Review Mummys Market Baby Mother Store, 3 TEMASEK BOULEVARD 02-724 SUNTEC CITY MALL, Singapore

Review Mummys Market Baby  Mother Store in Singapore

“Vicky is an amazing customer service sales person. He can even speak Chinese despite his Indian background. His recommendation is great too.” or “Excellent customer service. Asvenia was very friendly, patient and helpful in helping us find what we were looking for. We had great experiences.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Mummys Market Baby Mother Store. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Mummys Market Baby Mother Store is quality.

Introduction about Mummys Market Baby Mother Store

Here are some fundamental details regarding Mummys Market Baby Mother Store. In terms of Baby store, it is generally believed that Mummys Market Baby Mother Storeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 3 TEMASEK BOULEVARD 02-724 SUNTEC CITY MALL, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Baby store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 68128080 (+65 68128080)
  • Website:
  • Address: 3 TEMASEK BOULEVARD 02-724 SUNTEC CITY MALL, Singapore
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How to contact Mummys Market Baby Mother Store?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Mummys Market Baby Mother Store via:

Phone number

You can reach Mummys Market Baby Mother Store at 68128080(+65 68128080). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Mummys Market Baby Mother Store via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 3 TEMASEK BOULEVARD 02-724 SUNTEC CITY MALL, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Mummys Market Baby Mother Store reviews

Mummys Market Baby Mother Store is among the best destinations of Baby store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Mummys Market Baby Mother Store good?

To determine whether Mummys Market Baby Mother Store is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Really great store for all the needs of pregnancy and baby stuff. I have done most of my shopping from Mummys Market. Their staff is very friendly and they also do lot of baby fairs which has awesome deals ”

“Came over to take a look at strollers in preparation for our newborn and was helped by Vicky. He was very knowledgeable and patient with us and introduced various brands and products to us. Thanks!”

“Met a really knowledgeable and helpful staff called Vicky! She provided really good suggestions for our Hamilton stroller and Joie baby cot purchase! Highly recommend her services at the Suntec outlet! ”

“Vicky was helpful and patient in anwering all my questions about strollers. He is very knowledgeable. If you want to buy strollers I would strongly recommend you to look for him.”

“Vicky is an amazing customer service sales person. He can even speak Chinese despite his Indian background. His recommendation is great too.”

“Alex was very helpful and patient in attending to my request. He is also very observant as he was the only staff on the floor. Thank you for the excellent service! …”

“Excellent customer service. Asvenia was very friendly, patient and helpful in helping us find what we were looking for. We had great experiences.”

“We had a pleasant experience. Vicky was very helpful and explained products’ features to us in details and patiently.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 215 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.7 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 93% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Mummys Market Baby Mother Store, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Mummys Market Baby Mother Store, 3 TEMASEK BOULEVARD 02-724 SUNTEC CITY MALL, Singapore

There is a total 215 reviews

4.7 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Lim Julia

    We went there to shop during the baby fair. Despite the crowd, we managed to learn and get more information before making our purchases!

    Rinah really gave good advice along the way and was really knowledgeable. She shared tips that really matter for us as new parents to consider when making our purchases. In the end, when we returned to place our orders the second time, we looked for her directly and it has all been hassle free with her around. Thank you Rinah!

  2. Avatar photo
    Daniele Iussa

    Very well organized shop. The assistance received from the stuff during the purchase has been extremely useful. The shop has got many brands and plenty of choice for our tastes and our budget. the only issues we have faced was related to many customer were buying and long queue to pay for the product chosen.

  3. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Tan

    Went to Oct baby fair and managed to purchase what we wanted !
    Sales assistants been helpful and friendly in helping us to explained each product and clear our doubts.

    Overall the experience with mummy market was good !

  4. Avatar photo

    Went to the new Mummys Market Store on 4 March 2022. It was easy to book the slot online and enter the store at the stipulated slot. The new store was spacious enough for me to push my stroller around.

    I like that there are displayed items for us to test and helpful staff and merchandisers to advise me on the items I am interested in such as clothes, milk bottles, pumps, toys, baby carrier, high chair, cribs, strollers and car seat.

    Many thanks to the Combi and Bonbijou promoter who helped to explain the infant car seat and high chair functions to us.

    In the end we bought a car seat recommended by Mummys Market staff instead. We were very impress by her extensive knowledge on the items available. When we seek her advice on an infant car seat that has no isofix, able to turn 360 and can be use till toddler age, she was able to show us a car seat that matches our criteria immediately.

    Will definitely visit the store again!

  5. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Khor

    Very detailed explanation to a first time parent! Thank you Vicky!

  6. Avatar photo
    ben jamin

    visited during the jan baby fair at suntec. eye opener for first time dads! appre the helpful staff

  7. Avatar photo
    Danny Chew

    I bought a breast feeding pump for my wife and two baby bed cots for my twin babies which is due in Aug 2022. My wife and I are very excited and looking forward to the twin babies. Perhaps we will need a few more trips to buy more baby stuff and accessories

  8. Avatar photo
    Weili Ng

    We had a pleasant experience. Vicky was very helpful and explained products’ features to us in details and patiently.

  9. Avatar photo
    Clarence Neo

    Bought a Philips avent bundle here at suntec branch last week but only to realise I could get the same bundle much cheaper at takashimaya plus a free ironer. Can only blame myself for not researching well. Will be prudent of buying anything from mummy’s Market and check your options

  10. Avatar photo
    Nyimas Rodzman

    My husband and I were served by Irene. She was incredibly helpful! We’re having our first baby and of course almost clueless about a lot of things.

    Irene helped us with a stroller that we were interested in! She even trained us on how to fold and unfold the pram. She made sure that both of us knew how to do it on our own before we made the purchase! It was a lovely experience for us.

    Thank you, Mummys Market for having such wonderful staff. Especially for new parents like us, having knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff is most important to us.

    Can’t wait for our stroller bundle and cot bundle to arrive!

  11. Avatar photo
    Brenda Ong

    Bought joie ispin 360 deep sea car seat during the suntec store opening, after double checking, the staff confirmed there are ready stock so we went ahead to order. After 2 weeks, mummy’s market follow up with an email saying delivery will be delay due to massive orders, but after 2 weeks I checked again, they say no stock from distributor.

    Ash, came into the picture to help me through WhatsApp on other colour alternatives and as we really don’t like the light grey or red, Ash suggested signature series to me and with a top up of $20, we manage to get a better quality car seat series and delivery was super fast right after payment is made. Thanks for Ash prompt follow up by helping me with QR code for payment and also assist on delivery so I can get my car seat before baby is born! Thank u!

  12. Avatar photo
    Xiaohan Soh

    went on friday afternoon to get stoller, breast pump, baby carrier and steamer. the staff was friendly and patient to help me get the items according to my needs and budget!

  13. Avatar photo
    Joella Ang

    the staff at mummy’s market are very knowledgeable and helpful!

    in particular, ayden gave us great tips and advise on strollers and car seats. he was really sincere and patient and brought us through the different strollers available there.

    alex was also helpful and gave us good recommendations on the various cribs and car seats as well!

  14. Avatar photo
    Kai Boon

    Good experience with wide variety of choices. Staff are well experience with good knowledge to explain the product.

  15. Avatar photo
    Gin Jio

    Felt like someone watching us from a distance, constantly walking over glaring with hawk eyes. Later told us off not to put things on the floor (yes I do acknowledge is not right as our kids is a little cranky during then and we are tyring to get what we want and leave immediately) but the way she presented herself is way off from a professional sales lady. As if we own her anything or present herself as if we are suspect under interrogation. Minds you, you are at least in your 50s should know that being in a sales your job should at least makes your customers feel at ease and comfortable. Not walk around like an inspector doing your round in a criminal scene. Learn to smile, learn to speak in a friendlier manner, learn to approach customer in a professional way. You are an employee, you represent this company. You uphold their reputation… Including yours. Good luck to you.

