Review Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West, 609 Clementi West Street 1, Singapore

Review Ngoh Guitars aka Guitar Repair  Clementi West - Singapore 609 Clementi West Street 1

“Just got a new guitar and wanted a lower action setup. Meng did such a careful and great job. Good value and very professional.” or “Guitar setup for a guitar that had been left in storage for over a year, Meng restored it to great condition and plays just like when I first got it!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West is quality.

Introduction about Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West

Here are some fundamental details regarding Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West. In terms of Musical instrument repair shop, it is generally believed that Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi Westis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 609 Clementi West Street 1, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Musical instrument repair shop, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 90604480 (+65 90604480)
  • Website:
  • Address: 609 Clementi West Street 1, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West via:

Phone number

You can reach Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West at 90604480(+65 90604480). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 609 Clementi West Street 1, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West reviews

Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West is among the best destinations of Musical instrument repair shop in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West good?

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“i rate 5 stars! mr meng was really friendly and professional, and the price charged was also reasonable. im very happy to get my guitar fixed by him highly recommend!! …”

“Meng is really friendly and helpful. Especially as a beginner who’s not knowledgeable about guitars, Meng was easy to talk to and get advice from. He did a really great job restringing my guitar too. Thanks!”

“Just got a new guitar and wanted a lower action setup. Meng did such a careful and great job. Good value and very professional.”

“Guitar setup for a guitar that had been left in storage for over a year, Meng restored it to great condition and plays just like when I first got it!”

“Went here to restore my ~30yo guitar (restring and nut replacement + fretboard clean). Meng did really well! My guitar now sounds better, looks cleaner. Your guitar will be in good hands with Meng.”

“Absolutely great work considering my guitars are 40 years old. Excellent restoration of both of the guitars. Meng went out of his way to purchase two brand new guitar bags for me. Highly recommended.”

“Meng was very helpful in pointing out the parts which needed restoration. He even went out of the way to look for a missing part for my 3 decade old guitar. It is almost good as new now. Thumbs up!”

“Keeping it simple … Speedy response and quality workmanship ! Thanks I reached out to Meng for setting up my guitar and am quite happy with his timeliness and quality of his work.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 191 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Ngoh Guitars Aka Guitar Repair Clementi West, 609 Clementi West Street 1, Singapore

There is a total 191 reviews

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  1. Avatar photo
    Ong Kia Teck

    Just had my guitar’s broken tuning peg repaired and re-stringed by Ngoh Guitars. Made an appointment and all the work was completed within 45 mins. Meng is also very polite and friendly ; very good customer service. His $ charges are very reasonable too. Highly recommended.

  2. Avatar photo
    Ian Lim

    Meng is an amazing craftsman. I sent my Taylor to him because it has cracks and haven’t been played for a while. The sound was very dull and basically, it sounded like a $50 guitar. Meng did his magic and the guitar came back like new — amazed by the quality of his work. I’ve attached pics of our whatsapp chat to show you what he did and the price is SUPER REASONABLE. Drop off and pick up was easy too. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  3. Avatar photo
    Ng Chee Ching

    A former guitar instructor recommended Thiam Meng to restore the finishing of the neck of my 30-year old handcrafted classical guitar.

    Thaim Meng’s workmanship was so refined, I thought the entire neck was new! Despite the guitar’s vintage, the restored finishing has kept quite well, even till today.

    Would certainly send others looking for a reliable and friendly classical guitar repairman his way!

  4. Avatar photo
    Jeffery Tie

    I have a handmade Yamaha GC30A, acquired in 1976. Unfortunately, as time progressed, my priorities changed, and the GC30A was kept in storage for years.
    Recently, I retrieved the GC30A from storage and was sorely disturbed by the pitiful condition of this fine instrument.
    One major problem was the warped frets. I initially asked Yamaha if they could repair my long lost love, but they declined because they do not offer fret repairs.
    Luckily, I found Ngoh Guitar, and spoke with Meng, who did and excellent job in repairing and restoring my long lost love.
    I am now playing this fine instrument daily, enjoying the rich, sonorous and vibrant sound.
    Thank you Meng, and may Ngoh Guitar continue to help guitar owners who need restoration work.

  5. Avatar photo
    MT Z

    My guitar is repaired in just one day and it looks like new again . Great service !

  6. Avatar photo
    Andrew Sutanto

    Found this place on Google; Meng at Ngoh Guitars is incredibly passionate about Guitar, the work done on my bridge was spectacular, and looks better than when it was new

  7. Avatar photo
    j q

    I went to Ngoh Guitars to have the play action of my acoustic and classical guitars lowered. Meng had done an excellent job including fret levelling, filing, regluing, fretboard cleaning, oiling and hardware tightening all within a few hours for each guitar. The price is reasonable for a professional who is also a guitar maker. I strongly recommend Meng for guitar repair or setup.

  8. Avatar photo
    Berliana Liem

    Went here to restore my ~30yo guitar (restring and nut replacement + fretboard clean). Meng did really well! My guitar now sounds better, looks cleaner. Your guitar will be in good hands with Meng.

  9. Avatar photo

    A satisfied customer! Meng is very responsive with my queries (although he was overseas) and had my guitar repaired within 2 days. Provided detailed breakdown of repairs done, with photos taken and cost is reasonable. Highly recommended

  10. Avatar photo
    Darren Suandi

    Very nice and passionate man who really understand the need of the player!

  11. Avatar photo
    Alan Pengelly

    Restored my Ovation Legend. Had a split in the body and cracked head. Ngoh did a beautiful job restoring it and also lowered the action so it plays and sounds fantastic. Take a look at the before and after shots. Ngoh is a craftsman.

  12. Avatar photo
    Brian C

    Amazing work. 32 year old guitar came back to me looking like it was new and still sounds amazing. Managed to fix a huge crack and even helped me polish up the guitar. Would definitely recommend.

  13. Avatar photo

    Came here to fix broken nut and snapped guitar strings. Friendly and quick service, amazing repair quality. Guitar looks almost brand new, couldn’t ask for more.

  14. Avatar photo
    j q

    I went to Ngoh Guitars to have the play action of my acoustic and classical guitars lowered. Meng had done an excellent job including fret levelling, filing, regluing, fretboard cleaning, oiling and hardware tightening all within a few hours for each guitar. The price is reasonable for a professional who is also a guitar maker. I strongly recommend Meng for guitar repair or setup.

  15. Avatar photo
    Cornelius Teo

    Your guitar will be in good hands with him. When I got back my guitar it was better than new. A man who knows what he is doing, fine at his craft and will do his best to both the instrument and player. Patient and gentle, also a fellow believer. Definitely recommended!

