Review Pine Garden’s Cake, 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore

Review Pine Garden's Cake - Singapore 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10

“My favourite go-to old school cake shop! Love their wide selection of cakes and my personal favourite is still the Lychee Martini.” or “Old school bakery with really nice (taste wise), presentable cakes! I believe they use real, quality ingredients.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Pine Garden’s Cake. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Pine Garden’s Cake is quality.

Introduction about Pine Garden's Cake

Here are some fundamental details regarding Pine Garden's Cake. In terms of Cake shop, it is generally believed that Pine Garden's Cakeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2369, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Cake shop, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 64576159 (+65 64576159)
  • Website:
  • Address: 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2369, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Pine Garden's Cake via:

Phone number

You can reach Pine Garden's Cake at 64576159(+65 64576159). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Pine Garden's Cake via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-2369, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Pine Garden's Cake reviews

Pine Garden's Cake is among the best destinations of Cake shop in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Pine Garden's Cake good?

To determine whether Pine Garden's Cake is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“My favourite go-to old school cake shop! Love their wide selection of cakes and my personal favourite is still the Lychee Martini.”

“I love the curry buns and curry puffs here. Really tasty and chunky filling. Good value for money and worth the journey to get them. Today there was no fried wings. They are excellent too.”

“One of my regular cakes - Lychee Martini & Black Forest. But the rest of the selections are also very tempting... which are your favourites? Care to share? …”

“Really love the premium wedding cake for guo da li! My relatives love it too”

“Always love their cakes and today we tried their Pulut Hitam cake. And we really love it.”

“Love the lychee martini and buttercream was great! Pandan cake and all that.”

“Suprise of the taste for orni sponge cake. Baked cheese cake taste normal.Good service.Staff is very helpful.”

“The cream cakes get more attention but their pandan cake is actually pretty good.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 163 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 79% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Pine Garden's Cake, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Pine Garden’s Cake, 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore

There is a total 163 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Fleur MiscPatron

    ok, not bad.

  2. Avatar photo
    Bee B.

    They make very nice cakes. Prices are reasonable. They sell them in slices or as whole cakes. Some of my favorites: Mango Passion fruit, Orange zest chocolate, Mango pomelo sago, Nostalgic strawberry buttercream

  3. Avatar photo
    juzcrap ham

    a quaint neighbourhood cake shop with a “brand”.
    there are more sliced cakes (and variety) available than actual whole cakes; maybe because based on market data, sliced cakes are more popular?
    well, i personally like sliced cakes though they might not be too presentable for celebration occasions like birthdays/anniversaries. sliced cakes allow the option to select a variety of flavours…
    a slice of cake here costs from S$3-3.50 ; might be pricey for a neighbourhood standard but, still, given the quality from Pine Garden’s, the price is justifiable.
    this time, we purchased 3 different flavours of the sliced cake – pulot hitam, blackforest, lychee martini.
    out of the 3 slices brought back, i managed to eat only the lychee martini. the rest were consumed by others.
    the lychee martini – i could not taste the martini.. and the taste of lychee was faint. i would say i like the cake because of its softness/fluffiness making the package light, not too heavily sweet. sitting well to my liking.
    purchase of cakes here i would say, is just an occasional random indulgence. doubt i will purposely go for a Pine Garden’s cake, just to satisfy a sweet craving.

  4. Avatar photo
    A L

    Alot of variety cakes. …

  5. Avatar photo

    A famous local cake shop. The main flavor is butter cream, but the taste is reminiscent of the Showa era. I wonder if there is no repeat…

  6. Avatar photo
    Roy Chan

    Nice cakes and bakeries

  7. Avatar photo
    T T

    Cannot get enough of their cakes. Love their all time fav lychee martini cake & their new flavour- peach earl grey cake. Cakes are not too sweet just nice! Spend $30 to enrol their membership program if not pay $2 for the membership form. They do hv daily handmade kuehs / puffs and other types of pastries and bread . Mooncakes promotion too.

  8. Avatar photo
    beckham Aaron

    Always reliable place to find affordable and great tasting cakes

  9. Avatar photo
    Kai En Chua

    Very nice tasting cakes!

