Review Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore, 1 Sophia Rd, Singapore

Review LOST SG Escape Room Singapore 1 Sophia Rd

“Tried the exodus room and it was v fun! Puzzles were interesting & a good amount of difficulty, usage of tech made it more cool as well!” or “Finished all the rooms in consecutive days they were very fun!! The staff are very friendly and chill especially the boss Ivan he is so slay” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore is quality.

Introduction about Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore

Here are some fundamental details regarding Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore. In terms of Escape room center, it is generally believed that Lost Sg Escape Room Singaporeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Sophia Rd, #03-01/02/03 Peace Centre, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Escape room center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 67171688 (+65 67171688)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 Sophia Rd, #03-01/02/03 Peace Centre, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM to 11 PM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore via:

Phone number

You can reach Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore at 67171688(+65 67171688). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 1 Sophia Rd, #03-01/02/03 Peace Centre, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore reviews

Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore is among the best destinations of Escape room center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore good?

To determine whether Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Tried the exodus room and it was v fun! Puzzles were interesting & a good amount of difficulty, usage of tech made it more cool as well!”

“Finished all the rooms in consecutive days they were very fun!! The staff are very friendly and chill especially the boss Ivan he is so slay”

“Me and my friend play it for the first time, very nice experience. Bring friends here and we all need to use brain to solve the puzzle etc. highly recommend”

“What an amazing experience. This was exhilarating and exciting. And the staff is amazing. Love every minute. Wanna try all the escape rooms now.”

“Area was very creative and cool. Staff was amazing. Gave us extra time to figure out the mission. Was kind enough to give us clues. Would give this place 10/10”

“Very niceee. I will go again with my big group. The puzzle not too hard to solve but need time. The experience is very funn”

“We had fun and managed to solve most of the clues. Thank you for not kicking us out although we had exceeded the time.”

“fun and very cool! there was a part where we didnt expect. will come back again”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 276 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.7 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 95% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Lost Sg Escape Room Singapore, 1 Sophia Rd, Singapore

There is a total 276 reviews

4.7 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Joycelyn Wee78

    It was an amazing experience no kidding. Seriously,we only had 2 people going into the game and legit we had loads of fun. The staff members were super friendly and helpful and the mechanics were actually quite cool and not at all run down. This is a must try for beginners, we really became addicted to escape rooms afterwards. Good game Lost SG thank you for the good experience

  2. Avatar photo
    Michel Eger

    Nice concept. Challenging puzzles with good difficulty.
    Finish them all for a treat

  3. Avatar photo
    Xann Chew

    fun and very cool! there was a part where we didnt expect. will come back again

  4. Avatar photo
    Samantha Chiu

    Had a really fun time solving the Mausoleum room. It was challenging yet satisfying when we finally escaped.

  5. Avatar photo
    Valerina Yeong

    Super fun experience and the staff were very accommodating to our last minute requests!

  6. Avatar photo
    Natalie Phua

    Castiglione was tricky and fun. We’ll come back again to try another challenging room. Thanks.

  7. Avatar photo
    Krithika Lakshmi

    We came with a big group of friends! Was good fun, with enough hints to keep it interesting )

  8. Avatar photo
    Sheen Bean

    Went for a friend’s birthday and it was super fun and exciting! The set up was great! Would come again!

  9. Avatar photo
    Iyner Nil

    Best escape room in SG that makes every other pale in comparison Bring your friends here to change their mind about escape rooms! A must-go for all fans and antifans alike 😀

  10. Avatar photo
    Zayn Tong

    Josh and Carina were very amiable and helpful during the course of the game !! They were extremely patient !! Great experience.

  11. Avatar photo

    We played the Exodus game. There were 2 malfunctions and we had to call for gamemaster’s help multiple times and was told to just try again/wait for system to reset. That kind of spoilt the mood for the game. We were given time extension to complete the game though.

  12. Avatar photo
    Seah Wei Feng

    The staffs were super helpful and helped us alot in escaping highly recommended!!

  13. Avatar photo
    Erin Tham

    Had a great time at LOSTSG! The Alcatraz room was fun and a real test of teamwork. Will recommend this place as the best escape room in SG with challenging puzzles that actually makes sense! …

  14. Avatar photo

    it was really really fun, staffs were also really helpful and patient with us, great place to come with your friends

  15. Avatar photo
    See Kiat Lee

    Had lots of fun at LOST SG. Staffs were extremely friendly and gave us lots of time to complete the room even though we were quite bad at it!!

    Extremely challenging and fun!

    Recommend everyone to come and try ))

  16. Avatar photo
    Deb Sona

    Had a very nice time playing Mausoleum. Totally recommend!

  17. Avatar photo
    Shower Chan

    Wow. We have great fund doing team building here. Lots of fun for an Adult. Must tru

  18. Avatar photo

    fun and exciting! will be back for other games

  19. Avatar photo
    Jacey (Clover)

    Fun puzzles and great staff! Friendly assistance provided while we were playing the game!

  20. Avatar photo
    Alexan Ng

    Absolutely fun! I was really brain fried at the end of it all. In a good way!

  21. Avatar photo

    Pretty complicated but overall a memorial and fun experience! Would come again

  22. Avatar photo
    Kenji Koh

    The experience in the castigelione room was average. A lot of the mechanisms and props were not working properly. Some of the instruction were also not clear. However, the staff were very helpful and they attended to the problem promptly. The puzzles were also challenging and interesting. But the puzzles did not have depth. Would recommend checking out the other rooms, they might be better.

  23. Avatar photo
    Debangshu Hore

    We went for Castiglione. Absolutely loved the setup, great lighting and smart clues/puzzle at every corner. 5/5 recommend!

  24. Avatar photo
    Angeline Leong

    The room was very interesting and the timing was just right! The staff were really helpful and my friends and I truly enjoyed ourselves here 🙂

  25. Avatar photo
    Weiting Huang

    it was super fun and challenging! with the time limit counting down, it was extremely satisfying to conquer the hall of fame with my team mates! great place for team bonding and a good place to work your brains!

