Review Meidiya Supermarket, 177 River Valley Rd, Singapore

Review MeidiYa Supermarket - Singapore 177 River Valley Rd

“High quality products imported from Japan. Plenty if choices from grocery to fruit to meat and seafood. Pricy.” or “This supermarket sells Japanese and Korean food with great variety.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Meidiya Supermarket. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Meidiya Supermarket is quality.

Introduction about Meidiya Supermarket

Here are some fundamental details regarding Meidiya Supermarket. In terms of Permanently closed, it is generally believed that Meidiya Supermarketis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 177 River Valley Rd, #B1-50 Shopping Centre, Liang Court, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Permanently closed, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63391111 (+65 63391111)
  • Website:
  • Address: 177 River Valley Rd, #B1-50 Shopping Centre, Liang Court, Singapore
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How to contact Meidiya Supermarket?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Meidiya Supermarket via:

Phone number

You can reach Meidiya Supermarket at 63391111(+65 63391111). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Meidiya Supermarket via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 177 River Valley Rd, #B1-50 Shopping Centre, Liang Court, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Meidiya Supermarket reviews

Meidiya Supermarket is among the best destinations of Permanently closed in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Meidiya Supermarket good?

To determine whether Meidiya Supermarket is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Extensive and complete selection of Japanese ingredients available at a reasonable price. Gluten-free selection has improved as well, to include the German brand Schär.”

“High quality products imported from Japan. Plenty if choices from grocery to fruit to meat and seafood. Pricy.”

“It is one of my favorite Japanese supermarket which have very fresh sushi and all kinds of Japan products. Especially, Yamazaki bread is best for me. And there are many Japanese restaurant in same floor.”

“This supermarket sells Japanese and Korean food with great variety.”

“Have all types of sake and wine. Tuna and seafood look good too. …”

“Fresh sashimi, kobe beef and premium king crab from Hokkaido!”

“The place where you can find you favorite Japanese beer”

“Well-stocked Japanese supermarket. Good enough selection of fresh produce from Japan. As with all japanese supermarkets, they have festival/province/country fairs with good food and drinks booths.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 277 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 92% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Meidiya Supermarket, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Meidiya Supermarket, 177 River Valley Rd, Singapore

There is a total 277 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    Love the huge variety of Japanese food and snacks.

  2. Avatar photo

    Obviously it is for the Japanese supermarkets opened by the local Japanese,
    Hiding in a mall building full of Japanese restaurants and shops,
    Supermarkets are full of imported goods.
    Especially Japanese imports are the bulk,
    The quality of fresh fruits and vegetables looks great,
    There is also Nakajima Seafood, so fresh sashimi is also sold.
    The target group is originally foreigners with higher income,
    Therefore, the price is not low is also a matter of course.
    The small space has a children’s sofa area and a screen to play cartoons.
    Pretty sweet.

    To be honest, it’s pretty good to go around.
    Tourists can still buy some instant noodles and snacks back to the restaurant to enjoy.

  3. Avatar photo
    Leonnard Lee

    Feels like you are in Japan

  4. Avatar photo
    Henry Tan

    The best venue to shop for premium Japanese groceries in Singapore!
    This elitist supermart caters for quality and fresh food items supported by courteous cashiers like Ms Ada Wong and her colleagues who care more than their counterparts in Cold Storage and NTUC Fairprice Finest stores as experienced since decades!
    What is more: the toilets are amongst the cleanest and well-maintained in our City State.

  5. Avatar photo

    Best Japanese supermarket in Singapore!

  6. Avatar photo
    Harukate 203

    Choke full of japanese household and ready to eat food items.

  7. Avatar photo
    Seowwei Yeo

    Good varieties and freshness of Japanese food

  8. Avatar photo

    There are a lot of things and it’s fresh, but it’s a pity that it’s open until March.

  9. Avatar photo
    Clifford Goh

    Great selection of Japanese food and produce. Also has fresh food

  10. Avatar photo
    jerry loi

    Great selection of quality curated japanese products. My go to supermarket when I am cooking Japanese food as it will have everything.

  11. Avatar photo
    Lim Rebecca

    Mostly Japanese products. Quite pricey. Like the selection of frozen products from Japan.

  12. Avatar photo
    Jesus is Lord

    Good ingredients

  13. Avatar photo
    Loh Mui

    all the items are for Japanese people because they are all from Japan and air flow to Singapore that it cost quite expensive, I give three stars because of the toilet if they keep the toilet clean a bit I will give four stars

  14. Avatar photo
    Damarhafni Rahmannabel Nadim Pramono

    Good place full with japan stuff, restaurant and cakes …

  15. Avatar photo
    Alicia Ng

    Alot of choices…. and some unique flavours that can’t be found in any normal supermarker

  16. Avatar photo
    Piet Cha

    good sampling available

  17. Avatar photo
    Serene Gan

    Good place to buy fresh sashimi, at reasonable price.

  18. Avatar photo
    Angela K

    Excellent Japanese supermarket with great customer service.

  19. Avatar photo
    Lydia Koh

    Favourite place to get Japanese Stuff

  20. Avatar photo
    Freddy Hartono

    Best place to get your meat fixes or japanese instant ramens

  21. Avatar photo
    K T Lim

    Excellent collection of Kani and Waygu.

  22. Avatar photo
    Emilia Kyung Jin

    Nice selection of Japanese groceries. They got all things from all countries…

  23. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Ng

    Starting to feel its age. The drawdown prior to moving out makes it increasingly an unattractive place to shop.

