Review Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore, 3 Coleman St, Singapore

Review Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore 3 Coleman St

“- There is a small food court and some Myanmar restaurants on the B1. – Many shops with diversity products here” or “Little Myanmar town for Myanmar, who work at Singapore” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Peninsula Shopping Centre Singaporeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 3 Coleman St, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 3 Coleman St, Singapore
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Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore reviews

Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore good?

To determine whether Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“This place has plenty of authentic burmese food restaurants and snacks to choose from. Locals should also take this opportunity to try the out-of-SG taste to spice up your meals.”

“Throwback 90s when you walk there. Connected also by an underground linkway to Excelsior. Famouse for musical instrument...jeanswear and photography shops/ film development.”

“Excellent shops for musicians who is interested n looking for guitars, strings ,amps , drums, repairs , special setup n other instruments.”

“Good for musician looking for guitar and also vintage clothing as well as sport apparel”

“Great place to go if you have money since the price here is a little bit pricey compare to others.”

“Nice place... Vintage jeans, boots, band t-shirt, guitar stor & alterations”

“Rock climbing in Funan Mall. Pay first at self service kiosk, than get your food & drinks”

“Absolutely one of the coolest shopping centers in Singapore! These photos are from I_S_L_A_N_D_S when it was inhabited by The Library of Unread Books by Heman Chong and Renée Staal.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 211 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 80% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore, 3 Coleman St, Singapore

There is a total 211 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    It’s alright, I think it’s a vietnamese or Thai mall so there’s a lot of that. Pretty good but the entrance during Covid is kinda annoying since it’s not the big one but a small entrance on the side near City Hall MRT

  2. Avatar photo
    Travel Lounge

    Good shopping and food options and It’s a nice place to chill around.

  3. Avatar photo
    Imran Z

    Usually come here to browse n buy guitar stuffs.

    3 star or should be 2 star becoz carpark is pathetic. Very few proper parking lots for motorbikes, n yet the charges is quite high.

  4. Avatar photo
    Chye Loy Tan

    The home of the burmesr or so called burmese Town!
    Came by to look fir a client in this building…trust me
    If u need some help…the security is just Not friendly and helpful. They just want to be alone and not to ve disturb…that’s it !! Don’t bother them …that’s what they want …

  5. Avatar photo
    Tim Ng SGD

    Many memories for some, old mall and probably awaiting for a good revamp or even rebuild

  6. Avatar photo
    Pat Lim

    Old shopping centre. Selling plenty of big size jeans, shirts n cargo pants. Need to do some haggling on prices. Burmese food at Basement 1 is comparatively cheap. Gpod place to hunt for 2nd hand and antique cameras. Go on a Sunday to have the Myanmar experience.

  7. Avatar photo
    Matt Harty

    Older shopping center but there are some great shops if you are a watch enthusiast. There are gems to be found both new and NOS

  8. Avatar photo
    Zahini Abd

    Throwback 90s when you walk there. Connected also by an underground linkway to Excelsior. Famouse for musical instrument…jeanswear …boots and photography shops/ film development.

  9. Avatar photo

    One of the most sought-after shopping malls during the 90’s for the punk-rock-skinhead fellas.
    Still boosting the charisma with lotsa music equiptment stores, bargain sporting shoes & the misc items u can find here. A gem during its hey days. And oh, parking are slightly tight in the basement.

  10. Avatar photo
    sam morrow

    Real mix of shops and services over many floors.

  11. Avatar photo
    Imran Amran

    I love it. Music instruments haven. Big clothes haven. Old school mall with golden value.

  12. Avatar photo
    Athe Ganesh

    Very nice shopping mall looking is totally different

  13. Avatar photo
    Hazhar Abu Hassan

    Still a great place to shop. One of the older shopping centre in town. Only grouse is that this area is turning into a mini Yangon! Oh well. Our friends from Myanmar needs a place where they can feel like home, meeting their fellow countrymen & enjoying their traditional cuisine. Even the old Indian restaurant at the basement had given way to a Burmese restaurant when I dropped by last Sunday!! But still, if you need to shop for sporting goods, gadgets, street wear, old fashion tailor or even musical instruments this is a great place to start.

  14. Avatar photo
    Michael Chan

    The security guards are helpful. The mall is about to close and I couldn’t find a trash bin anywhere..they allow me to throw my half finished coke into the waste bin in the mall.

  15. Avatar photo
    ZarNi Htun

    A place to get food or products from Myanmar (Burma)

  16. Avatar photo

    Nice and bigge

  17. Avatar photo
    Alexander Bergfeld

    Very nice old school Singaporean Shopping Centre with lots of different shops and office spaces on the higher levels

  18. Avatar photo
    Hazidane 10

    One of the legendary places to shop for jerseys .. still love it even tho interior vibes reminds us of 90s-2000s

  19. Avatar photo
    Jim Sangwine

    If you’re into film photography, this place has a lot to offer! One of the few remaining old style shopping centres that caters largely to a specific audience or hobby. Feels like the Singapore of the 90s.

  20. Avatar photo
    Sachin Chittoor

    Good hotel with spacious rooms with good view of the city.. the toilet was bit conjusted to be fair and of course you need to wipe rather than wash ! (You know what I mean) centrally located in the heart of Singapore becomes easy to travel and access other areas
    Clarke Quay is walkable from this hotel

  21. Avatar photo
    Garrie Neo

    Old retro place where I spend my youth 30 years ago. Now the place still have ton of characters specifically in the lower level.

  22. Avatar photo
    Kabilan Maran

    It’s very good place
    Near to citi hall MRT
    Especially value 1 dollar shop
    Have different different
    Items at low price
    Compare to other branches….

  23. Avatar photo
    Wen Yang Thian

    A quick description on the place.

