Review Moni Gallery Hostel – Singapore 263 Lavender St.

Review Moni Gallery Hostel - Singapore 263 Lavender St.

“Cool hostel for families. No space to move about inside the rooms though. The hostel is clean and nice. Lots of showers and T&B too.” or “Nice place with good vibes! Many open area to hangout in the hostel and it’s a very bohemian feel with art, music and dance everywhere in the hostel!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Moni Gallery Hostel. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Moni Gallery Hostel is quality.

Introduction about Moni Gallery Hostel

Here are some fundamental details regarding Moni Gallery Hostel. In terms of , it is generally believed that Moni Gallery Hostelis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 263 Lavender St., Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to , this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62976290 (+65 62976290)
  • Address: 263 Lavender St., Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, Sunday: Close.


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How to contact Moni Gallery Hostel?

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Phone number

You can reach Moni Gallery Hostel at 62976290(+65 62976290). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can directly come to 263 Lavender St., Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Moni Gallery Hostel reviews

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Is Moni Gallery Hostel good?

To determine whether Moni Gallery Hostel is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Nice place with good vibes! Many open area to hangout in the hostel and it's a very bohemian feel with art, music and dance everywhere in the hostel!”

“my favorite hostel for many years every time i come to singpore,very good also staff people work hostel is good,meng or james he is very person,,”

“Nice place with all facilities. Good for tourists. They provide kitchen also”

“Thank you very much for your service, feel like a home. Tatang is one of the staff from Indonesia, very helpfull.”

“I was stay in this property few nights and I have some experience about this property, this property is good and property stuff also good..”

“hostal like a home. good environment and staff is very helpfull.”

“Crew is super approachable and helpful. Would recommend for budgetarians and big groups”

“The staff are very friendly... The place is homie and artistic... Thank you so much!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 142 feedbacks with an overall score of 3.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 57% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Moni Gallery Hostel, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Moni Gallery Hostel – Singapore 263 Lavender St.

There is a total 142 reviews

3.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Deanne Azzahra

    small room, cant see any view from the room, nice kitchen, bath room is average, the host should be more pleasant and able to communicate well with any guest from any country. but with cheap price, what do you expect….

  2. Avatar photo
    Kim Hessel


  3. Avatar photo Member

    Very convenient for backpackers. Good budget for stay.

  4. Avatar photo
    Piniel Hasibuan

    Friendly staff, free breakfast. It’s value for money

  5. Avatar photo
    Budhi Cahyadi

    It’s delicious for staying .. Friendly, the waiter is cheap and clean

  6. Avatar photo
    Mannu Garg

    Small rooms but it provides kitchen

  7. Avatar photo
    Ashar Channel 33

    Its so good and so nice

  8. Avatar photo
    Nur Yuliani

    Too many peopke on the same dorms, the good thing is they have library n if you wanna know people from all over the world it’s the right place

  9. Avatar photo
    Jasun Seeker

    Helpful staff. They speak English. Place is clean, but if you are allergic to cats, they have several running around to chase the rats.
    It is a coed place.
    Cheap prices.
    They don’t provide very good bedding. One thin blanket, and usually a less than admirable pillow. They do have a bottom sheet–can’t remember if they have a top sheet.
    They within walking distance to a food court, several temples that offer free food at certain times, and little India–and a few pricy but delicious vegetarian Indian restaurants.
    Although they call themselves an art gallery, due to the selection, it must be some kind of tax dodge.
    Make sure you and your taxi driver are reading the street numbers, because a lot of drivers have other hostels in their minds.
    Breakfast consists of white bread, which can be toasted, and jams. I also believe they serve coffee and tea. I definitely wouldn’t recommend the breakfast.

  10. Avatar photo
    Marie Christy Santosa

    cockroach in my room, and the light in a bathroom is dim, pleas fix that

  11. Avatar photo
    Sachin Solanki

    Worst hostel ever

  12. Avatar photo
    Pujo Sumantri

    Some room’s scent not fresh, maybe because lack of air circulation.
    The hotel lobby not too representative, but the kitchen quite good condition.

