Review Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital, 110 Sengkang E Way, Singapore

Review Koufu at Sengkang General Hospital - Singapore 110 Sengkang E Way

“While waiting fir X-ray results, had set chicken rice. Price reasonable. Nice food. Place air-conditioning and clean.” or “So Spacious and good food. So well organized. The char siew noodles” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital is quality.

Introduction about Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital

Here are some fundamental details regarding Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital. In terms of Food court, it is generally believed that Koufu At Sengkang General Hospitalis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 110 Sengkang E Way, #01-21, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Food court, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 65060161 (+65 65060161)
  • Website:
  • Address: 110 Sengkang E Way, #01-21, Singapore
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You can reach Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital at 65060161(+65 65060161). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 110 Sengkang E Way, #01-21, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital reviews

Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital is among the best destinations of Food court in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital good?

To determine whether Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“ My favorite brown rice with big portion , reasonable price the stall Chinese uncle friendly talk. Breakfast french toast set with coffee only $2.70. Drink stall aunty ”

“Lot of food here. But limited to Halal food stall. There's only 3 halal food stall (Ayam Bakar/Penyet), Nyonya Cuisine and Chicken Rice) shop only. Please bring more halal food stall please …”

“So Spacious and good food. So well organized. The char siew noodles”

“Steak from the western stall was beyond expectation ! Juicy. Have suggested to put black pepper sauce separately as it was a bit spicy for me.”

“Koufu at Sengkang General Hospital offers various food options if you are hungry and just waiting in the hospital. The place is clean and spacious. You can also access Wireless@SGx here.”

“A very nice and clean food court but expensive. A plate of nasi lemak cost $5.80.Portion is very small. Add additional 1 more chicken wing will cost $2 more. It is nice and delicious.”

“alway long q at the drink stall. the friendly ladies at the drinks stall always able to clear the q fast.”

“Clean and well organised. Many varieties of good foods. There is a stall sell8ng Nyoya food”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 246 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 70% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Koufu At Sengkang General Hospital, 110 Sengkang E Way, Singapore

There is a total 246 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Ange TAN

    Above average food court.Spacious too.

  2. Avatar photo
    Julie Ang

    A very nice and clean food court but expensive. A plate of nasi lemak cost $5.80.Portion is very small. Add additional 1 more chicken wing will cost $2 more. It is nice and delicious.

  3. Avatar photo
    so teck huat

    Food was good with a wide range at reasonable prices.

  4. Avatar photo
    Margaret Chin

    The place is neat and very spacious. The cleaners are very efficient. But the price is on the high side. Of course they do cater standard price of $2.80 with basic food. But for someome with big appetite it will not be enough.

  5. Avatar photo
    Chiew Leng Ong

    Surprise many stalls here. I had spinach soup Yong Tou Foo, very nice.

  6. Avatar photo
    Vick Chi

    Very nice presentation for “Chicken Rendang Butterfly Pea Flower Rice”. The Chicken taste good and the Chili has this traditional taste which is rare nowadays to be found in modern days.

  7. Avatar photo

    Clean n spacious, with many good options – spinach soup, western food, duck rice, chicken rice, economical rice, wanton mee etc. Prices bit steep $5.50+ -1* v long q at drink stalls. All cold drinks r served in takeaway cups regardless of dine-in/takeaway -1* This is bad! Do help to save d environment n cut down on unnecessary use of disposables.

  8. Avatar photo
    Yaz Ast

    Juz an average normal foodcourt. Will do only foods

  9. Avatar photo
    eimbrunt rashid

    Lot of food here. But limited to Halal food stall. There’s only 3 halal food stall (Ayam Bakar/Penyet), Nyonya Cuisine and Chicken Rice) shop only. Please bring more halal food stall please …

  10. Avatar photo

    A great place to dine. Great for fast paced lifestyle here in SG

  11. Avatar photo
    Lim Choon Eng

    Food ok. Environment is clean and spacious. So far so good. …

  12. Avatar photo
    Howard Toh

    Food there is pretty expensive. I live just beside the hospital and I have issues with the prices of food. I think the problem stems from the high rental costs coupled with Koufu wanting to take a big enough cut from the individual stall holders. This resulted in the end consumer having to bear with a higher than market pricing for a neighbourhood foodcourt.

  13. Avatar photo
    Tennyson Ang

    51st Level Sky Garden is an experience worth visiting and discovering. Would surely visit the same place in the evening for the sunset view.