    Basement: you can find many musical instruments which includes mainly Guitars and drums. (Plus a cafe/food hawker)

    1st Floor: probably around 5 – 6 camera stores which you can buy and sell ; afew factory shoe stores. (Jordans too!)

    2nd Floor: mainly Tailor stores (like suits) and a sport store.

    3rd Floor: a Guitar servicing store, and some other (can’t really remember)

    Highest floor: many antique stores and drawings.

    PERSONAL TIPS: Had brought a few guitar for servicing (Fixed my bass pickups and a Aux Jack) and would really recommend “David’s Guitar”(B1), seemed to be the most affordable around the area.

  24. Avatar photo
    Jhym Marchy

    Very classic mall, in the middle of bz metropolitan city, impress with all sorts of 2nd hand camera and dslr so cheap! And almost unbelievable! Good bargain. Tailor shops with great Craftsmanship. Sports shop all good …

  25. Avatar photo
    William Win

    A nice place to meet, eat and buy for Myanmar people staying, working, living and visiting Singapore as most of the stalls from 1st to 5th floor are occupied by Myanmar shop-owners. All stuff favourited by Myanmar people can be bought here. I go there whenever my wife names out the kitchen stuff and other amenities she needs. May this trend of Peninsula live long as other popular places in Singapore!

  26. Avatar photo
    Zahid Allapitchay (ZACH/BOTAK)

    Peninsula Plaza will never fail u when it comes to shopping @ a physical store experience
    Definitely a place to dropby to shop. NO DOUBT

    No fancy lights
    Ambience decors of any Modern Malls maybe but upon your arrival
    It will & still gives you the GOOD VIBES for sure.
    Whether u r a local or tourist

    Furthermore it’s just a brisk walk from CITY HALL MRT.

    Ranging from;

    Sports goods
    Bespoke tailoring
    My last visit was when LIVERPOOL FC was in Town of Singapore 15072022.
    For sure
    I can never be my last either.

    Enjoy the experience GUYS of Nostalgic Old Skool Shopping once again.
    To the Friends @
    Peninsula Plaza

  27. Avatar photo
    Hee Kiang Foo

    I always love this place because it was the first modern shopping centre that I visited when I was a child 50 years ago. Great place for shopping for sports goods, cameras, watches and tailors

  28. Avatar photo
    Abdul Jabbar Kachi

    Old place, doesn’t change on the inside BUT same old good stuffs you can get, as long long time ago. The best is for those Original Collection for Jerseys, just drop by at Weston.

  29. Avatar photo
    Ming Tai Tan

    Lots of Myanmar shops and eateries. Interesting place to visit.

  30. Avatar photo
    candice c

    An eclectic collection of guitar / ukulele / instrument shops with a mix of 80’s style street wear fashion and some Myanmar restaurants.

  31. Avatar photo
    Nine Nine

    This place is well known as Myanmar plaza or City Hall. Because of Myanmar Marketplace. If you’re Myanmar, I will recommend you to go there. You can buy various kinda food and vegetables or Myanmar traditional food. You will feel like you’re in Myanmar when you reach there.

  32. Avatar photo
    Johnny Chua

    Another Retro Shopping Centre used to be a must visit place for Men’s Tailor Shops, Jeans, T-Shirts, Jackets, Wind Breakers, Boots, sportswear, shoes, caps & accessories in the 80s/90s. Bring back lots of childhood’s & teens days memories. Always wanted to stop by whenever I drove past. Will be more convenient to go by MRT or public transport in the past few years. It’s difficult to find parking around that area & road works. Now with Funan Centre reopened, slightly easier to find parking

  33. Avatar photo
    Lady Honey

    Love the old school style mall & for musicians out there, this is the complete place to get yr instruments! Only wish there’s more halal food stalls around

  34. Avatar photo
    Maung Thiha

    One Star Hair Shop is permanently closed and build the new condo.

  35. Avatar photo
    KC Kun

    Good old.singapore shopping mall, with some old tenants still running thier business.

  36. Avatar photo
    Airwan De Souza

    Great place if your looking for soccer memorabilia and music equipments. You can also find old school shops that sells shoes and clothes that cater to any age group.

  37. Avatar photo
    Gordon Koh

    Although this place is old, but some special shops exist for those looking out for Levis jeans or musical instruments, or bargains for cameras and accessories.

  38. Avatar photo
    Han Nor

    This place sell alot of Myanmar product.No need buy flight tickets if u ever have the craving for Myanmar food

  39. Avatar photo
    Pragatheeswaran Keratai Periyanan Rajendran

    I very often visit “Hour Boutique” the Watch shop here.

  40. Avatar photo
    Leong Wee Tiong

    Good tailor inside this place by the name of sliver strip . Do pay this tailor a visit.

  41. Avatar photo
    Jun-Ichi Sakabe

    If you want to buy a guitar, you should go to basement 1 in this shopping center. There are many guitar shops. You might be able to find a nice guitar for you!!
    Recently, I bought a YAMAHA FS830 at Sound Alchemy.

  42. Avatar photo
    Seah Eu may

    Purpose of going there is solely to buy helper’s food as she misses Myanmar food.
    The moment I step in the mall,was struck with a very strong smell…(I guess it’s the fish sauce or fermented paste/sauce)
    The mall truly made one feel like you are in a foreign place,very different,very eye opening.
    From remittance,haircut,food stall selling their local food,clothings,worshipping stuff…..
    Many mini-mart store are selling duplicate stuff but as many store didn’t have price tag so have to always approach them to enquire prices..which,some owners made you felt like you are disturbing them with all the asking….
    Luckily I chance upon a store at the back coner on the 3rd floor & she is very friendly & helpful.
    Her price are very reasonable (no price-tag too )
    Her store even sells fresh vegetables & other interesting stuff.
    Will definitely go back to her if I were to replenish.
    Do walk around to compare prices!