  16. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Teo

    We went down to the store with the intention of looking for a good car seat and a high chair for our baby. However, there were about 2 to 3 couples speaking with the sales promoters when we got there. I took a glance and my wife and I proceeded to the cashier to make payment for our small purchases. After which, we took our baby to the nursing room for feeding and a diaper change. My wife said, go back and find out what you were looking for. We re-entered the shop again, and this time the BonBijou Promoter Janet was there and she immediately assisted me. Not only did she recommend and explain the car seats on the shelf to me, she also noticed my baby looking a little uncomfortable in the pram, our stroller mat was too thin. She grabbed a stroller mat and said try this. My baby was instantly cosy and comfortable. I told her I’m getting this. We then asked her to recommend a good high chair, and she grabbed the BonBijou Regen, Multi- usage chair, showed us the different uses, functions, parts, and when we placed our baby in, she said try this with the mat. My baby looked very comfortable. My wife and I made the purchase. We were very happy. For this, we would like to compliment Ms Janet for not only attending to our needs, but also paying attention our baby’s comfort and taking the time to show us the functions of the car seat and high chair. P.s.not sure if I got her name right.

  17. Avatar photo
    Shameer Mohamed

    Vicky is such a great assistance when deciding my stroller. Highly recommended !!!!

  18. Avatar photo
    Min Chern

    Staff was very helpful there. Went in to look for a stroller but was overwhelmed by the choices it has. Staff was able to help us to get the perfect stoller within minutes!

  19. Avatar photo
    Anna Soo

    Store is large and very spacious, offering a variety of products for sale. The main big items that were probably browsed were strollers and infant car seats, would be great to have guides that could explain the products readily to us.

    Generally products sold were relatively okay priced, however shld be able to get similar priced items elsewhere. The main benefit is the space tt allows one to try the product.

  20. Avatar photo
    eric yak

    Always feeling so awesome and happy when me and my wife shop at mummy’s market.. they have all the polite staff who will never fail to answer our queries in a very prompt and professional manner.. we are also amazed at how efficient their appointment booking system has been which makes it so easy for us to arrange and head down without any hassle.. 2 thumbs high up for them! U guys ROCK!

  21. Avatar photo
    Fahad Syed

    I had a great experience at Mummy’s Market.

    We bought a lot of things and excited to use it for our baby soon !!

    The staff is friendly, helpful and supportive.

    I was been helped to drop my shopping bags until tax stand as I had quite a few bags

    Overall awesome experience and will plan to visit soon with our baby soon.

  22. Avatar photo
    Maia Arnaiz

    the crowd was overwhelming but the staffs managed to make the shopping experience easy and fun. Counters were helpful and always easy to approach. Such a great experience.

  23. Avatar photo
    shawn quej

    Great experience and exchange knowledge With Vicky and

  24. Avatar photo
    Alika Savira

    Came here during baby fair, which I had to book a slot for in advance. Great place for first time parents to explore options on cots, strollers, car seats, baby food, maternity clothes etc. Looking at the row of strollers though, can get pretty overwhelming.

    The discounts were standard and most things are still at full price, so not really baby fair pricing. Most people, including myself today came for the Hegen bottles trade-in programme it looked like.

    They also give out a free goodie bag to pregnant moms who’s signed up and while stocks lasts.

  25. Avatar photo
    hong lcc

    Great place to visit for new parents, tons of choice, friendly and helpful staff .

  26. Avatar photo
    Zackri “Zee” Kummah

    Vicky was very helpful and showed us the strollers

  27. Avatar photo
    Hanissa Ammelia

    Went for the oct 2021 baby fair at raffles and managed to grab my spectra dual pump, baby’s playpen & mattress at a cheaper price. The staffs were very accomodating as well. Was looking for a medela flange my size and they helped to reserve one for me. Came the next day and straight to the cashier. Easy and hassle free customer service by mummy’s market staffs. Trully appreciate their help.

  28. Avatar photo
    Melissa Yiew

    Great service by Ms Sheila. She is knowledgeable and professional.

  29. Avatar photo
    Laura Flores

    Love the amount of things in the place. Try to go over a weekend, but it’s amazing, they have everything

  30. Avatar photo
    Jen Chang

    Went on 10 October during the baby fair. I thought it would be very chaotic and crowded but turned out it was well-managed by the staff on the ground. Only certain areas were a little crowded like the prams, car seats and baby cot sections. I was able to take time to browse through different sections. It is nice to be able to touch and feel, compare different brands before deciding. Also managed to collect a complimentary pregnancy kit. Collection was fuss free and even payment was quick compared to the long queue. The staff were friendly and helpful. There was a waiting queue outside so we tried to be considerate as standing in line to wait is tedious for pregnant mummies. Arriving slightly earlier before our scheduled time helped as well. 90 minutes was more than sufficient for us as we had a checklist of things we wanted to look at from the online brochure we downloaded. It is also good to know the items are also available online and there’s also delivery service available in store.

  31. Avatar photo

    Hello mummys market!! Would like to complement Endrew (Trainee) for going all the way out to do his job! He was very patient explaining to us the different strollers that were available (cause I believe we were very fussy ) and even made an effort to check on delivery duration as we wanted it asap. And kept us updated as soon as he checked. good job!

  32. Avatar photo
    Susanne Abraham

    It has been very full though staff managed well to be attentive to anyone. great variety and lots of brands all in one place in conveniwnt location

  33. Avatar photo
    Nurul Fauzah Amir Hamzah

    You can find all kinds of baby gear here, what a variety! Great for first-time-parents to get what they need under the same roof. Highly recommend!

  34. Avatar photo
    SiMin Ho

    Booked the free showroom tour and received very warm hospitality from the staff! As first time parents we are very blur, the staff patiently explained every major product in the showroom from breastpumps to baby cots, answering our many questions. Loved that we were encouraged to try out each stroller hands-on as well. The tour was very informative, they did not try to sell any of the products at all. At the end of the tour I was also able to retrieve the goodie bag that I signed up for on their website prior. They were running a sale and product prices at the showroom are good – I would come back when I am ready to make a purchase. Recommend all first time parents to make a trip here, you will walk away with a lot of useful information, saves you research time!

  35. Avatar photo
    Bebe Woon

    Good for for fime parents… and great control of crowds especially during covid period now.

  36. Avatar photo
    E J

    alex and ashwani was very helpful

  37. Avatar photo
    Tiffany Teng

    Good variety and selection of products. Expecting mommies can come over to browse what to get before delivery. Their service staff is usually helpful and willing to share and guide how to use the products, even when you’re not committed to purchase yet. I came back to adjust my Ergobaby carrier and a staff joyfully assisted me to do so.
    Only con is that prices are on higher side, so look forward to their annual mummy market fairs at expo to get good bargains.

  38. Avatar photo
    Liang HanLong

    Everything you need for your baby here they have. Location good and staff also nice

  39. Avatar photo
    Rajendran Nyanasaigran

    Best ever customer experience from Stroller Expert Mr Vicky! He made everything easy for us and we purchased our favourite stroller in less the 10 mins with Mr Vickys assistant! Thank you so much!

    I came to collect my stroller today and Ms Ashwini helped me to setup the stroller for me so that it would be easy for me take back by MRT! Such a pleasant experience from her!

  40. Avatar photo
    Melissa Ong

    Staff were helpful and knowledgeable about the products. Non pushy is what I like about retail staff. Due to the wide selection of products, walkways may be sightly narrow during crowded hours

  41. Avatar photo
    Sim Cammy

    Vicky explanation to me about the stroller in such good manner. Surprised with his multilingual skill!

  42. Avatar photo
    Sumit S

    Helpful attendants

  43. Avatar photo
    Asnawi Ismail

    5 stars only for Customer service Officer personell named Preet.Went out of the way during the weekends just to assist me with a failed delivery. Follow up on my delivery till the day i got my items.

  44. Avatar photo

    Quick and efficient check-in if you reserve a slot. Salespersons at respective booths were helpful and patient in explaining.

