Review Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis, 66 Kampong Bugis, Singapore

Review Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis - Singapore 66 Kampong Bugis

“Amazing experience – hard to put in words – relaxing almost spiritual. 60min felt like 6 hours sleep. Friendly employees and a very nice space.” or “Had a good experience here. Staff were really personable & friendly! Cool weightless sensation when floating!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis is quality.

Introduction about Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis

Here are some fundamental details regarding Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis. In terms of Spa and health club, it is generally believed that Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugisis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 66 Kampong Bugis, #05-01, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Spa and health club, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 91516004 (+65 91516004)
  • Website:
  • Address: 66 Kampong Bugis, #05-01, Singapore
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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis via:

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You can reach Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis at 91516004(+65 91516004). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 66 Kampong Bugis, #05-01, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis reviews

Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis is among the best destinations of Spa and health club in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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“Amazing, new experience! Rooms were very clean and the whole process is very simple to understand. My neck was hurting after a bit but they have a neck support so after using that i was fine. …”

“My first floating pod experience with Palm Ave was a lit. The place so relaxing and clean. The staff very friendly as well. I would love to come back again.”

“First time trying and I really enjoyed the experience. Pretty simple, you get in, turn off the lights and float. Meditate or enjoy uninterrupted thoughts. Get a 3 pack for first time discount”

“Perfect if you need a reset and slow down. Set aside time to lounge around after and colour or read. It’s the perfect post float activity and the space is great for it.”

“Amazing experience - hard to put in words - relaxing almost spiritual. 60min felt like 6 hours sleep. Friendly employees and a very nice space.”

“Strangely futuristic and basic at the same time. Pods look straight from the future but being in the pod feels like you're in your mother's womb. A definite treat to relax.”

“Amazing whole new experience. Must try at least once. It was reinvigorating allowing the mind to be cordoned off from the busy world into a world and space of silentness.”

“I booked the session for my husband as a birthday treat and he enjoyed the unique experience. Service staff was very friendly and helpful too. Would certainly recommend it others.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 209 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.8 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 98% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Palm Ave Float Club Kampong Bugis, 66 Kampong Bugis, Singapore

There is a total 209 reviews

4.8 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Storm Mars

    First time ever that I tried this floatation tank filled with 600kg of Epsom salt! if not for my ex boss who got this gift cert for me back in March, I won’t have a clue that there is such a thing that gives immense relaxation and self pampering one could ever have! It was definitely a wonderful experience and what add immensely to the experience is the warm hospitality of the staff named Hidayah, a very pleasant lady and very professional. I felt immediately as ease upon talking to her (my first time, hence some feeling of uneasiness). And the best part of the experience is the interior atmosphere of the place.. homey, relaxing, refreshing, peaceful and zen with a lush greenery view over a full length glass window! Love every part of the place and definitely signing a package soon! Thank you PAFC!! 5 Star Rating definitely!

  2. Avatar photo
    S.K. Low

    Good place to experience zero gravity & sensory deprivation, Good rest in the floatation tank.

  3. Avatar photo
    Andrea Lohse

    Great experience! The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. The facilities were clean and I felt very comfortable. The float itself was an amazing experience. It took me a while to get into a meditative state, but once I did I was incredibly relaxed. I did a 90 minute float, and when the music came back on to signal I was at the end of my time, I thought there had been a mistake – there was no way that was 90 minutes! However, it had been the full 90 minutes. It just goes to show how relaxed I was! Afterwards, the staff serves you tea and gives you time to reflect upon your experience. You can draw in a book to express what you experienced or just simply look out the window and relax. If I lived in Singapore I would definitely do this on a regular basis!

  4. Avatar photo
    Jin-Ah Yang (양진아)

    Love it here

  5. Avatar photo
    Richard Higgins

    Coming here for a second time, I was reminded why this should be a regular outing. The floating experience is luxurious, calming for the body, and beautifully meditative. This is not just thanks to the float itself, but to the wonderful staff and lovely space – it really is a quiet oasis in the city.

  6. Avatar photo
    Terrence Lonam

    Deeply relaxing and unexpectedly impactful. Far less “woo woo” than I would have guessed

  7. Avatar photo
    Yitch (Yitch)

    First time trying this. A bit weird initially but very relaxing. I think 60 minutes is a good start. 90 if you’re more familiar (I felt 60 wasn’t quite enough)

    The staff were friendly and nice. Good view of the kallang basin while waiting.

  8. Avatar photo
    Nesh Sooriyan

    Great place and atmosphere. Need to bring back the beanbag chairs for the post-float lounge.

  9. Avatar photo
    Stuart Thornton

    A lucky suggestion.. because we would never had done this without the suggestion. Hidden away on the 5th floor of a non descript industrial building on Kampong Bugis – a non descript road leading to nowhere in particular. As you walk out of the industrial lift you are transported to a zen world with clean lines and a sense of good living. After a quick intro from the wonderfully nice team you are immersed in a pure peace … in a pod floating on salty water in darkness and your own thoughts. Highly highly recommended.

  10. Avatar photo
    Ivan Wu

    Went to experience the Float therapy after seeing an ad onine.
    Location was pretty easy to find. There’s only 1 building there at kampong bugis.
    When we arrived on the 5th level, we were promptly greeted and was led to our individual room after a simple verification.
    As it was our first time there, a guided introduction was given on what to do and expect.
    The whole float session was 1hour, there will be smoothing music to inform you the start and end of the 1hour session.
    After a quick shower, went in the capsule and while floating in there my mind basically went blank. I was hoping I could get a nap, but before I know it,the music to tell it’s 5mins till the end of session… What…. Time pass quickly in there.. and when I got out of the capsule I felt really refreshed, like having an hour nap although I didn’t
    A quick shower again to wash away the salt residue and went out. Staff there was friendly and tea/water was offered.

    All in all the whole experience was really great, totally no rush. People who hasn’t try it before should at least try it once.

  11. Avatar photo
    Nghi Le

    The place is clean and well looked after. For the first time floating, the instruction was clear and thorough. I had multiple introspective moments while floating with complete darkness in the tank, and then I slipped into a deep sleep till the music was turned back on. The night sleep following up the session was amazing.

    I will definitely come back once in a while to explore this a bit further. Thanks PAFC!

  12. Avatar photo
    Ido Bukin

    Totally mind-blowing experience, which just fix u up.

    If you are daily meditator and wanna feel the next level give it a shot u won’t regret.

  13. Avatar photo
    Victor Alexiev

    Amazing way to recoup your energies after stressful periods. Professional staff. Fantastic experience. Highly recommend

  14. Avatar photo
    Mohit taneja

    It was really a great experience and Amanda & the float team made it better by explaining about float & remembering me from Altered states. Thanks and hope to see you again …

  15. Avatar photo
    Angelina Marilyn

    I’m most definitely coming back! Much needed floaty rest time for myself. Love the space and staff <3

  16. Avatar photo
    Chienlan Yu

    Hosts were welcoming, and explained the process to us thoroughly, what to do, what to expect etc. it takes a while to get used to really relaxing and floating but once you get the hang of it, time passes by really fast. Definitely if we need to unwind, we will go back again.

  17. Avatar photo
    Ian Tan

    Amazing experience. Gorgeous place to relax after your float session. Only wish this is in a more accessible location.

  18. Avatar photo

    First Float. Interesting experience.
    During float, feeling gratitude towards Loved Ones.
    After float, Full of Joy, Peace, and Love.

    Would love to recommend this to my colleagues.

    Thank You Palm Ave Float Club!!!!

  19. Avatar photo
    Eug. N

    Amazing whole new experience. Must try at least once. It was reinvigorating allowing the mind to be cordoned off from the busy world into a world and space of silentness.

  20. Avatar photo
    Amin Shariati

    My wife and I visited here and we had two very different experiences. It was a very good and refreshing experience for me on the other hand my wife was experiencing motion sickness type of symptoms.

