Review Paradise Dynasty Vivocity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore

Review Paradise Dynasty VivoCity - Singapore 1 HarbourFront Walk

“Enjoyed their Dim Sum. Everything delicious. But Shanghai style fried rice was my favorite. Good view too.” or “Our last min decision to eat Chinese food was a good one. Delicious food and a lovely setting.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Paradise Dynasty Vivocity. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Paradise Dynasty Vivocity is quality.

Introduction about Paradise Dynasty Vivocity

Here are some fundamental details regarding Paradise Dynasty Vivocity. In terms of Chinese restaurant, it is generally believed that Paradise Dynasty Vivocityis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-128, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Chinese restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62066629 (+65 62066629)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-128, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 11 AM to 10 PM.

Saturday, Sunday: 10:30 AM to 10 PM.


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How to contact Paradise Dynasty Vivocity?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Paradise Dynasty Vivocity via:

Phone number

You can reach Paradise Dynasty Vivocity at 62066629(+65 62066629). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Paradise Dynasty Vivocity via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-128, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Paradise Dynasty Vivocity reviews

Paradise Dynasty Vivocity is among the best destinations of Chinese restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Paradise Dynasty Vivocity good?

To determine whether Paradise Dynasty Vivocity is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Enjoyed their Dim Sum. Everything delicious. But Shanghai style fried rice was my favorite. Good view too.”

“Our last min decision to eat Chinese food was a good one. Delicious food and a lovely setting.”

“Yummy as usual. Delicious xlb and pork/veg wanton. Got the promo 10s original xlb @$8.80.”

“Food is good, cant help but to compare with other similar restaurant as this one does not seems to have their own signature dishes but able to provide as good or better version.”

“Had one of the best egg fried rice I ever eaten in Singapore The service is really superb”

“Excellent food and nice view of sentosa. Best xiao long bao I’ve had for a vey long time”

“Their multi flavoured xiaolongbao are excellent. Decent dim sums. And better ramen/noodles here than places that specialise in it in many cases.”

“The food is delicious. Service by Ms Xiao Xuan is excellent as she took care of our requests promptly and courteously.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 176 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 79% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Paradise Dynasty Vivocity, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Paradise Dynasty Vivocity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore

There is a total 176 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Sherman Ho

    Food is pretty good. Prices reasonable and all served fast. This was for a weekday lunch so unsure if this will change when it gets more crowded. Definitely would come again.

  2. Avatar photo
    Peter Osy

    Generally very nice. Just watch out for napkins or bowls of peanuts left on your table. As both items will be charged without you asking.

  3. Avatar photo

    Nice food. My favourite there are fried rice, dumpling and noodle.

  4. Avatar photo
    jackson kong

    Dim sum and seafood products are all good, the price is not cheap

  5. Avatar photo
    TC Chang

    A bit unacceptable as the staff told us that they don’t serve chinese tea as there is a lack of supply. portion for vege is ridiculously small.

  6. Avatar photo

    I’ve been a huge fan of Dintaifung, however the standards seem to be dropping due to the never ending demand and queues. THis was my second visit to paradise, however this time I really sat up and took notice.

    The dumplings were absolutely tasty, the skin was thin but the fillings were quite small. I loved my zhajiangmian, the meat sauce coated the entire bowl of noodles and I found it difficult to finish the entire bowl, a stark contrast from my experience at DTF where the meat sauce barely covered the noodles.

    The vinegar sauce dumplings had a strong taste of mala pepper and the skin was silky soft.

    Paradise has replaced DTF in my list of TOP 3 dumpling places in Singapore.

  7. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    That’s a place for favourable prawn wonton noodles. And delightfull?
    Xiao Lung Pau in it’s different colourful
    Deco and even tastes.
    Carry on makan. …

  8. Avatar photo
    Kevin KW

    Had a nice dinner at paradise dynasty , which is quite popular over the weekends . Had the noodle with pork cutlet which was good and the broth was not bad
    The highlight was the colourful xiao long bao which everyone seems to order. With 8 different flavours (including the original) , some of the more exotic ones include cheese and black truffle
    One nice thing they have here is they offer envelopes to put your masks, which is a nice gesture
    Price was reasonable

  9. Avatar photo

    This place is really crowded because it’s famous. But because the queuing system is sophisticated, so it’s not lazy to queue. The customer will be given a number and told about how long it will take, so after getting the number, you can walk first and then come back.

    Ordered the xiao long bao which has 8 flavours, all of them are unique. There are some that are not comfortable (not bad, but just weird), like the taste of garlic. Order two la mian too, yuuum.. really delicious!

    You can order Chinese tea, which will be filled all the time. When it’s first served, there will be a server with a teapot whose mouth is more than a meter long.

    The service there is also really good, full of smiles and not lazy to explain about the menu. When finished eating, can fill out a review using the iPad. Advanced!

