Review Meidiya Supermarket, 9 Raffles Blvd, Singapore

Review MeidiYa Supermarket - Singapore 9 Raffles Blvd

“Authentic high quality up-market imported Japanese foodstuffs. Sushi and sashimi here are restaurant quality but only premium supermarket price.” or “Though abit pricy but i got to buy items i cannot find in cold storage or other super markets. I enjoy shopping there. The salmon is very fresh!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Meidiya Supermarket. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Meidiya Supermarket is quality.

Introduction about Meidiya Supermarket

Here are some fundamental details regarding Meidiya Supermarket. In terms of Japanese grocery store, it is generally believed that Meidiya Supermarketis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 9 Raffles Blvd, #02 - 26, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Japanese grocery store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63391111 (+65 63391111)
  • Website:
  • Address: 9 Raffles Blvd, #02 - 26, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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How to contact Meidiya Supermarket?

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Phone number

You can reach Meidiya Supermarket at 63391111(+65 63391111). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Meidiya Supermarket via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 9 Raffles Blvd, #02 - 26, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Meidiya Supermarket reviews

Meidiya Supermarket is among the best destinations of Japanese grocery store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Meidiya Supermarket good?

To determine whether Meidiya Supermarket is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“A lot of Japanese product to purchase from there, love their sushi selection. I recommend taking a walk around there if you are looking for something new to cook. I bought vegetables to prepare Oden.”

“One of my favorite and most frequent supermarkets... There is a wide variety of products, especially meat and vegetables imported from Japan, as well as tofu and Japanese alcohol that can't be bought outside!”

“It is always refreshing and interesting to visit a Japanese store. First time to visit Meidi-Ya and I was quite impressed. I enjoyed the Ramen and grocery shopping”

“Authentic high quality up-market imported Japanese foodstuffs. Sushi and sashimi here are restaurant quality but only premium supermarket price.”

“Though abit pricy but i got to buy items i cannot find in cold storage or other super markets. I enjoy shopping there. The salmon is very fresh!”

“Wide varieties of Japanese snacks, groceries and fresh produce. Very affordable sandwiches and bento. Nice to shop.”

“Love tis smallish "all in one style" Japanese Supermarket very much ! Buy my Fave Fresh Fruits !! Enjoy my Soba and Dons too !!! Only wish that their Bakery open at 8am instead of 10am ”

“Came in a Friday lunch time for some soba. Not too crowded and was a pleasant eatery corner of the supermarket. The soba (hot and cold) were delicious. Will come back to try others.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 252 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 88% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Meidiya Supermarket, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Meidiya Supermarket, 9 Raffles Blvd, Singapore

There is a total 252 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Chun Peng Chua

    Nice japanese food

  2. Avatar photo
    Stefan Pun

    Nice place to shop for your Japanese food!

  3. Avatar photo
    Port Captain Burn Manado

    One of the best hypermarket in Singapore! All under one roof! A great place for all your essential needs! Friendly staffs,too!

  4. Avatar photo

    I like a bakery in meidi-ya. It’s Japan quality. Meat corner is also good when I have sukiyaki or shabushabu.

  5. Avatar photo
    AJ Rhythm

    Brand new Japanese Supermarket in Singapore… Some of the items are even cheaper than the neighborhood stores.. it’s definitely cheaper and fresher there for now…What are u waiting for!

  6. Avatar photo
    Della Rusita

    They have diapers! …

  7. Avatar photo
    Y. C.

    This is the only place in Singapore for you to buy Asahikawa’s most famous cookie!
    There’re tons of special Japanese snacks and food —- it’s impossible to find these good stuff in any other places in SG.
    Staffs are very friendly

  8. Avatar photo
    Henry Hunter

    Always love Meida-Ya frozen Japanese tofu not found easily in Singapore.This outlet has a bakery which sell very creative breads .

  9. Avatar photo
    Christian Ang

    Nice supermarket to get nice Japanese groceries. Have cute snack selections.

  10. Avatar photo
    Abhijit Naik

    Excellent Japanese grocery store .

  11. Avatar photo
    KwangYong Wong

    Nice Japanese supermarket selling decent items and also incorporating a small food street. Personally would think Don Don DONKI is better.

  12. Avatar photo

    Nice place to shop Japanese food or grocery

  13. Avatar photo
    anthony garrett

    Nice place…all the Japanese food that u having been longing to have…u can find it here!

  14. Avatar photo
    Muso Lee

    Lots of Japanese product imported from the native land. The location is great just beside the promenade mrt station. This store has been drawing a fair amount of crowd since it opened last year. You would be disappointed if you are coming here for bargain hunting. They have a lot of fresh produce. It is not like any other Japanese supermarkets in Singapore.

  15. Avatar photo
    Robert Kosan

    Not as good as the old location, small and limited choices

  16. Avatar photo
    Scott Ng

    Came over for a meal and also to see what this new supermarket offers. Firstly there’s a crowd and you need to queue around 20 to 30 minutes to get in. We headed to the food section and there were a cafe, a soba & don stall, a ramen stall, and a raw sushi sashimi stall. Place was quite small and they offered alfresco dining outside the mall. We ordered their signature cold soba, fried chicken don set and the fried pork cutlet curry set with
    Potato crochet. Price point wise was cheap and portion size was good, hence value for money. Taste wise was just average as the pork cutlet was a bit dry and tough. Cold soba was good and chicken was flavorful. Ambience was noisy due to the crowd. One of the table in front of the cafe was wobbly. Service was prompt and efficient. Service crew were all friendly and helpful. However, the dining experience was not good as expected due to the taste and ambience. Hence only a 2 star rating.
    Overall a poor dining experience of 2 stars rating.

    As for the supermarket, there were many varieties of Japanese products and local products. They even have a section dedicated to Hokkaido produce. The spacing were just right as even though it was crowded, it was manageable to move around. Staff were prompt and efficient, very friendly too. Giving us a good shopping experience. Which I am rating it 4 stars. There was also many promotional items in the market to make the experience even better. However do note that it’s still more expensive than the local supermarket and don don donki outlets.