  43. Avatar photo
    Sri Ratny

    Please patron this place it has great siam sellout if you like to venture on food. Great place to shop as there’s new outlet for those who loves Malaysian make up product too

  44. Avatar photo
    Choong Thoong Chua

    A place with unique mix of shops. Lots of shops with sound equipment, electric guitars, drums. Recording studios, limited run clothings. Place to discover hidden jewels.

  45. Avatar photo
    Lim Dawson

    The camera workshop is the best shop to visit for new and use camera equipment

  46. Avatar photo
    Vincent Tan

    Many shopping centres, during off day

  47. Avatar photo
    Liuhang Zhang (ZLH)

    It is quite a neglected place and does not come with any fancy of modern shopping malls. Howere, there are plenty of good bargains here, especially on sports wear. This is also a good place to visit if you are after some well tailor-made shirt and suits.

  48. Avatar photo
    Wen Wen

    Nice quiet hotel integrated mall with ristic charm filled with tailors for suits musical instruments shops and camera shops very niche and if you’re looking dor some sports outlets there are few in there too

  49. Avatar photo
    Kyaw Aung

    A great place to get Burmese groceries and foods, even some Burmese style gold jewellery. If you’re looking for authentic Burmese dishes, this is the place. Easily accessible from City Hall MRT station and few bus stations around.

  50. Avatar photo

    It’s a place to look out for shoes, Soccer jersey, shirts that Available for bigger guys, music, camera, watches, glasses. It’s actually a hidden gem! Should just drop by to have a look and maybe it might have something to offer you.

  51. Avatar photo

    Still being unique after such long years. Loving It.

  52. Avatar photo
    Sen Tjong

    Quite an old establishment. Next to peninsular hotel. Good for diving camera n equipment. Diving courses as well plenty of Jeans and musical shops. Good place for old time sake.

  53. Avatar photo
    Jonny Tan

    A handful of sport wear from level 2 onwards. Mostly soccer related apparel and some sneaker shops. Prices are friendly. But the place closes quite early. So time check if you are heading down.

  54. Avatar photo

    Many sports and tailors at this mall. Most of them have been around for decades. Prices can be bargained.

  55. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Arif

    Been 20 years, and still getting my clothes here.

  56. Avatar photo
    Kyaw Kyaw

    I come here because I can easily get the food I like. But during the holidays, people are so crowded that it becomes difficult to even walk across the street.

    So, even if I have to buy what I want from there, I don’t come here anymore.

  57. Avatar photo
    Clinton Jones

    This is a very old mall, one of the first to have escalators according to locals. You can tell too, they are those old fashioned singl width types. If guitars and music is your thing then you will find a bunch of stores here, similarly if cameras and photography is your thing. A couple of vintage/antique shops, a language clinic, some sports apparel stores and custom tailors. Worth a visit for something different.

  58. Avatar photo
    Aung Aung

    Most of Myanmar people come to this place especially. They got what they needed in these plaza

  59. Avatar photo
    Ken Loh

    Brought a Martin Lx1 there. The shop did a wonderful setup for the little beauty. It even changed the strings to brand new set for free, without me asking.
    The staff there are super friendly. We took my kid there to pick up the guitar. Even he had a wonderful time there testing the instruments, and staff gave us valuable advices about the music path.
    Would recommend for everyone who are professional or amateur, kid or grownup. All feel welcomed there. You get more than what you pay for.

  60. Avatar photo
    Hossain Sohag

    It’s very nice.
    Here have a lot shop.

  61. Avatar photo
    Soe Thiha

    Central downtown area shopping mall and easy to access famous places. Suitable to shopping reasonable prices with various types of foods and others products. Especially, suitable for Myanmar people.

  62. Avatar photo
    cha del rosario

    too crowded outside and inside the mall but i think things and service offers by the shops there are very interesting and price should be affordable

  63. Avatar photo
    Lim (Victor)

    Many old school camera shops and sports shoe shops.

  64. Avatar photo
    Mostapar Senawi

    If you size is plus size you can come he have lots jeans,t-shirt,smart pant,shirts and other use.go to B1 you can see poster Jumbo Size.And you look for nike or other brand also have .

  65. Avatar photo
    Husin Nor

    Peninsula shopping was popular during the 70’s and 80’s hence they have a variety of things at that time. Cowboy mode. However there are a few shops selling musical instruments shops namely guitars. Expensive and also affordable guitars are sold here.

  66. Avatar photo
    S Q

    Very old shopping centre. Have interesting 2nd hand camera shops here

  67. Avatar photo
    Angel Tan

    Not my kind of place, majoroty og the shops are currency exchange.

  68. Avatar photo
    Erica “Lyric Winfrey” Almond

    Mostly Myanmar mini marts sell their local foods. Money changer is available at 1 floor and 2nd floors. Interesting place but best go on weekdays less crowded.

  69. Avatar photo
    Eugene Ching

    This is a pretty old place, but had lots of things that are pretty unique. There’s also quite a lot of music shops selling things like guitars, and their accessories. Unless you’re looking for something specific, this probably isn’t where you want to just hang around. No obvious food options here either.

  70. Avatar photo
    Li Cheng

    Best customer service.

  71. Avatar photo

    For all your photography needs. ProShops for latest hardware many dream of. Looking for films, class cameras, accessories for older or repairs, try PENINSULA HOTEL. On the Left side shopping alley you’ll be amazed these people are still around after more than 40 years. Special camera batteries, film and photo printing, parts camera agents do not carry you’ll find them here. Some shops buy your cameras and willing to do trade-in too. A heaven for photo buffs at these 2 malls. Enjoy!

  72. Avatar photo
    Thant Zin Naing (TZN)

    some myanmar shop food is so expensive

  73. Avatar photo
    Ace Shimizu

    Bought shoes here that were unlike normal brand found around malls in singapore. Place is quiet but you can find food places here. Alot of camera shops, guitar stuff , safety shoes shop shirts and jeans. Didi not know about this place much before this but was happy to see that there are items sold that I needed here and cost is much better compared to other places. Will come again next time!

