Review Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Singapore

Review Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office in Singapore

“Awesome chair, value for money. Great service by Annie @ Giant Tampines!” or “The massagers are super good and on point! Definitely one of my best investments for my self care routine! And the delivery is a fast one!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office is quality.

Introduction about Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office

Here are some fundamental details regarding Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office. In terms of Massage supply store, it is generally believed that Miuvo Massagers Distribution Officeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Link @ AMK, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Massage supply store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 88089467 (+65 88089467)
  • Website:
  • Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Link @ AMK, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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How to contact Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office via:

Phone number

You can reach Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office at 88089467(+65 88089467). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Link @ AMK, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office reviews

Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office is among the best destinations of Massage supply store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office good?

To determine whether Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Easy to setup. I practise ballet so I bought this for my tired legs. After the first try, I fell soundly asleep (in the middle of the day). Much needed relief for tired legs. Appreciate the fast shipping.”

“Love the cordless solution.The neck massager is great and convenient. Now I do not need to sit beside a powerpoint. If you need to try it out, you can go to IMM Giant or Tampines Giant.”

“MiuDelight V2 is value for money and exceeds our expectations of a good Massage chair within this price range. Particularly impressed for excellent service provided by staff, Achen from IMM outlet in Jurong.”

“Friendly promoter (Annie) explain about the product and advise which is best. Got it during the promotion price. Best for small room size product. Test out those big brand butgot it due to small size.”

“Awesome chair, value for money. Great service by Annie @ Giant Tampines!”

“The massagers are super good and on point! Definitely one of my best investments for my self care routine! And the delivery is a fast one!”

“Brought this new model Miuvo MiuDeluxe slate grey for my wife. Superb comfortable! My wife enjoys it and my kids like to sit on it with their tablets!”

“Muivo Joy a good buy. Very happy with the service given by Annie at Gaint Tampines . Thank you. …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 212 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Miuvo Massagers Distribution Office, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Singapore

There is a total 212 reviews

5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    Love it.. After first try on the MIUVO massagers it help to relax my problem of backache.

  2. Avatar photo
    Jee yi shyuan

    The kneading of Kneadme v2 massage cushion is super shiok. If you want harder, can just press your body harder on the machine. Love the warm function.

  3. Avatar photo
    Abdul Qaliff

    Item received 1 day after purchasing, highly recommend to those who wish to have a Budget foot massager, I am using it as I’m typing this. ;P

  4. Avatar photo
    Eileen Kong

    Been working with Miuvo since 2012 and started with one product, now there’s a wide range of products! Products are also affordable to the general crowd, and durable. Worth a buy!

  5. Avatar photo
    barbette yeo

    It is indeed a great pleasure to own a Miuvo Kneadme Compact Massager & getting to know the seller whose very approachable, professional. Visiting her shop was an eye opening experience because we got to look at other appliances and try out her MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair which was a pure luxury given a full body massage. The outlook of that pricey massage chair was stylish too! But because of space constraints, we had opted for the Miuvo Kneadme Compact Massager which was also portable as it is a strap and plug-on gadget that’s convenient to use anywhere anytime, even in vehicles while we are driving. It helps in reducing tensions for our muscles & stiff joints. And we highly recommend that customers use Miuvo’s portable massagers with its foldable recliner chair. Due to the ergonomics of Miuvo’s recliner chair, it pairs off very well with their portable massagers, providing similar therapeutic effects & comfort expected of a fully equipped massager chair – but of course, a no-frills version at such an affordable price. Thumbs up for both Miuvo’s products & services! Highly recommended for those who are looking for a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere!

  6. Avatar photo
    Keith Low

    Very nice massage chair at a way more attractive price compared to other popular brands. Annie at Giant was incredibly helpful and advise the correct massage chair for me. Wife love the chair and have been using it everyday since arrived. …

  7. Avatar photo
    Dana Lim

    Very awesome customer service and value-for-money products! The Miuvo massage chair is my 4th product from Miuvo. I really appreciate the fast response, patience from Ms Teh in trying out the products and Clariss for the wonderful customised service.

  8. Avatar photo
    Lee Teck Cheng

    MuiDeluxe provide us with a very comprehensive massage experience with it’s long roller track systems that can reduce muscle tension from neck to butt area.Couple with airbags systems, it also provide the right pressure to relax our shoulder, arms as well as claves and foot region. With different preset mode and manual override function, we were able to select various massage option at wimp.

    It’s also value for money massage chair with features comparable with other major brands.

    I recommend any potential massage chair buyers to try Miuvo before they commit to other brands in the market.

  9. Avatar photo
    Stephen Chu

    I’m 25 Aug ‘20 I visited the Miuvo Showroom at Giant Megamall, at Tampines, to test the Miu Deluxe Massage Chair. I had a 6 year old Osim UDivine Message Chair that served me well. But the footrest stopped working just before the Covid 19 lockdown began. When partial reopening took place I called Osim Service Centre to come and repair this for me, but without bothering to see and try to repair, they told me this chair is very old and there were no more spare parts. They asked me to buy a new one.
    I didn’t like this attitude and decided to switch to another brand. My check revealed that Miuvo had good massage chairs at more reasonable prices. And customer reviews showed they were happy with Miuvo’s after sales service. So I read up about the Miu Deluxe and decided it had all the features I wanted. A test of the showroom chair confirmed that it was what I needed. And the Sales person there, Annie, was really helpful. So I bought the Deluxe model massage chair.
    I have been using my massage chair for over 2 weeks, often 2 times a day.
    It has 3 kinds of massage – Relax, Recovery, and Stretch. I’ve tried all three and find them very effective. But my favourite is the Relax mode. Sometimes I fall asleep during the 15 min massage. I can increase the massage time by 5 mins to a max of 30 mins. But 15 mins is just nice for me. And I have 4 different positions of lying back that I can take.
    I can move the rollers up to my neck and shoulders,or down to my aching bottoms, which Osim’s chair cannot do.
    I can also adjust the air pressure for arm and shoulder massage, as well as the speed of the rollers.
    There are also 6 massage modes to choose from, from tapping to kneading to other gentler forms you like.
    The hand massage position and calf massage positions are also more comfortable that that of Osim’s.
    I’m Glad I chose the Miu Deluxe Massage Chair to replace my Osim Chair.
    Even my grandson, Xavier, enjoys it. Below is a photo of the two of us with the Miu Deluxe Massage Chair.
    Stephen Chu.

  10. Avatar photo
    Gilbert Levantino

    Good product KneadMaster V2, it will be good to match with miuvo chair. Massage back in 2D and 3D mode.

  11. Avatar photo
    KathyA BRos

    Easy to use. Serves its purpose. Order received the next day. Good customer service. Have tried the auto programmes and the family likes it, even the helper said it is able to ease some feeling of discomfort. Thank you for the free gift. The massage chair cover fits nicely and able to keep away our per cat. Hope it will serve us well for a considerable period of time.

  12. Avatar photo
    Mei-Chuan Chu

    Bought Miuvo 𝗠𝗶𝘂𝗗𝗲𝗹𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 massage chair last week and the product works really well. Highly recommended if you are looking for a massage chair for the whole family. …

  13. Avatar photo
    Danny Erfan

    The leg message feels good as it will squeeze the calf muscle also

  14. Avatar photo
    SH Teo

    This is a local company. Pricing is good compared with other brands. Excellent and prompt customer service. Ordered on Sunday, massage chair can be delivered next day. Free delivery and they can also help dispose old massage chair with no additional cost. Promoter, Annie, at Tampines Giant also provided good services. My parents are satisfied with the massage chair. Will recommend to those who are interested in getting a massage chair.

  15. Avatar photo
    Zakaria Mahmud

    Our fourth purchase of their products. Bought foot delight, wonderlegs foot massager and now waiting for our kneadmaster. Bought for family as gifts and for personal use. Very affordable price and great quality! Highly recommended.

  16. Avatar photo
    Madam Cheapo

    Great product and enjoyable service!!!

  17. Avatar photo
    nic ruzhen

    Highly recommended!
    I have one each of kneadme compact massage which u can massage any part of ur body including neck, a foot massage that I use every night to relax my tired legs, and just purchased a kneadmaster advanced for office use! It massages ur entire back and especially the neck really well! Worth for value with good quality!

