Review Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh, 185 Toa Payoh Central, Singapore

Review Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh - Singapore 185 Toa Payoh Central

“Dr Dennis is a knowledgeable and friendly person. He’s quite easy to talk to as well. The treatments does help to relax my back muscles too!” or “Dr Dennis is very good. My back feels much better now. Staff in the clinic also very helpful and friendly.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh is quality.

Introduction about Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh

Here are some fundamental details regarding Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh. In terms of Chiropractor, it is generally believed that Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payohis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 185 Toa Payoh Central, #01-342, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Chiropractor, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62260829 (+65 62260829)
  • Website:
  • Address: 185 Toa Payoh Central, #01-342, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10 AM to 2 PM.

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How to contact Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh via:

Phone number

You can reach Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh at 62260829(+65 62260829). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 185 Toa Payoh Central, #01-342, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh reviews

Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh is among the best destinations of Chiropractor in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Dr Dennis is a knowledgeable and friendly person. He's quite easy to talk to as well. The treatments does help to relax my back muscles too!”

“Dr Dennis is great! Very passionate and approachable doctor. The treatment thus far offers relief to my back issues. Will highly recommend this clinic”

“I find Dr. Dennis Lin a careful and experienced chiropractor. After a few sessions of treatment, I could find some relief on my problem areas and could fall asleep easily in the night.”

“Dr Dennis is friendly and do not hesitate to spend more time to address any of your concerns. He is upfront with how effective his treatment will help me and manage my expectations accordingly.”

“Dr Jason is v experienced and made my sessions v welcoming every week. Felt an improvement in my lower and neck after the past 3 months of adjustments.”

“Effective. Solved my long term issue of headaches and bad quality sleeps. Only 1 session and my existing headache immediately resolved. My doctor is Dr Dennis.”

“Dr Dennis is very good. My back feels much better now. Staff in the clinic also very helpful and friendly.”

“Dr Dennis is very knowledgeable and a friendly person. He is very detailed in explaining my condition to me and made sure i understand what is going on for my body.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 181 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Live Well Chiropractic Toa Payoh, 185 Toa Payoh Central, Singapore

There is a total 181 reviews

5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    muhammad zulhairee ahmad zain

    There was no hard selling of their package and as i was really in need to fix my back, i dont mind it at all. Recep is friendly and approachable. Chiro is friendly and will try to answer my queries. Overall, the lower back pain has reduced and its up to me to have my own body maintenance and adapt to a proper lifestyle. =)

  2. Avatar photo
    Jia En Tan

    Dr Dennis has been treating me for the last few years. He is a great help who is well-versed and carefully explains my situation, providing tips / stretches that can be done at home to improve. …

  3. Avatar photo

    The chiropractors are nice and friendly, they are professional in their area. The counter is also helpful and accessible. The environment is clean and tidy.

  4. Avatar photo
    elaine tan

    Dr Dennis and his team are always warm and friendly, allowing each experience at the clinic to be a very pleasant one! The attentive care I got to treat my spinal issues have been very helpful in my recovery.

  5. Avatar photo
    Fion Ng

    Glad to know Live Well Chiropractic and always feel comfortable with their services.
    Dr Dennis is a knowledgeable and friendly person. From my first trial, x-ray, consultation, treatment, he always explain in details about my condition and gave me an example for my better understanding. He also guide me on my posture which I’m not aware before. Also thanks for the front desk girls who always help me to reschedule the time. Highly recommended for those who are currently looking for such a professional chiro.

  6. Avatar photo
    Tang Kian Cheong

    I came to fix up my neck and back problems

  7. Avatar photo
    Alan Huang

    Been suffering back pain after injury from gym work out, after a series of treatment from Dr Dennis, the condition has really eased and couldn’t be happier, highly recommended.

  8. Avatar photo

    Dr Dennis is friendly, extremely patient and skilled. Since coming to Live Well, my lower back pain has disappeared. Highly recommend anyone with back issues to come visit. c:

    Truly has the touch of the Gods, 1000/10

  9. Avatar photo
    Sarasvathy Vadivale

    Mom has curved spine and osteoporosis, she has improved on her condition and pain is much lesser and is progressing on her recovery! Thank you Doctor Dennis!

  10. Avatar photo
    Hailey Woo

    I’ve been visiting Live Well for more than 5 months and I have seen significant improvement with my neck stiffness. Dr Dennis has been very detailed in diagnosing and explaining my problem. I like that they actually don’t hard sell a lot which I have been experiencing in other chiro clinics that I visited in the past. Strongly recommend!

  11. Avatar photo
    Kaiwen Tay

    Great clinic with friendly staff and doctor!

  12. Avatar photo
    Anthea Tan

    Dr Dennis has been an awesome chiropractor. He answers any questions I might have regarding my health/back concerns readily and always share great knowledge/advices. With his help, my neck and back conditions have improved tremendously. Booking of appointments are fuss free and the clinic’s environment is very comfy. Highly recommended!

  13. Avatar photo
    Munling Eng

    I was having backache for the longest time, I happen to pass by this Chiropractic clinic at Toa Payoh and decided to give it a try even though it was something new to me. I saw Dr Dennis and did a couple of treatments, I never felt better. …

  14. Avatar photo
    Gina Tan

    I had shoulder pain and numbness on right hand and not able to sleep well due to the pain. I had seek treatment from TCM for almost a year and it does not improved and my friend have recommend me to see chiropractor. I walk in Live Well Chiropractic to seek treatment, I had my X-ray, report show that my scoliosis which is quite bad. Dr Dennis, he is professional chiropractor, patient and good listener. Each treatment I received , I feel relieved, recover each time and he give simple exercise that can helps to improve my condition each day. As of today, my shoulder pain and numbness has been improved alot and I also able to sleep well. Dr Dennis I am grateful, your professional are recommended to my friends and family.

  15. Avatar photo
    xw chng

    Dr. Jason is a gifted and knowledgeable chiropractor. He is excellent and compassionate. He made my 1st visit very welcoming. His adjustments definitely make an improvement. His manner is very reassuring and calming. He’s easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable. The staff there was upbeat and very positive. I highly recommend him to anyone if you are experiencing any pain or stiffness in your body.

  16. Avatar photo
    Mark Joung

    Seeing Dr D for many years, new clinic looks awesome. Highly recommended for lower back issues.

  17. Avatar photo
    Damon Z

    Talking to Dennis is always like taking to a friend and the treatment significantly reduced my pain, highly appreciate and recommend his service and thanks for his assistants too to help me book/change all the appointments and set up the bed for me every time.

    Pleasant experience!

    Thank you!

  18. Avatar photo
    Trixie Liao

    Live Well Chiropractic has been my go-to place whenever I have aches and pains for years. Highly recommend Dr Dennis! Funny but yet someone who is knowledgeable and nags at me to exercise! …

  19. Avatar photo

    Dr Dennis is very professional and skillful, and the receptionist is friendly. Highly recommended!

  20. Avatar photo
    Audrey Bing

    Dr Dennis is very professional and careful during his treatment. Clinic is clean and welcoming.

  21. Avatar photo

    I would highly recommend Dr. Dennis to everyone. He’s very professional and skillful. You’ll be in good hands with him! …

  22. Avatar photo
    Dharma Adiputra

    When I started my treatment with doctor Dennis, I had terrible back pain. Now my pain is greatly reduced and I am more informed about good posture. The support staff is also helpful, I had to cancel and reschedule my appointments a few times. I would recommend getting your chiropractic treatment at Live Well.

