Review Kim Choo Kueh Chang, 60 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore

Review Kim Choo Kueh Chang - Singapore 60 Joo Chiat Pl

“Best dumpling in Sg. We had mini dumplings and nonya kuehs for the gathering. Delicious” or “Finished up their Almond cookies (crispy version) in just three days and bought another bottle one week after. Really addictive.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Kim Choo Kueh Chang. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Kim Choo Kueh Chang is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Kim Choo Kueh Chang. In terms of Confectionery, it is generally believed that Kim Choo Kueh Changis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 60 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Confectionery, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 63440830 (+65 63440830)
  • Website:
  • Address: 60 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9 AM to 9 PM.


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You can reach Kim Choo Kueh Chang at 63440830(+65 63440830). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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You can directly come to 60 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Kim Choo Kueh Chang reviews

Kim Choo Kueh Chang is among the best destinations of Confectionery in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Kim Choo Kueh Chang good?

To determine whether Kim Choo Kueh Chang is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Bought some blue dumpling, nonya style. Also bought some kuehs ambon. Tasted the food before from their outlet at Katong. Price reasonable. Will br rating these for dinner tonight Yummy.”

“Best dumpling in Sg. We had mini dumplings and nonya kuehs for the gathering. Delicious”

“Fans of Peranakan delights would be enthralled by the assortment of traditional Kuehs. I got to taste one of my favourites, the kueh lapis! I’ll be back to try the dumplings. Worth a visit!”

“Amazing dumplings! love the texture and taste of it filling is really full and fresh, was my first time trying and will definitely be backk!!! worth trying …”

“Finished up their Almond cookies (crispy version) in just three days and bought another bottle one week after. Really addictive.”

“ tasty and very good size portion. Too bad mostly comes with mushrooms coz I don’t eat them …”

“Their bak chang is always fresh and tasty. My family always buy various flavor of bak chang from this store from time to time.”

“Salty Zhang is very yummy, best I've ever tasted. Prices have since increased tho, no longer $3.80 per dumpling.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 212 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 86% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Kim Choo Kueh Chang, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Kim Choo Kueh Chang, 60 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore

There is a total 212 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Bryan Lee

    Very rarely can one find an assortment of traditional nonya kuehs and dumplings which are authentic and hand-made. Prices may be steeper, but you are paying for authenticity and quality. My personal favourites are the nonya chang and the ondeh ondeh. Beware of the fake brand named “Joo Chiat Kim Choo…” which is copied by the neo group. Only go for “Kim Choo Kueh Chang”, which is located at 60 Joo Chiat place.

  2. Avatar photo
    James S

    Food quality is consistently good but queue management is horrible!

  3. Avatar photo
    Winarto Zhao

    Their bak chang is always fresh and tasty. My family always buy various flavor of bak chang from this store from time to time.

  4. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lim

    Not only are they getting expensive. The dumplings standards are dropping. Second time in a row that I found their rice is not cooked properly. It’s a pity that such a legendary shop is fading away. I had visited their shop at 60 Joo Chiat Place on 17 July 2022

  5. Avatar photo
    Serene Tan

    Always a must-go when we crave for kuehs and nonya dumplings.

  6. Avatar photo
    Vivien Chen

    Good price and variety of otah kueh .considerate size of bite size bak chang

  7. Avatar photo
    Edmund Seah

    Good nonya Bak Chang. But getting way too pricey though.

  8. Avatar photo
    Jerry Lim


  9. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn Ng

    Did an online order for the dumplings. Not sure how fresh it was as the leaves were abit dry for the Kee Chang. And probably due to the upcoming festival, they may have had temp staff doing the wrapping.. the shapes of the Chang was a disappointment (and when price has increased).

  10. Avatar photo
    John Muzi

    Can eat any time of the year.

  11. Avatar photo
    Ethan P

    Nice food, but gets a bit hot sometimes with cars driving by.

  12. Avatar photo
    Cappuccino Mocca

    Their huat kueh is very yummy even though the price is not so cheap as being compared to the rest . Just love their dumplings. Very yummy. There are many types of dumplings to be chosen.I will try the rest on my next trip to the shop either in Katong or Joo Chiat.

  13. Avatar photo
    Melvin Lin

    Food is pretty good, and people are friendly, even though they felt short handed when we visited. There is also a little museum upstairs which was a bonus on our visit.

  14. Avatar photo
    Amy Lee

    Loves the Nonya dumplings and the Nonya kueh. Food is fresh and there is good varieties. Only issue is it is not easy to get a parking lot nearby.

  15. Avatar photo
    Lelaina Lim

    There is a long Q and the lady serving is ultra patient with me! Bought 10 of each type of Chinese and Cantonese dumplings for afew families. Prices has gone up already as it is close to the dumpling Festival already…

  16. Avatar photo
    S M

    I like the texture of the salty chang and the flavor. Packed with ingredients too. My only complain is the pork is too lean with barely any fats

  17. Avatar photo
    Bee Lan Quek

    Staffs are not really friendly. Super expensive Dumpling, taste slightly above average. Been buying a few times already. sometimes the rice is not soft, not consistent in taste. but overall still ok to eat.

  18. Avatar photo
    Linda Wong

    Yummy and nice Nonya ba zhang.

