Review Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan, 503 Bishan Street 11, Singapore

Review Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan - Singapore 503 Bishan Street 11

“the lesson worksheets and notes are good. mr tan makes the concepts easy to understand and makes studying physics enjoyable would recommend. …” or “Mr Tan is a great physics teacher. he is concise and clear in his explanations. cant thank him enough for his assistance towards my Alevels” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan is quality.

Introduction about Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan

Here are some fundamental details regarding Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan. In terms of Education center, it is generally believed that Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishanis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 503 Bishan Street 11, #01-456, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Education center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 96533573 (+65 96533573)
  • Website:
  • Address: 503 Bishan Street 11, #01-456, Singapore
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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan via:

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You can reach Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan at 96533573(+65 96533573). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 503 Bishan Street 11, #01-456, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan reviews

Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan is among the best destinations of Education center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan good?

To determine whether Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Mr Tan is a great teacher who takes the time to ensure that I understand all the concepts. He clarifies all my doubts clearly and his notes are very clear and easy to understand.”

“The tutor is a very responsible and one who give his best to his students. His teaching method according to my son is easier to understand. Its a great place for learning the subject.”

“Mr Tan is a highly experienced physics teacher able to show students the way how to approach physics questions to give complete answers, and demonstrates how we should tackle MCQ questions step by step.”

“Mr tan teaches very well and very engagingly, he has consistently helped me out in physics from sec 4 to j2 and i have consistently gotten A because of his tremendous help!”

“Responsible and responsive tutor. Materials were delivered to home in a timely manner. My child has benefitted greatly from his clear and structured lessons and materials.”

“mr tan is a very committed and dedicated physics tutor who makes learning enjoyable and breaks down difficult concepts for easier understanding! highly recommend his lessons …”

“the lesson worksheets and notes are good. mr tan makes the concepts easy to understand and makes studying physics enjoyable would recommend. …”

“Mr Tan is a great physics teacher. he is concise and clear in his explanations. cant thank him enough for his assistance towards my Alevels”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 237 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Kungfu Physics Tuition Bishan, 503 Bishan Street 11, Singapore

There is a total 237 reviews

5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Melinda Tay

    Mr Tan is a fantastic and dedicated teacher. His lessons are very engaging, his notes are very condensed yet it covers all the essentials in each chapter. This helped my revision for exams tremendously.

    I remember feeling very hopeless for my O Levels as I kept failing physics in Secondary 3. However, ever since joining Mr Tan’s class, my grades for physics improved drastically and remained consistent throughout my Secondary 4 year.

  2. Avatar photo
    goh cg

    Mr Tan was a supportive teacher, even throughout the covid 19 season. While it was difficult to teach a large class of students online, Mr Tan ensured that the students understood and answered our doubts even outside of lesson timings.

  3. Avatar photo
    Anushka Bist

    This tuition was very helpful in guiding me achieve the results that I had aimed for in physics. I used to fall back in class during physics. Even though I understood the concepts but applying the concepts were pretty tough for me and then I joined Kungfu Physics. This helped me to practice many different types of questions and helped me to get a deeper understanding of each concept. Even though we couldn’t do practicals we had concise notes that helped us with practicals. I scored A2 for o level physics. Thank you Mr Tan for the guidance.

  4. Avatar photo
    LOL Due

    Mr Tan makes physics simple to understand. 100% recommend!

  5. Avatar photo

    Mr tan teaches very well and very engagingly, he has consistently helped me out in physics from sec 4 to j2 and i have consistently gotten A because of his tremendous help!

  6. Avatar photo
    Qiao Ren Cheah

    Mr Tan is a great teacher who makes lessons efficient, but also intuitive and easy to understand, without having to skimp on the details of the subject
    The learning materials are highly useful and comprehensive

  7. Avatar photo
    Dhanya Y

    I started lessons with Kungfu Physics in Sec 4 and have benefited tremendously from the lessons. The concise notes and large variety of questions helped cement my understanding and explore various ways the concepts can be applied to solve difficult problems.

    The various question types covered in exercises and online quizzes prepared me well for any test/exam. He also provides extra notes near exam season that concisely cover all key concepts, definitions and points to remember. One key example is the exclusive Quizlet set provided to students to help them remember definitions and explanations for “expensive” questions. I found these very useful during revision as it is hard to obtain such concise notes/sets outside.

    His patience and guidance helped my improve significantly such that I was the top scorer for Pure Physics in my school’s O level cohort. In JC, he provided resources and support that helped me consistently be in the top 15% of the Physics cohort. I strongly recommend his lessons for students looking to better cement their understanding and improve in Physics.

  8. Avatar photo
    Audrey Chen

    Mr Tan’s notes and exercises are very concise and easy to learn from. Explanation of concepts are clear and easy to grasp. Mr Tan is a very patient and caring teacher !

  9. Avatar photo
    Kalista Phey

    I’ve been taught by Mr Tan for secondary and JC physics and his lessons have helped tremendously. Mr Tan uses very simple analogies to help me understand physics concepts. His notes for each chapter is very detailed while his summary notes are concise and are great for skimming through before an exam. Even though his classes can be big, with physical and zoom students all together, he is still an attentive teacher who notices when you are unsure and will check in on you to ensure that you are following. My physics has improved a lot from his lessons and I greatly appreciate his hard work

  10. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is a passionate teacher and he will make sure all of us understand his lessons. He has been a great help in making me like physics more and see application of physics in everyday life.

  11. Avatar photo
    Pheebs Tan

    I like how it is a small, concentrated class. There is sufficient attention on each student so that both Mr Tan will know of mistakes to clarify and for students to understand misconceptions.

  12. Avatar photo
    Raymond Tang

    My daughter was quite fearful of how she was gonna to cope with Physic when she was promoted to Yr 3. Fortunately, we managed to enrol her in Kungfu Physics as Mr Tan has a very solid grasp on the Physics syllabus and curriculum. Over the 2 years at the centre, Mr Tan has greatly helped her consolidated her learning – he was very good in helping her to connect and draw links between topics which enhanced her understanding of the concepts. He also provided topic summary at the end of each topic which greatly helped in her revision. Under Mr Tan’s guidance, my daughter was able to cope and manage this subject very well in school.

  13. Avatar photo
    Amelia Tan

    Mr Tan is a highly informative teacher that is able to connect well with his students and is able to explain difficult to understand concepts well. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of each pupil well, thus guiding and pushing them in specific areas to help improve their overall understanding of physics.

  14. Avatar photo
    Crystal Chan

    Had Kung Fu Physics since the start of J2 and my physics grades jumped from a usual of E to a high B! Mr Tan made it really easy for me to understand the complicated physics concepts and together with his dedicated guidance and clear and concise materials, my grades have seen a great improvement, and physics cannot be any less enjoyable! Thank you Mr Tan!

  15. Avatar photo
    Fion Chua

    Amazing tutor who is passionate and very detailed in his teaching! He has helped me to improve my physics grades tremendously and enabled me to obtain an A1 for O levels.

  16. Avatar photo
    Tan Julyan

    Mr Tan is a very committed teacher. He makes Physics concepts easier to understand and touches on extra things that were not taught in school. Furthermore he will not hesitate to answer any questions that I may have. My grade has improved since attending his lesson.

  17. Avatar photo
    Valencia Liau

    Mr Tan is a friendly, patient and inspiring teacher who has helped me with my Physics tremendously! Previously, I was unable to grasp certain important concepts, but his teaching style is so clear that I could catch on and understand under his tutelage. He also gives funny and interesting anecdotes which are relevant and motivating to his classes. Overall, Mr Tan’s lessons were just something I looked forward too every week!

  18. Avatar photo
    Qiurong Lu

    The teaching materials are good, but difficult.
    The teacher will explain the concepts, sample questions, and then call the students to answer the questions. Students who do their homework before class can absorb and improve much faster.
    My son doesn’t do homework, but he can listen carefully in class, and the results are not bad.

  19. Avatar photo
    Ang April

    It is stressful for me as a parent as I hope that my daughter do well enough to be promoted to JC1. I am glad I have made the right choice in sending my daughter to Kungfu Physics. She failed her physics despite having attended regular lesson with another tuition centre. With Kungfu, she managed to secure an A!

  20. Avatar photo
    erika c.

    joined mr tan’s h2 physics classes after jc2 midyears with an S grade and in the span of 6 months, i’ve managed to score an A at A levels! mr tan provides detailed yet succint notes for quick revision and his years of experience will ensure that most of one’s doubts will be cleared on the spot. thank you mr tan!

  21. Avatar photo
    Yan Yan

    Mr Tan is a dedicated tutor, his materials are well prepared and he takes care every student. My daughter’s confidence level has improved tremendously and her prelim result is impressive !

  22. Avatar photo
    Charis Lim

    Mr Tan is a very dedicated teacher, never hesitating to help his students. He is detailed in his teaching and makes confusing concepts easier to understand. Always seeking to improve his lessons, I believe that joining Kungfu Physics was a good decision of mine!

  23. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is a highly experienced physics teacher able to show students the way how to approach physics questions to give complete answers, and demonstrates how we should tackle MCQ questions step by step.

  24. Avatar photo

    mr tan is very aware of his student’s needs and concerns, caring and supportive of all students and teaches in-depth concepts on physics, making sure everyone grasps them fully

  25. Avatar photo
    anirudh madabhushi

    Mr Tan was very helpful in being able to explain complicated questions in simple terms so we can understand it easier. His materials also covered all parts of a topic such that we were unlikely to be surprised during an exam as well as him taking the time to answer each students question during and after the lessons. The life lessons and experiences he shared along the way helped to lighten the stress of studies but were meaningful as well

  26. Avatar photo
    Sarah Choo

    Mr Tan’s lessons and notes are structured in a manner that enables students to master the Physics syllabus with ease. He also ensures that all his students receive adequate practice and are familiar with the content knowledge and question types before going for exams. Despite holding lessons virtually, Mr Tan is able to remain engaging and smoothly deliver his lessons. Mr Tan is a caring and patient teacher who will go the extra mile to help his students. I have greatly benefitted from being taught by him and strongly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with the subject.