  13. Avatar photo
    derus lee

    nive hostel, guard from Indonesia…bang ucok the person is friendly and funny…hahahaa

  14. Avatar photo
    Yanti Desiana

    Hostel but not recommended

  15. Avatar photo
    Praveen Cr

    It’s an average lodge. It’s best for people who roam whole day and just rest during night. Prices are less.

  16. Avatar photo
    Lakshya Bakshi

    Very poor service.
    Usually in hostels/backpackers, the guests are given an access card so that they can enter whenever they want. But here, you cannot enter after 11PM. I came back at 2AM on my second night in Singapore and there was no one to open the door neither they had told me what to do. All their mobile numbers are which are in social media are unreachable. I kept waiting on the road till 5AM. And I finally met two helpful people who called up the police to help me out. I finally got inside the hotel at 5AM in the morning with the help of the Singapore Police.
    It’s the worst hostel ever.

  17. Avatar photo
    Adi Sejati

    Not good as review agoda

  18. Avatar photo
    Sandesh Devakar

    friendly staff ,very co-operative and nicely behaved.The family rooms are much BIGGER than expected just made my trip better,the breakfast there is free ie.bread-butter,jam,coconut n egg,penut butter.laptop usage is free,ironing as well.i would highly recommend this hostel for a family aswell as a solo traveller

  19. Avatar photo
    deen tsuki

    Cool place, stayed for one night.

  20. Avatar photo
    waniey waniey

    Good place for a single person. Not that suitable for family with babies and small kids.

  21. Avatar photo
    Reynaldo Rudy Kristian Montolalu

    Thank you very much for your service, feel like a home. Tatang is one of the staff from Indonesia, very helpfull.

  22. Avatar photo Member

    The location of the hotel is good , it’s not far from the airport . The guy at the reception sounds nice . They seem to rear a cat in the hostel , which may not be cool with everyone . I would prefer to stay in a cleaner hostel next time .

  23. Avatar photo

    Feels like you are in an expensive hotel in Singapore.

  24. Avatar photo
    Nalin Sovis

    Affordable and good service

  25. Avatar photo
    Elmidian Rizky


  26. Avatar photo
    Rosanna Dela Rosa

    The staff are very friendly… The place is homie and artistic… Thank you so much!

  27. Avatar photo
    Ngọc Thư Trần

    Giá phòng rất rẻ so với mặt bằng chung ở Sing, có 15$/đêm thui (với phòng 14 giường), phòng ít giường hơn sẽ mắc hơn, nhưng nói chung vẫn là rẻ.
    Tuy nhiên, tiền nào của đó. Ở chung dĩ nhiên sẽ có khó chịu, ai khó ngủ thì ko nên vì có người thức khuya, có người dậy sớm nên hay ồn ào. Nhưng hầu hết mọi người đều rất lịch sự, tránh tối đa việc làm ồn hay phiền hà người khác.
    Còn 1 điểm là có 1 số người nước ngoài có mùi cơ thể rất nồng, nên ai nhạy cảm về mùi sẽ thấy ko chịu nổi (trường hợp này có thể đổi phòng).
    Vấn đề mình hơi phiền ở đây là về mùi ở những khu vực chung: nơi để giày dép thì cực kì hôi (vì có người bị hôi chân nên mùi rất kinh khủng) và mấy chỗ ngồi ăn uống hay nghỉ ngơi thì có mùi nước tiểu (ko bit có phải do mấy em mèo ở đó không , mấy ẻm cu-te lắm, đáng iu cực kì, mà không bit có tè bậy không ).
    Phòng thì trải thảm nhưng chắc lâu lắm mới vệ sinh thảm nên có mùi ẩm mốc và nhiu bụi.
    Về phòng tắm và toillet thì ý kiến trái chiều: bạn mình thấy vậy là sạch, mình thấy vậy là dơ. Bạn mình nói vì mình kĩ tính quá, nhìn đâu cũng thấy vi trùng . Nên ai kĩ tính thì nên lưu ý!
    Mà ở chung mới thấy người nước ngoài lịch sự và đáng iu kinh khủng, ai gặp mình cũng đều chào hỏi, hỏi mình từ đâu đến, đi du lịch hay làm gi, gặp buổi sáng là cười và say good morning, …
    Người dân Sing thì tận tình kinh khủng khiếp, mình mà hỏi đường hay nhờ họ giúp thì họ phải giúp cho bằng được (hỏi đường mà họ không biết thì họ cũng phải dắt mình đi và hỏi người khác cho bằng được !!!)
    Về giao thông thì tuyệt cú mèo! Thuận tiện, dễ chịu, nề nếp. 1 cái thẻ là dùng được tất cả phương tiện công cộng. Chỉ có cái là vẫn phải đi bộ hơi nhiu. Ai quen đi bộ thì ko sao, nếu ko quen sẽ thấy đau chân. Nên đi giày loại tốt, Nike hoặc Adidas nếu đi du lịch, vì sẽ phải đi bộ rất nhiều (có thể từ 5-10km/ngày).
    Nói chung rất thích Sing! I LOVE SINGAPORE!

