Review Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng, 18 Tai Seng St, Singapore

Review nomVnom 18 Tai Seng - Singapore 18 Tai Seng St

“Cant believe this is vegan food! the burger is actually tasty and healthy too! love it” or “One of the best vegetarian food. The assam udon is so creamy. Kimchi udon is light and tasty. The fish wasabi is so crispy and delicious!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng is quality.

Introduction about Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng

Here are some fundamental details regarding Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng. In terms of Vegan restaurant, it is generally believed that Nomvnom 18 Tai Sengis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 18 Tai Seng St, B1-02, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Vegan restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 63849678 (+65 63849678)
  • Website:
  • Address: 18 Tai Seng St, B1-02, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9 AM to 9 PM.


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You can reach Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng at 63849678(+65 63849678). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 18 Tai Seng St, B1-02, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng reviews

Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng is among the best destinations of Vegan restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng good?

To determine whether Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Cant believe this is vegan food! the burger is actually tasty and healthy too! love it”

“One of the best vegetarian food. The assam udon is so creamy. Kimchi udon is light and tasty. The fish wasabi is so crispy and delicious!”

“Love the burger I ordered & the sweet potato fries. Little pricey but the store definitely offers pretty healthy food and it’s super satisfying ”

“Great tasting food loved th truffle burger . Will go back for more to try the rest of their meals ”

“Love the burgers! Lion mane burger and nom nom rendang burger were really good. Mixed fries were tasty too. Pasta was great for my son. Love their fresh, light, healthy tasting foods! Strongly recommend.”

“Had a great dinner with my mom, wife and son. The vegetarian foods are tasty and affordable. Nice cosy environment for friends and families to bond.”

“Very delicious, a bit pricey compared to its nearby shops though ”

“Can't believe these are vegan food Taste is delicious …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 242 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 88% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Nomvnom 18 Tai Seng, 18 Tai Seng St, Singapore

There is a total 242 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Louis Cullen

    super yummy vegan chicken rice

  2. Avatar photo

    Good food for a lunch meal.

  3. Avatar photo
    Meera Vaishali

    Can’t believe these are vegan food
    Taste is delicious …

  4. Avatar photo
    Henry Ng

    Good & healthy food, great service!

  5. Avatar photo

    Had truffle soup, double patty burger, mushroom noodle and dumpling soup. Quite tasty especially the burger but i hope the patty was baked instead of oil fried to reduce calories. Truffle soup was fragrant. Dumplings and mushroom noodle not too bad. Price a bit on the high side. Once a while i don’t mind eating here.

  6. Avatar photo

    Good food.

  7. Avatar photo

    good food and nice place
    would recommend

  8. Avatar photo
    yeoC tzeling

    Loved the dumpling udon and miso soup.

  9. Avatar photo
    Mun Heh Kok

    Food and service good as usual even during promotion and crowned like the Pesto so much.Hope can always have tis kind of promo

  10. Avatar photo
    Cat T

    Haven’t had burgers for some time… Ordered Lion Extreme Burger $13.90 good flavours, distinctive taste of truffle, plenty of mushrooms added $0.60 for more veggies, maybe that’s the reason for the mayonnaise kept sliding out.
    Assam curry upon $10.90, very spicy, quite shiok for lover of spiciness. Good portion of udon (not the very thick type), cabbage, fried soya curd. The sweet plum vinegar cleansed the palate, very refreshing.
    Would return to try other items on the menu.

  11. Avatar photo
    Yen Hua

    My favorite straightforward balance recharges pit stop

  12. Avatar photo

    Wow!…so many Veg Burger to try! Love the vinegar offered by them.

  13. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Chang

    Good food , especially the truffle fries and the mala udon

  14. Avatar photo
    Sailendra Kanagasundram

    Excellent veggie Burger. Almost couldnt tell!

  15. Avatar photo
    Alicia Tan Xin Ru

    Excellent food taste & services!!

    The counter uncle who sell the burgers is really polite & friendy. I went there for lunch just now , after he serve my food he actually ask if I required cutlery & even gloves to eat my burger ( cause I told him I will use my bare hands instead ) . Seeing my tissue box is smaller on the table , he swope a bigger one for me . Really friendly staff & will recommend everyone to try!

    I’m not a vegetarian but the burgers here are of standard & doesn’t taste like vegetarian food! ( like the taste of mock meat)

    They make it on the spot so do wait a bit for your burger .

    One of my favorite healthy burger place

  16. Avatar photo
    Hunter Tyler

    I would highly recommend trying it out here. Sure, Vegi burger don’t sound appealing but I was surprised how good it is! If vegi burger ain’t your thing, they still have pasta!

  17. Avatar photo
    Robo Duck

    It’s good but I didn’t eat there, there was some problem with the tracking

  18. Avatar photo
    honey Sine

    Good service and delicious food for vegan &vegetarian. Have more option

  19. Avatar photo
    Surin Michael Jackson

    When someday checking checking nearby food, never been but my kind of food, I’m in love with this foods, ..nice.. there is no place like other for vegans then your reaction woooow!!

  20. Avatar photo
    Xiao Wang Yah

    Perfect place to refuel for your body by Absolutely Amazing Wonderful Fantastic Fully Vegan Food Station, it taste Superb Good Definitely a place to try even if you aren’t vegan and highly recommended!!! …

  21. Avatar photo
    Wong Chie Mun

    Very delicious mala and very good and comfort in taiseng

  22. Avatar photo

    Great meal, friendly staff

  23. Avatar photo
    Theng Kiat Chua

    good food (vegetarian burger), a lot of choices, good service

  24. Avatar photo
    Choon Kiat Wang

    Nice food. Kids live the stuffed toys that are part of the deco.