    In the end, I am giving a good 3 star rating for the overall experience in MediYa.

  17. Avatar photo

    Newly Open.
    First floor got bakery, cafe, beer, food, eating place.
    Second floor is where your standard supermarket is. Variety of fresh food plus assorted product. Supermarket quite cram.

    Had a cafe latte… Taste normal…
    Good cafe to chill but place kind of small.
    Can see people drinking here.
    Got ice cream too

    Come check out if got time.

  18. Avatar photo
    tyginn tan

    Well stocked japanese supermart w/ an impressive array of authentic japanese products set in a stylish shopping mall tucked away in suntec. Spread over 2 levels, it even has a small food court/ cafeteria on the lower level serving fresh japanese favs like soba, ramen, bento sets, salads and etc. Nice place to spend a weekend afternoon or evening as its not as crowded as other places in town area.

  19. Avatar photo
    Choon Yang

    Dose of Japanese market and $49 white strawberries for you

  20. Avatar photo
    C How

    My friend wanted to buy a bottle of Japanese Liquor from Meidi-Ya liquor store yesterday. They had closed at 9:00pm, he was 6 minutes late. He frantically ran upstairs to their supermarket, hoping they might sell it too. Disappointed when he couldn’t find it, he stood outside the liquor shop staring at the bottles inside… Just like a little boy longing to buy his favourite toy. All this while, a refined elderly Japanese man in a jacket suit was observing his actions. He walked towards us and asked if we needed anything. My friend gestured at the bottles inside the outlet. The gentleman immediately picked up his mobile phone and made a call, within a minute, a Meidi-Ya staff came running down the escalator to us and reopened the liquor store. Cash only, no credit card he said (they had closed the account for the night). This is the type of service that will leave a deep impression and keep us coming back… Top management leading by example, going beyond the call of duty.

  21. Avatar photo
    Amsd98 El

    Newly opened supermarket. I like the takeaway foods

  22. Avatar photo
    Koko Teo

    Lots of variety of imported Japanese food. Mostly from Hokkaido. Great shopping experience.

  23. Avatar photo
    D3AR C

    While this store is larger than the one at Great World City, the flow of goods isn’t quite well thought through, which is disappointing, considering the amount of space they have at this flagship store! The selection is probably a little wider but TBH I’d rather go to the one at Great World.

  24. Avatar photo

    Nice mall, with some good eateries and specialty stores.

  25. Avatar photo
    Lim Hock Chuan

    A lot of Japanese food stuff

  26. Avatar photo
    Joel Tan

    Authentic high quality up-market imported Japanese foodstuffs. Sushi and sashimi here are restaurant quality but only premium supermarket price.

  27. Avatar photo
    Tom Kang

    Great place to find japanese stuff. the sashimi is definitely on the high side though, price is almost at restaurant level.

  28. Avatar photo
    Adrian Ho

    A little small. Liang Court was better.

  29. Avatar photo
    Green Goblin

    Got halal choices as well!!

  30. Avatar photo
    Jee Heng Wong

    Not all produce are from Japan but most of them are. The bakery and eatery is worth a visit.

  31. Avatar photo
    Santosa Wong

    Groceries store with wide range of meats, seafood, fresh produces, snacks and drinks imported from Japan.

  32. Avatar photo
    Kok Tin Tan

    At its 1st floor, they have Chef Yamashita, Gokoku bakery, ready-to-eat bentos and sushi. Upstairs its a Japanese pharmacy and supermarket. Bought some groceries on offer.

  33. Avatar photo
    Peggy Tanaka

    A great place to get all japanese foods and other things

  34. Avatar photo
    Bayshore The

    Still an archaic supermarket using old Japanese concept. For.Mediya members if u forget to bring your member card, one has to go to customer service to get your spend updated into points with your receipt.. Cashier cant do it.
    Customer service still stamp that small traditional.stamp..

  35. Avatar photo
    Alan Lin

    A lot different range foods, groceries… fresh to frozen… Have some sushi, breads, specialities of items that from far away places… without an air ticket… you still can find something that you had tasted/eat before from your old memories… enjoy shopping…

  36. Avatar photo
    Boonhui Tan

    Bought nice and fresh Hokkaido beef steak there

  37. Avatar photo
    azizah neswan

    Love the nisho ( think so,if I am.not mistaken) pharmacy.

  38. Avatar photo
    Mun Leong Wong

    If you can’t go Japan, then this is the next best thing to experience Japan-shopping that is. With great variety, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Don’t forget to stop by the Ritz Carlton for some great indoor shots of its luxurious decor and furnishings just a link bridge away.

  39. Avatar photo
    Betsy Lim

    Pleasant place to shop..Meat & vegetables are so fresh..One can get almost everything under one roof..I like the bread!! …

  40. Avatar photo
    Peter Lim

    Nothing special. Not very wide selection although they occupied 2 floors. The so-called food court on Level 1 is tiny with very limited seats. Don’t buy the sushi there. Its the worst I’ve eaten.

  41. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Yau

    Nice supermarket with fresh produce

  42. Avatar photo
    Damian Pang

    Good variety of Japanese groceries, food and confectionery

  43. Avatar photo
    davy ong

    Got all my Sake supplies

  44. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ng

    Nice selection of Japanese wares. Love it, especially the availability of the Wagyu beef!

  45. Avatar photo
    Joel Chow

    Great range of premium Japanese groceries. And the fresh food section has some very interesting sashimi and sushi platters. Nicely done but on the pricey side.

  46. Avatar photo
    Dawn Lim

    Great supermarket with a diverse selection of produce.

  47. Avatar photo
    JS Koh

    Pretty wide choice of Japanese products, with some you can’t find in Donki. (For those you can find at Donki however, Meidi-ya’s price is slightly higher..)

  48. Avatar photo
    Jackson Tay

    Freshly cuts meat! Delicious

  49. Avatar photo
    Li Lin

    Excellent Japanese supermarket, higher priced than Don Donki and higher quality too. Amazing choice of various sauces and seasoning powders.