  24. Avatar photo
    ian C

    You can get “almost” all Japanese grocery items here. They have seasonal items and fairs as well from time to time.

    Some items which they carry may be slightly pricer than Don Don Donkey, so best to do some research work before making any purchases

    Do check out their little food court.

  25. Avatar photo
    Samantha Kennett-Ny

    Such a great selection of Japanese foods, from breads to fresh sushi and tofu to fruit important from Japan! It can be expensive but the sushi is cheap and great for dinner.

  26. Avatar photo
    Sverre Christian Stoltz

    One of the best in Singapore! A must for South Asian & Japanese food

  27. Avatar photo
    Cyril Lee

    It was good

  28. Avatar photo
    Ng May Ee

    Like to go there when there’s food show from Japan. Some specialty foods. Most of the things sold are more expensive than dondondonki. But some specials be found there. Sushi is also very fresh.

  29. Avatar photo
    M S

    Supermarket with mostly imported stuffs from Japan

  30. Avatar photo

    Of course, the price is quite high, but it is safe. There is a taxi stand so getting around is no problem.

  31. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    I have known Meidiya since their days in Stanley street.
    Ever since they took over from Daimaru,
    They have serve the Japanese as well as the local community with exquisite and extraordinary quality products from Japan.
    I enjoy my shopping moments at This fine
    SUPERB market that NEVER fail me not
    Only with products but throughout the world.
    And of course, with their periodically surprises of promotions of new and different
    Food products, it NEVER fail to excite my family. Their monthly brochures and bulletin that introduces more promotions are always well received.
    Though with intense competitions coming from A major discount set up.
    I still shop at Mediya as they have an edge in their Quality products and new introductries
    Of promotional surprises.
    Plus, I do enjoy their friendly staffs and customer’s service. AND their reasonably priced food set up keep me yummy tummy
    Happy after a day of shopping.
    Keep up the good WORKs.

  32. Avatar photo
    Hai Wei Ng (MrHaiwei)

    The best place in Singapore to get Japanese stuff!

  33. Avatar photo
    Charlie Phua

    Good selection of Japanese groceries and food.

  34. Avatar photo
    Coffeebud Hong

    Groceries from Japan and price range not expensive, quality also good

  35. Avatar photo
    La Madame NomNom

    Fresh imported products from Japan. Love this supermarket to the max. You can find many items which you normally dont see in local supermarkets. Some fruits and seafood can be very expensive so pick wisely otherwise it’s a heaven for supermarket lovers. There’s also restaurants there. Look out for events whereby sometimes they bring in cookies, snacks and stuff which you can only get from certain part of Japan e.g Shiroi Koibito 白色恋人 from Hokkaido and seasonal mandarins..

  36. Avatar photo
    kazu kazu

    If you want high-quality Japanese vegetables and fruits, Meijiya is expensive.

  37. Avatar photo
    Annie Voo

    Various choices of japanese products. Great supermarket to shop!

  38. Avatar photo
    M S

    They have a great selection, but the prices are a bit surprising.
    Having a delivery service is very convenient.

  39. Avatar photo
    Asif Iqbal

    Expensive AF. A capsicum costs $7 bucks!

  40. Avatar photo
    Mak Winnie

    Able to get many Japanese titbits as well as bentos, sushi etc.

  41. Avatar photo
    Nancy Jiao

    The place where you can find you favorite Japanese beer

  42. Avatar photo
    K Eyth

    Extensive and complete selection of Japanese ingredients available at a reasonable price. Gluten-free selection has improved as well, to include the German brand Schär.

  43. Avatar photo
    GK Soh

    After decades, this supermarket remains a gem for fresh, great quality foodstuff, great ambience, excellent service

  44. Avatar photo
    Marco Vismara

    Wonderful Japanese food

  45. Avatar photo

    Lately, Donki has been losing out on the cheapness of its products, but I think they still have the edge in terms of product lineup. In particular, the natto product lineup is overwhelming and you can choose from more than 10 types.

  46. Avatar photo
    Yoichiro Umetsu

    If you want to get Japanese ingredients in Singapore, this is the place. luxury supermarket.

  47. Avatar photo
    David Hunt

    I love this store. I get lots of Japanese nibbles here and nice matcha green tea.

  48. Avatar photo
    Yeo Tah Keow

    Japanese supermarket. Foods stuff mostly came from Japan, S
    so quality is somehow ensured. I like to buy those household accessories from there as many cannot be bought from other local supermarket.

  49. Avatar photo
    Masaaki Moriyama

    The same product lineup as in Japan Basically anything is available. We have renewed!

  50. Avatar photo
    Jun Xiang Lau

    Basically a Japanese Supermarket!

  51. Avatar photo
    Lee Wei Lynn

    High quality ingredients available from not only japan. Must go to the fresh food section

  52. Avatar photo
    Shaofan Mu

    Going to buy fresh meat, the service attitude is very good, the introduction is patiently explained, and the meat quality is good. Supermarkets are suitable for middle and high consumers.

  53. Avatar photo
    Hito chua

    Renovated and looks nicer

  54. Avatar photo
    Hiroshi Takahashi

    After all, it is more solid than the bargain shop that was made recently. Tofu is especially delicious.

