Review Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore

Review Katong Shopping Centre - Singapore 865 Mountbatten Rd

“Many maid agency here. No lack of comparison. Famous chicken Rice yum yum at B1 cafe. Want to shop? Not a good location, for food and services only.” or “You can check in at Katong Shopping Center for delicious chicken rise and variety of eateries.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Katong Shopping Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Katong Shopping Centre is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Katong Shopping Centre. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Katong Shopping Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 865 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 63450322 (+65 63450322)
  • Website:
  • Address: 865 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore
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You can directly come to 865 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Katong Shopping Centre reviews

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To determine whether Katong Shopping Centre is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Many maid agency here. No lack of comparison. Famous chicken Rice yum yum at B1 cafe. Want to shop? Not a good location, for food and services only.”

“Katong Shopping Centre is a shopping centre located along Mountbatten Road in Singapore. Established in 1971 and opened to the public in 1973, it was the first air-conditioned mall in Singapore.”

“You can check in at Katong Shopping Center for delicious chicken rise and variety of eateries.”

“If you need to hire a maid there are a lot of agencies, but there is a special shop for fishes and you can buy everything you need for your pets- tank, pump, food and fishes! Really beautiful fishes!!!”

“Chicken rice! Very nice owners running the place. Free flow soup and achar. With chicken rice so good, they didn’t have to, but they do. …”

“This shopping center is filled with employment agencies. If you need a job, this is the place to start.”

“Very clean and my gym is in there. Busstop so near. Great Korean restaurant.”

“A traditional old school shopping center! Many useful and affordable stores”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 269 feedbacks with an overall score of 3.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 59% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Katong Shopping Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore

There is a total 269 reviews

3.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    goh eng hwa

    This mall is very old ,devices is mostly for hiring home maids but downstairs there’s a air-conditioning area that sells great Yong Tau Foo

  2. Avatar photo
    SH TAN

    Many of the photostating shops are still there and prices have not change for more than 30 years ! book binding included.

  3. Avatar photo
    Anne Loke

    Always like to visit there , especial a very special shop at B1-20 -Left hand Chinese calligraphy association .

  4. Avatar photo
    Eva Chia

    You can find a lot of maid agencies in this shopping center. There’s also a vegetarian cafe on the first floor and a couple of children enrichment centers.

  5. Avatar photo
    Moti Lal Parsad

    Many maid agency offices

  6. Avatar photo

    Not a big mall but gives a nostalgic vibes. Mostly maid agencies and saloons. A few massage parlours also but looks sleazy. They have some eateries also. Even have a couple exorcist shops.

  7. Avatar photo
    k T.

    Could do with a revamp. Food court is tiny but has that famous chicken rice stall where you usually have to wait forever in line. Also the famous bakery a few doors down, for the very tasty banana cake. Lots of domestic helper agencies, some tailors.

  8. Avatar photo
    Brock Alexander

    Some hidden gems, one of best chicken rice hawkers, humble scoop ice cream cheaper n better than birds of paradise plus good kopi c n banana pie cake shop

  9. Avatar photo
    Jervis Lalramnghaka C

    Good place to look for domestic helpers.

  10. Avatar photo
    Rafiuddin Ahmed

    I only visited the Fair Price super market there which is reasonably priced & most kinds of grocery items are available there.

  11. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yap

    An old shopping center with many maid agencies. The chicken rice at basement food court is great!

  12. Avatar photo
    Peter Eng

    This place is good if you are looking to engage a domestic helper. The other shops are a smattering of products and services quite typical of building malls.

  13. Avatar photo
    Peter Af

    Old shopping centre, good food, unique and many choise of stores

  14. Avatar photo
    Frank Ang K T

    Went there mostly for the boneless chicken rice and archar. Spoilt for choice due to the opening of many maid agencies.. Photo copy services at the upper level. Some of us who like the old school memories of the past..

  15. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Ignatius

    A lot of maid agency here, famous for it. There is nothing much here other than music schools, tuition centers, some good food and the basement areas, banana pie, apple pies.

  16. Avatar photo

    biggest double thumbs upvery unique & auntantic building design …

  17. Avatar photo
    SC MAK

    Must visit katong most iconic shopping mall before it gone forever.

  18. Avatar photo
    ling yin fong

    Maid agencies centre, good chicken rice at basement n yummy n banana tarts n cream puffs/eclairs at basement

  19. Avatar photo
    Joanne Lim

    may look run-down on the outside, but plenty of hidden food gems inside. miki zi char, dona manis banana pie etc..

  20. Avatar photo
    Eunice Tan

    Very good Yong Tau Foo. Disappointing and over rated chicken rice but they have very long Qs like 45mins wait on this Sunday afternoon. Expensive and not worth the wait.

  21. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    Wah Soon Kee fried carrot cake..yummilicious and excellent service.. …

  22. Avatar photo
    Lim Puay Sia

    More than 50 years building and needs upgrading and many improvement jobs required. Basement have a popular chicken rice stall with reasonable price.

  23. Avatar photo

    Katong Shopping Centre @ East Coast Road
    Well known to its blue & yellow outlook and bowling centre (Ten Pins), probably no longer exist.

    Last update Nov2018

  24. Avatar photo
    Mike Sim

    The mall needs a refresh badly as stepping in makes you feel like you’re back in the 70’s. If you’re into chicken rice, the basement has a pretty decent stall. This mall is probably best known for it’s FDW agencies. Best do your homework first before visiting any of them.

  25. Avatar photo
    David Leong

    The Miki Oriental Cuisine serves good food too. A bit too spicy/chilli hot for especially my wife. The deserts stall next door “乐乐站 – Le Le Zhan” has also very good reviews.

  26. Avatar photo

    A place with good food and range of maid agencies. Ample parking space though lots are small.

  27. Avatar photo
    Jim J

    Very old & rundown mall. Lots of maid agencies & shady companies. Food court is expensive for the location (esp the chicken rice stall) & food quality not there.

  28. Avatar photo
    Edwin S

    The shopping centre seemed to be quite old. However, the coffeeshop in the mall is the one with the famous Katong Boneless Chicken Rice. The coffeeshop has not a lot of seating spaces, so do come earlier.

  29. Avatar photo
    Kiane Loh

    Multiple maid agencies, some print shops and a small little Aircon cofeeshop at b1

  30. Avatar photo
    lisa joy

    Older mall but have great shops inside especially printing services

  31. Avatar photo

    A unique shopping complex filled with karaoke stores, gift shops, spas and certain unconventional stores, this place is a great getaway for people who are bored of generic shopping malls with generic shops. There’s a nice bar and a basement food court to satisfy your thirst or hunger pangs.

  32. Avatar photo
    kok liang lee

    This place is quite quiet. Several maid hiring agencies are located here. There is a billiard shop, karaoke equipment shop. Eateries are located at the basement.

