Review Jubilee Bridge, 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore

Review Jubilee Bridge - Singapore 1 Esplanade Dr

“From this bridge, we can see many iconic buildings of Singapore. Many tourist during weekend. Recommended.” or “Iconic point in Singapore. A place for local community morning jogging, cycling. So neat & clean. liaison with various facilities” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Jubilee Bridge. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Jubilee Bridge is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Jubilee Bridge. In terms of Bridge, it is generally believed that Jubilee Bridgeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Bridge, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Open 24 hours.


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6.36 km6 minute8 minute5 minute

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You can directly come to 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

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Jubilee Bridge is among the best destinations of Bridge in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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“From this bridge, we can see many iconic buildings of Singapore. Many tourist during weekend. Recommended.”

“Iconic point in Singapore. A place for local community morning jogging, cycling. So neat & clean. liaison with various facilities”

“Amazing place. Especially during iLight festival. Vibrant. Grande. Sparkling and enjoyable. Loved this place”

“built in 2015 to commemorate 50 years of independence nice views at night, especially with lighting”

“Easy access from Esplanade to Merlion Park, one can have a panoramic view of the marina. Good spot for video or photography especially at night.”

“The best 360' view of marina bay area. Esplanade,Merlion Park,MBS,Flyer,Fullerton...”

“Good walk way from Merlion to Singapore flyer . Had a good stroll in the rain, so wasn't able to take good clicks.”

“Great place to take photos, even for Singaporeans. The first photo features the trail left by a plane flying upwards while the second photo features a black bird on top of a flag.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 159 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.7 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 95% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Jubilee Bridge, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Jubilee Bridge, 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore

There is a total 159 reviews

4.7 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    My Photofolio Channel

    I ️

  2. Avatar photo
    Little RF Family

    The place is good, the view is marinabay sand and marina bay.. it’s good to come here in the morning or evening because the weather is getting dim..

    Tempatnya bagus,,viewnya marinabay sand dan teluk marina..bagusnya pagi2 atau sore kesini karna cuaca mulai redup..

  3. Avatar photo
    Mohammed Aktaruzzaman Hasan

    Nice place for leasure

  4. Avatar photo
    Alessandro Landra (4le91)


  5. Avatar photo
    Haewoon Kwak (Deprecated email)

    nice view of the bay.

  6. Avatar photo
    SAAziz S M

    It provides good exercise walk from the Merlion Park to Esplanade area.
    You get to see the cityscape, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, the art science museum

  7. Avatar photo

    beautiful arc

  8. Avatar photo
    Chanaka Jeewantha

    Best view of the Marina bay light show

  9. Avatar photo
    sri reny

    Iconic point in Singapore. A place for local community morning jogging, cycling. So neat & clean. liaison with various facilities

  10. Avatar photo

    From the bridge, you can have a panoramic view of the Merlion Park and the Sands Hotel, as well as the high-rise beauty of the headquarters of many financial buildings. It is a very romantic place with a beautiful night view.


  11. Avatar photo
    Samuel Ng

    Fantastic views, especially in the evening around 6pm+ near sunset. Provides scenic skyline views and an ideal place to take beautiful photos of the Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, Fullerton Hotel, MBS, Merlion and the CBD. Nice place for an evening stroll or jog with family, especially on weekdays when it is less crowded.

  12. Avatar photo
    Chen Lee

    Near Merlion Park. Full view of Merlion and the sea.

  13. Avatar photo
    Ramsingh Kaswan

    It’s good palace

  14. Avatar photo
    Kristian Reyes

    The view is amazing especially at night time.

  15. Avatar photo
    Matan Nachom

    Location for a great observation point

    מיקום לנק’ תצפית נהדרת

  16. Avatar photo
    journey rachman

    Very clean and i like the place

  17. Avatar photo
    Jeff Lee

    Beautiful scenery during the night

  18. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Leanowl

    Great place to take photos, even for Singaporeans. The first photo features the trail left by a plane flying upwards while the second photo features a black bird on top of a flag.

  19. Avatar photo
    manikkuttan tvm

    Great place

  20. Avatar photo

    built in 2015 to commemorate 50 years of independence

    nice views at night, especially with lighting

  21. Avatar photo
    Ashish Bagchi

    The cityscape blends into the bay with the spectacular view of Singapore skyline of Merlion, CBD, MBS, Singapore Flyer , Gardens by the bay , The Float , Fullerton Hotel and Esplanade! Energizing place and great for a quick walk or cycling around the bay or spending an entire day out !

