Review Krisflyer Gold Lounge Terminal 3, 65 Airport Blvd., Singapore

Review KrisFlyer Gold Lounge  Terminal 3 - Singapore 65 Airport Blvd.

“Food choices are not too many. Just some basic food. The good thing is that it is not so crowded” or “A lot better than the previous lounge. Seats available in the evening and food and drinks are delicious” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Krisflyer Gold Lounge Terminal 3. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Krisflyer Gold Lounge Terminal 3 is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Krisflyer Gold Lounge Terminal 3. In terms of Lounge, it is generally believed that Krisflyer Gold Lounge Terminal 3is one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 65 Airport Blvd., Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Lounge, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 65 Airport Blvd., Singapore
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“A lot better than the previous lounge. Seats available in the evening and food and drinks are delicious”

“The new renovated lounge is huge with good dim sim selections …”

“Newer and better Gold Lounge at T3. Also better food selection than 2 years ago..”

“Top notch service befitting Singapore Airlines. Food quality in the buffet spread is average, but otherwise, splendid and attentive service in an older style ambiance.”

“The endless dim sum was delicious! So many other great food and drink options too.”

“Good food selection good coffee nice showers that need to be booked and excellent service and staff”

“First time here, much better than what i thought and spacious.fried rice is good”

“Very spacious and quiet, good food and drink options and service.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 235 feedbacks with an overall score of 3.8 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 58% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Krisflyer Gold Lounge Terminal 3, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Krisflyer Gold Lounge Terminal 3, 65 Airport Blvd., Singapore

There is a total 235 reviews

3.8 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Wayne Murray

    Food is ok, but clearly the ‘cheap option’ for SIA to keep Alliance Gold out of their Krisflyer lounge. Other Alliance airlines treat Gold better. Disappointing!

  2. Avatar photo
    George Thomas

    KrisFlyer Gold Lounge in Changi Airport has no sleeping zone, no shower facilities for transit long haul passengers. My request, please provide such facilities. Thanks

  3. Avatar photo
    Jason Chuei

    First time in the newly renovated Krisflyer lounge and it’s beautiful! Much nicer than its outdated predecessor. Mostly come in for the food and to charge my phone. Food selection with dim sum, congee, laksa, sandwiches, etc. is great. TWG always keeps it classy. Love the new colour scheme too.

  4. Avatar photo
    Don George

    A bit disappointed. The lounge was stylish and comfortable but lacking. There was limited space to sit as a group. Limited choice of drinks and snacks. Finally limited options for comfortable use of a laptop.

  5. Avatar photo
    Peter Hoppe

    Comfortable lounge with a few options to eat and drink. Coffee from the machine is nice and the beers are cold enough.

  6. Avatar photo
    Joanna Świetlicka

    One of the worst lounges I’ve been to. Small and dark, *no toilet!* (don’t even dream of showers), meh food, the whole place looking old and used. No announcements and no flight info display. The bright side is that the staff is very nice.

    This is rather embarrassing for Singapore Airlines which are otherwise a great carrier, considering this is their hub. It’s also very disappointing that they’re treating other Star Alliance customers way worse than their own, as the SilverKris lounge next door is a very different standard. I’m surprised Star Alliance hasn’t done anything about this.

  7. Avatar photo
    Bruce Heath

    Got to the airport 5 hours early and the lounge was a saviour. It got crowded later, but there was lots of good food of many different styles and a drink for every taste. Plenty of seating. There is no restrooms in the lounge, so you need to go out, which when travelling alone with bags is troublesome. There is also no info screen with flight times or gates which again was not great. Otherwise a good lounge.

  8. Avatar photo
    Bev Sithole

    Wish they had some reclining chairs when youu have a long stop over. Wish internet connection didnt go everytime you went to the toilet.

  9. Avatar photo
    A G

    3.5 stars. Newer lounge with nice seating and better lighting than T2 lounge. Did choices limited but quality better than SATS. Don’t like the high tables because chairs are too low for proper working. Those chairs also have low backs. Table seating and chairs are good but there is limited power outlets there. All in all its a decent lounge.

  10. Avatar photo
    Phil Gell

    Nice lounge and good food selection. Usually a bit busy in the evening but always room. Good to see the additional food selection now as well.

  11. Avatar photo
    Steven Clemens

    Decent size lounge. Not the best air conditioning but if you pick your spot you can get a bit of a breeze. Has clean bathrooms and shower options. Food is pretty good and they have beer, wine and some hard alcohol. It’s not too crowded right now. Not really good for sleeping But all the chairs have charging spots including usb ones. Free for star alliance gold.

  12. Avatar photo
    Robert W

    Large comfortable lounge with many different food and beverage options. Showers were busy but the attendants kept them clean and had all the towels/razors ready .

  13. Avatar photo
    Xiao Hao

    First time here, much better than what i thought and spacious.fried rice is good

  14. Avatar photo

    Good food selection good coffee nice showers that need to be booked and excellent service and staff

  15. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Millar

    This lounge is for Singapore & Star Alliance Gold members flying in other classes. You can only get into the SilverKris lounge rounds the corner if you’re flying business or higher – US airline have only recently started doing this but Singapore have been doing it for a long time. The gold lounge has decent enough amenities, some hot food, drinks snacks, magazines, wifi , etc, the usual fare. If you want toilets they’re outside by the SilverKris lounge, if you want a shower you pay for one at the Ambassador Transit Lounge. Having said that it is quieter & more comfortable than just walking around the terminal.

  16. Avatar photo
    Roben Djafar

    nice place to wait connecting flight

  17. Avatar photo
    Jeff Morris

    Basic lounge, no showers, limited food selection. Not as good as other lounges such as Qantas

  18. Avatar photo
    Arifin I

    Place and food was nice but the lady was not friendly, sometimes wondering just because you have the authority so you can be arrogant and rude to the guests? I have been loyal to SQ for years and was showing my boy to see the lounge, disappointed to exp this in front of him and i can see she was training a young staff in red blazer while she showed attitude, hope the young one learn the good stuff only. The laksa is nice though.

  19. Avatar photo
    Gary Smock

    A little crowded but better than in the terminal. Food selection is ok, drink selection is good, internet connectivity is good. Staff is always amazing.

  20. Avatar photo
    Deniz Ipek Clarke

    Super comfortable, spacious, and the prawn dumplings are delicious.

  21. Avatar photo
    James R

    Crowded but may have been busy time (midnight). Food was ok. Service average

  22. Avatar photo
    Trey Chanter

    Crowded – OK food – only power outlets were in the business center with no USB ports.

  23. Avatar photo

    Limited food selection, Drinks offered as in fairprice, no washrooms inside the lounge, at least not crowdy as silver lounge. Guess why…..

