Review Marsiling Park, Woodlands Centre Rd, Singapore

Review Marsiling Park in Singapore

“Nice quiet place with great lake view and lots of greenery.” or “Marsiling park is a nice place for jogging and there is a small pay for use gym.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Marsiling Park. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Marsiling Park is quality.

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  • Address: Woodlands Centre Rd, Singapore
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“Surprisingly nice park to explore. It’s like abandon garden in the city, but the facilities are well developed. Very less people, quiet & peace. Good place to stop by relax & exercise.”

“Evening “hike” around marsiling and woodlands Best part was the Marsiling Park. Loads of stuff for kids and families to do Nestled behind Republic Poly.”

“This park is very old, since its origin as Woodlands Town Garden. Yet it is still a very pleasant and scenic place to visit, being well-maintained and with some upgrading.”

“Its a nice view. really, many time expends this place. when i feeling bored. go there my mind is supper fresh ready. its really nice memorable place for me..”

“Nice quiet place with great lake view and lots of greenery.”

“Marsiling park is a nice place for jogging and there is a small pay for use gym.”

“Fresh cool air with lots of shades. Good for exercises. Couples or families with children coming to stroll here is a good place as well”

“Great part for an exercise. Beautiful lake, easily accessible. Worth visiting and photo taking. Have playground for kids.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 209 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 80% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Marsiling Park, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Marsiling Park, Woodlands Centre Rd, Singapore

There is a total 209 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Tengku Abdullah

    Recently upgraded with new facilities and added brand new children playgrounds. A garden with a lake and scenic view. Good for a stroll in the late afternoon and weekend .Eating place within the park just next to the carpark is in-line with newer parks in Woodlands. Name officially changed to Marsiling Park.

  2. Avatar photo
    Worthy Tan

    Very idyllic in a concrete jungle. It has an aircon restaurant that give you a good break on a hot day.

  3. Avatar photo
    Unconventional Passionss

    Evening “hike” around marsiling and woodlands
    Best part was the Marsiling Park.
    Loads of stuff for kids and families to do
    Nestled behind Republic Poly.

  4. Avatar photo
    Irshad Abdul Shakor

    Quiet & relax park to ease the daily stress. Revamped Park that brings back old memories. Now equipped with new playground for young ones. There’s also a Mr Teh Tarik Cartel around serving good & tasty foods and drinks.

  5. Avatar photo
    Lim Kheng Siang

    Excellent place to Chill and DO.Exercises. Some do Taichi. together.Aerobics too. Wide open spaces to jog. Walk or
    just stretch

  6. Avatar photo
    Mohd Razib Ibrahim

    Nice park but the lake a bit smelly due to stagnant water

  7. Avatar photo
    Ida Einjaw

    Beautiful park. Has a pond and a teh tarik cartel restaurant.

  8. Avatar photo
    Kam Hau Yang

    Nice garden good night view

  9. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yow

    Very ordinary, nothing special. Just good for a stroll indulging in some quiet and peace.

  10. Avatar photo
    Zion Lin Xu

    Fantastic place to chill and observe butterflies. There is a butterfly garden in the park. There are also an seating area for people to star gaze at night. There is also 24 hour cafe to drink coffee and chill.

  11. Avatar photo
    Chip Loon

    Fresh cool air with lots of shades. Good for exercises. Couples or families with children coming to stroll here is a good place as well

  12. Avatar photo
    Liyya Halid

    it is a perfect place to jog.. there is a nearby food place too

  13. Avatar photo
    Veera Manoharan

    Wonderful place to relax with nature, small restaurant for food

  14. Avatar photo
    Weera Chaiyo

    good when you want to fight with covid 19 you can meditae heir to clear your poision inject in your body by the demon

  15. Avatar photo
    Robin CHAN

    Marsiling park is a nice place for jogging and there is a small pay for use gym.

  16. Avatar photo
    Nelia Canencia

    Loved the awesome place,

  17. Avatar photo
    c l s

    Small and secluded park. There are also toilets and parking lots.

  18. Avatar photo
    SAAziz S M

    A very quiet park. There is a watch tower but doesn’t have handrails on for right handed senior folks to hold on to climb up. Thus making it hazardous for PWDs and seniors. Please avoid climbing up if you are not fit enough.
    The lake is beautiful and the arched bridge is gorgeous. There is a leaning coconut tree nearby which managed to not fall into the river. Held on its dear life for years now.
    There used to be kampong like sheds but were removed…hmmmm……..the Chinese shed was retained… I wonder why and who decided to have kampung hut sheds removed.
    Anyways, its a good place to relax and enjoy the serenity. The is also restaurant nearby called Teh Tarek Cartel. Halal certified.

