Review Mcdonald’s Jurong Central Park, 291 Boon Lay Way, Singapore

Review McDonald's Jurong Central Park - Singapore 291 Boon Lay Way

“Nice MCD drive thru if need a quick meal pick up around Jurong area. Convenient. Can also park and have a meal too.” or “Breakfast today. Parking free from 0630 – 0830. Not full during weekdays morning” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Mcdonald’s Jurong Central Park. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Mcdonald’s Jurong Central Park is quality.

Introduction about Mcdonald's Jurong Central Park

Here are some fundamental details regarding Mcdonald's Jurong Central Park. In terms of Hamburger restaurant, it is generally believed that Mcdonald's Jurong Central Parkis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 291 Boon Lay Way, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Hamburger restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 67773777 (+65 67773777)
  • Website:
  • Address: 291 Boon Lay Way, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Open 24 hours.


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You can reach Mcdonald's Jurong Central Park at 67773777(+65 67773777). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Mcdonald's Jurong Central Park via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 291 Boon Lay Way, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Mcdonald's Jurong Central Park reviews

Mcdonald's Jurong Central Park is among the best destinations of Hamburger restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Mcdonald's Jurong Central Park is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Love the newly renovated layout of Mcdonald. It became much more spacious and brightly lit. I got a suggestion - include an option for adding free curry sauce in the self-service machine.”

“Big spacious mac in the west part of sg. Ample parking but can jam up the entrance if there are too many cars at drive thru. Excellent staff and service”

“Great place but it could get crowded during the weekends”

“There's a McCafe attached to the Maccas here. Gets very crowded during meal hours and at night. Hot drinks and cakes/sandwiches on a rainy evening. Doesn't get any better than this.”

“Very nice and clean. Well lit environment. Friendly staff. Love it!”

“Visited during Chinese New Year Eve night. Surprisingly not much crowd and quite nice to chill out.”

“Nice and big place with friendly staff. Not crowded with lots of greens around us. And trying out new flavours, mild spicy fish burger.”

“Great ambience and good food. Wish I could slowly eat there but I need to work.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 223 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 88% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Mcdonald's Jurong Central Park, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Mcdonald’s Jurong Central Park, 291 Boon Lay Way, Singapore

There is a total 223 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Chan

    Great place esp for night time supper. The place is pretty much only accessible via a vehicle though, so make sure you are prepared. It can be crowded during weekends but it’s still worth the wait.

  2. Avatar photo
    Edmund Ooi

    Excellent place for a McD kids birthday party. Ample parking lots, nice quiet corner with a toilet just behind it to monitor the kids from. The host and service crew were so enthusiastic and engaging and everyone enjoyed the entire party, both kids and parents alike!

  3. Avatar photo

    Staff were very friendly and helpful especially with the machines!

  4. Avatar photo
    Terry Tan

    My favourite hideout… A great place

  5. Avatar photo
    Zakariyya Starsky

    Drive-thru clearance height 2.4m combi can join the queue. Surface parking lots, nice restaurant to dine in. The most important macdonald’s staffs are very service oriented and friendly…far more professional than jb macdonalds. Good quality good service. May I give 7 ?? …

  6. Avatar photo
    Hua Mulan

    When you feel lonely or tired in between meetings, just head down to Macdonalds ! Woooohooooo nice little fountain to keep your little toes in rhythm Hahha . Fav : nuggets and spicy wings. ️️️ this Macs is clean and quietly located in between the park and Jurong point. Good to have your little quiet chill time.

  7. Avatar photo
    Ken TAN

    Enjoyed my late night coffee here .. kool place to chill out at owl hour .

  8. Avatar photo
    Bartt (A.a)

    Good place for a pit stop and have some thing to munch.

  9. Avatar photo
    Ralph Michael Rodrigues (Ralphy)

    A great place to visit after a good walk in the park y can step into.McDonalds for a quick bite

  10. Avatar photo
    Diyanah Jumahat

    Although they were busy with their drive thru order.. they were still fast with the walk in store customers orders

  11. Avatar photo
    Boring SG Husband

    Very convenient standalone branch with drive thru and dedicated carpark. It is in Jurong park itself and can go for a walk after the meal.

  12. Avatar photo
    Gohht 13

    Nice and big place with friendly staff. Not crowded with lots of greens around us. And trying out new flavours, mild spicy fish burger.

  13. Avatar photo
    bramanti mahrif

    With all the safety measure for covid-19 right now, queue is slightly longer, but we like the place, because it’s big and have parking lots outside.

  14. Avatar photo

    McDonald @ Jurong Central Park
    It house together with McCafe.

    My rating 評分 (1to5⭐). 5stars as Best. 五顆星為最好

    Food 食物/飲料 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Price 價錢 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Portion 食物份量 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Service 服務 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Ambience 環境 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Overall experience 总体体验⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Update on Jan2019

  15. Avatar photo
    winlaw law

    big car park area in front, drive through available. indoor and outdoor seating.

  16. Avatar photo
    Abdullah Musi Haji Abdul Manaf

    Friendly staff. Altho at that time was long que for drive in but the transaction was smooth. Keep it up

  17. Avatar photo
    Tavence Kang

    Be careful even sitting outside as there was a small mouse running around

  18. Avatar photo
    John S (Don)

    My fav McDonalds. Its the best place for a restaurant just next to a jogging park.

  19. Avatar photo

    .its McDonald’s… what wlse would you expect?

