Review Mazda Ubi Showroom, 5 Ubi Cl, Singapore

Review Mazda Ubi Showroom - Singapore 5 Ubi Cl

“Trina provided good service and a great experience when i bought my Mazda 3.” or “Great service provided by Trina. Very professional and helpful. Highly recommended if you are looking to get a Mazda!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Mazda Ubi Showroom. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Mazda Ubi Showroom is quality.

Introduction about Mazda Ubi Showroom

Here are some fundamental details regarding Mazda Ubi Showroom. In terms of Mazda dealer, it is generally believed that Mazda Ubi Showroomis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 5 Ubi Cl, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Mazda dealer, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63958888 (+65 63958888)
  • Website:
  • Address: 5 Ubi Cl, Singapore
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Detailed information of Mazda Ubi Showroom

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30 AM to 7 PM.

Saturday: 8:30 AM to 6 PM.

Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM.


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How to contact Mazda Ubi Showroom?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Mazda Ubi Showroom via:

Phone number

You can reach Mazda Ubi Showroom at 63958888(+65 63958888). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Mazda Ubi Showroom via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 5 Ubi Cl, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Mazda Ubi Showroom reviews

Mazda Ubi Showroom is among the best destinations of Mazda dealer in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Mazda Ubi Showroom good?

To determine whether Mazda Ubi Showroom is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Bought a second Mazda from Alex Tan. He’s a friendly, helpful and passionate sales person. It was a great and wonderful experience from booking to collection of the car.”

“Many thanks to Trina. The overall experience was utterly amazing beyond words. Professionally executed with such high efficient, attention to detail and accommodating. Collected the car within 3 weeks.”

“Very enjoyable transaction when buying a new car (CX3). Many thanks indeed to Sales Consultant Trina Tan for her straightforward, practical and super friendly & helpful approach ”

“I just bought a Mazda 6 from Jack Thiang. The experience was a smooth and great one! He is efficient and helpful, provide fast responses to all my queries.”

“Trina provided good service and a great experience when i bought my Mazda 3.”

“Thanks to Alex to have my Mazda 3 purchased within my budget. He is very professional and helpful answering all the queries before our purchased. Love my Mazda 3!”

“Thanks Alex Tan for helping me and my husband to purchase our Mazda 3. Service was seamless and he replied to all our questions very quickly. We’re very happy with our purchase!”

“I went for test drive at the Ubi Showroom and was attended to by Trina. She is very experienced and dedicated to serving us, overall a very good experience.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 207 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.6 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 88% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Mazda Ubi Showroom, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Mazda Ubi Showroom, 5 Ubi Cl, Singapore

There is a total 207 reviews

4.6 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    Crappy customer support by the ubi service centre. Ordered for accessories on the 30th of May, and today is the 10th of August. Still no sign of the parts. Apparently their staff are still searching for the items in their store. Absolutely no call or follow up. Looks like I paid money and purchased a biting dog. Would never recommend anyone to Mazda at all.

  2. Avatar photo

    Having a Mazda for the last 5 years, annual servicing has always been a breeze, although access via anything other than car or taxi is slightly more difficult. Today, however, service staff Jasper went above and beyond, assisting me in changing a blown $10 brake light (which proved more complicated than my experience with older/other cars).

  3. Avatar photo
    Phoon Jason

    Car service waiting lounge provides nice coffee (cappuccino, latte, etc) and pastries.

  4. Avatar photo
    Roy Tan

    Miss Trina Tan is a very professional sales who walks the extra miles to provide quality sales and customer service. Trina answered all my questions, clear all my doubts and got me a good deal for my Mazda6. She has good patience and took her time to explain the car features. Her aftersales service was superb. Time to time, she is still kind and helpful to answer my questions and help me resolve, when I encounter new fault lights and queries.

  5. Avatar photo
    Steven Teo

    Great looking cars that feel premium. Good location. Atrocious aftersales with poor customer service. Just buy the car and service it elsewhere after free servicing to save yourself lots of time and money.

  6. Avatar photo
    Christopher Lai

    I’m stay at West and thinking that go Ubi to test drive mazda? Hmm….
    But lucky the host Alex Tan is very good and go through the detail with me on the current promotion and cars benefits, analyse the car function and which car is more suitable for my daily used.. and thanks to his details analysis, I’m decided to trade in my car to get new mazda.
    I dare to say Mazda is not the cheapest car in the market but with its premium interial design and external out looks, really attract me a lot.
    Excellent work Mazda and Host Alex! Hope you can still serve me with my next change with Mazda.

  7. Avatar photo
    Hong Yeow Tan

    Bought a Mazda CX-30 from Trina.

    She has projected an outstanding and exceptional customer service during and after sales. Her dedication and services i believe made many of her clients return with great satisfaction level.

    Definitely will refer her to my friends and family. Continue to uphold the professionalism and aiming for true excellence.

  8. Avatar photo
    Regi Yan

    I was served by Thomas Lim 2 years ago, very well knowledge and worked on what my budget on car purchase.

  9. Avatar photo
    Chen Chuan Keng

    Great sale service from Alicia.

  10. Avatar photo
    Jules Cheu

    Nice environment with waiting lounge to relax while waiting your turn. Complimentary beverages provided. There is also a shuttle service to Tai Seng MRT at regular intervals.

  11. Avatar photo
    Couzan Lim

    Technical sale guy are good on understanding the issue I had

  12. Avatar photo
    Rosli Husain

    Very pleasant serice and nice waiting area …

  13. Avatar photo
    Lian Chen Hoong

    Originally, I wanted to quietly take a look at the car and find out the current price. But a kind and polite salesman came to greet me. Her name is Trina Tan, and she provides consultation services when I need them without disturbing me. From originally just wanting to see the car to finally buying a car, Trina has indeed provided a very good service. From ordering the car to picking it up, all the procedures were completed in less than 2 weeks. This makes me feel that their team is very engaged and cooperative.

  14. Avatar photo
    Sobriquetsg Sobri

    I was looking at possible replacement for my car, along Eunos Road Amongst the showrooms there was Eurokars. Went in just to take a look at the range and was attracted to Mazda 6. The Sales rep, Thomas approached me to explain the features of not just the Mazda 6, but also the new Mazda 3. I clearly told him that I was just considering and had not made my decision yet. Nevertheless he took the trouble to provide me the brochures, price lists as well as explaining the promotions.

  15. Avatar photo
    Swee Khim Kwa

    I collected my car last week after placing an order on 27th March. Thanks to Jack THIANG for his professional service and efficiency. He is not pushy and is very patient in explaining each of the features in the car. I like my Mazda 3 after driving it for a week. I would not hesitate to recommend this model to any of my friends.

  16. Avatar photo
    Ang Kian Ann

    Nice place to be in while waiting for your turn to talk to the service guy. But you won’t wanna be there for repair.

  17. Avatar photo
    Chew Karin

    Some of the consultants damn slow. His name is J***. Got one ah beng consultant a lot better. Love the free pastries and coffee. Eat till super full. Lol

  18. Avatar photo
    Tan Chee Kiat

    Many thanks to Trina. The overall experience was utterly amazing beyond words. Professionally executed with such high efficient, attention to detail and accommodating. Collected the car within 3 weeks.

