Review Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy, 101 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore

Review Onsite Health Chiropractic  Physiotherapy - Singapore 101 Irrawaddy Road

“Highly recommend for this clinic. I’m getting better from the pain of office syndrome. Moreover, Chiropractic also help to improve my posture.” or “Doreen is very knowledgeable and meticulous during the therapy sessions I’ve had with OnSite before and after my knee surgery. Highly recommended.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy is quality.

Introduction about Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy

Here are some fundamental details regarding Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy. In terms of Chiropractor, it is generally believed that Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapyis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 101 Irrawaddy Road, Medical, Unit 13-08 Royal Square, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Chiropractor, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 82236258 (+65 82236258)
  • Website:
  • Address: 101 Irrawaddy Road, Medical, Unit 13-08 Royal Square, Singapore
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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy via:

Phone number

You can reach Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy at 82236258(+65 82236258). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 101 Irrawaddy Road, Medical, Unit 13-08 Royal Square, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy reviews

Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy is among the best destinations of Chiropractor in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Very good experiences with Onsite Health. The physiotherapy is very experienced to guide me on my rehab journey. The counter services is outstanding with very good coffee served.”

“Highly recommend for this clinic. I'm getting better from the pain of office syndrome. Moreover, Chiropractic also help to improve my posture.”

“Dr. Carolyn were incredibly helpful and corrected my rounded shoulder slumped posture. Didn't know I could move so easily after a few sessions with her. ”

“Doreen is very knowledgeable and meticulous during the therapy sessions I’ve had with OnSite before and after my knee surgery. Highly recommended.”

“good vibes 24/7, everyone is very encouraging and fun to be around slay! jennifer is very funny and encouraging, she gives good and constructive feedbacks during physio sessions”

“The chiro treatments were awesome. Jeff is so helpful and kind. He answer and guide me through out the time and get my posture better and my body relax. Thumbs up and recommended to everyone!”

“Repeat customer of the clinic. Wonderful service and therapists who would make you comfortable like home, especially Alicia & Vera! Definitely would recommend to family/friends. ”

“I’ve been seeing Alicia and Jennifer for quite some time for my knee issues. They’ve been amazing in releasing my muscles and now I can do quite a lot of exercises without the pain. Highly recommend them.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 192 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Onsite Health Chiropractic Physiotherapy, 101 Irrawaddy Road, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo
    Karlye Chan

    My sister recommended me to visit On-site Health after hearing me complain about my constant shoulder aches. My first chiro experience was really quite a life changing one. I literally felt the weight lifted off right after my first visit. Also appreciate that Dr Jeff always recommends easy exercises for me to work on at home to keep those joints moving better. Highly recommend this team of amazing practitioners who are genuine and caring towards their clients.

  2. Avatar photo
    Nurul Syafiqah Tan

    I see Shayne for my sports injury and she’s really nice and accommodating! The other staff at this clinic are really nice too!

  3. Avatar photo
    Charles Davies

    As a former professional golfer, I see Dr. Micaiah regularly to get my back soreness fixed up. I was lucky enough to meet him while on the Asian Golf Tour as he was selected to provide care for the players. He is incredibly knowledge when it comes to golf rehab and musculoskeletal injuries. Now as Strengthen and Conditioning Specialist I regularly refer him my clients with injuries as I know they are in great hands.

  4. Avatar photo
    Kamal & Eliyah Dollah-Osman

    Have gone to a few Chiros before this and stuck with this one since Dr Carolyn attended me. Highly recommended.

  5. Avatar photo
    Joshua Chia

    Really good session with Dr. Jeff, would highly recommend. That one adjustment made a world of a difference.

  6. Avatar photo
    Apple Barretto

    Dr. Jeff was very helpful with reducing my neck and shoulder pain. I had this problem for a very long time. He taught me more about my body and my health.. please go see him..

  7. Avatar photo
    Shao Hong Peh

    I recently had the pleasure of seeing Senior Physiotherapist Alicia for lower back pain that I had been experiencing for several weeks. Alicia was very professional and knowledgeable, and she quickly identified the cause of my pain and provided effective treatment.

    I highly recommend Alicia to anyone experiencing lower back pain. Alicia is a true expert in her field and she made me feel comfortable and cared for throughout the entire process. Thank you, Alicia, for your excellent care!

  8. Avatar photo
    Xiaojing Li

    The staff are so friendly and helpful! Great experience overall. All payment methods are simple and most importantly appointments are easy to book too!

  9. Avatar photo
    nitchakarn theingviboonwong

    Onsite is truly my life saver! My office syndrome has gotten much better after the physio and chiro sessions here. Everyone is very caring and friendly here!

  10. Avatar photo
    Don Tan

    Without a doubt Senior Physiotherapist (Doreen Ho) is one of the best Physiotherapist I had ever met. She is not only professional and skillful, she ensure that I receive the best treatment possible. I would like to personally commend Vera Ho for all the care and support that they had provided me. They ensure that all clients are treated with love and utmost care. It is greatly appreciated.

  11. Avatar photo
    Hillaria Juliana

    Been coming here the past couple months after my ankle surgery, I have been seeing Alicia and Jennifer and they are just AWESOME!
    They always try to cater specific to my problems, listens to my needs, and work together with me in the journey to recovery.
    I also have been communicating with Vera & Micaiah and everyone are so friendly.

    Not to mention how accomodating and generous everyone are. A little sad that I will be having my last session soon. Much love from me!

  12. Avatar photo
    Erin Kwak

    Dr. Jesse is such a miracle worker! I had a chronic neck issue for the longest time where I kept spraining it every 2 months or so. After trying everything from multiple physio to chiropractic sessions in other places, I went to see Dr. Jesse following recommendations from several close friends and he did not disappoint. He is such a skilled and attentive professional and the only person I would completely trust with my neck that would not move more than an inch to either side.

    I have seen such a drastic improvement to my neck mobility and stability after just a few sessions and have not had a sprain since. I’d highly recommend Dr. Jesse to everyone.

  13. Avatar photo
    Genin Jon

    Very good experiences with Onsite Health.
    The physiotherapy is very experienced to guide me on my rehab journey.
    The counter services is outstanding with very good coffee served.

  14. Avatar photo
    Kinsey Cotton

    Dr Micaiah is very generous with his time and has taken the most professional approach to solving the body issues that have held my golf game back that I’ve experienced.

  15. Avatar photo
    Shirlene Chen.ShiQi

    Thank you Dr Micaiah and his team for seeing me through my rehab and chronic issues. Dr Micaiah is very dedicated and genuine. He goes beyond to understand his patients very well. So thankful that my healing has made much progresses and that I can get back to my active lifestyle knowing that I have found a better way in managing my body pain and stresses.