  24. Avatar photo
    Jang Hwan Bae

    Just an ok lounge without shower facilities. Usually crowded but better than nothing

  25. Avatar photo
    Poonam Chawla

    The lounge at Terminal-3 Delhi is not of the same standard as other Krisflyer Gold lounges.
    Space/Ambience: it is fairly small and crowded most of the times. The seats also feel more squished together.
    Food: is normally good variety and tasty.
    Service: The staff is friendly and helpful.

  26. Avatar photo
    William Goh

    Very new, spacious & well designed lounge, with resting areas and shower rooms. Food wise, good variety but their dim sum was only lukewarm at most, giving us stomach aches the next day.

    Already told their serving staff this problem but when they opened the lid on the steamers, we could see steam coming out. However, this does not necessarily mean the dim sum are steamed enough for safe consumption …!

  27. Avatar photo
    G Santana

    No shower or rest room, even if you wanted to wash your hands should go to public toilet. The food is above average, overall not satisfy, since this lounge is a home of SQ. Compare with Emirates in DUBAI or Lufthansa in Frankfurt.

  28. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Loh

    A lot better than the previous lounge. Seats available in the evening and food and drinks are delicious

  29. Avatar photo
    Nick Mortimer

    Small basic lounge. Minimal selection of food and Beverages. Not particularly impressed

  30. Avatar photo
    Marco Helmuth

    Friendly staff, but that’s the only positive for this lounge. The food selection and quality is subpar, the wifi was slow, there are no showers or bathrooms and the lounge was crowded. There are plenty of nice and fun things to do at Singapore airport, so I will avoid this lounge in the future.

  31. Avatar photo
    halim susanto

    House keeping no good enough. Dust around the hand rail

  32. Avatar photo
    Chris Rose

    Great lounge to recharge before or after the long haul from EMEA.

  33. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lau

    Krisflyer lounges are usually always considered better than the others and probably why it’s always so crowded. Offer of food and drinks are always great quality and tasty. Cleaning staff are consistently going around clearing dishes and ensuring clean seats are available.
    There are 2 areas where one can get food and the main area is where you can also find the drinks.
    I don’t quite like the layout of the place and this is just my personal feeling. Feels very separated for family travelling together but single travellers should not have any problem finding space for privacy or just a seat with electrical socket.

  34. Avatar photo
    Amarnath Raja

    Not Singapore Airlines standards. Even toilet is not there in the lounge. However Singapore airport is a huge lounge so you do need to go to any Airlines lounges

  35. Avatar photo
    Thorsten Becker

    The KrisFlyer Gold Lounge is designed cleverly around Singapore Changi Airport’s existing facilities and capitalises on its natural skylight. Buffet food stations and television areas are located inside, while Internet workstations are conveniently placed in the outdoor area overlooking water features and greenery. Stay connected with complimentary WIFI internet access available in the lounge. Unfortunately a bit crowded and loud, but coule be worse.

  36. Avatar photo
    Charles H Park

    Cozy place with good foods.

  37. Avatar photo
    Erik Thrasher

    Convenient lounge with good food. But it’s often quiet crowded and the furnishings are definitely showing wear and tear. Could use a refresh and a bit of an expansion! Nice staff.

  38. Avatar photo
    Arjun Dutta

    Busy, food is ok

  39. Avatar photo
    Tim Mooney

    This is a strangely bad lounge for Singapore Airlines, considering the high quality of its service everywhere else, and the fact that this is its home airport. Only lounge I’ve seen with no departures boards, even though they don’t call flights here. Needs to be much bigger, include showers, and update the decor.

  40. Avatar photo
    Alan Ang

    Decent food option but nothing more to speak of. Have experienced better customer service in other lounges. Expected better.

  41. Avatar photo
    Chris D

    A good place while waiting for my flight. Food selection is just nice and good drinks selection.

  42. Avatar photo
    Terence Lee

    The new renovated lounge is huge with good dim sim selections …

  43. Avatar photo
    Andre Gr

    Great place to stop by. Clean food was good. No bathroom in lounge though

  44. Avatar photo

    It was very busy/crowded and so was very hard to find a place to sit / relax.

  45. Avatar photo
    Jane Bertelsen

    So relaxing and offers all you need

  46. Avatar photo
    Preeyakorn Palm

    Never disappointed with SIA lounge. Even during the pandemic, it still operates in a customer centric manner with proper safety health measures. Food variety wasn’t too great. It’s kind of limited, but acceptable though. It’s also good for overnight transit too. No need to check in at the airport hotel.

  47. Avatar photo
    Maggie Lee

    Good lounge but not shower facilities and bathrooms were located outside the lounge. Food was awesome. Make sure you check the outside as it has their dumplings bar

  48. Avatar photo
    Gunnar Tångring

    To be fair this lounge isn’t really horrible. The problem is just that the rest of the airport is nicer and the only point of going there is to get a free glass of wine. Also a major disappointment that they do not have showers or other facilities.

  49. Avatar photo
    Alan Clement

    Relaxed lounge. Good selection of food and drink choices. Lovely indoor balcony area with plenty on seating.

  50. Avatar photo
    Melvin Tan

    Nice place to relax while waiting for your flight but usually crowded… unless you are taking an early morning flight! Clean and prompt service.

  51. Avatar photo
    Krishnan Sekar

    Would have loved to see more vegetarian options, but otherwise an excellent place to spend time between flights.

  52. Avatar photo
    KC Teo

    Comfortable lounge with adequate selection of food. Wine is lacking.

  53. Avatar photo
    Kagan Sen

    Relatively small lounge. But offers an amazing selection of dumplings. One of the best lounge food I had.

  54. Avatar photo
    Pramod Rao

    Great place to unwind

  55. Avatar photo
    Sven Wisotzky

    Limited space. No washrooms/showers. Kreissilber lounge has far more features.

  56. Avatar photo
    Simon Haggard

    Enjoyed the benefits of spending time here with our family whilst in Transit in Singapore. Great Food and Refreshments.

  57. Avatar photo
    Scott J

    Friendly staff. Facilities were good. I’ve been there a few times and majority of occasions there have been wait times on the showering facilities. Overall it’s a good lounge with standard food and facilities, I personally find the sitting areas have a better feel to it than the first class Silverkris lounge next door as it doesn’t feel as busy.

  58. Avatar photo
    Shawn Boyd

    Very busy and tough to find a seat when I was there from 8pm to 11pm. Good selection of food and drinks. Free WiFi and lots of power charging ports.

  59. Avatar photo
    Donald Lobo

    Fairly basic lounge, no sleeping areas. Decent selection of food and drinks

  60. Avatar photo
    Olivier Latorre

    Good but a bit dated and could use a renovation. Bathroom inside the lounge would be greatly appreciated.

