Review Junction 8, 9 Bishan Pl, Singapore

Review Junction 8 - Singapore 9 Bishan Pl

“Small in comparison to other malls, but there’s a nice selection of restaurants. Images shot on a Canon IXUS 500 from 2004.” or “Best shopping mall, inside Bishan MRT. Many branded stores there as well as many food cafeteria there.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Junction 8. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Junction 8 is quality.

Introduction about Junction 8

Here are some fundamental details regarding Junction 8. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Junction 8is one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 9 Bishan Pl, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 63542955 (+65 63542955)
  • Website:
  • Address: 9 Bishan Pl, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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You can reach Junction 8 at 63542955(+65 63542955). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


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Junction 8 reviews

Junction 8 is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Junction 8 good?

To determine whether Junction 8 is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Best shopping mall, inside Bishan MRT. Many branded stores there as well as many food cafeteria there.”

“So many varieties of food there. Many interesting places to de stress. Very fun and enjoyable. The shops there are good too, can buy almost whatever you want. Would recommend going there to eat, shop and play.”

“So many stores inside Junction 8. The layout of the mall kinda confusing though. Good place for meet ups as there are a lot of restaurants in the mall.”

“Great. 2nd floor linkway is open. Do note theres construction at the top floor car park”

“A complete suburban mall that has everything you'd need. Food places, small and large. A great supermarket, enough clothing stores, banks and much much more”

“Mall is at the hub of Bishan. It is normally bustling with human traffic. Shop and food choices are abundant.”

“Convenient location with 2 MRT lines. North/South line and Circle line. Has most of the shops as with other malls, ntuc to fast food to restaurants and shopping”

“High foot traffic neighborhood mall that has a supermarket, food court, and movie house. Recently changing merchants and has a good selection of restaurants - more recently a Shake Shack!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 217 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 86% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Junction 8, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Junction 8, 9 Bishan Pl, Singapore

There is a total 217 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    k k yeo

    Multiple shops of varieties to cater to different age group. Food stalls and restaurants abundant and a few changes recently. The food court at the top level abit on the expensive side while the basement serves variety of individual food stalls cater to majority. Enjoyable place to past time.

  2. Avatar photo

    Junction 8 (J8) is a place I grew up in. It has many places of food and beverage which are great for family with children.

    There’s many little bakery and snacks shops at B1 for you to choose from.

    Starbucks and coffee bean (24 hour) are good cafes for one to hang out.

    The Fair price is consider huge at the basement for grocery shopping.

    I also enjoy watching movie in the cinema in J8.

    For shopping, there’s sketches, pazzion, jewelry shops and many other apparels.

    It also has a big Popular store. There’s Christofori music school.

    It’s located directly outside Bishan mrt.

    Last but not least, it’s a Capitaland mall.


  3. Avatar photo

    Large shopping mall that should have almost anything you are looking for.

  4. Avatar photo

    It’s pretty crowded before the pandemic, even now a lot stores are filled with people but there are decent places to eat, not much to shop though.

  5. Avatar photo
    Enrique Montes

    Very accessible to commuters. Thank you …

  6. Avatar photo
    Yan Ling Lim

    Mall is at the hub of Bishan. It is normally bustling with human traffic. Shop and food choices are abundant.

  7. Avatar photo

    Rather small mall…usual eateries and shops like any other heartland malls.

  8. Avatar photo
    Todoroki Shoto

    bought koi here, nice mall with lots of stuff

  9. Avatar photo
    Sock Lip Lim

    J8 is evolving, getting better and better. Grub and Shake shack are the recent addition. Now, Uniqlo is coming in Dec 2022.

  10. Avatar photo

    Mall r gd n convenience but lack of man formal wear outlet.

  11. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ling

    Very convenient shopping mall with wide variety of stops

  12. Avatar photo
    Isabelle Athena

    It’s a mall. Like many other malls in Singapore

  13. Avatar photo

    10/2022- new slate of eateries on levels 1 (facing the mrt) and level 2 (facing the singtel shop).
    EDIT Dec16- Parking charges changed from Jan 2017.
    Original review- Very central heartland mall. Near recreation (Bishan parks, swimming pool), entertaniment (cinema- L4, games shops L4), shopping & amenities (ntuc B1), food, parking (B2, L1), services (library, CPF, HDB branch office, CC, phone shops L2), transport (of course; and 2 major MRT lines, no less!), schools.

  14. Avatar photo
    Freddie Kee

    Many shops and food outlets. Fairprice supermarket at B1. Library and CPF is nearby. Starbucks is outside J8 at the CC nearby.
    Popular Kim San Leng coffee shop nearby. More varieties of food at S11 coffee shop nearby.

  15. Avatar photo
    Gladys Teo Le Ya

    Convenient mall, accessible with good food

  16. Avatar photo
    T S

    The Chinese owner of the push cart stall directly opposite OCBC at level 2 was very rude and didn’t know how to do business. I was there browsing through her display of clothes and she approached me with very aggressive and pushy tone. I felt uncomfortable with her and decided not to purchase. She then insulted me and implied that I was wasting her time. What a way to do business! She really needs to learn more about customer service.

  17. Avatar photo
    Danny Goh

    Good place to shop n eat.
    Go during offpeak to enjoy the place.
    Can get most items needed n price reasonable with some items cheaper than outside at heartlands

  18. Avatar photo
    kwee mee

    Yesis good to shopping here. A lot of shops. U can get what u want n price are reasonable. A lot of food stalls at B2. But very crewed …

  19. Avatar photo
    san cheow ho

    Dangerous place to be at when they still allow bycicles and mobility devices free to weave in and out of the crowd, especially at the exit / entrance to the mrt station. Hope the management will seriously look into this before any nasty …

  20. Avatar photo

    Nice shopping centre with NTUC as anchor tenant. Intergrated station terminal for bus & MRT. Convenient, cheap, reliable & timely transport. Plenty of shop offerings to major fast food

  21. Avatar photo
    Michael Pereira

    Fav mall! Grew up around the area, visiting it for 26 years now and still love the new shops and others that I’ve patronized for years!