    After the experience, entire week I felt very energetic and fresh on the other hand my wife was having slight dizziness and headache for days (2-3 days).

    It was totally a new experience for me. I do practice meditation everyday so 1 hour of floating in a dark and closed pod was very relaxing experience for me.

    Although if you feel uncomfortable, you can always open the pods or switch on the light, it also has emergency button just in case.

    I would suggest if it’s your first visit, practice few days of meditation ‍️ before visiting, it will help you to enjoy the experience.

    Remember it’s about 1 hour of doing nothing, just floating..

    So I think if you do have the tendency of getting motion sickness, check with your Dr. before trying it out. Also remember you will be floating in Salt water. And if you are claustrophobic I’m not sure if this is a right experience for you.

    As I mentioned our experience was extremely different

    (very good for me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐,
    very bad for her ⭐⭐).

    The Place itself is very good.
    Very friendly staff and very beautiful view.

    Overall I will rate this place as 4.5 rating.
    Cleanliness: 5 / 5
    Staff: 5 /5
    Experience: 3 / 5 (please read my above comment)
    Ambiance: 5 / 5
    Booking experience: 4 / 5
    Uniqueness of experience: 5 / 5

  21. Avatar photo
    AJ Khoo

    Great float experience once again. Although I could hear faint sounds of people outside the room. Perhaps it’s due to the room I was assigned where it’s nearer to the main open area. But overall still a good experience and I hope to be able to fall asleep in my next session.

  22. Avatar photo
    Mateen Kirmani

    Awesome therapy for the mind and body. Venue is really clean and cozy. Staff are friendly and helpful. The sensory deprivation therapy is like a muscle- needs to be developed and exercised over time and with practice. Needless to say it is not for everyone and that everyone’s experience will be different. People either love it, or don’t care for it at all depending on how calm / restless they are. Personally I was worried about claustrophobia going in, but got over that quickly as everyone gets the entire room to themselves and don’t necessarily have to close the lid of the pod. Highly recommended for its benefits in mood, focus and lightness in the body / blood circulation.

  23. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tan

    Lovely staff, extraordinary sensory deprivation experiences. It’s pricey on a budget, but it’s well worth trying. The second time feels like melting into relaxation.

  24. Avatar photo
    Yanger Walling

    Review written date: 17/10/2021
    I was almost there…. I was almost there… ! If not for the ill-timed light that lit up because I didn’t set it properly. But it was really an experience because it showed a lot of my false securities that I hold on to. The whole time I knew that I should ‘Surrender’ and ‘Let it go’ but I didn’t. Hoping it would an even better experience next time.

    The place has a good and welcoming ambience and the staff are very friendly.

    A suggestion (not sure if this would be helpful): Maybe the staff could help first timers break the ice by asking about their experience after they are done (provided they are willing to share). This would help them appreciate their individual experience better. In my case, I had to approach the staff to share my experience to get a better perspective. They were very helpful and also shared their experience.

  25. Avatar photo
    Rachel Chan

    I have never meditated and spending an hour in the pod sounded a bit daunting. But the Float Club crew was really helpful in assuring me and sharing advice on how to have a better first float.

    Pro tip: Ask for their secret menu offerings, they have underwater earphones and binaural beat mixes that you can plug in, if you’re not sure if you’re ready for an hour of silence.

  26. Avatar photo
    Reza Stencil

    From the moment I walked in until I walked out throughly relaxed, I was impressed by the friendly staff they aren’t intimidating, the cleanliness of the peaceful surroundings, the amazing float rooms, and a cup of warm tea served to you in a relaxing atmosphere overlooking the Kallang river. The person who own the business know exactly what they are doing making every visit a pleasure. For those whom are coming for this for the first time, keep an open heart and open mind and let the float staff take good care of you from the start to the end.

  27. Avatar photo
    Sharmaine Khoo

    Apart from the amazing float experience, the space and ambience is just what I needed before and after every float. Will come back for more!

  28. Avatar photo
    ivan p.

    i love this place! great location, kind and friendly staff, beautiful interior and impeccably clean and comfortable float rooms and pods. the actual floating meditation is fantastic – very relaxing and calming and it gets even better with time. i’ve done 5 or 6 sessions so far, each time followed by the 10-min red light therapy, and will certainly be going back for more

  29. Avatar photo
    Dorothy Ng

    I booked the session for my husband as a birthday treat and he enjoyed the unique experience. Service staff was very friendly and helpful too. Would certainly recommend it others.

  30. Avatar photo
    karol bonati

    Amazing experience, very relaxing atmosphere and unique chance to get in touch with your inner self through a zero gravity like kind of feeling. Impeccably clean. Keep it up guys!

  31. Avatar photo
    Jin Dong Yang

    It was an amazing experience! I was skeptical at first but after immersing myself in the pool, it was surprisingly comfortable and a lot more liberating and calming than I expected. Initially, having no music playing can cause the silence …

  32. Avatar photo
    Bernard Jackson

    Warm welcome. Great floating experience. Nice discussions with staff thereafter. I strongly recommend.

  33. Avatar photo

    Our family of three just had our first floatation tank experience a few days ago. I’d say it’s quite an unique experience; however, my neck and shoulders were sore and ached for two days. It turned out as I floated in the tank, my neck arched to a very awkward position, which created some stress on the neck; therefore, 5 mins into the flotation, it was not very comfortable. I ended up using my arms to support my head. After the session, I was then told by the staff that they had a head support device available in the room to help with the situation. Apparently, that is a common experience for people. Wish I had known that; the experience would have been much more relaxing, which was my whole point of going….

  34. Avatar photo
    Nemanja Grujicic

    Professional service and ready way to book via website. They have multiple floats so it is easy to find a 60 minute slot (90 minutes is the same price, but had less slots).

    Would advise to try at least once. If you have a friend/partner who doesn’t want to float they can relax in the studio (great setup for meditation) or in the open restaurant downstairs

  35. Avatar photo
    Adrian Lee

    Go. Float. You’ll thank yourself later. Super relaxing, and facilities are very clean and well maintained.

  36. Avatar photo
    Joanne Austen

    I was here with my gf for the second time and I truly enjoy the immersive experience.
    Highly recommended to anyone looking for a relaxing float .I would love to be back again soon.The premises is quiet and cosy ,the tea was tasty and the service rendered was good

  37. Avatar photo
    Yoga with Tina

    Some feedback would be to have better quality ear plugs. Would be nice to have the room less cold and water bit warmer… Feel this could be personalised. A Comb n dryer for after shower might be nice. Also can reduce the price. It’s really expensive. My first experience was the best but subsequently I didn’t get the same wow.

  38. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Rajan

    Great place to relax, totally new experience, moments of stillness and rejuvenation.

  39. Avatar photo
    Anuaar Sallim

    This is such an interesting experience. I highly recommend it for someone looking for a new way to relieve stress or just to get away from the world. Facilities were clean and easy to use. I was attended to by Val who was extremely helpful and explained everything very clearly. Will definitely visit again.

  40. Avatar photo

    An interesting experience that takes some getting used to. You’re basically floating in total darkness and left alone with your thoughts.
    Remember to put in your ear plugs and definitely don’t get any of the salt water into your eyes!

    Also just lean your head back into the water. Made the mistake of straining my neck to keep my ears above the water level the first time I went. You’ll end up with a sore neck after.

  41. Avatar photo
    Ifeoma Ubby

    It was an amazing first experience! I will definitely be back soon!

  42. Avatar photo

    Amazing experience.
    First time trying it out , the staff there was so friendly and the explanation was so detailed that I didn’t have any issues with the pod.

