Review Mr Teh Tarik Eating House, 456 Jurong West Ave 1, Singapore

Review Mr Teh Tarik Eating House - Singapore 456 Jurong West Ave 1

“Popular makan place amongst Jurongeans. Fish head noodles is my fav here. Seafood fare is yummy.” or “Order what we craved for and not disappointed. Its so good, we trio had food coma after the meal” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Mr Teh Tarik Eating House. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Mr Teh Tarik Eating House is quality.

Introduction about Mr Teh Tarik Eating House

Here are some fundamental details regarding Mr Teh Tarik Eating House. In terms of Coffee shop, it is generally believed that Mr Teh Tarik Eating Houseis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 456 Jurong West Ave 1, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Coffee shop, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 456 Jurong West Ave 1, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 7 AM to 2 AM.


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You can directly come to 456 Jurong West Ave 1, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Mr Teh Tarik Eating House reviews

Mr Teh Tarik Eating House is among the best destinations of Coffee shop in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Mr Teh Tarik Eating House is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Favourite one! Very cheap and the taste is so damn good. Local taste.”

“Nice black pepper beef and Salted egg chicken. Juicy!”

“Food quality still maintaim. And they will listen to customer's review.”

“Love their Western stall, the fried chicken is amazing! Slightly pricey but definitely worthy”

“Relatively affordable. No need to travel far for chilli crab or seafood”

“My fave place to go to for my fix of laksa or wanton noodles. Yummy! ”

“There are a variety of halal food which you can get. Ranging from halal tze char to Malay food to Wanton mee. There's also a drink stall that sells lots of drinks. Highly recommended!”

“good range of all halal food and seafood. clean envt”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 291 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 78% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Mr Teh Tarik Eating House, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Mr Teh Tarik Eating House, 456 Jurong West Ave 1, Singapore

There is a total 291 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Ömer An

    Lots of mess and confusion here. Google says it opens at 10am but seafood stall opens at 12pm so I had to wait. They have digital menu need to scan and download, but nobody checks the tables to take orders. Each stall has different queue and cashier which makes risk of coronavirus spread bigger. It’s overpriced too, paid S$ 26 for the food in the photo. The other branch in Cha Chu Kang Park is much better than here, there are waitresses checking for table service and open as indicated, also bicycle friendly.

  2. Avatar photo
    Rusty man

    Today 13 feb 2022, sunday. Having breakfast with family eating Mee Rebus. Not much people yet. Alot of seats.

  3. Avatar photo
    Amat Celak

    Hot..not enough fan..

  4. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Kyaizam

    Lighting is rather dim and doesn’t really set up the mood. Hotpot noodle was OK, teh tarik ice was nice!

  5. Avatar photo
    mohd deen

    Best trh tarik in the west.

  6. Avatar photo
    Alif Hirman Mohamed

    Great local food court

  7. Avatar photo
    yanti jamil

    Nice place to fill your tummy.. awesome place.. and the food is gd..

  8. Avatar photo
    Yusman Hassim

    Typical hawker food but much variety and the food are good.

  9. Avatar photo
    Edwin Quek

    Need cleaner floors. Chairs tend to have birds droppings.

  10. Avatar photo
    Encik Mayat

    Very very stomach fullest and satisfaction. When home with smiley and happy stomach. Thank u

  11. Avatar photo
    Slow Car

    Very nice place to eat at night, but can be crowded too but the food doesn’t match the standards as the price.

  12. Avatar photo

    I tend to go there for my daily kopi! It’s currently closed for breakfast due to Ramadan, otherwise I usually enjoy their freshly baked snacks: epok-epok, goreng pisang, ham chin peng, yu-tiao etc selections in the morning. However, they open for lunch onwards.. so it’s still an ideal snack place. Selections usually go great with their kopi-tarik

  13. Avatar photo
    othman hanan

    Would be gd if wifi is provide

  14. Avatar photo
    Daniel Young

    All halal food stalls. Good and affordable

  15. Avatar photo
    Naz Nazmin

    Nice place and good variety of Halal food here. Sweet drinks, hot and iced to choose from.

  16. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Yazid Anuar

    Nice to hang out at night!

  17. Avatar photo
    SARA InSha

    good range of all halal food and seafood. clean envt

  18. Avatar photo
    Halil Said

    Teh tarik coffee shop need to improve n please cleaning area

  19. Avatar photo
    Azec Bachok

    The Nasi Padang stall apparently has change owner during Covid-19 situation. The quality and taste is not as nice.

  20. Avatar photo
    Glenn Tan


  21. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ridhaus Sholihin

    Variety of food. Open till late. Usually packed during weekends

  22. Avatar photo
    David Lim Hong Wee

    Halal coffee shop with a great zhi char restaurant and drinks stall with many options. Great for families and big gatherings.