  18. Avatar photo
    Meiqing Pot

    Massage chair is always an item in our wish list. We’ve looked at so many brands and products and reviews and yet we couldn’t decide on which to get. Annie, located at Tampines Giant is a superstar! Through her patience and knowledge, we decided to buy Miuvo’s MiuDivine 2 massage chair straightaway. Also, she is not pushy at all. We also have to give credits to the miuvo logistics team, we made the purchase a day ago, and they delivered the product the next day! Kudos! Oh, I fell asleep during my first session on my new massage chair too!

  19. Avatar photo
    Airisa Lim

    Excellent message at affordable price

  20. Avatar photo
    afidah ali

    We went to Giant hypermarket and came across Miuvo massage products there. We were greeted by Annie. She was very informative and accomodating to our requests. It was a fast and smooth transaction as we decided to buy 2 pcs of the Kneadmaster Advance massager. Happy to deal with Annie. Great service provided …

  21. Avatar photo
    Jessica Lee

    I’m a big fan of the KneadMe massager and I use mine everyday! It hits all the right spots that I wanna target and is great for use on the neck, shoulders, head, waist, tummy, calves and thighs! My favorite spots to target are my shoulders and neck.

    I love the cordless function so it can be used anywhere – in the office, during staycays and even in the car. Really good.

  22. Avatar photo
    L C

    Excellent product! Highly recommended

  23. Avatar photo
    Joan Y

    Very satisified with the product.. and the best part is it is portable so im not confined to the area where the sockets are.

  24. Avatar photo
    Sarah Hui Zhen

    Service to deliver the footdelight massager was good. My family and I enjoyed using the machine – easy to use and convenient to store. The massaging effect is soothing and felt just right for me! Happy with this product

  25. Avatar photo
    seo jin kim

    I tested all the massage chair in other brand but I choose Miuvo. And I’m satisfied. Especially, I love a woman who explained to me about the chair I bought. She didn’t force me to buy but made me want to buy. Also the chair delivered so fast.

  26. Avatar photo
    Veronica Lim

    Easy to setup. I practise ballet so I bought this for my tired legs. After the first try, I fell soundly asleep (in the middle of the day). Much needed relief for tired legs. Appreciate the fast shipping.

  27. Avatar photo
    Xin Ting Ong

    The massage chair is more affordable than other brands in the market, but the comfort is not any less! Very happy with my purchase!

  28. Avatar photo
    Her Kim Toh

    I was served by Annie at tampines giant road show on 26 nov.she was very friendly and have good knowledge in advising which massage machine is suitable for my family needs.on top of her good service,she actually managed to arrange the delivery on the same day despite I commited my purchase only at around 130pm.excellent experience with Annie & miuvo product.

  29. Avatar photo
    Wei Min Ang

    Miuvo Customer Service is very nice to help to wrap when i inform it is meant as gift. Item delivered on the date requested as well. Thanks seller!

  30. Avatar photo
    Caryl Phan

    Very prompt and excellent customer service! Have not used the product but experience with the company was fabulous. Response was fast as I had last min changes to delivery timing. Was given options and they were quick in resolving the challenge. I have bought 2 of same product delivering to 2 locations on different days. Both deliveries were on time and items were gift wrapped nicely! Will recommend to friends for sure if item works well too. Thank you!

  31. Avatar photo
    Ade Sintia Adam

    Delivery of Miudelight V2 massge chair was very fast. The delivery guys are nice and teach how the massage chair works. Good job!

  32. Avatar photo
    Lilian Chua

    We were actually looking around to buy a massage chair when my Bro-in-law mentioned Miuvo. This company is very customer-service oriented. They are very responsive and patient even after sales. They went the extra mile to my great surprise. Massage chair is great too and really very reasonably priced! Will recommend to friends and relatives. Thanx very much to all at Miuvo!

  33. Avatar photo
    Kamarul Naquib

    Affordable luxury massage chair in the comfort of your own home

  34. Avatar photo
    Lily Lee

    After reading good reviews from website, we get to know Annie from the Tampines Giant stall. Annie very friendly, she explained clearly the useful features of the massage chair and compare their 2 models for us to choose the one that suits our needs. Finally, we happy decided to get Miuvo Deluxe v4 (Customizable massage modes, friendly user-interface with wire controller, easily fits our size and height). So excited to wait for the delivery at earliest.

  35. Avatar photo
    Yuan Wenlong

    I’ve got the wonderlegs leg and foot massager and they were wonderful like the name of the massager. I particularly like the clamshell design because you can choose to have your leg or foot massaged or both at the same time. The air compression is so comfy as well!! Not forgetting the kneading massage for the foot too.

  36. Avatar photo
    Leow Teck Heng

    Super fast delivery, ordered and delivered on same day. Good massage chair at resonable price. Delivery man also very helpful ,installed and explained all function to us. My family like it so much .Highly recommended.

  37. Avatar photo
    Saranya Chyenne

    The product (Swing Back Massager) was really helpful in relieving my muscle aches and the pressure is just nice, covering the affected areas well. Wonderful customer service as well and there is a wide range of products. Definitely love it!!

  38. Avatar photo
    ALANMAN Chew

    I started to look for massage chair after I see Facebook other brand father day promotion, so I go try, the price is $2+++ I tell the sale man cannot ,then he show me the $5+++ one ,it’s great, so my wife bring me to another brand try the $7+++ one great oso , so to me $2+++= no good ,$5+++ above = good.
    So yesterday both brand sale contact me , I replied I can’t decide, my wife said I still have 1 place haven’t try , i told her , dat one $2+++ I think cannot but we still go about 7+pm , when reached , the salelady name Annie is very friendly ,she let me try the miudeluxe which is $2+++ , it’s surprise me ,the
    massage chair power is about in between the standard of a $5+++ and $7+++ massage chair and which I pay oso no heart pain, I ordered one , she tell me will reach me on next Monday, but today June 6 come ready . Thank you Annie from miu tampines giant.
    Hope reader can understand my English.
    Thank you

  39. Avatar photo
    Pinky Doros

    My husband bought our back massager in Giant store and it’s working perfectly nice and now we just ordered the foot massage. Oppsss and we also bought one back massager for my father …

  40. Avatar photo
    Steven Neo

    Love my KneadMe Compact Massager. Works great and the fabric cover makes it more user friendly!

  41. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Ja'afar

    Been working with Miuvo account team since time in Giant Singapore for close to 5 yrs. Excellent & strong team that is always patient to hear customer needs & serve their clients or customers to meets to their expectations. Products quality are at the top quality ensuring that consumer having the right product at the right price. Easy say, quality at a affordable price!!
    Amazing products, do engage with the team!!! Trust me, Miuvo does evolve around big killer brands cos of 2 things, Quality + Price Savings!!!

  42. Avatar photo
    Desmond Lee

    Bought my mum a Foot Delight Foot Massager. She like it so much. Been using it everyday night before sleep.

  43. Avatar photo
    Christine Ang

    The miuvo massager is really good with the right massage pressure & it covers from head to leg massage. Wonderful product * I would highly recommend it to my friends & relatives Also very good customer service especially from the boss, Kelvin.

  44. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chew

    Good customer service, very responsive and helpful. highly recommended

  45. Avatar photo
    George Chan

    To Management & Staff of Miuvosingapore

    Dear Sirs,
    I have bought your massage chair MiuDelight V2 at your outlet : Giant 21 Tampines North Dr 2 and have it on 26 March 2019.

    On that day, your delivery guys sent the massage chair to my house with care.

    I have been trying this massage chair during last few days. I feel very satisfy with all its function, except one, i.e. the auto shut down in 15 minutes. My point is, when I start massaging since the first minute to around 15 minutes, thats reaching most enjoyable timing. But when reaching to this minute, the chair auto shut down. And I need to pay attention look at the chair re-start all my desire function again. So, this 15 minute auto-stop function became an interruption to my massaging enjoyment. In this regards, I wish suggest to the Company adjust the timing from 15 to 30 minutes, or add optional choice. If so, that would be perfect of the massage chair.

    Original the massage chair should be graded FIVE Stars level, but due to this defect, I grade the Massage Chair FOUR Stars in stead.

