Review Oasis Taiwan Porridge, 303 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore

Review Oasis Taiwan Porridge - Singapore 303 Lor 6 Toa Payoh

“Nice food, great varieties of dishes, comfortable place of dining and reasonably priced . Great place for gathering.” or “Quiet for supper. Service was good, food was served quickly. Great place for Taiwanese porridge.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Oasis Taiwan Porridge. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Oasis Taiwan Porridge is quality.

Introduction about Oasis Taiwan Porridge

Here are some fundamental details regarding Oasis Taiwan Porridge. In terms of Porridge restaurant, it is generally believed that Oasis Taiwan Porridgeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 303 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Porridge restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63464418 (+65 63464418)
  • Website:
  • Address: 303 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore
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Phone number

You can reach Oasis Taiwan Porridge at 63464418(+65 63464418). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Oasis Taiwan Porridge via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 303 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Oasis Taiwan Porridge reviews

Oasis Taiwan Porridge is among the best destinations of Porridge restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Oasis Taiwan Porridge good?

To determine whether Oasis Taiwan Porridge is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Nice food, great varieties of dishes, comfortable place of dining and reasonably priced . Great place for gathering.”

“Quiet for supper. Service was good, food was served quickly. Great place for Taiwanese porridge.”

“Comforting hot porridge with simple dishes that are well prepared sends a warm and fuzzy feeling to my tummy. Pretty relaxing to enjoy your meal while admiring the pond and greenery.”

“A restaurant from my childhood days, the taste still great..”

“Grew up having it in Kallang and so many years later, the quality is still excellent as I have remembered it!”

“Food improved since the last time I visited a few years ago. Braised pork, black bean fish, tofu with preserved radish, Kang Kong, done beautifully. Friendly service too.”

“Still the same quality as when they were in Kallang. Car park however is a big issue. Good and friendly service also.”

“Have been going to this place since long time ago when they were at Kallang. Love their food, like home cooked food and sweet potato porridge.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 207 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 73% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Oasis Taiwan Porridge, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Oasis Taiwan Porridge, 303 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore

There is a total 207 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Tj Baek

    Good environment and nice food

  2. Avatar photo
    Ng Ek Ngee

    free flow of porridge, dishes taste as good as they look, prices are still affordable.

  3. Avatar photo
    Min Saw

    Food not as great

  4. Avatar photo
    Doug A

    A very good variety and nice atmosphere. Crayfish and Sweet Potato Porridge are especially good.

  5. Avatar photo
    tay candy

    A very traditional restaurant with nice view and quality food! Been there a couple of times and their food quality is always consistent, very tasty! It may be a little on the expensive side but it is definitely worth it.

    One downside is that the carpark is small, might be hard to find a lot during peak hour.

  6. Avatar photo

    Taiwanese porridge fare in a restaurant setting with a garden view. Pro-tip: Don’t miss the drive in, cos you’ll also miss the free parking. Not crowded during weekday lunch, older waiting staff so I can imagine how overwhelmed they could be when busy as I have come across negative service reviews. For this first visit of mine, service was alright, tea was constantly refilled. Food is alright, no x-factor.

  7. Avatar photo
    David Ng

    Nice place for porridge. Selection quite decent. But of course it is restaurant price

  8. Avatar photo
    Chi Wai

    Great service. Good food. Very friendly staff.

  9. Avatar photo
    Pearl Pearl

    Cosy place with family style home cooked dishes. Most of the dishes are quite reasonably priced and they are pretty good. Repeated visits, especially craving for hot sweet potato porridge on rainy days. Stir fried bean sprouts and radish omelette always the staple and hot favourites among the kids.

  10. Avatar photo
    Sk Tan

    Pricey but there’s free parking.

  11. Avatar photo
    Pearl Pearl

    Cosy place with family style home cooked dishes. Most of the dishes are quite reasonably priced and they are pretty good. Repeated visits, especially craving for hot sweet potato porridge on rainy days. Stir fried bean sprouts and radish omelette always the staple and hot favourites among the kids.

  12. Avatar photo

    Nestled in a scenic spot, good service but food quality can be better.

  13. Avatar photo
    Rodney Leong

    20 years ago, you could eat such stuff here with 4 persons for $20. Today, it is $20 per person, with relatively simple dishes, and not yet ordering the market price items…. Times have changed…

    Flavour wise, still good flavours, pork was soft, porridge was still porridge…

    Come early for parking space, otherwise take a hike from somewhere nearby…

  14. Avatar photo
    Teo TJ

    I liked it – a few simple dishes, flavourful, porriduge and friends. Great.

  15. Avatar photo
    Sharon C

    Clean environment and delicious food, good choice for a nice Taiwan porridge meal.

  16. Avatar photo
    yeo suan futt

    Food improved since the last time I visited a few years ago. Braised pork, black bean fish, tofu with preserved radish, Kang Kong, done beautifully. Friendly service too.

  17. Avatar photo
    gracia cruz

    Nice food and location. Must try their porridge!

  18. Avatar photo

    Nostalgic place. Taste as good as always . Standards never fail to meet my expectations. As good as the good old days back in kallang.

  19. Avatar photo
    Adrian Hay

    Porridge is good! Free parking also

  20. Avatar photo
    Chong KV

    Price is on the high side. Free parking. Taste is not something too special that you can’t find elsewhere. Tofu is good but not the fish head.

  21. Avatar photo
    Bing Wen Tay

    Food is okok only but price is quite high.

  22. Avatar photo
    Reboot Myth

    Taiwanese-style porridge. Essentially, sweet potato porridge with your choice of side dishes ranging from the simple to the savoury.

    The porridge is smooth and satisfying as porridge does – it’s also free flow and served piping hot in an insulated bucket. This is not Cantonese congee and nor watery Teochew porridge – but something in between.

