Review Lim Ah Boy, 152 Jln Besar, Singapore

Review Lim Ah Boy - Singapore 152 Jln Besar

“Got a discount on Nova helmet for a friend and very good customer service at apparel store.” or “If you’d never been there as a rider in Singapore… are you sure you are a rider?” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Lim Ah Boy. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Lim Ah Boy is quality.

Introduction about Lim Ah Boy

Here are some fundamental details regarding Lim Ah Boy. In terms of Motorcycle parts store, it is generally believed that Lim Ah Boyis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 152 Jln Besar, #01-01 Coyuco Building, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Motorcycle parts store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62968035 (+65 62968035)
  • Website:
  • Address: 152 Jln Besar, #01-01 Coyuco Building, Singapore
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Detailed information of Lim Ah Boy

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 9 AM to 8 PM.

Sunday: 9 AM to 7:30 PM.


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6.07 km6 minute7 minute5 minute

How to contact Lim Ah Boy?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Lim Ah Boy via:

Phone number

You can reach Lim Ah Boy at 62968035(+65 62968035). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Lim Ah Boy via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 152 Jln Besar, #01-01 Coyuco Building, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Lim Ah Boy reviews

Lim Ah Boy is among the best destinations of Motorcycle parts store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Lim Ah Boy good?

To determine whether Lim Ah Boy is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Overall it was fantastic. From purchase of helmet to installation of my new helmet communicator. I will definitely come back to the Ah Boy shop. Thank you to all the staff for their good service.”

“Friendly staffs, accommodating and non-hard selling. Would recommend you genuinely with products based on your actual needs. Prices of product are cheap and good as well.”

“Every Riders Favourite Shop! Excellent Service and Wide range bike parts. All staffs are friendly and helpful. All you need is patience to be happy. 10/10”

“Got a discount on Nova helmet for a friend and very good customer service at apparel store.”

“If you’d never been there as a rider in Singapore… are you sure you are a rider?”

“Bought my first helmet with design here and the staff was helpful. The helmet they recommended really suits with my bike colour! Very happy with all my purchases here”

“Cheap and honest price to buy parts. Need to go workshop at kallang place to fix the parts. His price usually almost half of motorshop charging”

“Best place to buy motorbike parts. Friendly staffs. they give good recommendations and promotional prices”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 204 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.6 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 89% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Lim Ah Boy, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Lim Ah Boy, 152 Jln Besar, Singapore

There is a total 204 reviews

4.6 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    HiLMi AbdullahKonali

    A boss that continually improves his business and service for the benefit of us riders! Thanks Ah Boy!

  2. Avatar photo
    Hafidz Hassan

    Great Public Relations in getting stuffs I need.

    Huat Ah?!

  3. Avatar photo
    Phyr Firdaus

    Friendly service

  4. Avatar photo
    LS A

    The place to go to for motorbike accessories. Tire promotions. Cheap batteries and engine oil

  5. Avatar photo
    tc chan

    reasonable price for the spare part and engine oil etc

  6. Avatar photo

    well, this place is famous with local bikers for reasonably priced bikes apparals and accessories. if you havent been to this shop, dont tell anyone you are a biker in Singapore.

  7. Avatar photo
    Jemiel Low

    Friendly staffs, accommodating and non-hard selling. Would recommend you genuinely with products based on your actual needs. Prices of product are cheap and good as well.

  8. Avatar photo
    John Chiang

    Highly recommended cheapest price all the time!

  9. Avatar photo
    Gib Lim

    Every Riders Favourite Shop!
    Excellent Service and Wide range bike parts.
    All staffs are friendly and helpful. All you need is patience to be happy. 10/10

  10. Avatar photo
    M Ash

    Legendary place

  11. Avatar photo
    Sze Liat Lim


  12. Avatar photo
    Sylvester Jader

    All bikers must know this place

  13. Avatar photo
    Rahman Salleh


  14. Avatar photo
    Hafsham Sukhaimi

    Cheap parts but long wait

  15. Avatar photo
    Jenny T.

    I am a learner and i didnt know which is a good & customer friendly shop to get my basic riding gear. Read quite a few frightening reviews, except this one. This shop is for repairing bikes, the shop next to this one – “Regina Specialties” (same owner) sells bike gears. I was served by a polite & knowlegeable staff, his name “5 star” With his guidance, in 15 mins i got all my gears, along with some riding tips & encouragement to go! Prices reasonable too. Hey “5 star” if u are reading this, really appreciate your help. Thank you so much!! Everyone, I highly recommend this place. Enjoy shopping!!

