Review Oyo 106 Beach Hotel – Singapore 95 Beach Rd

Review Oyo 106 Beach Hotel - Singapore 95 Beach Rd

“Old hotel but nice, have windows in all room, nice staffs, maybe if upgraded to modern will hike value” or “Service staffs are very friendly and helpful. Ambience is cosy in the hotel. A very nice hotel to be in.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Oyo 106 Beach Hotel. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Oyo 106 Beach Hotel is quality.

Introduction about Oyo 106 Beach Hotel

Here are some fundamental details regarding Oyo 106 Beach Hotel. In terms of , it is generally believed that Oyo 106 Beach Hotelis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 95 Beach Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to , this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63367712 (+65 63367712)
  • Website:
  • Address: 95 Beach Rd, Singapore

Detailed information of Oyo 106 Beach Hotel

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Here are the operating hours of Oyo 106 Beach Hotel.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, Sunday: Close.


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6.27 km6 minute8 minute5 minute

How to contact Oyo 106 Beach Hotel?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Oyo 106 Beach Hotel via:

Phone number

You can reach Oyo 106 Beach Hotel at 63367712(+65 63367712). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Oyo 106 Beach Hotel via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 95 Beach Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Oyo 106 Beach Hotel reviews

Oyo 106 Beach Hotel is among the best destinations of in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Oyo 106 Beach Hotel good?

To determine whether Oyo 106 Beach Hotel is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“this hotel is not fancy. but, the receptionist is very nice and internet connection is very good as well. the room is quite nice. nothing to complain.”

“Service staffs are very friendly and helpful. Ambience is cosy in the hotel. A very nice hotel to be in.”

“Nice place to stay . Good wifi. Near with mrt and foodmarket. Clean and good service room.”

“Good hotel, staff nice and enviroment clean, awsome location.”

“Straightforward rooms with warm-toned furnishings in a down-to-earth hotel, plus free Wi-Fi.”

“What you see is what you get, worth your money with their spacious room and accesibility to almost everything.”

“A good night's rest everybody needs, located 5 mins from Bugis SMRT station”

“The hotel building is old but the facilities are quite satisfying, suitable for backpackers. Aunty is friendly. Strategic location close to the MRT and shopping centers (Bugis Street).”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 147 feedbacks with an overall score of 3.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 59% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Oyo 106 Beach Hotel, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

If you feel services provided by Oyo 106 Beach Hotel are not good quality, what should you do?

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Oyo 106 Beach Hotel, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

Furthermore, here are additional feedbacks from other customers that we have gathered. Hopefully, these reviews will serve as a reliable resource to provide an overview.

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Review Review Oyo 106 Beach Hotel – Singapore 95 Beach Rd

There is a total 147 reviews

3.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Heetae Lyu

    really laggy

  2. Avatar photo
    Jehan Goonaratne

    Value for money, convenient location, rooms were clean and decent

  3. Avatar photo
    Ditha Nurmalitha


  4. Avatar photo Member

    Superb hotel and room facilities. Overall simple and nice !

  5. Avatar photo
    Bambang Hariadi

    Near the Bugis MRT. Lots of places to eat and the hotel staff are friendly

  6. Avatar photo

    poor condition

  7. Avatar photo
    Basyiroh Yahya

    Strategic location but lacking hotel service

  8. Avatar photo
    Sholikul Huda

    Been here for three months, its budget hotel near CBD in Spore.

  9. Avatar photo
    Pro Creative

    Just pass

  10. Avatar photo

    Old and rundown. locaton is at bugis, near the city BUT I won’t say it’s a hotel that i’ll personally choose tourist.

