Review Masjid Alfalah, 22 Bideford Rd, Singapore

Review Masjid AlFalah - Singapore 22 Bideford Rd

“One of the best atmosphere among many other mosques in town Very calming Cold Wide and very clean” or “Fantastic location, one of the biggest mosques in Singapore, clean place , friendly and nice staff around.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Masjid Alfalah. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Masjid Alfalah is quality.

Introduction about Masjid Alfalah

Here are some fundamental details regarding Masjid Alfalah. In terms of Mosque, it is generally believed that Masjid Alfalahis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 22 Bideford Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Mosque, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62353172 (+65 62353172)
  • Website:
  • Address: 22 Bideford Rd, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9 AM to 9 PM.


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How to contact Masjid Alfalah?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Masjid Alfalah via:

Phone number

You can reach Masjid Alfalah at 62353172(+65 62353172). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Masjid Alfalah via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 22 Bideford Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Masjid Alfalah reviews

Masjid Alfalah is among the best destinations of Mosque in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Masjid Alfalah good?

To determine whether Masjid Alfalah is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“One of the best atmosphere among many other mosques in town Very calming Cold Wide and very clean”

“Fantastic location, one of the biggest mosques in Singapore, clean place , friendly and nice staff around.”

“came here for Friday pray, nice and clean mosque, and full air-conditioned”

“#solatzohorasar Nice and clean mosque in the vicinity of Orchard Road. Alhamdulillah.”

“Good place praying and comfort around shopping area at orchad”

“Nice n cosy for simple solemnisation session n pleasant to do one's prayer”

“Very convenient and well kept mosque in the heart of the city. It’s aircon prayer hall provides comfort for congregants.”

“Located right at the center of the Orchard Road. Clean and well organized mosque that offers prayer arrangements both for men and women.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 222 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 99% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Masjid Alfalah, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Masjid Alfalah, 22 Bideford Rd, Singapore

There is a total 222 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Khidir Sani

    Good place for worship.. comfortable and air conditioned

  2. Avatar photo
    Norazlina Arwenlynn

    Good, clean and comfortable muslimah area

  3. Avatar photo
    Maimunah Kadir

    The Muslimah side is well maintained. The toilets are clean. The room temperature is just right so you can pray comfortably.

  4. Avatar photo

    A place of worship with vibrancy of communities in the heart of city

  5. Avatar photo
    Nur Azuera

    Grew up with this mosque where my father used to bring our family whenever we are spending time in Orchard. Now it has air conditioning! Women are on level 2 and men at level 1. Definitely the most convenient mosque to get to as it is connected to Paragon via a bridge. Has ample of space for parents with children as well.

  6. Avatar photo
    aisyah umira

    So comfortable and so much space. U can sleep.. u could let ur kids play there because there is some space provide for kids to play and coloring. Got nursery room and two toilet for woman

  7. Avatar photo

    It’s a mosque. What is not to love.

  8. Avatar photo
    Rizky Yuwana

    Mosque near Orchard road, I got Friday prayer here. Full jamaah, and the speech using english language

  9. Avatar photo
    Widdy Mulyani

    Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh.

    Alhamdulillah it’s comfortable to pray in this mosque. We have been there couples times when we went to Orchard area. But I’m sorry, I have uncomfortable experience once while I was there. Some men workers or maybe mosque’s staffs were walking into women’s place without knocking or sounding that they will enter into women place. Because in women’s place, sometime we take off our khimar (hijab) for a while. And I was doing that while some men walked to the women place. Because a muslimah have “aurat” to be covered. Hair, head, neck and some part of muslimah’s face are “aurat”. And that time it was not only me who get shocked with that men. We shocked & embrassed but we didn’t know where to inform that situation.

    So please reminding for men staffs do not to enter into women place whenever they want without knocking & then give time after knocking or sounding to enter into women’s place for women to cover our “aurat”.

    Jazaakumullaahu khairan.
    Thank you very much for your attention.

  10. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Rawi

    Air conditioned mosque at the heart of town. Come at 12 noon before friday prayers so u can have a nice lunch.

  11. Avatar photo
    Filmia Utami

    Prayer room for women is in the 2nd floor. You need to take off your shoes before go upstairs.
    The prayer room is clean, prayer mat is fluffy , smells good, the toilet quite clean and not smelly at all. …

  12. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Amiruddin

    The only mosque in Orchard area. Spacious, clean and air-conditioned. Very organized for the prayer booking checks and safe entry checks.

  13. Avatar photo
    Andrean Eka Lucianto

    Big sign of this mosque. I could see that from far.
    Room inside this mosque is big & clean. There are mini moslem store, library, cafe.
    Interested place for pray.

  14. Avatar photo
    iFfA Fraij

    It’s changed alot since I was last here having spent 9 years in Malaysia. I like that the ladies bathroom is on the same floor as the prayer area. Makes it more convenient to cleanse and to take wudhzu.

  15. Avatar photo
    Illa J

    Just love everything about the mosque, the structure, the cleaniness, the staff, the muslimah hall ambience is just nice with the aircon temperature and it is comfortable for me and my family upon visiting there.They segregate the entrance for both gender. I assume the aim is not to bumped into each other especially during our abulation. I felt secured and calm after my wuduk so that I can rush to the hall to do my prayer without having different gender looking around. During this pandemic, the staff really handle the situation professionally and calm. Ensure all the measurement is taken and adhere. There is telekung selling at 10sgd and sejadah (not sure hw much) incase you forget to bring along, cz they wont provide for you. Overall, it is the best. Thank you, may the creator bless you all with good health and success.

  16. Avatar photo

    Wonderful mosque in the heart of Singapore at Orchard area.

  17. Avatar photo
    RK Ali

    Comfortable mosque in the heart of orchard road. You might not spot the mosque with the traditional dome as it is integrated in a conventional concrete building. Look out for Holiday Inn Express and the entrance is right across it. The Immam sound is very good sland the mosque very organized and highly recommended

  18. Avatar photo
    El Enix

    The good place for muslim who come to or stay in SG

  19. Avatar photo
    Haniyah Nur Azzalea Hazizi

    Great mosque whithin the shopping area.