  22. Avatar photo
    K C

    Junction8 or J8 as most people call it, has literally grown over the years. From expansions of annexes to more retail choices, J8 has indeed provided more than adequately to the many varied needs of its visitors. However, do not expect top notch fashion houses nor fine dining, it is after all a humble neighbourhood shopping mall. The recent addition of Shake Shack gives a glimmer of hope though.

  23. Avatar photo
    horace loei

    It’s situated ideally for everyone to reach it. Books store and appliances etc stores are well position with much variety of products display over there. Cinemas are available too. Foods courts come with variety of foods and drinks. It’s suitable for the family and children to enjoy their weekend and holiday period there.

  24. Avatar photo
    Angelina Lin

    Fitst time visiting the mall but feels very comfortable and familiar, very nice experience

  25. Avatar photo
    Terry Choo

    Shopping mall still need to make improvements to the walkway as when the rush hour crowd comes, it is really cram to walk around and this makes you feel you wanted to get out soon. Public toilet need to be improved too as always full at level 1

  26. Avatar photo
    CW T

    Bishan Junction 8 is an old mall. It needs a refresh.

  27. Avatar photo
    Catherine Sim

    The staffs here are friendly and knowledgeable. And not pushy for sale.
    Bravo to them for allowing my in law to wait in the shop.

  28. Avatar photo
    Joc Wong

    Great. 2nd floor linkway is open. Do note theres construction at the top floor car park

  29. Avatar photo
    Alvin Teo

    Small in comparison to other malls, but there’s a nice selection of restaurants.

    Images shot on a Canon IXUS 500 from 2004.

  30. Avatar photo

    Shopping mall with pretty much everything you need. From gadgets to supermarket to popular & BHG, it is a popular and nice place to visit. Lotsss of spectacle shops.
    Love the airy, bright vibe. makes shopping less stuffy.
    Shops include NTUC, Boost, Golden Village, Popular, Japan Home, Sakae Sushi, Genki sushi, Mcd, KFC, Mos Burger, etc etc.
    Worth a visit!~

  31. Avatar photo
    Yeo Tah Keow

    It is a big shopping mall with quite a number of food stores plus one Chinese restaurant at the basement. There are few local banks, a big NTUC (at the asement) within the shopping mall which are considered rather convenient for shoppers to purchase what you want.

  32. Avatar photo
    Kiefer Yew Kai Jun (Chs)

    So many varieties of food there. Many interesting places to de stress. Very fun and enjoyable. The shops there are good too, can buy almost whatever you want. Would recommend going there to eat, shop and play.

  33. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Benjamin

    There nothing much on Junction 8 just a normal shopping centre.

  34. Avatar photo
    Malli S

    Initially two or 3 times it is confusing from McDonald’s side. But later understood there is a connection for two ways in the second level. MRT just inside the B2 level and convenient. All foods, bakeries, supermarkets all are at a place. Community center also few steps walkable distance and there is giant supermarket. And kiddy palace, best and Bhg many more shops are in Junction 8.

  35. Avatar photo

    Very nice place and family and friends shopping and food centre I love it.

  36. Avatar photo
    Doreen Tan

    14 April 2022: parking is really narrow and crowded. Good variety of shops but not much different from other malls in Singapore. Crowded.

  37. Avatar photo
    Rymond Lim

    Now a days not as fun to shop there. Not much changes or happening is going on to attract shoppers to revisit the mall. The shop quite the same for so Long. The only attraction is the library beside the mall which is pull the crowd to drop …

  38. Avatar photo
    Lionel Tan

    Good neighbourhood shopping centre. Popular Book store and Fairprice and probably the stores I visit most often

  39. Avatar photo
    SweeHow Tay

    Crowded sunday morning for this shopping and F&B complex. Cars entering basement carpark non-stop around 11am.

  40. Avatar photo
    Super M Vie

    Nicely inserted inbetween transportaion interchanges

  41. Avatar photo
    Alastor Neo

    A place that I visit multiple times a week. Has all the basic food and amenities one might need on a day to day basis. Although the mall is rather old and could use some sprucing up, it is all in all a neighborhood mall with just enough variety of food and amenities to satisfy the nearby residency.

  42. Avatar photo
    Nize Stuff

    Convenient place to get essentials, groceries, meals and watch movies

  43. Avatar photo
    Poh leong Fong

    Tis J8 many foods to choose. The foods is good, yet their is alot of shop to look at.

  44. Avatar photo
    Ashley Agnes “ManKiller” Sem

    My focus is more in Bishan as a property agent as well. My clients like to come here to meet me as well. I recommended them Watami Japanese restaurant. They used to have even better dishes in their menu.
    They changed abit of their menu though. I like their hotpot especially for their ramen add on.

  45. Avatar photo
    stormy stormy

    Good for spending few hours for killing time.
    Some inconveniences due to the mall is split into 2 parts, so it’s a bit confusing to go shopping, especially there are controlled measure steps for mall entry due to covid-19

  46. Avatar photo
    putt l ching ching

    Nice place to shop alone.

  47. Avatar photo
    chue fong cheong

    Shu Qi has been very helpful with my new apps application
    Always happy to see her familiar face …

  48. Avatar photo
    KK Jek

    Typical neighborhood mall, having the same merchants with the mall operator/developer

  49. Avatar photo
    Jaswinder Kaur

    Staff is the best in a health food store and locally owned. I only get my supplements from Staff because they have a knowledgeable staff and actually pass corporate discounts on to the customer. It’s just an overall solid store for quality food. Good produce, butcher, hot & salad bar

  50. Avatar photo
    Shar yo

    So many stalls but none is nice. Sigh!

  51. Avatar photo
    Freddie Yang

    Many nice shops. Good place to do shopping

  52. Avatar photo
    Faith Darlene

    The usual mall with usual shops but layout of shops should be improved. Shops in basement such as FourLeaves no proper queue. L2 Toilet with 3 cubicles only so not really family friendly.