    By the way, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to your Sales Executive Ms. Annie Kong. Because on the day, I shopping around your section, Ms. Annie was busily taking care of other customers, but she still spent much of her time taking care of my enquiry and testing of the chairs for me. Her patient caring explanation to me, let me have a chance to thoroughly understanding and trial testing about all functions of your massage chairs. As a result, I was convinced and satisfied to place order purchase the massage chair at the spot.
    Frankly, since certain period of times, I have had been looking around some and most of other brands of massage chairs. But, could not finalised purchase one massage chair. It is also due to their sales executives are not that hard working like Ms. Annie taking care of customers’ need. Now I don’t need spend any more times to look around for ideal massage chair. Because I’ve got one already.
    That is : MiuDelight V2

    At last, because with your Sales Executive splendid performance to customer, I add another one more star to your chair overall performance. Here is the final result of the captioned Massage Chair :

    and for sure, I will recommend your products to friends.

    30th March 2019

  46. Avatar photo
    Kay Kay

    Miuvo having a very good massage products range in singapore market, i did tried the miudivine v3 in giant tampines and it’s seriously comfortable and very nice to use. So ease of using it by just one button, i just love it.. Thanks miuvo

  47. Avatar photo
    VatRiCiA ChnG

    Had tried Miuvo Kneadmaster original during my confinement 2 years back … loved e massage and the heat function. Bought another 2 for my parents and in laws. Feedback is consistent and everyone loves it. Ordered e miuDivine massage chair for dad and he loves it too. Has been a loyal customer of Miuvo and i would also recommend to my friends and relatives. Customer service is good and friendly and they are very responsive too. Overall, best experience from Miuvo … would purchase from them again!

  48. Avatar photo
    Elishia Tan

    Good massage chair. Annie from Giant Tampines is very helpful to advice n let u try the chair …

  49. Avatar photo

    I like Miuvo product. Good price and already bought their two massage seats.

  50. Avatar photo
    Victor Chua

    Excellent service from staff + products are extremely amazing to use! Very pleased with them and I look forward to more products

  51. Avatar photo
    Philomena Logan

    I purchased the MiuDivine 2 from Giant Tampines on 1/6/23. I had been looking for a massage chair for my parents (to replace the one that they had which was no longer working). Annie (Miuvo promoter) was very helpful in explaining differences with all the chairs. I particularly liked the fact that she was not pushy. The chair was delivered on the scheduled date. Only minor issue was the delivery person wasn’t very friendly. He seemed annoyed at having to dismantle and remove the old chair. Aside from that, my parents are enjoying the massage chair. Thank you Annie for making the process easy and seamless.

  52. Avatar photo
    T T

    Received the massage chair on Monday afternoon. Tried out the different functions. Wow, it’s impressive. The strength is really strong and intense. All my family members love it ️. Special thanks to Annie for the demo at Giant when we went to test out the unit.

  53. Avatar photo
    Hazel Ang

    I have very stiff neck and shoulders , but do not have the budget to go for massage everyday. I tried to use my own hands to massage my neck, but very tiring to do so.
    After shopping online and a swift response from Miuvo customer service @ WhatsApp, I decided to try out “Miuvo Power Rest Neck and Shoulder” at an affordable price.

    Wow! Item was delivered on the same day. And the massage done by machine was very good, the kneading touch was quite similar to a good firm massage using hand.
    My husband who was skeptical at first, after trying it, said that it was really a good buy!
    Would recommend to my family and friends.
    Comes with 1 year warranty

  54. Avatar photo
    Quảng Nguyễn Đình

    Good products as well as very good customer service. Seller are very responsive.
    Highly recommended.

  55. Avatar photo
    Helen Sibanda

    I purchased the MiuDelight V2 chair for my husband as a Valentine’s Day Gift! Ordered at around 4pm on a Wednesday and it was delivered on Thursday between 1 and 2pm!!! Wow – talk about fast delivery and superb service Chair has been put to use everyday since and we love it !!!! Great invest for the family.

  56. Avatar photo
    Patricia Lee

    Just ordered the MiuDelight V2 and the whole process only takes about 5mins or less. The online chat was responsive to address my queries. I,m now so looking forward to receive my massage chair!!

  57. Avatar photo
    Chuanwei Foo

    Awesome chair, value for money. Great service by Annie @ Giant Tampines!

  58. Avatar photo
    Chee Keong Tan

    Great products at affordable prices!
    Good and responsive customer service with prompt delivery on the same day of purchase. Simply delighted upon trying out the massager.

  59. Avatar photo
    Ho Eng Hwa

    Place order moday delivery on wednesday fast delivery and service help to place the massage chair.
    Giant tempines Annie was very helpful to explain the
    function of the massage chair I try .Good customer service.

  60. Avatar photo
    Jaime Chan

    I have been working from home for the past 6 months and I don’t own an ergonomic table or an ergonomic chair like in the office. I have been having aches due to long hours of working on a not- so- conducive setup. My condition has worsen recently due to back-to-back of budget meetings this month, where I literally sit for hours on the stretch.

    I ordered the KneadMe Rechargeable Massager in time for my budget meetings while having a back massage at the same time ! Frankly, you can even bring it to the office as it is super compact and mobile (cordless!) – no one knows you have a back massager on your office chair and it has a heat function too- super soothing!!!

  61. Avatar photo
    Emma Dean

    MiuDivine V3 & Wonderlegs massagers received are great and as per described for it’s usage. Satisfied with the products and their team for pre sale and post sale service.
    Ms Annie from Giant hypermart is a service oriented sales person with knowledge of the products. She does extra mile to ensure that her customer will be updated on delivery information and explained how to start off using the products and what not to do, to sustain long term product usage.

    This massage chair comes at a decent price, and it offers a nice mix of features that fit most users’ preferences.
    A great thing about MiuDivine V3, the technology will scan the curvature of your spine and other physical characteristics, so every user will enjoy a customized massage experience. Love the reclining mode & the
    Bluetooth enable speakers. It aids inproviding therapeutic effect during the massage.

    Thumbs up to Miuvo and their team!! Definitely recommend Miuvo for its affordability & quality that comes with applauding service personnel such as Ms Annie. Not forgetting the product is very stylish in design, user friendly and suitable for small spaces.

    You have to experience MIUVO to believe the products is worth buying.

    Thanks Annie and Miuvo.

  62. Avatar photo
    Ong Pang

    Great product. Reached my expectations. I use it daily …

  63. Avatar photo
    Joycelynn Lee

    I love my rose gold miuvo massage chair! I look forward to sitting in it after a long day at work and it helps me to wind down before bed. My husband who suffers constant back ache and my 60 year old mum benefit from it as well. From the start when we were enquiring, answering my every question and patiently demonstrating its use and function, Annie has been so wonderful to deal with. The best thing is that the price is reasonable and affordable compared to many brands out in the market. Thank you Miuvo for easing the aches and pains away!

  64. Avatar photo
    Michelle Chen

    Excellent product and service. Bought a MiuDeluxe 4 a few months ago. Been having great massage every night before sleep. The customer service staff is amazing, helped with every step of purchase. All in all, a good buy.

  65. Avatar photo
    Miao Shan Lim

    Very responsive and friendly seller. Great quality product at very good price, buying 2nd item from them now, highly recommended!!

  66. Avatar photo
    Benny Chew

    Bought a miudelight v2 for close to a month. This massage chair is comfortable to relax myself after long hours working after I got home. It has been my daily routine to use this massage chair. The massage function is great, I can control the level of power. Overall, it makes me feel so comfortable.

  67. Avatar photo
    Yeo Yew Jun

    Never regret my choice for buying the massage chair. Went down a few time to giant suntec to try the new model, totally satisfied with it!!!

  68. Avatar photo
    nadia teh

    I brought 2 rechargable neck and shoulder massager and one kneadmaster advance back massager for my mum birthday. She love them so much and have help to lesser sore shoulder and back pain. Ahe sleep better after everynight using the products. The customer service are good too. Keep up the good work and i looked forward to see many more good product from you soon.

  69. Avatar photo
    jovin lee

    Great service from Annie. She was very helpful in answering our questions and explanation on the product and also in arranging for the delivery.
    The delivery was fast and on time, only took 2 days to be delivered.
    A great product and working fine so far.

  70. Avatar photo
    Ng Swee Oon

    MiuDelight V2 is value for money and exceeds our expectations of a good Massage chair within this price range. Particularly impressed for excellent service provided by staff, Achen from IMM outlet in Jurong.

