Review Overjoyed Art Store Cathay, 2 Handy Road, Singapore

Review Overjoyed Art Store  Cathay - Singapore 2 Handy Road

“Very helpful staff and full of knowledge. Know their products well and understand our needs as customer too. definitely coming back to shop more!” or “The range of art materials available here and layout of the store inspires me didn’t know they had an online store …” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Overjoyed Art Store Cathay. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Overjoyed Art Store Cathay is quality.

Introduction about Overjoyed Art Store Cathay

Here are some fundamental details regarding Overjoyed Art Store Cathay. In terms of Art supply store, it is generally believed that Overjoyed Art Store Cathayis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 2 Handy Road, B1-11 The Cathay, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Art supply store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 64664366 (+65 64664366)
  • Website:
  • Address: 2 Handy Road, B1-11 The Cathay, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM.


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How to contact Overjoyed Art Store Cathay?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Overjoyed Art Store Cathay via:

Phone number

You can reach Overjoyed Art Store Cathay at 64664366(+65 64664366). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Overjoyed Art Store Cathay via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 2 Handy Road, B1-11 The Cathay, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Overjoyed Art Store Cathay reviews

Overjoyed Art Store Cathay is among the best destinations of Art supply store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Overjoyed Art Store Cathay good?

To determine whether Overjoyed Art Store Cathay is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Overjoyed sells a good range of Japanese stationery. Most importantly, they sell certain stationery items that have been either obsolete or are increasingly hard to find in Singapore these days!”

“My go to place every single time when I need something for my crafts! How i wish they had an outlet in the east! Overjoyed lives up to their name and I absolutely love going there for my crafts. …”

“It has the most variety of art supplies in Singapore, it has calligraphy supplies that are hard to find in other stores. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.”

“lovely art shop, for people who enjoy arts. i bought stamps set with die cuts the prices are reasonable also i got discount when i registered @ the website ”

“Very helpful staff and full of knowledge. Know their products well and understand our needs as customer too. definitely coming back to shop more!”

“Rare gem for art materials and fountain pens. Can't believe they have Noodler's fountain pens selling at very affordable prices. Best place to buy Finetec pots as calligraphy supplies too!”

“Shopping experience was great!! The atmosphere was very nice and the staff was very friendly!! I definitely would come again! The pricing of items were good, my experience here was excellent!!”

“The range of art materials available here and layout of the store inspires me didn't know they had an online store …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 202 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.8 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 97% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Overjoyed Art Store Cathay, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Overjoyed Art Store Cathay, 2 Handy Road, Singapore

There is a total 202 reviews

4.8 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Ivan Bien

    Lots of options! Be a member and get a discount too …

  2. Avatar photo
    Gregory Lee

    Overjoyed sells a good range of Japanese stationery. Most importantly, they sell certain stationery items that have been either obsolete or are increasingly hard to find in Singapore these days!

  3. Avatar photo
    Vijayasri Sanjevi

    look for the shop Under the basement … not bad… staffs are super friendly. a little bit overpriced but its okay…

  4. Avatar photo

    Has all the art materials im finding for and quite affordable !! One of the good quality art stores in Singapore. Would come back

  5. Avatar photo
    Willy yt



  6. Avatar photo
    Gyanendu Bhushan

    UPDATE – Seems a lack of experience among some of the staff/interns.
    Yesterday I visited Overjoyed looking for Pen Case . I approached one lady working there who was near to ask if the case which is present in show room is PenCase and she told that I do not know and she started her work.
    I again approached her stating who can confirm since there is no one ?
    I got a drastic reply – What do you mean ?
    I am very surprised by the high voice I heard.
    Then I rephrased that I need someone to help me and then she called someone to help.
    Really worst experience till date.
    If they are your interns – I am sorry they need to be trained.
    And another thing – I saw the reply of Overjoyed in some of the post- stating approach the experienced staff but how come a customer will differentiate between both.
    TWO WEEKS AGO – Frankly speaking this is a great shop -giving 10% discount to everyone but below is the point -once you keep on coming to this shop just like me who is a Pen lover who is always looking for something new and eager to buy- they will start ignoring you. New Staff are good and helpful but someone keep following them crossing across you seems very uncomfortable. They even say the person to move to the counter leaving you unattended in the middle. This was surprising and uncomfortable.Hopefully Overjoyed Management take this comment in positive way and try to improve .
    I really want to give them 5 stars but I believe customer service is really important .
    Deducting two point – for in store customer service experience.
    Deducting one point – for their Online store which usually is not updated with new stuff. Even I cannot see Sailor pens which I can see in store.
    Giving 2 points for 10% discount and good rate and wonderful store and nice email support

  7. Avatar photo
    Mei C

    Great selection of items and it’s lovely to shop there with nice background music.

    The staff there is rally friendly and helpful too. I spent close to an hour shopping without realizing how fast time went by.

  8. Avatar photo
    Bruce Heath

    If time wasn’t a constraint, I would have spent ages in here. So many wonderful things to look at and long for. Eventually managed to pull myself out with a much emptier wallet and a bag full of pens, brushes and markers. Will definitely be back.

  9. Avatar photo
    Wen Wen

    What a wonderful shop for fountain pens lovers. Friendly service and great pricing!

  10. Avatar photo
    Wei Yang

    Great little art store with a wide variety of products. They even have a separate corner for calligraphy materials and fountain pens. Staff are friendly and helpful, and their website is very helpful too when checking if they stock certain products. If you can’t find some art materials at other shops in Singapore, chances are you may be able to find it here.

  11. Avatar photo
    LM Lim

    Best place to get stationary

  12. Avatar photo

    Great place to find art materials in Singapore, wide range of fine writing instruments.