  19. Avatar photo
    David Chong

    Established kush kueh and dumplings. Price has been going g up and up

  20. Avatar photo
    Ek Seng Ng

    Very nice boss, full of heart. Nice zhangs n kuehs. Support him

  21. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Chua

    Consistent quality. But I bought this recently and realised they packed a normal Bak chang inside the Cantonese bean dumpling. Felt cheated for paying $5.50 for the normal Bak chang.

  22. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lee

    fillings not as plentiful nowadays, more glutinuous rice than fillings. payment method not flexible at this age. might tarnish their good name in long run.

  23. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yee

    The Chang and the ‘ang ku kueh’ is nice. Even the other kueh, get them while warm, it’s like striking the lottery.

  24. Avatar photo
    Michelle Ang

    Good and tasty for small dumping. Kuek are good too

  25. Avatar photo
    Justin Hui

    Best ms original Nonya Zhang. Love the mini ones especially

  26. Avatar photo
    Jyk Wong

    Great place for bak changs. Tempting displays, I could buy up their stock of kuehs to take home! This is a great place for excellent Singapore heritage food

  27. Avatar photo
    Po Vincent

    Still the same good old friendly store for kueh chang but standard seem to be dropping a little (taste wise) but still taste better than alot of place. Recommended big time

  28. Avatar photo
    Missy Tootz

    Love it!

  29. Avatar photo
    dalton lie

    Authentic, delicious and generous portions. Definitely my family’s preferred choice.

  30. Avatar photo
    Choo Teck Soon

    Long queue attest the Quality of their famous noya rice dumpling.

  31. Avatar photo
    Colin Lee

    The definitive place for rice dumplings of every flavor. Quality is consistently good. Never been disappointed.

  32. Avatar photo
    Toh Ing Ho

    Variety of nonya kueh and bak chan, recommended to try it.

  33. Avatar photo
    Explorer S

    Hard to find the shop, food taste nice

  34. Avatar photo
    Regina Sia

    Good tasty nonya chang.

  35. Avatar photo
    Brian ZP

    The original. Pricey as it may be, the branch off brand just has nothing on this.

  36. Avatar photo
    lisa tan

    Just bought some nyoya dumplings, nyoya kueh, lempah Udang, soon kueh from this shop in Joo Chiat.

    Pricey n very lousy customer experience (no receipt) n the 30+ Guy tending to store seems to give an impression that “buyers already know the init price for the stuff sold there”.

    Taste : Forget the soon kueh, nyona kueh n lempah Udang. U get better consistent taste in large slices from Bangawan Solo for the same price.

    Nyoya Dumpling at $3.50 each now being steamed so no comments yet. But sure is pricey. If i do revisit, its only for the Nyonya dumplings NOTHING else. Would I even think of returning as a customer? Most Unlikely as with I like to associate the buying journey with good experience with People keen to service their customers. Kim Choo may be a very established old shop but if they keep this service attitude up, they will soon get the results they deserve; less returning customers!!

    I am one who want to support local products, local sellers, local food. But Kim Choo is not going to be in my list anymore!

  37. Avatar photo
    Hua Hua Choo

    Very good service.

  38. Avatar photo

    Still the go-to place for Chinese dumplings – never mind if they have outlets all over Singapore. My favourite is still the Hokkien version with salted egg yolks. The peranakan styled Nonya dumpling (which gave rise to Kim Choo legacy) is a must-try.

    Update: the old venerable lady manning the counter has “retired” according to the young man with fluent mandarin. Sigh. Another icon faded away…. He is young but lacks the encyclopedic knowledge of Kim Choo’s variety of bakchangs. No dialects. No English. Just fluent mandarin.

    Update July 2021: they have upgraded their service crew and process. Now more pleasant and efficient.

  39. Avatar photo
    Bunny Vy

    One of the most authentic Peranakan places that showcases a Peranakan history museum, restaurant, retail corner and Nyona kuehs takeaways. Popular stopover for wives of visiting foreign dignitaries. Variety of Nyona kuehs available are quite limited but tasty. Famous for their bak chang (glutinous rice dumplings).

  40. Avatar photo
    anthony ryan

    One of the best rice dumplings in sg

  41. Avatar photo
    Guo Hwei Lee

    Best dumpling in Sg. We had mini dumplings and nonya kuehs for the gathering. Delicious

  42. Avatar photo
    Melvin Chia

    Just had their Nonya Zhang and Salted Egg Zhang today. Prefer the former for the sweetness of the winter melon, which is a perfect balance to the savoury flavour of the meat and rice. Cashier was polite and helpful, nothing like what some of the other reviews described.

  43. Avatar photo
    K Yeo

    5 star for the dumplings 粽子. Well wrapped, thoroughly cooked, loaded with meat fillings. My kids also liked the nonya and meat ones.

  44. Avatar photo
    Steven Cheong

    Two price increases during since Pandemic started. Used to cost $3 per Nonya Bak Chang. Then became $3.80 per Nonya Bak Chang. Today it’s $4.50 per Nonya Bak Chang. I know there is inflation but this is profiteering!

  45. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Tan

    We are two days apart from dumpling festival 2021 so do expect long queue. I q for 2 hours.

