Review Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane, 25 Tagore Ln, Singapore

Review KUKA Sofas Flagship Store  25 Tagore Lane - Singapore 25 Tagore Ln

“Very friendly staff, Sunny. Helpful, knowledgeable and patient in explaining Kuka sofa. Satisfactory experience” or “Nice experience with Sunny. Very helpful and patient. Bought a nice sofa!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane is quality.

Introduction about Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane

Here are some fundamental details regarding Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane. In terms of Sofa store, it is generally believed that Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Laneis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 25 Tagore Ln, #02-06, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Sofa store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 88357248 (+65 88357248)
  • Website:
  • Address: 25 Tagore Ln, #02-06, Singapore
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Detailed information of Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane

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Here are the operating hours of Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 9 PM.


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8.87 km9 minute11 minute7 minute

How to contact Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane via:

Phone number

You can reach Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane at 88357248(+65 88357248). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 25 Tagore Ln, #02-06, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane reviews

Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane is among the best destinations of Sofa store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane good?

To determine whether Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Was served by Alex Teo, good knowledge, helpful and patient with us. Got a sofa in the end with a reasonable pricing. Definitely will come back in future”

“Visited the Kuka showroom to check out the range of sofas. Sunny was very warm, friendly and helpful to show us the different options available. Highly recommended!”

“Very friendly staff, Sunny. Helpful, knowledgeable and patient in explaining Kuka sofa. Satisfactory experience”

“Nice experience with Sunny. Very helpful and patient. Bought a nice sofa!”

“Alex Teo is very helpful in helping us choosing the right sofa. Happy with purchase! KUKA #KF.2006 Supakuru Water-Resistant Fabric Modular Sofa (3-Seater)”

“Great service from sales rep Alex Teo! Very helpful and polite. Found the perfect sofa from Kuka Sofa on CNY …”

“Had a great buying experience with the salesman Alex.”

“Thanks Alex for explaining and going through with me how this arm chair can offer me comfort and relaxation. Great service …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 276 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 99% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

If you feel services provided by Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane are not good quality, what should you do?

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

Furthermore, here are additional feedbacks from other customers that we have gathered. Hopefully, these reviews will serve as a reliable resource to provide an overview.

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Review Review Kuka Sofas Flagship Store 25 Tagore Lane, 25 Tagore Ln, Singapore

There is a total 276 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    loo bee lian

    Good service from Corlene Song.

  2. Avatar photo
    Alan Sy

    Corlene was very accomodating. She knows the product well.

  3. Avatar photo
    Vikram Shetty

    Great Space to find some classical aesthetic furniture by Anne

  4. Avatar photo
    Zxun Zn Ang

    Alex Lee’s service is excellent. He is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended to make purchase of Sofa with KUKA =)

  5. Avatar photo
    Joan Tay

    Very friendly staff, Sunny. Helpful, knowledgeable and patient in explaining Kuka sofa. Satisfactory experience

  6. Avatar photo
    Pei Ping Chiam

    Served by Aether , great store with some nice furniture

  7. Avatar photo
    Chi Kan Lau

    Corley Song is friendly and helpful. Knows the product very well.

  8. Avatar photo
    wee sing liew

    good quality and friendly services

  9. Avatar photo
    Shah Idil

    Excellent service by Mr Alex Lee

  10. Avatar photo
    Joe Kiong

    Good experience! Enjoyable shopping!

  11. Avatar photo
    Jian Hui Lee

    Donovan’s the man! Great guy with lots of vigor for helping us out in deciding what necessities we need for our new flat. Kudos to him and Kuka, really great design in furniture for our new flat

  12. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ho

    Wonderful service provided by Joyce. Thumbs up will come again

  13. Avatar photo
    Ng Teck Seng

    Gino is very good product knowledge

  14. Avatar photo

    Nice design, quality and service, Xzavier is very friendly and gd service, will buy again

  15. Avatar photo
    Ellie Ng

    Sunny was very helpful in introducing the sofas, and offered a good deal. The KUKA sofa itself is very comfortable, highly recommended!

  16. Avatar photo
    Natalie Kuo

    I like the product quality and service from Gino.

  17. Avatar photo
    Sau Wai Chan

    Good service

  18. Avatar photo
    Adam Chan

    Good product and good service by Corlene

  19. Avatar photo
    Echo Nite

    Good and patient service.. Thanks

  20. Avatar photo
    Shwu Mei Tan

    Good service form Gino.

