Review Oasis Terraces, 681 Punggol Dr., Singapore

Review Oasis Terraces - Singapore 681 Punggol Dr.

“Oasis Terrace together with HDB estates like Waterway Ridges and Waterway Woodcress form one of the most beautiful HDB projects in Singapore” or “One stop shop for Punggol residents. Shops, polyclinic, F&B.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Oasis Terraces. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Oasis Terraces is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Oasis Terraces. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Oasis Terracesis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 681 Punggol Dr., Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 681 Punggol Dr., Singapore
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Oasis Terraces is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Oasis Terraces is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Oasis Terrace together with HDB estates like Waterway Ridges and Waterway Woodcress form one of the most beautiful HDB projects in Singapore”

“One stop shop for Punggol residents. Shops, polyclinic, F&B.”

“Fit for purpose neighborhood centre with amenities in one building. Well loved NTUC, popular shops and eateries, kids tution and enrichment... And nicely located along Punggol waterway.”

“Amenities. eg. one of most convenient for polyclinic with ample parking. unlike nearby Hougang and Sengkang need to park elsewhere. F&B, supermarket, all available.”

“A place where all needs are met. Love the food options available here.”

“The mall has a very good optometrist. She works in EYECARE. Very thorough and would explain the issues clearly.”

“Cute mall with supermarket, food court, many restaurants and wide range of shops. The best feature is the roof garden with children's waterpark, exercise yard and community garden.”

“Quiet river side shopping mall , nice food court inside enough tables and seats”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 205 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 82% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Oasis Terraces, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Oasis Terraces, 681 Punggol Dr., Singapore

There is a total 205 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Sasidhar Kota

    Have decent shopping options but i dont think the floor map is well planned. People have to visit atleast 3 or 4 times to get familiar with the place. eScooter parking place doesn’t even have lights and its completely dark in the night (arnd 8PM).

  2. Avatar photo
    Arkadiusz Bialak

    A very nice little mall where you can grab a quick meal and buy groceries and other necessities. Eyecare on the 1st floor is a great place to get your glasses – the optometrist is attentive and thorough and the service really personalised. Highly recommended …

  3. Avatar photo
    Sicilia Lim

    Really like this place very much, lots of things to do (outside/park) and to eat (many restaurants options) BUT not much shopping to do, ha. Would find classes for my son to go to here on their education floor, if I have the options to sign up anything interesting.

  4. Avatar photo
    Simon Tey

    A nice little neighbourhood mall by the Punggol waterway. Visited the Tampopo outlet here and thoroughly enjoyed the food. Good for when you get hungry from cycling along the waterway. Many food stalls and a bike shop that sells Giant bicycles here.

  5. Avatar photo
    Y Ed

    Neighbourhood mall, big need to walk alot to go around but mostly f&b , need more variety of shops. Nice picturesque waterway area outside

  6. Avatar photo
    Siang Hwee FOO

    A small neighbourhood mall with the basic necessities amidst the quiet neighbourhood within Punggol… with anchor tenants such as NTUC Fairprice and Popular bookstore! Nice place to hang out with as well! It’s also the only polyclinic in Punggol

  7. Avatar photo
    BrYan LeE

    Nice little place with full of children related store. Polyclinics. Supermarkets n sort…

  8. Avatar photo
    Koh Vincent

    A variety of eateries, a supermarket and some convenience stalls. Not the usual but worth going if you just want to eat and shop around

  9. Avatar photo
    Jerry Tok

    Like it very much. Not fully open yet but already packed with good tenant. You’ll be surprised to find nice restaurant here tuck in the heartland. Waiting for Yakun to open in September 2018 and proofer bakery.
    Community plaza frequently organised activity for the resident. From screening world cup to bouncing castles for children.
    When it’s fully open, it’ll give waterway point a run for its money.

  10. Avatar photo
    Timothy Teo

    Conveniently connected to Oasis LRT station. Host polyclinic as well as a neighborhood mall which doubles as a town plaza

  11. Avatar photo
    Krishnaiah turlapati

    Nice place newly constructed mall. It has Poly clinic , child clinic, educational outlets along with shops, restaurants, popular book store. The roof garden on the top is a nice place to view and is equipped with physical exercise fitness equipments. Nice walking place in the ground.

  12. Avatar photo
    Lau Judy

    Customer service is always closed.

  13. Avatar photo
    Xavier Fok

    Polyclinic here is great, short waiting times. Once in a while you get a doctor jealous of your previous treatment at a private hospital. Guess he’s stuck here for too long. Avoid the older doctors if possible. The good ones will eventually leave for private practice. Most younger doctors are great though.

    Variety of food at the basement you want to explore

  14. Avatar photo
    Ed Ed

    Ntuc and polyclinic can be found here.

  15. Avatar photo
    Heng SK

    There is a big space for kids to play with their scooter, however currently there some construction happening at the side.

  16. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Another conveniently located neighborhood mall. Not much shopping to do here but there’s a good range of dining choices available here.

    For young families, many enrichment classes found in this location here.

    We like it that there’s also a roof garden here.

  17. Avatar photo

    Very nice place. Especially for those staying around the oasis area. It houses a polyclinic, 7 eleven, McDonald’s and even Starbucks. Upper floor house a food court with tuition and enrichment centres. The place is clean and nice. Highly recommended place to eat and play for those staying nearby!