  13. Avatar photo
    T Naomi

    This art and craft shop was a little hard to find but looks like treasure trove for those interested in calligraphy. They have so many fountain pens, inks and brushes! I went for the watercolours but they only have 3 brands, one by Shinhan and the other two are premium artists brands I haven’t seen elsewhere.

    The staff who served me was friendly and knowledgeable about the products.

    There is a small section of children’s crafts products on the “second” floor via a small staircase.

  14. Avatar photo
    Mickel Ng

    Overjoyed has a relatively expansive selection of arts related materials and fairly consistent stock. Great place for purchasing fountain pen related items(and fountain pen friendly paper brands). Would highly recommend.

  15. Avatar photo
    Johnathan Cheah

    One of the better stationary/art equipment stores in Singapore. Prices tends to be on the average higher range but the great selection makes it an excellent place to find your stationeries. Excellent selection of fountain pens and inks.

  16. Avatar photo
    Reizuan Rui

    It has all the things I need. Very nice place to shop for our art materials.

  17. Avatar photo
    Ling Tan

    Visited this place a few days back. It has a compressive range of art materials to choose from. …

  18. Avatar photo
    Stephie Tan

    I just bought something from their online store. Received the items within 2 days! That’s amazing! Thanks so much!! Love the Rhodia notebooks!! Five stars!!

  19. Avatar photo
    Jiaying Chen

    I love this place!!! Been there many times and it’s my favourite go to store for stationary and art materials. Price are reasonable, not as expensive as other places like funan or Tokyo hands … At least based on my knowledge. The location is very easy to access too.

    The staff are helpful and the lady actually answer my questions on ink and fountain pen patiently. The product she recommended works well too. Thanks!

  20. Avatar photo
    Vege Mary

    Love this place! Definitely a go-to place for people who enjoy art & craft, journaling, designing and all the activities that keep the creativity running this place was like a total heaven to me and I felt like I could shop inside for hours 🫠 …

  21. Avatar photo
    Maria Tapilouw

    Overjoyed is great place to be inspired and to get all source of creative tools.. would love to come back again!

  22. Avatar photo
    Si Jia Poh

    So glad to find out about this art store about a year ago! It has been my go-to shop for all my art supplies ever since. They have a wide variety of art materials with some that are tough to find in other parts of Singapore! Really love this place! …

  23. Avatar photo
    Padma Tummala

    The staff gave me a free discount even though I wasnt a member

  24. Avatar photo
    Chester Tee

    Lovely art store in Singapore filled with lots of goodies and they have Finetec …

  25. Avatar photo
    WL Leong

    Shopping experience was great!! The atmosphere was very nice and the staff was very friendly!! I definitely would come again! The pricing of items were good, my experience here was excellent!!

  26. Avatar photo
    Jeanie Merila

    Amazing staff at this well stocked art store. So helpful! Wide range of materials in funky location near all the art schools. I will be back! Eazy to get to from MRT

  27. Avatar photo
    Ching Hui Ang

    Fantastic service! Will definitely visit again.

  28. Avatar photo
    Jelane Lim

    This place has a wide variety of art supplies, especially paint and ink! Would definitely come here again )

  29. Avatar photo
    Zaid Ab Rahman

    This is the best place to get your art needs. They have nearly everything. They have good variety of fountain pens and inks here. Including paper supplies for writings all the way to drawings. Art supplies such as brushes, paints and accessories can be found here too.

    The shop is bigger than what they had in the older location. If Cathay is too far for you, you can shop online on their website. I would recommend to drop by the store instead for the best shopping experience. You get to window shop a lot of things.

    Awesome place!

  30. Avatar photo
    KokLeong Tham

    Best art supplies store in Singapore

  31. Avatar photo
    Pearlyn Ho

    They have the art materials that I want such as calligraphy supplies!

  32. Avatar photo
    victoria ho

    This is a magical place and I can never leave without buying anything. If you are looking for fountain pens, inks, or any other art supplies… please come here! They also have a web store for you to browse their inventory so do check it out too! Very efficient delivery times.

  33. Avatar photo
    Lat Davon

    Wow this place is an absolute gem for colored portrait artists. Have polychromos, luminance and prismacolors, all in open stock. Also a great variety of papers and accessories. Only thing to improve is to restock the popular colors a little more often. Will come back again.

  34. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Peck

    I’ve purchased most of my craft goods from overjoyed since 2014. The store has an immense array of art materials and impeccable customer service that ensures I leave with the materials I need as well as a full heart. As a calligrapher, it is my one-stop shop for calligraphy supplies and materials and the online platform expedites the buying process as I am able to check the prices online before I make my trip to the store. Thank you overjoyed!

  35. Avatar photo
    Cindy Tan

    A great one-stop shopping location for arts enthusiasts. One can find quality arts materials here as well as stationery.The staff are friendly and approachable too. …

  36. Avatar photo
    Clyde Lhui

    I’ve visited this art store to buy paper and fountain pen ink. Staff were very friendly and helpful and I could easily check the availability of items on their website. Would recommend to anyone buying art supplies!

  37. Avatar photo
    Zack Huang

    Very nice and patient service!

  38. Avatar photo
    jenny z

    My go-to art store in Singapore! Excellent selection. It’s easy to just stay in here for so long just looking at all the supplies – plus, prices are very fair, especially with their membership. Friendly and knowledgeable staff as well.

  39. Avatar photo

    Ordered materials online. Needed them rather urgently. They responded superfast, and were very friendly and helpful. Helped to speed up the whole process. They have a good range of quality stuff and have top-class customer service. Thanks, Ben and team!