  26. Avatar photo
    Alex Ong

    It’s fun and challenging. Some clues are not easy to find. Time fly when you are in the room cos you need to think how to find the clues and forget about the time. Go try it with more people.

  27. Avatar photo
    Hafiz Azman

    Great experience playing Exodus! Really melted all of my braincells! They really mean it when they mentioned lateral thinking! None of puzzles can be completes without the help of the wonderful game host! Really love it, will definitely come back for the horror theme game!

  28. Avatar photo
    alyssa ng

    very friendly and helpful staff even though we asked for like 463928 clues !!!

  29. Avatar photo

    very fun and interesting. Requires big brain. Did Mausoleum and had a very exhilarating time. the only problem my group encountered was that the compass malfunctioned a little.

  30. Avatar photo
    Rachel Tang

    It was great! The people were really friendly and nice, and flexible too – allowing us to change our slot rather last minute.

  31. Avatar photo
    Chrissie Chia

    brain fried but fun. staffs are helpful. place is clean. a place good for team building. ◡̈

  32. Avatar photo
    Aubrey Cortez

    Great experience and the staff were very accommodating and friendly!

  33. Avatar photo
    C Ham

    Finished all the rooms in consecutive days they were very fun!! The staff are very friendly and chill especially the boss Ivan he is so slay

  34. Avatar photo
    jingying ng

    The staff are really nice and friendly, and the escape rooms is rlly entertaining and thrilling at same time. 🙂

  35. Avatar photo
    Hans R

    Great experience and they were helpful and clear with the hints! Reasonable price too and will definitely come again.

  36. Avatar photo
    Charlotte Chandini

    My experience here was amazing. The puzzles were difficult but manageable and the staff were contactable throughout. I especially liked that we were given an unlimited number of hints.

  37. Avatar photo
    Samuel Swee

    Finding this place in Peace Centre can be quite a challenge. Once you reach, you have to sign an indemnity form. You will then be asked to watch a video regarding the scenario you have booked. I liked how the difficulty level was adequate, and the clues provided were sufficient to help you solve the puzzle. However, during my time there, the intercom button was not working in the first 10 minutes.

    Overall, I would recommend this place as the prices are affordable, and you get a good time together with your friends.

  38. Avatar photo

    We had team outing at lostsg and got a wonderful time solving puzzle together. Highly recommend.

  39. Avatar photo
    shafiqah Abdullah

    First time completing escape room. Hints were very detailed and clear. Good storyline and would highly recommend as a group bonding activity!;)

  40. Avatar photo
    Robert Fuchs

    Nice place to relax and enjoy quality time with NO handhones kids had fun

  41. Avatar photo
    xin yu tang

    fun experience, unlimited clues

  42. Avatar photo
    Nuraisah Adam

    Staff were helpful in giving hints when we were confused. There were so many puzzles to solve in 1 room. It was fun and thrilling!

  43. Avatar photo
    Zhujing Jiang

    Played exodus – It was very fun but a bit difficult for two person

  44. Avatar photo

    We had fun and managed to solve most of the clues. Thank you for not kicking us out although we had exceeded the time.

  45. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Tan (strawberrj_)

    Fun experience. The puzzles were difficult enough to create some challenge yet still solvable.

  46. Avatar photo
    Ivan Loo

    Super FUN! Definitely will recommend to my friends! Will come and try out the remaining rooms!

  47. Avatar photo
    Emily Chiam

    Good challenging escape room!

  48. Avatar photo
    Liu Si Yuan Yin

    It is really fun and the staff are very friendly HAHAH also the difficulty level is really quite high but that is what makes the whole experience more wholesome and funny!

  49. Avatar photo
    Seungwu Lee

    The rooms were excellent. From the reviews i saw some who were dissatisfied. But the staff was extremely understanding and even gave us more time to conplete eventhough we had exceeded the limit. Definitely will come back!

  50. Avatar photo
    Shawn chin

    Best escape room theme that we attended

  51. Avatar photo
    Olivier Puyraud

    Had an awesome time here. Really enjoyed the game. Great place to spend an hour.

  52. Avatar photo
    rita fong

    It was very challenging and fun.10/10 would recommend !

  53. Avatar photo

    The location is quite run down and some mechanics may be old, but the escape room was fun and the staff were very helpful and friendly! They even helped us when our time was running out but didn’t finish the puzzle yet.

  54. Avatar photo
    Tammy Seng

    super fun!! so tricky had a tough time but was extremely enjoyable figuring it out with my friends! 10/10 encourage everyone to try it out with their friends too!

  55. Avatar photo
    Ian lim

    Entertaining place for groups looking to be intellectually stimulated. Slightly pricey but that’s expected of escape rooms

  56. Avatar photo

    Went with my colleagues as a team bonding. Escape room was exciting and fun! Would reccomend …

  57. Avatar photo
    Ertem Esiner

    One of the better designed escape rooms. Yet, the trasure hunt mission has a purely misleading puzzle. Unfortunatly the staff is not familiar enough to the concept to understand the dynamics of a puzzle, which ruined the whole experience which started nicely.

  58. Avatar photo
    Yujia choo

    Definitely the best Escape room I’ve been to, the games provided were fun yet challenging. My team and I was also very pleased with the staffs working there as they are all very polite and do their best to fulfill any enquiries from us! I’ll definitely visit again for another session be it for team bonding or just with a group of friends.
    I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in Escape room! Tho it will fry your brain a little but I promise It won’t disappoint. (:

  59. Avatar photo
    Jie Jing Lim

    Team bonding, solve puzzles together, the game is fun!

  60. Avatar photo
    Richard Loat

    Awesome escape room in Singapore! Strongly recommend Exodus as a game to try if you’re with a bunch of first timers or kids as there’s a good mix of puzzles for all ages and abilities. Looking forward to trying some of the harder stuff soon!

  61. Avatar photo
    Ben C

    Played the Exodus room- full of tech surprises, staff were friendly and provided clues when you need help!