  11. Avatar photo
    Reza Maha

    The place is comfortable and the staff here are friendly and easy to recognize the characteristics of hotel guests. It should be appreciated

  12. Avatar photo
    Ferry Rz

    Clean and family hotel

  13. Avatar photo

    Great location. We were with 4, and got the biggest tyoe room. First room was really small, so we requested to leave. But they found a solution, we got another room on the second floor instead which was alot bigger, cleaner, and more luxurous. Aircos need an upgrade. We almost suffocated in the first room. Second one was better. Friendly helpful staff. If you want to go eat hotpot find one of the small ones which offer volonté. Dont go to the tourist trap hotpots which charge ridiculous prices. Use your head, ask around

  14. Avatar photo
    dede varamotto

    the room is quite spacious and the bathroom is spacious. only the position near the window is a bit noisy (I’m on the 2nd floor). very close to the MRT station and next to the food street area.

  15. Avatar photo
    riecky marchius

    Nice hotel

  16. Avatar photo

    The location is great…very to bugis and mrt…alot of food rest near

  17. Avatar photo
    Cuddle Malice

    decent place to stay in. rooms are a decent price.

  18. Avatar photo
    Ann Lim


  19. Avatar photo
    Leong De Sheng

    Clean place

  20. Avatar photo
    Fani Rodriguez

    Terrible, the beds had stained upholstery that we thought was damp and the second night we discovered parasites crawling on the sheets, I don’t know if they were bedbugs but they moved, we couldn’t sleep at all and when we complained they pretended they didn’t understand. The stains on the upholstery turned out to be blood from guests bitten by these insects. The bathroom was clean but the bed bug experience was traumatic. Later, looking at a website for reviews of this hotel, I discovered a lady who posted photos of her bites! The owner should fumigate and disinfect

  21. Avatar photo
    Amaninder Singh

    Very nice place and the receptionist was very polite and kindly nature
    Room is big as well and view from room is nice
    We don’t have international charger they provide us for free
    All over very good experience recommended to everyone …

  22. Avatar photo
    keizo kimura

    Hot pot on the 1st floor is good

  23. Avatar photo
    Chrishen Sithu

    Decent place. Location was great

  24. Avatar photo
    Sarwono N

    Its a budget hotel

  25. Avatar photo
    vid kat vidkat

    The rooms are clean, suitable for backpackers, easy to find food

  26. Avatar photo
    kimonn chong

    Sort of okay only.

  27. Avatar photo
    yanti suryani


  28. Avatar photo
    Maliq Prasetia

    The hotel is small, the entrance is next to the restaurant. The room looks old, suitable for backpackers but for those who have a family vacation, bring small children, not recommended

  29. Avatar photo
    Shanilka imesh

    I love this place

  30. Avatar photo Member

    Nice location, downtown

  31. Avatar photo
    Daria N

    Ordinary hotel. The rooms are so-so. Old ones. There is no restaurant in the hotel, but there is a whole street with various restaurants nearby. Near metro. In general, you can find better.

  32. Avatar photo
    Parminder Singh

    Good place in low price

  33. Avatar photo
    Tri Minhhong

    [Tìm đồ thất lạc]

    *English version below*

    Chào mọi người,

    Gia đình tôi vừa đi nghỉ mát ở Singapore từ ngày 17 tới 22 tháng 8 mới đây. Chúng tôi ở phòng 506 tại Khách sạn OYO 106 Beach (gần Bugis MRT Station) trong 4 đêm, từ chủ nhật đến thứ năm. Vào 11:30 sáng thứ năm, chúng tôi check-out khỏi phòng, nhưng không may mắn thay, em gái tôi quên Ipad Air mới của mình trong phòng khách sạn. Chúng tôi đã lên xe hơi và tới sân bay liền sau đó, không hề có đoạn nghỉ nào. Cho tới khi ngồi ngay cổng chờ lên máy bay thì mới sực nhớ đã quên thật rồi. Chúng tôi đã check Find my Ipad và nhận được kết quả online gần nhất của máy là ở khu vực gần khách sạn. Chúng tôi đã gọi đến khách sạn và yêu cầu sự giúp đỡ, nhưng những gì họ làm là hỏi người giúp việc về chuyện này và nói chúng tôi nên tin tưởng họ. Vì chuyện này mà em tôi rất buồn, vì đó là món quà mà người thân đi xa tận 13 năm mới về tặng. Cái máy còn được khắc tên của em tôi là Truc My Hong ở đằng sau. Ipad này là loại Ipad Air 10.5inch màu vàng đồng với vỏ thông minh màu hồng.