  40. Avatar photo
    Lewys Martin

    Cute Shop, heaps of stuff

  41. Avatar photo

    So many great things about this company:

    1. Amazing service – I placed an order with Elizabeth over email, and she was incredibly responsive, accommodating, and helpful. She was quick to edit the quotation when I changed my mind multiple times, and provided suggestions on various materials. She even helped organise a very quick and convenient exchange of some products that arrived slightly aged.
    2. Wide range of products – many high-end and niche brands. Not as extensive as other suppliers, but they have a few ranges which are hard to find elsewhere.
    3. Great website – their entire catalogue is online
    4. Beautiful physical store – well laid out, roomy and easy to move around in
    5. Constantly changing workshops, promotions, new products, etc.

    Really glad to see this great competitor to Art Friend and Straits Art in the art supply space!

  42. Avatar photo
    C Cheung

    I love shopping at Overjoyed, one of the best art store in sg ! Their products are really good quality and are sold at a reasonable price ! they even have an online store :”)) the staff are extremely helpful and friendly, and I love coming back to see what new products they carry!

  43. Avatar photo
    Poon huimin

    Great selection of pen and paper selection. Some of the stationery is cheaper than other shops, bought a lot notebooks Just came from another stationery shop and bought a pen case but I realise it is 10 dollars cheaper here Good experience …

  44. Avatar photo
    Dertiagh Poiritha

    best place to get my craft materials. service was incredible!!

  45. Avatar photo
    Bobby Warmheart

    Found this place while looking for Shinhan products, been going there ever since to get all my supplies!

  46. Avatar photo
    m co

    Staff are JOYful indeed. Bright and cheery products. Unique and very affordable!

  47. Avatar photo
    Soo Rodger

    Good stocks of stationery and writing materials for everyone

  48. Avatar photo
    C T

    Overjoyed is simply one of my Favourite stores for all sorts of art supplies ! For those who loves writing, their range of brush pens is simply fascinating with prices kept Low too! It’s really worth looking for the store located just near Rocher MRT!

  49. Avatar photo
    Heal And gleam

    Interesting art shop

  50. Avatar photo
    Denmark Leopesi

    Really helpful staff.

  51. Avatar photo
    Su Myat Moe

    Lots of choices, first place that has this many choices and varieties. …

  52. Avatar photo
    Zac Esni

    A good place to buy art supplies although things can be a bit expensive.

  53. Avatar photo

    Overjoyed caters to all my fountain pen needs

  54. Avatar photo
    Eileen Neo (Sgsohotleh)

    So excited to discover this place. Great supply of stationery and art and crafts. Affordable prices! Honestly, it is a hidden gem at the basement of The Cathy. Beautiful shop with a wide range of crafts, brushes, paints and Colors. You can find practically all the art and craft stuff you need as the shop has everything properly labelled. Friendly and helpful staff who provided useful advise too If you cant find what you want. Would be great to see overjoyed in other shopping malls too!

  55. Avatar photo
    Eva Villarroya

    Vast assortment of art supplies and fine stationery. Good low and mid range of fountain pens.

  56. Avatar photo
    LEACH LiChingHeng

    Aesthetically pleasing and spacious art shop. I like it for the friendly staff and a great management that supports artists and makers. Particularly well stocked for crafting, pen and calligraphy enthusiasts. I come here for Claire Fontaine, Strathmore, Schmincke, Shinhan, Interlon and Escoda. My kids love the wonderful selection of stationery here too.

  57. Avatar photo

    I was there for a vacation. Thanks to all your comments i found the perfect match. Procedures are Bit different compared to our country. Best place to buy Fountain pens and stationery. Also available online purchases. Helpful staff and efficient online feedback.

  58. Avatar photo
    Seda Tunca

    The staff was not friendly! They didn’t even seem knowledgeable. Couldn’t get answers for my questions. They sell quality brands tho.

  59. Avatar photo
    Thachna M.

    These guys are the best in the game.. I’ve been to many art stores but Overjoyed has the best priced canvas’s and all other art supplies. I mainly got in to purchase the Molotow products cause they are the only ones who carry it in Singapore. One of the best spray paints in the graffiti world out there. There was a time where an item I requested was not on the shelf and when I asked the staff they went to their store area to get it for me. Thanks alot Overjoyed, it has always been a joy shopping at your store. Never once been disappointed or came out of the store empty handed.

  60. Avatar photo
    Lee Jason

    Wide range of supplies at affordable prices

  61. Avatar photo

    Helpful staff

  62. Avatar photo
    Katrina Sandiego

    Overjoyed is indeed a one stop shop for all of your arts and craft need.

  63. Avatar photo
    Christopher Kok

    The staff at Overjoyed is willing to help you for your various art items. It has a wide variety of stock for different interests. I went as a fountain pen hobbyist, and it is nice to see the variety of fountain pen brands and ink choices available. For example, they have Pilot, Lamy, TWSBI, Montblanc, etc. They carry Rhodia and Clairefontaine paper as well, which are high quality fountain pen friendly paper.

  64. Avatar photo
    mIzzac B

    The best art store in Singapore! Everything that relates to lifestyle, art and stationery can be found here under one roof. A heaven for calligraphers as they carry lots of calligraphy materials from inks to nib holders not only in brick-and-mortar retail store but online too!!

  65. Avatar photo
    Andrew Poh

    Variety of art products

  66. Avatar photo

    Extensive range of products all in one roof!

  67. Avatar photo
    Baskar Manisankar

    The best place to get fountain pen supplies

  68. Avatar photo
    Jensen Gwee

    Absolutely wonderful service by Vishna, who was patient in explaining to us the different types of fountain pens and extremely knowledgeable. This is one of those rare shops where service is excellent across the board and their prices are possibly the most competitive you will find anywhere. Total gem.