  19. Avatar photo
    hardiana mahm

    Is always a good experience visiting Mazda showroom at Ubi. Nice ambience and great choices to choose from. May Yew as always very friendly and warm and patient towards me. This is my second purchase with Mazda with May. Great design n comfy. Looking forward to my new ride. Thank you May and Mazda team.

  20. Avatar photo
    Winnie Chua

    I came across a positive review about Mazda CX8 and decided to visit the Ubi showroom and was lucky to be serviced by Alicia Tan. She took the time and patience to understand my needs and provided me the right amount of information. I was able to trade in my car at the right price and it gave me a piece of mind that everything was well handled by my Alicia – including the trade in of my car at the right price ((instead of me having to find my own buyer / agent which would have been a hassle). During the entire process, she kept me updated on the status of my car purchase / collection. It was almost equivalent to having a personal concierge. On the day of car collection, she went through the key features (even tested some of the features ahead of my arrival to make sure they work properly). I would strongly recommend Alicia if anyone of you is keen to buy a car from Mazda.

  21. Avatar photo
    wen xiang ong

    The place where you and your family can come and see, touch and smell new mazda cars!

  22. Avatar photo
    Marco Low

    The Sales Consultant, Rachael Yeo is very professional, Warm, Sincere and Ernest in the way she consulted my 70 yr old mum and myself. She did not put down other Brand’s/make/model, instead she shared the unique features and value that we r getting from a Mazda 3 M Hybird (Elegance). She treated both me & my mum with respect (as we were not dressed to the nines). This demonstrates that she doesn’t look down on people who can afford to buy a new car.

    Rachael even followed up with us on the COE bidding results (even when we said we would be considering a Yaris Cross, Toyota Altis and Kia Niro); she was the only consultant that follow up with us earnestly. The rest could not be bothered. Guess it’s how they looked at my mum and how we dressed (which is deliberate).

    Her sincerity won us over and we proceeded to book the car for my mum. During the process, due to mum being a retiree and I coming back from a Long period of unemployment, we faced issues related to the application of car loan. Tirelessly she guided us through, found options for us and finally we managed to get our loan approved. She knew the importance of getting the Mazda 3 as a gift for my mum. She made it happen!!!!

    Thank you Rachael for making it happen, she exemplifies a true sales consultant attitude: never look down on others, never judge a book by its cover, test others equally with a caring heart.

    Marco Low & Mdm Toh Lye Hua

  23. Avatar photo

    Been a Mazda customer for more than 10 years, have always provided great service.

  24. Avatar photo
    Zhiming Chen

    The staff there are nice and responsible. after-sale service is good as well.

  25. Avatar photo
    Josh Ng

    Very nicely designed showroom displaying all models. Sales staff are trained. Location being at Ubi is inaccessible of course.

  26. Avatar photo
    May Yoke Chin

    Good place to come and look for a Mazda car. Good deal getting from Sales Consultant “Thomas Lim”.

    The recent Mazda 2 Hatchback 1.5 Deluxe face-lift looks beautiful coated with premium color machine gray made in 2021. Collected my car on 1 Apr, Thurs. So far, it is really a leisure to drive my Mazda 2. Especially, I like the Android Auto/ Apple Car Play that link me up to Google Maps navigation and call anyone using Google voice commands without the need to touch my phone while driving.

  27. Avatar photo
    KS Lim

    *Jack Thiang*

    Started out with a Suzuki, moved to a Kia and now onto Mazda. Bought during NDP holidays and it was a splendid purchase experience, including car collection, end to end. I would say I’m a friendly but discerning buyer (I’m also in sales line) and fortunate to have met a sales rep called Jack Thiang (ubi), who is a veteran in the car industry.

    I wasn’t exactly looking to buy a new car, and my 3.5 years Kia served me and family well. No inclination to change. But an upgrade will be nice.

    I entered the showroom and was greeted by jack. During the process, he had the attributes that resonate with me and my wife. Talk calmly, not pushy, not overly eager, upfront and sincere. No funny sales antics. Buying car can be emotional to many but it’s definitely not to me. Numbers and logic count. And most importantly, service, which was the deal clincher this time. I perused the showroom Mazda with my family and was 50-50. I needed that small edge to tip me over to 51-49 and you know the outcome.

    I’ve come across negative experience from toyota, nissan, kia and mitsubishi but let’s leave that aside. So far, had a far superior experience with honda, mazda and Hyundai.

    But with this new found sales rep, and my admiration for Mazda (design) and honda (engine) cars, it will be easy to surmise that my next car will remain a Mazda, if jack is still around.

    PS: oh. You have to experience the Mazda collection process. Its nice.

  28. Avatar photo
    lawrence loy

    Recently made a purchase from the Mazda Showroom at Ubi.

    I would like to highly commend Mr Alan Ngoh for his fantastic service. Not only has he made it a seamless transaction for me, but he also went extra mile to further explain the necessary steps in the purchasing process for me.

  29. Avatar photo
    Julian Tan

    Staff are friendly and nice, not pushy. Mazda makes some of the most amazing and fun cars to drive, really worth checking out

  30. Avatar photo
    Shahim Zubair

    Was helped by Mike Chua in purchasing my first Mazda and was a very pleasant experience in buying the car. Showroom is nice. Mike helped me get a very fair valuation for my trade in as well. Loving the Mazda 3 !!

  31. Avatar photo
    Faisal Latiff

    Mazda Service Centre in Ubi has friendly staff and a very comfortable customer waiting area with wifi, Channel News Asia, and a coffee machine. Service staff are also very clear in articulating what goes into servicing or your car. Excelent service.

  32. Avatar photo
    Kai En Chua

    No one served us when we entered the showroom. Very crowded

  33. Avatar photo
    Pei Ghim Poh

    Good cars but long service times

  34. Avatar photo
    Michael Wong

    Good atmosphere. Beautiful cars.

  35. Avatar photo
    Alvin Seng

    Nice environment and good services provided by all staff made my day whenever I visited them. Keep up the good job!

  36. Avatar photo
    Esther Lim

    Very nice environment and friendly staff.

  37. Avatar photo
    Halim Karim

    Service staffs at Mazda Ubi have been professional in providing their setvices. Customer Lounge is comfortable with appropriate refreshments provided. Special commendation to Mr Fazly for having provide us with his prompt service. Thank you.

  38. Avatar photo
    Anthony Tan

    Alicia helped to secure a great deal for me and her service was impeccable!

  39. Avatar photo
    cheong hing au

    Bought a mazda 3 HB astina from Trina. She was extremely helpful end-to-end and it was a wonderful experience working with her. She was patient in explaining every detail and features of the car, both during test drive and during the car collection. She did not mind repeating the walkthrough of the car features for both occasions and it felt really reassuring working with her. The after-sales service was also great.

  40. Avatar photo
    KOH P C

    Comfortable environment with nice ambient fragrance

  41. Avatar photo
    Farid Razor

    Slowest workers and never get updates on the status of your car. Typical answer when u ask is “still doing”, “went for carwash”. I was there the whole day just to get the battery replaced. 6hrs needed for a battery change? And every other time i went for servicing. Minimum 5hrs. The car was already washed and already parked at 5pm, but when i called to check they say 6pm then ready. Wonder whyPls go to leng kee or penjuru to service. They are way faster.