  25. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tee

    Vegan restaurant serving primarily burgers and pastas. Strong and rich in flavor and there are some unique burgers such as the beetroot burger which you can’t find in other places. All burgers and pasta comes with a small glass of complimentary fruit vinegar if dine in. They also have a nice range of appetizer and finger food to add to your meal. My personal favorite is the banana balls. In terms of ambience, the place is decorated with many soft toys which gives a homely and cozy feel. There is also free WiFi provided. The staffs are generally friendly . Price tends to be on mid range, on average a meal can cost around $10 per person. The shop located in 18 Tai Seng is easily accessible from Tai Seng MRT Station.

  26. Avatar photo
    amber ong

    Super nice food and service. Definitely will come again as a non vegetarian!

  27. Avatar photo
    Bendy Chua

    Went on weekday for dinner, no queue but was not empty. Not familiar with vegan food but I quite liked it. Ordered the bolognese pasta. The sauce was more on the sweet side but their pasta was cooked nicely. I liked the additional touch of vege as garnish as well. The meal even comes with an apple cider vinegar drink to drink before starting your meal, yums!

  28. Avatar photo
    Chua Swee kim

    Variety of vegetarian food

  29. Avatar photo
    Linda Neo

    Nice yummy vegan burger. Ingredients are fresh.

  30. Avatar photo
    Pauline Tan

    The vegan food is great! Lots of varieties!Many vegan burgers choices including pasta. Must try are the fried banana balls and croquette potato balls so soft crispy and yummy! I love the spicy kimchi soup too!

    Only thing is they don’t have a baby chair if you bring your toddler.

  31. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Teo

    Love the healthy food

  32. Avatar photo
    林宅莉TekLee Iris Lim

    Staff helpgul n friendly

  33. Avatar photo
    MJ Suren

    Having Party Function organized by great event, drop by having great vegan meal, stay healthy like MJ do!

  34. Avatar photo
    No Name

    I came in at about 11+am, so the burger (lion’s head truffle) was warmed fresh. It was good. (though I wish napkins had been provided)

  35. Avatar photo
    diong choong yan

    Nice food, nice service, delicious yummy …

  36. Avatar photo
    Richard Yong

    First the presentation was a nice surprise and makes great food shots. Wide range of burger choices. The Truffled Mushroom Soup is a must try if you like real taste of mushroom. Lion’s Mane Truffle is signature indeed. Love the buns lightly toasted. Burdock Spring Roll can be addictive as sides. Mixed Sweet Potato Fries just outstanding. I will be back for more!

  37. Avatar photo
    Michelle Lim

    Cant believe this is vegan food! the burger is actually tasty and healthy too! love it

  38. Avatar photo
    Ss Soong

    very delicious food and friendly staff, always eat this and strongly recommend for all ~

  39. Avatar photo
    Boon Kiat Goh

    A vegetarian restaurant in Tai Seng

  40. Avatar photo
    Matku Apek

    Delicious fresh burgers and fragrant cakes,
    Yummy Delicious Crazy Baguette!!!!!

  41. Avatar photo
    Grace Lee

    This place serves amazing vegan food! They have a variety of dishes from burgers to udon. Ordered shacha udon, temptation satay and black peppered cowless burger. The buns are really soft and the proteins are well marinated with sauce! Highly recommend this place for non-vegetarians who are curious about meatless alternatives. There’s something for everyone!

  42. Avatar photo
    Zhi Hao Tea

    Expensive af but the food is meh… disappointing

  43. Avatar photo
    Azam Ameer

    Great tasting food loved th truffle burger .

    Will go back for more to try the rest of their meals

  44. Avatar photo
    Winston C

    First time at this place. They are offering vegan dishes. Quite a bit of choices. Standard of food is good. Would go back again if I am in that area. They only have 1 service staff while I was there, taking orders and serving. Fortunately did not have to wait too long.

  45. Avatar photo
    Koh Kai Zhen

    Healthy choice to have a tasty vegan burger meal over the household fast food restaurants.

    Ordered Tempeh Rendang burger and i can say that the burger is flavourful and should appeal the approval of carnivorous’s taste bud.

    Also, mushroom fritters is a recommended add-on for the sides.

    The overall price would be downside as the burger is slightly more expensive as compared to Mcdonald or Burger King.

  46. Avatar photo
    Wendy Wong

    Wonderful dinner with Mala Udon. Nice taste, must try it.

  47. Avatar photo
    Cherrie Tan

    Order grabfood. Food is delish, generous portion. I can’t tell the patty is soy or lion mane. The mushroom in the burger mades the whole burger taste very good!

  48. Avatar photo
    holly trower

    The food I had was excellent! The king oyster burger had some truffle flavoured dressing, and the overall taste was complex and harmonious.
    The ambiance – ventilation and general attitude of the staff there, could be improved and more deserving of the menu prices.

  49. Avatar photo
    Teoh Lee Ching

    The food is delicious, the staff are very friendly, and the setting is beautiful.

  50. Avatar photo
    Ee Lim Kok

    Suprised and super lucky to find out that they have Hainanese Chickless Rice today! Chickless pattt is juicy, rice is fragrant and tasty, the spicy chili & fresh ginger sauce goes perfectly rice. Love it!

  51. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Lim

    Delicious burgers!

  52. Avatar photo
    Elly akatim

    Nice food!