    Side dishes are impressive in variety and taste. Choosing them depends on your taste. There are braised items that are savoury, plainer options like omelette and tofu, as well as delicate ones like fish and duck.

    The location is blessedly air conditioned so you can enjoy the meal without breaking a sweat. The ample natural lighting and natural view of the park Oasis sits in works wonders for the ambience. Staff is friendly and attentive.

    Pricing is a bit higher than what one would expect from poridge – but you get what you pay for in terms of location and food quality, so it’s still worth it.

    Try the braised duck (you may need to order that in advance because of limited quantities), the pork liver and scallions, the mussels, and the home made bean curd.

  23. Avatar photo
    Roland Ang

    A good place to have Taiwanese porridge that comes with sweet potatoes. The dishes wise is consistent in term of quality and have been in menu since the days they were in Kallang oasis.

    The only feedback is in term of service, they need to be more attentive to customers, as for many times, we have to look for the staff to top up tea and porridge, when the restaurant is not crowded during off peak hours.

  24. Avatar photo

    Food is good but not cheap

  25. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    It’s our family late nite supper stopper.
    It’s sambal cockles and salted fish will make you crave for more sweet potatoes porridge.
    It’s a place for foodies to dine in the midst
    Of night.

  26. Avatar photo
    Evon Chin

    Simply love the delicious and traditional taste. Childhood memories

  27. Avatar photo

    Came to have late dinner since open till 11pm. Food taste homely and simple, but nice.
    Too late for their dark sauce duck..will come next time。

    Came here in the afternoon the second time, service staff are attentive and prompt. Order their dark sauce duck but feel so so only.. serving not too big at $18++. Overall still good. Will come again, two pax ate around $60++

  28. Avatar photo
    Aung Ko Ko Tin

    Must have been a change in management. Jeremy and staff are not too good with non-Chinese customers. Ignorant and condescending at times when asking inquiries about food item.

    Although I may have a Burmese name, I am Chinese. For you ignorant folks, it’s just like how Chinese Indonesians do not use their Chinese names.

    This used to be a place that was open until late night, always welcoming and friendly. I don’t know what happened this time around.

  29. Avatar photo
    Kian Seng Ng

    Good place to satisfy your sweet potato porridge craving.

  30. Avatar photo
    Clifford Yeo

    Food is really good but price isn’t good! Spent $120 on a simple dinner for four persons! This was what I said about two years ago.

    Just last Sat 21st May 2022, we were there for our dinner again. Price has gone up significantly and portions are less. We still enjoyed our food until my son bit into something sharp in the fried tofu dish. We called for the supervisor who was apologetic. Certainly, the kitchen staff need to be very careful. It could have hurt my son badly!

  31. Avatar photo
    Harukate 203

    Quality food and dishes. Porridge can be refilled on call with no limits.

  32. Avatar photo
    Jie Wei How

    One of the few places left serving Taiwan porridge. Excellent dishes especially classics like their braised pork with preserved vegetables. They provide free flow porridge which is cooked to prefection.

  33. Avatar photo
    Michael Cheng

    Rundown place with its own free but dusty carpark. Served by an old and sad looking waitress who makes you feel unwelcome. Steam fish is priced on the high side. The food overall is just average. Standard has dropped since its heyday. Nice park after meal to stroll in. That’s the only good thing about coming here.

  34. Avatar photo
    Avian Liang

    Food getting lousy.. 4th visit.. No more 5th.

  35. Avatar photo
    San Lee

    Good food but pretty pricey. You could get better value at restaurants in town for the price range.

  36. Avatar photo
    Francis Koh

    Cosy, food varieties, pricing average.

  37. Avatar photo

    1st time trying this place. Food is generally nice here. The salted fish is crispy and good, braised duck is nice, 菜浦蛋 is nice & not so oily. The porridge is free flow… ordered 6 items at $120 (including a fish).

  38. Avatar photo
    Joyce Gan

    Always a splendid experience at Oasis. Staff’s always ready to tend to our requests, and food of course, is just excellent. Go for the plain porridge – so smooth and comforting you can’t stop refilling + it goes with practically any of the other wonderful dishes!

    Thanks Oasis. Love the food, reasonable price, great service and awesome food.

  39. Avatar photo
    Pauline Lee

    Food was yummy… will visit again soon

  40. Avatar photo
    Lis Chan

    Still like the Dishes here…same old home cook taste. knew this restourant at Stadium before.

  41. Avatar photo
    Jia Zhe Chai

    The Oasis is good to go with a group. The dishes are mainly for sharing, so you will not be able to try many dishes if you eat alone. By default porridge is served here but you can order rice if you prefer not to have porridge. The sweet potato porridge is very simple, and in my opinion is a good base to have.

    However they do not seem to stock a lot of the ingredients so if you go there in the evening, expect that some of the more popular dishes will be sold out.

  42. Avatar photo
    Victoria Yong

    Standard is not very on par with restaurant standard.

  43. Avatar photo
    Suehean Lee

    Friendly staff and quiet corner away from the busy city life….

  44. Avatar photo
    Cherie Lim

    Food was overall good. Love that it’s within a park and the scenic views are quite different from a usual restaurnt.

  45. Avatar photo
    $$***Star Dust***$$

    Food was nice and price reasonable

  46. Avatar photo
    C Ong

    Been here many times. Really like the old school dishes for porridge.

  47. Avatar photo
    Joyce Ng

    Service is excellent but am puzzled by next visit voucher of $10 after spending $90.50 today (28th March 2021).date stamped on voucher is 27-03- 21

  48. Avatar photo
    Tai Kelvin

    Standard drop but still ok

  49. Avatar photo
    Thomas Chiang

    Some dishes not really suitable for those young people, who like to eat for dinner.