  28. Avatar photo
    bambie manalac

    my favorite hostel for many years every time i come to singpore,very good also staff people work hostel is good,meng or james he is very person,,

  29. Avatar photo
    anto toebil

    Cozy and clean

  30. Avatar photo
    Wara wiri Wiri

    Changi int…singapore

  31. Avatar photo
    ahmad ali

    Not bad for the roads in Singapore. Share rooms

  32. Avatar photo
    Khan Nazrul Islam

    I was stay in this property few nights and I have some experience about this property, this property is good and property stuff also good..

  33. Avatar photo

    It’s just average I guess
    Nothing really special

  34. Avatar photo
    riyan ariyanda

    The people are friendly, the bathroom is clean, the location is okay, it’s cheap too

  35. Avatar photo
    Cornelius Kwok

    Worst hostel I’ve ever stayed in. The rooms had a stench and the sheets have stained. The lights were damage and the air conditioners were not functioning properly. The room was very warm at night. Never stay at this hotel. Do not even think of staying here.

  36. Avatar photo
    Emyr Williams

    Cheap, really basic.

  37. Avatar photo
    Akhil das

    Good reasonable place in the heart of Singapore

  38. Avatar photo
    Pia Nabat

    Not as describe rooms.

  39. Avatar photo
    Barasiya Girish


  40. Avatar photo
    nguyen Hung Cuong

    Nice hostel, good in budget, friendly staff.

  41. Avatar photo
    chris reiwi

    Location quite good Rooms are without ceiling and few sockets as well as bad wifi Owner nice Cleanliness is mediocre

  42. Avatar photo
    Renerio A. de Dios Jr (Renerio)

    Cool hostel for families. No space to move about inside the rooms though. The hostel is clean and nice. Lots of showers and T&B too.

  43. Avatar photo
    Relinda Puspita

    This hostel has been familiar to Indonesian travelers. It is needed by low budget traveler, and located on great location. Though, make sure to the staff that the sheets is changed, especially when you walk in guest in mid night.

  44. Avatar photo
    Pim Chaya

    Thai people told me not to think about stepping on this place 00000!!!

  45. Avatar photo
    M RDO

    Awesome art gallery, very clean and great people!

  46. Avatar photo
    Have Funny

    The only thing i like is the price. Very cheap compared with other hostels.

    But not good smell and a few unclean small bathrooms.

    Breakfast are bread with butter and distasteful jam. And coffee.

    Free drinking water both hot and cold. It’s very good. (Water in sg is very expensive)

    Suggest to use Grab car for transportation. Train station is a little bit far.

  47. Avatar photo
    Jacek Hojan

    Super cozy place! You can always meet interesting people, even professional travelers, in the eating place. If they choose this place, it probably speaks for itself! It’s worth it!