  18. Avatar photo
    Ran Zhuo Ling Duscha

    When young I used to go fairprice to accompany my parents now I go there to buy groceries for myself as well

  19. Avatar photo
    Sam Ong

    A good variety of food which includes King of hot pot, Saizeriya, crystal jade, starbuck, Mac Donald, KFC, food court.
    There are hair saloons and tuition centres and popular bookshop within the building.
    Ntuc is at the basement.

    It is indegrated with Punggol polyclinic and a shelter link walkway to Oasis station.
    Accessible via wheelchair too.

  20. Avatar photo
    Eeleenz Liang

    great shoppin but some of their products r higher price than elsewhere.

  21. Avatar photo

    Good selection and choices. Love the neighborhood supermarket.

  22. Avatar photo

    lots of places to eat and shop unfortunately there is no bicycle parking near the building only in the carpark

  23. Avatar photo
    Christopher Wu

    Ample parking spaces! Wide and open less human traffic compared to waterway point, if u drive, come here instead and you will know why

  24. Avatar photo

    This place is a really huge mall with lots of restaurants and food. I recommend u coming here when like your starving or your hungry you come here and have a blast of food and drinks.

  25. Avatar photo
    James Xie

    This got to be the real hidden jem in punggol really. such a small place yet jam packed with good eateries. There are even some clothing and apparel shops and a popular bookstore.

    And best thing the underground carpark is hdb parking. Good news for motorbikers. Do note that the carpark is pretty small though.

  26. Avatar photo
    yonghan ng

    Nice neighborhood shopping mall

  27. Avatar photo
    Kenny Hong

    Place to get your daily grocery and nessisities

  28. Avatar photo
    vicky leong

    Love Oasis Terraces as it has a number of our favourite place such as Popular, Saizeriya, Korean BBQ & etc…

    On top of that, like the fact that it’s cosy and a nice place to hang out with the family

  29. Avatar photo
    Khoo Chun Siong

    such a nice place with almost everything you need, love the variety of food stores.. my child sees dr dave ong PD of kids clinic @ punggol located here, really very good PD who makes my child recover very well

  30. Avatar photo
    Shir YH

    First time here. My husband like the way items are neatly organized and easy to locate. And its not very crowded so its a pleasant experience.

  31. Avatar photo
    Niece of Celsa Tow

    Perfectly still doing the business every day.

    They maintain the cleanliness and checking for entry of people coming in the mall to shop. …

  32. Avatar photo
    Eugene Yuen

    Nice modern mall, not very big but has all the essential of being a neighbourhood mall. With archors like NTUC, Starbucks, Macdonald, Popular and many food options. Does wet quite crowded on weekends. Overall a great addition to the Punggol community.

  33. Avatar photo
    Bonn Foong

    Relaxing and enjoyable place for leisure, food, and some nature views

  34. Avatar photo
    Y'von Koh

    Mall is small but it has more than enough necessary retails and F&B. The inconvenience navigation to the higher level is that we always have to take a lift up. Basement has supermarket, many other nice stalls, bakery, hardware shops etc…
    The carpark is spacious and lots are available most of the time

  35. Avatar photo

    Food court here is quite nice with a wide variety of options. It’s also right beside the LRT

  36. Avatar photo
    Centrepiece furnishing

    The people here are so friendly and kind..

  37. Avatar photo
    Norman NBA

    Mall for Heartlanders. Next to Oasic LRT & Punggol PCN/Wave Bridge. Stopped by after cycling. Koufu Food court is at level 4.
    3 Halal stalls available there including Warung Penyet that sell Goreng Pisang, Korean Cuisine & Huat Huat Chicken Wings. Next to Punggol PCN & River but most shops or restaurants don’t even overlook this amazing views. What a waste.

  38. Avatar photo
    Zhengjia Michael Lim

    Has essential stores there like FairPrice, Guardian and food court. Conveniently linked to LRT.
    Only thing I cannot understand why the Architects will design it that Level 1 and Level 2 are not directly linked by escalator. You’ll have to exit the building, use the escalator/stairs outside the building and head back in. Lifts are therefore always a pain to wait for as it’s always full of people trying to go from level 1 and 2 and vice versa. So be patient if you’re pushing a pram. Most likely you’ll have to wait a bit even though they have 3 lifts.

  39. Avatar photo
    Mahalakshmi Santosh

    Good place with nice restaurants and windy environment

  40. Avatar photo

    One of the 2 KFC outlets in whole of Punggol as of 18-09-2022

  41. Avatar photo
    Balaganesha B.V

    At most i can review the first floor since I have no money to live in the terrace apartments. So, my review is, pretty okay. Nothing to look forward to. Not a date spot unless you want it the date to not last.

  42. Avatar photo
    Soraya Maya Safiera

    Comfortable place for grocery shopping. We can buy fresh vegetables and fruits. Love it.

  43. Avatar photo
    William Toh

    Amenities. eg. one of most convenient for polyclinic with ample parking. unlike nearby Hougang and Sengkang need to park elsewhere.
    F&B, supermarket, all available.

  44. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chye

    Nice neighbourhood mall but the layout is a bit confusing. It’s right next to the PCN path on 1 side and LRT station on the other side.