  62. Avatar photo
    Chloe Teng-Loh

    It was super fun and challenging!!! Definitely recommend going with friends (:::

    Really fun and enjoyable put us to the challenge definitely recommend

  63. Avatar photo
    Stephen Ow

    Great experience with friends! Managed to complete it before the allocated timing hah

  64. Avatar photo
    Dr. Sebastian Blumentritt

    Awesome room set up, challenging riddles and friendly staff. Overall an exciting experience!

  65. Avatar photo
    Jo Lai

    The rooms are nicely furnished but the sensors are a little slow. It took awhile for the sensors to react when we keyed in the correct answers.

  66. Avatar photo
    Drew Goh

    There’s two “blocks” of peace centre, this is located at the one at the block facing the main road, not the one with the girlie bars.

    Had a game there earlier today, seems like a lot of corporate / team bonding groups heading for a game as well. Overall, game play was fun, not too physical, but one of the rooms we had to crawl through, so, if you have a bad back or can’t go on your hands and knees, don’t bother.

    Location is good and central, just a little rundown (building facade, not the actual shop). Staff seems like they know what they are doing, and helpful.

    Overall, a good place for a game with your company or friends.

  67. Avatar photo
    Jo L

    The male staff with a cap and black spectacles was very friendly and nice! Made the experience so much better.

    The puzzles were a bit illogical but my friends and I still had fun. The staff helped us when we were stuck but didn’t just blindly give us the answer, which I appreciated a lot! The fun was still preserved.

    Awesome decorations and props for Mausoleum.

    Will definitely come back again!

  68. Avatar photo
    Thipphaphone Channavong

    It was fun! We played castlelione room. The clues were unique and quite complicated ngl …

  69. Avatar photo
    M D

    It is definitely the highest tech real escape game in Singapore. If you are looking for the most value for money and the best real escape game in town, look no further!!!

  70. Avatar photo
    Thaddeus Heng

    Super fun and amazing experience. Great to solve it with loved ones

  71. Avatar photo
    Cheetah K

    It was very interactive and loved the laser concepts. Though I dont really like the dark room. Overall, awesome first time experience! Go try it out with friends for best experience

  72. Avatar photo

    Had to get our bodies moving in order to solve the puzzles! Friendly and helpful staff who guide you to the answers instead of giving you them outright!

  73. Avatar photo
    Zing Yang

    Great interactive room with many mini rooms in one big one, staff were friendly and helpful, and even let us have additional time to play! Highly recommended!

  74. Avatar photo
    James Wong

    Great details and intriguing clues for a great escape room by Lost SG. Highly recommend it!!

  75. Avatar photo
    Vyndy Tan

    The game room is very fun and exciting yet intriguing! The staff is friendly and were able to explain the puzzles to us with clarity. Would definitely come again!

  76. Avatar photo
    Rachel Gan

    A good place for team building! Enjoyed the session!

  77. Avatar photo
    Lai Jia Ying

    The staff are super friendly and there are many intereting rooms. Would definitely come again.

  78. Avatar photo
    Jana Lim

    Had fun playing it p: very good for team building!

  79. Avatar photo
    Glenn Thor

    Cool place for team bonding! Hope we have more new rooms! Look forward to it. Thanks again

  80. Avatar photo
    Jiston Itsjon

    Had a great time shouting “My Loooooord”. (Iykyk)

  81. Avatar photo
    Amanda Lee

    Super fun! Loved the Exodus escape room. Went with 10 people. Great team bonding experience

  82. Avatar photo
    Junwei Cheong

    Fun and great experience. Staffs were friendly and helpful.

  83. Avatar photo

    We tried Exodus, we couldn’t make it! Great fun!

  84. Avatar photo
    srisuriya mohan

    It was an amazing and fun experience.
    Really enjoyed our time thinking how to solve our puzzles !

  85. Avatar photo

    will come back again its very fun

  86. Avatar photo
    Cheong Jun Jie

    It was a great experience! Manage to escape with my friends. Theme chosen was exodus

  87. Avatar photo
    Zoe Fung

    Very fun and interesting!!

  88. Avatar photo
    Chan lenger

    I had fun playing the Alcatraz room with friends. It is quite challenging, but you can ask for hints when you’re really stuck. The decors are nice. There are Chinese and English instructions and hints inside the room.

  89. Avatar photo
    Skylar Khoo

    Super helpful and friendly staff, great props and tech used in the room. Very well designed and just the right amount of challenge (we did exodus). Thank you for an amazing experience!

  90. Avatar photo
    HW T

    Staff helpfulness and friendliness was good! They were very helpful when the mechanics and equipment were not functional. However, the experience would be perfect if the mechanics were functioning

  91. Avatar photo
    Anthony Chia

    Went as part of a company team-building activity. Rooms look deceptively small at first glance, but they all open up deeper like all escape rooms. Puzzles are challenging, but not too hard. Will visit again in future.

  92. Avatar photo
    Ho Yan Yee Chloe (Cedargirlss)

    i had a lot of fun and it was very cool !

  93. Avatar photo
    Qian Yu

    nice and friendly staff and unlimited clues were useful

  94. Avatar photo
    Andis Dembovskis

    Very interesting escape rooms. Was my very 1st time in life, and I was surprised how interesting free time activity this is. Worth visiting with friends.

  95. Avatar photo
    Keane Tan

    The puzzles are quite challenging and engaging, took me and my friends quite awhile to solve it

  96. Avatar photo

    this place is actually not bad i came here with my cousin and the manager wasn’t that friendly but they compensated us with some drinks

  97. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Cheong

    The rooms were quite creative and the staff allowed us to finish the room even after our time had run out. The staff were lovely and the transitions to each room were quite high-tech and innovative. However, some of the puzzles were really not derived from the clues provided and totally had no link to the theme of the room so there is some room for improvement.

