Review Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch, 210 Hougang St 21, Singapore

Review JOYRE TCMedi Spa  Kovan Branch - Singapore 210 Hougang St 21

“My beautician Joanna, is skilled and friendly. Love her service very much. I highly recommend her service.” or “Joanna v skillful in her bojin treatment. No rush and everything is in good hand with her. Thank you.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch is quality.

Introduction about Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch

Here are some fundamental details regarding Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch. In terms of Massage spa, it is generally believed that Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branchis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 210 Hougang St 21, #01-249, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Massage spa, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 64598248 (+65 64598248)
  • Website:
  • Address: 210 Hougang St 21, #01-249, Singapore
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Here are the operating hours of Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 10 AM to 9 PM.

Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 7 PM.


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How to contact Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch via:

Phone number

You can reach Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch at 64598248(+65 64598248). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 210 Hougang St 21, #01-249, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch reviews

Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch is among the best destinations of Massage spa in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch good?

To determine whether Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“My beautician Joanna, is skilled and friendly. Love her service very much. I highly recommend her service.”

“Joanna v skillful in her bojin treatment. No rush and everything is in good hand with her. Thank you.”

“Would recommend Catsey Tan from Kovan branch for your massage. She's professional and experienced. You can ask for her service if you are a first time customer.”

“Catsey from Kovan Branch has been my therapist for the past few years. She has done Moxibustion, Medi Spa and Bojin facials for me. She is highly skilled and professional. I highly recommend her.”

“Catsey from Kovan is very detailed and give their best in helping me on my back pain. I enjoyed the treatment of moxibustion! Thumbs up to them!”

“Catsey Tan from kovan branch is very friendly and professional. My first time here and she gave very detailed explanation throughout the meridian treatment! Highly recommended!!”

“Catsey from Kovan branch is very friendly and massage skill is outstanding. She always help to relieve my muscle probem. Thanks alot to her wonderful skill.”

“Catsey was very professional, and very friendly. The process was very smooth, and I could see the effect immediately after the treatment. Will recommend her to my friends and come back for her service again.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 244 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 99% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Joyre Tcmedi Spa Kovan Branch, 210 Hougang St 21, Singapore

There is a total 244 reviews

5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Poh Chee Chan

    Cathy Tan from Koven, Very good service and body massage skill is very well

  2. Avatar photo
    Carol Wee

    Casey, very good service. No hard-sell. Massage was good and comfortable.
    Kovan branch

  3. Avatar photo

    Catsey at Compass one is very good service.5 start for her.Sheisvery professional knowledgeable.Good job

  4. Avatar photo
    Shaun Tan

    Catsey from Kovan did very good body treatment. Highly recommended …

  5. Avatar photo
    Chai yean Liew

    The massage was really comfortable and the service of my masseur, Cathy was really good. Highly recommended!

  6. Avatar photo
    Shataz Ho

    Cathy from kovan
    Very friendly and approachable. I feel very relax after my sessions. She also provide good tips on improving your lifestyle habits and will ask if the treatment is within your tolerance levels. Very good service in overall, thank you.

  7. Avatar photo
    elisa bacharo

    Cathy from kovan
    She is very good while doing my facial ,,and also my boss like here the way she do facial .

  8. Avatar photo
    Mayce Wu

    Catsey has been transferred from Punggol to Kovan. Followed her since 3 years ago. She’s dedicated and very patient with every treatment that I have signed for.

    Cathy has a very good massage skills too!!

  9. Avatar photo
    Hydro Glow

    Catsey from Kovan is very detailed and give their best in helping me on my back pain. I enjoyed the treatment of moxibustion! Thumbs up to them!

  10. Avatar photo
    A R

    Had a very nice TCM face treatment by Cathy. She is very good in explaining the process and overall its very relaxing. I will definitely visit again.

  11. Avatar photo
    Randal Leau

    Catsey, from Kovan. Very professional. Will book for my next appointment

  12. Avatar photo
    Wei Hao Lim

    Cathy from Kovan TCMedi was my facial therapist. She is very professional and very skillful. My face condition improved tremendously. Have been with her for more than 1 year. Highly recommend to have her as your therapist.

  13. Avatar photo
    Loh Jia Hui

    Catsey from Kovan branch was very helpful in helping to relieve my shoulder and neck pain 🙂 She was very professional in her advices and her tuina massages! Will be back if my pain persists thank you!

  14. Avatar photo
    Elinda Soin

    Cathy is super professional and friendly. Service was excellent and I felt really comfortable throughout the whole session. Will definitely come back again.

  15. Avatar photo
    Lai Tony

    Very good experience. Professional Doctor! Recommend!

  16. Avatar photo
    Lim Ph

    Catsey Tan from Kovan.She did detox mesin treatment ,I felt very comfortable. like her service.Good service. 5 star to her.Thanks,recommended her.

  17. Avatar photo
    Cherrie Rico

    Yang Yang and the rest of the staff is good. They always give the best suggestion and treatment. Joann the customer relations officer gives the best recommendations that will help you with your budget. I like Joyre Kovan branch. The staff are very friendly.

  18. Avatar photo
    Chemistry Ghost

    Came back for the Moxibustion treatment, felt immediate relief of the bloatedness after treatment.
    Catsey is very patient, knowledgeable and professional, she is able to answer all my queries regarding the treatment.
    Catsey from Kovan branch is an experienced beautician who is very knowledgeable and provided excellent service. My face is super clean after the treatment and she introduced many other services to me as well. Highly recommended looking forward for the next treatment!

  19. Avatar photo
    Shirley Yap L.F.

    catsey is doing very good job her facial and face massage is very relaxing and very effective at kovan branch. …

  20. Avatar photo
    Mel Mah

    Cathy from Kovan is the reason I love going there. She is a very skillful massage therapist and has good knowledge of TCM too. She is friendly and customer focused

  21. Avatar photo
    Catherine Kee

    Experience was great and Hannah teacher managed to remove my knots and shoulder pain issue. Painful but worth it I guess …

  22. Avatar photo
    Cathleen Cheong

    Like May’s service a lot! Followed her since 7 years ago – she has been with Joyre for the past 5 years. May is an experienced beautician who tailored the facial products and service according to customer’s facial conditions. Highly recommended May!