  45. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Sayyiduddin

    Not your typical mall but amenities can be improved especially carpark cleanliness

  46. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    Why would anyone want to come to Oasis Terraces? This mall is perhaps the most spacious one out of the many I’ve visited around Singapore. KCuts is only $10 here, it has a very green aspect to its overall structure but best of all, coming out of the mall one is greeted with the PCN and Punggol’s greeneries.

  47. Avatar photo
    Jeff Tang

    Relatively new neighbour shopping center thst is linked into the Punggol Polyclinic. Have the usual fast food joints like starbucks,kfc,MacDonald & various eateries & bakeries like Chateraise dotted throughout the building.

  48. Avatar photo
    Melvyn Ng

    Great place for community Outreach and events area!

  49. Avatar photo
    Hello BKK

    A neighbourhood which has most essential & commonly known shops & FnB oulets like ntuc, popular, venus, koufu, mcdonalds, starbucks, go crystal, kfc, pho street, venus etc. A place for a break if u are cycling around the area. Cross the bridge over the waterway at the back of the building will lead to Corney Island.

  50. Avatar photo
    Yang PJ (Ching22)

    A small shopping area for people staying in Punggol.. an exercise area, water playground, polyclinic, ntuc and etc.. can be found in the mall.

  51. Avatar photo
    Derrick Lee

    L1 is the food stalls. Individual stall concept, not really a food court. Had lunch at 老王。 NTUC is at the basement. Rooftop has an exercise area. Didn’t go to the other floors. Saw that there is also a polyclinics in the building.

  52. Avatar photo
    Kimtan Woo

    Quiet river side shopping mall , nice food court inside enough tables and seats

  53. Avatar photo
    Steven Leong Siu Weng

    Nice place beside LRT station for meet up.

  54. Avatar photo

    There is a decent amount of food in the mall. There are shops in the mall as well but mostly for children. It’s a good mall to go to if you live nearby

  55. Avatar photo
    Cecil Tan

    Love the Food Court .A variety of great and delicious food cook by experience chefs !

  56. Avatar photo
    Chua Boon Kiat

    Though a relative small mall but was surprised that it has quite a complete range of food and drinks.

  57. Avatar photo
    Lim Rick

    Polyclinic is located inside. Quite a few places for dining. Not much shops for shopping. NTUC Fairprice supermarket is not too crowded. Can buy 4D and Toto inside the supermarket.

  58. Avatar photo
    Wai Hong Leong

    Nice place as got a lot of food.
    Neighbourhood shopping centre

  59. Avatar photo
    Eva Huseyn

    There are lot of shops here. From food joint, salon, aroma hub, ntuc and ….A lovely evironment and it is very cosy.

  60. Avatar photo
    sheng qiang Teo

    practically new mall. mobile reception is really bad here, there is some stalls like kfc, McDonald’s, 711, ntuc, popular, saizeriya, florist, spectacles shop, atm, fu hua, photo studio, Starbucks, food court and a pub/resturant at Level 1. very empty very good to study. just beside punggol oasis lrt station.

  61. Avatar photo
    Rudi Sutrisno

    Small mall in residential district. Quiet and really nice. There is goverment clinic here and supermarket.

  62. Avatar photo
    Chong KV

    The only place I visit was the food court, nothing really interest me in this place

  63. Avatar photo
    kid sampson

    Super sad that the rooftop gardens aren’t open. View from there was great, and it was a peaceful and quiet place. Good for stopover to grab food on walks now as it’s on the c2c trail.

  64. Avatar photo
    Jeelin Geow

    Good enough for a neighbourhood mall for daily necessities and outside dining. Would have been better if all shops are opened

  65. Avatar photo
    Michael Cheng

    A game changing setup for what is essentially a government clinic with integrated retail and play area. I only wish there are better eateries and more shops. Nevertheless, this is a government masterpiece.

  66. Avatar photo
    Review King PhD

    If your height is 6ft you are likely to hit your head on the roof.

  67. Avatar photo
    rapheal azrin

    water park at level 5 is open. community garden n fitness stuff are on lvl 6….some are broken though

  68. Avatar photo
    Kai Keet Wong

    Quite an aesthetically pleasing design for a shopping mall
    Many f&b and retail options so a lot of choices to choose from

  69. Avatar photo
    Daniel Goh

    A fair mix of shops with anchor tenants like FairPrice, Anytime Fitness, Koufu and Popular. Basement carpark can be slow-moving on weekends. The play areas for kids need to be better maintained.

  70. Avatar photo

    Good place for food and groceries

  71. Avatar photo

    Nice place for grocery shopping as it is well stocked with not many people.

  72. Avatar photo
    Norman NBA

    Mall for Heartlanders. Next to Oasic LRT & Punggol PCN/Wave Bridge. Stopped by after cycling. Koufu Food court is at level 4.
    3 Halal stalls available there including Warung Penyet that sell Goreng Pisang, Korean Cuisine & Huat Huat Chicken Wings. Next to Punggol PCN & River but most shops or restaurants don’t even overlook this amazing views. What a waste.

  73. Avatar photo
    Eng Hwa Chew

    Place don’t look big. Inside is another thing. Wide variety of shops and plentiful foods are sold here.

  74. Avatar photo
    Crystal Koh

    Decent neighbourhood mall with eateries and supermarket. Just not much retail shops. Nice riverside area outside the mall for people to sit around. Spotted some people with majestic parrots.