  42. Avatar photo
    Thunder Kitt

    Great service and pleasant experience with salesperson May. She is patience and very technical about Mazda car specification even down to particular details. She is stationed at Ubi showroom if you are unsure which Mazda model to go for, you can get your doubt clarified and purchase confidently with the most sincere recommendations to cater for you and your family needs.

  43. Avatar photo
    Leander Yohanes

    Sent car here for servicing. Done in 2 hours. Fast!

  44. Avatar photo
    Lim Ngern Boey. Tracey

    I’m glad to have been served by Jack. He is very friendly n helpful n not pushy. He was able to give a good detailed explanation of the features of the car that I purchased. Overall very happy n satisfied with my car purchase n his service.

  45. Avatar photo

    Good to visit the car showroom for latest Mazda

  46. Avatar photo
    Ivan ZiHao Tan

    Had a great experience with my mum at Mazda! Eddy Loh really helped us all the way. He was very very patient and did things out of the way for us. Definitely look for him when you’re there!

  47. Avatar photo
    clarence leong

    Gotten my car within 3 weeks from viewing. Thanks Jack Thiang for the prompt and clear service.

  48. Avatar photo
    william gong

    It’s with pleasure to have Alicia bring us into the most enjoyable Mazda world. Ms. Alicia Tan is one of the most friendly and helpful sales we have ever experienced with, her professionalism and dedication has brought to us definite confidence and at same time wonderful journey and bonding with the big name Mazda. Thank you again for your service, Ms. Alicia

  49. Avatar photo
    Shirley Ng

    Good and efficient service. Special compliments to Thomas.

  50. Avatar photo
    Rodney Ong

    Great place to get a Mazda and service it

  51. Avatar photo
    Daniel Ho

    Great service by Trina who was very knowledgeable about the cars and features. Documentation was spot-on. Well done Trina.

  52. Avatar photo
    Keng Q

    Went to Car Show 2022, I was considering another brand car, but got convinced by Trina @ Mazda booth. After driving 4month+ and a long distance to KL? This is a comfortable car. Thank you Trina for the good service.

  53. Avatar photo
    Adrian Xu

    Jimmy Law was detail and explicit in the sales progress.

  54. Avatar photo
    Piew Ting

    We walked-in to the showroom with no appointment made prior. The sales person Thomas Lim attended to us. Very knowledgeable and patience and top notch service. The ambience is cozy all around. We committed to buy a Mazda 2 HB on our first visit. …

  55. Avatar photo
    Tze-wei Lim

    Just got my second car from Alex Tan. He’s patient, was clear in explaining the options and provided timely updates. From customer and salesperson to friends!

  56. Avatar photo
    Tyler Y.

    Trina helped me greatly with my purchase of the Mazda 3. From the test drive to explaining to contract terms, to the final delivery and collection of the vehicle, it was a very pleasant experience interacting with her. The showroom and collection were excellent too – very upscale. 2 thumbs up for her assistance!

  57. Avatar photo
    Dypers Goh

    I am very happy with Lynn’s service in helping me secure the car quickly. She answered my questions quickly and promptly, at times even after working houts. She was knowledgeable about the car, and was very friendly and helpful. She was also able to negotiate a deal quickly and efficiently, which I appreciate very much.

    Thanks Lynn!

  58. Avatar photo
    Irene Lee Sunga

    I just wanted to share my positive experience on my first car purchase at Mazda Ubi. My sales rep was Lynn Phoong. From the moment i stepped into the showroom on 26 Feb until car collection on 17 March, I had a pleasant encounter and was impressed with Lynn’s expertise and customer service attitude. She answered all my questions professionally and cleared all my doubts which made me decide to proceed with the purchase immediately on the first visit. I did read a lot of negative comments on Mazda FB community regarding the Mazda service center service issues and I was a bit worried because of this. But since I loved the car and i am comfortable that Lynn will help me if i face any future issue, I decided to take the plunge and no regrets so far!

    I would like to thank Lynn for her efforts and appreciate her service attitude even sometimes i whatsapp her on weekends/evenings as that is my only free time, she never fails to respond promptly.

  59. Avatar photo

    It’s OK, I just got a Mazda 3 there last week. But they can work to improve the parking space there, and the delivery bay could use a bit more wow factor.

  60. Avatar photo
    Justin Seah

    Was greeted by Salesman Thomas. Wasn’t intending to make the purchase But was impressed by his knowledge and friendly approach which make us decided to ink the deal.
    Thomas was not pushy in his sales, instead explained carefully with patience. Make sure we understand what we wants before buying the Car.

  61. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Khoo

    I would like to commend Ms Lynn Phoong, who was the sales representative assisting my recent purchase of the CX-5. I am glad to have the support of a professional, passionate and knowledgeable sales representative in Lynn to help me make an informed decision for my purchase. From the first meeting until the delivery, I was kept in the loop of developments while finances were also clearly mapped out and explained to me. I believe that Mazda should feel proud to have a dedicated staff like Lynn to represent your brand. Once again, my sincere thanks to Lynn for the end-to-end support rendered.

  62. Avatar photo
    Moses Ong

    wonderful service staff.

  63. Avatar photo

    I bought my new Mazda 6 from Lynn Phoong last October and would like to thank her for her patience and detailed explanation with very good advice. She is indeed a rare gem. Keep it up!

  64. Avatar photo
    Adrian Sim

    Repeat buy from Alex Tan. Always patience and helpful with my enquiries. Lots of great advices from him as well. Kudos to Alex! Thank you.

  65. Avatar photo
    Thomas Chan

    Quality cars but not quality service from the workshop.

  66. Avatar photo
    Ern Lau

    I picked up my CX-30 on 31/3. Amazing experience right from the day I stepped into the Ubi showroom till the handing over at Delivery Suite 1. Ms Trina Tan was the remarkable sales person who took me through this wonderful journey. She is most patient and a very courteous person with a pleasant personality. Trina showed a high level of professionalism and has excellent product knowledge. CX-30 has exceeded my expectations in terms of technology and the vest safety features like the Driver Monitoring system. Overall finishing of the entire car is of high quality. I would definitely recommend friends and relatives to consider Mazda and most importantly, to deal with Trina in their future car purchase.

    6 months down the road…the car door opening/locking mechanism became a nightmare!!! Had to bring the car in to fix the problem over and over again. Problems encountered included: 1. Door unable to unlock, 2. Door couldn’t unlock even by using the remote control, 3. Walk away door function did not work on numerous occasions leaving the entire car unlocked and 4. When door finally opened, dash showed NO KEY DETECTED. Imagine running to your car when it starts to rain only finding that the car will not open. Mazda changed 2 main parts. Door sensor unit/control module and car communication/control module. Till today, the problem still prevails intermittently. Sigh…happiness when the car first rolled out has turn to regrets

  67. Avatar photo
    SoonKeong Loo

    Friendly staff. Nice show room. Unfortunately small space for carpark. Cars on servicing are sharing the same carpark area.