  10. Avatar photo
    Curious T

    Delicious and fluffy lychee martini cake! I ran into a snag while making my way to pick up the cake. I really appreciate the shop’s prompt action in putting the cake in a grab taxi so that the cake arrived in time for the party! Fabulous service!

  11. Avatar photo
    Goh Francis

    Yummy cake and bread

  12. Avatar photo
    Jian Xin Sito

    There’s a great deal of Varieties in this old school shop! Having tried so many different Kueys, we feel that the must try here is the Kaya cake and Seri Muka is a must must try! We really love the Seri Muka here.. Didn’t take any pics as we finish eating before we have time to take pics!

    Overall 5/5 stars

  13. Avatar photo
    Anupam S. Guleria

    Okay Google, not much I can write about a Cake Shop. Except that the chocolate pastry I had from here was excellant – as good as I had anywhere, only it was not as sweet – which may or may not be a good thing, depending on who or how old you are. Also, that there are alcohol based baked stuff here, which I couldn’t devour because it was in the middle of a work day, on which note, I shouldn’t have been in a cake shop in the middle of a work day. So there’s that.

  14. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Loo

    Nice customize birthday cake I ever purchased with Pine garden. Give it a try you would never forget or regret it.

  15. Avatar photo
    Joanne Chan

    I like delicious

  16. Avatar photo
    Bwee (Benjamin)

    Old time favourite.. but price seems to increase a little over time

  17. Avatar photo
    Steven Chan

    Their cakes are nice and some are quite interesting too. Bought a cake online and went for collection today around 11am but expect a wait before collecting them.

    It’s not due to the queue as I was given a queue number and waited for 10mins even though no one was in front of me.

  18. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I like their cakes. The cc nearby ordered tgeir cakes for celebrations. My nephew’s son full month he ordered cakes for all the relatives. My other nephew ordered cakes for all of us when he came to distribute wedding card. Very good and presentable cakes for all occasations

  19. Avatar photo
    Mike Chia

    One of my regular cakes – Lychee Martini & Black Forest. But the rest of the selections are also very tempting… which are your favourites? Care to share? …

  20. Avatar photo
    Ramani Rajappan

    Nice cakes and busy place

  21. Avatar photo
    Wizliana Lian

    Great delicacy! thumbs Up!

  22. Avatar photo

    Good, But slightly expensive for a slice of cake

  23. Avatar photo
    Karen Neo

    Other than the ‘nostalgic’ pieces I must have, I’ve gotten the lychee martini and pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) cakes to try too! YUM

    Pulut Hitam cake would be the winner for this purchase, so soft and light, the black glutinous rice was slight chewy (the texture I like best!) Though Lychee Martini was strongly recommended by my friend!

  24. Avatar photo
    Augustine Babu

    Black forest is one of the best cakes I ever had. …

  25. Avatar photo
    Jessie Chia

    Traditional Rainbow Cake
    It’s so hard to find traditional cake nowadays and I’m glad that I found it here! the cake is moist and soft and goes well with the whipped cream! …

  26. Avatar photo
    Chris Tan

    Old school bakery still dishing out good old quality cakes! Try their signature Lychee Martini and Pulut Hiam cakes, it’s not too sweet and yet still has flavour. Light and fluffy, easy on the stomach too.

  27. Avatar photo
    Mun Chong

    Famous for celebration cakes with alcohol and innovative additions to their cake range, they also serve traditional Peranakan and Teochew goodies that are seldom seen nowadays
    Blackforest & Bailey’s are some of my favourite cakes with alcohol
    Since we couldn’t decide on getting just one cake for a birthday celebration, we once decided on getting one slice each of their various flavours and we ended up with about 14 slices – about 1.5 cakes

  28. Avatar photo
    Qin Ying Chen

    One of my favorite cake shop though one should tried their bread and pastries as they are delicious too!

  29. Avatar photo
    Steven Chiang Hock Chuan

    Good place to get your order for designers cake or normal cakes. They also have the good old traditional chocolate rice cake at $1.60(while stock lasts). Staff are friendly and helpful but please go during off peak hours.