  71. Avatar photo
    Kuet Onn Lam

    My first time trying out Miuvo massagers. The Kneadme v2 massager is light-weighted, exceptionally well and thoughtful designed. It comes with a fabric cover that allows my neck and shoulders to rest on during the massage. The cover serves to take care of my skin while the massager heads do the kneading and rolling, and at the same time, hygiene is not compromised. The massager functioned optimally. So Great!!! Keep up the good work, Miuvo!!!

  72. Avatar photo
    Siti Zakiyyah

    Great service! The wonderlegs leg and foot massager was a gift for brother and it was wonderfully wrapped and delivered within the day ! Strong massage, easy to operate and worth the cost it was my first purchase from Miuvo, definitely impressed thank you! …

  73. Avatar photo
    Khaw Chuan

    Prompt delivery within 2 days. Great leg massager after tried out. Family members were happy with the purchase.

  74. Avatar photo
    Olivia S

    One gets a good feeling using these miuvo foot and back massagers . I feel that this is the right foot massager for my needs when I unbox it and feel joyful that this machine is the answer to my health needs .

    For the price of 149 , I am able to snugly and comfortably insert my 2 feet and enjoy relax full and full foot reflexology process as good as the best china Kung fu master hands can ever provide .

    The miuvo foot massager machine looks and feels well built to pamper and deliver the right kneading and roller function quietly below my soles and I feel totally refreshed and happy that I have accomplished a full body and organ total rejuvenation after the miuvo foot massage has done it’s Magic. A few days later I bought the miuvo back massager too at 129 to complement my sitting session with my foot massager . What a great combo and great way to pass time build health and in front of TV. Now a bit of what I hope can be incorporated into future models . The foot massager is just nice for asian feet which is smaller but seems a bit small for my USA American size 11 feet . Any way to widen the insides of current model would be great as its a bit too tight for my big feet comfortable massage . The back massager can be build to arch a bit more forward to reach the head , neck area and lower back and i think it would be as good as the osim 499 model .
    With kind sales miuvo staff , tey and helen at vivacity giant and a free delivery process I feel this is the best value for my money and effort to achieve better health for the coming new year . 2018 , here is to my regular foot massage exercise and a better energizing day each day with the miuvo foot massager . Thanks Miuvo !

  75. Avatar photo
    Edward Yaw

    Good massage products at great price!

  76. Avatar photo
    Chien Wei Chia

    I have had Miuvo’s product since they started selling their small shoulder rollers. Their products are effective, durable and very sensibly priced. I just got their latest massage chair and I must say I am again pleasantly surprised. Look for them at Vivo’s Giant beside the electronics section. Cheers!

  77. Avatar photo
    Habeb Rehman

    Very affordable massage therapy machine that must buy@ while stocks last. Tks.habeb

  78. Avatar photo
    Chris Tan

    The miuvo massager is good and durable! They also sell a reclining chair in which i get to buy at $69 inclusive of delivery. Suitable for any masssgers. Great products by Miuvo.

  79. Avatar photo
    JSK Nara

    The Wonderlegs leg massager was delivered within 3 days. Mom absolutely loved it coz it addressed her plantar faciitis problem. Buying another 2 more – one for my family and other one for parents to put in their bedroom. They have the best configuration set of rollers that massage your feet comfortably, targeting the right acupressure points. Best buy so far.

  80. Avatar photo
    Jonny. Ian

    Very nice and very shiok. Would buy it when I have saved up enough money. Might get it for my parents

  81. Avatar photo
    Johan Jambo

    Bought our 1st massage chair(divine2). Annie really went the extra mile sharing with us her vast knowledge. She was really helpful in helping us choose the right model. I recommend for those who really wants to own an affordable and reliable massage chair, go to Giant Tampines and find her. Our massage chair came with friendly technician and it looks like the same as the other premium brands like osim, ogawa. Thank you Annie for yr help.

  82. Avatar photo
    Bobby Lim

    Brought my parents to try their MiuDeluxe Massage Chair with Foot Massage at Tampines Giant in April 2021 and found it really good . So my parents bought one. My wife tried it and love it so we got one too. Delivered last night about 7+pm . My kids love it too. Their sales person, Annie at Giant is very friendly and also good after sales service. Their delivery guy is friendly and will explain to you all in details how to operate .

  83. Avatar photo
    quek simin

    If you are looking for massage chair, MIUVO is the greatest choice! I have tried different types of massager, MIUVO massage chair is always my first choice. Best price out of all brands

  84. Avatar photo
    Tan TS

    Was very impressed immediately when I unbox it. The design look so good and not bulky as I thought it will be. Strength of the massage is perfect! Good for a tired feet after a long day or long run! Very satisfied.

  85. Avatar photo

    Excellent friendly customer service and great valued product …

  86. Avatar photo
    Angie Chin

    Read up on massage chairs and went through all the reviews. Went down to Giant Tampines to find Annie. Annie was really patient, helpful, knowledgeable and not at all pushy. After sales service from Annie was good too- she was responsive to all my questions. No regrets getting this chair! Looking forward to my massage after work everyday!

  87. Avatar photo
    Christopher Chai

    Tried their massagers at Giant IMM hypermarket. Innovative products at good price . My wife in-laws love the powerest massager. Lightweight and easy to move around, yet powerful. I am requested to buy more powerest massager.

  88. Avatar photo
    Liu Junhan

    Bought the Miuvo Footdelight. It was addictive because the massage points are right. My feet was wrapped comfortably and the strength of massage was also sufficient to make me feel relaxed.

    Plus, it’s very portable and light yet strong and stable.

  89. Avatar photo
    Joey Liu

    Great Back Massager for my tired aching back.

  90. Avatar photo
    Bernice Heng

    I am very happy that Miuvo Lifestyle readily agreed to kindly offer chairs to a blind family which my friends and I are assisting. This act if kindness is deeply appreciated by all concerned. Thank you.

  91. Avatar photo
    Wang De Hao

    This singapore company supplies a wide range of massager products —neck massager, back massager, foot massager to massage chair at very good and affordable prices. Very good durability too. I wanted to buy their Miudelight massage chair but it was sold out. Looking forward to trying their new model of zero gravity massage chair.

  92. Avatar photo
    Edward Soong

    I have been using massage chair for the pass 30 years, recently have decided to change my massage chair and went around to search for a chair that is good and at the same time able to save space. Happen to see Miuvo advertisement, so went down to Giant in Tampines to try out the chair. To my surprise it was very good and at the same time fit into what I am looking for, space saving.The price is cheaper by half from what I use to have, the function is just as good if not better than the old chair. So I decided to get Deluxe V4 chair and they are able to deliver the next 2 days. Service was good and now I am enjoying Miuvo Deluxe massage chair everyday and I do not hesitate to recommend this chair to any one who needs one at home.Cheap good and do not take up much space. Thank you Miuvo.

  93. Avatar photo
    Annie Tay

    Really pleased with Miuvo’s excellent customer service and high quality products. The products are all at pretty affordable range as well. Miuvo’s new Wonderlegs Leg and Foot Massager has a heat mechanism to help eliminate muscle fatigue and improve blood circulation! The massager is also really compact so it can be kept easily without occupying too much space at home. Definitely no regrets if you purchase one for your loved ones or even for yourself! Highly recommended.

  94. Avatar photo
    Anna San Juan

    Very helpful and the item is very useful

  95. Avatar photo
    Jessica Tan

    Good back massager for the price paid (less than hundred bucks) with sufficient options like fast/slow; upper/lower full back, 2d, 3d shiatsu, rolling spot and heat, vibration all added in.

  96. Avatar photo

    KneadMaster Select Dual mode Shiatsu Massager is amazing and bought 4 items before for my home, my parent and relatives. Now again other relatives willing to have it.Product quality is quite good with affordable price. Highly recommended for everybody.

  97. Avatar photo
    Jo Chan

    Have been wanting to get a foot massager but always think what’s in the market are all very expensive. Seeing the Wonderlegs massager on promotion, but also concerned whether it’s as good and as properly functioning as the popular brands out there, anyway I wanted to give it a try after reading all the good reviews on Qoo10. And it indeed doesn’t disappoint me, functions and strength are great, it satisfied my needs, and the clam shell design is also good and space saving! I benefited from reviews, so I would also like to contribute review to help others to decide too! Thanks Miuvo for the fast delivery too!