  69. Avatar photo
    Kimberly Goh

    Cute shop with a wide variety of items! I’m particularly taken by their fountain pen section. The staff here is super friendly and helpful!

  70. Avatar photo
    Leticia Lee

    One of the best places to find art materials for calligraphy. They even have Pearl EX and Fintec palettes!

  71. Avatar photo
    Valerie Lim

    Contemporary layout with amazing range of art related and classy stationaries. Kids art materials and classic gift ideas available too. Love the new store. So excited that now it’s moved to Cathay… So convenient.
    Friendly staff makes the shopping experience way better than any other art stores in town. A must visit!

  72. Avatar photo
    Safia Iqbal

    They have a really good collection of artist grade items.
    Princeton and silver brush were there. Calligraphy dip pen and inks.

    Customer service varied a lot depending on who was there. Would be great if more approachable staffs are there to help.

    The member discount is good.
    Would visit again.

  73. Avatar photo

    The item are awesome

  74. Avatar photo

    Amazing line of art supplies …

  75. Avatar photo
    Dustin Bradshaw

    One stop shop for all art and craft supplies.

  76. Avatar photo
    Puisan Tham

    Excellent staff support and large variety.

  77. Avatar photo
    Rosalynn Chua

    Love shopping here. The staff here are very helpful and knowledgeable. They have special merchandise here that you can’t find elsewhere too

  78. Avatar photo
    Vanessa T

    My go to place every single time when I need something for my crafts! How i wish they had an outlet in the east! Overjoyed lives up to their name and I absolutely love going there for my crafts. …

  79. Avatar photo
    Kathryn Tinker

    LOVE this store. Supplies are laid out around the space as if you’re in a high end shop versus visiting a warehouse (how I sometimes feel at art friend). Wide variety available for both casual and professional artists.

  80. Avatar photo

    It has a wide variety of art materials(mainly pens and tombow brushes for me) that i am unable to find in popular and all items are neatly categorized.

  81. Avatar photo

    I really like the ambiance at the shop. 😀 There are so many different art materials that I don’t see elsewhere or all in one place. The delivery service was also really efficient. I received my purchase the next morning.

  82. Avatar photo
    Carmen Ng

    Best art store in SG.

  83. Avatar photo
    Maria Chan

    Apologies. I think i answered inaccurately 1 query. U find art supplies here adequately although some may be abit pricey for budding artist.

  84. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Leung

    Rare gem for art materials and fountain pens. Can’t believe they have Noodler’s fountain pens selling at very affordable prices. Best place to buy Finetec pots as calligraphy supplies too!

  85. Avatar photo

    overjoyed is a shop that sells quality art materials. i was very pleased with my purchase and also the helpful staffs who advised and recommended me the journals they stock. highly recommended to those who are into art, especially watercolour!!:-)

  86. Avatar photo
    giselle vo

    Overjoyed was absolutely amazing. They had everything I desired and were so helpful. Although hidden in a place where no one would expect, they have everything you could imagine- ranging from masking fluid, to calligraphy pens, to building supplies. This store is one like no other. It’s just a bummer that I don’t live in Singapore. …

  87. Avatar photo
    Frank Lim

    Great variety and staff was friendly!

  88. Avatar photo
    Gary H

    Excellent stock of art supplies and at good prices

  89. Avatar photo
    Deon Goh

    Comprehensive shop with great customer service.

  90. Avatar photo
    Jane N

    Friendly, helpful staff. They carry some brands here which you won’t find in Artfriend. They sell Midori traveller notebooks here. Excellent for art materials and calligraphy supplies.

  91. Avatar photo
    Audrey Lim

    there’s a wide variety of art supplies and notebooks available here. the staffs are friendly and the music used gives the place a comfortable atmosphere. my friends and i really enjoyed shopping over here and i will definitely come again!

  92. Avatar photo

    Great array of art products! A cosy little basement, you can actually spend hours there. Definitely a stop for me when I need specialty art materials at a fraction of the cost. …

  93. Avatar photo
    Dianne Capulan

    Overjoyed is definitely my one stop shop for all of my art needs. I teach calligraphy and Watercolour painting, and I always recommend to my students to check out Overjoyed. They carry various brands, from student grade to artist grade materials. There is always something new to watch out for from Overjoyed that you can add to your art journey. And the staff are attentive, nice and knowledgeable, they even suggest other Alternative brands that you haven’t tried yet. Definitely deserving a 5 star.

  94. Avatar photo
    Blaze Wiradharma

    Decent selection of art supplies, however they don’t keep a lot of stock on hand. This makes for a longer than usual shopping experience, as staff constantly must be retrieving products from upstairs, adding 5-10 minutes before you can checkout.

  95. Avatar photo
    Kianam Ang

    The shop is well laid out and has a big variety for those who indulge in fountain pens. I always look forward to go to Overjoyed! …

  96. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lim

    Great spacious store with a wide selection of fountain pens (from beginners to high end brands), good range of specialty papers (rhodia, clairefontaine, Midori, etc) and wonderful selection of inks (j.herbin, diamine, noodlers and more). Coupled with knowledgeable and friendly staff and good prices, one of the best places to visit in Singapore for fountain pen supplies!

  97. Avatar photo

    I bought from them many times and each time, their online support have been excellent – staff is friendly and helpful! They also ship quickly and my order usually 1-2 days later. Great service – I will continue to buy from them. One improvement to suggest is to keep their inventory stock count accurate.

  98. Avatar photo
    Andro Artanto Lukman

    Cool stationery store, they hv things that other store dont hv and at reasonable price also

  99. Avatar photo
    LaZZyBird Lim

    Not bad. Has all the stuff I need for my fountain pen hobby. Got to come fast though. Closes kinda early. Would recommend 10/10

  100. Avatar photo
    Ai Yen

    Still my fav place for arts and crafts!