  45. Avatar photo
    Yi Jun Lim

    Great 1 stop place to shop for everything baby related there is even an expert advising me, a first time mum, on getting the parts for the breast pumps

  46. Avatar photo
    Laura Els

    Yesterday my bub and I had a series of unfortunate events which resulted in me having to rush into mummy’s market in desperate need of a change of clothes for him and a warm towel. The staff were incredible and jumped in to help in every way possible, from finding his size in a pj set and picking out the perfect towel ASAP, to sterilising it all in their display UV light toy box so I could put it on him straight away. I cannot thank the staff enough for their kindness and efficiency. I went in feeling like the world’s worst mom and left feeling reassured that all would be okay. Huge Thank You to all who were on duty.

  47. Avatar photo
    Joseph Jyoz

    A big shout out to Mummys Market Suntec “it was awesome!” We went to many other places to source for our newborn but those stores either carried limited brands or the full range of items was not on display.

    BUT, Mummys Market new store at Suntec was huge and spoilt us with a wide range of choices on different products. The experience was fantastic! Staff was helpful & informative and we definitely couldn’t guess that they were staff from HQ.

    Thanks to Mummys Market, we have purchased almost all the items we needed after the sharing from the staff. Thank you guys, you did a superb job and hope you continue to provide a thrilling shopping experience to your customers!

  48. Avatar photo
    Arveen Kaur

    My time at Mummys Market during this sale was amazing. Both my husband and I were educated on various products that made us decided on purchase. The staff Ruzita deserves a special shoutout for her service and commitment in genuinely serving us well. The entire shop floor was very well organised and I will surely return to mummys market for my new born shopping in the nearest future. Thank you for coordinating an amazing fair, also for the lovely goodie bag.

  49. Avatar photo
    Martin Leow

    Great place with many great selection of baby stuffs. Staffs were friendly and knowledgeable of baby stuffs… Even helped to look for some of the stuffs kudos

  50. Avatar photo
    Yuen Kong Lee

    Went o the new store in Suntec on 4 Mar 2022. I think it’s abit bigger than Rafles City store. I think they just shifted thus a few items they don’t have it in the store yet. Store assistants are still a few only and it’s hard for them to assist everyone or majority of the customers. But they’ll go to every customer whenever they are available.

  51. Avatar photo
    Amirah Alhusayni

    I’m so glad that the staff were able to assist us throughout our visit there. As we are first time parents, lots of things are still unclear for us esp choosing the right baby products for both baby’s comfort and our convenience. Thank you so much Mummy’s Market!

  52. Avatar photo
    Pranavan Theivendiram

    Good store with wide variety of strollers.

  53. Avatar photo
    Celia Jong

    Attendant Vicky was very detailed and helpful in explaining the strollers… despite being an Indian race, he speaks fluent Chinese!!!! Very impressive with his service and am glad i went to the physical store to understand the strollers better! Thank You Mummy’s Market!!!!

  54. Avatar photo
    Alex Chng

    Great assistance from the staffs were given to my wife and I when we were there to shop for stuff in preparation for our first born. Alot of recommendations were given to us for consideration. The staffs don’t focus on pushing for sales but helping to meet the needs of the parents to be. I’m thankful for the staffs that helped us and gave those advises.

  55. Avatar photo
    Wan Lin Sim

    It’s a lovely experience to shop at Mummy’s Market where all the products that a mum possibly needs is found all in one place. Special thanks to the Bonbojou staff who has kindly helped us to choose appropriate cot, stroller and car seat. There’s a wide variety of Brands to choose from, and the best thing about shopping at physical stores is that you can get to try out and ask questions before committing to the purchase!

  56. Avatar photo
    Xuehui Ong

    Friendly staffs who are always willing to help on enquiries which we have.

    As there is restricted number of shoppers at a given time due to the measures, it would be good if there is a system to inform us (as shoppers) in advance, the crowd for the timing to avoid disappointment whenever we head down to the place (especially on weekends) without any prior booking.

  57. Avatar photo

    Visited mommy’s market during the fair and I was presently surprise how dedicated the staff were in addressing our issues. Bought a tula, cot and stroller there. Though we came in late in the evening where the additional perks were not available anymore, overall we still managed to save 20%. Hope to see more hegen or pigeon bottles exchange in future too.

  58. Avatar photo
    Eric C

    Wide range of products, decent pricing, and it’s nice to have the option of both offline and online shopping.

  59. Avatar photo
    Sophia L

    Vicky is extremely helpful and he shares a lot of knowledge with me and give me a lot of insight.

  60. Avatar photo
    Kayee Lim

    Wide range of varieties to choose, ranging from maternity to baby care. Went a few times to purchase different products and had to queue once (non-fair period) but glad queue quite fast moving.

    Due to blurry receipts after few months, I enquired with their team to obtain receipts for warranty purpose and received prompt responses. Thanks Sharifah!

  61. Avatar photo
    Kae Siong Lau

    Came to the store to check out more on the car seat. Store assistant Vicky was patient to show us various best sellers and also educated us on the safety features. Session was informative and we appreciated his input as a parent as well.

  62. Avatar photo

    Here to shop for a present for a baby shower and the staff here are very friendly and helpful!

    It made my shopping experience a breeze as I had no experience in shopping for what new mum needs and learned great advices

    Thank you!

  63. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Phua

    Providing parents in Singapore with the largest range of baby products to choose from from legitimate sellers, giving parents a peace of mind at every baby fair they organise.

  64. Avatar photo
    Jeffyu 82

    Being a first time father is intimidating, thanks for making this experience smoother. The store and product are vast and the promoter and staff friend service will turn you from a noob to an expert

  65. Avatar photo
    Siti Md Saat

    Everything u need from pregnancy till birth are there. The staffs were very friendly and ready to help. Me and hubby were a lil “lost” on choosing a stroller and we did with help from a friendly bubbly lady staff that answers and showed us the qns that we were asking. The trip there was not a bad one as we left with 2 items that I had planned to buy. It was an awesome experience for a new parents.

  66. Avatar photo
    Khai Kas


  67. Avatar photo
    Don Koh

    This is the place for parents-to-be to shop and have some hands-on with the “new equipment” you’ll be handling. The staff here are knowledgeable and helpful.

    One thing I found extremely helpful. Go find the following people when you visit:

    Alex (Staff advisor) – for his recommendations on the cots and car seats. A senior guy there.

    Ayden (Staff advisor) – amazing breadth of knowledge on strollers and car seats. He gives useful and practical advise. Tips on how to maximise the deals and the longevity of each item. He’s down to earth and sincere.

    Beam (Product Merchandiser for BonBijou) – a must to speak to him when learning to use the BonBijou car seats. Extremely patient fella!

  68. Avatar photo
    MsDiyana MZain

    Staffs were helpful and knowledgeable about the products that Ive purchased during my visit when Mummy’s market had their sale last month. Definitely will come again to purchase more baby item in the future!

  69. Avatar photo
    faith chua

    Love Mummys Market! So many things to shop plus good prices and services! Thumbs up!

  70. Avatar photo
    ksiling05 koh

    Crowd management good. One stop center to get all baby products.

  71. Avatar photo
    Jacquelyn Yang

    Met a really knowledgeable and helpful staff called Vicky! She provided really good suggestions for our Hamilton stroller and Joie baby cot purchase! Highly recommend her services at the Suntec outlet!

  72. Avatar photo
    Melissa Ang

    This must be my favourite store in SG for my baby’s products! Shopped last year while I was pregnant at their warehouse and the staff were knowledgeable and helped me with my shopping experience. Just visited the Raffles City store last week with my 9 month old baby and spent hundreds during the sale! The prices are also pretty competitive as I’ve compared them to those from Shopee/Lazada. The store is really bright and well-stocked with great range of products. Enjoyed the shopping experience so much that our family is looking forward to visit more often to get our necessities from there next time!

  73. Avatar photo
    Makenna Martinez

    Vicky was very helpful. He answered all my questions about strollers and car seats

  74. Avatar photo
    Thiru Naidu

    As 1st time parents, we were overwhelmed and needed to get as much of the immediate items as my wife was due soon. Mummy’s market was our go to store as they carry a lot of items from various vendors. Special thanks to Tiffany and ST from mummy’s market for their value added service including expediting our orders and ensure we receive them in good conditions. They were very patient in answering our queries. Kudos to Mummy’s market team!