  98. Avatar photo
    jernise toon zhiyi

    really good escape room and my friends and i enjoyed it a lot! will come again thanks

  99. Avatar photo

    Fun escape room! Managed to skip some puzzles accidently but staff came in to let us know of the ones we skipped so that we can experience all! We played Exodus room btw

  100. Avatar photo
    Frank Dave

    We tried the hardest room the Japanese movie themed chamber. Just two rooms. Though we exceeded the time allowed, still it is a wonderful experience. There was a mechanic problem when we played halfway as the gate opened haphazardly. Spoiled there mood. Also when we finished we need to face book like their face book page is a bit annoyng. Appear from that, it is ok

  101. Avatar photo
    ShiJie 12311

    ️Great place to escape.

  102. Avatar photo

    Friendly owners to help make the experience better, puzzles can be harder than expected

  103. Avatar photo
    Isabel Chong

    Good experience for a first timer~ went to exodus. We were late; but they allowed us to change our game and come at a later time. Was given extra time to finish the game. Staff are really friendly, such as selene! Would come back for more if have the chance too.

  104. Avatar photo
    Chien Han Sheng

    Fantastic experience being lost in a small room for a long time. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  105. Avatar photo
    Justin Teo Y. K.

    We did two rooms in one day. Castiglione was significant better than Aokigahara, the clues and solutions were clearer. The rooms and the set up could be better maintained.

  106. Avatar photo

    The experience was definitely great but the room was a bit less interactive than what we were expecting. Overall a nice time!

  107. Avatar photo
    Wei Zhan Pan

    The game was fun. Best escape game!

  108. Avatar photo
    jaslyn lee_04

    very fun, puzzle challenging enough

  109. Avatar photo
    Haris Lim

    Room was amazing and challenging! Zi Hao was a very helpful staff!

  110. Avatar photo

    The game was quite fun, it was relatively pleasant experience except for the faulty mechanism during on of the stages.

    We were able to solve the question but was stuck for a good amount of time and we called the intercom twice explaining the situation both times and then one of the staff came to help… we also asked for an extension of time since it was the mechanism that was faulty but they didn’t give it to us.

    So that really affected the whole experience but the game itself was quite fun.

  111. Avatar photo
    vanessa ang

    very good games …

  112. Avatar photo
    Jo L

    The male staff with a cap and black spectacles was very friendly and nice! Made the experience so much better.

    The puzzles were a bit illogical but my friends and I still had fun. The staff helped us when we were stuck but didn’t just blindly give us the answer, which I appreciated a lot! The fun was still preserved.

    Awesome decorations and props for Mausoleum.

    Will definitely come back again!

  113. Avatar photo
    Dex Nguyen

    The rooms were really good. The staffs did provide clear instructions, but their meh welcoming us back from successfully escaping the room made it a bit underwhelming.

  114. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Rao

    Really fun but also quite challenging. Good bonding platform!

  115. Avatar photo

    Games are good, but on multiple visits we faced technical issues l where even after solving the puzzles we cant move ahead. There’s no recognition of the issues from the people who run the show, and basically you end up wasting lot of time.

  116. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Tan

    Jovelle was an absolutely brilliant staff, guided us very well, such a fun escape room! Will come back again!

  117. Avatar photo
    Shreya gunalan

    It was very fun to play with other people and the game was manageable

  118. Avatar photo

    interesting and fun solutions and unlimited clues very good.

  119. Avatar photo

    Exodus was a fun room, will definitely come back for rooms of other themes if I have the chance. The staff are friendly too ^^

  120. Avatar photo
    Fanny Tan

    Staff was extremely friendly, patient and helpful! Game was fun and enjoyable, will definitely come again with friends

  121. Avatar photo
    Nisa S.

    SO AWESOME!! I RECOMMEND FOR GROUP GATHERING! Good for teamwork and fun playing! Overall, amazing time …

  122. Avatar photo
    Marcus Ng

    Good experience but a bit short!
    And the props may experience some problems, however, the assistants were quick to help

  123. Avatar photo
    Megan Lee

    The place was really fun, and I would totally come back! The room not only was really enjoyable and stimulating (for our brains), but the staff was extremely helpful and nice

  124. Avatar photo
    Malcolm Teo

    Not just the run of the mill escape rooms where clues you solve are to unlock padlocks. Can’t wait to try another room!

  125. Avatar photo

    It was fun and the amount of problems were harder and challenging as I progress.
    Tho I was only gud at cracking codes-

  126. Avatar photo
    Tony Tan

    Had a great time with my friends on Alcatraz session. Staff was friendly and attentive with our requests for help when we are stuck on a puzzle. Looking forward to other sessions!

  127. Avatar photo
    Wolf Wolf

    I tried the Alcatraz Island escape room, and it was incredible. The puzzles were challenging, yet solvable, and took many forms instead of just finding clues or numbers. We called for hints multiple times, and received helpful hints from the staff without too much information being given away. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and would definitely try the other escape rooms at LOST.

  128. Avatar photo

    Good experience and fun but time given is short. Would like to come again next time. InsyaAllah

  129. Avatar photo
    K Jacelyn

    Brought my elder boy for his birthday celebration. We played Alcatraz and it was really fun. Quite tricky to solve but can be done if we had a few more people (brains) as this game requires the team to split into 3 groups aka 3 prisoners who escaped. Yes Peace Centre looks abit run down but the staff were friendly and they are really helpful! Will visit this place again. Thanks for making my boy birthday a great one!

  130. Avatar photo

    Alcatraz was very fun and was challenging enough to make it exhilarating

  131. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Ng

    Super fun and awesome!!!! Loved the puzzles and the set up was really good!!!

  132. Avatar photo

    staff was very helpful! the puzzles were super fun to solve and we enjoyed ourselves

  133. Avatar photo
    Chan Wan Tian

    Friendly staff and amazing puzzles! Castiglione was very challenging but we still enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

  134. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Ang

    Great and immersive experience with challenging puzzles in the Exodus room!!!

  135. Avatar photo
    Harris Norzlan

    Really fun experience, will be very memorable.

  136. Avatar photo

    i did the castilgione room with my buddies and it was really fun and enjoyable, we ended up taking more than the time limit but they let us continue playing, it was really cool and a great bonding situation!