  50. Avatar photo
    Kane Han

    A very clean supermarket with friendly/helpful staff.

  51. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Filmer

    Best Japanese supermarket in this part of the world, premium produce from Japan. Fantastic store prepared sushi and the fresh produce is something to look at. Also has an attached pharmacy that carries a lot of uncommon products and disposable masks of varying colors and designs. The bakery downstairs carries great breads and is worthy of exploration

  52. Avatar photo
    Gem cai

    Update 18 Dec 22:
    Decided to dine in today instead. The curry shop staff was courteous and friendly and carefully placed my heated food on a nice tray with utensils, a napkin and a cup of water. Japanese service at its best. Simple but thoughtful gestures!

    The Japanese curry shop at the back of Meidiya has very delicious bentos! I love this pork stir-fry. Very generous portions for SGD6.80. Love the fluffy and well flavoured rice. The old gentleman manning the shop is super polite and courteous. My go-to spot!

  53. Avatar photo
    Dean Aw

    Food was good, ate there. But the male staff at the cashier could not get the printer working… Made the line wait for 5mins until the manager came over. Also when my cold noodle came… He was in charge of putting the cold dipping soup but forgot… Was just squatting behind and the cashier had to get it for him…

  54. Avatar photo
    Ayley Toh

    Out of the pastries I picked, I think the apple circular-croissant (forgot the name) was the most delectable and satisfying. Everything else was quite forgettable or not too exciting.

  55. Avatar photo
    B L

    The bakery is sooooo good. Please buy some bread if you walk by (especially if you like anything mentaiko). You won’t regret it.

  56. Avatar photo
    Kin Hoong Yam

    Bringing back the flavor of Japan into our lives ever since they closed their flagship outlet at Liang Court, they have successfully wooed me back with their offering of freshly cooked hot foods, and carefully prepared cold dishes both at their food court as well as their supermarket floors. Perfect addition to a mall that has seen low and waning footfall over the years with the rejuvenation of adjacent malls. One of my favorite malls thus far.

  57. Avatar photo
    Pawan Razdan

    Great collection of Sake

  58. Avatar photo

    Fresh foods and many Japanese options

  59. Avatar photo
    Dae Karl Darren Moa

    A very good supermarket with excellent choice of MADE/PRODUCED IN JAPAN Japanese merchandise. The merchandise are fresh and affordable.

    The cooked food, especially the cold soba with tempura is noteworthy.

    The staff are helpful and courteous.

  60. Avatar photo
    Cros Chum

    Well organised

  61. Avatar photo
    Siwei Choo Andy

    Clean and spacious supermarket. Good variety of japanese groceries.

  62. Avatar photo
    Alex Lee

    Good selection of groceries. Really like the bakery on level 1.

  63. Avatar photo
    Andrew P L Ko

    Love tis smallish “all in one style” Japanese Supermarket very much !
    Buy my Fave Fresh Fruits !!
    Enjoy my Soba and Dons too !!!
    Only wish that their Bakery open at 8am instead of 10am

  64. Avatar photo
    viking T

    Giving a 4 Star not because it’s bad but because this venue is simply too small & thus inventory limited. Nothing compares to the previous Liang Court.
    Am looking forward to visit the Great World City Branch. An sure that’s bigger

  65. Avatar photo
    KC Teo

    Always a very pleasant place to shop especially if you are looking for unique Japanese products. Prices are on the premium side of the spectrum.

  66. Avatar photo
    Amy Wong

    Good place to buy Dassai sake.

  67. Avatar photo
    hannah koh

    Not crowded

  68. Avatar photo
    Wee Tang

    Good food!!! Wide Japanese selection.

  69. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Wong

    Bakery at level 1 is awesome. Ramen stall (Nishiyama) has one of the best shio ramen (if you prefer light-base ramen like me).
    Supermarket has wide range of fresh products from Japan.
    Small Japanese food with few stalls (curry, bento, soba etc). Not a lot of seating space.

  70. Avatar photo

    If you ask me where to enjoy fresh sashimi and delectable sake, without burning a hole in your pocket, this is it! There is an outdoor eating area where you can enjoy the sashimi and sushi fresh from the supermarket. The pictures say it all. いただきます!

  71. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    Polite, courteous and attentive staffs. Recalled when it was at Liang Court it has a lot more varieties of Japanese snacks such as the red bean pancake kiosk. It houses two storey at Millennia Walk. The bakery buns .. must try.

  72. Avatar photo
    Lee Joey

    Wide varieties of Japanese snacks, groceries and fresh produce. Very affordable sandwiches and bento. Nice to shop.

  73. Avatar photo
    Chee Meng Ho

    Better than expected, especially the prices. Comparable to fairprice and other stores and can find items better priced than elsewhere. I would go further to say that it is even better stocked than Donki. Certainly worth to drop in and check it out.

  74. Avatar photo
    Dorothy Chai

    Always enjoy my visit at MEIDIYA

  75. Avatar photo
    c l s

    One of my favorite and most frequent supermarkets… There is a wide variety of products, especially meat and vegetables imported from Japan, as well as tofu and Japanese alcohol that can’t be bought outside!

  76. Avatar photo
    clarence teo

    Prefer place for Japanese foods

  77. Avatar photo
    Erina Lau

    A great place to buy Japanese products though maybe a little more expensive. Those near expiry will be sold half priced, so it is worth it to buy if consuming soon.

  78. Avatar photo
    Koon Peng Tan

    A Japanese supermarket with a snack and coffee counter on the first story.
    Lots and lots of varieties of foodstuff.

  79. Avatar photo
    Alfred Loh

    Good selection of Japanese food

  80. Avatar photo
    L Z

    You can find many authentic japanese food here. No long queue. Prices of ready to eat food will be reduced after 6pm. Good!!

  81. Avatar photo
    Ceri Wolf

    Perfect for Japanese specialities and unusual goods

  82. Avatar photo
    shaun aushburn

    Lots of variety of snacks and groceries!