  21. Avatar photo
    sarip Suthiman

    Fast and efficient for Gino

  22. Avatar photo
    Rachel Bee

    Good service by Ms Corlene Song, the Assistant Retails Manager

  23. Avatar photo
    Patrick Goh

    This is a repeat purchase. Was very happy with my last sofa. After 5 years and no problems. This time getting a single swat electric recliner for my Mother. Happy to get a free 10 year warranty with the purchase.

  24. Avatar photo
    Li Yun

    Corlene was very patient with us and made the shopping experience an enjoyable one!

  25. Avatar photo
    Kar Yen Yee

    Good service from alex lee

  26. Avatar photo
    Anuj Thapliyal

    Thank you for great service Alex Li

  27. Avatar photo

    P& R design looks modern and now they have more designer products for sale.

  28. Avatar photo
    Lynn Chong

    Good customer service by Fay! Special offer for recliner sofa.

  29. Avatar photo
    Pei Rou Yap

    Xzavier has very good product knowledge n polite, thumbs up

  30. Avatar photo
    hongwei yang

    The staff Gino was very friendly and helpful.

  31. Avatar photo
    Wendy Loh

    Served by Aether , Wonderful service and was delighted with my Norya dining table purchase!

    Served by Fay, with many wonderful add ones!

  32. Avatar photo
    Phyllis Lau

    Sales person Alex Teo was a great help with getting our sofa! Pleasant experience!

  33. Avatar photo
    Thomas Susanto

    Very good service, good quality selection

  34. Avatar photo
    tan bee

    Good service from gino

  35. Avatar photo
    Chen Wei

    Highly recommended! Beautiful sofa n served by Anne . Great service …

  36. Avatar photo
    Victor's Piano VLOG

    Good and worth! Nice staff!

  37. Avatar photo

    Quality service and value for money

  38. Avatar photo
    pingping Yang

    I bought New Jersey bed. Donovan is the sales person. He has done kinds of great job to introduce the beds. I like the bed and mattress so far.

  39. Avatar photo
    Sriram Subramanian

    Good service

  40. Avatar photo
    Hsiao-Mei, Andrea Wu

    Thanks for the service

  41. Avatar photo
    Yisu Niu

    Joyce is very patient to explain the goods, although finally I didn’t buy anything

  42. Avatar photo
    8zzy Azzy

    Good Served by Alex Lee

  43. Avatar photo
    Chng Ee Hin

    Served by Aether , beautiful Sean Dix Dowel sofa

  44. Avatar photo
    simon kee

    Served by Aether Nice design Bar collection by Sean Dix

  45. Avatar photo
    Fenita Agus

    Just purchased Kuka sofa from Alex Teo. This is our second Kuka sofa we bought. The first one was 10 years ago and now we changed with the same brand. Because Kuka leather sofas are amazingly comfortable …

  46. Avatar photo
    Shathi Kanapathy

    Good service and product knowledge is excellent.

  47. Avatar photo
    Alena Wan

    Good quality furniture at reasonable prices and friendly staff (Alex Lee)

  48. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Lin

    Alex Lee is very helpful …

  49. Avatar photo
    Vivian Loke

    Excellent services, the sales person who attend us are patience and resourceful.

  50. Avatar photo
    Azri Haron

    Visited the Kuka showroom to check out the range of sofas. Sunny was very warm, friendly and helpful to show us the different options available. Highly recommended!

  51. Avatar photo

    Friendly staff with good selection of sofa

  52. Avatar photo
    Elena S

    Absolutely fantastic experience! Xzavier was so attentive to our needs and was able to recommend the best sofa to match our home and our taste. One of the best retail consultants we have dealt with and so patient and polite!
    We have actually been looking for the right sofa place for a few weeks and we were very pleased to choose Kuka.
    Bonus: Because they knew that we just moved into our new place, we were offered a loan sofa until our purchased sofa arrives. This kind of customer service doesn’t came around that often! Fully recommended!

  53. Avatar photo
    Choon Hong Neo

    Excellent service by Aether.

  54. Avatar photo
    Mervyn Low

    Very good service by Ms Corlene Song

  55. Avatar photo
    Zen Shiun

    Sales person, Mr. Aether is well informed about every product. Business experience in Interior Design from sales person was helpful in mixing and matching furnitures of different colors and tones. Purchase experience was pleasant without pressure.

  56. Avatar photo
    Htike Htike Win

    Able to find many furnitures at one place.