  101. Avatar photo
    Kavitha Ramadass

    hi do you have edible chalk!!

  102. Avatar photo
    Karen Lum

    Thank you, Bobby for helping me, as I am just a beginner,
    your advise and recommendations is indeed very useful in helping me with my selection on my water colour purchases.

  103. Avatar photo
    Jung Hong Kwan

    1 stop shop for all ur fountain pens fetish. Friendly and patient staff who give valuable advice to help with any indecisions due to such a wide range of varieties.

  104. Avatar photo
    W L

    Great place to be and you’ll easily lose track of time (and your spending) there. Friendly staff and huge selection of pen, ink and paper products!

  105. Avatar photo
    marion joy

    great supplies. great service. lightening delivery … recommend Overjoyed.. so glad I found this shop .. it has saved my creative life in the crazy time..

  106. Avatar photo

    Very friendly and patient staff Randy, guided me to picking up all my watercolor brushes and materials. Thanks again for the help, will definitely come back again )

  107. Avatar photo
    Kuan Hong Xiang

    Place has most of the pens and inks that I needed, recommended as a onestop shop for such related things

  108. Avatar photo
    Collins Xu

    My favourite stationary store in Singapore! I frequent the store for its comprehensive collection of fountain ink and paper, plus the helpful and awesome staff suchas Stacy. Highly recommended if you are fan of high quality stationary and art supply.

  109. Avatar photo
    Glennard Sim

    Knowledgeable staff. Friendly help and advice. 10/10 would recommend

  110. Avatar photo
    Laras Wasprapita

    And it’s really overjoyed!

  111. Avatar photo
    Issa O.

    Only place I was able to find Escoda brushes and the ever elusive Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.

  112. Avatar photo
    Vee A.

    This review is solely based on the art stores dip pen calligraphy supplies.

    I was quite disappointed with their nib variety as they hold mostly manuscript and speedball nibs and don’t have other popular options(Brause,Nikko G,Zebra G,Leonardt Principal..etc)

    The only oblique nib holder I could find was also a plastic speedball one

    And finally,…the Finetecs

    Some of the more popular colours were not available(Rose Gold, Inca Gold,Midnight Blue…etc) and they are definitely quite pricey at $6.90 a piece.
    Tip:You can get Finetecs at $6 a piece at Straits Art

    Overall not so satisfied with the stores dip pen calligraphy supplies but if that’s not what you’re looking for,this is a relatively good art supply store

  113. Avatar photo
    Mark Lee

    The range of art materials available here and layout of the store inspires me didn’t know they had an online store …

  114. Avatar photo
    Clement Tan

    When I came into the shop, the whole experience was totally different from where I usually shop at. It feels like I get to connect with art itself and the staff was really friendly too! I love the vibe here and I will come back again next time!

  115. Avatar photo
    Teoh Yi Chie

    Good art store. They stock a lot of art products. I especially love that they have Strathmore paper.

    They have an online store too.

  116. Avatar photo
    Morris Garterson

    many art supplies here and staff were quite nice

  117. Avatar photo
    sarthak shah

    Fantastic place for all sort of art supplies and inspirations to want to create, the staff is very helpful and they have a very big range of products to choose from, I’ve shopped a lot from them inspite of being from another country, was lucky enough to visit them !

  118. Avatar photo
    Doreen Z

    Update Jan 2019
    Thank you very much for your explanation. I have checked out your Facebook page and have seen your great effort in promoting your store. Thus, I have revised my review. All the very best of success!
    My reviews are always from the heart.

  119. Avatar photo

    I was blown away by how big the range is at Overjoyed! Their staff were awesome too. Thanks!

  120. Avatar photo
    Jason Hang

    This art supply store has many exciting products you can’t find elsewhere.
    Drawing papers sketchbooks inks acrylics gouache watercolors and so many pens and palettes.
    If you love to draw, paint, journaling or sketch you’ll regret if you don’t check it out.

  121. Avatar photo
    ValerieGan XueYing

    Everything artsy is here! They have all the materials available for your arts and crafts projects. Highly recommended

  122. Avatar photo

    The store is stocked with a wide range of art supply, they have almost everything I need when doing my art. This is the only art store that I would go to. Friendly.

  123. Avatar photo
    deadsry music

    “OVERJOYED” is actually the perfect word for this shop. This is the best art, crafts, you can find anything related to art and even music notebooks, boxes to organise your desk or any place you’d like. An unique shop and the best caring, loving, staffs. -Amelie

  124. Avatar photo
    Tanvi Mittra

    Didn’t go there.

  125. Avatar photo

    Very enjoyable and large range of materials.
    Friednly staff and welcoming environment

  126. Avatar photo
    joan tan

    this place is literally my heaven for calligraphy supplies and definitely one of my favourite art stores in Singapore. …

  127. Avatar photo

    I found a thick carton here.
    One piece A4 size S$1.00
    In addition, we have a wide range of paints, wood boards, stationery, pens, etc.

    一枚 A4size S$1.00

  128. Avatar photo
    Azadeh Sh

    I love this store. You can find everything you need in almost all levels: beginner, amateur, professional. The staff are really helpful towards customers. The best part is the opening hours in the morning unlike other stores!

  129. Avatar photo
    G Lim

    UPDATE: I checked out their online store and was impressed by how comprehensive it was compared to Art Friend (which only shows a fraction of their stock). This made it easier to do price and brand comparison beforehand before going to the store to pick out the items in person. Upon this visit, staff were very friendly answering my queries. However, signage on sales was still not fantastic as there were sales indicated on the website for some brands (e.g. ESCODA) which were not posted in the store, although they still applied at checkout. This could be confusing to customers and should be improved. Upgraded from 3 to 4 star.