  19. Avatar photo
    Jamil Khir

    Nice place with good facilities.

  20. Avatar photo
    Santhosh Arumugam

    Nice place to relax with your family whenever you hungry there is a 24 hours teh tarik food shop which you can enjoy.

  21. Avatar photo
    Poh Soon Tan

    The exhaust noise from nearby wafer fab can be heard all day long & a big turn off. This place can spook you at night.

  22. Avatar photo
    Fonz Jab

    A nice and relaxing place to rest and relax after a week of work …

  23. Avatar photo
    Jane Tan

    Easy walking trail and not too crowded. Can be petty scenic too on a clear day.

  24. Avatar photo
    Arika T.

    The park has been there since i was very young. Nicely done up now. Few playground around. The iconic bridge is still there.

  25. Avatar photo
    Reed E.C

    Used to be a great hangout place but the grasses are not cut and the place is swarming with mosquitoes

  26. Avatar photo
    sathya visweswaran

    Beautiful view of lake..

  27. Avatar photo
    Si Min Hong

    Not crowded. Saw less than 15 people in the 20 minutes I was there. Factory was in operation that day. Quite noisy.

  28. Avatar photo
    Abdullah Musi Haji Abdul Manaf

    Relax place. Good for family orientation on any day in the morning or late evening as day time can be too warm at this moment. Nature created for all.

  29. Avatar photo
    rose rose

    after rain every where water not moving in the lake

  30. Avatar photo
    Aiguero Aaron

    It’s a quiet place

  31. Avatar photo
    Mikael Stockhaus

    Beautiful park it took a whole day to see everything, there’s something to see or experience for all ages

  32. Avatar photo
    Noordin Noorhisham

    Hopefully after upgrading, this will open up for more family friendly park and NPark, please consider build a platform for rc boating.

  33. Avatar photo

    Love love love for marsiling park …

  34. Avatar photo
    Quack_Quack Red_Carpet

    Calm breeze, relaxing place, great place to go if you are feeling depressed, anxious, or even after you lost a love

  35. Avatar photo
    M Dali

    Was there to have dinner @ Mr Teh Tarik. Good food & nice ambience. 3rd visit with different company.

  36. Avatar photo
    bh ng

    Nice parks but Strange lingering smell.

  37. Avatar photo

    Surprisingly nice park to explore.
    It’s like abandon garden in the city, but the facilities are well developed.
    Very less people, quiet & peace.
    Good place to stop by relax & exercise.

  38. Avatar photo
    Noor Jumad

    Nice place for a family gathering. The Teh Tarik Cartel there serves good food too at affordable prices.

  39. Avatar photo
    Sek Fai Wong

    Wonderful brisk walk, jogging and casual natural park.

  40. Avatar photo
    Lorac Cisum

    Another nice and scenic park to explore at Woodlands!

  41. Avatar photo
    Matthew Hagen

    This is a beauty of a gym in the area by the checkpoint. The park is quaint but absolutely beautiful. There are three play areas for kids a beautiful bridge and great signage discussing the different kinds of greenery. This is a great place for flying kites, for relaxing, where to grab a quick bite.

  42. Avatar photo
    Michael Lee

    Small park but can see heron

  43. Avatar photo
    Yus Joseph

    Nothing much here accept the playground and teh tarik cartel

  44. Avatar photo
    Is Khan

    They have Teh-Tarik cartel and the park have a very nice view.

  45. Avatar photo
    Hao Ying

    Facilities was okay , nice view since there is a lake
    Can have some food there (teh tarik cartel)
    There is also a gym pod

  46. Avatar photo
    rakesh dev

    Nice park lots of monitor lizards and sea eagle and other birds although illegal fishing is still continued there

  47. Avatar photo
    Andy Lim

    Nice n quiet park

  48. Avatar photo
    Md Siddik

    Its a nice view. really, many time expends this place. when i feeling bored. go there my mind is supper fresh ready. its really nice memorable place for me..

  49. Avatar photo
    Unconventional Passionss

    Evening “hike” around marsiling and woodlands
    Best part was the Marsiling Park.
    Loads of stuff for kids and families to do
    Nestled behind Republic Poly.

