Review Mcdonald’s Punggol21, 80 Punggol Field, Singapore

Review McDonald's Punggol21 - Singapore 80 Punggol Field

“Great food, nice atmosphere, friendly staff but 6 out 10 I have experienced missing” or “Always crowded but service is also fast. They have seating arrangements outside the restaurant so not much of an issue even if there is a big crowd.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Mcdonald’s Punggol21. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Mcdonald’s Punggol21 is quality.

Introduction about Mcdonald's Punggol21

Here are some fundamental details regarding Mcdonald's Punggol21. In terms of Fast food restaurant, it is generally believed that Mcdonald's Punggol21is one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 80 Punggol Field, #01-02 Punggol 21 Community Club, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Fast food restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63154584 (+65 63154584)
  • Website:
  • Address: 80 Punggol Field, #01-02 Punggol 21 Community Club, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 6 AM to 1 AM.


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15.4 km15 minute18 minute13 minute

How to contact Mcdonald's Punggol21?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Mcdonald's Punggol21 via:

Phone number

You can reach Mcdonald's Punggol21 at 63154584(+65 63154584). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Mcdonald's Punggol21 via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 80 Punggol Field, #01-02 Punggol 21 Community Club, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Mcdonald's Punggol21 reviews

Mcdonald's Punggol21 is among the best destinations of Fast food restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Mcdonald's Punggol21 good?

To determine whether Mcdonald's Punggol21 is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Great food, nice atmosphere, friendly staff but 6 out 10 I have experienced missing”

“Always crowded but service is also fast. They have seating arrangements outside the restaurant so not much of an issue even if there is a big crowd.”

“Service was good. Very friendly and attentive. Place was well cleaned.”

“The aunties here from counter to server all super nice and friendly. By far my most pleasant macd visit .keep up the good job guys They deserve a raise!”

“Although one of the rather busiest around, service still rather fast, staff are still polite and organised. (Checked in Tues 24/05/22, 815pm)”

“Staff Neha was really nice and attentive. Had some issues with the payment and and redemption. She helped to resolve it.”

“It always great to have the staff to control the number of pax inside the outlet before letting the people who queue outside to enter the outlet. Double thumbs up!”

“So Many seats to sit. However ordering touch Pad is just 2 working and remaining 2 never work always. For this reason, you have big Queue...”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 228 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 77% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Mcdonald's Punggol21, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Mcdonald’s Punggol21, 80 Punggol Field, Singapore

There is a total 228 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Sharle K.

    It’s crowded with inconsiderate and rowdy kids. Service is slow at times and the staff may get your order wrong if you have special requests.

  2. Avatar photo
    Farhan Mazlan

    Friendly and helpful staff. Good vibes.

  3. Avatar photo
    irene lum

    Fries need to be improved

  4. Avatar photo
    Reema Gupta

    Mc donalds as usual

  5. Avatar photo
    Mahalakshmi Santosh

    Have many happenings around all time

  6. Avatar photo
    juzu juzu

    The earliest MacDonald in Punggol. Next to Punggol Plaza which has NTUC, KouFu foodcourt, and a “wet” market.

  7. Avatar photo
    Hamyd Hadzir

    Went for breakfast. Not too many people as it was a weekday….As per other McD, service was fast…

  8. Avatar photo
    bEn Tay

    Small but ok

  9. Avatar photo
    cai yu

    And it

  10. Avatar photo
    Kar Wei Goh

    The same mac everywhere

  11. Avatar photo
    Eshan Akif

    If you want to take away, you still must queue.

  12. Avatar photo
    Alvin Lim

    Just a normal standard McDonald’s.

  13. Avatar photo
    Thomas Yap

    Service is good

  14. Avatar photo
    Arshad Jamal

    Nice place. Not much crowed these days.

  15. Avatar photo
    Ooi ks

    Not so packed, seats are available

  16. Avatar photo
    J W

    comfort food?