  53. Avatar photo
    Yu Shin Sze Toh

    Junction 8 has a wide variety of good dining options, from Western, to Japanese and Chinese, in contrast with its size. It is well-linked with Bishan MRT Station (NS17/CC15) and Bishan Bus Interchange. Visiting the first basement floor on weekends, though, feels like being packed like sardines.

  54. Avatar photo
    Wesley Wee

    Lots of food Great place to be. Can choose hang out at Coffee Bean too. Personally I prefer Mos burger to relax too. It’s my fav place decades ago even until now.

  55. Avatar photo
    Bear Chua

    Whatever you need is here
    Best for family to shop here

  56. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    A place I visit almost everyday. It is the hub of Bishan. Albeit a little old and needed more sprucing up. However, it gives a sense of familiarity and stability to those who love stagnation and a slower pace. Occasionally some busker sings and play guitar at the MRT and bus interchange.

  57. Avatar photo
    Jason Ow

    Not at all crowded, easy to go to shop you wanted. Waiting at the Singtel was pleasant as waiting time is about 5 minutes.

  58. Avatar photo
    JJ Low

    The place boasted the only neighborhood nearby with a multiplex cinema back in the 90s, and we did not have amk hub or nex to go to. The next nearest mall was yishun 10, so this place was a godsend if you don’t want to go downtown to orchard to, catch a show. Weekends when the shows are all up, this place would be packed. We would drop by the food republic food court next door too. Ah the good old days hahahaha.

  59. Avatar photo
    You Liang Ling

    j8, one if the top 3 place to shopping, dating, etc. I don’t think I need to add more.

  60. Avatar photo
    Lee lena

    Transportation hub, shopping, food.. everywhere is crowded

  61. Avatar photo
    Myle Vinat

    A neighbourhood mall that’s not overly crowded and is well equipped for all your needs.

  62. Avatar photo
    LJ Tan

    A basic mall in the neighbourhood that have department stores BHG, cinema, foodcourt, Miniso, Popular bookstore, fastfoods etc. Easy access that is close to bus interchange and Bishan MRT station.

  63. Avatar photo
    M C

    Nice heartland mall.
    Sabotaged by bad layout.
    Still a nice mall.

  64. Avatar photo
    Adrian Seow

    A lot of shops and dining places

  65. Avatar photo Vincentlim

    Good variety of foods outlet and shops

  66. Avatar photo
    Introvert With A Backpack

    This mall is very convenient, connected to the MRT station and Bus Interchange. Lots of eating choices. Gets crowded during peak hours but best place to get things done in one place like grocery, window shopping, and snack or dining in after work.

  67. Avatar photo
    Erwin Anggadjaja

    One-stop junction for family. Foodcourt, supermarket, stalls, coffee shop, etc

  68. Avatar photo
    Butler Butler

    Visited Boost fruit juice today’s and have a relaxing & healthy drink…. nice …

  69. Avatar photo

    Damn lots of choices of food , see until cannot tahan

  70. Avatar photo
    Chun Rong

    Nice food at basement food court especially Just Dough which has colourful delicious man tou n pau, no additive n no preservative

  71. Avatar photo
    Didik Prasetyo

    Not a big mall but convinience to go.

  72. Avatar photo

    a pretty well located mall actually accessible really quickly from the MRT or bus interchange

    lots of stuff inside just like any other Singaporean mall

  73. Avatar photo
    Francis Valle

    Very nice and cool place, lots of food stall to choose from

  74. Avatar photo

    A bit too crowded on weekdays, but still a great mall nevertheless!

  75. Avatar photo
    Vera Koh

    love to come here to grab food. not much shopping stuffs tho. anyways dear yps and xmms pls dun go to the handicap toilet at lvl 1 next to mosburger to piak piak lah… the cleaner aunty found lubricant inside and asked me what it was and i so paiseh to tell her. the expression on her face after i told her, unforgettable, she got the shock of her life and was like “huh 真的吗不要骗我”, and then we proceeded to wash our hands cuz the bottle was sticky.. STOP BEING SO HORNZY OMGZ

  76. Avatar photo
    Aaron Yong

    The Japanese restaurant here very good

  77. Avatar photo
    Helen Rasekhy

    I like this mall. Good Foodcourt, although I’m sorry to see the teppanyaki place closed down. Always nice little clothing stalls on the first floor. I can always find parking and there’s a nice FairPrice, but also a small but well-stocked giant just outside the mall.

  78. Avatar photo
    Ray Chong

    ARMY open house 2022 …

  79. Avatar photo
    Josephine Xie

    A big variety of shops and food choices. Located right above the mrt. has a cinema, ntuc, a few bakery, Watson’s . Eateries such as pastamania, yakun, prata Wala, food court, Mac’s, mos burger. Main mall is bhg which isn’t as good.

  80. Avatar photo
    Yiling Zhang

    Ally Tan is friendly and patience with me asking some many questions.
    Thumbs up!!

  81. Avatar photo
    Zaw Moe Lwin

    First time in my staying 10 years in Singapore. I need to explore more.

  82. Avatar photo
    Mark Tan

    Wonderful place to shop. Plenty things to buy and food to eat!

  83. Avatar photo
    Sandesh Sreyamsh

    Nice place in Singapore for shopping also connected to smrt

  84. Avatar photo
    Sugeng Shi

    It’s a smaller mall but has almost anything you can think of. It gives a friendly walking around the shops there, although it feels slightly old. With the addition of entrance from the MRT station to the B1, it adds to the convenience for people taking the train. The cinema is a bit too small with limited capacity.

  85. Avatar photo
    Barbette Strauss

    A nice place to shop at given that it is a mall that has been around in Bishan since we were still in school. We were able to find quite a complete range of products & services housed under this shopping mall, from banking services, spectacle shops, supermarkets, eateries, cinema, fashion boutiques, pushcarts, watsons, Venus and even a crocs shop! Recommended!

  86. Avatar photo
    Gemuk Gemuk

    When for a window shopping. The place still looks good.

  87. Avatar photo
    Azhagarasan Annadorai

    A bit confusing layout. But shops are plenty. Has a food court in 4th floor and a cafeteria near the bus terminal. Easily accessible by both MRT and bus.