  137. Avatar photo
    Ng Li Hing

    castiglione best room, interesting puzzles, cool polaroid

  138. Avatar photo
    Manuel Fink

    Exodus was one of the mechanically most complex rooms we ever played with lots of moving parts. The environment feels very real because of this. We found that the time was too little and we failed it as a couple (our experience spanned around 5 rooms total before). There are several elements in which it would have been very helpful to have a handful of people handling the same clue. One element in particular makes you wait if you’re missing a specific information as it cycles through different information. This slows you down a lot unless you have many different people ready to read the next information as it comes in while others handle the execution of the previous one.
    There was also a high-tech musical riddle included which we liked in particular. Overall, it is a great room with lots of modern technology.
    Staff was very friendly and even helped us finish after time ran out. We found the instructions a bit hard to understand sometimes due to accent.
    Absolutely recommended!

  139. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Lu

    Love escape rooms a lot. Unfortunately the venue is very hard to find (we just made jokes that this was part of the challenge) so we were lucky to have plenty of time. It ended up being a closed mall with security guards in the third level but it because everything else was closed and unlit it made it tricky. Unfortunately the team before us broke a clue so we had to change rooms. But as luck would have it half way through one of the clues was also broken so we just went through to the next stage.

  140. Avatar photo
    Hồng Khánh

    Me and my friend play it for the first time, very nice experience. Bring friends here and we all need to use brain to solve the puzzle etc. highly recommend

  141. Avatar photo
    appocados buddy

    Very fun

  142. Avatar photo
    Nisha Singh

    Tricky escape rooms. Had a fun time cracking our heads.

  143. Avatar photo
    justin seow

    Completed castiglione under 60 mins, many different rooms and very interesting puzzles and didn’t require contextual knowledge.

  144. Avatar photo
    Chen Junda

    My friends and I tried the Exodus theme at Lost, not only was the story line interesting, the rooms with its lighting props,and games made it fun and realistic. I was quite amazed at the technology used as the other escape rooms i tried, wasnt as advanced, and this definitely made the game more immersive . Also I really like that they gave us a polaroid to keep as memento. I will be back to try the other rooms for sure!

  145. Avatar photo
    Myra Choo

    Very ingenious and smart puzzles, really fun for friends or for team building. Interesting as well!!

  146. Avatar photo
    Muhd Affiq

    Had a great experience over here! ALCATRAZ best!

  147. Avatar photo
    Tan Xin Shi

    Best experience! Loved the puzzles ️ A must come!

  148. Avatar photo
    Chulavanh Koualyvong

    Super cool escape room.. We are totally lost in there

  149. Avatar photo
    Christy Chan

    Really good escape room! we did the exodus one with 5 people. the puzzles were a good level of difficulty and incorporated technology which was really cool. We celebrated a birthday there and the staff was very accomodating. Definitely recommend!

  150. Avatar photo
    Charlene Goh

    10/10 experience!!! Would come again

  151. Avatar photo

    I will give 5 stars to LOST SG’s immersive and innovative puzzles. Hints were well written in both English and Chinese while being informative yet not disclosing too much. Stories are detailed and interesting, giving more meaning to the rooms themselves. Puzzles included pattern finding skills, observation and mental capacity while also involving teamwork and skill. Puzzles also made sense, unlike your usual padlock after padlock with ambiguous clues, puzzles were straightforward yet challenging, meaning you would know exactly what to do to solve it yet discovering various obstacles along the way. Rooms’ cupboards and various furniture moved mechanically giving way to new ones and also used tech like projectors and infrared sensors.

    The 12 zodiac animal room was the least scary, including no jumps, creepy stuff or sudden stuff, however it is dark, but that’s it.

  152. Avatar photo
    Nana Supangat

    The staff were so patient and helpful with us. They even extended our time just to help us figure out the game till we escaped. Thanks for the fun!

  153. Avatar photo
    Anthony Yip

    Completed Castiglione with 30 seconds to spare! Good ambience and interesting puzzles!

  154. Avatar photo
    Jamie Teo

    Very fun clues to solve and friendly staff! Only negative is that the location is difficult to find and a little bit shady. Will come again!

  155. Avatar photo
    Samantha Kwok

    The experience was really different, the props/design were really realistic and unique. I enjoyed myself very much!

  156. Avatar photo
    Aathira Unnithan

    Great experience! The staff, especially Carina was extremely patient. The room was very interesting! Would visit again.

  157. Avatar photo
    Debra Lee

    We chose Alcatraz and it was a great team building activity, to make the team work together and escape the prison cells.

  158. Avatar photo
    ZiXuan Kwek

    Fun, exciting, staffs were very helpful!

  159. Avatar photo

    Ee Hui was a pleasant game master. Although Aokigahara was damn tough and scary, the game masters were patient and helped us along our arduous journey. Will recommend to my friends to try other rooms as well

  160. Avatar photo
    regine seah

    Played Castiglione and Mausoleum. Must say, both very much impressed us with the puzzles, props, and tech effects. In terms of difficulty, Castiglione is definitely a notch higher but a must-try as well. Staff is very kind to give us some extension when there is no other people waiting to play outside. Kudos to the team!

  161. Avatar photo
    Theresa Ee

    Challenging…makes us really think out of box to solve the puzzles. Felt I was sitting for PSLE solving patterns!!

  162. Avatar photo
    Shereen Koh

    The puzzles were challenging and fun. Was engaged the entire time in the room.

  163. Avatar photo
    Anisa Anwar

    I had my first escape room experience here with 4 other friends. We played the hardest level room, which was Aokigahara. True to its difficulty level, we took a while to figure out the first step and in the end didn’t finish the game before time was up. We enjoyed our experience here, however had difficulty in finding the place because the signboard pointing to the place is quite hidden (its not facing the main road). The instructions from the email of the reservation confirmation helped though. Would come back here again sometime.

  164. Avatar photo
    Nandini Selvakumar

    This is the first time I am going! Quite fun!

  165. Avatar photo
    Melissa Lee

    Super fun place! The staff were very friendly and the quizzes in the game were fun and not too easy

  166. Avatar photo
    clement gan

    Fun place really require some thinking good for team building and see who is the smart one

  167. Avatar photo
    Jane Sum

    Tough but exciting experience with our colleagues! Will come back and try the other rooms!!