  55. Avatar photo

    This supermarket has been here for a long time. It is THE place to get all things Japanese food. Such a shame it will be closing down on March but don’t worry,the recently opened another outlet in Great World City

  56. Avatar photo
    현한수 (Hansoo Hyun)

    It is one of my favorite Japanese supermarket which have very fresh sushi and all kinds of Japan products. Especially, Yamazaki bread is best for me.
    And there are many Japanese restaurant in same floor.

  57. Avatar photo
    Karen Lin

    Super Japanese supermarkets will have cooked food or sushi specials in the evening. There are many kinds of biscuits, and the prices are on the high side.

  58. Avatar photo
    meng low

    Prices are a little more expensive than donquijote but meidi ya has wider range of Japanese groceries. Produce is fresh and of good quality. You can find most of what you need there if you cook Japanese cuisines.

  59. Avatar photo
    Spade Romanova

    My best shop. The freshest, most delicious and beautiful products. Too bad there is only one store in Singapore.

  60. Avatar photo
    Edward Lee

    good place

  61. Avatar photo
    TiakLeong Chng

    Lots of Japanese products.

  62. Avatar photo
    Anthony Ng

    One get good Japanese food and produce here and this is one supermarket that keep upgrading and changing their layout go for the fresh tofu products made in store

  63. Avatar photo
    Zen T

    Fantastic range of Japanese products

  64. Avatar photo
    si chiang Han

    Ideal place for Japanese to do their daily shopping but at a slightly higher price than isetan.

  65. Avatar photo
    Adrian Lim

    Lots of Japanese stuff to buy

  66. Avatar photo
    Suely CM

    Great place to get fresh soba and udon noodles from Hokkaido. The restaurant serves excellent sushi. You can get specialty items that are not available elsewhere. Interesting place to waste a Sunday afternoon.

  67. Avatar photo
    Charlene Pay

    Fresh sashimi, kobe beef and premium king crab from Hokkaido!

  68. Avatar photo
    Pohboon Yeo

    Make me hungry

  69. Avatar photo
    Choy L Tang

    Love their melon ice-cream from Hokkaido. $5 each, rich with melon favor. They always has some discount on food near expires or just expired.

  70. Avatar photo

    Most comprehensive Japanese products

  71. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Millar

    Awesome Japanese supermarket in Liang Court. We stayed in Somerset Liang Court so it was in the same building and dead handy. The supermarket itself is quite large and has a huge variety of japanese and generic groceries as well as meat & deli counters, a pharmacy/chemist, a laundry service, photo service, dedicated sushi & sashimi counters, a bento counter, and a Yamazaki bakery. To top it off there is a small area with cushions in the middle with a TV playing japanese cartoons to occupy kids while the parents do the shopping. The sushi & sashimi start getting discounted some time after 6pm so if you can wait you can score some fresh tasty sushi for cheap.

  72. Avatar photo
    Bucky Ng

    Various of japanese goods and food can be found here

  73. Avatar photo
    Maveric Chia

    Wide range of Japanese cooking products.

  74. Avatar photo
    Lim Hock Chuan

    great food products selection, all kinds of food testing during weekends

  75. Avatar photo
    FMJ S

    Excellent selection of goods from Japan. Frequently hosts fairs focused on regions of Japan.

  76. Avatar photo

    Well stocked supermarket with everything you need. Expensive, like everything in Singapore.

  77. Avatar photo

    Many Japanese ingredients are handled. It’s not cheap, but if you want to buy rice, this is the place…

  78. Avatar photo
    Tracy Ye

    Meidi-ya just revamped:
    Pharmacy, alcohol, deli, seafood section has a brighter new look.

    This supermarket carries mostly a large variety of japanese products, and Also UK products.
    Look at the cereal, biscuits and dairy section.
    You can find Guinness flavoured potato chips to quince jams to in-house made soya bean products (worth getting).

    It will be on the pricier side as majority are imported.

  79. Avatar photo
    Fiona Ng

    Good place to get fresh japanese beef and othere japanese products

  80. Avatar photo
    Toh Pei Qi

    Love the variety of choices at the super market.

  81. Avatar photo
    Benhur Sebastian

    Well stocked supermarket, with quality products, and knowledgeable staff. And the Hokkaido ice cream is yummilicious !!!

  82. Avatar photo
    Vivian How

    love this supermarket. it carries many unique items from oversea. always enjoy shopping here. its a pity that they are closing down in March 2020

  83. Avatar photo

    It’s a Japanese supermarket. Pork jerky is cheap and delicious. Individually packaged

  84. Avatar photo
    Nathan Campbell

    Pretty much feels like you’re in a Japanese supermarket in Japan. These guys even fly in fresh produce weekly from Japan! Quite expensive though. But they have pretty much everything you would find in a Japanese supermarket. Even $20 peaches!

  85. Avatar photo
    Eddie Tan

    Japanese supermarket with loads of local fruits, pastries and food stuff from Japan

  86. Avatar photo
    Gregor H

    Giant gourmet market to get your Japanese (and other) food fix: Yona Yona ale, koshihikari rice from Uonuma in Niigata, 20 kinds of miso, grilled tofu, shirataki, konnyaku etc etc. Of course you pay for the privilege, but it sure beats flying to Tokyo! Careful: long lines on weekends.

  87. Avatar photo
    Brandon Lee

    Amazing Soba place right at the front of meidi ya supermarket. V fresh fish.

  88. Avatar photo
    Kevin Yuan (keviny)

    One of my favourite Japanese supermarket. It has literally everything you need

  89. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Schäfer

    Best Japanese supermarket in town, great selection. Check out the sushi!