  68. Avatar photo

    Really good experience. Salesperson Trina was very accommodating, honest and efficient. Not pushy. The communication was great, Trina answered all my questions and quickly got me a good deal from her boss. Trina took her time to explain the car’s features, etc during my new car collection day. Aftersales was great too, she helped to book my car servicing. Keep it up.

  69. Avatar photo
    Gary Koh

    We would to compliment Ms Lynn Phoong for a very pleasant car hunting journey. A big thanks to her, helping us secure a quick and nice deal.

    She is very professional and resourceful handling our inquiry. Throughout the process, she provide timely updates and thoughtful plan for the next step. A delicate and trustable salesperson.

  70. Avatar photo
    Tyler Y.

    Trina helped me greatly with my purchase of the Mazda 3. From the test drive to explaining to contract terms, to the final delivery and collection of the vehicle, it was a very pleasant experience interacting with her. The showroom and collection were excellent too – very upscale. 2 thumbs up for her assistance!

  71. Avatar photo
    Eric Jiang

    This is my first car purchase, with very professional and wonderful experience. Really appreciate advice and help from Alex Tan who is the sale person in Mazda show room. He also helps me to give me instructions on issues I encountered. Nice person, thanks.

  72. Avatar photo
    Johnson Seah

    Cozy wating lounge while waiting for the car to be serviced. Great coffee machine!

  73. Avatar photo
    mini feng

    Sales personnel is very professional. He ensure customer needs are met, does not over-sell or hard-sell.
    Provided friendly and warmth customer service. Very happy with the service provided.

  74. Avatar photo

    Nice show room for Mazda cars. They have free flow of finger food and drinks available.

  75. Avatar photo
    Jung Bada

    Purchased Mazda 3 sedan elegance after test driving more than 10 different car makers. I made a right choice. Now I enjoy this Mazda 3 sedan more than my previous M135i. Better and more features, of course except the power but no need such power on Singapore road. Sales person Alicia is pleasant to deal with too!

  76. Avatar photo
    Michael Guok

    Walked in and was promptly served by Ms Alicia Tan. Informed her I was keen in a CX-5 and she guided me through the functions, features and list price of the car. Totally not pushy and a very sincere sales consultant.

    Worked out the price and instalments for me, all the paperwork done on the spot with no waste in waiting time and got me a good deal. Deal is good because she tried her best to fight for me.

    Additional to that, I was selling my car on my own, number retention etc, she managed to assist me in all these matters and ensuring the new car was registered under the right car plate number.

    I had to ping her a few times after work once the sale was concluded and awaiting delivery, she got back to me soonest as she could and followed up on everything.

    Everything I said and requested, the details, the information was very meticulously handled by Ms Alicia Tan. Not only was she friendly, you can tell that she’s very sincere in her service, not because she just wants your sale, but she wants you to truly enjoy the car.

    5 stars here is quite underrated. She definitely has outdone herself in terms of service and friendliness. Highly do recommend you request for her assistance if you ever visit Ubi’s Mazda branch.

  77. Avatar photo
    Balasubramaniam G

    Know Mr Alex Tan through a friend who bought a Mazda few yrs back. When I decided to get a Mazda for myself, I called him. He did all the paper work for me to get a car in a short span of time. He also helped to register the car on my fav day. It all happened without any fuss. This is 2nd car in my friends group frm him and another friend is in lias with him for a new car.

  78. Avatar photo
    John Leong

    Top notch sales with top notch after sales

  79. Avatar photo
    champ lim

    The authorise dealer for mazda vehicles

  80. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Teoh

    As a first time buyer, I wasn’t very sure about the procedures and formalities, especially with the COE, etc.

    Jimmy Law was patient and friendly enough to explain the steps to my wife and I. Very friendly guy with top notch service.

    Ended up walking out of the showroom after putting a down payment for a new Mazda 3.

  81. Avatar photo

    I bought a new Mazda 3 from Mazda last Oct and was served by the sales consultant, Ms Lynn Phoong.

    I would like to take this opportunity to compliment her great service. She showed professionalism, patience and good attitude in explaining the details to me. Her communication was clear and straightforward.

    My wife was also very satisfied with Lynn’s service.

  82. Avatar photo
    Kimberley C

    I went for test drive at the Ubi Showroom and was attended to by Trina. She is very experienced and dedicated to serving us, overall a very good experience.

  83. Avatar photo
    Roy Chan

    Thomas Lim is my preferred sales advisor at Madza Ubi. He is knowledgeable, friendly and has a very keen to serve attitude. More importantly he is also able provide a one-stop, best deal package that Mazda can offer, from selling your old car, insurance, discounts and promotion. We have over the years, bought twice thro’ Thomas and more recently my son has also boughf a Madza thro him.

  84. Avatar photo
    Dylan Lim

    Super friendly service

  85. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tay

    They closed the basement carpark for car service. It is now used for parking new cars. Customers are made to stand in the hot weather with the service technician to inspect the cars prior to servicing. Bad management!

  86. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Tan

    Was assisted by Alicia Tan at Madza showroom who was really friendly and helpful in showing us around, listening attentively to what we wanted and did not want, and offering alternatives and ideas. She was very patient in working through the various options with the loan and payment even tho were were asking many confused questions as fairly new car buyers >< she was also prompt in her replies on whatsapp. Thanks for the great service! We are very happy with our new car

  87. Avatar photo
    Fabian Lim

    Great place to test drive Mazda cars. Pantry holding area serves cupcakes and coffee

  88. Avatar photo
    Mervyn Eu

    I have been to both the Ubi and Leng Kee showrooms. Mazda Ubi definitely stands out among the two with a much bigger floor space to accommodate the showroom vehicles. It gives whoever that visit the showroom a much more “welcoming” feel, and the friendly staff that are always ready to serve you to enhance the overall experience.

  89. Avatar photo
    Tan Victor

    I had an awesome experience in getting my new mazda3. My previous car was also a mazda3 but from another sales person but the experience was two end of the spectrum. I highly recommend Jessy from Mazda Ubi. She is very patient and friendly and goes the extra mile serving her customers.

  90. Avatar photo
    Ralph Michael Rodrigues (Ralphy)

    The servicing is very good so go there everytime to do the servicing although expensive no choice since bought the car fr there

  91. Avatar photo
    Daniel Tan

    Bought 2020 Mazda 3 Mild-Hybrid thru Ms Trina Tan at their Ubi Showroom in Sept 2020. Went for a test drive and subsequently ordered one few days later. The service from Trina during pre-sale, to booking, car collection and even after-sale was fantastic. She’s very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable about the product, and responsive to my queries. Great experience overall. Would have given 6 stars rating if is an available option.
    As for the car, its overall a good value for money purchase, until COE keeps going upwards.

  92. Avatar photo
    Josh T

    Couldn’t decide on the Mazda 6, the CX-5 or the CX-8 so went down to the showroom to take a look. Alicia assisted my family in the walkthrough and she was friendly and patient throughout. Decided to get the showroom CX-5 as it was readily available and we didn’t need to go through the COE bidding uncertainty. She provided ample guidance on the paperwork procedures which made the purchase hassle free. She also assisted in getting a fair price for my trade in vehicle and provided excellent after sales service and follow up. Thanks Alicia! Highly recommended

  93. Avatar photo
    Toh Ah Kau

    In the early 2016, I went to Mazda Ubi Showroom. That was then I first met Mr Thomas Lim. He was very friendly; he approached me and offered assistance. After I told him of my requirements and expectations, he quickly showed and explained the model that suits my needs in details. I really appreciate his professional experience in handling customers.