  27. Avatar photo

    very interactive and concepts are made easier to understand

  28. Avatar photo

    excellent tuition center. Mr Tan is a patient and experienced tutor and thanks to him my physics grade improved by leaps and bounds

  29. Avatar photo
    Jiawen Huang

    Before I joined Kungfu Physics, I struggled to comprehend the various physics concepts taught in school and often found myself at a loss of what to do when I was faced with tough physics problems. However, under Mr Tan’s patient guidance, I was able to improve and became more confident of my problem-solving ability. Other than Mr. Tan’s clear explanations and demonstrations, one thing that I feel is unique to the Kungfu Physics experience would be the comprehensive notes that are personally crafted by Mr Tan. Not only do the notes refer to common question types relating to the different topics, hence rendering the application of the concepts to be much easier, they are also free of the excessive jargon that we often encounter in our lecture notes and the concepts can be easily ‘digested’ as a result. I would recommend Kungfu Physics to my friends and juniors, just on the basis of how wonderful the notes are.

    Aside from the improvement in my physics results, I feel that one of my biggest takeaways from physics tuition would be how much I have learnt to appreciate physics due to the lessons that I have had with Mr Tan. He is extremely encouraging and cares a great deal about our well-being. Thank you so much Mr Tan for all that you have done for us!

  30. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Goh

    A convenient location for any student looking for tuition! Mr tan explains difficult concepts thoroughly and he always makes sure to leave no stone unturned and clear every single one of our doubts before moving on.

  31. Avatar photo
    samuel liu

    Mr Tan is an excellent teacher that will make sure i understand all concepts.
    He is very patient, and most importantly, the notes are concise and easy to digest. During lesson, he will show many videos to help us visualise the concept, and will always give inspiring advise for us to do well.

  32. Avatar photo

    mr tan’s teaching method makes physics concepts so much clearer and easier to understand. during lessons, he calls upon students to answer questions and provide feedback from there. at times, such answers provided by students enable him to draw links to even more concepts beyond what was asked in the question. i feel that this is essential in enhancing learning experience. no regrets having joined his lessons since sec 4

  33. Avatar photo
    Joanna Mak

    My son was failing Physics before attending Mr Tan’s class. After just a year of lessons, he was able to learn to enjoy this subject and also bumped up his grades to a B. Highly recommended.

  34. Avatar photo
    Jimmeh ;0

    I first came here with very low grades and no confidence in physics. But under the great supervision and guidance of this tuition, I started to improve slowly and I felt more confident in physics as time went by. Eventually I managed to improve from D to A2 in my tests just by revising and completing the work handed out during tuition. This centre has definitely helped gain more confidence and knowledge about physics.

  35. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is a very patient teacher who is very passionate about bringing his love for physics to his students. His competency has helped many of us grow tremendously in the subject not only results wise but also the love for the subject.

  36. Avatar photo
    chuah minghui

    good physics tuition and helped me improve alot!! the environment is also conducive for learning

  37. Avatar photo
    Amanda Wong

    Mr Tan is an extremely dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to offer assistance to his students. The materials he provides are very helpful and easy to understand. I am thankful to be able to be under his teaching to improve my physics.

  38. Avatar photo
    Angeline Hong

    Mr Tan is a very dedicated teacher. He makes sure his students understood his lessons and doesn’t mind staying beyond lesson time to clarify doubts, including other Physics questions arising from school assignments. He is also very responsive to parents’ requests and positive about feedback given. We are blessed to have known Mr Tan and he has guided our daughter well. Her Physics results improved tremendously and most importantly, his guidance and concerns increased her confidence in her academic pursuit. We strongly recommend Mr Tan and his “Physics Kungfu”. Thank you, Mr Tan!

  39. Avatar photo
    Matthias Yim

    Mr Tan is a dedicated teacher who goes into detail to explain the concepts which greatly helps in our understanding

  40. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan’s lessons are the best. He explains concepts clearly and goes through all kinds of questions to help prepare us for the examinations. He is an experienced, friendly and kind teacher who makes his lessons interesting and easy to understand.

  41. Avatar photo
    Tan Zi Yong

    Before joining kungfu physics, i was weak in my concepts and understanding of physics , which made me uninterested in the subject. However after attending the lessons, i realised mr tan made the lessons very engaging and is also very clear and concise in explaining all the concepts. This not only made me improve in my grades but also start to gain interest for the subject again !

  42. Avatar photo

    Mr tan is patient and explains concepts clearly so it is very easy to understand. He also provides summarised notes for all the chapters which helped a lot especially when its very near exams. My physics improved a lot under his guidance. Highly recommend!

  43. Avatar photo
    Elsie Fong

    Thank you Coach Gabriel from Kungfu Physics! You have been very encouraging and helpful to my boy even though he joined you during S2 in his last year of his O! He couldn’t have done better without you! Thanks again …

  44. Avatar photo

    Before joining Kungfu Physics, I was not doing well in physics and struggled to cope up. After joining, Mr tan helped me to understand the concepts first, instead of regurgitating the answers. It helped me to develop an interest in Physics and also perform well in school.

  45. Avatar photo
    Zhi Rong

    Very good tuition with effective notes and clear explanation

  46. Avatar photo
    Anushka Daga

    Mr Tan is a really great Physics teacher. He knows what confuses his students and makes sure to clarify those misunderstandings. He also stretches each question to make sure we are crystal clear of the concepts and give us quick tips to save time & make us remember concepts better. Physics became even more interesting because of the way he taught it.

  47. Avatar photo
    Huixin Siow

    The lessons conducted are very detailed and easy to understand. Students regardless of their strength in the subject will both benefit greatly

  48. Avatar photo
    Melinda Tay

    Mr Tan is a fantastic and dedicated teacher. His lessons are very engaging, his notes are very condensed yet it covers all the essentials in each chapter. This helped my revision for exams tremendously.

    I remember feeling very hopeless for my O Levels as I kept failing physics in Secondary 3. However, ever since joining Mr Tan’s class, my grades for physics improved drastically and remained consistent throughout my Secondary 4 year.

  49. Avatar photo
    Caprise Chew

    Mr Tan is the best physics teacher anyone could ever ask for! Despite the big class he has, he has a special way to interact with each and every students to make them understand each complicated concept. He ensures that every ground is covered and ensures that every student understands. He prints additional exercises with the answer key attached, or sent via whatsapp to students. This allows the stronger students to grow by practicing. If we have any questions, he is more than willing to stay back to answer our questions until we understand them. We can also whatsapp our questions to him which makes it much easier. For weaker students, he does not think twice to stay back and teach the student until he/she understands. This really helped me when I first joined, as i was really weak. Under his guidance, I have jumped from F9 to A1 in a test!! I couldn’t hv dome it without him

  50. Avatar photo
    Shaun Loh

    Mr Tan’s lessons have been engaging & helpful throughout this learning journey of Physics!

  51. Avatar photo
    chandana kulasingha

    Mr Tan’s method of teaching especially under the COVID situation and frequent communications to the students and the parents, in-advance sharing of the tutorials, test papers and additional exam preparation classes etc are commendable.

    When my son joined the class in JC2, he was already at the bottom of his grades for H2 Physics. With the professional guidance from Mr Tan, my son slowly managed to improve his awareness of the concepts, answering methodologies and finally I’m sure he was at his peak when he faced the exam. Wishing for the best results in 2 months time.

    Thanks you Mr Tan

  52. Avatar photo
    Naomi Chen

    Physics has always been a subject that I found hard to grasp. However after joining Mr Tan’s class for these two years, I have a better understanding of this subject and my grades has improved tremendously.

    Mr Tan makes his physics lessons interesting and engaging by making short stories and jokes. He ensures that everyone understands the concepts and is open to questions.

    Mr Tan is also a patient and encouraging teacher whom explains questions that we struggled in. His notes are well summarised and easy to comprehend which I believed Mr Tan put in tremendous amount of effort to compile.

  53. Avatar photo
    Tayzar Toe Wai

    Mr Tan is a fantastic teacher who goes above and beyond to ensure our understanding of physics concepts which in turn gives us the confidence to tackle our exams without fear and also ignites our passion for the subject to a greater extent. Mr Tan has been a life saver who pushed my grades up tremendously and dispelled my fears of the A levels !

  54. Avatar photo
    Si Yun

    I joined the tuition after scoring a C6 in my sec 3 EOY exam and managed to get an A1 for my olevels!! Thank you very much. Mr Tan explained the concepts well and made them easy to digest!! Physics tuition was very useful and really helped me a lot.

  55. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is a very friendly and patient teacher. He provides concise notes for each chapter and ensures that we understand the key concepts. Highly recommended.

  56. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is a very experienced and dedicated teacher who ensures that all students are able to understand the questions and topics. The notes and questions provided by Mr Tan are also extremely informative and definitely helped me in understanding the topics as well as widen my knowledge to answer a range of questions. He also puts in the effort to check up on his students progress and is willing to spend extra time to clarify any student’s questions. I would definitely recommend this tuition to any secondary students as it has helped me tremendously. Thanks Mr Tan!

  57. Avatar photo
    jieqi lim

    Mr Tan breaks down the concepts in a way that makes it easy for students to digest and understand. Besides, the notes and summaries provided were plentiful and very informative. After attending his lessons, I found myself more confident in attempting questions and my grades were improving. Thank you Mr Tan!