  53. Avatar photo
    Leena Deodhar

    It was decent burger for average $10

  54. Avatar photo
    Rachel L

    Better than meat burgers

  55. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey K

    Good food and services

  56. Avatar photo
    kristopher yang

    Decent but very the cramp. At time like covid19 beware

  57. Avatar photo
    KG Chua

    Excellent burgers !!

  58. Avatar photo
    Jshe Adrian


  59. Avatar photo
    Liew Woi Kiat

    The food and services have always been extraordinary and best in class. It’s a must go vegan restaurant in Singapore.

  60. Avatar photo
    Theoretical -

    Vegan cafes are limited in Singapore and nomVnom is a great place to start eating vegan.

  61. Avatar photo
    Karmen Chen

    Very good delicious burgers. Very generous serving of fries. I order the truffle lion mane burger and it was great. Drinks also very nice. Definitely coming back!

  62. Avatar photo
    linda heng

    Thank you for your food and excellent service!!
    I was introduced to this vegetarian restaurant through a friend and it was not disappointed!
    And this is my third time eating because my son loves the truffles mushrooms pasta and truffles fries

  63. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn Loh

    Great vegan restaurant with a modern take on classic dishes. Truffle pasta was a little too over cooked but the Lion’s Mane Truffle Burger is to die for. Nuggets are great but sometimes a bit over cooked too.

  64. Avatar photo
    Serena Khor

    Nice vegan fast food and nice service. …

  65. Avatar photo
    raymond gan cy

    Food nice

  66. Avatar photo
    XS Ser

    Good service and delicious food

  67. Avatar photo
    Bryan Wang 王識量


  68. Avatar photo

    good …

  69. Avatar photo
    Kok Ee Lim

    Very good food! Almost didnt taste like vegetarian. I love the burgers esp Lion Mane and truffle fries

  70. Avatar photo
    Yn Yn

    Yummy. Tasty foods.

  71. Avatar photo
    James Allnutt

    Recently vegetarian I’ve been looking for more and more places which do vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

    A lot of them are really poor effort.

    nomVnom doesn’t follow that trend. They’ve got a wide range of vegetarian and vegan burger options, with a variety of patties as well.

    The burgers also look really good, they should redo their menu pictures cause it doesn’t do them justice!

    Staff were lovely and friendly, and the restaurant was clean and easy to find!

  72. Avatar photo
    IVY MU

    The truffle mushrooms soup is a must try!
    The assam curry udon plus ingredients, overall can say good also ..
    Burdock spring roll skin too thick that tasted chewy instead of crispy..
    Organic rainbow salad given sauce too little..
    Fresh lemon passion fruit tea tasted real fruit in it and without ice but served cold, this is what I applaud of..
    Will try again for pizza, burgers at Clarke quay outlets as Tai Seng not selling pizzas..

  73. Avatar photo
    Ruki yann

    Good food. Price wise , it is slightly expensive. Customer service is excellent. I notices some in terms of environment cleaniness and price I won’t give full mark.

  74. Avatar photo
    Shaun Tan

    Really good food. Very surprised that vegan food can taste that good even though I am a meat lover.
    Really friendly staff too!

  75. Avatar photo
    Mark Yeo

    Great vegetarian burger place! Love the Lions mane truffle burger. The patty is nice and crispy. Nice little touch with the shot of apple cider that comes with the meal.

    One issue though; too many options!!

  76. Avatar photo

    The mushroom burger w truffle mayo was delicious. The meal came with a shot of vinegar. The mixed potato fries was also nice. There is a $2 discount if you order a set meal. A nice vegetarian option!! Suitable for teens.

  77. Avatar photo
    Jo-Lin Koh

    Update jun 2022 4 stars
    Had Sunday lunch in. All tables taken.
    I had cheesy QQ fries and hojicha. Got $2 off as a set. Very good tasting and portion works for me.

    Update 30 Jul 2021 3 stars took out for dinner (P2HA) Tempe rendang and purpurlish and fries. Burger sauce and tempeh was too salty.

    Had not been back for more than a year cos last time we took away burgers they had a synthetic taste.

    Guess we won’t be back for while. Dropping five star to three. (Rounding up from 2.5)

    Original posts from 2019:

    Every bite is a joy.
    I’ve tried several of their burgers. They were all satisfying. Hard to decide a favourite… I guess the rendang must be it.

    The bread bun is light and doesn’t fill up tummy unnecessarily. The rendang sauce is spicy but not overpowering. I eat the crunchies and cucumber separately so that they don’t lose their crunch n also I want to taste the soya pattie with the sauce without any distractions!!!

    And the accompanying foc cidar amuse bouche cleans the palette nicely(this isn’t available at the central branch)

    A weekly must for me.

    Update 11 Dec 19
    Tried the cheesy QQ for a second time after a long time. The battered mushrooms were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The cheese was thick but not overpowering. This is listed as the outlet’s #5 burger. I need to get to #4 next and work myself up instead of eating the same old favourite every week!

  78. Avatar photo
    Meh Meh

    Cosy atmosphere, free WiFi, yummy food and friendly service

  79. Avatar photo
    Lai Meng

    Super good food. Respect to those who formulated the rendang sauce and mock ikan bills. Simple brilliance. Thank you for introducing excellent local delights for vegans like us. Can’t wait to try the ice cream and the rest of the menu!

    I would suggest using less oil for the banana fritters, mushrooms, etc. Apart from good vegan food, we would prefer healthier ones, too. The fried rice was too dry and overcooked. I believe it could have been prepared better. Again, less oil.