  94. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tan

    This is my 2nd car from Rachael Yeo of Ubi and she has been very patient and consistent in her service level. She always make sure she thinks for her customers and I’ll definitely refer her to my friends and relatives. Keep up the good work! …

  95. Avatar photo
    Samuel Wong

    Very honest sales persons. Every step throughout the car purchase journey was smooth and transparent. Recommend Rachael who is very experienced.

    Update: AFTERSALES service from Rachael is AMAZING. Really highly recommend her.

  96. Avatar photo
    Barrie Ooi

    There are shuttles from the service center to Tai Seng in the mornings

  97. Avatar photo
    Wesley Tan (Tanwesley)

    Been There to enquire about the Madza3 M-Hybrid and the saleswoman is very professional !

  98. Avatar photo
    Kia Shing Yow

    Wait for servicing for car is super long.

  99. Avatar photo
    Wendy Chong Geok Ling

    We deliberated which brand of car for our next car. So we dropped by for a recce visit at the Ubi Mazda showroom in March 2021. We were served by Rachael Yeo who was very friendly and cordial towards our enquiries on CX 5. We left the showroom still remembering her service months later with a brochure and her name card attached.
    When we finally decided on our purchase, we immediately contacted Rachael who was all ready to meet us back at the Ubi showroom. Rachael was very knowledgeable on CX 5, providing information for us to ink the deal that day. Rachael then kept in close contact throughout the process before the handover of the new car. Gave us an insight of our rights to the NCV for better insurance premium. We would highly recommend Rachael to anyone who wants to buy a Mazda car. Thank you Rachael.

  100. Avatar photo
    SG Ong

    Salesperson good patient n knowledge

  101. Avatar photo
    7朵莲花 feng

    Mazda service center at Uni is one of the two main service centers in Singapore. The other service center is at Length Kee.

    I sent my car for repair 3 days ago. I feel that the record staff, supervisor are helpful & friendly. I am very satisfied with the repair & services.

  102. Avatar photo

    The salesperson, Mr Johnny You helped me to select my car. He is patient and prompt in answering all my questions, definitely no hard sell from him. He keeps me posted on the COE bids and all the other procedures. He is meticulous when handing over new car. After sales is a plus from Johnny as well.

  103. Avatar photo
    Moses Ong

    Went to Mazda showroom in April to take a look. Jack Thiang helped and break down the prices for us. We were happy with his service and explanation such that we came back to him in May and now happily purchased the mazda 3. Thanks Jack!

  104. Avatar photo
    Sulaiman Yusof

    We just got our Mazda 3. It’s our 4th Mazda car after previous ownership of Mazda Premacy, Mazda 6 and Mazda 5. Jack’s service is excellent. We previously bought our Mazda 5 from him and now we got Mazda 3 from him. He is very patient and helpful, and clearly customer centric in his service. Mazda once again did not disappoint.

  105. Avatar photo
    Patrick A Y

    Trina provided good service and a great experience when i bought my Mazda 3.

  106. Avatar photo
    Ee Tat Kin

    Anything But fast! Appointment at 9 but attended only on 9:45! The usual we cant find anything tht you say……

  107. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Ong

    Comfy smooth cafe, nicely scented center enjoy a cuppa coffee wifi and massage while waiting for your baby to get groomed!

  108. Avatar photo
    ralph Rodrigues

    A very nice big and spacious show room featuring a wide variety of cars from Mazda The sales people are very friendly and ever ready to help out in many ways .

  109. Avatar photo

    Comfortable and Well organized.

  110. Avatar photo
    Gio K

    Cozy, service is professional. Price is higher than workshops. Shuttle bus to nearby MRT.

  111. Avatar photo
    Adeline Tan

    Thomas , our sales consultant, is very knowledgeable and prompt in answering queries and gave us good advice. Highly recommend

  112. Avatar photo
    Vanda Brighton

    Ok, where should I start :-).
    First of all it takes about 2-3 weeks to get an appointment for 20 000 km service, than it takes about 6 hours to service it and after you receive the bill, you realise all they did is changing oil and filter with Aircon filters and hopefully connected it to the computer for diagnostics. So please enlighten me, if its just me, or is this the standard here? I had previously Mazda CX-9 in the US and the appointment took about 2-3 days to get, I cant remember the length of the service, but it was waiting time there.

  113. Avatar photo
    Edward Choi

    Not enough staff to handle the overwhelming customers

  114. Avatar photo
    Lee Chong Hon

    Awesome experience with Mazda. Many thanks to Alicia Tan who helped me secure my COE quickly and keeping me updated throughout these 4 weeks.

  115. Avatar photo
    Jolene Chia

    Mr Jack Tiang is a experienced salesman with a friendly and cheerful disposition. Appreciate all his efforts in making sure all transition were smoothly settled. …

  116. Avatar photo
    Prasanth Selvam

    Went there to get my broken windscreen replaced. Good service. The insurance company does take some time to get back to them. But was quite fast nonetheless. Ronald in particular was really helpful.

  117. Avatar photo
    Ketvoon Wong

    The service is great and thorough information is provided by the people working there!

  118. Avatar photo
    Richard Sim

    Went to test drive the car. Sale person Eugene, i spoke to was very polite and patience. A knowledgeable sale person

  119. Avatar photo
    Esther Loh

    Had a smooth and wonderful sales experience at Mazda showroom because of Alex Tan. He is a very trustworthy and patient sales manager who walked us through the benefits and features of the cars that we were interested in. Great follow up and always responded to our doubts and questions.. so glad we went ahead to purchase our new Mazda car with him! Cheers!

  120. Avatar photo
    Zhou Hongwei

    Mr. Jack is friendly , helpfully , experienced salesperson, As I am first buyer for Mazda car, he try his best to explain me . Anyway I hope aftersales will be best also .

  121. Avatar photo
    Siti Radiah

    Mazda 5.. super cool

  122. Avatar photo
    Thomas Seow

    Amazed by the spacious showroom at Ubi. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. Overall a very pleasant experience when me and my family were there. We were served by Jack Thiang, a very experienced agent, not pushy at all, and very patient with all our questions.

    Lastly, was very impressed by the delivery suite at the car collection centre. Very organised handling/ taking over of cars!

  123. Avatar photo
    Loy CJ

    Jack attended to us when we walked into the showroom. A very experienced person who has been with Mazda for many years.. Overall a very pleasant buying experience with Jack for my first Mazda. I hope Mazda aftersales can be as good after hearing negative feedback on their servicing..

  124. Avatar photo
    Koyoyo k

    They should unlock the gate for access to busstop

  125. Avatar photo
    Stteven Siow

    Mazda cars showroom and service centre. Need appointment to service cars. Friendly service staff.

  126. Avatar photo
    Pang Sze Chong

    Bought a second Mazda from Alex Tan. He’s a friendly, helpful and passionate sales person. It was a great and wonderful experience from booking to collection of the car.