  74. Avatar photo
    xiao shan

    A very old mall than opened in 1974. Bring back memories. Only a few shops are opening now. I hope it will stay.

  75. Avatar photo
    Dale Martirez (Dayul)

    Pretty fun place to go shopping and browsing. I would say there are more options in places like ION Orchard but this was also a fun mall to browse and just pass time.

  76. Avatar photo
    Surya Sadikin

    It’s an old shopping mall, comparing to the neighbour Funan mall. I went to search for some camera equipments and the accessories nearby, windows shopping, and shop around. They also have some nice music instrument shop around there. I felt that the shopping mall was okay and not too crowded.

  77. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Chan

    I must say although the building is quite old since my younger days studying at the convent, the toilets on the 4th level where I attend language class is very clean with a refreshong smell. Thanks to the cleaners who upkeep the toilet..

  78. Avatar photo
    Rama Kumar

    Good shopping plaza, there are many professional camara and their parts available, many other Mayanmar people over there, not so attractive except camara shops

  79. Avatar photo
    Leouel Quinanahan

    Peninsula was a great one also especially when you are looking Myanmar foodie and roaming around the shops and stores selling vegetables and varieties of products coming from countryside! Must try the “Mandalay Restaurant!….

  80. Avatar photo
    Pahrulanam Mohd Awi

    Long time havent been there. 1970, it’s my shopping center i come to look for denim n leather boot. For the latest for the Muslim, there’s a place to sholat at the parking. Same entrance going to toilet. Awesome

  81. Avatar photo
    Leman Elsewhere

    Somewhat an underground place to get your band starting. Shirts, pants, kicks, music instruments and accessorises. All in one basement.

    As for the first floor, you may find a shop that deals with watches. (RECOMMENDED)

    as for the other floors, mostly clothing, shoes, tattoos and many more.

  82. Avatar photo
    Singapore Office Spaces

    The distinctive image of Peninsula Plaza is engendered by the synergy of form and function. The 32 storey office block was designed with a system of perimeter columns, which, together with a framed internal structure, creates an interior that is almost column free for ease of internal reconfiguration. This tower sits atop a 6 storey podium block, with a delicately articulated façade of interconnected arches, interacting visually with the coconut trees lining its promenade.

  83. Avatar photo

    So far it is just one of the common shopping experience. Nothing much.

  84. Avatar photo
    Vern How Chan

    I’ve had such a nostalgic experience and as times change and covid hits I hope the tenants continue to survive as this is such a heritage place for the arts in Singapore. Where music instruments and afficionados gather on a regular. It is said that a country truly will prosper when music and creative arts become the mainstay such as top metropolitan cities in the world. I wish the government will retain it’s charm when this building becomes spotted for refurbishing or to be remodelled.

  85. Avatar photo
    Paul Price

    Great shopping experience …

  86. Avatar photo
    Nora Osman

    Have been there shopping for Levi’s jeans frm Peninsula for a long time. Their prices are really reasonable. Leather products also very affordable prices. Will definitely go there for shopping again.

  87. Avatar photo
    Harjono Honoris

    You need to try halal Myanmar stall here called “Little Myanmar”. They serve Myanmar delicacies with taste that I think can suit most Asians. The saltiness is just right, and just around $6

    Their service is wonderful.

    First, you will meet a polyglot server, which can speak Chinese, Malay, India (sorry don’t know which part), and maybe more… fluently.

    Second, you stay quite long and they give you tea for free.

    Nice experience

  88. Avatar photo
    Noraini Syed Hassan

    It has changed a lot from previous years ago, better environment, more to shops

  89. Avatar photo

    Old school shopping center with a variety of shops and goods. Its a good place for me to head to once in a while if I have time. types of shops down here include Guitar and bass shops, drum shops, other instrumental shops, record stores, watch shops, clothing stores with a variety of band related things, a military store and strangely enough, a black magic store (I heard of a few months ago) and so on. Good place for musicians to get their band equipment and good place to take a look at. If your a super sized person (100kg or more) like my dad, they have shops here that sell larger size pants which average stores wont sell. This shopping centre has a lot of rare stuff and is recommended to come here. Only problem is however, the parking is quite expensive. So I recommend parking at Funan.

  90. Avatar photo
    Luca Bolatti Guzzo

    Interesting place. I’m going there mostly for the second hand photography equipment. There are several good shops, although my favourite is Ben Photo Trading. I bought 2 nikon lenses and they were very satisfactory

  91. Avatar photo
    Tin Aung Saw

    A Place to eat Burmese foods … and travel agencies to travel to Myanmar…
    Food varies from typical home dishes to diverse local native authentic dishes …
    My recommendation would be Inn Lay restaurant, 4waddy and Mandalay restaurant where you can get fresh Myanmar native local foods…
    Try some you will love it …

  92. Avatar photo
    John Dooley

    This is a pretty good shopping centre. It has a lot of more left of centre stuff like record shops, music t-shirt shops, costume shops etc. Plus a lot of medium range priced clothing, and of course food stalls.

  93. Avatar photo
    Ambient Walking

    Absolutely one of the coolest shopping centers in Singapore! These photos are from I_S_L_A_N_D_S when it was inhabited by The Library of Unread Books by Heman Chong and Renée Staal.

  94. Avatar photo
    Sheila Nesbitt

    Loved everything about this area.
    Great variety of goods
    Had a good spend!