  16. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Joyce

    Excellent care, service, and professionalism delivered with a great depth of knowledge that sees my whole family taken great care of

  17. Avatar photo
    Kok Choong Ng

    Alicia has helped me with my shoulder injury. Knowledgeable and fun to talk with. Highly recommended …

  18. Avatar photo
    Jong William

    Very professional and caring. Therapist Doreen is very knowledgeable in therapy for muscle strains and rehabilitation.

  19. Avatar photo
    Widhi Asmoro

    Recommended Chiropractic Clinic. Very thorough examination and friendly service. Plus, no additional charge.

  20. Avatar photo
    Keith Liew

    Very professional and skillful chiropractors. They are friendly and helpful. They even shared some tips how to use certain stretching exercise to practice at home to improve your posture or strengthen your body! Highly recommended if you have sports injuries, lower back pain…etc!

  21. Avatar photo
    En06 10

    I am attending weekly physiotherapy with Doreen for post-ops knee surgery. She has been extremely encouraging and on point with the right therapy for each session. Big shoutout to Vera for managing the appointments and helping with the door when I was still on crutches.

  22. Avatar photo
    Abdul Muiz

    I have been their patient for so long already.
    I have been a dedicated hard core yoga Pracitioner in the past 6 years, and switched to Cycling since the last 2 years.
    I have been for sure had so many sport injuries from Yoga, and recently from cycling. You name it from wrist injury, ankle, lower back pain, shoulder, hamstrings, neck, etc….

    I go to this clinic literally every week, don’t forget to look for Carolyn. She is the best!! She knows how to fix you!!
    After I see her, I will be ready for a long ride the next day.
    I will be her patient forever or until I quit exercising

  23. Avatar photo
    Tom Storch

    5 Stars for Carolyn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Thank you very much

  24. Avatar photo
    feimien ho

    Was introduced to Onsite Health by my cousin. My upper back pain is not troubling me now. …

  25. Avatar photo
    wee jet too

    Came in due to neck pain and I’m so much better now. No hard selling or pushy packages, they truly care about your condition and recovery. Definitely a pleasant visit and I strongly recommend Onsite Health!

  26. Avatar photo
    Philippe de la Cruz

    Superb service and very hospitable and warm staff. It was my first chiro experience so was a bit adamant to proceed but Dr Micaiah was awesome in explaining the procedures and making it a relaxing session. Good conversations every time we go back. 5 star service and we highly recommend!

  27. Avatar photo
    Adelyn Seow

    I have been visiting Carolyn for a few years now. Each time I visited her, she knows exactly where my tension points were and will work on them with various methods to ease the tension. She is very knowledgeable and skilful with the different treatment methods and I have complete trust in her recommendation.

  28. Avatar photo
    elena gonzalez

    Excellent physio care, customer services, location and easiness to book!

  29. Avatar photo
    Raelee C (Rae)

    I have been seeing Dr Micaiah Meuer since Feb 2016. I’m not an athlete and had mixed feelings about seeing Dr that works with professional golfers and athletes but I had been searching in Singapore for some time for a good chiropractor.

    I was seeking a chiropractor that saw the big picture, worked with different modalities and was willing to spend more than 15 minutes with you working on your injury. Furthermore I wanted a chiro that could explain things to me, reeducate me and provide exercises also.

    Micaiah is that guy! Funnily enough he reminded me that mothers are “urban athletes” we are always lifting or using our bodies in strange ways caring for the house and kids.

    Over the last four years I have popped in to Micaiah whenever I’ve injured myself my back, neck or hips for subluxation adjustments, dry needling, traction, ultrasound and strapping injuries.

    I feel like his goal is to get a greater range of movement by the end of the session and have a lot less pain. I can guarantee he achieves that and normally I only need a few sessions to feel 100 per cent improved.

    Dr Micaiah is warm and sociable, he will spend the time with you to work out your injuries and mobility problems and never rushes you out the door or pressures you to come back or buy some kind of package.

    I do think he is the best and hardest working chiro in Singapore at the moment and am so glad I found him.

  30. Avatar photo
    Aini Ramli

    Suffered back pain for awhile and was attended by Dr Jeff. He did a thorough assessment before advising on the treatment plan. My posture has improved and the adjustments has alleviated the pain. Highly recommended!

  31. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Ng

    Very professional and through. Did help to solve my backaches. Highly recommended!

  32. Avatar photo
    Vivek Singh

    Professional and trustworthy. I have had positive experience with Dr. Jeff at Onsite. His assessment and treatment techniques are great. What I like the most is that he educates while doing the treatment to help you take better care of yourself. Highly recommended.

  33. Avatar photo
    Dwiastuti C

    Know this place from my friend, and i really recommend
    Good service and easy booking process.
    And super friendly therapist. I did chiro therapy and handled by Dr. Carolyn.
    And if you’re using Cigna insurance, this place accept cashless transaction!! …

  34. Avatar photo
    Pauline Soh

    Great experience with this clinic. Everyone was highly professional and I had very detailed treatment. I came here after having a fall and hurting my back and leg. Thank you Vera for the help! Very enjoyable experience working with this team.

  35. Avatar photo
    Lim Janet

    I initially went to see Dr Carolyn for wrist sprain but she did some therapy too for my tense shoulder and after the stiff neck problem I suffered for many years just disappeared. Thanks for the great work!

  36. Avatar photo
    Huishi Teng

    My tension headache is getting better. Currently I’m trying PBM therapy as my wellness routine!

  37. Avatar photo
    Kyung Ae

    Onsite Health is the best! The adjustments and dry needling keep my 53 year old body cycling and swimming, even when I crash on my bike. Carolyn is especially attentive to my ongoing treatment needs and progress.

    The PBM treatments have provided many benefits with my youthful glow as the most obvious to my friends, even before I noticed. After multiple friends kept asking how my skin looks so good, I finally realized it was the PBM! Ask Carolyn and Micaiah for more details. They are both very knowledgeable and friendly!

  38. Avatar photo

    Nice and cosy place. Very clean and well maintained as well. Couldn’t have gotten a better physiotherapist than Doreen. Very knowledgeable and has a good listening ear. I always feel she has a six pack on her thumbs and fingers because her presses are strong and firm.

    Highly recommended!

  39. Avatar photo

    Jeff is a professional, I felt much better after his adjustments. Highly recommended.

  40. Avatar photo
    Demi Chumponvong

    Dr. Jesse is really good at what he does. I was having some migraines for a couple of days and haven’t been able to sleep well. After an adjustment from him, I was able to get a good night’s sleep and the tension on my neck has also been relieved. The whole experience has been really pleasant, I would highly recommend!

  41. Avatar photo
    Adrian Hui

    Excellent Chiropractic, Dr Jeff does the best job to relief my back pain from work. Highly Recommended.