  17. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Karki

    Love the ambience .. consistent quality of food I liked it

  18. Avatar photo
    Anthony Dayrit

    Great food, nice atmosphere, friendly staff but 6 out 10 I have experienced missing

  19. Avatar photo
    Bee Bee James

    Close to home back in Singapore. Favorite place to go when hungry.

  20. Avatar photo
    Jian An Tan

    Grouchy service manager to spoil your day

  21. Avatar photo
    Elyse Afandi

    It’s one place many of the secondary school and primary school students go to. I can bring my friends there for lunch, for study, or chat. It’s so convenient, I can make it there in 2 mins. Trust me that’s real for where I live

  22. Avatar photo
    Yong Min Goh

    Friendly McDonald’s

  23. Avatar photo
    Young Choo

    Great ambience.

  24. Avatar photo
    Abhilasha Narayan

    Very Convenient for On The Go People

  25. Avatar photo
    Rohith Nedunchezian

    Pretty much as good as the standard McDonald’s in SG tho there isn’t any self service kiosk

  26. Avatar photo
    Chris Kevin Seelan

    Cleaned thoroughly, as well as customer service not too bad

  27. Avatar photo
    Jason Chua

    Friendly and helpful staff here. Thumbs up !

  28. Avatar photo
    David K K Kwan

    The usual McD. The crowd is usually quite big and the serving time will kinda drags a while.

  29. Avatar photo
    Unknown User

    Well, well, well

  30. Avatar photo
    Anna Louise

    Excellent location spot at the community center and connected to Punggol Plaza. There’s an auntie enforcing social distance and COVID-19 precautions. Surprised to see that the restaurant is not crowded on a Sunday afternoon. We were able to sit and dine comfortably right away.

  31. Avatar photo
    Chiu Hee Tan

    Friendly and helpful staff.

  32. Avatar photo

    Usual McDonald’s outlet with friendly staff! Great for lazy weekend breakfast.

  33. Avatar photo
    Thomas Leong

    So so

  34. Avatar photo
    quek chee teck quek

    The service was excellent!

  35. Avatar photo
    Ray K

    Nice little place to hangout

  36. Avatar photo
    Sharon Tan

    My favourite fast-food dinning places! …

  37. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Ismadi AL KAMIL PTE LTD (Giant)

    Most of the time crowded

  38. Avatar photo
    Cara Wong

    One of my fav malls in singapore

  39. Avatar photo
    Teddy Muffy

    Amongst all MCD in punggol/sengkang area, this is the best outlet interm if food quality. I ordered grab – they only found a driver an hour later that means i get my meals more than 1.30hr later. Its still warm. They put attention into my food ensure is warm right before delivery. Other MCD just throw in cold stale fries and burgers. I would see that if they take pride in deliveries, im sure they will ensure quality of food when dining in.

  40. Avatar photo

    Your typical McDonalds. Crowded most days, but a friendly family crowd.

  41. Avatar photo
    wee liat low

    Nice place.

  42. Avatar photo

    friendly service staff, fast service

  43. Avatar photo

    Even in their busy hour’sthey keep smiling while serving their customers..

  44. Avatar photo
    Ramli Muhammad


  45. Avatar photo
    Hendraila DQMIA

    Breakfast , Lunch n Dinner

  46. Avatar photo
    Delson Tan

    Nice cosy place but seats are limited with social distancing measures.

  47. Avatar photo
    ah guang

    The service is good!!!

  48. Avatar photo
    Perry Tan

    Not so crowded as other branches in Punggol

  49. Avatar photo

    Kind staff ~~

  50. Avatar photo
    Poh Matthew


  51. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chan

    Simple Mac nothing more

  52. Avatar photo

    Nicely tucked in the fringe of Punggol and conveniently accessible via LRT. Always a delight to a child to have a happy meal.

  53. Avatar photo
    Krishnamoorthy Loganathan

    Big,neat and well maintained

  54. Avatar photo
    Neo Seng

    Great place to relax.