  58. Avatar photo

    Mr. Tan’s lessons involve teaching, onsite practice and explaining the solutions to the practice questions straight after which I find very useful and effective. He also makes time after lessons for students to ask him questions which has helped me multiple times.

  59. Avatar photo
    Rayne Ang

    Mr Tan is a dedicated, professional and friendly teacher who explains complicated concepts thoroughly and exposes us to a range of questions through personally curated worksheets. He engages his students and tries to develop interest in Physics through anecdotes and relatable examples. Thank you Mr Tan.

  60. Avatar photo
    Eugene Ng

    Mr tan is able to explain diffcult concepts clearly to me with ease by relating physics with our everyday life. He is also extremely patient when teaching, whenever we have doubts he encourages us to clarify it. Previously, I was struggling with certain concepts however, under Mr tan’s guidence I am now better able to grasp the concepts. I am super grateful to have Mr tan as my tutor.

  61. Avatar photo
    Kevin Low

    Gabriel is highly effective in communicating and transferring of knowledge in the subject to the student. My daughter has benefited from his programme. Highly recommended.

  62. Avatar photo
    2021 LAI WING HYUN

    mr tan was extremely detailed in his teaching and he made learning physics fun, his notes were very helpful as they contained the most important points for different topics. because of his guidance, i was able to score an A for physics in the A levels

  63. Avatar photo
    Sharmaine Lim

    Mr Gabriel Tan is a patient and caring teacher who never fails to ensure that every student (both online and on-site) understands the content being taught. He also has the miraculous ability to remember the names and tiny details of all his students. Despite joining nearing the end of JC2, he ensured that I was kept up to speed! Thank you Mr Tan!

  64. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan explains difficult concepts clearly, which makes learning them much easier. He also helped me to fill in the gaps of my physics foundation, which played an important role in improving my physics grades. Furthermore, the notes are well written and very useful, be it for learning new topics or last minute revision.

  65. Avatar photo
    Gabriel lim

    Physics had been a struggle for me since entering jc, but after joining Kungfu Physics, I have improved a lot even though just joining midway through my second year. Mr Tan is a very patient and friendly teacher. He made concepts easier for me to understand. Thank you Mr Tan.

  66. Avatar photo
    Qianqian Zhang

    S/U grade student throughout 2 years of JC, scored A for H2 physics in A Levels. I joined Mr Tan’s class halfway through second year of JC, 7 months of weekly classes had definitely made a huge difference in my understanding of physics concepts. It’s never too late to join tuition I’d say. Kungfu Physics’ materials allowed me to practise MORE questions, constantly re-visit core concepts and eventually have a good grasp of the key question types -> prepared me well for the A Levels. Goated place

  67. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is very patient and professional when it comes to tutoring his classes. His classes are very engaging and its syllabus coverage is very well planned. I feel that I have been able to keep up with the O-Level syllabus thanks to Mr Tan’s weekly lessons. Thanks Mr Tan!

  68. Avatar photo
    Natalie Law

    Mr Tan’s lessons are engaging and really useful, helping me to achieve a large improvement in a short time!

  69. Avatar photo
    Julie Lim

    My boy B.Ong failed his Physics at the beginning of the year. After Mr Gabriel’s conscientious and dedicated efforts to break down the subject into smaller bites for the students so as to make the subject fun and interesting to digest, he managed to score an A2 during his Maris Stella Sec 4 Prelim exams! Thank you for your hard work, Mr Gabriel! Really grateful for the time and efforts put in towards getting the kids to love and enjoy the subject!

  70. Avatar photo

    Despite having a mediocre attention span, I found it easy to focus in Mr Tan’s zoom lessons and absorb his teachings as he was very engaging in lessons and encouraged us to ask questions whenever we had doubts. This created a safe space for us to learn without fear and helped me gain an appreciation for Physics. Thank you Mr Tan! …

  71. Avatar photo
    Janelle Heng

    Great tutor who gives detailed and clear explanations !

  72. Avatar photo
    Sham Kumar Murali

    Mr Tan is a very dedicated and caring teacher his lessons are very enriching and detailed. His warm and amiable personality makes him very approachable and his notes are very detailed and helpful.

  73. Avatar photo
    wendy chua

    mr tan puts in a lot of effort in making all the notes and materials. he also gives us short breaks during lessons to ensure that we are always focused which I am very thankful for. i’ve learnt a lot in his lessons and i encourage everyone to join his lessons! thank you mr tan

  74. Avatar photo
    Joey Tan

    I sent my son to Kungfu Physics end Jul 2022. Mr Tan is a passionate and committed tutor who goes the extra mile to help his students grasp complicated concepts. No matter how late he will stay back after class to help answer the doubts and queries that his students have. My son has indeed learnt much from Mr Tan. Within a short period of 4 mths, my son has jumped at least 3 grades to obtain a distinction for his A Level results. Thank you for your patience and dedication in imparting your knowledge!

  75. Avatar photo

    I have been with kungfu physics for 2 years now from sec 3 to sec 4, and it has been a pleasant journey with Mr Tan. Before joining, i struggled understanding the physics concepts in school. The number a topics to learn and the skills needed was really overwhelming, causing me to feel so lost during school physics lessons, to the point where i was contemplating if i should drop physics. Fortunately, once my journey with kungfu physics began, the struggles started to disappear, enabling me to grasp a deeper understanding and importance for physics. Mr Tan, being a very patient teacher, he guided me and was always there to clarify any doubts i had. Even though at the beginning, my foundation was much weaker than the rest of the class, he nevertheless continued to push me to strengthen my foundation, and continue to build it till today. In school, my marks were borderline, close to a fail. However, once i joined kungfu physics, my grades jumped, from a C to a B and finally to an A. Mr Tan acknowledges your achievements, and would always believe that his students are far more capable than they would have thought. This gave me great motivation to continue to strive for better grades, and ensure that my understanding for every topic is solid. When it is nearing examinations, we were given practices with questions which were carefully picked so that we would be able to see the tricks behind the question. This helped us, especially me, to do questions quickly, and know what the question is testing for. My school teacher had also commented about how well i answer my questions and that my answers are very complete. All of this is thanks to Mr Tan, drilling is into knowing what those questions require and the perfect way to answer them. Yes it is true that Mr Tan wants all of his students to get A1, but he would also be very happy for you when u make improvements. Whether is it from a fail to a pass or from a C to a B, he would consistently push you for excellence. My entire 2 year journey with Mr Tan was truly wonderful, and I trust that he will give it his all for every student, ensuring no one gets left behind. Thank you Mr Tan

  76. Avatar photo
    Sum Hung Yee

    Mr Tan is a very effective teacher whose lessons are highly structured. All topics are covered with sufficient depth and scope. Furthermore, Mr Tan is very friendly, which will make lessons less dry. While lessons are primarily focused on learning, through the use of 5-minute breaks and snacks, lessons are carried out such that a conducive environment for learning is provided for students.

  77. Avatar photo
    Wei Zhen Suen

    Mr Tan is so far the best tutor I have ever had. His enthusiasm and passion for the subject have constantly inspired us to work harder. Though my physics has not been performing well, Mr Tan helped me in any way he can and patiently explained the concepts to me. Joining his tuition classes has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Attending his class made me gain more confidence and passion for the subject.

  78. Avatar photo
    yeo shu heng

    Mr Tan is a patient and great teacher, and the his lessons make physics much more interesting.

  79. Avatar photo
    janelle tay

    mr tan is a very good teacher that shares a lot of tips and methods which really helped me in my exams and understanding

  80. Avatar photo
    Luke Tan

    I joined Kungfu Physics in Secondary 4 and “graduated” in JC 2, and I’ve got to say that this journey has been an enjoyable one. Physics had always been a struggle for me before joining Kungfu Physics, with me having no idea how any of the concepts worked, in addition to the fact that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. However, this changed after I joined Kungfu Physics.

    Mr Tan is a kind nurturing teacher that is thorough with teaching the various topics, giving us students a variety of questions to push us beyond our limits. He also makes sure to engage with the entire class by directing questions to individual students to keep them on their toes or to make sure they’re keeping up with his lesson. His teachings are also quirky, where he uses funny analogies or pneumonic devices to help us understand or remember certain concepts, of which he would constantly bring up during class to jog our memories. He also shares his experiences of encountering Physics in real life situations which lightens up the mood in the classroom setting. Mr Tan is also a very approachable person and makes sure that his students who come to him with questions are able to leave satisfied.

    Physics may seem like a very complicated subject, with topics like Quantum Physics and Superposition being thrown around. However, with Mr Tan’s guidance, you will come to a realisation that Physics isn’t that difficult. For me, Physics became a subject I actually enjoyed studying. I may have had many regrets in my life, but joining Kungfu Physics definitely isn’t one of them.

  81. Avatar photo

    mr tan is an incredibly dedicated teacher. despite having many students, he still manages to create lessons that target every student’s weaknesses, and takes the effort to correct all our misunderstanding.

    before joining kungfu physics, my grades were stagnating at Es and Ds, and i did not have much interest in the subject. however, under mr tan’s guidance, my grades jumped to As and Bs, and i became much more dedicated in studying this subject.

    not only does he teach us key answering techniques, he also proposes challenging questions which ensures that we have a firm grasp of our concepts.

    i highly recommend his lessons to anyone who is struggling with this subject, or intends to boost their grade to an A!

  82. Avatar photo
    yi teng foon

    Kungfu Physics is a very professional and organised center, and Mr Tan is a very passionate and caring teacher who takes times to make every lesson engaging and easy to understand, as well as never fails to make time to answer students questions and clarify their doubts.