  50. Avatar photo
    Noriza Salji

    I don’t like cleaning aunt because as customer she expecting children not make messy or drop water …she remind me?who is she?to talk to me like that…I try my best to educate my children

  51. Avatar photo
    Mawar Hassan

    No changes as previous however their service had improved

  52. Avatar photo
    eric khoo

    all peaceful and nature, a slight drizzle.. good evening walk

  53. Avatar photo
    aryanniq omphari

    Mr.Teh Cartel ,regular meeting point with friends

  54. Avatar photo
    Benedict Yew

    The park true beauty comes alive at night with the pond reflecting the silhouette of the bridge and pagoda it’s truly a sight to be marvelled.

  55. Avatar photo
    chris loftin

    Its a nice place nestled near the woodlands checkpoint.. it has a small lake , an amphitheatre, a place to eat good food and a nice ambience in the park.

  56. Avatar photo
    Joebert Zomil

    Quite and a scenic place

  57. Avatar photo
    Sudhakar S

    Good experience

  58. Avatar photo
    Felix Damith Nishantha

    Great atmosphere, for family , or person spending with nature

  59. Avatar photo
    Weiyea Lim

    Great place to spend an afternoon or evening there. The kids will have fun with the 2 big playgrounds.
    Lots shades and there is a sushi restaurant there.
    Not fantastic.

  60. Avatar photo
    Stephenie Ng

    Great place to relax and enjoy the scenery

  61. Avatar photo
    Gin Jio

    Come here for a jog during noon time. Is a nice park but there’s a wierd smell in the air probably coming from factory nearby (suspect)

  62. Avatar photo
    Olevia Cheong

    My first visit to Marsiling Park, and I am impressed with the overall design of the park. Pine trees, coconut trees, Red Flame, Yellow Flame, Rain Tree, and the great variety of plants and flowers are amazing. In the morning, there is beautiful reflection of the trees in the pond. Nice area for exercise, with Boardwalk to take in the beauty of the park, as well as resting area in the pavilion. A big thumbs up for creating this lovely park in the Marsiling/Woodlands neighbourhood.

  63. Avatar photo
    M Hanif

    The new revamped Woodlands garden is refreshing and clean. Furthermore the nearby eatery brings new life to this once dilapidated park. Hope there can be more activities here.

  64. Avatar photo
    Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

    Great park with a good 24hr food stall. The park is just refurbished.

  65. Avatar photo
    b H

    Found otter family from the reservoir and mangrove. Very cute!s

  66. Avatar photo
    Ruzaini Wahid

    Teh tarik cartel there. Nice food. A little more expensive than normal teh tarik

  67. Avatar photo
    Chin Serng Siew

    Park is too tiny for jogging.

  68. Avatar photo
    Yui Sukhuma

    Cool park

  69. Avatar photo
    Kamariah Hashim

    Nice place to go with family. The food is good and playground is nearby.

  70. Avatar photo
    Muhd Faizal

    Nice ambience for exercise and recreational activities.

  71. Avatar photo
    Eric Ho (xterain)

    I find it very brightly lite and peaceful at night.

  72. Avatar photo
    ian Salbri

    There’s a Mr Teh Tarik Cartel at the park.Close around 11pm.

  73. Avatar photo
    Vincent Lee

    The park has been around since the infancy of Woodlands New Town in 1986-87.

    The pond, lush greenery, stone bridge, and Oriental pagodas set a very serene environment for leisure walks or jog along it’s winding path.

    There have been a handful of enhancements made to the park over the years, including the addition of playgrounds, exercise stations, paths, and additional broadwalks allowing visitors to get closer to the pond.

    The park feels more open than before but still has ample shaded path and resting areas. There is also a coffee shop on site.

  74. Avatar photo
    Vinder Dhillon

    Very quiet and peaceful. Calming and seren

  75. Avatar photo
    SuhatUat Suhat Sugiyou

    Wonderful change

  76. Avatar photo
    Eva Pator

    Its nice and cool

  77. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Rashid milon

    Excellent place to visit,It was very big place to visit Couldn’t finish in…

    Such a natural resources all over the park area so beautiful

  78. Avatar photo
    Ardi Rashid

    Nice park to chills with family

  79. Avatar photo
    Horn Soon Chong

    u can topup ur autopass here n have a mr teh tarik shop

  80. Avatar photo
    Eng Kim Shuy

    Great place. Scenic view with the lake, bridge and pavilion.