  75. Avatar photo
    Evangeline Khung

    Went there a few times since Suntec city opening.. Always the staffs are so helping and knowledgeable..

  76. Avatar photo
    Ashlee Chua

    Lowest Prices of Maternity & Baby Products! Especially the Pre Order Sales is really cheaper than anywhere else, just print it out to collect it during the Baby Fairs! If anyone will to ask me for any recommendation, it will be Mummys Market!

  77. Avatar photo
    xiwen ong

    We were looking for new car seats for our 2 children and the staff was really friendly and approachable. Yet she also knew how to give us space for us to discuss before deciding on which car seats to get in the end. Not only that, she even told us about more store discounts which we didn’t know about so that was a bonus!

    Highly recommended as they are a one-stop shop with great value & great service

  78. Avatar photo
    Shermin Chow

    Vicky is an amazing customer service sales person. He can even speak Chinese despite his Indian background. His recommendation is great too.

  79. Avatar photo
    Joleen Phua

    The team always respond promptly to emails. I ordered my breast pump during 9 9 sale and was told that shipment will be delayed until end Nov and I need the item in early Nov as baby might due anytime in end Nov. Kri and the team handled my frustration with patience and empathy. Received an email and was told that my item will be dispatched today. Thumbs up to the wonderful team! I would definitely get more baby stuff from Mummys Market!

  80. Avatar photo
    GelHaize Daily

    We went at suntec city, the customer service was very bad. The staff don’t know anything about the product and not familiar with the items that are included in the package. We bought a Graco play pen and the staff told us that the mattress was included. When we reach home they forgot to packed the mattress. Tried to call the customer service the whole day but nobody answer the phone. I tried to message them in messenger they replied after a day and asked for the receipt number. After sending them the photo still haven’t get back to me.

  81. Avatar photo
    Jamie Ruan

    was here for the baby fair from 3-18apr. was looking for a few items for my first born. they had really great deals. got the mustela starter pack at $85. was eyeing the baby playpen/cot which was only $200! sadly the last piece was sold minutes before me. Was served by Alex who recommended me another Joie playpen which is similar to the one I was looking at. Great recommendation by him! Overall, they have a huge variety of items to get. It’s basically a one stop place for all parents to get their baby stuff! Because their staff are well trained in all the products, it is a perfect place for First Time Parents!!

  82. Avatar photo
    Naresan Naresh

    Had a very pleasant experience with alex! He patiently assisted with all my queries

  83. Avatar photo
    DF Chuang

    There was a slight mistake in the delivery of one of my online orders but Ash was great and helped me sort it out very quickly and efficiently! Thanks so much for helping with the delivery of the items promptly!

  84. Avatar photo
    ritno wong

    Bought a Joie stroller and other baby products from Dr Brown and MAM. Really appreciated the advice given by the staffs at Mummy’s Market (Suntec City). Many options to look through. Highly recommended for first time parents such as myself.

  85. Avatar photo
    Rinky Cen

    Mummys market has a huge variety of baby/mom stuffs and frankly speaking, 6 hours are not even enough to view the full products that the store are offering. If you are looking to buy any kinds of baby/mom related products, look no further and pay a visit to this store.

  86. Avatar photo
    V Goklani

    Vicky was very very helpful, knowledgeable and patient when he assisted us through exploring different baby strollers and car seats. Great experience!

  87. Avatar photo
    Shannon Hung

    Nice one-stop shop for mummies and babies. Had always love to go to Mummy Market’s quarterly baby fairs in the past when I had my #1. Now with the covid situation, it is good to know that mummy market has their own phyical store for us to purchase the products we normally seen at baby fairs. Been to the store twice, once during the sale. I would say although the staffs were relatively new (as in the past at baby fairs, booths were manned by individual merchants), they will try your best to find out the answers to the queries which I had.

  88. Avatar photo
    Joyce Lim

    Have been shopping with Mummys Market from Suntec to Raffles and I have to say their staff really good at explaining baby stuff – if you can catch someone. Very busy during fairs but great deals and even more choices in Raffles. Great place to window shop first and buy when decided.

  89. Avatar photo

    Went to Mummys Market during their baby fair on January 2021. Had booked an apptment on the day for a smooth entry. All their staffs that I approached (wearing the MM white coat) are very friendly and approachable. They help me with all of my queries. Not much of twin strollers but they do have varieties of babycots and single stroller. Overall, we were very satisfied with their friendly services. Even cashiers reminded us to collect our free gift in the mall. Keep it up! ️

  90. Avatar photo
    Ben Ong

    Mummys Market has a variety of things for us new parents to explore and buy. With the items physically there, as new parents, it is nice for us to easily access and test out the items (strollers, car seats, UV steriliser). Furthermore, there was a baby fair going on, which helped us saved quite a bit.

  91. Avatar photo
    wes chan

    Affordable baby’s product with good quality. The best thing is that there are professionals and retail staffs that are always ready to answer your questions with regards to either pregnancy or products! Awesome!

  92. Avatar photo
    S & I Enterprise

    Having the opportunity to explore towards different product range and understand towards the application by sharing from the staff around is quite a relief and helpful experience for all new parents to be, furthermore it is a good place to learn from existing parents by observing what they are coming back to purchase for and even talk about their experience they had. It is absolutely a good place for shopping and product learning, as if the ready community center across for parenthood.

  93. Avatar photo
    Joseph Cheng

    Great experience from the employees who have explained the products to my wife and I. We have learnt a lot from the baby fair. Hope to have another one next year!

  94. Avatar photo
    zaira teves

    thankful for vicky and ashwina for being so patient in helping us out!

  95. Avatar photo
    Eunice Ang

    Visited Mummy’s Market on Good Friday to shop for a new care seat for my little one. We were assisted by Katherine and boy, were we lucky to have met her! She was really knowledgeable and so patient. She listened to our requirements, asked questions on our routine in the use of a car seat and recommended one to us, from Mummy’s Market wide selection. It was really lightweight compared to other car seats (as we remove it daily). She also took the time to demonstrate how to secure the car seat and adjust everything properly. She also put in a request for urgent delivery, and we received our item the following Monday, which is a pleasant surprise. Thank you Katherine for the wonderful experience!

  96. Avatar photo
    Dinn Sahar

    The new Mummys Market outlet is huge and has a plethora of baby products on sale. The staff are knowledgeable and very helpful.

  97. Avatar photo
    Yashwanth Sandeep

    Thanks Vicky for your patience, really appreciated!

  98. Avatar photo
    Afiq Idris

    On 24th Jan 2021, we went to the fair at 730pm – 930pm. As first time parents, we were not sure
    of what items and equipment to purchase for our newborn. Trainer IRENE saw us and approached if we needed any assistance. Glad that she was there and gave us the much needed advice.

    We were assured with the recommendation and advice given to her. Please relay our word of thanks to her for her professional service.

  99. Avatar photo
    Khairudin Yahya

    Store location is so convenient. Spacious shopping area to test prams and carriages. Easy to locate the products. Welcome more brands and bigger range. Helpful and patient staff. Managed to locate the Bonbijou rocker and bath tub we were looking for. Thank you.

  100. Avatar photo
    Mace Goh

    Great shopping experience! Everything I need for my baby and myself is just there, all under one roof!! Great savings and comprehensive range of products! …

  101. Avatar photo
    Joy Yang

    Went Mummys Market past 2 weeks and I had a good experience shopping in the store. When I enquire the staff, she’s friendly and reply to my queries. All the items display nicely and easy to find. Thank you. Will recommend first time parents to shop and get advise of the products from the staff. I can use CapitaVoucher and earn STAR$ points at the same time.

