Review Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel, 95 Frankel Ave, Singapore

Review Peperoni Pizzeria  Frankel - Singapore 95 Frankel Ave

“Love the atmosphere and food. The pizza has a lovely wood fire oven cooked thin crust. Their Chicken wings are super juicy.” or “Excellent pizza and lasagne , paired with hummus with toast. Super good. Friendly and cheerful staff , thanks for the great service and experience .” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel is quality.

Introduction about Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel

Here are some fundamental details regarding Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel. In terms of Pizza restaurant, it is generally believed that Peperoni Pizzeria Frankelis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 95 Frankel Ave, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Pizza restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 66816591 (+65 66816591)
  • Website:
  • Address: 95 Frankel Ave, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12 to 2 PM.

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You can reach Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel at 66816591(+65 66816591). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 95 Frankel Ave, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel reviews

Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel is among the best destinations of Pizza restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel good?

To determine whether Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Love the atmosphere and food. The pizza has a lovely wood fire oven cooked thin crust. Their Chicken wings are super juicy.”

“Excellent pizza and lasagne , paired with hummus with toast. Super good. Friendly and cheerful staff , thanks for the great service and experience .”

“Gold standards for pizza in locally in my book. Absolute favourite is the PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA and the Portobello. The other food items are pretty solid too.”

“They have a good selection of tasty vegetarian starters, pizza, and pasta. Efficient service. Will come back again for sure.”

“This is my newly discovered place to go for pasta. Daughters and I like this for Sunday lunch. Tasty, plus paying with Stan Chart CC has a $10 discount for bills above $50.”

“A quiet place for good pizzas. Love the extra large ones especially! There were not many places to park your car thou so try to arrive early to get a slot!”

“Love the food and place but parking is abit difficult.”

“Love the tasty pizza crusts and chicken wings! Have been ordering these! It’s good for stay home meals and gatherings!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 207 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 87% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Peperoni Pizzeria Frankel, 95 Frankel Ave, Singapore

There is a total 207 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Sim Chuan Tan

    Nice cosy layout with a bar and good pizza. Serves a variety of beers not usually found at your common bars.

  2. Avatar photo
    Derrick Ng

    Had a birthday celebration here. Food was great. Servers were attentive and helpful

  3. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Pak

    Food was as expected good. Service was prompt and friendly

  4. Avatar photo
    Bernadette Lopez

    Horrible service. Both the waiters are just not nice at all. I ordered aglio olio and the garlic was burnt so it was all bitter. The waiter said, “next time, you can actually tell us ahead of time not to cook it so much, because, you know, the pan is very hot.” …

  5. Avatar photo
    Amos Chow

    Love their thin crust pizza!

  6. Avatar photo
    Hua Mulan

    Excellent pizza and lasagne , paired with hummus with toast. Super good. Friendly and cheerful staff , thanks for the great service and experience .

  7. Avatar photo
    Malik Basar

    Food is fantastic. Service is not bad too. Got some interesting and yummy mocktails

  8. Avatar photo
    Amos Chan

    Excellent pizza with thin dough which allows the flavor of the toppings to shine.

  9. Avatar photo
    Geok Lai Lim

    Pizza taste great. Lasagna was really terrible. Pasta acceptable.

    Just eat pizza

  10. Avatar photo
    Mark Anthony

    Great pizzas, good value, warm atmosphere

  11. Avatar photo

    Our favorite pizza place. next to our home and half-half pizza is the best!

  12. Avatar photo
    Alice Chan

    Ordered takeaway in advance. Pizza is good with lot of rocket salad. Chicken wings n calamari id delicious too.

  13. Avatar photo
    Barrie Ooi

    Good servings, pizza isn’t too bad.

  14. Avatar photo
    Aaron Tay

    the food there is delicious and the size of the pizza is huge!

  15. Avatar photo
    Kara Png

    Very good pizza. Nice atmosphere. Kids & family friendly place.

  16. Avatar photo
    Nerissa Layag

    Great thin-crust pizza with just enough toppings to make it a light meal. Ordered the Frutti de Mare and quite enjoyed that with a cold glass of ginger ale. The Crispy Portobello was a very good appetizer and big enough to share.

  17. Avatar photo
    Mark Yeo

    Nice casual Italian pizza and pasta restaurant. Food is basic but well executed. Difficult to find parking so try to avoid the busy periods or take public transportation.

  18. Avatar photo
    Teck Chye Tan

    Pizza came put fast and was nice… Dessert took a real long time….. Wasn’t very impressed with the dessert however. Price is on the higher side…

  19. Avatar photo
    Kwok Cheong Loh

    Nice cosy place for down to earth Italian fare

  20. Avatar photo
    Mojito Fall

    Amazing pizza: very light and crispy. Great ambience and friendly staff. The selection of sides and drinks are great too! A tad pricey, but worth it.

  21. Avatar photo
    Benny Choo G. L

    Good Sevice & Fantastic Pizza

  22. Avatar photo
    Jo-Lin Koh

    Plenty of options for vegetarians!
    Good food and good service.
    We couldn’t book a table using the link At 5pm on sat but when we rang we could!

  23. Avatar photo
    Nathanial Wong

    Great food. especially their carbonara.

  24. Avatar photo
    Aashish Bisht

    The food and service was great. We ordered the full sized pizza. The taste was amazing. I like a lot of cheese on my pizza. I felt the cheese was a bit less on the thin crust woodfired pizza, otherwise it tasted amazing! The french fries are really good..

  25. Avatar photo
    Joyce Lai

    The food was good, service was excellent.