  43. Avatar photo
    Ans Bas

    Giving it a 4 for my first try. Place and ambience is great. Staff were friendly. Definitely needs time to get used to. Always wanted to literally float effortlessly, and it was relaxing. Found myself a few times of progressively letting go. Was initially skeptical of turning off the lights, but when I eventually did, it was surprisingly soothing being in a state of totally nothing to stimulate you. That was the fastest 1 hour ever, felt like 20 mins to me. Surely will be back.

  44. Avatar photo
    YH Yau

    Great if you’re looking for somewhere dark and quiet – all you’ll hear is your own breathing and joints cracking. There were a few times when outsides noises could be heard but they were nothing compared to the sound of breathing. If you’re a back sleeper, it’s perfect. An hour feels enough because unlike lying in bed, you can’t turn while floating, so I got a little uncomfortable at probably around the 50-min mark, but it’s probably dependent on the individual’s body – you’ll have to try it to find out.

  45. Avatar photo
    Yien Li Yap

    Had a great first float. Palm Avenue was super clean and had thought of everything needed for a comfortable float. They explained everything thoroughly for first timers, and it ended up being comfortable and relaxing even though I’m usually pretty claustrophobic. I’ll be back for sure.

  46. Avatar photo
    Hasnah1970 Mahdi

    It is a good experience and very relaxing inside the port. I feel very refreshing after the session my body feel so relax not so tense . I would recommend and will go again.
    Everyone would feel floating one hr is too long but it allow that time to get yourself adjust your balancing while you in the port . Next moment you already fall asleep…..

  47. Avatar photo
    Sara Paz

    After 3-days of non-stop meetings (we were fried) I took my team for a 90-minute float; it was heaven! I am quite high-energy and have a hard time meditating, but this was divine relaxation. I slept very well that night and felt a sense of recovery and renewal the next day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

  48. Avatar photo
    Gary Dean

    excellent place for floating in singapore.

  49. Avatar photo
    Cassiano Laureano

    I imagine that floating in space is something like that! Haha. Had a great relaxing time and the ice cream was delicious too.

  50. Avatar photo
    Musho Pea

    Good service.

    For me, it was a cool feeling for the first 10 minutes especially with the music

    But in total darkness, alone with your thoughts, it felt like floating in limbo and simulating death.

    Maybe a good place to try if you have to solve a problem!

    Would have loved face wash and moisturiser.

  51. Avatar photo
    KW Oh

    Great experience! Clean place, Staff was friendly and explained the process. All necessities was provided and tank was clean.

    The only downside is that in some rooms, you may not hear the music to signal the start or end of the session and end up hearing “your session is over”. But the staff was friendly and emphasized to not hurry out of the room.

    Would recommend

  52. Avatar photo
    Marcel Züst

    Complete reset / like new born …

  53. Avatar photo
    Frederique De Sousa

    Amazing experience at Float Club.

    The place is quite nice with a warm relaxing atmosphere.

    The pod room are private and individual with a shower in the room and all the necessary items to have the best possible float experience.

    Very relaxing experience, that let you focus on yourself and relax.

  54. Avatar photo
    Jane Boey

    Train the monkey mind.
    Zen yourself for yourself.
    Will be back again.

  55. Avatar photo
    Yuu uuu

    – Greetings from Tokyo –
    I am so happy that I decided to come here. I offten do meditation for my Kenjutsu/Kyudo trainings, it was very natural to reset mind.Definately come back here to clear up my brain.
    I’ll recomend to my friends who want to experience something different.

  56. Avatar photo
    Fang Rong Foo

    Tuning out of the senses helped me tune in to my inner voice and seek solace in it. A relaxing and transcendental experience. ️

  57. Avatar photo
    Effian Riz

    Cheap shopping place in Singapore

  58. Avatar photo
    Alson Yeo

    Must try

  59. Avatar photo
    Aisyah Kumar

    Only snapped a photo but boy oh boy – the ambience n vibration of this place… collective calmness! I loved the experience. The only issue I had was when I switched off all the lights, including the room and pod lights, I really get lost and not sure where the buttons are to switch the lights on haha. Though the experience was out of this world!! Loved it so much. The facilities were clean. It was a nice treat too…. With açai chocolate sorbet awaiting us when we ended the session n chilled. At $4 a pop. Lovely!!!!

  60. Avatar photo
    Maye C.

    Darkness. Silence. Solitude. I entered The Void — a familiar space that exists within my mind; only this time, with my eyes wide open. The Void manifested within the pod, and for the first time ever, I was physically within it. An exilerating experience, yet calming at the same time. I asked questions, and found answers. Shared vulnerability, and found strength. Expressed grief, and found comfort. I would gladly recommend this therapy to anyone who is simply curious, but especially so to those who have been battling with clinical depression, OCD, and PTSD. Away from the noise, away from the stench, away from the people — The Void awaits.

  61. Avatar photo
    Ashley Knapp

    This place is amazing! The float is so relaxing and the staff are helpful and kind.

  62. Avatar photo
    Johanna Tay

    Was a fan when it started – still a fan! I guess it’s not for everyone – one of my friends felt motion sickness so if you have motion sickness you should take note and not be sick in the pod!

  63. Avatar photo
    Massimiliano Bravin

    It was my first float and i had a great experience! The place is clean and peaceful, the staff is kind, welcoming and helpful in explaining all the process and the tips. The float itself was a great experience, i will book another one soon! Definitely recommended!

  64. Avatar photo
    Catherine Flynn

    Had a great float session (1hr) here on Saturday evening – it was my 3rd or 4th time and the experience (how I experience it) is always different. This time, it went really fast and I was able to fully switch off. I love the music in the pods and the chill-out areas in the lounge. Plus, facilities have had an upgrade – Dyson hairdryer and hair/body products in the bathroom! Really appreciated this.

  65. Avatar photo
    Daphne Maia

    I always enjoy my Floats, and I love the experience a lot each time.

    Today, however, service from reception was a little weird, starting from a WhatsApp message this morning saying that the passenger lift is out of order, and to use the highly complicated cargo lift.

    After spending 5mins struggling with the cargo lift, a staff from another company told me that the passenger lift is working, why not use the passenger lift?

    That baffled me. Why was I told otherwise?
    Perhaps it was my fault for not checking too, when I arrived?

    Reception at the club was a tad less warm than usual, but I guess the staff are new?

    They did the necessary things like checking me in, informing me to wait a while as the room is airing since the last use. When it was ready, the lady showed me to a room that had a broken handle on the float pod, so I had to hold on to the heavy lid to pull it down since the handle hadn’t been replaced. Then she left. I assume she left coz she saw that I had a number of previous floats on my account. But I hope that this isn’t the experience for newbies too! The way she departed suddenly without saying the usual, have a good float and without showing me anything else in the room other than the broken handle… Was so odd and cold. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful Float! Really needed it.

    After the float I was served tea as usual, but the staff (another lady, not the earlier one) held the mouth of the cup and I’m not sure she sanitized her hands before serving as I only saw her getting the tea pot, then picking up the cup from the table, and then pouring tea into it, and holding the top of the cup to put it onto my table.

    It’s the little things that always count, in the end. I always have wonderful floats, but today it just made me feel like the oddly cold and incomplete service should be commented on.

  66. Avatar photo
    Grace Ke

    I was initially concerned as I am massively claustrophobic and I also afraid to be so alone with my thoughts. The friendly crew made me feel so at ease, and honestly the whole experience just took me to a whole nother level of peaceful. In their intro video it says that you eventually stop thinking about anything. I didn’t believe it until I actually stopped thinking about anything for the first time in a long time. Once we left level 5 and were immediately bombarded with sounds from all around, I wanted to sprint back into the pod.

    In a world so cluttered, in a country this populated, Palm Ave Float is truly the place to be for some peace, quiet, and an honest private time with yourself. We’re definitely coming back.

  67. Avatar photo
    Aqil Sani

    Had an amazing floating experience with Palm Ave! The space was warm, positive, and inviting.