    Bring cash, they only transact cash

    Wear comfort clothes. Although you q in shade, the heat wave is strong.

    Think of how to entertain yourself during the 2 hours q, may include bringing a power bank for your phone.

    Eat fresh of course taste the best (on the very day)

  46. Avatar photo
    Edward Chan

    This place used to be renowned for the various type of rice dumplings. However of late and probably because the business was grossly affected by the pandemic the food quality had not been as good as before. Parking would be a big hassle as parking lots are limited.

  47. Avatar photo
    Bryan Goh

    Been the go to place for zhang (glutinous rice dumplings) for decades in Singapore. They have now expanded to include other local snacks and cakes.

  48. Avatar photo
    Andre Ng

    My go-to place for Ba Zhang. They have Ba Zhang in a myriad of styles, from the popular Hokkien style and Teochew styles to my pick of the bunch, their Nonya Style Ba Zhang. Their Nonya Style Ba Zhang is different from your expectations of other similar styles in that it is not so sweet, instead having more or a savoury taste with succulent marinated pork. Plus, their glutinous rice is steamed to perfection, making for a sumptuous treat, even when it’s not Duan Wu Jie!

  49. Avatar photo
    Paul Chan

    Best dumplings in Singapore. Great varieties of tasty nonya kuehs.

  50. Avatar photo
    Caitlyn Teo

    The best ondeh ondeh i’ve had.

  51. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    Best bak chang in the east. Plenty of various flavor to choose n my favorite are the salted egg one.

  52. Avatar photo
    P. C.

    Ordered mini XO salted and nyonya dumplings through their online store. Delivered within the stipulated time. Dumplings need to be steamed/ heated up for consumption. Tasted great and our whole family enjoyed both flavors! The mini size is good as you can try the different flavors without feeling too full. Will buy again. 🙂

  53. Avatar photo
    Edmund Chan

    Selling many kind of kuehs and finger foods now besides chang’s. Some of which normally u can find in Msia such as Seremban and Penang. Prices also a little high now.

  54. Avatar photo

    Kim Choo sells all things Nonya related. They have a kitchen behind the store, you can see aunties wrapping dumpling. I bought the mini dumplings to try.

  55. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Pan

    Noya Ba Chang best!! My family absolutely loves it!!!
    During this CB period, u can spot que everyday but it moves fast

  56. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    Looks great bought some and rushing home to eat it.

  57. Avatar photo
    Cher L

    The best dumpling in sg. Nothing fancy just authentic and traditional. Always make it a point to drop by when in the area.

  58. Avatar photo
    Richard Tan

    Probably the best Peranakan sticky rice or bak chang as it is called in Hokkien

  59. Avatar photo
    KYChingS Y

    Mom has been buying their dumplings for years. Amazing how they are sold on such massive scales and yet still taste really home made.

    Extremely generous with the fillings.

  60. Avatar photo
    GG Bearbear

    5⭐Rating-my daughter ordered online…best zhang! But can I know the difference between your Kim Choo Kueh Zhang and the other brand Joo Chiat Kim Choo that’s being sold in many parts of Singapore? Very misleading…bought the JCKC zhang at AMK Hub basement thinking it’s the same manufacturer but so disappointed!

  61. Avatar photo
    C C

    Savory dumplings were good

  62. Avatar photo
    Justin Teo Y. K.

    Excellent nonya dumplings. They have an assortment of snacks and other food items.

  63. Avatar photo
    Tricia Leo

    The rice dumplings are delicious! There is also a good selection of local pastries and cakes and it is located in a really nice neighborhood.

  64. Avatar photo

    One of the best traditional nonya bak Chang in Singapore! Don’t miss it! Highly recommended!

  65. Avatar photo
    J N

    Finished up their Almond cookies (crispy version) in just three days and bought another bottle one week after. Really addictive.

  66. Avatar photo
    00 Chong

    Joo Chiat branch now got kiosk for ordering bak zhang… This is to help skip queueing and cut down waiting time…
    Remaining kueh and other stuffs have to buy over the counter…
    Abit pricey…

  67. Avatar photo
    Kai Feng

    Best bak Chang. Expect to pay good money though

  68. Avatar photo
    Pinky Tan

    Always the best. Most traditional authentic tasting nonya glutinous rice. Whilst I get there will always be other better ones around, this is always easily readily available. Great for gifting too. Consistency in taste is the key as well.

  69. Avatar photo

    Local delight hokkien and nyonya dumplings ie glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed for an hour to produce a delightful flavour.

  70. Avatar photo
    Kevin Wang

    Lots of traditional peranakan sweet and savoury snacks.

  71. Avatar photo
    Chong Guan Tan

    They seemed to make it in a hurry. The dumplings needed to be cooked in water for another hour or so. If not the rice is hard. Dumpling rice should be soft to eat immediately when open. For the peice you pay the quality should be above others in the industry.

  72. Avatar photo
    gino wong

    Nice traditional food my uncles like the tastes. I must say its money worth

  73. Avatar photo
    Willyam Octavianus Sanusi

    Great place to get bak zhang fix! There’s a hawker center just beside it where you can sit down and enjoy the bak zhangs.