  33. Avatar photo
    black sky

    Very nice place to visit

  34. Avatar photo
    Grace Lim

    One of the oldest shopping centres in Sg. We go there for all the little daily needs: Great Service & Value for Money. My favs are: toiletries shop 01-36/37/38/53 Rey IM Cosmetic House, Dowell photocopy services at level 2; B1-40/41 Chris Salon De Beaute and B1-26 Southern Optical House!

  35. Avatar photo
    Chris Teow

    Kopitiam stalls for breakfast and lunch

  36. Avatar photo
    Marlene Blaquera

    You can check in at Katong Shopping Center for delicious chicken rise and variety of eateries.

  37. Avatar photo

    Old mall. Has been around for over 20 years. and no renovation done. filled with maid agencies. BUT very good chicken rice at the comer basement coffee shop

  38. Avatar photo

    Nice lil hawker centre at the basement, with more stalls outside. Reccomend the nasi lemak store.

  39. Avatar photo
    Ning Yu

    visited teo heng for a karaoke session…. This shopping centre basically have lots of maid agencies.

  40. Avatar photo
    Theoretical -

    An old air-conditioned complex, it offers a wide range of domestic helper services. Transport here is very convenient, and is situated along a popular road.

  41. Avatar photo
    Amanda Basson

    Very clean and my gym is in there. Busstop so near.
    Great Korean restaurant.

  42. Avatar photo
    Dr.Ken Mansukhani

    My heart was left here since i was 7 years old. Do i even need to say anything more??

  43. Avatar photo
    Colin Lim

    Little night live there as compared to shophouses few blocks away. But the Happy Wok serves good and reasonably priced ‘zhi char’. Can try the seafood fried rice, evenly spread (no salt lump or white rice) and not too oily.

  44. Avatar photo
    Raymond Ng

    A favourite hangout during my school days in the 70’s and 80’s. I remembered after dinner my parents would take us here via a bus from Geylang becos this is the only place with aircon.

    Though it may have lost its fame, it has its past glamour.

    A good place for inexpensive food and shopping.

  45. Avatar photo
    Jackson Mun

    A visit to the singing barber is a must!

  46. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Low

    Old neighborhood shopping centre. Awesome chicken rice stall in basemrnt foodcourt and banana pie from old school cakeshop Nona Manis.

  47. Avatar photo
    shyra smith

    It’s an old shopping centre. They have lots of shops for Maid service. There’s Ian &Ann Hairdressing Salon which good and reasonably priced.

  48. Avatar photo
    Martin Chan

    Discovered a wonderful new Indian dish at Abbas Restaurant located at basement, outside the chicken rice place. It’s called Kothu Prata, where prata is done like fried carrot cake. Must try!!

  49. Avatar photo
    Mei Chia

    From my childhood days it has hardly changed. Several Maid Employment Agencies but also, shop selling good old airfix model planes and tanks etc. Foodcourt at 1 end still sells cheap to reasonably priced hawker fare including chicken rice for under $3. Dona Manis Cake and Pie shop still here but chk for which days they’re shut and they don’t open for too many hrs either, but really great banana pies available here ! Next door is the Humble Scoop Ice Creamery (reviewed separately). Other shop units sell older women’s outfits and there also 1 selling local hot and cold desserts.

  50. Avatar photo
    Wai Ping Low

    There’s nothing much in this old mall except for the myriad of maid agencies, and a table tennis training school. However, there was a chicken rice stall at the basement which was absolutely fantastic. The chicken was super tender and tasty. The bean sprouts were cooked perfectly, and topped with a generous helping of salted fish and four pieces of imitation abalone (? I think). Our order of chicken and bean sprouts came with free unlimited achar and free soup. The achar was hearty with huge chunks of pineapple, onions, cucumber and zest, while the flavor-packed soup was full of peanuts, lotus roots and chicken feet (not the watery veggie soup normally served at most chicken rice stalls). Really delicious. I’ll rate it 12 on a scale of 10.

  51. Avatar photo
    Damien Teo

    Nice shopping centre with very good chicken fire in basement. Lots of maid agencies and ample parking. Parking lots are a little tight though

  52. Avatar photo
    June Tan Yi Lei

    My workplace… hahaha… but the famous Chicken Rice stall is here. Plus the famous Banana pie and the homemade locally flavoured ice cream. Come try them!

  53. Avatar photo
    Anthony Leung

    Nice little mall for casual shopping and eating.

  54. Avatar photo
    Chan Khow Ho

    Surprisingly Katong Shopping is still surviving. Very popular shopping mall in 1970s….now still keeping up with times.
    Lots of maid agencies…good place to find if u r looking for one.

  55. Avatar photo
    Fae Hartini

    very nice

  56. Avatar photo
    Francis Woo

    A bit run down and too many Maid hiring agencies.

  57. Avatar photo
    Yeoh Jo Ern

    mostly helper agencies here, but it is home to good chicken rice and good korean food

  58. Avatar photo
    Maximilian Jackson

    Dodgy as hell! But this place is like a time capsule, nostalgic building of the 70s and 80s. I always wonder what businesses would be put up here. Interesting to walk around. Some pubs on the basement that might be worth visiting. Ample parking.

  59. Avatar photo
    Ettore Palazzi

    If you are looking for cosmetics or anything related to your personal hygiene visit Rey-im at #0153, you cannot go wrong.
    Avoid the Optic shop Western Eyecare Centre at #01-32. Very overpriced!!!!!!

  60. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    It’s an old Cameo of the East … so distinctly
    Filled up with maids agency or tuition centre.
    Choto ma Te, you have an super chicken rice stall that serve Archa, Rojak stall thatz worth eating and a par excellellont yong tau foo.
    Try out amongst the shops, A HK style dessert shop and a must try Cake/pastry shop..Apple Pie.
    Carry on Makan.

  61. Avatar photo
    Clement Pang

    Similar to Beauty World Plaza there are a lot of Domestic Helper Agency. Not a place for teenagers to gather.

  62. Avatar photo
    Eng Wah Lock

    Very old shopping centre. You can visit if want experience what shopping mall is in the seventies and eighties. Mostly maid hiring shop.

  63. Avatar photo
    Wilson Low

    Went to KSC for SmallGiant music school. Awesome teacher and place to learn music from scratch. Teacher was really friendly and patient in teaching.

  64. Avatar photo
    Sean Chew

    Definition of old school cool. Food court on the basement floor is home to one of the better chicken rice stalls in Singapore. Mia manis is located here as well-the only place to get old school sugee cakes and banana pies since CMC closed down (though operating ours can be a little unforgiving). Chinese dessert store is highly recommended, as is the humble scoop (?) with their locally inspired flavours.there are some optometrists here as well. Domestic helper agencies litter the first floor with a karaoke place here as well. Wheelchair friendly (lifts to the centre of the building)

  65. Avatar photo
    A 3

    Small shopping mall with several levels of shops & offices.
    Some food outlets as well.