  57. Avatar photo
    hasan zolkifly BAR

    ‭Service at P&R is excellent.

  58. Avatar photo
    Rach F

    Joyce has been very helpful with her recommendations. Looking fwd to receiving our furniture!

  59. Avatar photo
    Stanley Xu

    Drove for 20k to check the Kuka sofa, the only few words got from the sales team was” the rep will come soon”, such a joke. …

  60. Avatar photo
    HQ Zhang

    Look for Corlene! Wide selection, top quality and a great place to shop.

  61. Avatar photo
    Jinny Shin

    I love the future and I like Corrine.. she is very kind!!!!

  62. Avatar photo
    Aparna Patil

    Efficient and friendly service. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

  63. Avatar photo
    Rna Ai

    Good service by Donovan!

  64. Avatar photo
    Eugene Siew

    Just bought this sofa from Corlene. She is very professional and knowledgable. Kudos to her excellent service too!

  65. Avatar photo
    Ricky L

    Good services & prompt

  66. Avatar photo
    tan hh

    Good sofa

  67. Avatar photo
    Hwee Yong Ong

    Was served by Corlene. Very helpful and service-oreinted. Thanks!

  68. Avatar photo
    gary ying

    We were searching for a new sofa & happened to google KUKA sofa. Went down on 31/12/2022, ard 7.30pm. Upon reaching, we were attended by Alex Teo. He was very patient, understanding our requirements and advised us to the best of his knowledge. He exhibits professionalism, strong knowledge on the products he’s selling. After hearing his advice, we finally commit to purchase our new sofa. Once again, we like to say thanks to Alex for his patience and professionalism.
    Shall wait for the delivery of the product to update the review.

  69. Avatar photo
    Adeline Sim

    Served by Aether. Showed great product knowledge and was able to give valuable suggestions.

  70. Avatar photo
    KS Tan

    Classic furniture with affordable price. Helpful salesperson with good suggestions.

  71. Avatar photo
    Subathra Bala

    good product servie by Corlene

  72. Avatar photo
    Mahani M

    Great place, good service and good sofa

  73. Avatar photo
    Jave Loo

    Fantastic service from corlene

  74. Avatar photo
    Moon Moon

    Served by Aether prompt service with good product knowledge.

  75. Avatar photo
    Elham Senin

    Nice furniture and great in store discount

  76. Avatar photo
    Edwin Koay

    Good service by corlene

  77. Avatar photo
    Seet Henry

    Great place to visit with quality stuff at reasonable prices. The service by the staff is also excellent.

  78. Avatar photo
    JunPei Huang

    Thanks Arther to help us choose furnitures, he was very helpful and friendly

  79. Avatar photo
    Kwok Jun Wei

    Service very good and attitude very good.

  80. Avatar photo
    Jiating Lui

    Gino gave good tips and recommendations

  81. Avatar photo
    Dawn Chia

    Purchase a Sean Dix Dining Table awesome service

  82. Avatar photo
    Chan Wai Khit

    should come city square to see the sofa earlier! beautiful n good quality n price reasonable. can look for Anne who provide excellent service.

  83. Avatar photo
    nicholas Chung

    Excellent delivery, very good service

  84. Avatar photo
    Clarence Low

    Reasonable price and great service

  85. Avatar photo

    Look for Corlene Song if you want to buy sofa. She is professional and patient and will give you a lot of recommendation and advice. I trust her judgement and I was satisfied when my sofa arrived.

  86. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Leow

    Corlene was amazing and super helpful. Great quality products at Kuka!

  87. Avatar photo
    Lee Tianyao

    Good service. Good quality furniture.served by gino

  88. Avatar photo
    Kalsom Mohd

    Very good service from Xzavier

  89. Avatar photo
    June Wong

    Xzavier who assisted us was knowledgeable about the various types of material. He was also helpful with showing samples of what the model would look like in the colour and leather we were interested in. We ended up buying a set from them.

  90. Avatar photo
    Joseph Teng

    Thumb up. Good customer services from city square outlet.

  91. Avatar photo
    eric lok

    Excellent service! Thanks Corlene Song …

  92. Avatar photo
    Gin Jing Lai

    Corlene has been a great help advising on the furnishing. Great experience!

  93. Avatar photo
    Boon Ching

    Excellent service from Corlene Song!

  94. Avatar photo

    Awesome Sofas….got to see it for yourself. Come and experience it.

  95. Avatar photo
    Michelle Hong

    Awesome customer service and recommendation from Gino and Co!