  98. Avatar photo
    Dorine Chee

    Useful and effective! A practical tool!

  99. Avatar photo
    Gaiyithri Guy3

    Hii ALL,Regards abt d MIUVO Bk Massager! It is simply so good tat it really works on fr elderly n even us!The massager is totally so amazing that it could b function by using a Simply Remote to control d Mode/Speed/Heat n alot mre! Mre reccommedation,to gett it as it could b pl in a Offic Chair/Sofa/Dining Chair/n many more ya! Try it n it really had worked for Me! N even more its really an AFFORTABLE price !!

  100. Avatar photo
    Richard D

    This Singapore company brings in new innovative massage products every now and then! I always enjoy trying them at Giant hypermarts! Great gifts for my inlaws.

  101. Avatar photo

    Super fast delivery on the following day. Great bargain on flash deal with rebate via 9.9 sale. Massage experience is comfortable and value for $ compared to alot of other major brands. Highly recommended.

  102. Avatar photo
    Amirrah Zulkifli

    The electric heating pad is really good, the heat is great as it has 6 levels. Really pleased it has a timer too. I have gotten other Miuvo products (leg massager and neck massager) too and it never disappointed me.

  103. Avatar photo
    Jess Aw

    Thank you Miuvo Massagers. I have enjoy a wonderful massage after a tired day . …

  104. Avatar photo
    Tacy W

    Purchased and tried out the foot massager. I’m impressed with the strength of the massager- first few times were quite painful, thereafter, my feet got used to the pressure and I’ve been using it every night for more than a month and enjoying it. The heat therapy also helps my cold feet and I can sleep better now. I’d recommend miuvo foot massager to every household!

  105. Avatar photo
    Lynn Ee

    Professional Staff with great value products! Will buy again!

  106. Avatar photo
    Reena Jane

    This is my 4th time purchasing kneadme.. i really need kneadme for my stiff neck. It really works. It really lessen my neck pain. The price is affordable too.. U shld try it, u wont regret.!!.

  107. Avatar photo
    Angela Ang

    Requested to cover up the box as it was a gift for mother’s day. Surprised that it was nicely wrapped up.

  108. Avatar photo

    My wife and I bought the MiuDeluxe massage chair last evening from Annie @Giant Tampines and it was delivered this morning. Many thanks to Annie and team for the super fast delivery, patient and understanding. Keep it up!!!

  109. Avatar photo
    Jamie Wong

    Don’t write this product off because of its price! It’s the most value for money foot massager out on the market. The 3 programmed modes provide excellent foot massages especially after a long day working. Bought this as a gift and my recipient absolutely loves it. Delivery was within 2 working days.

  110. Avatar photo
    Crystal Tan

    When to giant tampines hypermarket on 2/10/20 to buy the $1999 massage chair. Strongly recommend by my niece. The lady promoter Annie is very helpful. She explains clearly the function of the massage chair. Also offer me the interest free payment method. I’ve also bought the foot massager. Very fast delivery the next day. Have been using it daily since. Especially like the leg pulling part of massage. The foot massager release the tiredness of my foot. Thanks Annie & , thanks Miuvo

  111. Avatar photo
    Kyaw Thu

    Great customer service!
    Annie at Muivo Giant Tampines was very friendly, patient and helpful. She let us tried different massage chairs and tested with various functions for the needs of my elderly parents, my wife and myself to be able to choose the right model. Delivery is super fast within 2 days with a free message chair cover. The whole family loves it.

  112. Avatar photo
    Joanna Leow

    Great experience, many choices available.

  113. Avatar photo
    Katrina Bianca Barretto-Ladera

    Nothing beats coming back home after a long, hectic day to a therapeutic, relaxing massage chair that takes care of your entire body. All you need to do is sit back on your full body massage chair, and it massages away your weariness and aches. Also, the chair brings you a variety of health benefits that you are missing out on if you don’t have one.

    A massage not only provides you with comfort but “health and wellness”.

    We testify, you can reap all these and more benefits from using the comfortable MiuDelight V2 massage sofa chair with full body air massage. This chair is not only a favorite for many but as a couple it’s also a gesture of love and it’s easy to understand why..It covers you from head to toes with diverse functionalities that make this chair from positive posture an addiction and makes you feel revived and complete inside and out.

    Having the best massage chair is a guarantee that you will access exquisite relaxation any time you get home. No longer will you need to visit a massage salon or book sessions with a private therapist – the MiuDelight V2 massage chair is a fantastic time-saver. Apart from the initial investment, this massage chair does not require much spending afterwards – a worthy investment for you and your loved ones. The chair offers excellent features that help relax the body so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle. Moreover, it is one of the most popular massage chairs on the market, and here is what it brings you.

    At the heart of the MiuDelight V2 massage chair.

    – Easily transforms from a compact 1 seater to a massage chair

    – Invigorating massage from neck down to your thighs.

    – Also serves as a leg massager providing soothing massage for your calves and feet.

    – Professionally designed massage programs to keep you healthy and relaxed.

    – Space saving design of up to 50% compared to other massage chairs.

    Different Massage Modes

    This Miudelight V2 Massage Chair has a variety of massage options i.e. kneading, swinging, rolling and tapping . User can choose any massage technique and adjust the strength accordingly.

    Ultra-long Massage Track

    With a long track of 120cm, this massage chair can surely relieve your muscle aches from shoulders to the thighs of most individuals. Furthermore, the leg attachment also can massage the calves.

    Zero-Gravity Experience

    Installed with the latest electronic reclining function, one can experience the sensation of being weightlessness and achieve total relaxation.

    Airbags Compression

    The compression massage at the hips and calves help to improve overall blood circulation.

    Entertainment Features

    Bluetooth speakers at both sides provides quality audio while you charge your device at the USB port.

    MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair is Miuvo’s latest product in 2018. Compact in size and packed with many excellent features, it is not an option but a perfect choice for the heart of a massage chair.

    Testify for your own health and wellness

    Yours Truly,
    Mr. & Mrs. Ladera

  114. Avatar photo
    Tan Kheng Beng

    Product quality is on par with major brands at a more affordable price. I am also wowed by the service that delivered the massage chair on the same date of purchase. Highly recommended.

  115. Avatar photo
    Shagun Anand

    Wonderlegs is just awesome. I am suffering from Achilles tendinitis and was advised to buy a massager with compression therapy. I am Glad that bought it. ‍️️ …

  116. Avatar photo
    Lim Daisy

    Muivo Joy a good buy. Very happy with the service given by Annie at Gaint Tampines . Thank you. …

  117. Avatar photo
    Rizal Samad

    – served by a friendly and knowledgeable sales person, Annie (location: outside Giant Tampines)
    – company was able to accomodate to our timing and date of availability
    – surprised us with an early delivery of item (in less than 24hours)
    We are happy with the purchase as the item:
    – is compact and not bulky
    – able to go through our small door
    – deliveryman tested the machine and ensure that we checked for defects
    Whole family is enjoying the machine. Hopefully it will lasts.
    Thank you!

  118. Avatar photo
    Cindy Soh

    Bought it during the Shopee 12.12 sales for less than 1k. Value for money. I had try it at Giant Tampines Hypermarket. Annie was friendly and she clearly explained to me the functions of the massage chair. The delivery guy was nice to run through the functions again. Good job!

  119. Avatar photo

    Was served by Lianni at IMM Giant. She patiently and professionally served me and explained to me the difference of each chair. Even I told her that I will buy online during 9.9 Shopee Lazada sales due to the additional rebate, she’s been very understanding and serving me professionally.

  120. Avatar photo
    shikin Osman

    Bought the Footdelight massager for my Mum as a Mothers’ day gift.She loves it.Pressure is just nice for her and she can feel the kneading and rolling especially at her heels and bottom of feet. Since my Mum is not the type to have massages outside, with this, she can have her foot massages at the comfort of her home whenever she needs it. Item is easy for her to use as well. Bought today, received tomorrow.Even wonderfully wrapped (knowing it’s a gift). Best of all, wallet friendly too. Would definitely recommend to all. Everyone in the family loves it

  121. Avatar photo
    Cheng Koh

    I was served by Annie. She was very patience and detailed in explaining the difference between the different models for me to make a decision on which model to buy. I bot on Fri night and it was delivery the next day noon.