  23. Avatar photo
    Desmond Lim

    Cathy , Catsey from Kovan.

    Thanks for the professional spa service. Really enjoy.

  24. Avatar photo
    Bok Lian Chew

    Cathy from kovan, she skill is very good
    Catsey from kovan. She skill is very good. Today, Cathy did for me. And Casey did my husband .

  25. Avatar photo
    Tan Bee leng

    Can feel she is an experience massagist.

  26. Avatar photo
    lim katherine

    Thanks Joyre staff – 陈医生, 医生 Daniel, Carol, 秀秀, Jasmine. They are always very nice and patient.

    My whole family love the session with the doctors especially when we are not well.

    After the treatment, we feels so relax.

    I would highly recommended those who really needs help on tcm to try the treatment with JOYRE.

    Thank you All Staff in JOYRE

  27. Avatar photo
    Michelle Lee

    I have engage Miao Miao service since early 2019. She is an experience and caring person. You must try her service if you first time go Joyre TC Medi at kovan.

  28. Avatar photo
    Sharon N

    I went for a tuina session with Cathy, and it was AMAZING! She was extremely professional/very skilful, and will definitely be my go-to for future sessions. THANK YOU CATHY!

  29. Avatar photo
    Satyaprakash Kumar

    Thank Catsey and Cathy for your service. The treatment was very relaxing. Will recommend and come back again and again.

  30. Avatar photo
    Three Seventy

    My masseur is Catsey from Kovan Outlet and she is professional, friendly and helpful.

    Highly recommend her.

  31. Avatar photo
    Alan Leong

    Cathy from kovan is very friendly and not hard sales which makes me feel comfortable throughout the facial process… will come back again next time …

  32. Avatar photo
    Boon Huan Tan

    Had good service from Ms Cathy Tan Kai Chee. Definitely recommend Cathy for anyone who is interested for facial and neck massage.

  33. Avatar photo
    Lee Apple

    Catsey from Kovan. TCM moxibustion warms is really great, good service! Highly recommended.

  34. Avatar photo
    Halijah Ismail

    Cathy who is my therapist is excellent. She is skilled and gives her best. She puts in extra effort every time I come for my treatment.

  35. Avatar photo

    Cathy from Kovan was very friendly and welcoming. She was very gentle with the treatment and I am very satisfied with the outfit. Definitely would recommend this to anyone.

  36. Avatar photo
    Tamali Chatterjee

    Castsey she is really amazingly done for me, happy with her Kovan branch

  37. Avatar photo
    Asybiel Seah

    Hi all. I just did the facial treatment today at kovan outlet. Lisa is very passionate and gentle with the treatment. Thank you Lisa

  38. Avatar photo
    Angela Hwang

    My facial lady Cathy is both professional and skillful. She’s great at giving the right recommendation and adjust on treatment based on client needs. I’ll continue to do routine facial with her
    Thanks Cathy! …

  39. Avatar photo
    Pbkat Soh

    Catsey is a very experience massue. very highly recommendable skill, knowledge and service at Compass One

  40. Avatar photo
    J L

    Had a very stiff neck and shoulder and chanced upon Joyre at Kovan. CATHY was assigned to me and she did a fantastic job in relieving my pain. CATHY is well trained, knowlegeable, professional and a great asset to Joyre.

  41. Avatar photo
    phuva thiru

    It was great pleasure having cathy from kovan. As i was suffering from bain pain her magic fingers did the amazing job. I feel so much relived. Thank u so much. I will look for u again.

  42. Avatar photo
    Serene Tan

    Due to I never book appointment they try their best to help me and 金姐 is friendly and good service.Xiu Xiu is a Awesome professional massage.Feel super comfortable after her massage,will come & look for her again.Here Feel like home to me totally different from Nex.I think I won’t go to Nex any more.Go there like nightmare to me.

  43. Avatar photo
    Ho Weirong

    Cathy from kovan
    Very good service and I am well understand about the treatment !

  44. Avatar photo
    Miki Law

    Cathy from Kovan is my therapist. She is the reason I’m travelling to Kovan from my living place located at West Area. She is very experienced, skilful, sharing information. Today she saw me suffering from coughing. With no doubt she message the point for me to make me feel better now. She is the company big assets and reliable staff. Appreciated for her sincerely services to all her customers and treated them as a friend.

  45. Avatar photo
    Lena Li

    I was assisted by Cathy at Kovan Branch. She is very professional and patient during my service.

  46. Avatar photo
    Eve Chew

    Catsey from Kovan is very good service.I did meridianmesin treatment felt good effectGood job.Thank.

  47. Avatar photo
    Cerine Chua

    Cathy from Kovan is friendly and good service. Face look much better after facial.

  48. Avatar photo
    Doreen Tan

    My beautician Joanna, is skilled and friendly. Love her service very much. I highly recommend her service.

  49. Avatar photo
    Mae Bien

    Cathy is an experienced therapist who handle and assist me with my shoulder pain. She did so well that after my 1st session I felt so much better. Thank you Cathy for a job well done.

  50. Avatar photo
    Juli Shakur

    Catsey Tan from Kovan
    Cathy Tan from Kovan
    Good service and friendly.
    Keep it up.

  51. Avatar photo
    Christine Pang

    Love the treatment from my trusted therapist, Catsey from Kovan branch!

  52. Avatar photo
    Ivy Tan

    Cathy from Koran – have been my long time therapist. Very happy with her service. Great job!!

  53. Avatar photo
    Tan Jeanne JC

    Ms Catsey Tan from Kovan outlet I am very pleased with her professional skill and she is very skillful and knowledgeable. I will recommend her to my friends and relatives, she truly deserves our praise. Keep it up Catsey! 加油↖(^ω^)↗。

  54. Avatar photo
    Wendy Lai

    1st time trying at compassone outlet, therapist Catsey Tan is very good in her massage skills. friendly and knowledgeable. Will come back for her.

  55. Avatar photo
    Chua Yeeleen

    Great service from team in Toa Payoh, excellent team work. Professional masseur, YAN QING definitely can capture customer’s heart!