  66. Avatar photo

    Katong Shopping Centre is a very old building… Unlike in the past where many came here for bowling, shopping and duplicating of songs in tapes. This building is now well known as a place where there are:

    1. many maid agencies for those who wish to have more options prior to hiring a domestic helper

    2. several photocopy shops that students nearby (VJC, St Patrick & etc) came to make copies of study notes at 3 cents each (for black & white)

    3. quite a number of good makan outlets e.g. the famous banana cakes, chicken rice stall and lately (started only in early May 2021), there are a number of new stalls added in the basement food court i.e. one Ipoh Zi Char Stall, one Western Food Stall and one Fried Carrot Cake Stall 🙂

    It will be nice if the building management can put in more effort towards maintenance of the building (re-painting with nicer paint, improve the air ventilation & revamp the toilets).

  67. Avatar photo
    S S Tan

    Here for the chicken rice. Yummy ah char and soup. These are free-flow.

  68. Avatar photo
    Travola SG

    Brings back memories when there lan shop around here and also good chicken rice and cake shop at basement

  69. Avatar photo
    Esther L

    Old school commercial building, ready to enbloc at the right price.
    Office spaces ready for rental at a good price and at the heart of D15.
    Great chicken rice at the basement, must try! Don’t forget the laksa Yong tau fu too! They leave the fried stuff in a different bowl for you.

  70. Avatar photo
    Goh Jacqueline

    If you are looking for photocopier shops, you can find many here. Some are also open on weekends and prices are cheaper than elsewhere. There are also clothing alteration shops, maid agencies, clothing for middle -age women etc

  71. Avatar photo
    Christina Tham

    I only go there for photocopying/printing or book binding. Rates are quite competitive.
    Drop by this mall if you want a taste of 1970s Singapore or relieve some nostalgia.

  72. Avatar photo

    Old shopping centre, has a good snooker and karaoke place. head down to the basement to have their famous chicken rice. lots of maid agencies here as well.

  73. Avatar photo
    Ts Y

    Not much food options and such. Not really a place for leisure.

  74. Avatar photo
    HooiChew Tan

    Hankuk Taekwondo at level 2 right end. Good chicken satay ice at basement floor left end coffees shops. A lot of maid agencies at this old complex.

  75. Avatar photo
    Sushma Jyothi

    Old building full of maid agencies…smelly Aircon..only saving grace is the cheerful Uncle who has a binding shop else would never go there…

  76. Avatar photo
    Aden Lee

    This place is known for having a concentration of maid agencies and xerox facilities. It also house an air conditioned food court which sells a variate of nice local food.

  77. Avatar photo
    Nasvill Pereira

    If you are looking for helpers / MDWs, this is the place to go. Certainly, more than 30 agencies housed in this one place. Rates are almost standard, competitive.

  78. Avatar photo
    Ch Ris

    Many interesting outlets… music schools, Judo Dojo. Despite it being a really old building the toilets are clean and maintained well. Parking lots are a bit narrow though

  79. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Ng

    Varieties of cook food in basement and great choice of maid agencies inside the mall

  80. Avatar photo

    This is a shopping center that is over 40 years old. You can find good food at the basement.

    Apparel shops, photocopy services, tailor, dojo, etc can be found here.

    This is also a place you can find many house maid agencies.

  81. Avatar photo
    Dr. Martin Karnolsky

    If you need to hire a maid there are a lot of agencies, but there is a special shop for fishes and you can buy everything you need for your pets- tank, pump, food and fishes! Really beautiful fishes!!!

  82. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    This shopping centre has been around for long as I can remember. Can’t recall when was the last we visited but it was sure a very, very long time ago. Many maid agencies here, some dining options and like many other neighborhood malls, many children enrichment businesses here too.

    We found a few photocopying and printing businesses and a few hobby shops. There’s even a Teo Heng office up there.

    We also found a new FoodCourt in the basement and as we were gathered will be open for business very soon. We wish them all the best and success to their impending opening and business.

  83. Avatar photo
    Richard Pang

    New food court with a different experience opening soon!

  84. Avatar photo
    Alvin Chong (iron2000)

    Quiet mall filled with maid employment agencies. A few F&B at the lowest floor. Clothing shops and jewelery shops too.

  85. Avatar photo
    Jean Pek

    One stop for maid agencies. I go for the Rojak n Yong tau fu. There’s a shop that sells parallel imports. Quite good prices.

  86. Avatar photo
    Ariel C.

    Nothing much here but the basement food court is good. Chicken rice is fab. Has the potential to have more up and coming stalls locate there to make it a “hipster” destination.

  87. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Tan

    One of the top 5 chicken rice can be found here at the basement

  88. Avatar photo
    Hong Jay Teo

    One of the oldest shopping centre in Singapore. Great chicken rice stall at food court.

  89. Avatar photo
    Lee Joey

    A rather old building, got a lot of massage shops, maid agencies, a few enrichment centre. Recently, there is a new foodcourt. You can find the best banana pie in this shopping mall. Shop is known as Dona Manis.

  90. Avatar photo
    rusty razzi

    …oh…uh…if u need a domestic helper…lots of agencies here…there’s 7-11…a tae kwan do place…I think…a nice and cosy bar (all in the basement)…nice food court…hmm…dats it!!…

  91. Avatar photo
    Chili Pedi

    Very old and monumental shopping centre with maid agencies, a GP clinic, sundries shop, an excellent little food court with great chicken rice, a Teo Heng KTV, jewellery shops.

  92. Avatar photo
    Ginny Toh

    One of the oldest building along this stretch of road as most of the other building have either been rebuilt or upgraded.
    One thing I dislike most about this place is their small car park lots. Other than that, they do have quite a number of jems (food stores)within the building.
    Basement has a coffee shop which has a famous chicken rice store & recently Tuck Kee Son which specialises in Malaysia opened a stall there too. Also in the basement is a famous banana pie store, yet to try it so no review about it.
    A dessert shop used to be located at the basement too but they have moved to the first floor now. Worth a try.
    Other than that, first level is full of maid agency (easier more than 8) second floor, photocopying shops.
    If you are looking for kids performing costumes, there’s a Steve’s Costumes hidden at one of the corner of level two.

  93. Avatar photo
    Sean Ho

    Last few old school shopping centres left in Singapore. Food court at the basement has good food.

  94. Avatar photo
    Adrianus Hary Susiawan

    Visit late at night during Lunar Year celebration.
    Very quiet, mostnof shop closed.

  95. Avatar photo
    Desmond Loh

    Old is gold. One of the most value for money chicken rice is sold here as well.