    Special shoutout to the team on duty (Elfe, Graeme, and Shawn) who did a great job at making me feel comfortable as a first-timer

  68. Avatar photo
    Nur Aqilah Suhaimi

    went for our first float on 18 Sep 2020 despite having accidentally booked 19 Sep online. the ladies at the counter were super understanding and helped us update our appointments – lucky for us, there were two spare pods! just to note that Room 1 also houses the club’s storage room, hence it felt slightly “bigger” compared to the room across.

    overall, lovely and unique experience. took some time to get used to, but wouldn’t say it was a waste of money. will consider returning in the next few months

  69. Avatar photo
    Huang Weixin

    Flotation therapy in the quiet of Kallang Riverside.

    Float rooms: clean, everything you need for floating.

    Lounge: clean minimalist beanbagged-my ideal living room. I can sit there forever, staring at the trees, sky, National Stadium.

    Service: lovely and efficient. You can chat them up if they’re not too busy.

  70. Avatar photo
    Catherine Tan

    Extremely pleased with our first time floating experience. Space is clean and relaxing. Hidaya and Youshan’s warm service were much appreciated.

  71. Avatar photo
    Sohail Salehi

    A must do experience!
    It truely does reset your mind.

  72. Avatar photo
    Shuli Liang

    Bought a 6 pack with a first timer discount so each 60 min float is only $72.50, which I find pretty reasonable. It also comes with some time in the red light therapy room post-float. They have a really nice waiting area with books and other material such as this Therapy Toolkit set of cards.

    Staff (I didn’t manage to get his name but thank you!) was very earnest and helpful and also gave breathing tips to enhance your meditative experience. One downside was that the bass from the music downstairs seemed to travel through the floor so I could hear it while floating as long as there was music playing.

    Otherwise it was a great experience and I will (and already have) definitely recommend it to my friends and I will be back!

  73. Avatar photo
    Jayanth Narayanan

    I loved everything about my first float here. Clean facilities, easy parking and overall a nice vibe. There was some minor drilling noise, but that was unexpected and outside the control of the establishment. I was told that it was unusual and does not happen often. All in all, I am happy I got a package and wish to float at least twice a month. Great to find this establishment in Singapore!

  74. Avatar photo
    Nakul Gaur

    Loved the experience! The staff is extremely helpful and attentive. They were wonderfully supportive to me from the time of booking, because I use a wheelchair. Highly recommend the experience and I too will be revisiting soon!

  75. Avatar photo
    Amos Lee

    I left feeling absolutely refreshed, for some reason the world seemed brighter post-float. I will be back!

  76. Avatar photo
    Cornelia Dahinten

    fantastic! I was scared I would get claustrophobic, but all good, I really enjoyed my hour and it properly regulated my nervous system down. Perfect treat! All clean, lovely staff, amazing and calm atmosphere

  77. Avatar photo
    Derick Ang

    An experience out of this world. I personally took 5-10mins to adjust, thereafter it was relaxing. Time passes too fast in the pod. Definitely worth a try.

  78. Avatar photo
    Randy Meck

    Great experience! The entire process was well explained before entering the float chamber and the actual float was extremely relaxing. Never thought I would actually fall asleep while in water, but I certainly did!

  79. Avatar photo
    Ed T

    Found this place while trying to find out more about sensory deprivation and was quite surprised that there’s this service in Singapore. With travel restrictions due to COVID and the staycation fatigue setting in, I decided to try PAFC out as a form of recreation and relaxation. As a westie, I do have a travel a fair bit, but I appreciate the walk along the Rochor river where you can spot a family of terrapins just chilling.

    The building exterior was unimpressive at first, but luckily the actual avenue itself was nicely done up with a refreshing white and crisp décor. As a first timer, I was given a pretty comprehensive orientation of the pod room and a wave of relief washed over me after learning that there’s no complicated mechanisms which I was subconsciously worried about having to deal with during the session.

    Ample time is given for you to wash up and when the session officially begins, a soothing tune will start playing. If you were quick enough, you would have probably started floating even before the music plays. The tune was also a nice segue to easing into the floating position. I was able to fall into the state of relaxation in just about 5 minutes. As I begin to feel my body becoming one with the saline water, I also felt water creeping into my ear canals… The realisation I have forgotten the ear plugs (which were provided to you) forced me to get up and put it on, which was a bummer and in the process I got some of the water in my eyes and nose, which stung for a while. Fortunately, it was super easy to recover from the initial hecticness and everything became a blur for the next 40 minutes.

    How has the session benefited me? Immediately after the session, I felt that pains in my neck and jaw which surfaced over the past days dissipate and I was able to exhibit a greater range of motion. As cliché as it may sound, I definitely felt more stillness and calmness. Even a 30 minute wait for my tea break later in the day failed to rile me up. The red light therapy was also an interesting experience, though I think more sessions are required to begin seeing the effects.

    Whether you are an overworked individual looking to unwind, or someone who is generally keen on wellness, or just looking for a novel experience, I would recommend giving PAFC a go.

  80. Avatar photo
    Sheila Oh

    Enjoyed the experience. Very calming & I fell asleep in my pod. Only minor things I would suggest would be to have a stool or chair in the private rooms as the floor can get quite oily due to the salt. This provide some sort of assistance for people who needs to sit and wear their pants/sit & chill if they get dizzy or smtg. The private rooms should also have dryers I feel rather than just 1 in the common room. Personally would recommend this place for an experience!

  81. Avatar photo
    Alex Ward

    Amazing experience. Intensely therapeutic and better than any massage. Mind and body in total relaxation. Clean, professional and hygienic.

  82. Avatar photo
    Renu Pandey

    My first time trying floating and the experience was wonderful. The place is so peaceful and it gives you an immediate zen feeling. The whole experience was so magical that I fell asleep floating. Will definitely try it again!

  83. Avatar photo

    Beautiful aura at Palm Ave’s Kampung Bugis location with the park outside and Grahan and his team make you feel comfortable especially if its your first float.

    The facilities are clean and the post float chill out in the lounge is perfect for a nice reflective post session hangout.

  84. Avatar photo
    Qierra Choo

    Went to try out floatation for the first time. It was an interesting experience to be deprived of senses for an hour, and the service before and after is great!

    Would probably not make it a regular thing (because the location isn’t too accessible) but I will definitely be back once in awhile!

  85. Avatar photo
    Katherine Unson

    Strangely futuristic and basic at the same time. Pods look straight from the future but being in the pod feels like you’re in your mother’s womb. A definite treat to relax.

  86. Avatar photo
    Christopher Hamzah

    Visited with my wife on a Sunday morning 9am. What a relaxing way to begin a Sunday. The receptionist (didn’t get her name, but thank you!) did a great job explaining everything to us and making us feel at home. The facilities were very clean. A first time and hopefully more to come.

  87. Avatar photo
    Seow Yi Zhe

    Best space for me to meditate when I need to really zone in on what’s happening with my life

  88. Avatar photo
    Chen Abella

    My first floating pod experience with Palm Ave was a lit. The place so relaxing and clean. The staff very friendly as well. I would love to come back again.

  89. Avatar photo
    Maria Christine Asuncion

    Great location and relaxing atmosphere. Place was clean. Staff were approachable and gave a thorough briefing. Was not a life changing experience for me but it was definitely interesting. Had a hard time fitting in the ear plugs, perhaps staff can offer to assist in that next time. overall a good experience

  90. Avatar photo

    Brilliant experience from start to finish. Friendly and professional staff took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions at the start (despite me arriving 5 mins late due to taxi issues!). Facilities were all clean and well kept. They even have gorgeous Sukin toiletries and Dyson hairdryers for afterwards, and a lovely chill-out area to enjoy a cup of tea. Felt super relaxed for the rest of the day. 10/10!