    Trong trường hợp mọi người có thấy Ipad như thế này ở trong phòng ấy hoặc bị thất lạc ở nơi nào khác (Ipad thông thường có thể bị lấy đi khắp mọi nơi nhưng tôi nghĩ rất khó mà không biết được cái nào là Ipad có khắc tên em tôi ấy chứ!), vui lòng liên hệ chúng tôi qua tin nhắn FB hoặc gọi số 84148533 (tôi hiện tại vẫn đang ở Sing). Chúng tôi rất rất vui mừng được nhận lại!!!

    Chúng tôi cũng rất mong nhận được các góp ý khác của mọi người trong việc giải quyết vấn đề này!

    Chân thành cảm ơn mọi người rất nhiều!


    Hi everyone,

    My family went on a vacation to Singapore from 17th to 22nd of August. We stayed at room 506 in the OYO 106 Beach Hotel (near Bugis MRT Station) for 4 nights, from Sunday to Thursday. At 11:30am Thursday morning, we checked out of the hotel, but unfortunately my sister had left her new Ipad Air in the hotel room. We then got on the car and hopped to the airport with no stop-by. Not until we sat down waiting to get on the airplane that we realized the matter. We did check the Find my Ipad and it showed last active area was around the hotel. We did call the hotel, ask them for help but they just asked the room maid and told us to believe in them. My sister was really depressed about this, because it was a gift from an acquaintance 13 years long gone. It also carved my sister’s name (Truc My Hong) at the back of the Ipad. The Ipad is the new gold 10.5-inch Ipad Air with pink smart cover.

    If anyone sees any Ipad left unattended in the room or anywhere else (an Ipad stolen could be anywhere but the one carved with names wouldn’t!), please do not hesitate to inbox us via FB or call us at 84148533 (I’m still at Singapore). We would really really love to have it back!!!

    We would love to have other suggestions on how to deal with this matter also! Thanks in advance!

  34. Avatar photo
    Alice Lim

    Location is ace. Right in the middle of town, surrounded with good food and just a 2 minutes walk from bugis mrt

  35. Avatar photo Member

    It’s an old hotel, but it’s bigger than I expected …

  36. Avatar photo
    Susan T

    Complete lies about condition of hotel. It’s a run down dump Location very good.

  37. Avatar photo
    Liana Chia

    The place is very near to bugis junction and bugis mrt. Has a lot of restaurants near by here such as ah chew, desert first, and many chinese food or thailand food.

  38. Avatar photo
    Patar Paian Tambunan

    Quite good, not bad

  39. Avatar photo
    Wendy limanto

    Nice place to stay . Good wifi. Near with mrt and foodmarket. Clean and good service room.

  40. Avatar photo
    Kurniawan Ibra

    In 2018 i was there having family vacation to singapore, the room is nice but in 11 at night the room’s light was off. I feel its weird because i said to my mom ” dont turn off all the light”, my mom did but as i say it was off. Thats my story all the room are good and there is some park in the middle off the building (it was 2018).

  41. Avatar photo Member

    A friend and I stayed here for 4 nights as part of a mystery holiday. The hotel decor is very modern. The cleanliness of all areas is superb. All in all a good hotel in a good location with great transport connections. The cost is reasonable considering what you get.

  42. Avatar photo
    Kevin Setiadi

    Broken aircon, uncomfortable bed, bed bugs, unstable Wifi, and really noisy at night. I will never come back.

  43. Avatar photo
    ya U

    I’m cold and sesame.
    Jadah got up and took the chubby and chubby jeep and the chubby chubby bum and asked for a hug. It was shacky, kyyunter, and kyun-ssi, and it was a bread that was full of fangs and squids. He came to the 8 clan, and moved to Hoheung, who was happy and followed.
    It’s been 5 bucks in the eye poop and 5 bucks all over again. Chun, Ceng, Pongdak, Quarten, etc. All Peng, Pep, Pte, Pt, Peng, and so on.
    What the hell

  44. Avatar photo
    Hamu Jaae

    no breakfast Suitable for just resting and sleeping only. If you are looking for a spacious room, a new room here is not the answer, near the train station, not far from Merina, convenient to travel.