  61. Avatar photo
    Eugene Loh

    This is the lounge with foof ( samonsa) fried and put into microwave again and the samonsa is not crispy. The quality of food need attention by the lounge management. SQ has no choice as they are renovating their lounge in terminal 2. I will.not go into this lounge. Worst lounge ever visited globally.

  62. Avatar photo
    Julian Rittmayer

    Absolutely subpar lounge experience given the high standard of quality one expects from Singapore Airlines. Very small area, lack of food options, a few bottles constituting the “bar” and worst of all, no bathroom on site! It certainly beats sitting in the terminal… But not by much. If you have lounge access then you’re better of in the other Krisflyer lounge in Terminal 3.

  63. Avatar photo
    Charles Poiron

    Not quite the standard that I was expecting from SIA, food was average but WiFi was good.

  64. Avatar photo
    Martin K.O.

    A very nice quite place on a buy airport. Very friendly staff and everything is clean. Nothing to complain about it … but maybe there could be more candy 😉

  65. Avatar photo
    Gordon Lai

    Nice, clean and quiet. Reasonable selection of food. No laksa. No champagne. No ice cream.

  66. Avatar photo
    Han Zhao Chen

    Relatively good selection of food and beverages. Lots of seating areas with different configurations for families, work, chill. Charging points aplenty. Washroom capacity is very tight especially during peak periods.

  67. Avatar photo
    Hiren Sheth

    Average lounge for world’s best airline in it’s own home airport. Comparing it to the business lounge which is insanely good, this is pretty average!

  68. Avatar photo
    Jun Won

    Was so crowded. Serves only TWG teas. I needed a strong English breakfast and there wasn’t any. Food is average. Sandwiches ok. There was a live station popish yesterday. Not always.

  69. Avatar photo
    Katie Wren

    Insta @roamfree82 No bubbles and white wine terrible. No real beer options and no vegan options for food. Staff unable to assist through language barrier and business. Hard uncomfortable chairs and no cushions or soft furnishings. However, nice surrounds, ambient lighting and a lot of food options for the non-vegans. …

  70. Avatar photo
    Tiff C

    Comfy, spacious and polite staff. The interior is incredibly luxe, it’s quiet and the food is pretty good. Breakfast options include waffles made on the spot or roti Prata, among other asian dishes. Nice place to chill before your flight

  71. Avatar photo
    Andrew Low

    Food was good as well as the atmosphere but loses points for lack of restroom facilities and limited Powerpoints.

  72. Avatar photo
    Thomas Schulz

    Good lounge but there are better. The food is good, but basic. Drinks selection is OK. The are two main seating areas. No toilets or showers within the lounge (toilets are outside, but right next door)

  73. Avatar photo
    Gwen Macqueen

    My husband had a minor falls incident in the lounge area at Changi airport on the evening of 28th December, 2019
    The lounge staff were amazing with the support and care provided to us, top class and very much appreciated. We thank and commend you all

  74. Avatar photo

    Lots of space, good food and comfortable chairs. Also has an open air type sit out

  75. Avatar photo
    Aries Gem

    Good enough for short rest not for long hours transit (no shower and dedicated toilet)

  76. Avatar photo
    Moses Lim

    The condition of the lounge has improved tremendously but something really needs to be done to the food selection which is extremely limited.

  77. Avatar photo
    K T

    Newer and better Gold Lounge at T3. Also better food selection than 2 years ago..

  78. Avatar photo
    Tiny T

    Many seating areas. Plenty food options. Clean. Great service

  79. Avatar photo
    Ray Bond

    Not too bad, food pretty bland & too PC for my liking but the wine was good.

  80. Avatar photo
    Joshua Tsao

    good food and nice decor

  81. Avatar photo
    Norman Ohl

    While in the lounge I heard a Paton say to a colleague on the phone ” I’m in the paupers lounge “.
    I disagree with this assessment, this is a perfectly adequate lounge, with free WiFi, good coffee, good selection of alcohol and fresh food.
    Proximity to the all gates is good as it is in the geographic centre of the terminal.
    My only complaint is the location of the toilets outside the lounge.
    Otherwise a very satisfactory lounge.

  82. Avatar photo
    C Muthu

    Really comfortable and quiet during early hours. Fast wi fi. Good food n beverages.

  83. Avatar photo
    Dee Young

    Was expecting more from the lounge since this is the home country. The variety and quality of food is sub par at best.

  84. Avatar photo
    Matt B

    Not the best Star Alliance gold status lounge but it has an awesome selection of Dim Sum

  85. Avatar photo
    Heki Dayo

    This is a good lounge. They’re now serving a much more varied menu, sed to be the same noodles every time I’d go to it, but now there’s a separate buffet with dumplings, and there’s always a western food option. Can get crowded easily, and seats are very close to each other. B

    Staff is super helpful and friendly. Always present to help.

    The WiFi is a bit slow, but always working.

    Not the Star Alliance Gold lounge but very good option nonetheless. There are no showers or beds, but everything else is on point.

  86. Avatar photo
    Ellie Gilpin

    The customer service here was fabulous, especially from Heng who was so kind. The shower rooms are large and the water is very refreshing.

    However the food is the same as last time we visited and doesn’t have much variety.

  87. Avatar photo
    Keith Elliott

    Nice little spot to unwind between flights. Staff were super friendly and helpful. Good range of food and drink available. The only thing missing was a shower/washroom facility. There is a toilet about not away which can be used to freshen up however it is outside of the lounge.

  88. Avatar photo
    Taeho Kim

    Compared to the other Star Alliance Gold lounges, it lacks a few options that the lounge should have. No full-flat seats, no showers, no restrooms inside. Maybe it’s the reason why it’s less crowded compared to the others?? …

  89. Avatar photo
    Alifia Sachak

    Clean, quiet and welcoming. Limited choices for all food, drink, nibbles. A nice place to relax and unwind

  90. Avatar photo
    Reid Betts

    The endless dim sum was delicious! So many other great food and drink options too.

  91. Avatar photo
    Greg Woolley

    Pretty average lounge. No toilets (you have to go outside to the public ones) and very limited, no showers and dated facilities.

  92. Avatar photo
    Yoram Cisinski

    Open to everyone with Gold status on Star Alliance not flying on business class. It can become crowded but you can bring your kids without problems. Food is limited but enough to wait for your flight. Internet works ok.

  93. Avatar photo
    Christopher Sigmann

    No toilets, no showers, no lie flat seats…

    Just a few power outlets.
    No dedicated working spaces or quiet zones. Just a bunch of chairs with some mini tables all over the lounge.

    Even some US regional Airport Lounges are better.

    At least the food selection was okay, buy that’s not what you’re going for after 12h flights.

  94. Avatar photo
    Chandru Balaraman

    Decent space . But very busy lounge . Good food options.