  56. Avatar photo
    Lee Hwee Noi

    I LOVED the services provided by Cathy from Joyre TCMedi Spa Kovan… she is very polite and gentle… more importantly friendly with no airs …

  57. Avatar photo
    Ivan Gan

    Catsey from kovan is professional and the tcm treatment massage is good, feeling is very good.. Thank you.

  58. Avatar photo
    Kim Hiong Kam

    Very good service. Friendly staff.

  59. Avatar photo
    Katerine Aw

    Catsey Tan from Kovan branch ,good Skill,professional,massage, good service.I did TCMdetox facial treatment ,relax n freshly. Thks for good service.

  60. Avatar photo

    Catsey from Kovan is really good ! I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and I feel much better after the session. She’s friendly and skilled. Really good job.

  61. Avatar photo
    Ah Ah Low

    Catsey and CathyTanKovan outlet is very professional and great tcm treatment massage.I did herbal spa ,TCMshouldernecktreatment and TCM moxibustion mask ,the herbal spa was very good effect,smells good,no longer feeling the stress on my neck shoul after TCM treatment feel very relaxed.Both was very good service and very cheerful.That very sweet of her to do that.Has been 4 years followed .5 star to both.ThanksHighly recommend.

  62. Avatar photo
    thiru murugan

    Catsey from Kovan this is our first time our customers very good and Nice massage I am feel is after massage very very good felling so I am happy today

  63. Avatar photo
    amanda lim

    Cathy from Kovan – very caring and knowledgeable staff. Excellent service and generous with her time.

  64. Avatar photo
    Anne Tan

    Cathy is a reliable n passionate therapist who is very considerate customer’s needs.

  65. Avatar photo
    Chaiyean Liew

    I am very satisfied with the facial treatment at Joyre Kovan. My therapist Catsey is very skilful and nice.

  66. Avatar photo
    Lim Yong Kiong

    Catsey (Kovan Branch) has good knowledge on the skin condition and gives good advice on how to better our skin. She is careful and makes sure that we have a good quality on skincare.

  67. Avatar photo
    Amy Wong

    Cathy from Kovan
    Cathy is very attentive to my request.

    Very satisfied with her service.

    Casey from Kovan
    Sister of Cathy is also very attentive. Her massage is superb. Highly recommend.

  68. Avatar photo
    Alice wee

    Cathy from Kovan. She is helpful & skillful. After massage, my shoulder disappear. Thank you very much. Good job. …

  69. Avatar photo
    Tian Xiang Yang

    Thanks Catsey for good service. I am very happy and enjoy in the treatment.

  70. Avatar photo
    Eileen Koh

    Last sign up with them is in 2015, I am glad to back here after so long. Thanks to Catsey to follow with me if not I have forget my package here. Her service and explain of each step is clear and understandable. If you happen to be in Kovan, please look for her. You will be happy and have a great time doing facial in here. Once again, thanks Catsey.

  71. Avatar photo
    Choo Henry

    Cathy from Koran.She skill is very strong and helpful. GOOD JOB.

  72. Avatar photo
    Eunice Pee

    Would recommend Catsey Tan from Kovan branch for your massage. She’s professional and experienced. You can ask for her service if you are a first time customer.

  73. Avatar photo
    pearline leh

    Catsey Tan from kovan branch is very friendly and professional. My first time here and she gave very detailed explanation throughout the meridian treatment! Highly recommended!!

  74. Avatar photo
    Jing Jing Lam

    Catsey at compass one is the very profesional massage prsson. Very good service and very great massage !! Thank you so much!

  75. Avatar photo
    Tuolaky Lee

    Cathy from Kovan

    Though this is only my second visit here, Cathy makes me feels at ease and at home. She is patient and is willing to share her beauty tips with me. She exudes great confidence in her and I can feel it by the touch of her fingertips during my treatment. She is very skilful and knowledgeable in her job! I feel so fortunate and blessed to have Cathy looking after my skin which I am so concerned of! Kudos to Cathy and Joyre TCMedi SPA!

  76. Avatar photo
    Anthony Ang

    I have booked a session for my wife and myself for Cathy and Casey, both are very good. I am a member for Joyce since 2018.

  77. Avatar photo

    Joyre Spa massage is very good spa centre…staff is real good with their hospitality! I found Faye ( massage woman) very professional and jovial. I wish then All the Great Success! I will visit again!
    Last but not the least, many thanks to my brother in law and sister who gifted me this massage package!

  78. Avatar photo
    Ann tan

    Catsey Tan from Kovan was good service and professional, did neck shoulder TCM treatment felt better,will definitely come back.Give her5 star for her service.Highly recommend

  79. Avatar photo
    Clémence LE FLOCH

    I honestly had one of the best facial I ever had. My therapist Albee was kind and her face massage was very well executed. She advised me on what treatment I should get, offered to do my brows for free, and it was nice to chat with her during the treatment. I felt that I was in very good hands ! I would definitely recommend Joyre SPA and Albee. The price / quality ratio is super good !

  80. Avatar photo
    WS Lee

    Recommended by my wife. Catsey is professional and experienced. Very pleasant experience.

  81. Avatar photo
    Holmberg Rochelle

    Catsey @ compass one, she’s been very nice and very professional. If u come here, u may want to ask for her. Thanks, Catsey!

  82. Avatar photo
    Alice Ng

    Catsey from Kovan is very good n skillful, haven’t been fire 2 years since covid

  83. Avatar photo
    Hsat Kapru

    Catsey from Kovan
    Today ,I did IDPL facail treatment felt very comfortable after treatment my face look very light and my pore small.I very happy Catsey service to me,she service was very good and good job.Highly recommend looking forward for the next treatment.

  84. Avatar photo
    Guo Feng

    The service provided by Cathy was superb and she is really professional and no hard selling at all. Would recommend her if you happen to come to this branch.

  85. Avatar photo
    Ken Chin

    neck was pain and strain due to long working hour on computer. Went for treatment and exact pin point pressing. Unlike other simple massage outside shop.
    Well recommended for cathy.from Kovan.

    Catsey (Kovan) also has pin point pressing , strength is hard but strain pain was relieved after the session. Good job.

  86. Avatar photo
    Kim Ngọc Đậu

    The staff Catsey was supper nice and she has strong skills, made me satisfied.
    Highly recommended Catsey for your experience
    From Kovan branch

  87. Avatar photo
    Jack Tan

    Cathy from Kovan.
    Great service and she knows where to relieve my tired and sore spots. Am always relieved of my fatigue after my massage session.