  45. Avatar photo


  46. Avatar photo
    Joyce Yang

    Good hotel, staff nice and enviroment clean, awsome location.

  47. Avatar photo
    Inggrid Tjia


  48. Avatar photo
    Masahiro Adachi

    very small room and expensive

  49. Avatar photo
    Ade Suanti

    A budget hotel that is suitable for travelers.. the cleanliness of the rooms is also good…close to Bugis junction n mrt station..

  50. Avatar photo
    Basoeki Noegroho

    Good location, humble staff, clean room

  51. Avatar photo
    faye aleya Abantao

    What you see is what you get, worth your money with their spacious room and accesibility to almost everything.

  52. Avatar photo
    tang tang

    It’s a little old, but overall it’s passable

  53. Avatar photo
    Randolph Vincent Mejia (Randy)

    A cheap but lovely hotel with friendly staff.

  54. Avatar photo
    Mei Xuan Chin

    I don’t know what it is, but there are thin worms and bloodstains as soon as they are killed, which scares me so much that I am afraid to take things home

  55. Avatar photo


  56. Avatar photo
    Eleanor Jodarsa

    Near to bugis junction, room n bathroom clean, the staffs are friendly.

  57. Avatar photo
    Laurensia Ajeng Diayu

    The hotel building is old but the facilities are quite satisfying, suitable for backpackers. Aunty is friendly. Strategic location close to the MRT and shopping centers (Bugis Street).

  58. Avatar photo
    Agams Oemar

    Nice place and comfortable

  59. Avatar photo
    Yohanes Kusuma

    Old hotel but nice, have windows in all room, nice staffs, maybe if upgraded to modern will hike value

  60. Avatar photo
    Ashwini Bajpeyi

    Very good service and staff is cooperative. Location is centralised so very easy to reach any place in Singapore. Room service is also good all amenities are there like TV, fridge, ac, tea cattle etc. Very clean and budgeted hotel.

  61. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Cortez

    i had a booking for November 1to 5. 2019 standard room, kindly check your A/C TV and an comfort room….. and i want a comfort side of room, to avoid noisy outside….


  62. Avatar photo
    Efi Anggriani

    Cheap and decent hotel for sleeping in downtown Singapore… anywhere close.

  63. Avatar photo
    Andy Susanto

    Very good friendly helpful service

  64. Avatar photo
    ardian widjaja

    Nice hotel with that range of price. I hope there will be stairs so we aren’t dependent to elevator. But the staff is so nice to let us do an early check in.

  65. Avatar photo
    Chad Ramos

    A bit old 90’s hotel, but the staff are very kind. A bit pricey for its state but the location is packed with shops and restaurants for you to enjoy your entire weekend

  66. Avatar photo
    Ignacio Bonisconti

    Excellent location …. It is what it promises for the Price
    Clean and well cared for….

  67. Avatar photo
    jovita maria

    Good location

  68. Avatar photo
    Tan Jason

    Straightforward rooms with warm-toned furnishings in a down-to-earth hotel, plus free Wi-Fi.

  69. Avatar photo
    Henry Manongsong (hellohenx)

    great location 5minutes away from bugis!

  70. Avatar photo
    Matteo Gatto (Cat)

    Great location and very central. Dirty building and rooms.

  71. Avatar photo
    Erick Darma Saputra

    The aunty is very nice, the staffs there also very nice, I asked them so many times regarding the nearby places/some attractions. The room was clean, the air-cond was poorly maintained, could be better, perhaps routine maintenance. Overall it was really good during my visit here. And it is located nearby Bugis Junction.