  80. Avatar photo
    SeungJun Kim

    Very delicious, a bit pricey compared to its nearby shops though

  81. Avatar photo
    Tomahto Tomayto

    Ordered a few burgers from the outlet but they missed out a few of them, but the boss (Wai Lek) was very apologetic and sincere. He personally deliver the burgers when there are no delivery man available to deliver the “left out” burgers.

  82. Avatar photo
    Bee Teng Yap

    omg really addicted to their lion manes burger, might even turn me vegan in the future.

  83. Avatar photo
    wong Janet

    Great food, clean place and good service, price abit expensive

  84. Avatar photo
    Chan Phui Yoke

    the Lion Mane Truffle is very nice

  85. Avatar photo
    Xin Ru Toh

    My omni family likes the allium-free vegan fast food here! My personal favourites are the burgers with tempeh patties. The Tai Seng branch is for casual dining; the Clarke Quay branch is more spacious and has a much nicer ambience, which may be more suitable for special occasions.

  86. Avatar photo

    Wats a long while…after pandemic I’m bck, they still maintain their good quality of food n service. More variety now, enjoyed very much here, a great vegan place to visit.

  87. Avatar photo
    Khor Wan Wei

    First time eating vegan food and I absolutely love it. The food was flavourful and it was very satisfying. Will come back for more.

  88. Avatar photo
    pearl chua

    Taste great.Food amazing recommendation burger good than meat & truffled mushrooms pasta

  89. Avatar photo
    Peichien Lee

    Vegan casual dining without alliums and alcohol.
    Ordered QQ Cheesy and Fishless Slaw with Omni meat balls as sides.
    Preferred the QQ Cheesy as the cashew based sauce complimented the king oyster based mushroom patty well.
    Burger buns for both have a crusty exterior, not the soft burger bun type.
    Omni meat balls was flavourful and had a good mouth feel.
    Burgers came with a small shot of apple cider vinegar as well.

  90. Avatar photo
    Vicky Chen

    very nice delicious vegan dishes, causing me big appetite lol..haha ..

  91. Avatar photo
    Madeline C

    Lion’s mane truffle burger was good.

  92. Avatar photo
    Juwin Ho ERA

    Had a great dinner with my mom, wife and son. The vegetarian foods are tasty and affordable. Nice cosy environment for friends and families to bond.

  93. Avatar photo
    Charles Chan

    Loves their burger! Great service and friendly uncle from this outlet

  94. Avatar photo
    Real Blue

    Great variety of vegetarian food. I always order their burgers. Burdock spring roll is nice, never get to try it elsewhere. Their food always come with a fruit vinegar drink. Credit card not accepted, just for information.

  95. Avatar photo
    Dav P

    Taste is good but place a little small. Maybe the other 2 branches is more spacious. Not that cheap though.

  96. Avatar photo
    Le Thi Tuyet Nhung

    Delicious food and friendly staffs.

  97. Avatar photo
    Kai Wai Tan

    Pleasant experience because of very friendly staffs. The food are also very presentable and I would like to highly recommend Sha Cha Udon. It’s very tasty!!! Thumbs up and will go again!!!

  98. Avatar photo

    Came back after so long… New menu is so exciting!

  99. Avatar photo
    Pei-Chung Lin

    Good experience and friendly staff

  100. Avatar photo

    Got food

  101. Avatar photo
    Ilya Farber

    This is one of our favorite places for a veg lunch or dinner. The spicy burgers (esp. rendang) are probably the most satisfying, but there are plenty of milder options for kids or tourists. 😉 The pesto pasta is also shockingly good — better than you’ll find at most Italian places in Singapore. The fries and other sides are decent, if not memorable. My only complaint is that they follow the seeming trend of veg restaurants offering weird drink options that are overpriced, too small, not cold enough, and just disappointing. Why do only veg places seem to have this problem?! Anyway, just remember to get a drink somewhere else and you’ll be fine.

  102. Avatar photo
    SP Gan

    First time trying toon rendang rice and kimchi udon, but in my opinion, it’s better to order their burgers instead.

    Medium spicy kimchi udon doesn’t taste much of kimchi, the cabbage is raw and isn’t spicy at all. If you like to have a real hot spicy soup, you should opt for “ strong “ option!

  103. Avatar photo
    Rakesh Cheekatimala

    Amazing place to try for the vegetarian buggers. I like the chickpea noodles, tried truffle fries with dip.

  104. Avatar photo
    Terence Ng

    Fast food style setting but the food tastes gorgeous and are well presented. On both my visits, I had the tempeh rendang burger because I couldn’t get over the first experience. I will certainly come for more.

  105. Avatar photo
    Cara Heng王慧贤

    Air Con Food Court

  106. Avatar photo
    Caleb Remy Ma (Fat)

    Good food

  107. Avatar photo
    Lee Chun Hin

    Food and service are excellent

  108. Avatar photo
    Shenly Leong

    Main course is nice! As for the side dish, sausage a bit undercooked

  109. Avatar photo
    Wong Yoonpeng

    Good service Mala udon very delicious

  110. Avatar photo
    Supardi Tanu

    Good location

  111. Avatar photo
    chong kren

    Good taste, friendly service

  112. Avatar photo
    Lavanya Sridhar

    Good vegan and vegetarian restaurant with various options among choice of cuisine. I tried the pasta and it was good. They also have a nice small post meal drink which is on the house, which was a nice surprise.

  113. Avatar photo
    Ng Hui Ming

    Vegan burger

  114. Avatar photo
    Peckham Head

    Really good vegetarian / vegan burgers.