  91. Avatar photo
    Buvi Pragasam

    Friendly staff, peaceful environment. Highly encouraged to go for floatation as a form of self-care.

  92. Avatar photo
    sibin chan

    Warmly welcomed by the staffs. My first time to the float club… feeling a bit stuffy after the 20 mins. Might be due to not to use the floating experience. But in overall is a nice ambience and do not mind to still try out.

  93. Avatar photo
    Tiara H

    I come here once a few weeks to reset. This sensory deprivation experience allows me to enter a meditative state quicker than traditional meditation. The removal of physical stimulation can be a little awkward at first, but when your muscles start to properly relax, you find yourself at the front row of a movie in the cinema that is your mind. This sensory deprivation experience really facilitates listening in, and you end up realising how much chatter goes on in your brain!

    I didn’t feel claustrophobic at all even though it was a closed pod. In fact, the complete darkness made me feel like I was in the vastness of space and that was somehow deeply comforting.

    I would recommend this to absolutely everyone. Come in with a truly open mind, with no expectations. Learn something.

  94. Avatar photo
    enkel flicka

    I had a lovely experience floating and doing the red light therapy. I thought I’ll become claustrophobic given that it’s pitch black after switching off the lights inside the pod but with the guidance of a very friendly staff I managed to enjoy the whole experience. I was suprise that I was able to fall asleep given that this is my first time floating! I’m very pleased with the result, I felt really good afterwards! Will definitely recommed to friends and i’ll sure be back! It was indeed a very nice gift for myself on my birthday!

  95. Avatar photo
    Miriam Green

    This is a wonderful – and different – experience. It has taken me several floats to really get the hang of it. For those who are wondering, even a mild claustrophobic like me loves floating. And this time I took another mildly claustrophobic friend and she also loved it. The experience of time while floating is interesting and enjoyable.

  96. Avatar photo
    Violet Pan

    I started going when it was at Palm Ave. Yesterday, I brought my partner with me and he loves it too!

  97. Avatar photo
    Benedict Tan

    I have been talking about wanting to try it for 2 years and finally managed to get a chance. Great and warm service, since it’s my first float, the instructions and recommendations on how to manage the first float was super clear. This is definitely the experience I never thought I needed or able to experience. It’s been a while since I’m able to feel so fully relaxed and immersed in an environment. It gave me a chance to really recuperate and focused on myself, pushing away all the hectic and stressful day to day stressors. Definitely booking more sessions!

  98. Avatar photo
    Steven Wakabayashi

    Great float facility. Extremely clean & plenty of space outside to lounge and decompress after a float. Get the intro pack and split with 3 people!

    Floating tips:
    – There is plenty of space and you will float. Don’t be afraid!
    – Do not shave or eat right before
    – Don’t have open wounds when visiting – the salt water will burn!
    – Shower quickly – time starts as soon as you enter the room.
    – They start and end your session with music – was able to request no music at all.
    – Dry your face completely and get the ear plugs in good. Try to go in the water in one time.
    – Put the towel from arm’s reach from inside the pod
    – Avoid getting up after you get into the water. If you get up in the middle of the float, the water from your hair will run down your face and irritate your eyes & mouth (high concentration of salt, after all). They provide a squirt bottle with fresh water to clean yourself. Grab the towel from the pod and dry your face completely before getting back in.

    Compared to other places I was not floating as high – the concentration of the salt could have been higher (but I had floated late in the day). However, great experience and would go back again!

  99. Avatar photo
    Loren Sophia GANNABAN

    Everything were well explained at the beginning. The music at the beginning and at the end helped in getting me in the zone of simply floating. “Expect nothing, except nothing, accept nothing.” was a good take away.

  100. Avatar photo
    Matthew Nelson

    This was my first float experience, ever. I didn’t know what to expect, the staff was welcoming and talked me through the whole process. The tank experience is great for recovery from soreness, also the meditative aspect is great to calm down the mind.

    I’m a repeat customer.

  101. Avatar photo
    LoveFit Couple

    Great place that you would able to find yourself.

  102. Avatar photo
    Adeel Azmat

    My first time here and absolutely loved it. The ambience is great, staff are friendly and make you feel welcomed from the moment you step in. The floatation experience itself is very nice and simple: if your life if busy, back to back meetings, commitments, notifications, kids, worries in life: then you owe it to yourself to take an hour and completely unplug and just listen to yourself and talk to yourself. The floatation allows all of that. I’ll definitely come back here soon.

  103. Avatar photo
    Randhir Prem

    The girlfriend loved it so 5 stars. Went down after ate bbq.

  104. Avatar photo
    Sandra Chang

    Love it every Single time me and partner is there, like a place to recharge and refresh ! thank you so much for having us !

  105. Avatar photo
    Ria Chia

    For a first-timer to a sensory deprivation tank, I feel that Palm Ave Float Club did a spectacular job; from creating a zen-like atmosphere to simple care guides, I had a truly relaxing experience. Location wise, I think it is perfect, I enjoyed having a stroll afterwards. And if you’re like me, hoping to find alternatives to the continually-cancelled silent meditation retreats (due to Covid-19), I would say this is a perfect substitution. I loved it, thank you

  106. Avatar photo
    gandhali ambike

    Felt peaceful after my first float. For dry skin and dry scalp I would recommend floating with clothes on and a swimming cap.

  107. Avatar photo
    Joanne T

    To the management:

    Hi ,

    It was a pleasure coming back to Float Ave
    I had a restorative experience in the float on the 27th of May .

    Really enjoyed the red light therapy it feels warming and uplifting .

    Your staff Amanda has a pleasant personality and I have always enjoyed my chat with her .The ambience of your location is tranquil and peaceful.I have enjoyed my time (“,)

    Amanda is a gem .
    She personable,friendly ,knowledgeable and helpful .

    I do hope to check out other alternative healing services

    Best Regards

  108. Avatar photo
    Chris Holloway

    There is no feeling quite like floating

  109. Avatar photo
    Manissah Osman

    It’s my first time here & I absolutely love it! I called up to tell them I was running a little late, and the lady (I think her name is Elfi) answered & she has such a soothing reassuring voice. When I arrived at the place, she was even sweeter in person. She brought me in, showed me the steps. Quick & easy process. Initially I was quite nervous at first but after being in the pod, I felt super relaxed & it was such a good first experience. They even had a toilet with a Dyson hairdryer & toiletries. You really just need to bring nothing at all but yourself. The lounge area was wonderful too, was served tea & I got their Thai coconut chocolate ice cream which was so good! Highly recommended & I would love to try this again!

  110. Avatar photo
    Nathaniel Soh

    Such an amazing experience!! Staff were super warm as well.

  111. Avatar photo
    Kai Sen Tan

    Interesting experience and I find it very calming and relaxing being inside the float pod.

  112. Avatar photo

    Great experience, very well organized and arranged – it will take a few visits to get the hang of it but a great first time experience for sure, but this is a professional and well run company!

  113. Avatar photo
    Travis Pillai

    Certainly felt rejuvenated after my first session!

  114. Avatar photo

    A wonderful experience, from the hospitality, the facilities and feeling like I was in space! Definitely worth a visit or two.

  115. Avatar photo
    Elaine O

    My friend gifted me this float experience and I had a great time! It was soothing to just disconnect from the world and soak in the pod. The staff is warm and friendly and explains everything clearly. I had a stiff neck for two days which somehow disappeared halfway during my float! I even tried pressing my neck to find the soreness but could not fond it anymore. It is important to ensure you are thoroughly clean before and after the float as the salt remnants need to be washed off. The lounge is a soothing place to relax in after your float too! A great place to relax in especially after a work day. I would recommend the experience to others and come back in future!

  116. Avatar photo

    Very interesting and unique experience, you have to try to understand it.