  23. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Syaril

    Good variety of food, although may get quite crowded.

  24. Avatar photo
    Kim Key

    Good place to hangout with family & friends!

  25. Avatar photo
    Wellens Tan

    Convenient place for eating

  26. Avatar photo
    Salleh along Saini

    Good for every one and family and friend .

  27. Avatar photo
    Ramesh S

    Can find local seafoods, value for money

  28. Avatar photo
    Raye W

    Rather disappointing with the quality of the food served. I bought a plate of ‘Soto’ which is a common Malay dish and to my surprise, it doesn’t taste like one. It would be OK if it taste well though but it goes otherwise. I do not have a positive customer experience with the kind of service their staff provide. Even my eating buddy having the same negative experience with their Chicken Rice. Definitely need to get a better cook.

  29. Avatar photo
    ruggedlybeautiful rascal

    A good place to dine in with many varieties of food available.
    The only downfall is the hefty prices and the services from the workers from the Teh Tarik company itself Takeaways will cost you $0.70 for a container!Covid has already hit us hard financially and the owner of the seafood there is not helping by adding more strain to the patrons financially.

  30. Avatar photo
    Wan Ismail

    Has Mee Rebus here. Delicious!

  31. Avatar photo
    Ng Guan Jie

    Good place to chill with your friends that don’t drink beer

  32. Avatar photo
    Zaki Khan

    A myriad of halal food choices to pick from. Definitely worth a visit.

  33. Avatar photo
    Ling Yong

    Food ok. Nice halal option but expensive and cleanliness not that good

  34. Avatar photo
    Soon Lim

    Clean environment. Constantly changing. However, toilet area needs cleaning.

  35. Avatar photo
    Ali Akbar Pammu Abdul Kadir

    This place provides halal food and malay based foods. Comfortable place and delicious food. It is good for dinner with family.

  36. Avatar photo
    prakash khanna

    Love the food variety.

  37. Avatar photo
    Ridwan Kadir

    Various Muslim food, sea food and Chinese style cuisine. Easy parking. Fish ball soup stall nice. There is also wester shop, havent tried it though. You can get you hair cut as well in the neighbouring shop. There is also a SUBWAY restaurant.

  38. Avatar photo
    Subrata Ghosh

    Nice and delicious food …

  39. Avatar photo
    Sharath Raj

    Food is good. More to Chinese style and its halal. Nice eatery environment. Ample of parking space.

  40. Avatar photo
    Zharul Affian

    Nice place to eat and chill

  41. Avatar photo
    Mariati Rahim

    Love their Seafood dishes & their bbq fish dishes

  42. Avatar photo
    Yixiang Threepointer

    Food is great. 4 stars cuz the drinks are a little more pricey

  43. Avatar photo
    Jabez Micheal

    Very good place. The drinks are above excellent.

  44. Avatar photo
    U Soe Thein

    Very good place. Can get Malay food.

  45. Avatar photo
    Yanie Dee

    My fave place to go to for my fix of laksa or wanton noodles. Yummy!

  46. Avatar photo
    Marleana Moksin

    Great place to dine with ur love ones..yummy food too

  47. Avatar photo
    Rima Kamis

    Nasi Padang vry expensive..2 veg and 1 egg cost almost five dollars. Not worth it!!

  48. Avatar photo

    Has a wide variety of food here but service and foos quality at nasi padang stall is disappointing

  49. Avatar photo
    Mins Ismadi Sani

    Ate Tahu Goreng. Very good as it is not spicy.

  50. Avatar photo
    shan shan chong

    Nice food ~

  51. Avatar photo

    Malay food nice to eat

  52. Avatar photo
    Fadila Osman

    Sinar Malay Seafood (456), great …

  53. Avatar photo
    Siew Hing Lam

    Muslim coffeeshop. Plenty of food here. But only did stand out to me is the drink store. They serve a difference types of drinks; amused me lychee and longan freeze.

  54. Avatar photo
    najib hussin

    What i want its all here

  55. Avatar photo
    Siti Kalsum

    Chicken ban-mian… not nice. Salty n has a smell. Didn’t finish my food 8-( but nice teh tarik n kuih2 😎

  56. Avatar photo

    It is quite a big coffee shop at jurong west. The beverage stall has many variety of drinks. The hot teh tarik less sugar was gd. Nowdays people start taking less sweet drinks.

  57. Avatar photo
    Yen Lim

    The white beehoon goreng…. All time favorite.. hasn’t find a store that match to it…

  58. Avatar photo
    Juariah Kothiram

    Me & my family ever came here to have our dinner..the food was delicious & the price was reasonable

  59. Avatar photo
    Redzuan Wahid

    Casual, clean and they offer a variety of food.