  88. Avatar photo
    Andrew Yam

    Nice shopping mall with a lot of eateries. Parking a bit tight and layout is a bit messy though

  89. Avatar photo
    Ryan Peralta

    High foot traffic neighborhood mall that has a supermarket, food court, and movie house. Recently changing merchants and has a good selection of restaurants – more recently a Shake Shack!

  90. Avatar photo
    Adam Lee

    The name, Junction 8, would be after the reference marker of the locality. In this case, Bishan. Bishan estate was a cemetery then; the entrance of the cemetery was from Thomson Road and Bishan being the 8th milestone along the road.

    An alternate version is that the old Bishan MRT station used to be N8. The labelling was changed to NS17 after the extension line linked up Choa Chu Kang and Yishun. The Chinese name for Junction 8 – 碧山第八站, translated literally – Bishan the 8th Stop, exactly the 8th stop after City Hall.

    Junction 8 is the only shopping mall in Bishan estate. And Junction 8 is located conveniently at Bishan’s town centre, between the Bishan Mass Rapid Transit station and Bishan Bus Interchange. It is positioned as a one-stop shopping, dining and entertainment destination catering to the needs of residents from the surrounding estates, office workers in the area and students from nearby schools.

    Currently, Junction 8 comprises of five retail floors, including a basement level and two levels of basement carpark. Currently, the key tenants include FairPrice Finest, BHG Department Store, Best Denki, Food Junction and Golden Village. The mall was connected to the southbound platform of Bishan MRT station.

    Junction 8 offers free WIFI service in the mall. Shoppers can onnect to CAPITALAND FREE WIFI SSID to enjoy free wireless internet surfing. Password: freewifi (case-sensitive).

  91. Avatar photo
    Ma. Alona Loma

    So many stores inside Junction 8. The layout of the mall kinda confusing though. Good place for meet ups as there are a lot of restaurants in the mall.

  92. Avatar photo
    Soundrya Kirthana

    After the covid measures, I visited this place and they’ve separated the place into sections that you can enter. Like previously, you could access MacDonalds from the front next to the MRT but now you have to enter through the first section and walk all the way in which for me is somewhat complicated. Other than that I would say that Junction 8 is a great place to hang out with family and friends. Or if you’re buying a gift for someone there are many accessory shops to choose from. As for clothes, I’d say there are specific tastes that you can find but all in all its pretty fun hanging around there!!

  93. Avatar photo
    Louis Chua

    Usually overcrowded especially the weekends. Carpark is also hard to find if go near lunch time during weekends. Multi-storey carpark helps a bit but entrance from the link bridge is closed now. Other than this, the shop mix is the usual that you find in most shopping centres; Guardian, Watsons. FairPrice etc. The F&Bs are more interesting and they are scattered around the complex. Luckily there is also a cinema for entertainment compare to the lacklustre shops. The layout of the mall is also quite weird. Some shops like MOS burger, KFC, etc. are tucked away in a corner. It can be challenging to find them unless you come in from one of the entrances. There are a few entrances which add to the confusion. You may have to check in and out if you are not familiar. But this gives it a bright and cheery look. And it is also one of the cleaner malls around.

  94. Avatar photo
    Loon 李迪倫 ॐ

    One of the local malls located right above a MRT station/ short walk from the bus interchange. It’s big with many anchor tenants, your popular local retailers, a cinema, banks, and good selection of eateries on B1, L2 and some others in another annex corner… including one of our favourite makan places with vegan options – GreenDot

    There’s definitely something for everyone in the family at Junction 8… it’s one of those family-friendly malls well-managed by CapitaLand.

  95. Avatar photo
    Philip Tse

    In my opinion, not even restaurant in this mall, or at least some famous chain brands. Quite a lot of shops are ‘boring’ which you will not buy from. It depends on whether Capital Land see Junction 8 as a one-stop mall like Nex or Novena Velocity, or just a convenient mall. I live in Bishan and wish to see more shops which we will buy on a daily or weekly basis. e.g. Uniqlo, QSRs (Burger King? Jolibee?). The Food Junction is a misery, 1/3 of shops are closed. Very basic food like Yong Tau Fu, Chizar food closed and no replacement.

  96. Avatar photo
    Tan Tony

    Damage $60++ for a Lunch for 2

  97. Avatar photo
    A. L.

    Plenty of food options. One is spoilt for choice when it comes to food. The F&B outlets lining the periphery of the building are worth patronizing. Situated just above Bishan MRT station makes it very accessible. Tourists can explore this heartland mall after their spree in Orchard Road. To get a further taste of Singaporean life, walk around the center outside Junction 8 and one may find cheap buys and local coffeeshops serving local fares. If time permits, one could then hop onto the MRT and take a train down to the nearby AMK hub and the exploration continues.

  98. Avatar photo
    Chian Song Lim

    Has what one would expect of a shopping centre. Decent selection of food. The current most “special” shop that can’t be found in the region is genki sushi but usually super crowded in peak hours (All genki sushi are). Has almost all the fast food (Mac, KFC, Long John Sliver, Mos Burger). Next to Bishan MRT. Also a Capital Mall if you are keeping track.

  99. Avatar photo
    YT Teo

    I prefer CapitaLand Malls as their car park lots are generally a little wider, which makes it less of a contortionist’s dream when trying to get into my car even when a “neighbour” gets frisky and parks too close.

    This mall gets 4 stars as the 360 degree turn into the car park at B1 puts you right in the path of exiting cars fighting for space in a fairly narrow dual lane driveway.

    Apart from that, the mall has all the facilities you need.

  100. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Tan

    The main gripe about this place, is the cher char stall blocks off a few tables for their patrons even though at 9.40pm theres hardly any crowd. Pre covid this kim san leng c/shop is free seating, but last 2 sat, they start. Why does kim san leng allow this we may decide to boycot n go another c/shop 1 blk away.

  101. Avatar photo
    Jen Tan

    The Hong Kong style polo buns and egg tarts. First time trying it out. A little pricey for me.

    Looked good.