  42. Avatar photo
    Richard Lee

    Went to see my buddy Micaiah
    Got some chiro done and dry needles on my shoulder and back and feel like a new person!
    Amazing job done!!!! Thanks

  43. Avatar photo
    J Heng

    If you are an aspiring athlete or leads an active lifestyle, Dr Micaiah is the best person to keep your body performing at the optimum level. He is very professional, knowledgeable and technically skilled. Very thankful to have met him…

  44. Avatar photo
    Pei Tze Lee

    Recommended by my Orthopaedic doctor after kneecap surgery. The staff and physio therapist here are very helpful and friendly especially during my visit walking with crutch. Therapist Doreen and Shayne are very experienced in helping me to rehab, relieve pain and stiffness. Coordinator Vera is very helpful, responsive regarding my inquiry and appointment. I will strongly recommend who need a professional physio therapy and exercise guidance to come here.

  45. Avatar photo
    Sam eerudeen

    Expressing gratitude is key. An abundance of gratitude is all I have for Onsite Health. From the moment you walk in. Your spirits will be uplifted by a big smile & the warmest welcome from Vera.
    Alica the senior physiotherapist would personalise patient care not only on your needs but will program treatment & address concerns for a wholesome recovery. You will definitely be leaving the clinic feeling healed, cared for and stronger for sure.
    Committed to outstanding customer service, offering a myriad of treatment options to best suite you. I don’t see why OnSite Health & it’s staff would not be my number #1 choice.
    My only regret is I did not find them any sooner. Thank you for a better & more resilient version of myself

  46. Avatar photo
    Elaine Ho

    Great service and great chiro. Dr Jesse is very professional and has helped me manage my pain in my pregnant stage !

  47. Avatar photo
    Sheena Ang

    Doreen is patient and knowledgeable and I know I’m in good hands. I am always welcome by the sweetest smile from Vera who never fail to brighten the day. They have great coffee beans selection; a treat after my session !

  48. Avatar photo
    Joro Cruz

    Dr Micaiah has helped me lot with both specific injuries and general recovery. He takes the time to assess my condition, and he focuses on the things that matter — not just for immediate back-to-performance, but also longevity. On top of the treatment, the atmosphere from everyone at Onsite is so warm and welcoming. I always look forward to my next visit!

  49. Avatar photo
    Shondelle Sichter

    Dr Carolyn is amazing. I have been adjusted by many Chiropractors and she is highly skilled. My neck seized up and I couldn’t move without pain a few months ago and Dr Carolyn went out of her way to help and fit me into her very busy schedule multiple times because I needed it. The whole experience made me so grateful for a practitioner that truly cares about her patients. The whole team are super friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend!

  50. Avatar photo
    Kate Dimadura

    Best healing clinic i have been in Singapore. Everyone is nice, friendly and professional. They ask you what areas you’d like them to focus on. They make you feel very comfortable. They provide free coffee and chocolate. They even take care of my helper while waiting for us. I pray that they will expand their business and have more professionals liken them! Kudos to Micaiah, Carolyn, Alicia and Vera! Best team ever!

  51. Avatar photo
    Chen Dong Jun

    Physiotherapist Doreen Ho is very patient, friendly and helpful. I am very glad that my first ever physiotherapy experience was carried out by her as she was quick to make small talk at the start to make me feel more comfortable. Also, her continued encouragements helped me press on during more strenuous part of the physiotherapy and allowed me to achieve better results. Will surely recommend others to go there.

  52. Avatar photo
    Anj Liu

    I’ve been going to Onsite Health for a few years now. Service is always excellent. Vera is very helpful in scheduling / rescheduling appointments and reminding of upcoming appointments. Chiro Jeff and Micaiah are able to address the problems and I am able to leave feeling better. They are also patient in explaining when I have some questions. Highly recommended.

  53. Avatar photo
    Tan Yee Ting

    The physiotherapists / receptionist are highly professional and ensure that you are well taken care of each session, both in terms of body recovery as well as other aspects like personalised barista service! Ambience is top-notch and clinic is well-equipped too. Highly recommended!

  54. Avatar photo
    Emily Van Bridger

    Great experience, I had never been to a chiropractor before but was referred by my MD. Dr Carolyn made me feel very comfortable. When I first went in I was in a lot of pain and could barely move. After a couple weeks of customised treatment by Dr Carolyn, my back feels amazing and I am able to get back to the gym.

  55. Avatar photo
    zenia teo

    I had a stiff arm and neck.
    Dr Jeff is friendly and professional.
    He help me to release the pain of my arm and neck.
    I am very happy with the treatment.

  56. Avatar photo
    Emmeline Koh

    The physiotherapist, Doreen is very professional and always very accommodating to my work schedule. Doreen is very experience and shares a lot on how I could ease the back pains that I have suffered after an accident. After the sessions, I always felt much better. The staff also provides excellent services from helping me to schedule my appointments to helping with the set up of equipment for treatment. Excellent service!

  57. Avatar photo
    yang ling chang

    Gd service, friendly ppl and excellent therapist

  58. Avatar photo
    Mei Ying Ho

    5 stars to Dr Carolyn! Been seeing her for back pains and always feel great after the treatments. She’s patient, attentive and experienced. Nice and comfortable environment at the clinic as well. …

  59. Avatar photo
    Praveen Lingamneni

    Excellent knowledge of the skeletal structure and really helped me get my back in order.
    Highly recommended.

  60. Avatar photo
    Robert Sanders

    Dr. Angelica cured me of my recalcitrant low back pain! She is a magic worker! The combination of adjustments and dry needling has really helped me to remain active and healthy! Highly recommended for low back pain from today’s world in which we sit all the time!

  61. Avatar photo
    kiong siu ing

    Carolyn is very good in resolving my pain issues and she did very good adjustment for my neck and back. Always happy to be treated by her

  62. Avatar photo
    Samantha Wong

    Dr Jeff & his team are very professional and friendly! Definitely in good hands with them. Highly recommended …

  63. Avatar photo
    Sarah Lau

    Dr Carolyn has been my go to Chiro for more than a year; she knows exactly what my body needs to push hard at the gym. Would recommend.

  64. Avatar photo
    Kris Heslop

    Help me with a knee problem and a torn abductor muscle

  65. Avatar photo
    Emma Middleditch

    Great physiotherapy in a nice location with kind and trustworthy staff. They keep it professional but always with a good atmosphere and attitude!

  66. Avatar photo
    Dr. Hopeful

    Dr Carolyn is the BEST!!! I’ve seen her multiple times during my pregnancies and she has magic hands when it comes to helping me have a smoother journey! Oh and a breezy labor!