  22. Avatar photo

    Great walk and looks great at night

  23. Avatar photo
    Dave Hoong

    Nice view to take pictures of the surroundings

  24. Avatar photo
    Colin O

    Pleasant pedestrian portal like a rainbow across the bay with a view to die for.

  25. Avatar photo

    beautiful landscape


  26. Avatar photo
    R. Bitzer

    Amazing view on Marina Bay, specially at night

  27. Avatar photo
    Panithan Premruthai

    Take a walk around the city


  28. Avatar photo
    Abdul Razak Munir

    Beautiful scenery

  29. Avatar photo
    Just Phone Lah

    This is a very significant bridge. Marks Singapore jubilee milestone

  30. Avatar photo
    Thomas K

    Tourist attractions the cityscape of Singapore. Atmosphere is very cooling.

  31. Avatar photo
    Cahyana Wiyana

    Singapore icon

    Singapura ikon

  32. Avatar photo
    Sukma Pamungkas

    A way to get picture merlion statue from a far and also marina bay sand view

  33. Avatar photo
    Omkar Upadhye

    Superclass view!! What a view, What a place to be! @merlionpark Surrounded by @singaporeartmuseum @marinabaysands @marinabaysg & @singaporeflyer wow!! @visit_singapore
    #singapore #wednesday #tour #travelblogger #traveliing

  34. Avatar photo

    very beautiful night


  35. Avatar photo

    Calm and relaxing place to jog and cycle

  36. Avatar photo

    Very convenient for pedestrians to travel between Merlion-SingaporeFlyer-Gardens by the bay..

    Thanks to the govt

    The view from the bridge is also worth watching.

  37. Avatar photo
    Gary Li

    nice view

  38. Avatar photo
    Adrian Lo

    Excellent place to see the Marina Bay

  39. Avatar photo
    Kusnadi Halim Salim

    Awesome walk, in the cool evening, of course, with the breathtaking view, and most imptly, it is free!

  40. Avatar photo
    Tran hoang van Thinh

    từ đây mà phóng tầm nhìn sang tổ hợp Marina Bay Sands. , rất đẹp

    From here, zoom in on the Marina Bay Sands complex. , very beautiful

  41. Avatar photo
    Pramit Kumar

    Majestic view of Singapore Skyline from Jubilee Bridge

  42. Avatar photo
    Choo HengHeng

    Try to wake up early (7.30am) to avoid the crowd. You will not regret it .Enjoy the cooling breeze and ample time to take your shots, it was a wonderful feeling. Finish your morning with a nice breakfast from the nearby cafes.

  43. Avatar photo
    Loh TC

    Ideal spot for night photography

  44. Avatar photo
    Hendrik 1993

    Bridge with great views of the Singapore skyline and Marina Bay Sands.

    Brücke mit tollem Blick auf die Skyline von Singapur und dem Marina Bay Sands.

  45. Avatar photo

    Nice little pedestrian bridge.
    Can get crowded during holidays.
    Nice place to view MBS light show.
    Lots of photograph ops.

  46. Avatar photo
    Colin Hong (googlercolin)

    Gorgeous place to capture amazing photos!

  47. Avatar photo
    Kiran Babir Lokhande

    Highly recommended at Late night.
    Less people or No people

  48. Avatar photo
    Hazel Moore

    The best 360′ view of marina bay area. Esplanade,Merlion Park,MBS,Flyer,Fullerton…

  49. Avatar photo
    Evan Leybourn

    The perfect spot to watch the Marina Bay Sands light show.

  50. Avatar photo
    Ryan Choo

    Completing my heritage trail and having a whale of a time experiencing the changes around.

  51. Avatar photo
    John Muzi

    Beautiful pedestrian bridge. Worth visiting.

  52. Avatar photo
    arizu aballe (aryz)

    A curved six metre wide, 220m long bridge that connects the Esplanade Bridge at its middle to two city landmarks at either end namely the Esplanade Theatre’s and the Merlion statue.

  53. Avatar photo
    Manoj T W

    WoW I am walking alone for the very first time on this bridge, rain or shine which was packed with travelers. Now the whole bridge is mine . Covid brought the freedom …

  54. Avatar photo
    Mohd Norhusaini Abd Rahman

    From here, you can connect to Marina Bay Sands.

