Review Kopitiam Cgh, 2 Simei St 3, Singapore

Review Kopitiam  CGH - Singapore 2 Simei St 3

“Friendly Nasi Padang stall operator. More empty tables due to the safe distancing measures. Most patrons just “tabao”. Some stalls have closed.” or “I like to eat nasi padang, ayam penyet and also cendol here. The price is affordable.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Kopitiam Cgh. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Kopitiam Cgh is quality.

Introduction about Kopitiam Cgh

Here are some fundamental details regarding Kopitiam Cgh. In terms of Food court, it is generally believed that Kopitiam Cghis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 2 Simei St 3, Changi General Hospital, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Food court, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 65823063 (+65 65823063)
  • Website:
  • Address: 2 Simei St 3, Changi General Hospital, Singapore
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Detailed information of Kopitiam Cgh

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 6:30 AM to 10 PM.


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16.75 km17 minute20 minute14 minute

How to contact Kopitiam Cgh?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Kopitiam Cgh via:

Phone number

You can reach Kopitiam Cgh at 65823063(+65 65823063). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Kopitiam Cgh via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 2 Simei St 3, Changi General Hospital, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Kopitiam Cgh reviews

Kopitiam Cgh is among the best destinations of Food court in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Kopitiam Cgh good?

To determine whether Kopitiam Cgh is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“$5 (4.50 with kopitiam card) nasi padang with 3 veggies + maggi goreng. Taste pretty good with very reasonable nasi padang price. Good variety of dishes to choose from.”

“Great kopitiam with lots of good food. There is even a bakery mugiho at changi general hospital! Dessert stall is super nice and good portion of food”

“The usual local fare. Affordable with healthier choice. The hot beverages are served minus the sugar!”

“The chicken rice stall is the best and nicest food and reasonable price, the 2 aunty at the cashier and serve food is very friendly and efficient.”

“For off peak timing, its a nice place for a meal, unfortunately have to buy a take away meal, which is just as good ..”

“Kopitiam at CGH integrated building, excellent service.”

“The food here are not bad and the staffs are all very good.”

“Great place for a rest and some food. Affordable and tasty”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 162 feedbacks with an overall score of 4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 66% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Kopitiam Cgh, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Kopitiam Cgh, 2 Simei St 3, Singapore

There is a total 162 reviews

4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Noorzidah M N

    A no. of choices to choose. Nasi ayam penyet is one of the popular stalls. There’s yong tau foo for the health conscious as well. Good varieties.

  2. Avatar photo
    Cherry Chacko

    Limited choices, but prices reasonable and food is hearty and nutritious.
    Okay for a healthy meal

  3. Avatar photo
    Mae Padua

    Fantastic food, clean, staff are friendly ️

  4. Avatar photo
    Ivan Phua

    Nyonya Cuisine – my go to meal!

  5. Avatar photo
    Ricky rswk51

    The Nasi Padang charges extensively high and always label item wrongly

  6. Avatar photo
    Inspirational Videos Fe Novelero

    The food here are not bad and the staffs are all very good.

  7. Avatar photo
    HonChung Liau

    pretty ordinary, but they have a good selection of Halal food, including minced noodles. (normally it is pork, but here it is confirmed to be halal)

  8. Avatar photo
    swee geok neo

    Healthy Kopitiam operates a coffee shop on the ground floor of the Main building in Simei st3CCH. Mainly healthier foods. There are fruits and pastries with coffee. water. Paella. board. Signature Ramen. Mushroom egg noodles. Fish fillet plate. bother. Yoshiyaki and Grilled Duck with Double Lob Rib Soup. Western Pork Ribs Soup. Mushroom and Pork Noodles. Malay food. These are places to eat and relax when family and friends of the patient, as well as ethnic minorities, come to visit the patient. The price is reasonable. The place is spacious and clean. Taste different culinary tastes and gourmet dishes.

  9. Avatar photo

    so so

  10. Avatar photo
    Jessica Sim

    Usual kopitiam but most of the stores here serves 70% of the healthy choice food. Use kpt card to get 10% off

  11. Avatar photo
    Yunos Majeed

    Nice food even though limited stalls. Clean areas for quiet dining.

  12. Avatar photo
    Carolyn Chia

    Like the food there as its inexpensive and affordable price even to the public with a Kopitiam card . Chicken rice is my favourite, fried carrot cake must buy for me, and sometimes could catch some vendors selling fruits not far from the foodcourt exit

  13. Avatar photo
    johnny gordeep

    Not bad

  14. Avatar photo
    Nur Asri

    No tissue in the kopitiam toilets

  15. Avatar photo
    Rayyan Daniyal

    Relax place

  16. Avatar photo
    Goh BengSu

    Variety of food

  17. Avatar photo
    Kian Lim Ng

    Food is overall below average. The food in this Kopitaim is the worst among all the other Kopitiam outlets i have patronised.