  16. Avatar photo
    Gan Kah Bee

    Very good service.price reasonable.

  17. Avatar photo
    Yn Yn

    Motorbike accessory store

  18. Avatar photo
    Daoshi Gongsun

    Pretty good place to get sports cars done ! They get the mustang fixed and done well for me !

  19. Avatar photo
    Yousef K

    You can find all the items for your bike in this shop

  20. Avatar photo
    Ha Fiz

    His stuff are cheaper. Customer service was great. If possible try to fix yourself or go to other bike shops. If not you will have to wait for about 3 hours for your stuff to be fixed on your bike by their mechanic.

    If you decide to get your stuff fixed at their workshop, there is a queue system. You basically need to place your bike on the pavement outside the workshop.

  21. Avatar photo

    workshop service soso, didn’t help you check condition of your bike ,just do what you come for change, when do a normal change oil service, already remind to oil the chain.still not be done after that .
    Workshop Waiting time long.

  22. Avatar photo
    sayang sayang

    Overall it was fantastic. From purchase of helmet to installation of my new helmet communicator. I will definitely come back to the Ah Boy shop. Thank you to all the staff for their good service.

  23. Avatar photo
    Justin Cheo

    Old school bikes shop

  24. Avatar photo
    adven chong

    very good

  25. Avatar photo
    Kamran Cheema

    Small shop but very knowledgeable.

  26. Avatar photo
    mohd fauzi ahmad

    Very freindly and welcoming.

  27. Avatar photo
    Alan Lee

    The place all motorcyclists needs to know

  28. Avatar photo
    C CY

    Good customer care …

  29. Avatar photo
    Omar Lababidi

    Great range of helmets for very good prices compared to the rest of the world, bought a GP pista for 40% cheaper than Dubai, then again Dubai is quite expensive. Also the boots they have are great, just need to pay cash to get better discounts

  30. Avatar photo
    Sudhakar Sundaram

    They talk nicely..we don’t know whether quality or not. But happy buying

  31. Avatar photo
    Faidzal Nasir


  32. Avatar photo
    Dania Syuhaida

    I love their hospitality and they always ready to serve when you are unable to choose what you needs and wants.

  33. Avatar photo

    Almost all motorbike accessories was there. And most importantly they are friendly …

  34. Avatar photo
    Alvin _TWJ

    Sells the cheapest in sg and has almost everything you need.

  35. Avatar photo
    ian starrs

    Cheap cheap good good

  36. Avatar photo
    Marisol Ovalle

    Expected time to change the engine oil for a small motorcycle 2hrs. You have to wait really long and is not that cheap

  37. Avatar photo
    Kenny Soo

    Cheap and wide range of motorcycle parts

  38. Avatar photo
    Beck CM

    Good buy. Best buy. Must buy.

  39. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Isa

    Bought my first helmet with design here and the staff was helpful. The helmet they recommended really suits with my bike colour! Very happy with all my purchases here

  40. Avatar photo
    Fabian Ang

    very friendly owner

  41. Avatar photo
    Kevin Sandu

    Best motorcycle parts shop in SE asia and poosibly the world

  42. Avatar photo
    Zulkerfully Chamby

    Spare at effortable price.

  43. Avatar photo
    jasri j

    Fast service, cheap motorcycle parts, place to chill at the food centre opposite

  44. Avatar photo
    lim el

    Prices are cheaper as compare. Got mechanics to do a good job with no extra charges. All inclusive of gst.

  45. Avatar photo

    Good prices. But avoid their workshop at all cost. Buy the parts you need and fix them yourself, or get your regular workshop to do it for you.