  55. Avatar photo

    Nice way to jog and sight seeing.

  56. Avatar photo
    Theticus _

    Nice view at night.

  57. Avatar photo
    J O

    great bridge to connect both sides for better access and great spot to take pictures of MBS and city skyline

  58. Avatar photo
    Raja Joko Musridho

    Located next to one of the Icons of Singapore

  59. Avatar photo
    Jovit Villamena

    From here you can have a nice view of Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer.

  60. Avatar photo
    Gyanish Kakati

    Great view!

  61. Avatar photo
    Md Kamruzzaman

    Wonderful architecture and nice view

  62. Avatar photo
    Stella Liu

    This is the best place to watch the night view. You can overlook the Merlion Park and the Jinsha Hotel. If you want to take pictures of the beautiful scenery, you must go here


  63. Avatar photo

    Fantastic views of marina bay, a must see place to visit.

  64. Avatar photo
    Amarin Sikham

    It’s very beautiful to take photos at night.


  65. Avatar photo
    Roland Chia

    Excellent view of the Singapore river bay

  66. Avatar photo
    Alfred Wang

    best spot
    Best place to take photos.

    Best place to take photo.

  67. Avatar photo
    Horatiu Croce



  68. Avatar photo
    Vee Jay

    Super location.

  69. Avatar photo
    Muso Lee

    A rare sight on Jubilee Bridge during the pandemic period.

  70. Avatar photo
    Sofia RACHMAN

    Nothing special

  71. Avatar photo
    Piotr Garbacz

    nice one

  72. Avatar photo
    Gustavo Sanchez

    Lovely pedestrian bridge that walks you along the bay, from the gardens in Merlion park towards the statue the symbolizes the city. The Merlion is a combination of an African Lion with the Tail of a fish. It is a double symbol that combines the roots of the fishermewho populated this country initially and the Lion or brave is the spirit that moves this wonderful country, and of course also their British past when they were a colony of the great empire. It encompasses its past, present and future in one single symbol. I am Mexican but a small part of my heart also belongs to this beautiful country and it’s people.

  73. Avatar photo
    Emilie Yeo

    Built to commemorate SG50, this bridge is relatively new. It is well maintained and so clean!

    No crowds if you visit in the early morning before 9am.

    The views of the CBD, Marina Bay Sands, Bay area simply breathtaking..

  74. Avatar photo
    Dillon Yeo

    View was perfect for photography but has big crowds

  75. Avatar photo
    Cyrus Chien

    Overlooking the Jinsha Hotel from the bridge, you can take beautiful photos
    It’s a pity that the weather was bad when I went there


  76. Avatar photo
    Luong Led

    Nice bay

  77. Avatar photo
    Kanokwan Cha

    Evening time and after rain it is the best. Not much people and tourist

  78. Avatar photo
    Collis Harvey

    Great area views beautiful.

  79. Avatar photo
    Eman.A. Hussen

    We had a great time, spacious and beautiful place

    قضينا وقت ممتع مكان واسع وجميل

  80. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cheong

    Great spot for photography

  81. Avatar photo
    Tristan Ambrosio

    It’s just another bridge.

  82. Avatar photo

    A pedestrian bridge with a picturesque view.

  83. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Nurhaikal

    Not as stunning as the Helix bridge but a good spot to take photos with the CBD or MBA in the background. The bridge is wide and linkes Esplanade to Merlion park. Its accessible to cyclists. The bridge has a link to the mostly-parallel esplanade bridge at the centre point, which reduces travel time by foot.

  84. Avatar photo
    Samuel Hutabarat

    Great bridge with excellent view.

  85. Avatar photo
    Arditya Rizky

    Nice view!!

  86. Avatar photo

    Easy access from Esplanade to Merlion Park, one can have a panoramic view of the marina. Good spot for video or photography especially at night.

  87. Avatar photo
    Abraham Joseph

    The jubilee bridge is a well built sturdy pedestrian bridge connecting the Merlion park and the esplanade. Several people can be see doing their daily fitness regimes and simply strolling.

  88. Avatar photo
    Gourav Bhattacharya (GB)

    Good walk way from Merlion to Singapore flyer . Had a good stroll in the rain, so wasn’t able to take good clicks.