  83. Avatar photo
    Ashley Chiong

    Mr Tan is a great teacher who never fails to do his best in guiding us. His lessons are one of a kind as he is thorough in his explanations and the provided materials are detailed and useful. He also interacts well with the class, always making the extra effort to help anyone who is in doubt.

  84. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan explains difficult concepts clearly, which makes learning them much easier. He also helped me to fill in the gaps of my physics foundation, which played an important role in improving my physics grades. Furthermore, the notes are well written and very useful, be it for learning new topics or last minute revision.

  85. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is an extremely supportive teacher who helps break down complex physics concepts which has helped me greatly. Thank you Mr Tan!

  86. Avatar photo
    zhi jun

    Mr Tan is a very patient teacher who is clear of his student’s needs. His style of teaching is easy to follow and effective as he makes complex physics concepts understandable. The summary notes prepared by him are really helpful and he has made physics enjoyable to learn

  87. Avatar photo
    nicole chay

    One of my weakest subjects has always been physics, but Mr. Tan’s classes have been very useful to me. His notes are clear and concise, making it simple for us to comprehend the key concepts of each topic. The thorough revision he provides us with prior to exam times is also very beneficial because it improves our proficiency and speed in responding to physics questions. The additional notes and revision sets, especially for A levels, were really great for review and increased my confidence in the subject.

    His lessons are always interesting since he constantly quizzes the class and tells us anecdotes to help us remember physics concepts. If Physics is challenging for you, I think Mr. Tan’s lessons will be extremely helpful!

  88. Avatar photo
    Yin JIngyuan

    The physics tuition there is extremely helpful for students. Highlights the key points of the syllabus accurately and is very time-efficient. There is also some practical time-based exercise for speed training too.

  89. Avatar photo
    Thaddeus Ng

    Good location, Centre is clean and condusive for learning, and revision materials are very clear and well put together.

    Mr Tan is a very experienced Tutor and very familiar with the standards and wide range of question types that appear in A Level Physics papers. Though the class size is somewhat large (especially during Zoom lessons), Mr Tan makes it a point to answer all questions and explain concepts that students may have concerns with very carefully. Mr Tan also frequently test our understanding of various topics through Mini-Tests and Quizzes, which are great at testing our knowledge of the subject. Apart from just Physics, Mr Tan also shares tips and tricks to cope with exam stress, which was very helpful for me during the A Level exams.

    Being taught by Mr Tan has been a great experience for me and I highly recommend Kungfu Physics to students who are struggling with Physics.

  90. Avatar photo
    Janel Ng

    Mr Tan’s lessons are extremely engaging and he takes the time to check up on every student’s learning progress. The notes he gives are very useful as they consolidate all the major concepts in each topic. After doing the topical revision worksheets and practice papers with him, I felt really prepared going into the examination room. Thank you Mr Tan!

  91. Avatar photo
    Candice Gan

    The tutor is a very responsible and one who give his best to his students. His teaching method according to my son is easier to understand. Its a great place for learning the subject.

  92. Avatar photo
    Kelly Tong

    My son comments that Mr Tan’s lessons are structured and teaching is concise and interesting.
    Mr Tan is very dedicated, he make sure study material are delivered on time and communication with both parent and student are well transpired.

  93. Avatar photo
    Albert Tay

    Kungfu Physic not only came with years of experience in mastering the conceptual and enrichment techniques to equip student with necessary foundation, knowledge, skillsets required to attain good academic results; yet it offers the ‘reasoning’ to motivate Student up excel. Gabriel offers 1 on 1 attention to each student with constant feedback in partnership with parents that inspire me the most as a parents. A Way to Go !!..

  94. Avatar photo
    Brittany Tan

    I wished I had joined sooner. My physics was ok, but was never good enough to get A and it had been like that for a while. Since O level was approaching in less than 5 months I knew I had to do something. I was going to go trial a few different tuitions and then choose but after attending this one, I cancelled the rest. That’s because while others just gave me practice papers, Mr Tan went through the concepts of the topics. Joining so late, I only got to listen to him explain the last 2 chapters, but those became one of my more stronger topics.

  95. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Chin

    Mr Tan is an extremely dedicated and responsible teacher who always goes the extra mile for his students. He would not hesitate to stay back and answer my queries patiently, making sure that I have understood. His notes and questions are also concise, summarising the key learning points that we ought to know clearly. Mr Tan also makes his lessons fun and engaging, through using quizzes and speed tests to gauge our understanding of concepts. Under Mr Tan’s guidance, my physics grades improved dramatically. Thank you Mr Tan!

  96. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan helped me understand many physics concepts and taught me how to answer different types of questions. My physics was able to improve because of it.

  97. Avatar photo
    Ethan Leong

    Mr Tan’s explanations of physics concepts are concise, engaging, and easy to remember, making learning physics under him both easy and enjoyable. Mr Tan prioritises our learning first, willingly extending lesson times to re-explain complex questions and to clarify our doubts.

    Cliche as all of this sounds, I really cant describe being Mr Tan’s student any better, and would definitely recommend joining his classes for the ultimate A0 grade 😉

  98. Avatar photo
    Orcha Whale

    Notes are concise and effective for learning. Mr Tan makes lessons fun and engaging, using exciting real life examples and active engagement with the class.

  99. Avatar photo
    Hui Xuan Yap

    Mr Gabriel provides excellent Physics lessons as he explains concepts clearly and ensures all his students are engaged during lesson (even those attending online!). Lesson materials provided are also very helpful, as they consist of many questions to practice on and are clear and concise. One will definitely improve tremendously upon attending his tuition just like I did! Strongly recommended!

  100. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lau

    Mr Tan is a teacher who is both patient and dedicated. He also imparts life situations to the context of physics to make lessons interesting and fun. He made me view physics not as a subject but rather a skill to learn

  101. Avatar photo
    Wong Chuan Yuan

    I’ve been a student under mr tan for 4 years and there was not once whereby he could not clarify any doubts that i brought up with him. Mr tan has extremely good understanding of the physics subject and made the concept so much more understandable for me, even sometimes teaching beyond the syllabus. Despite the number of students mr tan has, he will put in the effort to remember the names of every student and is always receptive towards questions raised by anyone.

  102. Avatar photo
    Anushka P

    Even though I had only joined Mr Tan at the end of secondary 3, he was able to push my grades up and help me score an A2 for my Physics in O levels. The exercises he gives are suited to help make our foundation of Physics strong and strengthen our concepts. In JC, Mr Tan was able to help me continue to improve my understanding of Physics even though the degree of difficulty had increased from secondary school to JC. He explains concepts patiently and clearly, making my foundation for Physics strong and helping me enjoy the subject. Thank you Mr Tan!!

  103. Avatar photo
    gwen ang

    Mr Tan shows us varied ways of tackling both common and rare tough questions and also gives us many practices to drill our time-management and concepts before major exams like prelims and A levels. It was useful for me and also boosted my confidence alot

  104. Avatar photo

    mr tan is an amazingly dedicated and caring teacher who is able to keep students engaged. he explains concepts clearly and clarifies our doubts patiently. lesson materials are well thought through for the most effective learning!

  105. Avatar photo
    Crystel Chia

    Mr Tan is a very patient with students and without his guidance, I would not have been able to score a distinction in my O Levels. He is also very approachable so I didn’t have much trouble asking him for help. 11/10 tutor …

  106. Avatar photo
    ong yeeern

    the lesson worksheets and notes are good. mr tan makes the concepts easy to understand and makes studying physics enjoyable would recommend. …

  107. Avatar photo
    elaine nmk

    Mr Tan is a very committed and responsive tutor!

  108. Avatar photo
    shaball plays

    Mr Tan is an engaging teacher that has helped build my love and interest in physics. His lessons are effective and easily understood. He actively answers any questions posed and clears any misunderstandings.

  109. Avatar photo
    Theresa Tiong

    Mr Tan has taught my daughter from secondary to JC physics and her physics has improved a lot. Thanks to Mr Tan, she achieved an A2 for her O levels and an A for her A levels H2 Physics. …

  110. Avatar photo

    mr tan is a considerate teacher and makes jokes or stories about physics concepts so that the students will remember key points better. good place to practice and clarify physics questions.

  111. Avatar photo
    Mei Jia Kong

    Mr Tan is a very detailed and caring teacher who knows how to meet every single student’s needs efficiently and patiently. Despite the large number of students he has, he remembers every student’s name and capability which builds a sense of trust and comfort between him and each student.

  112. Avatar photo
    Sylvia Aw

    Mr Tan is a very dedicated teacher who would patiently guide you along and clarify your doubts. He also actively engages the class by linking what we learnt to real-life applications to help us better understand the topic. There is no qualm in Mr Tan’s professionalism and teaching abilities as lessons are thoughtfully structured to build up a student’s proficiency in Physics.

  113. Avatar photo
    Helpmy Swlf

    Before I joined KungFu physics, physics was just a hard subject to me as I struggled in it. However, after joining my j1 results for physics improved from a U grade to a B in promos. Furthermore, my liking for physics changed from hating it to one of my favourite subjects from j1 to j2. This is namely due to Mr Tan way of teaching physics, helpful and innovative notes using KungFu forms to clearly segregate different topics.

  114. Avatar photo
    Tay Jeremiah

    Great lessons great cher. Hes dedicated qctually knows his stuff and all around a fun person to be around. Thanks for the 2 years dragged me out of the mosh pit of u and turned me into smthing better. All the best cher have a blast as well.

  115. Avatar photo
    Xinyi notelling

    Mr Tan is a great teacher! He is approachable and never fails to clarify any doubts we have. Learning physics has become much easier with his guidance!