  168. Avatar photo
    Glenda Bai

    Kinda fun for first timer great place to hangout and brainfried tgt lol …

  169. Avatar photo
    Sharan Kaur

    It was an amazing experience!! Very challenging and worth the money! Enjoy my first time in an escape room! Definitely coming back for more!

  170. Avatar photo
    angel luo

    It was a great experience, looking forward to the next time! Friendly and kind staff 😀

  171. Avatar photo
    Wei Quan Mu

    A great challenge to those that think they are smart. The theme of the escape room also feel realistic with sounds and also atmosphere that make it intense. However it is still fun and exciting and you could ask for assistance if you and your group is stuck and can’t proceed further.

  172. Avatar photo

    If you would like to have fun n team bonding with ur friends, this is the best place to go!!

  173. Avatar photo
    XiuJia Lim

    The horror aspect of the room was quite good, the challenges were not bad, we were quite close at completing each of the quest. Overall we manage to finish it …

  174. Avatar photo
    minyi tan

    Sooo fun! We did Exodus and Aokigahara. Can’t wait to be back for more (:

  175. Avatar photo
    A FY Ou

    Played the Exodus game. While the beginning was interesting, some of the equipment malfunctioned and we wasted a lot of time because they were not working properly. The staff took a while to respond and looked bored.

  176. Avatar photo
    Fabian Hoe

    awesome escape game experience! will come back again to try other room again!

  177. Avatar photo
    Chang Xiao Xuan

    The quest were fun and thrilling !! Would like to participate again

  178. Avatar photo
    Isabelle Chan

    The experience was interesting and fun with all the different puzzles and go into the different rooms! Would recommend to go and play the escape room

  179. Avatar photo

    What an amazing experience. This was exhilarating and exciting. And the staff is amazing. Love every minute. Wanna try all the escape rooms now.

  180. Avatar photo
    Beverly Tong

    Very great, staff was friendly and gave us more time when we needed, would definitely visit again.

  181. Avatar photo
    Eric Elijah Lim

    Awesome experience! Played the Alcatraz Room. Well thought and well designed. The right lights and sound effect to match the atmosphere and mood. Enjoyed our time thoroughly! Will go back again to try other rooms.

  182. Avatar photo
    Koh Yining

    This game is pretty fun especially if u come with ur friends!!

  183. Avatar photo
    keefe yap

    Great and immersive experience 10/10 would come again. Exciting, challenging and fun.

  184. Avatar photo

    It was really fun, challenging enough for it to be interesting and the staff were extremely helpful when giving hints!! ^w^

  185. Avatar photo
    Ann Peng

    Super creative set up that is not overly completed. Enjoy the game!!

  186. Avatar photo
    Nurul Asyiqin Binte Mohamad Mustafah

    It was a fun experience!

  187. Avatar photo
    Jo Chan

    Inside Peace Centre, although it is an old mall, maybe it is because of an old mall, then business as such can secure a space big enough to design all the necessary. It is indeed the biggest one that I have been (my mates and I played the Exodus), it was indeed FUN!

  188. Avatar photo
    Shu Hui

    Fun place & helpful staff!

  189. Avatar photo
    Theresapriya ram

    It was greatt. I have nvr experience such before n this is my first time n it was such an amazing experience. Will definitely come here often. Let many of my friend know abt this place too

  190. Avatar photo

    Fun experience. Friendly staff and props are good quality as well.

  191. Avatar photo
    Armaine Velasquez

    Very interesting puzzles and very friendly staff who helped us a lot!!

  192. Avatar photo
    Dylan Jovan

    Zi hao was amazing 10/10

  193. Avatar photo
    Genevieve Lim

    Thrilling first escape room experience! Friendly staff that helped us whenever we got stuck. Hope to visit again soon!

  194. Avatar photo
    Don Heng

    Fun times with my friends and family members of of my life. I love this game and it’s very addictive and fun to play with friends

  195. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Lost SG is a game room where you solve puzzles to ultimately escape the room. There are many layers of clues and mysterious objects lying all over the room, and one clue will lead to the next – until you ultimately escape completely.

    We went for the hardest room, and it was indeed very hard. If the clues were segregated and told specifically which puzzles to solve first using what clues, I think the entire experience would have been much better.

    Also, the place is a little hard to find – hiding in spme secluded corner of Peace centre. Not very cheap too! We paid about 300+ for a group of 9 people.

  196. Avatar photo
    Yitch (Yitch)

    Definitely one of the more awesome escape themed places.

    The triggers are engineered pretty well and the puzzles are really thought provoking

  197. Avatar photo
    Mabel Ng

    it was really fun tho we missed some clues …

  198. Avatar photo
    Sam Alexander

    Intellectually Super Stimulating and Challenging

  199. Avatar photo
    Sonali Sareen

    Loved Aokigahara! We solved it all thanks to Super DBS! 10/10 recommend!

  200. Avatar photo

    LOSTSG have been extremely fun! It has been challenging and entertaining and definitely would come again! The staffs here are extremely friendly as well!

  201. Avatar photo
    Jeorgia Heng

    friendly staff members and very interactive rooms

  202. Avatar photo

    was really fun and interactive, solvable if you use your brain

  203. Avatar photo

    The games are challenging and brain wrecking but the staff there are very nice to guide us along the way and even gave us an extension …

  204. Avatar photo
    Li Ze Chai

    Amazing and very beautiful scenery, quite challenging too. Lots of brainpower involved

  205. Avatar photo
    Wasif Ahmad

    It was a nice experience.
    We found it a tough though to crack.. But a fun group activity

  206. Avatar photo
    John Salvador

    One of the best escape room I’ve ever played. We chose the hardest challenge and sadly we weren’t able to finish it about 80% complete. …

  207. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    Very fun and good experience

  208. Avatar photo

    i had a fun time and the puzzles were very high tech.

  209. Avatar photo
    Sya WePolish

    Great place to visit! The host was very friendly and the Alcatraz room was amazing!