  48. Avatar photo
    nguyen viet bao

    So noisy in there. They had a party in second floor with maximum volume.
    The Cat was running freely, even to your bed …

  49. Avatar photo
    Nguyễn Thế Anh

    Everything very good

  50. Avatar photo
    Yafrizal Falian

    Good place when you loved a cat.. smell good at kitchen and bathroom..

  51. Avatar photo
    febria anjara

    Cheap price

  52. Avatar photo

    quite nice room and room service.
    provides free breakfast and wifi
    friendly price.

  53. Avatar photo
    Siti Maimunah


  54. Avatar photo
    Bayu Adi S

    Pretty decent

  55. Avatar photo
    Vipul Garg

    Nice place with all facilities. Good for tourists. They provide kitchen also

  56. Avatar photo
    Sompong Pangong

    Was ok.

  57. Avatar photo Member

    so bad

  58. Avatar photo
    ShobySS _

    Good for sleep …

  59. Avatar photo
    Purple Cat95

    Good price for sharing room, have a lot facilities like kitchen, hairdryer, internet wifi, breakfast and studio. Close to the city and have good view. There a lot spa place near there and restaurans. We sharing bathroom too so we should wait in a line. And the staff are quite friendly

  60. Avatar photo
    ngân nguyễn

    Với mức giá như vậy thì quá ok …

  61. Avatar photo
    Charlye Lopez


  62. Avatar photo

    It’s a bit hard to find the place! Just stay at lavender st., don’t get off at lavenderrr station, it’s far!

  63. Avatar photo
    Olivia cai

    The studio is acceptable.

  64. Avatar photo

    Cleanliness okay place near mrt

  65. Avatar photo
    Vikas Goyat

    Superb place

  66. Avatar photo
    Indra Febriansyah - DRACxTech

    Big room, AC too cold hxhxhx

  67. Avatar photo
    Sunny B Kashyap


  68. Avatar photo
    Peter Michael Duenninger

    Friendly staff

  69. Avatar photo
    Rob Bhai

    Comfortable and has a nice atmosphere in the gallery pieces and the little zenlike hang out on the second floor is awesome.

  70. Avatar photo Member

    It’s a bit dirty, there are not …

  71. Avatar photo
    Chandra Tanuwijaya

    easily accessible by public transportation in Singapore, the receptionist is ready to help, bathroom facilities with hot showers, free light breakfast in the morning, only the part in preparing shoes is very smelly and scattered feet

  72. Avatar photo
    Hangi Tavakoli

    Just visited the lobby and it was awful!!

  73. Avatar photo

    There is a new style for living.You must Share a room with other tourist and you have to share bed also. There is some bunk type bed in room. That’s a new experience in my life. U can use a common kitchen , common fridge etc etc. Overall al is well.

  74. Avatar photo
    BJ Sport


  75. Avatar photo
    Arief Ismoyo

    Good location, beside the lavender highway, near Boonkeeng station, in front of it there is a 24-hour restaurant, but unfortunately the bathroom is cm 4

  76. Avatar photo
    Zainul Arif

    Simple cheap place to stay…

  77. Avatar photo Member

    GLad that we choose moni hostel it’s amazing and cool beautiful

  78. Avatar photo
    Dian Batam Private Tours

    need to improve their cleanliness, a bit smelly too. not suitable for families

  79. Avatar photo

    Nice People .. good ambiance overall nice experience

  80. Avatar photo
    Surayu A Rahim

    Budget hostel.

  81. Avatar photo

    Disgusting place, our room on the first night reeked of mold, found hair on the pillow, it was so damp that the blanket and my clothes were moist and cold all night, some of the trash bins smell like they haven’t been emptied in years, bathrooms are a sad state. The owner was helpful and we switched to another less damp room for the 2nd night.

  82. Avatar photo
    Paul Duy (Paul Duy)

    Phòng ốc sạch sẽ nhưng hơi bí, có máy lạnh, giường ấm cúng, bao ăn sáng nhưng là sandwich kẹp mứt bơ không hợp lắm với dân Việt, free nước uống. Chủ nhà và nhân viên là nam, cũng thân thiện và nhiệt tình giúp đỡ. Có thể ghé gửi hành lý trước giờ check in để đi chơi cho thoải mái nhé

  83. Avatar photo
    adit dolsky

    good hostel

  84. Avatar photo
    HAR Mahey

    Budget hostel Singapore.