  14. Avatar photo
    Mohd Jai Muhammad Sahriff

    More food to choose and nice place to eat

  15. Avatar photo
    Julia Belle

    It’s many kind of healthy food offered

  16. Avatar photo
    Chris ng

    Is a 24 hours food court, and some of the food is not bad but little bit more expensive

  17. Avatar photo
    Abu Bakar

    Food is nice and queue is short BUT unable to enter with ezlink card. WHY?!?! Even NTUC allow entry with a simple scan of my ezlink card but the HOSPITAL can’t?!?!

  18. Avatar photo
    Gary Lin

    The place is nice but the foods r more expensive than other hospital

  19. Avatar photo

    Price of another koufu opposite hospital cheaper

  20. Avatar photo
    Andy Chua

    Though in a hospital, but the place is big, but food a bit high price. Overall, I will still go cos place is neat and big

  21. Avatar photo
    Sasa Sazali

    It’s like a secret food hideout. Head on there if you want somewhere aircon and to avoid the crowds. There’s quite a selection of food there and the rendang chicken with blue pea rice was super tasty. rating : 4.5/5 (Sorry I didn’t snap a pic. Too hungry.)

  22. Avatar photo
    Alvin Choo

    Nice food mixed rice , fish ball Noddles, ,,,,, are expensive …

  23. Avatar photo
    Amrin Jofri

    Nice and clean foodcourt with a number of Halal food stalls…

  24. Avatar photo
    Mary Ong

    Various stalls except for the prices

  25. Avatar photo
    Helen Kartika

    The fishball noodle and wanton noodle are nice.. not much choices. However overall is ok

  26. Avatar photo
    Sterling Kwan

    Good price, good food. Very clean!

  27. Avatar photo
    koh tar yee

    Some shops open late, while some does not open on some days. However, the shops operating time are not shown.

  28. Avatar photo
    Tze Jan Sim

    Not too crowded, food is reasonably priced. Used to be a 24 hr food court but now it closes at 1030pm

  29. Avatar photo
    Noor Iishah

    It’s near to my werk place n the food are nice

  30. Avatar photo
    KingKong 99

    This place is situated near SengKang sculpture Park. It is a convenient place for your regular meal. There are Zi-Char, economical rice, Ban-Mian, Chicken rice and Roast meat, noodles, Mala, vegetarian, Korean & Japanese, Dim-sum and local delights and finally the hot &Cold drink stall. The food & drinks are quite good.
    Prices are reasonable. Expect to spent about $5/pax per meal.

    For those who are into 4D and Toto, there is one just outside this food court.

    Around this vicinity, there are also Prime Supermarket, hair salon, joss paper shop, bakery and etc. It may be small but you can get almost anything you need nearby.

    Enjoy your food here and then do your grocery shopping.

  31. Avatar photo
    Ah lian Tan

    Clean ‘ variety foods n service fast

  32. Avatar photo
    Roland Tai

    Very new General Hospital in Sengkang. Very big and spacious. Food court serves variety of food.

  33. Avatar photo
    Musa Sulaiman

    One off my favourite places to eat there’s few halal store food very yummy

  34. Avatar photo
    Aik Peng Ng

    Use the koufu app to get you a 5% to 10% discount on the items from the various stalls.

    Good environment but food is very expensive. If you are staff of the hospital, u get x% discount but for public, advise is not to visit.

  35. Avatar photo
    Tan-Yeo Ellese

    It is brightly lit and clean..of course, it is a challenge looking for a seat with all these dining restrictions.

  36. Avatar photo
    Yi Hang (CAYDEN)

    I love the western food

  37. Avatar photo

    There is a vegetarian store but abit ex.

  38. Avatar photo
    Abdulhalim Zainol

    Good variety of food and friendly staff.

  39. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Chng

    Some of the stores were not open for business when I visited. Ordered fish soup and rice. The amount of vegetables was fine, but there were only a few thin slices of fish. Taste wise, not to my liking. Long waiting time, I guess it is due to only 1 induction cooker.

  40. Avatar photo
    Jessie Lim-Heng

    Great selection of food but price a little high. Enjoy the cashless payment.

  41. Avatar photo
    David Yeo

    Lots of good foods.

  42. Avatar photo
    Phillip Tan

    Pretty good variety of food

  43. Avatar photo

    Healthy food and easy to find place

  44. Avatar photo
    Spencer Lim

    Price is higher but value for money. I like the wan ton noodle there

  45. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Chang

    The wanton noodles stall serves very authentic Hong Kong noodles. The noodles is the thinner, crunchy & chewy variety – reminisce of the one you get in Hong Kong. You can have the boiled wanton or the fried ones. I prefer the latter which are fried fresh on the spot when you make your order. The Char Siew is tender, well seasoned, sweet and charred just right. The soup is savory with a presence of the meaty umami taste.