  83. Avatar photo
    Chee Wei Yen

    Good supermarket with a ready to eat section

  84. Avatar photo
    Gilbert Pang

    Very clean, alot of japanese items that u cannot find locally.

  85. Avatar photo
    Wang Yvonne

    Its no doubt Japan is always a very popular choice around the world.!! Its very spacious with their supermarket, pharmacy, bakery and foodcourt all in one.!

  86. Avatar photo
    Angeline Chua

    Seasonal Japanese goodies found here. Latest products include Hokkaido melon snacks

  87. Avatar photo
    Mary Tan

    Love the varieties of foods available

  88. Avatar photo

    They move from liang Court to here, first choice if u want to have premium food and things from Japan

  89. Avatar photo
    Imagine reality

    Favourite place for sashimi

  90. Avatar photo
    Joanne Wee

    Nice place to shop for Japanese products …

  91. Avatar photo
    Eng Ann Lee

    Quite crowded over the weekend and they have food court/stalls in there.

  92. Avatar photo
    Aniruddh “Rudy” Fatehpuria

    It was my first time, and I was having trouble finding the items I needed. Michelle and Cecilia walked with me and personally helped me find everything! Super duper nice staff and amazing service standards, other brands should learn from their example!

  93. Avatar photo
    Augustine Khoo

    smaller selection than I expected. but with competition today like donki… sigh.

  94. Avatar photo
    Peng Soon Lim

    Outstanding selection of Japanese food products. The little food court and Cafe inside the supermarket is a bonus. Nice touch.

  95. Avatar photo
    Koh jorine

    Good supermarket if you don’t mind spending more, perishables very fresh

  96. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Chua

    They have lots of variety of food from Japan from beef, soup, instant noodles, condiments, snacks etc

  97. Avatar photo
    Sharon yuki Kenji

    Nice new place in Millenia but I still prefer the old days in Liang Court. Things are easy and familiar to find. Have to go a few times to get use to this new place. Their fresh seafood and meats are still so good quality… …

  98. Avatar photo
    Albert Ng

    Best japanese supermarket in town

  99. Avatar photo
    yew fai Loke

    Too small, not enough selection.

  100. Avatar photo
    Kelly Chong

    One of the best soya milk I ever had, thick & fragrant.

    $2.30, 310ml

  101. Avatar photo
    Yew Cheng (YC)

    Quite small compared to the old store at liang court, but still bigger than the great world outlet.

    Must try the bakery, it’s one of the best IMO.

  102. Avatar photo
    Rachel Chong

    Well stocked in grocery – Japanese, local, international. Prices are reasonable too. Don’t expect to find Coke in various sizes here or other too basic/widely available products (real estate is expensive in the CBD). But the attached sushi counter (L2), deli/bento (L1) and bakery (L1) are great. This over Isetan anytime …

  103. Avatar photo

    The Medi-Ya food court offers good choices of deep-fried food at a reasonable prices.

    Alcoholic drinks are available but only to be consumed outdoors as their licence probably doesn’t allow them to serve indoors.

    The pork katsu sandwich found here is so much more palatable and offers better a VFM than that Kimikatsu store in Ngee Ann City’s basement 2.

  104. Avatar photo
    Joel Tng

    Great range of Japanese groceries and even has a small Japanese food court to dine in

  105. Avatar photo
    Lester Chua

    Good variety of food.

  106. Avatar photo
    Junior Hsu

    Meidiya has been my top favorite in buying Japanese groceries. However with the recent emerging Don Don Donki , Meidiya seems to have lost their way in bringing in good Japanese stuffs. I have been to Millennium walk and Great world City Meidiya , I suggest they should combine two into one to be more presentable and going for higher end Japanese groceries .

  107. Avatar photo
    Coffeebud Hong

    Variety of items from Japan , only area space not that big

  108. Avatar photo
    JY P Jane Jessica Parker

    Millenia walk Mediya has small food court. They sells Curry rice, Beef don, Chicken don, Japanese katsu don, Sushi, Sashimi, Udon, Coffee and nice soft icecream etc.

  109. Avatar photo
    Calvin Lim

    If you want the best range and freshest seafood sushi sashimi etc at a supermarket counter, this is the place to be.
    There is also a cafe bar which gets you affordable Kirin beer at Happy hours, and hokkaido melon soft ice cream. Yums

  110. Avatar photo
    Henry Ng

    The prices in the supermarket are way to expensive. Only cater for the rich foreigners and Singaporean. Not for me. But the cooked food is good and worth trying.

  111. Avatar photo
    Manderson Larenda

    Best place ever for your Japanese shopping needs. Get their sushi omg so cheap and good.

  112. Avatar photo
    lay hoon.

    Japanese curry – good

  113. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Tan

    Good selection of daily necessities…
    Location leaves too much to be desired though… unless u drive.

  114. Avatar photo
    Hua Mulan

    Millenia Walk – mediya sells the best orange chocolate …

  115. Avatar photo
    Chia keia seang

    Very good Yu Sheng.

  116. Avatar photo
    J T

    Nice small supermarket selling Japanese groceries and products. Clean, bright and not crowded. However I still prefer the nostalgia feel back in the past when they were still at Liang Court. This place is much more convenient than Liang Court though.

  117. Avatar photo
    ASD Specialist (Sin Yee)

    Like the variety. Price wise is generally higher than other supermarket.

  118. Avatar photo
    Joshua Tan

    The new shop location is better than the previous one in Liat Court.

  119. Avatar photo
    Sky cassiespringdy

    Our regular go-to place to stock up Wagyu beef & steak.. love it!

  120. Avatar photo
    Harrold Chua

    This Mediya supermarket comes along with a food court and beer garden which has pretty decent and affordable Japanese food.

    There are 5 stalls selling various types of food like bento sets, soba, tempura, sushi, ramen, katsu etc.

    Not too crowded when I visited on a Friday evening – simple and clean. Had the seafood curry which tastes good. It comes with an ebi fry, kaki fry, salmon katsu and fried squid – Curry texture was spot on and flavourful.