    Original review:
    Only been there once but experience was not fantastic. Layout is not very conducive to people wanting to price shop because layout is mainly by brand rather than type of item, which means you need to walk back and forth between many areas of the shop to do comparisons of a single item (e.g. Paint). Prefer layouts like art friend, which puts all the items related to a specific type of art/craft together (e.g. All the papers, all the acrylic paints etc) to make it easier to compare. Also tried to take advantage of an offer advertised on a sign put up in the shop only to be told at the cashier that the deal had expired – think it would have been fairly easy for them to take down the paper sign instead of misleading customers.

  130. Avatar photo

    Absolutely love this place. Staff are so friendly and ever helpful with my needs whenever I walk into the store. Best guaranteed prices here and they have indeed lived up with this promise thus far! Way to go!

  131. Avatar photo
    17S12 Chee Wei Jie Edmund

    The experience here was fantastic, the staff here are friendly approachable and welcoming would hope to be back here again

  132. Avatar photo
    Marcus Goh

    Got my first fountain pen!

  133. Avatar photo
    Việt Anh Capi

    Selective of the best quality art materials for true artists and art students. Always been happy with Overjoyed over three years studying in Lasalle. I can always find what I want just few steps next to school so convinient! And more awesome alot of promotions and discounts for students! Love it

  134. Avatar photo
    Abigail Tay

    Great selection of water colour materials!

  135. Avatar photo
    Law Wai Hong

    Friendly staff. Amazing alternative to art friend. Been looking for some rare markers and they actually have it! Definitely coming back.

  136. Avatar photo
    Alim Sheikh

    Great store, with everything you need and friendly staff!

  137. Avatar photo
    Thanathip Moolvong

    Good place to buy art materials.

  138. Avatar photo
    Pearlyn Backup

    An update
    I’ve made an impromptu trip to overjoyed today and was very glad by their service. Perhaps when I was there the previous time, they were really busy. Anyway, this young lady who is very cheerful offered me different options when the item I wanted was out of stock. I left the shop happily with the art graf set. To be honest, they do carry alot of unique stuffs that are hard to find elsewhere.

    Thank you himika! (I assumed, cause it’s on the receipt)

    Wish I could have said the same as everyone here but it wasn’t a good experience for me. I was asking if I could see the sample of two watercolor sketchbook cause it was all wrapped up nicely. So I approached one of the staff and politely asked for it. She told me that the sample books are on the shelves and I’ve already searched high and low at every shelves but I couldn’t find it. So she went to find it for me but she couldn’t find it either. She didn’t want to unwrap it for me to check on the paper quality. I asked if it’s cellulose or 100 percent cotton since she is reluctant to show me the content. She took the book and went to scan it and replied me not 100 percent cotton and walked away. Initially, I was so excited to purchase a watercolor sketchbook as they have huge variety as compared to art friend. But I left the shop without buying anything as I was shock by the service. I should just stay with art friend for good.

  139. Avatar photo
    Kaela Lee

    Beautiful shop with also a beautiful online presence and superb service both online and offline.

  140. Avatar photo
    C Lau

    Love how cosy this arts and craft supply shop is! I love to visit to browse the variety of materials and the friendly staff and layout of the place just make you want to keep coming back. Overjoyed carries many brands that are not found in other craft supply stores in Singapore.

  141. Avatar photo
    Sohana Malik

    Wonderful supplies for art materials and great ambience!

  142. Avatar photo
    Stewart Tay

    there are a lot of supplies found in the shop. Those interested in brush lettering should definitely check this shop out! they practically have everything brush letterers need : from all types of brush pens , to different types of smooth paper. Rhodia papers are found in there too!

  143. Avatar photo
    Letters Of Love By Jo

    Overjoyed (Singapore) has all the art materials I need (watercolour paints, brushes, brush pens) and at an affordable price too. Always well-stocked and so much to choose from. Definitely recommend it. One of my favorite stores to go to, of all the art stores in Singapore.

  144. Avatar photo
    Ravi Kiran Repaka

    Biggest shop in Singapore for Art, Craft and Design lovers.

  145. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Goh

    Has a large variety of pens, ink, papers and art supplies. The staff here are friendly too.

  146. Avatar photo
    Lisar Rodger

    Looking for pens and paper ? The collection of fountain pens is one of the best in town. Full of choices and lots of color inks to choose from. Must visit when you embark on your next art project.

  147. Avatar photo
    Yong Sheng Tay

    Wide selection of inks, papers, paints, pens and other art and writing materials.

  148. Avatar photo
    Raymond Zhang

    An eclectic mix of stationery items. The staff there were very hospitable and patient, making my shopping experience a very enjoyable one!

  149. Avatar photo
    Patrick Ng

    Perfect little place for art accessories shopping! Lovely ambience, super helpful and friendly staff, and tons of amazing merchandise… I can hang out there for hours.

    Only down side is, the location’s parking is a little inconvenient. But the rest more than makes up for it. =}

  150. Avatar photo
    Weiran Zhang

    An art lover’s paradise. Fantastically well curated selection, friendly staff at reasonable prices to boot. Eschew online retail juggernauts & support local gems like this!

  151. Avatar photo
    CK Cheng

    The staff is very helpful and will assist you for your art and craft needs. I also like that the shop brings in items/brands that you cannot really find in other major art and craft shops. I am frequent patron of the store and I am glad they are making changes to the opening hours, so non-students like me can shop at the place after work on weekdays. Hopefully, they can and will continue to bring in new brands to introduce to art and craft lovers like me.