  67. Avatar photo
    Lavender Yoo

    Chiro is great. Micaiah

  68. Avatar photo
    Sam Razon

    I love On-site Health! It’s now part of my weekend routine. My body pains, posture, and over health agad significantly improved with consistent sessions! The big plus is the Chiro – Dr. Micaiah Meuer who practically doubles as a therapist and BFF! Great people, super neat clinic, and overall such professional service! 5/5!

  69. Avatar photo
    Raphael Chong

    I have been coming with my kids to see Carolyn.
    She is very knowledgable and able to treat issues for kids and adults.
    She also uses a variety of treatments (adjustments, dry needling, shockwave, etc) – which I think helps in addressing the issues.

    Highly recommended.

  70. Avatar photo
    Lai Rachel

    Good service, Vera is very helpful and friendly, their team is professional and really care about my recovery. Recommended

  71. Avatar photo
    Jason Loh

    It was an amazing and therapeutic experience at Onsite. Dr Micaiah was excellent and I have been seeing him regularly for more than 2 years. He never oversells (as compared to how other practice elsewhere always hard sells you to sign some package) and provides everything you need for great spinal health and posture. 10/10 will recommend!

  72. Avatar photo
    Linda Low

    I have been going to Hello Physio Chiro for almost a year now – had tightness on my thumb and was really handicapped for a while not able to perform my regular activities. I’m grateful for Jeff and Micaiah who has been treating the tightness of my thumb. Both were knowledgable, really easy to talk to and helped me understand the problem better with the muscle anatomy. Once i got my thumb back in shape – I continued with my regular sessions with Jeff to work on areas that is tight.

    I highly recommend Hello Physio as the therapists are professional, friendly and obviously good at their trade.

  73. Avatar photo
    Kay Wong

    I had a pleasant experience here in Onsitehealth with Dr Carolyn. Genuine and friendly treatment. Thank you for putting a slot for me on the same day because only you guys acknowledge my desperate request (horrible neck pain that want to get fixed ASAP).

  74. Avatar photo
    Phoenix Eyles

    Came in with a sprained ankle and the help was great feeling much better now.

  75. Avatar photo

    I’ve been seeing Alicia and Jennifer for quite some time for my knee issues. They’ve been amazing in releasing my muscles and now I can do quite a lot of exercises without the pain. Highly recommend them.

  76. Avatar photo
    Chalermphop Assawasumrit

    Highly recommend for this clinic. I’m getting better from the pain of office syndrome. Moreover, Chiropractic also help to improve my posture.

  77. Avatar photo
    Huey Shy Chau

    Dr Jeff Cheung has been helping me dealing with various issues over two years (chronic shoulder pain, lower back pain during pregnancy, post partum shoulder and back pain).

    Shoulder pain: I had shoulder pains for 10 years, which gradually got worse, to the extend that I would use painkiller patches whenever I had to sit for a long time. I never knew that Chiropractic could help me relief the pain. Dr Jeff has taught me how to better take care and prevent the pain from coming back.

    Pregnancy and postpartum back pain: After gaining lots of weight I dealt with back pain during after pregnancy. Dr Jeff helped alleviating the pain with gentle treatment.

    I appreciate that he always explains very well what the issues are and provides lengthy advise on prevention.

    I also used to tense up for adjustments (still do sometimes) because of past experience with tcm practicioners adjusting my neck in rough ways. Dr Jeff is extremely gentle and skilled, which allowed me to build more trust, so now I manage to relax a lot more during treatment.

  78. Avatar photo
    Shank A

    Dr Micaiah has been excellent in resolving my initial stiff neck issue as well as the follow on sports maintenance for my ‘tennis elbow’. It’s always a joy having my chiropractic sessions at onsite and I love the way the entire facility and staff are extremely polite and friendly! I have been seeing him regularly since October 2021. Micaiah is extremely detail orienteer and provides clear explanation on to my issues, the procedures l as well as the after care requirements to ensure full recovery. Would definitely recommend him and his team at Onsite Health!

  79. Avatar photo

    Great physio and friendly staff.

  80. Avatar photo
    Yuping Goh

    Repeat customer of the clinic. Wonderful service and therapists who would make you comfortable like home, especially Alicia & Vera! Definitely would recommend to family/friends.

  81. Avatar photo
    Neo Kester

    Great first experience with a chiropractor with Dr. Micaiah. First session had immediate effect and Dr. Micaiah was very professional and knowledgeable.

  82. Avatar photo
    Matt Weeks

    Great staff, fun and friendly that helped to motivate and work with me to recover quicker. Sincerely appreciated the individual care and how the team sought to understand the sport and correct and build strength in the relevant muscle groups.

  83. Avatar photo
    Jean Lee

    I really enjoyed my sessions with Dr. Carolyn. She is very approachable and welcoming and that really put me at ease. She’s also very knowledgeable and patient to all my physical issues from neck/shoulder to lower back pain especially after two years of working from home. This is my go to place now!

  84. Avatar photo
    Viknesh Waran

    Very professional and excellent sessions with Dr Micaiah! Highly recommended!

  85. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Wong

    Excellent and professional personnel, services and equipment. Jen Su in particular is knowledgeable, comprehensive, and keeps patients engaged through various exercises.

  86. Avatar photo
    Chen Dong Jun

    Physiotherapist Doreen Ho is very patient, friendly and helpful. I am very glad that my first ever physiotherapy experience was carried out by her as she was quick to make small talk at the start to make me feel more comfortable. Also, her …

  87. Avatar photo
    Leslie Lee

    Doreen has been a very caring and meticulous therapist. Vera was also very friendly and helpful in managing the bookings.

  88. Avatar photo
    Ray Pine

    Excellent experience from booking to the actual sessions.

  89. Avatar photo
    Gladys Lim

    Very friendly and warm, they are know what to do to ease my pain.

  90. Avatar photo
    Juhee Lim

    I had a pain from my shoulder to my back because I had a bad posture while working in the office. I highly recommend Mr. Jeff!

    My back and shoulder feel much better. Thanks to Dr. Jeff

  91. Avatar photo
    jury gregorio

    Carolyne always go out of her way to find the source of my physio problem. She puts a lot of effort in finding a long-term solution to it, not just a palliative one.

  92. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Ke

    This is the ONLY go to Chiro’s place for me! Sharing a little background about my long history of pain, I suffered from back pain for at least 6 years, been to numerous Chinese physician, doctors, and a couple of chiropractors but the problem still exists! To make matter worst, I’m working with preschoolers and I have to bend over or carry kids often! It was until I chanced upon On-site Health & met Dr Carolyn 2 years ago. I still remembered that after the first session, my condition improved drastically. I was advised to come for twice a week, which eventually dropped to once a week after 3-4 months and then once every fortnight. Since February 2020, I’m only going ad hoc when I’m experiencing discomfort. I would like to reiterate how much I have improved and how I was able to enjoy some quality of life, being painless now! So I’m definitely giving them all the stars that I can and strongly recommending them to others!