  90. Avatar photo
    LM Lim

    Come here for specific Japanese food

  91. Avatar photo
    Raphael Leong

    Excellent place for Japanese food

  92. Avatar photo
    Kehuat Tan

    Very nice environment. Many varieties of japanese & local products.

  93. Avatar photo
    Jason Koh

    This supermarket sells Japanese and Korean food with great variety.

  94. Avatar photo
    Franck Dibouës

    A good japanese supermarket. The sushis are fresh and not expensive !

  95. Avatar photo
    SC SC

    Best supermarket to shop for Japanese groceries.

  96. Avatar photo
    Jeditrainer 48

    Very big and has alot of snacks from japan

  97. Avatar photo

    The only place which truly carries unique products from Japan in Singapore.

  98. Avatar photo
    Peifeng Qiu

    Good place to buy Japanese Kobe beef and Japan groceries.

  99. Avatar photo
    Lis Chan

    Long ago used to this area that we called Daimaru…now change and visited the supermarket >> Meidi-ya, most of the Japanese foods there. e small restourant at this floor also yummy..worth to visit. …

  100. Avatar photo

    My favorite supermarket in Singapore.
    Offer a wide variety of Japanese fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, condiments, and groceries.
    Sushi and sashimi is high quality at a reasonable price, especially after 7pm!

  101. Avatar photo
    Elena Steblyanko

    Great supermarket! A paradise for lovers of Japanese products that have brought to Singapore! Especially those who follow the fashion, but have never tried the original in their lives. It is noteworthy that real Japanese make sushi and sashimi! great choice! unfortunately, for those who do not know about it place, it will be difficult to find on Google. I accidentally found out from the Japanese living in Singapore. I love Meidi-Ya! There are also Japanese restaurants on the floors of the shopping center where the market is located, I recommend it.

  102. Avatar photo
    Kyo Tho

    If you are looking for authentic Japanese fruits and vegetables, this is the right place. Alternative to Don Don Donki

  103. Avatar photo
    Peter Hunter

    Very good for everything the bread is the best in Singapore

  104. Avatar photo
    Zhen Wei Ang

    Excellent place to shop for Japanese rice

  105. Avatar photo
    Eddie ong

    More for foreigners

  106. Avatar photo
    Rena Z

    Best supermarket for all thing Japanese. A little costly but you can find a lot of Japanese products here.

  107. Avatar photo
    Éva Gál

    Very wide selection of fresh produce. Super sushi spread, but u need to go deeper in your pocket.

  108. Avatar photo
    Desmond Ang

    Japanese super market

  109. Avatar photo
    Yoshiaki K.

    Always shop for Japanese ingredients here. If you become a member, you will receive free home delivery on the same day with purchases of $70 or more.

  110. Avatar photo
    Two Hills

    Quality products … Not crowded on weekdays nice environment to shop grocery.

  111. Avatar photo
    LT LAI

    Nice place. New items not seen in other Singapore supermarket.

  112. Avatar photo
    Clarence Fernandez

    Terrible drag getting cabs at this place. Hoof it or get your own wheels.

  113. Avatar photo
    Freddie Low

    Decent range of Japanese products for the cook interested to cook Japanese.

  114. Avatar photo
    Henry Tang

    Japanese supermarket selling all things Japanese (imported), even the tofu is imported!

    Highly recommended if you want to try something different than Cold Storage

  115. Avatar photo
    John Kwok

    Wide range of Japanese food

  116. Avatar photo
    Peter Kakulas

    Great supermarket …a wide range of products from all over the world

  117. Avatar photo
    S. Seow

    Good quality Japanese supermarket with impressive range of Japanese groceries. The fruits, meats and Sushi & Sashimi sections are a treat!

  118. Avatar photo
    Albert Su

    Its really a huge japanese supermart that sells both local and japan imported items

  119. Avatar photo
    I-Lun Tseng

    The supermarket had many high-quality fresh produce from Japan, although the prices were high.

  120. Avatar photo
    Satria Bayu Sejati

    Calpis is a famous Japanese yogurt beverage, often packaged in ready-to-drink cans or bottled concentrate for those who want to mix their own drinks at home.

    Asahi produces Calpis-flavoured tablets, for those who prefer to chew and suck on the pocket-friendly candy version of this popular drink instead.

    Meidi-Ya Supermarket: 177 River Valley Road, #B1-50 Liang Court, Singapore 179030 | Opening Hours: Daily 10:00am – 10:00pm | Tel: 6339 1111 | Website

  121. Avatar photo
    Yian chng

    Amazing place to get Japanese food or even just for a walk around. There are amazing sushi from the sushi bar in mediya and some simple food stalls near the cashiers with authentic Japanese food available.

  122. Avatar photo
    Tan HELEN


  123. Avatar photo
    Helen Kuek

    Nice Katsu Done

  124. Avatar photo
    Moto Kicker

    All kinds of Japanese ingredients are available!
    There are always various free papers in the free paper corner at the entrance.

  125. Avatar photo
    Steven lim

    Very nice place

  126. Avatar photo
    Leena Prakash

    It’s the best super market in Singapore

  127. Avatar photo
    andy CHIA

    I’m looking forward to their new outlet at Great World City. River Valley is famous for Japanese expatriates.

  128. Avatar photo
    Sally Loh

    I like there supermarket, there things are fresh.

  129. Avatar photo
    James Lau

    Fresh and good deal.