  74. Avatar photo
    John Dollar

    Fantastic nyonya rice dumpling (bak chang) for sale. Overseas customers buy them by the box to bring back. There are also other nyonya cakes (kueh) available as well. Lots of restaurants nearby. Maybe difficult to get a taxi at the location of the shop, so be prepared to use Grab.

  75. Avatar photo
    wj lai

    Kim Choo Kueh Chang has been operating out of a shophouse in Joo Chiat since 1945. It is most famous for its Nyonya Rice Dumpling (or Nyonya chang) and Traditional Salty Dumpling (or bak chang) but it also has a wide range of Nyonya kuehs, cookies and other snacks. Kim Choo Kueh Chang may also be the subject of another food fued in the East – like the Katong Laksa saga and the mee pok war (see The Straits Times Archives for 5 famous Singapore food feuds).

  76. Avatar photo
    Richard HO

    Bought 5 dumplings which two of them were Blue Nonya ones. Was expecting the blue will be covering the whole dumpling but to my disappointment, it was only a small corner of it. The additional $1 is not worth the purchase for the Blue Nonya dumpling.
    Taste not as good as last time.

  77. Avatar photo
    Rob Smith

    Small open fronted shop selling rice dumplings as well as other local favorites. The sticky rice dumplings with pork were very delicious and extremely filling

  78. Avatar photo
    Jessica Leonardo

    Their vegetarian bachang is so good. I bought one just to try the other day, and i went back in the next few days to get more. It’s filled with mushrooms and seasoned well. I’m not a vegetarian but I appreciate such a clean alternative, because the pork chang can be quite fatty. Come early especially on dumpling day. You have to line up for 15-30 minutes in the afternoon and they sell out very fast.

  79. Avatar photo
    Douglas Ng

    One of the best rice dumpling – Nyonya Chang ( with pork, winter melon) traditional bak Chang( with mushroom, chestnut, pork, salted egg) All their dumplings are hand wrapped. These are my famous dumplings and they are located at Joo Chiat Place.

  80. Avatar photo
    Zu Cheng Peh

    The only place that sells mini nonya and ba zhang

  81. Avatar photo
    B Sri Pon

    Agree with some of the comments of the staff being rather rude. Tho having a wide variety of bak chang n nonya kueh..felt that its rather pricy…exploitation due to its popularity?

  82. Avatar photo
    Stan Lee

    Walking along joo chiat area and found this famous dumpling store. It’s one of the many famous local delights in joo chiat area.

  83. Avatar photo
    Lemmy Lamb

    Smiley staff & good service~ It’ll be a great if they provide credit card or paylah as part of the payment modes.

  84. Avatar photo
    Sam Poon

    This year end of May 2021, I have eaten the rice dumpling nonya bak chang the taste a bit sweet than before.

  85. Avatar photo

    Love the bazhang from this place!!

  86. Avatar photo
    TooTall Teo

    Lots of traditional nonya kuehs & dumplings!

  87. Avatar photo
    Sean Ng

    Fans of Peranakan delights would be enthralled by the assortment of traditional Kuehs. I got to taste one of my favourites, the kueh lapis! I’ll be back to try the dumplings. Worth a visit!

  88. Avatar photo

    Was craving for cantonese rice dumplings and heard this is a famous one. Went down at 7sth pm during the Dragon Boat Festival, there was no queue at that time.

    It looked good but a bit smaller compare to my mom’s one and the salted egg yolk was missing. Overall, the taste was not bad and it helped to settle my cravy. It is not easy to find authentic Cantonese rice dumpling but it’s okay. I still love the melting fatty meat .

    Another time I went again to buy alkaline rice dumpling. It was cheap. I thought there should be red bean paste inside but no. It’s my bad, my misunderstanding. Because the authentic Hong Kong one is always with red bean paste. I loved it to dip with sugar. It brought back my childhood memory.

  89. Avatar photo
    Hank Khaw

    Oops just bought 2 blue nonya n 2 normal nonya dumplings. Didn’t know that they no longer use the natural blue pea powder but a food coloring for their blue nonya dumpling. I thought their normal nonya dumpling tasted above average although wife said it was a little too sweet. Too bad I didn’t see the comment about the blue nonya earlier would have just stuck with the normal nonya dumpling cos the blue ones are a $1 more than the normal ones.

  90. Avatar photo
    Mag TY

    Go to corner as shop front has shifted

  91. Avatar photo
    Wang Huiyuan

    Bought some blue dumpling, nonya style. Also bought some kuehs ambon. Tasted the food before from their outlet at Katong. Price reasonable. Will br rating these for dinner tonight

  92. Avatar photo
    XY Lim

    Delicious dumplings as well as a good assortment of nonya kuehs, they had a new self ordering kiosk but everybody still lined up to order and pay the traditional way haha

  93. Avatar photo
    Shyi Jin Gay

    I came to know this place since I met my girlfriend (now my wife)… back in 1970’s. Until today, I am still patronizing it cos of its dumplings, etc.
    There are more to it than it meets the eyes.
    Trust me ! YOU will not be disappointed.

    *** i will not be tempted to recommend the types of dumplings as taste is very subjective…. for sure it is Nonya dumplings but with different stuffing inside.

    Enjoy !!