  93. Avatar photo
    Vincent Cher

    Dr Jeff always managed to sort out my pain and very detailed follow up

  94. Avatar photo
    Sue Marsh

    I highly recommend Shayne for any massage therapy needs. Shayne’s treatments have aided my recovery from injury and ensure I can keep getting back out on the tennis court.

  95. Avatar photo
    Esther Lim

    Carolyn is awesome ..patient .. listen intently and knows exactly how to treat your concerns.. highly skilled and experienced ..

  96. Avatar photo
    Jovern Oh

    Good service by Vera and my physio Alicia

  97. Avatar photo
    Tedd Toh

    I have been going to Alicia at Onsite for more than a year now and she has consistently been able to ensure my body is able to function at my very best. Alicia doesn’t only do a great job when I visit her, she truly cares about her patients and ensure that I do the right exercises and stretches consistently. It has been a joy working with Alicia over the years, and without her I wouldn’t be able to overcome the many injuries I had and be able to achieve the such results on the track.

  98. Avatar photo
    Edward Kong

    Dr.Jeff has helped me recover after a painful and long-time sports injury, he’s very knowledgeable in the space and highly recommended!

  99. Avatar photo
    Ace & Christy Yip

    As an avid runner photographer and I’ve been receiving my Physiotherapy sessions from my excellent Physiotherapist Ms. Alicia for sometime. She is very attentive as she will listen to my problems and issues area followed by her assessment check before recommending the types of target treatments such as Shockwave, Dry Needling or Sports Massage which help me a lot.

  100. Avatar photo
    Nicole Tan

    Alicia Ang has been a great help in my performance and recovery. Seeing her has helped me manage my rigorous trainings and back to back competition schedules. Since getting treatment from her, I have been able to peak in performance at the right time to medal at international competitions as a national athlete. I highly recommend all athletes to see her for recovery as well as performance related strengthening for whichever sport you are in!

  101. Avatar photo
    Sally Lean

    The Onsite Health team are all very professional but also very approachable and friendly. I usually see Dr O’Meara and deeply appreciate her gentle, wholistic approach to health in general as well as injuries and chronic problems. A welcome change from chiropractors I have experienced in the past. Thank you Dr O’Meara & the Onsite Health team, pain-free life is such a blessing!

  102. Avatar photo

    Carolyn is very friendly and been a great chiropractor and fixed my neck and back pain. Always helpful and happy to have her to reset my posture.

  103. Avatar photo
    YiTing Fu

    Jeff is amazing!

  104. Avatar photo
    Gurpal G

    Carolyn started treating me 3 years back then consulted with Micaiah and Jeff. A great team of chiropractors and thanks for their help to keep me in good spinal health. Highly recommended

  105. Avatar photo
    Joslin Wong

    Have been experiencing pain in my lower back for ages. Decided to seek help and trusted myself with the team after knowing how dedicated they are towards their patients. Great care and advice provided by Dr. Carolyn O’Meara. (: Strongly recommend!

  106. Avatar photo
    Angelo Lam

    Onsite health is not just your traditional chiropractor that will just crack your bone and finish the session. They use different methodologies/equipments to treat my back pain. Dr. Mic is incredible in explaining what causes the pain and recommend lifestyle changes that I needed to do to prevent the pain from coming back. Services aside, Onsite health is very hospitable and really makes you feel at home. They treat you with coffee/tea, chocolates, gave mandarin oranges for CNY, champagne for my birthday. This is definitely a 7-star establishment! Highly recommended!

  107. Avatar photo

    Very kind and professional service, my mom recovered much better after physiotherapy here.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jae Won Yoo

    Carolyn is always very helpful, especially with understanding of clients condition and offering “customized treatment” rather than just “cracking your bone”.
    When she introduced dry needling treatment, I was like “wow”. But when she was introducing “shock wave treatment, I was like “ wo~~~~w”. She Always looks for better solutions for the client’s needs. Top of that, Very Kind, very efficient. I am very grateful for her high standard of care and professionalism. I wish I could have more than an hour session every time I see her . Highly, really~highly recommend.

  109. Avatar photo
    A.J. S.

    Have been going to Dr. Jeff for about a year now, he’s a great and patient practitioner, always explains how to take care our postures, highly recommended.

  110. Avatar photo
    Jay Jang (말레이녀석들)

    Dr. Mac is so friendly and professional. Every time I have satisfied his experienced treatment. Highly recommend!!!

  111. Avatar photo
    Valentina Reynaud

    I have been a patient of Dr. Jeff at Onsite Health for a while now, I trust him among several other chiros I have tried. Dr Jeff is always polite, professional and makes sure to explain what treatment you’re about to get. His assessment is thorough and I am always feeling better after visiting him. Highly recommended!

  112. Avatar photo
    Chen Yudan

    I’ve been visiting DR Micaiah for the past year or so for my shoulder blade issue and it has been making progress every time I visit him. Now, I just visit him for maintenance every now and then whenever I feel any ache on other parts of my body. DR Micaiah is easy to talk to and super friendly!

  113. Avatar photo
    Cho Minn Thant

    The doctors are highly knowledgable and great at throughly explaining the cause and effect of my injuries, explaining treatment required and also recommending preventative measures. Friendly and engaging with a good range of technology to help the treatment of soft tissue sports injuries and recovery. Dry needling was precise with immediate relief. Highly recommended for anyone who has muscle tightness due to athletic activity or repetitive strain.

  114. Avatar photo
    Karen Wong Chayavirabood

    Great experience with my therapist – she knows exactly how to treat me, great technique & precision!

  115. Avatar photo
    Kurniadih Sutanto

    Onsite is definitely the best chiropractic in Singapore! Jeff and Carolyn are amazing chiropractor who has helped my back, neck, shoulder, and hip problem. They are very friendly, professional, and very attentive to all of my issue.
    I’m regular with them for sometime and highly recommending their skillset. …

  116. Avatar photo
    Diana Lim

    I came to see Dr Carolyn for adjustment due to lower back and frozen shoulder. Dr Carolyn is amazing and skilful, she builds great rapport with client, I really enjoy my every session visit feeling relieved and lighter. I’m very grateful to have a practitioner whom truly cares about her patients. Kudos to the on-site whole team for the super friendly and welcoming ambience. Highly recommend to get your chiro treatment!