  23. Avatar photo
    Tze Ye Teo

    Dr Dennis is a knowledgeable and friendly person. He’s quite easy to talk to as well. The treatments does help to relax my back muscles too!

  24. Avatar photo
    Kim Huang Boo

    Discovered this clinic via a friend’s recommendation. Dr Dennis is the best chiropractor that I’ve met in Singapore. I’ve been to many chiropractic clinics in Singapore and all the other clinics’ adjustments felt generic and were not addressing my specific needs or issues. Dr Dennis’s adjustments are specific and provide instant relief to my stiff shoulders and lower back pain. The clinic’s staffs are also very friendly and accommodating especially when urgent visits are required, booking an appointment is a bliss as it is just a WhatsApp message away! 10/10 would recommended to anyone seeking chiropractic care in Singapore!

  25. Avatar photo
    Ben Yeo

    Great service from Live Well Chiropractic @Toa Payoh. Helped my lower spine, the doctor Dr Dennis is very careful, he will patiently explain the whole course of treatment to me, reminding me of the correct sitting posture and stretching posture. My back and lower spine have improved a lot.

    The staff are gracious and friendly.

    The clinic is also very clean and comfortable.

    I would highly recommend .

    Live Well Chiropractic @Toa Payoh 的优质服务。 帮助了我的下柱脊,医师 Dr Dennis 很细心,,他会很有耐心地跟我解释整个疗程 ,提醒我正确坐姿和拉伸姿势。我的背部和下柱脊改善了很多。




  26. Avatar photo
    carolyn lee

    I have suffered from migraine for over a decade and I’m always prescribed with painkillers to ease the pain once the attacks started. Knowing that I can’t always rely on medication which does not really help, I went online to search for migraine treatment. I saw Live Well Chiropractic and they do treatment for migraine. Hence, I decided to give it a try. Honestly, I was very amazed how Dennis “cracked” my neck with no pain at all! And the miracle thing was I have experienced less migraine attack after 8 sessions of treatment. I do strongly encourage those who hv migraine to have a trial with Dennis. He is very friendly and will explain to you the cause & how it should be treated. Thumbs up Dennis & LW Team

  27. Avatar photo
    Xia Goh

    Good services and clear explanation of my situation from doctor. Help me stay free of pain and teach me on how to take care of my back. Good doctor and highly recommended.

  28. Avatar photo
    Lena Deena

    Friendly staffs, professional and knowledgable Dr.

  29. Avatar photo
    Y Kimmy

    Great service. Clean environment and Dr Dennis is patient in explaining my issues. Highly recommend.

  30. Avatar photo
    May Heng

    Dr Dennis is very professional and friendly. Staffs in the clinic are warm and welcoming on every visit. Been visiting for regular adjustments for about 2 months and seen improvement for my leg condition. Great experience overall!

  31. Avatar photo

    Nice environment, friendly doctor and staff!

  32. Avatar photo
    Catherine Teo

    Dr Dennis Is truly an Amazing chiropractor. I have seen many chiropractors over the years and never found one like Dr Dennis. He spends the time to bring me the relief I need in my back and neck ,I look forward to my appointments at his office and I never leave disappointed.I would defiantly recommend Dr Dennis to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, caring and professional chiropractor.

  33. Avatar photo
    Cromer Teo

    The location is located at the Central of Toa Payoh which is very convenient for people who drive or taking public transport.
    The Dr and service staffs are very professional.
    I would highly recommend if you need a chiropractor.

  34. Avatar photo
    Darren & Jessy

    Our experiences visiting Dr (Dennis) Lin have been excellent to say the least.
    Diagnosed with mild scoliosis and having consulted other chiropractors, we have found Dr Lin to be the most thorough, attentive and patient.
    He conveys a sense of assuredness and shares not only useful but practical advice to alleviate the occasional discomfort.
    With Dr Lin, we always get the feeling we are in safe hands.
    Highly recommended.

  35. Avatar photo
    Cindy Lee

    I am suffering from stiff neck and frozen shoulder problems for many years. After visiting Live Well Chiro over a few months, my condition has improved a lot (able to sleep better). Thanks to Dennis for his service and advice on dos and don’ts about exercise, posture, etc.

  36. Avatar photo
    George Cheng

    Dr Dennis is a fun and knowledgeable person. He makes all my chiropractic sessions enjoyable and not boring at all. Will definitely recommend his professional services to anyone who needs it.

  37. Avatar photo
    Jiajia Chen

    Dr Dennis is wonderful, instead of asking me to baby my lower backache, he encouraged me to slowly build up strength so that I can still enjoy exercising. I like that it’s not always adjustments for me and mostly release of the knots on areas associated to the lower backache. Within just 2 months (together with physiotherapy), I’m now able to resume longer hours of sitting pain free and enjoy exercising. Highly recommend to anyone who’s experiencing lower backaches or discomfort from sedentary lifestyle and long hours of sitting.

  38. Avatar photo
    Cham Yi Tian

    Great service at Live Well Chiropractic. My chiropractor Dr Dennis is caring and extremely patient to explain the whole procedure. He also gave good advices to improve my back posture.

    The staff are nice and friendly.

    The clinic is also clean and cozy too.

    Highly recommend.

  39. Avatar photo
    Terence Ng

    Have some back shoulder troubles and went to visit Live Well. Dr Dennis is a very detailed person and answers to all my questions patiently and thoroughly. My treatment is currently half way through and I’m seeing positive results. Happy to recommend my friends to Dr Dennis.

  40. Avatar photo
    Lee Khi Bing

    Dr Dennis is friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to diagnose my issue, with me giving vague descriptions of what I was feeling discomfort on. The recovery plan he proposed has also helped quite a bit as well, as I am feeling much better now.

  41. Avatar photo
    Peng Lam

    Visited Live Well with trauma in my left arm/shoulder and was also diagnosed with frozen shoulder after the X-Ray. Thankful for the chiropractic care and treatments by Dr Dennis, the recovery process was systematic and effective. Dr Dennis also introduced simple exercises which greatly helped to maintain shoulder mobility and relieved stiffness. Would highly recommend chiropractic care for a pain free life.

  42. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Chan

    The experience so far has been very good. My chronic neck and shoulder pain was relieved soon after the first and second visits.
    Dr Dennis is friendly and provides good explanation to my queries and recommends exercises to help with my condition.
    The staff, Wen Yee and Anna, are also very friendly and pleasant.
    To anyone who is looking for neck, shoulder and back pain relief, I recommend you try here.

  43. Avatar photo
    Mark Plunkett

    Dr Dennis is a professional, manages to fix by lower back instantly on the first visit. Only after the x-ray did I know that the neck and shoulder pains I had is because of my spinal issues. I am slowly trying to “fix” my spine with the great assistance of Dr Dennis. He is very knowledgeable and friendly.

  44. Avatar photo

    Came all the way for Dr. Jason – the best chiropractor in Singapore!
    I had treatment with him for a long time back in Kovan, since he came to the new clinic I followed as well! And will also be a royal customer to Dr. Jason

  45. Avatar photo
    Reg M

    Dr. Dennis is professional and friendly, gives actionable and detailed advice to help alleviate and improve my posture and aches. Highly recommend!