  26. Avatar photo
    Jay Chandran

    Pizza was good, minus the rat we spotted in the restaurant.

  27. Avatar photo
    Shubha Singhi

    The place is good. Service is amazing.
    Food is great. Overall a good joint to go with friends and family

  28. Avatar photo
    Jenna (thejulietmike)

    Always our favourite when it comes pizza, no matter how many others we tried.. the tempting 21inch for 3-4pax to share and the choice of half-half even for 12″ is a great add on, meaning we got to try 4 different toppings for 2 pizzas ordered! Tried the seafood risotto for the first time and it is definitely a thumb up! Full of fragrance and generous ingredients. The homemade meat ball was very authentic and different from those commercial meatballs that you will get in IKEA. Finally.. not to forget, all prices are net! No gst and service charge!

  29. Avatar photo
    David Liu

    Amazing food and yummy pizza done by Head Chef Denise and her team. Service staff was super helpful and polite in attending our needs.

    The XXL Pizza comes with generous and fresh ingredients on top of the crispy thin crust done by their traditional wood-fired oven. Totally enjoyed the pizza before ending it with their delicious Creme Brulee and fluffy Tiramisu as desserts.

    Without a doubt one of my favourite pizza place to visit again and probably the best pizza I had in Singapore. Highly recommended here.

  30. Avatar photo
    Annika Toomer

    SUCH a good pizza place. We’re vegan and had the vegan cheese which is the best I’ve had in Singapore by a long way. Such a nice texture – just like mozzarella. Pizza bases are great, proper pizza oven. Very reasonably priced too. We will be back. Possibly every week….

  31. Avatar photo
    Andre Shori

    Good pizza. A little pricey but decent service, and the food was enjoyed by everybody. Their bacon and potato pizza got high praise from our table.

  32. Avatar photo
    Sarah T

    Great food. However small portions, not a very good price point. Won’t be back so soon.

  33. Avatar photo

    Very good Italian restaurant with a large pizza and pasta menu. The best pizza I’ve tasted in Singapore personally. Coming early or late on weekdays all but guarantees a seat. Weekends are usually very crowded so reserve a seat if possible. Take out and delivery options are also available. The price is certainly a notch over the large pizza chains but its worth it for the taste!

  34. Avatar photo
    Arati Menon-Tan

    XXL pizza size is truly larger than life. loved the creme brulee! Not overly sweet.

  35. Avatar photo

    Nice pizzas, order the xxl size! Pastas are not bad either, not cheap but not too expensive either

  36. Avatar photo
    cp lakhwani

    After the revamped menu not that exciting for vegetarian choices. The mushroom pizza was really raw.

  37. Avatar photo
    Wayne tham

    Place was a little worn out. Though trying to made reservations but was told to walk in. Upon arrival was told at 6:45 pm book and have to wait for 45 minutes, though the place was quite empty. Making my whole family have to find a place to have a drink. Rsrtnt trying to be hard to the customers giving the impression they are hot but called us that there’s a place for after we sat down at a Cafe where drinks are ordered.

  38. Avatar photo
    Marc Ha

    They have a good selection of tasty vegetarian starters, pizza, and pasta. Efficient service. Will come back again for sure.

  39. Avatar photo
    Shermin Ng

    Food is amazing and service is great. Was not very crowded on a weekday afternoon.

  40. Avatar photo
    Carol Low

    Oven fired pizza and served with generous toppings of salami, pepperoni and other meat. Lovely ambience for a relaxing evening dinner. …

  41. Avatar photo
    Wen Xin Shee

    really enjoyed the food there + the ambience! service was great – staff was friendly and attentive to my needs. Food was served quickly, it was delicious and fresh! The salmon kale with umami sauce pizza was super good – salmon is chunky and the kale is crunchy too. Will definitely come back again to visit!

  42. Avatar photo
    Pam Ram

    Very good food and service . Came here with my husband and 2 kids for dinner yesterday and it felt like we were in an Italian trattoria pizza place ! Amazing from the chicken arrabiata & Hawaiian pizza to the mushroom soup to the roasted cauliflower with Mint yoghurt , cappuccino & tiramisu ! Special mention to Lawrence & team for excellent and quick service rendered !!! Thank you !!

  43. Avatar photo
    Angie Ho

    Food is great! I love the choices on the kids menu, mini 6″pizzas .. cream and tomato pastas that comes with small cup of juice and a delicious scoop of ice cream.

  44. Avatar photo

    Excellent Pizza and Portobello Mushroom with Chicken was really good.

  45. Avatar photo
    Mindy Wee

    Went with friends and ordered an extra large 22 inch half and half thin crusted pizza. It was rather insta-worthy, with the pizza taking up 2 table spaces. We had Funghi (mix of mushrooms) and Frutti de Mare (seafood) for the pizza. Both were not bad. I like that their digital menu pointed out the vegetarian options, Funghi was one of them. We didn’t wait long as the order was submitted for the pizza to arrive, around 10 to 15 minutes. The pizza was sufficient for 5 people, but for those with a bigger appetite you might want to get sides to compliment the pizza. You can ask for water, it is of no extra charge. Overall it was quite a good experience, but will be even better if they allow for customers to order on their phone. Now they only have a QR code for a digital menu in PDF format which you have to download on your phone. For those with insufficient storage you might want to clear some phone space.

  46. Avatar photo
    Conway Lai

    The largest pizza is definitely 4 persons and more. If you are ordering other items, even 4 regular adults may not be able to finish.
    The staff were in a hurry and not particularly friendy, but not rude. Otherwise the service was fine.