  46. Avatar photo
    P Y

    Neat and clean place with nice food.

  47. Avatar photo

    One of the nicest tasting food in a hospital food court.

  48. Avatar photo
    hairon 08

    My experience on 16/8
    Chicken rice stall lady very rude
    Im a Singhealth staff n i showed my staff card for the discounts, both stalls staff not happy with it
    Thai food stall the guy was grumbling abt it n im not sure if they r aware of the discounts

  49. Avatar photo
    Joseph Tan

    Brightly lit, standard fare as with most other Koufu. Great if you need a meal quick. Otherwise there are more food courts and outlets all around that part of Sengkang if you care to take a walk. …

  50. Avatar photo
    Aspro Neo

    The nyonya stall at $6.80 come with chicken thigh,one boil egg,some anchovies and lady’s finger.Oh the rice is cook with bunga talam

  51. Avatar photo
    bui boy

    alway long q at the drink stall.
    the friendly ladies at the drinks stall always able to clear the q fast.

  52. Avatar photo
    cindy tan

    Wanton noodle was my favourite stall …

  53. Avatar photo
    Razali Sarip

    Great to visit for chicken rice here!

  54. Avatar photo
    Tan Lai Heng

    Not bad. But Hospital Food is…healthy hence the food taste is all right only

  55. Avatar photo
    eddie lim

    The wanton noodle is nice imo..

  56. Avatar photo
    William Tan

    Lots of food. Halal, vegetarian… Better if you have staff pass…. Hehe.. got discount…

  57. Avatar photo
    Sham Kuram

    Ayam penyet is the best and drinks counters is friendly and patience

  58. Avatar photo
    Eshan Akif

    A lot of healthy food and very empty.

  59. Avatar photo
    Sim Lye Soon

    Mixed rice stall price is higher than neighborhood koufu.

  60. Avatar photo
    koh lihuang

    Many variety of food. Tasty too

  61. Avatar photo
    Ace Chua

    Lots of food options here. The staff here seems to take away their food and eat in their own pantries so there is ample seating

  62. Avatar photo
    Mark BEC

    Like normal food court but if u hv a fren who is a staff there, definitely discounts alot.

  63. Avatar photo
    Wendi Ng

    Pretty expensive if you’re not staff there. But they do offer $2.80 option in every stall. Most of them are without meat and the fish sliced bee hoon soup is for first 50 bowls till sold out. Thereafter, will be $5.20 per bowl of fish sliced bee hoon soup. The rest of the stalls do not have a limit on the number of bowls sold. Toast set at $2.70 is very affordable than the coffee shop at 330. Their Teh Si Kosong is only $1.10 and very nice. Only some stalls are 24 hours.

  64. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Chang

    The wanton noodles stall serves very authentic Hong Kong noodles. The noodles is the thinner, crunchy & chewy variety – reminisce of the one you get in Hong Kong. You can have the boiled wanton or the fried ones. I prefer the latter which are fried fresh on the spot when you make your order. The Char Siew is tender, well seasoned, sweet and charred just right. The soup is savory with a presence of the meaty umami taste.

  65. Avatar photo
    jerome koh

    The nyona cuisine stall is great

  66. Avatar photo
    AI AG

    No more sdm measures at koufu, enter and leave with out restrictions. Good move.

  67. Avatar photo
    Q Mo

    Many choice of healthy food here

  68. Avatar photo
    ngo jake

    Limited stores available now, probably times are bad. But used to be very good with comfy dining experiences

  69. Avatar photo
    Nor Mahmud

    Best Thai food… My favorite daily …

  70. Avatar photo
    macy tan

    many food selections. wide variety of stalls and apparently most of these stalls operate restaurants and had a stall inside here.. so its a good deal. food court price, restaurant standard.. most of the stalls offer economical dish which is at $2.80.. found a good offer comes from the wanton mee stall which serve char siew with noodles and vegetables.. quite a serving and nice for my pocket.

  71. Avatar photo
    Keith Lim

    Food prices kind of expensive, if you not working at the hospital.

  72. Avatar photo
    Arkadiusz Bialak

    Pricey, with most of the food bland and old – sometimes surely more than one day. If you have an option, go elsewhere.

  73. Avatar photo
    Jian Guo Feng

    tomato noodles tasted kinda sus

  74. Avatar photo
    Colin Quek

    Good range of food

  75. Avatar photo
    Tzwu M

    Food is average. Expensive.

  76. Avatar photo

    Clean, environment is good. Decent food choices can be found here.