  20. Avatar photo
    Yeo Tah Keow

    Located within Jurong central Park and therefore provides cozy environment for dine in. From 6.30am to 8.30am, car parking is FOC. It has a separate counter to sell good quality coffee and cakes. Strongly recommended for friends gathering especially for breakfast.

  21. Avatar photo
    Rico Lorenz

    Less busy because it’s harder to get to than most McDonald’s

  22. Avatar photo
    Ber CYL

    After renov looks more spacious and feel comfortable when dine in.

  23. Avatar photo
    Arthur Foong

    The interior sitting capacity is relatively small. For a restaurant inside a public park, it is crowded.

  24. Avatar photo
    Haruki Shindo

    Always love myself a lazy Sunday breakfast at McDonalds (since childhood, actually). They recently celebrated 40 years in Singapore and I hope to see them many years down the road.

    On the other hand, I never really thought of how much trash results from such a joyful meal. The picture below is from a 2 person breakfast, can you imagine how much trash McDonald’s would accumulate throughout the day? I was particularly surprised at the plastic wrap which wrapped my plastic cutleries which was already wrapped in another piece of plastic (just why?)

    Curious to see how McDonalds would tackle the challenge of being an environmentally friendly fast food restaurant. Customers like me would be able to have guilt free breakfasts then 🙂

  25. Avatar photo
    Kamala Sundrasan

    After a very long time we came to this macdonald. It was very nicely renovated and very spacious compared to last time very earthy looking environment. The staffs no doubt they are seniors very polite and welcoming. Especially the Manager Jian Yong was happy to see us and greeted us with a big smile. He value his customers that’s very impressive attitude and we were very pleased with his services.. Mac cafe staff was very helpful in taking orders and delivering in the orders. The mac chicken burger was very tasty as it was juvier and healthier and the fries too was not too dry and hard. The cappuccino was really fantastic freshly brewed and was very hot that was great.All these were improvised that’s great ..⭐
    Thanks for good effort taken.

  26. Avatar photo
    Zaini Ali Hassan

    I went there last weekend, the staff was very polite. Their safe distancing and ensuring the place not crowded are very professionally handle.

    Taking temperature and scanning check all done with polite and they acknowledged the customer. I like.

    They even treat the customers like professionally by helping and asking how many person dine in. The staff will help to look out for the next availability tables.

    The coordination between the staff inside the dine area and check in very good and smooth. The managers also very helpful. I remembered asking for 2 cups of plain water. I was assisted immediately.

    They clear the tables fast too for the next customer to use it.

    Good Job

  27. Avatar photo
    chiungwei law

    Service Crew just let me wait around 3mins and If i did’t not call them they only stand at behind of mechine. The Malay staff said me also not come over to serve me .

  28. Avatar photo
    Joe Ong

    Recently renovated with a new design (29th august). McCafé is still here, and the new design really brightens the entire restaurant. Relatively empty on a Sunday afternoon, and a good place to chill.

  29. Avatar photo
    Jia Yi Chong

    My family went through the drive thru and got dinner there. The staff got our order wrong but resolved it immediately. But when food was served, food in sharing box A were already hard and cold. Not recommend by from drive thru

  30. Avatar photo
    Bloody Toad

    MacDonald’s in Jurong park .

  31. Avatar photo
    Victor Phang

    Convenient place for drive thru McDonald’s after a long day or have a chill evening in the restaurant with family or friends. Parking is available right outside the showroom.

  32. Avatar photo
    Ankeit Taksh

    Nicely located in between in a green park. Good for morning breakfast

  33. Avatar photo
    Joe Wang

    The drive thru service is nice, however could you please check the items more carefully before pass to me? It was the second time to miss something, last time no apple slides, this time no Mcspicy burger

  34. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Ho

    Good services! Staff there know exactly what we want and gave out the coupon to us. Hello kitty craze!

  35. Avatar photo
    Bryan Chai Ming Shi

    A fancier cafe esque neighbourhood McDonald’s that is located opposite Boon Lay MRT. Both McCafe and normal menu are options as normal outlets do, with the exception of much better ambience and great seats.

    This outlet of the popular fast food restaurant chain boasts both an indoor and outdoor dining areas, which are cool enough to help combat the eternal summer heat in Singapore.

    Some chairs in the indoor area have started showing signs of wear and tear, however, there are still many seats that provide great comfort while munching down on your favourite fast food.

    The outdoor area is perfect for a quick stop after a morning or night cycle with friends and families alike.

  36. Avatar photo
    felix lee

    For ambience and privacy
    = 5 stars.
    For culinary excellence
    = no comment
    Nice chill locale to ponder the afternoon away, if only marred by the loud clickety clack of the MRT (NOT NORMAL).
    The Park is a haven after a tropical shower, a fav with bikers and joggers.
    Escape from Jurong Point mall is a good option, indeed.

  37. Avatar photo
    Abuja Munafik

    A good spot for a quick bite beside Jurong Point and the park. Would very much recommend this McDonald’s to people with vehicles, as the walk from Jurong point to this McDonald’s is quite a distance. Never tried the drive thru, would rather much park at one of the many lots available and eat inside. The place is clean, although only the toilet is not that good in terms of cleanliness.

  38. Avatar photo
    Kain Teo

    Located in park so is a great place away from all the typical shopping malls to have a relaxed meal.

  39. Avatar photo

    crowded af but the fries is delicious very delicious oh delicious

  40. Avatar photo
    Edwin Tan Boon How

    Always one of my top choice to go to for McDonald’s. Nice and chill environment to have your meals. 24 hours so you can come here for supper when you get your late night hunger pangs. Drop by for your favourite McDonald’s meal with your friends and family!

