Review New Dawn Learning Studio, 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore

Review New Dawn Learning Studio - Singapore 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6

“My kid achieved A in her grades after attending lessons here. She was struggling previously in math. All in all Happy with the service!” or “My child improved tremendously ever since she was with New Dawn. Clear instructions n really helps her understand the concepts!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about New Dawn Learning Studio. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if New Dawn Learning Studio is quality.

Introduction about New Dawn Learning Studio

Here are some fundamental details regarding New Dawn Learning Studio. In terms of Tutoring service, it is generally believed that New Dawn Learning Studiois one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Tutoring service, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 81126470 (+65 81126470)
  • Website:
  • Address: 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore
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You can reach New Dawn Learning Studio at 81126470(+65 81126470). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact New Dawn Learning Studio via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

New Dawn Learning Studio reviews

New Dawn Learning Studio is among the best destinations of Tutoring service in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is New Dawn Learning Studio good?

To determine whether New Dawn Learning Studio is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“The Teachers at new dawn are one of the nicest tutors that I’ve met They are extra meticulous with their lesson materials and always go above and beyond for their students to excel!”

“new dawn has been a great tuition centre, the environment is condusive and good to study in. mr daniel is very patient and friendly, his explanations and notes are also easy to understand and remember”

“Mr Daniel is a caring and responsible teacher, and is eager to answer any questions that we have. Furthermore, the facilities there are good, and provide a conducive learning environment …”

“My kid achieved A in her grades after attending lessons here. She was struggling previously in math. All in all Happy with the service!”

“My child improved tremendously ever since she was with New Dawn. Clear instructions n really helps her understand the concepts!”

“10/10 tuition centre and learning environment. The teachers here are patient and very experienced. The worksheets they gave me really helped me to understand the subject better …”

“tuition centre really conducive for studying, teachers are really friendly and a master of their craft. would recommend to any sec sch or jc students out there struggling, real life saver”

“highly recommend this tuition centre! mr daniel taught me for a year and i got straight As in amath ever since. there is also a huge study area for students to study in everyone here is warm and welcoming!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 198 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about New Dawn Learning Studio, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review New Dawn Learning Studio, 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo

    I really love the environment of the whole centre. It felt really comfortable and aesthetic. The teachers and admin were also really approachable. The notes where detailed, easy to understand, and there was sufficient practice question for each chapter. After joining NewDawn, my Mathematics results improved really significantly, from a C5 to an A1!

  2. Avatar photo
    Clarence Tan

    My experience at New Dawn was nothing short of fruitful. Mr Daniel was very encouraging as a Math tutor and is also approachable to anyone who requires help in the subject. As a student struggling in H2 Math, I have seen how much I improved from the start of J2 to A levels. New Dawn also has a conducive learning environment for all who are having tuition there. Comfortable seats, ample food and drinks, warm welcomes and good-byes from the teachers there – anyone who steps into New Dawn would undoubtedly gain an unforgettable learning experience! Even though I’ve only been in New Dawn for less than a year, Mr Daniel has provided me so much guidance in Math, allowing me to fulfil my potential and secure the once unattainable A in the national exams. For those who are looking for a premium tuition centre with high quality of teaching, look no further because New Dawn will help you to secure that distinction

  3. Avatar photo
    Jarryl N

    One of the best tuition centers I have gone to, great vibes, awesome materials and nice learning environment. Mr Daniel, Mr Joseph and Keidi has made my experience in new dawn very wonderful. I gotten an A for Math and Physics for my A levels because of them.

  4. Avatar photo
    renee ong

    My friend introduced me to New Dawn when she saw that i was struggling with Math. The materials provided are very detailed and helpful. I eventually signed up for their Chemistry and Physics classes too. Both Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph are very clear with their explanations and are always there if i ever need extra help. I was exposed to the different questions types that we may possibly be tested on & that made my preparation for A levels a much smoother journey.

  5. Avatar photo
    Jong Beatrice

    a good tuition centre with friendly staff and great teachers! The lessons helped me understand the topics better and finish questions in school with ease the studying environment there is really nice as well!

  6. Avatar photo

    Went to this tuition centre for 4 years, teachers were patient and professional, in the end scored well for my mathematics. Would highly recommend.

  7. Avatar photo
    Chan Si Hui

    I was extremely reluctant to attend classes at New Dawn Learning Studio since the very beginning due to the travelling time. However, as time went by, I’ve come to realize that distance is not an issue at all. I started off with a strong hatred towards Math but now I’m extremely proud to say that Math is my favourite subject. Not only the quality of classes conducted, the conductivity of the environment is also far beyond what a normal tuition centre will provide for their students. Help is never rejected at NDLS and will always be provided as soon as possible. Being under Mr Daniel since the start of my Secondary school journey is probably the best choice I’ve made and I’m super grateful for him in helping my achieve the best results I can afford in Math. Even at prelims just before O-levels, my Amath was constantly at boderline passes but I managed to achieve an A2 in O-levels, all thanks to the detailed and well crafted last minute intensive practice questions provided. Despite being only under Mr Daniel, Mr Joseph provides equal amount of help when I approached him a few times for help in Science. NDLS helped me become a better individual in terms of my personal qualities and have taught me to become a more self directed learning because only with practice will I see results. This is definitely not a normal tuition centre but is now a place that I call my HOME and where I grew up to become a better individual. Teachers at NDLS have a burning passion to help each and every single one of us and will always go all out to ensure that we understand every single tiny detail of the questions. Additional help is always provided as long as I take initiative to ask for it. Thank you for your guidance throughout, Mr Daniel & Mr Joseph!!! <3

  8. Avatar photo
    Jun En

    10/10 tuition centre and learning environment. The teachers here are patient and very experienced. The worksheets they gave me really helped me to understand the subject better …

  9. Avatar photo
    Rachel Ang

    My grades for H2 Math went from a U in J1 to an A at the A Levels. I joined New Dawn in the middle of J1. Thankfully, Mr Daniel was very patient and always corrected any misconceptions I may have with utmost precision. Despite not having the basic foundation in A Math, I was able to keep up in the class due to the clear and concise teaching. Mr Daniel was also very patient when he has to explain multiple times to ensure that I understood. The study materials provided are always more than sufficient and are updated constantly, such that they remain relevant. I also love that there are specific classes dedicated for each school, such that the classes proceed at the same pace and in the same order as your school, to minimise confusion.

  10. Avatar photo
    Laksa 333

    Mr daniel is a very friendly teacher ! He often encourages me not to give up and try harder. He’s very patient in teaching and will often repeat if i dont dont understand the concept
    Same for Mr Joseph as well 🙂
    All in all if youre looking for a tuition centre that feels like home look no further new dawn is the place ! 2639474/10 would recommend

  11. Avatar photo
    Amy Yang

    New Dawn was a really great tuition centre for me to study at! Daniel and Joseph were both such great tutors and brought my Math from a U to a B for A-levels and my Chem from a S to and A for A-levels! The facilities are great as well!

  12. Avatar photo
    Tan Dan Feng

    Despite having joined New Dawn for less than a year, my confidence in both H2 Math and Chemistry has been boosted tremendously under the guidance of Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph.

    The notes provided are meticulously crafted by the teachers (aesthetically pleasing too :D) and that has allowed me to jump straight into revision without having to spend much time doing up my own notes! The practice questions included in the notes are also carefully curated by the teachers, with the questions grouped according to various question types. This has helped me in consolidating the various concepts learnt and applying these concepts. Furthermore, additional materials, such as formula sheets (for Math) and concept maps (for Chemistry) are provided, allowing for effective quick revisions, especially when nearing examinations!

    Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph are very approachable and knowledgeable teachers, and this has allowed me to clarify any doubts that I may have without qualms! Moreover, they often go the extra mile for their students, staying back even though lessons have already ended to answer students’ queries. The staff are very friendly too and sometimes will distribute snacks and drinks to us during classes. That being said, the welfare for students here is really good, with a snack bar made available for students to refuel their energy after studying, and a study corner for those who may want to do some quick revision before their lessons!

    I am glad to have clinched an A for both H2 Math and Chemistry at the A levels under the guidance of Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph!

  13. Avatar photo
    Andreana Goh

    I got an A for h2 math! Mr daniel was very helpful and the notes were very concise! He always puts in his best effort to answer our questions and lessons always go beyond the time its suppose to end haha ! His efforts are admirable. Furthermore the environment is very conducive and we could even go there to study. 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for a math tuition.

  14. Avatar photo
    James Bond

    Really nice Teachers and staff and the notes they give are really good and easy to understand!! Thanks !!!

  15. Avatar photo
    pamela sundayy

    New Dawn has a very harmonious environment that is well suited for both learning and stress relief. Each student was well catered to according to their abilities which I found effective in learning.
    Mr Daniel and Josephs’ clarity in explanation as well as the large exposure towards the various different problems has also deepened my understanding for Chemistry and Math greatly. This led to my vast improvement in results. Highly recommend this place !

  16. Avatar photo
    Ying Xuan Ng

    Sleeping in lectures is most definitely a norm for us busy students which resulted in my failing grades. However due to the constant support and practices New Dawn has provided me with, I was able to learn better and performed better in class tests and exams. New dawn also has an amazing study environment for all with the pods, beanbags and pantry. Due to the teachers’ constant support throughout A level period I managed to get into my school’s honor roll which was a dream come true. New Dawn is easily my favourite tuition center.

  17. Avatar photo
    Jovie Chin

    New Dawn has very patient teachers, amazing lessons and step by step resources that allows one to be able to fully understand the topics being taught. Lessons are never boring as you get to experience the joy of learning new topics. I strongly recommend New Dawn Learning Studio to those that like to learn at your own pace with guided learning in the tutorial notes!!

  18. Avatar photo

    new dawn has been a great tuition centre, the environment is condusive and good to study in. mr daniel is very patient and friendly, his explanations and notes are also easy to understand and remember

  19. Avatar photo

    Clear notes and helpful teachers

  20. Avatar photo

    nice quiet condusive environment

  21. Avatar photo
    ong yi kai

    Great tuition center! tutors are highly motivated with quality notes. Excellent environment to study. Highly recommended

  22. Avatar photo
    allyssa yap

    Joining New Dawn made me more confident in myself when attempting math questions. The teachers at New Dawn are also very warm and welcoming and are always open to any queries. The tuition centre has a very conducive environment that helps me to focus better and they have a snack bar too!

  23. Avatar photo
    Kristine XD

    The Teachers at new dawn are one of the nicest tutors that I’ve met They are extra meticulous with their lesson materials and always go above and beyond for their students to excel!

  24. Avatar photo
    wong shiling

    Experience in New dawn learning studio:
    The teachers in New dawn learning studio are very responsible and patient in teaching students. When you have a question, the teachers will explain it slowly until you understand it. The teacher not only cares about your studies but also cares about your life, and will also provide enlightenment. The workbooks provided by New dawn learning studio are very helpful and well written, which is very suitable for students who are temporarily reviewing. The environment that New dawn gives students is also very comfortable and warm
    There are also small snacks to replenish physical strength for students. To sum up, you deserve to have a new dawn studio teacher!