    *** there are also typical CNY cookies for sale NOT just dumplings. It is easy to understand in today’s competitive world.
    You don’t price your business out when there is Glory around your neighbourhood…….. within approx 1.5km

  94. Avatar photo

    First time there and tried four different flavour, like Nonya most. Worth trying.

  95. Avatar photo
    Felix Liu

    Long queue due to the dumpling festival coming up soon. There is a $6 hokkien dumpling which seems price for a Bak zhang

  96. Avatar photo
    jc710 Chin

    Yummy Kueh Chang ! Always buy from here

  97. Avatar photo
    Chris Tay

    one of the best source for Changs! not cheap but you do get quality! …

  98. Avatar photo
    Nadyne Wee

    The OG nyonya rice dumpling in SG! Store also sells other snacks like prawn crackers, nyonya kuehs, biscuits etc. U can use Kris+ to pay too

  99. Avatar photo
    Dylan Tan

    Love both their nyonya and salty zhang!

  100. Avatar photo
    Henry Tang

    The infamous Kim Choo rice dumpling shophouse factory is based here. Need me say more? If you want the freshest, come to the source. Prices are the same though.

    Grab a couple of rice dumpling, some nyonya kueh (i.e. steamed or baked goodies) and head out to the 24-hour Fei Fei wanton noodles stall across the road.

  101. Avatar photo
    Chin Poh Sin

    Nice Bak Chang by prices keeps going up.

  102. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Ong

    Delicious traditional Hokkien and Nonya sticky rice dumplings. Frangrant five spice flavor for the Hokkien dumpling and the sweet smell of Pandan leaves for the Nonya dumplings. $3 per dumpling which is relatively reasonably priced. Recommended.

  103. Avatar photo
    Edwin Lau

    My favourite place to get ba zhang ! There’s also another outlet along east coast road , just opposite i12 katong !

  104. Avatar photo
    Ong Family

    Today I called them to enquire opening times and the staff who answered the phone, could not speak English!
    This place is supposed to be selling Nonya kueh but to have staff who cannot speak English is to me, as a Nonya myself, a travesty!

  105. Avatar photo
    MH lai

    Probably the best Kim Choo kueh chang in Singapore

  106. Avatar photo
    Xu Eric

    Yearly affair to come and queue for their dumpling. My family and friends love the glutinous rice made by Kim Choo Kueh Chang. They are generous for the ingredients too.

  107. Avatar photo
    Joanne Chia

    Salty Zhang is very yummy, best I’ve ever tasted. Prices have since increased tho, no longer $3.80 per dumpling.

  108. Avatar photo
    christal wee

    A traditional nonya stall selling nonya delicacies and kuey. Although a bit pricey these days, the food still tastes great with a homemade feel

  109. Avatar photo

    Tastiest Bak Chang I ever tried! One and only store in sg. No outlets!

  110. Avatar photo
    Erika Narumi

    The taste and quality of the Nonya zhang has been the same for many years. Thank you for making such delicious ba zhang!

  111. Avatar photo
    Gary F

    Been patronising here for years, nothing comes close to the taste

  112. Avatar photo
    Josephine Lim

    Even when they say only 2 in a family but nvr give instructions to state how many ppl can go in. No social distancing when I purchase my dumpling. As the employee never follow instructions as the management given.

  113. Avatar photo
    Blues Home

    Love the brothers’ stories about their childhood and peranakan history.

  114. Avatar photo
    Jessie Chen

    Bak Chang was good. Filling was generous.

  115. Avatar photo
    Brian He

    Favourite nyonya kuehs! Recommended will be kueh dadar and the ondeh ondeh! Bak Chang prices slightly pricey tho.

  116. Avatar photo
    Khoon Lee Tan

    Wow. Long que today. But worth the time taken because the rice dumpling …Good!!

  117. Avatar photo
    Casandra Ong

    One of the better quality nyonya kuih in Singapore. Some products are quite pricey. Good to pick the ones that they make themselves.

  118. Avatar photo
    Carol Fong

    Went to buy the dumpling today morning, the queue already form when I was there around 10.30am. Friendly and helpful staff there. Today it is cash only payment. Luckily I am well prepared for it. So far the best taste dumpling I found after comparing. My favourite the Nonya and Chilli prawn.

    14/6/21: I ordered Nonya and chilli prawn, but the sales girl give me the wrong flavour for the chilli prawn. Purple colour string is normal salted pork dumpling, not chilli prawn. Disappointed

  119. Avatar photo
    Jeff Leong

    We like their Nyonya chang, ang ku kueh (red tortoise cake with peanut filling), kueh salat and bengkang ubi. All of them are freshly prepared and great tasting. Although similar Nyonya snacks are available elsewhere, those from Kim Choo at Joo Chiat Place have consistently held up to their reputation.

  120. Avatar photo
    Alex Lim

    Always a consistent brand to go for nyonya kuehs and rice dumpling.

  121. Avatar photo
    Laurence Tan

    Kim Choo produce the best nonya chang in Singapore

  122. Avatar photo
    E L

    Arrived at the shop front with long queues of people. That’s the first sign of possible good food. The store specialised in Traditional Nonya Kueh and Dumplings. I went on to queue and saw many customers buying their dumplings. The kueh and dumplings were made fresh and of good quality. They have a good variety of kueh and dumplings to choose from.