  75. Avatar photo
    Darren Foo

    Shopping for the town. Very limited stores but good enough for a meal and shopping at the NTUC. Fish shop selling at reasonable price and there is clinic too. Like a maze due to the concept, not for maximum shop space but a place for gathering with lots of open area.

  76. Avatar photo
    Wannakoonz79 Lim-Lee

    It is amazing plus it is near my house it is just a 5 minute walk distance and there is lots of shops and alot of things to shop .

  77. Avatar photo

    lots of stalls have closed..

  78. Avatar photo
    Leslie Chong

    Very nicely designed integrated building, blanding well with the waterway ambience. I’m surprised the place is tucked with so many retail outlets, including a very spacious polyclinic.

  79. Avatar photo
    SYH Sep

    Typical Starbucks, except it’s small and the tables and chairs outdoors usually are dirty with birds droppings

  80. Avatar photo
    Nini & Eva

    Awesome place to shop for groceries, slightly smaller than some other Fair prices, but good enough to shop what you need.

  81. Avatar photo
    Joanna Sim

    Convenience easy access to mrt and to shop suitable for meet up or gathering more chouce of food n chill

  82. Avatar photo
    Sandra Chua

    Love that there is a mall near us. Plus it is fun for the kids and they can buy and do some activities such as toy store, bookstore and etc.

  83. Avatar photo
    Ben Lin

    Oasis terraces is a milti-function venue with supermarket, shops, restaurants, book store, even public clinics… Very convenient for one stop concept to enjoy having everything here.
    Parking here is also not a problem as there are quite plenty of parking space in basement. They also offer family parking that will be much easier for elders and kids to get in/off the vehicles
    We like to come here for family dinner/lunch and also for the grocery shopping in ntuc

  84. Avatar photo

    Pretty nice and well hidden gem in the area! Surprised to find many food places here and a pretty big food court at the upper levels. There aren’t many other types of retail shops though so this place us really great if you are looking for food fix or ideas.

  85. Avatar photo
    Tan Zihan

    A good area for you to study peacefully, dine at shop. There are a variety of different stores and restaurants in Oasis Terraces for you to visit.

  86. Avatar photo
    Maxi Khoo

    Nice place and well connected . You can buy starbuck and sit just next to riverside and enjoy sunset environment

  87. Avatar photo
    Khad B.

    Good selection. Has everything i need so far. Not too cluttered. Aisles are good.

  88. Avatar photo
    Wani Saparuan

    Love the place. It has a polyclinic, stuffs for kids and etc. Not to forget, the toilets has a spray bidet which should be available everywhere in singapore toilets. Oh and view of the “river” for anyone who finds it calming for the soul.

  89. Avatar photo
    eimbrunt rashid

    Great place, lots of various food stalls. There’s Polyclinic SingHealth too! To get groceries can go to Basement there’s NTUC there. Near by too LRT station (Oasis LRT)

  90. Avatar photo
    Maria Arriola

    Now here in this building; escalator on 3rd level is out, passenger lift is down to 1. Was told this has been happening for a week, from many of its tenants. Given me the time to walk around in circles since to get to the 4th floor is a chore. Signages on “EXIT” & glass windows are filled with cobwebs. Seems like there’s poor management managing this building. For a medically certified person with chronic bodily aches & pains, this isn’t the place to go. Cannot imagine the ones requiring assistance or walking aids.

  91. Avatar photo
    Eleanor TAS

    Good to find a vegetarian stall at the food court but except for NTUC supermarket there is not much shopping to do due to limited number of shops.

  92. Avatar photo
    wilsn odonata

    Conveniet, with the Oasis LRT stop right beside the mall.The layout of the mall is a bit complicated. With Ntuc fairprice at basement Had a polyclinic on level 2. Must try the KL chili mee at level 3 foodcourt.

  93. Avatar photo
    陈华宝Hwa Poh Tan

    Food place….. Good value if you drive as it have free parking during lunch time….

  94. Avatar photo
    Ruijie SK Chong

    Small place, but happy to find Iora, Sora, Tampopo, Le Chateraise, Crystal Jade Dim Sum and McDonalds here! There’s also a Singpost hole-in-the-wall here with a SAM machine.

  95. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Another conveniently located neighborhood mall. Not much shopping to do here but there’s a good range of dining choices available here.

    For young families, many enrichment classes found in this location here.

    We like it that there’s also a roof garden here.

  96. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Heng

    Great mall, easily accessible through LRT. It has alot of stores that offers good quality of service and Polyclinic is just right beside it. A good alternative to Waterway Point for Punggol residents.

  97. Avatar photo
    Carolyn Tan

    It’s convenient to have essential under the roof where lots of choices of food, NTUC, desserts, etc. I discovered this place while exploring around the park connector. It is just about 15 minutes away from waterway point.

  98. Avatar photo
    Clifford Lee

    The mall has a variety of restaurants and food court if you’re broke student like me hahaha. Furthermore, it’s convenient to eat at the food court while waiting for your polyclinic number, as there are screens in the food court showing room number and current number being served, plus there’s a path that links the food court with the 4Th floor of the polyclinic.