  50. Avatar photo
    Jesse LeeDerrick

    Has lost its taste. Think tge foid taste better when in kallang.

  51. Avatar photo
    Chili Pedi

    This place is quite an establishment. Their food is comforting, well prepared and tasty. Enjoyed their fried tofu with deep fried chai po. 3 egg spinach was excellent and tasty as well. Their omelette was very fluffy and tasty. Even their salted fish fried rice was mouthwatering. There’s also free parking if you are eating at their restaurant.

  52. Avatar photo
    Andrew Kua

    Old skool Taiwanese sweet potato porridge.

  53. Avatar photo
    Don Ong

    Been eating since they were at Kallang last time.

  54. Avatar photo
    aaron chan

    Food was ok but the manager and waitress aunties are very judgmental and rude. As I was meeting my friend for a chat before dinner so we had tea first, the pass very rude and unprofessional comments. Very annoyed by their service.

  55. Avatar photo

    Had my Chinese reunion dinner there, the food is good and the staff are friendly and helpful

  56. Avatar photo
    Samantha Han

    My family enjoyed the home delivered meal. It was still piping hot when it arrived and the soupy items were cling wrapped so we still have the delicious gravies.

    The braised lor bak skin was so tender I could easily break it off with my chopsticks but the meat was still intact with good bite.

    I liked the intestines albeit there was still a hint of the offal “gameyness” which is acceptable and that’s what eating offal us about otherwise a chicken dish will do, lol…

    The omelette was fluffy and not too oily. The beef or venison (sorry couldn’t figure out out as I was not the one who ordered) was tender, I like the generous amount of spring onions they put in the dish, too.

    The steamed salted egg yolk minced pork was also tasty and the gravy went well with both rice and porridge.

    Simply loved the cold tofu with century eggs and meat floss, the beansprouts but the star of the meal is the salted egg yolk squid! Oasis really did an outstanding job with the sorting in comparison to the many zi char stalls I’ve tried.

    Although we had many dishes, we did not feel jelat (cloying) after eating. I have been dreading meal times after the recent heavy consumption of rich festive foods and this kind of meal preparation have stimulated my appetite and rekindled nostalgia from their Kallang days.

  57. Avatar photo
    Ian Ong

    Nice Tze Char style dishes and sweet potato porridge. Great for family gathering meal.

    Pricier than kopitiam. But because it is restaurant set up. Free flow sweet potato porridge available. Eat till you drop if you are porridge lover.

  58. Avatar photo
    Thiew Reagan

    Porridge of the times..same flavour throughout the decade…though slightly pricier than usual..perhaps it’s due to the rising cost of living..
    Parking can be a bit challenging when dining on a weekend night.

  59. Avatar photo
    J Oasis

    The chef has been there for more than 30years..must try the one and only place for black bean promfret, originated from Taiwan

  60. Avatar photo
    Melvin Poon

    Somewhat pricy lunch – but it’s a nice oasis. Food is good!

  61. Avatar photo
    peter h t seow

    Good place to eat Taiwanese porridge which has been operating in Singapore for a long long long time!

  62. Avatar photo
    Kai Xun Ang

    Food isn’t that great. Scenery is not bad though the weather’s really hot

  63. Avatar photo
    Steven Teo

    Nice dishes that tastes good. Limited free parking is available. Worth the visit

  64. Avatar photo
    Belinda Low

    Good food and reasonable price

  65. Avatar photo
    Adrian Seah

    Pretty awesome Taiwanese porridge and delicious dishes, all at a reasonable price. The restaurant is in an idyllic setting in a park with dedicated parking. Highly recommended!

  66. Avatar photo
    Melvin PP

    Good o’l nostalgia porridge.

  67. Avatar photo
    Eddie Khoo

    “Heng Kang” lunch here at The Oasis Toa Payoh Town Park. Year of Tiger wish everybody good health good wealth …

  68. Avatar photo
    Ming zhu Wang

    Expensive and average food. Service is below average.

  69. Avatar photo
    J Lee

    Interesting establishment in the middle of a park.
    Aptly named!

  70. Avatar photo
    dr Iyan Darmawan

    Very tranquil and comfy place for dining while enjoying the beautiful pond

  71. Avatar photo
    Gilbert Chai

    A far cry from the original Oasis at National Stadium. Expensive porridge meal

  72. Avatar photo
    Dennis Choy

    cheap AND good . not crowded

  73. Avatar photo
    KWC 25

    Environment is clean snd nice ambience, food quality is average and service is good. Price slightly higher but reasonable for the unique location. It is not suitable for wheelchair users especially on rainy days. No proper shelter, the ramp is very slippery.

  74. Avatar photo
    K T Lim

    The Taiwanese Porridge is not ideal… They added cooked sweet potatoes to white Porridge. Not authentic as the Porridge do not have the infused sweetness if you cook it from scratch. Other dishes are OK. Omelette and Pig Trotters are good.

  75. Avatar photo
    Li Yun

    Came here on weekday evening. There was plenty of seats available. The free parking outside this restaurant also had plenty of empty lots. Ordered sweet potato porridge and a few other dishes for sharing. The tofu was good. Herbal chicken and chye poh egg is not bad too. It is better to come here in a group as dishes are for sharing.

  76. Avatar photo
    lionel cheokck

    Place is “historical” but the staff must not. You get the hint?

  77. Avatar photo
    Xinyi gxy

    Love the food here and the fact hat it opens till late night!
    Great place that my family visit everytime we finish late night bowling

  78. Avatar photo
    100 Toys

    Awesome food. Customer service tip top for the lady who serve us beside the payment counter today. They understand customers needs and try to accommodate us. Thank you very much for your understanding.