  46. Avatar photo
    Joel Chong

    I went to Regina specialties for 3+ times to browse and I’m impressed with the patience they’ve shown me, especially educating me on the aspects of riding and conditions. There wasn’t any hard sell involved which led me to be able to comfortably do my research. I’ll definitely come back to buy gear in future even *if* they are a little more ex than online because of their tip top service. 10/10 would come again

  47. Avatar photo
    Rama Rathnam

    Good price

  48. Avatar photo
    Yusuf Odin

    Trademark motorycle accessories shop in Singapore LAB IS NO. 1

  49. Avatar photo
    steven chua

    Cheap for no warranty parts

  50. Avatar photo

    Unless ah boy is around the price is high even it’s quote by his wife or sister. Overall experience was great only when Ah Boy is around.

  51. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Wong

    Best store for bike parts

  52. Avatar photo
    Mas Joko

    All your needs under one roof..

  53. Avatar photo
    Vinal V

    None can probably beat Lim Ah Boy price. Also you can really get quite some stuffs here.

    Just be ready to face the irritated mechanics and wait for long if you go to the mechanic shop. But that really isn’t huge a price considering the cost that you get stuffs for.

  54. Avatar photo
    Faizal Ahmad

    The best in town!!

  55. Avatar photo
    Eyjan Nabilah

    Is anyone know how much is the price for aluminium box for TRAX brand(38L)

  56. Avatar photo
    Shahul Hameed

    Best place to buy motorbike parts. Friendly staffs. they give good recommendations and promotional prices

  57. Avatar photo

    Defacto place to buy all your motorcycle stuff. Catch the boss in a good mood and he will give you a bigger discount.

  58. Avatar photo
    Ephraim Ang (WwKSe77eN)

    One stop shop for all motorbike needs and accessories! Cheapest deals you can ever find. Not just in Singapore, but throughout our region!

  59. Avatar photo
    M P

    Due to COVID measures, you can’t enter the shop but you deal w the staff at the entrance and he will help u

    Went over to buy a phone holder and they can help to recommend which one is better and more secure.

    They also help to guide me how to fix the thing esp when I’m a girl and first time doing. They even offer the tools required.

    I hear so much about them but nv try till now. Really recommend them.

  60. Avatar photo
    Karmz Phryford

    5 star cuz of Price and the extreme flexibility of bargaining.. but be prepared to hustle through a chaotic crowd of buyers due to space constrain.

  61. Avatar photo
    Champion Superhardgel

    If you’d never been there as a rider in Singapore… are you sure you are a rider?

  62. Avatar photo
    Captain Rohit

    Quite friendly …

  63. Avatar photo
    Lee Lamchai

    Good place to shop.

  64. Avatar photo
    Mohd Firdaus


  65. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Shahir Osman

    As always friendly people…

  66. Avatar photo
    hye hoi

    i called the shop before come for ask for some sparepart, they said all i want, still have.
    but when I come to buy, some part have, some part dont have.

  67. Avatar photo
    Garrie Neo

    Nothing to buy for me

  68. Avatar photo
    Pahrulanam Mohd Awi

    Cheap , fast n friendly shop. Including installation item buy.

  69. Avatar photo
    mav phlaw

    All bikers favorite place to go!

  70. Avatar photo
    Fathur Rahim

    Good place to buy starter gears for 2b learners. Price is cheap compared to other shops that has packages for 2b learners. Was attended by a malay guy who is friendly and knowledgeable with the gears. He didn’t try to push me to buy stuffs and was able to help me get what I need to start with my prac. The other staffs were friendly as well. Definitely recommend getting motorcycle stuffs from here.

  71. Avatar photo

    good sunday morning, come for new tires Fz150i


  72. Avatar photo
    Baktavatsalam Elanthirayan

    Fast (only purchase no installation tyre) yet got a free gift chain lube spray.
    Price-cheap .

  73. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Ng

    Best place to get most spare parts and generally best price

  74. Avatar photo
    lakshay vaid

    I found it v helpfull staff.. Took out tym to show me varieties for my AGV… N competitive prices for sure.

  75. Avatar photo
    Ace Andy Mirza

    One of the best & cheap place to buy motorcycle products. They have almost everything.