  130. Avatar photo
    phillip chai

    Good place to pick up Japanese produce

  131. Avatar photo
    chan weng fei

    This supermarket offer a range of Japanese made products. Be prepared to pay more. Some may be much much more than you expect.

  132. Avatar photo
    Marie Gabriélle

    The best supermarket in Singapore. You can find anything and everything. Lots of gluten free options and breads, not overly priced.

  133. Avatar photo
    Koichi Asaami

    I am grateful that Japanese ingredients are available
    Singapore is cheaper than Malaysia so I’m happy

    Be careful with the tofu here
    there is sour
    If you eat it, you will definitely lose your stomach

  134. Avatar photo
    Narain Chutijirawong

    Many Japanese stuff

  135. Avatar photo
    Chris O'Loughlin

    A wide selection of groceries with a good Japanese and USA based variety of fresh items, but unfortunately this is the most expensive supermarket I’ve ever visited- and I’ve been to plenty in many different countries. Checkout was exceptionally slow. Try elsewhere if you’re looking for lower prices.

  136. Avatar photo

    My favorite supermarket in Singapore.
    Offer a wide variety of Japanese fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, condiments, and groceries.
    Sushi and sashimi is high quality at a reasonable price, especially after 7pm!

  137. Avatar photo
    Millie Tan

    Whatever we saw in Japan… We found it! …

  138. Avatar photo
    Swee Yew Goh

    A little expensive here, good range of grocery can be found here.

  139. Avatar photo
    Eddy Ng

    Lots of good stuffs.

  140. Avatar photo
    Michael ANG

    Have all types of sake and wine. Tuna and seafood look good too. …

  141. Avatar photo
    Thomas Herman

    Great Japanese products, but expensive.

  142. Avatar photo
    Christopher Wong

    Wide-selection Japanese supermarket in Singapore. Prices tend to be on the high side though.

  143. Avatar photo
    Netty Fong

    good jap supermarket

  144. Avatar photo
    Mina Marta

    Meidi-ya is one of the Japanese market in singapore….its locate at liangcourt….meidiya provided very very fresh seafood directly from Hokkaido japan….its famouse n its has unique cleanliness too….with their reasonable price too for sure….

  145. Avatar photo
    Sean Chen

    Quality supermarket

  146. Avatar photo

    Cannot get shiroi koibito at Meidi-Ya !

  147. Avatar photo
    T EA

    Best Japanese supermarket in Singapore. Groceries is probably more expensive here than other supermarkets. The supermarket sushi and sashimi selection is probably the best too.

  148. Avatar photo
    Fei Fei Chiam

    Japanese supermarket. Periodically there are Japanese fairs. Upscale supermarket. .

  149. Avatar photo
    the muk

    Place to get unique Japanese products

  150. Avatar photo
    Kelvin K

    Good selection of japanese stuff before don don donki started in spore

  151. Avatar photo
    S K

    Great, broad assortment of Japanese branded, style foods, alcohol, samples, fish, meat, sushi

  152. Avatar photo
    David Lai

    Lots of imported products but wow this is the most expensive supermarket I have ever been to!

  153. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Vincent

    Best fresh soy milk and tofu in Singapore can be bought from here.

  154. Avatar photo
    Alvin Yeo

    Japanese super market with plenty of food stuffs and even Japanese restaurants

  155. Avatar photo
    Cros Chum

    Very orderly, clean and fresh.

  156. Avatar photo

    It is a wonderful supermarket with all kinds of Japanese ingredients in the basement of Liang Court.

    You can arrive in less than an hour by taxi from Singapore Changi Airport.

    The price is high, but I am grateful for the thorough service, such as putting ice packs and packing it so that I can take it home.

    The quality of not only preserved food but also fresh food is outstanding.
    We have everything from Japanese black beef slices to black for steaks.

    In season, even eels from Shimanto are displayed at the storefront.
    There is no doubt that you will forget that you are abroad and will be immersed in shopping for ingredients.

  157. Avatar photo
    T I

    If you’re looking for fresh food and Japanese quality, this is the place.
    Since the price is high, it is necessary to use properly with Donki except for food.

  158. Avatar photo
    steven lim

    We love this supermarket, which also has some eateries in the compound. You can get lovely bread and pastries from Yamazaki, as well as good quality fruits from Japan, but at a price. The seafood and sushi are fresh, and they also have a wide range of Japanese cheeses and ice cream.

  159. Avatar photo
    Jace Ng

    The food are fresh and special. Will come back and shop again

  160. Avatar photo

    High quality products imported from Japan. Plenty if choices from grocery to fruit to meat and seafood. Pricy.

  161. Avatar photo
    Patrick Tan

    Good japanese stuff. Good sashimi, sushi, etc…

  162. Avatar photo
    Hariharan Ranganathan

    Just OK

  163. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Millar

    Awesome Japanese supermarket in Liang Court. We stayed in Somerset Liang Court so it was in the same building and dead handy. The supermarket itself is quite large and has a huge variety of japanese and generic groceries as well as meat & deli counters, a pharmacy/chemist, a laundry service, photo service, dedicated sushi & sashimi counters, a bento counter, and a Yamazaki bakery. To top it off there is a small area with cushions in the middle with a TV playing japanese cartoons to occupy kids while the parents do the shopping. The sushi & sashimi start getting discounted some time after 6pm so if you can wait you can score some fresh tasty sushi for cheap.

