Review Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Rd, Singapore

Review Orchard Towers - Singapore 400 Orchard Rd

“I went this place had lunch and chitchat with my friends.wonderful Sunday” or “Awesome place to hangout and Shop. But quite expensive. Finding a smoking area is always difficult here and u cannot smoke openly.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Orchard Towers. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Orchard Towers is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Orchard Towers. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Orchard Towersis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 400 Orchard Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 400 Orchard Rd, Singapore
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Saturday, Sunday: 10:15 AM to 9:45 PM.


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You can directly come to 400 Orchard Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

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Orchard Towers is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Orchard Towers is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“I went this place had lunch and chitchat with my friends.wonderful Sunday”

“Almost daily, I do frequent one of Singapore's most violent yet nostalgic night scenes doing pick up for Grab Express... Reminiscent the good old days while it's still around..”

“Well populated, especially at night many clubs or bars, friendly for couples, singles, groups, many friendly ladies from all over the world, no mistaken, they are there only for let your time be more pleasant”

“End Of The Era May 2023 Opa Orchard Towers 1992-2023”

“#04-12 got Mala hotpot shop. Shop name is La Way, their mala is very affordable and shiok.”

“Selling Buying or Renting Orchard Tower ,Please Call Mark Tan 9387 4786, Many unit on hand for Renting.”

“Best place to visit for shopiingholic person You will find so many branded shops there and lots of offers... love this place...”

“Sleazy and quiet during the day..but comes alive during the night! Due to Covid restrictions most pubs and bars are closed. Nothing much to shop other a place to drink and wine and live band entertainment”

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Review Review Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Rd, Singapore

There is a total 220 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Kathryn Seek

    Run down building and not many shops

  2. Avatar photo
    Dennis Leonidas

    End Of The Era May 2023
    Opa Orchard Towers 1992-2023

  3. Avatar photo
    Paul Wright

    A bit seedy these days. Popular pick up placed in the evenings. Also location of Jason’s super market which is not often busy probably due to expensive prices.

  4. Avatar photo
    eng annette

    Building with some local food and shops. But mainly disco bars and massage places. A place to go to if you are looking for some lady love.

  5. Avatar photo
    Yosua Miko

    Cheap eating place in the basement for Orchard area, excellent Thai food on lvl 3. Great local coffee from Indian stall on the back.

  6. Avatar photo
    Arun Venkatesh

    Lots of shops closed. Should be renovated and relaunched.

  7. Avatar photo
    Prashant Nath

    The whole Tower is almost filled with clubs and bars best place to enjoy your holidays night life is just avesam many taxi girls are available here Happy Ending enjoying masti sex all is available high waisted crazy hours and top 5 club to wear the first-ever someplace very fine DJ

  8. Avatar photo
    Amritpal singh Sidhu

    Orchard Towers is an 18-story office building in Singapore located on the corner of Claymore Road and Orchard Road. Construction was completed in 1975.

  9. Avatar photo
    Kristina Lok

    Loved the chicken rice stall under Curry Leaf restaurant! Their western food are tasty too! Very reasonably priced as compared to other food along Orchard Road

  10. Avatar photo
    S.Santhosh Kumar

    Massage centres,pub,more trade centers

  11. Avatar photo
    Jovin TSD

    Business by Day – Not so crowded.. not much to shop here.

    Food – Thai Food at 2nd Level is GOOD !

    Entertainment – Busy at Night …. Crowded with Foreigners … 1 of the Best Joint is Impanema. Stage performance and Level 4 or 5, can’t remember.

    * Entertianment for almost all Joints WILL NOT RENEWED! (Unless Authority changed its mind – Last update is a firm NO Aft we r Appealing.)

    Enjoy what you get here and Get whatever Fix here while you Can!

  12. Avatar photo
    Mag Mag

    This place is a totally different kind of vibes during the day and night time. Day time is mostly electronic stuff or retails. And the place is decent and with a food court. Things changed when sun falls and the moon raises. You will be sure to see ladies with heavily makeup hanging outside the building. There are quite a numbers of bars and nightclubs in this building. Some will approach men and some are working in the building. If you are lucky, sometime will be able to see some fights too. Police are quite vigilant at this areas and they will petrol more frequently. It’s quite an eye opener to know there is such a place in Singapore Orchard road. The rating am giving is for night time.

  13. Avatar photo
    Le Than

    A nice place for those employees looking for economic food in orchard area. The mixed rice is not bad.

  14. Avatar photo
    Neville Monkeyrod

    Neville spent some time at Orchard Towers recently. He liked the nightlife and the nightlife liked him. Neville wasn’t expecting to find love there so quickly, but he did, and she had a little more than Neville was expecting. Still Neville went with the flow and had a wonderful time.

  15. Avatar photo
    Ng Chern Khang Roy

    Leather Works Far East Plaza #03-28A. 100% workmanship guarantee. Shoe and bag repair. Key, access door card, gate remote duplication. 12pm to 8pm daily. Roy, 8303 4441.

  16. Avatar photo
    WP Tan

    Biggest language tuition centre in Singapore for Tagalogs, Thai, Vietnamese and some Russians. For expedited learning, pay for the LD (i think it stands for Language Deal or something).

  17. Avatar photo
    Saumya Bhargava

    So orchard towers is quite a popular landmark in Singapore. With a lot of hidden Karoke and pole dancing bars. It is pretty decent. There are a lot of hidden local food places as well. I would defnitely suggest visiting this place if you are in Singapore. it is an experience in itself. Do enjoy your time. One night of your life is worth the experience gained here.

  18. Avatar photo
    Min Thu

    Nice place.