  99. Avatar photo
    Jason Hang

    It is a small shopping mall. But it’s quite cozy. Sometimes it’s a nice change from Waterway Point nearby.

  100. Avatar photo
    Alice Sum

    Mall is quite big and spacious and have a variety of shops. Carpark is easy accessible from the main road and there are lots of carpark spaces. Restaurants and shops are located at level 1 and more is located at B1. There is also an NTUC outlet at B1 too and the carpark entrance is just located just nearby for easy accessibility. Punggol polyclinic is located at level 2 of the building. There is a food gourmet paradise food court at level 4. Toilet ventilation at the cubicle area is not very good as it can feel quite heaty if stayed there for long. Lift ventilation is also not very good as it also feels warm outside and inside. Overall I think it is not a bad shopping mall for nearby residents

  101. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    Last time when I went here was only clinic available but this time, now there are a quite number of stores and restaurants available already.

    Access to level 2 from level 1 only through lift, I think because of closure of some accees because of temperature checking and check-in.

  102. Avatar photo
    fitria hafidz

    Have polyclinic, restaurants, shops, supermarket, ATM machine, playground, and many more,
    overall a good place for you to hang out with family or friends to a few restaurants at there,
    But I cannot find prayer room for Muslims at there, so a quiet hard for me as a Muslims when the prayer time coming, hopefully will coming soon,

  103. Avatar photo

    Quite a modern and large place, and the polyclinic within it is very accessible and near the mall.

  104. Avatar photo
    ws lim

    The toilet is lack of maintenance. Door cannot close, dirty and toilet bowl not fixed 20 yrs ago building

  105. Avatar photo
    T CB

    Tis Ntuc supermkt starts to draw in crowds during weekend it’s really getting more shoppers compare to the very 1st day

  106. Avatar photo
    Raymond Lee

    Great options for makan but the shops layout is quite odd and way finding is not easy. Especially the lobby signage don’t clearly reflect where the lobby lift leads to. The only plus is places w many nice food.

  107. Avatar photo
    Pester Neo

    Nothing much normal heartland mall.

  108. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Goh

    Starting today. MacDonald, Crystal jade dim sum and starbuck. June 16 casual Italian resturant

  109. Avatar photo
    Andy Vu Realtor

    One stop shop for Punggol residents. Shops, polyclinic, F&B.

  110. Avatar photo
    Jim Giam

    Great place for dining and grocery shopping

  111. Avatar photo
    Andrew Khng

    Shopping Mall in Punggol that is linked to an LRT station. The ground floor shops on street level at this shopping complex are not connected to the upper floors by escalators, so you need to exit from Level 2 and reenter the building by another separate entrance… very strange indeed!

  112. Avatar photo
    Michael Samy

    Nice shopping experience though it’s small. Great Japanese food.

  113. Avatar photo
    Ng Ek Seng

    Layout abit messy, small but convinient.

  114. Avatar photo
    Muz Aziz

    Limited parking places but more lots at Woodcress MSCP…Sunday is Free parking until 10.30pm at Woodcress. F& B outlets like QiJi and Encik Tan at level 1, Starbucks and MacD at level 2, Koufu at level 4. Popular at Level 3.

  115. Avatar photo
    Khatijah Ibrahim

    Small but convenient. Even managed to get my favourite frozen salmon fillet from Song Market Place during my lunch time.

  116. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Chua

    Surprise to see so many shops and restaurants here. NTUC Fairprice too

  117. Avatar photo
    matrix867 LiLi

    Lots of eateries but lacking of big retail shops…need more big brandnames for retails to increase the traffic as it is losing crowds to northshore…

  118. Avatar photo
    HS Ong

    Hosting Punggol’s Poly Clinic, NTUC at B1 and reasonable good mix of food options. Just that maintenance of toilets really need to do better as some levels’ toilet and basins are not working well. Lifts are also kind of slow.

  119. Avatar photo
    Pancy Siam

    Went to the Polyclinic for my 4th jab Fitzer. Had a nice breakfast at Koufu prior to the vaccines. Nice to stroll along ‘My Waterway’ in the breezy and cool mornings behind the Oaisis building.

  120. Avatar photo
    Clarence “Oz Kendall”

    Lovely place with good view.

  121. Avatar photo
    samar siddiqui

    used to be my old hangout spot after exams, would recommend. Has a lot of nice shops and fast food places as well as food court beneath

  122. Avatar photo

    Nice mall, lots of greenery, very pretty surroundings. Quite a lot of food, r and B tea in basement. Tampopo has decent Japanese food and very nice pandan cakes. Though a bit pricey. Also has crystal jade

  123. Avatar photo
    Arati Menon-Tan

    Alot of varieties to choose from. Would like it if there were more things for baking.

  124. Avatar photo

    Nice place for getting food and grocery shopping. Decent range of dining choices (food court, fast food and restaurants).

  125. Avatar photo
    Blackbeard Foxtrot

    Food and beverage for those hot walks around the walking trails. Canal has loads of wildlife. Good for families

  126. Avatar photo
    Ruben “RP” P

    It’s alright, it makes life in ulu punggol a little more convenient. Standard shops that can be found everywhere. Includes a polyclinic as well. Carpark abit narrow so beware of the lousy drivers that can’t deal with the lack of space

  127. Avatar photo
    Boon Pah Lee

    The lifts are very confusing. Floors plan show able to go to a level but can’t. Went food court for dinner but no place to sit.