  41. Avatar photo
    Janice Ng

    Love this place. No crowd no que most of the time!

  42. Avatar photo
    Han Seah Sim

    Located outside Jurong point with a drive thru as well. Surrounded by green parks. Great for relaxing meal after walk or cycling. Recommended

  43. Avatar photo
    Jason Hung

    Nice cosy place in the middle of concrete jungle.

  44. Avatar photo
    Ee Teck Lye

    Service is Fast, Food is only ready when you order, Frontline staff are helpful and cheerful, environment is also well place for outing Dinner

  45. Avatar photo
    Leo Cocoa

    Very convenient drive thru, open parking and nice park connected

  46. Avatar photo
    w w

    Friendly service. Usually has big crowds on weekend.
    Free parking for 1st hour

  47. Avatar photo
    Mir Dylan

    Great place but it could get crowded during the weekends

  48. Avatar photo
    Karthig Kunasakaran

    Very spacious. Can relax here after exploring the park

  49. Avatar photo

    Spacious outlet. Have mcCafe. Nice view around since it’s in a park. This outlet doesn’t serve milk shake though. Have a drive thru as well

  50. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Latiff

    Friendly staff! I always get greetings when I drive up and collect my foods! Keep up the good work fellas!

  51. Avatar photo

    Great service and staff! Very efficient in getting the food orders out in time too! Overall great place!

  52. Avatar photo
    ben anaqi

    Breakfast today. Parking free from 0630 – 0830.
    Not full during weekdays morning

  53. Avatar photo
    Eva Sazali WONG

    Breakfast was perfect with my fav hot latte with whipcream(always ordered this when having breakfast at Macdonald’s). Was served by Dina, she was friendly, courtesy and in short the best barrista . Was at Jems 14/09/2019 and the staff that was serving us was rude, no customer service and not friendly, giving us a black face. Thank you Dina, to make my breakfast perfect today!!!

  54. Avatar photo
    Kenichi Kato

    One of the best outlet Ive been so far. Staffs are extremely helpful & location is next to a park. Great to relax & destress.

  55. Avatar photo
    Shawn Lim

    McDonald’s next to the park, awesome place for chiil out

  56. Avatar photo
    M Tan

    Even in peak hours, the staff are calm and professional.

  57. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hassanuddin

    Opened 24/7. Has a drive through. Indoor and outdoor seatings available. Vehicle parking available, not sure of the hourly rates. McDonald’s food is McDonald’s food, what else can I say.

  58. Avatar photo

    Location: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Ambience: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Service: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Food Quality: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Spacious & strategically located near by the nature. There is a huge carpark for park goers & patrons.
    There are a lot of seatings therefore you do not have to worry when dropping by during peak hours.
    Drive thru is available.
    Fast & professional service from staffs despite peak hours.


  59. Avatar photo
    Divyanshu Mahajan

    One of the best McCafes. The service is quick but good. The taste of everything we tried was as good as one expects from a McCafe. We were served on the table due to a lot of demand. Tried everything that I’ve in other places and this one holds its quality and class.

  60. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Ali Hanifiah Abdullah

    Great place to chill with loved ones

  61. Avatar photo
    Grace Kang

    Love to sit at the outdoor area to chill. Can be crowded on weekends.

  62. Avatar photo
    Stanley Loh

    When i visited ard 0712-hrs, there wasn’t many people. And, i must say that the staff was quite sufficient.
    But the service was super slow.

  63. Avatar photo
    Ben Teo

    The usual macdonld. This place is usually bustling in the day and quiet at night cos of its location in a park. Nice place to sit and chill in the later evenings with a mccafe drink. There is 1hr free parking and drive thru service avail here.

  64. Avatar photo

    It is a good place to go for breakfast with your family. It is also very clean and it is right next to jurong central park. After eating at McDonald’s, go for a walk with your family in the park. Not a good place to study though, there are many people walking around and the place is quite busy.

  65. Avatar photo
    Alvin Feng

    This outlet of the ubiquitous (there are 3 other outlets within the kilometre radius) MacDonald’s stands out for its location (i.e., being in a park) and for its drive-through lanes. Other than the perennial classics like the Happy Meal or the evergreen burger options, it is no wonder this outlet’s unique appeal finds its mark among the young and old.

    Having been there several times in the late of the night, you would be surprised to see diners enjoying a spot of McSpicy burger or a sip of Himalayan tea latte, ordered at the McCafe counter adjacent to the food service counter.

    Naturally, if you are looking for a midnight snack (it opens 24 hours) or a well-earned tummy-filler after an exhausting night of OT, the summons of MacDonald’s at Jurong Central Park beckons a peckish man such as thee cometh over to dine and sup without a care.

  66. Avatar photo
    Chiu Tsz On

    Very efficient and friendly service even during lunch hours.

  67. Avatar photo
    Richard Sng

    Drive thrus are not as common these days, but fortunately you’ll find one here! They offer free parking before 8am as well …

  68. Avatar photo

    An alternative to Jurong Point. This outlet produces tasty McSpicy burger. The quality of the food is good overall. However, the electronic parking system does not function at times and there is no intercom for assistance.

  69. Avatar photo
    Jeverio Yeo

    Good service by well trained staff

  70. Avatar photo

    Went there for lunch yesterday and assist by a friendly lady wearing yellow shirt when using the kiosk machine.She selected table service for us cause my 2 kids is along.And when my son accidentally drop his drinks,she helped us switch to another table and replaced him another cup of drink.We so impressed of her service.