  95. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Ramakrishnan Iyer

    Many interesting range of businesses inside this shopping complex and the reason I go there is basically because of the camera shops and to buy photographic materials and equipment there are many Burmese food stalls which have moved in here and it has become very noisy crowded and there is so much going on especially in the basement areas

  96. Avatar photo
    Grace Kate

    Cool stuff alot

  97. Avatar photo
    Han A W

    Always the best place to go besides queensway shopping ctr

  98. Avatar photo
    WenD T

    Uncle Tony is lightning fast in checking your degrees.. And he doesn’t hardsell at all.. Very nice and professional.. Open all days except Chinese New Year

  99. Avatar photo
    Msyou Neverever

    Love the plc! Oldies but LEGEND. plus size jeans, skinny jeans.. Boxers, music instruments. It has a Okay halal cafe too. But the prices are steep. I mean the bigger ur size the more expensive it is. But no matter what, they have sizes for everyone. And a friendly uncle tailor, buy jeans and alter at the same plc!!! Super easy.

  100. Avatar photo
    Vikas Jain

    Beautifull n very modern shopping centre

  101. Avatar photo
    George Gregory Thia

    Certainly nostalgic, i.e. if you like old-school SG shopping! Brought back fond memories.

  102. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan

    Can find lots of stuff but the shopping centre probably should get a make over as it’s neighbour Funan is now very vibrant and space efficient.

  103. Avatar photo
    byond horizon

    Best place to get good secondhand budget cameras and lenses

  104. Avatar photo
    Gregorian Jerahmeel

    I liked this building (even though it’s old) because most of the shops sell music stuff and records. First time I visited this building because I want to go to Roxy Records and Trading shop. Then, when I explore each floor, I found out that there’s more record shop. Like Past Images and Vinyl Kakis store. The location is quite near with The Adelphi, which is just across the Coleman Street.

  105. Avatar photo
    Damian Pang

    Good place to go if you’re looking for FDW. There is are also good choices for printing services and food here.

  106. Avatar photo
    Esther Bebe

    Went there to get safety boots. There are few old shops still around after so many years: jeans, sports shoes, jersey, etc. Music lovers, you can get instruments and accessories there too: drum set, guitars, music scores, etc. It’s less crowded than before…

  107. Avatar photo
    Victor low

    Tried to revamp to new look but still the same old peninsula but stuff here are well nothing worth mentioning except for the coffee shop at the corner. Cheapest place you can get a meal in this region. Taste acceptable too. Also a footnote if you are buying stuff here. Beware of swindlers

  108. Avatar photo
    richard lim

    Lots of musical shop. If you love musical instruments this is the place you should go to.

  109. Avatar photo
    raven Han

    Variety of camera choices. Tailored clothing choices available. Nostalgic shops selling antique items available. A must visit for old school lovers.

  110. Avatar photo
    Stelle Chiang

    Came here to find a courier company and the security was helpful. Old building but I think they did a good job in maintaining it. Place was clean n well lit.

  111. Avatar photo
    aBi. Zyy

    A good place for musicians, especially guitarist. It’s a known place for locals, but might be a good hideout to look out for if you’re visiting Singapore and has a love for guitars.

  112. Avatar photo

    Excellent location in the heart of the city with two main MRT intersection City Hall station (red & green lines). Situated next to the new Funan Digital center and Capitol Piazza with lots of vibes! Lots of new food choices too in the area.

  113. Avatar photo
    Cec.O -

    Gem in the city.. Similar to Queensway, there alot of shops selling limited edt sport shoes, camera accessories . There are other interesting biz ie: nostalgic recorda, watch, trampoline, dance classes.. Check it out.

  114. Avatar photo
    Theticus _

    Toilets are very dirty and very crowded. Environment is not the best.

  115. Avatar photo
    Mark Anthony Padal

    Great place to go if you have money since the price here is a little bit pricey compare to others.

  116. Avatar photo
    Myat Thu Naing

    Little Myanmar town for Myanmar, who work at Singapore

  117. Avatar photo
    Shaiful anwar Rahmat (Babyface)

    Now this place not lot thing to see or shop…but alot of music shop, t-shirt shop. Less restaurants, less cafe.

  118. Avatar photo
    Mashy Mellow

    Can find quite a number of track shoes but pity its a small building kinda hidden between fun and ctr and hotel. It’s been there many yrs

  119. Avatar photo
    Jumiaton SelamatKadri

    Rock climbing in Funan Mall. Pay first at self service kiosk, than get your food & drinks

  120. Avatar photo
    Heriyanto Jamal

    Such an iconic building. A favourite place to hangout back in the 90s. Superbly crowded over the weekends. The Halal Myanmese food on the 2nd level is not too bad. Should try.

  121. Avatar photo
    Cubby Pereira

    Excellent shops for musicians who is interested n looking for guitars, strings ,amps , drums, repairs , special setup n other instruments.

  122. Avatar photo
    Chye Eng Ng

    Used to have various outlets that sell shoes and sport accessories at a relatively cheaper price than other reputable shopping malls. However, the last time I visited the mall to source for good pair of running shoes, the price quoted were much expensive than the official boutique. Hence, I feel and think that it is cheaper at outlet stores or official stores where they are having sales up to 50% during promotional period. And, you could expect a better services and professional advices on shoes that is suitable for your running style.

  123. Avatar photo
    Philip LIM

    Invited to attend the launch of Canon EOS R which was organized by Cathay photo. It is sited on the ground floor in this building. This place has many shops dealing with photographic equipment both new and used. Good place to sniff out what is available for those who like photography.

  124. Avatar photo
    Bambi Ko (柯小鹿)

    Though the building is old, the restrooms are quite clean! There’re a lot of small businesses in this building.

  125. Avatar photo

    Lots of shops and ideal for a quick shopping visit. They have a huge Digital clock that displays time where you have to be at a distance to see what time it is.

  126. Avatar photo
    Pyae Sone

    Price are a bit expensive other than outside malls and on Sunday, too crowded and no place to eat in there.