  16. Avatar photo
    Megan Lin

    My guitar played really nicely when I received it and the process was fuss free. It looks good as new now too …

  17. Avatar photo

    My guitar was buzzing for the past 2 months and I couldn’t seem to resolve the issue. Went to Thiam Meng at the advice of a friend, found the issue and got it fixed in 10 minutes! He is very experienced and really knowledgeable in what he does.

  18. Avatar photo
    Jean-François HERY

    My guitar fell on the floor and had a severe crack on the side and other dents. It was well repaired and finished and polished. Efficient and nice contact.

  19. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Moser

    Very professional and responsive. Did a wonderful job helping me understand restring options and then restrung and serviced. Highly recommend.

  20. Avatar photo
    Gwen Bang

    Did restring with Meng – very responsive, immediately addressing my issues and concerns. Professional service at relatively reasonable cost. Would do restring with him again definitely!

  21. Avatar photo
    Seka Song

    had to restring my guitar string and found this. he was responsive and provided assistance to me quickly. he helped me to restring and even made some modifications to make it easier to play. great service

  22. Avatar photo
    Pier Lim

    I don’t know what magic he did, even though he tried to explain to me, but my Goodall sounds so much better now after she went to Meng for a tune-up! highly recommended!

  23. Avatar photo
    Ronn Azman

    Very friendly and professional. Send my guitar for restring. He did extra miles by resetting up someparts due to out of alignment for smooth and easy play. Price very reasonable. Very good service and will recommend others to him.

  24. Avatar photo
    Rijan Gurung

    Meng at Ngoh Guitars is an excellent, first rate guitar luthier. He has a genuine passion for guitars and is incredibly accommodating to guitar players that walk into his workshop in need of his help. Meng brought life into my 17 year old Martin guitar which needed quite a bit of setting up as it hadn’t been properly checked in years. He lowered the action, adjusted the bridge, the nut and every fret, fixed my input jack and even gave me new strings – all for an super affordable price! He also gave advices on how to better care of my Martin. Now it’s super easy to play without pressing very hard and compromising tone – in fact, and the sustain and resonance are as good as ever. Dare I say, it feels like I got an entirely new guitar! If you’re in the West or don’t mind traveling and your guitar needs fixing, Meng at Ngoh Guitars is the luthier for you!

  25. Avatar photo
    Guoyong Hor

    Found Meng’s service randomly on google maps and was impressed with his exemplary ratings. Did a guitar setup and restringing with him and not only did Meng deliver a fantastic job, he also managed to get it done within a day after knowing that I needed the guitar soon for a recording session. Would give him 6 stars if I could. Highly recommended.

  26. Avatar photo

    A very friendly person, he taught me how to maintain my guitar and patiently introduced the quality and function of the strings. After repair the guitar looks better and sound better than it used to be. Very professional.

  27. Avatar photo
    azean z

    I approached Meng for a guitar restring service. He did a great job. Highly recommended. Very trustworthy in handling your precious guitars. Thank you, Meng!

  28. Avatar photo
    Earl Klugh

    Ngoh did a great job in replacing a cracked tuning plate of my guitar. Very responsive as he completed the repair in less than 2 hours. It was great meeting first hand a guitar master craftsman like Ngoh. I strongly recommend anyone who wants his or her guitar for repair or restoration work to go to Ngoh.

  29. Avatar photo
    SooChuan Chng

    Great getting to know you! Many thanks in helping to save my 2 guitars.

  30. Avatar photo
    Peter Sloot

    I brought Meng my almost deceased guitar, he looked at it designed a cure, repaired it and now I am utterly enjoying a wonderful guitar once again! An amazing grafts man!

  31. Avatar photo
    Darrick Lau

    Humble, honest and great workmanship. Reasonable prices and great turnover time, will be back as long as he is in business.

  32. Avatar photo
    Ch Wen

    Had my guitar, a low-end Cort, set up and strings changed by Meng. Now my guitar feels easier and more pleasant for me to play and learn on. Will recommend!

  33. Avatar photo
    Dulanja Subodhana

    Extremely professional service. Highly recommending this place for any kind of guitar work.

  34. Avatar photo
    Deborah Lee

    I am very happy with the work Meng has done to repair my guitar which had sustained some impact damage. As you can see from the pics, there you can’t see any cracks at all! It looks like it was never broken. He also set up my guitar so that it is very playable and sounds much better than it did before. Would definitely bring my guitars to him again for future repairs/set ups. Thanks Meng!

  35. Avatar photo
    michael lim

    Great service from a rare and dedicated trade professional sustaining the passions of guitarist.

  36. Avatar photo
    Aditya Venkataraman

    Meng was very friendly and professional and he did a great job of making my guitar more playable. The action had become really high towards the higer frets and he fixed it. He also adjusted the truss rod and fixed the bolt at the input jack. Not to mention that he managed to do this within 4 hours Positive experience and its good to have a Luthier in the west. Will recommend to my guitar friends.

  37. Avatar photo
    Yinuo Zheng

    i rate 5 stars! mr meng was really friendly and professional, and the price charged was also reasonable. im very happy to get my guitar fixed by him highly recommend!! …

  38. Avatar photo
    Anna “Anna” Tan

    V professional advice and good sharing of how to upkeep the guitar. Trustable service …

  39. Avatar photo
    Allison Li

    Very professional

  40. Avatar photo
    Elaine Quek

    Great luthier. Got my strings changed and guitar fixed in no time. Freindly and personable.

  41. Avatar photo
    kate fong

    We were looking for someone who loves to play guitar to restring ours. Glad we found Meng who does it fr home. V gd service n v gd value. We look forward to enjoying d instruments n tq for dropping d guitars down stairs for us. Tks Meng .

  42. Avatar photo
    HJ Lim

    Meng did a fantastic job on adjusting the action of my guitar. It is infinitely more pleasurable to play now. Meng is knowledgeable, consultative and friendly. Service was quick, efficient and affordable. Highly recommended if your guitar needs fixing.

    Meng has now serviced 3 guitars for me: a Franklin OM, a Santa Cruz Tony Rice and most recently, a Furch Vintage OM 3 (which is now so playable it’s unbelievable). Couldn’t be happier with the service and results. Highly recommended!

  43. Avatar photo
    Esther Toh

    Absolutely great work considering my guitars are 40 years old. Excellent restoration of both of the guitars. Meng went out of his way to purchase two brand new guitar bags for me. Highly recommended.

  44. Avatar photo
    Angela Soo

    Meticulous workmanship. Professional advice was given by Meng after he assessed my guitar and a set up & restring were done. Thanks!

  45. Avatar photo
    Leonard Lee

    I sought Meng’s help to restore a 25 year old Yamaha guitar. It was in a pretty bad condition with its wood surface partially delaminated.
    Meng proved himself a true craftsman, restoring it to an almost new condition! He repaired the soundboard lamination, smoothen the rosette edges, profile and glued a new bridge and finished off with a full setup. It was a brilliant job done.
    Meng was professional and friendly. He discussed with me on the repair options, challenges and what he would do to keep the original characteristics of the guitar. Thank you Meng!