  46. Avatar photo
    mathben abraham

    I visited Dr. Dennis for a second opinion, after having visited another Chiropractor at Toa Payoh a few days prior. I was in urgent need of effective treatment for a lower back injury. I was hunched forward and couldn’t walk….depressed and miserable.
    Dr. Dennis is a thorough professional, knowledgeable and meticulous with his treatment.
    I saw drastic results after the first treatment itself and have felt that trust, enough to sign up for more visits.
    Also, the place is neat, with positive vibes.

    Update 1:
    Thursday 23-Jan-20 was my 11th session of hand adjustments and spinal decompression.
    Dr. Dennis finally declared the three magic words ” Running is do-able.”.
    My spine now has a life of its own and it frequently prompts me to sit erect.
    I have been running and lifting weights on and off since 19 years and one would think that such fitness activities are enough to stay young for life. But we don’t realize that the spine is under constant compression load and it degenerates if not cared for.
    Today 47 days after the pinched L4 spinal nerve ( sciatic nerve) incident, I was able to run 5 kms around my block. ( baby steps, while constantly listening to my body)….
    Dr. Dennis has recommended some good exercises. When he saw that I was also managing a Hagglund’s deformity on my right leg, he showed an effective calf exercise which I can do anywhere.
    Dr. Dennis is indeed gifted and selfless..I hope more people find their way to him for lasting cure…

  47. Avatar photo
    Fabiian Lee

    I’ve never visited a professional Chiropractor before, this was my first experience. This review is overdue & I was skeptical at first!
    But I have to honestly say it has been great! : )
    I started seeing Dr Dennis sometime in Jan this year and have been going for regular sessions ever since. I was experiencing back pain that ran from my back, hip area down to my left leg. He was very patient and professional in his approach and took the time to explain my condition in a very easy to understand manner. I like that Dr Dennis gives lots of advice on how to manage my condition & what to do to improve it. I could walk comfortably after a few sessions which was a great relief. He will give the bare facts on what is treatable and what is not. He sets the expectations on the possible outcome of the sessions which is what I really appreciate. The receptionist, Joei is also very professional & friendly and is always there with a smile. Thank you both for making my sessions there a warm & comfortable experience every time! Do keep up the great work!

  48. Avatar photo
    Chew Kng Poo

    Chiropractic is only effective if you can engage the “Right” Dr… Dennis is the one who has effectively cured me of my back issue which has been bothering me for quite sometime although I have tried chiropractic previously… was quite sceptical when my wife asked me to try chiropractic with Dennis as my previous experiences at other wellness centre was not useful… but after meeting Dennis at Live Well Chiropractic, my view on chiropractic changed… it was indeed …only if you engaged the “RIGHT” Dr for your treatment…

    Kudos to Dennis…and A Happy Chinese New Year…

  49. Avatar photo
    Charles Cheok

    Thanks to Dr Dennis, my neck issue which has troubled me for many years has been relieved. Thanks for the staff who is helpful and always remind me for my appointment.

  50. Avatar photo
    Jia En Tan

    Glad to find this place to solve my backache issue especially after extended working hours during Circuit breaker.

  51. Avatar photo
    Joanne Tan

    Dr Dennis is a caring n patient doctor who will listen carefully to the problems or issues that u r having before the adjustment. He always ensure that the adjustment will help to ease the pain! Thumb up for him!

  52. Avatar photo
    Gwen Ip

    Dr Dennis is very knowledgeable in identifying the source of my pains and was very frank with what he could and could not help with. I learnt quite a lot about how my pains came to be on the first review of my X-rays. I’ve been experiencing much less pain and visit whenever the pain recurs. Dr Dennis can also adjust pregnant women so there’s no need to stop your treatment while pregnant.

  53. Avatar photo
    wei ping Li

    Dr Dennis is great! Very passionate and approachable doctor. The treatment thus far offers relief to my back issues. Will highly recommend this clinic

  54. Avatar photo
    Weiting Huang

    live well tpy team is friendly, meticulous and absolutely caring towards patients. i have mild scoliosis and have been hesitant to visit any chiropractors as i wasnt sure if my issues would be alleviated.

    a friend recommended me to live well chiro as she received good help from them, previously not being able to even sit on the floor to sitting as long as she likes. dr dennis has made my visits assuring and informative as well. and it is always enjoyable to engage in conversation with the girls at the front desk! looking forward to my next visit!

  55. Avatar photo
    Joey Ang

    Dr Dennis is very friendly and professional. Each session is never a disappointment, as it helps to remove my long time suffering of bad postures, very bad neck aches, back pains and migraines. Kudos and thumbs up to Dr Dennis, and his helpful and friendly staff! …

  56. Avatar photo

    I came here after a bad lower back injury. I have always wanted to try chiropractic treatment but I was put off by the pricing in most clinics. My experience at Live Well has been fantastic.

    Dr Dennis Lin has helped me overcome my pain and he has been monitoring my progress since December last year. I would definitely recommend Live Well for patients who have issues with their spine and mobility during sports.

  57. Avatar photo
    Tony Nguyen

    Dr Dennis is an excellent practitioner. He has helped me with my patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee). I am able to move better and without any pain after just a couple visits.
    I would highly recommend Dr Dennis to anyone that is looking to be free from pain. Awesome friendly staff that provide you with a personalised experience! A sense of professionalism is maintained consistently throughout each and every visit! Will definitely be going back again, the doctor is super friendly and was very patient in answering all my questions regarding my knee pains.

  58. Avatar photo
    Khamis Dedik

    After few treatment the headache gone & felt lighter.Dr Denise treatment & advice give lot’s of confident on my daily live.Looking foward to my next sesson.Many thanks to Dr Denise & the friendly staff. …

  59. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lum

    Dr Dennis is a patient and attentive chiropractor. He takes time to understand your lifestyle requirements in addition to assessing your physical condition before prescribing the necessary treatment. Charges are also consider reasonable at Live Well.

  60. Avatar photo
    Rhonny Chan, 曾思墂

    Been consulting Dr Dennis for past years, highly recommended!

  61. Avatar photo
    Lee Chan Chia

    This is the first time I tried chiropractic. Dr Dennis is very detailed and approachable. His chiropractic treatment is really good. Not only did he relieved the strain on my leg, he even taught me the stretches and exercises that greatly improved my overall well-being. Highly recommended.

  62. Avatar photo
    Jarel ye

    Had pinched nerve for about a year which causes numbness on my left shoulders and tingling sensations on left fingers. Been through about only 5 adjustments and already felt the effectiveness of the treatments. Highly recommend for anyone suffering from the same issue =)

  63. Avatar photo
    Fiona Chew

    Thanks Dr Dennis! Very attentive & patient team, definitely helps in my recovery progress

  64. Avatar photo

    A nice and clean clinic located at Toa Payoh. I’ve been taking treatment from the past few months for long time pain of my shoulder. Dr. Dennis Lin is very well experienced in identifying the exact problem accurately.
    His treatment were very effective, I would highly recommended him for anyone who are facing spine issues or misalignments of the joints.

    Give it a try, you won’t be regret”.