  10. Avatar photo
    YiZhong Zhuang

    We arrived at 4.45pm but they told us it was too late to order their 50% off xiao long bao even though it was advertised till 5pm. Had the multicoloured xiao long bao which was ok, but fillings were a little gristly for some and not as refined as Din Tai Fung. The ginger was also not as finely sliced. Overall ok experience, but could have been better!

  11. Avatar photo
    Hazel Nut

    Ambience and service quite good. Food has some hit and miss. The spring onion noodle, Xiao long Bao and dumpling was not bad. Liu sha Bao was abit too watery. French bean somehow tasted nicer at canton paradise. Sweet and sour fish not bad but note that the slice fish is bigger than canton paradise. Dessert – sesame ball was too soft and red bean pancake skin was too oily. Spring roll was one of the worse I eaten, very oily taste. Overall, other than the ramen and dumplings, other dishes tasted better at their sister brands than this brand.

  12. Avatar photo
    John Muzi

    Good restaurant with good food and view. Service is not the best.

  13. Avatar photo
    Seow Swee Lee

    The 辣子鸡was nice and it is a dish which I will order without fail.

  14. Avatar photo
    Balee Tong

    This place is proud of their xiao long pau (mini Dragon dumpling). I came here looking and was not disappointed. The soup burst from its delicate skin with layers of flavor. Objective accomplished. Moving on to other things, I felt the Shanghai dumplings were too thick and didn’t contain much soup. This is a far cry from what I had in Yokohama China town. Service was slow despite the waitress rushing back and forth all the time (It was Sunday tea time). They forgot my napkins which made me sad.

  15. Avatar photo
    Esther Hew

    Service was ok, food was so so, tea was nice. You are paying higher end price for the ambience. Not the food nor service.
    Do check your receipt as we didn’t wanted wet towels & still got charged when we payed. Not that we can’t afford it, it’s more to do with principal.

  16. Avatar photo

    Good Chinese cuisine

  17. Avatar photo
    Albert Yeo

    great food .. great service

  18. Avatar photo
    QH Ong

    Reasonable taste and services.

  19. Avatar photo
    Kace Ong

    Xiao long bao here comes in many flavours, including chilli crab and cheese! But the original pork is still the most popular.

  20. Avatar photo
    Joyce Yeo

    We had a enjoyable CNY 2023 set Menu, the dishes were fresh and staff service were attentive .. Would be back for more !!

  21. Avatar photo
    Makarios Tang

    Food was good but restaurant is severely understaffed and service took quite long

  22. Avatar photo
    Sihan Goi

    Good environment with a nice view and good food. The standard is quite consistent across all branches so no surprises here. Love the la mian, the stock is flavoursome and the noodles are silky. Xiao long bao and Sheng Jian bao were both yummy, and fried rice was not too salty.

  23. Avatar photo

    The food is incredible! Especially the Szechuan chicken. The price is very reasonable for yummy Singaporean food too

  24. Avatar photo

    They had really good 锅贴 and the sampler of 8 小笼包 was fun. (All the flavours tasted great. Make sure you eat it without vinegar and ginger.) Fried chicken and 生煎包 were good too. A little dismayed at the price. I think the restaurant should convey clearly the price of the towels, starter and tea.

  25. Avatar photo
    Jie Bo Ti

    Been there more than half a dozen times. Be sure to order the Egg White with Scallop.

  26. Avatar photo
    Yong Kang Zheng

    Try the multi-coloured Assorted Long Bao.

    Food is pricey, but food quality is good.

  27. Avatar photo
    Howard P

    Beautiful Xiao Long Bao selection in various colors and fillings, as well as some tasty noodle dishes. The general yum cha options lean towards the more Northern Chinese style (there’s less of the Cantonese style dishes such as prawn dumplings) but that’s not a bad thing. The quality of the ingredients really shows through and there wasn’t a single disappointing dish. The dining area is large but well attended to by staff.

  28. Avatar photo
    Joyce Lim

    Sgd50 total for fried rice with pork chop, noodles with veg and pork dumplings, 6pc xiao long baos, 3 pc shanghai Sheng jian bao. Noodles were silky and delicious, best dish. Pork chop fried rice and xiao long bao close second. Shanghai bun standard dropped. Service was adequate.

  29. Avatar photo

    A newly renovated restaurant with nice ambience. Other than their colorful XLB, the combination of their pork chop with fried rice is divine.

  30. Avatar photo
    Jensen Tan

    Generally dishes are too saltish. Skin of signature steam bun too thick. Meat of pricey marbled beef used baking soda to fake tenderness …

  31. Avatar photo
    Don C.

    Average. The fried stuff were all very oily. Color looks dark, seems like the oil was reused for a few rounds.