  164. Avatar photo

    Probably the best supermarket in the island very friendly and helpful staffs , launch varieties of imported ingredients, fresh and will organized. Highly recommend. …

  165. Avatar photo

    All Japanese groceries are gathered here. It’s not bad.

  166. Avatar photo
    Jian-Lin Lee

    Well-stocked Japanese supermarket. Good enough selection of fresh produce from Japan. As with all japanese supermarkets, they have festival/province/country fairs with good food and drinks booths.

  167. Avatar photo
    Alvin Seah

    Good range of Japanese foodstuff

  168. Avatar photo
    Mun Chong

    The only place I know that provides free ice packs for sushi n sashimi; just about the freshest sushi n sashimi islandwide
    Now just beside Fort Canning MRT
    Another corner has the best Milk Pan, a bun with milk custard filling
    One of our favourite weekend haunts when we need to get our wasabi fix

  169. Avatar photo

    Great Japanese supermarket! They have really good and fresh salmon sashimi and many sushi. Wide varieties of matcha/green tea, instant noodles, fruits, and foods. There are food fair around often too.

  170. Avatar photo
    Phillip Phan

    Freshest of food with prices to match 😉

  171. Avatar photo
    Jason Lee

    Amazing selection of food and snacks

  172. Avatar photo
    William Soh

    Can find most of Japanese products but more expensive than Japan

  173. Avatar photo
    CH Low

    Good Japanese goods

  174. Avatar photo
    W W

    Good selection of Japanese groceries

  175. Avatar photo
    Ara Garabedian

    Great place to shop and eat. The range of sushi is great.

  176. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Chan

    Lots of products import from Japan, quite complete! Very spacious, can stroll around easily with our huge buggy. Always enjoy shopping here.

  177. Avatar photo
    Namdev Sachathep

    It’s like you’re in Japan!

  178. Avatar photo
    Kit Peng Ng

    Feel happy shopping there. I like the wide range of available products.

  179. Avatar photo
    Albert Yeo

    Excellent range of Japanese products.

  180. Avatar photo
    Ciprian Radu

    You can find everything you need. Some are a bit expensive but what isn’t expensive in Singapore.

  181. Avatar photo
    Aurelius Yeo

    The place to get Japanese groceries. They have a small range of Korean groceries too.

  182. Avatar photo
    Flik Cof

    best place to get some decent shabu shabu beef

  183. Avatar photo
    Ask Me Anything In Singapore

    Love the whole area. Food to walking around

  184. Avatar photo
    Lainey K.

    Got most of Japanese stuff you need especially fruits. Easy to find as well. Cashiers are super nice

  185. Avatar photo
    Ben Ong

    Ms Chan a great Staff, helping me pack this Gifts, Cheers!!!

  186. Avatar photo
    Vic Phan

    Good selection of meats

  187. Avatar photo
    Tan One

    So much food, the staff are great, lots of variety, great prices. Definitely recommend.

  188. Avatar photo
    Wong Jieyi


  189. Avatar photo
    Ari sa

    Quality of products are quite good. Though average price is high, it worth to pay, maybe. There are variety of fresh fruits, veg, meat, rice, noodle, bread, sweets, drink, alcohol and household supplies. One more thing I’d like to add is they have Japanese free magazines besides the register. It’s useful and full of promotion information.

  190. Avatar photo
    Thomas White

    The melons were only $118 each this week? Suuuugooooiiii

  191. Avatar photo

    Love this Meidi-ya here. I am able to find Japan products that couldn’t be found from normal Super market.

  192. Avatar photo

    Although they are closing by end of mar 2020, they are still in Singapore!
    Their new location is Great World City, Basement 2. The info is available on their Singapore Website.

    Meidi-Ya is a Japanese supermarket that carries an impressive variety of Japanese grocery items. their ready to eat sushi section at the corner of the store is popular with the crowds. If you are in the area around 7-8pm onwards, you might chanced upon a bargain item.

  193. Avatar photo
    Miyu Ishi

    I go there regularly because they have a good selection of dry and processed foods, and the thinly sliced ​​pork from Canada is affordable and delicious. Fruits that are not made in Japan are cheap and delicious.

  194. Avatar photo
    Hoonseok Chung

    One of the best supermarket and food court chosen by Japanese. The sushi restaurant is the best.

  195. Avatar photo
    Linda Liu

    This supermarket is definitely one if my favourites as it is conveniently linked to Fort Canning MRT. It has lots of fresh sashimi and sushi and the market is well stocked with lots of fresh produce. Just be forewarned that the fruits and vegetables are not priced cheaply but of course the quality is very good! Overall, if you need to stock up on Japanese ingredients and you like seafood and fish, this is the place.

  196. Avatar photo
    B,L&D B,L&D

    The best place for Japanese goods

  197. Avatar photo
    Dennis N

    Excellent place to slowly browse the insane range of Japanese and specially imported products.

    The sashimi bought here is value for money and extremely fresh! $20 for a small platter and $40 for the large platter. (Both are amazing)

    Don’t forget to pick up the gold award chicken karage here! Even when eaten cold, it is still very juicy and flavourful with a tasty bottle of soy sauce to go with it. For sure I am hooked.

    A wonderful place for sashimi and shopping.
    Will be back soon!

  198. Avatar photo
    Angeline Ng

    Convenience location n FD are very fresh! Worth the value!