  102. Avatar photo
    Wei Zhen Lim

    Can get pretty crowded on Friday nights to dine-in

  103. Avatar photo
    m vu

    Large variety of shops and services and food stalls

  104. Avatar photo
    see Bai heng

    Rest rooms signage not displayed at correct

  105. Avatar photo
    Serene Tan

    Junction 8 is a busy mall with lots of ammenties and services. Banks, money changers, Telco providers, Cinema, Best Denki and more! Did I mention its also interconnected directly on the 2nd floor to the nearby HDB block? You can park in the HDB block and walk across the connected walkway fully sheltered!

  106. Avatar photo
    Yu Sisters Channel

    Great place to meet with friends and have a quick bite during lunch time…..

  107. Avatar photo
    Tommy Tan

    Very friendly n helpful lady shop assistant on ground floor selling phone accessories n phone covers n protector etc . Makes shopping a good experience again. Bought a phone cover n did my new phone protector . First time visit. Will come again if nearby. I think the booth name is Ibreakyoufix. Thks for the service miss.

  108. Avatar photo

    well located mall crowded in weekends, but good to go

  109. Avatar photo
    Peter Chiam

    One of the best neighborhood malls. Good selection of makan and shops and item categories. Watch out though.. this means the mall is usually crowded after school hours onwards.

  110. Avatar photo
    Richard P

    A neat little mall with a couple of bakeries. Kinda village feel. Good egg tarts. Cool newspaper stand by the bus bay. Hawker food available upstairs next to buses. Mix of Malay and Chinese food.

  111. Avatar photo
    Wing Hung Tai

    The house of Japan there, has many value for money items.

  112. Avatar photo
    Massive Wisdom Group

    Central neighborhood shopping mall, everything you need. 10 mins short walk to Massive Wisdom Group Pte Ltd. Can reach by NS line and Circle line MRT.

  113. Avatar photo
    James Choy

    Wow just a plain tea cost 1.60 cents I think is crazy. I think they charge too much..the other things is also so expensive. The should call high end court not food junction. All out to make profit. What so great there.

  114. Avatar photo
    Abhinna Nayak

    Best shopping mall, inside Bishan MRT. Many branded stores there as well as many food cafeteria there.

  115. Avatar photo
    karen chia

    Great place to shop & browse with a wide variety of shops. Some rather specialised shops eg swimwear on level 2, leather goods, baby/children clothes and my fav Korean hairdresser. I visited on a Tuesday during lockdown hence unable to savour a sit down meal but I can recomend a takeout TukTuk tea on level 2. There are two shopping buildings linked so you bound to find what you want.

  116. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    Junction8 was a big neighbourhood mall when it first opened around 20+ years ago. It doesn’t has the big names like H&M or Uniqlo like Nex at Serangoon but plenty of small shops to satisfy one’s shopping desire. And lots of eateries to chill and people such as Coffeebean or ToastBox. Cinema theatres to watch the latest movies.

  117. Avatar photo
    Mabel Low

    Ambush, is a nice cafe located in Junction 8, serving a good variety of food. Love it.

  118. Avatar photo
    Ng Caleb (Chs)

    Great place, great accessibility, great range of food. Toilets could be better tho…

  119. Avatar photo
    mukoy VILLONES

    love to shopping here, more likely

  120. Avatar photo
    Shane Gill

    Well it’s a standard Singaporean mall. Banks. Watch and sunglasses shops, which I will never understand how they pay their rent, because who buys watches and shades more than once in like, years?!

    So yeah. Pretty good little mall.

  121. Avatar photo
    Space Cakes

    Junction 8 is ironically less like a shopping mall and more like a “Junction“ it feels like an afterthought where they Finnish building a long Kang but realised it was supposed to be a sheltered mrt station. So they decided to put Junction …

  122. Avatar photo
    Chathuranga Pathirana

    Nice mall with various shops. Many food choices. Children play are in 3rd floor.

  123. Avatar photo
    Yuyang Lin

    Well! Near the MRT, actually right beside, and a Bishan Public Library located nearby!
    Many nice restaurants at the same time as well as shops. Love to hang out with friends here before this Covid 19 pandemic has even occured. Therefore, I would rate J8 a 5 star for its convenience and facilities it offers. Don’t forget to go there for a look when you go to Bishan!!!

  124. Avatar photo
    Esther Ting

    Navigation can be messy, but there’s Shake Shack, KFC and McDonald’s. Decent washrooms although they really need to pay attention to the toilet doors that are hard to lock. Many more improvements can be done such as signage for toilets and food court location.

  125. Avatar photo
    C S Chua

    Had Odean beef soup with rice. Watery and diluted but the taste is still good

  126. Avatar photo

    Very good variety of food, entertainment and shopping. Also connected to mrt and bus interchange, very convenient.

  127. Avatar photo
    Daniel Sin

    Junction 8 mall is mid size mall but has plenty of restaurants and retail shop suitable for all ages. The NTUC Finest on the basement is stocked more range of Japanese and Organic product that is differentiate from the usual NTUC fairprice. Junction 8 also houses Cinema and retail BHG. Restaurant Ambush is a good place for steak, pasta or burgers at mid range prices.

  128. Avatar photo
    Mohd Noor

    convenien place near Mrt station and bus interchange.

  129. Avatar photo
    Hfz Abd

    Junction 8 is really a good place where you can find lots of good food

  130. Avatar photo
    Chiun How Teng

    Centrally located, very good mix of tenants and food choices. Two MRT lines to change, Circle and North-South Line

  131. Avatar photo
    Shazneen Tasneem

    Junction 8 has increased in size over the years, with expansions that increase the number of retail outlets. It is linked to Bishan MRT and bus interchange, so its connectivity is excellent. Mall has very good variety in terms of retail and food shops. It also has a Golden Village cinema.