  77. Avatar photo
    Boon Pah Lee

    Ate wonton noodles Halal. Not bar. Service was good unless my previous experience with the vegetarian stall. …

  78. Avatar photo
    Jegavithiya Nishanthan

    Got many choices. Tried the chicken rice stall and the food failed to please my palate

  79. Avatar photo
    Jill Huong

    Very spacious and most of them no quene…even on weekends. Easy to find seats n there is quite a variety of food.

  80. Avatar photo
    Karen Than

    Clean and spacious. Nice foods

  81. Avatar photo
    Cephylite CYL

    Cleanliness and hygiene is top-notch considering it is within a hospital after-all. Food wise, it’s also not hard to see that it resides within a hospital. There’s barely any oil in the siew mai which result in a lack of taste

  82. Avatar photo
    Anthony Chua

    Food not really delicious. Just to fill your hunger, bo bian have to eat. Lots of stall has been closed, maybe due to high rental? So now limited selection of food only.

  83. Avatar photo
    Arati Menon-Tan

    Well spaced. Wide variety

  84. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Amizan

    Clean place and good ambience. Me and my family came over to purchase two dishes of Chicken Char Siew Rice (for the kids consumption) from the chicken rice stall and my kids loved it.

  85. Avatar photo
    BPDG Travels

    Prices of food here is generally higher…. above $5 and $6… the only more value for money is the promotion set at Japanese Cuisine stall

    $4.60 for Saba fish set and chiken teriyaki egg set.

  86. Avatar photo
    Nafeela Begum

    Taste is fine but food slightly pricey for public

  87. Avatar photo
    lee ching huat henry


  88. Avatar photo
    Tw Lim

    Table for Two vaccinated person only and because of the safe distance measures the seats capacity is limited.

  89. Avatar photo
    Babu Hillary

    Good taste, many choices and located in the central area of the hospital.

  90. Avatar photo
    Irvin Cheung

    The food prices are sky high and the quality are not good at all… There are hardly any more stalls left after the pandemic… It is often so quiet that this is instead a perfect place to come in and do your studies or personal work in! At least the place serves a very good cup of coffee or tea!

  91. Avatar photo
    Rosza Bang

    Easier to get food after visiting relatives or family in hospital..convenient .

  92. Avatar photo
    Kit Woh Liew

    Tried twice the Nyonya cuisine, price is a bit on the higher side but to be fair
    Everything else also not cheap
    It taste good
    Both grilled chicken and the rendang chicken

  93. Avatar photo
    Jordan Sim ChongMeng

    , ok

  94. Avatar photo
    Tolindoy Cabase

    You will have a variety of choices

  95. Avatar photo
    Muz Aziz

    Oh…best chicken rice set ever tasted. Should try also nasi lemak their portion is Large.

  96. Avatar photo
    tan yong chye

    A canteen for the staff and visitors to Sengkang hospital. Many stalls selling a great variety of food which are good and reasonably priced.

  97. Avatar photo
    Johann Andi

    Clean environment…food value for money

  98. Avatar photo
    Saif Islam Saif

    Great value of food price.

  99. Avatar photo
    eimbrunt rashid

    Lot of food here. But limited to Halal food stall. There’s only 3 halal food stall (Ayam Bakar/Penyet), Nyonya Cuisine and Chicken Rice) shop only. Please bring more halal food stall please …

  100. Avatar photo
    Alexander Reinaldo

    Big variety of food, but a little bit pricey.

  101. Avatar photo
    Chye Loy Tan

    Quite a good place for a short break or lunch and dinner .
    It’s like a bowling alley, most of the stalls all being position on one side long alley !! Food stalls as usual but I was here only for a cup of coffee with my friend visiting one of my close friend’s mother who was admitted to sengkang General hospital recently.
    Well..forget to mention that the coffee black was quite good…cheers !!!

  102. Avatar photo

    Healthy food but not very tasty

  103. Avatar photo
    Kelly Wong

    Wide variety of food. Very nice ice tea

  104. Avatar photo

    Foods are good but it’s a little expensive

  105. Avatar photo
    HockWoo Tan

    Expensive, so so food.

  106. Avatar photo
    Moses Chong

    Like any other koufu food court. Pricey for everything ekse except for the Wanton Noodle from the Roasted stuff Stall.

    Avoid the minced meat noodle mee pok, which is soggy and the chicken ball was cold, boiled dumpling was cold too.

  107. Avatar photo
    Sunil Khamkar

    Quality and budget options especially for families visiting Sengkang hospital.

  108. Avatar photo
    Rosh Wang

    Food is varied but price is the high side and closes at 10pm.
    Visitors to the hospital will not be able to get any food there.