  117. Avatar photo
    Zahab Gilitwala

    I’ve been floating on and off here (usually 6 months at a time with the 6 package to keep me accountable!) since 2019. It’s part of my ritual for my mental health and there is always a sense of clarity, calmness, and relaxation post float. It does take a few floats to get fully comfortable and turn your mind off so dont write it off if your first float wasn’t what you expected! Stick it out and it is 100% worth it. Also love the space and team

  118. Avatar photo
    Xin Hao

    Palm Avenue is the first and only float club in Singapore. Was quite skeptical on the process and outcomes but decided to have a go as well to loosen up some muscles and reduce mental tension. The first impression was amazing – felt like I was transported into a tranquil resort and greeted by super friendly staff. Clear instructions were given right at the start to ensure you are at ease and maximise the entire experience.

    You can wear a swimwear if preferred but floating naked is the recommended option. Shower facilities are also available (with body soap, shampoo, and hair dryer) and you will be advised to rinse your body before and after the session. You can opt to close the pod fully to hold the water temperate, otherwise it can remain open as well. The entire room will be pitch black to minimize distractions but there’s also an option for you to leave a small trail of light on. Light sound-baths music will be accompanying you throughout the session unless you opt for total silence.

    I took about 5mins to get myself oriented and used to the pod but overall, the solo ambience puts you into a deep calming sensation immediately. Temperature of the water is set at 34.5degrees (close to human body temperature) to allow minimal body disruptions. Am about 1.8m tall and it still fits me perfectly so don’t worry for those who are much taller in height! The 600kg of Epsom salt will keep you afloat throughout (amazed!). Just be careful of preventing the salt water from getting into your eyes.

    Six Dream Pods are available, with each private room holding one pod. You’ll be provided with silicone earplugs to prevent saltwater from entering your ears. I definitely felt more relaxed, at east, and clear headed then I was before the session. There’s a really cosy lounge area as well for you to hang out and enjoy a warm non-caffeinated tea. It really keeps you in a meditated state of mind although the session has ended.

    It’s not the most convenient place to get to by foot – about 10 – 15mins walk from Lavender MRT, but definitely well worth the experience. Parallel parking is also available along the road just outside the building. Top service and though not something I would do on a weekly basis ($89 per session), it’s a really good alternative to a getaway. Other packages are available as well if you are keen.

  119. Avatar photo
    Fahmi Muhammad

    Good way to detach yourself from all the stress and noise.

  120. Avatar photo
    Stepan Goncharov

    Overall experience was great, there is couple of thing that I would want to know before the first float.

    It was a bit noisy sometimes due to some people walking around from/to room I suppose, maybe adding a bit more sound isolation inside rooms would help.
    90 min probably too much for the first time – by the end I was wondering how much longer it would last.
    I should’ve wiped my face dry before going inside pod – was itchy.
    During floating I was constantly rotating and touching the edges of pod, couple of advices could’ve helped to worry less about rotation.
    Sometimes I felt like it’s hard to breathe in there, not sure if it possible to improve ventilation inside pod.

  121. Avatar photo
    Soeren Ferre

    Very nice set up. Staff was extremely accommodating

  122. Avatar photo
    Cindy Chang

    Fantastic place with zen-vibe. Really enjoy floating here. Premise is very clean and quiet .

  123. Avatar photo
    Yiqian Han

    What a great experience! Chill and relaxing – just what I needed!

  124. Avatar photo
    Shar C

    First time floating and it was a slightly above average experience for me personally. As I have a tendency to experience headaches when my head isn’t elevated whilst lying down, I got out of the pod feeling quite nauseous. Strangely enough, the rest of my body felt relaxed.

    Staff were lovely and friendly, and appreciated the good hairdryer and other products in the bathroom.

  125. Avatar photo
    Charles Chan

    Amazing experience of a zero-gravity sensation!

    Perhaps this could be a solution for individuals whom have difficulty getting into a deep relaxation or sleep due to stress of any form.

    Place was well managed, clean, hygienic, serene.
    Location might be slightly off any main roads but definitely worth the travel!

    It’s water goes through a strict filtration system to ensure no residual of any dead skins remains from the previous user.

    Was able to go into deep sleep in under 1 min and the next minute, it was time to get up. 1 hour session.

    Would recommend to bring along your hair products as a pre shower and post shower would be necessary after the experience.

  126. Avatar photo
    Harry Lee

    Interesting experience. I slept so well at night afterwards.

  127. Avatar photo
    Grace Cheong

    It took me awhile to get comfortable. I was distracted by the sound of my breath although I really enjoyed the pitch darkness. Sometimes the salt water would get into my eyes or the ear plugs kept trying to slip out of my ears. My neck felt very uncomfortable, I thought maybe this wasn’t for me. But at the last 15mins I went into this zone of full relaxation. After the session I was at the state of “blur blur” it was like I just came out from a deep sleep I never had in ages. The after effects of the floatation therapy was amazing. I’ve never felt so relaxed for a long time and I really enjoyed this. It makes me want to float everyday. Thank you Float Club for doing what you do!

  128. Avatar photo
    yumi marvelous

    Love this place!

  129. Avatar photo
    David Jowanka

    An experience from a different world!

    As a first-timer you will get all the information you will need to feel comfortable for your session. The staff is incredibly friendly and reassuring and helps you feel relaxed. The calming atmosphere of the place also contributes to the relaxation

    The experience is different for everyone, but I will say that it will definitely relax and calm your body and mind.

    Give it a try, it’s worth it!

  130. Avatar photo
    Aden Zheng Quan Phua

    Such a cool and out of this world experience. *(like being flung out in #amongus) It was our first time in a float pod. Though I wish there were options for music to be played throughout as well as conditioner could be provided during the shower as your hair may get a little dry. Overall it was enjoyable. Would be cool if the float pod is automated ahaha.
    Parking wise it is quite limited.

  131. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Chang

    Calming space, feels like an oasis.

  132. Avatar photo
    Aloysius L

    Had a good experience here. Staff were really personable & friendly! Cool weightless sensation when floating!

  133. Avatar photo
    Ying Yuen

    Very helpful with easing a shoulder muscle stiffness pain I have had for a few months now after my surgery. I wasn’t able to sleep, but in general, the floatation gave me a chance to slow my mind down.

  134. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Kam

    I can’t even begin to describe it but from walking in and feeling zen, and then going into the pod, learning a few things about my scattered self, and coming out a little stoned from the experience and positive that incorporating this into my self care habits will grow my brain, relax my body and tune me into my higher self.

    Well some team, for bringing this into our island village!

  135. Avatar photo
    Brandon Lee

    Nice relaxing experience!

  136. Avatar photo
    Niteesh M.

    The first session, and was a great experience. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep during the session. The key is to stay calm and not panic in the dark. They use 750kg of sea salt to recreate ocean water in a pod.

  137. Avatar photo
    Neil McLoughlin

    First time trying and I really enjoyed the experience. Pretty simple, you get in, turn off the lights and float. Meditate or enjoy uninterrupted thoughts. Get a 3 pack for first time discount

  138. Avatar photo
    Corinne Kok

    The space is open, well kept and clean at all times. Service professionalism is definitely there as well. I remember on one occasion where I had a cut and because of it not healing as fast as I hoped it would have, I was not able to make it for the float ( due to the salt). The staff very kindly rescheduled my float and assisted me as best as they could. I would recommend anyone who is interested in self-exploration to check this space out. Or if you are looking just for some time not to think and just space out to try floating! Always a nice time here at Palm Ave Float Club and looking forward to coming back again.

  139. Avatar photo
    Benedict Yugaraj

    A functional but disappointingly small tank with a passable level of immediate amenity available in your private room. For taller or larger individuals, expect to be routinely and rudely woken from your deprivatory experience by hard bumps against the edges of said tank, which also does not close all the way leading to a persistent stream of cold air onto your exposed skin that also serves as a distraction.