  25. Avatar photo

    Highly recommend this tuition centre! Mr Daniel taught me for 3 months and was really helped me in finding what i was doing wrong to do well for J1 promos with 6 grade improvement from Myes to promos.

  26. Avatar photo
    Chua Zhi Ning

    Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph are definitely the most calm and caring tuition teachers ive ever had. be it tuition or school work, theyve never hesitated in helping us in our work and ive managed to maintain my amath results!! not only that but the centre itself is really a second home for me too! there are snacks thr and a conducive environment for me to study in and if i have any questions, i can reach out to the teachers thr too! if ure looking for a tuition to go to, new dawn is definitely the place to go )

  27. Avatar photo
    He Weihong

    New Dawn has a conducive environment for students to study at and the teachers are all very friendly and would not hesitate to reply to questions asked through WhatsApp even after lessons have ended. There are also study corners and snack bars avaliable for students to study and consume simultaneously. New Dawn has really helped to improve my grades from the time I joined and I really have no regrets enrolling into New Dawn

  28. Avatar photo
    Yuvana Yousuff

    new dawn helped me since i was sec 3 in chemistry, amath and emath! my results improved immensely and im so thankful to all my teachers there! my constant F9 in amath became a B3 during O levels and my emath was an A1 ever since i started tuition here! 10/10 would recommend!!

  29. Avatar photo

    Was struggling badly with h2 chem a month before alevels took a chance w new dawn learning studio under mr joseph who was a v motivated and passionate teacher. He was willing to stay back aft work hours to give me further guidance on key concepts which helped me greatly. My grade was U in prelims for chem and i miraculously got a C for As. Grateful to have been taught by him

  30. Avatar photo
    Chloe Khoo

    The tutors and admins are very friendly. Very homey and conducive environment. Good for studying even when I’m not attending lessons. My grades improved a lot since joining!!! Thank you )

  31. Avatar photo
    nat L

    I had classes with Mr Dan for olevel Amath and classes with Mr Joseph for olevel chemistry. Mr Dan teaches according to your needs and helps to clarify doubts as soon as u ask him. He also ensures that you understands and complete the work he gives. Mr Joseph teaches you together with the class and ensures that you can cope with the work that he gives. He walks around to clear doubts and questions that you may face. The notes that both teachers provide are concise and clear enough. They also go through the different types of questions that others may find difficult and challenging. Nearing the exam periods they will continue to support you and help you as well as share their own experiences and other’s experiences to help you become more confident. They have helped me to improve both my Amath and chemistry and helped me to gain back my confidence in these subjects after being unable to ace them in previous tests in school. Overall they are excellent teachers that can help and teach you no matter how confused and unsure you are in the subject.

  32. Avatar photo
    Natalie Leong

    New Dawn Learning Studio was truly my saving grace during my J2 year. In just a few months, I saw my grade for chemistry soar from a U to a B thanks to Mr Joseph (chemistry tutor). This improvement can only be attributed to Mr Joseph’s concise and structured notes, paired with his highly logical and systematic explanations of concepts. I found his topical mindmaps especially useful as a quick reference during work or for revision. Heartened by my progress, I decided to join the H2 Math class under Mr Daniel (math tutor). A decision I will never regret! Mr Daniel’s teaching methods are catered uniquely to each student. Most effectively, he teaches students how to identify the different question types and use a methodical approach to solve the question. This helped me overcome the initial wave of confusion when attempting a new math question, especially in stressful assessments. Additionally, the staff at NDLS bond with students on a personal level that made NDLS like a second home during A level season. Having spent 2 out of 7 days a week in New Dawn for a year, I can assure that you will feel welcomed and excited every time you step through their doors. The admin staff are the best at providing food, drinks and encouragement to fuel your study sessions and holding fun activities to celebrate your achievements. I am eternally grateful to the staff and tutors at NDLS for helping me achieve an A for both H2 math and chemistry in the A levels, as well as keeping me motivated and sane in the months leading up to A levels. If you are looking for a tuition centre that specializes in PCM, I promise that you can look no further than New Dawn Learning Studio

  33. Avatar photo

    The notes provided were very neat and comprehensive. Mr Joseph was very patient and skilled in presenting information in a concise manner. The staff were really nice and friendly. Would definitely recommend this tuition centre!

  34. Avatar photo
    Koen Woo

    Been here for close to 4 years!!! Got high 80s for both my maths in my sec 4 final year exams, good place and great teacher!!! …

  35. Avatar photo
    Min Htut Win

    I have learnt so much from both Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph in a span of less than half a year due to their amazing teaching style. The tuition center is an great learning atmosphere and the notes they give are very helpful. They have helped improve my Amaths and Chemistry greatly and I managed to get A1 and A2 respectfully in O levels!

  36. Avatar photo
    Koh Wei Feng

    New dawn is a really the place where i felt like home and can comfortably learn. The teachers are very patient and genuinely care about us! They not just focus on the outcome, but the process too. They made the learning process fun and enjoyable. My results improved tremendously under their guidance. The ambiance environment is conducive to study too. Snacks corner is one of my favourite Overall its definitely a place you want to go to make learning more fun!

  37. Avatar photo
    Curtis Neo

    The provided notes are easy to understand and many practice questions are provided which covers nearly the entire syllabus so you cover most of your bases. Lessons were easy to grasp too. Amazing and fun tutors. (Snacks are an added bonus)

  38. Avatar photo

    New Dawn Learning Studio offers a teaching style that varies from all other tuition centers. Well, my experience was special. When I first stepped into NewDawn, I noticed that area that allowed student to self study and bond with each other. Also, New Dawn has a snack bar that offered vast varieties of snacks, it was my first time seeing a learning center like that! Despite joining in late, a few weeks before O levels started, i managed to see a significant boost in my math grades. I was in doubt and confusion as math has always been my ‘weak spot’. However, under Mr.Daniels’ guidance, I managed to pull myself back on track and keep up with the lessons in school. He restored the confidence I’ve lost as a student of math and made me realise what I was actually capable of doing. Although the teachers at New Dawn had tight teaching schedules, they never failed to find time to attend to my needs! In conclusion , New Dawn Learning Studio is the perfect place for a holistic learning experience!

  39. Avatar photo
    Kristin Toh

    I joined chem midway through J2 in quite a tragic state and Mr Joseph was extremely patient and understanding in every lesson, provided concise notes with relevant practice questions and focussed on the important things without unnecessary fluff! Depending on the day, class sizes tend to be quite small so I never felt like a burden asking questions and was never made to feel like any of my questions were irrelevant. Coming for classes not only boosted my confidence in chem, but never failed to make me feel welcome with its warm and friendly atmosphere! :”))

  40. Avatar photo
    Jalia Lee

    New Dawn has a conducive environment to study in. Mr Daniel is really patient and helpful. He provided me with a lot of guidance and was always willing to answer my questions. With the help of New Dawn, my concepts were strengthened. I’m very grateful for Mr Daniel’s help

  41. Avatar photo
    Orlando Loi

    I have been a student at New Dawn for 4 years and it has personally been my favourite tuition centre. The teachers there, Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph are both very kind, friendly, patient and encouraging. Lessons are effective as they both are able to cater to the needs each student(which I find quite unique about them in the sense that at conventional tuition centres lessons are just generalised and rather “survival of the fittest type” and not specifically aimed to assist every student with their work at their own pace) .Learning materials provided by the tutors are helpful as well as they helped me to practice answering the different types of questions.Summary and formula sheets provided were super helpful when I was doing last minute revision for my O levels.The environment at tuition centre itself is very cozy and homey as they have spaces where students can rest, relax and study. They also have a snack bar which I enjoy especially when I havent had the chance to have a proper meal before the lesson. Overall every aspect of New Dawn is top notch and it makes it a very enjoyable and satisfying experience to have lessons there.

  42. Avatar photo
    Xinyun Ng

    New Dawn is a great tuition centre! They have conducive learning place for students to study and the admin and teachers are really nice too! Apart from that, they have amazing study materials crafted by the teachers. Mr Daniel had not only improve my ability in Mathematics but also give good life advise as well. Yes, we should be concern about grades but we need to know that grades are not everything and we should try our best in whatever we do and of course, find what we are good at and do our best in it. This is also what I learnt from him There are just so much positive stuff about this centre and the teachers, hope that more people will know about this centre!

  43. Avatar photo
    shannen lee

    at new dawn, the notes are really concise and clear, with summary cheat sheets for each chapter. moreover, the environment is really great, with a lot of seats to study there are also a lot of snacks available for free XD!!! last but not least, teacher daniel is super nice and clear~ explained tough questions to me very well hehe. i’m so glad i joined new dawn ️️

  44. Avatar photo

    Excellent tuition centre. Mr Daniel is an amazing teacher. He is nice, patient, understanding and knowledgeable. He has amazing notes that are concise and easy to understand, and he helped me to comprehend key concepts in math that I struggled to grasp before. He pays attention to the needs of his students and caters his lessons accordingly to allow us to learn more efficiently and effectively. After joining New Dawn, I started to appreciate the beauty of math, and Mr Daniel inspired me to continue practicing and strive for mathematical precision. He is extremely dedicated and will help us with questions outside of class time and even with questions from our own homework. Mr Daniel’s explanations are easy to understand and he is undoubtedly one of the best math teachers I have met!

  45. Avatar photo
    Dora Teo

    Highly recommended to sign up New Dawning

    My son fails his Chemistry and A maths but scored B for O level. Thankful for the caring teachers and good guidance

    Clear teaching method and explanations, concise notes, and lots of support given. Very understanding and supportive team both Teachers and Admin. Recommended
    From Parent

  46. Avatar photo
    Sng Eunice

    I like how the lessons can be done at ur own pace regardless of the class pace, the teachers are always willing to help and make sure that i really understand before i move on. Also, the people are also friendly and kind I also LOVE the snack bar and the study area!! …

  47. Avatar photo
    Su Hui

    new dawn has provided me with a learning experience like never before !! new dawn felt like a home where i made friends that felt like family and a school that taught me the knowledge i hope to acquire . mr joseph and daniel felt more like friends than teachers to me . friends that could guide me along my educational journey , also sharing with me personal and life experiences which shaped me holistically . i am grateful to have been taught by these two mentors .

  48. Avatar photo
    Ethan S

    Before joining New Dawn Learning Studio, I struggled with H2 Math, as I could rarely pass any of my tests and major examinations. However, under the tutelage of Mr Daniel, he began to refine my skills in problem solving and taught me many useful tips on solving complicated questions. The notes provided are also very neat, concise and honestly much more detailed than most of the other school notes that I have perused. Without the patient and effective teachings of Mr Daniel and the well thought out materials, I would have definitely not been able to attain an A in H2 Math in my A Levels.