  109. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Yau

    Food variety was good and reasonable place

  110. Avatar photo
    John Yio

    Besides the price, the food is decent.

  111. Avatar photo
    Brenda Chin

    Wide variety of food

  112. Avatar photo
    Jane Leong

    My favorite brown rice with big portion , reasonable price the stall Chinese uncle friendly talk.

    Breakfast french toast set with coffee only $2.70.
    Drink stall aunty

  113. Avatar photo
    Aze Lim 1M

    Many varieties of menu but very limited dessert available. Cosy place for dining while visiting our dearest one

  114. Avatar photo
    Kian Seng Goh

    Good food, great price. And clean environment.

  115. Avatar photo
    Sze Liat Lim

    Great food a bit on the expensive side

  116. Avatar photo
    Jordon lau


  117. Avatar photo
    Chong KV

    Hospital food count

  118. Avatar photo
    Peter Ng

    Clean, hygienic and good variety of food. The fruit juice does not add sugar, natural taste at a reasonable price.

  119. Avatar photo
    Cow Rabbit

    It’s no longer 24 hrs. Surprisingly, it is quiet for the weekends. Stall holders said visitors to the ward may increase, but there’s no office nor the day appointment crowd. Ah… that explains.

    Most of the stalls are quite popular. For Sunday, only half the stalls are open but sufficient enough for choices and the food is decent.

    If you live nearby and wanna eat out, this place is a good option to avoid weekend crowds at the malls.

  120. Avatar photo
    Jack Oh

    The Roast pork Wan Ton Mee is good

  121. Avatar photo
    Lim Cher Khiang

    Look ok.

  122. Avatar photo
    Colin Quek

    Good selection of food stalls

  123. Avatar photo
    Apul The Great

    Price for halal chicken rice (drumstick) was 5.60… crazy sia… avoid lunch time

  124. Avatar photo
    Ying Ying

    Ordered the Eight Mortals Vegetarian through Food Panda.The beehoon with three side is yummilious except for the curry vegetables.Think maybe just cabbage stired fried is better as one of the sides…..

  125. Avatar photo
    Jane Leong

    My favorite brown rice with big portion , reasonable price the stall Chinese uncle friendly talk.

    Breakfast french toast set with coffee only $2.70.
    Drink stall aunty

  126. Avatar photo
    Aland M Tan

    So Spacious and good food. So well organized. The char siew noodles

  127. Avatar photo
    Andrew Khng

    A typical Singapore food court serving hawker street food fare. It’s spacious with neat and clean tables. . . what you expect in a hospital environment! The LRT station is nearby and convenient connection to the NE Line at Sengkang MRT interchange.

  128. Avatar photo
    Lim Poh Teng

    Good wan tan mee. No variety for dessert.

  129. Avatar photo

    Prices are higher than what you expect from a food court

  130. Avatar photo
    ixiz laila

    Chicken stall Uncle is quite rude to customer

  131. Avatar photo
    christina ang

    The koufu app is useless. None of the staff know.

  132. Avatar photo
    Lee Chengjie

    Usual mix of food court stalls, but with healthier options. The economy rice stall allows you to choose brown rice at no extra charge. The drinks stall default sweetness level is ‘siew dai’. Cashless payments are accepted in the form of NETS and NETS Flashpay. Some stalls are open 24/7 to cater to hospital staff and late night visitors.

  133. Avatar photo
    Molly Koh

    After Coronavirus Pandemic re-opening of Koufu, aware previously the popular is beverage hand-made coffee at staff-outsourced discounted selling price, fish-soup with milk, other than rice, soup fabulous to drink….,overall is”bagus” at present moment. Thank you for my view to you, subject to change.

  134. Avatar photo
    Iris Tan

    A foodcourt inside the hospital in Sengkang where varieties of food can be found here that priced reasonably.

  135. Avatar photo
    Jumiaton SelamatKadri

    While waiting fir X-ray results, had set chicken rice. Price reasonable. Nice food. Place air-conditioning and clean.

  136. Avatar photo
    Thomas Situ

    Maybe it’s a hospital setting. The food looks and taste a bit sterile.

  137. Avatar photo
    Chuck Ng

    Many stalls closed down. Disappointing.

  138. Avatar photo
    Firdaus BJ

    I like the chicken rice stall

  139. Avatar photo
    Tiong Wee Siow

    Good variety of food

  140. Avatar photo
    Yuanathan Chan

    Food is not very tasty as expected of food courts in hospital. But there’s a wide selection to choose from. It’s not kopitiam kinda cheap so take note.