  65. Avatar photo
    Clement Kang - 556E

    Didn’t went for any chiropractic treatment before, thus Dr. Dennis is my first chiropractor, I took up the treatment started since February 2021, he have tremendously improved my quality of life where I had been suffering from lower back related pains for quite some time.

    Dr. Dennis is a professional and friendly chiropractor, often able to keep me at ease when it come to chiropractic adjustment and explaining what are the parts he is adjusting, he also took some time to explain on how the treatment works progressively and what kind of lifestyle changes I can make to improve my condition better(e.g. exercises, sitting posture etc.). *Apart from I being lazy sometimes.

    Had a minor bike accident myself which injured my shoulder which limited my range of motion, Dr. Dennis was able to guide me through with exercises/routine to slowly regain shoulder/arm strength back to normal again! And I am grateful that I was able to recover in about 1-2 months with his guidance!

    Also special thanks for the receptionist, who able to keep track of my appointment schedules and update or remind about the appointments.

  66. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Shaifulbahri

    Dr Dennis is a friendly and down to earth guy. He will explain to you the problems in a calm and patient manner. The outlet is whole vibe with the songs too Will definitely come again whenever i have back problems. 11/10 …

  67. Avatar photo
    Jordan Lee

    Dr Dennis is a very experienced chiropractor who really cares for his patients. He is also very friendly and shares his knowledge. He gives practical and sound advice that is easy to follow. I have learnt much from him and also felt a lot better after few sessions of treatment. I would recommend Dr Dennis anytime. Thumbs up!

  68. Avatar photo
    bell bell

    Highly recommended, friendly doctor and staff.
    Improve my siting posture and backache.

  69. Avatar photo
    Ernest Chen

    Always looking forward to my adjustments each week with Dr Dennis, as well as really friendly and warm customer service.

  70. Avatar photo
    DooRee General

    Sincerely appreciated Doc Dennis Lim have cure my neck pain problem which cause by cycling and the relapse of vertigo simultaneously.
    Again, lot of helpful guiding from him about the correct posture: for in instance, sit or exercise. Its really help to avoid those unnecessary pain ( muscle or numbness ) due to the incorrect posture we use to be.
    I am glad to get the recommendation by my friend for the Chiro.
    My experience and advice to dear all:” Get yourself a Proper and Professional , use to try out many other treatment but this is the best i have met.”

    Thank you so much Doc Lim.
    Mei Tan

  71. Avatar photo
    Ai Li Tay

    Solved my long term issue of headaches and bad quality sleeps. Only 1 session and my existing headache immediately resolved.
    My doctor is Dr Dennis.

  72. Avatar photo
    Nico Wu

    Really Professional. Am getting my scoliosis fixed here and am confident I am in good hands. Thank you Live well!

  73. Avatar photo
    Tan Janice

    I have not tried chiropractic treatments before seeing Dr Dennis. I was recommended to him by colleagues to check out my sudden knee pain that won’t go away. He was able to explain to me in detail that the cause is my posture and that’s why massaging and rest didn’t improve my knee pain. I feel a lot better following his advice and treatments on my knees and my posture.

    The staff is very friendly and always welcoming. Best of all, did NOT hard sell at all. Highly recommend this place.

  74. Avatar photo
    Ya Wen Chua

    I suffered from stiffness on my shoulder and lower back problem. My friend recommended me to see Dr Jessie. After a few sessions, my shoulder and lower back had improved a lot.

    I highly recommend everyone to see Dr Jessie!

  75. Avatar photo
    Sitoh Pakleng

    Great doctor, attentive and caring to patients. Opening hours fit many people as well!

  76. Avatar photo
    Celine Kok

    Dr Dennis has a very warm and welcoming persona! It was my first time going for a chiropractic session and I was quite nervous, but he was extremely patient and explained the details of my shoulder sprain and what I can do to improve it. I had really bad shoulder pains for about a year now, but I’ve managed to feel an improvement in the range of movement in just 4 sessions. I’m thankful to have met Dr Dennis and I’m certain that you’ll find the same relief as I did if you come in for a session. I highly recommend it for any shoulder pain/back pain issues! 🙂

  77. Avatar photo
    Wendy Yap

    Dr Dennis is a very experience doctor, he have provide a very clear explanation before my treatment. He very knowledgeable on chiropractic, and very patience to patients. Thanks Dr Dennis for treated me well.

  78. Avatar photo
    Terence Teng

    Great staff and great chiropractor! Dr Dennis Lin provided attentive care and brought relief to my shoulder and back pain problems that had been bugging me for years. Since then, I have recommended my colleagues as well as my parent to see Dennis and they too had experienced relief of their pain problems. I am truly amazed by his knowledge, skills as well as his dedication to help patients solve their pain issues. Dr Dennis is truly医者仁心!

  79. Avatar photo
    Ben “StarFLEETrooper”

    Dr Dennis is very good. My back feels much better now. Staff in the clinic also very helpful and friendly.

  80. Avatar photo
    Celine Kok

    Dr Dennis has a very warm and welcoming persona! It was my first time going for a chiropractic session and I was quite nervous, but he was extremely patient and explained the details of my shoulder sprain and what I can do to improve it. I had really bad shoulder pains for about a year now, but I’ve managed to feel an improvement in the range of movement in just 4 sessions. I’m thankful to have met Dr Dennis and I’m certain that you’ll find the same relief as I did if you come in for a session. I highly recommend it for any shoulder pain/back pain issues! 🙂

  81. Avatar photo
    Jason Jaleco

    My experience in the clinic is awesome and great. The ambience and facility is clean, tidy and refreshing.

    Dr. dennis is very friendly, he explains the procedure perfectly, easily to talk with and very kind.
    Also the receptionist is very kind and friendly.

    Very recomended the toa payoh chiro clinic.

  82. Avatar photo
    Ryan Cheng

    Dr. Dennis is very good in releasing the stress on my back. I feel there is improvement to my posture. The staff there are very friendly & warm. Keep up the good work!

  83. Avatar photo
    Hanwei Lin

    Dr Dennis was patient and took time to listen in order to diagnose, advise and recommend the treatment plan moving forward. Not pushy at all and left it up to me to decide if I wanted the package. Halfway through it now and a lot more aware of my own body, posture and triggers. Highly recommended!

  84. Avatar photo
    Ben Parker

    It was great meeting a fellow Aussie! Dr Dennis was great, felt good after being adjusted. Cheers mate!

  85. Avatar photo
    May Lim

    Definitely will go back again, the doctor is super friendly and was very patient in answering all my questions regarding my back pains. I felt the immediate relief after the treatment!

  86. Avatar photo

    I hardly write reviews, but I really would like to acknowledge Dr Dennis Lin for his professionalism and service.

    Been nursing all sort of aches for a long time – and I’ve tried treatments ranging from TCM, physiotherapy etc.
    Recently, a relative recommended I try Dr Lin.

    Dr Lin was able to detect my painpoints very quickly, and offered sensible diagnosis to my conditions. He then administered adjustments to me on the spot. He made it look so easy – all this time while engaging me in a conversation. I was immediately relieved of my lower backache after his adjustment.

    What I liked about Dr Lin is, he doesn’t exaggerate my condition nor in anyway pressurise me for sign ups/subsequent visits. He assured me my condition is mild, and also gave me tips on exercises I should do daily to ensure my sustainable well-being.