  72. Avatar photo
    Dung Nguyen Thuy

    Gá phòng vừa túi tiền, ngay trung tâm ăn uống, gần tàu điện…. rất tiện ích

  73. Avatar photo
    sukandi SD

    Very close to bugis

  74. Avatar photo
    H. Adi Prasetya (IG_Instahery)

    Place to stay in 96, used to be nice and clean…

  75. Avatar photo
    Shafa C

    Very good location

  76. Avatar photo
    Артем Пятыгин

    Good location and value for money

  77. Avatar photo
    Gareth Richards

    Fairly basic but adequate. Friendly staff. Close to tons of restaurants and lots of shops.

  78. Avatar photo
    Geoff Stow

    Clean and friendly budget hotel. Great location by Liang Seah St which is great for food. Close to Bugis and a short walk from the conference center.

  79. Avatar photo
    Theo TSS

    Hotels near Bugis. Near places to eat, Bugis Junction Mall, MRT.
    The hotel is pretty standard

  80. Avatar photo
    Toto Suryadi

    Good location, old hotel and very minimum room

  81. Avatar photo
    Ruly Rahadian

    Clean room and walking distance from MRT station

  82. Avatar photo
    Reginald Edgar

    Close to mrt and bus station

  83. Avatar photo
    Rudy L

    The location is moderate, the transportation is convenient, and the service is considerate.

  84. Avatar photo
    Uma Ruparelia

    Very basic room n bedding. Also doors aren’t easy to lock either

  85. Avatar photo

    Beach hotel singapore. One of the most unpleasant memories of singapore. It was supposed to be a two days trip (thankfully not more than that)

    Pros-near bugis mrt and bugis junction for shopping. Nice food area with many varieties. Friendly staff. Free wifi.

    1. BEd MITES. HORRIBLE. got bitten over my back and elbows. Same goes to my roommate on another bed. Imagine the itch and also the hassle of clearing all my belongings when i came home to make sure it doesnt cling onto my bags and clothes. Spent whole night hairdrying my thinngs on the last night in SG (hopefully the heat got rid of them). I did get a room exchange on the secodn night but its a little too late..

    2. Non sound proof building. Practically u can hear chatters up to early mornings due to the restaurants and bars and then when the nearby construction area starts work, u will hear continuous annoying whistle because the workers were diverting traffic.

    3. Plug points only available at the dressig table meaning you need a v long cable to reach the bed..

    4.One centralised lighting system means u either sleep in the total darkness or have the light fr the bulb right at ur eyes.

    5. Easy access to public~the lift doesnt require and key verification to the hotel floors and no security guard to check the id before allowinf access to lifts. The doors is just normal key and knob mechanism so it is worrisome to leave the items in the room.

    6. Building is definitely different from whatever its shown on hotel websites. Looks like an old apartment.

    Definitely will make sure i never step into this hotel again. Once bitten by bed mites, no matter how good the hotel is, its forever a NO.

  86. Avatar photo
    Ben Bernado

    Clean and good hospitality

  87. Avatar photo
    DJ DK PARK Nelson park jay young

    Why you leave me

  88. Avatar photo
    jass grewal

    Fantastic stay and the staff is super friendly we book this hotel and they allow us to check in 3 hour earlier without any cost. The room was very clean and tidy include toilet was very clean and they provide us towels and all other things which We required.
    Location is very near to MRT station and bus stop as well.

  89. Avatar photo
    Andrey K.

    Very convenient location, near the metro and a lot of cafes. The room was clean. I recommend.

  90. Avatar photo
    Sarah S

    The bathroom was horrendous, the beds were horrible, staff were sassy and the towels were threadbare. Good location is the only thing going for it.
    The place obviously hadn’t been cleaned in ages, with dust and mould clearly visible in the room.

  91. Avatar photo
    Mary Ann Bibat

    Affordable rates, with friendly and accommodating staff

  92. Avatar photo


  93. Avatar photo
    Nenda Putra

    Good for budge hotel

  94. Avatar photo
    Sampson Teo

    Budget hotel

  95. Avatar photo

    It was a nice 2-star hotel in the city. Location wise, near foodstalls, malls and other major attractions in Singapore.