  76. Avatar photo
    Francis Yeo

    Cheap and honest price to buy parts. Need to go workshop at kallang place to fix the parts. His price usually almost half of motorshop charging

  77. Avatar photo
    Reshwinder Singh

    Most of the spare parts can get here….some are cheap some are pricey too….never recommend their mechanic it’s cheap but their work no guarantee and no quality…plus very rude…

  78. Avatar photo
    Fadzly Samsudin

    The go to shop for all riders in singapore. Can haggle and bargain. Lu mau local ke original?

  79. Avatar photo
    Chiew Siong Seng

    Ah boy (boss) was already in this industry in the late 80s, even now that he was rich, he still maintain humble with customers n never look down on people.

    motorcycle spare part n accessories? u name it he have it in majority choice.

    I’m riding from 1997 n still supporting him as today whenever I need stuff for my bike

  80. Avatar photo
    Steve Suresh

    For bikers get your spareparts with ah boy

  81. Avatar photo
    Zulkarnain bin Salim ذُو ٱلْقَرْنَيْن

    Original or local. Love it.

    Ori or local. Cincai lah.

  82. Avatar photo
    Jafar Sadik

    Got a discount on Nova helmet for a friend and very good customer service at apparel store.

  83. Avatar photo
    Jon Wan

    I was having a hard time looking for my son’s first helmet luckily I was able to drop by on this helmet shop. They have a lot of stocks with different colors and design. The staff are approachable and the owner even gives us some discount.

  84. Avatar photo
    Gavin Thang

    Always find a good deal here… Best price in SG and some say Asia…

  85. Avatar photo
    Raja Razak Wan Deraman

    Where riders get their stuffs at a good price.

  86. Avatar photo
    zaid zailan

    good shop, price not high

  87. Avatar photo
    V K Varathan

    Nice place. All kind of motorbike parts can buy from here. They also have repair shop at Kallang 33 Place. Doing good job. Price is worth paying for the job. I am sending my bike for service here more than 20 years. Thanks to Mr. Lim Ah Boy for taking care of customer and supporting charity. He created job for many of them. All the best wishes to him.

  88. Avatar photo
    Amzar Ali Hakamali

    A veteran for bikers to get affordable bike parts and accessories. He has been one of the longest and most famous in Singapore among bikers. Good customers service. But if you want them to fix the parts, you will have to travel a distance to their workshop. Its a place just to get cheap parts and DIY.

  89. Avatar photo
    saif uddin siddiqui

    Best place in whole of Singapore for buying bike spare parts. They dont stock much of ducati though. You will find mostly everything when it comes to Spares. Located 5 mins walking distance from the Jalan Besar MRT Station.

  90. Avatar photo
    Fire Fox

    Cheap stuff

  91. Avatar photo
    Shane Raja

    Got the Bridgestone Battlax BT39 both tyres 140 and 110 from here, all in I paid $270. I was Recc by my friend, he paid $260. They wanted to charge me $278. My friend went there just a few days before me and was quoted differently. Price wish despite the disparity between mine and my friend it’s still worth the money for this Tyre brand and model. So I paid at the shop then went to their mechanic which is at Kallang, there the mechanic said my front tyre bearing has issues and upsell me $20 to repair. I paid up, no choice he was too convincing Haha. Ok other than that, my advice before coming here bring your A game in haggling and perfect the art. While inside the shop, I realised the salesmen were quoting different prices for a Nova helmet. One guy said $60 the other say $65, that’s also weird but that $65 guy probably giving you space to haggle and still get you to pay the price he wants. So from my first ever experience coming here, don’t go to their mechanic unless you’re buying smtg from them which includes installation and seems like quite a number of people go there to buy their 2T or 4T.

  92. Avatar photo
    Siti Mareyam

    It was alright. They were attentive. The only downside is that you have to wait for them as the place is quite crowded.

  93. Avatar photo
    Fu Sing Hong

    Old building at corner of busy street

  94. Avatar photo
    Rajik Ahamed

    Super customer service. Told a sales personal I am new to bike and taking my 2B now. Automatically they gave me everything (elbow n keen guard, gloves n even rain coat) with a big smile. Recommended me on the best helmet for a starter.