  85. Avatar photo
    Hendi 096

    Nice hostel

  86. Avatar photo
    Rogie Taborda

    Good place to stay

  87. Avatar photo
    handoko halim

    Comfort place to stay

  88. Avatar photo
    Aamir Matloob

    Money saving place

  89. Avatar photo
    puspa selva raj

    So good.. Very clean I like its …

  90. Avatar photo
    Igor José Úbeda Montenegro

    The staff aren’t always there to open the door and the staircase stinks from all the shoes. One of the shower doors seemed to have been broken for a while.

  91. Avatar photo
    Dang Nguyen

    Acceptable place. Amenities not fully equipped and common area too small. Most important things are 1) their lockers don’t have locks and 2) if you’re staying upper bunk you don’t have a power plug. Staff very friendly though

  92. Avatar photo
    Cyrus Jester Catalan

    Crew is super approachable and helpful. Would recommend for budgetarians and big groups

  93. Avatar photo
    keerthan Theva

    Good place for the price. It has free wifi, many bathrooms,aircon so happy with my stay.

  94. Avatar photo
    Aaron Lee

    Was there to enquire about a training package with another association that has temporarily taken up space there.

  95. Avatar photo
    Мария Романова

    The hostel is terrible, it is located on one of the dirtiest streets, it seemed to me, some kind of red light boulevard, the guests were appropriate, it seemed that the girls were going to work in the evening, the only pluses are cheapness and location near 3 metro to get anywhere in the city is easy and convenient. The first impression when we entered, I wanted to leave, but the reservation was irrevocable, so we just didn’t leave. There are a lot of cats in the hostel, and therefore it smells very much like cat urine, the room is 2 × 2 meters without a window, 3 bunk beds booked the whole room for four, the linen seemed to me not fresh, it had a specific smell, everything was dirty littered with things like a landfill, everything was shabby, was provided breakfast, but when we went into the kitchen, we didn’t decide what to eat there at all, went to a cafe or took a sandwich and coffee at 7/11. The declared garden is a piece of a dirty courtyard with dirty chairs, tables and cat food. We booked 3 nights, 2 slept on the third and went to sleep at the airport because the plane was early in the morning and did not want to spend the night there.

  96. Avatar photo
    titik trisnowati

    the hostel is far from the MRT

  97. Avatar photo
    Yuni Arta

    Quite comfortable for backpackers

  98. Avatar photo
    Patricia Olga

    Friendly staffs. Shared bathroom with no toilet amenities so you should bring your own. Towel s$2.5 too expensive. Breakfast is selfmade. Overall, nice.

  99. Avatar photo


  100. Avatar photo
    putri aliefrizki


  101. Avatar photo
    Eric Awuy

    friendly staff,

  102. Avatar photo

    Experience of staying 2 nights at Moni:
    1. Order a female/female dom (bunk bed) with 6, get a female 4. Actually it’s good, there are fewer people. But there was no prior confirmation from the hostel.

    2. Already emailed the hostel for early check-in which should have been at 2 pm turned out to be 9 am. The hostel has made an effort for the administrative process to be taken care of at 9 o’clock, but can’t enter the room because the room isn’t ready yet. the hostel has allowed for bathing/cleaning. But after returning from sightseeing at 10 pm, it turns out that the bed / mattress has not been prepared at all. So you have to wait about half an hour for the room to be ready. Even though we are already tired and need rest

    3. The room does not have a key at all, aka the security level is lacking. Just info for female travelers who are better off looking for another place, except ordering a family bed or booking 1 room, maybe it’s a little safer because it’s crowded

    4. There is a locker facility, but on Traveloka (the order is there) and on other websites it doesn’t say that the locker doesn’t have a lock/lock. So you have to bring your own padlock or rent a lock at the hostel for $1 SGD