  95. Avatar photo
    Raymond Wu

    Nice comfortable lounge and good food. No showers

  96. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    High ceilings, great views of aircraft activity on tarmac and bright, the new KRISFLYER Gold Lounge at T3 is located on top of the escalators immediately after you come in through Immigration.

    This is the recently opened KRISFLYER Gold Lounge in May 2022 for all KRISFLYER and Star Alliance Gold members.

    Serves great Laksa and it even has showers that was reserved previously only for SilverKris Lounge which is reserved for Business Class and First Class passengers only. However, they need to improve on the temperature as we found it quite warm in the afternoon.


  97. Avatar photo

    Not what i was used to see in Star Alliance lounges. I think this is the worst in all Star Alliance. I was expecting that in Singapore the lounge will be one of the best. Too noisy also. Quite good food choices and good service

  98. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Honestly having seen the new renovated Gold Lounge, it pares in huge comparison vs the Business lounge. Everything is very basic, very simple, and the overall feel is very sanitized. That said, it services the very basic need of being an airport lounge, and in all fairness, it checks the boxes necessary.

  99. Avatar photo
    Ansuya Kalidas

    Beautiful helpful smiley staff go out of their way to help

  100. Avatar photo
    Rahul Sen

    Comfortable place with good food option. Free drinks though choice is limited

  101. Avatar photo
    Jamie Jackson

    The lounge offers a variety of drinks and Chinese foods. But the decor and seating is all very old and run down. There’s very few charging points. The quality of the drink and food us subpar compared to other gold class lounges. And that’s what really let’s this lounge down, the other star alliance members all have much nicer lounges. Singapore Airlines has done the bare minimum and this is at their home Airport.

  102. Avatar photo
    Philip Ng

    Don’t mistake this for the SilverKris Lounge that is only for First and Business Class passengers. This is only for KrisFlyer Gold members. Overall it’s nice and comfortable with a nice selection of drinks, dim sum and my favourite chee kueh.

  103. Avatar photo
    Jim Nico

    In need of a makeover and showers!! Food selection was decent and staff are very attentive, other then that, needs some work.

  104. Avatar photo
    monojit roy

    Food items are less. No variety. Drinks on the other hand was good.

  105. Avatar photo
    Rizal Farok

    pretty big area, and well “sectioned”. main food area is pretty tight in space though, but a comfortable lounge nonetheless. wish the restrooms were inside though, instead of having to head out of the lounge.

  106. Avatar photo
    James Hector

    Nicely designed, well appointed lounge. Good food and different spaces for all types. Very comfortable.

  107. Avatar photo
    Henry Tang

    Very crowded on a late Friday night leading up to Christmas. Selection of food and drinks is more decent when compared to SATS Premier next door but obviously not as comprehensive as the proper SilverKris lounge.

  108. Avatar photo
    Samuel Eades

    Limited food options, but reasonably good quality. Plenty of seats, but nowhere to put your feet up (no recliners or foot stools).

    Need to exit the lounge and use public toilets about 100m away.

    WiFi is of a decent speed.

    Beware: no flight calls, so you need to keep an eye on the clock and leave time to get to the gate and pass a secondary security check.

  109. Avatar photo
    Jason Wong

    Very normal lounge, however they serve very good TWG tea.

  110. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lukman

    This place suitable for travelers who need to have a relax time during layover transit or waiting for the flight. It has various free flow continental food from western to Chinese style. Food quality and presentations much better than other competitors lounge nearby. Cold drink includes beer or self made coffee or tea. It has spacious individual couch and coffee table as well UK type power outlet and USB connection for charging. It doesn’t accept priority pass access card.

  111. Avatar photo
    Samir Patel

    Nice and comfortable…was not overcrowded…food selection could be better

  112. Avatar photo

    Well run lounge, not too noisy, was quick to get in and out. Overall a good experience

  113. Avatar photo
    J Seng

    Great airport lounge. Food is basic but taste is good. It’s great that they serve good tea from TWG.

  114. Avatar photo
    Olivier Puyraud

    Great little spot. The sandwich case is a little tricky to open but simple enough once you get the hang of it. Sometimes the sandwiches are soggy though so you have to be careful. Giving 5 stars because I met a pretty cool girl here.

  115. Avatar photo
    Mark Roddis

    A large and spacious lounge with all the facilities you may need
    Food options were a bit limited however

  116. Avatar photo
    Sudhir Mestri

    Nice cozy lounge with good spread of international food and liquors to choose from. But for vegetarian and Indian food, limited option. Free wifi and nice place to spend quality time before the flight. Would b icing on the cake if we get Indian vegetarian food.

  117. Avatar photo
    Red Wolf

    After arriving from Tokyo Haneda Airport, we were privileged to await for our departure flight to Brisbane, in the SIA Kris Flyer VIP Lounge. It is a  nice  lounge inside  Terminal 3 with no view of its International Airport.

    The  lounge has  comfortable seating, reasonably good  food menu – western and Singaporean delights,  beverages , Wi-Fi,  internet workstations, international newspapers and magazines.

    However, its  guests do not maintained a high standard of decorum,  and,  are dressed in shorts with sandal like shoes, which does not  befit the VIP Lounge image. Some guests awaiting for their after mid night flight, slept on its floor with seat cushions used as a bed. Its toilet facilities are outside its Reception counter.

    It was not a very impressive sight. Its staff was dozing off at its Reception counter. What a poor and unprofessional image of its VIP Lounge.

  118. Avatar photo
    Jacek Hanusik

    Food selection was good, beverages as well. Friendly Staff but big minus for lack of restrooms

  119. Avatar photo
    Jenna P

    It’s ironic that an SQ lounge based in its home country has the poorest selection of food & beverages compared to those operating in other countries. Facilities look tired and worn out, most probably due to the high volume of visitors passing by.

  120. Avatar photo
    Rajeshkumar R

    Those who want a better lounge with food, drinks and showers can go to the silverkris lounge. No couches/ recliners to sleep but ample seating and a reasonable choice of food and drinks. No bad.

  121. Avatar photo
    Cloud Yi

    Overall disappointing lounge experience, I have visited multiple times and there are always issues. Ranging from rude staff to lack of glasses/plates.
    Vegetarian food selection is very limited.

  122. Avatar photo
    Boon Hian Tan

    The lo mai kai recommended by the staff irene. She so nice! N recommended camomile tea to wash it down too. Keep it up!

  123. Avatar photo
    Lin Johnny

    No shower available and need to go outside for toilet, really not good enough.

  124. Avatar photo
    Giridhar Rao

    Been going here for a few years ever since it’s opening. It’s getting boring. Nothing exciting about food or the drinks served here. Just mediocre collection. There are other lounges which are constantly innovative.