  19. Avatar photo
    Herk Marsella

    Ended up at Club Ipanema, beautiful women, reasonable drinks and the best band we have seen in Singapore so far.

  20. Avatar photo
    Bojan Krtolica

    If it wasn’t in Singapore, it would be the kind of place where you’d enter one of bars for some drinks and then you’d wake up 8 hours later in some random place without your cash and credit cards. Just went in to use the ATM on the first floor.

  21. Avatar photo
    Muralytharan Krishnan

    The good old feeling … nice bars at the back .. check it out

  22. Avatar photo
    Olek Bolek

    If you plan to relax and chill – forget it. At least if you are male. Prepare to fight of the army of Asien girls, who ‘want to get to know you’…
    Don’t go there alone and take care of your belongings. Good place to have fun with the booooys!

  23. Avatar photo
    Guillaume Militello

    Good party place, cheap drinks but full of hookers and ladyboys.

  24. Avatar photo
    Ashwini Kumar

    Its not a mall for kids. Adults only

  25. Avatar photo
    Alex James

    Very cheap food court downstairs. Muslim roti was awesome, tofu green bean was good too (not hot though), curry cauli also cold. Fish ball noodles also yummyyy (but the meat ball looks different from picture above).

  26. Avatar photo
    Danny Ng

    Smelly..really smelly… smell of cigarettes, alcohol and puke.. Sleazy place full of working ladies… as you know what they are famous for. But the food court at the basement serve a good variety of tasty food.

  27. Avatar photo
    Yiwen Chen

    Authentic cheap thai food level 3 their beef noodle and sukiyaki and deep fried omelette is the best! Building alittle old bt full of character lots of bar and sexy girls if u wan sexy time and sexy thai food!

  28. Avatar photo
    Richard Lim

    Mostly is pub for a drinking session

  29. Avatar photo
    Ivery Holy

    Club open till 6am good after party place perhaps

  30. Avatar photo

    Went there for lunch. Not much things to shop

  31. Avatar photo
    Amit Verma

    A seedy but lively place.

  32. Avatar photo
    Angah The Hustler

    Almost daily, I do frequent one of Singapore’s most violent yet nostalgic night scenes doing pick up for Grab Express… Reminiscent the good old days while it’s still around..

  33. Avatar photo
    Affendi Hamzah

    Only if you looking for coffeeshop food,and theres a great Nasi padang stall in the basement,other than that

  34. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Wei

    Funny corner in Singapore, one of the spot that’s dodgy but keep Singapore real. Nice authentic Thai food inside the tower, high spicy level!

  35. Avatar photo
    Chef Kinga

    A venue chocker full of very over priced bars and hookers from every corner of the planet…

  36. Avatar photo
    Nandun Kahandawa

    It is one of the entertaining malls that can be found in Singapore… Many pubs ktv can be found…. Even food courts and supermarkets also there… This is one of the main attraction point for tourist as surrounding area you can find comfortable hotels… Nearest mrt is orchard… Yet there are many busses operating at the front bus stop….

  37. Avatar photo
    Tudor Rochian

    Most beautiful place

  38. Avatar photo
    jocelyn balaba

    I went this place had lunch and chitchat with my friends.wonderful Sunday

  39. Avatar photo
    Soma Sam

    This is place for every locals and expats 4 floors of……. many people it. Woman wine and dance. It’s happend after 6pm. Sunday we call Tea – Dance start at 1pm only on sundays and public holidays.
    Have a food court expensive foods, few floors the Thai Foods for some people who love it. If you’re have a family with kids stay away from this place. As a advice. F. Y. I. Thanks.

  40. Avatar photo
    Keane Saleh

    Usually this place is for the night party entertainment goers .now there’s So France restaurant since 2018 at 01-01.mostly for French products, goods and eateries all in one location.

  41. Avatar photo
    Larry Hill

    Covid has this place as just a shell of 1 year ago. Let’s hope the future is bright.

  42. Avatar photo
    Michael C

    Nice food at basement food court.

  43. Avatar photo
    Robert Diloreto

    Good nigjtlife and drinks. Aside from all the hustle going on there are alot of great food stalls here to get a late night supper!

  44. Avatar photo
    Piyush Kumar

    Best place to enjoy your Holidays. Nightlife is just awesome. The whole tower is almost filled with clubs and bars. I visited Crazy Horse and Top 5 Club. Two were the awesome places. Very fine DJ and thug experience I had there.

  45. Avatar photo
    Xiao Mii

    Quiet place on day light , bars inside to choose from night clubs

  46. Avatar photo
    J Ong

    Still can find nice cai png here

  47. Avatar photo
    Chye Loy Tan

    Nothing much compares to the very old orchard towers time, now all run down…food outlet, yes, only two or three shops selling food but the main foodcourt is now not so good abd nice anymore !!

    Should you need to eat …would suggest you go to food Republic at Istanbul Scott’s Shaw centre basement…you will.find the environment and food so much better…

  48. Avatar photo
    Sergey Savelyev

    Well, what can I say) it is like a Tarantino’s – From dusk till down)) in the morning​ it’s a calm and regular place with food court, some shots and bars, but when the sun goes down – that’s where the vampires rise ))) After dark there are “massage” parlours with ladies and “ladies”, consummation clubs with extra services​, etc

  49. Avatar photo
    Alexander White II

    The first four floors have a very unique nickname. It looks a bit questionable walking in. But blast past the solicitors and on the third and forth floors you will find there are plenty of bars and clubs with great drink specials. And also, massage parlors with that will take extra special care of you. And plenty of extra fun for when you are ready to leave.