  210. Avatar photo
    Rosi Muir

    Amazing place!! This is one of the best escape rooms in Singapore and that is no lie. Every room is full of mixing detail, unique puzzles and the staff were all very helpful when needed. We will definitely be back on another escape room trip soon

  211. Avatar photo
    yuvana manikandan

    It was very interesting and fun experience. Nice place to try despite the covid situation. We can also get as much help as possible!

  212. Avatar photo
    Isaac Lim

    Jovelle and ee Hui has been very helpful in terms of giving us clues and very responsive. We had an enjoyable time. Looking forward to the next visit!

  213. Avatar photo
    chin wah john Tan

    Really had a good time. Totally enjoyed the experience and very impressed by the quality of the puzzles presented. Wish it was a little cheaper though.

  214. Avatar photo
    lynn li

    Puzzles were hard but do-able after some time of discussion and deep thinking. Will come back again to
    Try other rooms.

  215. Avatar photo
    Callie Y

    Saw many bad reviews but decided to give it a shot anyway and still severely disappointed. Played Castilgione and never have I played a room that was so illogical and the “escape” made zero sense. We were told to press the emergency escape button to unlock the door. Service was okok they were extremely helpful but seems ‘soulless’ at their job.

    Anyway, there are many other escape rooms in Singapore that I have completed without any issue like this one. Not coming back again. Sorry.

  216. Avatar photo
    Cass T

    Exodus was fun! Staff are super friendly and helpful and had a blast accomplishing the escape room !

  217. Avatar photo
    Zara Mustafa

    The staffs were super friendly but the Alcatraz hints were too difficult for us to figure out. The staffs came in to help us ALOT and we really appreciate it.

  218. Avatar photo
    Tierney Lee

    Gr8 place, 10/10 would come back again!!!

  219. Avatar photo
    Nick Lim

    Amazing experience at the Escape Room! Great fun not only for couples but families as well. Definitely recommended! …

  220. Avatar photo
    Ryan Neo (ryrybn)

    The puzzles were interesting and unique, it really requires your brain to think hard and actively participate in the activity. The staff were friendly and provided assistance whenever needed. Overall a satisfactory experience.

  221. Avatar photo
    Vivian Koh

    Very good experience!! Staffs were all very friendly and helpful! Would definitely come back again and recommend others this place …

  222. Avatar photo
    Callie Wong

    It was kind of fun, but I guess it’s because my friends and I were panicking most of the time and overthinking that we were unable to get out on time. Overall, it was a great experience for our first try!

  223. Avatar photo
    Gladys Lim

    Great experience! My friends and I loved the room, it was challenging and very interesting. Zhi Hao was a great help as well!

  224. Avatar photo
    Maya Hudson

    I’ve been to many escape rooms however, i think I finally came across an underwhelming escape and a slight disappointment on the staff’s proactiveness.

    Booked for a game (Aokigahara) on the web during a non-peak period thus the nonpeak pricing. When my friends and I reached, the staff attending to us told us that the room was under maintenance and that we had to select another room. This was my first put off as I received no calls or emails prior to our arrival. I let it go since i thought they might have overlooked it and we are already there, might as well just select the new room. What your staff failed to inform us of is the difference in pricing if we were to choose the other rooms since it’ll pass the off-peak price. This was not informed until after we signed the form lol. Look, not that we are cheapos but still, would have been nice to be informed of the difference besides, we did not even know that we had to select a new room.

    So after, we opt for the game called the Alcatraz, game master was nice and clear, the game itself was decent and a tad underwhelming but despite the little unpleasant moment we had at the front desk, i would still give a 2-star rating for the game

  225. Avatar photo
    Yoram Cisinski

    Several interesting themes and one hour is perfect length. You cannot bring phones or drinks inside

  226. Avatar photo
    Douglas Choo

    Puzzles were tough but manageable. Loved the use of tech in the puzzles.

  227. Avatar photo
    Hema Rama

    An absolutely enriching experience. Staff was so helpful and friendly! Go for it!

  228. Avatar photo
    JJ .T

    Lots of mechanism!

    love it!

  229. Avatar photo
    Uma Maruthan

    The room was super fun and we managed to figure it out. Awesome fun, definitely gonna go again.

  230. Avatar photo
    Joyce W.

    It’s so fun! Shall come back again for next challenge

  231. Avatar photo
    some dood

    i went for exodus, it was awesome and very high-tech! i was quite shocked but awed when after the game they explained how things worked. the experience was unforgettable and the staff were really kind. i like how they give unlimited clues but encourage people to challenge themselves. a piece of advice from me: try to get onto the board of fame

  232. Avatar photo
    Abhishek R

    Good place for corporate team events. The prison room was the least intutive. Our group were put in three separate cells and we did not know we had to share information between cells until 30 minutes in. We thought we must compete with each other to see who escapes first.

  233. Avatar photo
    Nadia Kishlan

    Went as a 2 pax today and we had lots of fun although the puzzles were tricky! The staff were so helpful and even when our time was up they let us finish up as we were already in the last room. A good exercise for the brain but we think it would be better played as a bigger group to speed up the problem-solving …

  234. Avatar photo
    Yilin L.

    One of the best escape rooms in Singapore. The typical ones usually just involve you figuring out combinations to locks, for you to open them. LostSG includes mechanical/tech elements eg placing items in a certain way to open doors, which is unique. Some escape rooms also throw you in a room and expect you to just “know” what to do first/next. But at LostSG, clues are usually logical with a flow – ie it’s intuitive for you to know what to work on first/next. Also, they try to make the rooms more interesting by segmenting them into sections, instead of just 1 big room. Kudos to the team, looking forward to new rooms from you!

  235. Avatar photo

    Great experience staff are all very friendly and helpful. Unlimited helpline so very useful for first timers too thank you!

  236. Avatar photo
    Yu Ting Ong

    it was very interesting and fun.

  237. Avatar photo
    Kay Bogey

    MY team and I had a blast trying to escape! We had to count on each other to get out and used a lot of brain power during the effort. The staff was very helpful! You should experience it!