  125. Avatar photo
    David Jansen Yap

    Ok, not the best SQ lounge – small so its definitely not the most comfortable and peaceful. Service was good though and comparable with other silverkris lounges.

  126. Avatar photo
    B Tanto

    Very clean and comfortable lounge, all surfaces we kept clean routinely. Offers shower rooms too which is a great perk.

    The place itself was quite large with a large variety of seating arrangements.

    Food options were varied ranging from sandwiches to dim sum.

  127. Avatar photo
    Hendrik Rossbach

    As there is no Kris Gold Lounge at the moment, there is a Mix of travellers in the Silber Lounge. I did not miss anything while being in the Lounge. A Silver Lounge with a Gold service

  128. Avatar photo
    Foong Yee Loh

    Big and airy lounge. Limited food choices and to be ordered over the counters. Taste was average.

  129. Avatar photo

    Ok service. Food changes regularly but after the 5th visit you had it all…. Fast internet. Comfortable seats. Can be full during Mondays.

  130. Avatar photo
    Michael Smith

    Clean and comfortable lounge with a good selection of food and drink. Good WiFi, newspapers and TV generally with sport or news on. Staff can be a bit hit and miss with friendliness, but generally ok.

  131. Avatar photo
    Karma Sherpa


  132. Avatar photo
    Art Lara

    Flying can be very stressful. I feel airports are not built for passengers but for the airlines. There is a lot of walking and running around just to ge to the gates. Therefore finding a peaceful place to sit and relax and to wait for your flight to leave is very important and this lounge does it for me. The lounge feels open and spacious which makes me forget about my upcoming flights. As an added bonus, the food and drink options were very good. I can’t wait for my next visit.

  133. Avatar photo
    Mikey G

    Decent food and drinks, friendly staff. There are no bathrooms/showers, which is ridiculous.

  134. Avatar photo
    Gordon Lee

    Lounge facilities dated but comfortable. And food could be better.

  135. Avatar photo
    Stephen Lew

    Compared to other lounges, one of the best ever.

  136. Avatar photo
    c l s

    Food choices are not too many. Just some basic food.

    The good thing is that it is not so crowded

  137. Avatar photo
    Samuel Gustafsson

    This is an OK lounge.

    Best experience came from a quiet atmosphere that allows to focus on work or reading, especially sitting out on the “indoor terrace”. Also food and drinks is at overall good level and service mindedness.

    No restrooms in the lounge and many power outlets not accepting different plugs take down experience a bit.

  138. Avatar photo
    Bill Delaney

    Fairly basic facility, no showers, have to exit lounge to access toilets, but food ok, limited beverages

  139. Avatar photo
    Ben Wong

    Nice and comfortable, food selection is limited but quality is good.

  140. Avatar photo
    Duncan P

    Visited two KrisFlyer Gold lounges at T2 and T3 at Chiangi over the past week. I am a top tier AC flyer with a million miles. While I understand leaving the premium lounge for your premium flyers, other Star Alliance carriers permit StarAlliance flyers into their premium lounges. This is a dangerous territory for StarAlliance to go down if they start to degrade the value of their gold status.

    As a lounge, the two KrisFlyer lounges had basic food and a single red/white wine option. What got the lounge three stars is that in each case you have to leave the lounge to get access to the toilets.

  141. Avatar photo
    Bassoon Lim

    Newly renovated and refurbished with SQ motifs, this lounge welcomes you again. It’s by all means a second class lounge to the SilverKris but acceptable if you need a place to relax before your flight. There is sufficient hot food and a wine pouring machine. There are limited showers so be sure to book early.

  142. Avatar photo
    Derek Tong

    I was here on a Monday night during the typical “busy time” before late evening flights leave. The lounge was full, but I didn’t see anyone getting turned away due to crowding.

    The lounge was comfortable and it had power receptacles at many of the seats.

    4*s for these reasons – I took a shower, which was great. The water was hot and I didn’t have to wait very long for my turn. However, no shampoo or soap was provided (just a towel in a sealed bag), there were insects in the shower stall, and the cleanliness was a bit lacking (hair from the previous user(s) was in the shower, and there was dust/some sort of debris was floating along the shower floor.

  143. Avatar photo
    The Obscured

    Cheap looking , overcrowded, very narrow setup, no more external balcony. Positive, it now has showers and toilets , and power points at every seat and desk. Still Singapore Airlines could have done better. The environment feels very cramped in.

    Only for the fact it has toilets and showers I give it 3 stars, otherwise it would have been a 1.

  144. Avatar photo
    Kah Siong Chua

    Okay alchol selection, not crowded in the afternoon.

  145. Avatar photo
    Nitesh Gautam

    A well maintained and basic lounge located on terminal 3 of Changi airport.
    The lounge is divided in small sections for those interested in watching sports, sitting outside or in spending quiet time. Spacious seating.
    It offers buffet and all-you-can-eat although the selection is limited. Food is delicious.
    Amenities are limited as well.
    Cordial staff and satisfactory service.
    Free wi-fi is available although the connectivity can be pretty unreliable.
    Missed on the views, ambiance and facilities.

  146. Avatar photo
    Sue Ellis

    Nice place nice staff. But the airport is so impressive so dont lounge around too much. Get an airport guide and so discover. The new jewel area is breathtaking well worth some of your time. But wait, there is so so much more for you to do and see. A real experiance awaits you. Get your timing right and they ecen offer you a FREE night tour of the city if you have a few hours to kill. Amazing airport one of my favs.

  147. Avatar photo
    Vic Cross

    I’ve seen a review of this lounge that read “it looks like the kind of place Singapore Airlines provided because they had to”. Pretty accurate. I’ve never seen the SilverKris lounge, but it had want to be a lot better than this lounge for the likes that fly in Business and First. There is not even a restroom in the lounge, you need to go out to a toilet in the terminal. The decor is tired, the food selection is basic, and they pack the alcohol away at around 1am.

  148. Avatar photo
    Tati Costa

    Decent food, but I found odd the fact they don’t have exclusive toilets

  149. Avatar photo
    Perry Yeo

    Food selection is good but not beer Nor wine selection. Place is pack around 11pm

  150. Avatar photo
    Joe Halstead

    When it’s quiet this place is great, when it’s busy don’t bother. Unlike Krisflyer Gold lounges everywhere else there are no showers which sucks but considering how packed it gets sometimes with people on layover I can understand why. Breakfast here is poor, lunch and dinner/supper are better. The staff are always nice and friendly.

  151. Avatar photo

    Very ordinary lounge with very ordinary food and not so comfortable seating – probably by design. It looks like the intent is to have a place for frequent flyers to go and to not encourage people to stay beyond about an hour.

    Given the free wifi plus excellent choices for food, seating, recreation and shopping in the fabulous Changi Airport, it’s well worth skipping this place unless you’re really keen on free food.