  132. Avatar photo

    amazing i love j8 i live in j8 i was born in j8

  133. Avatar photo

    Standard mall with wide variety of food, mcdonald’s, mos burger, Din Tai Fung, swensens, GRUB just opened a new outlet here. Also has electronics shop and cinema. Its connected to mrt interchange with red line and circle line, and bus interchange is nearby. Has food and supermarket fairprice finest in the basement, and bakeries like bread talk and four leaves too. Generally quite a crowded mall

  134. Avatar photo
    William Lim

    Good place to spend your spare time shopping and hunting for good food. Easy access because there is a bus terminal and MRT station. There are supermarket, food court, restaurants, and many other shops which sell all kinds of things. There is also a library near by, a community club and many other store around the mall.

  135. Avatar photo
    Black Dog

    Located in the central part of Singapore, great place for eating and shopping. But not accessible for elderly and the disabled as lifts are always under repair and not easy to locate

  136. Avatar photo
    Francis Ong

    One of the best heartland shopping mall. Many big anchor tenant like bhp, best denki, popular, world of sports etc. Many smalls shops that sell many othing thing to compliment. It is very conveniently connected to both the train station and bus interchange with many options for foods too.

  137. Avatar photo
    Khánh Hải

    Convenient place to shop and travel all around Singapore

  138. Avatar photo
    Beary Beary

    Very busy mall to go to during lunch time. But that’s because it does have a wide selection of food to eat – both in terms of cuisine and price range. Local coffee is available in a few places but hard to get seating in these outlets.

  139. Avatar photo
    Wei Feng Chye

    There is McDonald, bubble tea, lots of unique restaurant in this 3 storey tall mall. It is linked to the MRT providing a total shelter from the weathers.

  140. Avatar photo
    Alchymist L

    Great place if you need to find food.

  141. Avatar photo

    Great place to go out with friends or loved ones

  142. Avatar photo

    Ah, the eighth mall in the junction series – Junction 8. Contrary to its name, it is number 1 in my heart. J8 has been a constant in my life ever since I was a little kid. When I was born, J8 was there. It was there through puberty, adulthood and even my wedding. It even agreed to be my godparent.

    J8 is not just a shopping mall. It is the place of our gatherings. The place where we obtain sustenance, hydration, and goods & services.

    I wish nothing but success for J8. May prosperity be with you always.

  143. Avatar photo
    leong gee chun

    There have a lots of shops especially for foods

  144. Avatar photo
    Sean Chong

    Great shopping mall with many outlets and nice food store too.

  145. Avatar photo
    Duttatreyo Mukherjee

    Basement and Level 1 has mostly food and dine shops. Also level 1 has banking services. While the rest of shops starts from 2nd floor.

  146. Avatar photo
    Louis Chua

    Usually overcrowded especially the weekends. Carpark is also hard to find if go near lunch time during weekends. Multi-storey carpark helps a bit but entrance from the link bridge is closed now. Other than this, the shop mix is the usual that you find in most shopping centres; Guardian, Watsons. FairPrice etc. The F&Bs are more interesting and they are scattered around the complex. Luckily there is also a cinema for entertainment compare to the lacklustre shops. The layout of the mall is also quite weird. Some shops like MOS burger, KFC, etc. are tucked away in a corner. It can be challenging to find them unless you come in from one of the entrances. There are a few entrances which add to the confusion. You may have to check in and out if you are not familiar. But this gives it a bright and cheery look. And it is also one of the cleaner malls around.

  147. Avatar photo
    Choong Thoong Chua

    The main shopping center for Bishan. The center is under Capitaland. So there is free parking for qualifying capitacard members. Their mix of shops is very typical of a suburban mall. With cinema, arcade, banks, supermarket, departmental stores and a very good mix of food outlets. There is some food for everyone.

  148. Avatar photo
    WindowsLover 124

    A good mall for people who live around bishan as there is a lot of stuff to do there. There is also the mrt which is linked to junction 8.

  149. Avatar photo

    Looks good. Been a long.time since i last went there. Good facelift

  150. Avatar photo
    dashan shan boy

    Stacy Lim the mdm have served as well and gives us what we need I hope and encourage more people to talk to her thank you

  151. Avatar photo
    ritesh kumar

    It’s good .. all shops at one place …

  152. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    We just dropped by after a long while.
    Its really busy snd buzzed up with people. We had our late lunch at Aron
    We enjoyed the sumptous pork porridge.
    Side dished with sambal ocra, cellery etc.

  153. Avatar photo
    Judy Chan

    There r many shopping outlets like BHG, Ntuc Fair price, food courts, Swenson and others.

  154. Avatar photo
    Charlene Tan

    Nice place to shop at BHG, NTUC and my favourite Yami Yoghurt. A number of coffee shops to choose from. Giant Supermarket is near to bus interchange. CPF board and library are nearby too. Convenient to orchard or to Mount Alvernia Hospital or Assis Hospice with shuttle bus available.
    Photo taking shop has moved out of Junction 8.

  155. Avatar photo
    Isaac Lim

    A very accessible mall with many good food places. Coffee bean opens 24 hrs. Good for working and chilling

  156. Avatar photo

    clean, vast selection of food and outlets to shop and walk. interesting layout concept of mall but can be confusing for first timer.

  157. Avatar photo
    Grace Ng

    This place has one of the oldest, smelliest and dirtiest toilets I’ve been to. The mall has definitely seen better days.

  158. Avatar photo
    Abhinna Nayak

    Best shopping mall, inside Bishan MRT. Many branded stores there as well as many food cafeteria there.

  159. Avatar photo

    I used to come here for tea every Monday.
    Delicious simple food taste awesome. …

  160. Avatar photo
    Umesh Phadke

    A complete suburban mall that has everything you’d need. Food places, small and large. A great supermarket, enough clothing stores, banks and much much more

  161. Avatar photo
    tay 1745

    Junction 8 is not so big shopping centre as compared to Nex. However , it has everything under one roof. A supermarket, a domestic departmental store, an Electronic and Appliances departmental store and other shops. There are also eatery stalls at basement which foods are good and for those crave and love eating

  162. Avatar photo
    Nigel K

    Pretty standard mall with convenience of a supermarket in the basement. My only complain here is the escalators are bloody slow. If the escalators weren’t so narrow, I’d rather walk up

  163. Avatar photo
    Ernest Pak

    Good place to hang out pre covid, lots of shops with different varieties, restaurants, sundry stores, self help kiosks, cafes, supermarkets and cinemas.
    Very good place to meet and dine in.
    Only thing minus is the limited parking space at basement. But alternative parking is above the interchange.
    Overall, still good for hanging out.