  127. Avatar photo

    Good place to Shopping in the 70’s 80’s
    But now is forgotten place for youngsters due to a lot of foreign worker been imported to SG.
    Please bring your children to see this place before it disappear from there..
    A lot of things to see and buy….music instruments, big big size jeans, baseball t-shirt, boots, buckles, leather jacket, watches, and many more. Explore from b1 to 5 floor. But avoid Sunday.
    Mostly shops open at about 11- 12 noon. Photo of some of the basement one shop.

  128. Avatar photo
    Plus65 1852

    Good for musician looking for guitar and also vintage clothing as well as sport apparel

  129. Avatar photo
    Abhishek Legha

    Nice Burmese food

  130. Avatar photo
    David Ng

    Lots of guitar shops here. You can find most of the major brands for sale. There are also a couple of shops selling pre-loved gear. All these conveniently under one roof

  131. Avatar photo
    Hayden Smith

    Little Myanmar. Good Burmese food. Very authentic. Popular rolex reseller on the first floor. Building has a very distinct smell. Either you love it or hate it.

  132. Avatar photo
    Mark Teo

    If you are in town for used cameras and film photography related items then this is the place to go. Ruby Photo has been the go to place for all sorts of 35mm and 120mm film. They also do processing and scanning services. Frequented by students and professionals alike. The Camera Workshop has also been around for years selling both brand new and used photography gear. One floor up is Black Market Camera and they are the go to for almost everything photography related.

  133. Avatar photo

    For records, Metal T shirts, etc. One of the few places with 70’s feel. Keeping it real.

  134. Avatar photo
    Jes Jassi

    Great to get Jerseys here
    iRUN got good pricing for your running shoes.
    Coffee shop at level 1 serves hood fish soup
    Basement nice prata and teh tarik

  135. Avatar photo
    Tapon Mahamud Jony

    One of historical market in Singapore though Peninsula lost her previous glamours but still this is famous to the Burmese people’s, locals and tourists. You will find Burmese products in almost every shops. Sometimes I visit there to buy betel leaves for my Uncle. Few good currency exchange there who are really famous and give better rates in town.

  136. Avatar photo
    Kyaw Zin Oo

    Meeting point for Myanmar people. Many good stall. But toilets are not clean enough.

  137. Avatar photo
    Nine Nine

    This place is well known as Myanmar plaza or City Hall. Because of Myanmar Marketplace. If you’re Myanmar, I will recommend you to go there. You can buy various kinda food and vegetables or Myanmar traditional food. You will feel like you’re in Myanmar when you reach there.

  138. Avatar photo
    Kyaw Aung

    A great place to get Burmese groceries and foods, even some Burmese style gold jewellery. If you’re looking for authentic Burmese dishes, this is the place. Easily accessible from City Hall MRT station and few bus stations around.

  139. Avatar photo
    Musafir Jalanan

    Nice place… Vintage jeans, boots, band t-shirt, guitar stor & alterations

  140. Avatar photo
    L H

    This is a paradise for rock fans and metalheads. There is a huge selection of band tees, patches and guitars available throughout the shopping centre, as well as great deals too!

  141. Avatar photo
    Khidir O.

    Utilitarian shopping centre. Popular with locals, and it brings back memories. Basement has decent food, loads of apparel and a few music shops, and also connected to Excelsior next door. There’s a few decent camera shops on the ground floor. Higher floors are a mix of sport stores and offices.

  142. Avatar photo
    Anna Banana

    The shopping centre isn’t flashy (it was built in the 60s), but a good place to get bargains within the city. Only a few minutes walk from City Hall MRT. Rugby, hockey, floorball, soccer etc are amongst the sporting categories that you can buy. This shopping centre is well known for discounted, authentic goods.

  143. Avatar photo
    Kaya Butter

    Branded shoes on bargain price clearance on the 2nd floor, plus size clothes and nice guitars for cheap at the basement, and a handful of great tailors scattered throughout the place. It’s an underrated gem of a shopping centre.

  144. Avatar photo
    mikk s

    No go if there is no reason. Super crowded and messy. The place is not Singapore at all.

  145. Avatar photo
    Andi rizal Sapuan

    Great place for many things from sports to camera equipment. There’s a shirt store at the basement level as well. 1 halal Indian food store and other food stores

  146. Avatar photo
    Mhel Foo

    Going through the entrance, turn right, there’s a coffee shop at ground level.

    The mee pok and abalone mee is very good and affordable

  147. Avatar photo
    Gifu Hirohide

    Not a mall for kids but for adults who were once kids!

  148. Avatar photo
    ATL T

    A myanmar hangout. Hence good myanmar food here.

    Currently lots of construction going on nearby.

  149. Avatar photo
    Joel Seong Koon

    My experience is, just help your very self better than anything.

  150. Avatar photo
    Hanafi Hameed

    Nice old school vibe for guitarist, jeans, some trade you can no longer find

  151. Avatar photo
    soe min

    More convenience for Myanmar people.

  152. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chow

    Place seen better days. But u can get a real bargain in sport shoes. Some of the tailors are really good at doing bespoke suits and can give savils row a good run for their money at a fraction of the price

  153. Avatar photo
    Rinaldi Kim

    Really awesome place for music lovers especially string players, and a good place to find rare articles of clothing! Mall has a nice oldies 90s look to it.

  154. Avatar photo
    Christian R

    Just visited “For the record” store. Great used vinyl record store with incredible knowledge of music by the owner. Perfect experience for everybody who likes vinyl and music! Lots of original pressings from the US and UK.

  155. Avatar photo
    Vinay Chowdary Malempati

    Nice place for small electronics shops and also food court

  156. Avatar photo
    Paul Nakarin Poonsiriwong

    Old school shopping centre, lack of maintenance & repair due to the individual owned landlords. However, there are quite a good music instrument stores & guitar centre at basement.

  157. Avatar photo
    Lee Soon Guan

    Built many many years ago and upgraded for a more modern look, this shopping center has many shops selling items from Myanmar. In a way, this place is like an enclave for Myanmar citizens.