    Building is old and does smell old but it’s clean and comfy, of course be reasonable what do you expect for a budget hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel room, some of electrical wirings were not working. But, they fix the issue immediately — provided an alternative solution while waiting for the fix — don’t hesitate to address room issues. It’s a known fact that electrical wirings and appliances inside hotel room should be working perfectly fine, we are paying customers. Still, respect begets respects, so ask them nicely. Hot/Cold shower is working perfectly fine, for me that’s a plus. However, downside for me is their limited selection of TV channels — an upgrade could be nice, giving their guests options to choose from especially if they’re having a hard time sleeping. But I guess the logic of it is less watching and more time sleeping. Internet connection is intermittent especially during night time and wee hours of the morning but otherwise working. During our 4-day stay, we always come home to a clean room and replenished stock.

    No breakfast provided during our stay but that won’t be an issue due to nearby foodstalls and our friendly 711.

    Again it’s a two star hotel … Don’t expect too much.

  96. Avatar photo
    Kyle Garcia

    This place is closing down soon

  97. Avatar photo
    Ichdar Hsb

    Budget hotel to stay, near to Bugis area

  98. Avatar photo
    sam morrow

    Location is fantastic. Very close to the Bugis MRT station (exit D is the closest). Rooms have enough space and sockets. Decent beds and cleaning is good. Lift to get to all floors, reception desk is on level 2 with friendly staff that have good knowledge of Singapore. Very close to lots of restaurants and a couple of shopping centre’s. Not a luxury hotel but very good for the price. Free WiFi (need a code when you check in) and air conditioning both worked well and were much appreciated, room has a small fridge as well.

  99. Avatar photo
    Jakub Rezler

    A hotel for the undemanding

  100. Avatar photo
    Richie ritzs big bang

    So close with Bugis street..

  101. Avatar photo
    Joko Susilo

    Strategic place with food that is around affordable prices

  102. Avatar photo
    Yosuke Ishizuka

    The hotel is not new, but the room was spacious and clean. The room charge was relatively cheap for the location, and above all, the people at the front desk were very kind.

  103. Avatar photo
    Gajah Agung

    Big bed with wifi only

  104. Avatar photo
    John Lin

    Cheaper price and large room

  105. Avatar photo
    Endry Angga Wijaya


  106. Avatar photo
    Tara Mazeland

    It looks much nicer in the photos. Nice hotel but a bit outdated. Good location.

  107. Avatar photo
    Joshua Jeffrey

    A good night’s rest everybody needs, located 5 mins from Bugis SMRT station

  108. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hafizh abqary

    The receptionist is friendly…house keeping is friendly…we don’t have a room ready…but there’s another room to rest first…because I have a small child…the outside appearance of the hotel is not very convincing, but the inside is said to be good…clean…smells good… (like the saying don’t judge from the outside )… at first I stayed one day, so I added another 1 day.. for the price, well, it’s normal,, hotels in Singapore aren’t cheap. close to Bugis junction, bugis street, Mrt,, delele…..recommended

  109. Avatar photo
    Pinij Kedkaeow

    The room is not clean, there is dust.

  110. Avatar photo
    Anjulevez Sorga

    Good for bacpacker

  111. Avatar photo
    myotun thein

    Near by Bugis

  112. Avatar photo
    Kevin M

    The hotel is in central so it is convinience to reach other part of Singapore. It’s also have good service.

  113. Avatar photo

    this hotel is not fancy. but, the receptionist is very nice and internet connection is very good as well. the room is quite nice. nothing to complain.

  114. Avatar photo
    Henry Kuswanto

    Clean small budget hotel, just nice located near to bugis shopping place

  115. Avatar photo

    Affordable hotel next to alot of steamboat places.

  116. Avatar photo
    Dewei Li

    Service staffs are very friendly and helpful. Ambience is cosy in the hotel. A very nice hotel to be in.

  117. Avatar photo
    Anang YB

    Strategic location and easy to reach from Merlion Singapore. Can walk. There is a family room.