    Definitely a good recommendation.

  123. Avatar photo
    C H Wong

    Love how the rice is cooked until they meld together into a fragrant pyramid

  124. Avatar photo
    Wang Huiyuan

    Bought some blue dumpling, nonya style. Also bought some kuehs ambon. Tasted the food before from their outlet at Katong. Price reasonable. Will br rating these for dinner tonight

  125. Avatar photo
    Siew Ngo Tan

    Best ever Nonya Rice Dumplings

  126. Avatar photo
    derek neo

    My go to place for Nonya rice dumpling and kuehs.

  127. Avatar photo
    Leslie Buckley

    Traditional rice dumplings. Hand made onsite. Can watch them stuff the banana leaf

  128. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Seah

    The name is decades old, a Singapore icon. Sad to say the things they sell now are quite “fancy” , which has already deviate from the orginal. Nonetheless, the kueh are still good

  129. Avatar photo
    R Long

    No place to sit down and eat, it’s a buy and go place. But yummy snacks!

  130. Avatar photo
    Jamie Tan

    I prefer the Nonya dumpling compared to the traditional dumpling. Not bad. I thought it used to taste even better.

  131. Avatar photo
    Dr David Foo

    Bought Kueh Ambon… No one dies it better

  132. Avatar photo
    serene soon

    Everything was delicious here

  133. Avatar photo
    H N

    The quality of their nonya rice dumpling & kueh kueh is inconsistent. Sadly, the standard has dropped over the years though the price has increased. Won’t bother to travel there specifically to get the food. Some of their service staff is curt & arrogant.

  134. Avatar photo
    Pei-Chen Su

    Small traditional shop selling perenakan dessert and food. Fresh and yummy!

  135. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Loh

    Very good nonya dumplings here. So much better than the other fake Kim Choo brand.

  136. Avatar photo
    Yap KOK WEE

    We have been going there since young.
    As parents are old, it’s a small price to pay for CNY goodies like the rabbit-shapes agar agar, pineapple tarts etc. The selection of changs are still of good decent quality.
    I just hope they can continue to provide quality, make profit but still set prices that we can afford.

  137. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chua

    Payment method is not going tech way.

    Sales staff don’t even know origin of Kim choo bachang. Strongly recommend others

  138. Avatar photo
    lee yingle

    Amazing dumplings! love the texture and taste of it filling is really full and fresh, was my first time trying and will definitely be backk!!! worth trying …

  139. Avatar photo
    C C

    tasty and very good size portion. Too bad mostly comes with mushrooms coz I don’t eat them …

  140. Avatar photo
    Diana Dai

    Ordered 20 of them online but I remember it was tastier in the past. Coincidentally I was looking at my social media throwback “1 year ago” and I realised I have ordered from 2 different shops -kim choo kueh chang and joo chiat kim choo. Both are slightly different so to each their own.

  141. Avatar photo
    Jared Lee

    My all time favourite Bak Chang is here. Been consistently good for many years.

  142. Avatar photo
    Xian Zhi Wee

    Still the best rice dumpling after so many years

  143. Avatar photo
    Kite Mundo

    Historic nostalgic magic

  144. Avatar photo
    Cyril Goh

    Friendly… very good food specially the “chang”

  145. Avatar photo

    char kway teow was very nice! enjoyed it and would come back!

  146. Avatar photo
    Eileen Tan

    Love the old school family run style shop. Their dumplings are good too. But could be a little cramped with the new distancing measures in place.

  147. Avatar photo
    Peter Khoo

    Super expensive Dumpling, but tastes good

  148. Avatar photo
    Erson Padapiran

    The best Bak Chang I ever have in Singapore, it taste very good, savoury, sweet and the spice combine very nicely. I bought some of the bak chang and bring back to Indonesia and I forgot for two days, and I just heat up and still O.K..!!! like the seller say that it can stay for many days

  149. Avatar photo
    Auntieagle lee

    Bought 4 nonyas yesterday, the rice is hard and dry, am very disappointed that my `always highly recommended` regular nonyas had fallen to this standards. Please do your quality checks. I will be back again but not too soon.

  150. Avatar photo
    Wai Ling Lee

    Good ,fresh and wide varieties of dumpling. I like the ang by kueh there. Cookies are nice too.

  151. Avatar photo
    Wei Lien Tay

    Best nyona bak chang in town..or some say Batam ?

  152. Avatar photo
    Patrick Tan

    Carpark is available nearby. One of the best dumplings I’ve tried, though price is higher, still worth the quality. With so many Nonya kueh, u will be spoil for choices. We go there almost every few months.

  153. Avatar photo
    Glenn Wong

    Old school favourite. The nonya dumpling is still as nice, with generous portion of meat and the rice texture has just the right amount of moist and stickiness.

    As for the salted egg yolk potato chips, the taste is rather light and the chips pretty crispy and in small bite sizes. So it’s easy to eat. For those who like Irvin’s salted egg yolk chips, this may not be as rich in flavor. So it’s good for folks who prefer a lighter taste for their snacks. It’s the same for their salmon skin chips.