    Next time, I’m going to bring my teenage daughter and mother to him!

  87. Avatar photo
    Ivan Seah

    The staff are very kind and polite.
    Dennis is very attentive and professional. My back has never been straighter, they have the touch of the gods. True miracle workers with no parallel. Highly recommend 5/5.

  88. Avatar photo
    Cindy Low

    Cozy environment, receptionist is helpful and friendly.
    Dr Dennis is patient in explaining whenever I have queries and is very helpful in providing feedback and advice on how I can improve my posture.

  89. Avatar photo
    Irwin Tan

    Came to see Dr Dennis for a sudden shoulder pain and after diagnosis, it was something that I didn’t expect. When in doubt about something not right, think about Chiropractic !

  90. Avatar photo
    Stephen Lay

    I saw Dr Dennis for some serious shoulder pain that I had been experiencing for a while from playing tennis. Dr Dennis was extremely professional and very friendly to make me feel at ease, and after only a few sessions, I was able to fully rotate my shoulder again, and I no longer feel any pain when I play tennis. Thank you so much Dr Dennis!!

  91. Avatar photo
    Hazel Chua

    Dr Dennis is caring and friendly. He explains and gives advices on how I can improve my posture, neck and back issues. Each time after the treatment session, I feel refreshed.

    Staff is helpful and friendly too.

    The clinic is clean and cozy.

  92. Avatar photo
    Qiu Guang Ke

    Dr Dennis is great! Clearly identified the problem and was able to relief the pain and discomfort from a slip disc. Highly recommended …

  93. Avatar photo
    MY Fong

    A big thankyou to Dr Dennis and his friendly team for providing the expertise care treatment.
    After each visit, I got the great feeling of experiencing the continue improved ability to function the overall body parts comfortably and that enable me to participate in the activities I love to do.
    Surely I’d recommend Dr Dennis to my family and my friends.

  94. Avatar photo
    Kimberly Han

    It has been nothing but a warm, lovely, and absolutely amazing experience here at Live Well Chiropractic TPY, and I’d recommend it highly to anyone who’s still sitting on the fence as to whether or not they’d like to try chiropractic care out, or this clinic in particular.

    I signed up for a trial session just about two months ago because of odd, funky lower back pains, as well as a relatively uncomfortable neck, both of which were starting to become a hassle to deal with in my daily life (especially because I’m a student who sits for long hours in front of a computer monitor). I guess this was more prevention than cure only because I wasn’t really hurting that much — the occasional pain was just slightly worrying at times and I thought I should get it checked out.

    I eventually got an x-ray done as recommended by Dr Dennis Lin (the chiropractor, obviously), and after that, Dennis sat down with me to explain what exactly was going on with my body. What I really appreciated was the effort to make the explanation accessible to someone like me who’s clueless about the terminology of and/or approaches to chiropractic care. It was this effort of accessibility in particular that made me feel like I could trust Dennis and the rest of the clinic with my recovery process.

    I’ve since been heading to Live Well TPY for my sessions (after signing up for a package) and I’ve no regrets at all. My back’s better, my neck’s better, and I’ve started to make active decisions in my life (thank you, Dennis) that have begun to improve my quality of life in the little ways possible.

    Apart from that, I need to add that the atmosphere of the clinic’s great too! The receptionists are absolutely amazing and they’re very approachable and friendly. They’ve dealt with a number of last-minute appointment changes on my part and I’m just thankful they’re always so quick and helpful to respond each time. Dennis is also a lovely human to chat with during sessions, and it’s his warm and sincere demeanour that truly makes sessions comfortable and enjoyable (rather than plain awkward).

    I always look forward to my sessions at Live Well TPY, and I’m sure many of the other reviews here echo the same sentiments. Ya’ll are doing a great job — thanks for everything!

  95. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Lee

    Dr Dennis was very professional and friendly.
    Would highly recommend him!

  96. Avatar photo
    Billy WL (__Bwl)

    Dr Jason is v experienced and made my sessions v welcoming every week. Felt an improvement in my lower and neck after the past 3 months of adjustments.

  97. Avatar photo
    Chocolate Bar

    Been visiting to the clinic for almost 3 months. I find my neck and back pain have good improvement as I do not get the stiffness and soreness that I used to have. This really made me happier and healthier. Dr Dennis is approachable and helpful. He will share his knowledge if you ask. Glad that I have decided to give a try with Live Well.

  98. Avatar photo
    Fiona Chan

    I was suffering from terrible neck pains which wouldn’t go away even after acupuncture and decided to give chiropractic treatment a try. With just a few skilful cracks and adjustments, Dr Dennis helped me get better and even offered good advice at the end of my session on how to prevent future injuries. Definitely recommended …

  99. Avatar photo
    sam teng

    Dr Dennis is very knowledgeable and a friendly person. He is very detailed in explaining my condition to me and made sure i understand what is going on for my body.

  100. Avatar photo
    Sc Divyashimi

    Dr Dennis is such an awesome chiropractor and has helped get rid of my mother’s migraines. He explains the diagnosis well and gave us realistic expectations for her progress. He also provided simple changes to her lifestyle and easy exercises to do. We had such a good experience here!

  101. Avatar photo
    Richard Tay

    Very pleasant experience with the entire chiro treatment. I was suffering from a lower backache that triggered me to seek treatment. Decided to give Live Well Chiro a shot. That’s when I met Dr. Dennis, who is extremely patient and detailed. He explained in an easy to understand manner of my condition and what needs to be done and how. Each time after the session, I always feel refreshed. It has been 6 months since I started my treatment and i’m happy to share that my lower backache is no longer bothering me Receptionist is friendly and very accommodating to changes, really appreciate it!
    Thank you Dr Dennis and Live well Chiro!

  102. Avatar photo
    candise KH

    Dr.dennis was very good doctor n friendly . thankful for helping me !!
    now my back no so pain alr ) thank you so much

  103. Avatar photo
    Tek Kang

    Dr Denis and the team at Live Well Chiropractic have been a pleasure to deal with! I have started my treatment for knee pains and since have been moving better and the pain has subsided! More treatments and work to do but I am confident I will be better with the treatment and guidance I have received. I highly recommend Dr Denis and the team at Live Well.

  104. Avatar photo
    Jo Tan

    Was suffering from neck and back ache, as well as numbness. Am super thankful that the clinic is back in operation after CB, which helped to improve the pain situation!
    Good experience and great improvement after treatment. Dr is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
    Highly recommended!

  105. Avatar photo
    yixiu guo

    Dr Dennis Lin is very patient and knowledgeable towards his field. He answers every question with a listening ear, and explains with great clarity. He and his reception team also always makes the extra effort to put on a smile, to make the service experience extremely enjoyable. I had my doubts about Chiropractic, but after my sessions at Live well, I’m sure that in the future, where I am able to, I would routinely try to get a check up done with the team.

  106. Avatar photo
    Keith Ang

    Doctor Dennis is professional, knowledgeable and excellent at explaining my situation. Cured my pain and taught me how to maintain and care using physio exercises. Highly recommended!

  107. Avatar photo
    Toby Best

    Friendly and capable staff. Dennis (Chiropractor) has been a great help for a variety of back issues.