  96. Avatar photo
    Excelerate V2 Programme

    Donovan was very helpful and reasonable. Good quality furniture …

  97. Avatar photo
    Xianghui Loh

    Good enthusiastic service by Ms Corlene Song.

  98. Avatar photo
    Dell L

    Great experience here, very helpful salesperson who patiently answered my questions and showed me the selection of dining tables and sofas within my budget and my choice of style. Good collection of furniture items. I ended up purchasing both my sofa and dining table set from here.will definitely come again for any future purchases!

  99. Avatar photo
    Jenny Peh

    Excellent service and reliable brand

  100. Avatar photo
    Fu Tingting


  101. Avatar photo
    LL Tan

    Kang Wei was very helpful and patient in explaining the functions and specification of the recliner.
    We ordered the 2 seaters and happy with the premium product.

  102. Avatar photo
    Leong Chee Kin (Sean)

    Excellent service by Corlene

  103. Avatar photo
    Li Han Chin

    Great service from sales rep Alex Teo! Very helpful and polite. Found the perfect sofa from Kuka Sofa on CNY …

  104. Avatar photo
    Edmund Koh

    Gino is helpful and kind in assisting us in our enuiries.

  105. Avatar photo
    David Wai

    Appreciated Gino’s prompt and efficient service for my purchases. I will certainly recommend friends to visit for future purchases.

  106. Avatar photo
    Lim Sui Lin

    Sales crew are helpful and knowledgeable

  107. Avatar photo
    J Lau

    We’re so impressed with Corlene who offered us to loan us a sofa set while waiting for ours to arrive! We told Corlene that we sold our current sofa away (our new sofa will only arrive in August) little did we expect her to take the initiative to ensure we’re comfortable by arranging the delivery of a loan sofa set to us in 3 days!

    The 2 friendly delivery guys came and left in less than 5 mins, no mess left in my house. Solid lah!

  108. Avatar photo
    Farrah Tahar

    Gail was extremely helpful in our search for a recliner sofa for our house! The quality of the sofas are obvious, well worth what we spent

  109. Avatar photo
    Edwin Pua

    Fantastic service from Joyce

  110. Avatar photo
    Angela Jau

    Only one thumbs up compliments! Awesome excellent customer service

  111. Avatar photo
    Wee Lian Tan

    Corleone Song is a great sales in explaining the products, she was also very detailed,very patience.Well done.

  112. Avatar photo
    Nick Peh

    Excellent service from Alex

  113. Avatar photo
    Caleb Chia

    Corlene is very professional and friendly! We can’t wait for our new sofa to arrive. Highly recommended to look for Corlene!

  114. Avatar photo
    Robin Yin

    Had a great buying experience with the salesman Alex.

  115. Avatar photo
    Gladys Cheo

    Appreciate the efficient customer service extended by retail consultant, Mr Tai.

  116. Avatar photo
    Eric Tan

    The sale person Xzavier is wonderful

  117. Avatar photo
    Lydia Teo

    Good service

  118. Avatar photo
    N J

    Very good service. Patient and prompt. Look for Xavier!

  119. Avatar photo
    Wendy Low

    Good service by gino

  120. Avatar photo
    Ow Zhan Hong Benjamin

    Sofas look stylish and modern, the modular sofa looks good with different color combi. Staff (Fay) here is also friendly and helpful with our query. GSS also made the furniture a good deal !

  121. Avatar photo
    Aloysius & Su Hui

    Good and friendly sales, love their stuff here

  122. Avatar photo
    Irene Yeo

    My first trip to the store in City Square. Was looking for a sofa and Fay who attended to us is not just friendly and patient, she has good product knowledge and is able to advise on choices and options. Good job!

  123. Avatar photo
    Kai Wei

    Corlene is knowledgeable in sharing about kuka sofa/sofa informations. If you are shopping for a sofa, have a chat with Corlene and you will know so much more.
    Corlene has been extremely patient and extremly helpful for our purchase too. We managed to swop the orientation (L-Shape) of the sofa with Corlene help.
    Corlene went the extra mile to help/service us. We thought that we might have to live with the wrong orientation choice, if we can’t swop it.
    Kuka Sofa has got pretty good reviews so far, we can’t wait for it to be delivered to give it a try!

  124. Avatar photo
    Ji Wen

    Corlene was very informational and helpful in the entire sofa choosing process. Was very impressed and will recommend KUKA to my friends!