    5. There are 4 bathrooms, 2 use a closet, 2 shower only. But the walls are a bit dirty, and don’t forget to bring sandals to go to the bathroom

    6. There are 2 sinks, 1 trash bin in front of the bathroom

    7. Breakfast from 7.30-10.30. The menu is Bread + Jam (at that time there was only strawberry jam), toaster, water heater, tea, coffee, sugar, butter

    8. The system is self service, after using cutlery, don’t forget to wash it yourself

    9. Free water is on the 2nd floor, you have to take off your shoes first

    10. Those who play/leave above 11 pm, use the key given by the hostel, below 11 pm, the door is still open

    11. The nearest MRT from the hostel is Boon Keng (purple line towards Punggol), right out of the MRT station, the hostel is across the street, straight from the station door. Take a walk around 15 minutes

    12. Iron and hair dryer are provided at the hostel

  103. Avatar photo
    ahyainaha w

    good place for backpackers, come again another time

  104. Avatar photo
    Ayu Lesiana

    Friendly staff and cozy place

  105. Avatar photo

    Very small and cozy bed for dormitory. No space for movement

  106. Avatar photo
    Ardian Muswahono

    Great service

  107. Avatar photo
    Riki Harianto

    It’s comfortable here

  108. Avatar photo
    Fahmi Yadiza


  109. Avatar photo
    Lê Thanh Dũng

    Dirty and very dirty.

  110. Avatar photo
    Alvian Chris Pradana

    Friendly staff but the place is not clean. It is fair price i think.

  111. Avatar photo
    Ekaterina Grinchenko

    Rooms are very very small. Not so clean, insects inside .. The same as bathrooms and kitchen.

  112. Avatar photo
    Bharat Pithva

    Me & Our family went on Jul 2017, room was normal, 1 staff was good other staff I had bad experience he argue & push me n arrogant n used bad words , I didn’t know they won’t provide milk on breakfast, I had ask milk for my kids who 2 yrs old and he started argue instead he should polite n explain me that packaged doesn’t include such,
    bathroom & kitchen not clean, no staff for assist you properly. Suggest go for better option if u have.

    Even Thanks whatsoever they assist us if they happy…instead guest happy as well.

  113. Avatar photo
    Kim Hessel


  114. Avatar photo
    Khairuddin Khairuddin

    Not good

  115. Avatar photo

    This hostel so so bad.. We don’t like it. Unfriendly and disrespectful staff. The lobby and its surroundings smell fishy. Bathroom is so dirty.. the order does not match the one we booked..

  116. Avatar photo
    Shehan Ishara

    Good place. Good customer care service. Price rates are reasonable

  117. Avatar photo
    Matt Havelaar

    Nice place with good vibes! Many open area to hangout in the hostel and it’s a very bohemian feel with art, music and dance everywhere in the hostel!

  118. Avatar photo
    noori kaur

    The hostel was good. The hostel manager is superb gentleman. He is so much kind cooperative & respect to was ok.M going alone there for tourists purpose.He helped me so much. Many many thanks to the Manager of Moni gallery hostel …

  119. Avatar photo
    Eliseo Castro

    Terrible place, I do not recommend it to anyone, not even backpackers. The bathrooms were disgustingly dirty as was the kitchen. There were hairballs in the showers and the bathrooms had no toilet paper. The staff did not clean, with luck they threw water on the bathroom floor.
    There were many stacked boxes and trash in the hallways. In the backyard I saw a mouse. The plug in the room kept short circuiting.
    I had 3 nights reserved, the first night I slept there and the next day I wanted to checkout and asked for my money back but there is no refund, so my advice is to look for another place, do not stay here.

  120. Avatar photo
    Viviana Lau

    Its a worst hostel i ever visited. Bad service, temperament staff, stingy and dirty room. Its a nightmare stayed there.