  238. Avatar photo
    Lulubelle Adelige

    It was really fun and challenging! 😀 Defo recommend

  239. Avatar photo
    Bernard Koh

    It was an incredible experience at alcatraz and it was very engaging in the room. Futhermore, the staff is very friendly and helpful to help us along the way.

  240. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn S

    The puzzles were really challenging and required very good observing skills along with some thinking out of the box to solve them. The staff were really helpful towards my friends and i and i would come back for another room soon!

  241. Avatar photo
    Ashwath Thiagaraja

    It was my first time here. The escape room was interesting and it made me think hard. Would definitely come back again with more friends …

  242. Avatar photo
    Goh Francis

    Abit run down. But still a fun place to go

  243. Avatar photo
    Fang Wei

    Challenging but fun! A great experience for all. As the first escape room i went to, it left a great impression on me regarding escape room! Will play again!

  244. Avatar photo
    Kaylee Dinh

    Very niceee. I will go again with my big group. The puzzle not too hard to solve but need time. The experience is very funn

  245. Avatar photo
    Javier Tan

    Pretty decent escape room! The prices here not as ex as the others! But the buttons etc not working as effectively so the experience was slightly less impressive!

  246. Avatar photo
    Souliya Channavong

    Great experience! The puzzles was very interesting and fun. Perfect for a group of 4-5 friends.

  247. Avatar photo
    Roger Tan

    Fun place for team bonding

  248. Avatar photo
    QYu Soh

    very fun and good for first timers many hints were given and staff were friendly will definitely come again soon

  249. Avatar photo
    nick lewty

    Great fun. We did the exodus puzzle which involved solving 7 mini puzzles to get out of two rooms. Good place for work events.

  250. Avatar photo
    Aims V

    It was a great experience where we were able to have fun and beat the hardest room even though it was not in the time limit haha. Overall, it was amazing and very entreating to do with friends!

  251. Avatar photo
    Yong Yong

    It was a tough challenge and the quizzes were not straight forward. But the staff was helpful so we managed to solve it still.

  252. Avatar photo
    Nick Tan

    It was fun and challenging. However, the projectors used could be of higher resolution. But hey, I’m just nitpicking here.

  253. Avatar photo
    Milen Vergov

    It is big fun and very interesting to play. Highly recommend.

  254. Avatar photo

    We went there as a team building activity with our client and we had the best time in this escape room. It is fun and well done full of light and new tech gadgets inside the room. Strongly recommended!

  255. Avatar photo
    Lin Annabelle

    I played the Exodus egyptian game on a weekend. The puzzles inside were just alright, but the mechanics and technology were so well-used, most of them were broken and we had to call the staff in to reset it which made our time slower. When we called for help, sometimes nobody answered and when they came, they looks like they were bored to death. This place could do with a revamp.

  256. Avatar photo
    Lim Ee

    room was super fun and the guys that helped super handsome guys fr must go

  257. Avatar photo
    mei qi loke

    great first escape room experience!! 10/10 recommend

  258. Avatar photo
    nur eshal

    woah really damn tough escape room but really fun and requires a lot of thinking !!! would come back again for sure 🙂

  259. Avatar photo

    Area was very creative and cool. Staff was amazing. Gave us extra time to figure out the mission. Was kind enough to give us clues. Would give this place 10/10

  260. Avatar photo
    wei ling

    Came with my friends and the staff were super helpful and friendly! Recommend ️

  261. Avatar photo
    Yongni Han

    Had an amazing time trying to escape from Alcatraz! Puzzles were varied and overall, very interactive. Staff was professional and friendly. Highly recommend!

  262. Avatar photo
    Valliappan Arunachalam

    A great place to bond as a team. Surely would recommend!

  263. Avatar photo
    Abhishek Malhotra

    Super experience and we managed to crack Aokigahara

  264. Avatar photo
    K Jacelyn

    Brought my elder boy for his birthday celebration. We played Alcatraz and it was really fun. Quite tricky to solve but can be done if we had a few more people (brains) as this game requires the team to split into 3 groups aka 3 prisoners who escaped. Yes Peace Centre looks abit run down but the staff were friendly and they are really helpful! Will visit this place again. Thanks for making my boy birthday a great one!

  265. Avatar photo

    This is an amazing escape room place, the atmosphere and challenges given were intriguing and required a great deal of thought and experimenting. Would definitely go here again in the future with my friends.

  266. Avatar photo
    Ye Ye Evelyn

    Tried the easy level and it was a good experience! The room is well designed and instructions are clear enough! Highly recommended

  267. Avatar photo
    Aaron Chong

    Fun! I guess we over think some of the puzzles but we manage to get it done

  268. Avatar photo
    Hebe Tang

    very fun esp if you go w your friends!!

  269. Avatar photo
    Sufandy Mok

    Very fun, definitely one of the best …

  270. Avatar photo
    Yen Fong Lee

    It’s a wonderful experience here for being a prisoner and trying hard to have a jail break

  271. Avatar photo
    Jared Yapp

    We did two rooms here, Castiglione and Mausoleum. Castiglione was very good and all the puzzles made sense. Mausoleum had one very frustrating puzzle that essentially required the ability to read and memorise Chinese characters which meant we were unable to complete the room without a hint. As a tourist, it would have been good to know that it favoured Chinese speakers before doing the room.

  272. Avatar photo
    jae Ling

    Castiglione was really exciting and challenging! Spent a great one hour with my friend here! Will recommend others to come~ Careena and Ziwen were very helpful, thanks

  273. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Low

    Tried the exodus room and it was v fun! Puzzles were interesting & a good amount of difficulty, usage of tech made it more cool as well!

  274. Avatar photo
    Edith Pang

    was very nice because we were able to get help and hints when we were unsure of what to do

  275. Avatar photo
    Rana Chandra

    Went to 2 rooms (Castiglione & Mausoleum) the experience was great and I would reccomend these rooms as they involve some critical thinking I would reccomend to go in groups. Will definitely be back!!

  276. Avatar photo
    Tan Leroy

    The staff there are very nice and friendly. The rooms are very challenging and fun

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