    It’s existence might be justified in a lesser airport, but in Changi, unless it’s really good, why bother!

  152. Avatar photo
    Wayne Mathews

    Typical lounge, nothing special. The selection of food and drinks was good.

  153. Avatar photo
    Van Heels

    Simple snacks.. S. times some nice food and soups.. Not over crowded. Anyhow good place

  154. Avatar photo
    Alan Chu

    Shockingly overcrowded, it was at 100% capacity.

  155. Avatar photo
    Phill Ran

    A not so little Oasis in the middle of a bustling metropolis. Place of quiet and tranquillity where you can sit and recharge while awaiting your next adventure. The foods pretty good too.

  156. Avatar photo
    Chris Corless

    I have been a long term business flyer with well over 500 flight segments mostly with OneWorld. I was recently pretty jazzed to achieve Krisflyer Gold as I had done quite a bit of flying on Singapore Airlines and like having access to the SilverKris lounges in Singapore. I was flying economy on Gold and thought I would have access to the SilverKris lounges but upon trying got turned to the Gold Lounge. Have to say while it wasn’t the worst airline lounge I have seen to be a top tier flyier and not be able to access a quality lounge is pretty unbelievable. Something I have never experienced when with One World airlines. Hey I get there are a lot of Singapore frequent flyers, but why not just make bigger lounges and treat frequent fliers equally… Very disappointing experience, food options were terrible and the bar options where non existent….

  157. Avatar photo
    Vince F

    No way enough seating and poor form from Singapore airlines looking after partner members. Never seen anything like this in oneworld. I think they need to up their game to avoid losing out.

  158. Avatar photo
    J M

    Good selection of food even well after midnight. Lounge as quiet given the time of day we were there 00:00 to 13:00.

  159. Avatar photo
    Eike Fruehbrodt

    Not at all satisfying. Much worse than the very good business class lounge, but you have to go here if you are star alliance gold or fly Singapore premium economy.

    No toilets, no access to showers, limited space and privacy, electrical contacts hidden below the couch, so you should be trained to get there. Lounge is clean and has good food, but come on, Singapore air, no shower in a gold lounge in a city with that heat and humidity, that is not very customer-oriented.200 people, a fourth of them smelling of the day, locked in a small (however open to the ceiling) room. Although I very much like business class and lounge at SIA, this experience has the consequence that my next Premium Economy flight won’t be SIA again. A pity.

  160. Avatar photo
    kornelius sipayung

    very good lounge…very tasty food…one of the best food better than any restaurant…also very friendly staff.

  161. Avatar photo
    anish isaac

    The place is good, doesn’t have toilet or shower facility within. Food is okay, not great

  162. Avatar photo
    David Feng

    Wasn’t super busy as others had experienced but definitely not Star Alliance Gold worthy compared to other lounges worldwide. Needs a refit to include USB chargers and to update aging furniture. Food was OK for a quick snack but nothing substantial. Good selection of juices and other non alcoholic drinks but alcohol choices were sub par. Is this the best SQ can provide in its home hub?

  163. Avatar photo
    Tony Halim

    Very nice lounge, but at times can be quite crowded. The satay is very yummy!

  164. Avatar photo
    Daniel Lai

    It is always crowded due to the small lounge area. Food is average and for those who want binge on alcoholic drink s, there are limited choice. This lounge is due to be renovated soon, hopefully the refreshed lounge will provide a better experience.

  165. Avatar photo
    Jan Lombard

    The lounge has good food and a good variety of drinks. The staff is always friendly.

  166. Avatar photo
    ZoZo “ZoZo”

    The lounge itself is comfortable as there’s enough seating of varied choices from lounges to dining.

    As with all lounges and airlines in business and first class these days the front desk is mechanical as guests arrive, SQ could make a huge point of difference here by greeting guests in a one on one personalised experience.

    The lunch and dinner dining options are good enough

    Breakfast on the days I flew wasn’t great and well below par.

    However we need to take in how many staff shift flights impacted that these days

    These days finding outstanding lounges is a rare breed so this does ok

  167. Avatar photo
    ashby sean

    Welcome to Kis Flyer Private room. Gone are the days of enormous food choices. Instead a butler whose perfect but the experience ends there. The quality food is lacking I recalled from ore COVID. I loved the personal shower and sleep booth. But food. Take a walk on the wild side I say.

  168. Avatar photo
    Thomas A

    The food and amenities is super limited. Far below what I expect from a Singapore Airlines lounge.

    The only saving grace is the awesome staff there. 5 star for the staff, 0 star for the lounge.

  169. Avatar photo
    Keryn OBrien

    Nice to be able to come into the lounge as a star alliance gold member, but the food and wine choices are very basic

  170. Avatar photo
    Eugen Safin

    Very good selection of foods and drinks. Facilities are also pretty modern. Staff is fast and courteous. Yet, it can get very crowded.

  171. Avatar photo
    TheLost Swede (TheLostSwede)

    Sub-standard lounge that Singapore Airlines throws their Star Alliance partners into. Super slow internet, cramped seating area and overall quite old and worn. Amazingly the free airport Wi-Fi is faster than the lounge internet, a first anywhere I’ve been. It was so slow that web pages would takes minutes to load, which is simply not acceptable this day in age, even less so in a Gigabit enabled place like Singapore. Shame on Singapore Airlines for cheaping out on this.

  172. Avatar photo
    Chong Peng How

    Cramped, noisy, no toilets within the kouge area. Food and beverage selection is decent.

  173. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Honestly having seen the new renovated Gold Lounge, it pares in huge comparison vs the Business lounge. Everything is very basic, very simple, and the overall feel is very sanitized. That said, it services the very basic need of being an airport lounge, and in all fairness, it checks the boxes necessary.

  174. Avatar photo
    Shirley Yoon

    Very spacious and quiet, good food and drink options and service.

  175. Avatar photo
    Dong Juncheng

    Relocated to a new space, choice of food, quality of food, space availability have all gone down. Serious lack of exclusivity being a gold lounge, somewhat feels a little better than free lounge that one can access with a Citibank card. Feeling unvalued, Disappointed, thinking of alternative…

  176. Avatar photo
    Steven Nay Myo Han

    There’s no easy seat/sofa to lie down and rest. The airport lounges and relax area is better than the Krisflyer Gold lounge. Decent food.

  177. Avatar photo
    Edwin Teo

    Variety of food m mixtures. Hot n cold Drink are well mix. N good place to relax.

  178. Avatar photo
    Hung Nguyen

    Excellent service

  179. Avatar photo
    Teo Kia Meng

    Quite a nice lounge, but lacks quiet spaces.

  180. Avatar photo

    I was lucky it was not crowded this time. And the food was really good. Overall it was a better experience than using the business class lounge when it is crowded.