  55. Avatar photo
    Lim Emilyn


  56. Avatar photo
    ong jun tiong

    Best place to buy breakfast before going for a morning stroll in the beautiful park.

  57. Avatar photo
    Yap Mei Hua

    very good

  58. Avatar photo
    Justin Hui

    The first McDonald’s to be opened in Punggol, this place marked the point in which Punggol went from rural outskirts to modern new town. But yeah it’s a Mac so I don’t really have anything else to review about this place. The fries are nice I guess?

  59. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Tan

    Crowded with students and self ordering kiosk weren’t working properly. Need to tap hard a few times before machine respond.

  60. Avatar photo
    William Koh

    it a nice place

  61. Avatar photo
    William Jason

    Service always friendly, fast delivery to tables too

  62. Avatar photo

    Pretty good place to have a quick bite, but do not go of you want a vegetarian meal or just food. Good coffee, great beverages and desserts. Overall, a good quick bite!

  63. Avatar photo
    Nikola Ger

    Great service fast cheers

  64. Avatar photo
    Victoria Yong

    Good service..

  65. Avatar photo
    Kevin T

    Helpful and friendly staff.

  66. Avatar photo

    It taste like any Mcdonalds!

  67. Avatar photo
    Ken Koh

    The Liaison Office and the HDB branch are very special together.

  68. Avatar photo
    Shilpa Bhalerao

    Good place

  69. Avatar photo
    Diane Chew

    The chairs are sticky after removing VDS stickers …

  70. Avatar photo
    Rajesh Kumar Reddy

    Not the best McD out there

  71. Avatar photo
    deepa sharma

    Good service

  72. Avatar photo
    HMK Ithnin

    Waiting time to enter is superb slow.
    Friendly staff except at the entrance staff,no smile and unproffesional.

  73. Avatar photo
    Clarice Lye

    Usually packed during peak hrs but the staff are friendly to students studying at the more secluded seats near the toilet but I rlly wish the operating hrs were longer because it closes at 11-12 everyday

  74. Avatar photo
    lance ong

    Drive thr pretty slow.

  75. Avatar photo
    Azue Abdul

    At community center. Got public toilets messy access.

  76. Avatar photo
    Patrick Law

    With many staff working during peak hours plus the help of ordering kiosk, I would have thought the wait would be shorter. Unlike old way of ordering, staff at front end would know what customers have ordered and would be able to fulfill the order pretty fast. Now every staff gotta keep referring to the screen as they did not take the order from customer but the machines. Queues are worsen during public holidays as I can recall.

  77. Avatar photo
    Tham Mandy

    Long q but staff friendly

  78. Avatar photo
    Josh Yap

    Most bad service McDonald’s in puggol, wrong order, served cold nugget and messy

  79. Avatar photo
    B L

    Food left there, while managers scramble to get no work done. Aunties working there clearly needed help offloading, but managers decided to check out the cups at the drinks stand. Smh

  80. Avatar photo
    Maggie New


  81. Avatar photo
    Salmon Nella

    Opens 24×7 but, some nights of the month can be shut after midnight for maintenance.

    Full house most of the time.

    No power points for charging laptop or mobile phones unlike MacDonald in Hong Kong that offer some USB power access points for charging mobile phones or laptops.

  82. Avatar photo
    Elaine Kok

    It always great to have the staff to control the number of pax inside the outlet before letting the people who queue outside to enter the outlet. Double thumbs up!

  83. Avatar photo
    Martin Tay

    Nice nuggets & wings box as late night snack.

  84. Avatar photo
    Wilson Yeu


  85. Avatar photo
    Cheah Susan

    They are going to renovate on 21st may till 22nd Lunch time to upgarde to table service

  86. Avatar photo
    Anupam Saha

    Wonderful place for an evening hang out

  87. Avatar photo

    Relatively clean and chill.