  32. Avatar photo
    Li Yun

    Restaurant was crowded during Monday night. Queued and waited around 15 mins. Food was good but was really disgusted by the spoon provided. It had a strong musty old cupboard odour. Found a piece of plastic in my appetizer too. Would have given higher rating if not for those two incidents. Likely to avoid this outlet in the future.

  33. Avatar photo
    CY T

    The glutinous rice dumpling was the highlight of the meal.

  34. Avatar photo
    T LJ

    Food was ok, would have liked a better selection. Hot and sour soup was excellent. Service not so good. Lots of families and great view.

  35. Avatar photo
    Esther Hew

    Service was ok, food was so so, tea was nice. You are paying higher end price for the ambience. Not the food nor service.
    Do check your receipt as we didn’t wanted wet towels & still got charged when we payed. Not that we can’t afford it, it’s more to do with principal.

  36. Avatar photo
    Chong Tee Lim

    Great customer service and good food at affordable prices

  37. Avatar photo
    Kathy Lee

    Paradise Group will never disappointed you!

  38. Avatar photo
    Wei Qiang Wong

    Food is good but service is lacking due to lack of staff that day.

  39. Avatar photo
    Scott Ng

    Came over for lunch on a Thursday afternoon. Ordered their dim sum and tried their signature dishes, a total of 8 consists of both fried and steamed dishes. Firstly, the ambience is good and classy. Has a good decor of a grand restaurant. …

  40. Avatar photo
    Craig C

    Great dim sum good service okay price …

  41. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    Comfort food. however the taste at this outlet seems to lose to other ones. still a go to place for chinese food.

  42. Avatar photo
    Andrey Mischenko

    Schezwan noodle with seafood is very good

  43. Avatar photo
    Wynne Soh Xue Qi

    Went there for lunch in the afternoon. Food is great but I can’t say the same for their service. Took us long, perhaps 10 minutes, to finally get the attention of the service crew to submit our orders. Service staff did not apologise at all for the long waiting time when he came to our table to take our orders. Their competitor Din Tai Fung have the same level of food quality and such, with even better service, so go give DTF a try instead to satisfy your Chinese food fix. I expected better service here for the price paid.

  44. Avatar photo
    piaro sathi

    Nice place for family to gather and dine. Lots of people catching pokemon though.

  45. Avatar photo
    Melissa Yeo

    Had CNY lunch there with customers and the food was good and well presented.

  46. Avatar photo
    Autumn Leaf

    Yummy food, came during the tea time discount.

  47. Avatar photo
    Thong Cherine

    Dined in a few times at this restaurant with my children. Food was good and service was great. I was waiting for my younger child to finish his food and the staff came over to pass some toys to older child to entertain himself

  48. Avatar photo

    Best bao in Singapore. Amazing!

  49. Avatar photo

    As all other outlets, the food is decent which merits 2 stars here . But what is appalling is the service at this outlet!!!

    Visited at 2.30pm before the discount tea (3-5pm) timing to place our order. After 3pm, we can’t order on the discount because the restaurant cannot split the bill. The manager mr John sum informed us of this inflexible rule that we had to exit and renter the restaurant to enjoy this discount. All in all,poor service and inflexible rules. Rather visit other outlets.

  50. Avatar photo
    Hiroumi Mitsumoto

    The signboard menu, Xiaolongbao, has a wide variety and is quite cool.
    However, all other menus are lightly seasoned, and you can’t feel like you’re getting them at the store.
    There are reviews that the price is reasonable, but the amount of each item is less than other stores.
    The best is the meat bone tea, which was said to take about 15 minutes when ordering. It came out in just about 5 minutes, right? I thought, and when I ate it, it was not salty, and the cold soup that had not been heated came out. When I pointed it out, it was served hot again, but it was still super light. The essential spare ribs were also just hard pieces of meat with no softness or crumbly feeling.
    It seems to be a famous chain store that also enters Changi Airport, but I do not recommend this store.

  51. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Lim

    Food is fantastic, there’s a wide selection of food on the menu. Service is friendly and helpful. Given that it was so crowded on cny day one dinner, service was relatively prompt. View from the restaurant was great as well – overseas the boardwalk and rws. Great for family meals! Will be back!

  52. Avatar photo
    Martin Bronk

    Typical Chinese food. Good quality, very friendly staff.

  53. Avatar photo
    Clea Romeo

    Excellent food and nice view of sentosa. Best xiao long bao I’ve had for a vey long time

  54. Avatar photo
    Cybermon K S

    This place we will see is the place from where we’ll be moving to the Sentosa or maybe we can say it’s inside the Sentosa or part of Sentosa. VivoCity has a lot of shopping restaurants and many other shops it’s another big sport for people to hang out during daytime and it has a good Lakeview and evenings would be very much awesome to be with family or with friends and have a good time. From here you can walk into the Sentosa Express entrance where you can move in move to Sentosa via are the Sentosa Express.

  55. Avatar photo
    Noelle Ng

    The food is delicious. Service by Ms Xiao Xuan is excellent as she took care of our requests promptly and courteously.