  116. Avatar photo
    Glen Wong

    The way my school taught Physics made me not enjoy the subject. However, I felt otherwise when I attended Mr. Tan’s lessons. He engages us in lessons through getting us to actively participate and uses analogies to help us understand concepts easily. Also, he teaches us how to be meticulous when phrasing our answers and reading questions. During and after every class, he takes the time to answer all our queries. Apart from his stellar teaching skills and experience, the worksheets and notes prepared enabled me to be exposed to more questions. One of them was the 武林秘籍 booklets. Containing compiled important concepts and definitions ,these booklets has aided in my revision and I am truly grateful for it. Personally, I have benefitted tremendously in the past 2 years with Mr. Tan and would definitely recommend joining his physics tuition.

  117. Avatar photo
    MY T

    Responsible and responsive tutor. Materials were delivered to home in a timely manner. My child has benefitted greatly from his clear and structured lessons and materials.

  118. Avatar photo
    zu wei

    Before joining Kungfu Physics, I was struggling very badly in the subject and was unable to understand the things that were being taught in class. However, after joining the tuition, I was able to improve a lot in the subject. Mr Tan taught every topic meticulously, which enabled me to understand the content better. He also provided a wide variety of questions, which helped to widen my knowledge and be better prepared for the examinations. Thanks to Mr Tan, I’ve become more confident in this subject and was able to improve tremendously.

  119. Avatar photo
    Brenda Tan

    I’m very glad that I have sent my son to Kungfu Physics as it had helped him to excel and find his passion in the subject. After joining the tuition, my son has looked forward to every lesson with a strong desire to learn, and continuously strives for attaining excellent grades in his exams. He has always commented on Mr Tan’s effective teaching methods and his amicable attitude toward students.

    Thank you Mr. Tan.

  120. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Bryan Chia

    Mr Tan is an extremely patient and engaging teacher. He promptly clarifies any doubts you may have and actively engages all students in his lessons.

  121. Avatar photo
    Russell Wong

    Thank you Mr Tan for providing us with challenging questions which exposed gaps in our understanding,and then explaining their solutions and answers in a manner which was very easy to understand. Your help allowed me to jump from E in Mid Year Exams(30th percentile in NYJC) to B in prelims(50th percentile in NYJC)

  122. Avatar photo
    Jerome Choo

    10/10 physics tuition. Mr tan treats all his pupils like his own student and gives them help whenever they need it.

  123. Avatar photo

    The different types of questions went through during the lessons enabled me to master different concepts and exposed me to several commonly-asked questions.

  124. Avatar photo
    Renata Chandra Putri

    Mr Tan is a wonderful teacher that can help everyone improve in physics! I was under his guidance for only a few months. But within that short period of time, my confidence and grades improved tremendously! This is all due to his friendliness, patience, and unique way of teaching, which really helped me grasp concepts quickly.

    Thank you, Mr Tan!

  125. Avatar photo
    Yang Si Jun

    Best cher everrrr

  126. Avatar photo
    xiaojuju lia

    Mr Tan is an engaging and helpful tutor, and tuition sessions at KFP are very effective in clarifying concepts through many practices as he explains the details clearly. He also provides summary notes which are extremely helpful. Students can always stay to consult him even after class too. Thank you for your help Mr Tan!

  127. Avatar photo
    Yong chuen shin

    mr tan is very funny. and also very clear with his teaching. never thought physics could be funny or make any sense, but mr tan achieved not just one but 2 impossible feats. thank you mr tan for everything:”-)

  128. Avatar photo

    Cool guy.

  129. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan’s lessons are very engaging and allows me to discover loopholes in my understanding of concepts. His notes are also really concise and have been really useful. The many practices and worksheets he has provided has helped me a lot in familiarising myself with certain question types. I never feel like I have to drag myself to go for his classes because he always makes his classes interesting and comfortable with his jokes and great life advice.

  130. Avatar photo

    mr tan’s lessons really suited my learning style
    materials given and his explanations were useful!

  131. Avatar photo
    Emily Chung

    My son has attended tuition here for only 4 months and yet his grades has improved remarkably from C6 to B3 for his O Levels. I’m certain if I have started my son earlier on their programs, he would have done even better! Thanks very much Kungfu Physics for helping Ethan grasp the subject better, well done!

  132. Avatar photo
    Tan Jia Hao

    Mr Gabriel always ensures his students understands the concepts well and provide the materials to constantly revise the same concept until each student is familiar with the concept even when the question type ie different. Mr Gabriel has helped me to understand the same concept differently from the school, which helped in solving questions efficiently

  133. Avatar photo
    Suiyee the pink Unicorn

    After spending a year at Kung Fu Physics, I believe my physics has improved tremendously as a result of Mr Tan’s teaching. During lessons, Mr Tan clearly explains complex concepts to the class and ensures that no student is left behind. He simplifies complex terms into interesting stories for us sometimes which help us to remember the concepts better. Mr Tan’s notes are also very well curated and meticulous, as I sometimes use them in place of my textbook as they are both more concise and contain more examples than the syllabus. Mr Tan’s worksheets also pose challenging and interesting questions I have not seen before in school exam papers or O’ level papers, which challenge our understanding of certain physics topics. Mr Tan would also take the time to explain to us slowly and patiently should we get any of the questions wrong, even extending class time in order to do so. Through Mr Tan’s engaging teaching, I have found physics to be a much easier and more interesting subject to study.

  134. Avatar photo
    lim sophie

    Good teaching methods. Attended online classes, easy communication.

  135. Avatar photo
    rachel chua

    thoroughly enjoyed physics tuition from mr tan, he’s a super patient and knowledgeable teacher and has helped me a lot with physics. thank you mr tan!

  136. Avatar photo
    Hannah Nga

    Mr Tan is an excellent teacher and supporter. Lessons with him are the most productive and engaging. Being exposed to a wide range of question types, I built up the confidence to tackle this intimidating subject and managed to improve from a U at the start of the year to a distinction for A levels.

  137. Avatar photo
    Billy Tang

    Mr Gabriel has been an inspirational figure to my boy who just his A levels results last week.
    Eversince the December holidays of my boy’s secondary 3 year, he has enjoyed his weekly lessons and finds it an interesting highlight of the week. The accolades Mr Gabriel receives are indeed genuine reflections of the goodness each child received, but it is beyond grades which I want to give him credit for.
    On top of being a good tutor, he is also a great role model for the children. A down to earth character who inspires them to give their best, giving them tidbits of life experiences and also providing them a comforting listening ear if the children ever needs it. Mr Gabriel doesn’t judge them for the issues they bring up. This gives the children an assurance of safety which they need and importantly a matured and measured reply that brings the child to reflect on the reality while never giving up.

  138. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is great at handling students and interacting with his students in order to get them to absorb the best. He is also very engaging and uses visual demonstrations in order to engage the class and allow us to understand the topic better. I am very thankful for Mr Tan as he allowed me to take an interest in physics and boosted my grades.

  139. Avatar photo
    Joe Ong

    he excels in teaching physics, and is able to explain things in the simplest ways to make us understand them! he got me an A for A levels from a C at the start of JC so i’m happy! i can really see myself improving steadily and quickly under his guidance!

  140. Avatar photo
    Matthias Lee

    Mr Tan has been nothing but great help since enrolling in his class at the start of JC2. He has been very dedicated to helping us bridge gaps and solve any problems which arise when it comes to Physics concepts and finds ways to explain it in a manner that seems less foreign to us. He also is very useful when it comes to error spotting and that gives us great assurance. He is also not hesitant to offer help outside the classroom and shares many very valuable tips that we can carry for time to come, be it academic or non-academic. Even though we were forced to make the move to Zoom lessons midway, effectiveness of lessons was not lost and may have even improved due to the added resources provided by Mr Tan. It has been a pleasure being in his class and I am very thankful to have experienced student life in Kungfu Physics.

  141. Avatar photo
    raeeda hossain

    Having joined Physics tuition fairly late into JC2, I was a tad bit sceptical if Mr Tan could magically transform my ‘rather not say’ grades into that sparkling ‘A’. However, lesson after lesson, he taught us in a very useful, well-structured way such that I could internalise all the knowledge well while also genuinely enjoying what I was learning. There was also an abundance of materials I could use for my revision.

    What really kept me going though was his friendliness with all the students as well as your constant motivation. It helped me stay strong all the way to A-Levels!

    Thank you so much for this A that I now have!

  142. Avatar photo
    Timothy Tarsus

    The Tutor Mr Tan makes physics interesting. His notes are also incredibly compact and easy to understand!

  143. Avatar photo
    LIm Kerjun

    Mr Tan’s Physics Tuition is able to help my physics improve in a short time. He provides detailed and easy to understand explanations for physics problems, which is helpful in answering common exam questions.

  144. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is a great physics teacher. he is concise and clear in his explanations. cant thank him enough for his assistance towards my Alevels

  145. Avatar photo

    From a C6 to A1, Mr Tan is definitely a good and caring teacher. He make sures everyone understand a certain concept and gives practices to reinfore their learning before moving on to another concept.

  146. Avatar photo
    Santhosh Kumar Annamalai Ramesh

    Mr Tan is an experienced professional in physics, and I am really grateful for him being my tutor during my JC years. I have learnt academic and life-related stuff from him. Furthermore, his humorous nature lightens the mood in every class and makes every lesson something to look forward to!!

  147. Avatar photo
    Yee Pin Ng

    Mr Tan is a wonderful and devoted tutor. He explains every concept clearly and constantly checks in with students to ensure that they keep up with the pace of his teaching. His notes are also very precise and detailed as well.