  81. Avatar photo
    Ramlah Awang

    Clean n green, there’s 24 hrs cafe Teh Tarik Cartel…food quite expensive park view

  82. Avatar photo
    Ang Shaun

    Great place. I have a gym at this park, contact me at 93820004 if you need a personal trainer

  83. Avatar photo
    William Lim

    Nice place for couple to chill.with swing

  84. Avatar photo
    CL “HoSayBo”

    Place is at quite ulu. Have an watery there but opens only at 11.00am now. Used to be earlier. Next food stop is quite a distance away.

  85. Avatar photo
    Choon Huat Tan

    A park that have pavilions,arc bridge and viewing tower but no more the leaning coconut tree towards the pond as they chop it away.

  86. Avatar photo

    Nice place but little bit noise factory side

  87. Avatar photo
    Hilmi D

    Nice place,it recalls back memories for me because i grew up here Marsiling since 1975

  88. Avatar photo

    Beautiful Place Discovered Today

  89. Avatar photo
    Slime Jules

    Quite a romantic place in Marsiling to hang out with friends and family. Recommend you to visit in the evening with the beautiful view of the lake in front of you. Very near Marsiling MRT allowing you to travel here easily.

  90. Avatar photo
    just dave

    A place if you need to be away from the usually crowd.

  91. Avatar photo
    Sohan Ahmed

    Not so much big garden but beautiful

  92. Avatar photo
    ralph Rodrigues

    A new upgraded park is being built once opened it will be a good place to spend the day with the family . There is a very nice playground awaiting for the children to enjoy

  93. Avatar photo
    Andy Teeradate

    Great place for family outing

  94. Avatar photo
    David Oon

    The neighbourhood park to head to for a dose of exercise, or the occasional zen refuge. Small but well maintained with accessible restroom, and Mr Teh Cartel cafe to boot. Sufficiently lit at night for the cool and calming night walk. Look put for the 2 huge resident monitor lizards. Only Downside and the missing is the sound. Located near to the Global Foundry plant, the humming noise from the compressors and condensers, kind of spoil it somewhat.

  95. Avatar photo
    Eddy Yap

    Curry chicken are good and big portion.
    The next stall wok fried food are worth for 1pax and family. Reasonable price.
    Morning chee cheong fun, nasi lemak lontong stalls are good too.

  96. Avatar photo
    Low Hong Liang

    Now that it is revamped with a small restaurant and cleaner and better facilities, it is a good place to hang out with your family on the weekend, or to go there to enjoy nature.

  97. Avatar photo
    Always Thinking

    After 2 years of renovation, the park is finally ready. You can see more Family Friendly playground there. The park is installed with more lamps. A new 24 hours coffeeshop just open in the park.

  98. Avatar photo
    ahjis 7594Y

    Quiet and a good place for couples to snuggle and enjoy nature..well what’s left of it in this country. Can see monkeys a bit further down.

  99. Avatar photo
    Ying Jie Goh

    Great part for an exercise. Beautiful lake, easily accessible. Worth visiting and photo taking. Have playground for kids.

  100. Avatar photo
    Pin Lay Chi

    A cosy neighborhood park which has a cafe that serves halal food! I like the park cos it is easy to finish one round and there are nice spaces for you to rest, not forgetting the cafe near entrance with giant swings!!

  101. Avatar photo
    Arni Mohamed Arsis

    Not crowded and quite eerie. Do not feel good vibe even though it is big enough park to do the normal morning activities.

  102. Avatar photo
    Haslinda Mohamed Eunos

    It is well maintained and there is a Teh Tarik Cartel for people to eat and relax.

  103. Avatar photo

    The park is usually not very crowded.There are many playgrounds for children and for your inner child all over the park.One of the playgrounds is the musical play ground were you get to play unique instruments which was fun.Not many flowers or anything to see really but there is a white bridge where you can take cute photos at.There is also a huge lake in the park which does contain alligators so please don’t go in.Dont be an idiot like me and my friends to leave a open umbrella on the floor and allow it to fly to the lake.If that happens to you,try to retrieve asap with a long stick or something but if it is already too far to reach,then ask one of the staff members.Of the can’t do anything about it then just wait for the current to push your umbrella to the side and retrieve it.I had to wait for an hour.

  104. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Naasir

    Nice ambience. Can find good teh tarik here.

  105. Avatar photo
    Azy K

    Love the fact there’s Mr teh tarik.