  20. Avatar photo
    muhammad habibur Rahman

    An exclusive mosque in orchard road. The place is cool. It provide small shop that sell perfumes, and i guess theh also sell some souvenirs and books. They also provide wifi for whorshipers.

  21. Avatar photo
    Winar Gilang

    They got sarong inside. Clean & cold

  22. Avatar photo
    hasrol khan

    Mosque in orchard RD easy to find and very convenient comfortable.

  23. Avatar photo
    Niyom Kaseng

    This is the nearest mosque by Orchard Road shopping zone which is not difficult yo find the location. The mosque’s activities are various such as lecture, prayer, dawah and so on.

  24. Avatar photo
    Hyder Zin

    A small mosque in the centre of orchard road. It’s gone thru upgrades to make the inside nicer and cooler. Do note that for Friday prayers or festive prayers, the mosque will be full and overflowing with people likely those who arrive late will have to pray outside. But still the mosque is one of those modern mosques who’ve gone thru several upgrades over the years to keep up with the look of orchard road. The staff is friendly willing to let you pray there even when you’ve arrived at the closing time.

  25. Avatar photo
    Marwan Mz

    One of the best atmosphere among many other mosques in town
    Very calming
    Wide and very clean

  26. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Irshad Mohamed Yossuff

    Nice mosque located within orchard cbd area. There is a small shop selling packed food inside. Parking is a challenge though.

  27. Avatar photo

    Alhamdulillah a very clean and convenient mosque in town. Convenient for tourists especially, there is Holiday Inn Express just opposite.

  28. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Miftah Luqmanul Hakim

    The mosque and room inside it is clean. Easy to reach vecause very close to orchard road.

  29. Avatar photo
    Ali Akbar Pammu Abdul Kadir

    The mosque is located at the center of the shopping mall in orchard. It is accessible from anywhere during the shopping time and convenience for moslem to offer pray during his/her busy time. The mosque is quite large and it has a modern architecture. Full air conditioner and nice place to take rest for a while for a shopper. Especially between magrib and isya time.

  30. Avatar photo

    A blessing place, clean and quiet.

  31. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Shaidi Sahamin


    Nice and clean mosque in the vicinity of Orchard Road. Alhamdulillah.

  32. Avatar photo
    Rahat Bano

    I had a bad experience yesterday evening from breaking my fast to going up to the mosque to do my maghrib & Ishaq prayers. Terawih prayers went very well.
    The volunteer ladies were very loud, bossy and domineering.
    I just underwent a major knee surgery and had to sit on a stool to break my fast. There were 2 emoty stools. The volunteer did not allow me to choose which stool I wanted to sit on. I wanted to sit near a tabke at a corner to avoid anyone hitting my right operated leg & needed some firm of support. Somehow, she managed to analyse my medical condition in her own mind and informed me that the other stool was for another lady with a more serious condition. At that point, I did not doubt her judgement. I was holding a walking aid as I have a high risk of falling but when the other lady with a ‘more serious health condition’ arrived, she was able to walk with no walking aid or wheelchair and sat happily to eat. When performing the prayers, I was the only one who is unable to stand up for prayers.. but this volunteer, jus by looking at my face assumed that as I did not look old enough for her, she brushed me off with her insensitive behaviour and unkind words.
    She has a very bad habit if talking continuously nit know how to behave in a misque.
    She brushed off a few cgildren and young adults who went to the tabke to help themselves to the syrup, water ir tea. Anyone whi came up to the tabke were questioned by this volunteer. She would say things like,” What do you want?”, You don’t know how to tell me is it?”, You came just now. How many cups of drink you have taken. Not enough is it?” Again?, I saw you here just now”.
    Why is she stopping the muslimah wgi wants to break their fast peacefully in a mosque? Does she feel she is the one paying for all the food in the mosque that she needs to stop others from taking? I thought the volunteers shoyld be welcoming the muslimah and act kindly, to be happy to see that everyone has enough during Iftar.
    I had finished and I turned my body position to face my daughter seated behind me on the floor. OMG!! That same talkative volunteer quickly came to me and asked me not to sit that way . I closed my ears with my hands as I could no longer bear to gear another word coming out if her ‘Know-it all’ mouth. I quickly balanced and with my stick got up and felt I had to be far away from this bossy person.
    Between the Maghrib & Ishaq prayers, the women around me were chatting away loudly as if they were in a restaurant, catching up on gossips. I was sitting reading the Quran and the lady seated beside me actually popped her head very near to me as I was reading, as if she too wanted to read or hear me read. Not sure why she did that.
    Thank goodness, I could perform the terawih prayers in peace despite the young children plaing and shouting.
    Sadly, the children were behaving the exact same way as their parent, being noisy, chatty and playful.
    I was indeed shocked at the behaviour of these women and how as parent they are not able to educate their children the proper behaviour when in a mosque. Somehow in a library or in a cinema, children knows they need to be quiet. In Mecca, 3 yr old girls are seated beside their mother reading the Quran but somehow the importance to educate these children is not priority here with the Sporean mothers.

  33. Avatar photo
    KM Imran Al-Amin

    Lovely mosque located in Orchard. We found it a walking distance from the hotel. Eid had a good gathering.

  34. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Idris Mohamed

    Awesome mosque..

  35. Avatar photo
    Hassan Mulyadi Mohamed

    Masjid is centrally located for Muslims all around the world. Easy access from all areas of Orchard Road.

  36. Avatar photo
    Shajjad Mustafa

    I prayed couple of times in this masjid while staying in Singapore. Besides men, women can also pray in the 2nd Floor. They have clean rest rooms, ablution area. They also have clean drinking water facilities. Prayer area is also big. Have chairs for those who have difficulty praying standing. Also, they have islamic books to read.