    I went back in early Aug 2022 and found some improvements. Have seen some ‘better food’ stalls emerge.

  18. Avatar photo
    Moses Chong

    Area is clean, prices consider cheaper than most other hospital food court. But before Kopitiam now NTUC took over it was a housemen canteen which are usually cheaper tor staff , patients or visitors.

    The wanton mee from the HK roasted delight is generally ok with good price if uses the kopitiam card less 10% from $3.50 to $3.15.

    Else the sir fried delight for Fried bee hoon or vermicelli is good, fish soup vermicelli or Ban Mian also fine.

  19. Avatar photo
    Vidhyasagar Manoharan

    The Indian food here is worst.. Those persons Woking here don’t put dosa if asked.. Always rotis they heat and give.. They too lazy to put dosa when asked

  20. Avatar photo
    Carol Low

    Delicious comfort food. Honey roast pork, vegetarian noodles delight and Tim Sum

  21. Avatar photo
    Miss Diah

    Good, the place is cozy

  22. Avatar photo
    Alvin Tan

    more for people visit hospital

  23. Avatar photo

    Varieties of Halal food.Spacious.

  24. Avatar photo
    Aldrin Tee

    The food quality and prices are surprisingly good! I’ve tried the char quay tiao, sliced fish soup and French toast, and all were not bad. And the staff were friendly too!

  25. Avatar photo
    Shamsul Sawal

    Very convenient n nice food

  26. Avatar photo
    Joanne Lau

    Ayam Penyet (fried chicken leg joint with white rice, a piece of fried tofu and a piece of tempei) at $5.50 is juicy and crispy. 5/5. Dessert of soursop on a bed of shaved ice and a scoop of selasi and a tiny key lime for $2.10. 5/5. Teh oh Peng kosing for $1 (iced unsweetened black tea) so refreshing. 5/5.

  27. Avatar photo
    Keith Articulo

    Good not bad

  28. Avatar photo
    Hanif Tiger

    Nice for yours

  29. Avatar photo
    SC P/L

    The outlet of Kopitiam food court, which is located in Changi General Hospital, is always crowded during meal times. It serves a variety of dishes.

  30. Avatar photo
    dEtRoiX 86

    Great value food when taking a break from appointment

  31. Avatar photo
    Ang Peng Chiang

    The other party is clean, but the food is not good.

  32. Avatar photo
    Chris Tan

    Hope not to visit too often. Not complaining about restaurant.

  33. Avatar photo
    Thinesh Kumar

    Bad smells at some corners of the food court

  34. Avatar photo
    rasyidah mohamad

    I like to eat nasi padang, ayam penyet and also cendol here. The price is affordable.

  35. Avatar photo
    norazah binti anwar

    Nice chicken + century egg poridge

  36. Avatar photo

    Varieties of food

  37. Avatar photo
    ChiYieng Lau

    Kopitiam at CGH integrated building, excellent service.

  38. Avatar photo
    Shan Zhongming

  39. Avatar photo
    Thomas Qiliang (sthomata)

    Variety of food, Muslim and vegetarian food here, as of 160517

  40. Avatar photo
    Backyard Xplorer

    Small kopitiam outlet but it cosy enough for a fast meal if you are visiting patient warded at CGH

  41. Avatar photo
    Jeremy O

    $5 (4.50 with kopitiam card) nasi padang with 3 veggies + maggi goreng. Taste pretty good with very reasonable nasi padang price. Good variety of dishes to choose from.

  42. Avatar photo

    Reasonable variety of food options.

  43. Avatar photo
    Muz Aziz

    Loved the carrot cake. Tried their chapatis. And favourite dish chicken rice.

  44. Avatar photo

    Healthy Food, Perfect …

  45. Avatar photo
    Yian Har Wan

    Nice halal food

  46. Avatar photo
    Faridah Ismail

    It is convenient, cheap and good. Only negative remark is the tray collector should wipe the table properly. Not just touch the table with the damp wiper. However, I find this unethical attitude of 98% of the cleaner
    all over SIN sinful.

  47. Avatar photo
    EeraShorty Ahcir

    Avoid going during lunch time as it will be very packed. No place to sit down and super long queue at food stalls. They even prepare our food wrongly. Kind of a chaotic situation

  48. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lew

    This is a typical did court selling the normal food like checked rice, fried kway teow, carrot cake, Nasi Padang, Yong tau foo, economical rice, Western good, and ban mian. The only differences are that they also offer healthier choice of food. The food are also reasonably priced.