  106. Avatar photo
    sl Pammy

    The park is really a quite and serene than other parks. If you love a less crowded park, it’s a nice place to go. But the park is not a really big and you can finish walking within 40 mins

  107. Avatar photo

    Very nice spot to have a walk or jog. Relatively safe to walk at night as well. Mr Teh Tarik Cartel is stone’s throw away, still inside the park and also has a The Gym Pod with a view of the small lake. Nice shelters to sit and watch over the lakes and views

  108. Avatar photo
    Saravanakumar Subramaniyan

    this park has been newly renovated. There a new small food court has been opened.

  109. Avatar photo

    We went there to have a dine – in @ Teh Tarik Cartel which is situated in the garden quite nearby to the roadside that few bus services provided with it surroundings scenery presentable

  110. Avatar photo
    SK L

    Very quiet and peaceful…. Good place to think about life.

  111. Avatar photo
    Ishaq Resosumito

    Good to chilli with nearby local restaurant.

  112. Avatar photo
    Ben Adaephon Delat

    newly open after revamp was made to the place. brighter and it has a new 24 hrs eatery

  113. Avatar photo
    mira aslan

    I love the butterfly Web… Had good workout. Super fun place to be. Then.. After workout. Head to the teh tarik cartel nearby. To restore all your fats

  114. Avatar photo

    Nice experience, calm n quiet.. Big enough to do your routine jog surrounded by streams n a lake… Has a Mr Teh tarik restaurant too

  115. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Pey

    Quiet and relaxing place. Washroom needs to be improved on.

  116. Avatar photo
    S J

    For lunch time, the food and time served is quite fast. No hassle. Arrived, fine a spot, order, paid then wait. Not for fussy, choosey or losoh pax lah.

  117. Avatar photo
    Alex Koi

    Small hidden park where taxi uncle have no idea. Weekdays almost no visitors. Can observe eagle and Kingfisher in hunting action

  118. Avatar photo
    Yao Heng Ng

    The revamped Marsiling Park is more lively and pleasant to me since my last visit a couple of years ago. Formerly Woodlands Town Garden, the park had the old style paths and the watch tower refurnished. Also, children friendly stuffs like seesaw in bright colours are also there. Not to mention for food lovers, there is now also a “Mr Teh Tarik” chain food store there!

  119. Avatar photo
    Siti Aishah

    Relaxing! Nice place to take photo too. A quiet place in a neighbourhood. Good to bring kids to explore.

  120. Avatar photo
    K.K.S.Saravana Kumar

    Nice park with a . Children will definitely like this.lot of trees available with name plates.pond and stone bridge are looking beautiful. swing sets and spider nets are there. Fitness equipments like cross walker, twister, dip bar are here but don’t go to the back side left corner. Lot of stray dogs are there. They will chase you.

  121. Avatar photo
    Johar Kwan

    Great park to cycle around with my kids. Many facility for children. Just bring mosquito repeller will help.

  122. Avatar photo
    Zee Baharum

    Nice tranquil place for a walk.

  123. Avatar photo
    Daeng MN Ilham

    The carpark area is now known as Marsiling Park. This area is now managed by NPark. This carpark is now under NPark. Before NPark, the carpark was administered by the HDB.
    There is a playground with swings, a big pond and a cafe.

  124. Avatar photo

    Nice place! Good surroundings. Definitely looks much more livelier compared to decades ago! Carpark availability is great! No issue!

  125. Avatar photo
    Ken Woodlands

    Serene and peaceful. Great place for jogging, brisk walking or just relax and enjoy the scenery and greenery.

  126. Avatar photo
    Sony Surendran

    Calm place, Good place for a Morning walk

  127. Avatar photo
    Lim Seng

    Nice place to relax while having your drinks near by cafe

  128. Avatar photo
    Steven Lee

    The park is a very great place for a leisure walk and to enjoy nature. There are sufficient shelters and toilets.
    For those who like to come here, please help to keep the toilets clean and don’t choke the wc by throwing a big chunk of toilet paper into the wc (which was what happened when I went to one of the cubicle).
    Flush regularly if necessary.

  129. Avatar photo
    Raymond Lam

    The park just got a facelift and opened on 29 Apr 2018. Now named: “Marsiling Park”, is featured with a lake with a good view, several kids playgrounds, and a small air-con food court. Note that there is a non-stop noise, sounds like those noisy air-con duct. (Maybe the noise is coming from a building nearby.) This noise spoiled the serenity of a park. That’s why I do not give this park a 5-stars.