  60. Avatar photo
    M Naz (spaiduhz)

    Nice food. Nice ambience. Affordable. Plenty of parking.

  61. Avatar photo
    Rashnor Norash

    Alot of variety of Foods were serve there…. And all the food I had tried. Wow not bad of trying. All the food are delicious.

  62. Avatar photo

    Just had a teh halia and lime juice.. Not too bad…. But place is very crowded so I suppose the food is sedap

  63. Avatar photo
    Norman Gerard Teng

    Too many food options at affordable prices. You can feed 3 adults for under S$10.

  64. Avatar photo
    Yujin Horioka

    Really crowded at peak hours, I ordered from the BBQ stall, food was relatively good, but it was too pricey for a coffee-shop setting

  65. Avatar photo
    Randhir Prem

    Well well all I can say its decent nice and alright. Nice place to lepak.

  66. Avatar photo
    Ashim Ahmad

    An average plc for our regular ngopi sessions. Social distancing requirements apply.

  67. Avatar photo
    Michael Su

    Good Halal food, popular with Malay Muslims.

  68. Avatar photo
    Foo Tee Sing Chris

    lots of halal stalls. good food easy parking

  69. Avatar photo
    soon yf

    Good drink and tasty food

  70. Avatar photo
    Muhd Faizal

    Got back up to standard. Have become a great place to chill and have a nice meal.

  71. Avatar photo
    Kumareson Athmanathan

    Reasonable variety of Halal food.

  72. Avatar photo
    Fean Elfean

    Best eating place

  73. Avatar photo
    Affendi Hamzah

    Nice food, nice ambience

  74. Avatar photo

    It’s really good and I like the food there

  75. Avatar photo
    Baharudin Kasmany

    Giid olace fr breakfast

  76. Avatar photo
    Ng Idah

    The nearest and most convenient place to get a decent meal.

  77. Avatar photo
    Sharuz Farooque

    Food prepared really quickly

  78. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Firman

    Good food. Good price. Fast service. Overall good spot to eat

  79. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Maulana Saiyadi

    always crowded, food was amazing

  80. Avatar photo
    Zainab Ismail

    Good spread of food to choose from

  81. Avatar photo
    Azmi Yunos

    Lots of variety food

  82. Avatar photo
    Derek Raeburn

    Tea and coffee was just ok. Customer service is seriously lacking. Staff manning the beverages stall can be quite unfriendly.

  83. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Ramalingam

    Mr. Teh Tarik was nice restaurant.

  84. Avatar photo
    Lufie Love

    Good. But some stalls already close by 10:30pm

  85. Avatar photo
    Siti Aisha Ali

    Hokkien mee is too good.

  86. Avatar photo
    Zakariyya Starsky

    Not as good as before and it’s more expensive now…should be more tasty quality.

  87. Avatar photo
    Saad Amat

    ok. not so bad.

  88. Avatar photo
    Ayul Nez

    My fav seafood place

  89. Avatar photo
    Renna Sugar

    Alot variety of food n good n nice food

  90. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Shafeeq

    Very convenient and serves the heartlands with pretty good and reasonably priced food.

  91. Avatar photo
    Azrina Erin

    I like the food but toilet vary dirty

  92. Avatar photo
    Syabil Shahrom

    The place is a good place to bring your family for a nice filling meal

  93. Avatar photo
    Stanley Lim

    Zi Cha is not bad but staff service not good. Need improvement.

  94. Avatar photo
    Mann Silentcer

    Staff there kind of arrogant. Food not bad. Hot drinks my suggest don’t buy… Very dilute for both coffee and tea.

  95. Avatar photo
    Shariff Hafiz

    Space n ‘Airy’ except must wary of pigeons n mynas which will come to unattended food left unattended by customers to buy drinks etc

  96. Avatar photo
    Saadon Kayada

    Not much to buy prefer ayzas drink much cheaper than the tarik

  97. Avatar photo
    Hakim Ishak

    Good food from Sinar

  98. Avatar photo
    charlie tham

    Nice place for halal foods and have a zhi cao food in halal too.

  99. Avatar photo
    Saharah Ali

    I ate laksa and its superbly delicious.the best taste ever.yummy for my tummy

  100. Avatar photo
    Aravind Rao

    This place is crowded and has decent choice of food. The sinar food centre has a variety of food which is good and affordable..

  101. Avatar photo
    rapheal azrin

    Nothing left at nite. Drinks are expensive

  102. Avatar photo
    ridz Kun

    All my fav dishes….

  103. Avatar photo
    Sam Jury

    Teh tarik at Geylang Searai…i enjoyed the goreng pisang (banana fritter) they are really get hot when you buy it. It not soggy.