    Thanks brothers.

  95. Avatar photo
    Kua Teckheng

    good place to buy motorcycle accessories

  96. Avatar photo
    Ng Stanley

    Great motorcycle stuffs (a to z)

  97. Avatar photo
    Junhong (Skullsociety)

    Always busy. The best place to get motorbike items and armour, helmets, in the whole of Singapore. A generalised shops that sell second hand and new parts at a cheap rate. Very little profit margin for them. They get their parts from local and overseas like malaysia for riders. Many bikers would visit there. For krr riders, there is a guy working there who would help you get the parts you need, very well versed in kawasaki krr 150. Assuming if you don’t have your bike agent contacts, this is the next best place to go to get your parts. Try your luck and perhaps they may sell rare items for your bike too. Small interior shop, a bit messy but ultimately as long as it cheap, it’s good. Very good for people who fix up their own bikes.

  98. Avatar photo
    Mohd Eshan

    All time favourite shop.with current situation still in operation

  99. Avatar photo
    Jai 33

    Ah boy rocks for decades

  100. Avatar photo
    Wong KK

    33¾, Thing 2, Persistence, yeah. 9,.””

    33¾,事儿2, 持续性,呀 . 9,.””

  101. Avatar photo
    K K

    cheap stuff, with a horrid attitude to match

  102. Avatar photo
    SR T

    Went down to store for purchase of student learner package (for class 2b) and I 10/10 recommend going to Lim Ah Boy.

    Expect to top up $30-$40 on top of the listed helmet price for your student package (ie the standard knee guard / elbow guard & the gloves).

    In terms of helmet selection, just go down the store to test fit. Also inform the helpful Folks that you are taking lessons, they know what to do for your helmet + the package you need.

    How to get to the store?
    Find 35 kelantan lane, the store entrance is there. (Google maps pinned location is incorrect, but you will see a signage informing you elsewhere)

  103. Avatar photo
    James Xie

    Best place to get cheap stuff. Just that be prepared to fight a battle with other customers inside the shop, it’s like a fresh food market live auction haha!

  104. Avatar photo
    Nick Peh

    These days, buying tyres here at LAB aren’t like past where u can buy a set and installed either one first keeping the other for next change. The waiting time increased because when bike at workshop, tyres came a hour later. Is ah boy shop still under renovation and using the shop along the road side? I went there today but forgot to check. @T31 , 120/70 for $130.

  105. Avatar photo
    Brian Yeap

    Standard place to get motorcycle parts or accessories

  106. Avatar photo
    Doni Oktaviansyah

    Die Punye Barang Nampak Lawa Lah Best And Original, Apelagi Abah Saye Buy Die Punye KISS Helmet At This Place, There Are 4 KISS Helmets I See People Punye Brought To Batam Indonesia Hahahaha Thank’s Gerai Lim Ah Boy Keep Succeeding Ye .

    Die Punye Barang Nampak Lawa Lah Best And Original, Apelagi Abah Saye Beli Die Punye Helmet KISS Kat Tempat Ni, Dah Ade 4 Helmet KISS Kite Orang Punye Bawa Kat Batam Indonesia Hahahaha Thank’s Gerai Lim Ah Boy Tetap Teros Berjaye Ye .

  107. Avatar photo
    Haris Suprihatino

    Local or original? Affordable and bargainable price. Better to do your own inspection of the things you bought before purchase.

    Only dislike that you have to travel to their workshop at Lorong 23 Geylang.

  108. Avatar photo
    davidking sg

    Good price and prompt service.

  109. Avatar photo
    hery suhartono

    good place

  110. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Yazid

    Toys R’Us for the motorcycle enthusiast. Great deals at Great prices all year round! I …

  111. Avatar photo
    Yong Min Goh

    Cheap and wide range of products

  112. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Koh


  113. Avatar photo
    Renton Ho

    Can get cheap motor accessories, be prepared to wait.

  114. Avatar photo
    Noor Raden

    As usual for many years very friendly staff and the Boss Ah boy still going strong .

  115. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    Good place to get bargain motorcycle parts and accessories.