  164. Avatar photo
    VenKong Pao

    Nice environment & good food at Junction 8- Food Junction …

  165. Avatar photo
    Samantha LWN

    Visited the mall on 6 Nov 2021. Ate lunch at Sakae Sushi – staff service, food quality and quantity are so-so, as a result it is expensive to dine there. Sakae Sushi used to be good but standard and service has dropped drastically! From 40 outlets to 4 outlets now in operations. There are other Japanese food eateries in the same mall that serve value-for-money food.

  166. Avatar photo

    I like that mall can watch cinema

  167. Avatar photo
    Jun Jie KOH

    In Bishan. Theres a new cheap sushi stall called Sushi Takeout by Sushi express. Tyvm.

  168. Avatar photo
    Selina Kok

    I love the ntuc here. Fruits are fresh altho expensive.

  169. Avatar photo
    Tau Wan

    A good place to shop and eat and watch movie…

  170. Avatar photo
    Rudy Pang

    Shops are open as usual, crowded usually on weekends but not to the point that you have to queue to enter the mall. Good place to go for quick meal as there are many food options

  171. Avatar photo
    Chen Kokchye

    this place next to mrt and bus interchange , very convenient to go there , shopping centre almost the same as other shopping center …

  172. Avatar photo
    Yan Naing Aye

    Food court at top, NTUC supermarket at basement, GV cinema, Popular, Best Denki, BHG. A lot of nice restaurants too.

  173. Avatar photo
    Raphael Tham

    Lots of facilities, great amenities, food, and entertainment

  174. Avatar photo
    Jamie [JKBS]

    Centrally located on the SG map. Great place for daily necessities and fooood. . Bus interchange just behind J8 @Junction 8 , 2 MRT lines , ample place to park cars ( Multilevel carpark at the bus interchange area with a recently renovated food court) or J8s carpark which cost more but for convenience sake if you are shopping lots of things.
    Recommended: Shake Shak , Ambush, Dian Xiao Er, Swensens (These are the ones that won’t feel too salty on your taste buds, but it still depends on preference)

    Another will be the Food Court at level 4 in J8. A wide variety of decently thumbs up food. For those who have their Tap Tap cards ( Currently stopped selling at the outlet) , do use them for the discounts.

  175. Avatar photo
    Roy T

    Loads of retail shops and dining options. Conveniently located just a few steps away from Bishan Mrt. Totally sheltered walk from the Mrt. Crowded during peak hours. A short 2 minute walk to the bus interchange.

  176. Avatar photo
    Chris Chris

    There seems to be more food outlets there now. Besides Ambush, Swensen, GRUB has joined in. Of course there are others like Din Tai Fung,

  177. Avatar photo
    Isay Dulnuan

    Good neighbourhood mall for daily shopping needs. Instead of going for Isetan, BHG is there. I like that there are various restaurants at the basement and the top most floor too. Then there’s Fairprice Extra at the basement for your highend grocery shopping. My favourite places to visit are the IT shop of Challenger although it has become smaller, the Apple store, BEST for all the display gadgets and appliances, and Popular bookstore. There’s also a school for musical instruments, beautification and haircuts, DBS bank, and many more.

  178. Avatar photo
    Alice Mallet Ventura

    Like this Junction 8 then the food republic because the quality the stalls is better and also the variety (korean, chinese, they, japanese food) and its also bigger then the other in the first floor of next.

  179. Avatar photo
    Hawa Vovolet's

    Have an abc shop , i love to buy there, got long john silver, and many fastfood also, very busy place as it a circle line to change train yellow to red line, but if tap exit here the price ezlink very expensive when start and end there.. haha dunno why..

  180. Avatar photo
    Alvin Teo

    Small in comparison to other malls, but there’s a nice selection of restaurants.

    Images shot on a Canon IXUS 500 from 2004.

  181. Avatar photo
    Nicole Welford

    Many things to see for a small mall.

  182. Avatar photo
    Hamza Ahmad

    It is located at bishan area and consider as big shopping mall..a lots of shops supermsket and foods court..there is a MRT station snd bus interchsnge near the mall.

  183. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Tan

    Today about 2pm me n my family have some toast and coffee brewing it was delicious, we liked the toast and drink is yummy..Amazing I saw the coffee maker that guy who wearing spectacles he made coffee 1 shot 4 cup of coffees. This is te 1st time I saw it. Me n my family will visit again.. …

  184. Avatar photo

    Nice suburban mall to get all the necessities and some luxury under one roof. There is children’s playground and some greenery open space to hang out on the rooftop garden. Check it out.

  185. Avatar photo
    Cleb Anthony Feliciano

    Has mostly you need in a day. May it be food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, even take aways. Most retail shops also sells necessities. Very accesible as MRT and Bus station is located here. Hawker stalls also located besides the mall. Great to pass by time.

  186. Avatar photo
    Iris Tan

    J8 was an interesting mall next to AMK Estate. I like the restaurants here like Canton Paradise, Dian Xiao Er, Swensens and Ding Tai Fung. Occasionally also meeting friends for coffee here in Ya Kun or Coffeebean or Toastbox. My favourite shop Future State is here too. Also like to watch movies in Golden Village here in J8.

  187. Avatar photo

    The mall is pretty small. Nothing much to do. But if you wanna do a quick hangout, you can always find good food around the mall

  188. Avatar photo
    Luke Tay

    Good mall lots of cheap food options.

  189. Avatar photo
    Bishan 22

    Tried the Cai fun at food junction Tong Luck…the dishes tasted good n fresh. Prices also looked reasonable for food court standard. They served porridge too. Will go back for other dishes. …

  190. Avatar photo
    Gillian Tay

    This is my regular place for my egg benedict morning breakfast, however, they always have issues getting the poach eggs right. Most of the time, it’s overdone, today 1 ok, 1 not.