  46. Avatar photo
    Rachel Mq Teo

    Great workmanship. Helped to fix the broken plugs, replace the missing guitar nut, deep cleaned the guitars, and restrung my guitars. He also lowered the action of the guitar for me for free. Recommend it to anyone who needs to repair their guitars …

  47. Avatar photo
    Stephen Tun Aung

    My electric strings were too high. After restringing and setup, it looks like a new one. It is much easier to play now. Thank you! Meng. Great service.

  48. Avatar photo
    Lim Boon Ping

    Got Meng to fix and set up my old Taylor. Much more playable now and feels like a fresh lease of life to my old gear. Good job!

  49. Avatar photo
    Peter Ooi

    Found this luthier nearby and sent my acoustic in for a “nut job” . Job well done. Guitar plays very well now. Happy.

  50. Avatar photo
    Nur Wahidah

    Initially I was quite wary as a female who wanted to have her guitar restringed alone at Meng’s residence. However, upon seeing multiple people (thus please set an appointment first. His service is really sought after) going up and down to his place (which is right behind West Coast Mall), I felt safer. Upon meeting Meng, who is down to earth and kind, I felt even safer. Meng did a fantastic job. I only wanted my classical guitar restringed but Meng went beyond that. He even cleaned the 16 year old guitar and found an old pick in it. He only took 30 minutes to restringed my guitar. He even suggested areas that can improve the guitar. Great and affordable service by someone who loves guitar and music. Will be coming back to have my other guitars restringed soon. Thank you, Meng!

  51. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Teo

    Very helpful and responsive. Had a good experience! In addition to helping me change strings, he also gave my old guitar a good clean. Highly recommend!

  52. Avatar photo
    D B

    My Ibanez acoustic guitar had a badly cracked neck. Meng received, evaluated, repaired and sent it back within a week. Really nice guy, professional and very helpful! Thanks Meng, looks like new… nice work!

  53. Avatar photo
    V W

    Friendly guy and ever so willing to give tips and advice on maintaining the guitar properly

  54. Avatar photo
    caleb lau

    Meng is a friendly and accommodating person to deal with. Can tell his dedication to his artistry in this field, not just to earn a quick buck off his customers. Will come back again for future guitar repairs and recommend to friends. Though he doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store since 4 years ago, his humble abode where he continues his work isn’t too far away from Clementi MRT, an even bigger plus if you are a westie like me!

  55. Avatar photo
    Ms A

    Thanks for helping to fix the broken guitar string! First time coming here, opp west coast plaza only. Recommended to people who are looking to repair their guitar~ reasonable price and friendly service! Thanks once again!

  56. Avatar photo
    Matthew Tan

    Meng is an absolute professional who is very accomodating and friendly! My work schedule made it difficult to find convenient times to send and collect my guitar, but he was happy to accomodate as much as possible. Brought my guitar in for a setup, and he did a proper good job, no question about it. His love for the instrument was apparent in our varied conversations about the guitar, and I do believe that he is capable of finding the best solution for whatever issues you have with your guitar.

  57. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Lim

    Needed my guitar’s action lowered in a jiffy. Meng kindly took it in on a Sunday evening and it was ready the next day. Not only did he lower the action, he also did a superb job gluing the fret ends, ensuring the frets, saddle and nut grooves are even. 5 star service indeed

  58. Avatar photo
    Tony Low

    I sent my guitar to Ngoh to replace the nut and saddle to bone, he did according to my setup that I requested, and even went the extra mile to polish and set the intonation right. Overall I’m satisfied with the workmanship would recommended! …

  59. Avatar photo
    Yue Liu

    Very professional! Not only restring my guitar, but also adjusting it for easier playing. Now my guitar is in a better condition. Thx.

  60. Avatar photo
    Brandon Teo

    Quality work, highly recommended for acoustic guitar servicing. Will take his time to discuss about your set up preferences and playing style.
    Will be sending a bunch of my other guitars in due time.
    Thanks for the set up buddy!!

  61. Avatar photo
    Tomio Nakanishi

    I brought a guitar home from the US and realised that the action required some adjusting. I contacted Ming, and to my delight, found out that he was extremely prompt and professional with the guitar repair service. He gave frequent updates together with pictures and recommendations. Very pleased with my guitar right now. If you’re looking for someone to fix your guitar, he’s your man!

  62. Avatar photo
    MJ Tan

    Had my acoustic guitar strings replaced. Meng’s service was excellent. Speedy, knows his stuff and was super helpful.

  63. Avatar photo
    Lalit Lohia

    Mr Meng, is very knowledgeable and professional in his work. He is very responsive and happy to answer questions. As a Luthier and a Music teacher he is aware of considerate towards the needs of his customer and tries his best too advise and help.

  64. Avatar photo

    Had to restring my guitar and replace a broken bridge pin. Booking was very quick and owner responded very fast. Price of repairing the guitar was also very affordable and didnt take long while maintaining a good quality. Owner was also nice and friendly. Would come back here if i ever need to fix again …

  65. Avatar photo
    Preeti Monippally

    Meng is knowledgeable and clearly passionate about guitars. My 12 year old was given an old Cole Clark guitar, and Meng not only did a wonderful job restoring it, but also set it up with a great eye for detail, making sure it would be easily playable by a beginner. Professional and friendly!

  66. Avatar photo
    Parimal Rakesh

    Had a great experience getting my guitar fixed here. Quality fast professional service that is good value for money too. He himself advised me to retain the machine heads – the lower cost option. Heartily recommend.

  67. Avatar photo
    Clinton Ross

    Great experience and good customer service. Gave before and after photos of the work done which was a nice touch.

  68. Avatar photo

    Great service for reasonable price. Super friendly and prompt in replying.

  69. Avatar photo
    Andrew Wee

    Thiam Meng did a superb job repairing my Simon Marty guitar. He is a very meticulous craftman who place lots of care in every detail. He studied the situation, explained the causes and proposed remedy and updated me along the way. Thiam meng removed the old bridge because it started to lift off; it was a difficult task as not to damage the very delicate sound board, he clean up the contact surface to ensure a well fit with the new bridge. Thiam Meng also checked other parts of the instrument; he discovered a loose brace and fixed that. he also fixed the tuning machine, restored it to it’s former functionality without any compromise.
    I highly recommend Thiam Meng from Guitar repair @Clementi West for your precious guitar. be assured it will be well taken care of.

  70. Avatar photo
    marcus yap

    Love the fine details and so professionally done. Sounds so much better and makes playing much easier.

  71. Avatar photo
    Ong J

    Had my guitar setup done by Meng! Very professional and patient guy. After having the setup done, my guitar is a lot easier to play. Thanks Meng for the great work! Will recommend to anyone who is looking for someone to solve your guitar issues.