  30. Avatar photo
    Neo Kai Jun

    Bought cakes from there a few times. Cashier would just squeeze 2 cakes into a small plastic container, had no regard for the cream/icing on the cake. Definitely not the place if you are going to buy those rectangular cakes for someone. Get the cheesecake or Swiss rolls if you have to, those are pre-packed.

  31. Avatar photo
    Josephine Xie

    Price cheaply but taste is very good.

  32. Avatar photo
    Weirong Goh

    Good cakes

  33. Avatar photo
    Victoria Tan

    Lychee Martini being the most famous but just taste normal

  34. Avatar photo
    yvonne leng

    I ordered some CNY stuff from them, and was shocked by the crowd on the day of collection. The crowd was form mainly because of bad logistics planning. There was 2 lines, one just to enter and select what u want, then u come out of the shop and Q the 2nd line to pay. But it was confused to the max, no instructions given except for the signs. Luckily, all the customers in line are helping to give directions for those who just came. When I finally get to go in and give them my invoice for collection, I have to exit the shop again and wait for them to call my name for collection??? One lady waited for 45 mins, it’s really crazy. The more ridiculous part was after I was done, I walked down to the end of street, only to find another of their branch at the other corner, zero patrons. The other branch don’t do cake collection, but they do sell bread and cakes. I don’t understand why they didn’t filter the crowd over to the other branch, many of the customers are there to buy cakes for takeaways.

    Anyway I tried their lychee martini and black forest. It’s not overly sweet and cake texture is soft, but otherwise it’s really overhyped. It’s priced reasonable for the quality in a neighborhood, but if u willing to pay double the price, u can easily get way better qualiy elsewhere.

    U can buy the voucher on chope for discounts off your orders.

  35. Avatar photo
    Marcus Lin

    Used to be good all the time and price is heartland. But like most business, as it grow standard tend to be inconsistent. Price goes up as well, to a extend that I could get better with the same amount. Still worth a try, you may be the luck one that gets those freshly bake!

  36. Avatar photo
    Ellen SG

    Its definitely traditional but not really my type …if you like traditional taste… then maybe you will like it

  37. Avatar photo
    Kim Chwee Heng

    Lychee Matini and chiffon pandan cakes are MUST TRYs

  38. Avatar photo

    Cake slices of many flavours but can be a bit pricy, up to $4+ for a small slice. Lychee martini is not bad but too much cream while the tea flavours do not have much tea taste. Would only be back for the pandan cake which is cheap and good.

  39. Avatar photo

    I sold cakes and pastries.
    I went there because it was famous for its cakes, and all the cakes had butter cream.
    I like fresh cream, so I tried the eclair S$1.50, but it wasn’t good. (^^;)))

  40. Avatar photo

    The cake, bread from this shop is good. You should try it .

  41. Avatar photo
    Eric Lee

    Old school cake shop with one of the best pandan cakes. However the other cakes are way overrated and generally pricey. But you can find some really nostalgic versions here. It’s really a mixed bag.

  42. Avatar photo
    Ervin Yeo

    Over rated.

  43. Avatar photo
    Susan Toh

    The cake you bought with you yesterday is broken and you still sell it

  44. Avatar photo
    Jen Tan

    Awesome cakes, little pricey for some but tgese are all good cakes.

    Love the pulut hitam cake, bought the fried prawn pancakes which is super nice.

    Bought a cake for nephew birthday and some bread for my girl

  45. Avatar photo
    Nicky Tong

    Best cakes I luv it so much mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmamamamamamamamamamamamamammamameemmemememememememememmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmmgmgmgmgmhmhmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmmgmmgmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmmhmhmhmhmhmhmgmhmgmgmgmmgmgmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmmememememememememememmemememamamamamammamamamamemememememmamamamamemememmememememememme

  46. Avatar photo
    Quang loc Huynh

    chất lượng tốt

  47. Avatar photo
    Matthew Lee

    A good variety of both traditional local bakes like luncheon meat buns, curry buns, butter sugar rolls and etc, as well as cakes with a new modern twist to it like their bubu hitam cakes, lychee-tini cakes and etc. Best tasting black forest cake in SG and they’ve also got my all time favorite japanese sugared puff pastry butter thing.