  50. Avatar photo
    Wonyoung Choi

    Looks messy and gloomy. But half underground food court is known for its affordable food as counting it’s location in.

  51. Avatar photo

    Great Thai restaurant on ground floor

  52. Avatar photo
    மதுரை விடியல் ஆதி வெங்கடேஷ்வரன்

    24 level of building Have a fun centre like massage centre,disco, currency converters, parking available especially thai foods and all kind of foods and drinks available at basements tailoring shops, beauty salon,graphic studio,employment agency, jewelery shop,cosmotics items tours and travel agency available 7elven,guardian available

  53. Avatar photo
    Miro Novakovic

    Great place for late night entertainment

  54. Avatar photo
    Izwan Shah

    awesome place to spice up your night till the break of dawn. not for the faint of heart.

  55. Avatar photo
    Bristol Ma

    I used to hate going to the mall, but I’ve started going more recently. I’ve found that if I go with a friend, it’s not so bad. We can chat and shop at the same time, which makes the experience a lot more fun.

  56. Avatar photo
    My SECRET Corner

    Always dimly lit and tagged as one of the red light district to be found in the city. Housing several pubs and bars from ground floor up to the 4th floors. Some offices on the upper floors.

  57. Avatar photo
    S G

    #04-12 got Mala hotpot shop. Shop name is La Way, their mala is very affordable and shiok.

  58. Avatar photo

    It’s an old building, not what what you’d expect for “Orchard Road”. By day, its a legitimate work place; when the moon is up…It’s worth a look see for the curious but for the saintly…ye be warned.

  59. Avatar photo
    Chan Yong Guang

    Amazing Thai food at level 3 Thai tantric restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the rowdy environment, it is a relatively safe place to go to.

  60. Avatar photo

    It’s got “massage parlors”, pubs and a few small restaurants. This place is alive during night time (10pm and up to the morn)

  61. Avatar photo
    Nagendran R

    This place… What to say… Great place for singles to party… Not a great place for couples or family .A big NO for Family/Couples.. Music starts after 11 pm…

  62. Avatar photo
    W T

    a very famous building in Singapore, visit if you are interested in this building itself loh. a bit cold inside, and always come after sunset. after all a very mysterious place

  63. Avatar photo
    alan turnbull

    Singapore is trying to get back to normal but the service is already back to it worst. If you treat customer like an inconvenience then they will never come back.

  64. Avatar photo
    Oliver Sigmund

    Unfortunately a lot of shops have closed due to covid. But normally always worth a visit.

  65. Avatar photo
    Norm Ferrier

    First class hotel in Singapore’s main shopping area, Orchard Road. Nice rooms, excellent breakfast buffet. The staff are amazing and wonderful! You could not pick a better location in central Singapore!

  66. Avatar photo
    Rosalie Tio

    We have moved our Osteopathic & Podiatric clinic here, from Tanglin Shpng to #09-01 Orchard Towers.

  67. Avatar photo
    Saini Saab

    Happening place mostly crowded on sundays and public holidays ..many dance clubs and food resrurants here in basment

  68. Avatar photo
    Steven Law

    Parking too expensive . No grace time . 1st hour $5

  69. Avatar photo
    Chia Yong Kit

    A good place to go if you like clubbing and drinking
    There’s a number of bars and clubs to choose, there are also good massage parlour

  70. Avatar photo
    Alfe Manoj

    This biryani is made different from other shops I have eaten, sweet and sour chicken and the gravy is thick as well. Chicken is soft and yummy, goes well with the hard boil egg and good hot Tea for internal cleanse.

  71. Avatar photo
    Gary Ng

    Have fun and get wild especially after sunset. Dangerous place at night, coming from a true blue Singaporean.

  72. Avatar photo

    It is what it is…
    If you go there, mostly in the evening, you know why you are there

  73. Avatar photo
    Lim AS

    Nice place and nice food. Not expensive with good customer service

  74. Avatar photo

    Basement 1. Got malay food. And chiense chai peng. Both price slightly higher abit. 6/10. Food quality 6/10. Portion 7/10. Serving alot Office worker crowd during lunch break.

  75. Avatar photo
    Jasun Seeker

    Supposedly great for shopping, but I’m told going to Batam, Indonesia is better.
    It’s where you’ll meet your Indonesian visa agent.
    I like eating at the food court at B1. Although I wish Singapore regulated keeping hot foods hot, and cold foods cold. Cold Indian food isn’t the best.
    There are a lot of hotels in the area, Starbucks and a few other coffee shops are there too. McDonald’s is there–but too pricy if you ask me.
    We couldn’t find any free wifi. McDonald’s had unsafe wifi that my phone refused to connect to due to the security risk. Same with Starbucks.

  76. Avatar photo
    Ananthakrishnan G

    A hotel with a good breakfast. Bring your own room slippers, though. The temperature mixing in the shower was not right, and always hot. Traveled for business.

  77. Avatar photo
    Chongbeng Chiew

    Lots of nice, cheap food options within the orchard area. However, the building really needs an upgrade and maintenance. The place seems a little dirty and sometimes it smells..

  78. Avatar photo
    Adriano Bernacchia

    Good for adult guys

  79. Avatar photo
    Ganesh kamath

    This tower very popular in Singapore , lot of massage parlours and bars here .

  80. Avatar photo
    Yee Howe Wong

    Good for those sick of lonely nights, wanting to release some tensions or looking to practise their fighting skills. Not so good for the police and paramedics who have to turn up every other day.