  122. Avatar photo
    Krishnan Subbiah

    Enjoy good deal

  123. Avatar photo
    Kamarul Zaman

    Totally recommended, great customer service, fast delivery and the items are working well. Check out their latest range, the kneadmaster adv. Its definitely worth the price! Well done Miuvo

  124. Avatar photo
    yvonne chin

    Have bought the back massager and knead gogo massager. A very good product and worth for the price. Highly recommended if you are also enjoy massage like me.

  125. Avatar photo
    goh jia rui leonard

    Went down to Tampiness Giant to try out the massage chair before deciding. tried out various brand but decided to purchase this brand due to the function and affordable of the massage chair.

    Very professional and awesome service. Shoutout to Salesperson – Annie who recommended me the Miuvo Divine V3 that suits what I am looking for, unlike other salesperson who recommend only the most expensive massage chair

    Best part is that the date I ordered, same day delivery for the massage chair. AWESOME!!!

  126. Avatar photo
    Aw CS

    Love the compact size of MiuDivine Massage Chair, and the reclining is at the front, so no worry that u cannot put close to the wall, how nice!! Color also so nice.. Got further discount on 12.12, no regrets.

  127. Avatar photo
    Jega Muthusamy

    Its a pleasant customer experience with Miuvo sales team. Special thanks to Annie (Miuvo, Giant Tampines) who patiently demonstrated both the massage chair for us to evaluate and to decide on the right one.

    We took almost an hour & Annie did explain all the different Programs, functions with the comparison, which helped us to move with “Miuvo Miudivine 2 Full function massage chair”. Its a product worth for the money.

    The Delivery came the next day morning which is also good. I strongly recommend to anyone to approach Annie for MiuVo products.

  128. Avatar photo
    Andrianie Abdullah (Jaja)

    Great experience, feels good n feel so comfy! Price is great too!

  129. Avatar photo
    Tan Sally

    Good shiatsu swing back massager that release my pain and the price is reasonable. Good Service too.

  130. Avatar photo
    Jack Wang

    Friendly promoter (Annie) explain about the product and advise which is best. Got it during the promotion price. Best for small room size product. Test out those big brand butgot it due to small size.

  131. Avatar photo
    Quek Pearl Ning

    Great ordering and post delivery experience. All queries were answered promptly and with enthusiasm, delivery was fast. Product is great value for money for its price point.

  132. Avatar photo
    Jang Ng

    Received within 2 days of ordering. Tried the leg massager. Very satisfied. Great value for money.

  133. Avatar photo
    Rosita Oskar

    Great delivery service and extremely friendly. Received a free gift as well. Much appreciated!

  134. Avatar photo
    GAYATHRI shoshana

    I am very impressive with how prompt the delivery… from the time I ordered within 3 hours it was delivered to my house.
    I was worried whether it might fit My size since I was plus size. Fantastic it fits perfectly, the massage so shiok. The best thing we can invest on.

  135. Avatar photo
    Sahidah Kim

    Awesome! Honestly it’s a worth purchase..

  136. Avatar photo
    Summer Lee

    The massagers are super good and on point! Definitely one of my best investments for my self care routine!

    And the delivery is a fast one!

  137. Avatar photo
    Dheepan Raj

    Customer service officer was really very patient and consistent with their replies to my equiries via whatsapp. They even helped me to wrap up my gifts and offered to write a birthday wish on it without any extra charges.They delivered the gift to the stated address without any delay, and their massage machine was in tip top condition and amazing to use. Definitely recommending their products to my family and friends.

  138. Avatar photo
    Caryn Tan

    Great service! Great massagers!

  139. Avatar photo
    Rio Bary

    Excellent massage chair. Bought it during the Shopee 6.6 Sales as a wedding anniversary gift for my wife. From 1.9K to 1.2K. What a sales!!! Representative seller called me to arrange the delivery date & time. Received it after 4 days. Whole family is happy with the massage chair. Delivery guy was so prompt in delivery and calls too. He explain to me how it work but can’t really hear him as he was panting after fixing the massage chair. The feeling is so shiok when it started massaging and can also play soothing song on Spotify on the chair Bluetooth speakers. Highly recommended.

  140. Avatar photo
    Fiza Ram

    Was introduced to this gem of a massage chair by a sweet friend. Simply divine! Befitting of its name. Also impressed and grateful for the wonderful service by Annie. Looking forward to many divine experiences with our MiuDivine 2.

  141. Avatar photo
    Nicolas Ho

    Tried both the model MiuDeluxe and MiuDivine and was really impressed with the massage chair price performances. Deluxe gives a firm and strong overall massage whereas the Divine model works better on the lower back with deep and strong press. Both my wife and me settle for the Deluxe.
    Sales rep was also very helpful and patient to explain the differences.

  142. Avatar photo
    Ramah Isvar

    The chair is very comfortable and easy to use I bought is for my mother who is 73 years old she loves it and it’s easy to use function makes it more comfortable. She is staying alone and I have no worries on how she will use it.
    The sales person Annie was also very professional and helpful. The delivery and was on time and very friendly. I would recommend Anyone to get this product. Thank you Annie and miuvo.

  143. Avatar photo
    Lay Hoon

    Love this kneadMe Massage Cushion massage
    pillow are so easy to use and convenient to
    bring around house, for body aches away,
    especially the heat function is really effective
    and comfortable to smooth tense.
    It totally pamper and relax massage at my
    comfort home.

  144. Avatar photo
    Chan Zechariah

    2nd purchase, mainly due to the excellent service and knowledge of Annie at tampines. She was very clear in her explanation and was able to put into words how the experience/feel was for the different models. She was patient and also attentive to the needs that I require before I decided on which to purchase. Great products paired with great salesmanship! Thank you!

  145. Avatar photo
    Victoria Lee

    Definitely a worth it buy as the price is reasonable and MiuDeluxe has the same features as other full body massage chairs in the market. It was also awesome that they threw in a free massage chair cover and also disinfected the chair after removing it from the box. Questions were also answered promptly on whatsapp. I’m hoping this will last me for a long long time!

  146. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ong

    Finally received MiuDeluxe massage chair for my mum. She loves it. Great value for money, with full features! Also got for myself Kneadmaster Advance; works great for back and neck massager! Also many thanks to delivery crew.

  147. Avatar photo
    yalini Sivakumar

    very good massagers and good display

  148. Avatar photo
    Kevin Tan

    I ordered the Miuvo wonderlegs from lazada online. Delivery was very fast, got it the next day.

    I like the fact that the Wonderlegs leg massager can collapse when not in use, making the space look less cluttered. The cluttering issue is what made me got rid of my old osim uSqueeze. Performance wise (vs osim) , I find miuvo superior at the foot roller function but inferior at the calves because it is airbag insread of roller plates (which can move faster) . For the price, looks and performance, personally, I think Miuvo is a steal.

  149. Avatar photo

    MiuDevine massage chair is rdally value for money! Great experienced and smooth transaction with Annie. She tried her best to arranged the earliest delivery to accomadate my available timing. Annie do not do hard selling. I shall give her Thumb up for her excellent service. Thank you! …

  150. Avatar photo
    Faith Chua

    Tried a few massage chairs from different brands, experienced body relaxing and expanding for the first time after a massage on a massage chair … Miujoy. All six auto programs are enjoyable, like to do different combinations of three programs each time. Have a massage any time, no need to travel or lie face down. What a treat! Thanks so much for all your help Annie. Splendid.

  151. Avatar photo
    Alfred Goh

    Love the cordless solution.The neck massager is great and convenient. Now I do not need to sit beside a powerpoint. If you need to try it out, you can go to IMM Giant or Tampines Giant.

  152. Avatar photo
    Jerry Oliveiro

    Excellent service by Annie! Really left a good impression of Miuvo to me.

  153. Avatar photo
    Salina Aziz

    Our search for a new massage chair was over when we tried Miujoy at Giant Tampines. It was pretty impressive as compared to other brands in the market but at a fraction of the cost. We were blown away. The sales promoter, Annie, wowed us with her product knowledge , communication skills and customer service. She patiently explained and answered the plethora of questions we had. That sealed the deal. Delivery was prompt. The free gifts we received were icing on the cake. We trust the after sales service to be just as good as the experience we had so far. Keep it up team Miuvo!