  47. Avatar photo
    Julian W.

    Do try their Vongole Linguini and Four Cheese Pizza.

    The vongole sauce is very good and the pasta is nice and springy. Their class used to be fat and juicy and so the highlight about their vongole – it was much better than other restaurants. During my last few visits, it seemed like the quality of the class had dropped. No longer big and juicy. The main highlight of the dish was gone. It is slightly bigger than average but nothing to shout about. I do hope the big clams make a comeback.

    Their paste dish serving size could be a bit bigger. I guess they want to leave room for starters, desserts and a drink.

  48. Avatar photo
    Paul “MusicHaven” Anthony Soh

    Food is solid, but not cheap. What can be improved is significantly stronger Air Conditioning because it got hot when it was full last night as well as just slight reduction to the price. Last night’s bill was 62 with a large pizza, pasta, an asahi and a cranberry juice. A 10-15% reduction would be great!

  49. Avatar photo
    Yum yum Cool

    A family dinner at this place cos my kids want pizza so much n Is very near to our place . Ordered a pepperoni L pizza ,XXL Hawaii pizza, seafood pasta and carbonara. The pepperoni pizza was great, layered w minced meat on it. The XXL Hawaii was big when they served. It can actually served more than 5 adult if not a big eater. I think 7 adult should fine if you have other dishes. The carbonara sauce was strong, I prefer the seafood w tomato sauce.

  50. Avatar photo
    Brian Wong

    Great pizza and craft beers

  51. Avatar photo
    Andrew Kam

    Nice, but pricing is a little steep

  52. Avatar photo
    Valerie Ng

    Made an order for dinner tonight and I was more than disappointed. We used to frequent this place for their pizza with generous toppings, but the pizza that came today, had so much crust at the edge and the toppings were sparse in the middle. Other than that, the price as been increasing over the years, with a drop in quality.
    We made an order at about 6pm, and the order was only ready at 8pm and sent about 8.15pm. If there was no dine-in customers, I cannot understand why there was such a long wait for our food.
    Regrettably, I think this might be the last time I’m eating here.

  53. Avatar photo
    S C

    Fresh and crispy pizza with arugula, parma ham and parmesan. Great combination anytime. Yum …

  54. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    Favourite pizza but pricy. Parking is difficult at this area.

  55. Avatar photo
    Christian Mächler

    The food is “excellente”, the service is maximum average. Definitely room for lot of improvement

  56. Avatar photo
    humming bee

    Great atmosphere, food and service!

  57. Avatar photo

    Shared a large pizza, two persons. It tasted good but wasn’t very filling as it was so thin crust.

  58. Avatar photo
    Raina Kim

    Yummy food. I like the portobello mushroom preparation and the lobster pasta best.

  59. Avatar photo
    EK G

    Chicken Truffle pizza is recommended. The chicken roulade is a bit bland but it complements the truffle dressing and comes with a generous amount of baby spinach.

  60. Avatar photo
    Jenny Ho

    one of my favourite pizza // pasta place , yummy. must try ! carbonate pasta so so satisfying but the taste can be too rich for some people , consider sharing . pizza taste nice and not too salty like some , definitely recommend

  61. Avatar photo
    Shane Wang

    Very huge and good pizza. Good for sharing in group

  62. Avatar photo
    若久 春生

    Went on a weekday night during Lunar New Year week. Place wasn’t crowded. Only 2 tables occupied when we went in.

    There’s no paper menu, just a QR code at the corner of each table where all the food and beverage items are listed digitally.

    We ordered the Prosciutto Di Parma Large and the Burrata Prosciutto Medium.

    There wasn’t any service staff
    hovering around to bother us. Every staff was busy with their own duties. Think there’s no service charge here.

    There’s a 2nd level but it was empty and closed then.

    The pizza arrived about 20 to 30 mins after we were seated. The crusts were biscuity thin and crispy. Topped by thinly sliced savory strips of Parma ham and a very generous sprinkling of fresh rocket leaves on both pizzas.

    This type of pizza is different from those at Pizza Hut and other common pizza place . Very light weight in crust but nice fresh flavoring in toppings. Two of us easily polished off both pizzas.

    Overall prices here are mid range. Parking are limited. Not easy to get parking space during peak hours.

  63. Avatar photo

    Nice food and ambience. Just hard to find parking.

  64. Avatar photo
    Kamlesh Ramchand

    The XXL pizza half-half is an awesome treat for the family. Communal feasting at its best. And prices quite reasonable too

  65. Avatar photo
    Te Shan Liang

    Great pizzas! Hot, tasty, super crispy thin crust. Doing a roaring take out business and they deserve their popularity.

  66. Avatar photo
    N T

    Pizza was great and awesome selection. And the prices are friendly too. Selection of beers can be improved.
    Service was good.

  67. Avatar photo
    Daniel Seah

    Actually, all they need is more than just the one person who can take the orders…

  68. Avatar photo
    R W

    Delicious Aranchini and white truffle chicken pizza. Can’t go wrong with a pizza meal here.

  69. Avatar photo
    Bhavesh Gumnani

    Great pizza selections but no taste at all on chicken wings. Bought so much but wasted on the chicken wings…


  70. Avatar photo
    Mari Tang

    Food and service is great.

  71. Avatar photo
    Stephan Kovalkov

    No words can explain how much adore this place. Been coming here for years, never once they disappointed me. Come here with a group a 4 and order the XXL pizza you’ll not regret it.

  72. Avatar photo
    clara seah

    Lovely food in the neighborhood. Love their pizzas. Will be back for more.