  81. Avatar photo
    Sam Mohamed

    Many dance floors. If you alone and like night party this is the right place for you. Pubs are open till morning 4.30. Had nice experience here

  82. Avatar photo
    Maureen Yeo

    Cheap and good food @ Isle

  83. Avatar photo
    Abul Kalahm

    The security staff at front desk is quite rude need to learn more courses. I dont know his name but indian men wit wear spectacles

  84. Avatar photo
    Melvyn Leong

    Lots of KTV, massage parlor with those extra ….. u know what I mean. More for foreigner I feel

  85. Avatar photo
    matthew gargan

    My coworkers and I decided to take on the four floors. My group enjoyed ourselves. We walked around and hit a couple bars. The drinks are fairly expensive! But whatever, slightly more than an American strip club minus the dancers. The women will hang out with you as long as you are buying them drinks, and you’re not boring. Got a little freaked out when a group of what appeared to be gang members entered the bar and all the lights went on as they walked around checking on their girls. I never felt unsafe, but it was strange.
    Our other group decided to play pool. As they would in the states they put money down on the table to play next. Apparently that offended what we believe to have been one of the gang members. He and several of his buddies jumped my coworker, stolen his backpack with his passport wallet and cash. Then left him on the floor. With as many police and cameras around I find it hard to believe no one saw anything. Needless to say we had a meeting about places that are now off limits when our company travels to Singapore.

  86. Avatar photo
    Adam Burns

    The Four Floors.. $68 for a lady drink. … I know the F1 was on and all but that’s seriously taking the piss! The place was reasonably busy lots of bars open,by prices sky high! Look elsewhere gents

  87. Avatar photo
    Joyjeet Dutta

    A place which comes live when all malls of Orchard closes. Five levels of pubs, bars music, dance and loads of hot and sexy Asian and Eurasian girls.

    Some working in the pubs, while many more willing to accompany to hotel or home, obviously for a price.

    The place is safe, no haggling or fleecing. Once can even sit with a drink and enjoy the live bands or watch the pole dancing (not dancing, just moving) girls.

    Opens early from 6 PM (some even earlier) with happy hour drink till 9 PM.

    Most pubs closes between 3 AM to 5 AM.

  88. Avatar photo

    Nice day

  89. Avatar photo
    Gopi Bala

    Rather run down and dingy. Having said that, there are some good food options in the basement.

  90. Avatar photo
    Guiller Lallana

    A good place for male entertainment. Various massage parlors & clubs on each floor. I only come here to buy darts & darts accessories in the basement…

  91. Avatar photo
    Delaksan Sritharan

    This is a wonderful place to visit with your family and friends. I have been here 4 years ago they were so clean and polite. I had a great time here please visit this place guys

  92. Avatar photo
    Rajesh Solanki

    Nice place for night life. Waste if you do not drink and dance

  93. Avatar photo
    Lee Holt

    A strange place! Full of desperate women looking to service all your needs Didn’t go to the upper floors because I wanted to get out of there. …

  94. Avatar photo
    sky play store

    Located at boat quey where all the night life are in Singapore, this is a mall is dedicated to everything Japanese. This is dubbed as the Japanese mall in Singapore where you can find Japanese bookstores, Japanese food shops and Japanese supermarket. The quality of the product here are very high so the price is pretty high as well. Would recommend for avid Japanese fans or people who want to buy authentic Japanese products.
    Loved the experience of the mall. Good choice of stores. Loved the beer shop on the first floor.
    we like to call it the Japanese mall as they got Japanese supermarket and shops and restaurants geared towards Japanese. Not crowded which I like to go there to relax.. have a meal and shop supermarket.
    A huge supermarket selling plenty of Japanese goods. Ideal place to get Japan wine.
    Great place to shop as there is a really big mall at the bottom floor filled with lots of japanese ingredients that would be a treat. The other floors have some really delicious restaurants and if you are a bookworm then the bookstore is a must go as it is filled with many novels and manga by popular japanese authors.

  95. Avatar photo
    inonk imoetz

    Very nice place,,,,
    Next must go there

  96. Avatar photo
    Sherman TBH

    Very old and run down building. Basement are mainly F&B. The rest of the floors are pubs and massage centres.

  97. Avatar photo
    Nadeem Hassan

    Been here many a times, lovely atmosphere for a drink or two. Nice ladies of all ethnicity. If u have nothing creative to do in Singapore then this place is a definite for a time kill. 😉
    A little booze and a little, we’ll nothing wrong in it I suppose.

  98. Avatar photo
    Lloyd Bucklen

    Good bars and night life but it will has really slowed down after covid

  99. Avatar photo
    Monirul Hasan Talukder

    It’s party time …. It’s a place where you can go for long night party. Also you you will find hard drink too.. it’s called late night party

  100. Avatar photo
    Afnan Zainudin

    Good place where you can get everything. Go to below ground level for cheaper items and foods.

  101. Avatar photo
    010 Pixel

    Considered a one of the clubbing places, this building has many massage shops and clubs for those who wants to do some hanky panky. The clubs are cheap here which makes this place an alternative for Clarke quay. Not recommended for families and kids.

  102. Avatar photo
    Retno Purwanti

    Last Sunday I went to Crazy horse and than 5 days later I got positive covid …

  103. Avatar photo
    Vidar Sundberg

    It’s a must to see. More or less the only ‘brothel’ in Singapore..,
    Be careful with buying drinks for the girls…

  104. Avatar photo
    Manoj T W

    May be the the oldest existing building in Orchard area. Full of night life with bars, discos, spas.

  105. Avatar photo
    Manish Arora

    MMM HMMM .. this is the place where girls will call you up for the service , this place holds some secrets , dont get into their trap as per google suggestions

  106. Avatar photo

    Lovely place if you’re into that kinda stuff. Not for me personally.