  71. Avatar photo
    Lynette Ang

    Their party room can b a little cold. Bring along jacket for ur younger kid. The staff there very friendly too.

  72. Avatar photo
    xNight crawlerx

    The place is fun, but the workers did not give me my items such as:
    Missing food
    Wrong food

  73. Avatar photo
    Danriick Seah

    Great place to chill with space and carpark availability but the service can be improve they nearly missed my order only after I asked for it then they remembered my order. It happen to me twice same place.

  74. Avatar photo
    Edwin Goh

    I have given review before for this Mac, one of the best Mac in Jurong. Standalone in a park with plenty of parking space. Plus, recently, the parking is totally free!!!

  75. Avatar photo
    Raden Suradi Bin Parian

    Dine in, take away and drive thru… A good place to have late night supper…

  76. Avatar photo
    Thachna M.

    It’s mcdonalds how to go wrong.. lols.. theynhave a mccafe , drive through, indoor and outdoor seating. My only issue is stroller access seems a little difficult when ur walking from the park.

  77. Avatar photo
    Mr Doom

    nice macs in the middle of a park, away from all the buildings and noise, perfect for a peace of mind

  78. Avatar photo
    So far King

    The place is very clean and tidy and the stuff is nice

  79. Avatar photo
    Al L.

    The new scrambled eggs muffin is nice. Top it off with a hash brown and latte

  80. Avatar photo
    M SUNG

    The staff there very friendly and nice. Facing jurong park . Nice ambience with park view view …

  81. Avatar photo
    Xin Ye

    I love going to this mcd because it’s really pretty and clean, lots of ceiling fan, good atmosphere especially when not much people is around and it’s quiet at that moment. Table service is relatively fast, the waiter/waitresses are really nice and friendly.

    So far so good

  82. Avatar photo
    Marc Ho

    Great place to bring the kids.

    They have playground and toys for the kids.

    Keep them entertained while the food is being served.

    There is a car park just outside it has no shelter though. Please bring umbrella if it rains.

    It has a drive through and great for pick up and go.

    The place is bright and spacious and seats still available even at lunch hour.

    Public transport is not very accessible and it is better to drive or get a ride.

    Hope you will enjoy your meal there.

  83. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Loo

    Nice and cozy place to have your meal there.

  84. Avatar photo
    Mann Silentcer

    Nice place to go during weekday morning. Less crowded. Nice place to chill and have breakfast.

  85. Avatar photo
    Johnny T

    A beautiful and casual place center at the park to be able to enjoy your food and your meal without the disturbance of neighboring stores.

  86. Avatar photo
    Yu XJ

    Nice view Jurong Centre Park. Enjoy breakfast with background music.

  87. Avatar photo

    Nice ambience within a park vicinity. Near Jurong Point

  88. Avatar photo
    Victor Lee

    Great ambience and good food. Wish I could slowly eat there but I need to work.

  89. Avatar photo
    Oblin Scrica

    Nice spot to go to. But basically a mcdonalds so same menu as everywhere else.

  90. Avatar photo
    jothi chintu

    One of the best place.. where u can sit and enjoy ur meal with ur loved ones happily

  91. Avatar photo
    Tomba Toh

    Spacious, nice scenery (within a park), good music, has McCafe menu, table service, drive through… One of the better McDonald’s outlets.

  92. Avatar photo
    Velerie Yeong

    Strong aircon but helpful and attentive staff. Need to improve on table cleanliness because they’re always sticky.

  93. Avatar photo
    Dan Lim

    A customer French fries was blown off the table by the wind. A very kind staff Ashmar offered a free fries replacement.
    This is the kind of staff McDonald’s should be proud of.
    Thank you for the good experience.

  94. Avatar photo
    David Chee (Sun Chaser 太阳追行者)

    With plush greenery within Jurong Central Park it’s a very serene n placid outlet to visit during early hours of the morning n soak in the fresh air n tranquility of this unique location which no other MacDonald outlet can offer.
    Definitely an outlet place for repeated visits not least to mentioned the consistency of MacDonald’s quality food !

  95. Avatar photo
    Jianyong Goh

    Download McDonald app and use it to order your meals get free 6pc nuggets. Terms and conditions apply.

  96. Avatar photo
    Ray Tan

    Lovely place for hang out and meet up. Convinience with a lot carpark lot available

  97. Avatar photo
    zann ali

    McDonald’s restaurant are located in jurong centre Park,there is parking and drive in order.

  98. Avatar photo
    Abber Tan

    A whole park with McDonald’s, convenient drive through orders. But a little far from the MRT. Gotta walk quite a bit. Else it’s quite a cool McDonalds house.

  99. Avatar photo
    Zahini Abd

    Good place and strategically located for drive thru. Can be crowded during lunch times. They have an open area outside also with seats and stools.

  100. Avatar photo
    Mingz Wang

    Ordered from kiosk machine but waited 20mins to find out kitchen did not received order. Coffee is nice

  101. Avatar photo
    Arfan Rafi

    Delicious food, good service. Just a little too warm in here

  102. Avatar photo
    Kathir Kathiravan

    Here can purchase drive thru and it’s located inside garden which is very quiet and clean McD

  103. Avatar photo
    soe moe

    Sometime it is too noisy and too crowded .

  104. Avatar photo
    Jim Koh

    Good place at the west for seat at outdoor and enjoy the green view and train passes view which the kids will love it

  105. Avatar photo
    May Leung

    A nice night time hangout place.