  104. Avatar photo
    Leviz Vouge

    too hungry but no choice just buy food here

  105. Avatar photo
    Nur Fahizah

    1st day of CNY. Super busy, be ready to wait for your food. Do be patient with them.

  106. Avatar photo
    Sham Masoot

    Good vibe and great food.. will come again

  107. Avatar photo
    Rosly Sanan

    Convenient and close to home and offering food I like.

  108. Avatar photo
    rhyanz mile

    Flavourful noodle for breakfast.thumbs upp

  109. Avatar photo
    Mislena Mohamad

    Just d normal family restaurant…..but variety of stalls having diferent cuisines….my main concern…great service & staffs…clean environment

  110. Avatar photo
    the KKY

    The staff here are friendly and the food is halal and delicious

  111. Avatar photo
    Timah Timah

    Is good food to eat, there are many choice to select, must try

  112. Avatar photo
    YanHan Ching

    Nice eating place that opens to the late night. Ample parking lots. Variety of food too.

  113. Avatar photo
    EX-STAFF Aidil

    Food was yummy really recommend to customer

  114. Avatar photo
    Juliah Johari

    My favourite place to eat.. …

  115. Avatar photo
    Sephyuki Sindarila

    There are a variety of halal food which you can get. Ranging from halal tze char to Malay food to Wanton mee. There’s also a drink stall that sells lots of drinks. Highly recommended!

  116. Avatar photo

    Too crowded at times….long waiting time for food

  117. Avatar photo
    Irzsa Mikraj

    Very fast service n the foods ordered are delicious

  118. Avatar photo
    James Chong

    Wide hahal selection of food. It’s not 24 hrs

  119. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Kwek

    Food is good with a number of choices

  120. Avatar photo
    Jainah Samin

    I had tried nasi lemak and plain rice with side dishes..the taste didn’t go well with my tastebud. Some of the stalls open quite late. The staff selling drinks isn’t friendly or cheerful at all. The one at Marsiling is far better than this outlet.

  121. Avatar photo
    Ralph Michael Rodrigues (Ralphy)

    The vest Teh Tarik is over here but that to depends on the Guy making it

  122. Avatar photo
    Chee Siong Cheng (CS)

    Common lepak spot for catching up with old friends. Little high side on price though.

  123. Avatar photo
    Fendy Saadon

    Halal food. Some food are not cheap though.. But I can get my wanton, fishball noodle and hot almond milk drink here anytime, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week!

  124. Avatar photo
    Maya Heather

    Nasi Padang pretty expensive for the portion, tastes fine but overpriced.

  125. Avatar photo
    Yani Tupani

    I ate here to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. I had the soya sauce chicken, spicy prawn, omelette and tofu soup. I like the place because it is affordable. I would like to tell the people that please come to this Teh Tarik coffee shop.

  126. Avatar photo
    Thomas How

    Best Malay food in the west. Especially goreng pishan and curry puff..

  127. Avatar photo
    Rudi Hermawi Bin Effandi

    Sinar seafood has good food at a good price

  128. Avatar photo
    asaufi sali

    Decent place to grab halal food.

  129. Avatar photo
    Sinta Love

    Got 1 new stall with alot of choice …

  130. Avatar photo
    CS Toh

    The service was good. The prices for the food stuff were reasonable. I’ll definitely patronize them again.

  131. Avatar photo
    Ibrahim Latiff

    there r variety of foods.

  132. Avatar photo
    mazlan zainal

    must try indian stall fish soup..lauk Paul sinar stall also good & delicious..price compare to other also not expensive..great dish..

  133. Avatar photo
    Mak Kam

    Below the block , halal food , as laksa , chicken rice , fish sop n pisang goring etc .

  134. Avatar photo
    Maslinda Ariffin

    Variety of delicious food

  135. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Yusoff

    Relatively affordable. No need to travel far for chilli crab or seafood

  136. Avatar photo
    Malibu Bramacari

    Staff of this outlet found to be ignorant towards customer service.

  137. Avatar photo
    Riz Khalit

    Amazing diversity of local foods. Good services

  138. Avatar photo
    Umi Kalsom Salim

    Services especially at the Counter preparing to Drinks are sliw very slow and the prices are very expensive with NO specoal rates or efficiency in delivering or servong the Customers

  139. Avatar photo
    Saini Ahmad

    Nice and tasty food can be bought here.
    I bought Nasi Sambal Goreng, Lontong, Mee Rebus and the Nasi Lemak.
    Their sambal well cooked and yummy.
    Sorry, forgotten to snap some pictures …

  140. Avatar photo
    Shaik Haikal

    Good place to eat but sadly its not 24hrs anymore.