  125. Avatar photo
    Deborah Chen

    Good service with clear explaination provided by Joyce Tan. However, management was rigid on pricing.

  126. Avatar photo
    Ngoc Anh

    Joyce was very helpful and friendly. Gave us good recommendations.

  127. Avatar photo
    shree ann

    Great service by Gino

  128. Avatar photo
    Lum Jack

    A great shopping place

  129. Avatar photo
    Annabelle Genu

    Bought a bunk bed. Great service from Gino!

  130. Avatar photo
    Anthony Ng

    Staff Corlene was very patient thru out our visit. With her help we managed to get the sofa we wanted. Would definitely recommend to friends.

  131. Avatar photo

    good product and service by Corlene

  132. Avatar photo
    laikuen hor

    Jino provided excellent service

  133. Avatar photo
    alrh ghz

    Good product, good quality. Served by corlene

  134. Avatar photo
    june tan

    Excellent customer service from Gino

  135. Avatar photo
    vinay bonekar

    Excellent collection and good staff

  136. Avatar photo
    Ron Fababeir

    The store is very cool. Corlene Song is very accomodating.

  137. Avatar photo
    Happy Ong

    Friendly staff with vast knowledge on sofa and leather. Pleasant experience shopping here with my family.Thanks you Kuka.

  138. Avatar photo
    Justin Zhang

    Excellent service and sofas!

  139. Avatar photo
    Ivan Pang

    Experienced well servicing with Anne

  140. Avatar photo
    Azri Haron

    Visited the Kuka showroom to check out the range of sofas. Sunny was very warm, friendly and helpful to show us the different options available. Highly recommended!

  141. Avatar photo
    Choon Yong Chong

    Xzavier is a dedicated and helpful salesperson. P&R is lucky to have him.

  142. Avatar photo
    Clara Lau

    Good experience. Friendly, knowledgeable and approachable staff.

  143. Avatar photo
    Belle Thai

    Good service render by Joyce Tan. Friendly and efficient.

  144. Avatar photo
    Ong Alicia

    Xzavier friendly n know his products well. Very accommodating to our inquires.

  145. Avatar photo
    Choo Kok Boon

    Xavier is very friendly and helpful!

  146. Avatar photo
    Joan Tay

    Very friendly staff, Sunny. Helpful, knowledgeable and patient in explaining Kuka sofa. Satisfactory experience

  147. Avatar photo
    D “Wrath” E

    Very good experience with the movers

  148. Avatar photo
    Chee Siong Chong

    Nice to shop at Kuka. Sale representative Fay, is very knowledgeable and able to give us good advice based on our needs and value for money. Sofa is very comfy n good quality. Would recommend to shop at kuka.

  149. Avatar photo
    Asvi chni

    Stocks r limited

  150. Avatar photo
    Dennis Kwek

    Fantastic service by Corlene. Very detailed and patient with all our questions. Managed to get the sofa we want quickly. Very satisfied and excellent experience. …

  151. Avatar photo
    Salim Deen

    Good products to buy

  152. Avatar photo
    Joos Wong

    Excellent service with good knowledge of product.

  153. Avatar photo
    Darren Tan

    Awesome sofa. Good service by sales by Sunny.

  154. Avatar photo
    Yeo Tian Hong

    Great product and service!

  155. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Rusydi Mohamed Rashib

    Very good in detailed. Served by Donomon

  156. Avatar photo
    Alan Yew

    Very polite and good customer service

  157. Avatar photo
    Owen Lim

    Was served by Alex Teo, good knowledge, helpful and patient with us. Got a sofa in the end with a reasonable pricing. Definitely will come back in future

  158. Avatar photo
    Francis Cheng

    Good service from Kayla

  159. Avatar photo
    HC Sim

    Very happy with service rendered by Corlene. She was very frank and honest with the products. Gave me very good advice and I managed to save some cost with my new sofa set. Very happy and excited while I wait for the delivery.

  160. Avatar photo
    Leonard Teo

    Good experience and impressed with salesman (Xavier) product knowledge of leather sofa, we learnt something new about leather made products We are pretty happy with the service.

  161. Avatar photo
    Sri NB

    Good service by Joyce and good deals by P&R and KuKa

  162. Avatar photo
    Zhonghao Chen

    Just bought a 2-seater recliner sofa from this flagship store. The sofa is very comfortable and the design looks very nice. Greatly appreciate the advice and help from the salesperson Kang Wei. Enjoyed my visit and look forward to the delivery of my sofa!