  79. Avatar photo
    Sensen Lim

    All the food overall tasty 8/10, but some of the staff the service a bit chaotic. We need to called them 3 4 times then they will give you what u need. But again maybe because last time i visit is crowded so yea. but everything ️️️️ …

  80. Avatar photo
    Adalyn Yeap

    Dropped by for lunch. Food was surprisingly tasty. Would come back to try more dishes.

  81. Avatar photo
    Richard Wong

    Was looking forward to traditional teochew porridge. Ordered been sprouts with salted fish. Very disappointed. No taste of salted fish. Only found 5 small bits of salted fish. To get more profit, you try to stinge on essential ingredients that make the dish. Penny wise pound foolish.

  82. Avatar photo

    Porridge itself is a soft bland canvas, and free flow. I like the special tofu dish and the 3 egg spinach, the former was simultaneously soft and crispy while the latter had a gravy that went well with the porridge.

    Wasn’t too impressed by the braised pork belly as the meat was a little tough at parts. The chye poh omelette too felt a little “overhyped” though admittedly it was fluffy.

    For the 3 of us with 4 dishes (no seafood, nor the peanut / achar appetisers), chrysanthemum tea and 2 desserts, our bill came to $87. That was a little startling. Enjoyed the company and experience though!

  83. Avatar photo

    Nowadays more like China foods drop alot standards…

  84. Avatar photo
    Roland Ang

    A good place to have Taiwanese porridge that comes with sweet potatoes. The dishes wise is consistent in term of quality and have been in menu since the days they were in Kallang oasis.

    The only feedback is in term of service, they need to be more attentive to customers, as for many times, we have to look for the staff to top up tea and porridge, when the restaurant is not crowded during off peak hours.

  85. Avatar photo
    Su Min Baey

    Staff friendly but food quality doesnt seem to be consistent. Not as good as before.

  86. Avatar photo
    Wils Yo

    Food and service is ok.. compare to 20 years ago at their old location @ Kallang, its stays…

  87. Avatar photo
    Ed Seng

    An institution when it comes to Taiwanese porridge in Singaopre. After shifting from its previous premises at the Kallang indoor stadium, the current location at Toa Payoh did not deter the restaurant from offering the same delicious standards for its Taiwan porridge fare. We had venison with spring onion, fresh cockles with its awesome chili sauce, and minced pork with salted egg. Awesome good stuff!

  88. Avatar photo
    Wai Yin Tee

    Was not expecting much from this restaurant, but turn out the food tasted pretty good and the price was reasonable. My favorite amongst the dishes ordered was the prawn paste chicken, pig liver with spring onion (texture of the liver cooked just nice and the sauce goes very well with porridge), steam fish (a bit on the bland side, could have made the soy sauce more salty, but the fish was quite big and very fresh). Fish maw soup is a bit bland, didnt quite like the mango pudding and almond longan.
    Will definitely go back to try their many other dishes.
    Minus 1 star for desserts which didn’t taste great and the lack of variety.

  89. Avatar photo
    nick wee

    The place reeks of childhood nostalgia! Food is decent and relatively affordable

    I especially enjoyed the tofu. The vegetables also had a nice hint of wok hey

  90. Avatar photo
    Joy Ng

    The porridge is good. Comes in a bucket, you can eat as much as you want. Price point middle range.

  91. Avatar photo
    Derrick Tan

    Like many other patrons, we have been visiting this restaurant since it was previously located beside the old national stadium.

    It’s was a place that the whole family enjoyed. Delicious, affordable, causal dining. NOT ANYMORE. We visited during peak lunch hour, and the adjacent carpark definitely seen much much much better days. The park beside the restaurant was a nice change from the usual brick and mortar facades of this concrete jungle. However, from what I was told, the park does not actually belong to the restaurant, so I will exclude that from my scoring.

    The place was near empty when we arrived. Service was ok, except when they were a bit pushy towards recommendation of items that were “market priced” even though it wasn’t needed. Appetiser of stewed peanuts strongly reminded me of the stuff you get from a can. Food was edible but not memorable in any way. It was a really mediocre lunch, and despite not ordering anything pricey, the bill came up to be higher then expected.

    We definitely miss the charms and food of the old place, but having tasted of how it is now, we won’t be back for sure.

  92. Avatar photo
    Raymond Tan

    nice dishes with free flow of porridge, the serving of the dishes are fast that it’s still hot. The waitress are very attentive to top up the hot tea and porridge.

  93. Avatar photo
    jeffrey leng

    Service is good, food is simple but taste good, gives you the Taiwan taste. Toilet is clean. A lot of parking space. Not many people.

  94. Avatar photo
    Stephen Sim

    Value for money, reasonably good food. Free flow of sweet potato porridge service is fast, ample tables and free parking.

  95. Avatar photo
    Eileen Kwek

    An aircon setting zichar place. Prices are reasonable like zichar coffeeshop. Will come back again. Parking is free for customers. Love the piping hot porridge with sweet potatoes…reminds me of my late grandma. Was given a $10 voucher with no minimum spend for next visit with no expiry date. No wonder why this place always have decent dining crowd. Will bring my extended family here for a big family dinner next time!

  96. Avatar photo
    KF Lee

    Free parking, nice environment. The food was normal. Forget about 滷鴨, any hawker centre can offer better quality. 鹹魚肉餅 has good portion of salted fish. Overall, nothing to shout about in terms of food quality.

  97. Avatar photo
    Lee Chrispher

    It was the one and only building in toa payoh Park so you can’t miss it. It was after a few take over until oasis took over.

    Generally we were going for the sweet potato porridge each table get a tub which is lovely. Smooth texture and not smash sweet potato which you still can enjoy it in chunks.

    Dishes were good and flavourful which is rare nowadays. Very simple and basic cooking that bring out the taste of each dishes.