  88. Avatar photo
    Olivia Tan

    Staff Neha was really nice and attentive. Had some issues with the payment and and redemption. She helped to resolve it.

  89. Avatar photo
    moyiao miao

    They close the exit nearest to the toilet there and my stomach did not like that

  90. Avatar photo
    Vizio Smart

    just don’t use the sales order machines

  91. Avatar photo
    Ethan F.

    Queue management, food prep and service attitude (some staff) need to be improved.

  92. Avatar photo
    Aditi Prasad

    Nice place but the salted egg fries thing was really bad :p would not reccomend. It wae fries with salty thousand island dressing.

  93. Avatar photo
    Sujal Lagare magdum

    This MacDonald does not serve the flavours of ice cream which are in other MacDonalds so you only get vanilla ice cream but it is still really fun as the ambiance there is amazing.

  94. Avatar photo
    Elfy Selamat

    Normal standard McDonald’s food fare, service etc

  95. Avatar photo

    Nice small McDonalds in the community centre. Great place to sit with my son (5 year old)

  96. Avatar photo

    good service. Fries given without any salt .

  97. Avatar photo
    Jacob Tan

    Ok, this is just a average McDonald’s, when I was there it was quiet. As with all McDonald’s forget about charger. But a quaint decent MacDonald’s.

  98. Avatar photo
    Vinu Nair

    Nice and kids friendly.Excellent quality of food also

  99. Avatar photo
    Ruzaini Syazwan

    Slow mediocre food quality

  100. Avatar photo
    Adrian Lee

    Had breakfast at a seat with a privacy wall. Enjoyed.

  101. Avatar photo
    Juliani Lim

    Nice food. Got order machine so makes no more queue up. Quick service.

  102. Avatar photo
    Elaine Low

    The usual stuff at McDonalds but the cleanliness of this branch falls below average

  103. Avatar photo
    Thomas Ong

    Good service

  104. Avatar photo
    M B G

    Overall ok. We juat had sundae (“,)

  105. Avatar photo
    sandeep kumar

    Fast service

  106. Avatar photo
    J M Koh


  107. Avatar photo
    christine clare oh

    Quick service recovery by the Manager. Order 2 cups Latte, seems and taste white coffee. Present to Manager, he confirmed white coffee. Latte was immediately replaced.

  108. Avatar photo
    Gan zion

    The aunties here from counter to server all super nice and friendly. By far my most pleasant macd visit .keep up the good job guys They deserve a raise!

  109. Avatar photo
    Alex Chin

    It was fun

  110. Avatar photo
    Simran Kaur

    Fast moving q

  111. Avatar photo
    Xiao Hui

    Got environment but aircon too too cold

  112. Avatar photo
    wangteng Lee

    My son likes it for bfast

  113. Avatar photo
    hyper gt


  114. Avatar photo
    Speed B

    Fast and friendly staffs

  115. Avatar photo
    Sasha Rose

    Food is prompt as expected and taste better then oasis

  116. Avatar photo
    Re Ho

    Its like your usual McDonald’s

  117. Avatar photo


  118. Avatar photo

    Nice staff but Long queues

  119. Avatar photo
    Qiming Low

    Nice little MacDonald’s.

  120. Avatar photo
    Utkarsh Raj

    Best place to have a quick meal

  121. Avatar photo
    Wong Nyuk Cheng

    All are friendly co-operative staffs.

  122. Avatar photo
    Travis Low

    This Mac does not have a drive thru. Accessinle from the HDB carpark behind.

  123. Avatar photo

    Good service attitude

  124. Avatar photo

    nice and friendly staff

  125. Avatar photo
    Howard Lim

    Good place for fast foods.

  126. Avatar photo
    Aminudin Bin Yunos

    Long queue at peak hours.. Cosy ambience for dining in.