  106. Avatar photo

    Area is very clean , staff are okay and food is as great as always. I ordered the buttermilk crispy chicken which was very good. Minus 1 star due to staff

  107. Avatar photo
    Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman

    Very chill place to come and have your late night snack! For those driving here or riding your motorbike, good news; parking’s free for the first hour and it goes to 80 cents per 30 minutes thereafter. Staff here are generally nice!

    Seating space wise, they have outdoor (with lazy fan) and indoor air-conditioned seating!

  108. Avatar photo
    Khaw Khi Chan

    Good food but bad service the ordering machine is not working and the manual cashier line is Long I will rather eat another McDonald outlet than this outlet

  109. Avatar photo
    Jenney Jen

    Went on a early Saturday morning 8+am, place started to get crowded. Ample parking space. There is a q at e ordering machine. Also long q at the thru-in. Overall place is bright & clean. The staffs are friendly.

  110. Avatar photo
    kelvin koh

    Very nice and clean. Well lit environment. Friendly staff. Love it!

  111. Avatar photo
    Ezal Zainal

    Machine was out of paper and staff was pushing to each other to manage the problem. Get the staff for service quality course. Thanks!

  112. Avatar photo
    Nick Kao

    One of the few McDonald’s in the west of Singapore with great and spacious outdoor seeing. Located right in the smack of Jurong Central Park, it proves to be an awesome rest area for many folks after their workout. The service is fast and staff are friendly. I always have a good experience here. …

  113. Avatar photo
    huda amin

    Good service. friendly staff. Too crowded on weekends nights but efficient. It is open 24 hours. There is a drive thru too.

  114. Avatar photo
    Alvin Goh

    Nice and comfort mcdonalds i ever went.

  115. Avatar photo

    Very good place and food served faster

  116. Avatar photo
    iq mian

    Friendly and helpful service staff. Love the Mc cafe

  117. Avatar photo
    Ben Chor

    Very fast service but limited seats due to COVID19.

  118. Avatar photo
    Elle Goh

    Typical McDonald but pretty big. Many seats but usually very crowded. Outdoor seating with shelter available as well. Small fountain at the entrance, sometimes turned on. Separate area for parties available as well. Pretty nice space. Has a small playground. Not the most convenient to get to. No shelter and quite a walk from MRT/bus interchange. Jurong Point has an outlet too.

  119. Avatar photo
    Astro Ngya

    One of the best macdonalds i have been in Singapore, Environment is great and Staff are friendly. Also not too croweded in the weekends, great place to hang out with friends / family.

    Not to forget they also provide table services (only via kiosk) and food is delivered quickly

  120. Avatar photo
    Dave Weinstein

    It’s a pretty nice McDonald’s. Good location. Lots of seating. Table service. Ample parking that usually doesn’t cost anything. They also have a McCafe. With indoor and outdoor seating.

    Menu is strictly “normal” McDonald’s, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this would be a good one. One concern is that everybody in the area knows that it’s a good McDonald’s, so despite the large amount of seating, it can be hard to find a seat at mealtimes.


  121. Avatar photo
    Dominic Ong

    Has a kids playground here!

  122. Avatar photo
    Sherman Seow

    Nice MCD drive thru if need a quick meal pick up around Jurong area. Convenient. Can also park and have a meal too.

  123. Avatar photo
    Himanshu Wadhwa

    Love this place. It’s mostly busy but customer service is still fantastic

  124. Avatar photo
    Lorenzo Ang

    Nice place to chill and relax… …

  125. Avatar photo
    Mohd Izham Ismail

    Went for drive thru in the wee morning. Efficient. Serve quick and friendly. Keep it up

  126. Avatar photo
    Khairul Nizam

    Your standard McDonald’s with in-house McCafe. Place is great spot to scratch that itch after exercising or just a drive down. Drive in available for those who don’t like sitting in.

  127. Avatar photo
    Patrick Ng

    Lot of ppl, nice place for breakfast.

  128. Avatar photo

    Friendly staffs, decent spot to catch a quick meal or hang out

  129. Avatar photo
    Marcus Foo

    A nice environment with it being surrounded by a park but services can be slow at times at usual peak hours in the afternoon and evening

  130. Avatar photo
    Hubert Tan

    Great kids to hang ard

  131. Avatar photo

    Love the place. Not too crowded even though it’s during the weekend

  132. Avatar photo
    Gokila Vani

    Well, this place already has n number of reviews and here is mine, no different from others. Recently drove from Choa chu kang to this place on Friday midnight and the place was crowded as expected. Its sort of a tiny curious hideout spot. Nice to hang out with friends and family.

  133. Avatar photo
    Music 2019

    The first try abt digital self service with taking the tag number (the staff will serve the meals to your desk directly).

    The staff is friendly and serve efficiently.Another staff greet with warm greeting to wish the Malay customers a Happy Hari Raya when serving the meals.

    The staff has a very good observation when they found that my order is ignored in the system.

    Will visit there again

  134. Avatar photo
    Louis Koh

    Free public parking for 60mins. Nice park to go after meal. Location have internal and external eating area.

  135. Avatar photo
    MasGaming yt

    Place is spacious. But always packed with ppl. Because of the one hr free parking.

  136. Avatar photo
    Ben chan

    One of the nicest McDonald’s around this area, located right in the heart of the park. Breezy at night making it the perfect place to chill.