  191. Avatar photo
    luv_thy_pet luv_thy_pet

    Can be frustrating when u don’t know the way & u have to exit & scan again the mall. Fair Price Finest was great! Wide variety. There is a shopping cart that sells a wide vatiety of adult & kids N94 face mask on level 1 just at the escalator & cheap too. $6 for a packet of 10 pcs & poppits if yr kids r into it.

  192. Avatar photo
    Arjun Trivedi

    Very convenient for someone visiting via the MRT or bus service as it is built adjacent to both. Full of all the day to day conveniences you may need

  193. Avatar photo
    SH Tay

    Good medium size shopping mall

  194. Avatar photo
    Wan Ying

    Small but has everything you need. Lots of places to eat. It has NTUC as it’s supermarket. There are a few fast food, Macdonald’s, KFC, Mos Burger and more. It has a few gift shops and a huge electronic store which is Best Denki. I got my Realme phone there for a good price and I am very happy.

  195. Avatar photo

    Good at plating. However, when it comes to taste it was nothing special.

  196. Avatar photo
    Rosli Abdullah

    It have a lot food stall and shop.

  197. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Faheem

    It’s clean there is alot of restaurants to eat from like Japanese food and more

  198. Avatar photo
    YP Tan

    The mall has great variety in terms of types of stores. It has a well stocked NTUC and Popular. It also has a cinema. The atrium is constantly having some form of exhibition or ongoing sales. And the food choices are aplenty, with a few relatively new choices such as vegetarian and two places selling salad. The only thing lacking might be a water play area for kids though the outdoor area is quite big and sufficient to hold events for up to around 80 people.

  199. Avatar photo
    C T Sulis Tyaningsih Esha

    The mall is very huge, and convinient as close by MRT and bus terminal.

  200. Avatar photo
    Tay Janet

    Was here for my monthly hair treatment at Oriental Hair. There’s change of service personnel n was very disappointed with the lack of empathy of the service staffs. Will not renew my hair treatment package looking at their new team. J8 is old with needed refurbishment badly. Just look at the ladies toilets, who will use the squat bowel nowadays? The youngsters are not using it, let alone the old & frail folks who are having weak knees & legs!

  201. Avatar photo
    Karen Teoh

    Escalator was down, a very long queue for lift fm 4th flr. I ask lady in front is there another way to go down. Was told no. Fire then how?

    Is there another route to get down? It would be good if they can deploy people guide shoppers to another exist to get down the building.

  202. Avatar photo
    Chua Nonee

    Heartland Mall w NTUC Fair price n lots of foodoutlets…fastfood smalleateries a few Chinese restaurants at Basemt mrt level n Foodjunction kopitiam on the third level.Services like banks hair salons Skincare Music school Cinema etc all here.So convenient for the neighbourhood around Bishan.Very bz n convenient place to eat n shop .

  203. Avatar photo
    Ginny Ee

    I like the food court at Junction 8.Many different food to eat.
    Mrt , Buses n taxi to go home.
    A nice place to do shopping n eating.

  204. Avatar photo
    Centrepiece furnishing

    Neighborhood mall that is cater to families and teens… I wish it has more unique stores run by young entrepreneur instead of the usual tenants.


  205. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Poon

    That NTUC has a very extractive decoration for customers to have a very near feel out of it is coming near soon …

  206. Avatar photo
    Geok Yin Poh

    Great place for shopping and redeem Capitaland Mall free gifts such as CNY organiser and red packets ran out of stock faster than organiser. And u can charge ur phone (must bring wire and 3 pin head plug) at Coffee Bean.

  207. Avatar photo
    Lee Lewis

    Nice food outlets with many small shops.

  208. Avatar photo
    Jolene Teo

    Convenient location with 2 MRT lines. North/South line and Circle line. Has most of the shops as with other malls, ntuc to fast food to restaurants and shopping

  209. Avatar photo
    Terrence Teo

    Awesome.. lots of famous food stalls and very convenient to all local SG banks

  210. Avatar photo
    vincent tham

    Nice place to shop as quite big shopping mall qirh many store and eating stalls around

  211. Avatar photo
    Ram Rajagopalan

    Excellent Mall with excellent facilities for shoppers. An “All under one roof” shopping experience

  212. Avatar photo
    Shirley Tan

    Junction 8 is next to Bishan MRT & Bus interchange.
    There is a cinema in this mall.
    Food court at 4th level, Basement 1 have varities of food too. Fairprice supermarket.
    There are 2 banks – OCBC & DBS.
    Infro t of DBS Bank, there is a money changer giving quite good rates for foreign currencies.
    Clothes, shoes, dried goods, pharmacy, bakery,etc.
    There are fast food outlet, Mac, KFC.
    Some of the restaurants here are selling good quality food. For you to check it out. Enjoy eating

  213. Avatar photo
    Eileen Teo (ET Speaks From Home)

    Not many shops and restaurants. A bit bored of these shops. Would love that they have more interesting shops.

  214. Avatar photo
    Lye Derik

    You can get most everyday use items there, catch a meal instead of going to town

  215. Avatar photo
    H 2

    Neighbourhood heartland Hub of Bishan walking distance to Bishan MRT Bus interchange CPF Bishan Service Centre Bishan Public Library Bishan Community Club Leng Food Centre Clover Way Playground Clover Crescent Playground Binchang Rice Playground with breezy greenery away from busy cityscapes Caelum Junior LLP Day Care Centre UrbanScouts Reality Singapore Scout Association Bishan ActiveSG Swimming Complex Bishan ActiveSG Stadium SMRT Recreation Club and Junction 8 Mall with plenty of dinning shopping banking supermarkets library cinemas entertainments groceries sundries postage services community centre and amenities nearby. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students expats locals visitors and families.

  216. Avatar photo
    wheregot ime

    Great place to catch covid. Lots of ppl, many opportunities. No worries for those who vaccinated.

  217. Avatar photo
    Lim Jia Ying

    The place overall is really nice, definitely recommend going there to spend time as you can do alot there, watch a movie and also lots of shops to go see and buy stuff at. Since it’s quite a big place it’s would be confusing but with some help it should be fine.

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