  107. Avatar photo
    Bronson Delaney

    When you want to keep drinking late at night in Singapore, this is where you go. It isn’t pretty, or cheap, but it’s can be fun.

  108. Avatar photo
    mac yew

    Must be a prime place to be in town many years ago, aging building with some evergreen tenants. There is a food court at the basement that opens till late.

  109. Avatar photo
    Alin Piano

    More interesting things inside for hang out .. i often visit Peyton to watch my friends during their live gig.. (THE PINK NOTE BAND) Kawasaki Angeles lead singer

  110. Avatar photo
    Matthew McCarthy

    Boon Ley miss you… .

  111. Avatar photo
    Bala Murugan

    There is mamak food here and you hv to try the teh halia which is the popular here.Prices for food range from sgd 4-10

  112. Avatar photo
    Jenny Ng

    Lots of food available at the basement of the front block. The Jason Supermart been moved to the next building of Orchard Hotel.
    Its an infamous place of 2 faces… time office n shopping archade, night time sparkling lights with colourful faces n boosters with drunkards.

  113. Avatar photo
    Megaworld Asia

    During daylight hours there is a few tailors shops and restaurants open for business. Once the sun goes down the towers becomes a hive of activity for freelance hookers from all around South East Asia. The Ipanema Bar, on the first floor, is probably the pick of the bars for a fun scene and a good live band.

  114. Avatar photo
    Vivian Anak Seliyong

    It was here, the famous Indonesia Nasi Padang among white collar local @ basement 1.
    Love it.

  115. Avatar photo
    Bernard Lim Y P

    The food there a bit pricey for 5.50 for bowl of noodles

  116. Avatar photo
    Gerald Chan

    Thai food on the 3rd floor is tucked in the corner. You’d need to enter via the lift. Can be dodgy in the evenings.

  117. Avatar photo
    Kuya Mike

    Shop branded bags and accessories even clothes and dine good foods.

  118. Avatar photo
    Ajay Nadar

    Awesome place to hangout and Shop. But quite expensive. Finding a smoking area is always difficult here and u cannot smoke openly.

  119. Avatar photo
    PengHock Chua

    Easy Women , Hot music , beautiful dames
    7/11 The Ginza of Singapore . A must to do
    Whiles in Singapore …Orchard Road .

  120. Avatar photo
    Sudharsan Hub

    Happening place in SG

  121. Avatar photo
    Lionel Tan

    Certain amount of sleaze here, if that’s what you’re looking for. The optician located at the higher floors is very good though.

  122. Avatar photo
    Rafael Ricardo

    Interesting place to see the other side of the extremely clean cut Singapore. The place is crowded with woman offering services and men trying to push you to the venues, be aware of your pockets & belongings. Expect to be touched in places and complete loss of personal space, It’s part of the novelty. If you are there for the novelty, not the women services, like I was, make sure you go to Ipanema bar. The place had amazing live music, space and crowd. Place get’s crowded after 2AM.

  123. Avatar photo
    Amit Kumar Dash

    This tower is basically for adults, freelancers often find this place suitable for their business.

  124. Avatar photo
    Guy Hamilton

    Comes alive at night. Bit seedy but fun. Make the most of it whilst you can because all or nearly all the bars and clubs have had their licences revoked and will shut down next year.. OT no more . Recommend a visit to the Ipenima club on first floor, its heaving ..

  125. Avatar photo
    William Davion

    If you love hookers you’ll love the four floors of (Insert word that rhymes with Moors). The higher you go the more expensive. Be warned though there is no such thing as a 5’8″ Asian woman if you catch my drift.

  126. Avatar photo
    Faisal Mohamed

    Atlantic Trading convenient shop located

  127. Avatar photo
    Arno Belham

    ahahahah! I will say my ratings depends if I’m single or not. but it goes down the drain peeps.. better to go overseas for this kind of entertainment.. clearly overpriced and feels more and more like a trap..

  128. Avatar photo
    Chenghong Ong

    There is a nice store at basement selling nice mee ,Bee hoon and rice .

  129. Avatar photo
    Abbiey Lim

    Amazing to find a Thai food stall at 6am. Food was nice and authentic, friendly staffs

  130. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Lim

    Cheap food around orchard, there’s an affordable mixed rice and chicken rice stall in the basement and also another halal food place downstairs which I love. At the basement of orchard towers, you definitely must not miss out the amazing teh halia (ginger tea), you have to walk all the way to the end of the basement to find it

  131. Avatar photo
    Andy Sng

    This place can either be your Tower of Virtue, or Tower of Depravity. You will find something that fits your needs if you go to the right floors at the right corner at the right time. What? I mean great value and tasting food at the basement and some of the higher floors.

  132. Avatar photo
    Masri Mohamed (Boy Mblink'z)

    Can’t smoke anywhere only at designated area better becaful

  133. Avatar photo
    Adam Burns

    The Four Floors.. $68 for a lady drink. … I know the F1 was on and all but that’s seriously taking the piss! The place was reasonably busy lots of bars open,by prices sky high! Look elsewhere gents

  134. Avatar photo
    Eric Tay

    Very limited shops. More for clubbing and nite entertainment. Eatery is also limited but neighbouring restaurant is plentiful. More for office occupancy in the day. Parking is at the back next building.

  135. Avatar photo
    Mike Mijora

    This place is so dead with pandemic more than half the stores inside have moved out and vacant. RIP 4 floors

  136. Avatar photo
    Sreehari K T

    1. The entire place becomes a smoking zone and public drinking zone by evening. You’ll see mostly Bangladeshis and Indian peoples sitting on the footpath with beers. Drinking smoking and spitting there. Though there will be random police checking, they will just ignore. There will be beautiful girls for pickup, just a smile they’ll come to you. Venting machine with fresh juice, pizza etc are installed near the taxi pickup area which is next to closed smoking zone.