  73. Avatar photo
    Ying Ni Chua

    Staff was nice and friendly. Love how the flavours are so unique and pizza’s so huge which makes it great for sharing!

  74. Avatar photo
    T Lork

    Very good food and service was well too. Location might be slightly hard to travel to but it is very worth it.

  75. Avatar photo
    Xiaoxin Toh

    Delicious food, though the parking gets a bit difficult.

  76. Avatar photo
    K Happy O

    Delicious apppetizing tasty flavoursome flavourful delectable toothsome inviting succulent savoury scrumptious

  77. Avatar photo
    Yong Seng Heng

    Service good, food good. Miss out 1 order but server came to to apologise after been notified. Excellent.

  78. Avatar photo
    Max C

    Good pizza for big groups but waiting time is a concern

  79. Avatar photo
    San Lee

    Amazing pizzas! Try the parma ham with generous servings of rocket!

  80. Avatar photo
    Darren Low

    Great pizza for a good price. The extra large ones get a little soggy though. Recommend the parma ham and rocket leaves for those who looking to try something different.

  81. Avatar photo
    Wiola Parzych

    I visited the place yesterday. I’m sorry but the food is below average. The pizza was so thin and hard (burned) that I almost broke my tooth. Seriously, there are better places in the area such Etna and Al Forno.
    Not recommended

  82. Avatar photo
    Shar C

    Disappointed with how this 9” pizza turned out that was ordered via Grab for $24.60 – for a medium sized pizza it was so small for what was paid! Finished the whole pizza and still wasn’t full, nothing special about it either sadly.

  83. Avatar photo
    Pam Foo

    Love pepperoni’s – this particular branch is not crowded at all, unlike the other branches at suntec or Thomson.. though I did go at 12pm on a weekday. They have a really worth it set lunch at 12.90 or 15.90 I recall.. the 15.90 is worth it with a full sized appetizer and a full sized pizza or pasta or salad, plus a drink. A lil reluctant to share this sweet deal in case it gets crowded as a result, but nahh… You’re welcome!

    Update: carbonara pasta, and calamari are to die for. The meatballs are so so. Not worth 16 bucks just for 4 small balls. Hoping to try other things on menu that are less underwhelming!

  84. Avatar photo
    Kristy Tan

    enjoy the food and ambience, friendly staff too!

  85. Avatar photo
    Daniel Khoo

    Great pizza. Super huge sizes for families

  86. Avatar photo
    Kenny Chua

    Reservation for 6 pax at 6pm was made 2 days in advance, yet there was nothing recorded in their book when we stepped in at 535pm on a Sunday evening. Nonetheless, we were offered a table at the inner corner near the small staircase. The restaurant has a classic pizzaria feel open with dark green door frame & ceiling beams, Valentino red metal chairs & oven, plain mosaic flooring & etc. The only thing about the atmosphere that didn’t work for us was the restaurant main doors were facing west and it was sun-intrutive and glaring. We started with their Shoestring Fries, Rosemary Chicken Wings, Deep-fried Chicken Wings and 3 x 12-inch Pizzas with different bases. We enjoyed the hot & crispy thin white crust very much! Service was fast and the restaurant is great for groups, or even just a slice or two by yourself.

  87. Avatar photo

    Love the atmosphere and food. The pizza has a lovely wood fire oven cooked thin crust. Their Chicken wings are super juicy.

  88. Avatar photo
    Chetna Atin

    Food is very good but the services is real bad here..
    We are regular here and as much I wanted to give 5 stars to this place the service here makes me not do it. Waiters are not bothered to even give you something as basic as fork and spoons. They also tend to forget to bring the order for as long as 45 mins when it’s just one table they have to serve. 3 stars here only for the food..

  89. Avatar photo

    Huge pizza where you can customise half side of each. Group of 7 can eat 1 pizza and price are affordable.

  90. Avatar photo
    John Murphy

    Great food choices, tastes delicious, friendly staff. Fridays can be busy, so orders take time.

    Ok.. latest review. 2 years later. For the last few times I’ve visited this branch at Frankel Avenue, the service has not been the same. I think the premises must have changed hands. The staff are not as friendly as before, and I feel that they think that i should be grateful for them feeding me. The food is still great, but the friendly atmosphere of the staff is non- existent. This will be my last visit here. I need to find out where the last manager went to and frequent his branch instead.

  91. Avatar photo
    Zhe Ming

    4th time here and it still tastes as good! Ordered the half-half classico and its amazing! Pair it with some shoestring fries or Wings and its a perfect portion for 2!

  92. Avatar photo
    Gaëtan Boehringer

    The pizzas are great! Very busy place during peak hours and the service is quite slow. Better take away or get delivery if you can!

  93. Avatar photo
    Alvin Ng

    A quiet place for good pizzas. Love the extra large ones especially! There were not many places to park your car thou so try to arrive early to get a slot!

  94. Avatar photo
    Jo-anne Kryztilia

    Really delicious pizza. Had the half and half of Carne and Burrata. It is the best I’ve had! Love the thin crust, well portioned meat, juicy tomatoes, and the burrata is so good! Highly recommend this place to chill and enjoy a good pizza. Will definitely be back! …

  95. Avatar photo
    Adelia Tan

    11 Jul 2020 – 2 persons at 5pm, dine in during Post Circuit Breaker Phase 2.

    Made reservations in advance via Chope as we wanted to dine in. My friend was early and was already seated when I’d arrived but I had to stay outside the restaurant for quite a while as an elderly couple were standing at the door inside the restaurant making a takeaway order. The staff couldn’t open the door and let anyone else in until they were done due to safe distancing measures. Checking in and out through SafeEntry is required by scanning a QR code.