  49. Avatar photo

    The management never observed the morning crowd control at the drink stall. Deployed only ONE good stuff couldn’t manage the preparation of breakfast sets and taking orders during the peak hours. It created a long unnecessary waiting time for all guests and employees from 8 to 9 am. There is another staff is busy preparing fruits but not to assist, please ask yourself how many fruits you sold during 8 to 9 am??

  50. Avatar photo
    Annie Annie

    Can’t find a sit.

  51. Avatar photo
    Titiek Rohani Mohamed Kamsah

    Always crowded except during closing.

  52. Avatar photo
    Patrick Nicholas

    Meals and desserts were palatable. Coffee needs lots of improvement.

  53. Avatar photo
    Pra win “Nani” Nani

    Gud food Indian food

  54. Avatar photo
    Andy Benoza

    Food taste below average. Beverage counter staff super slow . Long queue never think to enhance their service.

  55. Avatar photo
    khengswee chua

    Cheap and good.

  56. Avatar photo
    Cah Kerjo

    A lot halal food that i can choose …

  57. Avatar photo
    Kenny Yao

    The signature noodles are average and a bit more expensive.

  58. Avatar photo
    Illa J

    The chicken rice stall is the best and nicest food and reasonable price, the 2 aunty at the cashier and serve food is very friendly and efficient.

  59. Avatar photo
    William Ho

    Many varieties of foods here

  60. Avatar photo
    Malik Basar

    It has great Malay nasi padang(mixed rice). One of the best asam pedas around. The snacks stall also sells the traditional lush lopez that is generous in size.

  61. Avatar photo
    Sulinder Singh

    Unfriendly service

  62. Avatar photo
    Gerardo Jr Siwa

    They are good Singapore like my home

  63. Avatar photo
    Rosminah Abu Bakar

    More choices for halal and healthy foods and very convenient…

  64. Avatar photo
    Foo Sia Yong

    many tasty food

  65. Avatar photo
    Rozita Abdul Rahim


  66. Avatar photo
    Frederick Loi

    A typical local coffee shop which one can find everywhere in Singapore. There are malay food n chinese food available at reasonable prices. You can eat in comfort as it is within Changi General Hospital. Customers are mainly people working in the hospital n visiting customers whom visit in-patients at the hospital.

  67. Avatar photo

    Good taste

  68. Avatar photo
    Alec Thng

    Clean and not crowded today which is good

  69. Avatar photo
    ayob shah

    Fast and efficient when serving customer

  70. Avatar photo
    Jassica RJ

    Food is good here, tasty compared to the other hospital. However be ready to paid higher kopitiam price tags on local food. Especially at the nasi padang, though the staff there is very friendly! The only 2 atm machines here always doesn’t work for cash withdrawals etc so bring cash for your visit. Halal options are limited. However if you cross to the integrated buliding you will have couple of more choices. There is a new food place at medical centre however it is tiny and not sure about it being halal. Hope this helps. Cheers

  71. Avatar photo
    Josephine Ong

    In a less busy hour, I ordered a plate of Korean spicy chicken and white rice at the recommendation of a physiotherapist standing next to me. She and her colleagues have tried every item from this Japanese/Korean food stall. The popularity was attributed to the Malay owner who married a Korean wife and so the food are authentically Korean. The set was 500 calories but brown rice was not available, so I ate the white rice.

    Thumbs up for the dish I have chosen. It is indeed good! A must-try if you are here.

    A pity now this Kopitiam used to be very busy during lunch and dinner, but now a few stalls are out of business. This is because due to CoVid, all visitors have to be restricted to only the visitation hours, and maximum 2 per visit. So try to eat your food before the visiting hours.

  72. Avatar photo
    Amrin Jofri

    For off peak timing, its a nice place for a meal, unfortunately have to buy a take away meal, which is just as good

  73. Avatar photo
    Lestari Crystal

    Good foods

  74. Avatar photo
    Sham Shahbudin

    The chicken rice I ate taste good but the place always crowded.

  75. Avatar photo
    Riyaz John

    Very convenient for visitors and patients

  76. Avatar photo
    M Dali

    Good enough a variety. The malay snacks stall next to the drinks stall has quite good choices of delicious kueh.

  77. Avatar photo
    Joseph Chan

    Good healthy choices here

  78. Avatar photo
    James Lee

    Long queue due to Covid 19, food and drinks normal, not so extraordinary

  79. Avatar photo
    Bunny Vy

    Good variety of food. Longer dining hours which is important for healthcare personnel and visitors working at the hospital to still be able to have meals at later hours.