  121. Avatar photo
    Terry “Monochromist” Chua

    Definitely one of the best place for japanese products with great selection of sake/beer/whiskey.

  122. Avatar photo
    Alvinne Rex Abaricia

    Value for money on Japanese food

  123. Avatar photo
    Wing Seng Chan

    Came in a Friday lunch time for some soba. Not too crowded and was a pleasant eatery corner of the supermarket. The soba (hot and cold) were delicious. Will come back to try others.

  124. Avatar photo
    Charlene Tong

    Some good Japanese products which are quite interesting.

  125. Avatar photo
    Annie Pang

    Many japanese food products

  126. Avatar photo
    Saifu Angto

    Very nice Japanese grocery with nice produce and seafood sections. Lots of Japanese dry good selections. Large seafood fresh sushis, as well as frozen fishes. Good place to go for fresh tofu. One of a few places with large selection of Japanese pickles (in the dairy section).

    There is a small food court downstairs, a bakery, and seems to be permanent stall with Hokkaido milk and cheese products including the Hokkaido milk soft serve.

  127. Avatar photo
    Peter Chong

    Compact Japanese Supermarket. Lots of interesting groceries and food. Good range of Sushi, Sashimi and Maki.

  128. Avatar photo
    Yang B

    Selection does not seem as wide as the Great World City store, despite this supposedly being the flagship…

  129. Avatar photo
    Gabby Fantasy

    Now I write about the bakery which has this wonderful rolled cream pastry which is the best.
    Pair it with a cup of long black and you get a simple but luxurious treat which money can buy.
    Try the coffee too before coffee prices shoot up again.

  130. Avatar photo
    Hui Ang Sean

    Very crowded but nice and big

  131. Avatar photo
    Joshua Loh

    Awesome Japanese supermarket! Whilst some might argue they prefer Donki, I preder here for it’s depth and quality of products – for example they even sell Japanese vinegar that has been fermented for 5 years; and not to mention all varieties of dipping sauce/soy sauce! (Shown in the picture below.) Their collection of sake in their specialized stand alone shop on the ground floor across from their food area is also fantastic! Do check it out!

  132. Avatar photo

    Been twice n like range of mainly Japanese products. Tried ramen n convenient b4 or after shopping but nothing special as nearby can get tastier serve. Bakery looks bright but service slow n many buns have minimum filling but large n premium price. Would go again if need special Japanese ingredients but nowadays can order online on redmart readily.

  133. Avatar photo

    The wow factor is there – brand new store with a new look feel. Evokes memory of Liang Court. There is a discernible and distinct Japanese feel about the place – except for brusque local (not necessarily Singaporeans) staffs.

    Offerings are interesting and refreshing. The karinto is definitely made in Japan. So is sugar free Apple juice.

    Too crowded on a Saturday night especially with squabbling young siblings and frustrated parents abounds. Weekdays afternoon may be better.

    But we did haul back snacks galore.

    Update 30 December 2020. We went back
    Bought $150+ worth and was ready to sign up for the Meidi-ya Membership. Dismayed that a cut-off on 31 Dec will render my purchases ineligible for the $5 voucher.

    Understands their rationale but perhaps the management should take a more enlightened view as this is a new store.

    Also do-itashimate to the two senior management staff who bowed and thanked us for the patronage outside their liquor store. Wow. This is Japanese retail customs at its best.

  134. Avatar photo
    Nigel Ang

    Great ambience, very spacious.

  135. Avatar photo
    Chee Meng Chan

    Has Bar and table seatings. Served Ramen, Don, Grilled Fish, etc.

  136. Avatar photo

    Everything’s awesome… but the price is too expensive.

  137. Avatar photo
    Ken Jones

    Always nice selection of Japanese and Imported groceries..

  138. Avatar photo
    David Tan

    Nice quiet place to walk… there’s instant buy egg salad and potato salad for those who wants a quick bite.

  139. Avatar photo
    Zhe Ming

    Authentic japanese food selection for you to eat there too!

  140. Avatar photo
    Jane Y

    This outlet easily access from Promenade Station

  141. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Yap

    Seems a bit smaller including the food stalls. The Japanese curry is still the best in town!

  142. Avatar photo
    Helen Koh

    Clean, friendly & good service!

  143. Avatar photo
    Michelle Lim

    There are lots of Japanese snacks and goodies available here, however the price is slightly higher than Don DONKI which is another Japanese supermarket. Some of the items only available in Meidi-ya which I am unable to find in DONKI, quite a complete place to visit if you are looking for some Japanese products

  144. Avatar photo
    Daphane Yeo

    Love their milk tea.
    The salmon is fresh and slice thicky.
    Some items are over priced.
    Overall. Is a rather atas supermarket

  145. Avatar photo
    Douglas Seah

    Good selection of Japanese products in the supermarket with a good layout and display.

    The level 1 includes some eateries and food that are microwaveable. There are some selection of sushi on the second level as well. However, do not expect Japanese type of standard akin to those you experience in Tokyo or Kyoto. Quality of food and level of service is still very Singaporean.

  146. Avatar photo
    Yun Ying WONG

    Sashimi here is very fresh. Worth every cent.

  147. Avatar photo
    YusLee 77

    huge place with a wide variety of groceries to choose from.

  148. Avatar photo
    Roland Hamann

    Meidi-Ya is a premium supermarket chain from Japan. The branch in Singapore is not as large as some of the subsidiaries in Japan but has a great selection of food from all around the world. Don’t be fooled by thinking you can only find Japanese food there. The fruits, vegetables, meat and fish on offer is of great quality, no doubt, but the prices are showing that. We usually go there for something special and buy the rest of our groceries locally. There is also another shop on the ground floor specialising in Sake, definitely worth a visit too. The staff is always friendly and helpful. We would have given 5 stars if the prices were a bit better.