    This establishment’s saving graces are its incredibly polite and respectful staff.

  140. Avatar photo
    Hairul Ghafar

    Best experience

  141. Avatar photo
    Tina Leung

    Aside from the seriously dodgy lift and remote-ish location, this was a very zen experience. Girl at the front desk was extremely lovely and can answer any questions you have. It was my first float, and I had loads of stupid questions on floating and whether I’d get rushed out of the room as washing my hair takes ages (there was no rush, btw!)

    Chilled for about an hour after in their small lounge with some tea and ice cream.

  142. Avatar photo
    Zachary Black

    Very nice experience!

  143. Avatar photo
    Harsh Sethia

    Great visit for both myself and my wife. Plenty of room to get changed and showered, and a very clean facility in general.

    If you’re into meditation or even open to try mindfulness – this is a must visit.

  144. Avatar photo
    Js Loo

    very poor customer experience

  145. Avatar photo
    Rita Nathani

    Enjoyed the workshop

  146. Avatar photo
    E Lyz

    Hmm… did a lot of research before I came here. So expected what I expected it to be.

    Probably because it is my first time trying this out I felt a little overwhelmed. Not sure where to place my hands and my shoulders kept getting tense after I tried to relax. Not sure to leave the head float on or not. I just kept moving around basically. I self-ended the session 10 mins before it ended. I was basically restless. I felt a lot better after I washed up and went out to their lounge area for a tea.

    Also… not sure if it was just me. The pod were a bit stuffy, but when I opened it, it was super cold even after I switched off the A/C. So I opened and closed the pod multiple times. Yep, restless me.

    Service were okay.

    Not sure if I will try it again. Maybe massage is better for me.

  147. Avatar photo
    Miak Siew

    Really great to relax and unwind – and i felt the tension in my back melt away.

  148. Avatar photo
    Kaikai H

    The environment and service are good, but …

  149. Avatar photo
    Karina Nielsen

    What an experience!! Loved it!!! I get massages regularly and go to day spas almost as many times too…but I’ve never been in a floatation tank…it was like a gift from the gods, as I need to unwind a lot, my brain doesn’t ever shut up or stop worrying – and even during the very costly or long days at the spa I still can’t just relax completely in the mind….but this was a whole other level of keeping quiet or at least peaceful mediation or dream like thinking. I thought I may be worried about the closed lid as my MRI this week I freaked out and needed medical intervention (yes that bad) to calm me from freaking out again just so they could take the pictures – but this was nothing like that – I think because it’s all you and your control to open the lid etc … serenity
    Also on point for customer service – I won’t mentioned what happened and the service following because I don’t want to set a precedent for them as it really was kind – but only the smallest issue and completely nothing to do with the company and they took that so seriously and went 1,000 times above and beyond to help – I’m in sales and even I wouldn’t have done what they did!

    So 11 out of 10 – be back there on Monday!

    . Enjoy!

  150. Avatar photo
    Sherry Ng

    I was very worried coz I dont know how to swim and float, but it was one of the best experience ever! It was so relaxing I fell asleep and felt so refreshed! It got a little stuffy inside the pod though..

  151. Avatar photo
    Shu Fen Ho

    The ultimate relaxation for your mind.

  152. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Teng

    Good service for float, just location a little hard to get to

  153. Avatar photo
    Luis Gregory

    Generous people, looked after a traveller in transit caringly

  154. Avatar photo
    Laura M

    Deeply relaxing , great instructor, wonderful ambience

  155. Avatar photo
    Manoj Mathai

    Recommend experience

  156. Avatar photo
    Konain Saif

    We went there Oct 2020. First time for me, my wife and my friend. All three of us loved it, dare I say it, it was better than a massage. Better sleep, calmer mind and lot less mental noise. Only thing that can be improved is the registration process, it is not user friendly and esp for first time customers it is a bit awkward. Paper work can be done on site and payment when booking appointment.

  157. Avatar photo
    khalil nashef

    Great staff and a wonderful experience

  158. Avatar photo
    Jess Botha

    Amazing, new experience! Rooms were very clean and the whole process is very simple to understand. My neck was hurting after a bit but they have a neck support so after using that i was fine. …

  159. Avatar photo
    Oliver Spalding

    I’ve been for four float sessions now and highly recommend you try. As a normally restless and very active person, I thought that 90 minutes of sensory deprivation might pass at a snail’s pace, but in fact it passed in a flash. I wasn’t aware of sleeping, only of thinking, breathing or watching patterns behind my eyelids. For sure the experience triggers a different state, after which I felt quite rested and resolved. Try it if the covid experience is making your stress levels peak or your blood pressure rise. Worst case you’ll get bored, get out and shower. Best case you’ll feel good for taking some time out. The staff are all lovely and courteous, the environment clean, serene and unhurried.

  160. Avatar photo
    Shasha Syed

    My 4th float – and it gets better every time. I love the peaceful and quiet club setting.
    PS: If you add tote bags to your merchandise line, I’ll definitely buy them.

  161. Avatar photo
    Nur Arif

    It was relaxing the salt water and the silence. It wasn’t immersive for me the meditation aspect so I would give 4 star. The 90mins I was talking to myself in my thoughts and playing with the water. I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t empty my thoughts so I think I didn’t get the full benefits. Mentally and physically, I got the muscle relaxation but stress relief I’m not too sure I don’t feel that much difference maybe because I only attend one session. The staff were very nice and one of them explained the entire process clearly so it was a good float overall.

  162. Avatar photo
    Jess Botha

    Amazing, new experience! Rooms were very clean and the whole process is very simple to understand. My neck was hurting after a bit but they have a neck support so after using that i was fine.
    They had lovely tea afterwards, great seating area with awesome views, great toiletries in the bathroom etc. You can see they really focused on all the small details. Thank you for the great experience – I’ll be back!

  163. Avatar photo
    Priyanka Chirimar

    Our most cherished quiet time.

    I’m not into meditation and find it hard to zone out the world. My husband meditates all the time (as I see it). Palm Ave float club is a place where we both can enjoy meditation is a form that works for us – for me it’s the warm water and weightlessness, for him it’s the darkness and quiet of the pod.

    Try it. You will end up buying the package like us

  164. Avatar photo
    claudine ang

    The team at the float club is friendly and welcoming. The whole experience is meditative for me and if you need some time off, try this place

  165. Avatar photo

    great place, clean, friendly staffs

  166. Avatar photo
    D Lee

    1st time floating and the people there were absolutely lovely thank you so much for the wonderful experience

  167. Avatar photo
    Manick Inder Singh Kalra

    Perfect if you need a reset and slow down. Set aside time to lounge around after and colour or read. It’s the perfect post float activity and the space is great for it.

  168. Avatar photo
    Anna Slusarska

    One of the deepest instant relaxation methods available in Singapore.

  169. Avatar photo
    Michelle Nicolini

    Awesome!! I got a gift voucher from a friend and I went there last week, it was just amazing! Great time to think about life, meditation and get a relaxing nap!!!

  170. Avatar photo

    I went not really knowing what to expect but the whole session was amazing. Took all my stress away the moment I was floating and deeply relaxed in the pod. The staffs are friendly too who greeted me the moment I reached and explained to me how the session was going to be. Noticed that the place was well decorated and clean. Will recommend.

  171. Avatar photo
    Agnieszka Bak

    Loved it. Amazing experience, felt so relaxed after the session. Very nice ambiance too.

  172. Avatar photo
    Bren Khiu

    Very interesting experience for a first visit.

    Will definitely return for more visits when time permits.

  173. Avatar photo
    Ila Reddy

    Loved the experience! The ambience of the club, the kind and friendly nature of the staff, and cleanliness levels of the pod all added to it. Highly recommend the Palm Ave Float Club.