  37. Avatar photo
    AdenNeda TMDMW

    Fantastic mosque as it’s the only mosque nearest Orchard Road. It’s rented below a carpark for a 33years lease. Thank You to the Government of Singapore that took away the ORIGINAL Orchard Road Mosque to replace with Wheelock Place, and negotiates this present locality in return. …

  38. Avatar photo
    Sufyan Akram

    Beautiful masjid. Two words to describe: serenity and peace

  39. Avatar photo
    Shaik Alavudeen

    Very beautiful Mosque but no a/c..

  40. Avatar photo
    Anwarul Hakim

    I was really impressed with Masjid Falah during my visit to Singapore. It was located within walking distance from the famous Orchard Rd shopping district.

    The masjid is an integrated complex, integrated to a building podium. Such a clean and well maintained masjid with adequate spaces for Friday prayer ( I visited during Friday prayer).

    If you are around Orchard Rd, you can easily reach the masjid so you won’t have to travel far to pray.

  41. Avatar photo
    Ali Hazim

    What a beautiful and relaxing place to come and take a break between the hustle and busle of shopping up and down Orchard Road. Very clean and friendly place to thank God for places such as this. Also a great excuse to run away from the wife and give the credit cards a break he he

  42. Avatar photo
    Nur Andono Budi Santosa

    Masjid (Mosque) in the busiest shoping venue at Orchard Road Singapore. Located at near Paragon Shopping Mall. When on Friday-praying will be full ocupied. I sugest you to go to level 2 Mezanine, usually there will be available space. Prepare some Dolars for charities and who needed. Khutbah usualy in English with Malay translation on the Television monitor. Prefered you take abulition (wudhu) in own your office or hotel, because in the Masjid will be long quee for wudhu.

  43. Avatar photo

    Amazing Masjid!! Very new, clean and spacious. Facilities are great and right in the middle of town. Looking forward to many more prayers at this Masjid in shaa Allah!

  44. Avatar photo
    Latifah Abdul Hamid

    Convenient place to do your shollah went in orchard road,clean,staff r friendly n helpful,u feel that u have more time to do your shollah in a quieter place,meet plp frm different races ️️️ …

  45. Avatar photo
    ZizieSufi Qisyaz

    nice and clean place for muslim ppl

  46. Avatar photo
    Ferdy M

    Convenient and clean mosque right in the middle of cbd of Orchard

  47. Avatar photo
    Andie Liny

    Clean spacious friendly people and always a sense of peace and calm

  48. Avatar photo

    Very modernized version of mosques can find inside
    – Restaurant.
    – Toilets.
    – designed so well!
    – Kind of class room.
    – dresses to wear if you need to pray.
    – Books and perfume others shelves store.
    – plugs to charge your phone.
    But I wish if there is a free Wi-Fi for guests.

  49. Avatar photo
    Zan Johan

    This is one of the best mosques in Singapore. Sometimes the preacher will conduct in English.

    There is a mini play area at the women musollah area. The musollah area is Air-conditioned which is very good because singapore weather is very hot. There is a nursing room and diaper changing station.

    Definitely the best Family-friendly mosque.

  50. Avatar photo
    Gunawan Affandi

    Good Mosque around Orchard road

  51. Avatar photo
    Ehsanul Habib

    Peaceful, clean, air-conditioned, nice khutba by the Imam gets translated into English on-screen. Alhamdulillah very pleased to have my Jumma prayer last week.

  52. Avatar photo
    Taufek Zainal

    The mosque is located right in the centre of Singapore’s commercial and shopping district, at Bideford Road off Orchard Road. It’s design is not of a typical mosque. The mosque is part of a large multi-storey commercial cum apartment building, sited next to Holiday Inn.

  53. Avatar photo

    Ada high speed wifi. Karpet tebal. In the centre of Orchard Rd

  54. Avatar photo
    Maira Ash

    I was so happy to visit this masjid on the eve of New Year. The location, the facilities are good and comfortable. Alhamdulilah.

  55. Avatar photo
    Sanggam Malaya

    Very good imam and people there

  56. Avatar photo
    Mascollino Clark

    Nice, clean and comfort masjid/mosque near Orchard road, only about 100 meter from Orchard road

  57. Avatar photo

    After the renovation, it’s very easy to find. Note to Muslimahs that there is a seperate entrance which will lead you to the second floor directly if you’re taking the stairs. However, there is also a lift for those who are unable to take the stairs.

  58. Avatar photo
    Queen Melody

    Love the crystal chandelier

  59. Avatar photo
    Nory Tan

    Great for solemnization though its costly. Good place for islamic religion to start with. Good for ramadhan prayers called Terawih. although they break fast eating in small groups sharing food in a huge dulang or big size plate together. Preferably if you can bring your own paper plate or something like roti prata brown paper for hygiene purposes if your health is your concern.

  60. Avatar photo
    muhammad jai hassan

    The best mosque in the heart of Orchard Road. There’s a public carpark adjoining the mosque that’s make it convenient especially on rainy days. The carpark has a handicap lot too & sheltered all the way to the mosque. Big, cozy, airy & you can feel the warmth of the mosque. The committee members & volunteers are friendly & helpful. May Allah bless Al-Falah mosque & its people. Ameen

  61. Avatar photo
    Reyga Rivaldi

    Very clean and super neat mosque in the middle of busy area.

    Just the one we need when the time to pray finally calling.

  62. Avatar photo
    Far Mukthar

    Beautiful and peaceful sanctuary just behind Paragon mall.

  63. Avatar photo

    clean and cozy space to pray, plus point it is air conditioned

  64. Avatar photo
    Abdul Jabbar Kachi

    Thanks GOD, I reach there. It the same good look, well maintain on cleanliness, appearances that attract attentions on the entrance, good toilet facilities and most importantly the space.