  127. Avatar photo

    Queue is reasonable and service is superb, a staff actually saw a helper carrying a lot of ntuc bags then allow her to place it on the table while she queue to lighten the load

  128. Avatar photo
    KOH HP

    Too many student always jump q .counter staff look unhappy when they serve customer.

  129. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Fadhil


  130. Avatar photo

    Moderate to fast waiting times but the fries always like no salt

  131. Avatar photo
    Stephen LPK

    The main entry is on the side of the building. Can’t entre frkm the CC side …

  132. Avatar photo
    Freo Ee

    A little bit small

  133. Avatar photo
    Jun Wei

    just as any macs in singapore that you’ll expect. staffs are great, waiting time is acceptable even during peak hours.

  134. Avatar photo
    Bian Kheng Lim

    Macdonalds!! need I say more??

  135. Avatar photo
    Wendy Valdez

    nice customer service

  136. Avatar photo
    Sharan SG


  137. Avatar photo
    B L

    Food left there, while managers scramble to get no work done. Aunties working there clearly needed help offloading, but managers decided to check out the cups at the drinks stand. Smh

  138. Avatar photo
    revanth durga

    all time favourite McDonald’s is, especially the frenchfries and burgers are very famous but the thing is in coke they’ll mix ice with coke this results in mixing of water to coke, and taste differs please make sure u don’t serve coke with water otherwise very good

  139. Avatar photo
    kywe thong

    Good. With covid 19 measure in place.

  140. Avatar photo
    the muk

    Popular mc

  141. Avatar photo
    Lakshay Cherukuri

    It was good. We had a great time

  142. Avatar photo
    Everlyn Cheng Xiu Huan

    Manager working at around 10pm is super unfriendly and looks like everyone owes her a living. She was taking my order at the counter and gave me a good stare down when i was contemplating on my order. The workers there are far more friendly and non snobbish

  143. Avatar photo
    Nax Chua

    Great staff over there!

  144. Avatar photo
    Shazia Shaikh

    My husband n I were craving for Mcdonald’s fries and burgers so we decided to stop by. Even while we were at the door checking in for the safe entry, a kind employee welcomed us with her charming manners while greeting us and opened the door to let us in. In the middle of our makan, I wanted some extra chilly sauce so my husband got up to bring some. She personally came to our table and gave us the extra sauce. When we were done, she even came to our table to check on us how was our meal. For a moment I felt I was in a SIA aircraft. Here were were in mcdy’s getting topclass SQ service. I made sure to check her name tag lol..SEETHA here is a huge thank you for making a simple Mcdonald’s trip so full of warmth. She deserves the recognition for being such an amazing employee.

  145. Avatar photo
    sujoy basak

    It’s a semi busy outlet. Service was quite fast. Environment is family friendly.

  146. Avatar photo
    Wong Kent

    Nice quiet place to eat

  147. Avatar photo
    A. Eddie

    It’s McDonald’s.. what’s more to expect

  148. Avatar photo
    Raymond Lee

    Nice food but queueing system for collection could be better and more organised.

  149. Avatar photo
    lam james

    Like this place cos there’s one pretty cashier there hehehe …

  150. Avatar photo
    Aloysius Lim

    Congested feeling even though it wasn’t crowded

  151. Avatar photo

    Service was good. Very friendly and attentive. Place was well cleaned.

  152. Avatar photo
    Derek Low

    A McDonald’s is a McDonald’s…

  153. Avatar photo

    Service is not as good as before. Missing items, food is cold

  154. Avatar photo
    Elias Teng

    Average service, need to improve the counter servicing speed.

  155. Avatar photo
    Jeff Tan

    Simple n Good lunch
    Great service as always

  156. Avatar photo
    Steven Chan

    Ordered 2 laksa prawn burger only and the wait is incredible at 723pm – 30mins.

    Should not be called fast food restaurant. It should be named slow food restaurant.