  108. Avatar photo
    Christopher Ng

    This place is a gem. They are not pushy about selling you packages, and Dr Dennis is extremely patient in hearing you out and understanding what are your needs/objectives first. Very professional and skillful. Would highly recommend

  109. Avatar photo

    5/5 best experience and professional DR

  110. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Koh

    Dr Dennis is patient and friendly. Was having lower back pain/discomfort and found out that I had scoliosis after seeking consultation from Dr Dennis.

    He will explain the problem with my posture and will advice me the dos and don’ts of straining the body. He also recommends me some strengthen exercises to do at my free time. Before sessions, he will ask me what I had done between each sessions, and do the following adjustments. I felt my back had improved better significantly after a few sessions with him. Will recommend him to anyone

    Receptionist is friendly and welcoming as well.

  111. Avatar photo
    Olivia Tang

    A friend recommended me to come to Dr Dennis for treatment. He was really nice and showed me some exercises on how to alleviate my back pains. Thanks Dr Dennis!

  112. Avatar photo
    WT Tong

    Been having a sore neck and shoulders for about a month and the issue only resolves temporarily with medication. Due to past experiences with chiropractic treatments from my home country I decided to start looking for one and I am happy to have found Live Well Chiropractic at Toa Payoh by chance on Facebook . The clinic is at a very convenient location as it is quite near Tao Payoh MRT and busy bus stops .

    Dr Dennis managed to alleviate my pain through the adjustments ,teach me certain exercises and give me advices on what to take note of so that I don’t injure myself in the future. Based on past experiences I believe this is a good place. Overall a pleasant , professional and friendly experience. I am glad I found Dr Dennis and this clinic at Toa Payoh.

  113. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Lai

    Dr Dennis is one of the most friendliest and humorous doctor I’ve met. He pays attention to all my pain and sorrows ( in my hips I meant ). He doesnt make going for my chiropractic session dreading. He adjust me very precisely and gentle like how he would win a jenga game would I recommend Dr Dennis? HELL YEAH …

  114. Avatar photo
    tan eslise

    What I have been experiencing from my chiropractor, Dr. Dennis, that he is warmth, caring, humane, extremely patient, attention to detail and very professional. He is attentive and responsive to my feedback and needs. He provides good advice and treatment to ease my chronic pain in my lower back, neck and shoulder. Life is getting better after 3 months of treatment, because I’m in good hands. Great Team and cozy environment, highly recommended!

  115. Avatar photo
    Akhil Mittal

    Thumbs up for Dr Dennis

  116. Avatar photo
    Xu Kelvin

    Many Thanks to Dr Dennis, I am no longer feeling the pain on my lower back that shoots down to my legs to the foot which has an electrical sensation with sharp pain.

  117. Avatar photo

    I have adjusted here a few times and I feel very good. My scoliosis has improved a lot. What’s more amazing is that my trapezius muscle is also smaller. Dr. Lin is also very patient and the shop is very clean


  118. Avatar photo
    Min Xuan

    Tried many different chiropractors for the past 5years. Dr Dennis’s treatment is the most effective among them. Highly recommend Dr Dennis. Five star …

  119. Avatar photo
    Staff Vaz Cecilia Ann A

    Dr Dennis explained the procedures to me very clearly before we began sessions. He is patient and takes the time to repeat what I forget sometimes. Everyone is kind and caring.

  120. Avatar photo
    Jing Yu

    Dr Dennis is very friendly and professional. My neck pain has been relieved after the treatment. He also suggested some exercises for me to practise to correct my posture

  121. Avatar photo
    tim c

    Dr. Dennis is very friendly and knowledgeable – he was able to relieve my lower back pain, and taught me some great stretches to keep it in check. Thank you!

  122. Avatar photo
    Kitt Leong

    Been seeing Dr Dennis whenever I have back or shoulder issues (sports related or otherwise) and it always hasten the recovery much more than when I leave the body to heal by itself. He really explains the causes and suggests stretches that we do by ourselves.

  123. Avatar photo
    Pete Lim

    I was having lower back pain due to car accident some 3-4 years ago. It got to a stage where getting up from bed was very challenging (including sleeping). Heard of chiropractic over the years. Came across Live Well Chiropractic on youtube which is also near my place. X-rayed from head to lower back and had a review by Dr Lin. Explained to me my condition and what needed to be done. Took a few sessions before seeing improvement. Sleeping well and so is getting up from bed much better. Hope to improve my overall health in the months to come. Thank you.

  124. Avatar photo
    Ginny Sng

    Dr Dennis was very patient and attentive when understanding my condition. He was able to identify my problem and swiftly helped to reduce my discomfort from my first session. I will strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a professional chiropractor.

  125. Avatar photo
    Bernadette Ann Bucayu

    Dr Dennis is amazing! I came for neck pain thats been going for like a month and after 1 session it got better. He has very good manners and listens to my concerns.

  126. Avatar photo
    Karin Mok

    Went to see Dr Jessie for my shoulder and lower back issue. She is very patient and welcoming and she made me feel comfortable with her instantly. Highly recommend Dr Jessie! …

  127. Avatar photo
    William Wong

    I started seeing Dr Dennis sometime in Nov this year and have been going for regular sessions ever since. I was experiencing lower back pain that affecting my sleep. I cannot lay flat for long time nor side ways as I will feel soar at my lower back. During the first session, Dr Dennis pointed out what is my issue and sets the expectations on the possible outcome of the treatments. He also gives lots of advice on what I should avoid & what to take note when doing exercise. He also teaches me some tips on some streching exercises that could help my condition. Just after a few sessions I could sleep comfortably and I really greatful of that. The receptionist, Joei is also very friendly and always greed you with a smile. Thank you both and keep up the good work!!

  128. Avatar photo
    Kok Hian Tan

    Dr Dennis is a very friendly, professional and attentive doctor. After treatment by Dr Dennis for 1 month, my lower back problem has seen much improvement! He also gives great advice on how to improve your posture in your daily life to speed up recovery.

    Also, the receptionist is friendly and always sets up the decompression table according to my special requirements!

  129. Avatar photo
    Chocolate Bar

    Been visiting to the clinic for almost 3 months. I find my neck and back pain have good improvement as I do not get the stiffness and soreness that I used to have. This really made me happier and healthier. Dr Dennis is approachable and helpful. He will share his knowledge if you ask. Glad that I have decided to give a try with Live Well.

  130. Avatar photo

    I’m seeing Dr Dennis for my neck and shoulder pain. Dr Dennis is extremely friendly and professional. He will explain patiently to me and advise me what I can do to improve/ease my pain. Always felt at ease under his care. Highly recommended to my friends and relatives. Thank you so much Dr Dennis!!!

  131. Avatar photo
    Colelyn Lim

    Super friendly Doctor and very knowledgeable. Always pays attention to details and customize it to your body. Thank you Dr Dennis

  132. Avatar photo
    Shermaine Chionh

    Dr Dennis and team are really warm and friendly, every visit is pleasant! The flexible scheduling also makes sessions very convenient.

  133. Avatar photo
    Shady V

    Dr. Dennis is extremely friendly, patient and professional to explain everything in detail.
    He could precisely identify my problem in different areas each time.
    Feeling much better after only a few sessions.

    The receptionist is also very welcoming and friendly.
    She is efficient and considerate, and able to give me the help I need.
    I feel at home when i’m there.