  65. Avatar photo
    Adelia Widiyanti

    I have visited Masjid Al-Falah by today and I still cannot believe there is a historical mosque in Orchard Rd! The mosque is so clean, neat, and friendly to kids! (in woman side). I can met a lot moeslem people while I took the pray here. Many posters that remind me as a moeslem. It will be better if give visitors clear direction to Masjid Al Falah because many moeslem people asked to me where is the mosque

  66. Avatar photo
    Guna “Guna” Malik

    One of the big mosque i’ve visit in Singapore, very clean and well maintained. Thanks

  67. Avatar photo
    Zee Baharum

    Very convenient place for sholat since it is at the Orchard Road shopping belt and located next to Paragon my favourite shopping haven.

  68. Avatar photo
    atjep irwanto

    Nice, neat and clean mosque, relatively large prayer area. This mosque is in the center of orchard. However, the fajr prayer start will depend on how late the imam open the mosque.

  69. Avatar photo
    Noorahmed Padia

    This is a lovely and convenient Masjid close to Scott’s Road, right in the centre of Singapore.
    They also have a website but no prayer times

  70. Avatar photo
    asrul basri azmi

    Well managed mosque. Quite clean and best smell.

  71. Avatar photo
    Waseem Yusaf

    Incredible mosque. Best location in the middle of Orchard and excellent facilities after the major upgrade. Big ladies section, but it is normally used by men on Fridays.

  72. Avatar photo
    Hayati Fauziyah

    I Luv Masjid..the location is rite at the city centre..peaceful, clean n nice Masjid️ …

  73. Avatar photo
    Zal Rashid

    Lokasi ditengah2 Ibu kota, located in heart of orchard Road. Always a nice place to pray here and to take a break from all the walking n shopping here. Quiet and serene. And air-conditioned too

  74. Avatar photo
    Bob Prajitno

    Serene, peaceful sanctuary for the soul in the middle of Orchard Road hustles

  75. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    This is already an icon Mosque in the heartland if Orchard Road Belt. Clean and spacious praying hall with retro design. A must for anyone to visit. …

  76. Avatar photo

    It’s been awhile since I step foot here. It is newly renovated. Clean as always. Airconditioned. Muslimahs prayer hall located in level 2. There’s a small play area corner for the toddlers. There’s elevator for person with wheelchair. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  77. Avatar photo
    Osman Bin Syed Sultan

    Located in the heart of orchard. Entering the mosque takes u away into a peacefulness and calm atmosphere

  78. Avatar photo
    Almoil Official

    Great masjid. Is near Orchard (So you can pray and also shop as malls are around). Is not easy to spot, but once seen you can remember the place location.

  79. Avatar photo
    Ramdan Samat

    Newly renovated mosque located in the heart of one of the world’s famous shopping belt in Orchard road… Air conditioned and fullmo positive vibes..

  80. Avatar photo
    huda wahid

    Calm and clean mosque. Thank you!

  81. Avatar photo
    ziaul Ahsan Shuvro

    Silent and place full place. Alhamdulillah.

  82. Avatar photo

    This is a favourite mosque of mine. I look forward to visiting it when I shop in Orchard Road. With the mosque within reach, there is no excuse to miss a prayer. I also enjoy going here for my Eid prayer

  83. Avatar photo
    Marwan Mz

    One of the best atmosphere among many other mosques in town
    Very calming
    Wide and very clean

  84. Avatar photo
    Odine Odine

    Parking facility, quick bite, good environment. Only unused items no store make the Masjid like not 90% manage. Maybe during design phase they not include storage area or maybe to small. Is good to have shower room for deceased. It all happen most Mosque in Singapore no storage room.

  85. Avatar photo
    Yas Md

    Very convenient and well kept mosque in the heart of the city. It’s aircon prayer hall provides comfort for congregants.

  86. Avatar photo
    Myra Z.

    Quite spacious to perform your solat, telekung provided and comfortable environment.

  87. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Firdaus

    Great smell and nice toilet!

  88. Avatar photo
    Syed FadIzil Syed Ibrahim

    Good place to sholat when you are at Orchard road or somewhere nearby. Good ambience and very spacious.
    You can hold your Muslim marriage solemnization here as well. So no excuse to miss sholat when you shopping at Orchard Road.

  89. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Suryadarma

    AL-FALAH Mosque is one of the Moeslem prayer place in orchard area, clean and very convinience mosque, i’m gratefull to Allah that i can have jum’ah prayer on this mosque.

  90. Avatar photo
    Soleh Abd.Wahab

    A very clean and comfortable place to pray. Well done to the management.

  91. Avatar photo
    Muslim Amad As-Senjawi

    Was at service here in 2006-2010 as an Imam (prayer leader). Good place and happy people. One of the places that you can study Islam in English. Overcrowded only during Friday prayers. The mosque do have cafeteria. Mainly Malay and Indian food/delicacies. If you happened to pass by or to do your prayer, try to grab a cup of the refreshing Teh Tarik!

  92. Avatar photo
    Reizky Idil Fitri

    Great mosque very clean, located in strategic distric

  93. Avatar photo
    andi yani

    The holy place to Moslem for praying. It’s very strategic place which is close to Orchards street.

  94. Avatar photo
    fadhli nur hassan

    Great place to pray alhamdulilah

  95. Avatar photo
    Mohd Nasir Mohd yunus

    It has been long to be able to enter again after 2years peeiod of control movrment order.. the facilities gets better, congrats to the committee as well as kariah whom support this mosque. Its management on entry collaborate w muis was good. I experienced friendly volunteers and tje imam are generally good w recitations.. I like to suggest for committee to take control over few personnel whom appear control the entrance allowing their friends @ families and this need to be improves to reflect fair treatment to all muslim brothers sisters therefore avoid fitnah amongst our community .. hope this give +ve feedback to the committee

  96. Avatar photo
    Bek S.

    What a beautiful place to pray and relax just meters away from hustle and bustle of main road in the centre of the city. The washing area is clean, the prayer area is very spacious. Has separate facilities for women. Inside there is small cafeteria to get a hot drink and a snack, in case you are hungry. Was very impressed.