  118. Avatar photo
    Tina Jesiska

    It’s cheap when compared to other hotels in Singapore. It’s a strategic place to sell food everywhere

  119. Avatar photo
    Vijayan Chandran

    Nice and neat

  120. Avatar photo
    Jhun Leong

    Eventhough it seems old but the place is clean. The last I stayed, the room is quite spacious. Bang for the buck and there are lots of eateries around the hotel.

  121. Avatar photo
    Arpan Dutta

    No windows in standard rooms. Quite tiny but budget price and easy to get cabs. Location is quite close to CBD too.

  122. Avatar photo
    Minh Đỗ Hữu

    giá cả hợp lý bình dân phòng sạch sẽ

  123. Avatar photo
    Tony Saxer

    Cheap hotel rooms in the city.

  124. Avatar photo
    Rudi Firdaus


  125. Avatar photo
    Potato Padang

    Not have nice wifi, swimming pool, restaurant, reception in floor lvl 2

  126. Avatar photo
    Carlos Ramirez

    Very good service and location. Cheap but needs improvements.

  127. Avatar photo
    Chandima Wijayagunawardena

    Good stay for affordable price

  128. Avatar photo
    Nancy Rampengan

    Nice hotel.. Near MRT and mall..

  129. Avatar photo
    Nam Lee

    Small hotel but clean

  130. Avatar photo
    Ega Handoko

    a good place to stay in Singapore
    Good hospitality, small but comfort
    near the bugis MRT station, bugis junction, bugis market, etc.. worth a try …

  131. Avatar photo
    borneoheadhunts aron

    I stay here a night on my medical trip..its quite good..i will comeback for it again next trip for business travel

  132. Avatar photo
    Stig Rødsten

    Old but perfectly fine. Large rooms, which is a rare commodity in Singapore unless you’re going to bet. very much. Located in a typical Singaporean area from the 60s, many nice restaurants and hawker places.

  133. Avatar photo
    Simone Severi (SxS46)

    The hotel is cheap and in a good location but the rooms are not clean enough.

  134. Avatar photo
    vinay velugu

    Good for travellers… Cheap and best place… Well maintained. It is exactly at centre to all places.

  135. Avatar photo
    Handedi Zhang

    Service need improvement, new air cond should be considered

  136. Avatar photo
    Jerry wyn “wyn” Orillaneda

    Great location and worth the money.

  137. Avatar photo
    Jz ezcozy

    Good hotel but not that luxury : )

  138. Avatar photo
    Слава Толмачев (SpeedGamer)

    Price and quality is good in a good ratio

  139. Avatar photo

    Not good , so old with room, but its full convenient , you can only sleep

  140. Avatar photo
    Prakash Thorat

    It’s ok

  141. Avatar photo
    Mister Tia

    Great for a short visit since it’s within the busy part of the city. Close enough to a Bukit Station, so you can to anywhere where there’s MRT including the airport.

  142. Avatar photo
    Hera Brigita

    The location is close to Bugis Junction, Albert Centre, making it easy to find food that fits your tongue, and fits your pocket. Some dining locations are open until midnight. Close to Bugis MRT station.
    The atmosphere of the hotel is simple, but clean and comfortable.
    Recommended for tourists who want to enjoy the city on a minimal budget.

  143. Avatar photo
    Fung Tjun


  144. Avatar photo
    Kris Tanto

    Great location…

  145. Avatar photo
    Rahby Mamea

    Stayed for 4 nights! Best value for money! Great staff, room had everything you needed. Very accommodating!! Location is great too if you’re after some great food. The street gets closed off on Friday night so you’re free to roam around as if it is a food market. Will definitely stay at beach hotel again!

  146. Avatar photo
    Mun Milo

    Ordered online. The pictures looked good but when I went to see it I was disappointed. Go to the reception staff and ask for a room change and find it yourself. Not recommended to come. Charge and quality do not match

  147. Avatar photo

    Far from clean unless very costly
    However, the owner and staff are so kind that I am sorry to leave such a review.
    Recommended if you are short on money and want to try a good local restaurant nearby

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