  163. Avatar photo
    Easi Mobile

    Nice and ideal sofa..excellent service

  164. Avatar photo
    ler siew

    Love their design and very professional customer service from the staff, thanks you Kuka

  165. Avatar photo
    Jinna Habibullah

    Very good service from Xzavier Tan. He is very knowledgeable and gave helpful advice on my purchase.

  166. Avatar photo
    Colin Choo

    Came on Saturday to find a replacement sofa, found a nice Kuka (顾家家居) leather sofa. Good service from the sales.

  167. Avatar photo
    Catherine Lim

    Served by Aether. Excellent service and beautiful furniture. Lots of collection to furnish your whole home. City Square Mall showroom has all the collection on display. Would gladly recommend anyone. Thank you for the awesome experience.

  168. Avatar photo
    May Ong

    Went down to feel, sit and purchased a Kuka RAF sofa. Gino has good knowledge of the product and able to give good recommendations and suggestions after learning our requirements and existing furniture. Please with the service!

  169. Avatar photo
    Ng Wilson

    Great service n excellent product quality

  170. Avatar photo
    Antony Prince


  171. Avatar photo
    Chuan Yang Foo

    Xzavier is friendly and give good tips in helping me make decision

  172. Avatar photo
    William Ng

    Kuka home has nice furniture collection and nice colour combination!

  173. Avatar photo
    Agnes Lim

    Enjoyed the sales experience here. Xzavier was attentive and patient with my needs and requests.

  174. Avatar photo
    liyana noordin

    Gd experience. Xzavier is very gd and recommend us the best sofa.

  175. Avatar photo
    Matthew Ng

    Alex Teo has been patient n most helpful in assisting us in select the right sofa for us. Thanks.

  176. Avatar photo
    Weng Huixin

    We also visited the Kuka Home and liked the range of furniture displayed.

  177. Avatar photo
    Si Ying Tan

    Good experience shopping here, helpful and knowledgeable staff (Xavier)

  178. Avatar photo
    Cassi Wong

    Corlene was friendly and good service

  179. Avatar photo
    Gino Tan

    Comfortable nice sofa …

  180. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Neo

    Good selection of sofa.

  181. Avatar photo
    Addy Gal

    Corlene served us and she had the best service! Thank you! We will be back!

  182. Avatar photo
    Chiah Annie

    Worth the trip here as kuka has a large variety of sofa choices and both their leather and fabric sofa are very comfortable and durable! Glad to be served by Joyce, she is professional and was able to answer to all our queries!!

  183. Avatar photo
    Brett Angwin

    Excellent service

  184. Avatar photo
    Kai Bin

    Good service provided by Gino.

  185. Avatar photo
    Siti Radziah Binte Ismail

    Love the new fresh designs and Staff service Gino!

  186. Avatar photo
    Yuan Yuan Loy

    Kayla has been very patient and friendly. The only thing is there are no stock available on some of the chairs we bought and the deliveries are spread across 2 months.

  187. Avatar photo
    Sanna Uswatun

    Best leather sofa..

  188. Avatar photo
    Jani Chan

    Good services Corlene

  189. Avatar photo
    jennifer soh


  190. Avatar photo
    Tuck Onn Boey

    Good service and good designs

  191. Avatar photo
    SH Wong

    Good service

  192. Avatar photo
    Kunal Kakodkar

    Delivery on point although my ottoman legs are a different colour :s

  193. Avatar photo
    Aries Tan

    Great furniture design! Gino has provided great service too.

  194. Avatar photo
    Jo Wong

    Good service by corlene. Excellant product.

  195. Avatar photo
    Karen Ho

    Great service with attention to detail , explained everything we needed and give good suggestions, look for Corlene!

  196. Avatar photo
    Joshua Yeow

    Great customer service by Corlene !

  197. Avatar photo
    Shirley Lim

    Great service! Thanks Joyce.

  198. Avatar photo
    Dinh Joseph

    very good service by Gino

  199. Avatar photo
    Liang Bin Soh

    wide variety of shops, for dining and shopping

  200. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Iskandar

    ️ Corlene has very good service and amazing knowledge!

  201. Avatar photo
    Moses Lee

    Friendly service

  202. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Sim

    Wide variety and good customer service!