    When I finally entered the restaurant, realised that there weren’t any physical menus provided. We had to scan another QR code to access their menu on our phone.

    Diners are now only seated on the 1st level and when the staff go onto the 2nd level, it’s hard to get their attention.

    Was quite disappointed that burrata wasn’t available (either as a starter/salad or on the pizza) as we came specifically for that but luckily the items we ordered were tasty and satisfying enough to still make up a good meal.

    We had the large pizza – half carne, half quattro formaggi. Loved the carne portion, and for the formaggi portion, the gorgonzola flavour stood out nicely but wish there was more mozzarella.

    Calamari fritti – squid was fresh, tender and the batter was crispy but I didn’t like that the crispy batter separated from the squid easily.

    Chicken wings were good as usual, good sized portion, but a tad spicy for a few pieces this time.

    We ended the meal with a tiramisu. Nice balance of flavours and the mascarpone cream was rather light.

    Service was friendly as usual but I wish they can be a bit more attentive, even though I do understand that they now have to handle both dine in and takeaway customers and delivery.

    It’s best not to be seated near the door as it does get quite warm with the door opening and closing very often.
    12 Oct 2018 – late lunch at 3.15pm
    4 stars.

    Good food and service here. The restaurant was quiet at this time of the day with only 2-3 customers.

    I was here just for the lagsane ($24) today to satisfy my craving. It was a good sized portion and pretty tasty. I only wish there were a lot more mozzarella in it for the price charged.

    Have also had the pizzas, burrata, chicken wings and other items here previously. Love the thin crust for their pizzas.

    Overall, food is generally good here. Prices inclusive of GST, no service charge.

  96. Avatar photo
    Martini Ricki

    Good enuff yo eat. Nothi g outstanding.

  97. Avatar photo
    Isaac 976

    Knowing that every restaurant in Singapore would be crowded, we decided to order in for lunch. We got three pizzas and I have to say they were amazing. It was not our first time eating Peperoni, so I believe eating at the restaurant will be better since you receive hot fresh pie.

  98. Avatar photo
    Wang Lin Biao

    Nice place to chill out.
    The pizzas are so big that makes it so much special than conventional pizza chains.

  99. Avatar photo

    Service and food are good. Will come back again.

  100. Avatar photo
    Sam Toomer

    Great vegan pizza! So happy they do vegan cheese, so important and so good, please keep it up!

  101. Avatar photo
    Swetha Sunder

    I love the pizzas at this place. Real authentic thin crust pizzas and one of the best pizzerias in singapore. Would always visit got a real treat

  102. Avatar photo
    Neil Guo

    The pizza is nicely done, lots of cheese and the crust was very well cooked! Will order again.

  103. Avatar photo
    Loereme Jacob

    One of the better pizza joints in my opinion. Plus reasonable pricing. XXL size is perfect for large groups.

  104. Avatar photo
    Maximus Ganesh

    Love this place for food and service provided

  105. Avatar photo
    Mambo G

    Above average eatery, nothing very much to shout about. But quite a strong crowd. The Hawaiian pizza is way behind even Pizza Hut. Don’t recommend the pasta too.

  106. Avatar photo
    Alde Castle

    Lovely place to have pizza. Cosy atmosphere.

  107. Avatar photo
    HH Lee

    The food used to be better. The meat balls were dry and tasted like frozen food. The pizza was tasty but slightly dry. Servers were friendly.

  108. Avatar photo
    Mackie Masim

    Great pizza that does not taste like mainstream pizzas.

  109. Avatar photo
    Gan Jerry

    Nice place for good pizza and spaghetti. Good place for meal and chat… Another thing, no service charge…

  110. Avatar photo
    Yare Qi Jun

    Great atmosphere. Staff was friendly and explained to us the ongoing credit card promo

  111. Avatar photo
    Wei Yuet Wong

    The pizzas and the side dishes were tasty. You can have a half-and-half pizza, combining two flavours. I liked this because I don’t have to buy many pizzas to try the different flavours. The staff was nice and funny; service was good. This place was a bit difficult to get to, and also not many parking spaces available.

  112. Avatar photo
    Nixon Poh

    Fantastic service and food! Will definitely go again!

  113. Avatar photo
    Clinton Willman

    If you are a fan of wood fired pizza, then you’ll like this place! Definitely worth a visit!!

  114. Avatar photo
    François M.

    Menu has changed, with much of my personal favourites gone. Pizza prices have gone up too (XL size mainly) and delivery is a measly 2.5km range.

  115. Avatar photo
    Henry Ng

    Very nice environment at Frankel Avenue. One of the best, if not the best, Pizzas in Singapore. Try out their Pizza with Wild Rockets, and mix the family size pizza with another flavour that you fancy. Another speciality that you need to try is their oven baked cauliflower (with yoghurt). The portion is a little bit too small.

  116. Avatar photo
    Conway Lai

    The largest pizza is definitely 4 persons and more. If you are ordering other items, even 4 regular adults may not be able to finish.
    The staff were in a hurry and not particularly friendy, but not rude. Otherwise the service was fine.

  117. Avatar photo
    Christopher Pharamond

    Exceptional service from was alright too..thanks for the experience.

  118. Avatar photo

    Like their super duper big pizza, chicken wings and calamari!

  119. Avatar photo
    Shaun Oh

    Italian restaurant with a wide variety of pizza and pasta. Pizza is very good.