  96. Avatar photo
    Ronnie Ho

    Lovely lovely must try the wok hei is good

  97. Avatar photo
    P Y (Ahbobo)

    Crowded and crowded during lunchtime. Other times are fine. Not many shops are busy

  98. Avatar photo

    Went for the chicken rice, very tasty and excellent value with moreish complimentary soup and salad. The old fashion feed the people and they will come back, I would.

  99. Avatar photo
    Jo G. (Jonae)

    It’s an old mall. We roamed around and I noticed there are a lot of maid’s employment agency. So maybe if you’re looking for a maid, this is a place to go. We went here to try their famous chicken rice and carrot cake and it’s good. Aside …

  100. Avatar photo
    Peter Dunne

    Too many maid agencies but it does have an excellent hobbyist store and some other interesting shops

  101. Avatar photo
    Safaruan Bin Jamari

    We went there to attend a Malay Wedding. I guessed the venue is actually 2 shop unit converted to a Wedding venue.

  102. Avatar photo
    Enocha Tan

    Lots of little shops, boutiques, mostly family run. Delicious banana tart at Basement 1 cake shop

  103. Avatar photo
    Elisha Lai

    Nothing much. Has an eatery, a nice bakery called Donna Manis, cheap and good karaoke called Teo Heng. Mala is not bad too. That’s all here.

  104. Avatar photo
    Nick Kao

    Came here to try the highly raved Boneless Chicken Rice in their food centre and I was not dissapointed. Took some time to walk around the rustic mall.

    It is reasonably maintained and I get to see many small retailers retailing niche products. It is a nice experience away from the other major malls where you mostly see the major brands on show.

    The upper levels mostly consists of maid agencies. It is a good place if you are lookong for domestic workers where you can compare the price and services of the various shops.

    Overall, it is like a throwback of the malls from the 90s, where the glitter and glamour is absent, but the touch of nostalgic is ever present.

  105. Avatar photo
    Loc Kee

    Very old shopping complex, mainly occupied by maid agencies. There’s a chicken rice stall in the food court, said to be very popular, but always with a long queue

  106. Avatar photo
    Joan Guyll

    Great place to print stuff. Good chicken rice n duck rice in Basement

  107. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    Grand old dame of Katong after Tay
    Ban Guan. Fantastic chicken rice stall at basement and an outstanding cake
    Stall which die die die must Carry on makan. …

  108. Avatar photo
    Dan Lau

    Best place to be at if you are looking for a domestic helper.. nothing much other than that.

  109. Avatar photo
    Zayden Teo

    Old mall with many maid agencies but also has my favourite chicken rice stall located at the basement

  110. Avatar photo
    Tanmoy Chakraborty

    A traditional old school shopping center! Many useful and affordable stores

  111. Avatar photo
    Desmond Koh

    The top 10 in singapore n been eating it since I’m 16!

  112. Avatar photo
    Pui Yee Lee

    Small limited choice of goods

  113. Avatar photo
    Jovan Ong

    Not a bad place
    I attend the taekwondo sch here
    Great place to learn ^
    There’s many maid agencys here so it’s a GD place to find a maid
    The food court serves gd food too
    Other than these, not many more facilities since it’s an old mall
    Hopefully it’ll improve over time

  114. Avatar photo
    Gspot Keys

    A very old building that has seen better days. The food court & outdoor eating place has a good variety of delicious dishes. Claypot & chicken rice are some of the top choices here. But don’t forget the rojak & kway chap as well.

  115. Avatar photo
    Pretty Ang

    Very famous boneless chix rice; 90 yesr old master in cake making… Perakan traditional clothing, slippers, etc oh, ya. Many maid agencies!!

  116. Avatar photo
    Stanley Wong

    Went there to fix my jewellery with my jeweller at Basement 1 Diamond Gallery located near the escalator. Great service, can fix any gold related items at reasonable price.

  117. Avatar photo

    The building has a 90s feel to it. Truly a gem in today’s modern era …

  118. Avatar photo
    Shyvonne Lee

    It’s a pretty old and looks a bit run downed place. There are a number of restaurants and 2 food courts as well as a number of agencies. There’s also a judo center which has quite a lot of students.

    I would recommend going to the new food court as it is air-conditioned, quite clean and has lots of food varieties compared to the old food court.

  119. Avatar photo
    Amol Gupta

    Small plaza. Very few places to buy things. But have small shops for eating and drinking.

  120. Avatar photo
    Ivan Hoe

    Delicious slim meat ma la fried rice @ Ma La Xiang Guo, B1, outside stall K130 – 26/1/17

  121. Avatar photo
    Tengku Abdullah

    Its one of the oldest shopping mall. If you are looking for a house helper many maid agencies there.

  122. Avatar photo
    J K

    Delicious boneless chicken rice. Been having it for almost 30 years. Still yums. Best in singapore, imo. Can ask for breast meat for less sinful indulgence. Don’t worry, their breast meat is still plenty tender.

  123. Avatar photo
    Ariane Lee

    A.k.a. domestic help employment agencies… so much selection there …

  124. Avatar photo
    kokliang lee

    This is the oldest shopping centre. Nothing much unless you are going for bowling, looking for a maid, playing billard, photocopying in bulk or buying a karaoke set.

  125. Avatar photo
    Alyx Gilcrist

    Katong Shopping Centre, leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to hire a maid, this is the right place. The food in the food court on the basement level, is all that Katong Shopping Centre really has going for it. The bathrooms on the public levels are also not kept up the the standard I am so used to seeing in Singapore. The range of stores is quite large, from a computer repair store to a haunted collectibles store. However the building itself is really run down. Most of the stores I mentioned earlier are closed most of the day. There really isn’t much going on there. If you aren’t going there for work, I wouldn’t recommend going at all.

  126. Avatar photo
    Wong Richard

    Not a common shopping mall but you can get maid replacement, a good doctor who cares for His patients and some shops selling fabrics

  127. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    Wow.. This mall is really really old and most shop is closed, few still open facing the main road and inside the mall.

  128. Avatar photo
    Robert Smith

    Pretty good mall, has everything i really need in this area

  129. Avatar photo
    Joseph Loh

    Old school shopping mall with fair bit of merchandise and good place for food, the famous chicken rice, yong tau fu and more..

  130. Avatar photo
    Ben Gan

    One of my favourite chicken rice stores in Singapore. Generous portions of tender chicken with a flavourful rice. If you like pate, try the chicken liver. The soup is free and there are usually two types: cabbage or peanut and lotus root. Achar is free and this is also a really nice addition to the meal

  131. Avatar photo
    lim yong

    A place where all the helper agency around
    Nothing great. But a special shop where can buy daily goods like shampoo body the price is very very reasonable.

  132. Avatar photo
    Shyvonne Lee

    It’s a pretty old and looks a bit run downed place. There are a number of restaurants and 2 food courts as well as a number of agencies. There’s also a judo center which has quite a lot of students.