  203. Avatar photo
    Annabel Cham Wai Ping

    Nice furniture, good service fr Donovan

  204. Avatar photo
    Nathan Govindasamy

    Good service by Alex lee

  205. Avatar photo
    Irene Koh

    Served by Aether ‘ Beautiful Kuka sofa

  206. Avatar photo
    chin lin yong

    Corlene is friendly and provide excellent service. Good buy

  207. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Neo

    Bought a Kuka sofa from Alex Teo, good and friendly service.

  208. Avatar photo
    Lim Neve

    Love this place, bought a sofa immediately. Sales person Alex Teo is pleasant and easy to talk to, without being pushy. Very knowledgeable and willing to share.

  209. Avatar photo
    bean sleeping

    Excellent delivery, very good service. Delivery men very professional

  210. Avatar photo
    Dave C

    Served by very friendly and patient Mr Sunny! Brought us around to check several sofa and got what we like!

  211. Avatar photo
    Yanni Chai

    good service by Alex Lee

  212. Avatar photo
    Yvonne L

    Didn’t purchase anything today when we stopped by the showroom as we wanted to KIV the sofa we shortlisted. Sunny serves from his heart and is very thoughtful. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions throughout.

    Overall: Excellent service, good choices of sofas dining tables and other furniture to chose from. would highly recommend!

  213. Avatar photo
    Li Li

    Alex Teo is very helpful in helping us choosing the right sofa. Happy with purchase! KUKA #KF.2006 Supakuru Water-Resistant Fabric Modular Sofa (3-Seater)

  214. Avatar photo
    Alan Teo

    Staff were pleasant and helpful. They gave a detailed explanation on the sofa via the brochures. They even showed me pictures of clients’ home with the sofa in the background. This helps to give me a better visual of how it will look like in a real home. I will definitely return to KUKA for more furnitures in the future.

  215. Avatar photo
    Sahida Mohamed

    Aeeher and Gino! Great service!

  216. Avatar photo
    Suria Kumar

    Service, communication and delivery all excellent

  217. Avatar photo
    Mei Lum

    Corlene has been most helpful and knowledgeable

  218. Avatar photo
    BongRyul Lee

    So so

  219. Avatar photo
    Kezman Ong

    Served by Corlene.. very friendly and attentive..

  220. Avatar photo
    veeshal bhalla

    Great products. Excellent customer service. Joyce, my Retail Consultant was very knowledgeable and patient.she made this purchase easy.

  221. Avatar photo
    Kian Chiew Seow

    Served by Carlene

  222. Avatar photo
    Valerie Choo

    Am very pleased with the service provided by Gail. She is very helpful and very patient. Very friendly and provide good suggestions as well! Thank you Gail! Looking forward to enjoy my new furniture!!!!

  223. Avatar photo
    Norwati Abdul Rahim

    Good and friendly service by Gino. Love their solid wood and design.

  224. Avatar photo
    Audrey Lee

    Excellent service from Donovan! He offered detailed information and is very knowledgeable about the products on display. Really appreciate his attentiveness and professional advice.

  225. Avatar photo
    cheeyen liew

    Pleasant experience!

  226. Avatar photo
    Chew Beng Kiam

    Served by Aether , Beautiful Dining table and excellent service

  227. Avatar photo
    Sheela Chandran

    Good customer service

  228. Avatar photo
    DT TAN

    Good service from anne. Good buy …

  229. Avatar photo
    Kailin Zhang

    Corlene has been very helpful in assisting us to find a suitable sofa that meets our demands for our family.

  230. Avatar photo
    pikaa pokee

    Excellent service by Alex. Thank you for wonderful service.

  231. Avatar photo
    Chon Beng Tan

    Great service from Carlene Song!

  232. Avatar photo
    DORIS Tan

    Beautiful furniture, excellent service!
    Serviced by Corleen

  233. Avatar photo
    Melvin Chua

    Excellent service and quality products. A great place to have your new home furnished. Bought a sofa here, very satisfied with their service and products. Salesperson Xzavier Tan has been very patient with us, given his great product knowledge and recommendation.

  234. Avatar photo
    Yin Ser Chai

    Thanks Alex for explaining and going through with me how this arm chair can offer me comfort and relaxation. Great service …

  235. Avatar photo
    Leehoepeng Leehoepeng

    Served by Aether , Sean Dix Triple X dining table is awesome p

  236. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Lim


  237. Avatar photo
    Rachel Kwan

    Alex Lee is very helpful in helping us choosing the right sofa. Happy with purchase!