  141. Avatar photo
    Lishi Hu

    What you can expect from an hospital food court, there is a good selection of healthier dishes.

    But prices are more expensive then the average.

  142. Avatar photo

    The place is very tidy, clean and tables were distance apart. Good ventilaton and distancing. Quite a variety choices if food here.

  143. Avatar photo
    Sundara Pandia Sastha

    Simple & nice food court

  144. Avatar photo
    The Cleaner

    Environment is clean. Taste of food from the stores I purchased from are ok but definitely not so much for money for value.

  145. Avatar photo
    Mike Paandis

    Yong tau foo is nice and price is ok. But overall food in other stalls very pricy. Especially the economical rice stall food very very pricy! Pls avoid buying from the stall..

  146. Avatar photo
    Boon Hong Lim

    A few stalls have closed down. So not much varieties. Can’t say much. Visited Koufu@Sengkang General Hospital coz it is close by and need to be back quickly.

  147. Avatar photo
    jason low

    Love the Wanton Mee there

  148. Avatar photo
    Wp Sim

    The food is in nice

  149. Avatar photo
    Joshua Wong

    One of the most expensive hospital food courts

  150. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Fong

    Reasonable range Food choices, but prices like all Koufu outlets, are a little on the pricier side for foodcourt value for money, but given if you are within this vicinity, not much choices are available for you.

  151. Avatar photo
    Khanisen K

    A wide variety of food.

  152. Avatar photo
    J'z TV

    Got a few food stalls with halal certificate

  153. Avatar photo
    Val Kweh

    Simple, elegant and clean
    So far the best Koufu I have ever been to.

  154. Avatar photo
    Sha joel

    Pasta and salad stall has a really good selection. And the fish soup stall is really good. Overall the place has good food but overly priced

  155. Avatar photo
    eimbrunt rashid

    Few halal shop, need to make it MORE

  156. Avatar photo
    Joice Lim

    quality, choice of food poor.

  157. Avatar photo
    Mak Kam

    Clean , many vireaty Halal n non Halal food .

  158. Avatar photo

    Choice of food sucks

  159. Avatar photo
    Richard Tong

    It’s what you get as per food court but the price is steep.

  160. Avatar photo
    nat wee

    Good place and price for drinks @skh

  161. Avatar photo
    Mimi Timekeeper

    The variety of food is wide, with around 12 different stalls. It is a mixed of hallal and non-hallal foods, the average price of this foodcourt is higher than normal – around SGD7 for a normal Yong Tau Foo, which is almost near to Changi Airport price. The quality is normal for foodcourt, nothing to write home about, as well as the food portions. This foodcourt encourages zero waste so you can bring your own containers and food utensils, but do remember to return your used trays at the tray station. Seating can be a bit problematic at dinner rush, can try to come at diff timing as this foodcourt is open 24 hrs.

  162. Avatar photo

    Loh Nam Tai wonton noodle, very nice!

  163. Avatar photo
    Dennis Huang

    Expensive and only Thai, Ban Mian and Coffee nice

  164. Avatar photo
    Miku Ramsay

    Often quiet, and plenty of space to sit. Food is also decent.

  165. Avatar photo
    Angela chng mg

    Clean environment n food price reasonable if you are their staff

  166. Avatar photo
    Fantastic Huge

    Nice, clean and cool, many good food stalls at reasonable prices

  167. Avatar photo
    Melvin Ho

    Allows dining-in for both vaccinated and unvaccinated customers. If you are having halal meals do try to sit near the stalls selling halal food as the tray returning station is situated there only.

  168. Avatar photo
    Doreen Tan

    25 may 2022: tried the Thai food stall recently. The olive fried rice is really quite good. Worth a try.

    29 March 2022: quite a number of stalls have closed down including the ban mian and pasta stalls. There’s a new spinach soup stall which isn’t too bad, just a little slow.

    The only stalls I would consider patronising: nonya cuisine, wanton noodles (spinach noodles are nice), ban mian. Others are too expensive (economy rice that’s not economy at all), too oily (vegetarian), or too slow (pasta). But to be fair, there is a variety for all.

  169. Avatar photo
    Ho David

    great food.. not salty…..nice….

  170. Avatar photo
    vaithi nathan

    Very good people working coffee shop I like

  171. Avatar photo
    Dan Raj

    Good food, spacious and a nice place to chill out…

  172. Avatar photo
    Vishnu Sj

    Pleasant not a crowded place to have coffee.