  115. Avatar photo
    OngOng Journey

    Visited on 1/4/2018

    Ordered a Golden Pear Aloe Vera drink and A Triple Ice Cream ~ Chocolate Choco, Matcha & Coffee flavour ~

    The drink was cooling and refreshing ~
    The coffee flavour ice cream was a little too sweet, Choco ice cream was starchy, Matcha ice cream was rich in taste.

    Overall nice experience.

  116. Avatar photo
    Bza Bza

    Great food. Easy access to condiments. Decent value

  117. Avatar photo
    Siow Wai Wong

    Healthy home made bun with creatively invented flavours at affordable price. Every burger comes with a free small cup of home made vinegar.

    The burger pic is lion’s mane truffle, one of the best selling!

  118. Avatar photo
    Arvind Anandamohan

    As a vegan who believes strongly in plastic reduction, I am thoroughly impressed by Nomvnom! They provide paper straws (although I had my own metal one haha) and they do not use plastic holders for ketchup and other sauce, it’s a reusable sauce holder that they use. They even ask if you want a receipt and you don’t have to waste a piece of paper for a receipt! I literally had zero plastic waste after my meal. Nomnvom really cares for the environment! I’ve been a loyal customer for years and will continue to eat here whenever I crave a tasty burger!! I love their Nomvnom burger and their rendang burger.

  119. Avatar photo

    Absolutely love NomVnom, whether you’re vegan or not, it’s an absolute must! Tai Seng has great unique items like curries that are fantastic. Highly recommended!

  120. Avatar photo
    Vu Nguyen Thanh

    Food is amazing; however, I was impressed by the service. I came here very close to their closing time but staffs still tried to do for me a takeaway burger even they cleaned everything and settle their counter already. Thank you!

  121. Avatar photo
    Shi Han Ng

    good food and service!

  122. Avatar photo
    Shona Sharma

    The most go to place for Vegans. It is completely clean(they don’t even put egg which means they understand what vegetarians and Vegans really are)..also the food’s really delicious! If you don’t have a typically stubborn Indian tongue habituated to spices, the food’s real good but even for spice loves they’ve kept piri piri flakes and sauces on the side. One of my favourite places to eat in Singapore

  123. Avatar photo
    min Dora


  124. Avatar photo
    Yx Thong

    Great service and ambience! The staff are friendly and the food is delicious

  125. Avatar photo
    Brian Lee

    Nice place for vegetarian fast food

  126. Avatar photo
    Alwyn April

    Smaller menu than at their flagship Clarke Quay outlet, but with slightly lower prices and a couple of rice and noodle dishes only available here. I love their udon dishes, especially the chickpea curry udon, shacha udon, kimchi udon, and new black pepper udon.

  127. Avatar photo
    Song Zhikang

    Delicious food and excellent service

  128. Avatar photo
    Sanjeev Gupta

    Large menu, very friendly service. Open to substitutions

  129. Avatar photo

    Seriously delicious.

  130. Avatar photo
    Xin Ru Toh

    My omni family likes the allium-free vegan fast food here! My personal favourites are the burgers with tempeh patties. The Tai Seng branch is for casual dining; the Clarke Quay branch is more spacious and has a much nicer ambience, which may be more suitable for special occasions.

  131. Avatar photo

    omg I loves insanely it was so deliciously I have been craving some vegan burgers for days …

  132. Avatar photo
    Deva Lutchia

    Grateful to have a veg/vegan burger place across the street from my house. But honestly, is prefer vegan burg… I had the nom nom and wife the lion’s mane burger. Mine was plain normal. Something you could make at home by buying a frozen veg patty. Wife said she liked her though.

  133. Avatar photo

    Had the best chocolate muffin i have ever tasted

  134. Avatar photo
    Koon Peng Tan

    Cosy place. Prices are reasonable

  135. Avatar photo
    Jeff Tang

    Food is not too bad, prices quite reasonable. Similar taste as what you will get in Vietnam

  136. Avatar photo
    Pinot Grigio

    The lion’s mane burger is pretty good! Just that the portion is a little small for me. But taste is good. Can’t really tell it’s vegetarian.

  137. Avatar photo
    Lai Meng

    Super good food. Respect to those who formulated the rendang sauce and mock ikan bills. Simple brilliance. Thank you for introducing excellent local delights for vegans like us. Can’t wait to try the ice cream and the rest of the menu!

    I would suggest using less oil for the banana fritters, mushrooms, etc. Apart from good vegan food, we would prefer healthier ones, too. The fried rice was too dry and overcooked. I believe it could have been prepared better. Again, less oil.

  138. Avatar photo
    nelson tan

    Nice cool environment , great to bring children along and the food is healthy. Various selection of food from burger , salad, tea to even vegeterian pasta. If you want a healthy lunch, this is a place to consider.

  139. Avatar photo
    Teh Andrew

    Very nice burger, healthy and not guilty. One of the best in singapore

  140. Avatar photo
    Yuet Fun Ng


  141. Avatar photo
    Sadhana Bharti

    Veg item good

  142. Avatar photo

    love the food …

  143. Avatar photo
    Chiew Siong Seng

    Great food

  144. Avatar photo
    Daph Tan

    Food is ok. Can be better experience with better customer service

  145. Avatar photo
    Patrick Lim

    Food court so big, many stalls you can choose your favourite foods. My 2 sons loves the food n this is their 2 times there

  146. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Ngui

    This vegan eatery has always been and will always be our family all time favourite because it’s very nice (commented by my son).

    We patron once in every week. Last week we were in Nomvnom Clark Quay and as I post this comment, we are enjoying their signature truffle mushroom pasta and mushroom soup now.