  120. Avatar photo
    Lim Ju Meng

    Tasty chicken wings, but the crust for the pizza is very thin.

  121. Avatar photo
    Joshua Tang

    Couldn’t be satisfied with any other brands of pizzeria after trying this out. Worth a trip. Parking is difficult and a little out of place so do cater that into your trip.

  122. Avatar photo
    Gear Oil Cafe

    Best pizza in Singapore!
    I’ve probably been to this location a dozen times already, and every time I come I have such a great time. Food is always fantastic and filling. Service was super helpful and polite.
    Thanks again for an awesome dinner!!!

  123. Avatar photo
    Paula Cristina

    the location was good. decent food and the staff was attentive

  124. Avatar photo

    The crust is awesomely done with nicely balanced crisp and chewy-ness. The seafood topping tops the charts in my opinion.

  125. Avatar photo
    Poon Kok Hong Ryan

    Had the pepperoni and margherita pizza with chicken wings and truffle fries for the sides. They have a proper pizza oven and it looks like it is wood fired, could be wrong. But the pizza is lovely and the pepperoni is not overly salty. For those who drive, parking spaces are extremely limited given how it is only street side parking. If you park on the inner lanes along the shop. Becareful when exiting to the main road especially if your car is long, it is very narrow and chances of you scratching the sides are high.

  126. Avatar photo
    Wee Sim Lee

    E aglio olio consistently across the different branches. If you love aglio olio, you will love this place.

  127. Avatar photo
    lisan sim

    Love the food and place but parking is abit difficult.

  128. Avatar photo

    Good pizzas, horrible service. Staff must go for training, and learn how to smile.

  129. Avatar photo
    Eying Wee

    Great service and good home style rustic food. My kids love this place

  130. Avatar photo
    Martin Tong

    The location is rather difficult to drive to because not many buses is within walking distance from my home. Limited indoor seating but plenty of outdoor seats. They also have a live station for pizza so your kids will be entertained. Food was great, as expected from the brand.

  131. Avatar photo
    Isaac 976

    Knowing that every restaurant in Singapore would be crowded, we decided to order in for lunch. We got three pizzas and I have to say they were amazing. It was not our first time eating Peperoni, so I believe eating at the restaurant will be better since you receive hot fresh pie.

  132. Avatar photo
    Eswari Pannerselvam

    Very friendly & helpful waitress! Made our dining experience very pleasant!

  133. Avatar photo
    Kim C

    Yums! My go-to pizza place. Love the Burrata Prosciutto pizza – it’s the perfect combination of burrata, prociutto ham, rocket & vinegary tomatoes! Prefer the pizza crust to be a little thicker, tho. Edges are too thin & crispy for my liking. But I will still be back – again & again!

  134. Avatar photo
    Kevin Quek

    Pizza here is generally very tasty, flavourful. Made with a thin crust and toppings are generous. Go for the XXL size when you have a big group that wants to share pizza. As for location, it’s e only one in the east and parking made be hard to find with recent parking enforcement signs…

  135. Avatar photo
    Benson Ong

    A good place to hang our with friends. Great pizza. Get family size. Huge

  136. Avatar photo
    Patrick Nicholas

    Good selection of thin crust pizza to choose from. They even have sans tomatoes. Enjoyed the squid ink pasta, lasagna (nicely layered) and Cesar’s salad. Adding to which are cooking of pizzas in a wood fired oven. Service at Frankel was Good. Contrary to some negative reviews.

  137. Avatar photo
    Swee Keat

    good place for pizza lovers, each type and flavors are available. Friendly staff and interment.

  138. Avatar photo

    Food is good and not too packed. Location might be abit inaccessible for those without cars and only 1 bus 32 serves this area.

  139. Avatar photo
    Titus Taro

    Great comfort good always!

  140. Avatar photo
    Kaejay Ng

    1. We were told there was no indoor seating without reservations, yet moments later a couple of families walked and sat indoors without a reservation.
    2. The Vongole was overly salted and the pasta undercooked. It lacked the delicate white wine aroma atypical of a textbook Vongole. The Aglio Olio was incredibly undercooked. The garlic was charred but yet had no smoky taste.
    3. For the Vongole, no plate was given to place the clam shells, surely a price tag of 27 dollars would at the very least demand a simple bowl.

  141. Avatar photo
    Jazelle Tan

    Food was amazing! Aglio olio by pepperoni’s is 10/10

  142. Avatar photo
    James Tan

    Didn’t take picture of the pizza. The XL pizza was huge! Pizza was done well and my friend enjoyed it. Ordered their wagyu beef and ribs too, tasty! In general, we were satisfied. Good for home gatherings.

  143. Avatar photo
    Arnesh lalwani

    Very good the pepperoni pizza is delicious and there is a wide selection of things definitely recommend it is one of the best Italian restaurants i have eaten at

  144. Avatar photo
    Max Chng (Not Max)

    Staff was nice and food was good, will definitely come again

  145. Avatar photo
    Jayme Teo

    Came here after my first visit many years ago with family and was pleased to see that the standard has not changed!
    Still love the rocket toppings on their pizzas and highly recommend you guys to try too!

  146. Avatar photo
    Sunil Sharma

    Good food and nice ambience, they have selection of both international and local beers. Ample varity of pizza and pastas, have side dishes as well, they do have happy hour till 8:30 pm, overall a good place to spend time with friends and family, TIP: If you are sitting outside, please beware of cockroaches and lizards, service might also be slow as you would need to hope someone sees your weaving hand, I had to stand up twice while eating to top up on my order or ask for ketchup.