  181. Avatar photo
    Pavithra Malalasekara

    Compared to other lounges in Singapore this was bit of a let down as I thought the interior was bit dark and dim. Nevertheless still a good place to relax before the flight.

  182. Avatar photo
    Sean Quinn

    Arrived at 11pm last night. Place was a mess. Very average experience.

  183. Avatar photo
    Allan Spessa

    Great place to chillax between flights

  184. Avatar photo
    Raj Chhabra

    This was a good lounge but this is now under renovation and it will be some 2 years before it will be available again!! Singapore has organised a replacement lounge meanwhile (Marhaba lounge) which should get 1.5-2stars max compared to the krisflyer lounge. Their replacement/stop gap arrangement is shameful given it is for such a long duration.

  185. Avatar photo
    Preeyakorn Palm

    Never disappointed with SIA lounge. Even during the pandemic, it still operates in a customer centric manner with proper safety health measures. Food variety wasn’t too great. It’s kind of limited, but acceptable though. It’s also good for overnight transit too. No need to check in at the airport hotel.

  186. Avatar photo
    Houston Li

    Nice and cosy . Can get a bit crowded at peak hours . Tiger beer on tap !!

  187. Avatar photo
    Tony Lange

    Nice food and atmosphere. Staff were friendly and helpful. Beer selection was very limited

  188. Avatar photo
    Foo Jeong Fork

    Getting bad to worse. No seat is available n crampy. I couldn’t believe it. Cleanines is bad too

  189. Avatar photo
    Yeny Oh

    This lounge is a hit or miss depending on when you go. It’s pretty busy during peak hours (most of the day), so the food is pretty limited. Probably one of the worst Kris flyer lounges in Singapore and the region. Once I was on a red eye, the lounge was nice and quiet, with decent food selection but then it was too late anyway.

  190. Avatar photo

    Two large relaxing compartments, one bistro styled facility. Lot’s of warm food, mostly asian style. Not every seat is equipped with a charging socket.
    Helpful staff. Used dishes and cutlery are removed quickly. Showers available.

  191. Avatar photo
    Ali Sheikh

    Good lounge though slightly small. Tend to get crowded with other star alliance passengers. Comfortable seats. Food options are alright, most of the time it’s a local menu. Assorted carbonated and alcoholic drinks available.

  192. Avatar photo
    Jimmy LEE

    Great place to take a quick break prior to departure in Singapore airport.

    This lounge is roomy, cozy, and clean although it is usually busy with a number of passengers.

    Food – dumplings and noodles are very fresh and warm enough to stimulate my appetites.


  193. Avatar photo
    Bradley Scott

    Had a selection of steamed dumplings which was great. But other than that a very middling lounge set-up

  194. Avatar photo
    Richard Berta

    Awful temporary lounge while we wait until 2021 for the new T3 Gold Lounge. Both Star Alliance and KrisFlyer Gold members will be disappointed with this cramped, crowded and amenity-light lounge, which is shared with Maharba. Hopefully, SQ takes this feedback seriously and finds a better lounge for the next 1.5 years until the new one is open. Business class flyers thankfully get the SilverKris lounge, which is separate.

  195. Avatar photo
    eng lam yeo

    I give 4 star and not 5 star is because food taste is not correct. Ba chor mee has no vinegar, lo bak kou has no reddish but alot of yam hence talexture not there…and perhaps some yongchow fried rice or Hainan Chicken rice, shud be there in addition to the indian Palau rice.

    I am guessing the Indian chef does not know the taste of local food. I onces stayed in KTP hospital, same chinese looking good but wrong taste, and even on a cruise in Mediterranean, the Chinese cuisine boi chak….

    This is a constructive suggestion and wl be great if u find some way , e.g.take yr chef to eat at hawker store…to compensate for cultural difference to ensure the right taste.

    The rest of the lounge, ID, comfort, cleanliness, staff service are very good.
    Thank u

  196. Avatar photo
    Bill Gaheer

    Good service and good food, the lounge itself is average but the people and food makes it a star

  197. Avatar photo
    Liew Chong Poh

    Nice lounge with wide variety of food. A good place to have rest before taking flight.

  198. Avatar photo
    Jason Andrew

    Toilets outside, no showers. Was expecting it to be the best being in Singapore..? Still, it was clean, out of the rat race and the staff were friendly enough.

  199. Avatar photo
    Hin Yeung

    Came here very early in the morning, as our flight was at 9 am. Ample seating in the lounge. Food options were initially sparse, but the staff gradually brought out more options as the sun rose. Used crockery was cleared promptly. Toilets were clean. There were shower facilities but I didn’t use them.

  200. Avatar photo
    Greg Savage

    Nice, quiet space to relax. Self serve food was great (I had a chicken curry and rice). Tea and coffee facilities were good. Not a massive range of beers but was enough of what they had (Heineken in cans and Tiger on tap).

  201. Avatar photo
    zhoujiao, victor liu

    Food is good but no toilet and showering facilities.

  202. Avatar photo
    Jessica Doel Henshall

    The Krisflyer gold lounge is available to economy passengers with gold status with the Singapore Airlines rewards scheme or a partner airline scheme. The lounge is large but the chairs are average, there are no toilets in the lounge, and the food is only okay. With everything Changi has to offer it is worth more of your time to explore some of the airport’s different attractions after stopping by the lounge for a brief bite to eat and to snag a few free cans of drink.

  203. Avatar photo
    Kaptain Kerr

    Okay lounge in Singapore Terminal 3. Not the largest area so can get quite crowded particularly where the self service drinks and food are located. A few different areas to sit including on a kind of balcony overlooking other parts of the airport which feels like being outside. Overall, the lounge needs an upgrade such as adding USB ports to chairs.

  204. Avatar photo
    Matthew Scott

    Quite comfortable airport lounge with a good buffet of Malaysian and Chinese dishes including dim sum. Has self-serve beer tap and spirits. Open to Virgin Velocity Gold members and above as well as One Star Alliance airline loyalty programs.

  205. Avatar photo
    David Bihari

    OK but nothing special. Etihad much better!

  206. Avatar photo
    JHMM Brunei


    Best Currey Laksa in T3 sans Lobster !!

    Plenty of seatings, giant windows and superb apron views. Feels the earth move everytime an A380 lands ️ .

  207. Avatar photo
    Nathan Scott

    Not bad for a quiet spot with some snacks. Nothing like hk lounges though. No toilet inside, restaurants and spaces outside are better than the lounge. Pop in for a free drink.