    Recommended if you gonna bring elderly and seniors as their dishes were more of their tasting which they will appreciate more as compare to the kids.

  98. Avatar photo
    Matthew Tan

    Nostalgic.. Probably I grew up eating it

  99. Avatar photo
    cys edi

    This restaurant was at Kallang and was very popular with nightclubbers. Famous for their sweet potatoes porridges with a large varieties of traditional dishes. Relocated at this current location, it is far from the glamorous past but still kept its flavour. A nice standalone building in the park with peaceful scenery. Can almost feel like I am in oversea dining here. Their dishes are traditional. The raw cockles is popular here. Black beans sauce fish is slightly saltish but that is where the sweet potatoes porridges comes in. Service is cordial and friendly. Overall, a nice walk in the park feeling.

  100. Avatar photo
    Wong KL

    Standard drop so much, still prefer the old stadium Oasis….

  101. Avatar photo
    Ho poh choo

    You will serve a tub of porridge. Per head cost $1.80

  102. Avatar photo
    Sleepy Sleeping

    Have been going to this place since long time ago when they were at Kallang. Love their food, like home cooked food and sweet potato porridge.

  103. Avatar photo
    Beautiful Life

    Nice food, great varieties of dishes, comfortable place of dining and reasonably priced . Great place for gathering.

  104. Avatar photo

    …. reliable and tasty cooked dishes for light or heavy meal, good value. Do pre-order braised duck for dinners.

  105. Avatar photo
    Whye Kin Woo

    Good ambience, food is pretty nice. Porridge as main staple, wide variety of food. You can go light or can go heavy on seafood. Price is ok for a restaurant.

  106. Avatar photo
    Pin Lay Chi

    It’s my second time to Oasis for porridge and we were lucky to get a car park lot in the limited parking area reserved for patrons. Saw that two cars were wheelclamped when we arrived! The porridge came piping hot with sweet potatoes and it was comfort food for me right from the start. We over ordered for 3 pax! Definitely will go again as I love teochew porridge and also we were seated overlooking the iconic Toa Payoh garden which was about the most photographed place last time when couples take their wedding pix there!! Nostalgia for me definitely! Pssst
    ..forgot to mention the dishes were great esp the braised duck!!! Slurp….

  107. Avatar photo
    Chris Chris

    Typical Chinese looking restaurant. Setting is plain but the garden view made up for the plain setting. Lots of dishes to order from the menu, to go with porridge. Love the venison dish, the kailan fried with tau kee dish and the sliced fishes in black bean sauce.

  108. Avatar photo
    Phetkarmol Boey

    Different from last time at kallang oasis liao

  109. Avatar photo
    Kathlyn Tsang

    Had a very good lunch there — porridge with chilli kangkong, sweet-sour pork and tofu. All these would be my go-to dishes.

    The failures are: the steamed pork — it was very porky. We had to add chilli to disguise the taste. The 3-egg vegetable dish was quite ordinary. And avoid the mango pudding — it tasted very artificial.

  110. Avatar photo
    WL Ang

    Comforting hot porridge with simple dishes that are well prepared sends a warm and fuzzy feeling to my tummy. Pretty relaxing to enjoy your meal while admiring the pond and greenery.

  111. Avatar photo

    Grew up having it in Kallang and so many years later, the quality is still excellent as I have remembered it!

  112. Avatar photo
    david ng

    One of the best taiwan porridge found in Singapore

  113. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Barak Perisseuo

    Food is tasty but felt very thirsty afterwards

  114. Avatar photo
    chris chong

    Order 盆菜for reunion dinner. The white promfret is Not fresh. This year 盆菜lacks dried oysterm

  115. Avatar photo
    Heng Foong Tzeng

    Family style restaurant with decent servings

  116. Avatar photo
    Karnex Ko

    the food was decent, but just that the service staff will keep stand beside you, when you are still looking at the menu and deciding on what food to eat.

  117. Avatar photo
    Akemi L

    Food wasn’t cheap but portion quite acceptable. Service staff was quite rude though. Cleared unfinished food from our table without even courtesy to ask 1st.

  118. Avatar photo
    KP Chen

    had dinner with friends on a Sunday evening. place was packed with families. service was very good and the food was pleasant as well. since it’s a Taiwanese porridge establishment, we had that along with herbal steamed chicken, sambal clams and a dish called 3 types of eggs with Chinese spinach. overall a pleasant experience.

  119. Avatar photo
    Rita Kee

    Our favourite place for porridge

  120. Avatar photo
    Sung Yiau Lee

    Very good porridge @ restaurant pricing

  121. Avatar photo

    Great place for family

  122. Avatar photo
    Yim Yoke Leng

    Quite place. Nice scenery. Service is good. Food is good too. I even brought in my pet hamster in her cage cause I was just done with her review at the vet. And I cannot leave her in the car. They didn’t chase me out like other places when we called and ask.

  123. Avatar photo
    Samuel T.

    Nice porridge. The dishes were a little pricey for the kind of home cooked fare

  124. Avatar photo
    Summer Cheng

    From Kallang Oasis to current venue… Part of my childhood memories. Food still tastes the same as it was in Kallang… Hopefully they will stay on at current venue. (“,)

  125. Avatar photo
    Hanna Fong

    The porridge lives up to the name of the restaurant. We like the taste which is unique and my dad took 3 bowls of it and is free flow. The dishes like claypot toufu, frog leg fried with ginger and spring onion, egg, chicken are good since we finished all the food. Restaurant is clean and spacious so is good for family with children. There was no problem with parking since it has parking space in front of the restaurant. Fast and good service.

  126. Avatar photo
    Duck Lim

    Quite a good place for a taiwan porridge
    Still as good as in the kallang

  127. Avatar photo

    Love the porridge here with the dishes. Would usually bring my Japanese guests and friends here and some of their favorites include stir fry bean spouts, fish (both steamed and fried ones with black bean sauce), tofu and clams.