  141. Avatar photo
    jeffrey leng

    The food is Halah and it taste really good

  142. Avatar photo

    Best place for food. Alot of varities there

  143. Avatar photo
    Zahidah Jasmin

    Order what we craved for and not disappointed. Its so good, we trio had food coma after the meal

  144. Avatar photo
    Nora Bakar

    This place keeps getting better with time!

  145. Avatar photo

    Nice choices of food

  146. Avatar photo
    Sufian Ramli

    Great place to have good meal with friends and family

  147. Avatar photo
    Lee WK

    A little crowded

  148. Avatar photo
    Fu Ming Chong

    Nice black pepper beef and Salted egg chicken. Juicy!

  149. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Nor

    Variety food affordable n fast

  150. Avatar photo

    Good halal food around Jurong west

  151. Avatar photo
    Yulie Wulandari

    Delicious food. Service was superb and the food was affordable.

  152. Avatar photo
    Jumahat Bin yusoff

    Huh! the food are good.

  153. Avatar photo
    Yaz Ast

    Food is normal…nothing fantastic nor nothing bad…….service is fast though

  154. Avatar photo
    Alma Ong

    Try the Hokkien prawn mee and Fried oyster! Very nice but must wait.

  155. Avatar photo
    Sham Abdullah

    Good varieties of halal food

  156. Avatar photo
    SaranYoges SaranYoges

    The teh tarik was not good at all

  157. Avatar photo
    Riezman Zulkarnaien

    Many stalls with variety of choices. Downside, drinks are priced like hotels’ prices, the snacks’ prices are equally absurd!!

  158. Avatar photo
    Shafeeque Keloth

    Nice food n good environment…

  159. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Azri

    Plenty of food choices

  160. Avatar photo
    Eryani Adilah

    Quality of food and drinks are not as good as before, but for the price, its oklah.

  161. Avatar photo
    Syamzari Mohd Shah

    I like the fish soup stall. I have to say the western fare is consistently good!

  162. Avatar photo
    Joy Jiy

    Nice fruits juices

  163. Avatar photo

    It was good, saw ppl stealing tho so beware of putting your stuff on the table unattended

  164. Avatar photo
    Faridah Beram

    Very good seafood with friendly staff n other varieties the my family enjoyed…

  165. Avatar photo
    Salleh Wee

    Nice and delicious foods serve there.

  166. Avatar photo
    Adnan Mohammed

    Not bad. Good seafood stall. Affordable noodles stall as well as Indian & chicken rice stall too

  167. Avatar photo
    Amsyar Putra

    It is famous for its seafood outlet, delicious food and there is many choices of food here…

  168. Avatar photo
    Karmz Phryford

    Humble spot selling comfort food.

  169. Avatar photo
    Rifqi Ashraf

    Nice variety of food

  170. Avatar photo
    TheR4H Family

    The kuih² are the best here!! Hot & freshly fried always!! …

  171. Avatar photo
    Dexter CJR

    Not bad, they have alot of food variety

  172. Avatar photo
    Jerlyn Seow

    My fave hang out place. Cux it’s 24hrs.

  173. Avatar photo
    Naggy Guibman

    Brings back my old memories. Still love the food here.

  174. Avatar photo
    Eljin Lam

    Normal and reasonable price food

  175. Avatar photo
    Serena Jaaf

    Good location and food.

  176. Avatar photo
    Md Hafizal Md Tahir

    Plenty of variety here. The western dishes at this outlet is very extensive. Plenty to choose from at reasonable prices. I personally went for the chinese noodle dishes like the Ban Mien. Very nice in this rainy weather we having now. Usual assortment of drinks from Mr Teh Tarik.

  177. Avatar photo
    Terrence Siah

    Nice laksa, just enough coconut milk flavour, not over powering.

  178. Avatar photo
    Descendant of Tamin

    Good variety and range of halal food

  179. Avatar photo
    Ihsan C

    Really depends what you eat there and who the cook is.

  180. Avatar photo
    Ahsik Mirsha

    Nice place, nice food. Visit on weekends would be good.

  181. Avatar photo
    Ñôòř Ąźmî Şąmhüdî

    Best coffee shop in Jurong West in my opinion. Seafood is good. New stall western Fusion or something is superb.

  182. Avatar photo
    Tus Sanee83

    Fish ball Noodle is very delicious.

  183. Avatar photo

    Wanton Mee Set is delicious and affordable at $5.50! My order was served within a reasonable amount of time. Portions are big as well.

    Disappointed with the wantons as the filling is quite little and they are also stale.

    I would still order again just for the Wanton Mee

  184. Avatar photo
    Shawn Foo

    Excellent halal seafood available

  185. Avatar photo
    Mohd Sufiyan

    Wide range of food to choose..

  186. Avatar photo
    Gerard James Rozario

    Food really good. No complains.