  56. Avatar photo
    Julie Leong

    Excellent food taste and service still can be improve.

  57. Avatar photo
    Ed L

    Our last min decision to eat Chinese food was a good one. Delicious food and a lovely setting.

  58. Avatar photo
    Gerald Neo

    Good food and service. Only lacking for variety of foods choices

  59. Avatar photo
    Chris Cheong

    Nice place for dinner. Price reasonable.

  60. Avatar photo
    Ian Tay

    Good amount of seating and food is in line with the usual paradise dynasty fare. Closing soon, though.

  61. Avatar photo
    Valentino Suhail

    Had one of the best egg fried rice I ever eaten in Singapore The service is really superb

  62. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    We actually went to beauty pot. All my relatives and friends prefer this over the haidilao

  63. Avatar photo
    Kenny Beh

    Good taste and nice food. But services not expectations. Only one person serving for ordering food and long waiting time.

  64. Avatar photo
    Joyce Lyn

    Visited at tea-time hour on weekday (3-5pm) and turns out there are 40% off promotion for members with selections of Xiao Long Bao, Dim Sum, La Mian & desserts, what a good deal

    We ordered Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao, very aesthetically pleasing and flavorful! You are given the direction on which flavor you should begin with, each gives you different palate. But some flavors do not match to my liking, I personally would opt for the original on next visit.

    La Mian with Minced Meat & mushroom sauce is packed with flavor, generous meat and signature sauce in every slurp!
    Overall is a unique experience.

  65. Avatar photo
    KZ Seet

    Good food and ambience

  66. Avatar photo
    Lars F Clausen

    Dont come after 9pm in vivo city.. We arrived 915pm, they want our money but we were not given time to enjoy our dinner, it was more important for the staff to get home 10pm. We had to pay before we finished the meal and desert was to go. We had to eat quickly and were rushed to finish. The food is excellent and high quality, but they should not accept customers after 9pm. If we had been rejected for being late, we would come back. After this bad experience we will never come back, this make me sad because the food is great.

  67. Avatar photo
    Vincent G

    Good good and ambient. Collagen soup is very nice. Those with kids will be happy with the in house playground.

  68. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Ho

    Slow service even thought there was no crowd. Waited more than fifteen minutes before drinks were even served.

  69. Avatar photo
    Sulabh Singhal

    Food was strictly okay. Charged us for tissues and an appetizer that we didn’t order but were served and assumed it was on the house. Din Tai Fung is a better option in comparison.

  70. Avatar photo
    Tom Nag

    Din Tai Fung is famous for xiao long bao, but I personally prefer the xiao long bao here. The price is not too high, so it is saved. I really appreciate the company’s efforts. It can be said that the service, taste, and atmosphere of the store are all good. Beans and hand towels that come out without permission are charged. It is possible to refuse.

  71. Avatar photo
    Henry Toh

    Generally good service as expected of such an establishment. Good food of consistent quality. When neighbourhood zi cha places cost us $300 or more for a family dinner, I’m much happier paying those prices here.

  72. Avatar photo
    Tan Ying Ling

    Great food and service

  73. Avatar photo
    Chua Li ling

    Yummy as usual. Delicious xlb and pork/veg wanton. Got the promo 10s original xlb @$8.80.

  74. Avatar photo
    Chye Huat Lim

    First time eating at this chain restaurant after a while, the quality of dishes are still decent. The 流沙包 and colored 小笼包 are ok, not fantastic but not bad. However, the 炸酱面 is pretty awesome! The meaty sauce is flavourful and umami, noodles are al dente and springy. The sauce of 红油抄手 is towards the numbing side, I wish it to be more vinegary to balance out. Overall a decent restaurant to dine at and this place is family friendly too.

  75. Avatar photo
    n포세대 백지수표 BaekG

    Don’t be fooled into choosing colorful xiao long bao because they are pretty. It is a taste that differs from taste to taste. In general, it is difficult to suit the taste, and it is not as tasty as the basic one. And it’s hard to share. Xiao Long Bao is good because it is thinner than Din Tai Fung’s dumpling skin, but the gravy is worse than that place. The taste is generally average. I feel bad because the staff took it away as soon as I ate it. There is a variety of food, but not much Hundun

  76. Avatar photo
    Leonard Ye

    The most authentic Shanghai dish you can find in Singapore.

  77. Avatar photo
    Donald Isaac

    Good variety of food to choose from.

  78. Avatar photo
    Lai Heng Leong

    The food, view, service…love, love, love!

  79. Avatar photo

    The food is delicious! Staff considerate service!

  80. Avatar photo
    ong kh

    The xiao long bao is very juicy and value for money if you are a member and having it during the weekdays afternoon (certain hours).

  81. Avatar photo
    Roger C

    Enjoyed their Dim Sum. Everything delicious. But Shanghai style fried rice was my favorite. Good view too.