  128. Avatar photo
    Nur Amanina Binte Muhamad Nor

    Mall is overall clean and equipped with a bunch on amenities.

  129. Avatar photo
    Superb Lim

    Nice place. I enjoy this outlet with great food.

  130. Avatar photo

    A nearly all in one neighborhood mall, probably can be better with more fast food options and shops.

  131. Avatar photo
    Simon Y

    Exterior of the building looks interesting but the interiors are awkwardly layout. Understand that it isn’t a full-fledged mall as it has polyclinic and quite a number of interest/hobby based learning centers but even just the mall itself are confusing as we kept running into dead ends and struggles to find ways to get up & down the mall without walking back to where we came from.

    Need to live nearby so that you have all the time to get to know the mall inside out and if not, go somewhere else!

  132. Avatar photo
    IVY MU

    The named of 2nd level of the building and Punggol polyclinic make elderly confused as located same level with the Oasis Lrt.
    People always think same level on the road side and bus stop should be 1st floor and down the escalator is basement.
    Actually is name as 2nd floor and link Bridge from Lrt to polyclinic for age 60 and above, covid vaccine is walk in at 3rd level ..
    The Punggol polyclinic sign board also not big enough and not prominent.
    People tends to say it is OASIS polyclinic..

  133. Avatar photo
    kailash chandra

    Nice place and shops for daily item uses
    Good aquarium shop with nice fishes n aquarium related stuff on first floor.
    Bicycle repair shop is also there

  134. Avatar photo
    Anthony Koh

    Quite a few nice and delicious F&B outlets

  135. Avatar photo
    Qiming Low

    Everything you need for a mini mall, food court, fast food, cafes, bakery, restaurants, bookstore, supermarket, some fashion shops, pet shops. It will be a full fledge mall if there is cinema and arcade !

  136. Avatar photo

    Located right beside the train station with food court at affordable pricing, supermarket, polyclinic, retail shops. Along with an enormous rooftop sky garden and exercise corner with beautiful view. Oasis Terraces is extremely convenient for those residing at Punggol. Great for families to drop by for a meal and stroll.

  137. Avatar photo
    Rita Padawangi

    Nice neighbourhood shopping centre. There are eateries, Fairprice supermarket, Popular bookstore, clothing, toy shops. There is also a Singpost and polyclinic. Directly connected to Oasis LRT station and the park connector.

  138. Avatar photo
    Kevin Siyuan

    An amazing example of modern tropical architecture with sustainable design, vertical greening elements. The project was recently crowned winner for “Completed Buildings – Mix Use” category of the World Architecture Festival 2019, definitely a must see for architectural enthusiasts

  139. Avatar photo
    Sean Shane

    Oasis Terrace together with HDB estates like Waterway Ridges and Waterway Woodcress form one of the most beautiful HDB projects in Singapore

  140. Avatar photo
    Manikanta Tankala

    I liked that Saizeriya is here. It’s my fav restaurant and I am happy it is there. There is an open auditorium that people can spend good time.

  141. Avatar photo
    Alan Tang

    Lots of eateries and shops to visit.
    Nice place for a neighbourhood “mall”

  142. Avatar photo
    Celesta Smilez

    food choices. small amd cosy mall for neighbouring families. Not many shopping options, suitable for families as they have events from time to time. Seen many bouncy castles, small game stands and event based activities. Will encourage families to check their event list and join the family fun. Polyclinic is nearby. Clothes for pregnant ladies and kids clothes store. Small pop up stands that sell thermal bottles, and other dainty items. food choices include yakun, macdonalds, Canton paradise, saizeriya, Ramen, penang cuisine and more. starbucks and chateraise is available for desserts too.

  143. Avatar photo
    Bernard Ong

    Love the place. One could cycle jog drive there. Connected to greatly to the surrounding, the park connector n has a big area for kids to roam n scream their lung out ^_^” doctor for kids dentist for kids n recreation for kids all there.

  144. Avatar photo
    Gordon Koh

    A nice little supermarket that is easily accessible via LRT or by driving there, with ample parking lots.

  145. Avatar photo
    Normah bte A Majid

    I do love this place because there are so many different types of shops here. Usually when l have appointment at the Polyclinic l will never go home straight l will surely go to some shops there.

  146. Avatar photo
    Roderick Teo

    Nice place.its an Oasis for shopping for resident here. Basement is Fair price and many restaurant both big and small.

  147. Avatar photo
    Hidayat Esa

    This place has alot of shops.
    Not so crowded.

  148. Avatar photo
    Isaiah Khoo

    For a heartland mall, Oasis Terraces has a reasonable range of eateries. Its connected to Oasis Terraces LRT station and is served by bus 50. There is a food court, NTUC supermarket, and a polyclinic operated by Singhealth. It also has some interesting public spaces for families with children. It also has access to the Punggol Waterway Park which runs all the way to Waterway Point.

  149. Avatar photo
    William Chew

    Down Crispy fish and chips with mango passion fruit drink.