    But why 3 stars. I went for late night supper at 1.30am today. Named of the coffeeshop: Mr. Teh Tarik – but no teh Tarik. Gave me the opportunity to head to a competitor nearby Ayza.

  187. Avatar photo

    Didn’t go there for food but watch friend eat as he “buka” (break fast) as he was enjoying the stingray set rice and the iced teh tarik.

  188. Avatar photo
    Dorothy King

    Only good for teh tarik la

  189. Avatar photo

    Wanton Mee Set is delicious and affordable at $5.50! My order was served within a reasonable amount of time. Portions are big as well.

    Disappointed with the wantons as the filling is quite little and they are also stale.

    I would still order again just for the Wanton Mee

  190. Avatar photo
    ridz K

    Popular makan place amongst Jurongeans. Fish head noodles is my fav here. Seafood fare is yummy.

  191. Avatar photo
    NuR A.R

    Varities of food. yummy food. affordable and staffs are friendly and they remember our regular and preferences.

  192. Avatar photo
    CH Loh

    Good mix of stalls. The kopi and teh halia is …

  193. Avatar photo
    Jefri Ahmair

    The place has a nice and cozy atmosphere. The tea that is made by mixing with milk and pulling two cups up and down to produce foams, before you drink it, thus makes the tea i special! You can order it hot or cold, it’s up to you. I will recommend you to try it with the food here. There’s seafood, chicken rice, western food to choose from. What makes it special, the crowd that comes here, varies. From the upper class middle class and lower class, they are free to choose which seats they want. For the smokers, there are approximately about 6 seats which ate located at the corner where they can smoke after eating. Hmm..why don’t you give it a try!

  194. Avatar photo
    Derek Raeburn

    It was about 4pm. I ordered prata and it was served fresh, nice and hot, but definitely not the best I have had. The fish curry that is eaten with the prata could be better. Do not leave your food unattended for any reason lest it gets pecked on by hungry pigeons. One of the cleaners worked unceasingly to drive the pigeons away, but they keep coming back; so be warned if you are dining in at that time.

  195. Avatar photo
    Dol Mat

    Chinese halal Sea food and other special foods are good

  196. Avatar photo

    nice place to eat after school

  197. Avatar photo
    Ai Ne Gan

    Meat lover do try their beef steak from western food stall. I ordered a medium rare, the gentleman did it well, portion was beyond my expectation. Worth the price.

  198. Avatar photo
    Tricia Foo

    Halal food coffeeshop with tze char, western food, noodles, Indian food and more delicacies

  199. Avatar photo
    Fadly Aziz

    The seafood stall at this location is good. Prices are not too expensive and there are also other stalls to choose from

  200. Avatar photo
    Evitsu Adam

    The food is nice!

  201. Avatar photo
    Yusri Samsudin

    Delicious food

  202. Avatar photo
    Noor Roslan

    It is no longer 24 hrs due to COVID-19. Also Sinar harapan have their menu QR code pasted onto the table surface. Quite helpful!

  203. Avatar photo
    Anees Khan

    Good seafood at reasonable prices. Near my house some more.

  204. Avatar photo
    Mariah channel

    Like to eat here sometimes too

  205. Avatar photo
    Mike Koh

    The hot drink and foods there quite Ex, best to go JW 500+ market Coffee shop. Reasonable price and many nice Malay foods there too

  206. Avatar photo
    Tommy Lau

    So convenient to have meals at my doorstep

  207. Avatar photo
    Ibrahim Roszini

    great variety and almost every store has good choices when compared to other teh tarik outlets where some stalls are almost inedible.
    tip: the salted egg yolk chicken wings are awesome

  208. Avatar photo
    Abdul Qayyum

    The seafood is good. Quantity was alot. When we ordered

  209. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Arif Ibrahim

    Must try the salted egg chicken from the seafood shop. And the western chicken chops are the bomb

  210. Avatar photo
    Stanley Yin

    Great supper place, especially when you’re craving for prata

  211. Avatar photo
    iera eshera

    Usually it’s crowded. Nice food, clean washroom. Alot of food choices. All types of cuisines available. Price is affordable as well. Very friendly aunties and uncles.

  212. Avatar photo
    Sp Salleh

    Variety of goid food at most convenient times

  213. Avatar photo
    Tsuzuki D Nas

    Food quality still maintaim.
    And they will listen to customer’s review.

  214. Avatar photo
    Din GengJahat

    nice food available..

  215. Avatar photo
    w w

    Salted egg chicken is very tasty

  216. Avatar photo
    Mohd A.

    Airy coffeeshop serving all kinds of food, family and group friendly! I love the sambal stingray here.

  217. Avatar photo
    Shaffa Md

    Lots of food. Got the best salted egg crab there. But the worst carrot cake ever, if u can call it carrot cake.