  89. Avatar photo

    đẹp không khí vào buổi tối rất đẹp

    Beautiful atmosphere in the evening is very beautiful

  90. Avatar photo
    David Choo

    Really nice view of the iconic Singapore landmarks of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer and Merlion statue

  91. Avatar photo
    Fannisa Septariana

    Great view and instagrammable place with the marina bay sands as the background. Great place to walk too. The place can be reached easily from the airport. Visited on 2016 and at the time there only few of food vendors available and some part were under construction. Make sure the weather is good when you want to visit as it had no roof along the way.

  92. Avatar photo
    Ahmed Sedrati

    A wonderful city

  93. Avatar photo
    Tetsuro Noguchi

    The bridge is 220 meters long and opened in March 2015 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence. It is a promenade, and it is very convenient to go from Merlion Park to Esplanade on foot. You can see the scenery of Marina Bay such as Marina Bay Sands and Merlion Park, and it is also suitable for watching the evening fountain show “Spectra”.


  94. Avatar photo
    Athoi Rahman

    Beauty at it’s Best at night when the light show is on.

  95. Avatar photo

    I love this views of Singapore

  96. Avatar photo
    Abel Teo

    Good views across the entire Bay area. Without shelter, it will be harsh in the mid day and afternoon. Best to go in the evening for a beautiful sky with the sun setting.

  97. Avatar photo
    Baktiarman Ramadhan

    Awesome view, fine people, lovely wind.

  98. Avatar photo
    Masaaki Moriyama

    The view from here is also nice (^^)


  99. Avatar photo
    Prabhath Malinda

    The parthway between Marina bay sand & Gardens by the bay

  100. Avatar photo
    Ricky Zulfandi

    From this bridge, we can see many iconic buildings of Singapore. Many tourist during weekend. Recommended.

  101. Avatar photo
    johannes nap

    Its the linkway from Esplanade to Merlion Park and a nice place to take MBS hotel and Merlion pix.

  102. Avatar photo
    sri reny

    Iconic point in Singapore. A place for local community morning jogging, cycling. So neat & clean. liaison with various facilities

  103. Avatar photo
    Elwish Antony


  104. Avatar photo
    SC Tan

    Must go at night

  105. Avatar photo
    Thủ Đức Tìm Nhà

    Ko bằng Việt Nam

    Not as good as Vietnam

  106. Avatar photo
    Tay Yew Loong

    Nice scenery of Marina Bay Sands

  107. Avatar photo
    Vipin Nair

    It’s one of the most visited place in Singapore and you can see the most famous attractions of Singapore from here. Its mostly crowded but it’s beautiful. Very well maintained and clean and no nonsense of normal tourist location here. You can see marina bay sands from here very clearly and it looks beautiful as well.

  108. Avatar photo

    Selfie opportunity.

  109. Avatar photo
    TM KP

    Taken from Toast Junction, Jubilee Bridge Shop, Singapore The closest food and beverage outlet to the Merlion Park as it’s the only shop located under the Jubilee Bridge.

    It’s a shop with extremely bad service, but we don’t have a choice because there’s only one shop near the Merlion (it’s not close, see the first photo. Sit and look from the shop and see the Merlion and the people around. That’s why I said it’s the nearest shop. )

    And we need a seat with food and drinks to eat and refuel our body while waiting for the evening to go out to see the light and sound show with laser shooting from the Marina Bay Sands building.

    How are you sick? when we are going to order There are no customers sitting at a table yet. There were only Muslim families queuing in front of us to order food and were arguing with one of the staff, Tom, who was reluctant to receive guests. But that Muslim girl tried to order Probably because your baby and your husband are hungry.

    Which made us wait for a long time and we didn’t understand that. Another Tom staff and another teenage girl who is an employee, why not help take orders for people who wait in a long queue like us? But pretending to be very busy even though there were no guests at the table And we’ve been looking at this store for a while now that it doesn’t have any customers so it’s probably fast.

    but no one cares So we went to see the quality to say let’s go eat somewhere else. Because I can’t stand it any longer. At that time, we started to take off our shoes and walk. because of a lot of foot pain

    But Khun Pha already sat down at the table and reclined. So we had to endure standing and waiting in line for the first queue to finish arguing.

    But… when Tom’s staff finished arguing with Muslim guests The irony of the irony and walk away Don’t care about the next queue is us. (Oh.. What about us )

    So we sarcastically humiliated the store staff by standing and complaining loudly in front of the store for a while. Therefore, another Tom staff came to pick up our food in a grumpy manner.