  137. Avatar photo
    H F

    A very nice place to go to. However prepare to wait longer if you are using the drive thru

  138. Avatar photo
    Calvin Yang

    Open 24/7 conveniently located, easily for drive in and good place to dine

  139. Avatar photo
    Tasnim L

    Came here for their coffee. Great service and plenty indoor/outdoor seating. Thank you

  140. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Tong

    They have a drive-thru which I visit often! Very fast service via drive-thru

  141. Avatar photo
    Tricia Ying

    They serve exceptionally tasty french fries compare to other branch. Staff are general friendly and approachable.

    Best of all, carpark fee for 1st hour is free.

  142. Avatar photo

    Dining in was quite empty but the drive thru Q caused a massive jam from the main road.

  143. Avatar photo
    Kathryn Seek

    Lovely place to dine at. There’s a drive thru for quickly grabbing a bite. Many parking lots available there too if you are keen to dine in. Outlet was clean and spacious, with helpful and patient staff who approached us to guide us on using the app and the self ordering kiosk. It was a breeze getting a seat and overall pleasant dining experience.

  144. Avatar photo
    Theinterweave 4134

    Nice place but poor service

  145. Avatar photo
    Chi Siang Ang

    Drive thru was not so busy in the morning. Parking available right beside (10m) the restaurant. Not many mac is near parking these days which is extremely important if you are bringing young children

  146. Avatar photo
    Cassidy Chew

    Took a set meal of pancake with grilled chicken complete with refillable tea. Enjoyed the food. Liked the atmosphere. Took almost every CNY day 1 breakfast there. The system, the service to the last detail have improved since we last visited.

  147. Avatar photo
    Tony Kueh

    MacDonald staffs are always with a smile. Indoor for ppl that wants the AC, outdoor for ppl that loves the Sun and Sky.

  148. Avatar photo
    ralph Rodrigues

    Take a break and dive straight into some nice burgers over there and later u can go over to the park to exercise as well

  149. Avatar photo
    G K

    One of my fav McDonald, very pleasant staffs.

  150. Avatar photo
    Sujun Neo

    Parking available. Used to be free parking but seems like it’s over now but still worth it. Indoor and alfresco dining areas available, however, due to current COVID-19 situation, allowed dining areas has been chopped by half, so unless u are willing to queue and wait for a table, do avoid dining in at popular meal times. Drive through available too, so is delivery. Cheers.

  151. Avatar photo
    Gokila Vani

    Well, this place already has n number of reviews and here is mine, no different from others. Recently drove from Choa chu kang to this place on Friday midnight and the place was crowded as expected. Its sort of a tiny curious hideout spot. Nice to hang out with friends and family.

  152. Avatar photo
    S C

    As good as usual but it is a bit of difference on this outlet because it is one of the standalone McDonald inside a park like another one in West Coast Park but in different design.

  153. Avatar photo
    Jerome Tan

    Big spacious mac in the west part of sg. Ample parking but can jam up the entrance if there are too many cars at drive thru.

    Excellent staff and service

  154. Avatar photo
    KL L

    Very crowded especially in the evening & during weekends.

  155. Avatar photo
    Ke De Huang

    Love the newly renovated layout of Mcdonald. It became much more spacious and brightly lit. I got a suggestion – include an option for adding free curry sauce in the self-service machine.

  156. Avatar photo
    Kamala Sundarasan

    Well nice place to have dinner with nice music.
    Staff were great with great smile especially Mr. Tamil the guest service leader and catherine the floor ambassador and Ms.Jasmine the manager was great in their services thanks to all of you best of luck

  157. Avatar photo
    Aravinth V.K

    Very nice place to eat because backside have park

  158. Avatar photo
    Frankie Tan

    Maybe nvr visit mac for quite sometimes… but this outlet let u choose whether to self collect or they serve it to ur table…omg… i will give another 5 stars

  159. Avatar photo
    Whye Kin Woo

    My favorite mcd outlet. Nice ambience with outdoor seating option just beside a park n free 1hr parking.

  160. Avatar photo
    ng wei ping

    Hot and crispy french fries

  161. Avatar photo
    Teddy Chan

    had to repeat 4 times to the cashier and she got my order wrong, thinking I’ll order a meal and drink seperately instead of a set meal. But food there was really hot and served fast. Good quality food

  162. Avatar photo
    Zain A

    Nice ambience. Located within a park.
    Car park right beside the place. Has both outdoor and indoor seating.
    No smoking allowed though so please be aware.

  163. Avatar photo
    C F Choon

    Spacious, not crowded even during dinner hrs.. Clean environment too.

  164. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yong

    Place is lively bit you can still find a seat. The drive through is a life saver. Full mcd menu. Ample parking. 24 hours. All is good unless you don’t like McD food. I happen to be a McD fan…

  165. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Rahmat Omar (Hammer.Matty)

    The view and the ambience is so nice. Better than most Mcdonald

  166. Avatar photo
    Ng KL

    Loved the exclusive location. However, parking fees will start from 1Sept2020.

  167. Avatar photo

    Love that it’s 24/7 <3

  168. Avatar photo
    Anje Letop

    Breakfast Deluxe For ‘2’ Please… Great & Cosy Dine In At Jurong Central Park Mc Donald’s.

  169. Avatar photo
    Jovian Lim

    Clean and modern aesthetic. Located in the middle of a park, with a nice parking lot, and a drive-thru, making it very convenient for both park goers and people driving. Outdoor seats are relaxing, with a big fan providing ventilation, and plenty of spaces for scooters and bikes to be parked. This McDonald’s has the new system where one can use the automatic cashier, and get a table number, which the waiters can use to deliver the food straight to the table.

  170. Avatar photo
    Zainuden Kosnan

    It’s quite crowded as it’s on a weekend.