  117. Avatar photo
    Kavita Sonapal Kaur

    I was recommended by a friend and I’ve been visiting Doreen for a year. My physiotherapy sessions with her for my pre and post operation has been very effective for my knee recovery. I was in a lot of pain last year, however sessions with her allowed me to run, exercise & continue my daily activities pain free! I highly recommend them for their friendliness, profession and effective recovery methods. Most importantly a very patient-centric experience till today.

  118. Avatar photo
    Shawn Chang

    I injured my knee during a football match 2 years ago. Thanks for the thorough treatment and I’m able to get back on the field.

  119. Avatar photo
    Vita Yuliana

    I’m very satisfied with the service of Onsite.
    Enjoy the treatment of Dr. Carolyn Omeara.
    Also the place very strategic, accessible and close to mall

  120. Avatar photo
    Left Turn

    Good experience with Dr Jeff. He is very patient, easygoing and knows what he does. Definitely recommend him.

  121. Avatar photo
    Jasmin Phua

    Went to physiotherapist Xin Ning for an assortment of issues after years of athletics and weightlifting. I felt fully assured by Xin Ning, having been an athlete herself.
    She gives realistic expectations and management strategies for my injuries, making my recovery feasible despite the busy schedule!

  122. Avatar photo
    Alina Ruth

    I’ve been seeing Jeff for more than 3 years and he’s seen me through all my fitness phases and picking up various sports. He’s helped me through correction, injuries and overall maintenance for my performance. Feels like there’s nothing he can’t fix! Every visit is like a visit to a friend, with a bonus of a brand new body. Highly recommended!

  123. Avatar photo
    Susan Tay

    Jeff Cheung is very attentive and listens to what the patient feedback. He has always new ideas to help the different conditions presented to him. I will exchange TCM ideas with him as well. I always feel better after his sessions. Also there is small talks so it makes you feel that you are enjoying the sessions with a friend rather than feeling that you are going for a medical treatment. Keep up the great job!

  124. Avatar photo
    Marc Hong Rui Tan

    Great team, Carolyn was amazing for my back pain and neck ache. The needling techniques are life changing. Highly recommend.

  125. Avatar photo
    Mummy Rainie 蕾妮妈咪

    Feel great after the session! Good service! Highly recommended!

  126. Avatar photo
    Adam Switzer

    Dr Mac is a great chiro and knows what you need for sport. Helped me enormously. Great experience. Highly recommended.

  127. Avatar photo
    Shawn Lee

    My chiro (Mic) is very professional and friendly . Very indepth explanations to what he is doing and advising me to be working on (daily at home).

    Never had these experiences elsewhere .


  128. Avatar photo
    Kuanyi Twang

    Was experiencing a lot of muscle stiffness and tightness. Dr. Jeff helped me sort out some issues almost immediately, explaining all the issues in a very easy-to-understand way as he performed the therapy. His explanations helped me learn not to make the same posture or training mistakes. He also showed me a lot of helpful exercises to relieve the tension long term. 6 months later and I’m in much better shape!

  129. Avatar photo

    I had an ACL injury for the first time and was struggling to get back some normalcy in the simplest routines in life.

    Since coming to On-site, i have regained more confidence and began understanding more on the other factors affecting my mobility.

    I appreciate the holistic help and knowledge gained with Doreen as she has been generous in sharing her tips for recovery and it’s always an enjoyable session in learning. When it comes to exercises, she was able to recommend effective workouts and encourage me to push on to get better. With her patience, kindness and sincerity of help given, the road to recovery is much easier

    Also a shoutout to the rest of the friendly staff like Shane (excellent tips on sports though i’m not there yet) and to Vera for her help on scheduling appointments!

  130. Avatar photo
    Katrina Barrera - de la Cruz

    I am currently training for a marathon and I have been having problems with my legs especially on my shins. Dr. Carolyn has been helping me get ready for this scary yet exciting milestone and I am grateful that I truly found someone who is personally invested to help me maintain and keep me in my best shape. I always look forward to the next session not only because I feel awesome after the session but also because she makes it a pleasant visit – always striking a good conversation, going beyond just doing session by really building rapport with clients. I highly recommend Onsite Health!

  131. Avatar photo
    Zhiyang Liu

    Dr Jeff is very experienced and helped treat my mom and I. He educated us on what was the underlying problem before doing the adjustment and it helped relieve my mom of some pain in her neck.

  132. Avatar photo
    Michael Cantelon

    Dr. Micaiah is professional, highly knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients and their health. His treatments are cutting-edge and have been instrumental in keeping me moving well and pain-free.

  133. Avatar photo
    Eric C

    Good facility with friendly and professional doctors and staff! I’ve been getting my sessions done with Dr. Micaiah and once with Dr. Carolyn and since then my lower back pain has been a lot less. Vera has been helpful with all the scheduling as well. Highly recommended!

  134. Avatar photo
    Wade Edwards

    After 3.5 weeks of seeing Dr. Carolyn, I can honestly say she has fixed a problem with my neck that I never thought would be fixed. I have been to a physio, another chiropractor, and a massage therapist over the years. I decided to try out Onsite Health clinic to help with some sharp pain and headaches that I couldn’t ignore. Dr. Carolyn was able to alleviate both of those problems, while also giving me full mobility back into my neck which I didn’t expect would ever happen.

  135. Avatar photo
    Qiu Zhongyao

    I ve been getting treatment since few years ago. I m absolutely loving the service and its concept to make my body healthier and energetic.
    Five stars without doubts and recommend everyone especially working adults to check in!!

  136. Avatar photo
    linh chu

    Dr Carolyn healed my sprained ankle. Always good service and attentive attitude.

  137. Avatar photo

    Extremely professional. Thanks for treating me and would recommend to all my friends and family.

  138. Avatar photo
    Srikant Kadambi

    The person helping organise appointments at Onsite health (Vera) is very empathetic. She takes the effort to understand the requirement/urgency of the situation and definitely helps. The physio’s and the Chiropractor at onsite health really work their magic. They are very friendly, take the effort to understand & most times get me back to100% within a couple of sessions- from my sports injuries. Just fantastic…

  139. Avatar photo
    Sarah Tan

    I have been going to Doreen for the past three months since post ACL reconstruction surgery. Doreen is very experienced and is able to understand any pains I am experiencing and always gives solutions that are useful in helping to overcome them. She is also very friendly, patient and pushes patients to achieve the best they can while ensuring the process is as pain free as possible. Three months post surgery, I am able to climb stairs and jog on the treadmill. Vera is also very friendly and accommodating, she gets back very quickly and is efficient in planning schedules which best suit the patients needs. Thank you!!! 🙂

  140. Avatar photo
    Alston Loh

    Nice , friendly n skillful practitioner. Will visit again.

  141. Avatar photo
    Kristian Oberekar

    Super professional and friendly service.. really natural interactions with plenty of solid information throughout the experience. Do yourselves a favour and check it out.