  148. Avatar photo

    before coming for mr tans classes, my physics concepts were weak and i was not coping well with the pace my school was going at. i found physics difficult to grasp and was doing badly in the beginning.
    however, after coming for mr tans classes, i have tremendously improved overall. mr tans classes are really enjoyable as he is able to relate physics concepts with students and it is also easy to understand. mr tan also has a unique teaching style and is always open to questions regarding physics and so on. i treasure the time i have spent with him throughout this year and i thank you so much as well, mr tan, for guiding me and helping me

  149. Avatar photo
    Timothy Tim Tim

    My Physics was rather weak before joining. However, after joining the very informative lessons taught by the lighthearted Mr Tan, I felt that I had improved in my physics

  150. Avatar photo
    Ray Kong

    Out of all the tuition centres that I have been to, I believe Kung Fu Physics can be considered as one of the best tuition centre I have ever attended. Mr Tan has given a different perspective to physics as an examinable subject and breathed life into each and every single lesson. While some tuition centres teach solely textbook knowledge to achieve a desirable grade in exams, Mr Tan teaches the relevance of physics in our daily lives which allow for students to better relate to the concepts for physics. Moreover, he has also formulated many highly memorable acronyms to allow students to memorise their content. I highly recommend Kung Fu Physics not solely on the basis of achieving your desired exam grades, but also because of his affable nature and his passion for teaching. Thank you Mr Tan!

  151. Avatar photo
    Janet Leong

    My son failed his physics at sec 2. Despite that, he still wanted to offer physics as an O level subject. We set out to search for additional help, and through web searches, we found Kungfu Physics. I remembered my boy was very tickled by the center’s name.

    Eventually, we settled on Kungfu physics after a few messages exchange with Mr Tan. He came across to me as someone who genuinely wants to help his students and of course, is an expert in his subject. My son went from failing the subject in sec 2 to scoring distinction for every exams in secondary 3 & 4. Mr Tan also ignited his interest in Physics and got my son thinking of out of the box solutions.

    I remembered checking with my boy before his sec 3 finals on his revision progress?. He responded Mr Tan confidently “don’t worry about Physics, i have Mr Tan. =)”

    Mr Tan is truly an awesome teacher who inspires and motivates.

  152. Avatar photo
    sam wong

    Physics looks an easy subject but many students find difficulties to apply few rules in physics to tackle the application-based questions. Mr. Tan, principle instructor in Kungfu Physics Tuition, offered great help and guidance to my daughter to make physics an interesting and manageable subject in Sec 3/4.

  153. Avatar photo
    Zachary Say

    I am thankful to Mr Tan for always being patient with us. Whenever there are important concepts and knowledge that we frequently forget, Mr Tan will patiently go through them with us. Mr Tan is also very approachable, and he will always clarify any doubts that we have when we ask him. Thanks to Mr Tan, I have gained confidence in understanding Physics concepts and answering Physics questions.

  154. Avatar photo
    we c

    Mr Tan is an extremely dedicated teacher that goes the extra mile in teaching. He gives detailed notes and practices, which are very helpful in learning more about physics. Before joining, I was still uncertain about the various topics but Mr Tan helped me clarify my doubts and my grades improved as well. Thank you Mr Tan!

  155. Avatar photo
    Life in Pictures

    Hi Mr Tan,
    I am pleased to inform you that Anushka’s physics improved under your guidance and she got A2 in her O level. It’s a remarkable improvement where when once she use to avoid physics and is now have liking for it.
    I am thankful to you for supporting and guiding her.
    The subjects are not always easy and difficult, it’s the teacher who makes it and the best thing of any teacher is to create interest for subject in the child and then child can do wonders.
    Thanks for creating interest for physics in Anushka.


  156. Avatar photo
    Chua Yi Cheng

    Mr Tan’s lessons are very engaging and easy to understand, and he always goes the extra mile to ensure that we understand the concepts that are taught in class ️

  157. Avatar photo
    Sean Low

    Great teacher who cares for his student and provides a great environment for learning and makes it an enjoyable process.

  158. Avatar photo
    26 Tan Yu Xiu

    mr tan is a very committed and dedicated physics tutor who makes learning enjoyable and breaks down difficult concepts for easier understanding! highly recommend his lessons …

  159. Avatar photo
    Hung Chi Lin

    Mr Tan is an engaging and informative teacher that makes sure to emphasise key concepts and information in physics to drill it into our memory; he actively seeks ways to make physics concepts and content easy to memorise and condense the content heavy JC syllabus into bite sized pieces of information for us to understand fully I’ve been in Mr Tan’s class since secondary 3 till jc 2, and would recommend Mr Tan for anyone looking for a physics tutor 😀

  160. Avatar photo
    Anoo Manoj

    Mr Gabriel Tan has been a wonderful tutor and my daughter’s confidence and grades in Physics have gone up substantially. The notes are precise and effective and the classes have given her clear focus.
    Thank you so much Mr Tan.

  161. Avatar photo
    Swee Yang

    Mr Tan makes learn easy fun and interesting! He is a passionate teacher that will take the extra steps to ensure his students understand the concepts well. Thank you Mr Tan

  162. Avatar photo
    Blesson Tomy

    Mr Tan is an enthusiastic tutor with a burning passion for the subject he chose to teach! His physics notes and lesson materials are short and concise with all of the required syllabus content encompassed in them. He consistently highlights the main points of the syllabus while relating to the difficulties that we as students struggle in. This helps him to cater to our needs in a unique way that is often not achieved in school. This is coupled with the fact that he gives us personal life advice for uni and NS that we always enjoy listening to and learning from. Thank You Mr Tan!!!

  163. Avatar photo
    sambhavi rajangam

    Mr Tan’s Physics lessons gave me a reason to believe in myself. I’ve been to other tuition centres— all top-rated and well established, but I’ve never liked any of them. At the other places I attended, the teachers simply re-taught what was taught at school and piled us with tough questions. The teachers there overcomplicated concepts and did not bother to help students really understand the science. I have been to centres where the teachers openly shamed students for not getting the right answers, or where they simply did not care that the students couldn’t do physics.

    But Mr Tan’s classes felt entirely different. The vibe in his classes felt like a safe haven for learning, where you could make mistakes and learn together. His approach is well-built. He explains concepts starting from a layman approach, and then builds in the physics formally. Mr Tan takes much effort in teaching physics and he knows how to pitch it to 17 and 18 year-olds. His uniqueness as a teacher is that he explains the concepts in manner that students understand, and connects concepts from previous chapters, allowing us students to synthesise the concepts much better. Thanks to his method of teaching, I was able to avoid many common misconceptions and all the conceptual doubts I had were cleared. What he teaches really makes sense, and sticks with you.

  164. Avatar photo
    subra manian

    he provides awesome notes and good revision. definitely worth it

  165. Avatar photo
    Veron Yip

    I am really thankful and appreciate the confidence instilled in my son throughout his time at kungfu physics. I can see that he is enjoying physics much more with the encouragement and skills gained from Mr Tan. I have no hesitation in giving Mr Tan the highest recommendation possible.

  166. Avatar photo

    In Secondary 4, I remember turning to Mr Tan for Physics tuition because I was exceptionally weak in this subject. Mr Tan helped me tremendously in strengthening my weaknesses in this subject and increasing my confidence in Physics as well. I was able to achieve A1 for Physics in my O Levels Examination due to his support and guidance. In JC 2, I trusted Mr Tan with Physics once again. I am very thankful for all the effort and time he spent on helping us. He is a very patient tutor who is willing to address any misconceptions that his students have. It is guaranteed that Mr Tan has a good grasp of Physics given his wealth of experience and knowledge over the years of teaching.

  167. Avatar photo
    Jing Wen Wong

    Mr Tan is a very passionate physic teacher. The materials given though may be challenging at times but his explanation makes us have better grasp of the the concept. He also ensures that we are adequately prepared and ready for upcoming tests. Occasio ally, Mr Tan would also have quiz game to test on our phsyic concept . Overall, i had an enjoyable and meanignful experience .

  168. Avatar photo
    Shristi Pai

    Mr tan is an amazing tutor who really puts in the time and effort to ensure that all of his students are following the lesson closely. His classes are made interesting by anecdotes that kept me engaged throughout. I’m really thankful for his lessons as it helped me understand important concepts that I was previously struggling with

  169. Avatar photo
    Rayden Zhu

    Mr Tan is clear and elaborate in explaining the concepts and definition of things. He often ask extra questions to allow students to learn better. Homework every week is also very reasonable and lesson is interesting …

  170. Avatar photo
    Bryce Ongs

    Good Physics tuition centre with friendly tutor and is always there to answer questions and help out whenever in doubt!

  171. Avatar photo
    Hannah Lim

    Mr Tan explains concepts succinctly so it’s easy to understand and goes through key things to lookout for while doing questions

  172. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan was truly a great physics teacher, he knew all the possible pitfalls that students would fall into, and how best the student can learn. From an E in JC1, he brought me up to an A in JC2 for H2 physics. He also kept lessons very interesting, even for 2hr lessons, I could focus well and it didn’t feel as long as a 1hr lesson in school did.

  173. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan’s a teacher who goes all out for his students. Before I started his tuition, I was one of the worst Physics student a teacher could have. Physics was to me, kinda like alien language. I couldn’t grasp any Physics concepts until I attended his crash course. It was like an ‘Eureka’ moment and the rest was history. Mr Tan is able to translate seemingly difficult concepts into simpler concepts. Coupled with his concise self-made notes, Mr Tan helped me develop a liking for Physics and clinch an A2 in the O’ levels. Thanks Mr Tan!

  174. Avatar photo
    mayukhi nimesha

    Mr Tan was very patient when teaching and constantly ensures that we get a good grasp of the concepts.