    2. Basement floor have a small hawkers center kinda food court with varities of food, but taste wise its not worth.

    3. Level 1 got few shops including money changer, Seven Eleven, foot massage, adult toys and dbs atm machine’s. (the only floor which make some sense).

    4. All the levels above level 1 have massage center, but it can turn into anything if you pay well. There are few discos too, where you can pick up girls, buy them drinks. Like everyone said, make sure not to spend too much when you are drunk.

    5. Backside of the orchard tower there are few hardware shops, flower shops etc.

  137. Avatar photo
    bear kea

    Well…depending on what you go there for, (let’s just say when I first arrived to Singapore (10+ years ago) it has certainly changed, as have many places), still famous for being the four floors of wh****, so, be smart regardless of the time of day or even which day you decide to check it out. Still debauchery 101, but great “people” watching. Cheers!

  138. Avatar photo
    Craig Joseph

    Nice experience, hadn’t been to orchard towers in 10 years still a nice experience and good place to visit .A lot more expensive than it was back then though.

  139. Avatar photo

    Must see attraction for any single visitor. Notorius for bars, working girls and Thai food

  140. Avatar photo
    Crystalina Lee

    To many nights club

  141. Avatar photo
    S Q

    Shady biz aside… This place has seriously good food.

  142. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Live sport telecasts! Authentic Irish Pub @ The Drunken Poet. Friendly cosy comfy ambience for romantic intimates tourists & friends.

  143. Avatar photo
    Chye Loy Tan

    Nothing much compares to the very old orchard towers time, now all run down…food outlet, yes, only two or three shops selling food but the main foodcourt is now not so good abd nice anymore !!

    Should you need to eat …would suggest you go to food Republic at Istanbul Scott’s Shaw centre basement…you will.find the environment and food so much better…

  144. Avatar photo
    MJ Zeek Daniels

    The place has a reputation, but not a bad place to visit. You can get some decently priced drinks. The tacos at Senor Tacos in one of their towers has the best tacos in Singapore. The club Ipanema is quite happening until early hours of the morning. A good place to visit if you’re in a party mood, it’s late at night and nothing else is open.

  145. Avatar photo
    Fantastic Deal

    Haven’t been round the place yet. Looks sleazy n eerie! Few floors of massage parlours with adults shops! Food quite expensive!

  146. Avatar photo
    Gireesh Kaushik

    Best place to visit for shopiingholic person
    You will find so many branded shops there and lots of offers… love this place…

  147. Avatar photo
    James Pinto

    4 floors of pure fun and entertainment. Mix of people for diffrent do countries and places; good place to pick up, drink and have fun while in singapore. Please beware of ladyboys

  148. Avatar photo
    Emran Rokstar

    Disco and enjoy ur life there and night times awesome place.

  149. Avatar photo
    Raja Kumaran Periasamy

    Its a nice place to bang in evng and nit time. Lots of bars and pubs over. Can get ur girl frnds sum times from here . …

  150. Avatar photo
    Jeff Chong

    Great place to eat for office workers. Many choice of foods. Not to miss this place.

  151. Avatar photo
    senthilvel vedachalam

    The dedicated place for the full entertainment like pub, bar, massage centre, karaoke lounge and shopping

  152. Avatar photo
    Wolfgang Mueller

    the good days at this place are history following the latest government decisions to withdraw operation licenses for most of the bars and pubs

  153. Avatar photo
    Ranjith Kumar

    All u need is Self Control …

  154. Avatar photo
    James Abraham

    Good destination for drinking

  155. Avatar photo
    hari singh

    Went for my regular physio… Most of the pubs there abit quiet cos of covid 19. Some are still open.. With girls for entertainment.

  156. Avatar photo
    Khai Sofea


  157. Avatar photo
    Adam Wong

    At the basement has nice good and aslo the Thai good restaurant at level 3

  158. Avatar photo
    Suresh R

    2 stars for the decent and affordable Thai food on Level 3 and Indian ginger tea spot in the basement. If it’s sleaze you’re after, go at night. If it’s decent food you’re after, best to go during lunchtime.

  159. Avatar photo
    Alfredo Seow

    Thai food on the 3rd floor is awesome. There’s 2 to choose from. Check out their Thai omelette.

  160. Avatar photo
    Robin AGPC

    Very quiet in the day. Mainly for night activities.

  161. Avatar photo
    Jose Lee

    Nice place for pubs

  162. Avatar photo
    Daniel Monares

    Jewelry shop and hmmm

  163. Avatar photo
    natural habitat mother earth

    Fukin place but still high level pubs and bars over there, but beware of fights and be cheated, also ladies services towards your wants also good but will charge you a cost

  164. Avatar photo
    Milagros Dizon

    Just had my.lunch there with my friend.

  165. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Hoeden (BENJI)

    Was there late it’s dead town nowday no where near the night life as In 2018 last time I was at OT ..even the patrons … different no much foriners … now more of locals and gangs hang out wouldn’t advice a night out there ..unless you have no where els to go ..$68 for a Ladis drink.. no body forcing and body to buy Lds unless your looking for something else other that drinks end of the day its what you are looking for on your night out ….

  166. Avatar photo
    Andria Antunov

    Ipanema is gettingting down on Sunday “tea dance” not as used to be. Even music become more Indian.