  102. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Ho

    Being a first time mum, there are many to learn and absorb. Thankfully, staff at Mummy’s Market were kind enough to explain their products in detailed and not being pushy. Gave us time to compare with different brands. Definitely a good experience for new parents

  103. Avatar photo
    Nirmal Balasooriya

    One of best places to buy variety of baby items such as Baby cots, strollers, swings, milk pumps etc. Staff also very helpful and provided detail description for every question we asked. Highly recommended place.
    People who visit the store make sure to take the lift from carpark(It was bit hard for us to locate the entrance at first time )

  104. Avatar photo
    Joyce Lee

    Got to know this sales from their Facebook. Booking a slot and entering was hassle free! Being a FTM, the staffs there were very helpful in trying to explain to my husband and I the equip and items. Recommended lots of stuff too! Managed to snag some good deals. Sales offered were really eye catching and good. Glad to have found this mummy market

  105. Avatar photo

    You can easily replenish anything you need for yourself or your kids at Mummys Market! This definitely makes shopping for mummies so convenient and fuss-free! I’m so impressed with the variety of items available. It’s definitely a one-stop place to meet your needs with competitive prices too I got most of my items from them too!! …

  106. Avatar photo
    Kimbe Chua

    Was recommended by my friend to visit mummy’s market store and look for (Enderw). We are very impressed on both our visit by how he patiently explained the features and share with us the pros and cons of selected strollers and car seats. He even helped us to bring our purchased car seat to the car and helped with installation!!! FIRST CLASS Service, kudos to the team!!!!

  107. Avatar photo
    adia zero

    I visited your store at Raffles on the 15th June at about 12 noon and was attended by your staff, Irene.

    I was looking for Breast Pump and I was really pleased with the service rendered by Irene. Me being clueless on which Breast Pumps that will suits me, Irene introduced and explained clearly on different types/brands, its functions, parts etc which cleared my doubt without feeling pressured at all.

    I’m very impressed with her service. It clearly shows she knows the products very well which I feel is very important especially if you’re working in the service line. She deserves to be recognised. Good job, Irene!

    We will definitely return to Mummy’s Market, all thanks to Irene for the positivity!

  108. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Cheng

    As first time parents, we got to learn abit about everything from the knowledgeable staff and it was an eye opener. And there was a large variety of products and brands so it was convenient as you can get abit of everything under one roof.

  109. Avatar photo
    Dan Li

    Nice place for purchase. Compare to BABY EXPO at Jalan Wangi. The staff won’t shout at you and ask you to leave if you don’t buy anything. For those are watching this, please come here and buy, you deserve better service here.

  110. Avatar photo
    Juliana Silva

    Great store, staff is super helpful and the range of products are just great.
    We bought lots of things for our baby as the prices are quite good as well.

  111. Avatar photo
    Weifeng Su

    Their customer support respond promptly to your queries and helps you solve your issues. Their staff Irene, at mummy’s market physical store has strong product knowledge.
    Overall, good experience. Keep it up.

  112. Avatar photo
    cecil tan

    Managed to grab all my baby stuff at one go at Baby world fair. Came to my surprise, the baby fair was really huge and the price was much more cheaper than at retail store and some items come with free gifts too! Thumbs up for you, Mummys market!

  113. Avatar photo
    siew ling chia

    Went to their Baby Fair today. I must say all the staffs who had assisted me were really very helpful & friendly. Not pushy in sales but genuinely suggesting what you really need or don’t need. Had a very happy shopping experience! Promotion wise is still ok. Might not be the cheapest but I think the shopping experience makes up for it. Thanks Everyone at Mummys Market! Highly recommend this place for your baby/kids shopping needs.

  114. Avatar photo
    Chio Yeo

    Disappointed when I was told that goodies bag are fully redeemed despite that I went down early before my appointment timing.

    The price was not very attractive and it was either same or higher than shoppee or lazada.

  115. Avatar photo
    Chow Junyan

    Good varieties of product. The only issue is some of the stuff need to gain some knowledge regarding the products/section where they are taking care of (Ask some of the stuff regarding the differences between the products and they just don’t know anything).

  116. Avatar photo
    KZ Seet

    Big store, friendly staff. Some products are on promotion

  117. Avatar photo
    Sharida Farok

    We made a super last minute purchase online and made a requests to collect directly from the warehouse.. Cecilia attended to us from the beginning of our phonecall till collection. Cecilia and the team helped us to fix up the Joie aire twin pram for us while we were handling our kids. She assisted us throughout and im genuinely greatful for it. Thank you Cecilia and team Kuddos!!!

  118. Avatar photo
    Shfq Su

    Sheila has been helpful in finding my flange insert size! Thank you! Do continue to be helpful to other mummies!

  119. Avatar photo
    Huei Yin Ong

    MUMMYS MARKET the BIGGEST baby fair I have been to! Got everything I needed for my baby and myself. I was amazed with the wide range of choices given! Great experience here! Highly recommended to all out there! …

  120. Avatar photo
    Chinthin Ng

    Great selection and loads of great deals. Had a hard time locating an item but the lady at the cashier was really nice, manage to help me locate it and even brought me all the way to the end of the store to find the item. Had a really pleasant shopping experience, will be back!

  121. Avatar photo
    hannah lim

    Went there many times to get our baby stuffs.. staffs were friendly even they are not sure, they will try to look for colleagues or superiors to assist. Even tell us to register for CordLife if we didn’t do so as there is free goodie bag. Overall experience.. positive. Variety of choices to get and to compare.

  122. Avatar photo
    Hui Fen Ooi

    Got to know this brick & mortar store from facebook/ telegram groupchat. Staff are helpful and discounts are great when there’s babyfair.

  123. Avatar photo

    Pricing is competitive only during discount period where their prices matches their competitor’s. Do NOT recommend buying online – It takes more than 2 weeks to deliver and if you call their hotline to enquire, no one will pick up and the call will automatically close off instead of putting you on waiting list.

  124. Avatar photo
    Zz Ng

    Salesperson gave v detailed and informational sharing on the variety of child seats available

  125. Avatar photo
    Sofia Lim

    Don’t have good range of products. Those better quality brands out there is not here.

  126. Avatar photo
    emily Tan

    As a first time mum to be. There are many things to learn and gain from the experience promoters in the mummy market.
    Loving how they share the experience and share the benefits of the products that we are interested in. …

  127. Avatar photo
    Sherie Wong

    What a great shopping experience during the visit at Baby Fair! The staff that served us was very helpful and friendly. I will definitely go back there again!

  128. Avatar photo
    Esmond Tan

    Excellent service from Cindy and Alex. Being first time parents they were patient withus and gave us their honest recommendations.

  129. Avatar photo
    Rahmah Bte Hamid

    Went to Mummy’s market last week at Suntec. One of the sales assistant doesn’t know the product well when asked about the Doona trike model differences. Should ask fellow colleagues for help instead just said “i don’t know Abt Doona well”. Unhelpful experience. At least one of the sales assistant on duty should be able to help.

  130. Avatar photo
    Anjali Pathak

    Really great store for all the needs of pregnancy and baby stuff. I have done most of my shopping from Mummys Market. Their staff is very friendly and they also do lot of baby fairs which has awesome deals

  131. Avatar photo
    Alfred Wan

    I recently bought a Namito (RECARO) child seat from Mummy’s Market Expo.

    Could install, couldn’t remove.

    Recaro/ Chicco was unhelpful – said thay didn’t have a physical store, therefore to ask Mummy’s Market.

    I went down to your outlet at Suntec, and explained my issue. All but one staff explained that they had no experience with car seats. Cindy rose to the occasion.

    She gave the caveat that she personally had little hands on experience with car seats, but will try her best with my situation. I was desperate, and was willing to accept any help I could get. She proceeded to walk with me from the store to my car.

    She pressed a few buttons, and voila, the car seat came off.

    I will like to thank her for her help, and also will like you to know that you have a dedicated and much treasured employee in your midst. Such commitment to customer satisfaction is hard to find. She even proceeded to ask me if I needed anymore help in store, after we had returned from my car. Truly commendable.

    You have a gem.

  132. Avatar photo
    Rina Teo

    Baby fair was well organised. All procedures from booking a slot all the way to payment due to covid are done professionally. They have a wide variety of baby cots and strollers. Staffs were very knowledgeable and alert; ensuring all parents to be are not lost and be well advised! Very happy to get what we wanted that day!