    What I love about this tuition centre as well includes the hospitality of the staff at New Dawn as they would often provide us with snacks after a hard day of learning and was also very understanding towards us during the COVID-19 period. In addition, I found myself often returning to the centre to study. The facilities there are quite top notch as it includes a wide, clean and quiet area for students to study if the usual studying spots in libraries do become crowded.

  49. Avatar photo
    Shi Pei

    New Dawn is really an amazing tuition centre from top tier teachers to the best welfare and study spaces. I often studied at the study lounge! Keidi and Toby were always super friendly and welcoming! It really is a very conducive study space! Mr Daniel is the most responsive, patient and passionate teacher ever. He is always super willing to go the extra mile for everyone and it is so heartening to see him reach out to you no matter where you are at. Because of their rich resource pool and the amazing guidance I received from New Dawn, I introduced a bunch of my friends to it, all of whom did very well at the A Levels! New Dawn is not like any other tuition centre. It really feels like a journey where everyone walks with you through your JC journey and you really form a connection with everyone there. (The snacks and colourful notes are also huge plus points heheh)

  50. Avatar photo
    Neo Wei Yang

    Beat experience i’ve had with any tuition centres.
    Conducive environment to study, Tutors understands students needs and are very approachable.

  51. Avatar photo
    Brandon Yu

    I attended a functions crash course with Mr Daniel and it really helped me recall all the concepts that I have forgotten and taught me new methods of using the calculators that I previously did not know. The class went smoothly and mr daniel even bought us nice snacks for us

  52. Avatar photo
    Kaitlin Tan

    Teacher Daniel is an extremely dedicated teacher who explains concepts clearly, giving you an edge over others. Moreover, Mr Daniel adopts a unique one to one teaching style in a group class setting, which ensures that customised materials are provided. Thus, whether you are in IP or O Level stream, Mr Daniel will teach flexibly according to the student’s school and learning pace. He is a very patient teacher who tailors his explanations to suit the needs of students. To prepare for examinations, revision notes are provided which include a concise summary of all the topics learnt. Weekly topical notes and ample practices are given.

    New Dawn has a very conducive and comfortable learning environment. Free flow of snacks and drinks are provided! The admins are all very friendly and truly care about the wellbeing of students. Something very cool would definitely be the study pods!

    Even though I have only been at New Dawn for not more than a year, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to excel in Math!

  53. Avatar photo
    Danial Zaki

    Great tuition centre! Concise and well planned notes that allowed me to improve greatly on my mathematics and chemistry. Tutors always went straight to the point and always made sure that we understood each topic before moving to the next. 10/10 would recommend to future JC students. )

  54. Avatar photo
    John Goh

    Daughter was under the tutelage of Daniel 2 yrs ago and she scored A for her A Level Maths! TODAY SHE IS A SCHOLAR at one of the Government Agencies. Recommended him to a friend whose son has given up on Maths at a top Boy’s school. Daniel weaved his magic on the boy and he eventually scored As!! Truly a Math ‘A GRADE’ Machine!!

  55. Avatar photo
    Daniel Ong

    Having only joined New dawn for math for less than a year, Mr Daniel has been able to equip me with the exact skills required to ace my H2 A levels math exam. Mr Daniel is really patient in explaining concepts to us even if we take a long time to understand. He is also very diligent in making sure that every qn that we ask is answered to the best of his ability in such a way that we can grasp the concepts be it through texts/voice messages/after lessons. New Dawn’s materials are also very concise (esp cheat sheets) which makes it easier for us students to study for exams.

  56. Avatar photo
    Joel Lim

    Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph are amazing teachers. Mr Daniel pulled me up from a b4 in Sec 3 to an A2 for O levels, while Mr Joseph helped me to clinch a A2 for Os from a E8 for prelim. Their notes are precise. Classes are always enjoyable as they share with us insights and jokes to bring up the mood. They are always willing to stay back to answer my questions especially during O level period. Their facility and snacks are amazing too !

  57. Avatar photo
    Ernest Koh

    At New Dawn the learning atmosphere is really the best I could ask for. I could remember the first time stepping into the centre and just being in awe at how beautiful the study area is. The tutors there are really helpful and patient. You can ask for help with school work or ask for extra materials such as Exam papers or extra practices. New Dawn is the place to go if you are looking for a good and trustworthy P.C.M(Physics,Chemistry and Math) tuition.

  58. Avatar photo
    Heng Zhuo Ren

    Enrolled with a U grade for math, ended up with an A for A levels. Had an enjoyable time there, Mr Daniel is very professional and a solid math tutor!

  59. Avatar photo
    Aaron Toh

    New Dawn Learning studio has undoubtedly helped me improve my math as well as my learning learning, especially through Daniel’s clear yet concise explanations, allowing me to tackle math problems quickly and effectively, which eventually led to my math improving at the Alevels. Additionally, Daniel and Joseph are not merely just tutors, they are extremely friendly and patient individuals and that is exactly what makes New Dawn an excellent place for students to learn and grow, and most importantly feel at home.

  60. Avatar photo

    Super friendly and helpful tutors who are always willing to answer my questions no matter how late, even past midnight. The materials given are also more than sufficient to practice the skills learnt in class and useful formula sheets are given! Also really appreciate the snacks given~

  61. Avatar photo
    Peh Siew Yu

    Attended H2 Math tuition here for JC and would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling in math!! 🙂

    Mr Daniel is a great teacher! He’s really friendly and would check in on your progress frequently. Feels as though he is a friend of yours and is there to genuine help you.

    In addition, the notes are simple to understand and very comprehensive, often including tips and tricks to aid you in your examination. Mr Daniel even prepares extra questions you can do in your free time, in which you can consult him or even WhatsApp him for explanation.

    Moreover, the classroom environment is really comfortable! There are even tables and cushions outside for self study. They even have charging ports! Great place to study after school instead of squeezing in the library

    Not to mention, they also have a pantry area that is well stocked! Really enjoyed the snacks they provided. Occasionally, they would also bring their dog over to let students de-stress (I really appreciated this, the dog is SOSO CUTE PLS)!

    Overall, I really enjoyed my time at New Dawn and felt that it has really helped me improved!

  62. Avatar photo
    Chris Teng

    A very pleasant serene hideout for those who want some peace and quiet while working.
    Snacks, drinks and even ice cream is provided. You can do painting there as well. Necessary tools will be provided.
    Good place to chill at or to focus on your work.
    They have a function room too that can be used to hold meetings!
    Aesthetics is great and there is an aroma diffuser for those who are into candles.

  63. Avatar photo
    Amirdha Ravichandran

    I had a brilliant time at this tuition. Even though I only joined at the beginning of J2, I was able to pick up quickly thanks to Mr Joseph’s help. His clear and concise notes prepared us for many of the questions we might encounter in the A-level Chemistry paper. His analytical way of teaching also meant that we tried a wide variety of questions, with different ranges of difficulty, as he had selected them very carefully. He is also very attentive to the students’ reactions and makes sure to check up on them, even when they do not voice out their concerns, which was very helpful for me as it encouraged me to speak out more confidently. Mr Joseph’s guidance brought me a long way in Chemistry, from a S(pre-tuition) to an A(A level examinations). I went from struggling with organic chemistry to enjoying synthesis questions since I understood the mechanisms better and felt enabled to apply my knowledge in the questions. Through my short time in the tuition, I was also able to see that he was an extremely motivating and positive individual who pushed his students on and considered all their possible limitations to cater to them best. His great planning as a teacher made learning efficient and manageable, as we had summary notes to help us remember key points well and his pacing was good in that it allowed those who were faster to try out more questions and those who took a bit more time could also keep up with the lesson, while having more to practice later. All in all, he is truly one of the most reliable and admirable teachers I have ever had!

    I would also like to express my gratitude for the cozy study spaces in New Dawn, where I could focus on my work in a quiet environment. I spent many days coming early to study before class and those had been my most productive hours.. Moreover, the pantry is always filled, which is such a boost during tiring days! The conducive environment made me feel supported emotionally, since I felt that they really were doing their best to equip students in their efforts to study and improve. I strongly reccommend checking out New Dawn for H2 Chemistry if you need help!

  64. Avatar photo
    Jiri Yeo

    It was really enjoyable being in New Dawn. No doubt it’s the coolest and the most chill tuition centre I have ever been to and the atmosphere is really good (free snacks and the study area is lit) And Mr Daniel is obv the best. Being easily approachable is one attribute he definitely has and this makes learning fun. His method of teaching Mathematics can be easily understood and really innovative as well with formula sheets readily prepared for each topic to get you geared up for exams!!!! (1+99)/10 out of 10 recommend it ))))

  65. Avatar photo
    sally lu

    Has been a massive help to my son. The teachers have helped to massively improve his grades. The teachers are also attentive to the needs of their students, answering questions and helping them where needed. They have managed to turn my sons attitude towards math and chemistry around and have helped renew his interest in them.

  66. Avatar photo

    My child improved tremendously ever since she was with New Dawn. Clear instructions n really helps her understand the concepts!

  67. Avatar photo
    Jjing Xuann

    new dawn learning studio is a trustable and reliable tuition centre. joined this tuition centre in the middle of my j1 year and my math grades improved tremendously from U to B during promos and eventually A during A levels. mr daniel is a very patient teacher who never fails to clear my doubts. furthermore he is also an engaging teacher who makes me fall in love with mathematics.

  68. Avatar photo
    Crystal Tan

    Been attending lessons at New Dawn Learning Studio for about 3 years. Teachers and staff there are professional, understanding and caring to everyone that steps foot into their studio. The Teachers are patient ,fun to be around, and allows the class environment to be enlightened. Materials provided in the classes are very useful as they give many practices and opportunities to try out different question types. Overall, space used is maximised and are catered to allow students attending lessons there to have the most comfortable experience while learning and most importantly helped me see an improvement in my grades!

  69. Avatar photo
    Pavithra Srinivasan

    I think learning at New Dawn has helped incredibly in improving my learning skills, especially through the use of their resources. I have learnt to master skills like understanding abstract concepts and answering questions precisely which have helped tremendously in acing my examinations. Mr Joseph has been a very kind and understanding teacher. He always explained concepts, answers and even the questions themselves to me very patiently. His tips and advices have proved very effective and efficient. He always compiles important questions that are most likely to be tested which i found most helpful and thankful for. He helped me access other school papers which contained challenging questions so that I can improve. His teaching helped me attain A1 for O level Chem and an A2 for O level Physics. Thank you Mr Joseph! I would definitely recommend New Dawn to any student.