    The customer services is friendly and caring.

    One of the best vegan restaurants in Singapore.

    Try it to believe it!

  147. Avatar photo
    Waisee Loo

    An affordable restaurant, the food tastes good and is worth enjoying.

  148. Avatar photo
    Pat Yau

    Some food stall with NTUC supermarket

  149. Avatar photo
    Sue Roe

    Weird recipes and ingredient choices that just does not taste right.

  150. Avatar photo

    The staff are superb and vegan egg tarts are great!

  151. Avatar photo
    Wong Sim Chun

    Vegan diet boring? try this one!

  152. Avatar photo
    Carmen Tang

    rendang is nice

  153. Avatar photo
    Larry Z Liu

    Great vegan foods.

  154. Avatar photo
    Hui 2

    The fries are super yummy

  155. Avatar photo
    Hsiuwen Yu

    Very good!!!

  156. Avatar photo
    Joie Chua

    (EDIT) Ordered delivery for today and opened up to check the orders and noticed there was hair inside…. Honestly it’s very gross and I would hope that cleanliness is priority especially during such times. (Their marketing team reached out to me to give a voucher to try again, but it is only for outlet physical takeaway. Nonetheless, their food is decent for those dishes without hair.)

  157. Avatar photo
    Krishnadas Warrier

    Excellent food. The burgers are very different and unique. The sides are again very unique. Very fresh.

  158. Avatar photo
    Authentic Wong Sim Chun

    Boring of SL and SR? (Simple Life Secret Recipe) this place is going to leaking your saliva even thought about it.
    *Simple Life Vegan chain only available in Malaysia

  159. Avatar photo
    K L

    Bought fish burger, mixed sweet potato fries and corn soup. Food wasn’t oily. Overall taste is average (Didn’t have the wow/amazing feel) Would consider getting if i’m in the neighborhood but wouldn’t travel again to try this.

  160. Avatar photo
    The Clairsentient Healer

    Whenever I’m around the area and in need for some cheap vegan fast food then this is the place I go! Their fries are the best!! Although their food is a little pricy they are still affordable compared to veganburg!

  161. Avatar photo
    Yit Kin Yew

    One of the best vegan food in singapore

  162. Avatar photo

    I appreciate this shop so much, it is very unique, delicious, healthy and beautiful vegetarian hamburgers, amazingly delicious, jumping over the wall ~ hitting the wall ~ sticking to the wall ~ collapsing the wall

  163. Avatar photo
    Eytan Merkier

    Great food and excellent service

  164. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Leow

    The burgers is amazing!!

  165. Avatar photo
    Laura Paul

    They serve you a kind of vinegar ‘shot’ free with the meal too, to help with digestion. Tried their burg and it’s good. A little pricey but it was tasty.

  166. Avatar photo
    Kevin Low

    food was worth the money! nice place and the staffs were friendly too.

  167. Avatar photo
    Thomas Teo

    Marvelous vegan dish to satisfy your taste buds.. …

  168. Avatar photo
    Ho Shane

    One of the best of vegan food,esp if burger is your favorite food,a twist to the many other vegan foods,definitely worth a visit!

  169. Avatar photo
    Ray Fon

    good service! ambience and atmosphere was very suitable

  170. Avatar photo
    Mubassir Ahmed Khan

    A mock meat restaurant. Decent pricing

  171. Avatar photo
    Email Singapore

    I went to see the reviews and it didn’t taste really good.. I paid for pasta, hamburger, and chicken rice for $42. The pasta is edible. The hamburgers and other foods are really the worst. The sauce is strange enough to doubt what you’re eating and you know when you try it.. I don’t think I’ll go there twice.

  172. Avatar photo

    Average food. Over Priced.

  173. Avatar photo
    WenKang “wenkang” Chin

    Ordered Bonsai, mushroom pasta, jackfruit pineapple burger and banana fritters.
    In general, good food and great taste. Looking forward for a better quality patty like Impossible or Beyond.
    Kids love the food, especially the banana fritters and banana smoothie.

  174. Avatar photo
    ahmad irfan

    Better for people that wants to avoid the crowd at Clarke Quay. Great atmosphere for those that wants a quieter surrounding

  175. Avatar photo
    Cullen Renesmee

    Food honestly looked amazing and very thought out, can see why this places deserves better respect.

  176. Avatar photo
    V Tan

    Good variety of vegan burgers

  177. Avatar photo
    Rao Li

    Ate here many years ago and revisited today. Their lion’s mane burger is still one of my fav after eating so many different vegan burgers (including impossible/beyond in the US). The QQ cheezy is also good, although I kind of remember the ‘patty’ was less nugget-like and more of an entire piece of patty? Doesn’t matter, still tasty.

    The mushroom fritter is a bit dissappointing compared to the 2 different kinds of delicious mushroom patties, but banana cake is good and soft.

  178. Avatar photo
    Weiwei Yang

    Change the bun to lettuce for healthier option..

  179. Avatar photo
    Jaslin Nah

    One of the best vegetarian food.
    The assam udon is so creamy.
    Kimchi udon is light and tasty.
    The fish wasabi is so crispy and delicious!

  180. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Tan

    Good delicious dishes

  181. Avatar photo
    Guan Hou Heng

    Looking for vegan food esp burger at this area. This is the place.

  182. Avatar photo
    Ser Chin Tan

    The price is reasonable. Very good food

  183. Avatar photo
    Kevin Kong

    Vegan nice food and service. Definitely delightful and satisfying!! Will come on my next visit in Singapore!