  82. Avatar photo
    An Ngy

    Friendly manager Hui Fang!

  83. Avatar photo
    Chi Yao Diong

    Food is usually good

  84. Avatar photo

    Food tasted great as usual.. just that the staff here aren’t that attentive. The tables was not that full at 2.30pm+ but still lacking of service from them. The server just put the tea cup on the table and for a good 10-15mins no one served us the drinks. Even though the table later than us, their drinks was served.. I think she totally forgotten about us till we called for another lady staff than she finally brought a pot to our table after 5 mins.

  85. Avatar photo
    Cher Shen Chung

    Saw a sign that their last day of operations is on the 2nd September 2018.

  86. Avatar photo
    Mr Rafael

    must try: xiao long bao
    their 8 flavor xiao long bao is a must try here.
    to best enjoy the flavors just follow their recommedation.

    and of course to best enjoy the xiao long bao must bite the side, drink the soup then dip in the sauce then put some ginger then eat

  87. Avatar photo
    Daryl Tan

    Good taste & excellent service

  88. Avatar photo
    Rimmier Chang

    Great atmosphere, food is nice, staff are courteous, efficient & helpful.

  89. Avatar photo
    Siyang Lu

    Very good …

  90. Avatar photo
    Steve Fang

    The food on Mother’s Day were good. The staff being polite and even warned us to be careful upon approaching the steps

  91. Avatar photo
    KS Lee

    Reliable and consistent standards both food and service. My go to for Chinese food.

  92. Avatar photo
    JUN S

    I entered this shop because I was drawn to the colorful xiaolongbao.
    Of course the xiao long bao was delicious, but all other dishes were delicious!
    Meat, jellyfish, wontons and more! I want to go again

  93. Avatar photo
    Alex Snow

    The original taste of Xiao Long Bao seems to be no better than Din Tai Fung. As expected, the quality of Xiao Long Bao here is not as good as Din Tai Fung. The dumpling skin is a bit thick, and the dumpling skin sticks to chopsticks so sticky that it’s easy to tear and ooze juice even though it’s thick.
    However, being able to taste each of the 8 different flavors is a merit that cannot be ignored. The order of eating is fixed, but mild > strong. They are laid out in a clockwise direction, so you can eat them starting with white and green. Personally, the truffle oil was the best, and the crab was just okay. The price is honestly a bit expensive.

  94. Avatar photo

    The taste is above average.
    No words at all
    It is possible to place an order with an order form
    Recognized as a Vivo City restaurant

  95. Avatar photo
    Debabrata DB

    Very unique food. They have private areas for groups of people with a spectacular view of the sea…

  96. Avatar photo
    Den Iz

    First of all, they keep you outside until you order your meal even the restaurant is empty. So people are queuing outside at isle of the mall which is not welcoming.
    Secondly, there is no acoustic panel or something to reduce the sound. You will hear all the cutlery and table sounds and talks around. There was only 4-5 table were full and it sounds like a crowded cantina maybe designed for eat and go. Overall, it is not pleasant dinning experience, you better ordering at home.

  97. Avatar photo
    hong wan

    Nice deco. Convinently located. Food is good

  98. Avatar photo

    Everything is great
    But the 辣子雞 really disappointed
    It was the smallest that I have seen before
    And I asked the manager,she respond to me that the recipe was changed

  99. Avatar photo
    Cyril Ng

    Food is excellent and service is good. Nice ambience and views too.

  100. Avatar photo
    Ronrapee Leelawong

    Good place for xiao long bao.
    (But we like Din Tai Fung a bit more…)
    And other chinese delicacies are also good.
    Waiters are nice and attentive.

  101. Avatar photo
    Karthik Aiyer

    Amazing food….good vegetarian options (on demand too!)…nice seating plan….Very good service..

  102. Avatar photo
    Alexander Wermuth

    A must-visit. You can create your own dip sauce! How awesome is that?

  103. Avatar photo
    Delv Teo

    Good service and environment. Recommended for work lunch or to dine with family.

  104. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    Probably one of the best dumplings eateries in Singapore. My son just love their sweechiau. We each had a bowl of prawn/pork Ramen noodles soup.
    Hours I believe has been put to boil the
    Superdelicioys soup base.
    Must carry on makan.

  105. Avatar photo
    Corinna Zennig

    Best Xiao Long Bao I’ve had in Singapore. The service was impeccable as well. If you love Dan Dan noodles this is your place. If you love Xiao Long Bao and Din Tai Fung is just not hitting it anymore in 2022, come here! I really enjoyed the quality tea, too, as well as the sesame dressing salad rolls. Great refreshers in-between all the carbs. And check out all those desserts here! I waited about 15min for a Saturday dinner.