  154. Avatar photo
    Eagle Yu

    The kuih and dumpling is fresh and nice, love it!

  155. Avatar photo
    Celine Yen

    One of the best dumplings in singapore

  156. Avatar photo
    Bless Ash

    The Nonya rice dumpling is sweet and flavourful. Their Nonya kuehs is good too.

  157. Avatar photo
    multi 88

    Our favourite NOYA Chang! What impresses us is the consistency of quality & quantity through out the years! Yes the price had been adjusted upwards over the years – but it is still worth our $ for quality food! The only period where the quality fell short was during the peak dragon boat fest period – whereby some of the chang we had bought is not cooked well – hence do avoid the crowd as usual for all food joints

  158. Avatar photo
    Johnny Loo

    Car park limited! Very expensive.

  159. Avatar photo
    see jian

    I really love the nyonya dumpling. It’s the best I’ve tasted so far, comparing nyonya dumpling from Malacca and Penang. Judging on the texture of glutinous rice, taste of the meat and size.

  160. Avatar photo
    Jz L

    Back today to grab usual nonya favs like signature mini savory dumplings and kueh kueh. Wish they have smaller bottles of belinjo and the coconutish vermicelli snacks! Queue is quite long and only 1 staff to handle all, she is patient and friendly despite ️

  161. Avatar photo
    Phee Mary

    Ok but I find the dumpling is quite pricely.

  162. Avatar photo
    Mandy W

    Staff were so friendly and patient with my orders and even understanding that I am separating the packaging. Great dumpling and ondeh ondeh!

  163. Avatar photo
    Richard Tong

    Nostalgic shop well known for its Nyonya Rice Dumplings (Bak Zhang) and Nyonya snacks (Nyonya Kuehs).

  164. Avatar photo
    Joy KC

    Consistent in quality of bak chang, the nonya ones are somewhat better than other stores’ nonya bak chang. Felt the other kueh kueh were rather average

  165. Avatar photo
    Eng Ann Lee

    One of the best in Singapore, price is reasonable. They sell other local kueh too.

  166. Avatar photo

    When to Kim Choo to buy my Kebaya top. Their embroidery is so delicate and beautiful. They also provide customise services too.

  167. Avatar photo
    Annie Ho

    1st visit and1st time trying this well-known Peranakan shop in Joo Chiat / Katong. Nice and wide variety of traditional nyonya kuehs. Will definitely come back for more… …

  168. Avatar photo
    Keiko Kant

    I loved Kueh Dadar with sugared coconuts and Pandan leaf crepes here. Noted on my wonder-tips site.

  169. Avatar photo
    Clara Chwee

    Their Zhang is always consistently good. As I prefer nyoya zhang it notably one of the best taste and texture bought zhangs in Singapore. My family loves their bak zhang and Cantonese Zhang too. Yes a little pricey especially during the dragon boat festival but u will get consistency

  170. Avatar photo
    Eileen Ang

    Yummy bak chang with salted egg at $4 each

  171. Avatar photo
    Chow Song Koe

    Have been eating Kim Choo bak chang for more then 25 year and still prefer Kim Choo bak chang taste.

  172. Avatar photo
    Ignatius Roger Kheng

    Other than price of the dumplings, service….food taste all good. Worth a try. …

  173. Avatar photo
    Stella Ho

    Great traditional salty and Nonya dumplings. The mini versions were just the right size and are not too jelat to finish. Cantonese zhang’s bean filling was too little. Staff were very courteous too. Overall, would recommend.

  174. Avatar photo
    Guo Hwei Lee

    Best dumpling in Sg. We had mini dumplings and nonya kuehs for the gathering. Delicious

  175. Avatar photo
    Jun Yan Yeo

    Cannot find Juxiang but nice nonya zhang.

  176. Avatar photo
    Justin Wong

    My favourite place to get Nyonya Bak Chang
    Well marinated pork and winter melon mix sit within a gultinuous rice well that is cooked just nice…not overly grainy or sticky
    Then wrapping package using pandan leaves is the icing on the cake as it serve to infuse a nice frangrance to the rice
    They also sell good 5Spice Hokkien Rice Dumpling and Traditional Cantonese Rice Dumpling

  177. Avatar photo
    Kim Hoong Ngai

    My favorite kueh

  178. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Ng

    Bah chang!!! Rice dumplings .. value for money

  179. Avatar photo
    Jackson Chan

    Great variety of traditional Kueh at reasonable price.

  180. Avatar photo
    Adeline Sng

    Very nice bak zhang

  181. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lim

    Long Q forming… Guess most of the people miss bak Chang or its the season??

  182. Avatar photo
    Cheers Mate

    Yummiest kueh Chang in Singapore. Had the Cantonese kueh Chang, filled with ingredients. Thumbs up

  183. Avatar photo
    Feng Hui Cheong

    The rice dumplings are no doubt tasty but a little bit expensive. They sell other nonya kueh here as well.

  184. Avatar photo
    Aaron Walters

    It’s rare to say an hour queue can be worth it. This is one of those cases. Delicious!

  185. Avatar photo
    Raymond Foo

    Friendly and delicious snack foods store. Long Q during weekend.