  147. Avatar photo
    Doreen Tan

    Best pizza! Thin & crispy. Can choose half/half for larhe size & above. The Parma ham & pancetta the best combination.

  148. Avatar photo
    Annabeth Chew

    Food was great and really fast service. U get ur food pretty quickly after ordering
    Its was a bit cold though as we were sitting next to the air con.

  149. Avatar photo
    Peter Chua

    Good food and great service

  150. Avatar photo
    Ye Yebo

    Pizzas are decent, no doubt, very popular place for many years. However, pricing is a bit mad at $24 for a margherita and waiting times are very long. Malt House down the road does equal quality pizza that are cheaper and faster, even if they don’t have good salami/pepperoni (like Peperoni does)

  151. Avatar photo
    Kevin Hee

    Food is so-so, pizza is OK – would really expect better – many places serve far better, prices are on the high side for what it is. Portions for mains are small too. Crowded on weekends, but mainly reflects location and families living in estates around coming for dinner.

  152. Avatar photo
    Wil Mat

    Whatever U do… Don’t ever order the Meatballs al Forno.. Only 4 small meatballs for $16…definitely not 5 star hotel Michelin Meatballs??? What a Rip-off

  153. Avatar photo
    Alan Featherstone

    Excellent lasagne! Portion was just nice too yummy!

  154. Avatar photo
    Donald Khoo

    Order and collect within half-an-hour! Food was kept warm in a cabinet upon collection and staff was quick in putting it all together for a smooth take-away.

  155. Avatar photo
    Brian Bateman

    Great friendly service! Food is great too.

  156. Avatar photo
    Nena Ganesan

    Great service with tasty pastas and pizzas. Try the bacon miele (honey) – unusual but so yummy.

  157. Avatar photo
    Wee Thong Neo

    Cozy place to bring the kids for a decent meal

  158. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Furu

    Always delicious food and good service. We have been here several times and will continue to go.

  159. Avatar photo
    Howard Toh

    Main issue is that the table we were assigned was extremely sticky. I think this is unacceptable. Despite me frantically spraying and cleaning the table, the restaurant staff saw and ignored it. Chicken Milanese was extremely tough and difficult to eat.

  160. Avatar photo

    Highly recommend this place! They use a traditional oven and the pizza is very thin with fresh products!

  161. Avatar photo
    Jun Yuan Chia

    Great tasting pizza but parking here is difficult if you drive

  162. Avatar photo
    Nancy Teh

    Always the consistent great pizza n pasta homey experience at Peperoni @Frankel!

  163. Avatar photo
    Feng Hou

    food is always good but the service level need to catch up and improve.

  164. Avatar photo
    Allan Sim

    Nice and cosy spot with great pizza, drinks and sides. Always a nice place to drop by and catch up with friends.

  165. Avatar photo
    Jane Sung

    Absolutely love the aglio olio here. I don’t know what they do with it. But it’s amazing. Haha. The calamari was slightly blend. The pizza is good. if you come with a big group, order the largest pizza, it’s worth it!

  166. Avatar photo
    Sylvester Chan

    Excellent food and staff service

  167. Avatar photo
    Ben Ho

    Pizza nice and toppings delicious too.

  168. Avatar photo
    Sheldon Lee

    Friendly place, nice casual hangout with good pizza options. Used to the one in Greenwood and this one is simliar – they keep things moving here. Food is good.

  169. Avatar photo
    Steph Tang

    The food here just seems better than other Pepperoni i frequent (e.g. greenwood). Kudos to the team of chefs!! please keep up the good works.

  170. Avatar photo
    Marcus Yap

    Authentic Italian pizza, at a decent price. Finding parking may be a challenge but otherwise its a very nice place to bring your loved ones

  171. Avatar photo
    Tom Lee

    Tasty big oven fire baked pizzas and yummy sides. Be sure to make a reservation if you’re coming on the weekends.

  172. Avatar photo
    Shirley Odelia

    Amazing pizza, great vibe.

  173. Avatar photo
    D Tan

    Great pizza and wine! The ribs are good too. Surprised there isn’t service charge in the bill, so I gave tips. Do tip them for their great service!

  174. Avatar photo
    Rong Ying Koh

    Thin crust pizza was great. A little pricey so be prepared.

  175. Avatar photo
    Joanne Ho

    Great pizza place with friendly staff. Pizzas are tasty and the ingredients are fresh

  176. Avatar photo
    Jerry ST

    No crowd on a week day lunch. Not cheap for lunch meal. Above $20 per pax.

  177. Avatar photo
    Keith Tan

    This is my newly discovered place to go for pasta. Daughters and I like this for Sunday lunch. Tasty, plus paying with Stan Chart CC has a $10 discount for bills above $50.

  178. Avatar photo
    M L

    Service could be better. Otherwise enjoy the pizza & food. Great place for families or small groups. Go early to wait or make reservation.

  179. Avatar photo
    Richard Tan

    Try the Slip Aglio Olio. Good stuff. Great pizzas and friendly staff too

  180. Avatar photo
    Daniel Teo

    Casual Italian restaurant serving consistently tasty pizza & pasta that is conveniently located for Eastsiders.

  181. Avatar photo
    El Alv

    Food was ok, location is ok, ambience is ok

  182. Avatar photo
    Marcus Wong

    Great dine-in pizza place. Good for groups.

  183. Avatar photo
    Gear Oil Cafe

    Best pizza in Singapore!
    I’ve probably been to this location a dozen times already, and every time I come I have such a great time. Food is always fantastic and filling. Service was super helpful and polite.
    Thanks again for an awesome dinner!!!