  88. Avatar photo
    Kenny Ty

    Catsey Tan from Kovan branch
    very good service and good skill full . She is very professional and good communication. Highly recommend. Keep it up.

    Cathy Tan from Kovan branch, I did TCM treatment moxibustion feel comfortable, my legs feel very relax.She also good service and good skill and professional and good communication,both good staff, highly recommend, give full star . Thanks.

  89. Avatar photo
    Lim Yen ton

    Cathy from Kovan Branch is very good at massage. Very approachable and professional. Recommended!

  90. Avatar photo
    caroijl wang

    Skillfull therapist done a god job! I have more energy to face the tough work next week! I will share with my friends!

  91. Avatar photo
    Yang Shu Hwa

    Daniel is my therapist. He is good and effective and knowledgeable in tcm.

  92. Avatar photo
    Nancy Yong

    Catsey Tan from Kovan branch
    Good service and very attentive. Friendly and always very cheerful. Has been her client for 4 long years. Followed her wherever she goes. Give her 5 for her service. Highly recommended.

    Cathy from Kovan
    She is Catsey’ twin sister who is just as good and efficient as her elder sister.
    Though this is the first time with her, I find that she is a pleasant and friendly person. Cathy does her job very well. Yes she is highly recommended. A good facial therapist.

  93. Avatar photo
    Jeslyn Yip

    Fei Fei is good as she is very patient and friendly. Her massage therapy is good too. Will recommend her to friends and family.
    Joanne the customer service officer is very helpful and approachable when we transferred back to kovan outlet from the one at seletar mall. She has been of great help.

  94. Avatar photo

    Cathy from kovan very good with her facial. Very friendly and cheerful lady. Would like to try her massage next time

  95. Avatar photo

    Catsey from Kovan is very accommodating and explained the benefits of massages very well.

    Her skills are also excellent. Highly recommended.

  96. Avatar photo
    Jeannie Quan

    Catsey Tan from Compass Outlet.
    She did a good service for me, if there are good opportunity, I will recommend friends to come to JOYRE TCMedi Spa to enjoy the great service. 3 yrs
    Thumb up for her services!!!

  97. Avatar photo

    Their attitudes will change if you refuse to sign up for their expensive packages. I can get better massage elsewhere at much lower prices!

  98. Avatar photo
    Soh Chiang Ting

    Cathy from Kovan.
    My Therapist Cathy is very thorough in doing the treatment. She has great message skill and deep knowledge of human body, thus able to provide professional and effective recommendation and service.

  99. Avatar photo
    Bonnie Lee

    Catsey Tan from Sengkang Compass One with the good service. I felt very comfortable. She is polite and professional experience TCM face and body knowledge. Highly recommended. Good job.

  100. Avatar photo
    Qiqi Wei

    Catsey from kovan outlet is very a professional therapist and beautician, feel super great after the tcm treatment, highly recommend her!

  101. Avatar photo
    Margaret Lee

    Very satisfied with both my facial and body treatment at Joyre Kovan. My therapist Cathy is very skilful, knowledgeable, gentle and caring. My health is not so good recently and just after one ovary massage and moxibustion, I felt so much better after. Will continue to go for treatment to improve my health. Highly recommended.

  102. Avatar photo
    cheah ee

    Cathy from kovan did H80 facial treatment is very good recommended
    Catsey did body massage was very awsome …

  103. Avatar photo
    Jaime Wang

    Cathy from kovan
    She is Perfect , Friendly, I having package massage facial with them many year I only want her to Service me if she not around I will find other day to come ,her massage is from head to toe I like it so much . …

  104. Avatar photo
    Enza Benn

    Cathy was really professional and really nice and gentle with my sensitive skin.. i do recommend to try as you will feel better after the facial! Thanks Cathy for everything …

  105. Avatar photo
    Ruby Zhang

    Catsey at compassone outlet is very good in her massage skills. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing.

  106. Avatar photo
    Kat Teo

    Catsey , very impress with her skill and very humble .
    She very friendly and make a customer feel relaxed .
    Very skilled and my neck felt so much better .
    Will definitely come back to find her .
    She a gem to your company . Good job Catsey from compass one

  107. Avatar photo
    Chris L

    Had my facial done by Casey Tan from Kovan branch. Service was very good. She did the Meridian Facial. Massage was very good. She was very thorough in cleansing steps and massage. Fingers were firm and you could tell she is very experienced. Over all a very comfortable session with her.

  108. Avatar photo
    Dawn Teo

    Coming over to the compass one outlet for the first time for a facial, was attended to by Catsey ‍️ she did a fantastic job, face feeling clean and refreshed after a session …

  109. Avatar photo
    Lim Chay hoon

    Casey from kovan outlet I am very please with her professional skill and she is very skillful and knowledgeable . Really appreciate and thanks for the good services provided .Very Recommended !!!

  110. Avatar photo
    Tina Liang

    Catsey at Compass one has very professional and really nice after treatment I feel neck shoulder relax.Good service and good job recommend her.

  111. Avatar photo
    Ray Ng

    Today did a TCM treatment at joyre with catsey from kovan.

    The treatment is good and relaxing.

  112. Avatar photo
    GET Management

    Catsey at Koven very personal care service.
    Sweet n nice lady.
    Good knowledge n professional.

  113. Avatar photo
    Kamal Malik

    The massage and facial by Cathy was wonderful and refreshing. She also helped me try gua sha facial massage .I will love to see the effect of the process. All the best to Cathy and Joyre. Catsey helped do the moxibustion for the tummy …I really appreciate.

  114. Avatar photo
    Lian Kim Poh

    Catsey at Compass one is very good service.Thank for her.Good job.I did TCM facial treatment good treatment,recommend her.

  115. Avatar photo
    Liang Tan L1-110

    Catsey from kovan did body treatment for me very friendly and good service .Good job …

  116. Avatar photo
    For Spam

    Had Moxibustion, meridian body treatment and herbal spa today at Kovan branch. Catsey was my masseur. She is friendly and had good massage skills. Had a great and relaxing 2 hours session! Highly recommended!