  127. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Suffyan

    I am truly satisfied with the service provided by the salesperson, Rachael, on my purchases with Mazda for the past years. Rachael has been a patient salesperson who is quick to answer any queries. Also, Rachael has provided excellent advices, which has largely assisted me in making decisions.

    In gist, I would strongly recommend anyone to look for Rachael at Ubi Showroom if you want to purchase a Mazda car.

  128. Avatar photo
    teck tiong ng

    Slick delivery and helpful advice from Mazda/Mr. Alex Tan, …

  129. Avatar photo
    Fei Fei Chiam

    Bought a Mazda here. The salesman was very patient. The showroom and waiting area is nice, quite comfy.
    However, upon purchased, the servicing is horribly Long wait. Emailed to book for a slot was not getting a reply. Went to their counter, the receptionist was forever on the phone…
    If you need to do a 10k servicing, better to call and fix a date when you reach 5k because by the time you got your slot, it would’ve been just nice.

  130. Avatar photo
    Lionel Tan

    Very nice showroom with a lot of thought put into making customers comfortable. They had a small Christmas corner where kids could do some handicraft and there was also a Christmas spread, not too mention complimentary drinks.

  131. Avatar photo
    Monavie Lim

    We’ve walked around the show room and was approached by Alex Tan, although we do not have the intention to change a new car yet. But after his patient & explanation, he has encouraged us to test drive a new facelift CX-5 with no obligation while waiting for our car for service. He event calculated his best price after trade-in and able meet our budget for a brand new CX-5. Will definitely recommend friends/relatives to him of his good, experienced & friendly service.

  132. Avatar photo
    Peter J P Lim Lim

    Customer service is extremely helpful and knowledgeable when asked question regarding battery and coming in for service routine. The spare parts department however sucks by refusing to answer the phone despite calling the whole morning – why than have a phone line if they do not want to accept calls. Thumps up for customer service.

  133. Avatar photo

    Thanks Alex Tan for helping me and my husband to purchase our Mazda 3. Service was seamless and he replied to all our questions very quickly. We’re very happy with our purchase!

  134. Avatar photo
    Velan Sinnahiah

    Car dealer Thomas was very helpful and nice environment too

  135. Avatar photo
    Can “Can” Can

    A show room and service centre for Mazda. Nothing special service standard need to I proved more

  136. Avatar photo
    Neo Er Jyn

    Pretty neat and good facilities while waiting for car.

  137. Avatar photo
    Daniel Teo

    It was a very pleasant experience at Mazda, esp. with Sale Consultant Jack Thiang(Team Leader). Be it at the Ubi showroom or delivery centre, he is always ready to serve and help, answering all queries and doubts that we may have. These are exactly the quality and reasons we went back to him.
    We will not hesitate in the future to go back to him again. Also, we would strongly recommend to look for him for such if anyone wants great service and piece of mind.
    He is undoubtedly a great asset to Mazda!
    Keep up the good job, Jack.

    – dT

  138. Avatar photo
    Lim Dawson

    This place is with MG .

    MG service counter is the most horrible customer service I ever encounter… lazy plus no customer service skill at all ..

    Workers smoking at the ent . Inahe of the company ??

  139. Avatar photo
    Adam Wong

    This is the second Mazda I bought through Trina. She is professional with her advise, prompt in service and friendly.

    I would recommend her to anyone who wish to buy a Mazda!

  140. Avatar photo
    roselinda yusoff

    Friendly and helpful service centre

  141. Avatar photo
    Debbie Yeo

    Our family got our Mazda 3 Hatchback from Eddy and he has been nothing but wonderful! He is extremely friendly, not pushy at all and was soooo patient when showing/explaining the car to us! He also kept us updated frequently about the …

  142. Avatar photo
    Dawn Foo

    We bought our Mazda from Alex Tan, a very professional salesperson who knows his product and answers our queries patiently. He does not push to sell and is great with after sales service. Do look for Alex. He can meet you at any Mazda showroom.

  143. Avatar photo
    Terry Tan

    Pleasant showroom design

  144. Avatar photo
    SH Chan

    Staff members are well-trained and nice.

  145. Avatar photo
    Jude Soh

    I walked into the showroom and was greeted by the friendly salesperson, Ms Alicia Tan. She was very attentive and patient in explaining the fine details of each car model. After purchasing a Mazda with her, she constantly keeps me updated of the new car status till collection day. Her positive service attitude is admirable and she is definitely your go to person if you need to purchase a Mazda!

    Thank you Alicia!

  146. Avatar photo
    Sundaram Balasubramaniam

    Thanks to Alex Tan for guiding me and my family in purchasing our Mazda 6. He is very patient and has a good helping mind and provided us with quite a number of useful tips. Though he was busy in his work, he spared his time to schedule appointments with us.
    Overall we are very happy with the excellent service in our purchase.

  147. Avatar photo
    Tang WY

    Thank you Alicia Tan for the superb service rendered. From understanding my concerns to offering real advices, the entire experience was a breeze and truly an enjoyable one. I was referred and now I highly recommend her for buyers looking for someone who genuinely exhibits patience and approachability.

  148. Avatar photo
    Forde Leonardo

    Lynn Phoong assisted my wife and I on our recent purchase. She was friendly without being pushy and was able to clearly explain and demonstrate the features of the car we were interested in. Throughout the purchase process, she provided timely updates and was quick to respond to my queries. She made the purchase process a stress-free experience for us. I would recommend her if you’re interested in purchasing a car from Mazda.

  149. Avatar photo
    Trevor Lim

    Trina gave excellent service, from the time we entered the showroom to the collection of our new car. She constantly keep us updated on the collection process. She also help us to cancel the previous car insurance for us. I would highly recommend Trina to any potential Mazda buyer.

  150. Avatar photo
    Terence Tiew

    My second Mazda, overall a pleasant experience when we walked into the Mazda Ubi Showroom. Jack Thiang an experienced Sales Consultant gave us a excellent service and was not pushy on sales. Would approach him again.

  151. Avatar photo
    Andy Yung

    Hi Marketing Dept,

    I would like to give compliment to the good service provided by Ms Lynn Phoong. Her professionalism and patience in conducting her business has been exemplary. She has excellent product knowledge and will take the extra miles in after sales services in providing guidance in car orientation to us. She’s definitely an important reason why we ended buying the car from Mazda.

    Dear Lynn

    Thank you for the assistance!


    Andy Yung

  152. Avatar photo
    Fred C.

    The official Mazda dealership in Singapore. Visiting for my car regular maintenance. Service was relatively fast, took about half day. Service staff are generally friendly and will answer most queries to their best understanding. They do provide shuttle service between the showroom and Tai Seng MRT station.

  153. Avatar photo
    Qi Hao

    not very convenient to there without car

  154. Avatar photo
    Michael Lee

    I was attended to by Mr Alex Tan. I had a pleasant experience with him on the purchase of the Mazda 3 M-Hybrid on 17 August 2021. From day one, he was attentive to my concerns, knowledgeable in addressing my technical queries, honest in his recommendations, and patient when explaining and helping me out with all the documentation needed to transfer my previous car, secure a loan, and obtain the insurance for the new car. And he delivered the Mazda 3 to me on 25 August 2021 – barely more than a week after I had made a deposit for the car! It was a happy surprise and I appreciated it very much.