  48. Avatar photo
    Salted Broadbeans

    10 years ago, i can understand TPG’s ridiculous queue… fast forward, i don’t quite understand why there are still people queuing up.

  49. Avatar photo
    Kia Guan Ng

    You get the best Black Forest cake here ever. I’ve been buying Black Forest cake from here. This cake costs a bit more than other usual cakes. Good thing is that they have membership discount of 10%, sometimes 20% if there’s a promotion.

  50. Avatar photo
    David Foo

    Always love their cakes and today we tried their Pulut Hitam cake.
    And we really love it.

  51. Avatar photo

    Wanted to try the blackforest cake but it was already sold out by ~12.30pm! The White Rabbit cake is my favorite so far.

  52. Avatar photo
    Kiefer Yeo

    Wide variety of cakes and they have some new arrivals.They have a lot of interesting cakes like ikan bilis cake or white rabbit cake.Prices are cheaper as compared to most cafes.They also have breads which are 1 dollar each

  53. Avatar photo
    Trotting Horse

    Left most is pulot Hitam cake. A very local flavour. The strawberry cake jam topping is refreshingly nice. The chocolate cake is old school chocolate flavour, different from the popular artisan bakery chocolate flavouring. The black Forrest has real cherry flavouring!

  54. Avatar photo
    S E Gananedran

    I love the curry buns and curry puffs here. Really tasty and chunky filling. Good value for money and worth the journey to get them. Today there was no fried wings. They are excellent too.

  55. Avatar photo
    Clariss Lam

    Delicious and convenient Guo Da Li package. Rented the Basket @ $10

  56. Avatar photo
    David Goh

    Ok, not bad. Staffs friendly.

  57. Avatar photo
    Nadia Chew

    The cake is good! love it here!

  58. Avatar photo
    Peh siew toh

    Had patronage for a very long time. Bread is very good. Pricing on the higher.

  59. Avatar photo
    Alvin Ong

    Got a cake there by chance thinking its blackforest cake. Turned out to be black glutinous rice cake. It was great!! Very light, tasty, yet not too sweet. What a pleasant surprise. It is indeed a local gem.

  60. Avatar photo
    S H Lee

    Still one of the best cake shops around. Much prefer the old school cream cakes to their new take on traditional flavours such as orh nee

  61. Avatar photo

    The cream cakes get more attention but their pandan cake is actually pretty good.

  62. Avatar photo
    Hai Leong Chan

    Traditional cake House. Nice to eat,

  63. Avatar photo
    Bedolla Ashworthba

    Nice cake house but when I got my Pandan it’s not fresh anymore. Price is affordable. Still a must try but make sure to ask for the freshly bake ones.

  64. Avatar photo
    현한수 (Hansoo Hyun)

    It is located just beside of Nakhon Kitchen in AMK. After having good Thai food, perfect place to enjoy sweet dessert.

  65. Avatar photo
    Zyin W

    Old school bakery with really nice (taste wise), presentable cakes! I believe they use real, quality ingredients.

  66. Avatar photo
    Guan Yeow Eng

    Bought a few of their signature cakes yesterday but was very disappointed. Used to be good but this time round the cakes were very dry and don’t taste fresh. Hope they can improve.

  67. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    The cake is nice and decoration is colourful.

  68. Avatar photo
    JW H

    Great cakes. Lychee martini is the best seller.

  69. Avatar photo
    Mike G

    The best cake shop for old fashion vanilla sponge butter cream cakes.

  70. Avatar photo
    De W

    Good old freshly-baked cakes… indulge!

  71. Avatar photo
    Jason Koh

    This has been around since at least 20years ago, and eating the rather unassuming bread/cakes from here really stirs up memories from childhood. Their lychee martini cakes have been really popular in recent years, but their regular bread is nice too.

  72. Avatar photo

    Lychee martini cake, pulut hitam cake and cheesecake are yum yum… lychee martini cake no longer pink… last time tampines century square gt one outlet. ️️️ yummy old school cakes! …

  73. Avatar photo
    Carl Pillay

    Great cakes, not too sweet and light.