  184. Avatar photo
    Guan Jinsen

    Food is nice and staffs are super friendly!

  185. Avatar photo
    Desmond Toh

    Burger is not served with burger wrapper, make it a messy course of meal

  186. Avatar photo
    Asuthosh Nair

    Top-notch veg burgers and delectable sides. Daunting variety, there’s one for every day of the month.

  187. Avatar photo
    J T

    Food is tasty but service is unprofessional

    Specifically one waitress (either from TW or CN) needs to be trained to serve the client more professionally and talk less loudly.

    The first time I went – the waitress made a loud comment on a particular table with less acceptable eating table manner so she had to make extra effort to clean the table.

    Second time she was impatient towards my order and I can see she rolled her eyes on me.

    I went twice and encountered very bad service from her so will not go back again.

    *edit: grammar and specificity of country

  188. Avatar photo
    Federico Scordo

    Nice Vegan place to have lunch break!
    Lion’s Xtreme burger with truffle mayo very yummy

  189. Avatar photo

    Love the burger I ordered & the sweet potato fries. Little pricey but the store definitely offers pretty healthy food and it’s super satisfying

  190. Avatar photo
    Renee Lee

    Amazing food!!

  191. Avatar photo
    Diong Choong Yan

    The food was amazing!! and also service good and fast. Good menu with variety near mrt as well. …

  192. Avatar photo
    Stanley Khoo Zhen Shen

    Good Korean budget food

  193. Avatar photo
    Jeb Lam

    Another good place and healthy vegetable food for my grand grand children

  194. Avatar photo
    Aaron Sim

    I didn’t make any reservation and it was not a good move. Luckily the staff allowed us a table for 4 next to the window. Defintely worthwhile to experience a combination of Western, Japanese spicy vegetarian food. Perhaps a bit too spicy. Awesome experience. The vanilla ice cream with coffee was a delightful surprising outstanding!

  195. Avatar photo
    Kenny Ng

    Have eaten better burger elsewhere.. but overall taste not bad but not fabulous..

  196. Avatar photo
    Vivi Carrolien

    One of the most delicious vegan food, my fav is kimchi burger and goro balls

  197. Avatar photo
    Ming Tet Sim

    I absolutely love this place. Makes being vegan even easier than people think. They have all the best comfort foods made completely vegan. Excellent food that absolutely anyone can enjoy. I have been to this place 3 times with my girlfriend and all 3 times they have been truly consistent. Great food, great service, great people.

  198. Avatar photo
    Andy Lim

    This branch is slightly small but we patronize on a weekend and it’s not crowded at all. Food offering is good but no bubble tea at this branch. Service is also good and prompt.

  199. Avatar photo
    Natalie Joan

    All the food are delicious, and price also reasonable

  200. Avatar photo

    Very flavourful and delicious

  201. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yap

    Vegetarian restaurant with burger. Nice food..but too much carbohydrate for me.

  202. Avatar photo
    Philip Khng

    Yummy food, friendly service

  203. Avatar photo
    Belicia Choong

    great food as usual

  204. Avatar photo
    Jacklyn Chee

    good services

  205. Avatar photo
    Li Wang

    There are many different flavors of hamburgers here. Customers can choose food in a variety of combinations, as well as apple vinegar that promotes digestion. French fries are also divided into potatoes, sweet potatoes and honey potatoes. There are also soups, Chinese food and salads. The food is delicious!

  206. Avatar photo
    Marc Ha

    UPDATE: Just tried the new black peppered cowless burger. VERY peppery!
    The quality of the food here is consistently good. NomVnom has become our regular go-to. My favorite is the tempeh satay Burger. The tempeh and satay sauce combi is just perfect. And the light burger bun texture is just right. I wish they had a double tempeh option!

    Big thumbs up for Nom Vnom for serving up vegan food.

  207. Avatar photo
    Chris Holliday (Opszelda01)

    Not really my type of burger. It’s a little dry. I retract. It’s very dry. But they do give you the tinest cup of apple vinegar. I ordered the most popular burger. Can’t remember name.

  208. Avatar photo
    Xin Xiong Wang

    You can get great product & great substitute. Which is great news for everyone struggling to give up the meat and live healthier. ..

  209. Avatar photo
    kushal kale

    First things first, all food is veg here even though some names have fish, chicken etc. It is plant based meat which looks like actual meat. We had Bolognese pasta, assam rice and curry, passion fruit juice (was not that good ) and a vegan burger. Apart from juice all tasted very good. Bolognese pasta literally had chicken sausage like pieces but was mad from soy. They give u apple cider honey with every dish. Liked the concept . Place is bit cramped to sit. We were literally sitting on a table which was one hand distance from the money counter . Overall it gives vegetarian people experience of eating non veg There are other food chains like this. Worth trying once.

  210. Avatar photo
    Chloe Yee

    super yummy vegan chicken rice

  211. Avatar photo
    Martin-Richard Uusmäe

    Great vegan burgers

  212. Avatar photo
    Arjun Trivedi

    We visited here on a Sunday evening with friends and tried a few items from their menu. The mains (burgers) were quite ok but not what I would rate as exceptional on taste. The sides were nice – recommend the sweet potato fries as also the Taro. Disappointingly the Spring Rolls were dripping in oil so don’t recommend that. Overall average

  213. Avatar photo
    Benuraj Sharma

    Frankly food could have been a looooot better given the exorbitant high price of food!!