    Highly recommend!!!

  134. Avatar photo
    Christiana Tan

    My sessions with Dr Jason always leave me feeling better for the rest of the week! He is able to relieve tension along my spine very effectively and I get less headaches and body aches. Thanks Dr Jason!

  135. Avatar photo
    almonz monz

    Very friendly Doctor and Receptionist …

  136. Avatar photo
    Min Alisha

    Had my first consultation with Dr Dennis Lin. Highly recommended! Dr Dennis were really patient and helpful explaining to me the issue I’m suffering and gave very assuring suggestion to my problem. …

  137. Avatar photo
    Abigail Tan

    Came to solve some neck pain issues! Half way through the therapy and so far so good Update again after finishing the course!

  138. Avatar photo
    Thein Htet Aung

    It was a good experience. Dr. Dennis cares about his patients. He spends a good amount of time explaining and examining so that we are all on the same page. He is also well experienced. I hope the doctor takes care of himself as much as he does to his patients so that he can continue providing the quality care as always.

  139. Avatar photo
    Eunice Tan

    Dr Dennis is friendly and professional, and remembers my issues, though I can also let him know if any new issues arise along the way. Been to try out a few chiropractors, but some places are like they don’t really hit the spot. Met Dr Jason first then Dr Dennis and both of them do “hit the spot”. Sessions are also like 10 mins, which i find quite short can only adjust one area, do hope can be longer.

  140. Avatar photo
    so ahken

    The treatment is effective. The counter staff is polite and accommodating.

  141. Avatar photo
    Fion Wong

    My favourite place to go to for my weekly adjustment at toa payoh!

  142. Avatar photo
    Glen Ng

    I first came to Live Well with hip and lower back pain.
    I am now a few weeks in through treatment and adjustments with Dr Dennis and i am already experiencing lesser pain and better mobility.
    I am progressively going back to my active lifestyle thanks to Dr Dennis.

  143. Avatar photo

    I’ve known Dr Dennis since we were in University together and i have trusted him to treat my neck and back pain since day 1. Comfortable and effective chiropractic sessions I would highly recommend!

  144. Avatar photo
    Derek Lau Weng Onn

    Having a great experience at Live Well Chiropractic thus far, being treated by Dr Jason. He is a confident and experienced professional, with a calming and friendly demeanor that places me at ease. I look forward to each session to help better my strains, aches and posture.

    Additional thanks to the wonderful receptionist ladies that helps make bookings a breeze.

  145. Avatar photo
    Ssy Yeng

    Often have backache due to work injury previously. And I always hurts my back easily as it relates to the previous issues…
    My backaches improved alot as now I’m on regular treatment now with Dr.Dennis. He’s very friendly, detail and good to identify the problems of which are the causes and how should it be improve. The staff at Live Well Chiropractic are very friendly and helpful! Highly recommended place to go!

  146. Avatar photo

    Dr Dennis is very generous in sharing the practices and methods of pain management. And it works! Thank you.

  147. Avatar photo
    kwun chung Chan

    just had my adjustment done by dr dennis 2 days ago… my whole week of nechache and backache just got instant relief !! thx so much !!! would not hesitate to anyone who has neck n lback problem like myself to livewell chiro

  148. Avatar photo
    Nor Hayati Anarwary

    After the therapy it show much better for my back pain & the exercise tat was told much helpful.

  149. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lee

    I find Dr. Dennis Lin a careful and experienced chiropractor. After a few sessions of treatment, I could find some relief on my problem areas and could fall asleep easily in the night.

  150. Avatar photo
    Nelson Ching

    Dr Dennis is friendly and helpful with different new insights. After a few sessions, my back pain has improved alot. They even take the time to explain your xrays and work out a plan with you to reduce activites that cause you pain unknowingly.

    Overall a nice experience and a joy to see him. Thanks.

  151. Avatar photo
    Samantha Chionh

    Great team at livewell Toa payoh. I was sceptical about how chiro can help with my back aches but Dr Dennis was professional in explaining and correcting my posture. I was pleasantly surprised to see my posture improve just after a few sessions. Of course, my back aches were gone too after every session with Dr Dennis. Kudos to the team!

  152. Avatar photo
    Ket Ang

    I was recommended Live Well (Toa Payoh) by a friend and she said so many good things about Dr Dennis. During my visits I could see why she sung praise about him and I must say that he is one of the most accommodating and understanding doctors I’ve met! I enjoy our conversations every session! I was suffering from shoulder pain and the pain really diminished even before I finished the package, Dr Dennis really goes above and beyond to make sure his patients’ conditions improve ^ ^

  153. Avatar photo
    Jon Jaehaerys Lupague

    Clinic has nice ambiance.

    Receptionist is accommodating and friendly.
    Chiropractor is also friendly. Tells me what I need to know about my condition and what I need to do.

    Overall experience is good.

    Highly recommended!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  154. Avatar photo
    Colin Lim

    I’ve been living with lower back pains for decades and have to take pain medication to have short periods of pain relief. It all changed when I took the chance of visiting Dr Dennis at Live Well. Just after a few sessions, I’ve been pain free for much longer periods of time WITHOUT having to take any medication. My family members have also noticed the marked improvement in my posture and the way I walked, there’s a spring in my steps now! No more painful shuffling of my feet due to my lower back pain. My neck pain issues have also been resolved through the sessions and through following the exercises recommended by Dr Dennis. If you are suffering from back or neck issues, don’t live in pain! Make an appointment now! Thanks Dr Dennis!

  155. Avatar photo
    Tiffany Gwee

    Receptionists are really friendly and nice!! Dr Dennis is also really patient with me and has helped advice me regarding my back pains. He’s direct, to the point, and honest (which I appreciate!) Thank you!

  156. Avatar photo
    Ong Chao Jian

    Dr Dennis is friendly and do not hesitate to spend more time to address any of your concerns. He is upfront with how effective his treatment will help me and manage my expectations accordingly.

  157. Avatar photo
    Yeo Johnny

    With long history of lower back pain , and attainted recent improvement at live well chiropractic @ Toa Payoh .
    The route to treatment with Dr Dennis is really amazing , we walk through to date on 5 session with significant result, and looking forward to further improvement is apparent .
    Thank you Dr Dennis .

  158. Avatar photo
    cindy tay

    So far have enjoyed all the sessions.Dr Dennis is attentive and friendly and knows which areas to work on. Highly recommended! …

  159. Avatar photo
    Lily Jong

    My first chiropractic service in Singapore, Dr Dennis (with more than 10 years experience) was very detailed in explaining what causes my shoulder and lower back pain before starting the treatment. Staffs are friendly and will help to reschedule my appointment whenever required. Strongly recommend anyone that need to seek professional advice to make appointment. FYI they are closed on Friday

  160. Avatar photo
    huiz ng

    I was having bad back pain and headache. It is life changing after a few sessions Dr Dennis, my back doesn’t ache anymore, neither im having headache. Dr Dennis is very friendly and professional. He gives simple yet so effective home exercises to improve my condition. I’m really grateful to him!

    This place is definitely highly recommended!

  161. Avatar photo
    Chucks Addict

    (Toa Payoh Branch) The clinic is so clean and bright. Staffs are all friendly and helpful all the time. Dr. Dennis is so informative and help me a lot in my condition. 🙂 – Melissa M.