  70. Avatar photo
    lucille lee

    i started h2 math tuition with mr daniel in the middle of 2022, just a few months before the A-levels. however, in this short period of time, mr daniel’s patience and constant guidance boosted my confidence in the subject, and i ultimately achieved an A at the A-levels.

    mr daniel’s notes are extremely informative and detailed, and he ensures that we have ample practice for all the different topics and question types. he is also very encouraging while explaining the answers to any questions we have.

    overall, mr daniel is a very passionate, kind and dedicated teacher and i am thankful for the help he has given me!

  71. Avatar photo
    Ethel Neo

    Really nice and caring teachers especially Mr Dan who has answered every query that I’ve put out

  72. Avatar photo
    tiffany boey

    new dawn has really helped a lot in my jc journey! back in j1, i was struggling quite a bit with understanding h2 math concepts and decided to join new dawn at the start of j2. mr daniel was able to break down the contents really well and made sure that everyone in class was able to keep pace with the lesson. whenever we were confused or have any questions, mr daniel always patiently explains to us until we had fully understood. the resources provided in class such as summary notes and consolidated questions for targeted practice were also really beneficial to my revision my grades saw great improvement after joining new dawn and i’m very glad i made the step to join them!

  73. Avatar photo
    Cassandra Ngo

    Before joining New Dawn, I lost interest in H2 Math as I was constantly scoring badly in school and felt very demoralised. However, after joining New Dawn, I’ve regained my interest as Mr Daniel has effectively closed my learning gaps and would constantly consolidate our learning every lesson. We could learn at our comfortable and suitable pace, which is very effective and created a really conducive learning environment. New Dawn also helps us to organise our notes by providing us with materials like binder files and even summary booklets. The vast improvement made was all thanks to New Dawn & Mr Daniel. I really urge JC students who are currently facing difficulties in H2 Math, Physics or Chemistry to join New Dawn as it will truly create a positive and impressive turning point! (and they have a pantry that provides students with delicious snacks as well 😀 )

  74. Avatar photo
    Yueming Pung

    I have been attending H2 math lessons with Mr Daniel since J1 and New Dawn has provided me with many revision materials for each topic. Each revision worksheet consists of exam questions carefully picked out and arranged by Mr Daniel in preparation for each lesson. His teaching style also matches my learning pace and he is extremely patient and always willing to repeat what he has gone through all over again for those who did not understand. His explanation of concepts are clear and easy to understand, as he comes up with creative ways to remember important concepts Thanks to him, I managed to attain an A for A levels from previously failing many of my tests. Highly recommend as the learning environment is conducive as well, with a study area and even a snack bar! New Dawn also provides summaries of each topic which makes it easier to revise before an exam!! Thank you Mr Daniel for all your help the past 2 years :”)

  75. Avatar photo
    Jarrod Chay

    good environment and suitable teaching style for different types of students

  76. Avatar photo

    scored nett 4 for olvls and achieved A1 for both physics and amath! New Dawn helped me improved both my physics and amath, from E8 to A1!

    Mr Daniel prepares comprehensive and detailed notes catered to students even with a very weak foundation. Those notes had helped me understand chapters that I once found tough to do before attending tuition.

  77. Avatar photo
    hui jing

    mr daniel is very patient in teaching, and often active to answer questions. The tuition centre also give summarised notes which is extremely helpful in revision. There also self pods and free snacks and drinks to chill and study …

  78. Avatar photo
    Jaron Soh

    No doubt, I will be the first to admit that my admission into New Dawn was a decision made out of sheer desperation at the time. Having obtained a woeful U grade in the JC1 promotional exams, my predicament seemed utterly dire and hopeless. I’m sure my friends and family could vouch for me as I say this – I was not one naturally inclined towards Mathematics within any capacity whatsoever. Yet, as much as I can go on boasting about the tremendous leap in grades from my promotional exams (or even from prelims!) to the A-levels itself, that is not quite what I ultimately took away from my short but endearing experience with this lovely tuition centre. There are TONS of student testimonials here and elsewhere that can affirm the stellar notes and teaching styles of both Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph, and so I am certain that that needs no re-introduction. Perhaps it comes as no surprise then, that the warm, home-feeling vibrance of the centre radiates not only from the ambient lights and cozy study corners, but from the caring staff of NDLS themselves. H2 Mathematics beat me into the ground constantly, but I knew always that I could count on the people of NDLS to spur me on. Most importantly, even as less-than-ideal grades kept me questioning my self-worth, the kind people of NDLS kept me reminded that my worth lies not in the grades I achieve, but in the hard work I put in.
    Tldr; I recommend attending New Dawn

  79. Avatar photo

    I highly recommend New Dawn as before I entered New Dawn , I was struggling with the A Math content and could not understand , ending up in a F9 for my PA1 in Secondary 4 , however , after much help and careful guidance from Teacher Daniel , I somehow managed to attain an A1 for my O Levels ! I could never imagine these results before I entered New Dawn !

  80. Avatar photo

    great place to learn! With passionate teachers like Mr Daniel who are experienced and helpful , you can expect to improve quickly and have a better grasp of math! They also have good, curated summarised notes and worksheets that cover the different question types tested. strongly recommend to those looking for help in their h2 math.

  81. Avatar photo
    maxi Seet

    Good teaching style, learning pace is very progressive, starting from basics before proceeding to advanced studies.

    This good pace helps to build strong foundation — which is useful. Mr Daniel is committed enough to welcome questions even off tuition time, and patient enough to teach weaker students slowly.

    Resources are very well curated with lots of effort placed. Able to integrate exam techniques well into the resources.

    Environment is cozy. Theres even a large area for studying.

    Went from D to A for As, would recommend!

  82. Avatar photo
    m goh

    Thanks to New Dawn i was able to secure my distinction for MathThrough out my experience in New Dawn,I am really grateful how Mr Daniel(math teacher) was able to guide and provide me with precise and detailed notes that was way better than my school notes.Plus,Mr Daniel would always answer my questions outside class which i felt that was very helpful as this instant clarification had better aided my studies.

  83. Avatar photo
    Joanna Tan

    new dawn really provided me with a safe space to learn and the teachers there are very very very caring and patient while explaining the topics. they helped to improve my grades! they also have excellent student welfare and provide conducive facilities for you to learn i love new dawn!

  84. Avatar photo
    Lim Ying Wei

    The teachers are very patient and caring. Lessons are really enjoyable and it’s really great that the centre provides food for us to recharge when we get too tired. Staff there are really nice too!!

  85. Avatar photo
    Chris Teng

    A very pleasant serene hideout for those who want some peace and quiet while working.
    Snacks, drinks and even ice cream is provided. You can do painting there as well. Necessary tools will be provided.
    Good place to chill at or to focus on your work.
    They have a function room too that can be used to hold meetings!
    Aesthetics is great and there is an aroma diffuser for those who are into candles.

  86. Avatar photo
    Javier Kor

    Both Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph have done a lot to help me with my preparation for A levels, often going out of their way to ensure that I fully understand the concepts required. Great studying environment coupled with such outstanding teachers really made it a nice experience. Thanks to them, I got an A and B for math and chem respectively!

  87. Avatar photo
    christie tan

    New Dawn encourages self-directed learning. They do not assign homework but give extra practices in the notes and tutorials with very comprehensive and easy to understand tips/notes/steps. Despite being in a class setting with many students of different capacities, Mr Daniel still gives everyone the necessary attention and help that we need in order to learn at our own pace. (And the good notes help with this too!) Throughout my 2 years in JC, Mr Daniel has helped me to maintain my math grades and I am truly grateful! Besides, New Dawn has a very welcoming and friendly culture + its a very nice place to study ++ there’s a snack bar)

  88. Avatar photo
    Harvey Lel

    EPIC TUITION CENTRE!!! Definitely recommend this place to everyone who is looking for tuition. I went for Amath and Emath and Mr Daniel helpedme get an A2 in o levels from a D7 in prelims.thanks a lot Mr Daniel.

  89. Avatar photo

    tuition centre really conducive for studying, teachers are really friendly and a master of their craft. would recommend to any sec sch or jc students out there struggling, real life saver

  90. Avatar photo

    highly recommend this tuition centre! mr daniel taught me for a year and i got straight As in amath ever since. there is also a huge study area for students to study in everyone here is warm and welcoming!

  91. Avatar photo
    Lim Ru Han

    Highly recommend this tuition centre! Mr Daniel taught me for a few months and my math improved so much, Mr Daniel is more than willing to answer any questions that you have. Teaching materials are concise and helpful, not only that there are extra practices for self study.

  92. Avatar photo

    Good environment and vibes. Come here for the cleanliness. Good place to study also. Snacks available at the counter. Helpful teachers. Notes are very solid, you can get A if you work hard.

  93. Avatar photo
    muhammad zikri zalizan

    Very dedicated and helpful in ensuring that students will continue to improve themselves. The teachers are very professional and understanding. They always ensure that students are able to grasp the topic and would pay extra attention to whoever who requires more help. It is a great environment to study in and are very welcoming.

  94. Avatar photo
    Chen Ningxin

    I only joined New Dawn in J2 after doing badly for my March Common Tests but the help they have given me in this short amount of time is immense. During the few months leading up to A Levels, Mr Joseph was really patient and encouraging, always making sure that I understood each question before moving on, even if it means he’ll have to repeat the explanations over and over again, or even stay back after lessons to clear my doubts. The notes prepared by Mr Joseph were also really helpful, they covered every single main point/concept that we were required to learn and also included useful tips to tackle trickier questions! These really helped to build my confidence in Physics and Chemistry and enabled me to strengthen relevant skillsets needed to excel in the A Levels. New Dawn also provided a conducive studying environment, with comfortable study areas and a snack bar, which undoubtedly made studying at the tuition centre more productive. It is definitely the place to go if you are looking for dedicated and supportive tutors!

  95. Avatar photo

    Lessons were always very engaging with Mr Daniel and the amount of help i have been given at New Dawn has been tremendous! After just one year of tuition here, my E math grade improved significantly from the usual D7/F9 to a B3 for O levels!

  96. Avatar photo
    kaiyeol exo

    The notes at New Dawn are concise and most practices are challenging which better prepared me for the exams. Mr Daniel has collated a list of exam questions which saves me time for revision instead of flipping through multiple papers. He has also given me formula sheets and taught me several exam techniques which were very useful as well

  97. Avatar photo
    Tay Shermine

    I joined new dawn for less than a year and saw such a big improvement as Mr Daniel has made it so much easier to understand H2 math with his teaching and carefully crafted notes. Also, the environment at New Dawn is super conducive and comfortable.

  98. Avatar photo
    ryan ng

    in j1,my math results were constantly stuck at U and i had no idea how to improve it.However upon joining New Dawn,my understanding in math drastically improved and i managed to score A for math at A lvs.Mr Daniel was very in depth and precise in his explanation of the various math concepts which helped me better grasp the subject which lead to the drastic improvement.I highly recommend all to join as it will greatly help with ur grades and the experience there is truly worth it!!