  130. Avatar photo
    roger boey

    Nice place to take a walk with a large pond.

  131. Avatar photo
    Fadhli Syihan Jaslim

    I wish ice cream uncle strolling around there.
    Candy floss shop.
    Its bored over there.
    A park should have some live musical hehehehe

  132. Avatar photo
    Abusayeed Chowdhory

    You can spend your relax time or holiday with your family. Extremely clean.

  133. Avatar photo
    David Gecewicz

    Nice tranquil setting. Turtles, fish, birds, lizards and flowers. The little cafe really hits the spot too.

  134. Avatar photo
    Isham Ibrahim

    A quaint small park, with a restaurant after a good walk or run

  135. Avatar photo
    Vincent Lok

    Certain area leading to Marsiling MRT was quite dark. Overall if you stay at the lake with the bridge is a nice place

  136. Avatar photo
    SE Tan

    Quite nice and windy, less people

  137. Avatar photo
    Mei Chia

    Surprising in the animals we spotted, including at least 5 monitor lizards 2 of which were quite fat and long ! Butterflies flitting around plus squirrels and water crested hens too. Have 2 rope climbing playgrounds tho 1 more for younger set (under 12). If you live in this side of the island and like nature, then this is a nice place for a morning or evening walk or to bring kids.

  138. Avatar photo
    Zinc G

    Nice facelift! Improved lighting, more accessibility for all & best of all, a 24hr food establishment.

  139. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Rahim Abidin

    Dont know much about this place

  140. Avatar photo
    Bernie Png

    A small underrated park located very near to the Woodlands checkpoint. I like the swings, spacious walking paths and nice bridge.

  141. Avatar photo

    A quiet park, the silence occasionally broken only by the squack of the gulls and the chirp of the birds. Among the best places to have a concentrated workout and yoga session. The public toilet is as clean as they come and a water cooler is readily available. Marsiling Park, without doubt, is my preferred go-to place for my workouts over here in the north.

  142. Avatar photo
    Goh B B

    Serene and picturesque… Easy to park too…

  143. Avatar photo
    Ravina S

    Very serene surroundings but look out for e monitor lizard n uncles with foreign maid girlfriends on weekends.

  144. Avatar photo
    LL Low

    Marsiling Park just a stone throw away from Woodlands Custom

  145. Avatar photo
    Hazrin Hassim

    The place nice for jogging , exercise and relax with couple.

  146. Avatar photo
    Qamarul Reza

    A good place foe a morning jog, after which can headover to teh tarik cartel for your breakfast

  147. Avatar photo
    G.Radhakrishnan GRK

    It’s a calm and nice to walk. …

  148. Avatar photo
    Melvin Han

    mini lantern festival with GO FLY KITE

  149. Avatar photo
    Mister Review

    1st time here. Nice playground. Also got halah restaurant.

  150. Avatar photo
    Jaja Soon

    There is a top up machine at the park entrance. Cool nice park n enjoy a cup of teh tarik.

  151. Avatar photo
    นากมวย BoiZul

    Nice ambience, panoramic. You could feel the serenity there. Bring along your date cos it’s romantic.

  152. Avatar photo

    quiet place , good for relaxation and to wind down and good place to take photos or bring couples , the tower took some time to find and it wasn’t as worth it as i thought it would give a good view but it was covered with trees , however it has a clear view of the singapore to malaysia checkpoint on the tower.

  153. Avatar photo
    Visvesh Tilak

    Very spacious, nice greenery, place is kept clean and litter free. Great place for a walk or a jog

  154. Avatar photo
    Chee Wan Lim

    Nice transformation to the Woodlands Town Park I used to visit 35 years back
    Mangrove, percussion playground, swings and many more. Refreshing and great place to visit.
    Cafe onsite 24hrs

  155. Avatar photo
    Siti Zainab

    This place is nice for exercise like briskwalk, jogging and other family activitiy but go in the morning was very hot.

  156. Avatar photo
    Leah Pinky

    Nice slides and recreation for kids and bonding for the whole family!

  157. Avatar photo
    Roderick X

    It used to be called Woodlands Town Garden. Familiar neighbourhood park for Marsiling residents and students of Fuchun and Marsiling too. Lots of terrapins released into the central pond by the old residents. Some remnants are still there for photo shoots and those who missed the old checkpoint days.