    I would recommend going to the new food court as it is air-conditioned, quite clean and has lots of food varieties compared to the old food court.

  133. Avatar photo
    Kynx Loh

    Ample parking lots but not much shopping retail shops which mostly are maid agencies

  134. Avatar photo
    Xaver Gramkow

    This shopping center is filled with employment agencies. If you need a job, this is the place to start.

  135. Avatar photo
    Peter Bone

    Only went there for lunch.
    Most shops with very few or no customers. Ambience is poor.

  136. Avatar photo
    tim ng

    One of the best place to employ a domestic helper. Numerous agencies to choose from. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit the famous chicken rice @B1 or the home of Teo Heng (karaoke chain).

  137. Avatar photo
    Kaveetha Sherilyn

    Staffs are very polite and accomadating to customer needs. Staff BB ang was very helpful.

  138. Avatar photo
    Mage Lim

    Now got one more food court

  139. Avatar photo
    Tan Ray

    Built in 70s and no longer that vibrant. Old shopping mall that used to have football club with snooker and arcade machines

  140. Avatar photo
    Butler Butler

    Don’t judge a book by its cover. It applies to ‘Don’t judge a old shopping mall’ by it outlooks. You name it they have it from famous chicken rice, homemade bakery, entertainment, Bristol bar, clinic, collectors hobby store, books store, tailored shop, desserts store, photo copier shop & find out more

  141. Avatar photo

    Please try the Avacado juice in basement hawker centre, KSC is mostly famous for it’s manpower agencies

  142. Avatar photo
    Nicole Dinh

    Nice view …

  143. Avatar photo
    kong koh

    The prefect maid agency paradise on the first floor…
    The perfect photocopier paradise on the second floor..
    A chicken rice paradise at the basement…
    An an odd music school and tekwondo school here and there…

  144. Avatar photo
    Toh Samuel

    The basement chicken rice shop is one of the best kept secrets in katong. Very delicious. Very generous with their helping and soup.

  145. Avatar photo
    nino osman

    Plenty of maids services agency. Especially the 2nd floor where there is one lady wearing the ‘tudung’ she gives excellent service. She will provide you with honest service.

  146. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chua

    Katong Shopping Centre is lacking a few tenants that would make the place fantastic. Though it still holds the same old-school nostalgic charm it did 20-odd years ago…

  147. Avatar photo
    Hux Siah

    This is an old shopping centre stuck in time. Love the nostalgic feel inside. Lots of maid agencies here. The basement houses a food court and some eateries. The chicken rice stall at the food court is very popular

  148. Avatar photo
    Kumaran Pillai

    Very old and run down mall. But, the Chicken Rice is really good and yummy!

  149. Avatar photo
    weiliang lien

    Currently only go there for teo heng. Know there are many maid agency and musical instruments stores around. Never really tried any food except the famous chicken rice. Slightly above avg for me though but will not crave for it

  150. Avatar photo
    Mark Hill

    best chicken rice in singapore…but check out the “Ghostbuster” shop… oh if you need to service your Rolex..go to the top floor…excellent service..

  151. Avatar photo
    Cecil Tan

    A place where many maids agency are available .There is the famous chicken rice stall that seems to attract many with free soup n a achar n many other stalls , a zhu char stall also available day n night , Their cooking good n reasonable .Beer also serve there with bottles of Wine n this dessert shop that sells traditional dessert like red bean soup , green bean soup , peanuts soup with gultinous ball n many other kinds hot n cold during the day n evening.An ice cream parlour to cool u off n dresses n jewellery shop for repair n purchases.

  152. Avatar photo
    Carlos A-Barnes

    Very old. Nothing remarkable. Downstairs there is food court, the food is not bad but is always very busy.

  153. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Salleh Hussain

    This was one shopping mall that I used to visit during my school days back in 1971& 1972. There were many things that we used to get from here and it brings back those nostalgic moments. Now it seems that this mall is monopolised by maid agencies but apart from that you’re still able to see some small eateries and clothing shops. I was here for a massage at Bodicare Message. Had a good massage and I feel very refreshed now. The masseur recommended acupuncture before the actual massage and it had really improved the strains that I’ve been feeling over the past few days. On the whole, this mall is still good for a decent shopping even though it isn’t like it what it used to be – you are able to shop with ease without the rush as you can see in all other shopping malls. 😉

  154. Avatar photo
    Richard Webster

    Old school shopping centre with a vast selection of maid agencies & curiosity shops. Surprisingly decent selection of food options considering the size of the centre.

  155. Avatar photo
    A Lim

    We had no choice to order from this outside stall becoz the food centre was totally full. It tasted OK but a bit expensive.

  156. Avatar photo

    Maid agencies concentrated there

  157. Avatar photo
    Ping-Nee Oh

    Depends on what u are looking for. This is a very old shopping center, so set your expectations right. Good place for casual dinning and looking for maid agency. We usually go there for the food. The chicken rice in the food court is a must try. We also like the zichar stall located just outside the building. Sometimes, we head to the dessert shop for local desserts after dinner.

  158. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    This shopping centre has been around for long as I can remember. Can’t recall when was the last we visited but it was sure a very, very long time ago. Many maid agencies here, some dining options and like many other neighborhood malls, many children enrichment businesses here too.

    We found a few photocopying and printing businesses and a few hobby shops. There’s even a Teo Heng office up there.

    We also found a new FoodCourt in the basement and as we were gathered will be open for business very soon. We wish them all the best and success to their impending opening and business.

  159. Avatar photo
    Danny Too

    A little run down but you can still basically get what you need here. On the physical aspect of the building, it needs to be refurnished for sure.

  160. Avatar photo
    William Tan

    Katong Shopping Centre is a shopping centre located along Mountbatten Road in Singapore. Established in 1971 and opened to the public in 1973, it was the first air-conditioned mall in Singapore.

  161. Avatar photo
    Gaddie Rico

    if you want to get foreign domestic worker, katong is the right place!

  162. Avatar photo
    Sean Yeo

    One of the iconic buildings in Katong area. Mainly maid agencies. There are few good spectacle shops at the basement, and good eateries like Miki and chicken rice store. Also to mention a cake shop at basement that sells yummy banana pies.

  163. Avatar photo
    David Lee

    Old shopping centre with traditional food offerings at basement.

  164. Avatar photo
    Tenesee Haokip

    Good place and nice food to try out

  165. Avatar photo
    meg di

    Old fashioned area! Nostalgic place! Food is good!!

  166. Avatar photo
    Cecilia D'Mello

    Good place for gemstone jewellery, clothes and shoes, gents tailor and alterations, fabrics and assorted cut pieces and household electronics.