  167. Avatar photo
    Nand kishor Bajiya

    Great place to be especially for single males over the weekend.
    There are lot many bars and clubs with loud music and different kind of services. …

  168. Avatar photo
    Ellangovan Saminathan

    Good tasty n cheap food

  169. Avatar photo

    The Orchard Towers is NOT a four storey shopping mole, it’s more an adult “entertainment” mole in a shopping mall. There are nice nightclubs and many restaurants as well as hotels around. The Orchard Towers is where the (table) dance bars are together with other types of clubs as well as the always massage offers. Before 9pm no need to go.

  170. Avatar photo
    Valerie Kwa

    One of the best thai food places i have encountered in Singapore! A must try for their Tom Yum Seafood Soup and do order their fried egg to dip into it. Their fried chicken skin is really good too!

  171. Avatar photo
    John Kapsner

    Unique is not enough word to describe the “transformation” this place takes from shopping mall to night life haven every day, just after sunset.

  172. Avatar photo
    Kourosh FR

    You can find some clubs full of business girls and some places specially for happy ending massage. The building is old and dirty with low maintenance.

  173. Avatar photo
    samuel pisano

    Well populated, especially at night many clubs or bars, friendly for couples, singles, groups, many friendly ladies from all over the world, no mistaken, they are there only for let your time be more pleasant

  174. Avatar photo
    kazuhisa miyagawa

    Day time, enjoy the Zoo!

    Night time, visit the Night Safari!

    Late at night, don’t miss these towers full of wild animals at the Orchard Towers!!

  175. Avatar photo
    Sham Sulaiman

    Places of interest,X’mas just ard the corner. Shops decorated with beautiful and colours..

  176. Avatar photo
    Andrew Brookes

    So clean and tidy friendly locals

  177. Avatar photo
    Manish Arora

    MMM HMMM .. this is the place where girls will call you up for the service , this place holds some secrets , dont get into their trap as per google suggestions

  178. Avatar photo
    Farhana Maricar

    Great place for food. A number of halal options available. However be prepared to be solicited for massages.

  179. Avatar photo

    Entertainment scene w some convenient stores, massage centres, eateries n pubs n nightclubs. A place to pick up men n women n social escorts.

  180. Avatar photo
    Ma S

    Foodcourt at the basement is really good;)
    Very crowded during lunch time of course but you won’t wait so long time to find a seat

    After Midnight, you need to care a bit this area because I saw a few times the drunken people started fighting…

  181. Avatar photo
    Michael Cheah

    I visited the food hall in the basement. I had byrani rice, sardine, sambal boiled egg, ladies fingers & fish curry gravy yummy! $5.00. One of my to go places for lunch.

  182. Avatar photo
    Abhijeet Anbhule

    Best place to hangout at Singapore

  183. Avatar photo
    Ian Huang

    This place has a reputation, but if you are just out to have fun with your friends and not out to get into trouble, this is a great place to be.

    I often go there with my wife and have never been harassed. Aside from that I think the same rules apply at any party hangout, if you watch yourself, this place is as safe as any other in Singapore.

  184. Avatar photo
    Kevin Wang

    Lots of bars opened at night. Thai restaurants and live music are not back yet unfortunately.

  185. Avatar photo
    Tj Wright

    good times

  186. Avatar photo
    Samuel Sunny

    The only Halal Nasi Padang shop located at Basement 1 . Boss super friendly.

  187. Avatar photo
    laurence oh

    Most electronic components n gadgets are sold there. But the salesperson mostly are unfriendly, so let’s bear with them.

  188. Avatar photo
    iamcrab piyu

    Believe it or not. There’s an eatry in the basement.

    I went in for the eatry.

    “Wide Variety”, “Scrumptious” and most importantly “Affordable”.

  189. Avatar photo
    Khurram Malik

    It’s more of a clubbing area than a shopping mall. Definitely not a visiting place with family

  190. Avatar photo
    Ganesh Hanchate

    No need stag entry.
    Male $11
    Female $7
    Streight forward rates.

    Good decent public, Bollywood DJ

  191. Avatar photo
    Tori P

    Very nice hotel nearby.

  192. Avatar photo
    Siva Sangar

    Good place for single men,
    For married guys, you better dont let ur partner know u came orchard towers at nite!!

    Good place w cheap drinks… the pubs and clubs been there for 20 over years..

    Whole classic experiences… dnt bring expensive item along

  193. Avatar photo
    Bhanu Rokkam

    I thot i will be lost in the towers … ha ha ha. Its a big place and i found some shops selling pretty amazing stuff for women. I shopped for some perfumes, wallets and stuff and they are very good. Will visit the place again if im back to singapore.

  194. Avatar photo
    Tanveer Ahmad Tarhana

  195. Avatar photo
    Ng Ng

    Nice lesson refreshing and our course! Thanks George for the guiding for making a interesting course.

  196. Avatar photo
    Hsbs Nsnd

    Lot of pubs here especially Filipinos pubs, thai pub , massage parlour operates on personal and decreet massage unisex and there are small coffee shops here selling cheap tea coffee and foods as well…good for night lives here…lot of local and foreigners here…

  197. Avatar photo
    lipo fipo

    A hotel in a convenient location.. rooms are very nice plus they have great selection of food from their buffet. Limited shops but has lots of entertainment.

  198. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ho

    Sleazy and quiet during the day..but comes alive during the night! Due to Covid restrictions most pubs and bars are closed. Nothing much to shop other a place to drink and wine and live band entertainment

  199. Avatar photo
    S.Bhupinder Singh Brar

    Used to be fabulous with all kind of good and bad(more). Bar hopping till late and then head to 7-11 for more booze.