  72. Avatar photo
    Tang ML

    Mr Ngoh is a very professional and experienced luthier. Will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs their guitar to be serviced. …

  73. Avatar photo

    Due to pandemic the close contact is strictly prohibited that sometimes explaining things you would like to ask for help could be frustrating. But Mr. Meng done extraordinary service without me even asking for it and made honest comment without making extra money from you.

    I’m a beginner in guitar and has no background. His specialty on this industry makes me feel at ease. If there is 10 stars I would give it to him ;). Thank you so much for your help Mr. Meng!

  74. Avatar photo
    Alan Pengelly

    Restored my Ovation Legend. Had a split in the body and cracked head. Ngoh did a beautiful job restoring it and also lowered the action so it plays and sounds fantastic. Take a look at the before and after shots. Ngoh is a craftsman.

  75. Avatar photo
    Cristina Liu

    I brought my old guitar for repair and restring, was given very friendly treatment and the end product was better than what I had asked for. It was also finished within a short time of 30 mins and under a very affordable price!

  76. Avatar photo
    W W

    I did my classical guitar set up with Ngoh Guitars, because I found that the action was too high and it was tiring to play. He created a new saddle with a lower action height, and also managed to discover and fix some intonation issues that I did not notice. The nut was also slightly adjusted. The difference in playability is huge. I can now practise for more than an hour without feeling any fatigue. Amazingly, there was also no perceptible buzzing with the lower action. Very experienced and professional. Would definitely recommend if you have any issues with your guitar.

  77. Avatar photo
    Janice wong

    Was very friendly even if I was not on time. Very friendly and considerate

  78. Avatar photo
    Grace Yew

    Meng is a guy who really loves his craft and does it for the love of restoring and not just as a mere business thing. My guitar had a nasty bash. He gave me a very reasonable rate, went over and beyond just settling the crack and splinters, but looked at my action of my guitar and EVEN MY FRET BUZZ!! So he really cares that a guitar should be functioning at its best! He can make a guitar from scratch, and took time to explained the nitty stuff so when I understand what he is doing. So whenn he repairs, he truly understands fully what he’s doing and how it all works.
    This a fascinating delicate art, and he takes pride in what is done.
    I am a very satisfied and happy customer with a great experience! He truly salvaged my guitar when i had thoughts of chucking it alr..
    (Plus he’s a gentle patient! Nothing to dislike at all!)

  79. Avatar photo
    yvonne tay su lin

    Thank you, Mr Ngoh, for bringing new life into an old guitar: the strings are renewed n the body is polished n bright! Grateful.

  80. Avatar photo
    Nick Goh

    He was very kind and he restrings the guitar very quickly. 100% would recommend

  81. Avatar photo
    Justin Law

    Quick and fuss-free service

  82. Avatar photo
    Jaspreet Narli

    Took my guitar to him for restringing and setup. Got my guitar back the very next day and it’s much easier to play it now. He was pretty detailed with his explanations. I would highly recommend him.

  83. Avatar photo
    Eugene Lee

    Meng is responsive and friendly. Very satisfied with his work. He will recommend the cheapest way of repair first. And he took the initiative to clean up my 20 year old guitar! Highly recommended.

  84. Avatar photo
    Aik Tat Ng

    Like his straight forward and honest attitude… Thanks

  85. Avatar photo
    Ken Loh

    A great help!
    My guitar was having buzz on higher frets. It turns out the 11th and 12th frets are loose, and some frets are sharp that they ripped the strings of fibre cloth.
    Meng helped fixed the frets issue, adjusted the actions, and managed to save my new strings.
    Now it plays smooth, no more buzz, and no more fingers scrapping frets. Really good craftsmanship. He is like a good doctor for guitar.

  86. Avatar photo
    Joy Tan

    I almost cried with happiness with i got my guitar back. It was a cheapish guitar that I had bought off carousell with terrible playability and a belly bulge from age. I wanted it saved because it was a discontinued model and it was the model I had always wanted. He took such great care with the whole process, taking pictures of all the work he had done in the process of the set up and the end result was spectacular. I love playing my guitar now and can’t put it down. If I ever need another set up, this is the luthier to come to.

  87. Avatar photo
    Roy Chen

    Really friendly and detailed servicing by Meng! Will send my guitar to him again. Not only did he address my immediate concern, he also optimised and fixed my action and tightened up the rest of instrument. Great value added service! Superb.

  88. Avatar photo
    Mark Lim

    Meng is very meticulous and professional. I approached him for him to restring my guitar but got much more than i expected. He also provided me advice about my guitar and even taught me how I can restring on my own in future and recommending which kind of strings i can buy and tools i can use to restring. Definitely recommended! God bless you Meng!

  89. Avatar photo
    Alessandro Cannarsi

    Meng is a real artist in repairing guitars and a truly special person with a passion for music. He very renicely repaired my 1984 Ibanez acoustic guitar that had been badly broken (neck, frets, bridge) and brought it to new life. It was my first guitar and of great emotional value. Thank you Meng.

  90. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Huang

    Meng was very patient with my concerns and worked closely with me to make decisions on repairs too. I appreciate the good communication he provides as it puts me at ease. (: We all know how precious our guitars can be!

  91. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Patricia Pereira

    Brought both my guitars to Meng for repair. Meng was able to identify the problem quickly and it was repaired in no time. He is professional and has a detailed understanding of the instrument. His workmanship was of high quality.

  92. Avatar photo
    Victoria Toh

    Was experiencing some pain in my thumb area after playing on the guitar for a stretch of 20 mins. After adjustments made, it plays so much better and comfortably for me! Am enjoying my guitar more The guitar came back looking really good too. Thanks, Meng!

  93. Avatar photo
    Virginia K

    Thanks heaps! I really appreciated the timely communication by WhatsApp, the professionalism, and the friendly, super-fast and excellent quality service I received. Definitely recommended!

  94. Avatar photo
    San San Gan

    Sent him for acoustic guitar setup as action is very high. He did a fast n very good job. He even checked and did all he necessary works to make the guitar into current good condition. Meng is very experienced and approachable. I will definitely look for him if I ever need guitar service again.

  95. Avatar photo
    Basil Lim

    Really knowledgeable guy, and the work was quick and superb. Meng went above and beyond in cleaning up my fretboard and doing special work to lower my action on my guitar. I would definitely come back here if I needed anything done again!

  96. Avatar photo
    Sheila Nascimento

    Ngoh is so patient he changed the strings of my guitar and explained all the details every step of the way, so next time, I will be able to try it myself. He is clearly passionate about his work. Nowadays, it is hard to find ppl who really love what they do, and when we find someone like him, it actually makes our day. I’m really happy with the services and all the information he shared (for free).