  154. Avatar photo
    Eleanor H

    Bought the power neck and shoulder massager as a gift. Corresponded with Clariss over Whatsapp and she very nicely gift wrapped it for me. My friend is very happy with the gift and it makes me want one too!

  155. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Riduan

    Excellent customer service at Giant Loyang Point. Love the footdelight massager! No need to go to the spa anymore

  156. Avatar photo
    tze wee Chan

    The neck and shoulder massenger is value for money compared to other brands which are retailing at a premium. In terms of the performance, it is on par with the other brands as I couldnt really tell the difference after trying them individually. As such, I would think miuvo offers a better deal if you are considering getting a back massenger.

  157. Avatar photo
    Cherie Tan

    Decently priced massager. Helped me to solve my backache! Highly recommended!

  158. Avatar photo
    Zhengyu Chua

    Mom enjoying her special off day in the comfort of massage chair. Loving the rollers and ability to go 180° yet price remain relatively affordable. Extending your warranty by another year literally makes your machine even more worthwhile than it can be. Highly recommended!

  159. Avatar photo
    Rachel Kong

    The WonderLegs massager is affordable and reliable. Perfect for working ladies.

  160. Avatar photo
    Chee Nam Tay

    Brought this new model Miuvo MiuDeluxe slate grey for my wife. Superb comfortable! My wife enjoys it and my kids like to sit on it with their tablets!

  161. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Huang

    Easy to use and very comfortable at your own home. At the end of the long day, it’s really good to relax on the miu delight version 2 and enjoy a good massage.
    My family loves it too! A few times it ended up with a short nap. Fantastic I must say.

    Annie who is the staff from Tampines Giant played a big role for my family to secure ourself a massage chair. We have friends and relatives that owns a massage chair and we always felt like getting one and thanks to annie, we finally have one to call our own.

    Delivery was made on the same day!! Kudos to the logistic of the company.

  162. Avatar photo
    rosman jalil

    My second massage chair from miuvo, upgrade from previous one. Working superbly n fit for my budget. Sales person Annie service was beyond my expectations.Bought at 1pm received at 430 pm on the same day. Excellent.

  163. Avatar photo
    Karin Ng

    Impressed with the professionalism of Miuvo service. I had enquired about the differences on the massage chairs. After finding out my needs, they directed me to the suitable chair, not the most expensive one. This shows their high level of ethics and customer-oriented philosophy. Having used other massage chair brands, I can unequivocally say that Miuvo is super comfortable and really kneads out knots and tension from my shoulders, neck and back.

  164. Avatar photo
    Premtilak Iyer

    Product is same as displayed. Heating and functionality works as described. Product quality seems good. Value for money buy. Need to see how long it lasts.

  165. Avatar photo
    Z Y

    Went to Tampines Giant outlet and Annie was extremely thorough in explaining through the products.

    Great service!

  166. Avatar photo
    aye sa

    Great customer service from Miuvo! We will recommend to our relatives and friends for Miuvo’s products!

  167. Avatar photo
    Annie Kong

    MiuDivine (MDV3) from Miuvo is a very special massage chair which I ever try… This massage chair having the new technology function such as :

    *Body scan
    *Shiatsu plus air compression
    *Leg massage with air compression with roller
    *Shoulder air compression
    *Stretch in between leg & thigh
    Also with timer which I can do massage for 30 minutes…

  168. Avatar photo
    Alice Goh

    I have no intention and have never dreamt of having a massage chair as they were far too costly. However, one day while my husband and I were strolling in Tampines Giant, we happened to pass by the counter where the Miuvo massage chairs were displayed for customer to have trial.
    Sales pesonnel Annie was friendly and have good product knowledge. The moment I tried the masssge chair, the V3 version, I fell in love with it immediately. However, Annie does not pushed you to make decision fast on the spot.. She knows that I am half hearted in getting the chair though I expressed liking in it the very moment I sat on it. I told her I will go home and consider. She did not show black face as most sales person would if customer tried and not buy on the spot.
    The next day, I went back to her to place order for the chair.
    She is indeed a very customer orientated person whom I must give a thumbs up! She responded very fast whenever I message her regarding the massage chair after receiving the chair.
    Only regret is that the reception for the radio cannot be received clearly. Would be good if it comes together with the feet massage too.
    I would definitely recommend my friends to buy this range of Miuvo massage chair and of course to look for Annie whom I’m very happy with her superb customer service. She is the company “s previous GEM!!!

  169. Avatar photo

    The customer service team exceeded my expectation by helping me gift wrap the massager which I intended to surprise my partner for our wedding anniversary! They were super friendly and readily answer my questions! delivery was pretty fast 1-2days! My husband n I loved the massager soooo much that we using it daily once reach home after work/long day to unwind ! The ‘KneadMaster Select Dual mode Shiatsu Massager’ has awesome function and easy to use too. No regret buying it! Thank you team for making my surprise gift a success!

  170. Avatar photo
    Lance Yeo

    Went to giant Tampines hypermarket on 06 Mar 21 to buy the MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair.

    Did a lot of research on my own on the internet, and found that this chair comes highly recommended in a lot of my research.

    The lady promoter Annie is very helpful.
    She explains clearly on the function of the massage chair.

    As well as offer me the difference way between different platform which to me added value to the product I am buying.

    As a result I’ve also bought a foot massager and an extended warranty for the chair.

    Delivery was done on the very next working day evening. Fast delivery.

    Have been using it daily since.

    The massage chair helped me with my back pain.
    The foot massager releases the tiredness of my foot.

    A big thank you goes to Annie for the great service. I must say she attend to the customer with passion.

    As well as thanks to Miuvo for giving your staff the empowerment to help customer to own your great product and make it value for money at the same time.

  171. Avatar photo
    Lee Yixian

    Bought a MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair recently for my parents. I like the stylish design and its compact size. Delivery was fast, the massage was superb and my parents love it! Thank you very much!

  172. Avatar photo
    Lau Leetat

    Tried their massagers at Giant Tampines hypermarket. Innovative products at good price . My father just mum loves Kneadmaster back massager. Lightweight and easy to move around, yet powerful.

  173. Avatar photo
    Sin Yee Khaw

    Promoter who helped us was very friendly and knowledgeable. We got the deluxe massage chair and its function and strength are really to our liking, value for money definitely! Would strongly recommend people to get this.

  174. Avatar photo
    Amy Tan

    Very responsive company. Constantly updating me on the delivery status, knowing its a gift. Product was excellent. This is actually my 2nd purchase. And even great after sales services too. Will definitely patronize again. Thank you!

  175. Avatar photo
    Xie Guohang

    The customer service is very nice! I need the neck and back massager immediately, they just delivered to me in a few hours without any additional charges! And the massager I bought is very useful and convenient!

  176. Avatar photo
    barry knight

    Good treadmill quiet, small , delivery very fast. For hdb, the miuvo model is better.

  177. Avatar photo
    Mandy Chong

    Feel like real foot messaging

  178. Avatar photo
    Fadhil Muhammad

    Good performance for wonderlegs

  179. Avatar photo
    Sam Leong

    Bought my 1st Miuvo Foot Delight Massager abt. 1 year ago from Giant. A lady (Ms Teh) attended to me. She’s very friendly and patient and explained all the features of the different Miuvo products available. The Delight Massager caught my eye due to its sleek design and lovely color. I have always loved foot reflexology and how nice if I can do this in the comfort of my own home. The massager blew me away with its multiple features, different modes and even has heat option. The massage is very thorough and it reaches out to all angles of my feet… I use it almost everyday and usually I have a better night sleep after. I let my friends tried and they love it too and most bought one for themselves. I just bought another one yesterday for my Mum’s birthday. She said her legs don’t feel fatigue after trying my massager. Thank you Miuvo for producing such a wonderful product and the best thing is it’s so affordable. We can now order online and delivery is free. The customer service is very prompt in responding to my Whatsapp messages too. Thank you Miuvo… looking forward to more products from you. Cheers. Sam Leong (Ms), August 2019.

  180. Avatar photo

    Superb experience
    Affordable price range, even provide same day delivery service ! …

  181. Avatar photo
    Salina Aziz

    Our search for a new massage chair was over when we tried Miujoy at Giant Tampines. It was pretty impressive as compared to other brands in the market but at a fraction of the cost. We were blown away. The sales promoter, Annie, wowed us with her product knowledge , communication skills and customer service. She patiently explained and answered the plethora of questions we had. That sealed the deal. Delivery was prompt. The free gifts we received were icing on the cake. We trust the after sales service to be just as good as the experience we had so far. Keep it up team Miuvo!