  162. Avatar photo
    cai alvin

    Thanks to Dr Dennis ! I have been suffering left leg numbness and upper back tightness with lower backache which resulted headaches every time I drove my car for around 10min or so .
    I had tried many Chinese physicians , health massage and physio therapies without much improvement as aches came back the next day after every treatment.
    After my trail and couple months of treatment with Dr Dennis, my headache had gone ,left leg numbness recovered and lower backaches and upper back tightness were very much improved till today. I am confident that with Dr Dennis expertises and experiences over the years will continue to cure many people liked us who were physically active in life . A big thank you to Dr Dennis and his team !

  163. Avatar photo
    Fion Ng

    Glad to know Live Well Chiropractic and always feel comfortable with their services.
    Dr Dennis is a knowledgeable and friendly person. From my first trial, x-ray, consultation, treatment, he always explain in details about my condition and gave me an example for my better understanding. He also guide me on my posture which I’m not aware before. Also thanks for the front desk girls who always help me to reschedule the time. Highly recommended for those who are currently looking for such a professional chiro.

  164. Avatar photo
    Eric Yong

    I suffered from chronic lower back pain due to long work hours and also sports related muscle issues due to Muay Thai and boxing.
    None of my previous chiropractors could resolve my pain issues until I consulted with Dr. Dennis.
    Dr. Dennis formulated a comprehensive treatment program to resolve my pain and am very happy to say that there’s been a huge improvement in my lower back.
    There’s also been an improvement in my mobility and flexibility in my sports training.
    Each corrective step taken was explained in advance as to the whys and hows to the expected targeted result.
    I recommend highly Dr. Dennis and his friendly team from my positive experience at Live Well Chiropractic.

  165. Avatar photo
    Amanda Zhou

    My first chiropractor experience and Doctor Dennis has made it a very pleasant experience for me to continue with the subsequent sessions!

  166. Avatar photo
    Aloysius Seow

    Dr Jason is just Great …….. Whenever I have a problem for the last 10 years ….. it’s always straightened out promptly …

  167. Avatar photo
    Thomas Ng

    I would like to thank Dr. Dennis for his patience and his skills at taking care of my back pain.After just a few visits many of my pains have gone away.I was also adviced to do some stretches to strenghten my body .I would like to thank you Dr Dennis and his staffs for giving me great services all the time,anybody who is still unsure please give it a try.

  168. Avatar photo
    Hao jun Chua

    First time going to a chiropractic clinic for my neck pain and I saw Dr Jessie for my treatment, it relieved my ache after a few sessions. Would definite recommend everyone to go to Live Well Chiropractic!

  169. Avatar photo
    James Lau Keng Liang

    Dr. Dennis is very professional and knowledgeable. He is also very friendly and always give me a lot of advice along the journey of recovering.

    Strongly recommended!

  170. Avatar photo
    NAI YONG Pee

    I was greeted with Dr Dennis’s professionalism and ability to treat/improve my condition. The effective treatments and tips were helpful, the pain in my neck / back has since improved. Highly recommended! …

  171. Avatar photo
    Alicia Lim

    TL:DR: 100% would recommend!

    I have never been to a chiropractor before this but my experience here has been excellent! Dr Dennis is professional but friendly and funny, and has a way of making you feel at ease. I especially liked how in our initial sessions, he patiently took the time to explain how chiropractic treatment works and how the process is a journey, sharing tips for lifestyle changes as well. There was absolutely NO hard selling at any point of time.

    I’ve been coming here for two months, and not only have I changed up my work setup at home (since he said my current one was so bad there’s no room for improvement ), I also feel better after (and look forward to) each session.

    Special thanks to the ladies at the reception as well who have been so kind, polite and patient, it’s truly been a pleasure!

  172. Avatar photo
    krati shukla

    I am suffering from neck and shoulder pain since 6 months now and had almost given hopes that this could be cured.
    Then I consulted Dr.Dennis in Livewell Chiropractor.Right from the first session,I felt relieved in my neck and shoulder.Me and my husband were very impressed with his analysis of my xray scan and treatment plan.
    I have always felt better with my pain and posture after every session.He has taught me stretches and exercises also which help in strengthening my muscles.
    Thank u Dr.Dennis for your treatment.

  173. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Lee

    Went to Dr Jessie Lim for my back issues. She is very patient, knowledgeable and takes the time to explain my situation clearly and even gave me some tips on how I can improve posture etc. Thanks for all your help!

  174. Avatar photo
    Nick Toh

    Only about 2 weeks into the treatment and my back feels much better than before. Dr Dennis and the staff are all very professional and helpful. Recommended me to have my xray done before explaining to me the conditions and starting my treatment. It is a good chiro clinic if you are deciding to go to one.

  175. Avatar photo
    Stanley Chua

    Have been seeing Dr Dennis for adjustments for my shoulder and lower back aches for a few weeks now. Observed significant relief to my aches and increased mobility.
    Dr Dennis is patient to explain my conditions and the recommended treatment and is transparent about what can or cannot be addressed through adjustments.
    Comfortable waiting area and welcoming support staff are an added plus.
    Looking forward to the full results after my package and would definitely recommend Dr Dennis and Live Well Chirpractic to my family and friends.

  176. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Chow

    Experiencing pain at hip area for sometime and awaken by numbness from Elbow to forearm, it alerted me to take some action before it gets worse.

    Found Live Well online and I am impressed by Dr Dennis Lin’s swift diagnosis of my conditions. Backed by a full spine X-ray, Dr Dennis explained clearly on the results as well as putting upfront what can be solved and what can be improved.

    With Dr Dennis’ professionalism and experience, sharp pain had subsided after 5-6 treatments. No regrets following Dr Dennis’ recommended Treatment Plan and exercises.

    Look forward to the next session and happy to be greeted by the cheerful and friendly Joei at counter 😀

    Thank you Live Well @ Toa Payoh care team!

  177. Avatar photo
    Chia Tiffany

    Being wanting to try chiropractic for the longest time and was quite skeptical until i met Dr Jessie Lim.

    Dr Jessie is very professional and was able to give me a thorough explanation on my knee issues. She did some adjustment and muscle work for me and after a few sessions with her, my knees felt so much better. Will definetly recommend my friends to her.

    Great service and experience!

  178. Avatar photo
    Eugene chong

    Great staffs, great professionalism, rectified my neck and shoulder issues!

  179. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Tan

    Dr Dennis is a Chiropractor who ticks all the boxes on my checklist. Attentive, precise adjustments everytime. Just tell him your problem, and he will give you the solution readily. Tell him your ailment, and he will have the explanation for you. No airs and graces about him. great guy! Recommended him to my peers and so far only good feedbacks.

  180. Avatar photo
    Cathy B

    Dr.Lin is very professional and detail oriented. I especially appreciate that in addition to the usual chiropractic adjustment, every session starts with some muscle release work which makes the treatment more effective.

  181. Avatar photo
    Tejesh Rajendrakumar

    I was having a really bad back, neck pain with uneven shoulders. Luckily I stumbled upon Live Well Chiropractic clinic and Dr Dennis quickly diagnosed me with scoliosis and has started treating me for a while now. His approach to addressing the issue is very professional and I highly recommend him.

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