    We ordered the menu that was posted on the wall in front of the shop. But the waiter said no, so we chose another menu on the wall. Tom’s staff said no.

    So we asked if there was anything I could order. The staff acted annoyed that we were annoyed but did not answer.

    So we were annoyed and said, is there Coca Cola? Wasting time queuing up like us, you guys. The menu says no. This menu says no. Not even a Coke. Plus, I stood and waited until Nie had to take off her shoes and I don’t know what to order here. if there is nothing to sell Go close the shop Here, I brought money to buy, not asking for free, we spoke in front of the staff.

    So the staff said Coca-Cola is in the freezer. we have to pick it up ourselves Oh, must let us play big)

    The queue next to me, who was hesitating, made a happy face saying that it was their turn, hahaha )

    But when we finished picking up We’ll pay the bills again. Therefore, we will go to sit and eat for free, that is, the money is free, but it depends. because I don’t know how much The size of the money is still the same. Mina, the customer doesn’t have a seat at all (at first), so they call us to pay money (Oh, it’s not true). It’s a shame that we don’t pay a lot of money 😉 We asked to add two ices as well. So it’s a hurry to do something, probably wanting us to leave the front of the store for once.

    So we hurried away and thought in our hearts that if there are a lot of things, there will be a lot of problems. I’m going to be rampant. The more hungry people, the more feet hurt. Still came to see the staff act like we came to beg for free again The face is so-so, yet the service sucks.

    Then we came to complain to Pha. His eyes glanced at the next queue. We talked to each other for a while, the customers we were psycho just now had three queues who came after us. But no one buys it and all disintegrates (secretly smiling in my heart that it works, hehe). But there are subsequent customers who come to order and find the same style. is to say no

    After a while, Tom’s staff took off his shirt and carried a backpack. We arrived..Ohhh it will hurry home So it’s lazy to sell, so I claim that I don’t have anything here. So when we still accept if there are still customers)

    After a while, I heard it waiting for my friend to tell me that it was already past time, so hurry up, hahaha… On time, of course, employees, no matter what nation they work in and out, are on time, not missing more than that. If they are absent, they will make up for it until the end of 10 hours. When we came to work in Singapore twenty years ago. It’s just like this. It’s time to finish work, everyone leaves. Both the Philippines, Korea, Europe, Austria, Malaysia are all the same. We enter early every day.

    But Thai people do more than make contracts with employers all the time like us when working. Sign a contract to do 9 hours a day, but every day we actually work 15-18 hours a day because of the work that is entangled (it’s heartbreaking for us), even on holidays, we still go to clear work from time to time.

    Went several years ago and just came here to review.

    ถ่ายจาก Toast Junction, ร้านใต้สะพาน Jubilee, Singapore ร้านอาหารและเครื่องดื่มที่อยู่ใกล้ Merlion Park ที่สุด เพราะเป็นร้านเดียวที่อยู่ใต้สะพาน Jubilee

    เป็นร้านที่บริการห่วยสุด ๆ แต่เราไม่มีทางเลือกเพราะมีร้านเดียวที่ใกล้ Merlion (ใกล้ไม่ใกล้ดูรูปแรกเลยค่ะ นั่งมองจากร้านเห็น Merlion กับผู้คนรอบ ๆ เลย ถึงบอกว่าเป็นร้านที่ใกล้ที่สุดไงคะ )

    และเราต้องการที่นั่งพร้อมอาหารและเครื่องดื่มมาทานเติมพลังให้ร่างกายระหว่างรอเวลาค่ำเพื่อออกไปรอชมการแสดง แสง สี เสียง ประกอบเลเซอร์ที่ยิงมาจากตึก Marina Bay Sands

    ห่วยยังไงเหรอคะ ตอนเรากำลังไปสั่ง ยังไม่มีลูกค้านั่งสักโต๊ะ มีแต่ครอบครัวมุสลิมยืนต่อคิวด้านหน้าเราเพื่ิอสั่งอาหาร และ กำลังทะเลาะกับพนักงานทอมคนนึงที่ทำหน้าไม่เต็มใจรับแขก แต่สาวมุสลิมคนนั่นก้อพยามจะสั่ง คงเพราะลูกน้อยและสามีของเทอคงหิว