  142. Avatar photo

    Always a great experience to be at Onsite Health. The whole team is so professional, dedicated and they really care about their patients.

  143. Avatar photo
    Allen Chan

    Highly recommended! Dr Jeff was very helpful and professional in helping me address my back issue and was very patient with his explanations. Will come again.

  144. Avatar photo
    J Tay

    Been to the clinic for a few sessions for aching shoulders. Very happy with the treatments and the services.

  145. Avatar photo
    Xavier Aw

    I’ve had constant soreness in my shoulders & lower back back from years of office work & Jiu Jitsu but seeing Angelica and Micaiah has greatly helped me through it. Furthermore, currently I’m working from home without the proper ergonomic chair and tables has lead to tighter shoulders and each visits definitely helps in managing it. Besides the treatment in the clinic, I am also given some stretches that I can do on my own to help alleviate the tightness of the muscles.
    Both Angelica and Micaiah are great as they would find out about where there is any issues, figure out what might be causing it as sometimes the pain might be caused by some other muscles and then working on the issues. I would always say magic fingers as they would be able to figure out where it hurts the most.

  146. Avatar photo
    Tin Onn Lee

    Doreen is very knowledgeable and meticulous during the therapy sessions I’ve had with OnSite before and after my knee surgery. Highly recommended.

  147. Avatar photo
    Alisa Chopard

    Very good and efficient service, with knowledgeable and expert chiropractors! I was having some trouble with exerted muscles for a couple of days, and I visited Jesse, who fixed it in a hour. Highly recommended!

  148. Avatar photo
    Lau Tiong Wee

    Thanks Alicia for being my Therapist.

  149. Avatar photo
    Gerald Toh

    Dr Jeff is very professional and knowledgeable especially in treating sports injuries. Fixed many of my problematic injuries previously. Highly recommended!

  150. Avatar photo
    Audrey Chang

    I’ve had back pain from carrying my young toddler around and I am so glad to have been treated by Senior Physiotherapist Alicia, who treated my back pain with dry needling!
    Alicia is very professional, knowledgeable and just wonderful! She also corrected my standing posture which I had not known if not for her! My back pain was much relieved after the session, I highly recommend Onsite Health and Alicia. Thank you so much!

  151. Avatar photo
    naaila francis

    Professional service every time. Dr Micaiah is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and always finds the problems to fix.
    I would highly recommend Onsite Health.

  152. Avatar photo
    Phoebe LePunk

    Fantastic. A lifesaver at reasonable pricing. I have been adjusted by several practitioners. While they are trained professionals( I believe), the service tends to orientated around sales. I felt compelled to purchase packages of adjustments and was even advised that I required 3-4 adjustments a week.

    Onsite is different, i felt they really care about my well-being. A big shout-out to Dr Caroline, for her service and knowledge. I’m not 1 to brag but after each session, I felt I’m good for another round of bjj or grappling.

  153. Avatar photo
    Yusman Sugianto

    Had a few theraphy sessions with Doreen, based on Doctor’s recommendations for a knee injury. Very nice and helpful . Gave me more tips on how to handle my aged body, not only the knee issue. Enjoyed all the sessions with her. …

  154. Avatar photo
    Aloha Uy

    I have been seeing Carolyn and Micaiah for a few years now. I love these two. I usually experience pain after doing some strenuous activities. But now with working from home, I rarely move around and due to lack of exercise I think my body has become weaker. Carolyn and Micaiah as the best chiropractors in town have always provided me the fix my body needs. I recommend for you all to visit them! Satisfaction guaranteed!

  155. Avatar photo
    Guolin Chau

    Dr. Jeff Cheung is very competent, highly professional and absolutely recommendable!
    Getting readjustments here every now and then. Often due to work related stress blockage or stress relief.

  156. Avatar photo
    Molly Tarbett

    Caroline is amazing – she has helped me so much! I would recommend her to anyone of my friends! Thank you …

  157. Avatar photo
    Phoebe Choo

    Great place for physiotherapy that always makes me feel at home! Alicia is highly experienced and goes the extra mile, I’m so glad to have been recommended to her. Thanks Vera and team too for being so kind and friendly all the time! Really appreciate the excellent service and efficiency.

  158. Avatar photo
    Desiree Hilario

    Big part of my recovery and health journey! I recommended to my friends who suffer from back pains from sitting all day and they are all regulars now!

  159. Avatar photo
    Shao Hong Peh

    I recently had the pleasure of seeing Senior Physiotherapist Alicia for lower back pain that I had been experiencing for several weeks. Alicia was very professional and knowledgeable, and she quickly identified the cause of my pain and …

  160. Avatar photo
    Ivan Yturzaeta

    Great professional service. Everyone on the team has been incredible specially Micaiah who has been very informative and knowledgable.

  161. Avatar photo
    Ha Linh Nguyen

    Dr. Carolyn were incredibly helpful and corrected my rounded shoulder slumped posture. Didn’t know I could move so easily after a few sessions with her. 😀

  162. Avatar photo
    Nicole Vanduzer

    I have been very active my whole life and experience low back pain from time to time. Recently, I went trekking in Nepal and started to experience extreme low back pain. With two months left of my travels I couldn’t let the pain hold me back from having more great experiences, so when I got to Singapore I went to see Dr. Angelica. She did a wonderful job and gave me so much relief from my low back pain. Her chiropractic treatment along with some soft tissue work resolved my pain! She is an excellent, result oriented chiropractor that got to the root of my problem and now I’m pain free to enjoy the rest of my travels!

  163. Avatar photo
    Maynard Wong

    Dr. Jesse has been amazing at adjustments. I was having some tight hip flexors and a strained toe after an injury. Medication didn’t help much other than dull the pain.

    After just one adjustment with Dr. Jesse, I feel brand new again. Movement became easier and the strained toe wasn’t in pain anymore.

    Couldn’t thank you guys enough!!

  164. Avatar photo
    Maria Carolyn

    I am 64 and I love to walk. However in Dec ‘21 to my utter dismay an MRI showed a torn meniscus, broken cartilage etc in my knee. I was not able to walk after 10 mins without much pain and my leg had become stiff as a board, my calf huge. I had to dose myself with Panadol daily. I had dragged this issue for a year unfortunately before getting it attended to. My ortho doc referred me to Doreen. So very thankful he did cos she is absolutely amazing! After just 2 sessions with her and doing my daily stretching my calf muscles loosened up!! She just knows exactly where the root of the problem lies and exactly what to do! I believe she is gifted. In just 4 mths I am now able to walk round my estate pain free!! Thank you Doreen!!