  116. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Riduan B M S

    Many choices of mototbike parts n good customer service

  117. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ng

    Place that used to known for cheap motorbike accessories. These days, with a bit of patience, you get the same thing for less from Aliexpress or Taobao

  118. Avatar photo
    Ariffian Md

    Ah boy is a nice guy, and u can pick up branded equipment for bargain basement prices at his shop. But his workshop is the pits. No system in place, those before me can cut queue and have their bikes done ahead depending on the mechanics whim. Average waiting time is 4-5hrs which is absolutely rubbish for a simple tyre change or oil change.

  119. Avatar photo
    Cyrus Casper Nanana

    Must go! For newbie who need Motorcycle equipment. Beware.. Everything can be haggle and negotiate.. Never buy with the price they offer

  120. Avatar photo
    daniel NG

    Motorcycle Parts Sales ~ Lots of Helmets!

    摩托零件銷售~ 超多頭盔!

  121. Avatar photo
    pangjangboy 9851597t

    No 1 stop motorcycle parts

  122. Avatar photo
    mohd hairuldin

    Must go motor shop if u r looking for parts.can bargain local or ori..

  123. Avatar photo
    Seng Leong Koh

    Friendly staff and large selection of motorbike gear. May not have stock of everything but the price is good enough to wait for the next shipment.

  124. Avatar photo
    Nasri Izzygo

    Lots of Motorcycle spareparts. . Reasonable price. . …

  125. Avatar photo
    kee kee

    Anyone who rides a motorcycle in Singapore knows him.


  126. Avatar photo
    Hazrin Imran

    Friendly staff

  127. Avatar photo
    Teva Gallet

    Good place to get accessories but my god if you wanna change a tyre or install something that requires you to go to their workshop even something as small as adding a mudguard, good luck. Advised to bring a tent and a sleeping bag maybe even a TV with a PlayStation because you can kiss your off day goodbye while waiting close to 3-4 hours. Why do a staycation at a hotel when you can wait outside their workshop for ‘free’!

  128. Avatar photo
    Eraj Kuruppu

    The best price always… Yamaha NMAX V1.

  129. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Imran Abu Bakar

    Almost all-in-one store to get your accessories

  130. Avatar photo
    Hom Tom

    Cheapest motorcycle accessories. Aboy is closing shop by this year… …

  131. Avatar photo
    Paul Lim

    Great place to grab motorcycle gear and parts. Especially if you know what you want.

  132. Avatar photo
    John Goh

    Thumbs up to ah boy for contributing to the bikers community.

  133. Avatar photo
    Koh Steven

    Cheap bike things

  134. Avatar photo
    Kahchoy Song

    Cheap and good quality, the boss is kind and hospitable, and the staff are enthusiastic about explaining. Known far and wide.

    价廉物美, 老板亲切好客, 员工热心解说。远近闻名。

  135. Avatar photo
    tan hock wee

    Great place for cheap and wide selection of Motorcycles parts and accessories. But have to install the parts yourself or bring to your lbs.

  136. Avatar photo
    Mark Ong

    Prices was nice

  137. Avatar photo
    Bernard Ong

    Got many things which u dont need ^_^”. Just a wanting it thoughts.

  138. Avatar photo
    Chris P. Bacon

    Mechanics are out of control

  139. Avatar photo
    Mahikhon Junior

    Cheap stuff for bikers

  140. Avatar photo
    cheran v

    Easy to get sim lim area…

  141. Avatar photo
    Md Irwan

    Value for price

  142. Avatar photo
    Weng Leong Cheah

    The shop with the best price for motorcycle parts in Singapore


  143. Avatar photo
    The Xperiment


  144. Avatar photo
    Lynn Ainsley

    Friendly shopkeeper

  145. Avatar photo

    Staff quite friendly. Prices of items are also decent which can be bargained I think. Not bad.

  146. Avatar photo
    Ravinderan Ravi

    There’s a new workshop in Kallang Place for repairing motor and I like the price it’s cheap like nowhere else in Singapore.

  147. Avatar photo
    Krishna Sadarangani


  148. Avatar photo

    Hello Lim Ah Boy, please share me your email address.

