New York Zoos

New York Zoos

New York is home to several world-class zoos and wildlife refuges. New York has been a leader in zoo research and has been responsible for a lot of zoological opportunities in the United States. You could literally spend days visiting the zoos in New York.

The Bronx Zoo is among the best zoos in New York. It is most definitely the largest zoo as well. It is home to more than 6,000 animals from all over the world. There are also over 600 species represented at the zoo. The Bronx exhibits include Tiger Mountain, Jungle World, Himalayan Highlands, World of Birds, African Plains, Wild Asia, Baboon Reserve and a 6.5-acre Congo Gorilla Forest. Also in the Bronx is the Wildlife Conservation Society. They feature an array of animals with parakeets and elephants.

Central Park Zoo is open seven days a week and is home to polar bears, penguins, monkeys, sea lions, and spectacular natural habitats. The Tisch Zoo allows animal lovers to get up close and personal. The zoo also has a “Wildlife Theater.” It is the newest and oldest zoo, as the animals have been in Central Park since the 1860’s and the zoo was renovated in the 1980’s. The zoo is also actively involved in housing animals that are going extinct.

Prospect Park is home to Prospect Zoo. It is an interactive children’s zoo with pedal boating, electric boat tours and ice-skating. The zoo is devoted to teaching children about wildlife. Prospect Zoo started much like the Central Park zoo in that it was basically a menagerie of animals in the 1800’s. The zoo now features many naturalized habitats instead of cages and pits. In the World of Animals, children can walk with wallabies and visit with Prairie dogs. The Animals in Our Lives encourages the children to learn and draw the wildlife they see.

The Queens Zoo is home to more than 400 animals and 70 species while the Queens Botanical Garden has over 39 acres to enjoy. The zoo is dedicated to the animals of North America. Animals from the West coast and Great Plains can be viewed in this new state of the art zoo. The Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is home to more than 325 species of birds including salt marsh, fields, woods, freshwater ponds, and bay of islands. The area is nine thousand acres and is heaven to many birds and birdwatchers. Rockaway Beach is the longest municipal beach in America. There are ten miles of beach for sun tanners and simmers. The Alley Pond Environmental Center is located Douglaston and has the only working windmill in New York City. There is also an extensive area of nature trails and features many educational programs. The Queens County Farm Museum is the oldest and longest operating farming site in New York State. It features colonial houses, greenhouses, livestock and a new corporate event center.

Staten Island Zoo is an excellent zoo with the world’s best reptile collection. They also feature a children’s zoo. Part of the National Park Service in Staten Island is the Gateway National Recreation Area and Great Kills Park Beach. These both include several recreation areas with swimming beaches, nature trails, fishing and a marina. Blue Heron Park is a 147-acre park and home to the blue heron bird with hiking trails and picnic areas. The Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve is 260 acres with hiking and horseback riding. The Greenbelt is a 2,800-acre nature preserve with High Rock Park and the William T. Davis Wildlife Refuge.

The New York Aquarium in Brooklyn is home to 300 species and features daily dolphin shows on the Coney Island boardwalk.

These animal attractions are great fun for the whole family. They offer a look at a variety of different wildlife and animals from all over the world. The refuges are also great places to visit and enjoy wildlife in their natural surroundings


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