  80. Avatar photo
    Alicia Ng

    Don’t know is it in hospital or is Kopitiam change the food is not as tasty….

  81. Avatar photo
    Azmi Ramli

    Its a food court, hall food is available here. Thats all.

  82. Avatar photo

    If you see this uncle frying, try his char kway teow. It’s good

  83. Avatar photo
    Rizam RTC

    Healthy n good food

  84. Avatar photo
    Ai Choo Quek

    It is in hospital ,the food is not so tasty,for the healthy

  85. Avatar photo
    Dennis Lee

    As usual, the ambience is bright, clean and comfortable. The hawker food is pretty average.

  86. Avatar photo
    Susan Lee

    Nice food but the allocation of healthy food a bit funny. Fried rice has QR code but not yong tau foo… hmmm

  87. Avatar photo
    Gerard Thomasz

    Great, Cheap, Clean n Good

  88. Avatar photo
    Betty Ng


  89. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ali Hamid

    Many food stalls, good food too and very clean environment.

  90. Avatar photo
    raymond poh

    The food are very nice and the place is very neat

  91. Avatar photo
    Francis Quek


  92. Avatar photo
    William Yong

    only not enough space to sit

  93. Avatar photo
    Shazaz alattas

    I always like tis place, most of their food is Halal.

  94. Avatar photo
    Calvin Huang

    The mee soto is too bland so its a bit disappointing for a hungry person!

  95. Avatar photo
    Wati Jani

    Nothing much to eat

  96. Avatar photo
    Jaafar Mohammad

    Many varieties food.

  97. Avatar photo
    Raphael Leong

    Coffee shop. Paos are good. Market nearby now temporarily closed for upgrades. Food there good too You Tiao and tau suan

  98. Avatar photo
    Apul The Great

    A few shop close
    Fishball noodle shop no longer there
    But chicken rice still there
    Last visited 26 feb 2021

  99. Avatar photo
    Keng Fei Wong

    Can get very crowded during meals time

  100. Avatar photo

    The char kway teow here not bad.Not 1st time order.

    The drink stall abit upsetting.I only trust the senior supervisors to do the kopi.
    (Got 2 bad experience)

  101. Avatar photo

    Food good

  102. Avatar photo
    Noraschid Ghani (The_City_Landscapist)

    The usual local fare. Affordable with healthier choice. The hot beverages are served minus the sugar!

  103. Avatar photo
    Zamri Rasheed

    The food is delicious even in hospital

  104. Avatar photo
    Juahil Serian

    Nice place for eating out.

  105. Avatar photo
    Carol Kwek

    Fav Ayam Penyet is sad

  106. Avatar photo
    Chye Eng Ng

    The only food court available in CGH. It can gets really crowded during lunch and dinner time.

  107. Avatar photo
    Hu Chuanlei

    Not many choices, economic rice stall really can’t make it, no taste at all

  108. Avatar photo
    jerence cheong

    Coffee at 90cts ok …

  109. Avatar photo
    Ibrahim Abdul Samad

    Kopitiam facing manpower constrain but some staff try their very best to serve customer

  110. Avatar photo
    rasi mayuni

    Good place for having dessert as well fill your stomach with local food such indian, chinese and malay culinary and no vegetarian food selling as it closed seen few years back till today… …

  111. Avatar photo
    Salleh along Saini

    Good for every body in public .

  112. Avatar photo
    Dorothy Wong

    Today, 21Aug20 use the machine did a redemption with my 80 Kpoints for a set.. no receipt given. Went to ctr collect my order lady in pink deduct addnl 80 points. Ask me to go office to sort out. Cannot the cashier check the e-redemption made. Nobody in office.. I am patient. Do you expect me to come back again to hospital to sort this out. Can the management pse check and give me a reply at my email . Tks

  113. Avatar photo
    Lily Li

    Food is so so, I only like Korean food store. Table is not being cleaned frequent enough.

  114. Avatar photo
    Ismail Rayman

    Good food around

  115. Avatar photo
    Yusoff Amran

    Great food , great service. Love this place

  116. Avatar photo

    Great kopitiam with lots of good food. There is even a bakery mugiho at changi general hospital!

    Dessert stall is super nice and good portion of food

  117. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Friendly Nasi Padang stall operator. More empty tables due to the safe distancing measures. Most patrons just “tabao”. Some stalls have closed.

  118. Avatar photo
    Merican Melic


  119. Avatar photo
    Michael Siow

    Good n clean place .