  106. Avatar photo
    Celia Leung

    Nice shanghai restaurant that sells newer style Shanghai food like the colorful xian long bao. It has a nicer setting than Da Tai Fan. Food tastes good. It is a good alternative if you like a nicer setting or different dishes.

  107. Avatar photo
    Pow Smack Blam

    Paradise Dynasty at Vivo is my wife and my go-to Chinese restaurant that offers some more western Chinese style dishes.

    The sweet and sour pork is great and the prices are very affordable.

    The dim sum options are sub-par, I would avoid those and stick with mains as they are really solid offerings for the price.

  108. Avatar photo
    China gal

    Their veggie is worse than wisma branch

  109. Avatar photo
    Yuning Chen

    Reasonable taste with reasonable price. The noodles are tasty, other dishes are slightly different from their origins. But generally, traveler friendly.

  110. Avatar photo
    Desmond Wong

    One of my favourite joints for Xiao Long Bao, Noodles and Chinese pancakes.

  111. Avatar photo
    Rng N

    Food at Suntec branch seems nicer (eg the fried rice)

  112. Avatar photo
    Hans Y

    Enjoy the food here. Nian gao cabbage soup was tasty and well seasoned. Bamboo shoots in oyster sauce was good too. The drunk chicken could have been a bit more drunk lol. Will try the xiaolongbao next time. One thing I dislike is that they bring you peanuts when you arrive. But then turns out it’s not complimentary. They should tell the customer this in advance.

  113. Avatar photo
    Tai Kelvin

    Very good lamian they served

  114. Avatar photo
    Sleepy Sleeping

    my favourite is their spicy fried chicken dish. pan fried pork bun also nice. not a fan of their xlb. it used to be better, a few years back.

  115. Avatar photo
    Kevin KW

    Had a nice dinner at paradise dynasty , which is quite popular over the weekends . Had the noodle with pork cutlet which was good and the broth was not bad
    The highlight was the colourful xiao long bao which everyone seems to order. With 8 different flavours (including the original) , some of the more exotic ones include cheese and black truffle
    One nice thing they have here is they offer envelopes to put your masks, which is a nice gesture
    Price was reasonable

  116. Avatar photo
    Martino Ed

    Waiting time too long

  117. Avatar photo
    John Lum

    Food very nice

  118. Avatar photo
    regina teo

    service not so good

  119. Avatar photo
    Joe Teh

    Good Chinese food

  120. Avatar photo
    Ferdian Gunawan

    Food quality is consistent across many branches. One downside was particularly for this branch, they do not have the spicy beef lamian which we were told is only available at the Wisma branch now. Other than that all the food we ordered were great (xiao long bao, fried spring rolls, spicy sichuan chicken, fried rice and la mian)

  121. Avatar photo
    Jia Qi

    The spicy chicken is very disappointing. The previous meat was real meat. I don’t know if it’s powder or chicken skin. I asked a manager wearing a coat. The manager said that the recipe had changed, and asked us if we didn’t feel like it now. Is the presented spicy chicken crispier than before? We all think the spicy chicken like before is more to our liking

  122. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    Make an online reservation on Lunar New Year day 1, waiting time was less than one minute upon arrival.

    All the dishes are very nice and delicious especially the dang gui duck and yangzhou fried rice.

    Overall experience is awesome as all service staffs are very attentive and service is very good.

  123. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lim

    Great service and food. Be prepared to wait if you have mot made reservations.

  124. Avatar photo
    Crystal Koh

    A regular to-go place for lunch and dinners whenever I’m craving for good and value-for-money shanghainese/ Sze Chuan Chinese food. Standard of the food is consistently good, and I love their steamed soup pork dumplings (xiao long bao). Other dishes I ordered are usually the noodles with various toppings (la mian) – would recommend the Ja Jang mian.

    Service is very prompt and polite, and food comes pretty quickly after ordering. They also cater to big groups.

    Would definitely continue to visit. Maybank cardholders get 12.5% rebate for loyalty card, and occasional special offers

  125. Avatar photo
    amriq ali

    Made a custom dish for me due to dietary restrictions. Helpful and friendly staff

  126. Avatar photo
    Wanling Hong

    5 stars for staff Fui San and 3 stars for her colleagues. Was pretty disappointed to have a simple request turned down straight in my face but staff Fui San came and assisted us. Lots to improve on for the current standards of service especially the senior ones.

  127. Avatar photo
    SS Tan

    Food is good, cant help but to compare with other similar restaurant as this one does not seems to have their own signature dishes but able to provide as good or better version.

  128. Avatar photo
    Julie LeeCA

    the 8 colourful xiao long bao is the best of all, cannot even miss it. definitely must try. always bring my family from Malaysia to dine in in vivocity outlet, easy for them to visit sentosa after it.

  129. Avatar photo
    William Ow

    Not bad. On the pricey side.

  130. Avatar photo
    Tan Zhen Tak

    This is their flagship branch.

    I had the best service *and* best food quality here, among all branches.