  149. Avatar photo
    Jerry Oh

    Buying stuff from them is okay but not repair. Mechanics said changing carburetor will fix my problem so I believed. In the end, problem not fix and did not install the choke cable. Went down again and the same mechanics told me the choke is not important. For inexperienced rider, becareful of what the mechanics say.

  150. Avatar photo
    Mr Gb

    Super good and long standing in terms of trust and loyalty from the motorcycle community. Known for its value for money buys as well as honest and experienced sales personnel from the shop. Any motorcyclist in sg will surely know of this place

  151. Avatar photo
    ibrahim wiseh

    Very cheap motorcycle spare parts

  152. Avatar photo
    Mr towpatch

    Best place to find spare parts.. affordable and worth it.. recommend.. Thumbss upp

  153. Avatar photo
    Syed Hafiz

    The best of the best. The king!!!!

  154. Avatar photo
    Neo Er Jyn

    Busy busy little shop. Helmet ranges from $30 to $200. Engine oil, parts etc.

  155. Avatar photo
    Ganeshkumar M

    Items were well priced. but never go to their mechanic. Super slow. Waited 3 hours to change tires. Finally started to change front tire, halfway went to service another bike and had to wait another 40 min. Took 1 hour to change both tires with ”full concentration”

  156. Avatar photo
    Low cs

    You can find almost all types of motorcycle accessories here but you must know the price before buying.

  157. Avatar photo
    James Tan

    It’s a place that sell a lot of bike accessories. You named it, they have it. It also includes bike’s parts and bike servicing. Prices are reasonable and affordable.

  158. Avatar photo
    Raden Enam Sembilan

    The place where the legend of Mat Motor era of 2 strokers to get what we called “barang panas” since the early 90s when there was MBX, RD, YPVS, RXK, RXZ, AR, RAIDER, and not forgetting RD TONG and have been patronising Ah Boy since for small little motorcycle spareparts to helmets, visor, tyres and seats and rims even engines block.
    Haha kipidup Ah Boy now my son is giving you business.

  159. Avatar photo

    things are cheap


  160. Avatar photo
    Mahadi Maddie

    Frindly user for all bikers.

  161. Avatar photo
    Shaun Lin

    Bought parts and went to their workshop to install. Mech broke my clutch switch….

    Went back to buy a clutch switch and they gave me a brake switch…. Discovered only when I got to my own workshop.

  162. Avatar photo
    Ling Ling Luo

    Look for Mohd, your best guy for the best deal. I bought a display helmet since it was the last piece. but at a good price.

  163. Avatar photo
    Amelia Yeo

    Good service and reasonable prices

  164. Avatar photo
    Naem Rohman

    The godfather of motorcycle parts in sg. A must go place for all motorcycle riders here.

  165. Avatar photo
    Sylvain Bougerel

    Helpful staffs, quick service, cheap parts. In a word: my go-to shop for motorcycle equipment.

  166. Avatar photo
    i O (jynx)

    Shop that sells a variety of motorcycle parts and apparels. Opens till late.

  167. Avatar photo
    Andrew Loh

    Look out for good bargains. Friendly staff.

  168. Avatar photo
    Aaron Goh Ming Han

    Prices are market rate, but the wait for the mechanic kills EVERYTHING. Waited for nearly 2-3 hours just for my turn. There are definitely better alternatives out there.

  169. Avatar photo
    ChoongLong Teh

    friendly boss, fast transaction, easy parking in front of shop

  170. Avatar photo
    CC ONG

    Great place to buy bike’s item!

  171. Avatar photo
    Ryan Hng

    Yes price is good but Only “Change engine oil” , never do service reset on Yamaha Xmax , handle bar left sticky & oily , used 1.5 bottles engine oil another half didn’t tighten properly put in my tank all my stuffs soaked with oil when I got home . Thanks a lot !

  172. Avatar photo
    Citran Jai

    Beware of a tall and skinny Indian-looking man that speaks malay. He likes to talk rubbish and sells with lies. Otherwise its a good place.

  173. Avatar photo
    Kok Hong Goh

    LAB lives up to its name for affordable motorcycle parts and accessories. Never once did I leave the shop without a free gift after purchase. Their customer service is excellent too (don’t be arrogant or stuck up, applies everywhere really).