  167. Avatar photo
    Denis Ang

    Alot of helpers camping inside the toilet. …

  168. Avatar photo
    Stanley Lim

    One of the oldest shopping centres in Singapore
    Came here in my teens 30+ years ago to play arcade games and photocopy books and notes. The photocopy shops are still here. Now also houses many maid agencies. Has an Airfix shop if you are an enthusiast.

  169. Avatar photo
    Melissa Eisner

    Fine little mall … Mostly for maid services but there are some eatery options as well.

  170. Avatar photo
    Ian Wilde

    A very old Singapore mall, the rest of Katong is very upmarket and sexy! It’s where you go if you want a house maid. Very good massage place in the basement near 7/11 …

  171. Avatar photo
    Wayne S

    As Singapore’s first mall with central air-conditioning – it has certainly seen better (And busier) days.

    I remember it for being a place filled with software and computer hardware shops in the heady techie days of 3.5 inch floppy disks and 16-bit graphics.

    These days, owing to its strata-titled constitution, it is filled with a variety of shops from Peranakan antique sellers, seamstresses, domestic helper agents, and even a martial arts dojo – all wrapped in a sleepy coastal village atmosphere.

    On the upside, the food choices still harken back to the good old days – Dona Manis, a cake shop located in the basement serves excellent baked goods and the cream horns are simple in composition and straightforward in its pleasure.

    The chicken rice in the food court located at the west end of the building is also a special delight.

  172. Avatar photo

    Basement has good food especially the chicken rice . Place might be old but has opened a few more f&b which are quite good for late night grabs . Still love the chicken rice the best !!

  173. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    One of the earliest shopping centre. Now a little dated but it still attracts people here perhaps because of the food prepared by expert cooks that developed their own uniqueness over the years. It has a basement street.

  174. Avatar photo
    alan chia

    Came here fir lunch, parking is expensive and small

  175. Avatar photo
    HarnHua Ng

    Perhaps it’s the nostalgic vibe that this 1970s first air-conditioned mall in Singapore gives, but I hope Katong Shopping Centre stays for a while more as it is now.
    The only thing I hope to change is how the domestic helper agencies parade their clients (the helpers) like meat for sale aka modern-day slavery though.
    Apart from this, there are nice eateries like the traditional Hainanese bakery (butter buns, cheese buns, banana and coconut pies yay) at B1, the foodcourt, the traditional Chinese dessert place also at B1, the pet aquarium shop on the same row as the ghostbuster/exorcist (check out the eerie photos out front), etc.

  176. Avatar photo
    Kaye Lin

    Old and dated shopping centre that may be torn down in the next 10 years. As of now, people usually go to the basement for famous chicken rice (not bad, but not that great or something to rave about). I go here to print posters and they have photocopy shops here too. They have many maid agencies inside, some massage/spa shops, and a small light shop.

  177. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chan Elvis

    A shopping centre with foods outlets and even ktv rooms for you to relax and belt out your favourite songs.

  178. Avatar photo
    Din Neo

    Old shopping mall. Lots of maid agencies, hair salon and so on.

  179. Avatar photo

    A variety of little shops. The local food court is crowded during lunch. ..serves local food but ambience could have been better if the tables are cleared & cleaned fast enough for new diners

  180. Avatar photo
    Kay Wi

    Earliest mall in SG with air conditioning I think. More than 40 years old and still looking good. Not many things… seems like mainly maid employment shops and eateries etc., but not bad.

  181. Avatar photo
    woelly william

    Very old building with majority of the tenants are maid agencies

  182. Avatar photo
    Matthew Shia

    Kind of old and rustic now, but awesome place for Katong Chicken Rice (that is not boneless) and karaoke at Teoheng ! Not to mention the newly opened professional Pool place

  183. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Sim

    Legacy mall and still has its vibes. Teo Heng test studio is there.

  184. Avatar photo

    There is a great printing shop on the second level, called “Apple dot”, the owners are kind and they know what they are doing, the prices are very reasonable and the printing quality is crystal clear. The shop is situated at #02-93

  185. Avatar photo
    Rosli Atan

    Carpark space very narrow for big and luxury car

  186. Avatar photo
    Edmund Tan

    Ageing. Mostly maid agencies, and food outlets. There is a great toy hobby store on Level 2.

  187. Avatar photo
    Jenny Wu

    Great desserts!!! Thumbs up for the Chendol(fine ice and fragrant gula malaka) and smooth creamy Almond Cream .!

  188. Avatar photo
    Stanley Wong

    Must check out this shop Diamond Gallery at #B1-97. You can custom made and repair your jewellery.

  189. Avatar photo
    Matthew Khng

    Rustic mall which has seen better days, but most of the old shops which have made it famous are still around. Worth a visit from time to time for nostalgia’s sake.

  190. Avatar photo

    Basement banana pie and chocolate tart is to die for

  191. Avatar photo
    Candis Yeo

    Really old building and the carpark is designed for much smaller cars in the ’80s. The carpark is a challenge one has to conquer to get to one of the BEST CHICKEN RICE stalls in Singapore at the basement. You won’t miss it – there will be a snaking queue occupying almost half the coffeeshop during the lunch hour. While you are there, do look out for a lovely bakery on the same level named Donna Manis that is being run by a trio of elderly folks. Their banana pies are HEAVENLY!

  192. Avatar photo
    Faisal Lynn

    Good service and fast loan approved

  193. Avatar photo
    Peggy Tanaka

    Great food court at the basement. The chicken rice stall gives free soup differ everyday and Anchar which acts as appetiser to the delicious meal. Expect long queue during peak hours. Also the yang tou foo who sells Rojak taste good.
    On second level many photocopy shop. A place to get exam papers from primary to jc as practice papers for exam.
    At 1st level reyim a shop where toiletries, frangances and so on can be bought at lower prices

  194. Avatar photo
    Dennis Huang

    Many maid agency here. No lack of comparison. Famous chicken Rice yum yum at B1 cafe.
    Want to shop? Not a good location, for food and services only.

  195. Avatar photo

    Old shopping centre with many maid agencies. There are some nice eateries and a fabulous desert shop at the basement.

  196. Avatar photo
    Susheem Dubey

    Its an old shopping centre located in Katong area. Mainly it is a Hub for Foreign domestic worker placement agencies. one can visit here for photocopy, lamination, spiral binding etc.. If u like chickrn rice one famous shop is here n some other shops. Well connected located on bus stop so can be explored easily. Overall nice place to cater local needs

  197. Avatar photo
    Vincent Lim

    A very old shopping centre that has many maid agencies. At the food court downstairs there are quite a number of eateries that serve mainly local cuisine that are very popular amongst the residents staying around. The shopping mall will be torn down soon to make way for new development.

  198. Avatar photo
    Samuel Tay

    Went to patronise The Humble Scoop which serves good ice cream

  199. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Tan

    One stop for maid agencies. Some also come here for affordable printing of notes.