  174. Avatar photo
    Dragoon MacKenzie

    It was an unique experience to totally float in the dark, so calming like nothing else exist

  175. Avatar photo
    Steven Adamson

    Something I have always wanted to do but life has always seemed to get in the way. My love bought a session for me for my birthday and WOW. Nice place, nicer people, and an experience that has moved from my bucket list to my do regularly list.
    BIG thanks to the staff for their thorough explanation of what to expect.

  176. Avatar photo
    Mike Gerace

    The staff was welcoming and the feel was tranquil. The rooms were ok, the pods we nice. Not to large, so if you are tall, you may have problems. All depends on how you float, arms to the side or above the head. The water was ok, it did loose the heat sooner than i would of liked. The biggest issue sadly is that there is a bar/club/restaurant 2 floors above them that plays heavy bass music. This is out of their control. Myself, my gf and the other person floating all commented afterwards of hearing the bass. You absolutely can hear it when submerged. Once the ears get below water level, there it is. It completely distracts from the music (or silence) you want when floating. Overall, if this is the only float in Singapore, then this will do, but try to ask when the club is not open and try and book those times. The employees are fantastic and really friendly and personable.

  177. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Vivian

    Great experience. Relieved tension and stress, repair of sore muscles too! Staff were amazing

  178. Avatar photo
    Atiqah Ismail

    Very nice quiet place. Atmosphere is relaxing. The staff are nice too. The float experience itself will vary person to person.

  179. Avatar photo
    Gaurav Merchant

    Fantastic experience. Big thank you to Ian for giving me an excellent briefing, besides being extremely patient and super helpful!

    An experience worth doing once at the very least

  180. Avatar photo
    Jason Lawrence

    Very nice relaxed space. Looking forward to going again.

  181. Avatar photo
    Fatvette Fatvette

    Excellent reboot for me. It is part of my weekly routine for the last 10 years. There is a reason why. It works!

  182. Avatar photo
    Isaac B

    The place is spotless clean. The floaters are great. I walked away totally rejuvenated. I will definitely come back to recharge my batteries.

  183. Avatar photo
    Steve Thé

    Love it.

  184. Avatar photo
    Will Vaya

    hard to explain but i felt an incredibly deep sense of relaxation from this. recommend!

  185. Avatar photo
    Joshua Kho

    Wow. Even though I did not open a portal to the Upside Down, floating relaxed me in a way I did not imagine was possible. The lack of environmental stimuli (I recommend turning the pod lights off), and the novel way of completely letting go …

  186. Avatar photo
    Mariana Noronha

    I got a floating session as a birthday gift and really enjoyed it. The place is very clean and calm! I feel that I fully benefited from this experience!

  187. Avatar photo
    David Jowanka

    An experience from a different world!

    As a first-timer you will get all the information you will need to feel comfortable for your session. The staff is incredibly friendly and reassuring and helps you feel relaxed. The calming atmosphere of the place also contributes to the relaxation

    The experience is different for everyone, but I will say that it will definitely relax and calm your body and mind.

    Give it a try, it’s worth it!

  188. Avatar photo
    Emily T.

    Had an AMAZING experience at Palm Ave Float Club!! Feels like I am transported to an oasis the moment I enter the float club.

    Staff was friendly and helpful. After the usual safe entry check in procedure, we were brought to our float room for an introduction before we begin floating.

    I have to admit that I thought the whole sensory deprivation thing might be a little too overwhelming, turns out, it was the best thing ever!! I went away feeling relaxed and energised! Highly recommend to try it at least once

  189. Avatar photo
    Gala Zabecka

    It was my First Float! What an amazing experience to be able to feel almost Zero Gravity during float. It’s hard to “switch off” thoughts in our daily life’s, so 60min float allowed me to start learning how to switch off and just relax / meditate.. at some point I thought I fall asleep for a few minutes
    Great concept and amazing experience! Will be back for sure!

  190. Avatar photo
    Isabella Chawsusuzin

    Amazing experience! So glad I tried it, the place’s ambience is also amazing and staff is friendly and helpful. Took one star off because the shower curtain stinks so bad and that wasn’t a very nice or relaxing start to my first session. Also please provide conditioner as well as hair can be too dry after soaking in salt water. Overall positive experience though, I recommended it to all my friends.

  191. Avatar photo

    Great space, friendly staff. Well worth it.

  192. Avatar photo
    patrick ledig

    Fantastic first experience

  193. Avatar photo
    Lihong Chew

    Three things are certain in life: death, love, and Archimedes’ principle.

  194. Avatar photo
    Ruth Murray

    Calm and clean surrounding. The private room and pod was bigger than expected. I really enjoyed my experience it was very relaxing and your cares drift away, the hour pass3d by very quickly.

  195. Avatar photo
    Rick F

    Fantastic first time float experience – highly recommended! Great staff and customer service. Will be returning very soon.

  196. Avatar photo
    Niko vanBerlijn

    Amazing experience – hard to put in words – relaxing almost spiritual. 60min felt like 6 hours sleep. Friendly employees and a very nice space.

  197. Avatar photo
    Stephen Downie

    Amazing experience – beautiful fit out and very friendly staff

  198. Avatar photo
    Zack Huang

    Great experience

  199. Avatar photo
    Lilian Rogers

    only thing preserving my sanity during endless lockdowns/ circuit breaker/ heightened alerts/ phase whatever number it is now

  200. Avatar photo
    Nicole Chung

    I love every float session and that’s why I’m always back for more!

  201. Avatar photo
    Jason Adams

    Can’t say enough about how much this place has helped me. Amazing space and wonderful staff.

  202. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Ong

    Really calming place

  203. Avatar photo
    Manissah Osman

    It’s my first time here & I absolutely love it! I called up to tell them I was running a little late, and the lady (I think her name is Elfi) answered & she has such a soothing reassuring voice. When I arrived at the place, she was even sweeter in person. She brought me in, showed me the steps. Quick & easy process. Initially I was quite nervous at first but after being in the pod, I felt super relaxed & it was such a good first experience. They even had a toilet with a Dyson hairdryer & toiletries. You really just need to bring nothing at all but yourself. The lounge area was wonderful too, was served tea & I got their Thai coconut chocolate ice cream which was so good! Highly recommended & I would love to try this again!

  204. Avatar photo
    koh eileen

    Experience the weightless of mind and Body. Felt really good Zoning out for a good 60mins. Definitely will do it again.

  205. Avatar photo
    Thisaru Guruge

    A great experience! It took some time for me to settle down. But once I did, I just floated away…
    It’s amazing how our mind can be trippy without any psychoactive substances. I would do this again and again.

    A special thank to the lady who’s in charge there. She’s very friendly and helpful.

  206. Avatar photo
    R King

    Great place to meditate & reenergize tired souls in the city.

  207. Avatar photo
    Gowri Reghuvaran

    The location is a bit hard to find. The floating experience however was amazing for me, but it is definitely not for everyone. Seems a bit too pricey for the services it offers.

  208. Avatar photo
    Chiranjib B

    Definitely an experience of a kind! It helps to switch off & disconnect for a while. Must try once at least.

  209. Avatar photo
    Dinie Jamz

    Finally I went here and I left in such an amazing feeling.

    It’s about 10mins walk from the nearest MRT, but you could grab there. Be sure sure to have something light and no caffeine drinks. The staffs took were very welcoming and a quick briefing was done at the start especially if you’re new. Bring your own toiletries.

    An hour session isn’t long, I think I fell asleep and slept like a baby but the aftermath of the session was refreshing and if you are prone to having a motion sickness, best to take the pill prior.

    Complimentary teas were given after, towels are provided. I’d definitely recommend to try it out especially if you’re mentally/physically exhausted from the buzzing city. It’s an hour break, deep calming session, all alone to yourself in that pod.

    It’s a must to try and if you are wondering, they have been operating for more than 5 years.

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