  173. Avatar photo
    Ken Lee

    Clean and did the covid 19 rules

  174. Avatar photo
    RAHMANA Rahman

    I like to the s k h very cleen and nice view thank you

  175. Avatar photo
    Tian Yong

    Very very clean. Good good choices but prices higher than usual Hawker Centers

  176. Avatar photo
    Rymond Lim

    Convenient location for customer.

  177. Avatar photo

    The Salmon curry Udon & Green curry fried rice …

  178. Avatar photo
    Suguru Osako

    clean and neat. Normal hawker fare

  179. Avatar photo
    Lim Yanni

    Not much variety n delicious that’s y no crowd

  180. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Choo

    This is a 24hrs Food Court in Sengkang General Hospital.

  181. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    A place that is spacious, clean and also where you can use paywave for all stalls.

  182. Avatar photo
    kiles Jack

    My family liked the honey glazed chicken rice.

  183. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Ruth Chris

    Enjoyed my fried fish noodle . …

  184. Avatar photo
    Vincent Leong

    Prices of common food.. shouldn’t it be controlled…for all Public Hospitals

  185. Avatar photo
    Reynante Sevilla

    Koufu at Sengkang General Hospital offers various food options if you are hungry and just waiting in the hospital. The place is clean and spacious. You can also access Wireless@SGx here.

  186. Avatar photo
    Who Care

    so there’s a place called(koufu), food inside is *mid* but price is expensive due to staff discount, I recommend you to try the spinach soup beside the drink seller and the chicken rice near to last store those are quite delicious.

  187. Avatar photo
    Ong Chwee Moi

    Coffee is Very good but for food a bit expensive especially 菜贩

  188. Avatar photo
    ideal sam

    Halal food serves not bad can try the Thai and Nonya Cuisine..tasty …

  189. Avatar photo
    benjie osorio

    Nice food, but need some different cuisine.

  190. Avatar photo
    Otoko Otoko

    Food could have been made and served by more passionate staff… These workers are not business owners, and so they don’t give a dime to the customers…. How sad!!!

  191. Avatar photo
    Arthur Toh

    Food here is very expensive! Nothing else to say. I will not come again.

  192. Avatar photo
    Tan Kim Seng

    I order my food via food panda. Packing very fast. Good service staff …

  193. Avatar photo
    Hameeda Rahman

    There’s a YOLO in the cheers store! Me n hubby loves it for late night snack!

  194. Avatar photo

    Super clean place since it in a hospital but food so so, nothing to rave about.

  195. Avatar photo
    Zai Janet

    Shld hve light foodies as for breakfast..
    Such as Lempeng .with sambal ikan bilis.. curry puff…etc2…traditional

  196. Avatar photo
    Aim Jepun

    Not much of Muslim food variety

  197. Avatar photo
    Stephen Tay

    Koufu foodcourt is very spacious and clean. Most of the food stalls looks interesting although I have not tried any of their food. I was only there to have a cup of coffee. If I happen to be there again I would probably like to try the Malay food as they look interesting.

  198. Avatar photo
    Zal Rashid

    You can get bubble tea at decent price. Coffee kaya toast set at 2.70 only. Also halal options like chicken rice, fish soup etc all yummy n value for money

  199. Avatar photo
    Juni Juni

    Very nice.. first time went there..

  200. Avatar photo
    Tarcisus Ho

    A 24 hour food court at Sengkang Hospital. Really expensive for local fare. The most expensive stall is the Economic Rice, was charge $5.50 for bee hoon, curry vegetables, meat and luncheon meat.

    Cheap options are available around the neighbourhood near Farmway LRT, 10 mins walk away.

  201. Avatar photo
    Ex “exTraveller” Traveller

    Usual food court fare

  202. Avatar photo
    Dennis Huang

    Variety ok. But expensive food for visitors

  203. Avatar photo
    Henry Tan

    The uncle whom is clearing the tables, use a cloth that has not been washed frequently. Left a stench after he had cleared the tables. He looks quite hardworking. Hope his company gives him better training.

  204. Avatar photo
    Melor Abdul Rahman


  205. Avatar photo
    Dharshini Lakshmanan

    Great variety and affordable food!

  206. Avatar photo
    John Martin

    Quite clean and spaced with a good number of food choices.

  207. Avatar photo
    Reyza Yango

    Food is alright. Good kopi

  208. Avatar photo
    Kokodal Hunter

    Had breakfast here on a Sunday morning. Place is clean and big. Got a robot tray collector. Price is reasonable. We had a Toast set from the coffee stall, and a Dumpling noodles from another stall. Both not bad. Would come back and try other food. A lot of other stalls.

  209. Avatar photo
    Pak Soon Lau

    Quite expensive for a food court at a hospital. Cheapest plate of char siew rice costs $4.50. Most of the other items are above $5.