  97. Avatar photo
    Hasmah Tomin

    Opened for isyak & terawih prayer during Ramadhan by booking

  98. Avatar photo
    Q M Moinul Ahsan

    Nice place for Muslim prayer. There is a cafeteria that is open on weekdays from 9am till 5pm. Food is nice. Specially the tea.

  99. Avatar photo
    Tuhin Rana

    So beautiful mosque

  100. Avatar photo
    Ibrahim Bajuri

    In a metropolitan shopping business area it brings back experience of old Singapore where Malays and other races gather together to get closer to God.

  101. Avatar photo
    Rasydan Afiq

    Very nice and comfortable Mosque to pray in. Air-conditioned on certain occasions. Will always be packed on Fridays for Friday prayers.

    Pantry is currently under renovations so expect better services!

  102. Avatar photo
    jahangir ibrahim

    Beautiful and a serene place for prayers for Man and Woman

  103. Avatar photo
    M Sjarif

    Situated in the middle of the famous Orchad shopping belt, providing Muslim with prayer facilities. Bonus on air conditioning hall, make you feel cool and comfortable
    Ladies prayer hall is located in second floor with its ablution area. Accessible using staircase from outside (separate entrance) or via lift (from main entrance).

  104. Avatar photo
    Faridah Ahmat

    Very convenient and nice clean environment

  105. Avatar photo
    Suzana Shafii

    I love this masjid despite it being in the heart of town, it is bustling with activities that you will never come to an empty masjid.

    I especially love that a lot of thought has been put into making Muslimah feels comfortable, enjoys privacy, knowing that our awrat is protected from ajnabis eyes.

    It’s such a welcome knowing that there is a private entrance for Muslimah to get to the Muslimah praying area, which is on the third level.

    I slept there for few hours last week to join in the Qiamulail, Masha Allah it feels so good knowing that the space is strictly for Muslumah and you are reassured that no man walks about while you take a a quick nap.

    The Muslimah area also has a private sitting area with comfortable sofa, play area for kids, just outside the iktikaf area.

    There is also a secluded space to nurse babies, complete with hot and cold water dispenser.

    May Allah grant His Mercy and Blessings to all those involved in providing such lovely Muslimah area in this masjid.


  106. Avatar photo
    Ali Ubwa

    Very pleasant in the heart of orchard road opposite paragone mall near takashimaya mall and mount Elisabetta hospital

  107. Avatar photo
    Mirza Gazali

    Much improved at important mosque if you are around Orchard. They serve free and delicious iftar during Ramadan!

  108. Avatar photo
    Lubna Memon

    Beautiful Masjid,calm And serene. Lits of facilities for praying jummah here

  109. Avatar photo
    Lukmanul Hakim

    Good mosque

  110. Avatar photo
    Zeshaan Rahman

    Bliss !!!! Can be easily accessed from Mt. Elizabeth hospital via Paragon mall. Any Muslim brother or sister visiting Singapore with a Friday must visit for the Jummah prayer. Mesmerized by the serenity in the midst of worshippers.

  111. Avatar photo
    Redaksi Padi

    This is modern mosque, near paragon and orchard road. Clean and cozy…great!

  112. Avatar photo
    Dr.Mai AlSalman

    Fantastic location, one of the biggest mosques in Singapore, clean place , friendly and nice staff around.

  113. Avatar photo
    Rama Wisangga Adjie

    Nice and strategic place for pray in Singapore,near orchard road especially for muslim,this mosque was clean and you will feel calmness the house of Allah SWT

  114. Avatar photo
    mohd muneer

    Very Nice Pleasant Experience at this Mosque in Orchard Area

  115. Avatar photo
    muhamad ilham

    alhamdulillah… its a very beautiful mosque

  116. Avatar photo
    Zul Osman

    Simply good

  117. Avatar photo
    Dr.Mai AlSalman

    Fantastic location, one of the biggest mosques in Singapore, clean place , friendly and nice staff around.

  118. Avatar photo
    Mehmood Abdullah

    Beautiful mosque right at the center of orchard road. The Friday prayers are always full capacity. The recitation is beautiful. I have prayed quite a few eid prayers too. Lovely memory. Friendly masjid authority.

  119. Avatar photo
    Captain Ashaf

    Excellent architecture . Great place to offer prayer in Singapore . Mosque has got a snacks , Tea corner too. It is in Orchard area ,opposite to Holiday Inn Express hotel.

  120. Avatar photo
    M. Tri Prasetya

    If you walk around Orchard road, you may take your time for pray in this masjid.
    Located near Paragon Mall and Grand Park Hotel. Easy to find. At the corner. Woman pray area is on the second floor while the man is on the first floor. Oh, there’s canteen also in this masjid.

  121. Avatar photo
    khalthum abu talib

    Situated in the heart of Orchard Road a convenient place to all Muslims to perform their prayers. The masjid is welll taken care off.

  122. Avatar photo
    Emmy Naqiuddin

    I was fortunate to perform Aidilfirtri prayer at this mosque. The mosque have a peaceful,cozy,clean atmosphere. The mosque community is amazing. Very convenient to have a mosque in this busy area. Masha Allah!

  123. Avatar photo
    Rizal Jaffar

    A mosque in the middle of Orchard Road. With ample parking space and covenient location. Friday sermons in English to accommodate the variety of nationality. The youth movement is very active and impressive. Aircond environment. Located behind the apple store and beside paragon shopping mall. So fret not those who enjoys shopping and wishes to fulfill their prayers obligations. There is also a small cafe inside for those who needs a simple refreshment.

  124. Avatar photo
    Mer S.

    Absolutely my favourite mosque in SG – L1 is airconditioned, and the restrooms are big, well-lit, clean and odour-free.

    Pre-Covid19, the congregation for Jumaah prayers could be made up of many races because of tourists staying at the nearby hotels and shopping in the Orchard shopping belt – Caucasians, Africans, Japanese, you name it.