  155. Avatar photo
    R b

    More than 5 star excellent service and all the staff are very helpful. Special compliments to Ms Sandy …

  156. Avatar photo
    Joel Tan

    Excellent service with Jack Thiang.

  157. Avatar photo
    Simon Ling

    Nice and patient salesman.

  158. Avatar photo
    Mong Chua Koh

    Sale staff eddie was good in explaining so me and my wife decided to buy a M cx5

  159. Avatar photo
    Eric Teo

    Thanks to Alex to have my Mazda 3 purchased within my budget. He is very professional and helpful answering all the queries before our purchased. Love my Mazda 3!

  160. Avatar photo
    Adrian K

    If you are into Mazda Cars do pay a visit!

  161. Avatar photo
    Abel Teo

    You come here mainly to see a Mazda car. Why else would you come – for freebies and open houses? Generally their cars are pretty well-built and price affordable relative to quality compared to other marques.

  162. Avatar photo
    Chung Ling Chin

    Nice customer service reception area with free coffee and light snack and free wifi. But I have been to other continental car customer service lounge and they serve better drinks like fruit juices.

  163. Avatar photo
    Patrick Teo

    Nice place if you are looking for a new Mazda car. Nice customer area too with drinks etc. Lots of parking.

  164. Avatar photo
    Paul NG

    Sale Consultant attitude are very bad.

  165. Avatar photo
    Jaron Tan

    Was served by Trina for my purchase and I must say it was an absolute joy to have been served by her. Concurring with the rest of the reviews of Trina, she was patient, not pushy and consistently kept in mind the needs and wants of my wife and I throughout.

    After sales service by Trina was no less commendable either. She consistently kept us updated on the process of our COE bidding and till the date of our collection, was always patient and meticulous in ensuring we get the best experience with her.

    If you’re at Mazda Ubi, definitely go for Trina for the most comfortable and seamless buying experience!


  166. Avatar photo
    Allan Tay

    I was served by Thomas when I walked into showroom. He is very friendly n knowledgeable on the different models. Most impt. is he is not pushy but asked very relevant questions to better understand my needs. One of the best car consultant (not salesman) I have encountered. Needless to say, I ended up buying a Mazda from him!

  167. Avatar photo
    Andy Wong

    Comparing among Japanese car agents, today’s experience is not bad; dropped off the car for the pre-warranty expiry inspection. No fuss at all. The agent was helpful and informed me about the job needed. FOC.
    But, on the pickup, I searched the whole compound for my car. Only found out from the reception that my car was in the basement. That should not have happened. It only takes 7 seconds to say “your car is in the basement” but nevermind as I am still in good walking condition. Seeing the washed car gleaming and smiling at me. OK 4 stars.
    Was I petty? That 1 extra star would be to differentiate between meeting and exceeding expectations.

  168. Avatar photo
    Andrew Liew

    Good customer service exp

  169. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chua

    Disappointee at the range of models available and those suitable for our needs are **SOOOOOOO ATAS**

  170. Avatar photo
    Meqsud Alam

    Lol waited almost 3 hours just for a surveyor
    I think that’s to much.
    And my car only hah a few small dents

  171. Avatar photo
    Amos Hoe

    Good service all round. From security guard to receptionist to servicing officer. Courteous and customer centric.

  172. Avatar photo
    Atma Samvad

    Love the place, professional

  173. Avatar photo
    Angela Pan

    Second time buying from Trina. Best sales person I’ve ever worked with. Friendly and warm. Not pushy and consider your needs first. Everything done nicely. Two thumbs up. Highly recommend to look for her!! …

  174. Avatar photo
    Lim Khia Kiam

    Value for money mazda cars

  175. Avatar photo
    Alex Limanto

    Hi Mazda,

    I would like to extend my personal compliments to your sales consultant, Ms Lynn Phoong, for her excellent service.

    I just purchased Mazda CX-5 on 28 Feb 2021. During the whole session at Mazda Showroom, she was very patient, thorough and professional throughout the whole process. I had a gratifying buying experience.

    She understood what I needed and preferred, and evidently went all the way out to ensure I was offered a great and transparent package.

    Additionally, she was also the same sales consultant who had previously served me in my purchase of my Mazda 5 in 2016. Her level of service is commendable be it prior or post purchase.

    Kudos to Lynn!

    Best Regards,
    (Owner of Mazda CX-5)

  176. Avatar photo
    Jason Lim

    Great service, and great advisor. Look for Thomas Lim

  177. Avatar photo
    Vincent Yong

    … good variety of different models and colours. Staff are friendly and approachable.

  178. Avatar photo
    Mumtaz Bibi

    Very enjoyable transaction when buying a new car (CX3). Many thanks indeed to Sales Consultant Trina Tan for her straightforward, practical and super friendly & helpful approach

  179. Avatar photo
    Osman Alias

    It’s a comfortable place for waiting for your car to be ready. Refreshments provided aldp good.

  180. Avatar photo
    Koh Leslie Mong Chua

    Good showroom with nice service staff like Mr eddie low

  181. Avatar photo
    Jean Tan

    On our 1st visit to Mazda Showroom, the staff there were very friendly. The sales person (Thomas) who attended to us was also very attentive to our needs. He have good knowledge of his products. Help us to settle all the papers, no headache. After sales support n rapport has been consistent even after 4-5 years after we bought the car thru him. Recommended family n friends to him.

  182. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Firdaus

    Got room to play

  183. Avatar photo
    Darren Koh

    It’s hard to give any car dealership the full 5 stars when you know they’re making a higher profit off you, but I must say that my experience here was good all the way. My sales advisor May Yew was patient and not pushy. Quite unlike many others I’ve had to deal with. She went the extra mile to help me sell my old car and was professional throughout.

  184. Avatar photo
    Harry Wong

    Probably due to my profession as an engineer, I am fussed about car specifications and features.
    Alicia Tan had helped me understand various specs and features on the car I am interested. I was convinced and assured that Mazda 6 will be a right choice for me after our conversation.

    As I expressed the urgency of getting a new car, I was impressed with her professionalism, helping me with all queries on old car disposal and expediting the car purchase process. She offered me with various options and very much cut down the waiting time. Unbelievable, new car was delivered in a short time frame.

    Kudos to Alicia and Team of TransEurokars, I had great experience, your team especially Alicia had exceeded my expectations. I will not hesitate to introducing Friends to Mazda. Thanks!

  185. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Quek

    Sales consultant Alex Tan was patient in explaining the different car models and its functions. Not pushy.
    While waiting for car delivery, he also gave timely updates on progress. Overall excellent experience at Mazda.

  186. Avatar photo
    Poh Cher Pheow

    This is my second mazda bough from Jack. Fantastic service provided by Jack. My whole family had bought mazda cars from Jack. My dad bought 2 & my brother also bought 2! Thank you Jack from poh family!