  74. Avatar photo
    Lee Kwee Tan

    Cakes taste and look nice. Love the orh ni (yam paste)

  75. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tan

    Looks good with all the colours but taste pretty normal.

  76. Avatar photo
    Poh Soh Lee

    Had to travel north to get these cake fix! Bought several signature cake slices – lychee martini, mango passion, etc. Also got a slice of traditional cream cake. All were delicious, not overly sweetened.
    Bought some curry puff, pretty decent too. Love the curry spice. Bak chang was good too, but a bit pricey. Full of lard fragrance!

  77. Avatar photo
    T “彬泽民” B

    Wide selection of exotic cakes at really good price

    I’ve tried a few flavors and none had failed me so far, each taste like it’s own namesake and doesn’t overwhelm you with sweetness or artificial flavoring

  78. Avatar photo

    One of the traditional bakery in Ang Mo Kio neighborhood. I have been patronising them for years and their cakes are still very good. Prices are reasonable and affordable. Their Lychee Martini and Mango Passion Fruit cakes are the few favourites of this shop.

  79. Avatar photo
    Bliu New

    Always good…

  80. Avatar photo
    Teggae Yuan

    Very classic and traditional old fashioned cake (taste of the cream took me back to 90s).

  81. Avatar photo
    copi Wong

    Suprise of the taste for orni sponge cake. Baked cheese cake taste normal.Good service.Staff is very helpful.

  82. Avatar photo
    Crystal Cove

    The cake is simply irresistible

  83. Avatar photo
    Lim Lim

    Old school cake that my mom loves it so well. Tried orh nee cake , Pandan coconut, strawberries cake. Can see the real yam inside the cake. will order for auntie’s uncle’s birthday cake soon! …

  84. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan

    Love the curry puffs!!

  85. Avatar photo

    Love the cakes here

  86. Avatar photo

    The cake is edible, not fantastic. the cream cheese is just full of cream with very few cranberries on top, not like what the picture shows. Orange zest is just okay, not impressed.

  87. Avatar photo
    Sutjahjo Ngaserin

    They have very good Pulut Hitam cakes

  88. Avatar photo
    Martin Wong

    Tasty noodles, fresh vegetables. Fast service.

  89. Avatar photo
    Pete Chong

    Citrus cake is good.

  90. Avatar photo


  91. Avatar photo
    Clash Royale

    Chicken soup for the old soul

  92. Avatar photo
    Poh Kwang Ong

    The queuing & payment a bit messy but not too bad

  93. Avatar photo
    Michael Chia

    Extended family have good reviews. Cakes are not so sweet – good thing.

  94. Avatar photo
    Johnny Koh

    I stay in the west but whenever I pass by this area, I’ll be tempted to buy their Lychee Martini cake. It’s good!

  95. Avatar photo
    Shawn loh

    Cake is good but some ingredient is not.

  96. Avatar photo
    Tiong Wee Siow


  97. Avatar photo
    Shaun Chan

    This place has the best cake in AMK ave 10 and the world.

  98. Avatar photo
    Eric Lee

    Old school cake shop with one of the best pandan cakes. However the other cakes are way overrated and generally pricey. But you can find some really nostalgic versions here. It’s really a mixed bag.

  99. Avatar photo
    Green Jelly

    Neighbourhood cake shop that sells unusual cakes such as those infused with alcohol eg lychee martini, Black Forest etc and local flavours eg Pulut hitam, yam etc. It is a well loved shop with many loyal supporters due to their interesting flavours and wide variety of cakes. The lady at the counter is patient and helpful. The cakes are quite tasty and not too sweet. However, the prices are not cheap for a neighbourhood bakery and the cakes are not as refined. On first look, the sliced cakes seem really affordable, between $3-$5 a slice as compared to the fancy cafes. However, do note that the slices are really quite small. Hence it is not as cheap as it seems to be.