  128. Avatar photo
    Teho Siudai

    The salted fried chicken, kolo pork was good, had the homecooked food taste. They have their own toilets as well, but their resident houselizards can be found sneaking a peek while u take a leak so remember to close the doors!

  129. Avatar photo
    zac yesthatsme

    Come here for the porridge but pay for the side dishes. The porridge is free flow and very good. (I don’t know what they put in it haha) The prices jump as you order the meat and veg dishes. Just eat the porridge and zao.

  130. Avatar photo
    Colin Hong (googlercolin)

    Great food! You have to try the preserved radish tofu, braised duck and pigs trotter! The food here isn’t very pricey and there’s free flow of delicious porridge. However, the service here is fair because one of the staff was very impatient and generally focused on serving customers who just arrived, making service very impersonal.

  131. Avatar photo
    Haitang W

    Great environment and nice dishes.

  132. Avatar photo
    Jake K.

    Good food but too pricey.

  133. Avatar photo
    Yen Lin

    Its a must for taiwnese sweet potato porridge!

  134. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Chia

    This restaurant has seen better days.

  135. Avatar photo
    RE People

    Not as good as before but decent enough for me to return each time. Staff are friendly and food serbed are piping hot.

  136. Avatar photo
    Yeing Yeing Hannah Soh

    Quiet for supper. Service was good, food was served quickly. Great place for Taiwanese porridge.

  137. Avatar photo
    Celeste Heng

    Food choices was ok. Quite crowded at peak hours but service time still ok. But price is definitely on the high side

  138. Avatar photo
    KWC 25

    Environment is clean snd nice ambience, food quality is average and service is good. Price slightly higher but reasonable for the unique location. It is not suitable for wheelchair users especially on rainy days. No proper shelter, the ramp is very slippery.

  139. Avatar photo
    Irwin Tan

    Good food, but can be pricey

  140. Avatar photo
    Siyun Tan

    Awesome sweet potato porridge and dishes that matches perfectly. A little pricey though.

  141. Avatar photo
    Diana Yap

    Tasty food but a little expensive.

  142. Avatar photo
    Andy Mok

    Great place for porridge. Food is excellent.

  143. Avatar photo
    John Ng Cheong Ann

    No sufficient car park space.

  144. Avatar photo

    The foods not really good like last time …

  145. Avatar photo
    Tan Thomas

    Location is good. Good and helpful staff. But the food is sub standard. Ordered half braise duck give like quarter and a bit. Vegetable was not appealing and “shou Mee” totally not up to standard. “Ha zhou” is not fresh.

  146. Avatar photo
    melly Mew

    Started dining there since more than 20 years ago when they were at national stadium. The standard maintained if not better!! but the price tag is crazy as compared to once upon a time.

  147. Avatar photo
    Mike Lim

    Good location for family dinner. Wide menu spread, air-con and easy parking.

  148. Avatar photo
    Keith M

    Nice park ambience. Opens till 4am. Open air parking right beside. Food is decent, plenty of variety. Service is ok.

  149. Avatar photo
    Zachary Soon

    Made a reservation a month in advance for Fathers Day dinner, and arrived 10mins early. But the restaurant decided that it was okay to double book their tables. Easily 5-8 families waiting for their reservation. A group with a reservation half an hour after us went in before us. Oasis needs to rethink how they handle reservations

  150. Avatar photo
    The Linear

    Food standard dropped, too expensive. Not worth it at all, can get something better with 60% of wat we paid

  151. Avatar photo
    Jacques De Marquis

    Nice scenic view while having lunch..

  152. Avatar photo
    David Ang

    Still the same quality as when they were in Kallang. Car park however is a big issue. Good and friendly service also.

  153. Avatar photo
    Yvontz Tan

    An authentic Taiwan Porridge restaurant that is full of memories. A supper place where we went at least 20yrs ago after night ktv & as they r the few restaurants that opened till late. A place that i will think of when craving for atas porridge.. ️ the sweet potato, fresh cockles, cai po egg etc.. A place that I will never forget.. #msgreedysis #greedybuddiez

  154. Avatar photo
    Wen S

    Nice comforting food! Nothing much more to ask for.

  155. Avatar photo
    Adrian Chan

    I like that carpark is just beside it and that there is restroom inside eatery

    The waitress however dipp her finger as she was serving my porridge. Yucks

    Food still oK. Price reasonable
    Waitresss mostly still ok not rude or anything

    Edit : they price hike One dollar Extra for Every dish apart from porridge and Tea…. Zzz…. And they are still dipping finger into the dishes like vege

  156. Avatar photo
    Cathy Wong

    By 7.30pm, a lot of the food is sold out. Didn’t find the food here Super nice. So so only. Staffs service were also so so. Maybe mostly are old age staffs so they think they know more than you. A bit impatient.

  157. Avatar photo
    Celest Blanloeil

    Porridge was good, service is tip top. Just like what you would expect from a 5 star Chinese restaurant. Food is tasty but just alright, could do a tad better than the local neighborhood Zi chars. Great for business luncheons or dinners.

  158. Avatar photo
    Brandon Lee

    Very nice sweet potato porridge and toman fish with spinach

  159. Avatar photo
    FF x EE

    Teochew authentic food with affordable price

  160. Avatar photo

    Nostalgic place to dine. Food standard is above average. Price is steep for certain dishes.

  161. Avatar photo
    raj deva

    The different porridge will make you salivate.

  162. Avatar photo
    Lionel Lee

    It was a wonderful lunch with the added trip down memory lane of old style Chinese cooking in Singapore. The nondescript decor and old style tableware brought back memories of the traditional neighborhood Chinese restaurants. The matured serving staff added to the nostalgia.