  199. Avatar photo
    Kenny Yao

    It is a nice place to having Japanese goods

  200. Avatar photo

    Good place to shop for anything Japanese or exotic foods that you can’t find elsewhere in NTUC and Cold Storage

  201. Avatar photo
    Christina Michele Rios

    This is my go-to grocery store for sushi and sake nights at home. Super fresh, incredible value for money and really gorgeous presentation too.

    Sake section is on point too and the woman running it is a proper sake sommelier.

  202. Avatar photo
    Isabelle S

    Great selection of fresh sashimi

  203. Avatar photo
    Aniello Cellini

    Great choice of stuff from all around world, I use to go there at least once per month to replenish our pantry.

  204. Avatar photo

    Even though the prices are high, the quality of their produce is incredibly fresh, especially since it’s imported from Japan and various other places. However their sushi and sashimi are very good value and generously portioned.

  205. Avatar photo
    David Ang

    Love shopping here especially the wide range of japanese goods

  206. Avatar photo
    Karen Goh

    Good Japanese food

  207. Avatar photo
    Selena Leung

    One of the best super market in sg. One stop place to get all things Japanese

  208. Avatar photo
    Alex Foong

    Superb variety of Japanese goods. Disclaimer is that you one must be a jap fanatic to appreciate it.

  209. Avatar photo

    Isetan or Takashimaya is way better than Meidi-Ya as they offer more choices

  210. Avatar photo
    E T

    A perfect example of a Japanese supermarket. I’m glad it exists in Singapore.

  211. Avatar photo
    Gerald Teh

    The best place to get your supply of Japanese groceries in SG.

  212. Avatar photo
    A Shiny

    best place for shopping

  213. Avatar photo
    June Y

    it’s a bit expensive
    There are many Japanese foods to eat.

  214. Avatar photo
    Tay Jason

    Great place to find Japanese produce.

  215. Avatar photo
    Yu Ong

    A lot of Japanese stuff and the seafood and fruits are very fresh but the prices are expensive.

  216. Avatar photo
    Casia Chew

    I go to Liang Court for the sole purpose of having melon soft serve while watching Doraemon

  217. Avatar photo
    Nicole Farmilo

    Expensive but good variety, especially for Japanese food and ingredients

  218. Avatar photo
    matthew tan

    Good quality food but really really expensive price there

  219. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Law

    Lovely Jap supermarket for all produce and groceries Japanese.

  220. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Ho

    Good selection of Japanese products and also one of the best place to buy ready sliced Shabu Shabu meats, period.

  221. Avatar photo
    Peggy Tanaka

    Loved this place to buy all the Japanese food items. Wide range at reasonable prices. bento boxes, sushi, sashimi etc
    Love the on the spot making of tofu freshly done with soya bean drink. There are 2 outlets selling sashimi etc
    Overall it has the best range of Japanese products
    Nearby the eating outlets are also selling Japanese food

  222. Avatar photo
    laoren teo

    Anything u want to find from Jap can be found here.

  223. Avatar photo
    Patrick Neo

    Great do Japanese products.

  224. Avatar photo
    BellyJay 88

    My forever favorite place to go that has anything to do with Japanese!! Sushi!, curry rice, bread, omu rice.. Literally can spend hours looking at the endless list of things that Japan has to offer! Neatly organized..!! Japanese is all about details!! ️

  225. Avatar photo
    JM DPY

    Japanese supermarket. Really great if you want, one evening, to eat excellent sushi at a very modest price.

  226. Avatar photo

    We handle a lot of Japanese ingredients.
    A great store for those who live in Singapore.

  227. Avatar photo
    Michael Eng

    Great meal
    At a very reasonable price

    I got chicken teriyaki at $5 sg
    Kind staff.
    Good customer service

  228. Avatar photo
    Kel Liew

    One of the best Japanese supermaket in Singapore! Hygiene is their top priority, no wet floors, they even display the items nicely and in order (unlike other supermarkets). Friendly staffs too! 5mins walk from the nearest Fort Canning MRT (Blue line)

  229. Avatar photo
    Leander Yohanes

    Best supermarket in Singapore for Japanese products.

  230. Avatar photo
    Dean Aw

    Wonderful products and services

  231. Avatar photo
    Eric Yam

    Fans of Japanese food, fruits, alcohol and items should definitely go!

  232. Avatar photo
    Angelina Smith

    Excellent. The quality of food is so much better than Donki’s.

  233. Avatar photo
    Dai K

    Japanese style grocery shop. You can buy almost everything sold in Japan.

  234. Avatar photo
    Jane N

    Love this supermarket. They have all sorts of foodstuff from Japan, including seasonal treats. They also sell a great range of Pukka tea.

  235. Avatar photo
    Thow Min Jerald Cham

    Large selection of Japanese goodies, wide open aisles, very comfortable shopping experience.

  236. Avatar photo

    Great Environment

  237. Avatar photo
    S Ambers

    Clean and large store, with a decent choices of Japanese bentos.

  238. Avatar photo
    Xiaoming Gong

    A complete collection of Japanese products! good environment! It’s just that things are a bit more expensive!

  239. Avatar photo
    Travis Scavone

    Best super market in the area. Very good selection of meats and fish.

  240. Avatar photo
    Alpha Ong

    Has one of the well stock fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats and other Japanese products.

  241. Avatar photo
    Ted K

    I think it’s the best selection of Japanese food in Singapore. Located in the basement of Liancourt, Japanese customers come to shop from nearby Robertson Quay.

  242. Avatar photo
    Andrew Sin

    The place is big, the line is comfortable, and the goods are many and neat

  243. Avatar photo
    Lim Teik Kai

    supermarket with Doraemon cartoon !!