  152. Avatar photo
    Audrey Lim

    Always a great time at Overjoyed to stock up on the art materials and calligraphy supplies! The staff are very friendly and approachable too!

  153. Avatar photo
    Jalan Redop

    I wish to thank and compliment Ms. Mathu for her professionalism. On 14 April afternoon she helped me found the products I wanted and recommended new products to me which I enjoy using after bought home. She is able to read customers’ mind and requirements !

  154. Avatar photo
    Mika Yong

    Great and cosy art store. Numerous art materials that are reasonably priced. you

  155. Avatar photo
    Phileo Kang

    This store at Short Street is moving out by mid June. It’s been the best store to get art and stationery lifestyle products in Singapore. Membership entails discounts!

  156. Avatar photo
    Jian Kai Goh

    Great art store! Love the atmosphere, vibrance and variety of craft items available!!

  157. Avatar photo

    Wide selection of fountain pens and fountain pen inks in the store, if you like fountain pens you should come here!
    The shop sells alot of art things like Alcohol Markers, Art papers and even modelling clay.
    Great place to visit if you need art supplys in singapore!

  158. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Lee

    Amazing selections of watercolour & handlettering materials,from a special denim, beige and black watercolour selection of watercolour paper to pretty paint pan sets. Found everything i ever need, and i am indeed overjoyed from shopping here …

  159. Avatar photo
    Peter Ooi

    Excellent service. Great products. I could spend hours here!

  160. Avatar photo
    Celes K.

    Very helpful staff and full of knowledge. Know their products well and understand our needs as customer too. definitely coming back to shop more!

  161. Avatar photo
    Peter Stephenson

    Wonderful shop. Great product, good prices, doesn’t have a couple of brands but will definitely cover everything you need.

  162. Avatar photo
    Denny Kriwil

    Well.. art and fine writing heaven.

  163. Avatar photo
    Chua Zhi Xuan

    Great art store with wide variety of products. Many calligraphy products for calligraphy enthusiasts. They even have an online store. The art supplies vary from student grade to artist grade, so many to choose from. One of my favourite places to go to for art materials, not just calligraphy stuff. Many brands including Molotow and Rhodia available here. Staff are friendly and are able to help you find what you need, and even recommend products that may be better suited for you.

  164. Avatar photo
    Venz Erick

    A peaceful place to browse and buy art stuff.

  165. Avatar photo

    They are very well stocked with a wide range of fine art and calligraphg stuff; the staff is extremely helpful and polite. thanks for a great time!

  166. Avatar photo

    However,the isolate location caused me spend a long time to find the shop.

  167. Avatar photo
    Vanessa T

    My go to place every single time when I need something for my crafts! How i wish they had an outlet in the east! Overjoyed lives up to their name and I absolutely love going there for my crafts. …

  168. Avatar photo
    Jon Wan

    This place is the closest thing to heaven! They have lost of pens and markers to choose from. Some of the products are cheap while others are so expensive. Nevertheless, I love this place.

  169. Avatar photo
    Ashiful Haque

    Incredible collection of fountain pens and ink. You can also order online and pick up in store to save time.

  170. Avatar photo
    Ice Qu

    Super easy to get here from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, Exit A. Just across the street at the shopping center called The Cathay you’ll find this wonderful shop at level B-1.
    The store is full of the art supplies you’d expect, such as paints, brushes, different types of paper, canvas, wood and even pre-made papier mache figures. They’ve also got pens, markers, notebooks, scrapbooking supplies, cutting tools, drafting or artist’s templates (similar to protractor for drawing shapes, curves, corners). Really too much to list. This is just some of what I saw as I was really only going in to look at ink pens. I have my favorite brand (Sarasa) and cannot accept substitutes.
    Anyway, I was surprised to also see kits for children to do really fun art projects. The kits would be good for any age.
    In addition, this shop offers art classes on different subjects with different mediums. It is genuinely a one-stop creativity mart.
    Especially nice: handicap accessible, wide aisles, helpful employees and a membership/loyalty program that offers discounts.

  171. Avatar photo
    Nina Mareta Kosasih

    They renovated the shop and now it is more sorted and more importantly the added much more items! It’s a one stop shop for my art supplies! And also, the staffs are so helpfull and friendly. They are ready to help you in any way they can.

  172. Avatar photo
    Magic Flower

    lovely art shop, for people who enjoy arts.

    i bought stamps set with die cuts
    the prices are reasonable

    also i got discount when i registered @ the website

  173. Avatar photo
    Jhon Daniel

    overjoyed is a hidden treasure for a stationery and art enthusiast such as myself. they offer a wide range of supplies that are affordable and also cater to items that are not easily accessible in other shops. the staffs are knowledgeable and friendly when inquiring about the items. i definitely recommend and would say that overjoyed is one of my favorite stores!

  174. Avatar photo

    Overjoyed has a very cozy environment. The supplies here satisfies customers’ needs and demands. Staff is friendly and attentive.

  175. Avatar photo
    WahJiam Tan

    Good selection of art materials, friendly staff.

  176. Avatar photo
    Gregory Lee

    Overjoyed sells a good range of Japanese stationery. Most importantly, they sell certain stationery items that have been either obsolete or are increasingly hard to find in Singapore these days!

  177. Avatar photo
    s izmi

    Lots of great fountain pens and oh my god, amazing selection of inks from all over the world.
    This is a great place to visit if you’re into fountain pen and ink.

    An art supply store that offers everything from stationery to full-fledged art supplies.
    I moved and now it’s in a mall, so it’s cool and nice to drop by.