  133. Avatar photo
    Tessa Ng

    Mummys Market is the best! Got everything i needed for baby in just one shopping trip! Never see so many variety n choices in one place before. Highly recommend!

  134. Avatar photo
    Saudah Ali

    We had a great time shopping for baby’s items such as stroller, breast pump & babycot from the recent fair! We came back twice to ensure that we have gotten everything before the arrival of our little one. Super love that all the staffs who attended to us are patient and knowledgeable when explaining the products. Most important is that they do not hard sell but instead gave us sufficient time to think and make our own choices!

  135. Avatar photo

    I dont have to go multiple places to settle baby’s stuffs. Truckloads of products all at one place. It allows us to know more local brands with innovative products as well. Totally make mum’s life easier. What an insightful fair!

  136. Avatar photo
    Sahrin Mohd Hasdi

    I was the few customer in the Q when the store was open for trading. Wanted to look for baby carrier, approached one of the product advisor. She explained and the usage of the product. She even recommended what brand for long term use. She was patience in explaining about the product. When at the check out, the cashier up sell to us saying that if you spend $120 for a diaper bag you entitle to free gift. In the end we top up our purchases to enjoy the promotion. It was a great experience shopping at mummy market.

  137. Avatar photo
    mashita yusoff

    Vicky, is friendly and helpful. Thankyou for the kind assistance !

  138. Avatar photo
    dani suyoto (daniyoto)

    Although the prices here are slightly more expensive than buying at some places, the service here is excellent. The staffs are always so helpful and friendly and they take their time to explain to you but yet you don’t feel pressurised into buying. Recommended to shop here!

  139. Avatar photo
    Fizah Othman

    Went here 3 times – once during their usual retail hours & other 2 during their baby fair. Shoutout to Ms Gloria which on the 1st occassion helped us out on breast pump and 2nd occassion met her again at the cashier counter. Being informative is 1 thing but she is friendly and funny too! Thank you Ms Gloria for your help!

  140. Avatar photo
    Arjeen Johari

    We weren’t allowed to enter as we did not know we have to regisfer first.But the kind staff(which I regret not getting to know her name) was kind enough to let us in after she made sure there are not too many customers in the store.We had an awesome time shoppping after that!Thank you Mummy’s Market!

  141. Avatar photo
    Grace Peh

    Shopping experience was really good and pleasant! I’ve got most of the things i needed and staff are really helpful and nice!

  142. Avatar photo
    Ying Siang Chan

    Mummy market is a place where can get everything you need for baby. Staff is very helpful and always patient explaining the products. Thank you Mummy market to help me get what I need for my newborn baby.

  143. Avatar photo
    Ravinder Kaur

    Excellent place for car seats & strollers. Wide selection across many brands with helpful staff. Very popular store so avoid weekends & peak hours. Recently sought out a light car seat for grandchild & received wonderful service from Endrew, who helped source out the best seat for our family’s needs.

  144. Avatar photo
    vern chia

    It was one great trip to Mummy’s Market! It was a one stop shop for us and we managed to get all the essentials. Now, we can relax and await for the arrival of the mini us. As first time parents, we were overwhelmed by the numerous brands and products. We are grateful to all the friendly & knowledgeable staff who patiently understood our needs and recommended us to the right products. Hope to have more Mummy’s Market pop up events in the future

  145. Avatar photo
    Denise Tay

    An all rounded shopping experience from A-Z for baby stuff. Very glad that there is a physical store for us to grab baby stuff and get to choose from a wide variety of brands. Went there twice already since its opening

  146. Avatar photo
    Jing Zhong Tee

    Suntec outlet the staffs are all helpful especially Sheila, thanks for her support

  147. Avatar photo
    Lucas Fung

    Came over to take a look at strollers in preparation for our newborn and was helped by Vicky. He was very knowledgeable and patient with us and introduced various brands and products to us. Thanks!

  148. Avatar photo

    Great professional service! Asvenia is the best. 5-stars only because there are is no 6-star option!

  149. Avatar photo
    Liz Meow

    In contrast to another reviewer, my experience at the recent Mummys Market fair in Oct is a positive one. I made an appointment and while the queue was long, I was allowed to be placed in front of the queue when I enquired if I need to queue in line despite an appointment made. I was in fact allowed in first at my appointment time. Hence I didn’t have to wait very long. I admit that there was a long queue at the beginning of the baby fair which might be a little more challenging for staff to handle. Having understood now that they actually activated HQ staff during the fair to help out, I think the company did their best to serve us during this unprecedented Covid time. I actually returned on the last day of the fair to have a second look at some products. During both visits, I was served by helpful staff, e.g. by representatives at the baby cot section and the various booths served by brands’ representatives.

    I was also given a free welcome gift as a new mummy which is very nice. I appreciate the fact that they set up a freebies collection booth which is very organized.

    I actually found the store online and didn’t know of the physical location prior. I would like to applaude the Mummys Market team for having a good digital site!

    If I have to pinpoint a specific area that can be considered for improvement, it could be the product search experience online. Other than that I think the physical store is great, and have a lot of products centralized in one location for parents.

    I would like to thank especially the lady serving at the Phillips booth who was very detailed in her sharing of products.

  150. Avatar photo
    Gunawan Wiyono

    Amazing baby store complete with everything, and great staff thats knowledgeable and always ready to help!!!

  151. Avatar photo

    Thank you very much for Jessica, the sales of Mummys Market. Yesterday, I came to your store and bought a Breakpump. I saw Medela just after I came to the store. But we don‘t know the difference between the four machines. Jessica patiently communicated with us, taught us how to use it and how to measure the size for my wife, and helped us choose the most suitable and happy shopping.

  152. Avatar photo
    Celestine Heng

    Booking process of slot was fuss-free and quick – reach there and just show my QR/booking and I was allowed in without any need to queue. But there was many mummies there shopping and there were alot more mummies to staffs ratio. But i had a staff who helped me get the items i want in my list and she helped with getting the colour I wanted as well (which was initially OOS, but she checked the system again and found 1 last piece) – the staffs also double/triple hatted to mend different stations from helping customer to cashier to arranging to delivery. It was my first time there and had a pleasant shopping experience + great savings.

  153. Avatar photo

    Biggest baby fair i have been to! I was wowed the first time i stepped in! Got all my stuff for pregnancy and baby in one trip. It was so convenient; the variety was so wide, we had so many choices. And the deals were fantastic! This is the only fair mums & dads will ever have to visit!

  154. Avatar photo
    Batrisyia Mohamed Amin (teechaa_)

    Great place, many items stock were low on the 23/07 but crowd was ok and greatly controlled on entrance , did not get my goodie back when i visit tho! & i would say shortage of man power & a few staff , really not knowledgeable about item asked but did not bother to find out from other colleges instead ended up with silence , or answer anyhow like this one can rock ? I got a no but i showed that it clearly can. Can understand if lack of knowledge on certain products but pls clarify with a more knowledgeable colleague instead of promoting products wrongly.

  155. Avatar photo
    Nitha Mike

    My visit there was smooth and had great assistance from all the staff. They were kind and patient. This was especially so during the baby expo. Thank you Mummy Market.

  156. Avatar photo
    A. R.

    ” A big thanks to Aini and Cecelia. I requested for urgent shipping of my order a baby stroller that I needed urgently for an upcoming paediatric appointment for my LO. My request was attended to and monitored till the very end. Aini has been nothing but very pleasant, assuring and accommodating. Thank you!!

  157. Avatar photo
    Catherine Ang

    A great experience to visit this biggest baby fair. Many choices and variety of baby products. Highly recommend for all the mums!

  158. Avatar photo
    Royston Lee

    The whole shopping experience at Mummy market was great. Product ambassadors were all friendly at each sections giving comprehensive explanation for relevant product. Furthermore, free samples of new product was also given for tryout. Once again, thanks for the wholesome experience.

  159. Avatar photo
    Simon Yap

    I love mummys market !

  160. Avatar photo
    Nancy Grace

    Great experience even though I need to book the slot for the appointment. It is understandable as the current situation is not that good and the space is not big enough for a baby fair. The crowd inside was acceptable and no queue as we can only enter the premise based on our appointment schedule. The prices of the goods are very competitive and reasonable. There were lot of freebies given away during the fair.