  97. Avatar photo
    Yeoman Ng

    Mr Ngoh runs a cosy business and is very professional. His response to queries are fast and detailed. I’ve repaired 2 guitars with him and I’m very satisfied with his work. I trust his professional judgement and will work with him again!

  98. Avatar photo
    Marc Toerien

    I can only recommend Meng. He changed the strings on my daughter’s guitar and I got it back within a few hours. Really good service.

  99. Avatar photo
    Koh Soon Lye Raymond

    Very experienced, careful and superb luthier. All my showroom and customers guitar are done meticulously by Meng whenever there is problems. After repairing it Meng will complete it by doing a proper setup so that the guitar is easy to play. Always fully satisfied! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  100. Avatar photo
    Christopher Goh

    Helped me with replacing my broken tuning peg. Quick and professional service. Helpful and even gave me tips on how to improve my guitar

  101. Avatar photo
    Andrew Yow

    I had a crack on the body and side of my Taylor GS mini. Guitar was repaired within the week as promised by Meng, something which other repairers weren’t able to doVery reasonably price and incredible workmanship. I highly recommend Meng to anyone with guitar issues that you would like to have it looked at.

  102. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Teo

    Highly recommended…

  103. Avatar photo
    Willy Lau

    He has super good skill. my guitar have some cracked in a very bad condition but he still can repair it.. I really feel like having back my same guitar.. Good job and reasonable prices. strongly recommend..!! …

  104. Avatar photo
    Lisanne Chee

    Meng is really friendly and helpful. Especially as a beginner who’s not knowledgeable about guitars, Meng was easy to talk to and get advice from. He did a really great job restringing my guitar too. Thanks!

  105. Avatar photo
    Ng Ek Yeow Jacan

    Anybody can claim to be a luthier but as for Meng @ Ngoh’s Guitar – Clementi West Street 1, his passion towards his works is an assurance that augur well in both quality and professionalism.

    A true craftsman that breath life into any guitar under his care with well detailed profiling for the works being carried out under his hands.

    Thank you Meng for the restoration injected into my Takamine EG523SC and Ovation 2077LX Legend.

    Mr Ng @ Tampines Street 32

  106. Avatar photo

    Had my guitar strings and nut replaced. Initially, the problem was that the guitar sounded a bit off due to some problems with the nut placement. After replacement of strings and cleanup of excessive glue, I finally have a guitar that sounds great. Highly recommend!

  107. Avatar photo
    anmol sethy

    Keeping it simple … Speedy response and quality workmanship ! Thanks

    I reached out to Meng for setting up my guitar and am quite happy with his timeliness and quality of his work.

  108. Avatar photo
    Watashimaya Potata

    Hello I really like the restringing service ! It’s cheap and the quality is great as well! Thank you for helping me clean the guitar as well for free! Really like it alot thanks!

  109. Avatar photo
    winston chan

    Meng was very helpful in pointing out the parts which needed restoration. He even went out of the way to look for a missing part for my 3 decade old guitar. It is almost good as new now. Thumbs up!

  110. Avatar photo
    bot bw

    Highly recommend!

    Searched on google and found this shop.

    Meng is super kind and professional. I was late for the appointment but he still welcomed me warmly and showed great patience!

    I broke my guitar nuts and needed a replacement. Not a big deal but Meng treated it carefully and the working was super fast.

    This is just the right place if you have any issues related to your guitar.

    Some pictures of the work:

  111. Avatar photo
    Jayvee Tahimic

    Workmanship is great! A true craftsman of his profession. He tried to understand my needs first and talk about my playstyle before giving his advise. And the process was fully documented with photos (the important part ofcourse) which I really appreciate.

    I was surprised about the result. There is a big difference in the playability which I trully enjoy!

    Aside from that – he have a warm and welcoming personality.

    You should see his pet bird too.

  112. Avatar photo

    Sent guitar in to reglue the lifting bridge but Meng being a professional, suggested a proper setup and restring given her condition… wow immediately there was no more buzz! The workmanship was also very refined. This luthier is like a good doctor who diagnoses your guitar’s condition in addition to what you bring her in for; but prescribes nothing more and nothing less than is required for guitar’s health. Thanks Meng!

  113. Avatar photo
    Sch s

    Quality is good. Very quick, very friendly. Good job!

  114. Avatar photo
    Rijan Gurung

    Meng at Ngoh Guitars is an excellent, first rate guitar luthier. He has a genuine passion for guitars and is incredibly accommodating to guitar players that walk into his workshop in need of his help. Meng brought life into my 17 year old Martin guitar which needed quite a bit of setting up as it hadn’t been properly checked in years. He lowered the action, adjusted the bridge, the nut and every fret, fixed my input jack and even gave me new strings – all for an super affordable price! He also gave advices on how to better care of my Martin. Now it’s super easy to play without pressing very hard and compromising tone – in fact, and the sustain and resonance are as good as ever. Dare I say, it feels like I got an entirely new guitar! If you’re in the West or don’t mind traveling and your guitar needs fixing, Meng at Ngoh Guitars is the luthier for you!

  115. Avatar photo
    Disem Wu

    Excellent !! As a customer and student of Meng, I am deeply impressed with his sincerity to his work and his love to music. 5 stars are not enough to reflect his work and he deserves more!

  116. Avatar photo
    Kerie Lee

    Was recommended to this luthier by someone else. Meng is very professional and yet possesses amazing workmanship. I have had 2 guitars set up since. Reasonable pricing, detailed and very transparent in listing what has been done and at the same time, providing photos of the before and after services rendered. Highly recommended!

  117. Avatar photo
    Susan Ng

    Recently, went back to my mum’s place to collect my guitar which i’ve lent to a friend many years ago. Was shocked to see the terrible state the guitar was in as it was loan out brand new. Badly needed some one to change the string and to service it if possible and found Meng after browsing the internet. Meng was very professional with his service. He took pictures and shared with me the areas of the guitar that needed overhaul and restoration. He also shared with me the pricing and got my consent before commencing work. He restored the guitar to as good as new! He even shared with me tips on what kind of guitar casing to buy. Would highly recommend his service as you can be sure that your equipment will be in good hands. (See pcs below for before and after restoration)

  118. Avatar photo
    Shaun Grizwald

    Was refered to Mr Ngoh by a guitar instructor for help with a damaged guitar. He was able to perfectly restore a large crack on the front face of the guitar. Very polite and courteous when responding to inquiries. Would highly recommend 😀

  119. Avatar photo
    mr wierddo

    Reasonable price & good job!Will definately go back again.

  120. Avatar photo
    Nur Sarah

    Came in with crazy high action on my guitar (which was apparently also not a very good guitar for my fingerstyle playing), my fingers were practically dying everytime I play. I’m a beginner player and never had it set up (cos I didn’t even know that was a thing). He was really friendly, explained all the issues. He adjusted the saddle, nuts, truss rod, frets, all the works. Even got it cleaned and replaced the strings. I could feel the difference in playability when I got back the guitar. My fingers have never felt happier, and I play so much better now, it’s great!