    Lots of great fountain pens and oh my god, amazing selection of inks from all over the world.
    This is a great place to visit if you’re into fountain pen and ink.


  178. Avatar photo
    Mahesh Khambadkone


  179. Avatar photo
    Yu Ting Low

    Love this place! The staff are friendly and helpful. Got loads of things that are hard to find in other stores.

  180. Avatar photo
    Nicole Goh

    A great place to get art/craft materials! A wide selection of pens, calligraphy supplies, paper, tools etc. They do not carry much scrapbooking materials so take note. They also have a lowest price guarantee, which is always nice.

  181. Avatar photo
    Dorothy Talavera Ostonal

    Great place for the craftsies! They always have all I want and need. Hoping they open more branches in the north area.

  182. Avatar photo
    Vege Mary

    Love this place! Definitely a go-to place for people who enjoy art & craft, journaling, designing and all the activities that keep the creativity running this place was like a total heaven to me and I felt like I could shop inside for hours 🫠 …

  183. Avatar photo
    Elly Cheng

    I purchased few fountain pens from Overjoyed web store. Wonderful service provided by Ms Elizabeth. Prompt response and fast delivery. Highly recommend!

  184. Avatar photo
    Ramona Ferreras

    Very Nice!

  185. Avatar photo
    Wee Yong Ren

    The atmosphere fits the name, I was Overjoyed to be able to patronize the establishment and they are always fully stocked on anything art and more. I truly never expected it to be so big. For those who need art materials, this is the place for you. In addition, the staff when free will help you with all of your needs. That is why I am giving it a five star. The staff, the environment and the sheer amount of art supplies the they have.

    The only down side is that they close too early closing at 7pm is a little early and 4 pm during weekends is way too early. I wanted to go today to buy something but it is a little too late now.

  186. Avatar photo

    Great shop with quality supplies served with awesome customer service

  187. Avatar photo
    Jon Tan

    With everything going online these days, Overjoyed is a gem that needs our support! Beautiful stationery with all kinds of rare pens and paper.

  188. Avatar photo
    Joy Melicor

    Environment nice, products high quality!!

  189. Avatar photo
    averil goh

    Overjoyed has a really large expanse of art materials and I come here about 2 times a week because of how affordable and worth the items are the staff are very likeable and are willing to help out in any way possible! It’s probably one of the best art stores in Singapore Definitely recommended!

  190. Avatar photo
    Ernest Tan

    Came here to look for materials for a calligraphy workshop that I will be organising. Thankful for the friendly staff (look for Aini!) who attended to my requests promptly in a politely and attentive manner. There is a chill vibe here that is away from the hustle and bustle of the other more ‘popular’ arts shops. Do pay a visit to this art shop to meet your creative needs!

  191. Avatar photo

    My definite go-to place for tombow markers and other uncommon art and craft supplies brands that are hard to find anywhere else.

  192. Avatar photo
    syakirah j

    My ultimate favourite art store! Love the range of various oil colours, watercolour, sketchbooks and finetec! They also never seem to run out of the pentel touch fude brush pen, perfect for brush pen calligraphy I enjoy every moment here, it’s literally art supply heaven …

  193. Avatar photo
    Raiz Razak

    The people here are very helpful and knowledgeable. However, I really wish Overjoyed would bring in more Belton spraycans because usually when I go there, there isn’t much stock left for colours I usually use. I go there often but its sad when you’ve gone all the way there only to find out that there’s nothing you could use.

  194. Avatar photo
    Cheena Andaya

    If you are on a hunt for a fountain pen shop in Singapore, this is the BEST place to visit. Overjoyed is a hidden gem! They have a whole different room (separate from their arts and crafts store but in the same area) dedicated to fountain pens, inks, papers and pen cases! They carry a lot of brands like Diplomat, Kaweco, TWSBI, Visconti, Aurora, Lamy, Pelikan and lots more; they have a good selection of the different models, and the staff are very helpful and friendly! Shout out to Mathu for all the help she’s extended to us in checking if they have a stock for the Pelikan pen with the correct nib my husband wanted! Thank you Mathu! ️

    You can sign up as a member (check out the picture!) to get 10% discount on all your purchases. The price is definitely the most affordable we’ve seen around, and that is BEFORE applying the member discount! This is a really awesome fountain pen shop, one that should not be missed while in Singapore.

  195. Avatar photo
    C H Lim

    It has the most variety of art supplies in Singapore, it has calligraphy supplies that are hard to find in other stores. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

  196. Avatar photo
    Rachel Sng

    I really like the wide variety of art supplies and notebooks. However I would like more space for me to roam as I find it crammed sometimes

  197. Avatar photo
    Kristopher Drodge

    This is an amazing shop that has friendly and knowledgeable staff! Not sure if they deliver though – which would be very convenient!

  198. Avatar photo
    Ong Eunice

    I love shopping at Overjoyed ! As a time strapped young Mother, I can go to the shop and get everything I need like art and craft materials, face paints, paper mâché animals, colouring pens and crayons for my children’s parties and those they are invited to. At Christmas time, I’ll head in with a basket and pick out lifestyle stuff like high quality bags; pens and TOP grade writing materials for Christmas presents for friends and loved one. Thumbs up Overjoyed ! I can always find a reason to shop at Overjoyed.

  199. Avatar photo
    HL K

    My son’s favorite shop for fountain pens, ink and paper! Very helpful and friendly staff.

  200. Avatar photo
    Jia Xuan Tham

    Cool store with cool prices! Special things you can’t really find anywhere else. Mum loves this store! Good service too

  201. Avatar photo

    Well stocked; love that they have Strathmore pads …

  202. Avatar photo
    Adem Derinel

    Perfect arts & stationary shop with reasonable prices

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