  158. Avatar photo
    Myooaung Kyaw

    Nice food to eat and not so expensive

  159. Avatar photo
    Johnny Be Good

    Qwerky old mall with lots of vibe if you’re looking for sports shoes, guitars, watches and camera geek place but some other vintage stuffs and the basement has a surprisingly popular eatery

  160. Avatar photo
    John Thornton

    We have found Singapore a fantastic place. Clean, tidy and welcoming. Don’t miss dining at Raffles which now has a tiles floor and not the wooden floor so oiled by peanut shells!!

  161. Avatar photo
    Adam Syed

    escalator dont work from lvl 3 to lvl 4. Nostalgic feels in the mall, many sports shops to visit.

  162. Avatar photo
    Hecc dum

    Old mall, surprisingly got a lot of sport shops, 1st time here, got the 90s feels to it.

  163. Avatar photo
    raj siva

    Old school roxk t shirt, jeans and jerseys and more

  164. Avatar photo

    Gotta go before 5pm to call the shops in action…most of the shops are close during 5.30 pm..most unhalal food around here.

  165. Avatar photo
    Shamsul Arefin

    Good place to find digital camera

  166. Avatar photo
    Amritpal singh Sidhu

    Peninsula shopping center located at 3 Coleman St, Singapore 179804

    Mostly you can find sale and offers here

  167. Avatar photo
    Bryan Loh

    This place has plenty of authentic burmese food restaurants and snacks to choose from. Locals should also take this opportunity to try the out-of-SG taste to spice up your meals.

  168. Avatar photo
    William Win

    A nice place to meet, eat and buy for Myanmar people staying, working, living and visiting Singapore as most of the stalls from 1st to 5th floor are occupied by Myanmar shop-owners. All stuff favourited by Myanmar people can be bought here. I go there whenever my wife names out the kitchen stuff and other amenities she needs. May this trend of Peninsula live long as other popular places in Singapore!

  169. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Koh

    The building name might as well be ‘Guitar Mecca of Singapore’, because it simply is. If you play the guitar, and had to do all your gear shopping in one location, this would be it.

    The basement floor is littered with loads of guitar stores. From entry level to boutique, accessories, pedals, amps, guitar services (repair etc), it can all be found here.

    There’s some pretty good food available too. If you are into fashion, loads of rad fashion houses here. The style caters more towards the rock, punk kind of style, but there’s something for everyone. The upper floors host several sports stores and shoe sellers, where prices are on the decent side. Good variety!

  170. Avatar photo
    Zaid Ab Rahman

    This place is a gem for clothes and camera equipment and accessories. Shop for a bit and you will find good deals. You can bargain too. I would recommend this place solely for the two purpose: To find cheap clothes and camera equipments.

  171. Avatar photo
    Ngô Quang Đông

    – There is a small food court and some Myanmar restaurants on the B1.
    – Many shops with diversity products here

  172. Avatar photo
    Kok Hong Goh

    Find all the necessities from Myanmar here. Very joyful place on Sundays as it will be packed with people.

    Myanmar food are at the basement are decent and overpriced.

    Washrooms are very dirty.

    Only seasonal parking allowed. LTA frequently patrols Coleman street too.

  173. Avatar photo
    ZUR Beran

    Place to find ur fav rock t-shirts n fav jerseys

  174. Avatar photo
    Chyan Phang

    Not a shopping destination unless you’re into Burmese food and products.

  175. Avatar photo
    Sany D Poe

    Still the old building that we know of. Same stores mostly selling watches, sports accessories and garments, limited edition shoes, print tshirts, collectibles and more. Almost similar to the older version of Queensway Shopping Center but with better options.

    Only ongoing problem that seems forever unsettled is the broken escalator. Either one of them MUST be broken which is puzzling as to, why.

  176. Avatar photo
    Dawn Lim

    Okay place to get shoes and street wear. Prices seem competitive.

    The mall is old and the age shows.

    We went there to check out some travel agencies. Didn’t buy anything.

  177. Avatar photo
    Wenhong Ni

    Strategically located near City Hall MRT station. A popular hangout place for Burmese in Singapore, Various Burmese foods and products are available here. Burmese restaurants are located at basement. Shops selling photographic equipment and photo processing shop also located in Peninsula Plaza.

  178. Avatar photo
    PADzCam Adventures

    The place is too crowded. It’s very difficult to see what the shops are selling because the passageway is blocked by so many people. Hard to walk inside. Not much space to enjoy malling. Maybe it is not crowded on a weekday during business hours. I went there on a weekend.

  179. Avatar photo
    Khairul Md Sidek

    I like go there,to buy my clothes and everything have…. someone want buy shirt or pants even got big size S,M,L,XL+++++

  180. Avatar photo
    Jyeo Teow Hee

    There is a shoe shop on the basement level. The shop name is WALK AROUND.
    reasonably cheap shoes. The owner. Mr. Ricky Chiam is willing to let you pick any shoes to your liking. Of cos, if you like his service which is extremely good. The owner is a honest person. There are discounts from him if you wish to purchase.

  181. Avatar photo
    Junyang Chen

    Must go location for any photographers. Almost all the good 2nd hand camera shops are in this mall/immediate vicinity. You can get anything from the humble Takumars to the stratospheric Leica & Hasselblad equipment new/used in this mall. Great for buying 1st hand camera equipment and studio equipment as well.

  182. Avatar photo
    Alex Tham

    Best places for sports gear, cheap and original.
    There also mobile phone buy/sell in there at reasonable price.

  183. Avatar photo
    Yanti Salleh

    Hubby birthday grap 2 t-shirt and pants.. usually peninsular is the best place to shops pants, for me and family.

  184. Avatar photo
    Erik Tang

    Sportshoes galore branded and cheap. Strongly recommended for running enthusiast and sportswear fashionista. High quality custom tailor shops and trendy watches retailers are also found here.