  99. Avatar photo
    Hazel Tan

    Before I entered new dawn, I found both math and chemistry intimidating, and scored badly during my school examinations. However, under their patient guidance, I learnt to grasp the main ideas of each subject and was then able to score well. They never hesitated to help me whenever I had questions, which helped me significantly during my preparation for A Levels. It has been a great one with Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph, and I couldn’t have asked for better tutors.

  100. Avatar photo
    ines Sim

    I was with New Dawn for a few months and the teachers there have helped me improve tremendously. The learning environment in New Dawn is very inclusive, I was not afraid to ask questions and clarify my doubts. Additionally the notes provided by the teachers are useful, I found myself referring to them a lot when studying for the O level examinations. My grades jumped from C to A under the guidance of Teacher Daniel and Teacher Joseph. If you are looking for a tuition centre, I would definitely recommend New Dawn!

  101. Avatar photo
    Esther Chua

    i joined new dawn late in J1 as i was struggling alot with physics. Mr joseph was very patient and he helped me to rebuild on my foundations again slowly i saw improvement and i could better understand each topics better and i slowly gain confidence for my physics again. Eventually i made a major improvement for my A levels. Thank you mr joseph and new dawn for the support

  102. Avatar photo
    Kai Xiang

    I joined New Dawn when I was in Sec 3 and I liked the lessons because of how it was not a standardized learning environment for everyone, but rather one that allows different people to learn at their own pace, a hybrid of a 1 to 1 and classroom styled learning. I continued to enrolled in New Dawn Maths in J1 as I liked how the notes are compiled in such a way with examples and formulas for easy access and understanding of the math concepts. Furthermore, the worksheets are constantly updated with the newest trending and challenging questions from all the different schools, which made it easy for us to practise as we do not have to go through many practice papers just to find that one challenging question. Being a student that is curious about concepts, Mr Daniel is also very helpful and patient in making sure I get my concepts and facts right. Eventually I got A1 for both maths in o level and an A for A levels maths. Happy to have been taught by mr Daniel and New Dawn!

  103. Avatar photo
    Clarence Chew

    Mr Daniel is a very passionate and dedicated math teacher who has provided me plenty of support throughout year.

    I remember constantly texting him at midnight to send math questions which I needed help with. I was so surprised that he actually replied me on the spot despite me telling him that it was of no rush. Yet, he still chose to help me solve the questions and explained it clearly. This simply just shows how dedicated Mr Daniel is to help students with math. It was never an obligation for him to help students outside of tuition classes, yet he chooses to do so out of pure passion (even at midnight!!)

    Lessons have always been easy to understand as Mr Daniel teaches everything systematically, step-by-step, ensuring that we a good grasp of the skillsets required to solve the questions.
    Afterwards, he would often go to every individual and clarify any doubts we have.

    The notes provided are simply amazing.
    Not only does it has wide variety of questions, it also compiles many prelim papers questions. This ensures that students will have a huge exposure to the variety of possible variations of questions as well as ample practices.

    I’m grateful to have met Mr Daniel in secondary 4. Mr Daniel has helped to ensure that I stay consistent in math leading up to Olevels.
    I managed to secure A1 for both Emath and Amath.

  104. Avatar photo
    Siyu Chan

    from the beginning i’ve always thought that New Dawn was gonna be a tuition centre like any others, with teachers giving attention to specific students only. However New Dawn has indeed proved me wrong! The teachers have forged an unimaginable relationship with the students and through that, they showed patience and care!! they’ve never once gave up on us and i’m really thankful for that. Daniel has made me gained confidence in Amath, which id never imagine myself to do it without him. he makes me look forward to the 2 hours class every week, despite how dreading the amath may seem to me. he went through the various concepts thoroughly and ensured that all students are perfectly taken care of during class! Even after class, there’s a mini snack bar that’s my favourite part of new dawn ahah it always fills my tummy after my brain juice are being used up from the painstinkingly prepared assignments by daniel, that pushed me to my greatest ability! Thank you for the B3 Daniel!! i honestly appreciate it and i guess i’ll never be able find a ‘new dawn’ somewhere else :>

  105. Avatar photo
    Brandon Ng

    I came into ND with a D7 for my AMs at the start of my Sec 4 year. However, through the short span of a few months under their tutelage, I managed to achieve an A1 for my Os.
    Aside from the classes, they have a plethora of snacks to choose from before and after class to help motivate me to study, along with a large study space for all students to use.
    Highly recommend ND if you need a helping hand and a conducive place to study

  106. Avatar photo
    Paing Soe Khant

    Nice teachers and a cozy learning space!

  107. Avatar photo
    Jae Tan

    Coming to New Dawn Learning Studio was no doubt one of the best choices of my life, before meeting Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph, I was always struggling with my Sciences and Maths, which resulted in me to lose interest in the subjects as I was constantly not able to well. However, after joining New Dawn Learning Studio, there was a huge jump in both my results as well as the understanding of key concepts. Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph are not the typical kind of tuition teachers, they are able to explain and answer to any questions I had which really benefitted me greatly. Lessons there are also very interesting and both teachers are like a friend to you, not the usual teacher-student ‘atmostphere’. I am extremely thankful to New Dawn Learning Studio for their help in my academic process and I definitely will recommend it to anyone who strives to do better in their academics!

  108. Avatar photo
    Eugene Gan

    I think it is fair to say that many parents and students today are looking for a reliable and trustable tuition brand to enroll their children in, whether in need for extra guidance or a hand to new heights. New Dawn is the perfect tuition centre where Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph are more their tutors, they are friends, and more importantly, reliable coaches who care for your well-being and overall education. Having been to many different tuition centres before, these incredible coaches have an excellent eye for spotting trends, creating notes and cheatsheets, all designed to give any student an advantage. To me, New Dawn is a home, a comfortable, conducive environment to learn with great coaches.

  109. Avatar photo
    nithin kaatesh

    Great tuition centre which helped me improve in amath in a really short time. Good and tough questions are given for practise and helped me more especially since my school practises IP.

  110. Avatar photo
    Alger Chea

    it was a really great environment to learn in. the facilities were very well maintained. the tutors had clear understanding of the subjects they were tutoring in and had excellent and unique methods of teaching that is also complemented by the traditional way of teaching that worked in tandem to really help pull my grades up.

  111. Avatar photo

    I’ve taken lessons here for 5 years ( Sec 2 to JC2 ) and throughout these few years, my confidence in math grew tremendously with the help of Mr Daniel. I feel that his style of conducting classes and teaching made me feel more open to asking questions as I was initially very shy. The class sizes are relatively small so it was not distracting and we were able to do work at our own pace, though pressure is given when needed. He also made it very easy for us to clarify doubts outside of class which was great for self revision. This center and its teachers have allowed me to attain my desired grade for ‘A’ levels math and I would highly recommend it!

  112. Avatar photo
    HuiQing Tan

    new dawn truly helped me achieve my
    grades: they provided me w patient & caring teachers who were really kind & always willing to help! Mr daniel really tried to push us to excel & would always spend time even outside of classes to produce good study materials & attend to our extra questions ! Also, even though i was not part of any science classes as a regular student, mr joseph would still approach me to ask if i needed help & would also help me with my doubts. New dawn also provided me w a conducive environment to do my revision, especially during peak periods where they would open for longer times. the environment was clean and quiet & i really enjoyed studying there. I believe that all the help from the teachers as well as the great environment to study really motivated and helped me to achieve the score that i did! thanks chers

  113. Avatar photo
    Van G

    New Dawn has helped when I felt that I was going to flunk whatever Additional Mathematics Exams that I had coming in the future. However, with the help of the teachers at the tuition centre, I am able to easily understand the topics in the syllabus and have received a satisfactory score for my O lvl exam .

  114. Avatar photo
    Schaun Ma

    After entering JC, i thought that it would be almost the same as secondary school or slightly more difficult. But I was proven wrong after my mid year exams where I got U for math and my other subjects weren’t very good. However after going for New Dawn, my results improved a lot where I have gotten B for math, chem and physics. I would like to thank Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph for explaining the concepts clearly and teaching me how to approach the exam questions with the correct methods. Now I feel that the subjects are a lot easier. In short, if you want to get As or Bs but don’t want to go for lectures, just come here.

  115. Avatar photo
    Kushioka Nodoka

    It was a great experience! I attended lessons at New Dawn for about 1.5 years for math and chemistry. Initially, I didn’t understand the content of the subjects very well and was often confused. But the clear explanations that were given during the lessons really helped me to grasp the topics well!

  116. Avatar photo
    Sean Poon

    The tutors here are very patient and would spend their free time creating their own notes and giving extra help to their students.

  117. Avatar photo
    Wee En Chua

    This tuition centre is highly recommended for those struggling in A Maths. This system is extremely unique as it is catered to suit every single student, as you can do work at ur own pace, etc etc. Special thanks to Mr Daniel who helped me achieve an A1 for my A Maths, I rlly went from lowest in class to top 20-30% in my class for Prelims which is the second best in the entire school.

  118. Avatar photo
    Famous Baker

    Great experience with specialised notes, really benefitted from the weekly lessons that got me my A grade!

  119. Avatar photo
    Beom Soo

    The tuition centre has a conducive environment for both learning and studying. It also provides essential notes, which covers all the content needed for examinations. The teacher at the centre, Mr Daniel, is able to explain challenging concepts in a succinct and clear manner, which greatly helps in the student’s learning process. Will recommend for those who are struggling in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry!

  120. Avatar photo
    Shreya R

    I joined in my j1 year and Mr Daniel’s detail-oriented teaching methods and guidance really helped me to understand the concepts better. The other staff at the tuition centre are also very welcoming and create a warm environment. I truly valued and enjoyed my time at New Dawn!

  121. Avatar photo
    Annie See Toh

    Very grateful to this tuition centre! Only joined New Dawn Math (by Mr Daniel) in the start of my JC 2 year, and it helped me greatly in my math My only regret is not joining this tuition centre earlier in JC 1, so that I could have had an easier time understanding math lessons in school HAHA. Mr Daniel is one of the best teachers I’ve met, he is very patient and meticulous while teaching. He explains the concepts and questions well, and does not judge any queries you have! Moreover, Mr Daniel is very friendly and easy to talk to which makes lessons more fun The notes from the tuition centre are also very detailed and helpful for practice and revision. Thank you New Dawn!

  122. Avatar photo

    In my time at New Dawn, I always looked forward to lessons because Mr Daniel really helped me grasp mathematical concepts in a clear and concise manner The professionalism, patience and kindness of Mr Daniel and the other staff at New Dawn create a conducive learning environment and safe space for learning, which was especially helpful in helping me conquer my fear of math! Furthermore, the robust class materials also provide ample practice opportunities, which saw my grades improve tremendously! Thank you New Dawn!