    The waiting time used to be longer but it’s much better nowadays. The staffs are quite experienced and most of them are bilingual. The food is served quickly. Chinese tea is refilled on time.

    This place gets very busy on weekend dinner time. Other timings are normal, as the restaurant is huge.

  131. Avatar photo
    Eyvon Neo

    Great service! Love that the staff are very prompt and are attentive to your needs.

  132. Avatar photo
    KK Ang

    Love everything about Paradise Dynasty restaurants. Great food, great service, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THEY STILL HAVE HARD COPY MENUS, AND WE ORDER FOOD BY TICKING ON THE FORM!! Unlike some restaurants these days with user unfriendly QR Code menus and online ordering which hung the handphones often, there’s no such problem here. Wish I can give them 10 stars.

  133. Avatar photo
    George B

    Xiao Long Bao should serve with black vinegar

  134. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Tan

    Probably the best Chinese food I’ve tasted, especially the dimsum

  135. Avatar photo
    Tonka Lambova

    Great food and service

  136. Avatar photo
    SYH Sep


  137. Avatar photo
    Charlie cha

    Their soy source is the worst. Toooo sour.

  138. Avatar photo
    suan moh

    An enjoyable experience dining there. A good place to enjoy quality Chinese food.

  139. Avatar photo
    Lukas Permana

    Good food, friendly staff, spacious place

  140. Avatar photo
    Yanling Tng

    Food is yummy but portions are not big. Service is attentive but not friendly. Go if you feel you would like to splurge. The ginseng xiaolongbao didn’t taste very different from the normal ones.

  141. Avatar photo
    Jiayan Zhou

  142. Avatar photo
    Chuan Min Ng

    Great Xiao long bao and pork chop fried rice

  143. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Lee

    Ok not bad

  144. Avatar photo
    SH Y

    Did not expect portion so big… haha.. ordered so much cannot finish… food is good just the ramen soup too little as in the photo…

  145. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lee

    Excellent service from Manager Fanny Wong. Informed her that there is a mistake with my membership renewal at another branch and she took the extra effort to check and apologises repeatedly that could be an oversight that was of no fault of hers. All 5 stars went to her for her service quality and attitude!

  146. Avatar photo
    Masaaki Moriyama

    It was delicious (^^)

  147. Avatar photo
    John Rickne

    One of my favorite places to go for a family or friends dinner! Super tasty foods and survivable prices.

    The service isn’t particularly attentive or mind blowing but they do what they need to do, so nothing to complain about.

    Location and food quality trumps any issues with lack of passion and smiles from the servers.

  148. Avatar photo
    Dominic Taylor

    Please open a store in Melbourne, Australia.

  149. Avatar photo
    Justin Ong

    Great service and excellent food. One of my favorite places to dine

  150. Avatar photo
    Scott Ng

    Came over for lunch on a Thursday afternoon. Ordered their dim sum and tried their signature dishes, a total of 8 consists of both fried and steamed dishes. Firstly, the ambience is good and classy. Has a good decor of a grand restaurant. Service is prompt and professional, as staff are friendly and attentive. Foodwise is fresh and tasty. However, just for the dim sum, it’s just average standards. Nothing impressive and no disappointment too. Price point is on the high side and portion is kind of small for big eaters. So not really value for money. Got seated near the service area so that was a bit letdown due to the tight space at the corner. Overall still a okay dining experience and only dampened by the value and seating arrangements.
    A 3 out of 5 star rating.

  151. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Chia

    One of my favourite places. At non peak hours, it’s very quiet and nice with the spacious design. I found my favourite xiao long baos here (I don’t like Ding Tai Feng’s), the soup within is good. Their noodle soup is quite standard, the same taste even if with different ingredients. This time round, the soup served does not seem hot enough. We always wondered why people will order lettuce here but this combination with sesame sauce is quite appetizing. The spicy pork garlic is lacking the grill taste of the pork. The pork seems to be just boiled and rolled up. For this dish, Ding Tai Feng rate better.

  152. Avatar photo
    Gary McRae

    For fans of Paradise Dynasty this location is pretty good.

    A large restaurant that is suitable for intimate moments or large groups.

    Food is always solid and the staff not always friendly but they get it done.

  153. Avatar photo
    Mike Fernandes

    Great Chinese meal in a nice location

  154. Avatar photo

    Pretty consistent in the taste. For Xiao Long Bao, I really missed the Crab roe one from the fallen restaurant Ju Hao.

  155. Avatar photo
    CK C

    Food, especially the xiao long bao and chao shou, were good. Service could be better.

  156. Avatar photo
    Ginny Li

    Many dishes are delicious.

  157. Avatar photo
    Bernard Tan

    Love the La Mian!