  186. Avatar photo

    Best place to shop for dumpling … I met Mdm Kim Choo before… I used to see her sitting outside the shopand chat with her whenever I visited my friend shop next door.

  187. Avatar photo
    Ken Choo

    glutinous rice three quarter cook, not consistent

  188. Avatar photo
    Chee Meng Chan

    Popular even during Covid19 circuit breaker.

  189. Avatar photo
    steven lim

    An institution in Katong that sells different nyonya bak chang, including hae bee, chicken and the signature pork.

    They also sell many varieties of keropok, kueh kueh and peranakan kueh like dada and ondeh ondeh.

    Taste is always good but prices have gone up.

    They also sell Peranakan cookware and cultery like pots and spoons that make good displays too.

  190. Avatar photo

    Hands done the best dumplings in sg. My family loves it so much I come back monthly to stock up their supply. Keep it in the freezer and use the steamer to heat it up. Perfect! I can’t really say the same for their kuehs though, their ondeh ondeh was a little too firm.

  191. Avatar photo
    Alfred Low

    Although they said they open from 8am, they are already doing business when I arrived at 8.15am. the quality of their bak changs are always consistent. Rice is nicely cooked and ingredients like mushrooms and chestnuts are just right… Price is a little on the high side but is still value for money..

  192. Avatar photo
    Raymond Seah

    If you like rice dumpling or bak zhang or 肉粽, this is the place to visit. Personally, I prefer the hokkien rice dumplings with fatty pork belly and mushroom. The nonya rice dumplings are nice as well. Try out those kueh kueh aka nonya snacks available for sale as well.

  193. Avatar photo
    christina ang

    Good nonya dessert but abit pricy

  194. Avatar photo
    Nixon “ML” Kong

    Line up early if you want to have options

  195. Avatar photo
    sonq Q

    Been getting my nonya dumpling here for decades but replacing the natural butterfly pea flower blue dye with a load of synthetic turquoise dye looks quite unappetizing, not to mention hazardous looking. Ironically they now call it Blue Nyoya.

    The young guy selling can be a little more polite. They are operating a well branded business….get a properly trained sales person!

    $4 each but of with signs of mindless cost cutting, i’ll skip.

  196. Avatar photo

    Taste has changed after many years. Some kueh like the layered ones are not that good anymore. Maybe it was just the batch that I bought. The cassava is still a hit. But will remain to be my go to place for these types of desserts.

  197. Avatar photo
    Foong Jen Tang

    Good service n
    Good Nonya Dumplings.

  198. Avatar photo
    Lim CK

    Low food quality and ingredient uses. Lack of taste and flavour.

  199. Avatar photo
    YC Boey

    4.5 really. Its a take aqay buy v famous for nonya changs and kueks.. and i nust say very good and wide variety. Tye changs at sgd3 is reasonable. Bought the durian kuek ah pong was lovely at sgd6… enjoy

  200. Avatar photo
    Kevin Hee

    Fantastic heritage store in Joo Chiat serving fantastic, authentic rice dumplings. Good selection of snack, nice looking well laid out store, reasonable prices. Dumplings were fresh, tasty, good quality, good size for a snack, and lasted well in the fridge. Highly recommend!

  201. Avatar photo
    Geri Yan

    Smooth ordering and payment process. Even if there is a queue, it clears quickly. I had high expectations of the taste and quality of the rice dumplings since this place is so popular. Quite disappointed really. Nothing fantastic.

  202. Avatar photo
    Guo Tai Ang

    The bak zhang is nice, filled with fatty tender meats. Yums.

  203. Avatar photo
    Jim Tan

    Friendly staff.

  204. Avatar photo
    Wee Ze Yu

    I was so happy when I realised there’s Kim Choo bakchang since it’s a known household brand but I never had the chance to try it. But it was underwhelming…

    The salted bakzhang is so sweet and the pork filling so lean and dry. I had to check against the nonya one to convince myself I got the right dumpling, that’s how confused it left me. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with people opting for healthier options. Just disappointing on a whole.

    I still have so many salted bakzhang w yolks left… Not sure who’s gonna finish it now.

  205. Avatar photo
    KH LIM

    I like the chilli with anchovies, mini nonya ba zhang and the flour fish cakes.

  206. Avatar photo

    Best Chang…long queue but always worth the wait…

  207. Avatar photo
    Edison Too

    Only tried my favourite, Ondeh-ondeh, very fragrant and not overly sweet, with bits of crunchy gula Melaka within. Nice.

  208. Avatar photo
    soh edward

    Mee Pok is nice and spicy.
    But clearing of tables slow and hard to get sitting during meal times.

  209. Avatar photo
    Tony Foo

    In my personal opinion, this is the best place to get old school Bak Chang and Nonya Chang.

  210. Avatar photo

    Salty yolk pork dumplings is delicious, containg chestnuts and lentinus.

  211. Avatar photo
    Kevin Hee

    Fantastic heritage store in Joo Chiat serving fantastic, authentic rice dumplings. Good selection of snack, nice looking well laid out store, reasonable prices. Dumplings were fresh, tasty, good quality, good size for a snack, and lasted well in the fridge. Highly recommend!

  212. Avatar photo
    Cindy Tan

    Tis shop sell varieties of nonya kueh & dumplings …

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