  123. Avatar photo
    Mkmb 1234

    When I was in sec 3 I got a D7 for A math and E8 for chemistry. I had no idea how to manage these 2 painful subjects. That’s when I joined New Dawn, and with the help of both Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph I improved my grades for both subjects drastically. Unlike in school, in New Dawn it was easier for me to ask questions as there was a small class size. This allowed me to clarify my doubts immediately. Also, Mr Daniel teaches very patiently which allowed me to grasp abstract math concepts. Furthermore, Mr Joseph’s teaching style made chemistry interesting and a fun subject to learn. Due to this I started to enjoy both A math and chem which I used to dread a lot. The notes given in New Dawn are concise and well explained with many examples. Through my journey in New Dawn I got better in the subjects and eventually received A2 for both A math and chem in O levels. I recommend anyone struggling with secondary math or science to come to New Dawn and I can guarantee that it will be a life-changing experience!

  124. Avatar photo

    I jumped from a U in promos, S in mid years, D in prelims to a A in H2 Math during the A-Levels thanks to New Dawn.

    Like many humanities students, Math has always been the subject I struggled the most with. However, New Dawn enables you to:

    1. Strengthen your foundations.
    Doing well in H2 Math requires strong fundamentals, especially due to the depth and breadth of topics tested. Mr Daniel makes sure you understand the logic behind complicated math concepts, and gives more than enough practices for you to brush up your foundation. So if you have been missing lectures or not doing your tutorials, New Dawn is the best place for you to catch up and not let the topics snowball.

    2. Learn through a flexible and effective teaching style.
    I would describe the teaching style here to be a hybrid between a private and lecture style teaching. New topics are taught in advance of school lectures so that you can use school lessons as a revision rather than being completely lost. The notes given are extensive and the tutorials slowly build up, with differing intensity that cater to different individuals. This also helps you work on your basics but also give you the option of stretching yourself and testing if you truly understand the concepts. The concise notes also makes revision much simpler and easier. They collate concepts, popular question types, common misconceptions, tricks and this is really a life saver in JC.

    Mr Daniel will also go around to answer the questions you have, almost like a private tuition. He will make sure you understand the topic and he is always reachable after class, over text, and even gives free consults nearing exam period. This personalised coaching ensures that prior misconceptions or weaker topics are dealt with.

    3. Have the best revision
    I would say my biggest improvement was seen during the revision period starting from prelim preparation. Mr Daniel does topical revision which enables you to revisit topics you are weaker in. The questions are thoughtfully curated to suit the common trends in the A-Levels as well as the basic concepts that you have to know. In my personal experience, this organised revision is what makes a difference between having tuition and self-studying. With well-planned lessons, one can be confident that all types of questions and all topics required will be covered, and whatever materials provided in New Dawn will be sufficient for you.

    4. Learn in a productive and welcoming environment
    The environment here makes studying here extremely suitable. Mr Daniel is very approachable. He is like a friend that answers all your questions. You will not feel intimidated to ask him questions at all. Moreover, it is conducive, with studying areas for you to do your revision, even for your other subjects. The staff here are all SUPER FRIENDLY. They take care of you, and make you feel like family, making you want to come back. They provide you with snacks and even parties, gifts and photobooths to spice lessons up. Furthermore, the location is very central. You do not have to waste precious travelling time and there are many good food choices around for you to eat before or after lessons as well.

    If you want quality teaching, a great experience and most importantly, results in the final test, go to New Dawn now. A for H2 math was nearly impossible for me and I really thank New Dawn and the family there for supporting me throughout my journey.

  125. Avatar photo

    The teachers were kind, patient and was able to help me maintain my math score! There’s also a really nice area to study, it’s super convenient and there’s music to help you focus, really recommend this place!

  126. Avatar photo
    Joelle Lai

    the teachers at new dawn learning studio are really patient in teaching me. attending physics tuition lessons, Joseph really helped me to better understand difficult physics concepts and was willing to answer any doubts i have. For math, Daniel was also very clear in explaining the solutions for hard questions, and the notes had step by step solution so that we were able to review them at home in case we wanted more practice. Overall, it was a good experience for my learning and i would recommend joining

  127. Avatar photo

    New Dawn is a tuition centre that provides more then extensive help for students struggling with physics, chemistry and math. They provide tons of practices for students and tutor are always more than ready to help the students.The environment that New Dawn provides is very conducive not only for lesson but for students who wants to self study there too. They do not only focus on academics but they also put huge emphasis on the welfare of the students by having food corners and some small activities every now and then. Those that are looking for a tuition definitely should give New Dawn a try.

  128. Avatar photo
    min hui

    i was introduced to this tuition centre by a friend at the mid of sec 1 , my math was originally F9 ,, failing badly . however after joining it for just 2 months , my sec 1 eoys scored an A1. being in the tuition since 2019 june , my math results constantly scored A1 and has remained so. just got back my sec 2 eoys, another A1. good outcomes , better teachers )

  129. Avatar photo
    jazreel leong

    mr daniel is a very very nice, patient and helpful tutor who was always available to clarify any doubts i had! amath has always been my worst subject and i barely studied for it but i still passed in o’s thanks to mr daniel (f9 to c6) yes pls join newdawn u wont regret the place is great, v conducive fr studying bfre lessons and their dog v cute <3 also mr daniel v chill de he allow us to form alliance see thts why c6 for amath JOIN NEWDAWN!!!! ily mr daniel heres ur 5 stars review

  130. Avatar photo
    Lee Jia Yi

    I only joined New Dawn in J2 with a U grade for H2 Math (yes, very desperately). Through Mr Daniel guidance, i was able to pull my H2 math grade up to an A in the Alevels. Mr Daniel is a really encouraging and patient teacher and always made sure we understood everything he was teaching. His notes were well-targeted to the various important concepts and made H2 math seem way less intimidating than i thought. He also reviewed with us every important aspect of the subject and made sure we are able to do it right. The environment is not only very conducive for studying, it also has a snack bar and games for the students to relieve their stress and stay motivated. It is no doubt the best tuition place I’ve ever gone to.

  131. Avatar photo
    Melisha Kaur

    New Dawn has been my greatest help during my o’levels. Not only did their spectacular learning material help me to jump several grades in A/E math, they also provide a conducive learning environment for me to study for my other subjects. They even have snacks to keep me motivated through my studies and games to play during study breaks. No regrets on picking New Dawn!

  132. Avatar photo
    Nurzianah Mazlan

    I had the opportunity to study here for half a year before my olevels and it was so worth it! The notes given were very neat and only included what was most important for the syllabus, so it was very useful for students who feel that they have to study everything in the textbook. I’m most thankful for Mr Joseph, our pure chem tutor for giving enriching lessons and teaching in a way that was simple to understand. What I like about New Dawn is that each lesson was focused on the necessary things we needed to know for the subject, and most importantly we were given more than enough practice papers and their respective answer keys to self revise. Thank you, kind staffs and tutors for the great experience! Would have given 6 stars for this place tbh

  133. Avatar photo
    pamela cyx

    Went from F9 to A2 in Amath!! Mr Daniel is very patient and clear. The notes provided are also organised and neat which helped a lot. Study environment is extremely conducive too , it allows you to recharge and focus well. Definitely recommend to those taking Amath!!

  134. Avatar photo

    Sticked to New Dawn Learning Centre since secondary 1 and I really love the environment here. It is spacious with designated study areas where i can do my revision with my friends before or after tuition classes and my favourite spot is obviously the snack bar where i can grab a few snacks to munch on during tuition lessons . The materials provided there were really useful in my revision. The mindmaps are concise and easy to understand. Mr Joseph and Mr Daniel are also very caring and helpful teachers. When i have additional questions, i can stay back after lessons and they would be more than willing to answer my queries.

  135. Avatar photo
    Calvin Chia

    Mr Daniel is a skilled and experienced teacher who makes learning mathematics simple but fun. He is also extremely approachable and is always willing to offer u help after class time via WhatsApp or face to face. Lessons are always filled with laughters and joy. In addition, his ability to break down complicated mathematics concepts and ideas into succinct and simpler steps that we can follow, along with the amazing notes provided allows us to grasp the subject of mathematics easily. New Dawn has very condusive classrooms, as well as a large area where students can study or relax. The entire setup of New Dawn’s campus makes it feel like a second home. New dawn has a wholesome environment and ambience where students can strive for their desired results. Delivering results is not a problem for Mr Daniel, and what makes him exceptional is the enjoyment we get during classes while learning at New Dawn, and the relationships we make there.

  136. Avatar photo
    2021 MOOI ZOEY

    mr daniel was really helpful in providing his assistance both in class and over whatsapp whenever i had math questions i did not quite understand. student welfare here is rly good as well with a well stocked pantry and well lit + comfortable study spaces + calming instrumentals!

  137. Avatar photo
    Bella Chua

    New dawn learning centre Teachers are very patient with the students! Notes and worksheet are really well printed and well prepared by the teacher themselves!! Give it a shot!!

  138. Avatar photo

    When I first joined New Dawn, I was failing both Chemistry and Additional Mathematics but thankfully with the help and patience from Mr Joseph and Mr Daniel, I managed to do much better in olevels! The tuition center is conducive with study areas and food is available to students. Mr Daniel and Joseph have been extremely helpful and they readily answer any questions that I have! The notes provided are also concise and easy to understand, which definitely helped me to improve

  139. Avatar photo
    ethel heng

    New Dawn is like a home from home. The centre really considers what students look for to maximise their learning experience, providing a very conducive and comfortable environment for learning – a constantly full snack bar, a cozy study area, well-compiled notes and tutorials, even calming background music! Throughout my 1.5 years of having JC math tuition with New Dawn, Mr Daniel has always made learning math easier for me, being a very patient and funny guy. Lessons are always well-paced and Mr Daniel ensures that help is given when we need it. It has been nothing but an extremely enriching 1.5 years here, thank you New Dawn!

  140. Avatar photo
    muhammad a'qil

    i would like to thank mr daniel and the team at new dawn for helping me throughout my a level journey with their consistent support and hospitality. mr daniel is extremely supportive and always reaches
    out to students to offer his help and also to motivate them. additionally, the study environment at new dawn is extremely comfortable and further enhances the overall learning experience here. i would not have been able to do as well as i did for H2 math if it was not for new dawn’s notes, practices and most importantly tutors. highly recommended

  141. Avatar photo
    Faith Ong

    new dawn is a great tuition centre! the centre is big and spacious, providing a great and conducive environment for students to study. mr daniel and mr joseph are also amazing and dedicated tutors who are not just here to help us with our studies but also makes the effort to be a friend to us, caring about our welfare

  142. Avatar photo
    Rayan Wong

    Dedicated teachers, nice environment and FREE SNACKS

  143. Avatar photo
    Ethan Wan

    When i first came into new dawn, I was on the verge of failing. However, with the help of New Dawn Learning Studio, my grades went all the way from E8 to A1. New Dawn is a place where they make learning extremely fun!