    We ordered a lazy susan full of dishes to accompany the iconic sweet potato porridge. The sambal was a full flavored and generous smacking of dried shrimps and chillies on the stir fried kangkong vegetable with cockles. The cold chicken feet with Thai sauce was a rare treat. The homemade deep fried tofu wore a crispy coat over the melt-in-your mouth soy beancurd. The omelette had a generous serving of oysters.

    We were not big fans of the signature braised pork due to the rough fibrous texture and the braised pig intestines with salted vegetable could have used more flavor. The boiled chicken was leaner than other versions.

  163. Avatar photo
    V O

    A restaurant from my childhood days, the taste still great..

  164. Avatar photo
    Shuyi Kim

    lovely food! yummy but expensive

  165. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tay

    Its alright. Quite quiet on a Tuesday evening.

  166. Avatar photo
    dogcom sg

    Haven’t been here for quite a long time. The food was good as we knew it before. Service was good even though there were a couple of minor issues; the waitress keep recommending the expensive dishes and they billed us for 12 paxs (for items that goes by per pax – towels and porridge) when we were only 10. The cashier accepted our feedbacks and refunded the amount overcharged. Parking is very limited and usually it’s full. You should park at Toa Payoh Stadium which is just next door. If you didn’t park at the stadium car park and encountered a full car park at restaurant, you just need to drive just a stone’s throw away further down the road, turn left, that will spin underground across the road to HDB Hub basement car park. After that you just cross the road.

  167. Avatar photo
    Wilson Foo

    From Kallang moved to Toa Payoh, from my childhood to now, Oasis is still the same great tasting porridge after all these years. Yes, prices have gone up, some items like dou miao removed from menu, but the perennial favourites are still there. The cockles are smaller than before though but this is happening every where.

    But still grateful for a bowl of warm porridge on a cold day. Will continue to support as long as they are operating and taste remains unchanged.

  168. Avatar photo
    Andy Yeo

    Went there with high recommedation from my friend. Service wise the captain or cashier was good. But the waitress attitude was hmmm.. no comments. Food is so so frankly but its not expensive so i would go there if i just happen to be around there.

  169. Avatar photo

    Nice food with friendly service staffs.

  170. Avatar photo
    Tan Jone

    … not as good as when they were at Kallang… but overall food, environment and prices are still competitive…

  171. Avatar photo
    Mo Iggy Loh

    This is one of my favourite restaurants since I was a child, when they were located in Kallang. Recently, they have changed their main chef and menu, with the food quality improving tremendously. I will recommend the Oasis tofu, braised pork, cockles (sea hum), Chinese spinach with three eggs, which will go well with the porridge. Try out the other dishes if you are there for a feast too.

    Usually, the restaurant will crowded on weekend nights. So for those who are driving and if the carpark is full, you can consider parking at the HDB Hub carpark, or the swimming pool carpark (located next to Toa Payoh Park).

  172. Avatar photo
    Pak Soon Lau

    Nice food and service.

  173. Avatar photo
    Lip Yong Lim

    Haven’t been since they moved from Kallang years ago. Food was excellent. The chye poh omelette is as good as ever! The price has gone up quite a bit. Just that the food doesn’t quite warrant the price.

  174. Avatar photo
    Jason Ong

    Previously located next to the two stadiums in Kallang, they have since shifted to a circular building in Toa Payoh Gardens, opposite the HDB Hub.
    It’s a nice alternative to the more common Teochew Porridge. What sets it apart is their porridge, served in a small heat retaining tub, is cooked with sweet potatoes. It’s free flow, so you can ask for as many refills as you want.
    My favourite dishes here include the steam kampung chicken, chai poh egg, si chuan vegetable with pork, salted fish bean sprouts, and chai poh tofu. The braised duck, which seems to be popular, is slightly gamey for my taste, but otherwise it was not bad.
    I usually go in the evening, so most times it gets too dark to see much of the garden, but if you go earlier, you can enjoy the view of the pond while dining there.
    They currently have a promotion where you receive a voucher of 10% of your bill. The best thing is that the vouchers don’t expire, so remember to keep it in your wallet for the next visit.

  175. Avatar photo
    Patrick Poh

    Food is slightly on the pricy side but good service and nice ambience (by the pond). Parking is free in the day too. Will consider going back. Enjoyed the omelette, Vege and toufu. Minced meat was a little too tough and heavy. Pork belly was ok.

  176. Avatar photo

    Nice place for porridge and side dishes.

  177. Avatar photo
    Darren Siow

    Good quality food at reasonable prices. The ambiance is also peaceful. Ask for their specialty dishes which are not on the menu.

  178. Avatar photo
    Dina Djafar

    The fish is a must to order.. many come here for the porridge..

  179. Avatar photo
    Veronica Phua

    Perhaps it’s the start of a new year but I was hit by a wave of nostalgia and thought of Oasis Taiwan Porridge, a Chinese restaurant we used to frequent very regularly for suppers about two decades ago. This was during the time when it was located in Kallang – also in a round building and surrounded by water, just like it is now at Toa Payoh Gardens (and if you know what I’m talking about, I guess we’re about the same age ).
    Since there were just us two yesterday, I could only order most of our old favourites: Stirfried Szechuan Vegetable with Pork, Chye Por Omelette, Cold Silken Tofu in Soya Sauce with Century Egg and Pork Floss, Stirfried Beansprouts with Salted Fish, and Braised Pork.
    The highlight for me though, has always been their porridge which is cooked to the perfect consistency with sweet potato. And because it is served in a thermos container wheeled over on a trolley which stays by your table, it is still nice and warm when you help yourself to more later.
    Aside from the rather dry braised pork we encountered yesterday, the rest of the dishes were fine. Flavours tasted as old-school and robust as I recall. The food was still on the oily side (it’s like they never got the government’s memo to go healthier ) but it’s exactly why the clean-tasting porridge paired well with them I guess.