    I compared prices and the helmets here are the cheapest, can be bargained too!

  174. Avatar photo
    Harsh Saxena

    The place to get all your motorcycle necessities. High five. The new shop is definitely much better and more space

  175. Avatar photo
    loh kok thong

    Price is cheap.

  176. Avatar photo
    Chuah Wenjing

    Motorcyclist will hear of Lim Ah Boy.
    The place in singapore where you can find your motorcycle needs.

  177. Avatar photo
    JiangXia Huang Hulk

    Awesome Amazing Accessible Incredible Affordable

  178. Avatar photo
    anak jin


  179. Avatar photo
    Raja Y Raja H

    prices reasonable. must have patience. take 3hrs to change engine and gear oil plus air filter

  180. Avatar photo
    EL Ezy Fuzziyama

    Friendly motorcycle spare part shop

  181. Avatar photo
    lam james

    Bike accessories at reasonable prices but if u go JB, it’d be even cheaper …

  182. Avatar photo
    Diary Funm

    Have almost all of the motorcycle parts you want

  183. Avatar photo
    Dikon Poh

    Location: 3⭐️
    Staffs: 4⭐️
    Price: 4⭐️
    Variety: 5⭐️
    Boss Friendliness: 5.5

  184. Avatar photo
    Remy Sulaiman

    Easy to get Spare part for motor bike.

  185. Avatar photo
    Srinivasan V

    Just one word wow!

  186. Avatar photo
    kenny koh

    Great price great helmet

  187. Avatar photo
    Ai Nah Lim

    Great service and affordable items for motorcycle

  188. Avatar photo
    Faqih Ainmaran

    This is the biking trademark of bikers in Singapore!! LAB RACING!

  189. Avatar photo
    Jemiel Low

    Friendly staffs, accommodating and non-hard selling. Would recommend you genuinely with products based on your actual needs. Prices of product are cheap and good as well.

  190. Avatar photo
    sayang sayang

    Overall it was fantastic. From purchase of helmet to installation of my new helmet communicator. I will definitely come back to the Ah Boy shop. Thank you to all the staff for their good service.

  191. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Ong

    It got everything you are looking for!

  192. Avatar photo
    Andrew Soh

    Good price for accessories and tyres. However, very long waiting time if you want to get your parts fix by their mechanic. My experience 3 hours wait for my top box and a iu wire relay to be fixed. The relay cost me $30. Not sure if it’s the market rate but I feel it’s not cheap.

  193. Avatar photo
    Mohd Nizar

    Good pricing and friendly service since my early riding days abt 20 years ago …

  194. Avatar photo
    Zack Here

    Where motorcycle parts sold at a VERY reasonable price! Honest people!

  195. Avatar photo
    Wei Leong

    Bargain for whatever you want to buy.

  196. Avatar photo
    Andy Lim

    Good service

  197. Avatar photo
    Adam Pang

    Best place to shop for biker stuff

  198. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Goh

    Best cheap price in sg.

  199. Avatar photo
    malik badaruddin

    Great prices and great service

  200. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Cheow

    A variety of brand products to choose from, the price is reasonable.


  201. Avatar photo
    Bryan Robson

    Everything you need for motorcycle parts you will get it at Ah Boy. Reasonable prices

  202. Avatar photo
    igor celli

    Staff very nice

  203. Avatar photo
    Z ZR (Danial raymond)

    Good customer service ,very helpful and responsible to what type of helmets and others that suited best for our convenient and safety it’s worth buying and the price can be negotiate. It’s the right choice [o go there and have a good scene of various helmet and accessories to our need.

  204. Avatar photo
    BB DL [ ]

    Lim ah boy / regina specialties (same shop owner) are generally packed all day long and staff tend to the needs of the customers non-stop. Hence, there may not be a non-peak period where you can comfortably stroll into their store to browse. Their prices are affordable and when I last visited, I was able to try out the helmets to ensure that I got a good fit before buying a new one. They sell all sorts of riding-related apparel too. Do look at other reviews for instances of peoples’ unhappiness.

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