  158. Avatar photo
    Spencer Ng

    Excellent seafood soup at Marsiling Mall stall 01-69. Good to have it after exercise and walk.

  159. Avatar photo
    Rehan Bahadur Khan

    Very big and huge park. Loved the nature

  160. Avatar photo
    Shah Cader

    Suggest not to go inside the park esp during night time. There are many mosquitos buzzing around!

  161. Avatar photo

    Nice Park. I draw back no shelter near by play area

  162. Avatar photo
    Alessandro Del Ponte

    Truly a hidden gem for nature lovers. The beautiful lake, wildlife (lots of estuarine birds), vegetation, and pagodas make it a magical place forgotten by tourists in Northwest Singapore.

  163. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Lee

    This park is very old, since its origin as Woodlands Town Garden. Yet it is still a very pleasant and scenic place to visit, being well-maintained and with some upgrading.

  164. Avatar photo
    Angus L

    Nice place. Many huts and pavilions to rest in. Ponds add a nice touch.
    But the industrial plant at the west side of the park spoils the mood. It is noisy and towers over the park.

  165. Avatar photo
    Samsung I9082

    Top up auto pass and get rest toilet was clean.

  166. Avatar photo
    woelly william

    Nicely built waterfront park

  167. Avatar photo
    Francis Ong

    Nice park with a number of interesting playground to keep kids occupied

  168. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Zulnurain

    The cartel Food was nice but the ambiance was 0..

  169. Avatar photo
    Tan Teng Heng

    Nice place for kids to play after the revamped. Good views especially in the early morning dawn period. A jog round the park is slightly above 1 km.

  170. Avatar photo
    Fairoz Su

    Previously known as Ah Gua Gardens, lol, this newly overhauled marsiling gardens is a sight to behold. Consisting of a variety of child friendly playgrounds this place is a must visit if you’re living in the area.

  171. Avatar photo
    Wilson Chew

    An old park that has seen busier days, Marsiling Park is now a quiet corner of Woodlands. A lovely place with a large pond and a stretch of preserved mangrove forests too.

  172. Avatar photo
    Shi Shz Ng

    The cartel is really nice. And it’s 24hrs next time if there are ppl who are looking for some midnight supper can come..

  173. Avatar photo
    Cool Man

    Nice quiet park for a stroll or jogging. There are musical instruments built at the park for the public to play with. A playground for kids to enjoy. In addition, there is a 24 Hrs Mr Teh Tarik Cartel.

  174. Avatar photo
    Mohd Radzi

    Formerly known as Woodlands Town Garden, the Marsiling Park was constructed sometime in the 1980s. That was much earlier than the construction of the BKE. The park has more activities going on back then. There was a floating restaurant and small outlets for handicraft such as making of leather products.

  175. Avatar photo

    Marsiling Park my first visit yet the impression is deep. Tranquility n serenity in the moment of peace

  176. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Chai

    Normal community park with a Teh Tarik Shop beside. A factory next to it spoil the quietness of the Park.

  177. Avatar photo
    mohamad yazid

    Very cozy but parking for motorbike with $20/ season cannot be used. You have to pay.

  178. Avatar photo

    Surprisingly nice park to explore.
    It’s like abandon garden in the city, but the facilities are well developed.
    Very less people, quiet & peace.
    Good place to stop by relax & exercise.

  179. Avatar photo
    Parwathey Rajasvaran (Miss wati)

    Beautiful environment will chg Ur entire day….and Ur body systems will thankful to u…️ …

  180. Avatar photo
    Siah Hx

    Nothing much but scenic and peaceful though. Park isn’t big, 60mins should cover the whole park. Toilets and nearby car park is avail.

  181. Avatar photo

    Very clean and green. Its quite big and good for morning exercise.

  182. Avatar photo
    peter h t seow

    The park is well designed but I would not recommend it for the fact that the disgusting and annoying smell that eminates from the surrounding semiconductor manufacturing plants and factories!

  183. Avatar photo
    Affendy Amin

    Clean n well maintained. Nice halal makan place at the park as well.

  184. Avatar photo
    weichee tan

    Decent place to jog or have a walk. Night time lighting gives it a different atmosphere from the day.
    Downsides –
    We were there at 9pm. Lots of rats running around! I know it’s nature but that was a bit too much for a 1hr walk. We sighted at least 8 rats crossing our paths….
    Noisy. A nearby factory was roaring away n that spoil the tranquility of this park.
    But…., its still worth a trip there to have a look see.