  149. Avatar photo

    Original Japanese merchandise

  150. Avatar photo
    Leow Ee Wen

    One of the best curry rice I had in Singapore

  151. Avatar photo
    Jude Lu

    Great place to buy Japanese groceries. Service is a good and plenty of aisle space so you don’t have to squeeze. I have to say though, most of the groceries and fresh produce are over priced but still a nice place to take a post dinner walk, and pick up snacks and desserts. …

  152. Avatar photo
    Adwina Marisa

    Like the variety of SKUs

  153. Avatar photo

    Very crowded. They have the supermarket on the 2nd floor and food and bakery on the 1st floor.

  154. Avatar photo
    Pauline V

    Amazing grocer and eateries in here. Can buy sashimi cuts from upstairs and enjoy them downstairs.

  155. Avatar photo
    Vincent Ong

    Good place to shop japanese groceries.

  156. Avatar photo
    lim kah hui

    Food there is pretty good!

  157. Avatar photo
    Samuel Lee

    Much smaller than previously at Liang Court. Range slightly lesser now.

  158. Avatar photo
    SNG SK

    Was nice as it’s weekday & Not Crowded with Wonderful Products & Display.

  159. Avatar photo
    Calvin Sim

    Good variety of Japanese produce

  160. Avatar photo
    Alex Kwong

    We had our lunch and dinner …

  161. Avatar photo
    Dixon Chan

    Great variety of Japanese products.

  162. Avatar photo
    Joy KC

    Great sake selection as always.

  163. Avatar photo
    Chen Wei Han

    Great place to buy Japanese groceries. Its quite a bit smaller than the previous one in Liang Court but you can still probably find whatever you need here. The food court on the first floor is a must try! The seats are really limited but the food is great at reasonable prices too! The cold noodles are a great value for money!

  164. Avatar photo
    YiYing Tan

    A lot of Japanese product to purchase from there, love their sushi selection. I recommend taking a walk around there if you are looking for something new to cook. I bought vegetables to prepare Oden.

  165. Avatar photo
    R A Lew

    Nice and comprehensive selection of Japanese goods.

  166. Avatar photo
    Wayne Ozh

    The food court is good value for money. You can get Japanese curry rice, ramen or bento for around $12. Despite the price, quality is on par with restaurants in the same building. There is also outdoor seating, which is comfortable.

  167. Avatar photo
    Soon Joo Kuo

    A japanese style supermarket with an assortment of gifts and foods for the whole family. Quite a number of premium products like beef and meats imported from Japan.

  168. Avatar photo
    kamisah Pang

    When I want to hv good Japanese beef, Meidi-ya is the place to go to. First level there is a place where u can get Hokkaido products, Japanese bakery n small food eateries. Seating areas r not big so it can get very crowded on weekends. On the 2nd floor is the supermarket where u can get yr fresh meat n vege, n dry products. Prices r a bit on the high side compared to local supermarkets. But here u can get your fix for Japanese goods.

  169. Avatar photo

    Wanted shiroikohibito, sold out.. disappointed…

  170. Avatar photo
    Stephen Tay

    A nice spacious Japanese supermarket. You can get a wide variety of Japanese products from cup noodles, condiments, air flown vegetables, fish, meat and seafood. Love their beef and pork. They also have very fresh sushi and have a special store next to Harvey Norman selling different top quality sake.

  171. Avatar photo
    Soh Jun Yong

    Apparently you can beforehand inform them the things you want to buy and the will pass it to you upon arrival it’s a neat service that they provide.

    First floor has a bakery shop and a mini food area that mainly sells bento, curry chicken,ramen and also cafe foods for your selections,

    They have a second floor consist of many Japanese branded food,household products and many more (Japanese snacks can be found there too)

    Overall It’s a good alternative to various Japanese supermarkets and would recommend to explore there for yourself

  172. Avatar photo

    It is always refreshing and interesting to visit a Japanese store.

    First time to visit Meidi-Ya and I was quite impressed.

    I enjoyed the Ramen and grocery shopping

  173. Avatar photo
    Zalina Ismael

    Love the variety and ambience. Prices of some items are a wee bit more than those at Don Don Donki but it’s definitely worth the less frazzled shopping experience. My go to place for my happy snacks.

  174. Avatar photo
    Ee Tat Kin

    Too expensive for most of the stuff there. Don Don donki is just a few meters away….

  175. Avatar photo
    Eugene Lim

    A good Japanese supermarket selling a wide selection of foodstuffs, from essentials to tidbits.

  176. Avatar photo
    Joel Chow

    Great range of premium Japanese groceries. And the fresh food section has some very interesting sashimi and sushi platters. Nicely done but on the pricey side.

  177. Avatar photo
    Cyrus Lee

    Love the soba there, easily better than most franchises out there.

  178. Avatar photo
    Frankie Sim

    Many items to shop for.

  179. Avatar photo
    Kuan Khoon Tan

    The Sapporo Zangi no longer comes with hot tea and the service staff was kind of nonchalant on the reply.

  180. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ng

    Most expensive Japanese supermarkets only cater for their own peoples.

  181. Avatar photo
    Adrian Ang Pixel 4a

    Good quality food but price slightly on the high side.

  182. Avatar photo
    kristopher yang

    You can find most of the japanese food here. But the regular food you see in your regular super market maybe abut on the high side at here

  183. Avatar photo
    Arvi Da Mayo Wow

    Is all good. I’m actually more happy with their food court. The supermarket is just alright . As usual any japanese branded store always more expensive. But the mini food court. Please go there and have some nice meals

  184. Avatar photo
    Dorothy Mok

    Sells a variety of Japan products.

  185. Avatar photo
    Kevin KW

    Very milky and creamy ice cream on the ground floor store, recommended! It’s 4.5$ for the vanilla flavour but well worth the money
    Next to this there’s a bread store gokoku bakery which has an excellence selection
    The top floor is the supermarket which has a variety of foods
    The alcohol section is a separate store located opposite diagonally on the ground floor, good selections esp seeing they still have the Yamazaki 12!