    ซึ่งทำให้เรารอนานมาก และ เราก้อไม่เข้าใจว่า พนักงานทอมอีกคน กับ สาววัยรุ่นอีกคนที่เป็นพนักงานทำไมไม่มาช่วยรับออเดอร์คนที่รอต่อคิวนานอย่างเรา แต่ทำเป็นยุ่งมากกกก ทั้งที่ไม่มีแขกสักโต๊ะ และเราก้อมองร้านนี้มาสักพักแล้วว่าไม่มีลูกค้าเลยคงเร็ว

    แต่ก้อไม่มีใครสนใจ เราจึงยื่นหน้าไปดูคุณภาเพื่อจะบอกว่าไปทานที่อื่นเถอะ เพราะชั้นทนต่อไปไม่ไหวละ ตอนนั่นเราเองก้อเริ่มถอดรองเท้าเดินละ เพราะปวดเท้ามาก

    แต่คุณภาก้อดันนั่งโต๊ะและเอนนอนไปเรียบร้อยแล้ว เราเลยต้องจำใจทนยืนรอคิวให้คิวแรกทะเลาะจนเสร็จ

    แต่…พอพนักงานทอมทะเลาะกับแขกมุสลิมเสร็จ ก้อกระฟัดกระเฟียดโครมครามประชด แล้วเดินหนีไป ไม่สนใจคิวต่อมาคือเรา (อ้าว..แล้วเราล่ะ)

    เราเลยประชดพนักงานร้านนี้ด้วยการยืนบ่นเสียงดังหน้าร้านอยู่พักนึง เลยมีพนักงานทอมอีกคนรีบมารับสั่วอาหารเราด้วยกิริยาอย่างเสียไม่ได้

    เราก้อสั่งเมนูที่ติดบนกำแพงหน้าร้านไป แต่พนักงานตอบว่า ไม่มี เราเลยเลือกเมนูอื่นบนกำแพงร้าน พนักงานทอมก้อตอบว่าไม่มี

    เราเลยถามว่าแล้วมีอะไรให้สั่งได้บ้าง พนักงานก้อทำท่าเซ็งว่าเรากวนบาทา แต่ก้อไม่ตอบ

    เราเลยลำคาญ บอกว่า งั้นมีโคคาโคล่าไหม ( ไม่มีก้อจบล่ะร้านนี้ปิดร้านเถอะคิดในใจ ) ปรากฏว่ามันตอบว่าไม่มี เราเลยหันไป บอกลูกค้าที่เพิ่งมาต่อคิวเราว่าอย่ามาเสียเวลาต่อคิวแบบเราเลยพวกคุณ เมนูนั้นก้อบอกไม่มี เมนูนี้ก้อบอกไม่มี แม้แต่โค๊กยังไม่มีเลย แถมชั้นยืนรอจนเนี่ยต่องถอดรองเท้าและ นี่ไม่รู้ว่ามีอัะไรให้สั่งบ้าง ถ้าไม่มีอะไรจะขาย ก้อปิดร้านไปซะ นี่ชั้นเอาเงินมาซื้ิอนะ ไม่ได้ขอฟรี เราพูดต่อหน้าพนักงานเลย

    พนักงานเลยบอกว่า ก้อโคคาโคล่ามันอยู่ในตู้แช่ เราต้องไปหยิบเอง ( เราก้อคิดในใจ แค่นี้ล่ะ ไม่บอกแบบนี้แต่แรกล่ะ ใครจะไปรู้ มาบอกไม่มีนี่มันคนละความหมายกันนะ แหมต้องให้เราเล่นใหญ่ )

    คิวต่อจากเราที่กำลังลังเลล่ะทำหน้าดีใจเลยว่าถึงคิวเค้าแล้วววว 55+ )

    แต่พอเราเดินไปหยิบเสร็จ เราจะจ่ายเงินทำเป็นเกี่ยงกันอีก เราเลยจะเ้ดินไปนั่งทานฟรีมันซะเลย คือ เงินไม่เอาก้อแล้วแต่นะ เพราะชั้นไม่รู้ว่าเท่าไหร่ ขนาดเงินยังเกี่ยงกันอีก มิน่าลูกค้าไม่มีนั่งเลย ( ตอนแรก ) มันเลยเรียกเราว่าให้จ่ายตังค์ ( โธ่ไม่แน่จริงนี่นา ) เราเลยถามเท่าไหร่แล้วจ่าย ( คิดในใจว่า ต้องให้ถามราคาอีกนะ มันน่าแกล้งไม่จ่ายตังค์นัก ) เราบอกขอเพิ่มน้ำแข็งสองด้วย มันก้อเลยรีบทำ ๆ ให้ คงอยากให่เราไปพ้นหน้าร้านสักที