  161. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Wong

    Visited twice at Mummys Market Raffle with my wife during their opening sales as well as the recent sales. Really enjoy shopping there as there is a wide range of products to check it out!

    Not forgetting the staffs working there are extremely helpful and friendly.

    PS: I even bought a large sheep squishy pillow for myself

  162. Avatar photo
    jane chai

    The store is big and quite a number of display for strollers, cots, bassinet and car seats. Quite a lot of personal assistant around sadly Only a few Personal assistants are experience with the product knowledge if you wish to find out more information of the product. Otherwise you will notice a lot of personal assistant standing around and do nothing but chit chat. The experience at the delivery counter is another pain, the lady seems quite arrogant and lazy to be explain on the delivery queries and redemption issue.

    I personally think that the experience is awful. From buying, order, paying, delivery and redemption have to wait for very very very long in order to shop. Each arrangements take 20-30minutes…. seriously very exhausted

    Be prepared the delivery takes 7-14 working days, you can’t choose the date and time on your purchase. Fortunately I managed to contact the Mummy’s market hotline to check and the vendor had reached out to me to fix the delivery date/ time.

  163. Avatar photo
    Chidambaram S

    Vicky a best friendly conversation and suggestion to buy for new born baby

  164. Avatar photo
    Jason Thong

    Good selection of brands. From Atas to masses. All there

  165. Avatar photo
    Vincent (Vince)

    Went there with appointment booked, without checking my appointment the staff ushered me to join the queue where others didn’t book and were busy doing the booking on the spot, wasted my time waiting and the safe entry staff do not know what do they want to verify first, my appointment QR code or the safe entry, ended up they never bother about my safe entry. Very messy, lots of customers didn’t observed safe distancing and staff did not do anything about it.

  166. Avatar photo

    Alex was very helpful and patient in attending to my request. He is also very observant as he was the only staff on the floor. Thank you for the excellent service! …

  167. Avatar photo
    Anne Mariel Recio-Catapang

    I wasn’t expecting for very discounted prices on the products but got surprised! There was also a wide variety of brands, baby and mommy necessities and other stuffs. The staff of each brand was also approachable and very expert on the advice they gave.

  168. Avatar photo
    zhiying neo

    There was a lot of variety of items present and the staff were friendly and very willing to help!

  169. Avatar photo
    siti hajar

    Has both mummy and child needs. Now is Covid 19 period, so there are long q outside. I was lucky to be second in the q when I arrived, but when I left, I think there were 15 others… Suggest to come on weekdays instead of weekends.

    Anyways, I got what I wanted except for (ice pack for post delivery) wished they sell it here. Other than that, I got all the things that I came for.

  170. Avatar photo
    Ling Ling Tan

    Its nice that mummy market is having this sales, it actually helps mummy to have a 1 stop service to look for all the shopping lists and also find item that you didnt realise you need to buy it. However, i was quite disappointed with the trade in enquiry, i called the hotline to enquiry and they keep affirming me that trade in is 1 for 1 without having top up for the bottles. So i went down 2nd time to realise it wasn’t this way and ended up a wasted trip. The hotlone could have given a much accurate information. Thank you.

  171. Avatar photo

    When we visited mummy’s market during the baby fair. We were quite lost with different choices available. We approached one of the staff, Ms Cindy for some good advice. She provided us with different recommendations. she was sincere and extremely patient throughout our enquires! Her excellent service spirit had really WOW! and impressed me greatly. She is just a trainee. But her knowledges have surpassed the expectation of a trainee. Catch her if you can!

  172. Avatar photo
    Craig Chang

    the biggest baby fairs that offers most complete babies and pregnancy products with most brands and best offer.

  173. Avatar photo
    Hani Amalia

    The staff were all very friendly and nice. I had a question on whether a discontinued breast pump is compatible with the replacement parts of the new version of pumps. They actually checked around for me, spoke to the boss for me and told me that I can bring it back for a refund if it doesn’t fit. Also everything is well organised, big and has sample baby carriers for you to try. Nice experience!!

  174. Avatar photo
    Ziyang Tng

    Went to Mummymarket during the babyfair. It was well managed and not too crowded with adequate staff to attend to us in every section. Prices are very good as well. Pleasant experience shopping at Mummymarket.

  175. Avatar photo
    wmme johra

    I hope that this could happen again soon or better every quarter. Great finds for baby needs. Lots of brands to choose from and the prices depend on the brands. You just need to be patient as the queue in every counter is quite long.

  176. Avatar photo
    Michael Li

    Vicky was helpful and patient in anwering all my questions about strollers. He is very knowledgeable. If you want to buy strollers I would strongly recommend you to look for him.

  177. Avatar photo
    Aiz TrippleAce

    Great place for shopping of baby items. Went a few times. Look out for those friendly staff who bear no second thoughts to assist you. Grabbed my stroller of choice here. There is always something interesting in every corner. Smooth check in and exceptionally accomodating despite this COVID period.

  178. Avatar photo
    Samantha Ong

    Enjoyed my time at mummys market and the staffs were really nice! They gave me a tutorial of the new ergo baby carrier omni breeze with the help of the dummy baby. This is my first pregnancy and I am really happy with my loot from this super amazing baby fair

  179. Avatar photo
    kay kay

    Awesome range of baby stuff at good prices. Great to be able to touch and feel before making purchase. Staff are also knowledgeable about the products, and patiently explained / addressed all our questions.

  180. Avatar photo
    ying xuan

    One stop place for everything that is needed. Good service and great price during baby fair …

  181. Avatar photo
    Regina Wei (Nur Reina Wei Abdullah)

    love that its an all-inclusive store that has every needs but it was too crowded during the weekend as it was my only off days. didn’t get to purchase anything and not even proper browsing due to the crowd. wish they have better control as it was full of pregnant ladies(might bump into) and especially during covid, felt unsafe so i left. last resort to online shopping but some items were already out of stock.

  182. Avatar photo
    Renan Marmille

    Asvenia was the best. Very lovely

  183. Avatar photo
    Paul T

    The mummys market typically does shows and fairs in exhibition and large halls. They seem to have settled down recently in Suntec City, residing beside the indoor playground Polliwogs.

    The nearest MRT to get here is via Promenade MRT station of circle line. Go up the escalator towards McDonald’s. On the left of Macs in the corner, you will find the store there. They have a wide range of items and baby strollers and car seats.

  184. Avatar photo
    Lim Cai Yi

    The latest fair has got massive selection and discount for participating Brands.
    Glad that we did not miss this during October which is also the last huge discount that MM offers for the year.
    We have been looking out for the fair since June when we got to know of the pregnancy and the difference, experience and discounts just keeps improving!

  185. Avatar photo
    Nur Finy Johan

    First time went to Mummy’s Market to look for Joie stroller. However, i believe that day there might be shortage of staff. We waited so long before a staff came along to help us with the strollers section. We helped ourselves and just read the specs tag on the strollers. Some of the staff are also not familiar with where are the items in the shop are places. I was looking for the mattress cover and enquired with the staff nearby, she is not sure where the items are, and said will get back to us. But she did not. Prolly she got caught up with another customer. But the place have alot of items that are useful. Thank you

  186. Avatar photo
    Pexy Dain

    Very impressive on the price where most baby products are cheaper than at retail stores! Biggest baby fair that I have been

  187. Avatar photo
    Uvarajan 1996

    Excellent customer service. Asvenia was very friendly, patient and helpful in helping us find what we were looking for. We had great experiences.

  188. Avatar photo
    Viknesh Samuvale

    Vicky help us alot from suntec city mummy market.. help us on $160 (32×$5) cash rebate for our babyfair pre-order receipt

  189. Avatar photo
    NJ T

    Mummys market makes it convenient as all brands can be found under one roof. The location is easy to find and items sold at a very affordable price with promotions. You can opt for delivery for all bulky items bought with minimum spent for free delivery.