  175. Avatar photo
    Sarah Zhao

    Mr Tan is an overall really resourceful and patient teacher, who helps a lot of students who struggle with understanding physics!

  176. Avatar photo
    Lyi Shyuenn

    Mr Tan is an effective and caring teacher who does his best to ensure that his students get the most out of each lesson. Accommodating and passionate, he has made learning Physics simpler and more enjoyable.

  177. Avatar photo
    Vaishob Anand

    Lessons are highly systematic, focussed on making sure that every student is set up for excellence in whatever examination that is before them. Students are provided with exclusive resources that mostly prove to be invaluable in their preparations.

    The lessons helped rekindle my interest in the subject. Having an intrinsic motivation to learn the topics proved to be imperative, and I have to thank Mr Tan for having instilled that in me.

    Overall I would strongly recommend his lessons, as they would guarantee not just a shift in grades, but also the mindset

  178. Avatar photo
    Wesley Chang

    great and devoted teacher. He explains each concept down to its smallest detail and spends time making sure students understand and is able to keep up with the class’s pace. Although he has many students, he still finds time to care about everybody’s individual learning. Resources such as notes and practices are great as well

  179. Avatar photo
    Peruvius Echo

    Before joining Kungfu Physics, I was scoring fairly poor results in my school, and had many problems grasping the topics that were taught in school. However, after joining them, I learnt a lot and managed to catch-up by a large amount and even managed to jump by 4 grades!

    Kungfu Physics has been an invaluable help in my journey to National Exams, their notes and detailed explainations during lessons have been nothing short of infomative. Mr Tan constantly links back Physics concepts to real-life examples, which helps to simplify topics that previously seemed daunting to me, aiding my understanding in concepts that I misunderstood.

    Overall, Kungfu Physics has helped me greatly and I’d recommend you to join if you are in need of help for Physics.

  180. Avatar photo
    Keng Teong Ang

    The teacher(Mr Tan) at this tuition center is no doubt one of the most clearest at explaining and simplifying physics and clearing our doubts.I highly recommend this tuition centre to those who are stuggling to understand pysics

  181. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Lim

    Kungfu Physics has helped me loads in properly grasping Physics concepts that I once struggled with, allowing me to regain my love and confidence for the subject. Mr Tan’s endless encouragement and guidance has allowed me to make great leaps in my Physics grades in merely a few months. Having previously tried other big-name JC Physics tuition centres before my enrolment here, I can safely say that Kung Fu Physics is one of, if not the least commercialised and is the true top physics tuition centre in Singapore

  182. Avatar photo
    Annie Goh

    Passionate and detailed teacher! Materials were well provided and lessons were very engaging. My child enjoyed his lessons very much and has very good understanding of the subject. Thank you Mr Tan for helping her to excel during her A levels.

  183. Avatar photo

    i always thought i’d never understand physics but i’m glad that changed when i joined mr tan’s class. he manages to explain concepts very well and the work/notes he provides are very helpful. i gained a newfound interest in physics and i feel much more confident when doing questions now

  184. Avatar photo
    jojo tong

    Mr Tan is a very lively and engaging tutor, i was barely passing physics before but he really pulled my grade up to where i was getting A’s consistently. His understanding of the subject makes his explanation of concepts clear and concise. …

  185. Avatar photo
    Yi Min

    Highly recommended tuition place to achieve distinction for physics or at least you can see a drastic improvement in your understanding for physics asap!

  186. Avatar photo
    ethan neo

    very engaging classes, helped me understand concepts a lot better and apply them. always had trouble with the more abstract questions but after 2-3 lessons i could already see my improvement.

  187. Avatar photo
    Denzyl Neo

    Mr tan is a great physics and tuition teacher, by helping students learn in an interesting and fun way. Equipped with profound knowledge and expertise, he explain sophisticated concepts in a way that is easy to understand, and is very friendly. He had piqued my interest and sparked my passion in the subject.

  188. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan

    Top tier physics tuition. Covers multiple topics in-depth in addition to tricky questions that usually stumps other students. Mr Tan is a likeable cheerful yet knowledgeable teacher that actively ensures that all students are caught up with the teaching.

  189. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan was a patient and detailed teacher who spends a lot of time preparing the most concise and succinct lessons and notes, which have allowed me to have a greater understanding on applying physics concepts into different question types. Would recommend students who are in need of physics guidance to seek his help!

  190. Avatar photo
    Kalista Phey

    I’ve been taught by Mr Tan for secondary and JC physics and his lessons have helped tremendously. Mr Tan uses very simple analogies to help me understand physics concepts. His notes for each chapter is very detailed while his summary notes are concise and are great for skimming through before an exam. Even though his classes can be big, with physical and zoom students all together, he is still an attentive teacher who notices when you are unsure and will check in on you to ensure that you are following. My physics has improved a lot from his lessons and I greatly appreciate his hard work

  191. Avatar photo
    Anna Foo

    My daughter joined Mr Tan’s class at the beginning of Sec 4 with a C6 for her Physics for her Sec 3 EOY exam. Mr Tan is a very encouraging teacher and his lessons are interesting and engaging. My daughter used to hate science and have never ever thought of taking science in JC. However, she improved leaps and bounds by the end of Sec 4 scoring a distinction for her Physics for her final exam. She has also grown to like the subject so much that she’s decided to continue to take Physics in JC. Thank you Mr Tan for making a difference in her learning journey.

  192. Avatar photo
    Darren Tan

    I am extremely grateful to Mr Tan for his unwavering dedication to teaching us physics. His lessons are well structured which enables students to easily master complicated concepts for physics. His notes are concise and to the point which are superior to the long winded chunks of information in my school lecture notes. Furthermore, Mr Tan ensures that all students are well prepared for their examinations by equipping them with more than adequate practice through different revision packages. Mr Tan is also well versed in the current physics syllabus and he always makes it a point in class to check in with us on what we are being taught in school. He is an extremely committed teacher who would always go the extra mile to clear up our doubts after class no matter how late it is. I have thoroughly benefitted from his help and would definitely encourage those struggling with physics to attend his classes. Thanks Mr Tan for helping me improve my physics in such a short period of time!

  193. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is a very good and patient teacher. He is always looking out for his students and makes sure they understand the concepts. The exam skills he teaches are very useful and it definitely helped me do well for physics.

  194. Avatar photo
    Nana Chan

    Gabriel is a very hardworking and committed tutor. Entrusted my 3 sons to him and they said he is very professional and a great mentor for all students.

  195. Avatar photo
    Darren Martin

    Mr Tan is a charismatic tutor that knows how to convey concepts and offer in depth explanation on content , making it much easier to understand.Even though I only joined midway through my second year of jc , my physics improved exponentially over the span of a few months.

  196. Avatar photo
    vindy wong

    i was extremely bad in physics since sec1 just borderline passing it but ever since i joined kungfu at the end of sec 3 i started improving. kungfu physics teaches you the concepts clearly and how to answer questions in a strategic manner! most importantly, he’s extremely patient!

  197. Avatar photo
    YuEn Gu

    The teacher provides an amazing environment to study and learn physics. He makes use of differnet methods to teach us different physics concepts. He is responsible and patient, he is very determined to help us, and will go to the extend to stay back in class just to answer and clarify any doubts!

  198. Avatar photo
    Ferene Chua

    Mr Tan is a very dedicated and experienced teacher. Lessons at KFP are never dull because there is something new to learn every lesson. To cater to all kinds of students, Mr Tan makes sure to include diagrams and videos so both visual and audio learners can benefit from his lessons. He also frequently interacts with his students so we can all learn in a more comfortable atmosphere.

  199. Avatar photo
    Susan Heng

    A dedicated and inspiring teacher. Mr Tan is able to engage and patiently guided my daughter to master complex physics concepts. She regained her interest in the subject and she is motivated to continuing pursuing it as a H2 subject in JC. Thank you so much Mr Tan.

  200. Avatar photo

    My boys started Physics tutoring under Gabriel a month before their end of year exams in Sec 3 & JC1 respectively. It was a desperate attempt to help my boys who, despite hard work, were still confused and struggling with putting concepts into practice. To my amazement after a few weeks of tutoring, my boys managed a very decent grade on their final exams. As my boys continued to study under Gabriel’s tutelage, their Physics foundations became stronger, their understanding of the concepts became clearer, their ability to apply the theories into practice improved and the best part, they developed a love for the subject because they became more confident. As a tutor, Gabriel really knows his stuff (some things we need to entrust to the professional ). He is approachable and is able to engage the learner at his/her level. Thanks so much for your help, Gabriel!

  201. Avatar photo
    mellie pooh

    physics has always been a subject that i’ve been struggling with since secondary school and the way my school teaches physics is not very interesting, causing me to slowly lose interest in the subject. however, after attending mr tan’s lessons, i come to realise that physics is not all that difficult. mr tan’s lessons are always very enjoyable every week and he also shares with us fun knowledge to brighten up our day sometimes. i thought it would be impossible to see improvements in my physics but mr tan made it possible. i would highly recommend kungfu physics to any one struggling with physics))

  202. Avatar photo
    amelia tay

    A really interesting teacher – sang a song for us before A levels and always found ways to link physics to life… Haha but great teaching that emphasises on practice and drilling (much needed for physics) and drove us to keep at it till the very end (physics was the last paper)!!

  203. Avatar photo
    Adeline Leong

    Mr Tan really made learning about physics very enjoyable. I really benefitted from his lessons as he was able to break down complex concepts and make them easy to understand. During his lessons, we are also exposed to many different types of questions for each topic, which really helped me during examinations.