  171. Avatar photo
    Jo Chan

    Nice spacious big McD away from the busy noisy crowd in the mall, nearer to the greenery as it is in the park, yet very accessible from Jurong Point.

  172. Avatar photo
    Melissa Aw

    A great mc place within a park. Always crowded; cos its a very popular outlet in the west. Even the drive thru usually needs one to queue. Here is one of the bigger outlets which have a mc cafe too. Why am i excited about Mc Cafe? Cos of its menu that offers an additional array of sandwiches to complete the mornings …

  173. Avatar photo
    Marcus Goh

    Good location at corner of park. With drive in purchase and parking lots. Cool in door with plenty of seats or enjoy at outdoor seating area. Wifi and toilets available.

  174. Avatar photo
    Mimie Abdul

    Great Place To Dine-In🫰

  175. Avatar photo
    M Sim

    Very convenient as they have a drive thru. Annoying when their screen doesn’t work, can’t check your order visually. Staff are friendly and quick.

  176. Avatar photo
    David Joseph

    I love this McDonalds . . . who couldn’t when the building looks like something out of Teletubbies . . . they even have a grass lawn on the roof. There’s a McCafe here too so better than run of the mill coffee, cakes and sandwiches . . . and the staff? . . somehow they’re great too, they give that little extra service with a smile …

  177. Avatar photo
    Myfamily21122015 Myfamily21122015 (Ah huat)

    Mcdonald should expend more bigger for here and hired more worker due to peak hour heavy order and no space for dine in.Overall very great place to enjoy and relax..

  178. Avatar photo
    Grumpy Goat

    Nice place to hang out at night especially, after dinner can take a walk by the park. But nothing much at the park.. Just footpaths and some benches. So yah.

  179. Avatar photo
    David Fhu

    Great spacious environment. But service level below average. Order 4 set meal with table service. Brought everything exclude serviett. Ask some from front desk, they took out some and give one!?

  180. Avatar photo
    Mufazzal Hoque

    beautiful place. Nature very good

  181. Avatar photo
    ben lim

    Nice place to take a break and have a coffee cheese fries or appli pie

  182. Avatar photo
    Bala Murugan

    A big diff from how this Mac was initially compared to current. Understand that they want to make changes from time to time using the available technology. Fully support!But recent visits during lunch, the place gets crowded. Its normal though for lunch hour but the food serving was tooooo long. People visit bcoz its a Fast Food Restaurant. Not sure the long delays due to shortfall of manpower or ? The fast food is not new at the current location. Been there for few years at the same location & yet to know the crowd size at the specific timings?? The management team needs to wake up & do someting about it. Its a fast food restaurant so dont turn it around as Slow food restaurant. Hope the management uphold the standard of MACDONALD’S at all times! Hope you guys dont lose out your business at this great location.The crowd for Mac is there so do something about it before it disappears due to your poor service. C’mon Mac team, you guys can DO IT! Rock ON guys! Cheers..

  183. Avatar photo
    Weiye Tang

    Quite a nice and big place, outdoor sitting area is also not bad.

  184. Avatar photo
    Probal Sen

    Beautifully located ..grt place to hangout

  185. Avatar photo
    Angus L

    Nice environment. Friendly and helpful staff. Easy parking, 1st hour free.

  186. Avatar photo
    Aloysius S

    Service was quick, but at what cost?

    Ordered double samurai burger via drive through late at night, but was disappointed to see only a single samurai burger when I opened the bag at home. Checked the receipt – was charged for a double.

    Are customers supposed to check their food while in the car before they drive off? I have no idea – but decided it really was not worth driving back again.

    I do notice that this people rate this branch highly, unfortunately this was not my experience.

  187. Avatar photo
    Sue Nor

    There’s a McCafe attached to the Maccas here. Gets very crowded during meal hours and at night.

    Hot drinks and cakes/sandwiches on a rainy evening. Doesn’t get any better than this.

  188. Avatar photo

    Better place to time pass .. but that atmosphere so crowded

  189. Avatar photo
    dennis tew

    There is $4.50 promo on sausage egg muffin meal. However they stop the free refill of tea and coffee , not even at the counter .

  190. Avatar photo
    Jas Ng

    Nice n quiet pls with ample parking space for breakfast

  191. Avatar photo
    Niharika Murali

    It’s open 24/7 and usually not too crowded so you can get your food and be on your way in minutes. Very spacious with seats inside and outside the facility.

  192. Avatar photo
    Fred C.

    McDonald with nice cosy environment situated inside a park.
    Add :
    Newly renovated with a modern touch.

  193. Avatar photo
    Kenny Pan (KP)

    In short, not many fast food can be located in National Park come with drive thru. Especially in Singapore, most typical fast food establishment will be found in Shopping Mall.

  194. Avatar photo
    Tejasri Gopi

    No contact take away
    Indoor seating
    Open till late midnight
    Good for hanging out w friends and family
    Prime location

  195. Avatar photo
    Marc Ho

    Great place to bring the kids.

    They have playground and toys for the kids.

    Keep them entertained while the food is being served.

    There is a car park just outside it has no shelter though. Please bring umbrella if it rains.

    It has a drive through and great for pick up and go.

    The place is bright and spacious and seats still available even at lunch hour.

    Public transport is not very accessible and it is better to drive or get a ride.

    Hope you will enjoy your meal there.

  196. Avatar photo
    Anandalal Raju S.P

    Tasty food and beautiful atmosphere

  197. Avatar photo

    Visited during Chinese New Year Eve night. Surprisingly not much crowd and quite nice to chill out.