  144. Avatar photo

    Before I met Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph, I was struggling with Physics and Add. Math. To me, both subjects were very dry and difficult to understand, and with the added stress of “O” Levels looming over my shoulder, I was at a loss. Luckily for me, once i started at New Dawn Learning Studio, I saw an immediate impact made on both understanding of these subjects and my results. Both teachers are very friendly, and are always willing to answer and enquiries I had. Lessons were interesting as well as both Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph explains concepts in a way which is easy to understand. They also linked topics to one another to make my understanding of each subject clearer. Both teachers are very hardworking and they would encourage us to try our best. New Dawn Learning Studio has helped me improve my understanding of each subject, and my ability to critcally think and approach each and every question confidently!

  145. Avatar photo
    you min

    new dawn is the first place i chanced upon while feeling clueless about jc work.

    mr daniel and mr joseph had provided me with lots of guidance through the detailed and progressive notes that they curated. they use real life examples for us to be able to visualise better, aiding me to absorb the knowledge.

    not only that, they are also very willing to offer us help based on what we are weak on, answering the many questions that students have both offline and online. this assured me that they would always be by my side to guide me and this has definitely prepared me for my A’s.

    thank you for the condusive environment to learn in !

  146. Avatar photo

    New Dawn’s teachers are patient and caring, providing ample notes and guidance whilst encouraging students to take charge of their own learning. Had a great time learning there and made math easier to understand and apply!

  147. Avatar photo
    Ashley Tung

    Mr Daniel helped me improve my math grades tremendously from a D in secondary 2, to an A+ for both Additional math and Elementary math in my final examination in Secondary 4. I am so grateful for his patience and guidance throughout these 2 years, thank you Mr Daniel!!

  148. Avatar photo
    Jia Xuan Ong

    Joined New Dawn after Sec 3 EOYs when I just passed the A-math paper. After a year at New Dawn, my understanding for the subject has improved tremendously with the constant practises weekly in class. In Sec 4 EOYs for A-math, I attained a A+. New Dawn provides us with
    topical notes and practices every week and supplements it with revision exercises closer to exams. Mr Daniel is very patient and willing to help all his students even outside of class time.

  149. Avatar photo
    Big Baller Nation

    Great teachers who give excellent exam tips and fantastic notes that covers the syllabus well.

  150. Avatar photo
    angeline yap

    environment is very conducive and ideal for studying. The teaching methods are also simple yet easy to understand. These teaching methods also differs with each student based on their ability to understand a topic, making it easier to understand than with a fixed method of teaching. after joining, my grades have improved a lot and I definitely understand topics better now.

  151. Avatar photo
    Wei Jing Sim

    My time at New Dawn was very enjoyable. The study area is very well maintained and comfortable. I feel like New Dawn provides a place for me to study whenever I am nearby. The snack area also provided me with an abundance of snacks, and there is no doubt I would go there before every lesson to take some. The materials New Dawn provides are top notch, and is very detailed. Some of their notes even include a very concise summary of the chapter, and includes a whole list of formulas. Their summaries were my daily reads on the train to school, and I appreciate the effort put into them! Thank you teachers!

  152. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tang

    i joined New Dawn about one to two weeks before prelims and at that point in time, my math was rather shaky as i have been consistently getting Ds and Es for my school examination. However, with the materials that New Dawn has provided me. I managed to be able to practise a lot of math questions which eventually helped me to strengthen my concepts. Coupled with that, Mr Daniel has also helped me to clear my doubts by answering my questions be in online or offline. All these eventually proved to be helpful when i managed to get an A for A levels.

  153. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Lee

    new dawn has really helped me a lot, the notes given were clear and concise and contain many examples arranged according to the different question types which i found very useful! Mr Joseph was very nice and patient, always checking in and helping me with my queries. I really enjoyed my time at New Dawn, the environment was nice and cozy which was a good place to study. thank you New Dawn!

  154. Avatar photo
    Natalie Lim

    highly recommend this tuition centre! mr daniel is a patient and reliable tutor who is able to explain concepts well. thanks to mr daniel’s guidance, i scored an a1 for amath the center also has a quiet and well maintained study area for students to use!

  155. Avatar photo
    Koh Chee Xuan

    The lessons taught at New Dawn are thoughtfully crafted with meticulously and carefully curated notes, making it easy for students to understand complex concepts in mathematics, physics and chemistry. The passion for teaching exhibited by Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph permeates into their lessons, fostering an interactive learning environment that ensures no student is left behind. The dedication of New Dawn’s teachers to their students is evident as students frequently stay back after lessons to clarify their doubts, a testament to their unwavering commitment.

  156. Avatar photo
    Will Chin

    My kid achieved A in her grades after attending lessons here. She was struggling previously in math.
    All in all Happy with the service!

  157. Avatar photo
    Ashlyn Tan

    highly recommend newdawn especially for jc! joined both h2 math & physics and found that the carefully structured and well thought out compilation of notes and practice questions complements our learning very well!
    the syllabus is well planned for revision and learning, allowing students to really understand and get a good grasp of even the most challenging topics.
    furthermore, both teachers are extremely dedicated and will go out of their way to ensure a good learning experience — making lessons fun and meaningful.
    newdawn offers great support along the a level journey which really makes it a whole lot better and more enjoyable!
    together with great student welfare (aka snacks!!!), newdawn is an amazing option that you should definitely consider! 🙂

  158. Avatar photo

    very structured and concise notes provided!! def helped to understand the subjects better

  159. Avatar photo
    Esther Lam Xuan Yi

    The math and chem tuition in New Dawn Learning Studio really helped me pull up my grades! I was really struggling with the subjects but both Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph were very patient and always willing to answer my questions. Thanks to them, I managed to secure my As in both Math and Chem! I would highly recommend this tuition to those who have difficulty catching up with the fast paced lessons in JC as it will help you better understand and internalise the concepts.

  160. Avatar photo

    Excellent tuition centre. Mr Daniel is an amazing teacher. He is nice, patient, understanding and knowledgeable. He has amazing notes that are concise and easy to understand, and he helped me to comprehend key concepts in math that I struggled to grasp before. He pays attention to the needs of his students and caters his lessons accordingly to allow us to learn more efficiently and effectively. After joining New Dawn, I started to appreciate the beauty of math, and Mr Daniel inspired me to continue practicing and strive for mathematical precision. He is extremely dedicated and will help us with questions outside of class time and even with questions from our own homework. Mr Daniel’s explanations are easy to understand and he is undoubtedly one of the best math teachers I have met!

  161. Avatar photo
    Mishel Maryam

    It was a great experience. Mr Joseph is an excellent tutor and his revision materials are very concise. It really helped me prepare for o levels. The materials also helped students to achieve a good and intuitive understanding of the subject material. The study space is also really great and there’s a really friendly and welcoming environment.

  162. Avatar photo

    Mr Daniel is a caring and responsible teacher, and is eager to answer any questions that we have. Furthermore, the facilities there are good, and provide a conducive learning environment …

  163. Avatar photo

    Thank you Mr Daniel for providing very concised materials and questions with different difficulty levels. I found it useful as it builds confidence in me since i see improvement in myself having greater understanding for each topic. Also, the detailed and summarised notes provided by Mr Daniel are great to get a quick revision right before tests and exams. Even during circuit breaker when lessons are conducted online, we still received the notes and lessons continued as per normal. During this period, I often asked questions via whatsapp though it may be harder to communicate but Mr Daniel still manages to patiently clear all my doubts for me. New Dawn also provides workshops and a variety of question types to practice which is very effective in preparation for A Levels. I truly believe you will have a wonderful time learning with a comfy environment and snacks to recharge while working hard.

  164. Avatar photo
    Adric Yeo (Mario262)

    I would like to thank Mr Daniel for helping me improve my amath from Borderline passes to As! I would highly recommend it to my friends family and others as it has great facilities and can be a fun and amazing place to study with your friends!

    There are also many various school papers to do and it helps to know my ability to do questions and when in doubt Mr Daniel will always help me. This learning experience can change your views in studying and make studying more enjoyable!

  165. Avatar photo
    Jerilyn Koh

    Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph are both very passionate tutors who would go out of their way to ensure that all concepts taught are understood by everyone. Knowing everyone has different learning pace, their patience and dedication to every single student allows them to learn at their own pace. Academics aside, they also take extra care for each student’s mental wellbeing and welfare, ensuring that everyone is at their tip-top condition. I am glad that i had them as my tutors throughout my JC life, allowing me to have powered through A-levels strong.

  166. Avatar photo
    Winston Teo

    Mr Daniel is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher who is able to come out with easy to understand summary-sheets for quick and effective revision. The learning environment there is very comfortable too …

  167. Avatar photo
    jaredee x

    Notes are very clear and informative, teachers are very kind and caring and are very good at teaching. Tuition centre facilities are top notch, with a very comfortable study area with a lot of other forms of entertainment such as board games and musical instruments. They also have a free snack bar! Would recommend this tuition centre for sure!

  168. Avatar photo

    H2 math with Mr Daniel

    Lectures are straightforward and notes are concise, and also highlights common errors to avoid. Mr Daniel took the time to explain each concept and the steps to take approaching different questions. Mr Daniel is always open to answering questions and helps to entertain different methods of answering. Question style reflect what prelim and a level questions would look like, and tutorials help to give deeper understanding of the chapter. Mr Daniel also welcomes giving additional questions for revision if you ask for it. His explanations and teaching methods are succinct.

  169. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Goh

    The tutors here are very friendly and patient! The tutors give detailed explanations to questions that I do not understand and have greatly helped with my studies. Thanks Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph! 😀

  170. Avatar photo
    tan shih han

    i joined after barely passing my amath in s3 and in one year i improved to an a+! mr daniel explains the concepts and skills clearly and the resources provided (notes, practices, revision papers etc.) make the learning process easy and fun. even outside of classes, he is very willing to extend his help and frequently offers more targeted approaches to weaker topics. overall, new dawn is super worth it and i’m very grateful for the help )

  171. Avatar photo
    Comane Tan

    I was initially struggling very hard with Chemistry, only getting nothing past Ds and Es, most of the time S/U in for the entirety of my JC journey. 2 months prior to As I decided to go for Mr Joseph’s class, which has boosted my confidence greatly. not only did he built my non-existent foundation up in a mere 2 months, he has also made sure my concepts are sound enough to tackle advanced questions. Mr Joseph is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher who is able to convey concepts across easily to students, his notes are also extremely concise and facilitates learning very well, he is also ever so ready to help his students even outside of lessons.
    (and the study corner is great for studying too!!!!! aesthetic and conducive!!)
    grade jump: S for prelims, A for A-levels

  172. Avatar photo
    Tan Yunn Ting

    I am very grateful to have found New Dawn studio during my upper secondary years. Upon entering New Dawn for only 2 months, they have helped my Additional Mathematics jump from a F9 to a B3. Though it might not have been the best grade, considering I’ve only been taught by Daniel for 2 months and have already achieved such leap in grades had helped boost my confidence in Additional Mathematics. In those 2 years I was in New Dawn, I have been treated with great kindness and generosity by both teachers, Daniel and Joseph. I have only attended Daniel’s Additional Mathematics classes and he is the most patient and generous tutor I have ever met. Daniel is willing to give as much addition help as possible, be it giving extra practices or staying after class to help students with inquires. Though Joseph is not my teacher, whenever I have a burning question for either physics or chemistry, he is willing to share his knowledge on said topic. Through the interactions with both teachers, it is known that both teachers teach with passion and I honestly cannot think of any quality more important than that. They communicate with their students in such a way that students are comfortable to share their problems and questions with no hesitation. If asked,I only have good words for both teachers as it is very evident in their comprehensive and constantly updated notes and practices, the way they run their tution centre where it would not simply be a tuition centre for students but also a second home, and most importantly, their patience and willingness to share their knowledge.