  121. Avatar photo

    Professional, overwelming and good quality with good efficiency. My guitar became more playable and enjoyable after the set up and thanks!

  122. Avatar photo
    JTF9 xPrecision

    Meng is very careful of the equipment, he is very knowledgable and very precise in his work, he breaks down the infos very well. Price also very reasonable.
    Highly reccommended for guitarists who wish to do something about your guitars.
    Thank you meng!

  123. Avatar photo
    Sophie Connell

    Really great experience. I had my guitar fixed within a short frame of time, he was very kind and did a great job! Couldn’t recommend more

  124. Avatar photo
    Sara Badiuszaman

    Had my guitar set up here and I would highly recommend him because of his excellent workmanship and responsive communication!

  125. Avatar photo

    Extremely responsive and professional! At first, I thought that my guitar was only in need of restringing, but turns out the peg was also spoilt. As I was in a rush and wasn’t sure if the guitar could be fixed in time, I considered just replacing the guitar entirely, but the owner very kindly troubleshooted the problem efficiently with brilliant workmanship! I’m very impressed with the effective communication and meticulousness, thank you for fixing my guitar!

  126. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lee

    Had my machine head replaced, general cleaning and restringing. Repaired to good as new condition, and collected within 4 days. Price is reasonable, will come again if there are future problems.

  127. Avatar photo
    Bryan Coole

    I read good things about Meng and his repair service, so I reached out to him about his ability to fix a crack in my guitar. His initial reply and subsequent replies were very prompt. He gave an honest assessment of the damage to my guitar and was very clear and upfront about his charges to repair it. He completed the repair quickly, did such a fantastic job that the crack is barely visible, and even did some additional maintenance free of charge. I am extremely happy with the job and would highly recommend his business. I appreciate Meng’s passion for his work and professionalism.

  128. Avatar photo
    Android Nkp

    Mr Ngoh did fast and good job removing a difficult pin and replaced the string. He has given me tips as how i could do it myself in future.

  129. Avatar photo
    Tng BC

    Fast and professional service. Re-string and polish all done within 30 minutes. Highly recommended.

  130. Avatar photo
    Dileepa Fernando

    Came here to reduce the tension of the strings. He assessed the guitar and recommended to change the strings to a lighter gauge (12) and adjust the distance between frets and the strings. Got it repaired in two days and it feels better and sounds better. He also has other accessories like tuners, clippers etc. if you want to buy.

  131. Avatar photo
    Dreamy Capri

    Very helpful and responsive. He’s knowledgeable and keen to answer my queries. My guitar has been restring professionally! Thanks Meng!

  132. Avatar photo
    Amalyn Leong

    Had to restring my guitar. He was very quick and efficient! Thank you for the good job.

  133. Avatar photo
    Sonny Ho

    For two years my Taylor acoustic guitar was left in the living room for I did not expect to be away for so long because of Covid. I returned a week ago and searched the web for a reliable Luthier to clean and service my guitar. I found favourable reviews of Meng at Ngoh guitars and decided to use him. I have no regrets because he is professional and friendly and has done an excellent job in cleaning and servicing my guitar including replacing the strings. His fees are reasonable and his turnaround was quick. I strongly recommend Meng to anyone who needs a good, reliable and professional Luthier.

  134. Avatar photo
    Moseleen One

    Ngoh Guitars is certainly the place you should go to repair your guitars. Meng was very knowledgeable of how the guitars should be repaired and provided very good quality of repair as shown in the pictures below, being able to restore the huge crack into a guitar that is good as new. Meng is also very friendly, responsive, and understanding of the budget constraints i was facing. The after pictures of the repair shows the high standards of Ngoh Guitars repair quality. It was a pleasure to have Ngoh Guitars to repair the guitars

  135. Avatar photo
    Gina Chow

    My son accidentally broke his guitar, and the headstock was completely detached. I never realise that a guitar could be fixed. We thought his guitar was a goner and had to get a new one. I was extremely upset when we thought we had to abandon the good quality wood. Thank goodness my husband found Meng while googling.
    Meng was very friendly and responsive to my messages and questions. He was very positive about fixing my son’s guitar and even reassurd us that the structure will be stronger after the fix. He also helped to set up the guitar so that it’s easier for my son to play, plus cutting the fret ends smooth so that it wouldn’t cut his finger.
    When we collected the guitar, it looked like an entirely new guitar! The cracks were not visible at all and it was smooth upon touching. My husband and I were extremely impressed with the workmanship.
    It’s been 2 months after the fix, my son’s guitar is still in perfect condition. Thanks Meng! I would recommend anyone to Meng!

  136. Avatar photo
    Zhang Runyu

    Clear explanation and nice work done. Highly recommend! Will definitely come back for service of my guitar in the future

  137. Avatar photo

    Helped to setup a brand new electric guitar according to my preference. Provided good quality service and was very responsive. Even gave some useful advice for guitar maintenance. Would recommend to anyone looking to setup their guitar.

  138. Avatar photo

    Very friendly and knowledgeable luthier! Happy to have found him to repair my Martin which has a very high action and awkward neck angle.

    Ngoh discusssed with me about the changes that he may need to make in advance and provided insights and suggestions on how to make the guitar stage-ready. To me, this is one of the marks of a responsible and well-respected professional in this industry.

    And I managed to receive confirmation of him finishing up the repair within 2 days. That is efficiency.

    Do approach him if you need guitar setup and repair. Highly recommended.

  139. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Koh

    Honest and rather quick handover. I appreciate the sharing of his findings and repair processes.

  140. Avatar photo
    Ching Chan

    Large crack in the head that was successfully repaired. I have been using this instrument for many many years and I thought I would have to throw it away. But I messaged Meng regarding the crack and he was able to sort it out. Very quickly too and at reasonable cost. He also serviced the rest of my instrument as well.
    Amazing service. Thank you!!

  141. Avatar photo
    Dyan Rio

    Sir Meng handles my guitar with extra care. will definitely recommend his service! Thank you sir Meng! …

  142. Avatar photo
    Frederick Teo

    Meng is truly a professional craftsman in guitar. My knowledge of guitars is poor and he did a fantastic work in lowering the heights of my guitar and now I loves playing with the guitar. There’s no longer frustration in having to use strength, I am enjoying it now. Thank you Meng for the perfect work done! …

  143. Avatar photo
    Chew Tricia

    He was very professional, always responded promptly, and did a great job on my guitar. Would recommend!

  144. Avatar photo
    Linna Tan

    Friendly and professional owner. Strongly recommend to anyone who needs restring service.