  218. Avatar photo
    Norilah Ariffin

    Thai assam fish head very good. Tea time treats also good.

  219. Avatar photo
    Maggie Tiong

    Love their Western stall, the fried chicken is amazing! Slightly pricey but definitely worthy

  220. Avatar photo

    Good place for lunch & dinner recommended to bring friends and family or even Le GF if youre tired of mcdonalds , not romantic but its good food

  221. Avatar photo
    Muthu kumar

    Very nice food shop

  222. Avatar photo
    Anwar SF

    Nice selection of food especially from sinar malay seafood

  223. Avatar photo
    Muhd Naim

    The Food is Nice and very Fast Service

  224. Avatar photo
    Noorhuzaimi Hatbi

    A good variety of halal food available. Located under hdb block so not much to say about it.

  225. Avatar photo
    Herrudi Monster

    Love the wanton noodle n the crispy fish skin with salted egg yummy

  226. Avatar photo
    Mohd Ridzuan Abdul Samat

    Decent selection of food

  227. Avatar photo

    I can give 4/5 to it. Fast delivery on food ordered.

  228. Avatar photo
    Fazur Rahman

    Seafood is the best

  229. Avatar photo
    danish naufal

    western food quite good for coffee shop and the uncle seems friendly and cute

  230. Avatar photo

    Eating place with all Halal Food Stalls. Lots of Singapore cuisine in halal style. Price is cheap and affordable. The standard of the food is comparable to many Chinese hawker stalls. Highly recommended

  231. Avatar photo
    Wai Xin Chan

    Although it is a halal eatery, it attracts customers beyond the Muslim community. Reasonable prices, good selection of good, from prata, mee soto, mee goreng to chinese style chicken rice, nasi ayam penyet and even tze char stir fried.

    Most importantly, it is probably the cleanest neighbourhood eatery in the vicinity!

  232. Avatar photo
    zainon saini

    Love the foods & good service …

  233. Avatar photo

    Nice ambience with good teh tarik and variety of cuisines for everyone.

  234. Avatar photo
    budi muryanto

    Favourite one! Very cheap and the taste is so damn good. Local taste.

  235. Avatar photo
    Mimie Abdul

    Great Eateries Experiences …

  236. Avatar photo
    Zikry Suhaimi (Sickery)

    Good place to have family dinner.

  237. Avatar photo
    Levin Wee

    Despite the name, the teh ice was just slightly above average. Strong in the taste of condensed milk, but taste of tea was a bit weak.

  238. Avatar photo
    nobody care

    Very nice place, but the food n drinks quite ex.

  239. Avatar photo

    I think the food is pretty average . Nothing much to say..

  240. Avatar photo
    nur dinie

    Good food and fast service …

  241. Avatar photo
    Fi -

    The seafood place is good!

  242. Avatar photo
    Jeff C

    Nice teh tarik from this chain. All Muslim food. Halal

  243. Avatar photo
    Nikitahiteo Akiko

    Nice coffe.i like this restaurant

  244. Avatar photo
    Rozaini Ahmat

    Western food and some other are very gd foods are fuh powers.after late noon to night less people ate their supper

  245. Avatar photo

    Great place yo eat and chit chat with friends.

  246. Avatar photo
    Khairina Mohd

    Food not so nice

  247. Avatar photo
    Harold Lim

    1. Nice place to eat anytime of day 24/7. Halal food.

    2. Parking a little bit issue. Limited car park. Can park across road and cross over.

    3. Wheel Chair accessible

    4. Common Toilet

    1. Assorted cold/hot drinks

    2. Prata, tosai, bryani, mamak noodles

    3. Chicken rice & ayam penyet

    4. Nasi lemak, mee siam, mee rebus & soto

    5. Chinese halal cut fish head, fish slice noodles

    6. Chinese halal wanton, fish ball, minced meat noodles

    7. You tiow, butterfly puff, curry puff, goreng pisang, yam, tapioca and dough nuts.

    8. Chinese halal sea food zi char

  248. Avatar photo
    Sham Sulaiman

    Convinience with lots of food to choose,nearby bustop,shops to go around too

  249. Avatar photo
    Ashraf Aziz

    Good place for lunch or dinner

  250. Avatar photo
    Dinie Afiq

    Open 24 hours. Your choice of food and drinks. No more relying on 24hrs Mcdelivery.

  251. Avatar photo
    Cassy Lee

    An eating place with quite a variety of food choices. Tried the sambal stingray and sotong. Taste not bad.

  252. Avatar photo
    Kamsani Palali

    The halal chinese seafood serves delicious food. Taste is consistent – any dish you ordered. The staff is friendly

  253. Avatar photo
    Zahid Zameer

    Good variety of halal options!