    Cathy did my treatment today. She is the twin sister of Catsey. She is also friendly and had equally good massage skills. Had a great sessikn today!

  117. Avatar photo
    yap carrie

    The therapist Cathy was very good and her pressure was very good. She is very knowledgeable.

  118. Avatar photo
    Gina Rajan

    Cathy from kovan she is very good know how to handle part of body

  119. Avatar photo
    Heyly Adelia

    1st time doing my massage under TCM,massage done by Cathy at Kovan outlet
    She friendly and really do good massage she know where the points and help to ease my pain.

  120. Avatar photo
    Ang Jiehui

    Great massage experience. My therapist Catsey from compass one outlet was very knowledgeable and professional.

  121. Avatar photo
    Bindu Bahulayen

    Catsey Tan is very good and skill full. Kovan branch. Very caring
    Cathy is very caring and professional. Love this place

  122. Avatar photo
    Shannice Tan

    First time doing my massage at Compass One outlet and served by Catsey, good experience and knowledge shared by her.

  123. Avatar photo
    Quek Hsiu Yuan

    Catsey@compass one

    First time with Joyre and Catsey. Very good service. Went in with a stiff shoulder and came out with a relaxed shoulder. Very informative and health tips shared by her.

    Highly recommended service.

  124. Avatar photo
    May Shum

    Catsey Tan from kovan branch is very professional and friendly. Highly recommanded. Good service

  125. Avatar photo
    Neeru Rawat

    Very happy with Catsey and Cathy.She is very good masseur and take care of her clients very well. I am very Happy and will visit again.

  126. Avatar photo
    Janson Toh

    Very good service and massage skill from Catsey!(Kovan outlet). Overall, I am very happy and feel refreshed after the massage. Will definitely recommend my friends and family members to approach Catsey and Joyre for massage services.

  127. Avatar photo
    Nicole Andrea Tan

    Cathy is very patient with me, and her extraction skills are top notch! She’s also very knowledgeable about skin conditions, especially with my acne-prone, sensitive skin.

  128. Avatar photo

    Cathy from kovan
    Service is very good. And really friendly
    I will go back to do massage

  129. Avatar photo
    Kathryn Khoo

    Kim is fantastic ! Had a wonderful traditional massage with her!

  130. Avatar photo
    Tay Snangie

    Cathy from kovan .First time come do the body massage treatment,after feel very comfortable and pressure is very strong.Good job ,thanks Cathy.

  131. Avatar photo
    ng lee lee

    Alina at Kovan is very professional, her massage skills is great. She is very friendly and she will recommend treatment that helps to improve my body condition. My sleeping problem has improved greatly. My body has improved a lot since i knows her. She put customer interest in heart and always tried to understand my body conditions and tried to improve it. Thank you very much . Once again i want to say a big “Thank You” to her.

  132. Avatar photo

    Cathy from Kovan is very professional and knowledgeable of her area of expertise. She managed to help me release the tensed on my shoulders and lessen the pain on my upper back. Well done!

  133. Avatar photo
    Leona Lu

    did my facial at kovan outlet and was served by Elaine and FAYE。 her skill is very good and my face feel more firm. excellent result. will recommend my friends over !

  134. Avatar photo
    Ng Ck

    Satisfied with Catsey’s professional service with good product n service knowledge. From Kovan branch.

  135. Avatar photo
    Kath Ooi

    CatseyTan from Compass one
    First time visit Joyre Medical spa, very happy communicate with Catsey and have a good service from her.

  136. Avatar photo
    Lee Chong

    Cathy from kovan.She is very friendly and skill is very well,facial and body massage is very well .good job ,thanks a lot ~~

  137. Avatar photo
    Elsie Lim

    Cathy form kovan….. The first I meet and the first try offer facial omg she’s great I love her fantastic finger the way she massage my face..Thank you Kathy …

  138. Avatar photo
    Imelda Sim

    Catsey Tan from compass one is professional n massage strength is good.

  139. Avatar photo

    Catsey is well skilled after massage very relaxed and will highly recommend to received her service.

  140. Avatar photo
    Rosminah Amir

    Cathy from Kovan is good, the strength she used for the massage is just nice for me. Good service.

  141. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Goh

    Chen Zhen is my massager. She is super good and nice. Highly recommend her to everyone who read this comment. By the way, you could find her only at Kovan Joyre. As she is so good, her appointments are always full. To find her, please do an appointment. Try it out and you will believe me.

  142. Avatar photo

    Catsey from Kovan very good expercience for TCM face body meridian ,whole body face felt very comfortable followed5 years her,like her sercive,
    Cathy also good staff both twins sister are very professional.5 star to both,good job. …

  143. Avatar photo
    Sweechin Kam

    Catsey from Kovan is a very experienced therapist. Like her professionalism over the past 4 years of service.

  144. Avatar photo
    Dixie Rose Tolentino

    Cathy from Kovan is very good. I love the massage and very professional.

  145. Avatar photo
    Christine Lee

    Catsey from kovan. Tcm worm treatment is very good. Tcm meridien treatment is effective. Emjoy v much.

  146. Avatar photo
    Janice Tan

    Cathy from Kovan is awesome, she is very good with her techniques and she is able to provide very helpful information to help me cultivate a better lifestyle. She is also able to provide very handy recommendations via impeccable service. Highly recommended!

  147. Avatar photo
    Lily Yong

    Cathy from kovan
    She is very friendly, caring and flexible. She’s skillful n able to execute her service well. Almost every visit she would share the services n treatment available in the company but she will not force any sale and kindly explained these were informations for my needs. A very good n reliable staff. I signed on for another package as a result.

  148. Avatar photo
    Amy Lim

    I am beyond satisfied with the service provided by Siew Siew . She did a amazing job on my facial. After my facial she even gave me a quick massage to
    the shoulders, neck and arms. Makes me feel very relaxed and pampered! I will definitely be going back to see !

  149. Avatar photo
    The Chosen One

    Love the facial treatment done by Catsey. Very friendly and professional. Good service and attentive. Will come again! Kovan branch.

  150. Avatar photo
    Seah Chern Ern

    Catsey from Kovan branch is very friendly and massage skill is outstanding. She always help to relieve my muscle probem. Thanks alot to her wonderful skill.