  185. Avatar photo
    Frederik Falk

    Had a lot of interesting shops both new and old and of many different varieties. It was however a bit difficult to navigate around to find all the shops I wanted to visit.

  186. Avatar photo
    Philip Loon

    The best place for guitarists and drummers. Davis is a must to visit.

  187. Avatar photo

    Peninsula shopping center is a complex located on Coleman street. It is right beside Funan Mall and is close to the City Hall MRT station. Also, the building houses the Peninsula-Excelsior hotel. Hence, it has options for staying, is right beside a bigger and modern mall and is on a close proximity to the MRT station, making it a really convenient place.
    The complex consists of a large variety of shops such as shoe stores, toy stores, Music shops, Spas, PC and mobile sell/repair and multiple stores which suit multiple people’s needs. Aside from the normal variety of stores, the complex also got interesting shops such as an Antique store called Past Image where they sell products and memorabilla from much older and simpler times and also a store known as “Spellbound”, a store supposedly housing magic and witch craft accessories, or if it is really said so. There’s also a football themed store and a store for military goods.
    I would like to conclude by saying, whether you come here for basic needs or if you are in for something unique, Peninsula shopping centre is the perfect place for you.

  188. Avatar photo
    Waikong Chia

    There are many shops for the photographer here: new equipment but also a lot of secondhand stuff, esp antique cameras. The mall is old-school so it has a good atmosphere to it. There are also several guitar and musical instrument shops in the basement catering to a different crowd. And a shop that sells stamps and another that sells collectors’ vinyl records.

  189. Avatar photo
    James Ng

    The first shopping mall with lift carpark in Singapore

  190. Avatar photo
    Mazlan Amat

    There’s prayer room at B2

  191. Avatar photo
    Mya Thet Cho

    It’s a place where all Burmese people go when in need of Burmese foods and cooking ingredients. The logistics and courier services are convenient. Food is just normal and feel a bit pricy when sometime it doesn’t really taste like home at all.

  192. Avatar photo
    S.Bhupinder Singh Brar

    Went there again after 25 years.. some of the tailor’s still around and went Weston’s sports to buy my.favourite Newcastle United jersey and prices reasonable.
    Visited my good friends shop there

  193. Avatar photo
    Ida ho

    Have lots of changes. Lots of eateries different from other malls

  194. Avatar photo
    Stefano Valentini

    Shopping! Honestly, I went here by accident. Was looking to get guitar strings at the place next door but ended up here instead. I mean it’s not a bad place if your into what they have. Great adventure on a Sunday as its packed!

  195. Avatar photo
    Park Claudia

    the uncles in cowboy hats and band tees that hang out here have way too much swag. I wish I was like them.

  196. Avatar photo
    Samuel Edyson

    Love the fact that this is one of the oldest commercial shopping mall in Coleman Street area. Although parts of building looks aged, the functional elements (toilets, walkways, etc) still being greatly maintained. Has some food stalls too, although not many options to choose from.

  197. Avatar photo

    A better plc it has become thou the shops is still unattractive but underground linkways have made it accessible from e train station up to Funan Ctr and Suntec City!!!

  198. Avatar photo
    Ma Toe Toe Lwin

    Best place to buy Burmese spices and food here

  199. Avatar photo
    Bayzid Kabir

    This a very nice shopping plaza. If you looking for Myanmar products here can find easy. This place is very popular for Myanmar for meet each others public holidays and for marketing, gathering.

  200. Avatar photo
    Farhan Hamid

    I used to frequent this place during my childhood. The building is rundown and in need of a major renovation. Also motorbike carparks costs $2 now despite having limited lots.

    Many camera shops having great deals here since Funan IT Mall is under construction. Anticipate fewer customers once Funan resumes operation.

  201. Avatar photo
    jenny haw

    A nice place to meet, eat and buy for Myanmar people staying, working, living and visiting Singapore as most of the stalls from 1st to 5th floor are occupied by Myanmar shop-owners. All stuff favourited by Myanmar people can be bought here. May this trend of Peninsula live long as other popular places in Singapore!

  202. Avatar photo
    Kirill Stetsyuk

    Has a few gems here and there but otherwise mostly dead. Good to buy cheap shoes, camera gear, music equipment at David’s guitars or PC build at Hydrocore

  203. Avatar photo

    T shirts, Jeans, Skaters from boards to their accessories, Musical instruments, Sneakers, Ray Bans, Jam studio, Army’s accessories , Tattoo shop, Eateries Stalls, Alteration shops, Camera shop and a place to pray for the Muslims. My shopping Paradise. …

  204. Avatar photo
    Muhd zaki salleh

    My old time shopping mall….small to big to biggest size available..

  205. Avatar photo
    Niclas Sandström

    To be fair this is a bit run down place but I don’t know why but it is my kind of place. I like the small shops and the personal service you get. Hope they can manage to stay open despite all the mega malls.

  206. Avatar photo
    Thanathip Moolvong

    It is known for music instruments, cameras and sport shoes. If you need anything that mentioned, will not be disappointed. Hey, it is Peninsular Plaza which is another building, just across the road.

  207. Avatar photo
    Liezl Aman (Liz)

    Good stop for camera geeks and analog film junkies. ️

  208. Avatar photo
    Jaja Soon

    Quiet shopping centre with very strong odor.

  209. Avatar photo
    Marwan Mz

    Very old but has alot of things
    Second and third floor has alot of fabric and suite fixer and trailers as well

  210. Avatar photo
    kiyoko chan

    Myanmar foods are very delicious. I went every week.

  211. Avatar photo
    Tejas Shah

    I have been staying at Peninsula hotel, so have spent like 5-6 window shopping session. I don’t see anything special, yes they have South India restaurant which makes me visit it more. However local residents might find it better place. My review is view of a tourist staying in same hotel.

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