  185. Avatar photo
    Audrey Tay

    Kids love the swings in the park. Also have a Mr Teh Tarik to grab a caffeine boost from!

  186. Avatar photo
    Joey Ng

    Now known as Marsiling Park

  187. Avatar photo
    Florencio Gali

    Away from busy street of Singapore. Good for morning or afternoon jog/exercise. This park has children playground as well. 5 mins walk to Singapore/JB immigration.

  188. Avatar photo
    Rogers Goh

    Nice scenery, quite place for a jog or stroll. Suitable for family outing as there are children playground.

  189. Avatar photo
    Kiran Venkat

    Trust me you’re gonna love when you’re a foreigner it will amuse you because it such a nice scenery and the bes thing is that you can view during your entire walk or run around the park.Such a beautiful park

  190. Avatar photo
    Fedly Yusman

    It’s a beautiful park in the heartlands. A scenic pond with track around it for joggers and outdoors activities

  191. Avatar photo
    Khoo HT

    Nice quiet place with great lake view and lots of greenery.

  192. Avatar photo
    Aparna SG

    Nice and comfy place.

  193. Avatar photo
    Teck Heow Gan

    Plenty of car parking lots but limited motorcycle lots.

  194. Avatar photo
    kian pin chia

    Nice quiet park even during weekends..

  195. Avatar photo
    yeeling ng

    It’s a nice place for all kind of people
    People who like to exercise
    Couples that wanted to dating
    Kids to build strong bond w games
    Family to carry out activities that‍‍
    Nearby have small food court w Malay, Chinese N Indian dish
    Have a huge field for hide N seek, flying kites
    Have a beautiful n clean park for rest n jog

  196. Avatar photo
    shin h

    Reopen today as the new Marsiling Park. Adults and children can play together here and picnic beside the reservoir. Some new trees lack shade. Better come sun rise or sun set.

  197. Avatar photo
    herman kassim

    Very peaceful especially in the early mornings.

  198. Avatar photo
    Wasif Ahmad

    A very big park.
    Great for morning runs or just an evening pensive stroll.
    Its very quiet, almost eerie sometimes, but its a nice stretch of land to be by yourself.

    The swings, the eatery, the open gym, the GymPod, several gazebos are highlights of the park

  199. Avatar photo
    Miko naradiandra

    nice place to chill and relax

  200. Avatar photo
    Sriganesh Singaravel

    Very nice atmosphere after being revamped. Nice place to spend time around with family.

  201. Avatar photo
    Lennie Lee

    Nice quaint Park with not many people. Many rope play. But probably a short half hour stop.

  202. Avatar photo
    Lee San

    nothing much..

  203. Avatar photo
    weichee tan

    Decent place to jog or have a walk. Night time lighting gives it a different atmosphere from the day.
    Downsides –
    We were there at 9pm. Lots of rats running around! I know it’s nature but that was a bit too much for a 1hr walk. We sighted at least 8 rats crossing our paths….
    Noisy. A nearby factory was roaring away n that spoil the tranquility of this park.
    But…., its still worth a trip there to have a look see.

  204. Avatar photo

    Cozy, queit place …

  205. Avatar photo
    Rusydi Zaidan

    Calm and relaxing place. Near to nature with some historical building

  206. Avatar photo
    Norhisham MN

    Not bad. There’s a Mr Teh Tarik here if you’re hungry and if you feel fat after stuffing food, you can jog here. I came when it’s raining so had to run into the shop and eat when I’m wet. It’s hard to eat food when you’re wet.

  207. Avatar photo
    Nike Clooner

    It change to Marsiling Park. 24/7 Teh Tarik, with a place to swing, playgrnd for the kids n great for health conscious enthusiast. Spacious carpark.

  208. Avatar photo
    Lucas Tan

    The newly revamped Woodlands Town Garden is now well-lit and more family-friendly. Playground and swinging park benches are popular for family and friends to hang out at.

    Not to mention, the 24hrs eatery, Mr Teh Tarik Cartel, is situated right beside the bus stop. You may reach here by bus number 856, 911, 912, 913. Do take note that bus number 911, 912, 913 from the bus interchange are going in 2 different directions, you will need to take the ones heading towards the Woodlands custom/checkpoint.

  209. Avatar photo
    Sheila Rusila

    Calm and relax location

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