    I usually come here for Teo Heng Karaoke and the nice chicken rice stall at the basement food court. Not a mall for window/casual shopping, but one that you come to generally with a purpose in mind.

  200. Avatar photo
    Girlie Gorgonio

    First try eating in basement food court..i love it…

  201. Avatar photo
    Melissa LovesIceCream

    Old building but still lively with eclectic shops for food, optical, domestic help, clothing etc

  202. Avatar photo
    Elango B

    Close access to bus stops and only one entry and exit point. Mostly occupied by maid agencies.

  203. Avatar photo
    Sanath Roy

    The mall is full maid employment agencies
    The cosmetic shop on level 1 and photpcopy shops on level 2 are my main interest

  204. Avatar photo
    nahnah poh

    You can only be here for either hiring of domestic worker or for the chicken rice … but the ytf is actually great too

  205. Avatar photo
    Ruokai Xu

    Quite old tho, dont try shopping. Go there for the banana pie n food downstairs

  206. Avatar photo
    Piyush Mehta

    Old shopping center has many little local businesses.. went to get cards printed from a printer

  207. Avatar photo
    Lily Tan

    Most of the maid agency in this building

  208. Avatar photo
    Luca Bolatti Guzzo

    Very much run down. A gem in the basement food court : Delicious Boneless Chicken a chicken rice joint absolutely worth the 5.50 dollars they are charging!

  209. Avatar photo
    Benny Tan

    A really old mall, but which has a surprising good mix of shops covering employment agencies, music stores, food places and sports clubs.

  210. Avatar photo
    Catherine Espares

    Ideal place to look for a maids agency.
    This place also has a KTV BAR that are cheap but the crew are approachable, nice and smiling face.. On the first floor you can find a dendal clinic.. A barber shop.. Coffee shop.. And in second fllor there is karate room for children who wants to learn special about it..You can find the parking lot in 4th level.

  211. Avatar photo
    Chiu chu Ong (Maria)

    Still a good place to shop if you know what you want and at a good price. Parking is challenging – tight.

  212. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Tng

    Katong Shopping Centre has great gems for foodies, head to the basement food court. The chicken rice is great.

  213. Avatar photo
    ਬਾਬਾਕੂਲ ਸਿੰਘ Babacool

    Same old shopping centre have seen good days

  214. Avatar photo
    Marni Fetalvero,

    We came here for the chicken rice and it was good. I enjoyed our meal here.

  215. Avatar photo
    Lloyd Sng (Lloyd)

    Very old mall with crappy car park (tiny lots, pillar in the lots, tight turns). Loads of maid agency and a couple of popular eateries.

  216. Avatar photo
    Zenry Goh

    Many printing and maid agencies located here. Convenient for people looking for these services.

  217. Avatar photo
    Alan KKeong Low

    Many old shops selling thingy that other new shopping centre doesnt sell. Tatoo shop, saloon, dessert little shop, fashion, maid agencies flooding level 2, 3 house the Association of Singapore Billiard & Pool game. Basement got good hawker stall in single coffeeshop & delicious old shop selling banana pie & cake

  218. Avatar photo
    richard cheong

    Famous for chicken rice at the basement. The store offer unlimited acha and soup. There is a ship round tht corner that sells curry fish head, it’s awesome. Worth a try

  219. Avatar photo
    ਬਾਬਕੂਲ ਸਿੰਘ

    Same good old shopping centre & still very expensive

  220. Avatar photo
    David Leo

    Not exactly a mall for hanging out. But it’s got a treasure trove of food. From Dona manis pies to the chicken rice in the basement. You have to come here to try out these places. Other wise the place is mainly filled with domestic helper agencies and other less modern shopping centre tenents.

  221. Avatar photo
    momo my

    Delicious boneless chicken rice goes well with the soup but not halal luckily i’m OK with that

  222. Avatar photo
    Richard Low

    This Shopping mall is locate at East Coast Road ️, opposite side is the private condominium facing the seaview of East Coast Park. Basically, this Shopping mall have many domestic helpers agencies at the 2nd & 3rd level of the building together with other services such as private musical learning center and photocopy services. This Mall has diminished its vibrancy after many years of generations. Katong Mall nearby has replaced this Mall with better, innovative & attractive services to catch the attention of the shoppers.

  223. Avatar photo
    Namdev Sachathep

    Half decent mall in the middle of the east. Lots of shops for hiring a maid.

    The star of this particular mall is the basement delicious boneless chicken rice. A must try for any chicken rice lover!

  224. Avatar photo
    Rita Kathleen Yong

    At the basement of katong shopping centre there is a small aircon foodcourt. Inside there is a yong tau fu store which has been atound for a veru long time. The variety is massive n the soup is heavenly. If u r a food critic u will be able to taste that their sweet sauce n chilli sauce is different n.pretty addictive too!
    They sell traditionalyong tau food & laksa too. They also sell rojak @ $3!
    I have been eating in this stall for easily 2 over decades n they r still growing strong.

  225. Avatar photo
    Ricky Seah

    I came here specially for the chicken rice. The rice here is very tasty except the chicken is a bit over cooked, the beansprouts have some salted fish bits over it and the gizzards are very clean too. They served us with free corn pork ribs soup and a char as well. Give it a thump up.

  226. Avatar photo

    Though old, it is still gold. Amazing variety of food and there is a shop, the humble scoop best ice cream I’ve had and for a cheap price

  227. Avatar photo
    iOl eNeGuE

    An old shopping centre with lots of domestic helper agencies. Parking lots are very narrow. I only go there for the delicious chicken rice at the B1 food court and ice cream at My Humble Scoop.

  228. Avatar photo
    Venkat Chandramoleshwar

    I go here mainly for printing and copying services. They also make business cards, book marks and such here. Lot of maid services but I haven’t used them

  229. Avatar photo
    Ibrahim Roszini

    4 stars is due to it being one of those nostalgic places where I used to hang out at growing up.
    it has now turned into a maid agency plaza of sorts and the only other significant tenant there is Teo Heng KTV.
    Other than that, would find no reason to go to this building unless parking is crowded at Katong I12.

  230. Avatar photo
    Velonica Von

    Try the delicious boneless chicken rice. My benchmark for chicken rice.

    Update: finally featured on food king. Be ready to be disappointed as they will probably sold out early now.

  231. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Wong

    Thou the place is a tad old but it’s a one stop place for maid agencies and the home of delicious chicken rice at B1

  232. Avatar photo

    The car park is terrible and super narrow. But there are some few gem of shops in this building. The coffeeshop on the ground floor has great chicken rice and yongtaufoo.

  233. Avatar photo
    Vijay Nair

    Babu’s place.
    Great cafe with awesome owners,staff andvery affordable alcohol prices and their food is good too especially their chicken curry with french loaves.

