo
    Faisal Mohamed

    Pinnacle Duxton 50 Storey HDB

  172. Avatar photo
    Keith Koh

    Lovely neighborhood packed with awesome amenities all round. Resident gets access to proper jogging track on sky park, indoor badminton courts and activities by connecting community center. Cozy cafes, top restaurants and local foodfare is what you get in this one special place.

  173. Avatar photo
    Glenn Auve

    Excellent views over the city. The observation level is huge. The small office where you go to pay isn’t especially well marked and the guy manning the office wasn’t particularly friendly. But it is cheap. I went a bit before sunset.

  174. Avatar photo
    Melanie Tam

    360 views of Singapore but without the crowds. Although, this is not really the city centre so you’d get a different view than what you would see at the SkyPark Observation Deck (which I preferred). I will say though, it was nice that no one was around. It felt very serene. It’s actually a residential building, but they allow visitors to access the roof for a $6 SGD fee. To get ‘tickets’, you need to go to the office in the basement at 1G, which was really hard to find. We spent probably half an hour looking for it and the office is not obvious. It’s a dim booth with a paper print out sign indicating that that’s where you buy the tickets. You’ll also need an EZ-Link card, because that’s how they will load the ticket for you, and you need that card to scan for access at the roof. So be sure to purchase one at the metro beforehand because they don’t sell it there.

    Overall, worth the visit – especially if you are someone who likes to avoid people.

  175. Avatar photo
    Shernet Ong

    Do visit the top roof garden! It’s breathtaking and you get a peaceful time on your own.

  176. Avatar photo
    Gert Meleqi

    The most beautiful view of Singapore. You have to pay five euros to walk around.

  177. Avatar photo
    Markus D

    It’s 6$ to go up to the skybridge on the 50th floor. You have to pay cash and you need an mrt card. There are different areas where you can sit, relax and get a great view over Singapore.

  178. Avatar photo
    Fei Fei Chiam

    Can’t believe this is a public housing from HDB. Very different from all the flats all over Singapore!

  179. Avatar photo
    Paul Vleeshouwers

    Interesting architecture and hard to believe this is also HDB housing.

  180. Avatar photo
    Saumya Bhargava

    This is the most exotic HDB building in Singapore. The top level has a park and has $5 entry charge. It is a place worth visiting.

  181. Avatar photo
    Thitikarn Nithiuthai (Mesy)

    You can see the Bird Eye View of Singapore from 50th SkyBridge at The Pinnacle@Duston

  182. Avatar photo
    John Eggers

    Best views of Singapore with rooftop walkway between all 7 blocks. Great photos day or night with small entry fee. Highly recommend a visit.

  183. Avatar photo
    Sum Sum

    This award-winning public housing development is called home by more than 2,000 Singaporeans. It is made up of seven 50-storey blocks which are connected by two skybridges, one on the 26th floor and another on the 50th floor. Pinnacle@Duxton was one of the most sought after developments when it was launched because of its design and location.

    The entrance fee is but a fraction of the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark and you don’t have to ‘buy a drink’ like at other rooftop F&B establishments, the views are equally (or even more) stunning as it is located right in the middle of Singapore and also has 360 degree views of the city, plus it’s less touristy which equals less crowds. Enough said!

    Bring your EZ-Link card (the top-up card for public transport) and proceed to the Level 1 counter at Block 1G for payment and registration.

  184. Avatar photo
    Shivshankar Nair

    I used to live there before We moved to India. It used to be my most favourite place in the world

  185. Avatar photo
    Lars F Clausen

    This was a good surprise, What a view of Singapore for sgd 6. I enjoyed the view from 50 floor.

  186. Avatar photo
    Precios Condes

    Sunset is good to visit because too hot but there are place to sit and relax…

  187. Avatar photo
    Benny Ong

    Good residential place

  188. Avatar photo
    Martin Lee

    Nice design of HDB flats disadvantage is they houses here are too expensive but nice to go up to 50 & 25 to look at the view hate it they have to charge people for it, why they have to charge
    OVERPRICED HOMES here old houses

  189. Avatar photo
    Nazh Nazhy

    Blue Sg parking near my house … YAY! …

  190. Avatar photo

    The name explains it all (The pinnacle) can never be another , the peak of perfection

  191. Avatar photo
    Centrepiece furnishing

    This is one prime location and if you live on the higher floors. You will have the spectacular view of Singapore as this place is kinda in the middle of all actions in Singapore. It has also very interesting architecture design that is worth a second look.

    We had the opportunity to custom made sofa/headboards and did reupholstery work for a few household here and was impressed by the place! Very lovely people live in this building!!

  192. Avatar photo
    Aditya Indra Nugraha

    Interesting housing in Singapore, they allow visitor to go to sky bridge in 50th floor. The ticket only 6 SGD

  193. Avatar photo
    Lu Guo Liang

    A great place to view Singapore’s impressive Central Business District as well as the surrounding area.

  194. Avatar photo
    Ng Jackson

    Awesome architecture with a great view of the city at the TOP!

  195. Avatar photo
    Jen Tan

    The most beautiful flats around here.
    Atas atas looking nearest to CBD.
    Opposite Everton park old estate but Opposite is fill with lots of interesting cafes too.

  196. Avatar photo
    Astraeus Nighy

    its the most iconic HDB flat in singapore, likely due to its rooftop garden as a famous attraction. the ticket price is about $8, but the ticket booth is super hard to find for first time new comers, better to ask a local.
    the rooftop view is super good, tho cannot compare to singapore flyer or SkyPark in marina bay, but still quite good, especially at night, can see quite far

  197. Avatar photo
    Dragos Susman

    Not very touristic, though popular among local people. You can visit the building rooftop in block 1G by paying 6 SGD. What was strange was that we needed a EZ card used mostly for transportion around the city. We were lucky to meet someone there who helped us with this. Other then this situation, we enjoyed a nice sightseeing tour of the rooftop with amazing views of the city

  198. Avatar photo

    I love looking at this building from the outside.Pinnacle has a very strong presence and the design is very sophisticated!

    Be careful when visiting the people who live in this building:
    It looks like it’s close to the station, but there are so many towers to get lost in

  199. Avatar photo
    jocelyn balaba

    Keep visiting here for chinese class of the kids.

  200. Avatar photo

    One of the best housing development board subsidised residential complex in Singapore

  201. Avatar photo
    Peter Oudenes

    If you ever visit Singapore and want see this nation on a wonderful way. Goto this building. At Block 1G you can buy a ticket 5SGD and you can go on top of this building. Walk around and you have nice skyline view of Singapore. Its open till 11PM in evening!!!

  202. Avatar photo
    Manoj Prasanna Handapangoda

    Experience was pretty good. You can have nice scenery of the harbour in sunset. $5 is worth spending.

  203. Avatar photo
    Yong Wen Chua

    Great views of the city. Paying and getting up there might be cumbersome. Only works with EZ link card and no other CEPAS cards.

  204. Avatar photo
    Sabina S.

    Love the sky balcony! The sky balcony os on the 50th floor, so You have an amazing few on the different districts of singapore, port, business district etc. You can’t see gardens by the bay though. Nevertheless, highly recommenden to go up for the sunset and stay until it’s dark, so you can enjoy all the lights.

  205. Avatar photo

    Brilliant piece of construction. View from balcony is insane

  206. Avatar photo
    Sasidharan Sreedharan

    I used to live in that awesome place
    Flat E
    Floor 46
    It’s just amazing

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