  200. Avatar photo
    Shubham Sharma

    Good place for couple of drinks.. beware of ladies drinks of extremely expensive drink … if you have good Money to spend
    Must visit Payton in basement

  201. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Rees

    Good live music. Slightly expensive beer but not too bad for Orchard Road. We went on a Monday after the Grand Prix, so maybe was quieter than usual. Also our group was a woman and 3 men.

    We walked around the whole place and then had a beer in a country rock bar level 2, “naughty girls” level 2, and a club on level 4 that was advertised as Euro girls on pole. Apparently there’s a karaoke bar in the mall somewhere, which could be fun! Great live band on in Naughty Girl (which fyi had no naughty girls, just a load of women sat around watching the band). Country rock bar had a decent playlist. Club had ladies halfheartedly dancing with knee length dresses on, which was really a surprise!

    Interesting as a cultural experience to compare to similar venues given Singapore is such a strict country. Most notable difference to red light areas in other countries is the women are all clothed (i.e. literally dancing on the poles in knee length dresses) and don’t seem to really do much – they aren’t coming up to you soliciting like in other countries. In the bars they ignored us and some outside the massage parlours halfheartedly offered massage at $50 (I assume this is massage with a happy ending but no evidence of that!). I heard they earned commission off selling us drinks, so this surprised me. Potentially ignoring us because we weren’t an all male group.

    As with venues in other countries (Amsterdam etc), the women all looked miserable: no idea if mistreated, trafficked, or just the usual dead eyed world weariness of the industry.

  202. Avatar photo
    Adesanmi Oluwatobi

    Found some of their stuffs quite expensive and that’s saying something considering it’s is in Singapore, LOL! But it’s a great place to meet new people especially as a foreigner.

  203. Avatar photo

    Great place for a good laugh – you cannot beat the Country Jamboree bar for atmosphere and the food is good and reasonable too – many other good eating places for a snack between beers too. Be careful and ask how much for hostess drinks if buying for girls as they can be 4 or 5 times the price of a pint – Apinima and others good for dancing too 🙂 You cannot do Singapore and not do Orchard Towers ?? 🙂

  204. Avatar photo
    Lors T

    The left basement corner Nasi Padang shop is probably the best secret deals along $$orchard Rd..inexpensive,authentic and tasty. Don’t miss if u need to feed a clan.

  205. Avatar photo
    Sandaruwan Adhikari

    Many night clubs there

  206. Avatar photo
    Taimur Tusher

    Good party place in Singapore. You should go there at noon. Usually the pubs and massage parlor open at noon.

  207. Avatar photo
    mark holmes

    Fine place if you want a late drink. Beware lots of vomit on streets around from the few who couldn’t handle it. Beware of the hostess bars as your beer will be cheap but if you pay for a hostess drink it can be lots!!
    Kebab place across the road for a late bite!. The coffee place across the road is open all night and there is another food place around the back with outside seating.
    Please like if you found my review helpful thanks.

  208. Avatar photo
    Mark Tan Singapore

    Selling Buying or Renting Orchard Tower ,Please Call Mark Tan 9387 4786, Many unit on hand for Renting.

  209. Avatar photo
    Soubhagya Ranjan Sahu

    You can find here all type of message

  210. Avatar photo
    A G

    On the lower end of business enterprises. Good hard working people in a rough building

  211. Avatar photo
    Vicky.F Kheo

    The Thai food are authentic and great. However, so be careful when visiting at night.

  212. Avatar photo
    P.C. Soo

    A lot of youth, old men and foreigners coming here out of curiosity! It’s the Geylang of the East! You see a lot of women parading half naked to attract the opposite sex. Not a place for young children and decent men!

  213. Avatar photo
    Wilfred Wong

    day time i dont know lah but night time nothing to do try not to go there. drunk angmos and drunken fights there alot. beautiful women and sometimes not women also alot there.

  214. Avatar photo
    Sakil Mohammad Dipon

    Really good.Alltypes of bar and disco here.U can enjoy at night with wonderful songs and drink.

  215. Avatar photo
    Bryan Nguyen

    It’s good for some authentic Vietnamese food, besides that, it’s known for your bar and pub activities, so it might not be suitable places for family person

  216. Avatar photo
    baljinder sandhu

    if you want to night parties and want to going red light or clubs in singapore then this place is for you. i am not recommened for families, chield. it is good for bechlor or friends . so if you are night party lover then must visit place for singapore

  217. Avatar photo
    Nari Lulla

    There is a well patronised halal malay-cooking restaurant as you enter basement 1 run by chinese couple. Real nice flavoirs.

    Past a few massage and reflexology outlets is identical chinese cooking restaurant with dishes on display. Order same way.

    End of corridow is an Indian muslim famous restaurant with big variety of snacks and famed teh tarek and ginger tea. Alongside is a Indian muslim version of nasi padang and rojak salad.

    1st floor and second floor are full of discos, karaoke joints, sex shops, and tourist tailoring and shoes businesses.

    orchard towers has a residential block and an office block with lifts and separate entrances.

    At nite past 11 pm alongside the road are ladies of the night including gay guys in dresses popular with tourists and salors from US Navy servicemen in R&R.

    Sounds scary but police patrol the area intensively but not visibly so

  218. Avatar photo
    Wonder Media

    Night spot
    High supply of taxis and private hire vehicles

  219. Avatar photo
    Abram Bodgan

    This is a wonderful place to visit with your family and friends. I have been here this year they were so clean and polite. I had a great time here please visit this place guys

  220. Avatar photo
    Ben Hoeden

    Nothing day , lunch.would be best around town but parking is price .qt night towers trrnsforms to a a vibrent night that straches till the wee hrs of morning .not for the weak hearted .

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