  238. Avatar photo
    Owen Lim

    Was served by Alex Teo, good knowledge, helpful and patient with us. Got a sofa in the end with a reasonable pricing. Definitely will come back in future

  239. Avatar photo
    Chucks Chucks

    Great shopping experience with Gino.

  240. Avatar photo
    Kristin L

    Lovely furniture available and excellent service provided. Our sales consultant Donovan was very knowledgeable and patient! Highly recommended!

  241. Avatar photo
    Salleh Ong

    Served by Aether , nice design with 6 dimensional furnish

  242. Avatar photo
    Jiang Hong

    Thank you Joyce Tan for your excellent services!

  243. Avatar photo
    Nicole Loh

    Fay was very helpful in providing options and recommendations.

  244. Avatar photo
    Wong Siew Yen

    Great service

  245. Avatar photo
    Ion Tan

    Wonderful item purchase from Kuka. Nice and comfortable sofa set. Friendly sales staff. Enjoy the sofa with my kids. Good family bonding. Strongly recommend.

  246. Avatar photo
    tuck koon lee

    Xzavier provided great service!

  247. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Cheow

    Found solid wood super single double-decker beds in Picket & Rail

  248. Avatar photo
    Amit Sharma

    Good service

  249. Avatar photo
    Tan Owen

    Comfy sofa and blended well with the backdrop of the house , never once doubted darren knowledge in home furnitures and giving me a suitable recommendation

  250. Avatar photo
    Vin Low

    Good service by Carine, affordable and good quality sofas!

  251. Avatar photo
    Chek Woon Ang


  252. Avatar photo
    JS Kwek

    Visited and served by Fay. She provided an excellent service giving us a good explanation and recommendations.

  253. Avatar photo
    k tay

    Good service and advice by Kang Wei. Pleasant shopping experience

  254. Avatar photo
    Corlene Song

    Nice sofa! Good vale and service!

  255. Avatar photo
    Irene Yeo

    Ask for Corlene if you are looking for a sofa for your home. She is knowledgeable, patient and very accommodating. She even helps u determine which colour suits your home best. Thumbs up!

  256. Avatar photo
    Eng Ann Lee

    Good service and the sofa is quite nice.

  257. Avatar photo
    Chuan Shin Tan

    Excellent customer service from Gino!

  258. Avatar photo

    We bought sofa, coffee table, and TV stands. There are many choices with great customer services. It is definitely worth to repeat.

  259. Avatar photo
    Francis Teo

    Extremely good service and professional advice given by Corlene.

  260. Avatar photo
    Jo Chin

    Enjoyed the professional services rendered by Joyce Tan. Thank you.

  261. Avatar photo
    Pei Ping Lim

    Very good services from Corlene and Aether.

  262. Avatar photo

    Gino is very helpful in assisting us.

  263. Avatar photo
    Anthony Kiong

    Very Nice staff. Good Service by Gino. Great place to shop for sofa.

  264. Avatar photo
    Kwan Hui Su

    Great service, as well as advices from Corlene! Thanks!

  265. Avatar photo
    Eng Juay Yeo

    Bought a sofa from Xzavier, an excellent service. Recommend strongly.

  266. Avatar photo
    Phung Huey Lin

    Nice experience with Sunny. Very helpful and patient. Bought a nice sofa!

  267. Avatar photo
    jing xiaoping

    Here’s the pricing suitable & furniture to nicer, Will be come to the back of the purchase of again.

  268. Avatar photo
    Khim Ong


  269. Avatar photo
    Violet Osborne

    Great experience with Xavier! really lovely and helpful!!! Very patient with many helpful suggestions 🙂

  270. Avatar photo
    may yeok Koo

    Aether provides excellent service.

  271. Avatar photo
    Suman Thiagarajan

    Comfortable sofa. Will be spending most nights there instead of the bedroom.

  272. Avatar photo
    Aliasho A

    Kudos to Corlene! Very good and professional service. Thanks.

  273. Avatar photo
    Roy Lim

    A little out of the way but the visit was worth the time and travel. A fairly good selection of sofas and dining sets. Reasonably priced too.

  274. Avatar photo
    Cyndi See

    Corlene is very pleasant and professional in her service. We are happy with our purchase.

  275. Avatar photo
    Sufan Siauw

    Expensive for Chinese sofa and 6 months lead time. Not worth the waiting time

  276. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chan

    Joyce Tan and Picket & Rail again provided excellent service and ensured we got our new tv console table and coffee today. Great service and great quality products.

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