  100. Avatar photo
    Xiu Ling Lim

    Many flavours of cakes to choose from, with interesting creations such as lychee martini and Pulut Hitam. The old school kinda rectangular cakes are available too. Prices can be slightly steep but the quality is there. Location may be inconvenient for some as it is a distance from AMK mrt station. Can take Bus 88 or 265. You can also pop by the outlet at AMK Hub.

  101. Avatar photo
    Mary Jane

    The cakes are dry. My first and last time.

  102. Avatar photo

    Very delicious, so delicious that I have no friends

  103. Avatar photo
    Ben Loy

    Old fashioned charming cakes. This store in amk is a neighbourhood gem. Bought the triple layer chocolate cake (around $33 for 700g). Sweet and delightful, also has different layers of textute. Value for money. There are a huge variety of different cakes, seems interesting as well (like guka melaka, 3 coloured cake). Will definitely be back to try

  104. Avatar photo
    Ming zhu Wang

    Had the lychee martini and vanilla slice. Cakes were quite hard – both the cream and sponge cake. Taste was average – lychee martini slightly better.

  105. Avatar photo
    Eugene Zhang

    Wide selection of cakes. Friendly staff as well.

  106. Avatar photo
    SS Lim

    Would like to give compliments to a Chinese lady Jennifer working in the morning shift on 30/9 Fri. I’m supposed to collect my cake on 29/9 Thurs but I couldn’t make it in time. Collect on 30/9 Fri at around 10am instead. The lady showed me the cake and she says the choc wordings 出水了不好看 and she took the initiative to ask the pastry chef to redo the wordings for me. Thank you so much although u don’t have to cos it was my fault I did not collect the cake on Thursday.

  107. Avatar photo
    Douglas Chan

    Our go to place for seasonal and occasion cakes. Very efficient and fuss-free ordering & collection system, friendly staff too

  108. Avatar photo
    Thiew Reagan

    Great cake shop to visit when u are around this part of Singapore. The kids cakes are fantastic and price wise for the artistic labour for customised cakes I think they are competitively priced..lots of local.flavoured cakes especially this particular flavour kyoho grape with white chocolate…hot favourite but unfortunately due to the pandemic they are unable to.producr due to lack of ingredients.
    The triple layer chocolate is fantastic as well for all chocolate lovers. And many others..pop down when u have a chance..the sell slices of the different flavours as well.
    Bought the Blackforest cake this time around..also an all time favourite. Should be good too! They are running a mooncake sale now.

  109. Avatar photo
    Lyndon Terence Kwong

    Nice cakes and nice designs for the traditional and modern generation.

  110. Avatar photo
    Tiago Mourão


  111. Avatar photo
    Lim Lim

    Old school cake that my mom loves it so well. Tried orh nee cake , Pandan coconut, strawberries cake. Can see the real yam inside the cake. will order for auntie’s uncle’s birthday cake soon! …

  112. Avatar photo
    Karen Kwok

    They do excellent traditional cake! Their black forest cake is the best!

  113. Avatar photo
    Anna Dinh


  114. Avatar photo
    C W

    Cake is not too sweet, suitable for all age group. Price is quite alright too. Need more stronger favouring for taste! Especially the Apple Vera alcohol cake.

  115. Avatar photo
    Chan K C

    Old school cake. Belly nice

  116. Avatar photo
    Shu Ying Lee

    I love the cakes at PG but the service is awful. I purchased cakes online and I only get 1/2 of the orders fulfilled. Had to go down twice to get all my orders. And this happened not once but TWICE! I won’t go back even when the cakes are good. I hope Singapore Brand’s can survive for a long time but you will need to buck up on the service.

  117. Avatar photo
    Mindy Ong

    Love the lychee martini and buttercream was great! Pandan cake and all that.

  118. Avatar photo

    Try the milk tea bubble tea cake! Hojicha mochi was interesting with Mochi in the centre but the cake turn out to be too dry and hard.

  119. Avatar photo
    gurdeep singh


  120. Avatar photo
    Lim Kelvin

    Fresh cake. …

  121. Avatar photo
    Hua Mulan

    Well known for their cakes and pastries for the last few decades. Located at Blk 529 AMK ave 10, This Bakery has the best lychee martini cakes as well as chocolate cakes ! With Many featured articles in the recent years, their offering are indeed as good as those sold in town. Certainly has made their mark in the heartland!