  210. Avatar photo
    Das Games (Blazensun)

    Many food varieties but they close by 9.30pm after that need to go the near by cheers for food and stuff.

  211. Avatar photo
    Joel Yow

    Clean and has a wide variety of food. Some stalls even open 24 hours.

  212. Avatar photo
    Guili Zhu

    Steak from the western stall was beyond expectation ! Juicy. Have suggested to put black pepper sauce separately as it was a bit spicy for me.

  213. Avatar photo
    Steven Lim

    Clean and well organised. Many varieties of good foods. There is a stall sell8ng Nyoya food

  214. Avatar photo
    Shawn 10

    Food is ok but expensive

  215. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Kwa

    Food here is expensive because of its location situated in the hospital. Recommend visitors to try other food places in the hospital.

    Otherwise, if you were to really eat here, I recommend the Mini wok, Yong Tau foo, wanton noodle and La mian stall as they give reasonable portions compared to other stalls

  216. Avatar photo


  217. Avatar photo
    Ang avery

    The place is very clean cozy and spacious. Food sold are appetizing.

  218. Avatar photo
    Bryan Chung

    Very clean and many choices of food. Though the price is slightly higher than other food court.

  219. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Goh

    The food of all the stores
    1 …

  220. Avatar photo
    Wai Kiong Chong

    I love the porridge at the mix vegetable stall.

  221. Avatar photo
    Junaidi Abdullah

    Lots of variety of food to choose from. Alot of seating places. Prices are affordable. Airconditioned room.

  222. Avatar photo
    Bala Murugan

    Lots of food.. but no indian or malay food..only nonya food

  223. Avatar photo
    jing teo

    Quite standard Koufu foodcourt but they have healthier options as compared to other typical foodcourts. No more safe distancing measures. Crowded during lunch time

  224. Avatar photo
    Meet Singh

    Ok food

  225. Avatar photo
    Noor Haida Gulam Hussein

    Clean. Drink stall has no straw. Love the thai food there.

  226. Avatar photo
    EG Brothers in Singapore


    Not much people

    Food service still good

  227. Avatar photo
    Lim Eric

    Good for quiet coffee however only 1 staff was mending the counter. Not good for impatient customer

  228. Avatar photo

    The food and homemade water is nice.. I wish I went there for good reasons though.. I’ve only been to skh for bad news

  229. Avatar photo
    Sid Salleh

    It is opened 24hours, great variety of food and halal options. Not too pricey.

  230. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Lee

    Quick, efficient services. healthy food choices

  231. Avatar photo
    ShiJie 12311

    High Quality Food but you better be ready for the Price…Sengkang has one of the most expensive foods in Singapore…

  232. Avatar photo
    Lee Steven

    Not too crowded like other General Hospitals.

  233. Avatar photo
    Victor Goh

    The food quality in SKH is so much better than the majority of the neighbourhood food in Seng Kang.

  234. Avatar photo
    Doreen Tan

    Not a bad variety of food. But pricey.

  235. Avatar photo
    Nelson Ng

    Good nyoya food

  236. Avatar photo

    Food is nice, literally all of it. The best is the wanton noodles, Malay rice and vegetarian. After covid measures being able to dine in is just great. One thing to note, some food prices might be a tad on the high side.

  237. Avatar photo
    chan weng fei

    For expensive food look up to this place. Foods are so so

  238. Avatar photo

    Foodcourt is clean and well maintained. However the price is a bit in higher side.

  239. Avatar photo
    Pinnacle Myanmar

    This food court in a public hospital is surprising quite expensive. Many dishes are $5 and above. I saw a middle-age couple who ordered economical rice for 2 pax and were shocked when it came to $14. Variety is decent. There is often a queue at the coffee stall, which turns people off from buying drinks. The other dining options at SKGH are also very expensive. I hope the hospital will review the prices to cater to the masses.

  240. Avatar photo
    S P BMY (SP Ji)

    The drink stall listen half way before I completed, other drink for.

  241. Avatar photo
    Fabian Yong

    Coffee stall staff good but chicken rice stall staff not that friendly as if we owe him

  242. Avatar photo
    Wilson Lim

    Hey, it’s koufu at hospital. Do you need to check the reviews????

  243. Avatar photo
    Steven Tan

    Nice quiet place for Sunday afternoon tea

  244. Avatar photo
    nidhi verulkar

    Food is fine. As it is attached to sengkang general hospital

  245. Avatar photo
    Wm Sim

    Reasonable price food court.

  246. Avatar photo
    Victor Chow

    Food seems good for a foodcourt.

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