  145. Avatar photo
    Velmurugan Rengaswamy

    Got all the string replaced on my son’s guitar, he has done excellent service less than 30 minutes at a reasonable price. Thanks again for your professional service and customer friendliness to entertain walk in customer without prior appointment …

  146. Avatar photo
    Sim Jia Hsu

    Really friendly and patient despite asking him so many questions. He really does know his stuff and is honest. Would recommend him to anyone!

  147. Avatar photo
    Andrew Mary

    The tuner peg on my guitar became stuck, so I sent Meng some photos over WhatsApp to get an initial assessment of what could be done, and how much the repairs would cost. Upon receiving my message, Meng suggested that I apply some oil on the tuner pegs; and gave me a detailed breakdown of the repair fees in case the oiling method did not work. In the end, I managed to solve the issue by applying the oil. Clear and fast communication throughout, and I could tell from this experience that Meng is an honest guitar repairman… after all, he could have made a quick buck if he had simply told me to bring my guitar to his shop at the start of our conversation. Thanks for the help, Meng!

  148. Avatar photo
    Keqi Zhang (Jack)

    Decent job and friendly! Strongly recommended!

  149. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Hooi

    Did a fantastic job r my >10-year old Gibson Jwhere the bridge was lifting up and multiple bridge pins had broken. The guitar feels like a new instrument. Took just a week to repair, set up and restore. Great experience, well worth the money spent.

  150. Avatar photo

    I needed some frets repaired and a general set-up on my acoustic in time for a friend’s wedding. Meng did an incredible job in super fast time and the guitar plays beautifully now. Thanks Meng!

  151. Avatar photo
    Aniq Rifqy

    He helped me to change a tuner, add a pin and restring my guitar for a reasonable price. Really happy with the service and highly recommend …

  152. Avatar photo
    Viola Chen (Viola)

    I found Meng from Google map when I clumsily broke my friend’s guitar. Shocked by all the 5 star reviews, I decided to give it a try (and it’s so worth it). I did not contact Meng beforehand (but guys pls do if you are coming) and got his unit number from one of the friendly neighbors.
    He’s very friendly and professional and fixed the guitar pretty fast. The price is very reasonable and overall 10/10 recommended if you need any help regarding fixing a guitar.

  153. Avatar photo
    Joshua Foo

    Really happy with the service! Friendly, easy communication and great to work with! My guitar (a custom Tele) came back wonderful, very happy to see. Would you definitely recommend.

  154. Avatar photo

    Best guitar luthier out there. Meng was fast to response, and bursting with passion. He works out of his home in the West Coast area. Do bring your new guitar (both acoustic and electric) down to his place and i swear he will make magic. I bought my Squier Strat at the start of this year, and thought i could get away without having it set up, but it finally caught up with me. Meng diagnosed problems flawlessly and helped my guitar play like a million dollars. Dropped my guitar off at 12pm, and picked it up around 8.30. If you are lucky like me, you can get same day turnover. $110 for such an extensive setup is an absolute bargain considering the level of professionalism and dedication he puts in into your guitar. Especially for beginners, he is really helpful in giving tips to maintain your guitar’s health. Honest and hardworking man.

  155. Avatar photo
    Yixuan Tan

    Guitar setup for a guitar that had been left in storage for over a year, Meng restored it to great condition and plays just like when I first got it!

  156. Avatar photo
    Sophia Ong

    He has helped me to adjust the guitars string to my preference. Very skilful and professional in what he is doing. Helpful, friendly and trust worthy. Prompt service and excellent job. Thank you so much for doing a good job.

  157. Avatar photo
    Jesse Chan

    Very friendly and knowledgable guy, had a very pleasant experience getting the guitar setup and repaired. Highly recommended!

  158. Avatar photo

    Very professional service from Ming. Took my brother’s old guitar to him and he helped to restring and retune it. Reasonable rates and quick turnaround time too. Highly recommended.

  159. Avatar photo

    I turned up at Meng’s doorstep without making any appointment intending to have my tuning peg set replace, as some parts don’t seems to be working.
    Somehow, he managed to get it repaired instead and that saves me from the replacement cost.
    Surely recommend anyone who needs his services. Very professional and friendly.

    Remember to contact him for an appointment before making your way down.

  160. Avatar photo
    Junrong Lin

    I came across Meng by chance online as I was looking for a competent luthier who worked on nylon stringed guitars / classical guitars in Singapore. There are not a lot of luthiers who do a good job for such guitars here (there are more for acoustic/electric guitars).

    I sent in my Yamaha NTX1200R for some restoration work and cleaning up after being returned to me in really poor condition. I also decided to change the plastic nut to a bone nut and bridge. Within a couple of days, the guitar was ready and I was highly highly impressed with the quality of work done on it. A lot of care was put into the job. He even noticed that the frets were unlevelled and did levelling, oiled the bridge and did repairs on chips on the headstock of the guitar. The guitar plays amazing now!

    I would highly recommend Meng for classical/classical style guitar jobs. Not only does he have good eye for detail, but he is prompt in his communication and a really genuine person to deal with. I would definitely go back to him again.

  161. Avatar photo
    Misha Graboi

    I could not be more pleased with the job that was done on my tune-o-matic bridge Les Paul. One evening, after a few beers, I confidently decided to replace the highly worn bridge assembly on my axe (not advised), but sadly after doing so discovered some serious issues with the intonation and action on the guitar I couldn’t fix. I was impressed with Meng’s honesty when I took my guitar to him as he indicated he was less experienced with electrics and could recommend a friend. However, I’m glad I decided to give him a shot as he did an excellent job (throwing in many other minor repairs with the major fix he did) and really took pride in his workmanship (he even sanded a rough fret for me that I hadn’t noticed). The price was like half of what I would have paid at a major guitar shop. Thanks Meng!

  162. Avatar photo
    Tim Nolan

    Meng offered good advice and very good service at a reasonable rate. My guitar is now a pleasure to play.

  163. Avatar photo
    jolie jin

    Mr wu is a professional guitar repairer and teacher. The fee is not expensive here. He changed my old strings and fix my bridge nut for free. What’s more, he answered all questions very patiently. He is a so nice person to introduce enough information for a guitar beginner like me. 5 stars!

  164. Avatar photo
    Ethan Ong

    Brilliant workmanship and attention to details. Very careful and meticulous with each step of the repair job commissioned. Very highly recommended for all the guitarists out there who are looking for a reliable professional to handle your guitar!

  165. Avatar photo
    don chan

    went to build a new saddle. Job was fast and really well done! Thanks!

  166. Avatar photo
    Mah Wen Qiang

    he is a brave and caring person, i am very appreciate his hard work a lot.