  122. Avatar photo
    ahlek ong

    Bread and cakes are delicious. Cakes are on the high end price point though! I thought its important to know that it’s better to bring cash with you because this location only accepts GrabPay and Nets if you purchase 20 dollars or more. No Paylah, Paynow here.

  123. Avatar photo
    Chee Keong Ang

    One of the best cake shop in town…

  124. Avatar photo
    Vivian Foo

    Bought sweet potato bread, tuna bread and kaya cake. Not bad, quite filling.

  125. Avatar photo
    Ruth Ng

    Beautiful lychee martini X’mas logcake. Fluffy cake with fresh cream that is not too sweet! Can taste small bits of lychee! Love it!

  126. Avatar photo
    Zack Choy

    Yummy cakes !

  127. Avatar photo
    Chuck Chan

    very nice cake shop having cakes with whiskey, baileys… taste

  128. Avatar photo
    minz T

    Friendly staff. Cakes delicious as always. Love their Bailey choco cake and lychee martini cake

  129. Avatar photo
    Bernard Ngo

    PG not only just sell delicious cakes, but their service is excellent too. Recently ordered 30+ boxes of Chinese wedding gift set (Guo Da Li set), then I requested to break my order into 2 separate collection, which PG promptly accepted. Just weeks b4 my collection, I realised that logistically it would be impossible for me to collect and deliver all 30+ boxes within a day. So I put in a request to break my order into collection on 2 days, which I was afraid PG might decline, but PG nevertheless assisted by making it possible for me. Special thanks to Richel.

  130. Avatar photo
    Cheng-Choon Si

    Popular neighbourhood bakery selling old -time cakes.

  131. Avatar photo
    Karin Ng

    Will always make a point to go there to buy cakes for family members’ birthdays. The cakes have the nostalgic taste without the queasiness of cloying buttercream. Pleasers and favourites: lychee martini, pulut hitam, blackforest cakes..

  132. Avatar photo
    Devy Pribadi

    Bought the Pine Garden’s Speculoos Coffee Christmas Logcake which I ordered through FairPrice Xtra on their Deli pre-order festive season menu.
    It’s a coffee roll filled with mix of speculoos cookie butter spread, fresh …

  133. Avatar photo

    Very nice cakes. Their custom cakes are very good and creative as well.

  134. Avatar photo
    tan Cynthia

    Bought all these today, all family’s favourite.

  135. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lim

    Best cake ever. Got special bag for mother’s day.

  136. Avatar photo
    Devy Pribadi

    Bought the Pine Garden’s Speculoos Coffee Christmas Logcake which I ordered through FairPrice Xtra on their Deli pre-order festive season menu.
    It’s a coffee roll filled with mix of speculoos cookie butter spread, fresh cream and cream cheese.
    The sponge cake was moist and soft, cream cheese was nice, perfect combination with the speculoos crumbles on the top. But the coffee taste was not strong enough though. I didn’t really taste the coffee flavour. Perhaps this can be improved, if it’s a coffee cake, the coffee taste should have been pronounced. But overall it’s a nice and enjoyable festive cake. Would buy again other flavour of their cake

  137. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Teng

    Love all the cakes and bread there!

  138. Avatar photo
    Sunny Khoo (theFalcon)

    Today I tried the sea-salt and caramel. I really love the salty and sweet taste. If you like those salted caramel ice cream then you will love this cake.

  139. Avatar photo
    Dan Ho

    Offering a taste of nostalgia. This shop has been operating ever since I was a young boy which is more than 30 years Ago. I can still remember the freshly baked French loaf being snapped up by housewives and students the moment it’s being pushed out from the kitchen. Today they are continuing the traditional cakes and buns. Must try.

  140. Avatar photo
    J Law

    Love their lychee martini and glutinous rice cake

  141. Avatar photo
    Angela Tan

    Tried the yam cake. However the cake is very dry seems like those which have been a few days old. A bit disappointed after hearing much about the shop.