    เราก้อเลยรีบไป คิดในใจว่า เดี๋ยวนะถ้าเรื่องเยอะปัญหาแยะ ชั้นจะอาละวาดเลยล่ะ คนยิ่งหิว เจ็บเท้าอยู่ด้วย ยังมาเจอพนักงานทำเหมือนเรามาขอทานฟรีอีก หน้าตาก้องั้น ๆ ยังบริการห่วยอีก

    แล้วเราก้อมาบ่นให้คุณภาฟัง ตาก้อเหลือบมองคิวต่อไป เห็นคุยกันพักนึง ลูกค้าที่เรา psycho เมื่อกี้สามคิวที่มาต่อทีหลังเรา ก้อไม่มีใครซื้อสลายตัวไปหมด ( แอบยิ้มในใจว่าได้ผล อิอิ ) แต่สักพักพอเรามานั่ง ก้อมีลูกค้ารายต่อ ๆ มาหลงมาสั่ง ก้อเจอแนวเดียวกัน คือบอกว่าไม่มี

    สักพักพนักงานทอมนั่นก้อถอดเสื้อออกเวรสะพายเป้ เราถึง..อ้ออออออ มันจะรีบกลับบ้าน มันเลยขี้เกียจขาย เลยอ้างไม่มี ๆ นี่เองงงง ( คิดในใจ สู้บ้านเราไม่ได้ เลยเวลาเราก้อยังรับ ถ้ายังมีลูกค้า )

    สักพักได้ยินมันรอเพื่อนบอกจะเลยเวลาแล้ว ให้รีบเร็ว ๆ แหมะ… ตรงเวลานะยะ ซึ่งแน่นอนพนักงานไม่ว่าชาติไหนจะทำงานเข้า-ออก ก้อตรงเวลา ไม่ขาดไม่เกินนั่นแหล่ะ ถ้าขาดเค้าก้อจะทำชดกันจนครบ 10 ชม.น่ะแหล่ะ สมัยเรามาทำงานที่สิงคโปร์เมื่อยี่สิบปีที่แล้ว มันก้อเป็นแบบนี้แหล่ะ ถึงเวลาเลิกงานทุกคนทิ้งเลย ทั้ง ฟิลิปปิน ทั้งเกาหลี ทั้งยุโรป ออสเตรีย มาเล เหมือนกันหมด มีเราเข้าก่อนเวลาทุกวัน

    แต่คนไทยเราทำเกินที่ทำสัญญากับนายจ้างกันตลอด ๆ อย่างเราตอนทำงาน เซ็นสัญญาทำวันละ 9 ชม. แต่ในทุกวัน เราทำงานจริง 15-18 ชม.ต่อวัน เพราะงานที่ติดพัน ( ทำขาดใจเลยล่ะเรา ) แม้แต่วันหยุดยังเข้าไปเครียร์งานเป็นครั้งคราวอีกตะหากนะ


  110. Avatar photo
    Ignacio Aguirre

    There are good views from the bridge

    Hay buenas vistas desde el puente

  111. Avatar photo
    Vlad 969

    A bridge is like a bridge, but only dedicated to independence.

    Мост как мост, но только посвящен независимости .

  112. Avatar photo
    Tarek Abdelkader

    Great view to the gardens from there

  113. Avatar photo
    เปรมณัช อินทพงษ์

    Jubilee Bridge
    It was built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

    สะพาน Jubilee
    สร้างขึ้นเฉลิมฉลอง ครบรอบ50ปี ประกาศอิสรภาพ

  114. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Elizarraras

    very beautiful place

    muy bonito lugar

  115. Avatar photo
    Adnin Azmi

    Doubles as both a bridge to get to the other side of the cove and also a viewing area for merlion park and marina bay sands

  116. Avatar photo
    Aung Pyae Phyo (Phoe Thar)

    New bridge …

  117. Avatar photo
    Desmond Choo

    Path of nation building

  118. Avatar photo
    Chan Jian Hao

    The views from this bridge are just amazing, not only can you see Marina Bay and the glistening water of the Marina Reservoir, You can also see the shiny buildings south of the Singapore river. The view at night are simply amazing, and it functions exactly like a good bridge. Solid.