  186. Avatar photo

    Tried their first floor food court. The curry was very nice, as well as their soba. Wouldn’t get the wafu salad (from the Japanese curry house) again as the sauce wasn’t that nice. The latte from the cafe is great as you can really taste the creamy hokkaido milk in it. Their ‘hot matcha green tea’ was disappointing though, as you can see in the photo it’s more close to the color of sencha/genmaicha and was made with a tea bag containing loose leaves, not powder. Wouldn’t get it again since it’s not what was advertised.

  187. Avatar photo
    louis loo

    Good selection of Japanese produce and food. Quality is very good.

  188. Avatar photo
    Sean Ho

    Great layout. Big range of goods from affordable to premium and the hard-to-find. High quality products.

  189. Avatar photo
    Kattie Lee

    Even though it suppose to be a Japanese Supermarket but u can also find non Japan items there. Same items probably abit more expensive than NTUC and Don Don Donki. Definitely not my 1st choice of buying Japanese products unless I can find something special which Don Don Donki do not has…

  190. Avatar photo
    Jason Hu

    Good selection though always crowded nowadays. Prefer the liang Court outlet but too bad it is closed now. Good selection of Japanese beef and seafood.

  191. Avatar photo
    sunny phua

    One of the few japanese supermarket to grab delicious handmade toufu that is inexpensive but goes well with any dishes

  192. Avatar photo
    Henry Tang

    Most complete Japanese supermarket in Singapore, by far. Come here for any of your Japanese grocery needs (maybe not snacks or unhealthy stuff for that go to any Don Don Donki)

  193. Avatar photo

    Big clean supermarket with lots of imported items that can’t be found in other supermarkets. Especially Japanese goods and food. Big fresh meat section with sliced meats that are fresh. Not too crowded on weekday afternoon.

  194. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chye

    Good selection of Japanese products

  195. Avatar photo
    Allan Quek

    Good Japanese products range

  196. Avatar photo
    Janet Jesus Beloved HUANG

    Its quiet on thursday night 12.8.2021

  197. Avatar photo

    Great place to grab some Japanese food. Going there often late after work to get the food on sale. Worthy

  198. Avatar photo
    Stephen Chan

    Great varieties of nice food and great càfe

  199. Avatar photo
    Saifu Angto

    Very nice Japanese grocery with nice produce and seafood sections. Lots of Japanese dry good selections. Large seafood fresh sushis, as well as frozen fishes. Good place to go for fresh tofu. One of a few places with large selection of Japanese pickles (in the dairy section).

    There is a small food court downstairs, a bakery, and seems to be permanent stall with Hokkaido milk and cheese products including the Hokkaido milk soft serve.

  200. Avatar photo
    Chen Mdm

    Good selection of Japanese products you can go to the level 2 pharmacy where you can find vitamin C supplements that were only available in Japan but now you can buy them here, I find these vitamin C supplements really good to ward off a cold.

  201. Avatar photo
    YH F

    Large assortment of Japanese grocery things to buy from there, even wagyu beef

  202. Avatar photo

    Quite delicious ramen although expensive $17 for a supermarket grab and go

  203. Avatar photo
    Ellen Tjio

    Good…many of staff at payment area are young people…friendly n helpful to me as an elderly person.

  204. Avatar photo
    Maisarah Abu Samah

    The two floors have different experiences. It’s quiet and you can find premium Japanese ingredients too.

  205. Avatar photo
    Lee Jessie

    Staff don’t know what they selling

  206. Avatar photo
    Victoria Cruz

    Lots of interesting foodstuff. Downside though is staff doesnt seem to know all the products so they couldnt help me when I was looking for a specific Japanese candy brand

  207. Avatar photo
    Maria Gonzale

    Delicious sushi but not most competitively priced.

  208. Avatar photo
    L SY

    Nice supermarket with huge variety of Japanese ingredients

  209. Avatar photo
    Nikki Ming

    A supermarket that is a cut above the rest

  210. Avatar photo
    ong adam

    Im pretty sure the sashmi was still moving

  211. Avatar photo
    Arthur B

    Great assortment but margins on products are too high so prices are expensive if you start comparing with other supermarkets on similar products. Wish they adjusted their margins and then it would be a great supermarket experience.

  212. Avatar photo
    Norman Gerard Teng

    Visited their Food Plaza today. The selection was decent, and most of the nice bakery items like Salmon Cheese sandwich or Bacon and Mozerella cheese bun were sold out before 11:15 am… You’re better off visiting on a weekday if you want better variety.

  213. Avatar photo
    Glenn Lee

    A little piece of Hokkaido when you can’t travel but still need Meron ice cream.

    Sushi and sashimi selection is top notch too.

  214. Avatar photo
    Jonathan HM Yuen

    Upscale Japanese supermarket offering a good selection of fresh food and groceries from Japan other than the usual stuff in most supermarkets. Seasonal imported fruits from Japan are highlights as well as an array of Japanese sushi, sashimi and other hot dish items on the 1st flr.

  215. Avatar photo
    Anne Kee

    Not enough Japanese products. But tidy and spacious to shop.

  216. Avatar photo
    Light Beyond Dark

    For those people who love Japanese stuffs, Meidi-Ya is the ultimate place to go. They have a wide variety of Snacks, Instant Noodles, Tidbits, even Sashimi etcetc. They also have a section for dine-in which I have not tried it yet so I’m not able to give a review about it. But overall, it’s a good experience.

  217. Avatar photo
    Gregory Athanasius

    Meidi-Ya Millenia Walk sports a bakery, cafe and bar, food hall, along with a standalone wine and liquor store.
    In addition to crowd-favourite offerings like freshly imported sushi and house-made tofu, here are five “Japanese” experiences you can now enjoy at this brand-new flagship Meidi-Ya outlet.
    1. Gokoku Japanese Bakery at Millenia Walk
    2. Grab bento boxes with seasonal ingredients like Hokkaido crab.
    3. Japanese Concept Cafe and Bar, where they’re serving affordable refreshments throughout the day.
    4. Browse 370 varieties of sake at the standalone Liquor Shop.
    5. Feast on Japanese street food & air-flown sushi at the Food Hall.

  218. Avatar photo
    Sarah Teh

    Had a takeaway latte. Not bad, the coffee was nutty with choc aftertaste. Non acidic type which suits me.