  198. Avatar photo
    Noorhuzaimi Hatbi

    One of my favourite mcdonalds. Good ambience and spacious if you are to bring kids along.

  199. Avatar photo
    Chan H

    Nice And quiet place to take a meal.

  200. Avatar photo
    Ainon Aman

    Place is OK la.
    Ladies toilet dustbin is full.
    Makan normal la.
    Oh ya the black coffee wo milk taste abit different from olden days.

  201. Avatar photo
    peter liew

    This is one of the few MacDonald that is set in a garden. It has a quaint surroundings unlike MacDonald that are in shopping malls. It also have a alfresco sitting.
    If you drive, there’s a small car park with an hour complimentary parking.
    On weekends, many would come for breakfast after their morning exercise.

  202. Avatar photo
    Shuangsheng Mu

    McDonald’s, not much to expect otherwise.
    Free parking from 630am to 830am.

  203. Avatar photo
    Ross Ahmed

    Drive thru cinema has gone, drive thru for food is always there… patience is a virtue. Sometimes the queue is unbearable also due to the pandemic in Singapore… Packing food at coffeeshop also cost money if you drive. Get a VIP sticker…sit back and relax make sure you dimmed your headlights as cool as ice2 baby

  204. Avatar photo
    juster neo

    Very big mcdonald, lots of parking space

  205. Avatar photo
    David Lim

    Wi-Fi not strong in out door sitting area.
    Over all is Good. Friendly staff. Nice ambience.

  206. Avatar photo
    Ariel Ng

    Very relaxing location. Quite alot of spaces to seat with outdoor seating. After the meal can still go out for a walk at the park.

  207. Avatar photo
    Edwin Tan

    One of the nicer Macs around.

  208. Avatar photo
    zac yesthatsme

    One of the few standalone single storey McDonald’s in Singapore. With the adjacent open carpark, it is extremely convenient to pop by for food in this 24 hour fast food chain. Service is okay 6/10 and there are more seats than the average shopping mall McDonald’s.

  209. Avatar photo
    Ashutosh Sinha

    Situated inside the park, has parking space drive thru is available and the service is fast

  210. Avatar photo
    Joshua Ang

    Compact McDonald’s with a McCafé counter. Outdoor seating is a nice touch even though the scenery isn’t that nice with the MRT track taking centre stage

  211. Avatar photo
    Nien Eugene

    Being a Macdonalds.. the reason the 4 star rating is that it retained the macdonalds experience for kids. The staff often do come around to make balloon animals, or even to give simple gifts to children. Many such establishments have lost their touch to remind people that Macdonalds is actually a family/kids fast food chain! Kudos to the staff!!

  212. Avatar photo
    Vicki Teo

    It’s a cozy place to enjoy a cup of favourite coffee with a cake on Sunday afternoons. Will be back for my enjoyable moments after this CB.

  213. Avatar photo
    Ken Ng

    Nice place amd the food is great. With carpark next to it make it convenient for drivers. Amd also have drive thru service as well.

  214. Avatar photo
    Loh Chloe

    Standalone macdonald is a place to avoid mall crowd.. no doubt is still pack at times. Coming here often for their Mc cafe, been doing good job whenever or whatever latte I had ordered.

  215. Avatar photo

    I don’t typically review McDonald’s since their standards and service are consistent throughout their many outlets.

    However, for this particular outlet, I have to share my shocking encounter in the early morning when I’m having my breakfast..

    Ordered a chicken McMuffin with egg and had it in the outdoor seating area since we had bicycles unmanned. Upon my first bite, a wild bird appeared from behind me and took a bite at my burger.. there were no fear in these birds at the park, likely due to people feeding them from time to time.

    I shared the experience with the staff over at the counter and was promptly given a replacement burger with no questions asked, and when prompted, they shared that it’s quite a common encounter amongst patrons ‍️

    Although I did receive my replacement in part of the good service standards set out by McDonald’s, this should definitely be reviewed by the management as it can’t be happening time and again – not just a waste of food, but it isn’t at all a pleasant experience for dining in there.

  216. Avatar photo
    Rozaimi 40

    Good place recommended to go after midnight not crowded and peaceful,perfect for family and couple.

  217. Avatar photo
    Peace No_war

    Clean n hygienic toilet (Male) with working taps, hand soap n electric hand dryer. The kind staff gave me ice water upon request.

  218. Avatar photo

    McDonald @ Jurong Central Park
    It house together with McCafe.

    My rating 評分 (1to5⭐). 5stars as Best. 五顆星為最好

    Food 食物/飲料 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Price 價錢 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Portion 食物份量 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Service 服務 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Ambience 環境 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Overall experience 总体体验⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Update on Jan2019

  219. Avatar photo
    lawrence wong

    Open space, fresh air good food and best friends around. What more can you ask for? Errr…maybe free drinks from Macs.

  220. Avatar photo
    Mark T

    Nice outdoor park side area – good place for a coffee if you are cycling/walking through the district.

  221. Avatar photo
    Terence Tay

    One of my favorite hangouts. Now that you’ve to pay for parking, it takes a little away but still a great place for couples, families, students and friends to grab some comfort food and chillax. A small gem in Jurong!

  222. Avatar photo
    Jaffa M.S.

    Been here for a drive-thru. Although the vehicle queue was very long, the staff manage to serve the motorists without waiting too long for their respective turns.

  223. Avatar photo
    Saaim Shoaib

    Great food and service for such a crowded and popular spot customers quickly eat and leave very well like a well oiled machine

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