  119. Avatar photo
    Kornel Flint

    Fantastic views of the bay!

  120. Avatar photo
    Elad Yohai

    Beautiful bridge. Nice view of the bay.

  121. Avatar photo
    P. Michael Gebhart OSB

    Merlin, the mascot of Singapore

    Merlin, das Maskottchen von Singapur

  122. Avatar photo
    Philip Hong Yi Tan

    Impressive view to enjoy the Marina Bay Night lighting

  123. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Limanjaya

    Crowded bridge.

  124. Avatar photo
    Eri Wijaya

    Bridge between two icon. Merlion and Esplanade

  125. Avatar photo
    rizky hermawan

    I love the lights show in this bridge when the afternoon struck, they simply reflected on the water and it’s beautiful.

  126. Avatar photo

    Hi guys ️

  127. Avatar photo
    Erra Js

    Breezy & relaxing.

  128. Avatar photo
    Emen Izmir

    Singapore my 2nd home

  129. Avatar photo
    Ari Mandala Putra

    Jubilee bridge singapore

  130. Avatar photo
    Dave Yap

    Jubilee bridge is a great place for river views

  131. Avatar photo
    Brainy Dumps

    I love the view especially at night.

  132. Avatar photo
    Agung Hidayat

    Very beautiful and iconic

    Sangat cantik dan ikonik

  133. Avatar photo
    G Aquino

    Nice foot bridge connecting the Esplanade and the Merlion, two major local attractions.

  134. Avatar photo

    Marina Sun Bays can be photographed beautifully


  135. Avatar photo
    kw S

    Best Singapore night view that you should not missed.

  136. Avatar photo
    Sela Rambo

    I was come in here. My fav good place. bring me back …

  137. Avatar photo
    Endeya R

    Great walk especially at night.

  138. Avatar photo
    Mike Lai

    A good place to watch the night view in Marina Bay, a check-in point for overkill memory.


  139. Avatar photo
    Samuel E. Jun

    A bridge leading from Esplanade Mall to the Merlion Lion Statue on the right. Good for taking pictures of Marina Bay Sands from the front

    에스플러네이드 몰에서 오른 쪽으로 멀라이언 사자상까지 이어지는 다리. 마리나배이샌즈를 정면에서 사진 찍기 좋음

  140. Avatar photo
    Wei-Middle Tsai

    Beautiful bridge!

  141. Avatar photo
    Mirco Spina

    Great experience

  142. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chou

    Cool bridge

  143. Avatar photo
    chriS Lam

    Nice view from this bridge!

  144. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Yazmaily

    Not bad

  145. Avatar photo


  146. Avatar photo
    Vila M

    will walk around the city in a wide angle


  147. Avatar photo
    Hands Sitepu

    bridge to go to Merlion, very convenient

    jembatan untuk menuju Merlion, sangat nyaman

  148. Avatar photo

    Amazing place. Especially during iLight festival. Vibrant. Grande. Sparkling and enjoyable. Loved this place

  149. Avatar photo
    Samuel Ng

    Fantastic views, especially in the evening around 6pm+ near sunset. Provides scenic skyline views and an ideal place to take beautiful photos of the Singapore Flyer, Esplanade, Fullerton Hotel, MBS, Merlion and the CBD. Nice place for an evening stroll or jog with family, especially on weekdays when it is less crowded.

  150. Avatar photo
    Antoni Neo

    Best angle of Marina Bay Sands, Helix bridge and Singapore flyer

  151. Avatar photo
    Варя Гуденко


  152. Avatar photo
    Cahya Nugraha

    there is a singapore ice cream seller

    ada penjual es krim singapore

  153. Avatar photo
    Shang-Wei Kuo

    It’s hot to walk on the bridge during the day


  154. Avatar photo

    Netty. Was. Here. If you’re lucky you might see the family of otters living under the bridge.

  155. Avatar photo
    David Zeng

    Finally… better late than never.

  156. Avatar photo
    TS Y (Arkaa)

    Full moon evening. 满月夜

  157. Avatar photo
    Ricky Zulfandi

    From this bridge, we can see many iconic buildings of Singapore. Many tourist during weekend. Recommended.

  158. Avatar photo

    Clear view of Merlion Park and Sands Hotel


  159. Avatar photo
    Shafiq Rosli

    A convenient way to travel from Esplanade to Merlion with a great view.

    This bridge was named after Singapore’s 50th year of independence.

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