  165. Avatar photo
    Wai Liong Wong

    I have ankylosing spondylitis and I always had been advised against major adjustments for fear of aggravating my condition. However I felt that I needed some alternative treatments to get out of popping pills everyday to combat chronic pain.

    Dr Jesse was able to assure me that the adjustments would take all of my conditions into account, and I have had no issues so far. Between the adjustments and a more active lifestyle I’ve been able to transition away from painkillers, taking them only during flare ups.

  166. Avatar photo
    Margareta Clara Damsi

    I have been a client of Dr Micaiah’s for years. He always manages to find what is wrong and fix it quickly. He has helped me with chronic neck and back pain when other therapists were not able too. I also really appreciate that I am not asked to buy packages and there are no pressure sales, like most of the clinic does pressure to buy this and that for they are own benefit

  167. Avatar photo
    Hieu Nguyen

    Located near Novena MRT, you might get confused at first visit because they are sharing office with other company. My wife and I really enjoy the professional service provided by Dr. Micaiah. We would recommend to anyone who want to have a special treatment i.e. shockwave which reliably makes tendon to your bone.

  168. Avatar photo
    Calvin Eu

    Dr Micaiah is just so awesome! I had terrible back ache on my left back shoulder area. I went to see a TCM, not only did the problem not solve, the TCM injure my right area and I’ve been hurting for days. I came across Dr Micaiah and he analyse for back and explain my issues really well to me. He did physio, chiro and acupuncture on me and surprisingly I felt totally alright by the next day. But that’s not just it, I use to always have back ache, tight shoulder and stiff neck whenever I wake up. Now I just feel so alright everyday! Totally recommend to pay him a visit!

  169. Avatar photo
    Rio Low

    My therapist is Knowledgeable. Her name is Dreen. My shoulder is getting better and better. Thank you very much.

  170. Avatar photo
    xue lu

    Carolyn, she the best! Great adjustment, feel released after the treatment

  171. Avatar photo
    David Tan

    All staff here are very friendly and helpful, feel like home! My physiotherapist Alicia is very knowledgeable. Feels like coming everyday Thank you fir the cappuccino! Strongly recommend Onsite Health! …

  172. Avatar photo
    Pei Tze Lee

    Recommended by my Orthopaedic doctor after kneecap surgery. The staff and physio therapist here are very helpful and friendly especially during my visit walking with crutch. Therapist Doreen and Shayne are very experienced in helping me to rehab, relieve pain and stiffness. Coordinator Vera is very helpful, responsive regarding my inquiry and appointment. I will strongly recommend who need a professional physio therapy and exercise guidance to come here.

  173. Avatar photo
    Viet Dung Nguyen

    Micaiah is my man. He’s a very professional chiropractor that helped me through my injuries

  174. Avatar photo
    Felicia Teo

    Dr Jeff was able to dignose my issue and relieve my pain. Followed by easy to follow instructions aftercare. Highly recommended.

  175. Avatar photo
    Alex Peebles

    Alicia has worked wonders for my neck in only a few sessions. Professional & friendly.

  176. Avatar photo
    Hao Sam

    Your friendly chiropractor! Micaiah listened to my problems, broke down the science into simple bits to guide my recovery. The sessions were professionally conducted and at the same time very personable. I had speedy recovery and amazing chats.

  177. Avatar photo
    shane cleland

    I have been suffering from low back pain due to an accident I had many years ago. It made it difficult for me to do normal daily activities like getting out of bed and going to work. I started to get treatment from Dr. Angelica which gave me immediate pain relief. She did some muscle work releasing many years of built up tension along with chiropractic adjustments. She even educated me on how to properly stretch my low back to help prevent my muscle tension. I am so grateful that I went to see her and got quality care.

  178. Avatar photo
    Janani Raghu

    I’m so grateful to Carolyn and Alicia for helping me. Everyone at Onsite truly care about your well-being, and work (more than you)to ensure you feel better!

  179. Avatar photo
    Hazlin Zaini

    Dr Jeff is awesome! Had a very bad neck and after seeing him n, all problems solved! Perfect …

  180. Avatar photo
    Duffy 4ever

    Best in Singapore and some say JB! Die die must try! …

  181. Avatar photo
    Raylene Gené Liow

    I haven’t had such a good and deep sleep for awhile now due to dull ache and pain on my neck but after a short session with Jesse, I’d finally gotten that resolved! Will definitely frequent him from here on out!

  182. Avatar photo
    Mark Bentkower

    I have been treated by Jesse Timm over the last few years and can recommend him to anybody looking for a chiro who thinks outside the box and provides conservative care. He customises his treatments to each client and spends time educating them on how to take care of themselves. The facility at onsite health is clean and comfortable, and the staff is very friendly.

  183. Avatar photo
    c sf

    I’ve been using Alicia’s service for a few months now. I love that she’s so meticulous and extremely professional. Most importantly, Alicia helped rectify my aches and pains.
    I’d like to thank Vera as well for being so helpful in co-ordinating all the appointments.

  184. Avatar photo
    Prinesh S

    Had a terrible knee injury but regular visits to Carolyn and Micaiah allowed me to recover quicker than expected. They’re truly exceptional at what they do and genuinely care. Thumbs up …

  185. Avatar photo
    Megan Houdini

    It was such a pleasant experience at the clinic, felt super welcomed and attended to by staff. Alicia listened attentively to my issues and worked accordingly, providing insight and advice along the way. I could feel immediate relief and left the clinic in much better shape. Thanks Alicia!!

  186. Avatar photo
    Julia Held

    Onsite Health is so amazing, any company will see the benefits of Chiropractic and Physio care. They actually came to my husbands office and really took care of him. I’ve seen incredible results after working with them, highly recommend!!

  187. Avatar photo
    Migi Jayme

    Amazing people and service! Injured my rotator cuff a while back and the sessions have helped in the recovery

  188. Avatar photo
    Daniel Pua Wai Keong

    The chiro treatments were awesome. Jeff is so helpful and kind. He answer and guide me through out the time and get my posture better and my body relax. Thumbs up and recommended to everyone!

  189. Avatar photo

    good vibes 24/7, everyone is very encouraging and fun to be around
    jennifer is very funny and encouraging, she gives good and constructive feedbacks during physio sessions

  190. Avatar photo
    Pei Pei Tan

    I was referred to my physiotherapist Doreen Ho by my friend and I will definitely recommend her to my friends as well! She is always patient and detailed in explaining. Not forgetting Vera who is always so cheerful and welcoming the moment I step into the clinic! Thank you all! …

  191. Avatar photo

    Great service. My neck pain is gone. Thank you for the professional treatment.

  192. Avatar photo
    Dannielle Go

    Onsite health team has helped me so much. Everytime I have a minor injury I would always book a session with them, which made a huge difference after every session.

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