  151. Avatar photo
    Passion Print Media Passion

    Casey Tan from Koven is very professional n nice sweet young lady, very detailed n caring , will recommend my friends to her, very good services, good her 5 stares

  152. Avatar photo
    Lau Kuang chew

    CatseyTan transfers Kovan branch is very good service .She is very professional and good communication.Service is also excellent after treatmentTCM treatment feel very good ,thank you to her.Good job.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ …

  153. Avatar photo
    Serene Tan

    Due to I never book appointment they try their best to help me and 金姐 is friendly and good service.Xiu Xiu is a Awesome professional massage.Feel super comfortable after her massage,will come & look for her again.Here Feel like home to me totally different from Nex.I think I won’t go to Nex any more.Go there like nightmare to me.

  154. Avatar photo
    sandhya singh

    I have done my massage by Catsey at kovan .
    She is very good.

  155. Avatar photo
    Santhi Sabrina

    I had a very good experience with Cathy
    Very friendly and professional
    Would definitely come back and look for Cathy or Cassey . Both very professional and well warming

  156. Avatar photo
    Juliana Goh

    Catsey from Kovan is friendly. Good massage skill, my back stiffness is so much better!!

  157. Avatar photo
    Senghoe Lee

    Catsey Tan From Kovan brancl like massage strength was terrific and I felt great.Well done. Give 5star to her., good service ️ …

  158. Avatar photo
    Reyon Engineering

    Catsey of Kovan had done a good job to massage and I am more relax.
    The complimentary moxiibustion and tcm treatment are worth it.
    Worth the trying and pamper yourself to take the package.

    Cathy of Kovan had help me ease my tired body. Just found out she is the twin sister of Catsey and really have the skill too like her sister. Worth the money and time.

  159. Avatar photo
    Lee Joanne

    Catsey Tan from Kovan branch
    Been with her for facial for quite some time, she is very friendly and skillful. She is also very knowledgeable in sharing and advising.

    Cathy Tan from Kovan branch
    Met her first time for moxibustion treatment experience today. She is also very friendly and professional in explaining the treatment.

  160. Avatar photo
    ct yy

    Catsey from Kovan branch, has a pair of good strong hands and it’s relaxing after the massage.

  161. Avatar photo
    Yi Hong

    LOVE THE SERVICES !!!! The customer service officer, joanne has a great knowledge of the products and the tcm therapist, lisa has very good skills! I would definitely recommend this place!

  162. Avatar photo
    YeeTian Tan

    What an amazing experience! I like their massage. They have very good and experienced massage skills. Helpful advice was given that help me improve a lot in my body and health.

  163. Avatar photo
    Cherrie Rico

    Tammy and Alina gives you more than your expected service. I feel happy every time I finished my therapy with them.

  164. Avatar photo
    Linh Nguyễn Trần Khánh

    Catsey Tan at Joyre Compass One was my physician. She was very professional and did her job very well. I feel relieved after my cupping session. Thanks Catsey.

  165. Avatar photo
    Christine Kelly

    Catsey from Kovan Branch has been my therapist for the past few years. She has done Moxibustion, Medi Spa and Bojin facials for me. She is highly skilled and professional. I highly recommend her.

  166. Avatar photo
    Francis Lim

    Cathy from kovan
    She service and skill is very good,She always did for me,now my body improve many ,thank Cathy,I will find her do again .

  167. Avatar photo
    Nancy Png

    This is my 3rd Bojin facial with Miss May, the Bojin therapist @ Joyre at Kovan. She is cheerful and caring. It was an awesome experience during my 1st trial with her. May makes sure that I am comfortable with the aircon temperature and explains that I will experience a bit of pain when a tool is used to unclog meridian channel to bring instant lifting. Sure enough my face look more radiant, firm and there is an instant lift on the right side of my face after bojin is done. Thanks to May for doing such a good job, very relaxing experience! Her service is highly recommended. Thanks to customers service staff, the sweet and charming young lady Joanne for always so helpful to fix my appointment! 2 thumbs up! Well done!

  168. Avatar photo
    Kcc Orishino

    Staff are courtesy n polite in greeting customer… Massage lady Miao Miao are knowledgeable n skillful n deligent in doing the therapy… Great work

  169. Avatar photo

    Therapy done by Catsey Tan at Kovan branch. Feel very refresh after that.

  170. Avatar photo

    Joyre Spa massage is very good spa centre…staff is real good with their hospitality! I found Faye ( massage woman) very professional and jovial. I wish then All the Great Success! I will visit again!
    Last but not the least, many thanks to my brother in law and sister who gifted me this massage package!

  171. Avatar photo
    Doreen Imelda

    Catsey & Cathy tan provides good therapy session at kovan outlet. She is professional and understands her customer’s health well.

  172. Avatar photo
    Desmond Leong

    Catsey from Kovan branch was friendly and very good in the Moxiibustion massage and this helped greatly relieve my shoulder and backache.

  173. Avatar photo

    therapist Chen Zhen good .l’m her client in Kovan TCM. her service is excellent. i love her sharing about tcm knowledge . Joanne customer service very patient with appointment booking. overall i feel secure with jiale at kovan.

  174. Avatar photo

    Catsey from Kovan, is really helpful, she explain and manage my expectations when it comes to the massage.

  175. Avatar photo
    Zatil Awanis

    Catsey from Kovan. She did my TCM Moxisbudtion for me. Its berh refreshing and my back feel better!

  176. Avatar photo
    tgh tan

    I did TCM hand treatment, few time visiting JoyreTcmedispa,Catsey Tan fromCompass one good service and friendly also professional, she gives clear explanation when questions asked. Thank you so much.

  177. Avatar photo
    Mk Woo

    Catsey and Cathy both twins girls from Kovan are very good. The moxibustion was very good. I feel great after treatment.

  178. Avatar photo
    ray Loi

    The massage is good.Able to reached the point. Recommended!

  179. Avatar photo
    Jiangling Wang

    Catsey Tan from Sengkang Compass One with the good service.I felt very comfortable .She is polite and professional experienceTCM face and body knowledge. Highly recommend.Good job.

  180. Avatar photo
    Yu Lixin

    Catsey from Kovan branch made the facial session a pleasant time.Her service is very gentle especially for TCM meridian and shoulder massage,I’ll definitely recommend friends to come over.thanks!