  214. Avatar photo
    Linan C

    Not sure if it’s just me. This place seems to have really good reviews, but my experience says otherwise. Ordered the combo meal with bonsai burger (drink + fries) and it came out to over $20 which was a little pricey but I thought, maybe the food was special. Something about the soy patty just wasn’t right – to me it tasted like rusty metal. The staff told me that was the flavor and it was meant to be a grilled/smoky flavor. I personally don’t eat meat and don’t like the taste of meat so maybe this restaurant just isn’t my cup of tea. But even then, I find the taste of the burger patty to be very unusual. Experiment at your own risk.

  215. Avatar photo

    Comfortable space. delicious meal

  216. Avatar photo
    Linmooi Wong

    Friendly staff, food is good

  217. Avatar photo

    Nice food and very nice service!!

  218. Avatar photo

    Very tasty vegetarian food, good service, will be back

  219. Avatar photo
    Valery Siew

    Portion is small and expensive for its volume and quality

  220. Avatar photo
    Jaime L

    Taste is ok… but prices are kinda steep.

  221. Avatar photo
    Bernard Koh

    Best Vegan Fast Food in Singapore!!

  222. Avatar photo
    Sophia Lee

    Love the burgers! Lion mane burger and nom nom rendang burger were really good. Mixed fries were tasty too. Pasta was great for my son. Love their fresh, light, healthy tasting foods! Strongly recommend.

  223. Avatar photo
    Sneha Giraddi

    Burger was delicious. Combo came with apple cider vinegar. Pasta was not so impressive. Overall good food for vegans to eat.

  224. Avatar photo
    Yeow Loy Ho


  225. Avatar photo
    Joss Fong

    I have never had that particular burger. However I really enjoy I really don’t know why. I think because it have a fresh taste, absolutely right fresher. Yeah ladies & gentleman the burger definitely have fresher veggies ..I’m still torn though their burger seem plain, but they are really good

  226. Avatar photo
    Ryza Jake

    Best vegan burger place in the east of Singapore! So many variations of burgers and sides to choose from! …

  227. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Lim

    Food was delicious. Servers were polite and systematic. Will patron again.

  228. Avatar photo
    Pauline Tan

    The vegan food is great! Lots of varieties!Many vegan burgers choices including pasta. Must try are the fried banana balls and croquette potato balls so soft crispy and yummy! I love the spicy kimchi soup too!

    Only thing is they don’t have a baby chair if you bring your toddler.

  229. Avatar photo
    Niki Tan

    staff service well and nice food

  230. Avatar photo
    Idah Md

    Great food!!! Variety of choices and fast service.

  231. Avatar photo
    Jaja Soon

    Very friend service. The double burgers are yummy.

  232. Avatar photo

    Food is nice

  233. Avatar photo
    Annabelle Wong

    Truly a hidden gem. My search for a good solid meat-free chicken rice is finally over!

    I’ve never missed eating meat; it’s the quintessential blend of flavors in dishes like chicken rice that I really miss. And nomVnom does a chickless rice way better than most conventional chicken rice places.

    Expect an explosion of perfectly harmonious pandan, ginger, lemongrass, garlic, soy and sesame aromas. The rice is perfectly cooked, while the umami (IKR?!) of the succulent chickless slices – garnished with caramelized flecks of ginger – is pure sorcery.

    Most importantly, the fresh chili and ginger sesame sauces were both delicious.

    Honestly, I wasn’t impressed by a pasta dish I had years ago at another outlet, so my expectations weren’t high. But this dish is a masterpiece and it made all my meat-free chicken rice dreams come true.

  234. Avatar photo
    Vincent Wee

    Fabulous burgers.

  235. Avatar photo
    Jacob Aeden Tan

    Vegan burgers, fries, pasta and some Asian foods are available. The burgers have umami flavours that satisfy your cravings, can compete with impossible burgers. The fries is like when mos burger, Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr fries had a child.
    Also, locally-owned.

  236. Avatar photo

    Vegan burger set meal

    Vegan meals served on a wooden board
    Had a go at this vegan meal at tai seng there.

    Very cheesy I think that its mushroom burger but since all like brown bits.
    The burger is big like you cannot bite it so have to chop it up.
    Now a days all the burger like that de.
    Its good as in not bad for me since I like to have my veggies.
    Its also if you don’t really notice it then ya taste like those ramily burger patties bah.
    The texture also there as well got the bite to it.
    Really good soy stuff.

    Bite only all the cheese flow out.

    With yam wrap which is sweet potato plus that wrap skin fried.
    Really soft and sweet this one.
    This one not bad.

    Drinks was mugi Roasted barley.

    Every meals comes with a shot of vinegar i think.

  237. Avatar photo
    HG Tan

    Good vegan food. A little pricey.

  238. Avatar photo
    Wh Teo

    Food was good… Very delicious. Service was fast. The vegan ice cream was very rich and creamy.

  239. Avatar photo
    David Lee

    Great customer service from uncle with a smile. Fabulous taste from the chef recommends, you need to try out their burgers.

  240. Avatar photo
    Issac Esau

    My team having seminar here in Singapore and found nearby got surprisingly tasty vegan chain called nom v nom, I recommend give it a try will impress your body create more serotonin make you feel very good

  241. Avatar photo
    Fun Wheels

    Tried the Nom Nom burger and the Chai Latte today.the burger has a crunch patty. With the mayo, it’s tasty and the apple cider vinegar helps with bringing out the taste of the burger. The Chai comes with a cinnamon stick as stirrer. It as a bit of ginger flavor. Quite unique. Will try other burgers in future.

  242. Avatar photo

    A very good place for someone not feeling for meaty day. Nice vegan place.

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