  173. Avatar photo

    I have been with New Dawn for 3+ years now, and Mr Daniel has been by my side throughout most of my secondary school math journey. With New Dawn’s conducive learning environment and clear and concise notes, along with Mr Daniel’s guidance, I have been able to achieve consistently satisfactory results for both A math and E math, and A1 for both in my O-levels! I definitely recommend NDLS to anyone seeking to improve their math grades

  174. Avatar photo

    My learning experience here at New Dawn Learning Studio was great! Both Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph were really supportive and catered to every student’s needs. They also provided us with many resources such as topical revision worksheets and concise notes. The teachers prepared me well for my O levels and I ended up achieving A1 for Amath and Chemistry! I highly recommend New Dawn Learning Studio!

  175. Avatar photo
    Dao Thu Hien

    I only joined New Dawn when I was in the middle of sec 4, believing that my grades in AMaths, Physics and Chemistry were beyond help. But thanks to New Dawn’s guidance and support, I was able to grow past this mindset and pulled me out of the pass-fail range and pushing me all the way to distinction in all three subjects.

  176. Avatar photo
    Arjun Subhash

    It was a great experience learning at new dawn and I really enjoyed the conducive environment that was present at the centre. Mr Joseph was very helpful and effortlessly explained key concepts which enabled us to grasp the content and master it so as to apply the skills in our examinations. Beyond just explaining notes and practice questions the teachers are always ready to answer our queries, be it from the worksheets provided or from our own school work and TYS papers. My time at new dawn was really helpful and definitely aided my preparation for A’s.

  177. Avatar photo

    When i first joined New Dawn Learning Centre, i was desperately trying to understand the Secondary 3 Amath topics. But Daniel, after 3-4 lessons, managed to clear most of my doubts I’ve gather throughout the year. After I cleared that hurdle, i was on the course to trying to do well for O Levels. Daniel has taught me many little tricks that made Amath not as intimidating as I thought it was and he did it with so much patience. Week by week I can see my grades improving during class tests. New Dawn Learning Centre is truly a great place to learn and study as the environment is great and the students there are all hungry to improve. I am really greatful to Daniel and the team over at New Dawn Learning Centre for helping me and guiding me through my journey.

  178. Avatar photo

    New dawn is the best!! I was able to achieve A for both Chemistry and Mathematics in the A levels. Not only is New Dawn equipped with insightful notes but also
    has teachers that are always patient and eager to lend a helping hand. New Dawn also has a very conducive environment to study and revise i highly recommend this to students that seek academic help because the revision especially near the end of A levels was intensive, rigorous and concentrated.

  179. Avatar photo
    Shao Qin Neo

    new dawn provides:
    – concise and succinct formula sheets
    – easy and reliable methods + useful shortcuts
    – conducive and cozy environment (with snacks!!)
    – friendly tutors

  180. Avatar photo
    John Doe

    Had a great time studying there. Teachers were very patient and willing to answer any questions I had anytime. Concepts were explained and taught very well. More than enough study tutorials and revision materials were provided. The place also has a conducive study area for self study or revision. Staff are also very kind and friendly. Would recommend to anyone in need of help for math and science.

  181. Avatar photo
    snoop k

    A good tuition centre that has helped me to better understand and grasp concepts behind each topic.
    The notes are also very detailed and helpful. For each topic of math, different question types will be compiled and there are a variety to practice with.

  182. Avatar photo
    Jing Qian

    Mr Daniel has really helped me a lot with my H2 math. I started out with little confidence in the subject and a lot of worry as it was just a few months before As but he was very patient in helping me understand all the concepts thoroughly. He also never stopped encouraging me to keep practicing. I went from struggling with math, an E throughout JC, to an A at A levels. Thank you Mr Daniel for all your help!

  183. Avatar photo

    Thank you Mr Daniel and Mr joseph! When i first joined i was struggling really hard with both subjects but under their guidance i managed to gradually understand the concepts and grasp the content and skills needed easily! i really appreciate their patience and how the lessons are conducted, they really summarise everything and make it simple to understand, their cheat sheets, tutorials and revision was really helpful in sharpening my exam answering skills. Really thankful for the help i got under their guidance, i improved so much and i really recommend coming to learn at New Dawn!

  184. Avatar photo
    Yi Jie Lee

    Been to new dawn learning studio for a little over a year but thanks to Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph’s guidance and notes, I’ve not only been able to improve in Amath emath and chemistry significantly, but also gain interest in the subjects
    New Dawn learning studio also has a conducive learning and studying environment as students are provided with study spaces and there’s even a snack corner for students to take a break after having their long study sessions!
    All in all, New Dawn learning studio is by far the best tuition centre I’ve been to and a place I definitely never regret going

  185. Avatar photo
    Jocelin Chua

    Mr Daniel was a patient teacher who consistently answered my after hours questions! He tried to match the pace of every student and used different teaching styles to cater to the learning styles of each student. The materials were clear with how to approach each type of math question, making me more confident in solving questions in school as well. The cheat sheet was also very useful and convenient with all the important information on a few pages, making it easy for me to refer back whenever I need some help. With his dedication, I managed to consistently do well in school tests, and eventually A levels, thank you Mr Daniel 🙂

  186. Avatar photo
    Koh Chee Xuan

    The lessons taught at New Dawn are thoughtfully crafted with meticulously and carefully curated notes, making it easy for students to understand complex concepts in mathematics, physics and chemistry. The passion for teaching exhibited by Mr Daniel and Mr Joseph permeates into their lessons, fostering an interactive learning environment that ensures no student is left behind. The dedication of New Dawn’s teachers to their students is evident as students frequently stay back after lessons to clarify their doubts, a testament to their unwavering commitment.

  187. Avatar photo

    joined new dawn as a H2 math student in J1, the notes provided were very useful for revision purposes and the lesson plan is very targeted, Mr Daniel is a really patient teacher and he is always willing to offer help to students online too! the study corner is a conducive learning environment and the staff over at the centre are rly friendly and approachable

  188. Avatar photo
    Brandon Auyong

    joined at the end of j1 with a S for math and graduated with an A for prelims and A levels. the curated notes are very useful with examples from many different schools and the cheat sheets are especially useful for quick revision. the structure is good too as it goes through the topics before the school goes through it, so you can do school tutorials easily as practice. mr daniel (the math teacher) is super passionate and he will reply ur msges at any time if you have any qns and even offers consultations (for free). the environment is very good for studying, you can go there anytime to study even if you don’t have class on that day + theres free snacks too!

  189. Avatar photo

    Mr Joseph is a very patient tutor and is very willing to clarify my doubts and his guidance has helped me to gain a lot of confidence in tackling Chemistry questions. His notes are easy to read, which allows me to build my content with ease.
    Mr Daniel likewise also breaks down complicated topics into simpler ones so that topics can be understood easily. The formula sheets provided allowed me to practice math questions more smoothly and his practice questions which are of increasing difficulty has helped me to build a strong foundation in Math before tackling more complicated questions eventually.

  190. Avatar photo

    enjoyed my weekly lessons here! both tutors are highly competent, friendly, and helpful. do not hesitate to approach them to ask any questions. the notes from new dawn are both detailed and concise, practical for revision near exams. with ndls, ive made amazing grade jumps in both math and chem. ndls also has amazing facilities and welfare: there is a snack bar for students, the staff there are really friendly and also give goodie bags welcoming students and host ‘graduations’ for those in their final year of studies. the environment is conducive and has unique features for studying, and is open during after-school hours for students to use.

  191. Avatar photo

    Amazing tution for anyone that needs teachers to ask questions whenever and whatever. Staff is nice and the environment is catered for conducive learning for all kinds of students. I highly recommend it for anyone in need of Math and Science tutions.

  192. Avatar photo
    clarissa gan

    mr daniel is willing to go the extra mile to help his students and make sure that we fully understand the concepts. the notes given are very detailed and teaches us how to tackle different types of questions in a step by step format. the student welfare here is also rly good!

  193. Avatar photo

    My son has been with them since sec3 and he has just received excellent results for his J1 promo exams. The teachers here are responsible and certainly teach well as my son said he gets his queries answered clearly and tips given are good.

  194. Avatar photo

    highly recommend this tuition centre!! the teachers are v helpful and open to consultations and the notes are super comprehensive and make difficult subjects easy to understand

  195. Avatar photo
    Shing Yee Chan

    new dawn was the best investment, with the best materials suited for my learning style and peak environment for studying. all these and more, made me the diligent and resourceful student i am today. mr joseph is a very dedicated teacher and never fails to give his students his undivided attention which is very helpful for weaker students. his passion in chemistry has influenced me into being more interested in the subject. furthermore, he sacrifices his time outside class to answer his student’s questions no matter what time it is. also, new dawn is a very conducive place to study at with a variety of snacks provided. i have no regrets signing up for this tuition!

  196. Avatar photo
    Ng Khim Yuan

    Very good teacher. My daughter failed her maths in PSLE. But ever since my daughter joined his class, she scored A all the way. From her secondary one NA class to secondary 2 NA class, she scored A all the way. With the good maths result, she becomes more confident and went to express secondary 3 next year. …

  197. Avatar photo

    Very good tuition centre with great teachers who are able to improve one’s understanding of the subject. At the end of last year, my A Math was a C6 and was not on par with my other classmates but after I went to New Dawn, and with the help of Mr Daniel, my A math improved to an A2 at O levels. Would recommend students to attend this tuition centre.

  198. Avatar photo
    Ashley Chin Yu Xi (Victoriajc)

    a really good tuition centre that boosted my math grades tremendously – very grateful to mr daniel who is approachable and friendly and never fails to answer my questions and clarifies my doubts ! the consistent topical reviews, compiled question sets and summary notes have definitely contributed to my improved learning, and the flexible teaching style between classroom teaching and personal tutoring have helped me a lot in grasping basic concepts and diving deeper into more advanced questions. ive no doubt that new dawn has helped to boost my confidence in maths and helped me to learn to enjoy the subject more. thank you new dawn !

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