  142. Avatar photo
    Jaime H

    You must try their Lychee Martini and Puluh Hitam cake. They are simply delicious.

  143. Avatar photo
    James Khoo

    My favourite go-to old school cake shop! Love their wide selection of cakes and my personal favourite is still the Lychee Martini.

  144. Avatar photo

    Curry dumplings are cheap and good, with plenty of fillings

  145. Avatar photo
    Da Zhu

    Excellent Black forest.

  146. Avatar photo
    Edgar Sow

    Old sch… Besy

  147. Avatar photo

    Cakes are great. Always coming back as cakes are not so sweet and flavor of the ingredients are the star and not just plain sweetness.

    Keep up with the good work.

  148. Avatar photo
    C A

    Love the CAkes. Now there are many stores. Need not to go all the way for your favourite cakes anymore.

  149. Avatar photo
    Ryan YTH

    Coming to this Bakery is a very nostalgic feeling especially for a former young boy during the 80s who lived here. This Bakery is probably already at least 30 years old by now, and still sells Delicious Old School Buttercream Cakes.

    The taste is definitely old school, and prices are reasonable. You can really FEEL the history in the atmosphere when you step into it. I’m glad this Bakery is still here. Really a nostalgic feeling to walk on the very steps I’ve walked so frequently as a little boy.

    Note: Payment is only by Cash in this Bakery. There are no NETS or Card Transactions available.

  150. Avatar photo
    Celine Lim

    Tried their different flavours of cake. Absolutely love their cake texture, and I love their pulut hitam cake the most! You will never find it in other place. I will never forget their pulse hitam cake. Not sure why they close the stall at Sengkang, feel sad about it as it is nearest to me so I no need travel to amk for it. Hope they can open more stall or more branch.

  151. Avatar photo
    Siok Tin Ong

    Poor customer service at the branch at AMK hub. The staff was just chatting and not attending to customers. When I enquired about the CNY goodies, they were not interested to sell. That’s a big put off.

  152. Avatar photo
    Joyce Zhang

    I love it here! the buttercream is wow omg so good!

  153. Avatar photo
    Jun Sen

    Love their cakes! Personally the lychee martini, cheese cake and black forest.

  154. Avatar photo
    Pinnacle Myanmar

    Wide selection of cakes for you to choose from, from their famous Lychee Martini and Cat Mountain durian cakes to innovative cakes like Bubor Hitam cake, Orh-Ni cake etc. Their forte is using traditional fluffy cakes as the base, while using special cream and ingredients for the unique flavours: the resulting cakes are not too heavy and easy to savour even after your main meal. I just find their delivery fee very expensive.

  155. Avatar photo
    Felicia Lin

    Nice cakes and pastries at reasonable prices.

    I love that they have lots of cakes with local flavors, eg pulut hitam and orh nee (yam paste), which are perfectly suited to the more traditional palette. Lots of classic cakes and fruity twists. And since they are available in individual sizes, you could taste a lot of the assortment!

    And if you are a kaya lover, oh myyyy… the kaya pastry is oh soooo good.

    Go, give it a try.

  156. Avatar photo
    Poh leong Fong

    You can try their cheese cake. No: 1

  157. Avatar photo
    Tang Kent

    Some items is overprice like the items in the photo can sell for $3

  158. Avatar photo
    Tien Yeun Lim林恬蕰

    Excellence pastries…Nice service staff.

  159. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    The pride and joy of Singapore cake shop! Love the story, the heritage and the culture of Pine Garden. The cakes are made with love, the company is managed with professionals, and the identity of Singapore is defined with traditions well preserved. Thank you, Wei!

  160. Avatar photo
    N.L. Ho

    affordable and delicate cakes.

  161. Avatar photo
    LiLing G

    Love their lychee martini cake, worth a try! …

  162. Avatar photo
    D Ho

    Bought a kaya kueh(kueh salat) and the rice was dry and crusty like it had been left out too long. Their pandan chiffon cake also tastes average, hardly any pandan fragrance

  163. Avatar photo
    Yonggi Ng

    Really love the premium wedding cake for guo da li! My relatives love it too

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