  208. Avatar photo
    Lloyd Smyth

    Ticks all the boxes without being outstanding- but a huge improvement on the old KF gold lounge. Plenty of food, very clean (as you would expect), airy and with comfortable chairs. There are areas to relax as well as working desks if required. The lounge was very full around 9-11pm (definitely did not feel very exclusive!) for outbound leg to Europe, but very quiet 9-11am on my return leg to Australia. Decent selection of hot and cold foods, although if you want good hawker style local food you would have a lot of good and cheap options outside the lounge. That being said, there are not many lounges in the world where you get quality dumplings and Char Siew Baos, which were about on par with any yum cha restaurant I’ve been to in Aus! Overall, this is a good lounge to recharge and freshen up in, before venturing out to explore what is one of the best airports in the world!

  209. Avatar photo
    Ian Mortimer

    Decent hot food selections & seating areas,
    but the bathrooms are outside the lounge.

  210. Avatar photo
    Dennis Quah

    Crazy busy during peak hours. But otherwise good to get some basic grub and drinks on the quick.

  211. Avatar photo
    Steve Dunstone

    Food is limited in range and medium quality. No toilets in the lounge and NO access to showers. Free wifi is good and comfortable seats. Average service. Poor quality lounge

  212. Avatar photo
    steve thirtle

    +Pour your own spirits, quick WIFI
    – Dated interior, limited food options

  213. Avatar photo
    Ravi Butola

    They really need to improve on food and seating arrangement. It’s big but not very welcoming something is definitely missing..

  214. Avatar photo

    Very spacious and comfortable lounge. supply area and seating area is a bit too far.

  215. Avatar photo
    Alex Fong

    The Tim sum corner is a new inclusion for the lounge and is well received by many.

  216. Avatar photo
    Scribbling Geek

    Top notch service befitting Singapore Airlines. Food quality in the buffet spread is average, but otherwise, splendid and attentive service in an older style ambiance.

  217. Avatar photo
    Annu Viswanath

    We chilled out in the Lounge at Changi airport during our transit to Mumbai. Had sumptuous breakfast cum tea too. We feel privileged.

  218. Avatar photo
    Anthony Adamo

    Good supply of drinks, free WiFi, reasonable number of seats and some food. All you need in a lounge. They dont do flight announcements so dont miss you flight.

  219. Avatar photo
    Toby Keen

    Not as good as they used to br

  220. Avatar photo
    David Teo

    Ambience and service is good. Good leaves much to be desired. The selection and quality is poor compared to other Krisflyer lounge in South East Asia. Thailand and Philippines are 2 good lounges .

  221. Avatar photo
    David Niu

    Fantastic courtesy and choice of food and drinks are very decent. Not overly crowded & good level of quietness.

    It was a surprise not to have toilet & shower facilities, however it’s fair to say Singapore airport toilets are all maintained quite well.

  222. Avatar photo
    Ray Booysen

    Unfortunately Changi airport has gotten so good, the lounge is probably only worth a visit because of free food.

    There are better places to sit and relax out of the lounge.

  223. Avatar photo
    Brent Harrison

    The food here is quite good/nice selection. This is certainly better than trying to relax out in the airport however the lounge could benefit by having its own toilets rather than having to exit/re-enter. Also very important is that the lounge is kept spotless by staff.
    A little secret – if you need a little extra relaxation take a peek over the outer edge of the lounge and watch the huge carp swimming around in the pool below…
    My wife and I enjoyed our two recent visits to this lounge.

  224. Avatar photo
    Yatin Premchand

    Decent and clean lounge with some good local grub, unlike the one in Singapore itself. Staff are helpful and attentive.

  225. Avatar photo
    Prasad V. Bakre

    Peaceful lounge at Changi terminal. It’s convenient located on the 2nd floor near the immigration gates and transfer area A. WiFi is great and an awesome place to chill. Having a display showing flight departures may help travelers with their schedules.

  226. Avatar photo
    Tresy Liaunardy

    The place is very big and beautiful. The staff is something else, as it is not business class material. They are rude and no manner whatsoever. I arrived at 2 am and going to catch a flight at much later hours. As I decided to take a shower, the guy who was mending the shower area was very rude. No ‘Hello’ no nothing. He just stared at me and I ask “can i take a shower now?” (as usually you need to book it, but i know its the least busy time right now as it is 2 am) he looked at his book and said rudely “you can take room 3” and so I said ‘Thank You’ he called me again rudely “But!! we only give 20 mins each for customer” I don’t mind the rule as when it is the busiest time it could take hours to get the shower time slot but again it’s 2 am and i was the only one taking shower at that time. Maybe Singapore Airlines ought to train their staff to be friendlier as the customer is already tired from a long flight. I also asked for blanket as it is very cold in the morning and i asked the front table lady and she told me to asked the staff inside. I couldn’t find any staff but the kitchen staff. I asked him if he could tell me where I can ask for blanket, he told me to wait and I waited for awhile and nothing happened. So I made myself a cup of lemon honey to warm myself rather than wait for them. This is bad customer service and I DID NOT EXPECT THIS FROM SINGAPORE AIRLINES.

  227. Avatar photo

    Typical lounge of Singapore Airline with Star Alliance, Good food with local features. Clean environment and kind services.

  228. Avatar photo
    Harald Jentsch

    Good airport and SQ has better lounges. This one is ‘underwhelming’, needs refurbishment.
    Will go to another lounge next time I fly from here

  229. Avatar photo
    Jimmy LEE

    Great place to take a quick break prior to departure in Singapore airport.

    This lounge is roomy, cozy, and clean although it is usually busy with a number of passengers.

    Food – dumplings and noodles are very fresh and warm enough to stimulate my appetites.


  230. Avatar photo
    V O

    Reasonable lounge but of course pales in comparison to and much smaller than Silverkris lounge and the SATS premier lounge. The food selection is reasonable with a good Dim sum counter. Draft tiger beer is available. Has an indoor section and a open high ceiling section. Warm decor-similar to Silverkris but a bit dated. No toilets inside lounge

  231. Avatar photo
    Pubudu Jayasinghe

    The service, the location, and food are great. What needs to improve is the space. It was crowded today and had to search for a seat diligently.

  232. Avatar photo
    Tim Handley

    Not to be confused with the business lounge, the KrisFlyer Gold lounge has a small range of food and drinks. The Wi-Fi is decent and there are enough seats even on busy days.

  233. Avatar photo
    Marc Francois

    Modern facilities with great selection of food and drinks

  234. Avatar photo
    Shekhar S B

    Surprisingly it doesn’t have shower or toilet facilities. Food selection basic although good quality. I liked the outdoor seating away from air conditioning

  235. Avatar photo
    Gregor H

    SQ separates business class and gold lounge. The Gold Lounge is significantly smaller with less food variety. Food is decidedly Asian (can’t complain too much, given where we are): chicken rice, buns. The single vegetarian option is mock chicken… Tiger beer on draft. Most seats don’t have power sockets.
    Verdict: better than sitting on the bench but not in par with other lounges.

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