  187. Avatar photo
    Levin Seah

    Was served by Alicia and despite close to end of day, she was patience enough to help me prepare the car for a test drive within a short time and I wasn’t even looking like a potential buyer . Made 2 more visits to the showroom and was attended by Alicia again which she share more details including financial information. Finally booked the CX30 within 2 weeks of consideration. Almost 2nmonths down, while waiting for car to arrive she is also helpful and allowed me to change the car colour and eventually got a happy deep crystal blue. Was very impressed by the car collection center where I spent about 1hr going through some orientation of car settings demonstrated by Alicia. After sales service by Alicia was also very good and patience, with me bombarding more questions about car, observations and some minor issues. It was a good buying experience especially its my first Mazda after owning another particular Japanese branded cars before for 17yrs.

  188. Avatar photo
    Bart Tan

    Collected my new car today n this is 3rd Mazda in 5yrs
    Bought from the same SE Alicia. Great service and professional advice from her are the reason why I keep buying from her.

  189. Avatar photo
    Eric Yeo

    Alex Tan is very helpful and experienced when he assisted us thru our purchases of our 1st car Mazda CX-30 and 2nd car Mazda CX-5. He had provided us with very good advice and very good deal in selling our CX-30 and also a great price in getting the upgraded Mazda CX-5 we had with him. We are really grateful to know him and having him around when we had the 2 cars. My wife and me are very thankful for his great service to us.

  190. Avatar photo
    Hao Tang

    I bought a Mazda 6 with Lynn Phoong on Mar 1st 2021 and I am incredibly pleased with the quality of customer service provided to me. Lynn is very respectful, professional and trustable. For example, Lynn gave me very detailed explanations for every single feature of the cars I was interested in, and gave me enough space to think and make decisions. After I decided to buy which model, Lynn had also done a good job to teach me how to use my car.

    Overall I had a very pleasant journey of buying my first car with Lynn.

  191. Avatar photo
    Daren Lee

    Just got a new car here. The sales person was very helpful

  192. Avatar photo
    Dominic Cho

    Sales Consultant : Lyn Phoong and Adrian Lee : Excellent Service

    To Team Mazda,
    I am writing this note to thank your Sales Consultants Lyn Phoong & Adrian Lee
    It all started one Friday afternoon at the end of March 2020.

    My Wife and Daughter had gone Car shopping. There last stop was Mazda Showroom (they visited all the showroom at Leng Kee)

    They got home and showed me all the brochures and we narrowed down to three Brands.
    The following weekend I went with them to test drive and look at all three Brands.

    Mazda was one of the brands. However for whatever reason, my daughter did not test drive the Madza at Leng Kee and requested to test drive at Ubi
    Hence, Adrian Lee arranged for her to test drive the Mazda CX3 at Ubi Showroom the following week.
    At Ubi, Lyn took care of them and they test drove the Car again.

    The following week I went to see Adrian and test drive the Car.
    The intention was to get the CX3 as it was within my wife’s budget.
    But after looking around and Adrian’s explanation of the Cars in the show room, we decided to test drive the CX30.

    We ended up booking the CX30 Luxury model instead of the CX3 basic.

    Adrian was patient with us and his product knowledge was excellent.

    He also suggested I try the Madza 6 if I had any intention of selling my Car.

    A week later, I had a call from Borneo Motors to test drive their Cars.
    Since we were near the Madza showroom, we decided to drop by Madza Ubi Showroom just to kill time.

    There we met Lyn who had earlier assisted my wife and daughter to test drive the CX3.

    Lyn arranged for me and my daughter to try the Madza 6.
    She gave us a guide on the features of the car as we asked many questions.

    Lyn shared with me several good pointers as to why it’s a good time to consider changing my 4.5 year old Car.

    Finally we decided to book the Madza 6 when I had no intention of changing my car. (laugh)

    My family had a great experience with both sales consultants as they made us feel comfortable with their patience and explanation / knowledge of the current automobile market.

    During the Circuit Breaker period they contacted us seperately and updated us on the COE and put forth some recommendations.

    Thank you Mazda. Now we own two Mazda – a CX30 and M6

    PS. My wife loves her CX30 and even misses turning to work just to enjoy the drive of her CX30. As for my daughter, she enjoys the road handling of M6.

    Dominic Cho

  193. Avatar photo
    CK N

    Great service provided by Trina. Very professional and helpful. Highly recommended if you are looking to get a Mazda!

  194. Avatar photo
    Spencer Tiong

    Love the smell of the air freshener here

  195. Avatar photo
    Mun Kit Chee

    Service is normal, but take ages to make booking.

  196. Avatar photo
    Ng Cheng Yong

    My family just got a mazda CX-5 and I would like give good compliment to the sales consultants I met Mr Jack Thiang, providing excellent customer service and go the extra mile to keep me constantly updated for all the administrative processes making the whole process alot smoother than the past experience I had with other company. Thank you very much !

  197. Avatar photo
    Gan Jerry

    It’s a Mazda showroom selling Mazda car, right.. Quite obvious…

  198. Avatar photo
    Veeramani V

    I had a great experience in choosing Mazda 6 as my new car. The whole trip from day 1 and the day I collected the new car, was really smooth. This was all possible cos of Jack Thiang. Jack attended to my call and gave me a clear explanation on the new Mazda 6. He also clarified all my queries abt the transition from a Honda car to Mazda. Jack is very knowledgeable and was extremely polite, had patience to explain the various questions I had. He was kind enough to provide valuable advice to me based on his experiences. I was very convinced being in a very hood hands and finally bought Mazda 6 Executive car. Jack was a wonderful person to even provide great after sales assistance
    I was able to clearly understand even from his assistance via phone call
    I will definitely recommend Mazda to any one looking to purchase a new car and surely will provide Jack’s contact to have a smooth transition to get a new car

  199. Avatar photo
    Keng Q

    Went to Car Show 2022, I was considering another brand car, but got convinced by Trina @ Mazda booth. After driving 4month+ and a long distance to KL? This is a comfortable car. Thank you Trina for the good service.

  200. Avatar photo
    Yanice K

    We went to get my first car ever with the help of Trina. She was super patient and attentive to our need. We had a really pleasant time chatting with her and discussing which model would be most suitable for our need. And even afterwards, Trina was super kind to still help me out to clarify questions and provide help. We are super happy with the level of service from Mazda Ubi and highly recommend her to anyone who would like to find out more about Mazda in the future.

  201. Avatar photo
    Evon Lee

    I just bought a Mazda 6 from Jack Thiang. The experience was a smooth and great one! He is efficient and helpful, provide fast responses to all my queries.

  202. Avatar photo
    Ratna Kwan

    Really good experience and smooth transaction. Alex Tan was patient in explaining the car features, different options of loans and insurances available. The after-sales is really good as he still follows up to check if services were completed.

  203. Avatar photo
    YipSeng Lee

    Very good and efficient service

  204. Avatar photo
    Arthur Yong

    Gotten help of Ms Rachael who I strongly recommend!

  205. Avatar photo
    Rick Brown

    Good service all round

  206. Avatar photo
    Ren Raini

    Servicing centre and show room.
    Not far from bus station and ubi mrt station

  207. Avatar photo
    Pang Sze Chong

    Bought a second Mazda from Alex Tan. He’s a friendly, helpful and passionate sales person. It was a great and wonderful experience from booking to collection of the car.

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