  204. Avatar photo
    tayvier lim

    Mr Tan is engaging and never fails to captivate students with his stories and jokes related to the physics concepts. I have gained an interest and understanding of the subject which greatly helped me to achieve an A for my Final Exams and I am really thankful for that.

  205. Avatar photo
    Esther Koh

    Mr Tan has been very helpful and instrumental to my son’s mastery of the subject. My son has commented that his online lessons are more beneficial than any other online lessons he has experienced. Thank you Mr Tan for helping him achieve a high A1 for his Sec 4 eoy …

  206. Avatar photo
    Xin Yee

    Mr Tan has been nothing short of patient and for that I’m very grateful! With his guidance I was able to maintain a steady grade and his lessons have always been interesting and has allowed me to appreciate Physics a lot more than before.

    Thank you for everything, Mr Tan!

  207. Avatar photo

    Mr tan makes learning physics seem fun.

  208. Avatar photo
    Abigailix Beatz

    Mr Tan has been an eloquent speaker who has never failed to impress with powerful shortcut methods to simplify a complicated physics concept! Whoever who takes his course will surely gain

  209. Avatar photo
    Palindromically Christened

    lessons are engaging and insightful, and there is plenty of opportunity to apply whatever we have learned that lesson through our homework and class practice! mr tan helped us to better understand how all the topics were interconnected and applicable to real life, thus making them more relevant and understandable

  210. Avatar photo
    C ZJ

    One of the best physics tuition in town! Dedicated teacher with really concise notes and helpful animations. Willing to stay back to help with questions too.

  211. Avatar photo

    Really helpful tuition with easy to understand explanations and thorough covering of the A level syllabus from basic fundamentals to advanced questions, I had no regrets in joining this tuition!! 5/5 for sure

  212. Avatar photo
    olivia san

    mr tan is a very dedicated teacher, he always prepares and structures the lessons well for us to learn most effectively. his summary notes are also very concise and useful as a quick recap for the various topics.

  213. Avatar photo
    chong joseph

    tuition service offers high quality lessons targeted at common weaknesses with well-written and extremely detailed answers; however, considering the fast-paced nature of classes, individual support is not particularly present, such that students who cannot learn at a fast pace may suffer greatly.

  214. Avatar photo
    Bryan Chew

    Mr Tan is a very passionate and dedicated physics teacher. He explains physics concepts in a way that is very easy to digest and understand. Being an experienced teacher, he is quick in pointing out and identifying common misconceptions that students make. His notes are also very detailed with additional information that schools may not explicitly state. After attending Kungfu Physics, my grades improved tremendously and physics has become one of my favourite subjects!

  215. Avatar photo
    18S53 TAN ZHI LE

    Kung fu physics is definitely a tuition centre that i would recommend to those who are in need of help.

    Mr Tan is a very friendly and approachable tutor who always does his best to support his students. He would check on his students and make sure that they are doing well, and if they were not performing up to standards, he would provide useful tips on how to conquer A levels.

    His lessons are organised and easy to follow. Materials are more than sufficient and it helps reinforce concept that are taught in school.

    Furtheoften provides life lessons and links them to physics concepts, which has helped me remember some of the concepts better.

  216. Avatar photo

    Mr tan goes through each question meticulously pointing out common mistakes made by students ensuring that we do not repeat those mistakes. He takes time to clarify our doubts if any. His notes are concised and useful.

  217. Avatar photo
    Nikhita Terence

    Mr Tan is a caring and patient teacher that takes the time to explain concepts thoroughly and clarify any doubts. His notes are clear and concise and useful in helping to understand the topics.

  218. Avatar photo
    Au Yong Xin

    Mr Tan is very clear in explaining the physics concepts and built my understanding in the topics by giving me constant practices and summaries of each topic so that I know what keywords and answering techniques to have. He has helped me improve my Physics tremendously from a 2.4 in Year 3 to a 4.0 in Year 4. I will recommend you to join his tuition class!

  219. Avatar photo

    Prior to joining Mr Tan’s Sec 4 class in mid March, my son got an F9 in his test in Term 1 and was thinking if he had to drop this subject. He did his best to study for the subject and memorised all the formulas but didn’t know why he couldn’t understand the questions. I reckon that he didn’t grasp the concepts. I am grateful to have found Mr Tan’s tuition centre. After joining Kungfu Physics, my son got B3 in his mid year exam. In his Sec 4 Prelims, he got A1 and now Physics is one of his strongest subjects. This is amazing. We didn’t expect it at all. Though my son was attending the zoom class, we never had to worry that he did not have the notes as all the notes would have been printed and sent to our address on a timely basis. Thank you so much Mr Tan.

  220. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Su

    Mr Tan’s teaching was very clear and easy to understand. It allowed me to pick up the physics concepts very quickly and the large amount of practice given definitely helped me master physics. He remembers the question types that you made mistakes in or concepts that you constantly forget and would remind you about it.

  221. Avatar photo
    Annabel Lim

    Before joining Kungfu Physics, I was rather weak in my Physics. I could not understand many physics concepts and was struggling. However, when I joined Kungfu physics, I was able to better understand the concepts through the practice paper and he would target the concepts that most schools and students will miss out. These lessons helped me to understand my weaker topics and pick up my loopholes in my stronger topics. Mr Tan would always think of ways to help us remember the important concepts for each topic. The notes and resources provided by Mr Tan was very useful in helping me improve my physics. Mr Tan’s lesson was very engaging. Whenever I have a question, Mr Tan will never hesitate to help me clarify my doubts and ensure that I have understood them before moving on to the next questions. He would also check on the students in class by asking them questions.

    After attending Kungfu Physics, I have become more confident in my physics as my grades improve. Under Mr Tan’s guidance, I was able to better cope and manage physics in school.

    Lastly, I would like to thank Mr Tan for all your help and encouragement.

  222. Avatar photo
    Justin Lim

    Very conducive place that is really accessible and with a great teacher!

  223. Avatar photo
    Nathaniel Too

    I’ve learnt a lot from Kung Fu physics lessons are well structured no matter online or on-site and it has given me an opportunity to expand my physics knowledge.

  224. Avatar photo

    Mr Tan is an experienced, skilled teacher who never fails to make lessons engaging. His materials are well crafted and useful, and his passion for teaching and helping students shines through very good physics tuition!

  225. Avatar photo
    Clare Quek

    Mr Tan is a very patient and experienced teacher. He is able to explain concepts very clearly and this allowed me to understand much better as compared to lectures in school. He is a very engaging teacher which helped me to appreciate physics more as opposed to before. With his manuals which are concise and clear and his worksheets, I was able to improve tremendously from a U in CT1 to an A in A Levels!

  226. Avatar photo
    jing ping

    Mr Tan would always make sure to explain physics concepts thoroughly, providing us with many practices and always addressing common misconceptions. His lessons allowed me to learn to better craft my answers to address the questions. Thus, my physics grades have improved greatly, being able to constantly achieve A1 and I am very thankful for Mr Tan!

  227. Avatar photo
    Audrey Gan

    Mr Tan’s lessons captured my attention and his style of teaching focuses on revising and applying the key points of the concept. He is engaging and his lessons have helped me improve a lot in Physics.

  228. Avatar photo
    Shivani Pandey

    I vividly remember every Thursday evening or Saturday afternoon.Only because it was something that I looked forward to in the entire week,academically.
    Everything taught in school,in particular Physics was so fast paced and disorganized that I could not keep up with it and often failed the subject.However,with Mr Tan’s guidance, comprehensive notes and intensive practice,slowly but steadily,I started catching up with school and eventually got ahead of them.I began loving the subject and all the credit solely goes to Mr Tan!
    Thank you very much Mr Tan for all your effort!

  229. Avatar photo
    Michelle Wilson

    Mr Tan is a great teacher who takes the time to ensure that I understand all the concepts. He clarifies all my doubts clearly and his notes are very clear and easy to understand.

  230. Avatar photo

    While studying for A levels last year, I have always found many Physics concepts difficult to understand, however after joining Kung Fu Physics, I was able to understand the topics better. Mr Tan was able to condense difficult Physics topics into concise and palatable lessons. His jokes and tips also made the class feel more lively and helped me deal with the some of the stress I was facing.

  231. Avatar photo
    Kang Zhi Yu

    Mr Tan’s lessons helped me a lot for my H2 physics. I was able to understand better and apply concepts learnt much easier with his lessons. His notes and summaries are very helpful to review just before exams as well!

  232. Avatar photo
    Rachel Tan

    Mr Tan is patient and very clear in explaining thus allowing us to understand easily.

  233. Avatar photo
    wooncheng lim

    Mr Gabriel has been most helpful to my daughter who joined his class only in her second year of JC. His clear explanations and well prepared notes and practice papers were crucial in helping her to clear her doubts and has made her more confident in tackling this subject . His timely feedback to parents showed his care and concerns for his students. We appreciate him greatly and would not hesitate to recommend him to friends who needs help in Physics. Thank you Mr Gabriel !

  234. Avatar photo
    Lucas Lau

    Highly informative and systematic, Mr Tan is able to allow me to understand complex physics concepts in a more manageable manner whilst making the process fun and interactive at the same time.

  235. Avatar photo
    Teo Keng Hiang

    Mr Tan is patient , warm and friendly! It has always been a pleasure attending his classes.To prepare us for the A levels , Mr Tan set in place targeted lessons which has benefited me tremendously.

  236. Avatar photo
    Cheng You Gin

    Mr Tan is a fantastic teacher who has helped me understand my physics concepts better and made me enjoy physics much more.

  237. Avatar photo
    Bryan Koh

    Mr Tan is an excellent teacher who makes difficult concepts easy to understand. He is a very patient teacher, and is more than willing to go the extra mile to help his students who may require that from him. His lessons are engaging and are very helpful!

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