  120. Avatar photo

    Not very nice

  121. Avatar photo
    Seng Cheow Ho

    Number of stalls very pack during lunch hours

  122. Avatar photo
    Julian Tan

    Very good stalls who sell good food

  123. Avatar photo
    Poon YY

    Cheap and good

  124. Avatar photo
    Riyaz Ahmed

    Very convenient for ppl who visit patients.

  125. Avatar photo

    Clean always

  126. Avatar photo
    Suhaimi Sayas

    Reasonably good place to have a decent meals

  127. Avatar photo
    Lyndon Chew

    Good variety of food

  128. Avatar photo
    Safiqur Rahman

    Healthy food

  129. Avatar photo
    Jeremy O

    $5 (4.50 with kopitiam card) nasi padang with 3 veggies + maggi goreng. Taste pretty good with very reasonable nasi padang price. Good variety of dishes to choose from.

  130. Avatar photo
    Vu Long Tran

    Nice kopitiam. Standard choices that you will find. Can get busy at times but a good place to stop by if you are hungry and nearby.

  131. Avatar photo
    Angela Yeo

    Food selection and quality pathetic, not cheap especially Malay cuisine and snacks. Good to use Kopitiam card for payment cos there is 10% discount.

  132. Avatar photo
    O o

    Enough selection of food to choose from at reasonable price. Fairly crowded during lunchtime.

  133. Avatar photo
    Connie Tan

    More various food to choose & cool places for visitors & staffs to eat

  134. Avatar photo
    Yoke yeen Aw

    Love .. the bo bo cha cha

  135. Avatar photo
    Sen Seng

    The long queue of people speaks for itself

  136. Avatar photo
    Kamal Rhai'yan

    A lot of variety of food

  137. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    One of the Kopitiam outlet that maintains food quality and cleanliness. …

  138. Avatar photo
    Grace Lim

    Food is pretty expensive as compared to outside. Not very nice either, the vegetarian store’s veg was pretty oily.

  139. Avatar photo
    Valery Ee

    The food is very healthy and reasonably priced.

  140. Avatar photo

    The food is expensive.I took only meat,sausages with some lungs(paru) and it costs me $11.70.

  141. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Nizam Bin Jaffar

    Many stall close due to either covid19 or rental too high… many stall empty..overall ok..

  142. Avatar photo
    Choon Hock

    The food is not bad.

  143. Avatar photo
    Phyllis Tan

    There are more rooms for service staff improvement.

  144. Avatar photo
    Barry Tan


  145. Avatar photo
    joe Mergie

    Great place for a rest and some food. Affordable and tasty

  146. Avatar photo
    Yong Meng Leong

    Under the kopitiam group so the range of food are almost similar to one another. The difference is the cook that prepares the food. The ayam penyet uses paper plates for dine in which is a let down

  147. Avatar photo
    S Q

    Its ok. Good variety of halal food

  148. Avatar photo
    KK Jek

    Limited variety of food as there not many stalls, compares to other Kopitiam prices of food are on the high side

  149. Avatar photo
    Gerald Teh

    The Dim sum joint is one of the must try outlets at this foodcourt. Siew Mai and Har Gao were excellent by food court standards. The Malay snack stall was a tad pricy. The Yong Tau Foo was fresh but average in quality and a tad pricey.

  150. Avatar photo
    kim lian koh

    Clean and good service

  151. Avatar photo
    Note 55555

    There are few stalls.
    Kopitiam needn’t be friendly

  152. Avatar photo
    Susan Tay

    There are many choices of food, there are discount cards, the food is not oily or salty, and the desserts are just right. `Coffee is delicious. , .,

  153. Avatar photo
    Lee Teng foon

    Food is good

  154. Avatar photo
    Bernard Chia

    Most food are healthy choices

  155. Avatar photo
    Ismail Hayati

    Good service all round

  156. Avatar photo
    Ice Leandra

    As usual, hospital food always have less taste due to healthier choice. But still okay though if you’re hungry …

  157. Avatar photo

    Choice of food available. However, vegetarian options are limited to an Indian Muslim stall. There used to be Chinese Vegetarian available, but closed now. Perhaps not enough traffic. Tray return by customers can be encouraged.

  158. Avatar photo

    fantastic food place ..

  159. Avatar photo
    Norazah Anwar

    Most of the food served here is alright and some are nice.

  160. Avatar photo
    Tan Peng Eng

    Taking lunch during my waiting time for test results, no mood to enjoy the taste of the foods.

  161. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Friendly Nasi Padang stall operator. More empty tables due to the safe distancing measures. Most patrons just “tabao”. Some stalls have closed.

  162. Avatar photo
    baldev singh

    Not bad.

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