  190. Avatar photo
    Mr Gentleman

    ONE WORD. Awesomeness

    Awesome staff with sharing thier knowledge
    Awesome clean & neat place
    Awesome place to shop for babies

    I hope there’s more choices of brand in the near future.

    Kuddos to all staff on ground.

  191. Avatar photo
    Diyana Nazurah

    I’ve always enjoyed going to Mummy’s Market since my first pregnancy two years ago at the Expo. Now, the location is more centralized which is even better! The selection of items are great and there are always many helpful staff and promoters to give advice. Thumbs up!!

  192. Avatar photo
    Desmond Tan

    We are very please to purchased our baby stuff at Mummy’s Market, the products prices are very reasonable and their staff are very friendly and helpful.
    Two thumb up …

  193. Avatar photo
    Lulubee Chen

    Met Peijia, a very friendly and helpful staff at Mummy’s market.

  194. Avatar photo
    D D

    Staff was very helpful here. They’ll walk you through each product as needed. Place is also big enough for you to spend a little time looking around what you need. The price is slightly more expensive than other alternatives or online shopping, but the quality is good.

  195. Avatar photo
    Hartono Harjono

    Located next to pollywog in suntec tower 3 level 2. Store with alot variety of what baby and children need. Friendly and helpful stuff. Price wise above average, but quality is good.

  196. Avatar photo
    Gin Superticioso

    I went to Mummy’s Market Store at Suntec City and I was looking for a car seat for my 6 months old baby.. I was assisted by Shiela, she was very approachable and helpful. She recommend me the brand Bonbijou which is very useful and affordable.. She asked me if what else I need and recommend me products that suits my needs. She’s very knowledgeable about the product and inform me about the after care as well.. Mummy’s market is lucky to have such staff who is patient and willing to go beyond customers expectation. Thank you Shiela for ur help!

  197. Avatar photo
    Oh Eng

    Went there with good experience. Staffs was friendly, products range was unlimited. Can find whatever u are looking for from baby to kids stuffs. Location was good is in the shopping mall after mrt going up. No complaints. Thanks

  198. Avatar photo
    haf rahman

    poor customer service.

  199. Avatar photo
    Siti Hajjar

    This is my 3rd pregnancy however the feeling was like it is my 1st one. Reason being, 10 yrs gap between my 2nd child and this little one.

    I am greatful that now we have online purchases that made it easy for eveyone. And I have really enjoyed going to Mummys Market when the 1st time I visited the store in Jul 21.

    The prices are reasonable esp during Baby Fairs. Unfortunately, I was unable to go for the last baby fair in Oct 21. Nevertheless, online shopping is always the rescue. I have made orders for several items and never to expect that the items arrived within 1week! Although they came separately and some with no stock available, still I received the items within unexpected period of time.

    Mummys Market has been the best store for baby stuffs (to my opinion) and will never stop visiting there on every baby fair! And of cos, try to avoid weekends as there will always be crowd.

  200. Avatar photo
    Mikayla Ang

    Product Variety: Good
    Customer Service: Bad (staff have limited product knowledge unless you r served by direct distributor)
    Payment: Slow & inaccurate (Price differs from Website price, so I wld advise checking your receipt)

    Overall, my recommendation is that you do your own research online first to know which items you want to get and check that you r charged the correct price when making payment.

  201. Avatar photo

    My wife loves the place so much..

  202. Avatar photo
    Lance Chen

    Purchases made are well priced and the warranty given is excellent because it adopt a later date policy. Overall hoping to see more sales happening!

  203. Avatar photo
    Candice Chia

    Mummys market have lots of brands and products, I am able to find cheap deals during the fair! Looking forward to many more fairs to be organised soon!

  204. Avatar photo
    Derek Giam

    Excellent service and staff very knowledgeable. All the queries and doubts I had as a new parent was answered and the staff gave recommendations on products that I needed for a newborn. Kudos and have been going back to purchase many times for lots of products.

  205. Avatar photo
    Hwee Min Lim

    We managed to book a slot for the sale on 6/3/2022 , we bought quite alot of stuffs from them but were a little disappointed when the staff there serve us half way when showing us the stroller but overall we still managed to get the things we wanted, however , we noted there were some free gifts that we could redeem when we get Joie products over $500 but yet they say it was fully redeemed …. and they don’t plan to replace any other free gifts for us…. but instead ask us to buy the thing a special rate of $39 …. I mean seriously i bought at 600 plus things from Joie and yet they cannot just give us some free gifts since we went all the way to the fair and Bought over $900++ things from Mummy’s market. And the advert of the free gifts is still shown on their website. They should have put there as fully redeemed …

  206. Avatar photo
    Sheikh Muzzammil Feisal

    Mummy’s market, the place for all parents! So much joy shopping! And the staff made it even more pleasant.. Special shout out to Mr Endrew!! The man to look for.. knowledgeable, friendly and goes the extra mile!!

    I was looking for a particular item and Mr Endrew searched high and low for me.. I left the shop as it was getting a little late.. Mr Endrew caught up with me at the escalator just to inform me he has found it.. happy parents!!

    Thank you Mummys Market, Mr Endrew and all staffs!

  207. Avatar photo
    Tiffany Teng

    Good variety and selection of products. Expecting mommies can come over to browse what to get before delivery. Their service staff is usually helpful and willing to share and guide how to use the products, even when you’re not committed to purchase yet. I came back to adjust my Ergobaby carrier and a staff joyfully assisted me to do so.
    Only con is that prices are on higher side, so look forward to their annual mummy market fairs at expo to get good bargains.

  208. Avatar photo
    Ky He

    Staff were very busy during the baby fair, however when we manage to get hold of them, they were helpful and knowledgeable about the products. Variety was good in the store and prices were reasonable.

  209. Avatar photo
    Leonard Ng

    I was exploring the various feature of car seats in mummy’s market. I was lucky to meet Vicky in the shop. He patiently explained to us the unique feature of each car seat. He is also knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge about the usefulness of other baby products such as baby mattress and cot. Well done ! Like your attitude towards serving the customers.

  210. Avatar photo
    Dolores Wong

    Asvenia is very helpful and explain very details about the products we buy.

  211. Avatar photo
    Nadiah Is.

    I have been a fan of mummy’s market since I was pregnant with my 2nd baby in 2019. Been a constant shopper online and at their fairs all these while.

    I am glad that the outlet at Raffles City is huge and well-demarketed according to our needs! Would love to have more clothing session for babies because I enjoy buying new clothes!

    The best part about the fairs is their slash deals are really worthy of your time to go down and stock up especially wipes and baby detergents!

    Not forgetting, you get to sign up for freebies and get samples from their booth just behind the payment counters!

    Great experience so far and looking forward to more open house before I pop in October!

  212. Avatar photo
    813 Gaming

    I went there on a weekday with my wife, there was not much visitors in the stall. We looked at a few things like baby cot, carrier, breast pump etc but we are still unsure which to get. A female staff with short hair (cant remember her name) assisted us with the products that we are interested in and gave us suggestions and recommendations. She is very patient and knowledgeable with all the products. She definitely made it a very pleasant visit and memorable one. Will definitely visit again if we require anymore products. Highly recommended

  213. Avatar photo

    The store has a wide variety of products.
    3 stars given as I felt that the company should hire someone with product knowledge, or else please train them with product knowledge. Also, to have customer oriented mindset and not ignoring customers when staffs met eye contact with customers. Went down again for their October’s fair. Super short of staff. 3 customers (including me) surrounding 1 staff just to wait for her to be done with assisting the other customer’s enquiries. It was a long wait. Not a pleasant experience for me afterall.

  214. Avatar photo
    Mashermallow FA

    Recently visited mummy’s market suntec city. We were already attracted towards how huge the outlet is, and the wonderful range of products offered. We bought babycot, clothing and shoes. We are even planning to come back to purchase a stroller. The service and products, just wonderful! Thank you so much Mummy’s market team, and definitely will be back.

  215. Avatar photo
    kobo tofu

    Went on mummy market during baby fair. You can buy all sort of things here. Staff are very friendly and I manage to get what I want! Recommend!

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