  244. Avatar photo
    Haeeun Lee

    Prices are being beaten by Don don donki for most of items so I don’t see any reasons to come back to Meidi ya. Too overpriced…. but if you go after 8pm, 50% discount applies to daily foods and deli menu such as sushi. In other words, before the discount, they are not woryh the price…

  245. Avatar photo

    Last day of business on Tuesday, 31 March 2020.

  246. Avatar photo

    I bought it cheap because it was on sale, but check the condition before buying. The taste was not good.

  247. Avatar photo
    Jessica Song

    Japanese supermarket with great selections of veggies, meat and seafood. You can also find some Korean food items though limited.

  248. Avatar photo
    Pascal Wijler

    International supermarket

  249. Avatar photo
    Melanie Ho

    Love the Japanese and meat selection.

  250. Avatar photo
    Ka Y Th

    Lve this place! Check out the bubbly section, the gourmet tea selection, the sashimi promos @ EoD & the value-for-$ bistros like yayoi (go for the hitsumabushi unagi ) …

  251. Avatar photo
    Michelle Lee

    Fresh and affordable products

  252. Avatar photo
    Mengkuang Han

    Lot of groceries made in Japan but closing in March n moving to another location

  253. Avatar photo
    Wesmi Alkhazal

    Has lots of japanese based products there that are readily available to you at a reasonable cost.

  254. Avatar photo
    Rachel L

    Whole range of Japanese food. Beef is very fresh.

  255. Avatar photo

    I was surprised to see fish for sashimi on sale. The price is a little high, but it might be better than the supermarkets in Japan. When I went there, there were more Korean and Chinese people than Japanese people.

  256. Avatar photo
    Daryl Chia

    Best sashimi and wagyu you’ll find in a supermarket in Singapore

  257. Avatar photo
    Zachary Chua

    Located in the basement of Liang Court, this Japanese supermarket is huge and stocked full of goodies directly imported from Japan. Definitely do not miss out on it when you visit Liang Court. The stuff they sell here can be a little pricey but they do sell some items exclusive to the supermarket (i.e. you can’t find them anywhere else in Singapore). All in all, it’s a nice place to visit if you’re looking for Japanese groceries, snacks, drinks etc..

  258. Avatar photo
    Phyll Y.

    Meidi-ya is heaven-sent for lovers of Japanese products, but the chocolate section should really be expanded. Sadly, no sight of Meiji The Chocolate bars being in stock, and have been resorting to buying those from The Market Place.

  259. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Enjoy shopping here for the upmarket Japanese food and products. Also the exciting food fairs all year round, like this one in Aug 2015.

  260. Avatar photo
    xambazor okie

    Very nice and food are fresh

  261. Avatar photo

    Great variety from Japan USA …

  262. Avatar photo
    Ethan Low

    The super market sells very expensive stuff. But the quality is very good especially the sushi..its so fresh and imported from japan.

  263. Avatar photo
    Mr. Afineday

    Japanese supermarket. Plenty of choices, fresh food ingredients, and very nice staff!

  264. Avatar photo
    Pamela Loke

    Good selection of Japanese groceries. Pricey

  265. Avatar photo
    S W

    They have the finest selection, if price is not your concern you will love it.

  266. Avatar photo
    CC Teo

    You can find loads of Japanese produce and household products here. Drop by for fresh sushi bentos for reasonable price.

  267. Avatar photo
    kamisah Pang

    If you want Japanese products, this is the place to go. They hv seasonal fruits, seafood, meat n Japanese cooking utensils fr Japan. Price wise – more expensive than Don Donki. Sometimes they do hv Japanese fair n u can try the products before u buy.

  268. Avatar photo

    Great selection of ready to eat food at prices much economical than dining at Japanese restaurant yet equally authentic!

    Bought a box of 6 LARGE pieces of Chicken Karrage (apparently award winning) for $10 and it’s absolutely amazing!!!!! The chicken was juicy and delicious! It wasn’t overly salty and was perfect for sharing!

    We also bought a $10 tamago and the Japanese staff kindly cut it up for us to dine at the seating area ahead of the payment counters!

    Yummy bentos and sushi can also be picked up here!

    I’ve got no photos coz we dug into the food without waiting and everything was so good! Kani croquette, ebi croquette, kani with sea urchin and ikura bento!!

    We will be back for another picnic!!

  269. Avatar photo
    jen teo

    Has what I want. Clean environment.

  270. Avatar photo

    It was a great selection of items for Japanese people, and it was very useful. Better cost performance than the Japanese department store in Orchard.

  271. Avatar photo
    Stephanie G

    Meidi ya has the friendliest fishmonger in town!

  272. Avatar photo
    CR Ong

    Had dinner at one of the food stall. The food was good.

  273. Avatar photo
    Suely CM

    Great place to get fresh soba and udon noodles from Hokkaido. The restaurant serves excellent sushi. You can get specialty items that are not available elsewhere. Interesting place to waste a Sunday afternoon.

  274. Avatar photo
    HP Tay

    Great selection of Japanese groceries.

  275. Avatar photo
    Rafael Castro

    It has most things that you would need on vacation.

  276. Avatar photo

    Excellent place in SG to get Japanese groceries. Wide variety of vegetables and meats from Japan. Especially good for getting pork for shabu shabu.

  277. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Yap

    One of the best places to shop for Japanese products.

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