  182. Avatar photo
    Sik Yin Ong

    The sales team is very attentive and customer centric! Good job, keep it up! …

  183. Avatar photo
    S Suhumaran

    My wife and I bought a MiuDelaxe massage chair at Giant Tampines Hypermarket today. Annie Kong (salesperson) demonstrated an excellent customer service. She allowed us to experience massage functions in various modes. She was patient enough to clarify all questions with clear explanations. She also offered to help us, thru text messages, if we need any further assistance and after sale service. We hope that the massage functions will meet our expectations.

  184. Avatar photo
    Heng Kenny

    Very pleasant experience of my purchase with Annie at Giant Tampines. Friday view, Sunday decided and gave her heads up for Monday but she settled everything on Sunday and delivered on Monday at my requested timing! The chair was in my view a great purchase at the current price. The admin team is fantastic. Thanks!

  185. Avatar photo
    Ben Pang

    Works great for this price point! Ordered yesterday and they managed to squeeze in delivery for me today! Looks great too!

  186. Avatar photo
    Kasturi Shamugavil

    Seller was very nice and received the item in good condition. Thank you so much for the assisting throughout and helping to ship the item before Mothers’ Day! Appreciate it.

  187. Avatar photo
    ixora lau

    My mum has been using Kneadmaster back massager for the past 5 years since miuvo started at Giant. Really good and durable! Keep up the good work!

  188. Avatar photo
    lee chah tat

    Bought 2 Wonderlegs massager from Miuvo , it’s a very great experience to buy from the seller as they are very prompt and responsive to my inquiries and delivery is superb smooth and fast. The Massager is very good as after a day of work, coming home to enjoy the massager makes me feel very comfortable and relaxing .. thank you so much .. Highly recommended… Thumbs up !!!

  189. Avatar photo
    Patrilia Lim

    New model Miudeluxe from Miuvo! Reasonable price for a good massage chair! My mum love it!

  190. Avatar photo
    Yhrng chan

    Great products!!

  191. Avatar photo
    Keith Low

    Very nice massage chair at a way more attractive price compared to other popular brands. Annie at Giant was incredibly helpful and advise the correct massage chair for me. Wife love the chair and have been using it everyday since arrived. Even my wife compliment the design, good function without taking too much space.

    Wanted to give my wife a surprise for our 15 year marriage anniversary, Annie and her office went the extra mile of printing a good quality card with framing for my wishes to wife and included a back print of our picture. This is the benchmark of how good sales people and company should be. Customer oriented and very willing to go the extra mile for me.

    Delivery was also planned in the way of suits my schedule and delivery was right in time. Very flexible delivery service.

    Will look forward for my second product from Miuvo.

  192. Avatar photo
    Nur Farahiah

    If you always wear heels all day, always standing at work and needs to feel that syiokness under your feet, then FootDelight Massager is for you. This is a need for me and I am glad I bought it. Was quite skeptical about having a better sleep after a foot massage, but I had a great sleep that same night. I think everyone needs foot massagers like this. Delivery was fast!

  193. Avatar photo
    Kum Chuen Wong

    Great massage chair! Wife loves it. Thanks for the balloon and card as a special surprise. Great customer service! Thanks Clariss and Yvonne.

  194. Avatar photo
    KK H

    Recently bought a MiuDivine V3 massage chair. It takes around 3 days for delivery which is quite fast. Tried many premium brands before deciding on MiuDivine. Onsite tryout and was presently surprised by the excellent massage it can provide. I would say it is comparable to the other 3-4k category premium brands. Very good and reliable support from the after sales team shall there be any questions. Love it and haven’t regret the purchase. Hope it can last a long time.

  195. Avatar photo
    Teo Mary

    I like this massage chair very much. It’s very comfortable. Since I used miuvo massage chair, my body and feet are much better and comfortable. My brother took my big sister And me to buy it together.,my brotherI bought it for my sister and me. Thanks for my brother’s introduce Miuvo massages Distribution

  196. Avatar photo
    Weng Yuen Leong

    Like others, I can testify to excellent service from Annie at Tampines Giant. She let us try the products without obligation (most importantly without a frown on her face). We couldn’t decide because of budget and space constraints at home, but she wasn’t pushy. When we went back another day to purchase two cheaper models, she was equally pleased and supportive.
    Having used them for a few weeks now, the products deliver what they promise, and they fit well into our home layout.
    Thanks, Annie and Miuvo.

  197. Avatar photo
    jennyser Siew Yoong

    Previously posted on the jerk in lower back during sleep mode. Was worried previously that i will need to bear with this limitation due to their design but their support team has responded to look into this as it is still under warranty. Hopefully all will settle as this is my first investment on a massage chair.

  198. Avatar photo
    Shantha Shobana

    Fast and efficient company. The items were nicely wrapped and there was a card with a personal message included. Thank you for your good service.

  199. Avatar photo

    Bought the neck and shoulder massager. Super fast delivery. Useful item, and reasonably priced. My friend tried it too and wanted one as well. Purchased another one for her and she received it pretty quickly within two days. Keep up the good work!

  200. Avatar photo
    Neo Ch

    MiuDivine2 massage chair make us feel relaxing and recharge my body. Will recommend to friends and relative .

  201. Avatar photo
    Hans Hasyim

    Bought wonderland Leg and foot massager from a salesperson name Ms Annie @ Tampines Giant Hypermarket
    Feel good and satisfy ease to carry anywhere with the massage as i used it by anytime i like too
    Great to hv one make my foot comfortable and relaxing with less tyring
    After long standing and walking
    Look forward on next purchase for massage chair MiuDelight..

  202. Avatar photo
    Adrian Cheng

    Tried it, bought it, really high quality product better than those China unknown brands… great alternative at a much reasonable cost compared to other brands like OSIM. Btw it is a true blue local brand, so no doubt about its authenticity

  203. Avatar photo
    Jijumon Chelliserry

    I ordered a massage chair for my friend at Singapore, from United states. It was promptly delivered the next day. They even included a card with a personal message that I provided. The customer service was top class. I’d recommend this store to anyone worldwide.

  204. Avatar photo
    elaine bok

    had purchased a couple of products from them from neck and shoulder massager, miudivine chair and advanced back massager . really love their products and services. very responsive and helpful.

  205. Avatar photo
    Durka Devi

    FootDelight works wonders on my feet and I have no regrets with my purchase. After trying it at Giant Vivocity, I was impressed with its pressure and the different modes that suits my comfort level. Since then I have been using it regularly before a good night’s sleep. An amazing product for an affordable price!

  206. Avatar photo
    kenny wu

    Back message. Is good.

  207. Avatar photo
    Alice Cheong

    I bought a MiuJoy massage chair recently. I was served by a kind lady, Annie (Tampines Giant Megamart). She was very friendly and helpful. The massage chair serves us well. It is comfortable and easy to use. It is good buy. We are happy with our purchase.

  208. Avatar photo
    Rain He

    Really a good haul from giant, cheaper than osim and other big brands without sacrifiing quality!

  209. Avatar photo
    Md Azmi Selamat

    MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair is definitely a great purchase for its multitude of functionalities and premium built quality. What I love most about it is that, with the controller, the massaging can be targeted to the exact spot on your back that you want it to work on. The size is just perfect and cozy, not too big nor too small and it’s color blends in well with my home theme. Highly recommended!

  210. Avatar photo
    tan eileen

    Helped my dad buy the wonderlegs leg & foot massager. My dad, sister & I tried it & found it really therapeutic.

  211. Avatar photo
    Helen Sibanda

    I purchased the MiuDelight V2 chair for my husband as a Valentine’s Day Gift! Ordered at around 4pm on a Wednesday and it was delivered on Thursday between 1 and 2pm!!! Wow – talk about fast delivery and superb service Chair has been put to use everyday since and we love it !!!! Great invest for the family.

  212. Avatar photo
    Hannah Poon

    After using the foot masssger, I felt my feet very relaxed. Iverall I feel more energetic than before. A good massager to buy. Highly recommended as it is affordable.

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