  157. Avatar photo
    Shyann Chua

    Kudos to the Mcdonalds staff in punggol 21 cc. A grab rider was walking very fast and nearly knock onto me and all my fries, nugget and sundae ice cream dropped onto the floor while trying to avoid him. The staff was so friendly that they told me it’s ok and immediately prepared my same orders and passed it to me. Really thankful.. The way they handle the issue is really good.

  158. Avatar photo
    Zainuddin Ahmad

    Normal services as other outlet…

  159. Avatar photo
    Bipin Kotak

    I am loving it.

  160. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Seah

    Its mac …what else

  161. Avatar photo
    Wannakoonz79 Lim-Lee

    It was amazing i liked the service there.

  162. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chan

    Ask for one curry sauce have to check what you order . I order nugget Happy meal

  163. Avatar photo

    Service is fast, not a lot of seats for family of >5

  164. Avatar photo
    Jiansi Yong

    Convenient location if you are ard here… That’s it
    Have had more bad experiences than good at this branch
    If you don’t mind, head down to waterway point branch where the queue is surprisingly often shorter, cleaner, more attentive service

  165. Avatar photo
    Edward See

    Just like any good McD store

  166. Avatar photo
    Alex Ong

    Typical mcdonald’s restaurant. It’s not 24hrs so not for the very late night food seekers. It’s located with a community centre and next to a typical neighbourhood heartland mall

  167. Avatar photo

    Very good service

  168. Avatar photo
    Maha Sakthi

    Good place for kids

  169. Avatar photo
    Chewloong Lim

    Newly renovated with self-order kiosk. Dedicated area for delivery staff to collect food.

  170. Avatar photo
    Jambay D

    Always crowded but service is also fast. They have seating arrangements outside the restaurant so not much of an issue even if there is a big crowd.

  171. Avatar photo
    yeo zhengwen (Zayden)

    Convenient and affordable for a fast and quick meal prepared by the most talented chef in the kitchen.

  172. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Koh

    Tried Ben Yeo’s hainanese chicken burger .. crisply fried chicken with a chicken rice chilli fill .. would say its not a bad attempt.

  173. Avatar photo
    C. S. Poon


  174. Avatar photo
    Ling Peter

    Punggol 21 community center

  175. Avatar photo

    Packed but good service.

  176. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Tan

    Nothing special… jus tat the kids like it

  177. Avatar photo
    SYH Sep


  178. Avatar photo
    Rizwan Syed

    Food is as is what is expected from McDonald’s. Don’t have ab ordering kiosk though.

  179. Avatar photo
    Chong Foo Hing

    Thanks for free WIFI, I was able to contact my relatives and enjoyed my meal. I’m loving it as it’s my first time here in Punggol and I’m a Malaysian.

  180. Avatar photo
    Abhirup Thakur

    Bad location.

  181. Avatar photo
    kelvin loh

    Queueing system is messy and ordering n places not to standard

  182. Avatar photo
    kumar Rajaratnam

    With the intro of self-service kiosks, weekend mornings here is peaceful.

  183. Avatar photo
    Wuang Kwang

    Moderrace not as good at Oasis

  184. Avatar photo
    Ashish Chauhan


  185. Avatar photo
    Gin D Pang

    Used to be crowded but these days, it is a good spot to chillax. Next to a food court, so you can get your meals and chill out with an ice-cream in Macs.

  186. Avatar photo
    Jack Poh

    It’s Mcdonald’s…..

  187. Avatar photo
    Nathan Wong


  188. Avatar photo
    julie vincent

    Place for family. Weekends are full of young family

  189. Avatar photo
    Jm Koh


  190. Avatar photo
    Ah Hong

    A family-friendly fast food restaurant, the parking fee is not close to the people, and the members of the reservists have free ice cream

  191. Avatar photo
    Sixtytwo Wave

    Although one of the rather busiest around, service still rather fast, staff are still polite and organised.