  167. Avatar photo

    Thank you for your prompt, kind and professional work! Even on Sunday, I could receive it within 1 hour with an explanation of how I maintain my acoustic guitar and a good price. I will ask him again. Restring $25
    Strings $20
    Action adjustments @ saddle $25
    -truss rod adjustment $15

  168. Avatar photo
    sidney thio

    Great luthier and his repair work is the best

  169. Avatar photo
    Jekyll K

    Had to replace the tuner on the guitar. Meng was just awesome. He sourced for a better tuner and then repaired it. A very friendly guy. He really takes care of the guitar no matter how small the repair is and goes the extra mile. Really appreciate the effort he puts in.

  170. Avatar photo
    Shawn Goh

    Always wanted to set up and do a bit of cleaning for my Taylor GS Mini Koa and that’s when I found Meng (Ngoh Guitars), who happens to stay in west coast as well.

    His positive reviews led me to pay a visit and man was I impressed by his passion and quality of work.

    If you ever need to set up your guitar or to do any restoration work, hit Meng up and you’ll not be disappointed.

  171. Avatar photo
    Sharon N.

    Very professional service and advice at reasonable rate. My guitar was serviced by him and it became so much easier to play. This is important as it makes guitar playing enjoyable. Thank you, Meng.

  172. Avatar photo
    Ber Tay

    Very professional, responsive, detailed and friendly! …

  173. Avatar photo
    Calvin Bow

    I was referred to Meng when I was told my guitar’s strings action were too high. I don’t even know what that means as I was just using a thrown-away guitar that my dad in law picked up at his work place. At first, he told me there was no hope but he will try. Long story short, my guitar sounds beautifully and with a low action of only half a coin now. It was almost 2.5 coins action previously.

    One more tip, don’t you think a good Yamaha guitar can give you a good sound. Send it to Meng to tune and perfect it. Factory setting is less than ideal because they didn’t want you to complain its action is too low which may creates some humming sound for beginners. Next string, I am going for Elixir to enhance it even further. Thank you Meng for your help.

  174. Avatar photo
    dy chu

    Excellent service. Issues with guitar was all resolved after it was serviced. Highly recommended.

  175. Avatar photo
    Li Ping Ong

    Went to Meng to restring my guitar. He was friendly and even took time to teach how to restring. Very satisfied with his service.

  176. Avatar photo
    Alice She (His beloved)

    Had difficulty playing some notes as couldn’t get the clear sound that a note supposed to give and these causes numbness and pain on my finger tips as Id to press real hard to achieve those sound, btw, am a total beginner. I was so closed to giving up my guitar lesson until Meng came to my rescue !!! Sent in my new guitar for him to have a look; much work was done to my guitar ( was being updated and pictures shared on what had been done, with before and after photos too) and now I have no issue with those basic chords and confidence level given a boost ! Highly recommended as he is very approachable, reliable, highly skilled & knowledgeable. Can’t tell that my guitar had gone through some facelift 🙂 Two thumbs up!! Thank you so much Meng !

  177. Avatar photo
    Sandy Yee

    Had my nut repaired. Nice service!

  178. Avatar photo
    Aloysius Lim

    Professional, quality and responsive guitar repair services.
    Meng is also meticulous, providing many pictures of repair works done on the guitar.

    Very satisfied with the quality of repair works. Thumbs up!

  179. Avatar photo
    Chin Hock Ho

    Smooth and efficient service, very satisfied with the results. Would definitely recommend to others looking for any sort of repair or modification. Worth the trip and the time, thank you.

  180. Avatar photo
    Carl Chay

    Fantastic gentleman. Patient, clear, explained everything, showed the faults, even with detailed before and after pics. Restored a 40 year old classical guitar to her former glory, did the same with a 30 year old electric. The only place to go to get all your gear done up.

  181. Avatar photo
    DSC Singapore

    Doctor Guitar Meng – “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”. He stands by his ethos. He restored and did a set up on my guitar. Now i enjoy playing my Yamaha APX-4A. If you enjoy playing, you will play well. If you play well, you will sing well. Thank you Doctor Meng.

    Imho…if you have a guitar, will be good to consult him with a fee to see if it need to set up.

  182. Avatar photo
    Joycey Boo

    Restoration guru! i sent three guitars to Meng in the past 6 months – all were in poor shape – Suzuki J200 (70’s), Ryoji Matusuoka MH150 (80’s) and our trusty Martin (with a huge crack). The proof is in the before and after photos – just wow! The go-to guy if you want to give your old guitars new lives! A true craftsman whose passion is clearly reflected in his work.

  183. Avatar photo
    Chew Kuok Shiun

    I did a simple guitar re-string, it was good and quick. Awesome service!

  184. Avatar photo
    Sandeep Suvarna

    Meng is fantastic.. he restored my acoustic to better than what it was when I bought it.. reduced the action, smoothened the fretboard. Highly recommended!

  185. Avatar photo
    Mohd Irfan

    Super responsive, fast and professional service.
    Told him that i was having fret buzz and he went through with me what were the possible causes (low action, saddle issue). Wanted a clear sound and he explained he can increase the action but it may cause greater stress on the bridge. Really appreciate the thought and consideration and will definitely come back again. Price wise it is surely much more worth than other overpriced shops hahah.

  186. Avatar photo
    A M

    Just had my old guitar restringed by Meng at his house whilst I waited. Great job. Fast and cheap. Many thanks

  187. Avatar photo
    Kay Jek Tan

    Excellent work by Ngoh! The guitar that I had was laying around for years and the sound was dull the frets were out of shape. Thanks to Ngoh, the guitar was given a new lease of life!

  188. Avatar photo
    Ashraf Roshan

    Took my guitar to him for restringing and setup. Got my guitar back within a couple of hours and it’s much easier to play it now. Not only that he also identified problems with my guitar which i didnt even realise were there. I would highly recommend him.

  189. Avatar photo
    Kedi Xie

    Just got a new guitar and wanted a lower action setup. Meng did such a careful and great job. Good value and very professional.

  190. Avatar photo
    Chris Moon

    Brilliant work of art ! I am very happy with his work. When I handed over my guitar (YAMAHA-LLTA) to Meng, the master, there was nothing wrong with my guitar. Instead, my concern was adjusting the action on my guitar, to lower as much as possible. (2.5mm -> as lower as possible) After he worked on it, now I feel even more comfortable playing my guitar. I play fingerstyle guitar for fun. If you feel uncomfortable playing your guitar, please talk to Meng about it, then he will resolve all your concerns !!

  191. Avatar photo
    ZY Choo

    Originally I wanted to change the pegs on my Esteve guitar. Mr Ngoh told me that the action on my guitar was high and i never knew that even though I had my guitar for over twenty years. Mr Ngoh asked me what my playing style is like and he suggested to lower the action to make my guitar easier to play since my playing style does not require high action. I’m very happy that I now can play my favourite songs on my guitar with lesser effort esp when barring.

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