  125. Avatar photo
    Rehan Bahadur Khan

    Beautiful mosque with aircon for both male and female

  126. Avatar photo
    Sara Nurmala

    The mosque in the orchard road area. At first I found it difficult to find the entrance but finally found it too. the mosque was quite clean and comfortable, after prayer I briefly rested here to stretch my legs, which were very tired. Mukena is also very clean, very comfortable to worship in this mosque. prayer places for women are on the 2nd floor, while for men are on the ground floor. Very cozy mosque in Singapore.

  127. Avatar photo
    Alwi Achmad

    Very good mosque in orchard road, very clean very artistic , very good for man and women .. And this mosque provides halal canteens for visitors..
    Women can prayer with quietly and of course very safe ..
    Absolutely Very nice place

  128. Avatar photo
    Osman Saleh

    Nice and cozy mesjid for weary Muslim tourists and locals

  129. Avatar photo
    Zahid Nawaz

    Solace amid commotion and business is Al- Falah masjid.

    Masjid Al Falah is a place instilled with peace and tranquillity, located in a very busy Orchard area of Singapore. Al-Falah has a remarkable location and just a couple of minutes walk from Abercrombie n Fitch and Apple Orchard/Genius bar.

    Al falah is spacious, air conditioned with a peculiar cuboid design. It has nice ablution area and immaculately designed alleys and pillars.

  130. Avatar photo
    Hanna Ismail

    Convenient drop off. Very beautiful venue for solemnization ceremony ️

  131. Avatar photo
    deany yasir

    The place is located at Orchad Road. The place is clean n nice. There is a takjil (food for breakfasting). Masjid near shopping centre.

  132. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Dzariif Mohammad Hakim

    I would say this is one of the best, if not the best CBD mosque in South East Asia.

    Ambience is serene, calming and quite grand for it’s size.

  133. Avatar photo
    Othman Abdullah

    It is in the middle of of hotel and shopping district,5 stars and upper class shopping mall.For muslim tourist staying in the hotels
    and locals working in Orchard road this is the nearest mosque

  134. Avatar photo
    dicky mardi

    came here for Friday pray, nice and clean mosque, and full air-conditioned

  135. Avatar photo
    Piere Lee

    Amazing the mosque

  136. Avatar photo
    Nike Clooner

    It provids same level ablution area for the ladies (inside). You are able to take your ablution with comfort and ease, so convenient for my wife. There’s also a play area for mommies with toddlers.

  137. Avatar photo
    Malini K

    always calm n serenity to be in this mosque

  138. Avatar photo
    Roy I Evendy

    I always give 5 stars for Mosque. Now Al Falah is getting better and bigger. Very clean rest room as well as ablution room.

  139. Avatar photo
    Aisyah Adrianna

    Best mosque to stop by in the town area. Dedicated entrances for female and male. Air conditioned. Wudhu areas available in the mosque.

  140. Avatar photo
    Zufri Rahman

    Clean, comfortable . Beautiful mosque.

  141. Avatar photo
    Dolly Aswin Harahap

    This is a good one masjid in Singapore. It is near from Orchard Road. So, you can visit it when you looking for a Masjid at Orchard

  142. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Nurhaikal

    A two floors mosque in the heart of Orchard Road shopping district. Smallish but is clean and modern looking mosque. Women prayer hall and abulation area are located on level 2. There is a wheelchair elevator for those less fortunate.

  143. Avatar photo
    Aminul Haque Nabil

    Very neat and clean. Prayer Facilities for both men and women.

  144. Avatar photo
    Chairun Nisa

    Masjid Al-Falah Singapore near to Orchard Road, the facility at Masjid Al-Falah for me it’s Awesome, especially at second floor for womans only. For travellers who need to pray, alhamdulillah this Masjid is great to improve our khusu’ and new experience especially for me. …

  145. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Khusni Jumadi

    If you want to do your prayers in the comfort of an air-conditioned hall, do head to this mosque. Centrally-located along Orchard Road, this chic and modern-looking place of worship is where youngsters, expats and tourists would to go to pray. If you are in the vicinity and wondering where to do your prayer, head down to Al-Falah mosque.

  146. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Irham

    clean, spacious, airconditioned, and more importantly, it is in orchad !!! so, you can enjoy your day visiting stores without missing your prayer on time

  147. Avatar photo
    Raihan Jumat

    Very modern looking mosque with a large hall. Ladies prayer hall on the second floor. Ideally located if you’re in town. Next to a carpark with hourly charges.

  148. Avatar photo
    Hafilah Mohamed

    Beautiful air conditioned mosque

  149. Avatar photo
    Noor Syifa

    The mosque is very nice and clean. I love this mosque but, for women, it’s pretty high to go to the second level for praying.

  150. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Irshad Mohamed Yossuff

    Nice mosque in the middle of the orchard shopping district. Not so easy to park but the location is good, in general. There is food sold in the mornings and afternoons as well

  151. Avatar photo
    Fitri Yani

    The mosque that you can find in Orchid, has a spacious, clean and cool worship space. There is a separation between men and women.

  152. Avatar photo
    salahuddin muhammad

    This place is like an oasis in the middle of desert. Not so easy to find a mosque in singapore. This mosque is definitely very helpful. It is clean, neat and very well managed. Located in the city and quite easy to find

  153. Avatar photo
    Amar Koul

    After its renovation a few years ago, Masya Allah – the mosque is such a conducive & comfortable place to pray in. It is located in the absolute heart of Orchard Road. Halls are air-conditioned and can provide a respite for the hot weather outside.

    I also went there for Subuh and it was so majestic. The staff lit the hall just nicely so that it wasn’t so bright as well.

  154. Avatar photo
    SulaimanBear Jamesblake

    Sense of clarity. Miss this place so much! Glad to sholat here again last Friday!