  181. Avatar photo
    Lian Huay Ang

    Cathy from very friendy and helpful. I always Cathy did for me in 5 years customer.Body massge and facial are very good and good good results .good job Cathy.

    Catsey from kovan also very friendly and nice ,helpful, skill also very good.Twins are very good job .jia yu !!!

  182. Avatar photo
    Catherine Pek (Catherine)

    Facial service by Fei fei – Superb, receptionist – jasmine very friendly and Manager Carol – friendly too

  183. Avatar photo
    Jia Liang

    Cathy from kovan.First time come do the body massage treatment,I am feeling well,now body better,service and skill are very good ,thanks Cathy .Good job

  184. Avatar photo
    Hui Yan Aw Yong

    Got a massage by Cathy from the Kovan. She did a great job getting to the nerves loosening them. Would recommend getting a massage from her if you are coming to this outlet!

  185. Avatar photo
    Xinyi Tay

    Casey Tan from Compass one, I come here for my eyebrow trimming and the service is really excellent. She even help me to clear my pimples near my brows there. That very sweet of her to do that! Really appreciate and thanks for the good service provided. Very Recommended!

  186. Avatar photo
    Helen Kwek

    First time pamper by Catsey. She is small built but has good skill. My neck felt so relaxed. Tension released. Thumb up to her. Thank you, Catsey @ Compass One.

  187. Avatar photo
    Kent Kent

    Catsey tranfer Kovan outlet
    She was good service and professional. Don’t look her small size, very wonderful skills , very recommended. Good job. 5 star to her.

  188. Avatar photo
    Alice Leow

    Cathy from kovan. She is good job and skill is very good and pressure also strong, don’t see her small size, she service is very good so I signed the VIP $5000 pkg from her,now my body and face improve many, thanks Cathy. I will request her do the treatment.

  189. Avatar photo
    Karen Hendroff

    Elaine is Super good . Her skills and strength is suitable just nice for me . Very patience with every step of massage she do for you

  190. Avatar photo
    Chan Willy

    Cathy from Kovan very good in massage for body & leg , good service
    Highly recommended to others
    Thump up …

  191. Avatar photo
    Weig Ong

    I was served by Catsey Tan from Compass One. She was experienced and skilled in her TCM spa both body and facial. I was enlightened that there is also meridian facial spa available. She provided me with a complimentary 10mins on top of what I signed up for. Thank u! Good job

  192. Avatar photo
    Chia MC

    Catsey and Cathy Tan from Kovan branch
    I have been with Catsey & Cathy for 5 years, both twins are very professional. I did body n facial treatment for TCM, they are very sincere n friendly, am super satisfied with their service.

  193. Avatar photo
    Eleanor Hong

    Cathy has a very good experience of doing both facial and body message. I highly recommended.

  194. Avatar photo
    LH Yap

    Good strong massage by Catsey from Kovan to relax my tired body and aching muscles. Will be back next time again

  195. Avatar photo
    lai sze hua

    Cathy from kovan feel better good sevice
    I will look agian cathy

  196. Avatar photo
    Robin Neu

    Catsey Tan from Kovan branch .She is very kind and good service professional a did good job,did TCM meridian mesin treatment ,my neck problem solve.

    Cathy Tan from Kovan branch also good service and professional.She did moxibustion tummy treatment ,after treatment I felt good very comfortable.Both twins are very nice and good skill.

  197. Avatar photo
    HTeo Teo

    Catsey from Kovan I did a pigmentation treatment. She is very professional and approachable. Able to relate my face issues to her and she helped to explain patiently. Overall very satisfied with her service and most important able to see result after one session. Thank you Catsey. Keep up your good job!

  198. Avatar photo
    Elsie Seah

    Today I was at Joyre Kovan Branch for my facial treatment. As usual, my therapist Catsey did an excellent facial of bojin and collagen peptides treatment. After the 90 minutes treatment, my skin/face was brighter, more hydrated, dense and firm. All in all, I felt rejuvenated and would recommend Catsey to anyone looking for a good facial therapist.

  199. Avatar photo

    Cathy from. Kovan. She service is very good and skill good, good job.

  200. Avatar photo
    Irene Tan

    Love the service from Catsey from Kovan. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Thumbs up!

  201. Avatar photo
    Joanne Goh

    Thank you Catsey. She is very professional and good service. I am very satisfied the massage treatment she did for me. So relaxing and she knew what I wanted.

  202. Avatar photo
    claire lim

    Joanna was my therapist. She’s nice n considerate. She did recommend me the various options and packages. Will return to find her if I want to sign up any in future.

  203. Avatar photo
    jessica kng

    Cathy was very good gave me lots of advice on how to improve my body.

  204. Avatar photo
    Allforonebcu AIC

    Cathy from Kovan helped me with my massage. I was having stiff neck and asked for her help to focus on that area. The treatment she provided was precise and help sooth the muscle ache. Thank you for helping me ease my pain and make me feel good.

  205. Avatar photo
    peiting lam

    Cathy is very detailed and understand my health conditions. Recommended me to do bust massage to improve me blood circulation. Cathy is also polite to explain what she is doing during the massage. Highly recommend to try it yourself.

  206. Avatar photo
    Michael Lim

    Very clean, nice ambience, resonable price, friendly staff. Masseur Ms Cathy is good. There is noting can beat a good tea after a good massage will recommend friends and I am coming back again.

  207. Avatar photo
    chin mei leng

    Catsey Tan from Compass one
    She was good service and professional, I did medioil lymphatic treatment feel very good, like her service . Highly recommend her, good job. Thank …

  208. Avatar photo
    amy wong

    CatseyTan from KOVAN ,did bojin eyefacail treatment felt comfortable after very good effect.Good service and good job.Thank️

  209. Avatar photo
    Cholris Chong

    Cathy from kovan

    She is very friendly & her massage skill is awesome! If u are coming over to Kovan for the session can try to look for her

  210. Avatar photo
    Daphne Koh

    This is first experience with joyre TCMedi @compasdone with Catsey. She is wonderful and I am very happy with her service and massage. She looks young yet very skillful and experienced. Overall thumbs up and I will definitely recommend my friends to visit.