  219. Avatar photo
    Pop Guy

    Lots of variety of fresh tomato

  220. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Ng

    Overpriced grocery. Unless it is something specifically japanese

  221. Avatar photo
    Kokthye Lim

    Smaller than previous place at Liang Court, although it still contains quite of japanese stuff And it is still have a small eating corner for hungry shopper.

  222. Avatar photo
    Fuji Misato

    Still Meidi-Ya like where you can buy from its supermarket side and have a sit down meal at the eatery.

  223. Avatar photo
    Derek Li

    It’s larger than the outlet at Great World City however products provide seems lesser especially for sashimi items

  224. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Another Japanese supermarket. Some items we note are also available from Gaint and Fairprice without much difference in prices.

    The uniqueness is some food items are only found in a Japanese supermarket….like the potatoe farm chips but it way more expensive here in Singapore. At least with this supermarket, we have more choice available to us.

  225. Avatar photo
    Ty Chua

    Just a beautiful supermarket!

  226. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tan

    So so only..nothing to rave abt

  227. Avatar photo
    ST Loke

    Definitely one of my favourite supermarket …

  228. Avatar photo
    David Ng

    Smaller in size compare to liang Court store.

    But still can get basic items such as sea food, vegetables and meats except limited choices.

    Cook food Corner also limited choices only few stores.

    Only thing is lots of car park during weekend

  229. Avatar photo
    Yen Lin

    Japanese daily neccesities and As fresh as you can get KOBE in SG

  230. Avatar photo
    Seow Cher Tan

    Supermarket has a good above average quality merchandise, neat and premium feeling. Had a quick bite at the cafe-bar, I wished the crew was a little more helpful with this indecisive customer. The salad I ordered saved the day in the end. Chilled, fresh and tasty. Take a look. Beer is also available, however it has to be consumed at the outdoor terrace. Served in towers and plastic cups but I wish the latter gets replaced by real glass one day soon.

  231. Avatar photo
    Choo HengHeng

    If you are looking for good quality Japanese products, this place provide quite a number.Opposite the supermarket , you can find good Japanese food too

  232. Avatar photo
    Chow E

    Katsu curry is quite well priced at 12.90nett and comes with huge portion of curry. Good !

  233. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    Queued about 20 minutes go in from second floor. Don’t worry about first or second. There is escalator inside to go so no need to queue to go first from second.

    First floor nothing much there. There is small cafe, quite small at most 20 people eating there. There is small section selling hokaido stuffs and bakery.

    Second floor will be more interesting stuffs. Almodt the same as don don donki but it is like smaller scale of don don donki.

    Mostly queue from outside, inside no queue

  234. Avatar photo
    Joo Goh

    The meat and vegetables looks really fresh, and, they are fresh. A place to shop when I want to eat really good and satisfying meals.

  235. Avatar photo
    Adele Sim

    Must be my favourite supermarket in Singapore

  236. Avatar photo
    Joe Vu

    Interesting place, market goods that we have never seen b4, good selection of miso soups & red been cakes! Worth taking a look!

  237. Avatar photo
    Mats Lingblad

    They have a much better range of products now. Unfortunately, the sashimi is ridiculously priced, better to buy at Don Don Donki. The American jo-karubi is still the best value for money.

    OLD – 2 stars
    Bad copy of Liang Court. Smaller. Fewer Japanese items. Pricing is the same. Sad that the company only believes in high price – high margins. Better to do business by volume. I would go to the Great World outlet instead. It has much more Japanese feel

  238. Avatar photo
    Sandie Fun

    Favorite place to shop for Japanese food.

  239. Avatar photo
    Kevin L

    First time visit and was impressed, some unusual items (for a westerner). Everything seemed very fresh

  240. Avatar photo
    Jack Tan

    Newly opened in Millennium Walk and the supermarket is ok but not really huge.
    Level 2 is the supermarket and level 1 is where they have bakery and Japanese cooked food.
    Tried the Hokkaido Ramen and I have say that it may be one of the worse Ramen that I have tried in Singapore. Soup base is alright but the noodles used looks like the instant noodles, with small halved egg, and small slice piece of pork and ridiculously small piece of seaweed. Price is $13.80 which is not cheap for the serving.

  241. Avatar photo
    Melvin Lee

    Very well stocked with excellent variety. Stuff is quite pricey though.

  242. Avatar photo
    Edgar Wong

    I love the wheat noodle.

  243. Avatar photo
    Devin Tai

    2 levels, nice bakery

  244. Avatar photo
    Soh Jun Yong

    Apparently you can beforehand inform them the things you want to buy and the will pass it to you upon arrival it’s a neat service that they provide.

    First floor has a bakery shop and a mini food area that mainly sells bento, curry chicken,ramen and also cafe foods for your selections,

    They have a second floor consist of many Japanese branded food,household products and many more (Japanese snacks can be found there too)

    Overall It’s a good alternative to various Japanese supermarkets and would recommend to explore there for yourself

  245. Avatar photo

    Not much selection of vegetables or fresh salmon, etc….unlike Don Donki or Takashimaya. However, it has a good selection of international tidbits. An ok supermarket for a prime location.

  246. Avatar photo
    Alex Kwong

    Not too bad for a Japanese supermarket

  247. Avatar photo
    Sleepy Sleeping

    Like the sushi, snacks and the wide range of items.

  248. Avatar photo
    C P

    Wide variety of groceries and fresh cuts of sashimi/yakiniku/shabu meats

  249. Avatar photo
    Seowwei Yeo

    Good selection for Japanese groceries and wine. Good choice of meat from Japan.

  250. Avatar photo
    J Ong

    V big supermarket for Japanese products

  251. Avatar photo
    Fayth Ang

    Though abit pricy but i got to buy items i cannot find in cold storage or other super markets. I enjoy shopping there. The salmon is very fresh!

  252. Avatar photo
    Sharon Wong (Clover)

    Spacious and fresh, organic products in high class super market. Products are arranged in neat and one can easily find.

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