  184. Avatar photo
    Benedict Chan

    Grub ~ Go XXL
    Dricka ~ Meh
    Service ~ Be nice!
    Vibes ~ outdoor!
    Value ️ ️ ️ ️ ~ no pasta!

    Always go full throttle for the XXL – Since you’re here with 4 pax why not
    Wine and booze limited
    Comfort place – when all else fail, this is pizza safe house
    Casual, relax and unassuming – even on your own it is comfortable with a glass and a pizza
    Quiet neighborhood – After dinner go next door Wine Connection cheese bar better bet for your and platter!

  185. Avatar photo

    Pizza is good with a thin crispy base, can do half and half. Bolognese is nice. Kids menu is good. Draft beer available.

  186. Avatar photo
    April Kong

    Pizza was great as always. Ordered a calamari for take away too and all I had was half of the calamari in the box or rather less than half. The other half was packed with 2 containers of sauces?
    Business has been bad due to 2 pax and no dine-ins at this period and I am doing my best to support my favourite pizza in the hood. The management ,Jay and Faisal ,manager from the Frankel outlet contacted me and sort it out at a late night which I really appreciate .
    Thank you for the great service. 5 stars for service , however, 4 was for the calamari. ‍️

  187. Avatar photo

    Gold standards for pizza in locally in my book. Absolute favourite is the PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA and the Portobello. The other food items are pretty solid too.

  188. Avatar photo
    Patricia L

    Best pizza in town! Great service too! No service charge so remember to leave a tip …

  189. Avatar photo
    Ley Ley Loh

    This restaurant is in our hood and we frequent here regularly. Friendly atmosphere, expedient service and great variety of foods! Their XXL pizza is the best! My son can eat half of the pizza on his own! Given that he is a picky eater, it tells you how good their quality of pizza is!

  190. Avatar photo
    P H XxX

    Great place to chill. Their pizzas are incredible. Love their wings too.

    Great for little kids.

    Place is a tat old and table is oily even after they clean it.

  191. Avatar photo

    Great value for money – 9 inch pizza for $19, 12 inch pizza for $24 and 21 inch family variation also available. Wood oven pizzas taste yummy. Good varied selection of Pizzas (at least 4 vegetarian option), pastas, desserts and drinks.

  192. Avatar photo
    Karen Goh

    Good pizzas, great for group sharing, very good mushrooms soup

  193. Avatar photo
    Johnathan Cheah

    Still my favourite pizza place. Tasteful with fresh ingredients.

  194. Avatar photo
    christine poh yun li

    Good food but portion is small and service was not good at all

  195. Avatar photo
    hieng teck goh

    Food was above average, the restaurant wanted to charge us for the parmesan that we wanted to sprinkle on our pasta and pizza….

  196. Avatar photo
    Shayne Mathews

    Been visiting this place forever. Good pizzas and a great neighbourhood vibe. I personally like the Pancetta but that could be because of my bias to bacon

  197. Avatar photo
    Lin Jiahao

    Great food, good service. Accessibility is a problem if you do not drive, and parking is a concern if you do.

  198. Avatar photo
    Janice Huang

    Pizzas are great, especially the giant ones on which you can have multiple types of toppings. Only downside is that this place is hard to access via public transport.

  199. Avatar photo
    Jason Koh

    Love the tasty pizza crusts and chicken wings! Have been ordering these! It’s good for stay home meals and gatherings!

  200. Avatar photo
    Jay Shah

    Usually love eating at Peperoni Pizza, however the experience at the Frankel Avenue location was not that amazing. Ordered Napoletana Pizza and received the pizza order with 98% covered by olives. You could not taste anything else apart from olives.

    Might as well have gone to the supermarket to get a bottle of black olives and just eaten that.

    Told the staff and they did not offer any replacement neither a reduction on the main bill.

    Unusual experience at Peperoni!! Not sure if we’ll visit them again. My go to Alt Pizza next time.

  201. Avatar photo

    Pizza just the way it should be. Thin crusted crispy to the last slice. Mozzarella at its best. Service standard I thought was extinct. Best ice lemon tea – even after ice cubes had melted.

    Next time I will bring 3 more people and try the 21inch .

  202. Avatar photo
    Rishi Raj

    Awsome Italian food. You should consider getting reservations before you come, as its usually filled…wish they could have allowed dogs, of course for outdoor seating, but apparently that is not the case.

  203. Avatar photo
    Bryan Tan

    Love the Portobello Mushroom, and the XXL Pizza is really huge, great worth

  204. Avatar photo
    Xinwen Zhang Mary

    Enjoyed our thin crust pizza experience

    Glad we could find seats as walk-in customer before 630pm crowd arrives

    Service was brisk
    Food served promptly

    We found the meaty pizza a tad too salty for our liking though

    We will try other options next time

  205. Avatar photo

    XXL pizza was yummy, ingredients were generous and this is a good portion to order as main dish for about 4 pax. Other foods seafood pasta and salmon pasta was very good too, spot on about the texture of the spaghetti

    Specially want to thank the server Wai Jun for being attentive and prompt during the entire service. It was a full house that night, yet he took a lot of initiative to make sure we were comfortable and well taken care of. (We saw him taking extra effort to do a quick check on cups before placing it on our tables).

    This is my second time there, and look forward to be back again.

  206. Avatar photo
    Kateryna I. Mazurenko

    Biggest size pizza is impressive. Like it

  207. Avatar photo
    Ken Ramchandani

    Always love the XXL pizza. However seems much thinner lesser ingredients than before (or is it my imagination ) – just a observation.

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