  180. Avatar photo
    Steven Tay

    Free parking and nice place for lunch.

  181. Avatar photo
    Freddy Kua

    The porridge is good. Ambience is good. Have been visiting for many years since their Kallang days. Good to see many aunties working here for Long career. Prices Are at high side though, for a “simple” porridge meal.

  182. Avatar photo
    Tony Ho

    Late night Taiwan porridge. Opens till very late. Food is alright. Walk in possible. Cost is above average but not too high. Carpark is very small but should be no issue if you visit late at night.

  183. Avatar photo
    Clement Teh

    originally located at oasis floating restaurnt near the sports hub, they have relocated to the Toa Payoh Central Garden. Very much like the origimal restaurant they still use the same condiments and receptacles to serve Taiwanese porridge and their associated dishes.

  184. Avatar photo
    lye samuel

    My favourite taiwanese porridge since young …

  185. Avatar photo
    Edmund Heng

    The food is damn amazing!!! The calamari. Whalao eh damn shiok!!!! Omg Omg ! !!!

  186. Avatar photo
    Benson Lin

    Food quality not as good as before. Although I have not ate there for some years until recently.

  187. Avatar photo

    Food was alright & decent. Price are at a higher point. Staffs are quite lazy & not professional

  188. Avatar photo
    Helen Sng

    Went there first time since they moved to Toa Payoh.

    Parking convenient open carpark within walking distance to restaurant .

    Ordered porridge n different varieties of food. Everyone in family satisfied with food.

    Restaurant ambience clean n spacious.

  189. Avatar photo
    Shir YH

    After onsite church service, my hubby suggested to come here with my daughter and her boyfriend.

    We ordered 4 dishes with sweet potato porridge and a pot of hot chrysanthenum tea.
    I must say that the chrysanthenum tea was like as if it has been sieved so many’s literally bland.
    I could not even smell the chrysanthenum at all.
    I really hope they could improve on the quality of their tea please.
    Overall, the cost of the lunch was $71.45.
    The only advantage is that it is not so crowded and we enjoyed the nice greenery around the restaurant and the airconditioning at 12 plus in a hot afternoon.

  190. Avatar photo
    Zoe J

    Visited this place many times, absolutely love the free flow porridge. Price is reasonable if we don’t order seafood.

  191. Avatar photo
    Freddie Fun

    Reasonable price for food

  192. Avatar photo
    Alvin Ang

    Over priced and food quality and taste of the dishes is very bad. Nothing like what it was used to be when it was at the old Kallang place. Imagine the best tasting food there was the sweet potato porridge.

  193. Avatar photo

    Salted egg sweet potatoes is really tasty ! Rest of the food are also alright.

  194. Avatar photo
    Gibson Chan

    Very very decent if you like Taiwan porridge. Slightly on the expensive side though.

  195. Avatar photo
    Jun Hong Tan

    Brought my parents there and I found out that it was my mum’s second visit after many years!

    The food wasn’t salty at all. Ordered the meatcake, prawn rolls, spinach soup with three kinds of eggs and their homemade tofu.

    The service quality is superb. Definitely a 5/5 for me!

    And also, they are just located in the park, next to the carpark. I will return there again if I can!

  196. Avatar photo
    Douglas Ng

    Friendly staff. Nice sweet potato porridge with braised duck, herbal kampong chicken, chyepoh omelette, braised beancurd…

  197. Avatar photo
    Dawen Choy

    Good food, fast service. Food came within 10min of ordering despite it being dinner peak hour!

  198. Avatar photo
    Chris Yeow

    Love the food. Have been patronising since I was a kid.

  199. Avatar photo
    patrick lee

    the recommended steamed chicken are not that good, the rest of the dishes are fresh and deliciously well cooked. i love the pork liver in claypot ! the service here are good, mostly mature staff.

  200. Avatar photo
    Judith Cooks

    A place with lots of memories and nostalgia for me. The porridge, I would have preferred it less watery but otherwise, their food is very comforting and where else can you find such cozy porridge place that opens until late in Singapore and good parking.

  201. Avatar photo
    tainted love

    The old place seems to be a better one than now. I believe the menu and chef have changed quite abit

  202. Avatar photo
    Mon T

    Have been eating this with my family for over 2 decades! Because they have expanded their menu since before, what you order may / may not be something they are really good at!

    Call us boring but we always go back to these same few dishes and they’ve not failed us.

    The chai poh egg, like many other reviews, this goes really well with the sweet potato porridge, although it is a bit too oily sometimes.

    Claypot tofu, it is braised long enough that the gravy seeps deep into the tofu and the ingredients that follows making this a superb dish. Really is one of the must order!

    Service is okay, but I feel that sometimes after working in the same environment for too long, staff may become complacent so refresher course to address service should be provided to these waiters and waitresses who have been with the company for over 2 decades.

    To get customers to spend more, the waitresses will always ask you to order seafood, fish followed by poultry. Sometimes they may be a bit too pushy and appear unhappy if we reject all their introduction, and I’m sure this gesture may eventually rub some customers off the wrong way.

  203. Avatar photo

    Transitional Teochew porridge restaurant. Lovely place by Toa Payoh stadium. Free parking for those who drives there!

  204. Avatar photo
    Aileen Lim

    Nice ambience, good location and great food.

  205. Avatar photo
    Lyn Goh

    Overall great dining experience with attentive service. Food is of good quality.

  206. Avatar photo
    Joanna Tan

    Good food and good service. Walking distance from my residence.

  207. Avatar photo
    Ivy L

    Fav place for porrdge since young.
    A good dining place for families. Excellent choice for porridge lover.

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