    (Checked in Tues 24/05/22, 815pm)

  192. Avatar photo
    Namdev Sachathep

    Your friendly McDonalds in the neighborhood. Staff are slightly elderly and often take their time, but they are extremely friendly and cordial

  193. Avatar photo
    Armen Rizal Rahman

    Possibly the quieter branch of east Punggo, which is the plus point for me. A tad cramp though and for some reason it feels a little dim. Not a bad thing because I don’t mind it much. But some people might not like it.

  194. Avatar photo
    Elfi Ghani

    Good fast food outlet for the late night hungry hippos. Staff must be aware of d surrounding if it needs to be cleaned or not. Some idiots act like they have never seen fries, or burgers or soft drinks i guess. Spill them all over d place. Overall, …

  195. Avatar photo
    Pramendra Singh

    Good brekkie

  196. Avatar photo
    Malcolm Tan

    The service was pretty fast.

  197. Avatar photo
    tan mingkai

    Micky-Ds is the best restaurant in Singapore, if you disagree I work at punggol haibin, come fight me.

  198. Avatar photo
    Alvin L

    fast, clean and covenient

  199. Avatar photo

    Long queue but worth it for the food

  200. Avatar photo
    Dalton Low

    Ice cream machine down. Need to wait slightly longer..

  201. Avatar photo
    00 Chong

    Self service kiosk, good environment, social distancing…
    Down side is slippery floor outside once started raining…

  202. Avatar photo
    Nashrat Parveen

    Nice peaceful

  203. Avatar photo
    Diyana Kamal

    Short staffed. Staff ignores you when you go to the counter.

  204. Avatar photo
    Yang Ao Wei

    Fairly crowded at times.

  205. Avatar photo
    feng xu

    The food there is good, price is reasonable, speed is fast

  206. Avatar photo

    just your regular mcdonalds, nothing interesting there, although it can get crowded during after-school peak hours.

  207. Avatar photo
    Victor koh


  208. Avatar photo
    Luke Cheang

    Fried chicken was Yummy …

  209. Avatar photo

    Lousy service..waited 15 mins for two cones during off peak hours and it was only 3 to 4 order in process

  210. Avatar photo
    Brad Ang

    Very friendly staff here.

  211. Avatar photo
    Yoshi Wei

    Just like any other mac around, full of students at times.

  212. Avatar photo
    Yeong Lok

    Nicely located.. convenient to the residents to have a quick bite

  213. Avatar photo
    Edward Tower (Edward_Tower)

    always a nice place for a midnight snack

  214. Avatar photo
    Dheepan S.N.

    So Many seats to sit. However ordering touch Pad is just 2 working and remaining 2 never work always. For this reason, you have big Queue…

  215. Avatar photo
    Shriyans Nair


  216. Avatar photo
    Joe Chin

    Cold and quiet it is nice to have breakfast there

  217. Avatar photo

    Great staff. Handling the pandemic well. Shout-out to Dan or Dave I forgot lol. You were super kind.

  218. Avatar photo
    Amruth Charan

    Good. Try MC spicy if you like spicy food and font order coffee. It’s awful.

  219. Avatar photo
    Erica Low

    Always long queue with slow service

  220. Avatar photo

    Nice place

  221. Avatar photo
    Nikolas Lee

    Ordered twice, 0 veggies in their burgers. Come on guys

  222. Avatar photo
    Harris Chan

    Crowded but efficient staff.

  223. Avatar photo
    Joan Lim

    If have McCafe would be the best.

  224. Avatar photo
    Rupali Karekar

    Crowded but the service is quick

  225. Avatar photo
    HiLMi AbdullahKonali

    Consistently quick service

  226. Avatar photo
    amy hoi

    Decent neighborhood fav spot!

  227. Avatar photo

    I get food here only once a month and everytime it tastes like heaven! Tmrw/december 2 is my bday and im gonna go there for my bday …

  228. Avatar photo
    Nash Tan

    Crowded outlet. Can be messy at times.

    Note: Not 24 hours.

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