  155. Avatar photo
    Samsinar Selamat

    Very convenient to pray here while you’re out shopping in Orchard road. …

  156. Avatar photo
    Yusuf Putera

    Location is super great! Center of orchard, near Paragon, 313, Takashimaya, Mandarin, etc.

  157. Avatar photo
    Yan Chip

    Conveniently located along Orchard Road. Mosque is equipped with huge fans and air-conditioning for the comfort of all visitors.

  158. Avatar photo
    sazali mnor

    The most excellent place in town for The Muslim

  159. Avatar photo
    aydil mohamed

    Clean, wheel chair accessible. Calming. Nothing more to ask for a place of worship.

  160. Avatar photo
    Djoko Purwanto

    strategic location by orchard rd
    40abreast x 9 coloumns

  161. Avatar photo
    I. Hendrasto,Ir

    Located a mere two-minute walk from busy Orchard Road, the masjid is unique for it is housed in the basement of a commercial building. The mosque is the first of its kind in Singapore, as it is located on the podium of a 32-storey commercial building.

    Masjid Al-Falah was established at a time when the older mosques in or around the area were relocating to other parts of Singapore to make way for Orchard Road’s redevelopment. It is frequented by Muslims of all races from Singapore and abroad.

  162. Avatar photo
    Rajendra Thalib

    Clean and located in central area

  163. Avatar photo
    Arab Araby

    Clean and lovely place to do ur prayer. Nice view and also location. Chickies also alot.

  164. Avatar photo
    Khairul Amir

    Comfortable mosque in the heart of orchard road. You might not spot the mosque with the traditional dome as it is integrated in a conventional concrete building. Look out for Holiday Inn Express and the entrance is right across it. You could walk in between Paragon and Abercrombie and Fitch too.

  165. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Nazri Abdul Rahman

    An air-conditioned mosque located in the city area, surrounded by luxurious hotels and shopping malls. The ambience is welcoming. Friendly staff and performing my prayers there feels so tranquil. One of my go-to mosques should I be at town area-

  166. Avatar photo
    Abdul Halim Yeo

    If you are in Orchard Road, this mosque is within walking distance from Orchard MRT or Somerset MRT. Walking from the latter is much nearer I feel. Just next to Paragon Shopping Mall, you will not missed it. Convenient and easily accessible for Muslim brothers and sisters to perform their prayers.

  167. Avatar photo
    Sam K

    Beautiful mosque right in the middle of Orchard road and it’s fully AC. Parking can be an issue on Friday so come early. The staff and volunteers are good in managing Friday prayers attendees and very courteous as well.

  168. Avatar photo
    Salman Jaffer

    Was a lovely experience to pray in a congregation this Eid Al-Fitri

  169. Avatar photo
    Sri Vira Chandra

    Alhamdulillah….its comfortable, imam’s revite is nice

  170. Avatar photo
    Iram Ahmed

    Alhamdolillah a beautiful mosque and very ideally located right around orchard. Last time I checked they were discontinuing Jummah salat for ladies due to space constraints. All other times, ample space for ladies salat. Ablution, drinking water, feeding room all available. Jazak Allah

  171. Avatar photo
    Hosam Eloraby

    The most peaceful place

  172. Avatar photo
    andar sularko

    Masjid Alfalah is in the hart of Singapore next to holiday inn ekspress orchard sing.

  173. Avatar photo
    Fadly Sapar

    Located in the centre part of Orchard. Foreign muslims can fulfill the prayers obligations here without any worries. Use the overhead link bridge between paragon and the mosque as traffic there can be dangerous

  174. Avatar photo
    Agus Choirul Huda

    good mosque to sholat when you are at orchard road, very clean and comfortable

  175. Avatar photo
    Adinda Kasih

    Beautiful mosque in the middle of shoppers paradise..

  176. Avatar photo
    Zack Zakaria Yatim

    The Masjid Al Falah is located at Ochard Road a business center with many popular 5 star hotels are found here.
    Many big Shopping Malls and Restaurants for tourist and local to get varieties of items and food.

  177. Avatar photo
    Nabeel Zeeshan

    Beautiful mosque and very busy during Friday (jummah) prayers.

  178. Avatar photo
    Dyah Prabaningrum

    very clean, neat, a peace oasis among the crowd. the facilities are great. they provide a unique lift for those cannot use stairs to enter the mosque

  179. Avatar photo
    Zam M

    The mosque in the heart of Singapore shopping district

  180. Avatar photo
    Imam Nur Bani Yusuf

    Good halal food. The portion is big. The can make you full although you order small size.

  181. Avatar photo

    i have been once for jumah and it is quite clean and spacious.

    Never been to Iftar ( break fast ) time before. does anyone know where the mosque have any Iftar programme ?

  182. Avatar photo
    Deni Hendriawan

    I was there in December 2016, nice and comfort place for pray and take some rest in lunch time. Hope someday i will visit this mosque again, with my family…

  183. Avatar photo
    Raja Noor Hidayah Raja Abd Rahman

    Peaceful and tranquility place for praying. Located in orchard rd, convenient to take a break from our shopping to meet our Creator. A unique mosque!

  184. Avatar photo
    Narlia Isnania

    Thanks to this mosque, i dont have to go back to hotel that far from orchard to pray when shopping around orchard. The mosque is neat and clean. The prayer gown also clean.

  185. Avatar photo
    fatimia wijayantri

    Very recommended masjid to pray if you near orchard

  186. Avatar photo
    Abdullah Siddiqi

    Probably the easiest to access mosque..
    neat and clean and for those looking for Friday sermons in English then this is the right place..
    Thanks to all those wonderful people volunteering on Fridays to assist others.

  187. Avatar photo

    Subhan Allah, great ambience at this mosque

  188. Avatar photo
    Moynul Islam

    In Singapore I think this is the best mosque next to Orchard Road opposite Paragon Shopping Mall

  189. Avatar photo
    Ferri Aguswan

    Nice mosque near to orchard road.