  121. Avatar photo
    Rana Guru dutt

    Hostel with friendly home

  122. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Fadli Muslimin


  123. Avatar photo
    Ade Fardiansyah

    cheap place to stay for bacpacker

  124. Avatar photo
    Polly Cleaver

    One of the best hoatel’s I have stayed in. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. 4 beautiful cats. I would come back to Singapore just to stay here. Was two females travelling alone and then one of us stayed longer and we both felt so safe and taken care of. Nothing was too much trouble and if they were ever eating food, they would share. Really close to the train, shopping mall, food markets, post office and close by to a beautiful walk along the river to see the Otters. Thank you for having me, love Polly x

  125. Avatar photo
    Hahnz Too

    convenient, strategic location, on the side of the road, the room is enough for a backpacker, dormitory, for 4 people… The air conditioner is cold, the service is okay, friendly, who has Wong Solo, but has become a resident here…

  126. Avatar photo
    Zeds Tr

    Let me put the whole hostel like that, I got sick, I ate 4 needles in the butt, don’t even enter through the door,

  127. Avatar photo
    Mahesa Glagah Agung Satria

    Quite comfortable. There is a bus stop in front of the hostel

  128. Avatar photo
    Riki Jamaris

    So many indonesian people stay here everyday.

  129. Avatar photo

    hostal like a home. good environment and staff is very helpfull.

  130. Avatar photo
    CAT bali Kantor

    No key

  131. Avatar photo
    Ranger Putih

    Fine!! One of the bus stops, bus 145, right in front of this hostel. Halal food, you can go to little India, Adam’s Corner.

  132. Avatar photo
    Rabiul Islam

    Budget hotel. Good for back pack traveler. Need to improve the restaurant facility.

  133. Avatar photo
    Anne Obure

    I enjoyed my stay here while in Singapore

  134. Avatar photo
    ha trang hoang

    Khách sạn đẹp. Vị trí tốt, cách mrt 500m. Thân thiện. Có bao gôm ăn sáng

  135. Avatar photo
    Devina Wijaya (Devina Wijaya)

    Worst ever hostel I’ve ever stay, especially for the bathroom and bedroom. When I first came out to this place, there are so many cats. My feet can feel there is many dust in the floor. The air conditioner can’t be opened. There is a cockroach in my room. No table, only one chair in a room for 4 people. It seems like my room has never been used for long time and never been cleaned before. The bathroom is tiny, terrible, and have bad smell (little bit gross because of the egg shell in the drain). The bed sheet really dirty. Although i’ve already cover my pillow with additional shirt, but when I come back to my country and home, I got pus in my head and it’s the bad trauma for me. It’s kind of nightmare coming back to this hostel in night after I just finished travelling happily in Singapore. It’s really hard for me to stay in this hostel for 1 week. Not gonna come to this hostel again although it’s cheap and the staff really nice.

  136. Avatar photo
    Emanuel Pedrosa

    The rooms are small, dirty and the breakfast is bad. The bathroom is terrible.

  137. Avatar photo
    Samuel Lim

    Friendly hosts can clean beds

  138. Avatar photo
    Champion Runner

    In the central area , Best and cheap place to stay.

  139. Avatar photo
    Amit Matiyal

    Cheap interior

  140. Avatar photo
    Халк 333

    Disgusting awful dirty place. Mold. Dampness. Dirt. Breakfast – toast with jam and tea. There is no garden. The yard is a passage for motorbikes. Ants are everywhere. The photos on the websites were taken 10 years ago. Staying in this hostel is dangerous for your health! One plus – we saw a lot of things in Singapore, because. We tried not to be in this hostel at all. Were in December 2018. We lived in a family 4-bed room without a window. The mattresses of the 1st floor of the beds lay directly on the floor. There are a lot of ants everywhere. Especially in the kitchen. The mold started to make me cough. Treated for 2 weeks. Dirty wet bathrooms. Walking distance to cafes and grocery stores. Transport is also far away. I do not recommend to anyone!

  141. Avatar photo
    Martin Hughes

    New owner. Singapore government pressures all to constantly renovate n modernize etc. I left a bag with spiritual books in the hostel for several months and it was gone when I returned…sold or given to charity. shame true backpacker hostels are hard to find these days.

  142. Avatar photo
    Riya Din, pingping


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