  150. Avatar photo
    Ty Chua

    Will come again

  151. Avatar photo
    Shahrizan Said

    It’s a very convenient place to have where you can’t a lot of foods stalls. There’s also a polyclinic within the building

  152. Avatar photo

    Very nice place. Especially for those staying around the oasis area. It houses a polyclinic, 7 eleven, McDonald’s and even Starbucks. Upper floor house a food court with tuition and enrichment centres. The place is clean and nice. Highly recommended place to eat and play for those staying nearby!

  153. Avatar photo
    Anna Louise

    Great mall in the heartland of Punggol. This mall is packed with tons of fun activities for all family members: bookstore, toy shops, tuition, play gym, child care, private enrichment classes for kids, FairPrice Finest supermarket in the basement level, heaps of restaurants, coffeeshop and hawker eating place at the top floor, Anytime Fitness gym, bike shops, and many more amenities. I love going here as I don’t need to travel downtown to enjoy shopping.

  154. Avatar photo
    Siva Kumar

    Very friendly environment,love to gym there

  155. Avatar photo
    Irene Lim

    Good initiative by HDB. Houses shops, eateries and supermarkets.

  156. Avatar photo
    The Cleaner

    The mall has a very good optometrist. She works in EYECARE. Very thorough and would explain the issues clearly.

  157. Avatar photo

    Quiet nice mall tucked in punggol riverside. Starbucks, popular store, ntuc, kids enrichment classes are most popular here. Nice walk towards the backside of the mall will take you to riverfront and further to beach side

  158. Avatar photo
    Martin Tay

    Very small mall but some good eateries. Quite a crowd though.

  159. Avatar photo
    h y

    Surprisingly nice food can be found here. Atmosphere is nicely done up and quite modern in spite of being in a heartland. Anchored by a large Singhealth polyclinic too! Accessible to park connectors and nearby waterways. Love the huge ceiling fans that kicks up a “storm” effortlessly in the open courtyard!!

  160. Avatar photo
    Backyard Xplorer

    Polyclinic ..not too crowded…staffs here are friendly as compared to sengkang branch.

    The shopping side has ntuc supermarket. Ya kun toast, nippon home and evem a bicycle shop, tay junction. There a 4d booth inside ntuc supermarket. Mcdonalds and crystal jade can be found on the same floor where you can catcha taxi.

  161. Avatar photo
    Bassoon Lim

    Convenient mall that serves the Punggol neighbourhood and has important amenities like ntuc, McDonald’s, a polyclinic, hair cut services and many more. The only inconvenience of this place is the fact that you can’t get to the basement level without first walking out of the building at back in again because this mall doesn’t have direct escalators to the bottom.

  162. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ho

    Neighbour community hub. Nothing much except for some restaurants, a government clinic and a supermarket.

  163. Avatar photo
    koh lihuang

    Like to buy groceries from this outlet. Big space, can get anything I want and staffs here are friendly.

  164. Avatar photo
    Eug Tg

    Oasis Terraces is a neighbourhood mall. Somehow its google listing got hijacked by a art studio shop so some information might be inaccurate.

  165. Avatar photo
    MJ Quintana

    Very nice place. Alot of food outlets. I like the Estate Wine, they are very accommodating and knowledge is based on actual experience with wine. Oasis Steak & Grill food is also quite nice. It’s a must visit place

  166. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Chan

    Not too bad for a neighbourhood mall. Have some nice food stalls and an extensive NTUC. Retail shops there are quite meh tho

  167. Avatar photo

    Very neighbourhood kind of shopping mall and small, which is just nice for surrounding HDBs with NTUC, small food court and kids playground.

    However, dining area inside are not great. For restaurants, there are not many people during dinner time. Tried a few restaurants inside but food is not tasty.

    The space floor inside is small and shops there are very quiet, like dying. Anyway, a very quiet small shopping mall, better than none for neighbourhood.

  168. Avatar photo
    Not-your-average Average Guy

    Convenient family friendly neighborhood mall with a supermarket, McDonald’s, Starbucks and several restaurants, with dry and water play areas for kids

  169. Avatar photo

    Under one roof, the popiah and rojak is the very good

  170. Avatar photo
    Rajoo Raj

    Good but outside, lrt side the smokers cigarette buts specially grab driver’s make dirty

  171. Avatar photo
    Timo Sim

    Convenient place that has polyclinic, variety of food, bookstore, supermarket, coffee place and various shops.

  172. Avatar photo

    convenient! direct access after getting down from Oasis LRT.
    Many food options, including R&B tea, QiJi, a Food Court and many more.
    easy access for punggol residents to get groceries at NTUC, might be less crowded than Waterway Point.
    students can hang out/ study after school in that area, e.g. Mcdonalds, Starbucks (non peak) or even head to Popular to purchase stationeries, books.

  173. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Lee

    Cute mall with supermarket, food court, many restaurants and wide range of shops. The best feature is the roof garden with children’s waterpark, exercise yard and community garden.

  174. Avatar photo
    Grace Ooi

    Went there for a tea/coffee break, like the cappuccino.

  175. Avatar photo
    TB Foo

    Just fo shopping only, forget it. Better go to Waterway Point for more & better choice with more Family Restaurants. Some of the tenders even awarded and decided to give up. Numbers of tenants has not able to make it within the lease.

  176. Avatar photo
    S Y Sam

    A lovely neighborhood center with lots of greenery and semi-outdoor spaces.