  254. Avatar photo
    Lynette Ang

    Their tzichar store sell very nice crab. Chili crab spicy. Gravy given also very generous. Happy with the food.

  255. Avatar photo
    Indra MG

    It’s nice place

  256. Avatar photo
    Katrina Alvarez

    Excellent all-halal food court. The grilled chicken and the pisang goreng are my favorites.

  257. Avatar photo

    My favourite food court. The seafood stall is the best!

  258. Avatar photo
    Zainuddin mohamed noh

    Spacious n good food….!

  259. Avatar photo
    Kikurami Yuki

    Their salted egg crab is delicious!

  260. Avatar photo
    feidzal maris

    Good spread of halal food. Prata is soft. Nasi ayam is cheapest around here.

  261. Avatar photo
    jb chua

    The Goreng Pisang is so good there, must try !

  262. Avatar photo
    Moky Mok

    Good for halal local meals e.g. roasted chicken rice,fish porridge,roti prata,western food,fishball noodles etc

  263. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hafiz

    Always love the fishball noodle and the mie ayam… And the chicken rice not bad..

  264. Avatar photo
    Gregory Ho

    There is a wide range of food, the place is clean, the service is decent and it is open late into the night.

  265. Avatar photo
    Jackson Lim

    V average food.

  266. Avatar photo
    Melvin Chua

    Prata stall staff was rude, generally a good place for a quick meal.

  267. Avatar photo
    Nor Fad

    Been here only recently despite having lived in the neighbourhood for years previously. Love the chicken rice. Pisang goreng (banana fritters) also not bad.

  268. Avatar photo
    rosli bin

    Good food, many choices and all halal. Even tender fresh is there.

  269. Avatar photo
    ridz K

    Popular makan place amongst Jurongeans. Fish head noodles is my fav here. Seafood fare is yummy.

  270. Avatar photo
    Su Adi

    Family feast here….yum

  271. Avatar photo

    expensive & the tables are not clean enough.staffs keep on changing

  272. Avatar photo
    steve amrish

    Particularly the Tamil muslim shop is just awesome . The Taste tells …

  273. Avatar photo
    Siti Rakhawati Jumahat

    Had the chicken chop. The brown sauce is good with the herbs and spices.

  274. Avatar photo
    Md Fadzli Sahat

    No shortage of food varieties: chicken rice, western, fish soups, Indian food, and much more!

  275. Avatar photo
    Zaid Ab Rahman

    Really like this coffee shop. Got plenty of food available. Good place to hang out with friends at night as they are opened till late. Pretty good!

  276. Avatar photo
    San Wah Shum

    Deep fried stall is the best around this area.

  277. Avatar photo
    hayati arshad

    variety of food and affordable

  278. Avatar photo
    Suzanah Razali

    Ayam penyet n curryi gravy? Fine.. Stall pour the gravy on my rice.. I was like? Huh? Shouldn’t it be separated???? What if the curry isn’t tasty?

  279. Avatar photo
    Irfaners Inc

    Great place to go eat with your family. Try the seafood there if possible. Very delicious

  280. Avatar photo
    Haritha Jayagopi

    Nice halal coffeeshop, quite clean.

  281. Avatar photo
    Matnor Abubakar

    Very cosy, mostly crowded at weekend. The seafood stall was busy with order.

  282. Avatar photo
    Alvin Ong

    Had the mee soto, was a bit bland until I added quite a bit of the chili sauce that worked very well! Do check with them on which chili sauce to dispense (there’s quite a few). Then bang! Flavours just came out! Note: the chili sauce can be a bit spicy for some.

    The fried carrot cake was exceptional!

  283. Avatar photo
    Bryan Robson

    Great place Laid back and great and cheap food

  284. Avatar photo
    mummy tumbuck

    My breakfast place almost every weekend

  285. Avatar photo

    Different types of eating stall. U got western, local Malay n Chinese n Indian food. Seafood restaurants is always pack.

  286. Avatar photo
    H F

    The usual the tarik coffee shop. I tried fishball noodles and wanton mee. Both tasted bad.
    Waited to buy chicken rice because no one was the at casher to take order.

    Price : very affordable.

  287. Avatar photo
    Nova Diana

    Not bad for the taste

  288. Avatar photo
    Rais Bane

    The chi aunty ban mian stall..needs to be was ok..service down to the drain..showing altitude to my son..damn rude …

  289. Avatar photo
    Gargantuan GARY

    decent spread of halal food for the muslim community…

  290. Avatar photo
    Abdul Hadi Asmawi

    Decent variety of halal food stalls

  291. Avatar photo
    Roslinah Sahid

    Many choices of local food from prata, fish noodle n seafood. N all is halal.

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