  211. Avatar photo
    Vijay Kumar Neithalathe

    Cathy from Kovan branch did the body massage for me. She is a skilled professional and I recommend her. Great experience.

  212. Avatar photo
    Teo Li Li

    Catsey Tan, Kovan branch, has given me a good service and her professional experience is very helpful

  213. Avatar photo
    winston loh

    Cathy from Kovan
    A dedicated worker. Has shown patient and understanding of client requirements. Also is able to recommend beneficial treatments.

  214. Avatar photo
    Liaw Mcclane

    Catsey tan provides very good massage service and kovan outlet.

  215. Avatar photo
    Poh Chee Seng

    Cathy from kovan.first time experienced very good.She very skillful.

  216. Avatar photo
    Meena Sabatini

    CatseyTan from KOVAN,
    I feel very relaxed and the massage is very good. It’s up to standard.

  217. Avatar photo
    Joy Lee

    Allena is very caring and did beyond the call of service. Her skills in TCM treatment is exceptional.

  218. Avatar photo
    Chor Huen Lee

    This was my first experience here and Catsey was very welcoming and skillful..She very friendly and make a customet feel relaxed.Good service and good job.Thank to her@compass one.

  219. Avatar photo
    Thanam Muthusamy

    Good therapist- very gentle . Hygienic will definitely recommend anyone who wants a fork facial/massage . …

  220. Avatar photo
    Khai Seng Choong

    First came here when I had very bad sore pain on my shoulder, can’t even held up high. After doing few time of Tcm therapy by Yang yang and Xiu xiu, I now able to held up my hands. Recommend both of them for tcm therapy.

  221. Avatar photo
    Maliha Seenivasen

    Cathy from Jovan was my therapist. She is very good in her skills & an excellent therapist. Good job done. Thanks

  222. Avatar photo
    Oliver Kelly

    Cathy is very Pro is undoing pain on my back & very thorough in TCM Full Body Treatment. Been having treatment 4 yrs now. Will always go back to Cathy when I’m in Pain. Even fr tired muscles. Katsey her twin dynamo is also equally good.

  223. Avatar photo
    De N Hair

    Cathy from kovan good service. Good massage.

  224. Avatar photo
    Lijie Liang

    Recommend Yang yang and Lisa .both skillful and strong. Very satisfied with their tcm services. Make me understand alot about Chinese medicine.

  225. Avatar photo
    Carolyn Tan

    I believe the herb they are using are helpful and effective. However, the staff will pressure you into buying their product each time you almost finishing the package. Also the service depends on individual therapist.

  226. Avatar photo
    Zoey Lee

    Therapist Cathy at Kovan branch nice, good service and also very sweet, like her massage skill, will come back again.

  227. Avatar photo
    Win Thai

    CatseyTan transfer Kovan outlet good service and professional.I did tcm meridian treatment feel very comfortable.Good job.5 star for her.

  228. Avatar photo
    Jesco Wai

    Catsey(Kovan) did a very good job in moxibustion


    Cathy(Kovan) did an amazing job in message with great tcm skill.

  229. Avatar photo
    Shawn Lua

    Thanks to Catsey for the great skills and service. I came it with a stiff neck, and after the first session I felt so much better.

  230. Avatar photo
    Sean Chong

    My neck pain is release after body massage and moxibustion done by Cathy from kovan.

  231. Avatar photo
    Jingles Koh

    Joanna was detailed during the whole experience, my face felt thoroughly cleaned after the session – recommended

  232. Avatar photo
    jeremy lim

    Joanna v skillful in her bojin treatment. No rush and everything is in good hand with her. Thank you.

  233. Avatar photo
    Zonunsiami Zonunsiami

    Cathy from kovan
    She is very patience and kind with good service skills. Not pushy on selling but provide good advices where necessary.

  234. Avatar photo
    Jacqueline Li

    Cathy from Kovan

    A well experience, skilful, polite & professional therapist, the way she massage make my body feels good & refreshed, will continue to make appointment with her, to let my body feel better.

    Is hard to find a good therapist, n i have find one.
    Thanks Cathy, u did a good job.

  235. Avatar photo
    lee hoon tan

    Catsey Tan is experience and friendly. From kovan branch.

    Cathy Tan is friendly, helpful and patience. From kovan branch.

  236. Avatar photo
    Susan Lian

    Catsey Tan at Kovan is good at her professional. Good service.

  237. Avatar photo
    boonseng Ng

    Cathy from kovan
    Catsey from kovan.
    A long time not come her since 2018,
    Cathy and Catsey are twins sister,today they did body treatment for me,they are very friendly and good service and skills,Good job.thanks.

  238. Avatar photo
    Wang Mutong

    Catsey was very professional, and very friendly. The process was very smooth, and I could see the effect immediately after the treatment. Will recommend her to my friends and come back for her service again.

  239. Avatar photo
    Rosie Poh

    Catsey Tan from Kovan Branch,helped and gave me trial TCM meridian eyebojin treatment,after treatment my eyes felt good effect and clear,Cathy helped with accupuncture moxibustion and I felt relieved and a lot better afterwards,both twins sister Higly recommend

  240. Avatar photo
    Raymond Chow

    Cathy and Catsey from kovan
    Service and skills are very good,thanks.

  241. Avatar photo
    Lee Karen

    First time tcm massage at joyre (hougang branch). Great service and explanation by Catsey. Professional and smoothing session with her. Body feel relaxed and energised after the massage. Glad to try this tcm massage at joyre today. Thumbs up

  242. Avatar photo
    Tuan kiat Soh

    Catsey Tan from Kovan branch was good service, has been followed her since 2016 Punggol brand till now , she was a good worker n do her best for customers.
    Cathy Tan also a good staff , both twins sister are very professional, I like their service. Give her 5 stars.

  243. Avatar photo
    Irene Ng

    Cathy from Kovan is very friendly and approachable. Good advised from her on health issue. Rarely find such massue these days. Highly recommended.

    Catsey from kovan is also friendly and gave a nice advise to my hubby. Appreciate them so much.

  244. Avatar photo
    Myra Bayno

    Cathy, is good and friendly therapist she will recommend a good things for your body needs. Every time I visit the kovan side I always request her to do for me. Because she good

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