  234. Avatar photo
    Vin Kumar

    Whilst the Chicken Rice and its home grown versions prepared by the helpers (FDW) form the bulk of its trade, it is still a very useful place which should continue to evolve until the reconstruction is due!

  235. Avatar photo
    h y

    Only the food and maid agencies seem to be doing well. The rest look pretty run down by today’s standards. Still shop here for deals on hair and skin products though. Hope someone can freshen this former orient gem of the east!

  236. Avatar photo
    Audrey Foo

    Lots of maid agency.
    B1 got nice food- the chicken rice & zichar stall. Also have yummy old banana pie.

  237. Avatar photo
    Jo G. (Jonae)

    It’s an old mall. We roamed around and I noticed there are a lot of maid’s employment agency. So maybe if you’re looking for a maid, this is a place to go. We went here to try their famous chicken rice and carrot cake and it’s good. Aside from the food, i don’t know what else to try here. Oh! there’s a tailor, a boutique, a dental surgery clinic, antique house, calligraphy store and salon. That’s all I noticed.

  238. Avatar photo
    Eli NOer

    Chicken rice and young tofu quite famous here

  239. Avatar photo
    Gerald L

    Old shopping centre that has good food at the basement and a famous family ktv! Other than that, this place is filled with maid agencies!!

  240. Avatar photo
    aaron babu

    A visitor might not find much to explore in this mall..

  241. Avatar photo
    Aik Hong Tan

    Nice food such as laksa, wanton noodles, western.

  242. Avatar photo
    Joey Tan

    old shopping centre with many maid agencies. would not go there unless i wanna eat the boneless chicken rice or look for a maid.

  243. Avatar photo
    joice Lim

    It’s nice to have a modern shopping mall (consider the largest in the vicinity of traditional old shop houses with many traditional multi generation food) facilities including movie, aircon shopping, clean toilet, cafe etc.

  244. Avatar photo
    Andy Hu

    Not much good shops here, most of them are maid agencies. Basically, the only shop that is useful is the clinic (Chan Family Clinic). Always go there for medicine.

  245. Avatar photo
    W. Hormchant

    went there for the famous Dona Manis banana pies and hainanese chicken rice in the food court …

  246. Avatar photo
    Paul McGhee

    We love to buy the banana pie (available Saturdays only) from the bakery in the basement. Now not so convenient since we moved away from Joo Chiat, but always worth the visit when in the Katong area

  247. Avatar photo
    Haritika Chhatwal

    It’s a place you can go if you need a helper
    Lots of Maid Placement Agencies offering services

  248. Avatar photo
    Thena Garan

    Able to get food court, photocopy cheaper price…

  249. Avatar photo
    Maycia Hong

    Inner Hair salon, great hairdresser and service.

  250. Avatar photo
    Samson Luk

    Lots of shops but only here because of the shop “Delicious Boneless Chicken”. If you have expectations on shopping, just across the road to 113 shopping centre instead.

  251. Avatar photo
    Daniel Tan

    Pretty well maintained for the oldest air-conditioned mall in Singapore. Most of it’s patrons are here for the delicious chicken rice served at a restaurant in the basement.

  252. Avatar photo
    imas karina2

    Old shopping with many maids agency

  253. Avatar photo
    Jerry Tan

    Plenty of maid agencies if that’s what you’re looking for. The downstairs food court has some amazing food

  254. Avatar photo
    Han Sin Chia

    Old place. But popular chicken rice and good ipoh food at food court

  255. Avatar photo
    George Copley

    I live in Western Australia, but lived in Singapore from 1971 to 1973 I used to live in Eastern Mansions in Jalan Ketchil in Katong when I was stationed in Singapore with the Australian army. My wife and I used to shop there all the time, it was a new shopping centre then, we both went back to Singapore in June 2017 and was sad to see the state of the building now, but we still enjoyed having a meal in the food court in the basement the food was very good

  256. Avatar photo

    Nice place for maid agency

  257. Avatar photo
    T. Koh

    Good food in basement. Malaysian hokkien mee of high quality

  258. Avatar photo
    Sushila Upadhya

    Tis place was good. I stayed for 50yrs.. Lots of memories.. Missing a lot… Will definitely go and visit. Food also good

  259. Avatar photo
    Lansell Taudevin

    Singapore oldest… And looks it. Now only for printers and maids. Good food court in the basement.

  260. Avatar photo
    Jun Rong Chang

    Would like to commend SSO Jumat from Elitez Security for his initiative and kind understanding.

    I visited the mall but was unable to find a bicycle rack to lock my bike to. SSO Jumat kindly walked with me to a nearby rail and helped me watch over my bike while I ran in and grabbed what I needed as fast as possible. I appreciate his kind gesture, initiative and innovation in the absence of a bicycle rack. I hope that his superiors recognise his effort.

    To the management: would be great if you could have a bicycle rack with CCTV security.

  261. Avatar photo
    neo wj

    Able to turn into the pickup point from Haig Road. Old shopping center, mostly maid employment agencies, tuition centers and food stalls. Tuition centers caters to schools in the vicinity as extra curriculum classes. Interesting of such tuition center is Flipside Education, where the center provides desktop and proprietary educational video contents. Food stalls include a Chinese Mala Hotpot stall at Level 1 and a stall serving stirred fried dishes next to it.

  262. Avatar photo
    Justin Quah

    Delicious fried Mee choices. However, the single serving per plate is a little too small a portion in comparison with the price stated.

  263. Avatar photo
    Marcus Tang

    One of the oldest shopping centres in Singapore. A lot of maid agencies and mix of retail shops. At the basement, there is food court that has a very popular chicken rice stall.

  264. Avatar photo
    Hoon SzeSiang

    nice food centre at B1. the chicken rice is one of the best. i think it was voted top 2 in Class 95FM.
    Parking is very difficult to find as well as to park. the parking lots are very narrow too.

  265. Avatar photo
    Keith Simon

    A great mall with many upmarket food options, no $4 noodle deals but OK for variety

  266. Avatar photo
    Ben Hiew

    There’s a terrifyingly delicious chicken rice located at the basement. For karaoke lovers, teoheng is here too

  267. Avatar photo
    Keith Moss

    Great place if you’re looking for a new maid. Tons of maid agencies. Other than that, there is a really famous confectionary in B1 Dona Ma is Cake Shop. The chicken rice at the food court is also really nice, and the restaurant/beer-garden on the outside B1 is also very good.

  268. Avatar photo
    Lay Hwa Cathie Chew

    Very old building. Only 1 food court and most stalls closed on Monday when I came to eat. Ban mian was one of the stalls I patronised. Seller is friendly but food is lousy. Mian all stick together.

  269. Avatar photo

    Chicken rice! Very nice owners running the place. Free flow soup and achar. With chicken rice so good, they didn’t have to, but they do. …

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