  177. Avatar photo
    Mister Review

    It’s a neighbourhood mall that’s with a attached polyclinic. Got lots of good food, restaurants best of all, behind is the Punggol waterway. After your sumptuous meal, you can go for a leisurely stroll.

  178. Avatar photo
    Mabel Ng

    This is not a big shopping mall, but can still find basic essential items here. There is a ntuc supermarket, a few number of F&B, pet shop with grooming service in house (they can really groom Poodle), AquaPetz (where I brought my 2 crabs), clinics, popular bookshop, music school, optical, hairdressing etc etc. If you want a short quick shopping experience, can visit this place. Located Right outside Oasis LRT via Punggol MRT/LRT and along My Waterway@punggol.

  179. Avatar photo
    Mark Kesavan Ramani

    Has number of stores and a polyclinic in the location. Includes notable stores like chateraise, starbucks and MacDonald. New cafe Anna’s is worth checking out as well.

  180. Avatar photo
    Alex lorenzo

    lots of selection over there and there are some really unique stuff too!

  181. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Lim

    Not a big store, probably cos in a neighborhood mall. The only Starbucks store I came across with no free WiFi. Drinks and food are decent

  182. Avatar photo
    Lhc Felix

    There is more nice taste restaurant other then M and K. Should come visit and give it a try.

  183. Avatar photo
    william tan

    Does not have much store like a main stream shopping mall but does have many food outlets, hardware stores and NTUC. Basically good enough for daily essentials.

  184. Avatar photo
    Lim Cher Khiang

    This place look nice, shopping mall and waterway park together.

  185. Avatar photo
    Joey Lee

    A place where all needs are met. Love the food options available here.

  186. Avatar photo
    Tan Jin Kai

    Nice neighbourhood mall, has fish and bicycle shop very convenient

  187. Avatar photo
    Daniel Ho

    This is one of the worst neighbourhood mall but it has limited eateries with macdonalds and starbucks at the first floor. Check out their basement with some nice local eateries and the Korean bbq place is awesome. They have a good foot massage outlet at level 3 that is quite good

  188. Avatar photo
    Loy Loy

    Awesome place in the heartlands for shopping and food. Gotta love the Lao Wang and the Fairprice there! Also there’s bubble tea, fast food and more!

  189. Avatar photo
    Christian Wong

    Spacious place but lack of shops.

  190. Avatar photo
    Ernest Tan

    Great community centre with sufficient amenities for daily living, healthcare and childcare needs, and mostly importantly, uncrowded and scenic. This is one of the finest of Singapore’s public housing!

  191. Avatar photo
    Jun Xiang Lau

    There’s not much things to do here but this place definitely caters to most of your needs. There are basement levels but not connected to the rest of the mall, the way to get there is either through the lift or go out from level 1.

    In my opinion, the best part of this place are Popular bookstore, Koufu, NTUC and Chateraise.

  192. Avatar photo
    AnnieNat Sunari

    Away from the crowds of Waterway Point. More halal food in the foodcourt too.

  193. Avatar photo
    Natasha Ross

    This place is amazing! Great restaurants and cafes. Ample parking.

  194. Avatar photo
    Vincent Leong

    A new neighborhood star in Punggol. It’s really a good location ..just step off from Oasis LTR.

  195. Avatar photo

    I would always go there to get my groceries as the NTUC is rather big. The Koufu over there offers a wide variety of food and allows you to order via the Koufu app to skip the queue. Mcdonald’s is always packed with delivery riders so you might not get your food on time.

    Great view of Waterway Park through this mall. Good access to the park and the bridge to head to the other side. There is also a 7-Eleven to quench your thirst after exercising.

    There’s even a pet clinic to the side of Oasis Terraces for your pets to get treated or even sterilised. Not to mention a pet shop to buy supplies for your pets.

  196. Avatar photo
    K T

    Fit for purpose neighborhood centre with amenities in one building. Well loved NTUC, popular shops and eateries, kids tution and enrichment… And nicely located along Punggol waterway.

  197. Avatar photo
    Cooper Li

    Large supermarket in a nice compact mall with integrated polyclinic n Taiwan style food court. There’s Chatteris n tampopo as well and a song fishery.

  198. Avatar photo
    Shariqsaf Ryan

    Loved to dine and shop at this small little mini mall.

  199. Avatar photo
    W S.H

    Neighbourhood centre with a good mix of retail plus F&B. Can be hard to navigate for first timers. Nice airy atrium at the 1st level. Conveniently integrated with the Punggol polyclinic and Oasis LRT station.

  200. Avatar photo
    Ma Xianrong

    Wonderful development by HDB. Integrated with a polyclinic, current market eateries, gym, tuition centers and much more. Excellent design with roof top garden overlooking the Waterway.

  201. Avatar photo
    HooiChew Tan

    This new community mall just at the Oasis LRT stop, East Loop. It can be reached by park connector too. Many choices of foods.

  202. Avatar photo
    KH Fong

    Beautiful architecture with many interesting features.

  203. Avatar photo
    goon peng tuck

    Clean food court easy access to polyclinic, lrt station and bus stop.

  204. Avatar photo
    Dennis Dennis

    The orientation of the building is quite confusing for people who go there for the first time. The basement is separated from the other floor in a way that you need to use difference entrance for them

  205. Avatar photo
    YS Wong

    Cosy and nature
    Nice place to go for a walk

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