  190. Avatar photo
    Md.Hassan Sulaiman

    A very spacious mosque in the city center orchard road. Easy access between shopping. A welcoming place definitely.

  191. Avatar photo
    Yati Yati

    Clean place
    Near the shoping mall️️ …

  192. Avatar photo
    Nora Shamsir

    Clean, spacious. Have play area for kids at the ladies corner. Comfortable feeding area for mum with baby. Watercooler at the room.
    Clean telekung for public usage. Not crowded with visitors.

  193. Avatar photo
    Dio Adi

    Beautiful masjid in the center of shopping area, MashaaAllah.

  194. Avatar photo

    This is not really a review but more like a correction of the review left by brother Salahuddin Muhammad, the reviewer below me, who writes that it is not easy to find a mosque in Singapore. There are over 70 mosques dotted all over Singapore. However, if he meant that there is only one mosque in the Orchard Road area, then he would be right. But this mosque is one of many that are in the whole of Singapore. To all Muslim travellers, please do your own due diligence and note that it is decidedly NOT hard to find a mosque in Singapore. Just google it. Only 15% of Singapore’s residents are Muslims but we have plenty of mosques here.

  195. Avatar photo
    ZA Hassan

    Great place to head to for daily prayers and terawih. Carpet at Muslimah area is clean and the place is air-conditioned which helps to make the Masjid more conducive for praying. A good choice if you’re looking to have some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Muslimah area has a separate changing area from the wet toilet and ablution area as well as an area for kids while you pray. The imam for terawih has a great voice and recites clearly; thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. Definitely one of my go-to places for terawih.

  196. Avatar photo

    Clean and Cozy Mosque in the downtown of Singapore. Close to Orchad Rd.

  197. Avatar photo
    Mahendra Drajat

    A beautiful mosque. Located very near with central business of orchard. It is a good option for Pray place if you walk around orchard.

  198. Avatar photo
    Bella Belle

    in the middle of orchard road, nice and clean mosque

  199. Avatar photo
    Faisal Shimul

    Located right at the center of the Orchard Road. Clean and well organized mosque that offers prayer arrangements both for men and women.

  200. Avatar photo
    Fahmi Hussaini

    Step away from the busyness of the urban environment surrounding the mosque and step into tranquillity and serenity with newly decorated and air-conditioned prayer halls.

  201. Avatar photo
    Ferri Aguswan

    Nice mosque near to orchard road.

  202. Avatar photo
    Ashfaaq Mahroof

    Nice and spacious mosque. Also includes ladies prayer hall..

  203. Avatar photo
    Hid Yaya

    Convenient in bustling town. Easy parking

  204. Avatar photo
    Mansoor Razvi

    We just prayed Friday Prayers there The Masjid is centrally located in one of the posh area of Singapore. Beautiful Madjid

  205. Avatar photo
    Sajjad Parmar

    Beautiful mosque in CBD singapore. Central location and ample space for worshippers both males and females. Near major shopping centres so convenient to come too.

  206. Avatar photo
    Supatmi asih

    Wonderful! Nice mosque to have pray, complete facilities, like rest area, mini playground, nursery room, free water to drink etc..

  207. Avatar photo
    Denis Llagami

    A beautiful mosque, in a tourist spot, among rows of shopping malls. The perfect solace in a busy area

  208. Avatar photo
    Alias Hanns

    Nice, recently refurbished mosque in town. Lots of activities organised by the mosque committee. Do drop by for your prayers if u happened to be near there

  209. Avatar photo
    Feri Susanto

    This is a mosque with the most strategic location in Orchard road. Precisely in the crossover of Grand Park Orchard. Alhamdulillah, it’s very useful for muslim who traveling there.

  210. Avatar photo
    lim archmard

    Amazing. Its a perfect mosque to do your solat after a long day of work.

  211. Avatar photo
    Aiyaz Ahmed

    Super ambience and in perfect location on Busy Orchard Street, quick walk from many hotels near by

  212. Avatar photo
    Nisa Abdul Khalid

    Comfortable and conducive! There’s even a little play area for young children and sofa to rest. It’s fully air conditioned! Alhamdulillah!

  213. Avatar photo
    Adhi Ciccone

    Near orchard road, it is easy to find and pray in the busy area in Singapore

  214. Avatar photo
    S.K Md Ibrahim

    Nice n cosy for simple solemnisation session n pleasant to do one’s prayer

  215. Avatar photo
    Borders Traveller

    It’s a mosque nearby Orchard Road. Don’t missed opportunity to perform your prayer here & ask doa for me also. In Shaa ALLAH.

  216. Avatar photo

    Clean, spacious, modern, fresh and youth-inviting mosque that will able to cater to your prayer needs. Located behind Apple store & AF store

  217. Avatar photo
    Cashmoney Dollar Channel

    Masjid Al-Falah is a two-storey Building.
    It is a place for Muslim to perform their five days prayers.

    Convenient and Clean with great customer service officer

  218. Avatar photo
    K Al Ghaithy

    Well looked after, few meters from Paragon n Robinson’s..very clean.
    Do the right thing, get in there n perform what were created for…Allah is the greatest

  219. Avatar photo
    Ayub Zaen

    Alfalah mosque located at 20 bideford rd near orchard rd singapore.. this is a good neat and comfortable mosque… i came here during the month of Ramadhan.. they serve you a food for ifthar.. even you can take away the food if you wish… shalat tarawih is 23 rakaat

  220. Avatar photo
    Zahirudin Sulaiman

    Food available at mosques cafe. Between 12.30 – 12.50. Before Friday prayers. There is a lift for wheelchair bound people, and old folks if needed (access to 2nd floor of prayer hall).

  221. Avatar photo
    Qurratu 'Ain

    Mosque is located at a central location and convenient for those shopping along Orchard Road to come and perform their prayers. Mosque is also clean and air-conditioned making it extremely comfortable to pray in, Alhamdulillah.

  222. Avatar photo
    taufik budiman

    Good place praying and comfort around shopping area at orchad

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