  158. Avatar photo
    Britney Khu

    Amazing dishes and everything is perfect pleasant experience if willingly to try different flavours of Xiao long Pao. But I still prefer the most basic and original. Food arrive faster than I expected, kudos to the cabbage with sesame sauce. Would definitely have Chinese dishes again. …

  159. Avatar photo
    Hưng Phạm Vũ

    The price might look pricey at first, but it’s reasonable for the portion size and the quality of the food. Love the xiao long bao here!

  160. Avatar photo
    Chong Xia

    Their multi flavoured xiaolongbao are excellent. Decent dim sums. And better ramen/noodles here than places that specialise in it in many cases.

  161. Avatar photo

    The view of waterfront is stunning but dinning experience for us only so so compared to other paradise dynasty we’ve been to.

    For starters, the huge gentleman who showed us to our table could do with some training in verbal and non-verbal communication. Sounded gruffy and curt. Body language made it worse.

    Overall serving staffs are ok. Food quality okay though the redbean waffle was a bit burnt.

  162. Avatar photo
    François Voisard

    Large variety at an affordable price

  163. Avatar photo
    Michelle Ng

    Not very pleased with the service due to very busy peak hours.

  164. Avatar photo
    Rusha Chakraborty

    Keep going back for the Xiao Long Baos. Original ones are best.

  165. Avatar photo
    Ethan P

    This restaurant serves loads of good food. These food are all delicious! There is also a huge variety of food available here.

  166. Avatar photo
    Nana Lam

    Came with my husband on a Saturday evening at about 630pm. Was expecting a super long queue but to my surprised, it was about 15 mins of wait with a Q number system.

    What I appreciated was while waiting,.we get to decide our order by indicating on the order chit. When it was our turn, the staff at the entrance would then confirm our order before we were shown to our table.

    We ordered:
    1. Preserved vegetables Fried Rice
    – rice was grainy, tasty with the slight saltiness from the preserved vegetables

    2. Pork chop
    – was expecting it to be fried which will become hard. However it is not the case. Pork was tender and rightly seasoned which went well with the fried rice

    3. Century Egg Tofu
    – it was a light dish to start off with. Some may feel it is overly salty due to the soy sauce but if match it with plain rice, that should work.
    – would have been better if less salty and more century egg

    4. Chilli oil dumpling
    – with slight spiciness and a tinge of 嘛and vinegar
    – not too bad

    5. Original Xiao Long Bao
    – dumpling skin was thin which blended well with the portion of meat.
    – can be juicier though but it was acceptable

    6. Minced meat noodles
    – as items 1 to 5 were not enough for us, decided to order a noodle dish
    – my oh my! The portion was huge and it will be good to share if you had other dishes before hand. 2 ladies to a bowl but for men, possible to finish.
    – noodles were Q, ingredients like minced pork, mushrooms and sauce were generous.

    7. Red Bean Pancake
    – was looking forward but had slight disappointment.
    – the skin of pancake came out little hard, not sure if it’s too thick or over done. Was expecting it to be thin, crispy and less oily.

    8. Drinks: a pot of tea & chilled barley.

    Damage: $75.21 after a return voucher of $5.

    Would I return again? Why not?

  167. Avatar photo
    fábio luiz de Souza

    Very tasty food

  168. Avatar photo
    Min Soon Jung

    Spicy Chili Chicken Stir-fry
    Stir-fried Minjipok Long Bean
    Egg Fried Rice
    Tantan Noodles
    Barity 2
    Just over $70
    I really don’t want to spend money
    I go today

  169. Avatar photo
    J T

    They take a while to seat you even though they have empty tables inside. Maybe understaffed?

  170. Avatar photo
    JW H

    The food isn’t as great as it was before. Dumplings tasted stale and my bowl of noodles was served lukewarm.

  171. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    They’re located on the second floor, nearer to Sentosa side. It’s the escalator above Wine Connection, below HDL.

    The restaurant is a little small, which was also why we had to wait a little while for dinner on the eve of a public holiday, before we were seated. But once we had our tables, they were extremely fast to serve. Don’t expect tip top service (because they’re not a premium restaurant afterall), but they’re definitely on the side of helpful and friendly.

    Got ourselves some xiao long bao, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Their Prawn and Pork Wanton in Signature Pork Bone Soup was quite amazing. The La Mian with Minced Meat and Mushroom Sauce was actually also quite lovely.

    Just make sure you don’t over order like we did. 2 person 7 dishes was definitely a little too ambitious.

  172. Avatar photo

    Very understaffed. Took long time for food to be served.
    Fried rice is serviced last after desert. Long wait to clear tables.
    Same request need to be asked twice.

  173. Avatar photo
    Man Owen

    Good Chinese tim sum & dishes at affordable prices. Recommended!

  174. Avatar photo

    very good

  175. Avatar photo
    Junyi Ngo

    Long-time patron of Paradise group outlets. Food and service is superb.

  176. Avatar photo
    Nancy Jiao

    Shanghai and Sichuan Cuisine

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